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George Diion More than Moots His Mate'
at Madison Square Garden.
JIu llfdlii the lloston Boy nt Krerr 1'olr
In thn J'uiir-Hound On and U n Freiti
n Win Corliott After Down-
In C .John 1
NEW Yomc. AUK. 23. Never slnco the daj
tvhon John t > . Sullivan , the great gladiatoi
was In his prime has there boon such
demonstration for admission to Madlso
Square Garden to a boxing entertainment n
was shown this evening. Had the bout boo
between Cornell nnd Mitchell , instead o
Dlxon nnd Pilmmor , the rush could scarcol
have been greater.
The opening bout was between Jame
Mcoblor nnd Tony Moran nt 120 pound ;
Mornn won ,
The second was between Sam Bolau (
Now York and Charles Burnett of No
York , nt 125 pounds , nnd was declared
"Chuck" Connors and Billy Woich , bet
of this cltv , did n burlesque act.
The fourth bout was between Con Cougl
Hn , the Irish heavyweight , nnd Con Iliorda
of San Francisco. Hiordan knocked ov
Coughlln in sixty-throe seconds.
The llfth bout was between Joe Wnlcott <
Boston nnd Jack Hall of Australia bet
celebrated lightweights. Walcott planted
terrific upper cut on Hall's Jaw , which soi
Him down in Just twcnty-flvo seconds.
Thn I'reinlor Kvcnt.
The final bout of the evening was botwoo
Ooorgo Dlxon and Billy Plimmor.
Hound 1 After sparring a few seconds fi
nn opening , Plimmor planted his loft I
Dlxon'n wind , nnd a socona later ducked
nasty loft-handod swing. Dixon wont i
his man with n will , but found Pllmm
.ready to give as well OB ho took.
Hound 2 Plimmer led and landed , but 1
was caught a few seconds later by n right nt
loft from Dlxon. Pllmmcr kept jabbing h
loft In Dixon's face. Dixon did not appe. .
ublo lo land , although ho made some viclo
left-hand swings.
Hound 3 Piimmor kept up his clov
work nnd got away from | Dlxon's smash
with astonishing alacrity. Plimmor was
for fair play and not only avoided the leai
of Dlxon , but fought back at him as thou )
ho did not consider him in any way 1 :
superior. Plimmor was cool , clover und
good stiff puncher.
Hound 4 Pllmmcr was right in it , ai
fought hard. Ho fought Dixon all over tl
ring and every time Dixon led with his k
ho only succeeded in sending it around Plli
mor's neck.
When the bout was finished the upro
was so great that the announcer could not
heard. When the verdict of the referee w
announced giving the decision to Plimmi
it Boomed ns though pandemonium h
broken loosp , and when Plimmor attempt
to leave tho" stage the crowd grabbed h :
and throw him on their shoulders and cs
rlcd him around the hall in triumph.
Hutohlnstm I.osoi Illi Grip nml Undo Si
fnrft Suvnrcly lu Consequence.
NEW YOUR. Aug. 22. The Now Yoi
batted Hutchinson all over the field and i
featcd the Chicagos with ease. Score :
Now York . 05004170 -
Chicago . 010011S10-
Illts : Now York , 17 ; Chicago. 12. Erro
Now York. 3 ; Uhlcapo , 4. Earned runs : N
York , 0 ; Chicago , 3. Ilatturles : German a
Wilson ; . Uutchlnson and KHtrldgo.
XAVoHn Kxcltlni ; Inning * .
BuooKLTjf , Auc22. Ono ofthe hardi
fights In the dfomond this season was 1
twcon the Brooklyns nnd Pittsburgs tl
afternoon. It took the Brooklyn to ;
twelve ItiKings to win the game. There v
plenty of excitement during the giu
Score :
liroolclyn.O 00010000001
l'Htabuc . 1 4) 0000000000
Hits : Drodklyn. 8 ; I'lttsburg. 6. Erro
llrooklyii , 2 ; Plttslmrs. 3. Enrnod ru
Brooklyn. 2 ; PlttKhurg , 1. Rattorics : Id
neily and Dulloy ; Klllon and Muck.
Iluttloil In the Flrnt.
WASIIINOTON , Aug. 22. Poor fielding
Washington in the lirst today gave ' Lev
villa the game.
Washlnitton . 000001010-
Loulsvlllu . 40200002 -
Hits : Washington , 2 ; Louisville. 12. Erre
Washington , 0 ; Louisville , 2. Earned ru
Washington , 1 ; Louisville , 3. Hatter ]
Stephens and JlcGuIro ; Monofco and Clrlm.
AVon by u Noun.
BXLTIMOIIE , Aug. 22. It was Hawk apal
Broltcnstuin today , with a verdict for
former by a nose. The game was flno.
Baltimore . 101000000-
8t. Louis . 000001000-
Hlts : UuHlmoro , 7 ; St. Louis , 0. Erre
Itultlnioro , 1 : St. Louis 3. Earned rn
Unltlmorc. 2 ; St. Louis , 1. liattorles : Hu
and Uoblnson ; llreltensteln uuil 1'ellz.
IMiillliit Change Their Luck.
Aug. 22 , The Phil :
broke their losing streak this afternoon ,
feating cr&veland in a long-drawn-out i
generally stupid game. Score-
Philadelphia . 0 2 3 0 oj 1 1 3-
Olovolund. . , . 0 1 1000002-
Illts : Philadelphia , 12 ; Cleveland , B. Krn
Philadelphia , 0 ; Cleveland , C. Earned ru
Philadelphia , 2 ; Ulovuland. 3. Hatter
Taylor and ( Jioss ; Young und O'Connor.
lliirilVurk tor thu Chuinplnns.
BOSTON , Aug. 22. It was hard work
the champions for llvo Innings today. In
sixth inning the Bostons had tlio llrst g
chance to work team tricks , nnd they dli
so well that they won hands down. Atto
nnco , ! l,100. Score :
Hoatoii . 00100240
Cincinnati . U 0 2 0 o 0 0 0 0-
Him : Hoston , 0 ; Cincinnati , 5 , Errors : I
ton , 4 ; Cincinnati , 4. Earned runs : llos
& ! Cincinnati , 1 , Ilnttorlos : Morrltt
Uastrlgbt ; Vaughn and Chamberlain.
of the TO.-UIIH ,
Won In thu Klim-ntli.
MIKIUIX , Nob. , Auff. 22. [ Special i to TUB HKB. ] An axcitlng game
ball was played today between the Ax
and Mlndcn tuains , resulting in a victory
Ax tell , hjcoro :
Axtull . . . . . 0(1 ( 0000 00303
Mlmlen , . , , 2 o 0 0 0 B 1 0 U 'J o
lUttcilnx ! Cone nnd lUirnmn fur Ax
Itolmir and I link for Mlmlen , Struck
Cone , 11 ; Kohrer , & . Umpire * : Mcl'heuly
TVlml Altogether Too High for ]
Tlmn on the FUIIIOIU Kite.
lNnEl'ENiir..xcK , In. , Aug. 22. [ Spe
Telegram to Tin : BEK.J The wind was b
Ing n gale down thu long stretch of the
track today when the bell tapped for
horses. The track was otherwise fast.
The first thing on the card was the
trot f or f 1,000 , The llrst heat was a glf
Ed Clarkson , by Idol WiHtcs , ' In the se <
nnd third heats Wardship , by Marl
made a brilliant race all thu way , but c
not bent the steady son of Idol WilUei ,
The S-year-old 'and under iftico for a t
stake was a great race in the first heat ,
in Iho second Free Coinage had it all
own way in slow time , lloulah. a gray
by Superior , had the speed of the parly ,
was decidedly erratic. The llttln 2-yea
fllly , Lena Hill , by William M , Hill , she
great apced aud gainencss , Summaries
2:24 clnas trot , puma 11,000 ;
Ed Clnrkson. b. h ; . . . „ . „ i
Abcrcroinblo , cli. _
Wurdnhlii , b. u , B
Water m. . . . . . . 4
Time ! StVUM , 3:20 : . 8:21. :
Tliioo-.vear-olda and under , 3:00 : pace , s
V'ruo Ooln.ieo..J , . . , , , , , , , . . , . , . , . , , . . . . , , . , ,
Luna f
Ring Itoso , b. f. , , , , ,
lleuluh. _ r. f. , , . . , , , , . . . . . . .
Toinpey , . . . . _ . .
Beilo Wye'.Uu , by Toronto Pat <
stirtcd to beat 3:30)f : nnd won. JTimo
linnoillct linens
, Nob. . Au ? . 23. [ Spccnl to Tit
DEE. ] Nearly 2,000 Doople wltnowod thi
races here on Satui-dny ovcnlnz. t'ollowlni
la the record of the time made , also th
numes of the contestants in each race :
Flvo-mllo races William SnollofOmah
nnd Charles fiarbor of UcnodUi. Time
Suoll , 11:47 : ; Harbor , in:27. :
Ono-mllo race : Ktlear Hurrlngton , Clai
once Meyer and Milton Qroba of Benedict
Time : 4.
Throo-mllo 'raco : Uubo Clark an
Clarence Clovendor of York and Harry Ilni
rington of Hnnodict. Tltno : 8:47.
Ono linndrod yard foot race : Kcrr e
Clarks anil Indian Flyklto. Time : 2. Wo
by Korr.
Ono-mllo race against tluio : Moftott c
< lrAinl'Circuit Unco n.
SrniNnmui , Mass , Aug. 22. This wi
the opening day of the grand circuit. Tli
weather was flno nnd the track good.
2:17 trot , Fanny Wllcox won , Capru
second , Zombla third. Best time , 2:15. :
2:4'J : trot , for two-year-olds , Director
Flower won , Altoona second , Hed Bti
third. BcUtinio:2-iX' ! ! :
2:20 pace , Halbradon won , Borkshli
second , Merry Legs third. Best time 2:15.
Dakota City llncrn.
DAKOTA CITY , Aug. 22. [ Special Telegra
to TUB BKB. ] Thoraco mooting at this pl.v
the 24th instant promises to surpass expect
tlons. Horses have already been entorc
from Homer , Sioux City , Sloan , Jackso
Sully and other points. Largo purses' a :
offered and the races promise to bo oxcltln
Superior Uncos Docluroil Oil.
SuiT.ntOH , Autf. 22. [ Special to Tun BEK
The races nt Superior have boon declare
off. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hovoy DnfoiUs slmw.
Nnwi-ouT , U. I. Aug. 22. The tournnmoi
ol the United States National Lawn Tonn
association opened this morning. Tl
llrst contest was rather a walkover f
Hovoy , ns Shaw was unsteady. Sha
bniced up and made a strong flht in tl
second ana third sots , but Hovoy beat hi
in both.
Of the other matches played , the follow
Ing In a summary i
Preliminary round : Willis beat Hovoy 1
default : Iby boat Cobb ; Head boat Frazc
Talmaco beat Brush ; Chandler boat Hus
more : Donohue iboat Thompson ; Post be
Wright : Ward boat Codnian ; Hurrick bo ;
First round : Porker boat Dowlor ; Wolgl
beat Pile : Wren boat Dickey ; Hood be :
Warren by default ; Stevens boat McCc
iniek ; Hall boat Ilouland ; Ames beat Dod
by default ; L-irnod beat D.ivldson ; Hoba
boat Lord ; Footo boat Uussell ; Slintno
beat Smith ; Keoso beat Howins : Thorn
beat Thayer ; Miller beat S. C. Thompso
Bruce beat Hotzcl ; Hunting boat Green.
Kxpclleclnltor Hanger.
MILWAUKEE , Aug. 22. Walter Sangi
champion bicyclist , < ras tonight oxooll
from Iho Telegram Blcyclo club for condu
unbecoming a member of the club's raci
team. Sanger refused , nftor being advi
Used , to appear on the track last Saturd
in a mooting arranged by the club.
Vigilant Win * llio Astor Cup.
iNBWi'OHT , R. I. , Aug. 22. The Now Yo
Yacht club's regatta committee started t
resail for the Astor cup today. The Vi ,
lant won the cup. The only ether entry w
the Pilgrim.
Louvonmark dives tonight , Courtlau
Kloctiou ot Dolccrttoa to Attend the >
tlonal Convention.
At a mooting of Carroll council No. 141
the Young Men's Institute hold h
night Father S. F. Carroll and Gooi
T. Kloffnor were elected ns dc
gates to attend the national convent !
of the Grand Institute , which is to bo holO
Cincinnati , commencing on September 25 a
continuing for four days. James P. Dugdi
and F. H. Kosters were elected as alti
Several Important subjects will como up J
the consideration of this convention , auio
which will bo nn effort to consolidate t
institutes under the Jurisdiction of I
Atlantic and Pacific divisions. The ins
anco laws of the order will bo revised am
now procedure for electing the gra
officers will bo discussed. The n
plan is to give the western divisions more
fleers from the grand lodge. Father Carrel !
this city is a grand organizing officer , 1
owing to the rapid growth of the Omo
organization the members believe tl
they are entitled to a greater reprosoa
tion in the grand lodge. The conv
tion also expects to adopt r. uniform ra :
The ways und means committee will
doavor to bring about a reduction of the ]
capita membership tax. An effort may
made to consolidate all the Cuthi
The committee on the revision of
constitution have completed their work i
have forwarded their report to the natlo
chairman on laws and supervision.
The local institute is in a nourishing c
dition nnd they are arranging to give tl ;
friends a complimentary social nt an ea
dato. Their regular social season will c <
monco on the first Friday in September.
Meotliifjor Itepubllcnu County Central Ct
mUteo Cnllnd Prolilbi Organize.
A meeting of the Douglas countv rep
lican central committee has been called
September 20 , at 3p. m. , to arrange da
for- holding primaries nnd a convention
nominating county officers and uuch ot
business as may come before the cent
The prohibitionists of Douglas county h ;
elected the following officers for the onsu
term : J. Plupps Hoe. chairman county c
tral committee ; R. KoobucK , soerotary
Haskoll , treasurer. The following w
elected as delegates to the stale prohibit
convont'on to bo held at Lincoln August
J. Phipps Iloo , Marsh , G. W. Parker
Haskoll , Charles Watts , J. O. Adams , li
George W. Woodby , S. M. Ware and A ]
dames A. B. Henderson , Graham Park ,
W. Covoll , F. T. Shlnrooic , G. W. Clark i
J. II. Barr.
Mayor ItcinU Vetoes the Unwell .Tiiclgin
Appropriation anil Is Sustained.
Mayor Bomls took a hand In the coui
proceedings last ovomng , and knocked
for thu time bOIng what has boon kuowt
the "Howoll 'Judginont , " the history
which was given1 in yesterday's BEK. '
mayor's veto , after much discussion ,
sustained by a narrow margin.
The mayor also disapproved of two H
In the appropriation ordinance npproprini
respectively ? 5l > 00 and $2,11460 and dn
against the sinking fund , for the reason I
the warrants for the amounts were
properly drawn , The vett was sustalnet
Paving und grading matters ana s <
other unimportant business occupied
attention of the council until midnight ,
then after agreeing to parade on Labor
adjourned until tomorrow evening.
Louvenmurk divoa tonight , Cotirtlo
Mr. Clarence L. Dean , press reproso
tlvo of the Forepaugh shows , is lu the c
Mrs. Lewis , wife of Deputy Sheriff La
returned yesterday from n mouth's \
with relatives-in .southern Illinois , *
Lieutenant Henry G. L.VOU , Seventot
infantry , arrived yesterday to take par
tha rllto competition at Jlullpvuo.
Is Miss Low nnd Miss H Iconic of Albany ,
ly Y. , arc in the city visiting their frfoi
ut Mr , aud Mrs. Hobort H. Willis of Idlowll
Mr. Maurice Itosoathal aud family i
gene to Chicago , where they expect tc
main several weokn attending tha Woi
1 fair. * .
3S Mr. and Mrs. J , A. Llnaahn and Ml :
S Heclan loft yesterday for a three wi
4 trip to Manltou and other Hociiy uioun
c 0
Mr. und Mrs. John Irey , father and mo
ol County Treasurer Iroy , who I
been visiting in tbli city during the
. .8 | three uioiitn. , departed 'for Uiofr hoia
i Philadelphia yesterday tnornlngr.
m Bullooii tonight ut Courtland beac
Eugene V. Daba and 0. W. Howard Urg
Federation of Brotherhoods.
An r.lRht Hour l > , r Urcoil us a Ilollcit fo
tlio unemployed Stop ? Tnkcit to Or
ganize n Local I'oilpriiilon
Wni Bald.
Etiacno V. Debs , the executive head , tin
G. W. Howard , vice president , of the no'
universal organization of railroad men , th
American Hallway union , talked to a larg
audience of the railroad men of the city la ;
evening nt the Young Men's Christian ass
elation auditorium , setting forth the ci
cumstanccs prompting -organization <
such an association , the purposes it.'almed 1
accomplish nnd the methods to bo fo
lowed ,
In calling the mooting to order , Mr. J. 1
Scullon announced ns its object the Inform
tlon of the railroad men of Omaha as lo tl
principles , purposes and methods of tl
American Hallway union. Ho introduced :
the first speaker , G. W. Howard , vlco pres
dent of the union.
Mr. Howard stUcd thai Iho object of U
organization was the banding together of a
the railroad men of the country , trom tl
hlchest to the lowest.
It was not the purpose of the advocates i
this organization to Indulge in viliflcatlo
as they wcro after no man's scalp. For thn
years they had unsuccessfully tried to g
the representatives of the old organizalloi
to go over thu country and toll the rnllro :
men what was the matter. What thu rcpr
sentatlvcs of the now organization wou
like was to moot these representing the o
railroad organizations on the platform nt
let the rank nnd illo judge of Iho merits tu
demerits touching the present chaotic co
The s.peaker had been In the railroad bu ;
ness for over thirty years , occupying almo
every position from wheelbarrow pusher
general superintendent , and ho know th
the ofllelals were in sympathy with tl
mon. These ofllelals , including goner
managers and oftentimes the prostdonts , n
only employes , but they cannot ndviso tl
men to got together and organize , for fear
calling upon thouisolvos thu d :
pleasure of their capitalistic cmployei
He did not want to ridicule the older orga
izattons any more than ho would rldlculo tl
old stsigo coach which had given way
vostlbulca express trains , as both had do
a world of good. The old brotherhood of t
footboard had given way to later organ ! ?
tlotia , bul Iho old brotherhood did good. ]
life was duo to the fondness of youi
America for n "scrap , " so that when some
the boys got into trouble and asked tethers
others , ' 'Will you stay by mo ? " the answ
was , "You bet your life. " And they did.
The conductors did not have a strike
protective platform , the engineers first ta
ing that stand , nnd the llromcu followlr
Fault had boon found with the engineers I
cause they did not help any ono also , i
though they had always been helped ther
selves. They were not to blame , becau
they had been educated that way for twcnl
two years.
It was impossible to accomplish anythi
on the present lino. Not oven an attorn
was being made to protect the boys agait
injustice. There are over 10,000 engineers
the ranks of the Brotherhood of Firomi
duo solely to the laws of the cngino (
brotherhood discriminating against t
young engineers. Fooling grow until
many roads the engineers and firemen hn
each other by the throat , just us it is tii
on the Southern Pacific.
The engineers struck on account of t
promotion of a firemen's brotherhood on
neor to a road engine , and the firome
brotherhood agreed lo take the engines I
by the brotherhood ot engineers.
Duo to a Laek of H.irjnonj- .
"There never . botwc
these organizations.continued tUo.speak
"That was the trouble .all along the Hi
There was too much cat-hauling nud ha
pulling. Aside from this , organizations wi
working at cross purposes. Iho Order
Hallway Trainmen is trying to get the n
conductors and keep the .voung blood out
the Brotherhood of Conductors and is a
taking in switchmen. It niiiiht bo patrio
onouch to say , 'Stick to the old organizat :
and go down with Iho old ship if she sprii
a leak , ' bul it wouldn't bo very wise. T ;
now union is miscellaneous , taking in
brinches of the service. Ihero might
some objection to this , but it could
easily proven thai it was imoossiblo
establish an aristocracy , or to mamtaii
if It could bo established. The Lake Shi
& Michigan Southern excludes mon fr
entering its service after reaching the ref
of forty-five years. The corporations i
pulling up Iho bars. The result of I
increased insurance rales of Iho
organlzalions is lo crowd old men out n
fill Iho counlry wilh Ihousands of
pericncod railroad men to draw from at v
whenever Ihero was need of Ihom.
"Tho only way to maintain an avistocr :
would bo lo save $ l.CO n day for twoi
years and thai would only pay f50 a moi
and then the would-bo aristocrat would tu
to come off the perch anyhow , for $5
month wouldn't support much aristocru
II was all nonsense for Iho $4 a clay man
think he was four times bettor than the
a day man. Tlio time has come when n
must give some attention to political act !
and nothing but complolo organizalion wo
bring material bonolll.
"It ihoro was u nalional oighl-hour-a-il
law properly enforced , there wouldn't b
man idle in the country , for 11 would give 1
more mon work for every twenty employ
The only remedy is to got together and
strov caste , for no true man is bolter 11
another. Of the 1,000,000 railroad menthe
the counlry , but 102,030 uro members of r
road organizations. These now member :
no organization would bo all-powerful if
rolled in the now uulon. "
Dobs' Address.
Mr. Eugene V. Debs was then introdu
bv the speaker in decidedly eulogistic tcr
The tall disciple of organized railroad lal
who bears a striking resemblance to 1
Nye , was enthusiastically greeted as
stepped forward. Ho declared that th
was not only room for such an organUat
as the American Hallway union ,
there was urgent need of It.
all the big strikes , the battles
twcon capital und labor , capital I
come-out on top every timo. The time
couio for the men to get together'aud ui
in ono great body to work for the good of
An aristocracy had unfortunately sprung
and it had kept the men apart. In dies
slon nnd bickering there was weakni
This union subscribes to the philosophy
Robert B'jrns "A man's a man. "
It is perfectly natural that oaoh organ
tion should strive to attain the supreme
and a spirit of unfriendly rivalry is
gendered. If all were united in ono organ
tlon it is certain that all reasonable
inands would bo acceded to und all rig
recognized whenever assorted.
These organizations , acting singly ,
unable to cope with the rail way corporatii
The other day the National Assoclutlo ;
Hailroud Managers was formed in Ohio
to furnish the corporations mutual pro
tlon. Employes should have the wisdom
good sense to emulate their example , T
do not organize In classes , according to
slzo of the roads represented , but in ono b
for ttio protection ol nil.
Class organization was all well ono
In its day , but In this day of combinai !
nnd consolidations it will not do , As Ion
employes are divided among themselves ,
these dissensions exist , they will bo thoc
prey of such corporations as uro dispose )
take unfair advuntago ' Of th
Thu Inborn selfishness of man Is respons
for the prevailing trouble and porai
calouiiea augment it. Religious pars
tlons in BO mo parts pf tlio country. ,
broken up lodges. A man's religion sin
s bo a matter solely between himself and
God , and it was the height of Impcrtlm
for another to inquire into it. It la a
Ject on which many are sensitive , an
was the policy of these opposed
organized labor to throw this llrobi
Into the lodge room , knowing
tendency to disorganize , and knowing
ther its aid in bring the workluginon c
plotoly into thq full power of the desigi
minions of the corporatious. The spei
deprecated the fact that this question
been allowed to take up so much time
attention in the lodge room. Ha hop <
would bo laid aslJofind that of labor nm
wages would take HW plnco for discussion
as a matter In IT Melt nil are vitally inter
The American Hiihrav union proposes t <
build Itself up by educational methods , turn
Ing the lodge roomsWhll ) schoolrooms , Th' '
solution ot the lalkir. . , question is throtigl
rducallonal tlovclor > ni6nt. nnd men must un
dnrstand their rightsnnd the sltualloi
bearing on thorn in onlor to ncqutro them
It is not intended ij Inaugurate strife o
strikes whcnotor posilblo to avoid them
The speaker said rfoTlkod to think of th
day when labor wyujd rise nnd brush th
dust fro.n Its knpcs , not. ashamed to stall
abroad the sovereign ! citizen of Iho world.
Ho cltod a nunibor of Instances to prov
the weakness of tioipld ) , organizations nni
their inability to furnish their members th
protection It had promised them , and th
success the now organization has alrcad
achieved since Its birth last Juno.
His remarks were greeted with evidence
of hearty approbation , and nt Iho conclusio
ho was accorded quite an ovation.
At the close of the meeting n number c
applications were received for a charter , o
which to establish a branch of the no' '
union in this city.
Balloon tonight at ( JourUniid bench.
JHHritKSS IS 1'KllV.
It III Snld to lie Largely Conlliieil to th
, Chill ( via G ilvcslou. Tex. )
Auc. 23. [ By Mexican Cable to the No <
York Herald Sp'eclal to THE BEB. | It I
announced that the Valparaiso Natioua
bank and Agrlcolo bank have boon consol
dated with a capilat of S20OJO,000. I hav
been lold by Iho leading roprescnlativo of
British commercial house , who has just n
turned from Peru , that thd financial dli
tress in thai counlry is confined lo Llm
and Callao. The prospocls are bright in th
northern and southern provinces. Ho say
politicians of Peru declare it Is impossible I
predict who will bo chosen president. Gei
oral Cacores has a strong following In tli
northern provinces and Dr. Hosar , wit
Picrola's adherents are strong in the soutl
Bolivia's action in arming her troops Is n
gardod with suspicion in Peru.
Tlirontnnril Invasion.
LIMA , Peru ( via Galveston , Tex. ) , Au |
23. [ By Mexican Cable to Iho Now Yet
Herald Special lo Tun BEIS. ] Genor ;
Plcrola Is reported lo bo al Iquln.ue , Chll
enlisting his followois nnd preparing for a
invasion of Peru. Managers of throe bank
have been asked by the government for
loan of 500,000,000 soles. The bankers roplic
lhal il was Impossible to make the loan an
recommendea lhal a proposition bo made U
the government to the commercial house
The minister of finance offered to pledge tl :
customs duties collected in Callao for tl :
payment of the loan , but these are alreid
partially mortgaged to the Peruvian forcig
corporation. Dr. Barriga publishc
Latundas again yesterday in defiance of It
throats of Iho police again to suppress it.
Balloon tonight nt Corn-Hand boacb.
The Eighth Ward Republican club w
meet at Twenty-fourth and Cuniiug strce
Monday evening. " "
Sheriff Bennett \Wrnt down to Koarm
yesterday , taking with 'him ' Sylvester Hart
son , n colored lad , who1 had been adjudgi
incorrigible and ortler'cd confined in tl
State Industrial school.
The republicans oY tlio north end of tl
Sixth ward will iriee. ; Saturday night i
Thirty-first street aiid Ames avenue for tl
purpose of forming ' the Xorth End Sii.1
Ward Hopublican club '
Deputy Sheriff Dailoy has tondprod b
resignation , to takft utlect the first of tl
month. Mr. Dailoy'has accepted the po :
tion of professor ofilpnraanship in ono
the business colleges of the city.
The records in the jpfllqo of the counl
clerk show that thOjSqfith Omaha Tribu ;
has changed Unnds , ; is abill , of sale ' has bei
filed , by which" for acohsidoratlon 'of § 1,1
the plant passes inlqjtljq possession of Dai
C. Bradford. lf , „ , , , „ IL
The Board ofjTrado of-Los .Angolos , Ca
is endeavoring to organize an-oxcursion fro
the Pacitic coast to tUo World's fair. Shou
the effort prove successful'tho Board
Trade of Omaha , through the Commorcl
club , will invlto the tourists to spend a di
The work of renovating , painting and fr <
coing the court rooms and corridors in t !
court house goes bravely on and now tl
promise is made that all of the rooms will
ready for occupancy before the date lix <
for the opening of tno Septem bor term
the district court ,
George Wicks , a resnectablo apnearii
younjj man , was arrested at 1 :
o'clock yesterday morning by Ol
cer Cory at Sixth and Pier
streets. The officer says that ho captun
Wicks in the act of stealing chickens a :
sent throe spring chickens to the station
evidence against the prisoner.
The dull tinier which prevail to such ;
extent throughout the entire country ha
hit the office of the register of deeds of tt
county ana ns a result tlio ten copyists ha
been laid off until such time as the tratisfc
become numerous , In the mcautimo t
register ana his deputies will take up
their shoulders the work of doing the i
It is pretty definitely settled now that tl
city will not have a market house this yea
The season is too far advanced to accompli
anything and by the time a strt
turo could be completed the bias
of winter would bo hero. This
the reason assigned by Counclltn :
Prince , the chairman of the market hou
committee of the council.
Bicketts , afternoonnml , ovo. Courtlai
Ho Hud I.carneil to 1'lay Hlilo nail Me
with HIM Owner.
A mountain gout that I once kept
conllnornont , bays u writer in Forest m
Stream , was about as cunning at ) tl
average street uvub , und , had ho liv
to maturity and kept on acqulrii
knowledge , the chances are I wou
have hud to inovo out aud give him t
Ho usually follpwcd mo on short c
oursions into the woode , and general
kept right at my heels ; but on ono oa
sion ho lagged behind , and , although
culled him several times , he paid
I finally walked back to BOO what ]
was interested in , und found him bu
feedlnu on some mossthat , grow at t !
roots < f a lir-treo ; wi Joloft him and cc
tinued my tiamp. a'But after I had r
away n _ mrt dlstntlcen the thought i
currod to mo to hldbtl'nnd see how.
would act ; so I slipped into a holli
stump close by thu .trail and awaited t
result. Presently Itjjeard him coml
bounding along the < tfull , and after
hud passed I fatuolc tiut my head to wat
him. When ho > jgot about twon
foot beyond mo" * bo stopped u
commenuod looklncfaround , and the co
icul expression on Tily.faco ns ho scann
every object that b.jro | any rosomblan
to a human bolng cn tied mo to burst c
laughing , when hoirftwndd und saw u
Then ho commenced to sulk , and woi
not go any furthot'u'/o , ' I had to rotu
3 °
The next day ho foll&wod mo as nail
but in tlio midst of BO mo thick brush 11
down timber I got interested in n bi
that I was following up und forgot t
gout , and when I came to look for h
lie was gone. Walking back to whan
last saw him , I called , but no "Bill
came in sight. Thort I commenced
diligent search , and prosbntly I cuug
sight of something white beneath
brush heap. Stooping down and lookl
In I saw the little brute curled up li
heap , und not a move could I got out
him. Reaching in I caught him by I
leg and pulled him out. and gave hin
good culling on both sides of hiu ho
But ho did not mind it a bit. and BOOH
to enjoy the joke immensely , caper !
about in his' usual manner all the v
homo , as if ha would say ; "You 1
from mo yesterday , and I hid from j
today , and honors are even. "
Circular Issued bj the New York Board o
Trade and Transportation ,
Kvcrj Commcrclnl Hody In HID Cmintrj
to homl Ool i ; > ue ritmncliU
Mnttar * Are tit Ho Conaldcreil
liy ttio Mooting.
NEW Yomt , Aug.23. The Now Yorlc Moon
of Trade and Transportation has sent the fol
lowing circular to commercial bodle :
throughout tlio country :
Under dutd of July 25 tlio undnnl.nod hat
tlio honor , by the hut ruction of the Now Vorl
Board of Trudu and Transportation , to ndilrus
145 ; ! I' orninlr..illoiis : In tlio Unit PI
htutes u clrculur loiter requesting each of th
said nrganlrailniM tosond to us atonco thocor
tilled copy of a-iv action Itlmd taken upon "Mi
repeal of the compulsory silver purchasing sec
tlijii * of llio Sherman law. " Wo also ronuostcc
Iimncdliiio icply to tlio following tua-stloii
viz ! "Will your uritanlzatlon send ut leas
two do legal us to a convention ot eommorcla
bodies In Washington , 1) . 0. . on or about Sop
taiabur I niiXl , If It Is decided to call sm-li
convention , to take action on the uuslnes
situation ? "
\\ostalodnscloarly n * wo enuld thatou
deslio win loiecolvn all resolutions , whollii-
for or against tlio repeal and to secure as ful
n representation ns "possible on both sides o
tlio ( Uii'stluii should the proposed coiivontlo
Heplies mid resolutions liavocomd to us 1
JarRH numbers from commercial urbanization
III all puU of the country approving th
proposition to hold thu coiivuntlon. naniln
delegates and urging upon conjrc > > 9 the tin
incdlatu and unconditional ropaalot thu alive
purchnsliiKSBOtlonsof thu Sherman law.
On the other hand , only onoof IJSOUcoin
morclal organization * addressed , vlth
Denxer Chamber of Commerce , has 8Qnt rose
lutlons opposing the repeal. * * . ? (
So fur , thuroforo , as the businessmen of th
country aru concerned , the time for dlscussio :
has passed anil the tlino for Immediate , uur
nesl , IntclllKunt and united action has ar
rlvod. With this Htalumunt wo request you
orKiiulrallon to snncl at least two delegates o
such n. n n inherits you may becntltlcd to undo
thu rules of the national board , to a oonvuti
lion of commercial organisations to ho huld a
Wlllard'.s hotel , Washington , 1) ) . 0. . Tuosdn
the I'-thof September , Ib'JII , beginning at li
o'clock , noon , for the purposoof urging uno
congress the business necessity for the mi
inodluto and unconditional lepoulof tliosllvi !
purchasing sections of the bhurnian law an
also thu nppultitiiiontof a national nonpartl
sail and expert commission to consider th
f uturo llnancial needs of the country.
Tlio intuitive Capitalist Was Doing
Wholly on Hnrronrril Monry.
Ciiic.\ao. Aug. 22. | Si > ccial 'L'olcgram t
Tim BIE. ] Senator J. J ) . Loumans of Siou
City , la. , at the GIMUU Pacific today , speaV
iug of Donaldson's alleged flight to Mcxk
with $ SUO,000 , explained that Donaldso
promised investors largo interests on thel
monov. Ho said ho could not undcrstan
how Donaldson could inspire enough con !
donee in pooulo to cause thorn to give u
their money to him. It was ono of the dec
mysteries. Tlicro was nothing about th
man to inspire confidence , or oven to wi
respect. Hut ho got money , and lots of il
Ho had an overweening confidence in hi
own capacity. He borrowed a great dm
of money , and thought he could pay a goo
interest on it anil still have a big proiit hin
self on what ho could make with its use. II
was fooled.
With his banks and his Union Trust con
pany in Sioui City and his cattle and his hi
farms , all operated on borrowed money c
money from the sale of stock on which li
had guaranteed a big dividend , ho had loa
enough to swamp any man. in groundin
the load ho undoubtedly picked up overt
thing that rould bo readily converted int
cash and made away with it. But althoug
this may go up into the thousands the sum
tor did not believe the amount would vcac
Matt Flynn , a contractor of Sioux Cit ;
who had formerly owned stock in Dona'c '
son's Union Trust company , said at th
Grand Pacific : "Stockholders living i
Sioux City luckily got from untie
before the crash camo. Wo were n Jlttl of Donaldson's methods. Donah
son mot his Waterloo when ho organized th
Northwestern National bank In Sioux Citj
Ic wiis his aim to have this institution do th
ilnar.cing for his chain of small banks i
northwestern Iowa. But they wcro .ilroad
under the control of his Union Trust con
pany and the wheel within a whnol , whil
it may develop that it aided him in his craft
designs on eastern capitalists , seemed 1
iiandlcap him. With his many other onto
[ irises it was the ono that made the load tc
Doimliltou's loirii Connection * .
Sioux CITY , Aug. 23. [ Special Toloptrai
to Tun liEE. ] A dlsu.ttch sent but fro :
Kansas City yesterday , alleging the distil
peirnncoof E. M. Donaldson , formerly i
Sioux City and manager of the Union Tru ;
company , contains gross errors as to tl :
Looks in northwestern Iowa which former ]
had some relations with the trust eompan ;
It is wholly wrong in saying that the failui
of the trust company carrieu down thos
banks in Ida Grove , Holstein , Sloan , Dai
bury , Ute , Woodbine , Gushing , Castam
Shuttlor , Aurella and Modale. The Dai
nury bank has no relations whatever wit
the trust company , having close
out the old relations months ag <
nor has it relations with Donaldsoi
It is strong and solvent. The banks i
Sloan , Castana and Gushing are running an
are believed to bo in good condition. Tl
Woodbine bank was thorougly investigate
by the state bank examiner'only a few daj
ago.and ho reported it to bo in most excolloi
condition and absolutely safo. The Fin
National bank of Ida Grove went into liiju
datlon some time ugo. The Aurella ban
which closed several weeks ago , reopcm
and is running. The Ute bank is still closei
Tlioy ISmlorxn Tor Annther Firm untl A )
Forcnil to HII * ! " " " ' *
NEW YOIIK , Aug. 22. Sykes & Co. , whol
sale dealers in boy : ' clothing , at Nos.
and ! J Lafayette Place , corner of Thu
street , have failed with liabilities of $ . ' & (
000 , and assets of $400,000. The linn mat
an assignment to Lawyer M. Warlc
Plalzek. giving preferences for tMO.OOO.
Mr Platzok , the assignee , said thu nctu
liabllltios'ara about $250,000 , including pr
forred claims , and the contingent llabiliti
are about $100,000 for endorsements , Tin
endorsed for the accommodation i
Woil , Dreyfus & Co. of Boston
the extent of $90,000 , which papi
is maturing. The immediate causes i
the failure of tlio concern wcro these o :
dorsomonts. Because of the suppose
stability of Well , Droyf us & Co. the llr
continued paying its own debts down
date and made no arrangement to meet co :
Ungont liabilities , relying on Well , Droyft
& Co. to tnko up their notes. A few da ;
ago Sykes & Co , were nollllcd that UK
must look after thu papor. The condllic
of the money market pro von ted them fro
raising the money. Dispatches were t
caivod today that n receiver had boon u
pointed in Boston for Weil , Dreyfus & C (
therefore Sykes & Co. assigned , All nsse
have been turned over to the assignee , I
accounts have been transferred nor ha
any goods boon disposed of ,
Silver Hunt to ; ( lot Into Circulate
Despite tlio Monetary KiriiiKonoy.
Nuw YOIIK , Aug. 23. The assistant troi
uror at the subtreasury today paid over t
counter,052,000 ! , , , of which JT8.000 was
treasury nbtes and the rest in gold , Trot
fers of silver to Now Orleans amounted
$35,000 , to bo U50d la moving the cott
crops , The significant feature of the st
treasury operations was the fact that noai
as much silver was paid in today as w
paid out , which seems to show that in spl
of the great demand for currency , slh
cannot bo forced into actual circulation
long as small bills uro obtainable , oyoa at
premium. The subtroasury counted ted
about $1,000,000 gold for tlio importers. O
consignment of (450,000 in gold was sold
Baltimore ut lf per cent , but all the clc
gold to arrive was offered at throe-fourths c
nor cent. The currency fainlt.o has led sovo
banks to discriminate in writing up their i
counts and making payments thercoa I
twp ( > n dcixjslti of cash nnd deposits o
chocks. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
To I'oreclmo n 111 * Mortgage.
NK\T VnitK , Aiift. S3. Tlio Farmers I ai
nnd Trust company today filed n 1U pcndon :
riKalnal llm pniiiirly | of the fVorthorn rail
mad In n null to forcloso a mortp\io o
M.mxi.Oixi , ilntfd Ootobor , 1Ht7 , on the pro
potty of llm I'umimny In Now York fron
Ono Iliindri'd nml Klfty-llfth mroot to Hrow
tur , N. Y ,
tlnjixl to Alliltn.
CiiKvr.s.NBVyo. . , A K.3. . A call to tin
people of Wyoming hns been Isstiod by Johi
Charles Thompson , vlco prosldont foi
Wyoming of the American nimctalllc longuo
urging them to hold mnotlngs and <
. esolutions ; circulate pnttttons nnd wrlti
utters to their roprcsontatlvcs in rnngros'
to prevent thn ot the Shormaii nci
unless coupled with the full restoration 01
silver to the plnco It hold prior to its do
uonotlzatlon in 1ST : ) .
IIMTH llnnli failure ,
WATKHI.OO , Ta. , Aug. 23. The private
mnk of J. T. Knappfc Co. of Cedar Fulls
I.\M failed to open this morning nnd a com
> loto assignment of the affairs ot the tnsti
ution was made later. H. II. Clay of Ccda
. " 'alls Is the assignee. No valuation \va
I'lnnnrlnl Note .
MiiAVAViRCR. Aug. 23. The Butlor-Muoljo
company , lumber dealers'assigned today
I'ho assignees bond is put at 8108,000.
I'ON'nox , Aug. 23. Forty thousand pound :
in cold was withdrawn from the Bank o
[ England for shipment to America today.
Ci.RVRi.Axn , AUK. 22. The Ohio Stem
company of this city wont into the hands o
v receiver this morning. Assets about $ , ' 100 ,
000 and liabilities fioO.OOO.
New Yonit , Alii ? . S53. The steamer Em ;
arrived today with 2 7COO , S 00,000 am
3,170,000 marks all in gold.
Bar silver has risen to 75) ) .
Ci.cvEi.Axn , Aug. 22. J. Itlchard ? & Co.
inuslc publishers nml dealers in muslca
Instruments , were placed in the hands of i
receiver today by Boston creditors.
Mi'.Mfiiis , Aug. 23. The Memphis Cottoi
exchange tonay adopted resolutions callliii
upon congress to hasten the repeal of tin
purchasing clause of the Sherman law.
- ' Ilonnn 1C nt Kan
Striking1'iKililiiK in ploy in
HIH City Start a Siunll Itlnt.
KANSAS CITY , Aug. 22. Swift's paokini
liouso closed down today on account of the
butchers' strike.
This morning at 7 o'clock the presence o ;
about twenty-live Italians nt Swift s gatci
applying for work aroused -indlgnatioi
of the striking butchers and a small slzo
riot was witnessed. With boards ami stick ;
the irate butchers moved upon the Italian !
and drove them across the Union Pacilli
railway yards and sent them across tin
river to their homes in "kittle Italy , " 01
the Missouri side. Chlof of Police ( Juarlo :
of Kansas City , Kan. , and Captain Porte :
were called to the packing house , but whet
they arrived there was nothing to Indicati
that anything unusual had happened.
No cut in the wages of the butchers hai
been made at the other plants and they an
working full force. It is believed the striki
will not extend beyond the Swift plant.
Miners ItosninoVnrk Protected 1 > ;
\Vlncli < it ( > r .
PlTTsntmo , Kan. , Aug. 22. As a result o
the citizens' mass meeting hold hero las
nignt thirty armed deputies , made up fron
the best citizens of Pitts burg led by Undc
Sheriff Adslt , went to Frontenac about
o'clock this morning to protect the men win
had signed contracts and wanted to go ti
work for the Santa Fe Coal company.
Soon afterward President Walters of tin
miners union and about 400 men marchec
out to the shaft to intercept the workmen
but when they were met by the largo num
ber of Winchesters in the hands of deter
mined men they halted. An attempt wai
made by Walters to send a message to tni
workmen , but the deputies'refused liira admittance
mittanco inside the line.
Fifty men wont down Into the shaft t <
work , but about 175 who were there , throuuV
four , would not enter the shaft. About 251
have signed contracts nnd are ready to g (
down into the shaft as soon us protection i :
guaranteed thorn.
During the trouble the wives of UK
strikers and of the workmen fought will
each other. Ono woman pleaded with tin
olllcors , the tears roUing down her chocks
to protect her husband in his work. Shi
said : * 'Wo have not a cent in the house ant
not a bite to eat. My husband wants ti
work to get bread for mo and my children
but those men , " pointing to the crowd o
strikers , "will not lot him and wo an
starving. "
The crowd led by Wnltets were mostl ;
from other camps.
( jonoral Manairor Devlin arrived this after
noon on a special train , with minors am
deputies to protect the men. Indication
are that , while the strike may bo eonsidcrci
to be practically over , there uro fair proa
poets of considerable uiinoynnco and troubli
r.hcad , The actions of Walters and his fol
lowers undoubtedly mean continued demon
strations against these at work. While tin
union to a great extent favors thu Dovlii
proposition , ut the same time it will not accept
copt it as u whole.
Strikers lluvo u How with n Nvgro Minor
Arming ; .
AVi'.m CITV , ivan. , Aug. 23. An cxehangi
of shots between a nn ro minor and a crowi
of strikers has wrought up excitement her
to the danger point. A negro miner ram
into town this morning from the mine of th
Central Coal and Coke company afto
supplies. Ho was recognized as ono of th
negroes who took the strikers' places and i
crowd gathered about him. The crowi
Jeered the negro , nnd when they discoveroi
a revolver in his hip pocket they mudo ,
rush for him The negro drew the wo.ipoi
and fired in the air. The crowd did not hell
tate and the negro then Hind at them pom
blank , ut the samu time taking to his heel
in the direction of the mine. The crowi
followed , firing as tloy wont , and the ncgn
would turn at this and lire at his pursuers
Tlio negro was /loot-footed and reached tin
stockade before his pursuers ,
The encounter has stirred up the miner
to n pitch of frenzy for they hollovo now tha
the company has armed all of its men.
A company of strikers was armed thl
afternoon and drilled all the res
of the day according to regular .mill
tary tactics. A nu , > oting was , hoi
this afternoon at which Thomas Jforsloi
ono of the loaders , spoke. Ho charged th
miners to arm themselves and to hcgl
rigorous warfare nt onco. It was planned t
attack the stockade ut the Kansas , & Tex a
mine No. 23 , tomoirow , and drive the worli
ing minors away. It is believed seriou
trouble will follow if the plan is carried out
Offers or Aid from Denver.
DKNVBH , Aug , 23. At a mooting of gentli
men hold tonlirht in Denver to consider th
petitions for help for the needy ui
employed of Now York , ono signe
by General Weaver and others , anothi :
by Samuel Gompors .and others , it was n
solved to respond with an offer from OK
rado of tuo carloads of Hour and two carload
of potatoes. Mr , Samuel Lcsum , chalrma
of the committee appoln' d to attend to th
business , was instructed to soud the follovi
ing dispatch to New York :
DKNVKII , Colo. , Aug.2 , 1893. To Saniui
noiiipor , President American Kudurution <
Labor , New York ; Will you accept twocui
loads of Hour and two carloads ' ( if potatoeu , t
bo delivered free , as Uonvnr'ti contribution fi :
the iiiiuinuluyod In New York who are In neec
HAMUEI , I.KSEM , Chairman ot Connliltlcu.
Wuntuil Jiruad anil lYurk.
MILWAUKEE , Aug , 23. A , mob of unon
ployed laborers marched to the city hall thl
morning and culled out tiie mayor , who wa
greeted with cries of "Bread" and "Work.
The mayor advised them to return to the :
homes , ussuied thorn the city would coo
have money to prosecute public improvi
monts and give many work , 'llio mob dl ;
persod quietly. _ _
Htruck fur Thulr Pay.
TBRIIB HAUTE , Auir. 23. The Kvansyll
& Terre Haute monthly pay car arrive
today and paid off in chocks dated Soptou
bur 1 , instead of cu h. There was .much Ii
dlgnation among the men and thoswltchmc
ktruck at onco. The trainmen , engineer
and ilromou will probably strike tomorrov
State Board of Transportation Presents Iti
Reply to thn Railway Companies. .
I'otltlon of the IMalntlfN Aniwnrml In IHill
Allncril Mixture of Stnto nnd Itilnr-
ntute TrolRht in ttmunil i Uralu
Shipment * Tlio Itcply.
Yesterday afternoon the State Board ot 1
Transportation Illod Us answer In the United
States circuit court in the cases brought by
the Chicago & Northwestern , the Chicago ,
St. Paul , Mtiino.iiolls | & Omaha , nnd the
I'Vomotit , Klkhorn it Missouri Valley Hall
way companies to restrain the board from
carrying out the provisions of theN jvfborry
maximum freight law passed at the last
session of the Nebraska legislature. This
answer , In the main , Is with that
Jlled by the Chicago , Burlington fc ( Julncy
Kallroad company hist Saturday ,
This latter answer Is a lengthy document ,
covering fifty typewritten pages , besides a
nombor of pages of exhibits , showing the
freight rates of this state as compared with
these In force In the other states of the
union ; the profits which the roads have boon
making during the past years and the past
MM present market value of the common
nnd preferred stock In the Now fork market.
l'linrirM ol Uunnpirncr ,
In answering the petition of tlio plaintiff *
the defendants , members of the sin to board ,
allege that soon after the passage of the
Ismvbcrry bill all of the plaintiffs conspired
together to defeat the carrying out of the
provisions of the act and to avoid the penal
ties and forfeitures. With rofcronco to the
case of the Elkhorn void , the defendant al
leges that this paillcular road Is a domestic
corporation , operating its own lines , most of
which are wholly within the state of Ne
Touching upoirtho subject of the Chicago ,
St. IV.ul , Minneapolis & Omaha road , the
defendant alleges that that i-ompany is not
orgaimcd under tho-laws of any other state
outside of the state of Nobraska. and that
the entire road can bo reproduced and
equipped nt the rate of § 15,000 mlloj that if
the payment of cash dividends was conllnod
to stock actually represented by cash invest
ment , thu net earnings would bo from ' _ 0 to
! Ki per cent per annum. However , the de
fendant alleges , that such is not the i-aso ,
but that the stock is watered for the pur
pose of absorbing all dividends and showing
that the debt is largely in excess of the cost
and the value of the road.
Crltlclm-s thu Klklinrn.
Referring to the Klkhorn road , the do-
fomiant alleges that at the time ot the in
corporation of thu company thu capital stock
was limited to $1,000,000 , but thatsinco thuti
it has been increased to moro than
SHO.IITO.OOO , ami that $20.000JOO ( of the
gross amount lias been distrlbutod
about the country In the , shape
of bonuses. Owing to this fact the de
fendant alleges that the road has 116 right to
claim that the running expenses of the road
are in excess of the bondcu indebtedness.
Taking up the entire lines of thu North
western system , the defendant avers that
one-half of the tonnage transported in this
state consists of grain hauled cast , nnd that
the rate should not bo at the high
est liguru. The defendant denies that
theao roads are carrying p.issejigers
at less than actual cost ami that the freight
and passenger r.ttes provided for by the
terms of the Newberry bill are lower than
these of other states , but on the contrary
avers that they are much higher than these
in force In some of the western states , The
defendant also denies that on August lnlSOl ,
the state board determined that the , froKht )
rates then m foreo wcro Just and'equitable.
_ butit does aver that slnco thUt tlnta'tho
"value of farm products , machinery , manu
factured goods rtiid labor have buttf reduced ,
though notwithstanding all of this thu roads
have raUcd their rates fully 4 > polMxmi per
100 pounds. > n nil * , '
Million a Now CharRO.
'A now charge is made in which the de
fendant alleges that the plaintiffs have been
mingling local and interstate freight in the
same cars .simply for the purpose of taking
aw.iy the right of thu state to establish und
maintain a maximum freight rate for local
business. This allegation the defendant ,
thu state board , n'leges that it is ready and
prepared to prow , when the case is reached
for trial.
In the exhibits which are a part and
parcel of the answer the defendant com
pares tht- Iowa rate with that provided lor
under the terms uf the Nowborry bill , show
ing that it is lower in almost orer.v Instance ,
and In another table shows the dividends
which the three companies have declared
each year slnco their organization.
Harper's Uazar : "It Is not enough that
he should want me. Ho must want fur more
than that , and want it impetuously and with
a purpose to got it. I would never cndtiro to
marry an aimless man. "
"So ? It would not bo enough for mo either
that ho should want mo. It would tie neces
sary also that I should want him very much.
And I think I .should require too that some
other girl should want him awfully at the
same time. One could not marry a man who
would be no loss to any one. "
Tired , Weak ,
Mrs. Mary O. Crydcrman
" I had rheumatism eo severely Unit I waa
Obliged to nso n cane. l'Wi"i ' tired of Ufa nnd
ivas n burden to these about mo. I often unf-
tcrcd from dlzzlniBs , worried much , and \vaa
Itiboct1o ] norvons spoilt. Hood's HnrHapailllii
made mo fcol Ilkon different ( icrxou. I owa
Hoe < fss ? > C res
my present good health to Hood'a Haisapa.
rllla. " Mita. MAIIV O. CIIVUKIOIAK , l.a Ton *
talno , Kansas. lloanro to get Hood's.
Hood's Pllia euro all I.lvcr Ills , lllllous.
Deis , Jaundice , Indigestion , Sick Headache.
Tlio Kyiiul ot
BO YD S THEATRE ttiu .Siiiiaoii.
Friday and Saturday , August 25 and 26.
nlliioo Hnttirtlny.
I'rcaentcil lioro with a tmnorlor company und all
HID orlcrlmil Huonlo rlf ect . '
10(1 ( KuclUli Solillerb , luu Arabian Wurrlora , In
The Battle of the Do.urt City.
300 Men , W onion und Children In
The Trafalgar Square Scouo ,
Drabii U.incU. ( Uo niul Uriiin corps , kuriiOtt and
cannon. Usual prlcua. ' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Headed by the great and only nilly Kenand *