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light Against Btalo University Orator
HoMullcn Becoming Serious ,
Urnft Extracted from tlio Mnil mill Ap
propriated Arrrt Mkrly lei Ho
* Made Anlnmtril Scenes nt
the College.
LINCOLN , May 7" ( Special Telegram to
The Dee. ) The controversy over the orator
ical contest at the State university 1ms got
beyond n sqtiabblo In collegiate politics and
assumed n most serious phase. An Investi
gation was started this afternoon , at the end
of which wilt bo the arrest of ono or moro
parties , presumably university students , on
two serious charges , one being for robbing
the United States mails and the other for
The State Oratorical association pays the
expenses of the Nebraska representative to
the Interstate contest. This year Urn asso
ciation treasury Is empty nnd McMullen's
opponents boasted that they would prevent
his. trip to Indianapolis by hook or crook. In
his anxiety McMullcn wrote to his father
nt Beatrice for the money necessary to pay
his expenses to Indianapolis. Ho received
no response and Saturday.wrote ngaln. This
morning his father wrote him a letter in
which ho stated that $30 had been sent In
a previous letter ; that It had been sent In the
form of a draft ; that the draft had been
cashed at the German National bank at Lin
coln nnd returned to the bank of Issue at
Wymore. , . . < r
An examination of the draft showed that
It had been endorsed with the name of Adam
McMuIlen In lead pencil. McMullen , sr. ,
pronounced the lead pencil plgnaturo a for
gery at once. The letter to McMullen was
addressed In care of the State university
nnd was delivered to that Institution and
placed In the regular receptacle where nil
students had access to It. Student McMullon
declares that ho never received the drafter
or the letter and never know that either
had been sent him until so informed by his
father In n second letter. Ho declares fur
ther that he was never In the Herman
National bank In his life. The bank teller
who cashed the draft with the forged en
dorsement states that ho believes ho can
Identify the person who cashed the draft.
The university faculty has been In secret
session since G o'clock this afternoon.
The controversy over McMullon's alleged
conduct In concctlon with the oratorical con
test , by which ho becomes the stale's rep
resentative In the Interstate oratorical con
test , was taken up by the students tills
afternoon In ono of the most exciting and
turbulent mass meetings ever held In Urn his
tory of the university , nearly 1,000 students
crowding Into the chapel to cither partici
pate In the meeting or to listen to the Inter
esting developments promised. Williams
presided and Jones acted as secretary. A
riot was almost precipitated by Flsner , one
of the editors of the Ifcsperlan , who offered
> h& following resolutions :
In so far ns late developments In connec
tion with the recent local oratorical contest
tind ns the contest throws the students of
the University of Nebraska in bad ippute
before the public , nnd since long continued
Hllencc on the part of the students would
ieom to Indicate that they do not condemn
the action of Adam McMullen , In that he
is known to have offered money on two
ocasslona to men of more than ordinary
ability as writers. In return for which they
were to furnish him an orntlon which would
win first , place In thev local oratorical const -
st of thu university * ami which would , or
presumably would have been used in the
Btato oratorical contest ; therefore , be It
IlePolved , That we , 'the students ot the
TJnlvcrally of Nebraska , In convention as
sembled , * do now , openly and publicly , con-
demn'8Uch action on the. part of the afore-
Bald McMullen , deeming It an Injustice to
those who entered life contest In good faith
nnd an Imposition upon the students In gen- ,
cral ; and be It further
Resolved , That , although his attempts to
Becure an oration In these two cases seem
to Jiave been successful , yet. In view of the
facts , nnd furthermore , slnce-a prominent
attorney of Lincoln ppenly acknowledses in
a leading dally newspaper of our city that
the oration , "Jtlalnn- the Man , " was devel
oped under his eye , serving to show that
the above named oration was not wholly , If
not all , his own production ; we hereby
request that Adam McMullcn be not allowed
to represent us and the stateof Nebraska
nt the coming Interstate oratorical contest
to be held at Indianapolis , Ind. ; and be It
Hcsolved , That copies of these resolutions
bo submitted to the chancellor nnd the fac
ulty of the University of Nebraska nnd the
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Only Ihiitnirubcirot foboj * oorroipa1 .
| IKllh ; tlio orle number ot the coupons
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Ouiu/iu Hoa
president of the Interstate oratorical con
The resolutions were adopted alter a hot
McMullcn was represented by a son of
JudRQ Strode , a prnctlclnR attorney at the
Inncnnter county bar , although still a
ntudent ot the university. A strenuous effort
waa made by the students to prevent htm
from appearing , but the sense of fair play
finally overcame the opposition. Weaver of
Falls City , a son of ex-Congressman Weaver ,
also made an eloquent speech ,
On the other aide two letters were pro
duced , one from Walt Maxon ot Ilcatrlco nnd
the other from Will Ovrcn Jones of this city ,
the former claiming thnt McMullen had ap
plied to him , and the latter that he had ap
plied to Blatby of the Lincoln Journal , offerIng -
Ing money for an oration to bo delivered by
a friend. Attorney Strode refused to permit
McMullen to make any defense before the
student body , saying that the defense would
bo mndo before the faculty at the proper
The resolutions were- finally adopted after
the battle had waged with tierce intensity
for more than three hours , the vote standing
319 to 150 , many students declining lo vote.
The meetlnit was the most bitter ever held
In the university. During Its progress
hundreds of students were on their feet de
manding recognition. Charges and counter
charges flew across the hall and many per
sonal encounters were narrowly averted.
Nothing In the history of the university has
so shaken the Institution to Its foundation
as the present controversy.
Qroen Graveley , a colored man , was ar
raigned for trial before Judge Strode today
on Iho charge of murder In the first degree.
Gr.iveley's victim was the notorious Clinrllo
Thomas. Had blood existed between the two
men and Thomas accused Graveley of InsultIng -
Ing his wlfo. The two met In the billiard
room over Ivlson's saloon about 1 o'clock In
the morning of May 29 , 1S92 , and utter a few
words Qravoloy drew a revolver and shot
Thomas dead.
Graveley was convicted of murder In the
second degree and sentenced to fifteen years
In the penitentiary. The supreme court a
fe\v weeks ago granted him a now trial on the
ground thai the lower court erred In In
structing the Jury that the burden of proof
rested upon the defense to show self-defense.
M. P. Unruh , a saloon keeper of Steele City ,
Jefferson county , was arrested here today
upon a warrant sworn out by S. Scllgsohn of
this city on the charge of obtaining goods
under false pretenses. Sellgsohn sold Unruh
a bill of wet goods upon the lattcr's repre
sentation that he was financially well fixed.
Unruh Is endeavoring to compromise the
I. M. Haymond , a well known wholesale
grocer of Lincoln today formally announced
himself as a candidate for the republican
nomination for governor.
"Two horses belonging to Steven Myers at
Fair and Twenty-sixth streets were stolen
before his eyes. The horses were picketed
In front of the house. Two rough looking
men came up , and beforn Myers realized
whit they .were doing they had cut the lariat
ropes and Tode off at a gallop. The sheriff
and several deputies are In pursuit.
Prominent Inillun Miirrled.
HAY SPRINGS , Neb. , May 7. ( Special
Telegram to The Deo. ) This was a gala day
In the history of Pine Ridge agency , the
event being the marriage of Chief Yellow
Dlrd and Julian Ecoffcy , two prominent Sioux
Indians. The affair was elaborately cele
brated by the Sioux generally. The ca-re-
mcny was unique , being a blending of the
old-time Sioux and civilized customs , mak
ing' It very romantic and yet impressive.
The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr.
Snivcly in the Episcopalian chapel at noon
In the presence : of a vast throng of Sioux
attired In all conccivablo manner of dress
nnd composed of all clabtcs In matter of civi
lization. The bride and groom were taste
fully dressed in costumes that would do
credit to the metropolis of fashion. The
wedding presents Included everything from
a dog up to a herd of ponies. After the.
marriage the remainder of the day was
spent In a great feast that had been ar
ranged , In anticipation of the event. Doth
parties arc wealthy , Yellow Ulrd being ono
of Uio post traders and great counsellors
among the Sioux.
Alleged Iforgnr In tha Tolls.
DEATRICE , May 7. ( Special Telegram to
The Dee. ) Allen Alford , the young man who
about a week ago forged checks to the
nmount of $75 , using the firm name of his
employer , Kilpatrick Dros. & Co. , was ar
rested today nnd his bond fixed at $1,000.
Alford will remain In Jail until court con-
voncs. >
Two divorces were granted1 In'dlstrlct court
today , one to Abraham Lucas from Nelllo
Lucas for desertion , and the other .to Julia
Duttorfield from .William Dutterfleld for
drunkenness and failure to support.
The annual state convention of the Epworth
league convenes In this city tomorrow after
noon , continuing until Thursday evening.
Many delegates nnd officers are already In the
city and entertainment Is asked for 250 vis
itors. The program includes some of the
best talent In the state.
Wuvorly 1'cople Kntertitlned.
WAVERLY , Neb. , May 7. ( Special Tele
gram to The Dee. ) The opera house was
crowded this evening to hear the Adelphlan
quartet. The entertainment was under the
auspices of the Waverly cornet band. They
were assisted by Miss Lillian Chase , soprano
soloist and reader , and Miss Ella Glvens of
Lincoln , pianist , who has baen substituted
for the season In place of Miss Ethelyn King ,
owing to the latter's Illness. Rounds of ap
plause greeted every appearance upon the
The village board of trustees met this
evening and appointed the following officers :
Marshal , Charles Kroson ; clerk , J. G. Ellen-
wood ; treasurer. T. J. Bealo. Ordinances
were also passed regulating the sale of
liquor by the druggists and fixing the fine
for violation at $200.
Keurnoy ( S. A. It. Mimilicr-t Kntliuslnstlc.
KEARNEY. Neb. . May 7. ( Special Tele
gram to The Dee. ) Commander Church
IIowo spoke to a largo and enthusiastic
audlcnco at the opera house tonight. lie
urged all old veterans who had never Joined
the ( .rand Army of the Republic to como
into the fold , lie dwelt largely upon the
work ot the democratic party and Its atti
tude toward the old boltllers and the pension
policy In particular. The old soldiers who
had strayed from the republican ranks wore
shown what they had helped to do and made
ashamed ot their course. He made many 10-
publlcan votes. _
I'nlrburjr I'rtsonrr Kncnpcs.
FAIRnUIlY , Neb. , May 7. ( Special Telegram -
gram to The DOB. ) Simon Pearce broke
Jail again last night mid escaped from the
sheriffs care. He was returned to the JMI
a few days ago. having cut his way out.
This men nine the blicrlff found the cell and
outer doors all locked and his prisoner miss
ing. Evidently outside parties have dupli
cate keys to the Jail and helped him out.
t city 1'nthnru Organize.
EWING , Neb. , May 7. ( Special Telegram
to The Hee. ) The new village board organ
ized this evening , elcctlug J. A. Trommel s-
hausscr chairman. A. A. Ego clerk ami E.
S. Gllmour treasurer. A remonstrance bo-
Intt presented agnlnst the Issuance of saloon
license the board adjourned to meat next
Saturday night , when the same will be con
Itcptihllrun Stutn C'ommlttoo.
LINCOLN , May C. The republican state
central committee Is called to meet at tha
Mlllard hotel , Omaha , Tuesday , May 22 , at
8 o'clock p. m.
A full utTendance Is iloslrcd , as the time
and place for holding the next state conven
tionlll bo at that time decided upon.
11HAD D. SLAUGHTER. Chairman.
Wfullhy rurinor Killed ,
OXFORD. Neb. . May 7 , ( Special Telegram
to The Deo. ) Today John Scha'.ble , a wealthy
farmer , received Injuries In a runaway
which caused death In six hours. While
driving a spirited team the front end gate of
the wagon camu out and Sclmlblo slipped
under the horses and was draggaJ two blocks.
Ho did not regain consciousness.
Hum und lloryea llurnuil.
NORTH HENU , Neb. , May 7. ( Special
Telegram to The Uee. ) The barn of John
Slater was consumed by ( Ire yesterday while
tuo family wore at church. Three work
horses were also burned. Loss , $500.
Yesterday's Gnmo More Notable for Heavy
Batting Tlmn Anything Eleo.
Ilurrli Wnn Ifnmmoroil HlRii nnd r.ow All
Afternoon , Whllo linxonilnlo
Invlncllilo Till ( ho ( Inino Wns
Well In Hand-Other Score * .
Ornnlm , 29 ; Jacksonville , 10.
Hock IsUnd , 10 ; Lincoln , C.
Ht. Joseph , 13 ; Quliicy , 11.
UCH Molnes. 7 : I'eorln , 4.
Clevclund , 7 ; Chicago , I ,
Boston , l ; NOW York , 0.
Philadelphia , 7 ; llrooklyn , 4.
Clnrlnnntl , 17 ; I'iltsbunr , C.
Jliilllimire , 17 ; Washington , 0.
St. Lou If , 8 ; Louisville , C.
Grand Hnplds , 20 : Indianapolis , 11.
Toll-do , 17 ; Detroit. 7. .
Minneapolis , 7 ; Milwaukee. 4.
A total of sixty-two bases on clean hitting
In a professional game of ball ! That Is what
the Uourko family did yesterday afternoon
with the shoemakers from Jacksonville.
Ton homo runs In a single professional
game of ball ! Omaha mndo 'em yesterday.
Four homo runs by a single player In a
professional game of ball ! Jack Munyun
mndo 'cm yesterday afternoon , besides two
doubles and flva runs.
Uut that wasn't nil of it just a starter.
Fear made n. brace of homers , while Scery ,
McVey , Wood and Moran made ono each.
But to epitomize. Omaha made twenty-
eight hits with a total of sixty-two bases ,
twcnty-nlno runs and but a single error , an
excusable ono by Munyun. On the other
hand the Jacksonvllles made fourteen hits
with a total of twenty-six bases , ten runs
and but three errors.
So nil together It was a pretty lively sort
of a game , and a well played ono at that.
Notwithstanding these redeeming facts It
was excessively tiresome , and failed to
nrouse enthusiasm. The bleachers did a
good deal of guying and that was all. There
was too much hitting to awaken the rlslbles
of the crowd , and the best a home run could
do was to evoke a loud guffaw in the stands.
Even homo runs became monotonous.
It would require a good day's work to
write n description of this wonderful after
noon's work , and occupy a page In The Dee ,
so It Is omitted this time.
Doxendalc pitched a very pretty game and
once more demonstrated that ho Is a comer.
The least said about Mr. Burrls the better.
The score contains his full history.
Hero it is :
Totals . . .53 29 28 0 G 27 20 1
An. II. IB. SH. SB. PO. A. E.
Lstcher , m. .
Stinuss , If. . .
Grotty , 2b. . . .
Strothers ,
licit , c
Dnrrah , 3b. . .
Carroll , ss. . . 3 1 2 0 1 0 G 0
Burris. p 4
Herald , rf. . . '
Totals . . 30 10 14 1 1 25 15 3
Uourke out on fielder's choice. Wood out
for Interfering with baseman.
Omaha . 3 2 ,1 1 5 0 7 8 2 20
Jacksonville . 00210032 2 10
Runs earned : Omaha , 11 ; Jax , 3. Two-
base hits : Munyun , 2 ; Wood. 1 : Boxy , l ,
Crotty , 2 ; Belt. 2 ; Carroll , 1 ; Burrls. 1.
Home runs : Munyun , 4 ; Fear , 2 ; Seery , 1 ;
Moran , 1 ; McVey , 1 : Wood , 1 ; "Letcher , 1 ;
Strauss , 1. Double plays : Munyun to Mc
Vey , 2 ; Moran to Boyle to Rourke , 1. Base
on balls : Off Basy , 3 ; off Burrls , 9. Hit
by pitcher : By Burrls , 1. Struck out :
By Boxy , 6 ; by Burrls , 4. Passed balls :
By Belt , 2. Time of game : Two hours
nnd forty minutes. Umpire : Russ Mc-
Lincoln Lost on r.ooso Fielding.
LINCOLN , May 7. ( Special Telegram to
The Bee , ) The Rock Island team out
played Lincoln this afternoon and won an
Interesting game by a score of 10 to G.
Lincoln's loose Holding In the llrst Inning
gave the visitors their lead. Barnes
pitched his usual game , but was not sup
ported nt critical points of the game.
Andrews held the Llncolns down to six
hits , but two of them were three-baggers
nnd still another was a home run. Score :
Rock Island . 30003130 10
Lincoln . 0 00031200 6
Earned runs : Rock Island , 4 ; Lincoln , 3.
Errors : Rock Island , 8 ; Lincoln , 5. Hits :
Rock Island , 10 ; Lincoln , G. Two-base hits :
Lawrence. Three-base hits : Ebrlght ,
Merles , Sage , Cnntlllon. Home run : Speer.
Base on balls : Oft Andrews , 3 ; oft Barnes ,
4. Struck out : By Andrews , 3 ; by Barnes ,
4. Batteries : For Lincoln , Barnes nnd
Speer : for Rock Island , Andrews nnd Sdge.
Umpire : Kent. Tlmo : Two hours.
St. .Too Wins on Ilenvy Hitting.
ST. JOSEPH , Mo. , Mny 7. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) The St. Joe team
batted out a victory today after Qulncy
had scored eight runs In tnelr half of the
Hint. Demaris. for the visitors , was
knocked out of the box in the fifth Inning.
McKlbben , McFarlnnd and O'Connor of
the home team made home runs. Score :
St. Joe . 02005202 2-13
Qulncy . 80010002 0-11
Batteries : Southard and Armstrong ; De
maris , Harkness and Hurley. Base hits :
St. Joe , 17 ; Qulncy , 10. Etrora : St. Joe ,
7 ; Qulncy , 4. Earned runs : St. Joe , 7 ;
Qulncy , 4. Two-base hits : Mohler , O'Con
nor , Armstrong , 2 ; McKlbben , Harter and
Thompson. Left on bases : St. Joe , 10 ;
Qulncy , 12. Double , nlay : Mohler to IIol-
llngsworth to McFnrland. Base on balls :
Oft Southard , 3 ; Off Demails , 5. Umpire :
Cllne. Time : Two hours and twenty
Des Mollies Tnbes Another.
DES MOINES , la. . Mny 7. ( Special Tele
gram to The Bee. ) There was but small nt-
tenclnnco at the opening game of the Des
Mnlnes-Peorln. series of the Western asso
ciation today. Score :
DCS Molnes . 2 20001200-7
Peorln . 01001002 0 1
Batteries : May turn nnd Jones ; Lyston
and Tcrrlcn. Hits : Des Molnes , S ; Pcorla ,
5. Errors : Des Moincs , 5 ; Peorla , 9. Um
pire : Murphy.
iiK of the Trnrnn.
Played. Won. Lost. Pr. Ct.
St. Joseph . 100.0
Omnha . 75.0
Lincoln . 75.0
Jacksonville . 4 2 2 50.0
Des Molnes . 4 2,2 50.0
Rock Island . 4 2 2 CO.O
Peorla . . . . .
Qulncy .
Commlskoy'a Men Go After the I'lrnto
1'ltrlinra with a Vunieuii n ,
PITTSDURG. May 7-Tlie Visitors had
Jlttlo trouble In defeating- the homo team
tod.iy. They knocked Nicholl nnd Gum-
bcrt out of the box nnd batted Knell's de
livery nil over the field. Attendance , 2,500.
Score :
Plttsburj , ' 1
Cincinnati 44003004 2 17'
Hits : Plttsburu , 0 ; Cincinnati , 20. Er
rors : PlttstmiK , 6 ; Cincinnati. 4. Earned
runs : PlttsburK , 2 ; Cincinnati , 1. Two-
base bits : Qlasscock , Lutlmm , Mcl'hee.
Three-base hit : Hocy. Double plays :
Smith , MoPhee nnd Motz ; Glnsscoclr , Bchel-
beck and llecklcy. Bucrltlpe hits : Beck ,
ley , Ulnsscock , Schclbeck , Mcl'hee , O.
Smith. Time : Two hours. Umpire : Mo-
Quald. Bntterles : Nicoll , Gumbert , Knell
und Sugden ; Parrotto and Vaughn.
Undo l.oat'lliU Una Kiully ,
CLEVELAND. May 7. Alison's colts
were an easy mark for the Cleveland's to
day. The visitors could not lilt Young ,
Score :
Cleveland 02410000 0 7
Chicago , . , 0 1
Hits ; Cleveland , II ; Chicago. 5. Errons :
Cleveland , 0 ; Chicago , 7. Earned runs :
Cleveland. 3. Struck out : By Younu , 3 ; ,
by McQlII , 1. Two-base hits ; Ryan , 1
Wllmot. Double plays ; wilmot to Sehrlver ;
Irwln , Camp nnd Anson. Wild pitches :
Young. Time : One hour nnd thirty-live
minutes. Umpire : Emslle. UtUterleas
Vuung and Zlnuner ; McGlll and Sehrlver.
Nichols mid Ituilo Mntclieil.
NEW YORK , May 7.-Two errors by
Ward In the first Innlnir let In the ono run
which decided the , ftUme. Score :
Boston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 :
New York . v.1,0' 0000000 0-0
Hits : Boston , G ; New York , 3. Errors
Boston , 3 ! Now Ydrtf , G. First on balls
OIT Nichols , o ; off Hiisle , 6. Struck out
By Nlcholi , 2 ; by Ittlfflc , G. Three-base lilts
Burke. Two-base hits : Sllvetts. Sncrl-
flce hits ; Ix > we , Duffy , Stolen bason : Duffy
2 ; McCnrlhy , Ilnnnon. Double plnys : Ward
Murphy nnd Connwr ; Connor , Davis , Bnn-
non and Ryan. , , trimo ; One hour nnd
thirty-live minutes' . Umpire : Lynch. Bat
teries : Nichols ' nrid Ryan ; iluslo nnd
Fnrrel. . , , „
Hutting In thn Ninth Won.
PHILADELPHIA.May 7.-Phlladelphla
made n line rally nt the bat In the ninth
Inning nnd won th'e game with three
earned runs. Score : <
Phllndclphln. . - . . . 3 7
Brooklyn . 0 4
Hits : Phllndelphla , 17 : Brooklyn. 8. Er
rors : Philadelphia , 3 ; Brooklyn , 2. Two-
base hits : Thompson , Tremlway. Three-
base hits : Delelmnly. Double plays : Cross
Hnllman nnd Delohnnty ; Allen , Hnllman
and Dclebanty. First on bulls : Oft Gnst-
rlght , 5 ; oft Weyhlng , 5. Struck out : By
Weyhlng , none ; by Gnstrlght , 1. Time
Two hours nnd tlvo minutes. Umpire'
Sla re. Batteries : Weyhlng nnd Clements
Unstrlght and Klnslow.
Senators Snroly Snnp.
WASHINGTON , Mny 7. The Wnshlngton
team pluycd a phenomenally weak game
and wns beaten with ridiculous ease by
Baltimore. Score :
Wnshlngton . 0 00000000 0
Baltimore . 2 17
Base hits : Washington , l ; Bnltlrnoro , 18.
Errors : Washington , Hi Bnltlmore , 1.
Earned runs : Baltimore , 4. Two-base hits :
Homier , Brodle. Double plnys : McGraw ,
Banner nnd Brouthers ; Jennings , Banner
and Broulhers ; Brodle nnd Brouthers ; Sol-
bach and Hnssninare. Struck out ! By Mul-
iane , 2 ; by Horner , 1. Pnsscd bnlls : Mc-
Gulre. Time : Two hours nnd fifteen min
utes. Umpire : O'Rourke. Batteries : Esper ,
Ataul nnd McGuIre ; Horner , MUllane nnd
J.oulHvllli ) Couldn't Win ,
LOUISVILLE , May 7. Both Stratton nnd
Breltcnstcln were hit hard today , but the
St. Louis twlrler received the best sup
port. Score :
Louisville . 0-
St. Louis . 01002311 * 8
Base hits : Louisville , 13 ; St. Louis , 14.
Errors : Louisville , 5 : St. Louis , 1. Earned
runs : Louisville , 4 ; St. Louis , 3. Two-bnse
hits : Denny , Dowd : Double plnys : W.
Brown , Richardson nnd Grim ; Miller , unas
sisted. Struck out : By L. Brown , 2. Passed
balls : Peltz. Time : Two hours. Umpire
Swnrtwood. Batteries : Stratton and Grim ;
Brcltensteln and Brown.
nt tlic Trams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pr. Ct.
Cleveland . 12 10 2 83.3
Boston . 14 10 4 71.4
Baltimore . 14 10 4 71.4
Plttsbunr . 13 8 "G C1.5
Philadelphia . 15 9 6 60.0
St. Louis . 13 * 7 6 53.8
Cincinnati . 10 5 5 50.0
New York . 14 G 8 42.9
Brooklyn . 14 5 9 33.7
Louisville . 12 3 9 25.0
Washington . II 3 11 2L4
Chicago . 11 2 9 18.2
I.iiclt of n Pitcher Lets Detroit Out nt the
Small Knd of the Horn Once Moro.
DETROIT , Mny 7. It was again demon
strated today that Detroit is decidedly weak
In pitchers. Bain wns in the box and To
ledo batted him hard and at the right time.
Score :
Detroit O.t0 330100 1 7
Toledo 0jl 17
Base hits : Detroit , 03 ; Toledo , 15. Errors :
Detroit , 5 ; Toledo. 3 , . Earned runs : De
troit. 4 ; Toledo , 6. Twb-base hits : Hatfleld ,
Miller , Connor , 3 ; Carrel , McGulcken , Cross ,
Balz. Three-base hits : Earl. Home runs :
Gllks , Nllands and Carrol. Struck out : By
Balz , 1 ; by Rettger , t Umpire : Sheridan.
Batteries : Balz , 1Bowerman and Krelgh ;
Rettger and McFarland.
Grand linplds Simply Won It.
GRAND RAPIDS , May 7. Batting , steal
ing bases and hood" lleldlng work gave
Grand Rapids another victory today. Score :
Grand Rapids . . .ii. 1 26
Indlannpolis 2V 0 1 0 2 0 G 0 0-11
Base hits : Grand Rapids , 30 ; Indlnnnpo-
lls , 11. Errors : Grand Rapids , 3 ; Indlnnnpo-
lls , 6. Earned runs ; Grand Rapids , 16 ; In
dianapolis , 4. Two-base hits : Wheeler ,
Wright , George , Grahrim , Gray , Mills. Phil
lips. Throc-base" hlts : Wright , George.
Struck out : By Wntklns. 2. Double plays : '
Wheeler to Parker ! to Cnruthers. Time :
Two hours. Umpire : t Mitchell. Batteries :
Watklns and Spies ; Phillips and Westlake.
Hnttlng Sines the Mlllcra.
MILWAUKEE. May 7. Minneapolis won
today by superior work at the bat. Score :
Milwaukee 01001020 0 1
Minneapolis 02111002 7
Base hits : Milwaukee , 12 ; Minneapolis , 14.
Errors : Milwaukee , 1 ; Minneapolis , 2.
Earned runs : Milwaukee , 2 ; Minneapolis ,
5. Home runs : Werdcn. Stolen bases : Mc-
Vev , cilngman. First on balls : Hulen ,
Luby , Hastings , Lnngsford , Roberts. Struck
out : McGuIre , Neuman , Hastings. Time :
Two hours. Umpire : McDonald Batteries :
Lincoln nnd Burrel ; Hastings , Roberts and
Standing of the Tennis.
Played. Won. Lost. Pr. Ct.
Sioux City 9 7 2 77.8
Grand Rapids . .12 8 4 66.7
Knnsns City . . . . 11 7 4 G3.G
Toledo 12 7 B 58.3
Indlannpolis 11 5 G 45.5
Minneapolis 10 3 7 30.0
Detroit . - . 11 3 8 27.3
Milwaukee 8 2 G 25.0
Hob Knccbs Brought Out fora Preliminary
Hearing llcforo the llcrllii Court.
BERLIN , , May 7. The flrst examination
of Robert F. Kneebs , the American trot
ting horse owner who wns arrested Sat
urday after three of his mares had been
seized , and who Is charged with winning
rnces by fraudulent practices , took place
today. Kneebs denied the Identity of the
horses. The prosecutors are the olflcers of
the new Berlin Trotting club and the Ham
burg Trotting club. They have had the
horses photographed. The friends of
Kneebs , among whom Is the well known
sportsman Wooloner , have sent to the
United States for funds with which to de
fend the prisoner. Ball for Kneebs , If It
is accepted , will amount to nt least J5.000.
It Is believed the Inquiry Into the case will
lost between three and live months. Juli
ette Is the name of another of the horses
said to belong1 to Kneebs now In the hands
of the authorities.
At the St. I.ouls riilr ( irounil.s.
ST. LOUIS , Mny.7.-The sport at the fair
grounds today was very ordinary , ithe
Holds -were mostly small and the class of
horses very low In quality. Twenty-live
hundred speculators entertained the bookies
and broke about even on the day.
First race , seven furlongs : Adjuster won ,
Hiram Anro second , Henry. Jenkins third.
Time : 1:3214. :
Second race , four nnd a half furlongs :
Bell Star won , Indian Girl second , Extrav
agance third. Time : 58.
Third race , one tnllo : Guide won , Linda
second , Bellsarlus third. Time : 1:44 : % .
Fourth race , six furlongs : Wckota won ,
Archbishop second , Cass third. Time :
1:17'A. :
Fifth race , four , nnd a. half furlongvs ;
Prime Minister won ' , Walter Tnlbert second ,
Julia third. Tlmcl 'tWi.
Sixth rnce , seven , furlongs : Madden , won ,
Barefoot second. Sir' Reel third. Time ; .
1:31. : ' "
Lexington Kprliigaarentlng Opened.
LEXINGTON , Jay''T. ' The Kentucky as
sociation spring- meeting ; begnn today with
good attendnnce.'if 'Weather beautiful , and
track fast. The ChlDfJfeatiire wns the Dls-
tlllera stnke , worth J1.070 to the winner ,
First rnce , si * filMoiJKs : Gnllatln won ,
Shuttle second , Ln Java third. Time : l:18Vi. :
Second race , 4ey6" 8lchths of n mile :
Mlns .Miuno woniiliuatltlcg second , Little
Wnltcr third. Time : 1:30. :
Third rnce , tho/Dlstlllera * stnke , nil ngcs.
$1.000 added , of VQilch $200 to second and
$100 to third , inlbtjiuul n sixteenth : Lnza-
rene ( G to 5) ) woto Buckwa ( even ) second ,
Dnrnvella 02Ho INhlrd. Time : 1:52 : % .
Fourth race , nine-sixteenths of a mile :
Simon W won. Bloodhound second , Buck
Knight third. Time : SS\4.
Fifth race , half a mile ; Prince won , Fer
tile second. Myrtle third. Time : Bli ; .
Sixth race , seven furlongs : Interior won ,
.Tlrn Henry second , Harry Weldon third.
Time : 1:31V4. :
I'rocnuii nt HnTthorne.
HAWTHORNE , May 7. First race , half
a mile : Moderlclo won. Lizzie N second ,
Kntrlna C third. Time ; G4.
Second race , one mile : . Pat Mnlloy won ,
Pretender second , Wallace third. Time ;
1:50. :
Third race , one mile ! McLlght won ,
Mockahl second , Ethel third. Time : li-ID * , .
Fourth nice , seven furlongs : Enthuslnst
won. Tilsit second , Uold J ust third. Time :
'Fifth rnce , six furlongs : Joe Murphy wen ,
Sweet Alice wecond , Monrovia third. Time ;
Hebron Hey Hurt. '
HEBRON , Neb. , May 7.The 14-year-old
son ot A. C. Ring was dangerously Injured
Saturday by being struck with a ( ailing
timber at the city mill. He la In a critical
Qota the Decia'on After Eight.Hounds of
Ilnnl Punching ,
Ono of the Hottest Alerting * of T.nto Time *
1'ultcil Off nt IloMon Miinton Abbott
nnil Andy Itowrn ( ! l\o n
Clumsy Inhibition ,
BOSTON , May 7. Tonight , In ono of the
hardest fights seen hero , In a long time ,
Young Orlffo was declared the winner over
Hilly Murphy nt the end of the eighth round.
The men lost no tlnio In getting toccthor
after the call. Murphy was the first to lead ,
landing a light ono on Orllto's nose. They
came together at once in a rapid exchange ,
0riffo landing his right twlco lightly on
Murphy's eye. It was an oven thing to the
The second round was warm. Murphy
let go his right again , but this tlmo the
black-haired boy was too quick for him. and
had put his right on Billy's stomach. It
was glvo and take for the next minute , with
the odds in favor of Murphy. Grlfto secured
first blood , landing his left on Murphy's
nose with good effect.
Murphy seemed tired when the men re
sponded for the third round , and Grlffo
went at him with n view to finishing him.
Murphy went to his knees from ! n right
hander on the jaw , but was up at once nnd
hot at It. Murphy managed to get In a few
good ones on Qrlffo's body. GrliTo got In his
left twlco In rapid succession in the fourth
round , and the blood began to flow down
Murphy's cheek. Grlffo was doing all the
lending , while Murphy seemed content to
The fifth and sixth rounds were warm
ones. Although both men landed many blows ,
neither of them had the strength to floor
his opponent.
In the seventh round Murphy got his right
in on Grlffo's neck , but the blow glanced off.
The eighth and last round was a trying
Ono for Grlffo , but ho kept his head well
and let Murphy tire himself out. Murphy
had a "do or dto" expression on his face
when the men were called to the center.
Ho made straight for Griffo's body nnd
succeeded in getting In a few hot ones , while
the latter was thinking about It. He next
landed his left on Grlffo's face and to many
It seemed as though the big fellow was get
ting careless. Ho recovered himself , however -
over , and In the last few minutes , got In a
few good ones on the body and a stiff one
on the face.
The men shook hands and the referee.
Mr. Daly , gave the bout to > Grlffo amid
hisses nnd cheers. The pair met In the
Casino before 2,500 spectators.
Meeting Hciwcon Andy ISowen nnd Stnnton
Abbott , lit New Orleans.
NEW ORLEANS. May 7. Stanton Abbott
of England and Andy Bowen of Now Orleans
fought for a purse of $2,500 at the Audi
torium in the presence of 4,000 people to
night. The fight was for ten rounds only ,
at the request of Attorney General Cunning
ham. The exhibition was clumsy and un
scientific throughout. Abbott disappointed
the spectators by the poor form he dis
played throughout , though the fight was
fast and furious at times. The first to the
fifth round Abbott had the best of the fight
ing , landing some left hand jabs with tel
ling effect. Hounds five to nlno Bowen
evened up matters , and In the eighth round
the homo man landed a heavy right hander
on the forehead and fairly knocked the
Englishman down. The latter recovered
quickly and delivered some left hand
punches which did not do much harm. The
tenth round was an exhibition of fast fight-
Ing. Both men landed many blows without
a single scientific ono. At the end of the
tenth round the" contest was declared a draw
and the purse divided between the two
Cable Ilcttvccn Chlnn and Hornco.
LONDON , May 7. The Commercial Cable
company announces that a submarine cable
has been laid and Is now open for public
correspondence between Hong Kong , China ,
and Labaan , Borneo.
Mrs. Ed Gould of Fullcrton Is visiting In
the city.
Sam D. Emerson of Denver is registered at
the Mlllard.
D. M. nnd Miss 11. A. Reynolds of Keokuk ,
la. , are at the Dellone.
H. S. Barnes nnd W. M. Arklns of Denver
of Denver are at the Mlllard.
Patrick Daley of Atlantic , la. , Is In the city
to attend the Hibernian convention.
John B. Costello of Vail , la. , Is In the city
attending the Hibernian convention.
L. J. < Hulland has accepted the position of
night clerk at the Merchants hotel.
M. T. Scanlan of Des Molnes , a delegate to
the Hibernian "convention , Is at the Dellone ,
State Senator MaVsh of Laramlc , Wyo , , Is
In the city for a few days. Ho Is stopping
at the Arcade.
James M. Chrismnn , a well known mer
chant of Broken Bow , accompanied by his
wlfo , is stopping at the Arcade.
W. W. Hail of Denver passed through the
city last night on his way to attend the
locomotive engineers annual convention at
St. Paul.
George Fonda of Council Bluffs was hero
yesterday to meet other delegates on their
way to the locomotive engineers convention
in St. Paul this week.
W. L. Brown , manager of the Savery hotel
at Des Molnes , la. , was In the city last night
on his way to Denver to attend the hotel
keepers' convention , which is in session there
this week.
Congressman Weadock of Bay City , Mich. ,
Is at the Mlllard. This gentleman gained
considerable fame by a speech In congress
last winter , and he will maka a speech at the
Hibernian banquet Thursday night.
C. J. Hendrlcks , who has been night clerk
at the Merchants for several months , has re
signed and accepted n similar position at
the Mlllard. Mr. Brldeharn , who has been
night clerk at the Mlllard , has accepted the
position of day clerk at the Paxton.
George W. Vroman of North Platte was In
the city yesterday ? on his way to St. Paul
where ho goes to attend the railway en
gineers convention. Mr. Vromnn will bo n
formidable candidate for the ofllco of assist
ant grand chief of the Brotherhood of Loco-
motlvo Engineers. Ho Is backed by nearly
every southern nnd western delegate , and
would make a worthy man for the position.
Ti'i'brnKkniiH nt the Hotels.
At the Dellone : Hobcrt Craft. Norfolk ;
n. KlmDeiman , Wayne ; U. H. Langan ,
H ray ton ; D. C. McKntne , Plattsmouth ; J.
El. Richardson , Leigh.
At the Mlllard : M. E. Fuller , Schiiylcr :
A. O. TJeeBon , Lincoln I A. M. Post nnd
laughter , Columbus ; S. W , Mosher , Lincoln ;
I > . U. Covcll , Plalnvlew ; N. W. Wells ,
At the 1'nxton : KdwnriJ Updike nnd wife ,
Harvard.J. M. Mcliitosh , Sidney ! J. A.
Kllroy , W. Stull , Lincoln ; Lew Robertson ,
[ Cearnuy ; H. L. McMcans , Grand Island ;
1C. C. Andrews , Kearney.
At the Merchants : MIH. II. A. Cox , Mm.
D. McNeil , Chndron ; J. 8. new , A. J.
WrlKht , Teoumseh : Kd Itytin , AVynicir * : H.
If. P-v.y , I'Utts , mouth ; T. U IFanell , IIani-
nca : A. L. Hnmlls , W. It. Jonas , Krcmonl ;
J. M. Weldon nnd wife , Wood Illver ; John
Jhraniek. David City ; O , O , Snbln , Schny-
er ; K. .M. Coirell ; Hebron ; Mrs , Maggie
'arroll , Thowns Campbell , Murray ; C. P.
5hur , Kearney ; J. L. Wlesmun. Lincoln.
At thq A rcade Mrs. Robert Teare and
Miss Teare. Auburn ; OuoigoV. . Vroman ,
North Platte ; W. I' . Harris , O. J. Wnlford ,
Greshnm ; J. M. G'hrlsman nnd wife , Ilioken
How : A. L. Brloke. Wlsner ; Thomas Lynch ,
I ) . Mulier. T. U. MoCloud , William Jelfers ,
Pat McOovernV. , . K. Moran , W. It.
Grace , Noith Plntte ; F. W. Buckley ,
StroniflburK ; H. Chase , Pender ; Mlna
Srlcker , Wlsner : F. A. Patterson , Htoek-
lolm ; Q. J. Stalls , Lincoln ; Charles Hyram
nnd wife , Palmer ; A. M. Johnson , Curtis ;
Charles WlMtlngHartwoll ; II. lluenz.
Urand Island : C. Gate.A. ) . Bteinkruus and
son , W. 12. Utsliop , Autfiiiit Huckutorf ,
i'lerccf William Plepenslork , Wayne ; K , L.
Myer , Q. W. Lowe , Newport ,
Illlilm mill illankuU.
Mrs. O. 8. Horn , who may bo found at the
Pullman house , 1310 Dodge , called at Tbo
Bee offlco last night with .communication
addressed "To the Pcoplo ot Omaha , " In
which she- sots forth that the men going
to Washington with the Industrial army
will need bibles and hymn books nnd ex
pressing her willingness to do her shnro
towards supplying the want. Shq says that
Kov. Savldgo will assist nnd nska thoao will
ing to contribute to report nt her residence ,
or leave the supplies where n wagon will
cnll for them , Mrs. Horn today took to
the headquarters 100 loaves ot bread nml
five blankets nnd she thinks It would be n.
grand thing It all the men leaving Omnim
could bo supplied with a blanket.
Orntltmlo nt Night Hrhool Pupil * Will do
on the OMU-U1 Mlmitrs.
When the Board ot Education was called
to order last night n huge bouquet of fra
grant roses graced the desk of President
Powell. The flowers wore presented to the
board by the pupils of the U'odgo street
night school with the following resolutions ,
which were adopted by the scholars at a
meeting Sunday evening :
Whereas , ThroiiKh the suggestion and In
strumentality ot Superintendent Frunk A.
Flztpatrlck the said Board of IMucatlon , In
the fnll of 1S9J , cstabllshtHl what has been
termed this Dodge Street night school , with
Prof. J. O. NnthntiMon ns Instructor nnd
Prof. Wllllnm Pnrlcer as assistant ; and
Whereon , The said nchool was established
for the purpose ot giving Instruction to for
eign-born adults nnd such other native-born
adults of foreign-born parentage who have
not had the advantage of learning the Kng-
llsh language ; nnd
Whereas , On unld nccotmt , we , the puplH
of said school , have been practically ex
cluded from the regular public schools ; now
therefore lie It
Resolved , By the pupils of the said Dodge
Street night school , tutorship of the said
Prof. J. D. Nnthanson nnd usslstnnt , Prof ,
William Parker , we , thu said pupils , learned
tind arc learning the rudiments of the Eng
lish language and me learning the elements
Und responsibilities of American citizen
ship ; and be It further
Ilesolved , We foul proud of the knowledge
nnd education which we have thus acquired ,
nnd feel thnt with the knowledge thus no-
quired we have made a beginning which we
hope will result lit our being farther ad
vanced , nnd ultimately make of us not only
loyal , but wise and patrlouc American citi
zens ; be It further
Resolved , That wp hereby tender to the
said Board of Education our sincere nnd
hearty thanks for having made It possible
for us to enjoy such advantages ; also be It
Resolved , Thnt we ictiirn our thanks to
Superintendent Frank A. Fltzpatrlck for his
wisdom nnd foresight In pointing out the
way whereby we have gained such privi
leges ; and be it further
Hcsolved , Thnt we hereby extend to Prof.
J. D. Nathnnson nnd his assistant , Prof.
William Parker , our sincere nnd tender
thanks for the successful manner In which
they have conducted our school nnd for
the advancement which we have made In
acquiring an English education.
The resolutions were signed by the whole
school , nnd President Powell ordered that
they bo spread upon and made a part of
the record of the board.
The secretary made a report of the expen
ditures slnco July ! „ 1S93 , which were
$290,230.73 , against $203,202.55 for the pre
vious year. Of this amount $170,083.13 was
paid for teachers' salaries. The board now
employs CO teachers , of whom 22 receive
$40 per month , 2 $45 , 3 $50 , 0 $55 , 17 $ GO
and 13 $05 per month.
Superintendent Fltzpatrlck made a report
showing the number of principals and the
amount of work they had to do. He recom
mended d concentration of their labors , which
would result In a saving of $8,200 per year
If followed out. Treasurer Bolln's report
of the school funds showed that there were
$111,010.52 on hand.
The resignation of Miss Minnie J. Wood
as principal of the Leavenworth school was
accepted and Miss Agnes McDonald was
elected to (111 the unexplred term.
Repairs "wore ordered on tha Central
school , supplies ordered purchased for the
Walnut Hill annex and flags and poles or
dered for the Franklin , Forest , Saratoga ,
Lathrop and Central Park schools.
The following resolution was adopted :
Resolved. That the secretary of this
board be and Is hereby instructed to re
quest John Latenser , formerly architect of
this board , to deliver Into the hands of the
secretary all plans , speclllcntlons , tracings ,
contracts , agreements or ouier property be
longing to the Hoard of Education by vir
tue of the contract nnd bond signed by said
John Lntenser at the time of his employ
ment by this board.
The county treasurer notified the board1
that lot 13 , block 30 , Kountze Place , had
been sold for taxes. It was reported that the
holder of the title would surrender the same
on the refunding of the purchase money ,
which will probably bo dono.
A number of applications for Jan-
Itorshlp were placed on file , as
was the request of A. P. Williams
for the Job of filling out diplomas. Q. E.
Ootscholl , William Kern , loma Klclnfclt ,
Marlon Watson , Allco J. Dye , Daisy H. Scho-
fleld , Abblo W. Bowen and Emma Brown
applied for positions as teachers. It was
recommended that the holders of applications
Nos. 4 , 5 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 1C. 18 , 20 , 21 ,
25 , 27 and 28 bo given certificates for primary
nnd grammar grades. John Rudd was al
lowed the contract for furnishing clocks for
the new buildings , and P. E. Souderberg was
allowed n payment of $1.500 on the Hickory
school contract. A number of bills and
claims were ordered paid nnd a special com
mittee , consisting of Powell , Akin and Lowe ,
was Instructed to expend $1,000 on the High
school , Kelloin $200 , Park $150 , Lake street
$150 , to bo used In landscaping the school
grounds around these buildings according to
plans furnished by H. W. C. Cleveland. There
was considerable discussion as to the advis
ability ot this expense , owing to a lack of
funds , but after deciding to only expend
$500 on the High school grounds this year
the resolution was adopted. The proposition
to lease four lots on Druid hill near the
corner of Thirty-first and Spauldlng streets
for two years at $100 per year with the priv
ilege of purchasing the hamo nt the expira
tion of the Icnso for $3,200 was accepted.
The committed on boundaries recom
mended that two school census enumerators
be appointed In each ward. The report
was adopted and the board appointed the
following men to take the census : First
ward , J. R. Jlclnsky , Chris Bcrtclson ; Second
end ward , Frank E. Dwornk , Joseph Percl-
vnl ; Third ward , C. L. Allstadt , M. F.
Singleton ; Fourth ward , A. S. Brown ,
Bcechor HIgby ; Fifth ward , O. F. Franklin ,
J. B. Bruner ; Sixth ward , J. 0. Gibson , G.
E. Gibson ; Seventh ward , Frank Waterman ,
G. W. Sahlno ; Eighth ward , A. F. Clark ,
H. W. Reynolds ; Ninth ward , E. F. Seaver.
A. L. Wiggins.
The salary bills for April were allowed ,
of which nmount was $24,528.75 for teachers'
pay , $2,825 for janitors , $487.43 for labor and
about $6,000 for work by the Washington
Slate company. A resolution by Lowe to
reduce the pay of the t > uporlntondcnt of
buildings from $1,800 to $1,500 was adopted.
On motion by Mr. Rhodes It was decided to
make n concentration of the scholars so
that each teacher would have forty-two
pupils Instead of thirty-seven , which would
reduce the number of Instructors and make
a saving of about $30,000 per year In
salaries. Wednesday. May 9 , at n p. m. .
was the tlmo set for the board visiting the
new Hickory school nnd Accepting the same
from the contractors. The following resolu
tion by Tukey was udopted :
Resolved. That the attorney ot the board
be-instructed to take such action ns seeins
ne'cessnry In eider that Hie bo.ird may be
provided by the city council with iho necvut
miiy funds for conducting th-s schools as
per request on council January , Ikiil , niul
in conformity with the Into decision of the
supreme court.
The Janitors of the Lruvcnworth and High
schools were Instructed to permit no moro
ball playing on thwo grounds on Sunday nnd
tu put n stop to nil boisterous gatherings on
the school propel ty at > any time ,
A resolution to close the schools In the
middle of Juno instead ot on the last Friday
of that month was adopted , thus cutting
short tha usual school term two weeks.
Rhodns , Banner ami Akin were appointed a
committee to audit the custodian of supplies'
books twice a year , nnd then the board ad
A A f > O lib VKIIIISK Tit.
Beginning with the regular matinee Sun
day next and for the week the clever Gal-
hoiin Opera company will hold the boards
at the Fifteenth Street theater , The opera
selected for the opening performance and
to run to Wednesday evening Inclusive Is
Mllloeckcr'a tuneful nnd catchy "Tho Black
HuHtuir. " The principals , churus , orchestra
and dancers Include some fifty people , and
It Is Bald they pretont thu finest produc
tion over given of this beautiful opera.
County Bout llloctlon Void ,
CIIAPPKLL. Nob. . May 7 ( Special Tele
gram to The Ilee. ) Judje Holcomb tbn
ovenlng adjourned court. The most Import-
nnt notion during the Into part of the BOI-
slon was the hearing of the county gout con
test case. After the nvldonco wna 8lv i >
the Judge decided thnt the election held In
1SS9 should bo set nslde , and ordered the
conimlRBloners to cnll a now election. The
ground for this decision was that fraud win
practised by Chnppoll and Big Springs. Thli
decision ot the court may bo called a vic
tory for Clmppcll.
.luclnoiivlllo A en In Todny.
This afternoon Cnptnln Slrothera la so-
Ing to open up a new bug of tricks nnd will
show the Rouikcs "somo dings. " Maybe.
Jnkey Strauss says he's going to IIIUKO
half a dozen home funs himself , Just for
old time's sake. Hill Leti-hcr < nya ho' *
going to let himself out a little mvl Imml oft
a few of Omnha's high Mies. And Bill Rourka
Istn't saying a word , but his IHJJ-S went to
bed enrly lust night , Moran will catch
this afternoon , nnd Fear will plnv right.
Tomorrow will bo Hibernian day. The ball
will be pnlnted green , nnd the visitors mndo
welcome. Thursday Is ladles' dny. To
dny the positions will be :
Omaha. Positions. Jacksonville.
MeVey First . . . .Strothers
Munyun Second Crolty
Hourko Third Darrnh
IJi'Vlo Short Cnrroll
Wood. . Left Htrnusi
Seery. ' . Middle Lelchcr
Fear. . . Right Herald
Mornn Catch licit
Whltehlll Pitch Corlsh
Ciinlliimtii * ' > t I'otc/
J , L. Mnlono and John Morrison wilt mcot
In n match gnme ot contluous pool nt
Folcy's popular billiard looms tomorrow
evening for $100 a side. It Is to bo a hnndl-
cnp match , Mnlone plnvlug 100 points to
Morrlxon's GO. On Thuimlay evening Mnlono
nnd Frank Kenlstcm will struggle for mi-
premncy and a $50 stake In a fourtocii-lnch
Imllc line gniiu * of billiards. In addition to
being the cx-clmiiiplon pool player of tha
world , Mnlono IH considerable of a billiard-
1st , and If Ketilston beats him out Thursday
night he will have to put up his very beat
game :
' O
' on liy the ro .
HASTINGS , May 7. ( Special Telegram to
The Bee. ) The academic nnd collegiate
students of Hastings college met In mortal
combat on the bail Meld today , nnd the re
sult tilled the undergradunte henrt with
woe. The battery work of the college team
was good , as wns the lleldlng of the pre
paratory tcnm. Ragged lleldlng on the part
ot the colleglates lost the game. Score :
Undcrgnids 0 1
Preps 1 10 1 B 1 3 0 0 ' -21
Battctles : Hurtlgan and Arnold ; ItanU
nnd Osbornc.
Father Corbntt Will npuak i > uM .Suuili y.
PALMYRA , Neb. , May 7. ( Special to Th
Beo. ) The services In the Catholic church
were not held yesterday as heretofore an
nounced , but next Sunday will be the day foi
the regular meeting.
Brings comfort nnd improvement nntj
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many , who live bet
ter than others nnd enjoy life moro , with
less expenditure , by moro promptly
ftiiApiing the -world's best products to
the needs of physical being , will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid-
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy , Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste , the refreshing nnd truly
beneficial properties ot a ] > crfcct lax-
ativis ; effectually cleansing the system ,
dispelling colds , headaches Mid fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
mot with the approval of the medteal
profession , because it acts on the Kid
neys , Liver nnd Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in We and $1 bottles , but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only , whose name is printed on every
package , also the name , Syrup of Figs ,
and being well iiitormod , y ti will not
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