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    THE OMAHA DAILY 1E ? : THURSDAY , MAY 3. 1801.
Bob IiimcJck onu Tam3 Harris Started for
the Fell.
llnvo Hail n Number of I' capadc In the
I'not but tliln In tlio Tim Tlmo
They llitvn liven ( 'might In a
.Serious Crime ,
If the evidence upon which the police are
now working turns out to be an expected ,
Bob Limerick and James Harris , who have
had a number of escapades that narrowly
inlssctl sending them both to the peniten
tiary , seem likely to spend a couple of > ears
or so In enforced retirement from their fel
low men A few nights ago a car In the
V/nuBh ! yards was broken Into and some
tobacco and other good ? were stolen. The
police , In nosing about through a lumber
yard In the vicinity , found the stuff hidden
away beneath a pile of lumber , and sta
tioned special officers to watch ami nab the
thieves when they came bick after thi'lr
Late Tuesday night Hob Limerick and
James Harris Htole quietly to the place und
were just making off with the stuff when
the watchmen caught Limerick , but Harris
escaped and was not arrested until nearly G
o'clock yesterday morning. The charge
against them Is burglary , and the author
ities have but little doubt that they will
make things exceedingly Interesting for
them. Doth men wore taken to the clt >
jail to await a trial , which will bo given
them this afternoon by Justice rield Lim
erick VVIIH arrested some time ago on another
charge , but succeeded In getting a\vay from
Constable Jackson. In order to make sure
* ) mt the oper.itlon should not be repeated
Jackson slipped a pair of handcuffs on the
wrists of the two men when ho took them
from the justlco shop to thu Jail , fastening
them together. When ho was about to
leave them at the Jail he wanted to take tlic
handcuffs off , but suddenly discovered that
he had lost the key and all search for It was
futile. The men ate supper as Siamese
twins and seemed likely to pass the night In
the same condition.
IIINNI : ON uitos.
Drcni ( looiln anil Slllm Cnrpctn mill Cm-
Thursday wo offer 50 pieces of 36 to 10-
Inch half wool dress goods , style , all
colors , that wo formerly sold at 20c , 2Gc and
3Gc , all at one price to clean up the lot IGc
n yard. This Is a great bargain don't miss
f > pieces of 50-Inch .black Gloria silk , 55c a
1,000 yards printed China silks , beautiful ,
neat styles , today , IGc a jard.
5 pieces . ' 0-Inch black all wool nun's veilIng -
Ing , a C5c quality , tomorrow , 39o a yard
American Indigo blue calico , , ' ! c a yard.
Standard dress prints , 2V4c a yard
Uverj thing Is going at our usual low
GO pieces of China matting at lOc , 12'X-c ' ,
JGc , 20c , 2Gc a > ard ; fully 40 per cent lets
than regular retail price.
Ilcst quality moquette carrots , $1 Or a yard
Cxtra super all wool Ingrains at 6'Jo and
Open every evening.
Council Uluffs.
Ciirinll HUH Hn ilu H.
Frank Carroll , who Is suspected of having
ptolon some clothing from n Droadvvaj bar
tender , "was brought before Justice Held jes-
terday afternoon for a preliminary examina
tion on the charge of larceny fiom a build
ing , but was found to bo unfit for trial. Ho
was busy at the time In entertaining a largo
and varied assortment of snakes , which ho
has been carefully nursing for a couple of
weeks. About three weeks ago Carroll was
in police court on some criminal charge or
bther , and he managed to evade a trial by
Suddenly stiffening out and calling upon someone
ono to deliver him from the alligator with
the pink eyes and yellow legs that \ about
to swallow him. Instead of going to jail
fie was sent to Clarlnda , to take treatment
in the state hospital for Insanity , and the
scheme worked so well that he Is now trjlng
It again. Ono of his friends called upon
Judge Deemor yesterday afternoon to In
duce him to take the cafce In hand for feur
that Justice rield would nl t make the re
quired ordei. It Is possible that no may bo
examined by the commlssloneu and another
dose of Clarlnda medicine prescribed for him.
William Hulls , his accomplice In the theft ,
will have a hearing this afternoon at 2
o'clock before Justlco Kleld.
Svttlu Doun.
Now that Kelly's army has come and gone
nnd none much the woiso off for their
visit , let us settle down to business once
more find profit by the great lesson they
have taught us. There Is no doubt that n
great deal of poverty nowadays Is brought
on by extravagance , and oh , there's the
moral ; Don't be extravagant , but go to 918
Main street and T. U. Hughes will show
you how to save your money , whether It's
shoes , furnishing goods or hats you want.
( iarnlHlimi nU Must Stop In Innn
In a short tlmo , as Iowa has passed a law
against them. This Is your last chance to
collect your accounts before the law goes
Snto force. The Nassiu Investment company
has reduced Its charges and will guarantee
collections against persons not living In
Iowa , but who are employed by some rail
way , express or telegraph company having an
ngont In Iowa. Wrlto at once for terms and
references , Council Qluffs.
The famous Maso Wise livery and sale barns
have been sold to J. W. Mlnnlck , and the
business will bo continued under his manage
ment. Horses boarded and cured for at
reasonable rules , barn open day and night.
Am mslou DHJ.
COUNCIL ULUPFS , la. , May 2. To All
Sir Knights' The following program will
be observed by Ivanhoo conimandory , No. 17 ,
Knights Templar , on Thursday , May 3.
Meet ut the asylum of the commandei } ,
Masonic temple , at 10 a. in.
Attend Ascension day services at St rani's
church at 11 a. in.
from there to the residence of Sir Jame
son to luncheon for sir knights and their
Return to the asylum at 2 o'clock for In-
fpectlon and the conferring of the order of
the temple upon n regular candidate.
At C 30 a banquet will bo served to which
nil sir knights and ladles are Invited to
Eminent Commander.
Q. H. JACKSON , Recorder.
At the bervlces at St , Paul's church this
muinlng the ( allowing music will bo pcr-
form-d by the surpllced choir , augmented
by Mrs. W. II. Wakolleld , Miss , Ne'la 0 ien
und othtw I'roccbs'onal , 110 , To Deiim
nnd Jubilate , Clarke Whltfold , In R. offer
tory anthem , "Oh , Lord , " lliirnby ;
communion Miivlce , Simper , In ! ' , liymiih
< OJ und 11.1 ; rccpbslonal , 111 ,
1 iirniuo VV'oi'li.
Mr , W J. Lauterwasscr , well known to boone
ono of the bo&t furnace men In this bectlon ,
has engugcMl with P. C. DcVol. He and John
Scott will work togrther , and It goes with ,
uut saying that whatever they do will bo
perfectly donu. Now Is a good tlmo to look t
tip the furnace question , '
Charles Lunkley , the well known undertaker , o
will occupy the building ut IMS Hroadway oV
after April 20. Various Improvements will 8
bo imuU' which will give him ono of the 8t 8V
lineal undertaking establishments In the t
AH wool Ingrains from G3c to 7Cc jurd '
Lowell Ingrains , CGc yard. All goods marked
down this week ,
Everybody knovva Davis anlli drugs.
Washerwomen use Domestic soap.
Oii'rn'H IVtltlon ,
W. It. ( iretn of Audubon , who lian been
mentioned already as un active candidate
fur the district judceshlp to take the place
occupied by Judge Deenu-r , has secured thu
riiUurstMiient of almost every member of the
Uouncll Uluffs bar , A petition ban been clr-
ciliated among them and was sent to Gov
ernor Jackson yesterday containing , It Is said ,
the names of all hut und of the Council
Jlluff * attorneys. He lived hrre about six
years ago , being a member of the firm of
Wright , Baldwin & Haldanc , but since mov
ing to Audubon has been a member of the
IV I \ flnn pf Nauli , Phelpg & Orcen.
Aiiotliei' C'lmnge ,
It feetns to he the wilt of the people , and
to a certain extent human natur8 , to want
dhanges ( In various forms , but none more
than II I a change of sales , which has been given
by I the Boston Store since the beginning of
J the great syndicate sale , and which has been
attended by ( he ladles In great force.
Now , for the next two days Wednesday
and Thursday It will be cornets , and as
usual , wp call your attention to show window-
display In windows Nos. 1 , 2 , 3 and I , which
rcpieS'iit a few of the many Inducements
offered In our corset department. Visit the
other departments and see values offered
during the syndicate nalc. which are numer
ous , and new hargilns arriving dally.
1 Ire on Muln Strci t.
The flro department was called out at 3
o'clock yesterday morning by an alarm from
the corner ol Main street and Eighth
avenue. A lamp had exploded In the second
end floor of the St. Louis hotel , and before
the flame-s could bo extinguished they had
demolished all the front part of the second
story. Some of the giipsts rushed out and
jumped from the windows Into the back
yard , but after It win all over this was
found to have been unnecessary. The need
less risk of broken bones did no harm , how
ever , for all escaped uninjured. The damage -
ago to the building was coveted by Insnr-
A small unoccupied cottage at the corner
of Twentj-sixth street and Avenue C caught
fire about noon In ? omo unknown way. but
the blaze was extinguished with but small
Evans Laund-y company. Shirts , collars ,
and cuffs a specialty , f > 20 I'carl street , Tel.
290. Reasonable rates for family work.
Duj your drugs and paints at Morsin' <
drug stores , 131 and 742 I ! road nay.
Special prices In millinery at Miss Kogs-
dale's this week , 10 Pearl street.
The laundries use Domestic soap.
\ \ Illlns to Quit.
Mary Drown wandered Into Council nluffs
last .March from Lyons. She met Peter
Maher of Cumlng County , Nebraska , the day
of her Thursday and on Saturday
they were mm Hod Mrs Maher Is hero now
looking for the justice who tied the knot
FO that It can be untied Maher Is repents
Ing his haste nt his leisure. Ills wife says
he left her the day of the wedding with
$250 In cash and has not Ived with her
slnco. A divorce suit has been started.
Cole & Cole give a $1.50 cook book
with every New Process steve sold. The
genuine New Process bakes better , makes
less odor and Is the handsomest stove made
New asbestos oven retains all the heat ,
Jorvls Wine Co , Council Uluffs , la. , agent
Jarvls 1S77 brandy , wines and liquor.
Domestic soap breaks bird water.
1'ciaoiml rur.igrnphs.
Rx-Sherlff James O'Neill of Neola was In
the city jesterady.
Mason Wise left jesterday for a trip to
Excelsior Springs , Mo.
C G. Sauuders left last evening for a busi
ness trip to Kansas City.
Mrs. Frank I'usey leaves Saturday for a
summer's vUlt to New York.
John I' . Davis has returned from a visit
to the Midwinter fair In San TrancNco
Miss Simons of Des Molnes Is the gusst of
her nuut , Mrs. O. II. Simons , on Willow
Tor forty years Cook's Extra Dry Imper
ial Champagne has stood the test for purity
and Its delicious boquet.
While you are paying for laundry why not
get the best ? The Eagle laundry solicits a
trial and Invites comparison. Telephone 157.
Meyers-Durfee Furniture company , 336-338
Broadway. IJargalns In line furnltur ; .
Get prices of Shugart & Ouren , leading
seedsmen , Masonic temple , Council Dluffs.
Domestic soap outlasts cheap soap.
Minor .Mention.
Attend Boston store syndicate sale.
Miss Maud Ollvdr entertained the Ebony
warblers Irst evening at her home on Park
av eniic.
Judge Deemer granted a divorce yesterday
to Mis Elizabeth Divcnport from Tayloi
Davenport on the ground of desertion.
Mrs. Wlttei's Sunday school class will
glvo a. social Thursday evening at the r.s-
Idence of Mrs. Wycoff , 217 Sixteenth avenue.
Chambers' dancing academy closed Its
spring beafcou by a party for adults last
evening. It was largely attended and a
most enjoyable affair.
The Icveo and embankment this side of
the teimlnal brldgo Is being widened und
strengthened In anticipation of the usual
spring rise In the liver.
The ladles of the First Presby terhn
church will glvo a free social In the church
parloru this evening. A pleablng literary
und musical program has been provided.
Rev. A. J. Turkle , pastor of Kountic
Memorial Lutheran church of Omaha ,
preaches this evening for St. John's English
Lutheran church at James' hall , 17 Pearl
The social to have been given by L. C
Dale's Sunday school class in ths. Broadway
Methodist church this evening has been
pobtpaned ono week , owing to a conflict of
Canton Pottawattamle , No. 6 , Indepen
dent Order of Odd Fellows , will glvo a re
ception this evening In honor of J. T Abbot
bet of Muscatlno , tlio department com
mander brigadier general.
Owing to the sand storm the Ganymede
Wheel club run to Fort Omaha , which was
booked for last evening was postponed until
this ovoiling , The round trip over the
Terminal brldgo Is seventeen miles long.
The funeral of Robert Crombie took place
yesterday afternoon at the First Baptist
church , Ilov T. F. ThlcVstun ofnclutlng. A
large number of sympathizing friends of the
family woio present to pay their last tribute
of respect to the dead.
It Is repoited that George Washington
Makepeace , a somewhat notorious attorney ,
who lived hern until a few months ago , Is
In jail at Sioux City on a charge of robbery
preferred by ono Marshall , who claims that
Makepeace assaulted him nnd took $10 out
of Ills pocket.
The Council Illuffs Whist club will play
the Omaha , club next Wednesday night at
the luttci's rooms In Omaha Two former
games havs icsulted In victories for the
Council Bluffs club Twenty players will bo
on each side , and half of the tables will play
duplicate whist , while the other half will
play the old-fashioned game.
Whllo a huge polo was being put up for the
telephone company at the corner of Ilroail-
vvay and Pearl streets yesterday morning
Ira MacCounell , a brother of S P. Mac-
Connell , narrowly escaped being badly hurt.
The polo fell upon a huge block of wood ,
which was sent IIng ! through the air and
finally struck 0. A. Moore's door , bursting
tlm lock off. In Its passage llie block nai-
row | > missed hitting MacConnell In the
head ,
Ocorgo J Crane , who was circulating a pe
tition for the opening of saloons under the
mulct law , nutshell his work yesterday after
noon , securing 1,925 signers. The majority
of the votes cast at the last city election
was 1,89't. so tint ho had a margin of twenty- . .
six , to make up for what few signed that '
were not eligible. Ho was careful In get a
ting the names , however , not to present his
petition ' to any who were jiot eligible , so
that he anticipates no ttoubie on that bcore. In , ,
The imperial Tire Insurance company Of
London Is one of the largest and strongest
board companies In the vsorld. Lougeo &
Towlo , 235 Pearl street , arc solo agents In
Council Illuffs for this company.
Gas cooking stoves for rent ami for sale
at Gas fo.'a ofllce.
Tor cobs eo to Cox , 10 Main street. Telephone
_ _ _ _ _ _
See the new art goods at Mrs , Nile * ' .
JarvU Wine Co. , Council Uluffi , , .rr.J- to
Ancient Mode of Wnrfaro Successfully
Adopted in the Southwest.
General Torrm r.ccl l > y the U'lly Inillnni
Into n Verln1 > lo Vitllcy of Dentil
mill Nearly Itnlf III * Army
Klllrtl \Voumlcil ,
SAN' DinOO , Cal. , May 2. News Is re-
cclveil liorc that the YaquU have once more
been victorious with their warfare with the
Mexican soldiers. Once ngaln the wily In-
( linns Iia\o ambushed the forces scut against
A day or two ngo n statement was pub
lished tlmt two companies of Mexican
troops stationed at Knaada had been or
dered to Quaymas , Sanorn , on the Quit of
California for Immediate duty. At the
time It was thought to be an ordinary and
unimportant transfer of soldiers , but the
report which now comes Indirectly from the
Mcxlc.m ufllcera at Unsada gl\cs that move
ment a most sensational aspect. Ex-Qov-
ernor Luis 13 Torres , who Is now general
of tlie northern and western departments
of Mexico , It says , has been making nnotliei
campaign against the Yarjuls In South
Sonata and northern Clnaloa. Ho had an
army of o\cr COO men and the plan was to
dispose of the Yutjul question at once and
I'resldent Diaz selected General Torres
foi this work because of his experience and
supposed . ability to accomplish the desired
purpose. Hut , like the other commanders
who have tried It , according to the report ,
Torres met the Ynquls and was defeated
The report sajs a iorce composed of soldiers
taken from different regiments , accompanied
by a party of national mllltl.i In command
of a lieutenant colonel
, lately arrived from
Mexico , where they had been in pursuit
of the laqiils in the Sierra do Dacatete
On the afternoon of the llfth day of the
march the ti.ill led the pursuers Into a
long 1 < , deep , nanow defile In the Sierra do
Hacatele. The walla of the canon were
almost precipitous , riblng to a height In
some places o\cr 2,000 feet and cov'cred
with brush.
The command was halted and
skirmishers ! pushed forward to uncover any
possible ambush. The skirmish line climbed
the walls and beat the brush
as fur
as pos-
sble without result , and as the trail was
clearly defined In the sand In the bottom
l'eic,1no"the ' colonel of the command
n i
? forward. Half the dangerous
locally had
traversed with
no signs
of life , nor motion from the cllffb towering
above and the men .were ( beginning to
breathe more easily , when suddenly huge
masses of rocks and boulders
cliff nearly 1.500 feet above came from ml the I c
wall to wall down upon the hemmed ?
the " ! fl\r \ "i'i'Ilel ' : ros.'o . ' war cries of
well-armed Ynquls. who now began flrlne
volley after volley directly into the rtrug-
gling mass below
, where all was confusion.
! ! n63 dashe(1 , tllrouK" the broken column ,
° V ° , < lead a"d " ° u < le < l boldlers
vyrlthed screamed under the weight
° frocj < 8' ttlat "ad crushed them to the e irth
others' sank under the pitiless hall of bullets
and others less
severely wounded and thoie
still unhurt sought the bushes
on cither
'Jn " ' " ' ' ' C ° Cked ' "
sign nf n"UCMCU , , , - r'"eS f ° r SOI" °
bloodthlisty foes In such con
fusion It was Impossible for the commands
of officers to be heard , but finally the colonel
founded n wounded bugler with vet llfo
enough to sound a call.
In a few moments , although still In range
of those deadly rocks and rifles , those of the
wounded able to move with assistance were
started back down the canon , while those
who were able to offer resistance fired volley
after volley at random Into the bushes on the
cliffs and had the satisfaction of
seems a
half-naked Ynqul leap convulsively from his
hiding place and come whirling down through
1,000 feet of space.
As rapidly as possible the survivors of
this awful onslaught fought their way back
to open ground , where their foe had not
dared to follow , and after a brief rest
dragged thembelves back along the route
over which they had marched so cheerfully
the day before.
The number of killed cannot be accurately
stated , but out of the column of 500 men It
is said at least 200 are cither killed or
wounded. An additional force of 200 militia
has been organized at Hermoslllo and the
campaign against his party of reds will be
pushed vigorously.
Torres himself and a small party of
soldiers letreatcd to Guaymab where , accordIng -
Ing to one version which has reached En-
sada , he has been placed under arrest be
cause of his failure. This Is not generally
believed. At any rate , all the Mexican
troops of Lower California and Clnaloa are
to bo mobilized and another campaign or
ganized against the Yaquls , but whether
General Torres Is to lead It or not remains
to be seen.
It Is said that Don Jarob Corda , a young
doctor , after the encounter In the canon , loft
a place called La Mesa with a small escort
to attend the wounded , and on passing a
place called Arenas fell Into an ambush
prepared by the same party of Yaquls. Ac
cording to report he was slain in n most
cruel manner , the savages first flaying his
feet and making him walk. They finally
lanced him.
The Sierra de Dacateto Is ten days jour
ney from Quaymas and Is a very rugged , wild
country , one of the strongholds of the
Yaquls. It Is said that only 100 or 200
Yaquls were In the rebellion. Further de
tails from Guaymas are expected. The
Yaquls are to .Mexico what the Apaches are
to Arizona only If anything they arc more
cruel. They aie magnificent specimens of
manhood , few befng under b\\ \ feet , and have
almost unlimited powers of endurance.
They have been entirely subdued , but they
Inaugurate periodical raids from their Im
pregnable strongholds In the fastnesses of
the Siena Nevadas.
Pills that cure sick headache ; DeWltt's
Little Early Risers.
Millionaire John Soott Oliiugcil with I'riiuil-
iilrntly Sooirlug * a I Ucir < c.
PHILADELPHIA , May 2. John Scott , the
millionaire coal shipper of this city and Bos
ton , Is being sued for $100,000 damages. The
plaintiff Is his daughtcr-ln-law , who Is still
his daughter-in-law , for the divorce granted
In Deadwood , S D. , has been set aside by the
court there and the case will have to bo
tried over.
The first that Mr. Scott know of the mar-
rlago of his son , Mlfllln Scott , to Hcdwlg
Elvira Morchen was his meeting the couple
at Southampton on their bridal trip , while
he , with his wife and daughter , was about
starting for n tour on the continent. Mr ,
Scott sent the bridegroom back to his studies
at Heidleberg , which ho did not know ho had
left until ho saw him as a benedick on the
deck of the steamship. The brldo ho took
with his wife and daughter on his trip where
for u tlmo all seems to have gene well ex
cept that young Mrs , Scott complained that
nar futher-ln-law was very curious about her
past life.
This state of things , however , was inter
rupted by a letter addressed to the bon ,
which. In the son's absence , the father
opened , This letter was a midwife In Iler-
lln , who claimed that young Scott owed her
bill for services rendered his wife. In
the letter was a full account of an operation
on her sister , and Hedwlg's name was used
association with a younger man named
Fritz Tlircbsen , whom Hedwlg had met at
Coblenz In November , 1S90 , some five months
before her mnrrlago.
On reading that letter Mr Scott went him
self to Glasgow with his son's vvlfo and
placed her In the homo of her married uls
ter , the wlfu of a Presbyterian minister. He
did not leave Scotland until he tecured
from his daughter-in-law u confession Unit
Thressen had betrayed her while he was at
Coblenz. Mr. Scott admits having secured
this confession and says that It was made by
the girl of her own free will. The family
then , leaving Hedwlg with her sister , re
turned to this country and young Scott went
Deadwood to study law' , After the proper
term of residence lie Petitioned for divorce ,
alleging that he had IWn deceit fully led to
marry the girl. bHtrrfttg himself the father
of a child to which she gave birth In July ,
1S91. On this the divorce now act nsldo was
grunted. '
In her comphlnt the Wife charges that the
dlvotco was fraudulently obtained without
her knowledge , In 'pursuance of a conspir
acy between the father nnd the joung man ,
Initials that the child Was his and declares
that the confession Wub extorted from her
by Mr. Scott under threats of withdrawal
of all support from , ticr elt and husband and
never allowing her Id MP Ml 111 In again. The
trial of the damage , suit promises to be full
of Interest ,
r. .if. v. .1. i.K.ini'.iii ' j.v , s/.s.s/o.v.
dcncrnt Sccrct rlc from All Over the
Country Meet at Oilitr Itupltln.
rniJAU HAPIDS , Fn , Mny 2 ( Special
Telegnitii to The Uce ) The twenty-fourth
nnmial conference of the Association
of Clenotal Secretaries of the Young
Men's Christian oclntlon of Nortn
Ameilca opened this nftcrnoon with
SOUK niul prayer , with IJfl gen
eral sccretaileH and ph > sluil directors In at
tendance Delegates archerir fioni nil
parts of this country nnd Canada , Including
Mcvvnil International iseetetnrles Others
aiu expected to continue to arrive until tin1
number Is implicit to ' 100 William McCul-
loch of Toronto , Heerotnrj of the exi'iutlve
i onitnlttei * . railed th < > convention to onlei
and Introduced John Jt Mutt of Indliump-
oils , who will preside lit this session Aftei
the selection of levreturlpti and commlttetH
the ih > orn vvetc closed nnd "the quiet hour"
was conducted by C. 12 Hiirlbut , state Heo-
ii'tnry of l'cniiH > ivnnln After adjournment
.Mr TiiRKurt of the International committee
held a conference with the mate and pin-
Vlslonal leoiPtnrleH to consider the wn > H
and means of a more thorough co-operation
between the International committee and
the \ailous MatecominltteeH. .
Supreme ' < > iimll of tlm A. I' , A. MPP | .
DUS MOIN'iS , Mny 2-Special ( TeleKiuni
to TliiHce ) The mipiemo council of the
American 1'iotcctlve association began ti
meeting lii'ie today with 2M delegates pie-i-
ent , and many moiP added befoie the day
was over. The only business transacted ut
the tnointtiK neHslon was the appointment
of a committee on credentials , with O
C5. HaKci of C.ilifoinl.i chairman An
open mooting was held tonight , with addresses -
dresses bv e\-Coveriioi ! Gospert of Cali
fornia , Hev Adam Tawictt of Ohio , 1'rof
Walter Sims of Washington , D C , and
later olioit addie scs b > prominent membars
fiotn othei Htntet , with a short welcome
by Mime Iowa men Mi. Gospelt s.ild thul
the oidc'i was very stiong In that state and
was rc'tognl/ttil as a cleansing * foice In pol-
IticH Whll'- not dictating elections or nom
inations , It does tniough pel son il woik of
membots exoit meat Influence ever men of
all classes In Montana the older Is strong
Thcie Is iil o .1 woman's branch of the A 1'
A , which was oiganlzed nix > enrs ago. Tills
nuxllllai ) dois not meet heio at this tlmo
however Supreme President Graj noi stated
that there would be no change In the iltual
by this council , as that document was put
In good Hhape at the last annual council
held In Cleveland.
lloomliif ; Urluln.
DHS MOINIiS , Mny 2-Special ( Telegram
to The Uee ) Over 100 citizens of Oelwin ,
In , are In Des Molnes today. The delega
tion Is here In the Interest of Oclwlu In
the effoit to secure for that town the per
manent location of the machine shops of the
Chicago Great Western lalhvay. The town
desires to raise about JJOO.OOO A syndicate-
has purchased J.OOO acies of land , divided It
Into lots and Is ti > Ing to sell them.
C'.isn with the July
CniJAK UAPIDS , la , M.i > 2 The argu
ments weic completed nnd the Instructions
of the oouit delivered In the Ramsav cahe
today. This afternoon the case was In tno
hands of the jtny.
lIInnrupollH MIllH ? la < ln Anollier ISIg Hun
Last Wock.
MINNEAPOLIS , May 2 The Northwest
ern Mlllei sajs : The mills made another
big run last week , grinding 203,308 burels of
flour , against 1W.S03 dining the pievlous
week , and U 1,015 lot the coiiespondlng week
In 1S93. Tom less mills representing U-
000 barrels dally capacity , are running this
week , partly owing1 to the railroad strike.
There Is no Improvement In the Hour tiade.
Orders booked Hat week approximated 120-
000 barrels. Export trade Is largely con
fined to bakers The United Kingdom ap
pears to be quite free foliydrH and veiy low
freight rates fncllltate.-trnnsactlons Uliect
export fehlprnents wsie 43,900 bui.e's , against
48,700 barrels for the previous week.
At Superior and Duluth thp flour output
was 23MG ) tmnel" , agu'i st 3 > ,7)2 ! ) for the vveik
before and 41,4'U In 18(3 ( Expoi t shipments
were 6,891 barrels. The stock of flour on
hand is 280,800 barrels At Milwaukee the
output was J1.803 barrels , , against 37.953 for
the ive"k before and 43,200 In 189) ) The St.
Louis mills ground 35U00 barrels , against
39,100 the week before.
Itclniont ( 'mini Conipnnj'H Improvements.
SIDNEY , Neb. , May 2. ( Special Telegram
to The Bee ) The llelmont Canal company
Is making great Improvements here Seventy-
five houses are now occupied and fifty more
tenants located here today. Sixteen carloads
of lumber have been ordered from Omaha
dealers. Two ditch machines are In the
field , with three surveying forces staking
forty-acre tracts of land , running laterals
and superintending construction. General
Manager O. J. Hunt Is ably assisted by-
Lawrence , Scott and Woolf , surveyors.
This Is one of the greatest enterprises In
Cheyenne county , and Omaha capital \t \ >
heavily backing it. This will soon b1 one of
the foremost counties in the state In the
way of agriculture and stock raising. Ef
forts will be made to have the government
donate Fort Sidney to th's city. It has
always bcvn noted as the prettied post In
the Department of the Plattc.
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KANSAS CITY , May 2 The grand jury-
today retuined Indictments against the
chief participants In the Catholic nnd Amur-
lean Protective association election day lint.
Jerry M. Pate , IX A. Pike. U. L Colcmnn
and anothei participant , who Is not yet In
custody , vveie Indicted foi murder In the *
Hist degree , and O. M. Hlnglmm and C. C.
Ott were Indicted for assault with Intent
to Kill. The Jury censured the police de
partment , saying a single policeman clothed
in unlfoim then on the spot could have
saved human life and prevented bloodshed ,
but none was theie , and so armed men
tilled with religious hatred of each other
fought out a battle and then escaped be
fore the solitary policeman stationed only
a block away ut that precinct appeared on
the Hccne.
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DoWltfs Little Early P.lsors.
Itan Is Itoinmcd from tlio VVuti linmn.
ST. LOt'IS , May 2 The recent disturb
ance In Cnthollo circles over the ban placed
upon Rev. Father D , S Phelan's paper , the
Western Watchman , by Archbishop J J ,
Kuln , because of that journal's ! utterance's ,
has smoothed over , rather Phelan
haw lotrac-tcd his utterances nnd Archbishop
Kuln today removed the ban placed upon
the paper.
His Tight with the Street Rnilway Company
Settled by Agreement YaUcrtlay ,
Kach Sldr Miller * n IVvv f'onrrAfdiins nnd
Judgci Atalirono ll roiir < r Upon the
ItlghtK mid Duties of Col porn *
tloiiii unit Ollli lulu.
The street railway cnso that had been the
attraction In 'Judge Ambrose's court for
two days was disposed uf yesterday
by an amicable settlement b.tween
the attorneys , the defendants con
senting to an Injunction as prayed
for by the plaintiff and agreeing to
pay $210 9i as damages resulting from the
tie-up of the cars last Friday afternoon , the
plaintiff agreeing on the other hand to Kit-
Is fy the judgment In fa\or of Matthew W.
Clalr , iccently alllrmcd by the supreme
court ,
The arguments In the case were continued
during an evening session of the court Tues
day night , and the heat that had manifested
Itself all through the trial was even more ap
parent than ever. U was the Intention at
the hour of adjournment to renew the ar
guments yesterday , but at the opening
hour of court the attorneys were In consulta
tion and by 10 o'clock the form of the de
cree had been agreed upon.
When It was submitted to Judge Am
brose , ho remarked that It was In accord
ance with what his decision would have
been had the case been left to him , but that
he would have gone n step farther He 'aid
tl at an attempt to have a judgment set
aside after It had been alllrmed by the su
preme court , on the ground of peijurcd evi
dence , could not be upheld unless the judg
ment was entirely based on such perjured
testimony There was other testimony In
this case than that which was alleged to
have- been pnrjurcd , and the judgment could
not hutc been annulled So far as the levy
was concerned , the sheriff had gone farthei
than he had a right to do In the matter
It was not the thing to btop the slreet cars
nnd Interfere with the public travel , when
the company was a public servant and n
solvent corporation The company had re
ceived all ind more than II was entitled teat
at the handb of the city , which had supinely
gotten down on Its knees and turned over
to It all the streets of the city free of chaige
The public had rights In the mutter , and
the decree would be signed granting the In
junction as prayed for by the plaintiff , re
straining the defendants from proceeding
further with their levy , as It was Illegal and
the cars of the company were not subject
to such seizure. It was further decreed
that the defendants were liable for the dam
ages resulting from the btoppage , and execu
tion was Issued against them In the sum of
$210 95.
Mr. Howe , counsel for the company , en
tered after the matter had been settled , and
wanted to know what he was going to do
with thebpeech with which ho had loaded
up In answer to the bevere criticisms that
were made the preceding evening by Mr.
Gurley. but the Judge only smiled and ad
journed court. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I.lttlct Icgalltlc * .
Judge Ambrose left last evening for
Chicago , where he will visit his hi other
during the few days intervening before the
opening of the May term of court.
An additional document filed with the
clerk of the court ycster'ay rectos that
Justice of the Peace Edgerton Ib violating
the mandate of the court by still holding
his court In this city , contrary to the writ
of mandamus issued borne tlmo ago forbid
ding him to longer continue that practice ,
and directing him to go hence to the pre
cinct of West Omaha for which he Is the
lawful Justice.
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