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General Condemnation of the Latest Invest
ment Swindle.
Dlfigulied I.ottorlf > nnil Falun l-rctfinfim to
lln Slum poll Out bjr the Iron Hoot
on.ntr FiietK for Itond Promoter *
nnd Their Victim * .
Bond Investment companies tmvo not nt-
iomptcd to rofutoor seriously dlBputo the
allegations of Tun BBS regarding tholr
character and methods , The managers hero
nnd'clsowhcro assume a lofty air of injured
Innocence , nnil while publicly professing In
difference , privately they taint the air with
sulphurous exclamations nnd lamentations.
And tho.v have good reason for their condi
tion. Tholr giuiio is up. State nnd federal
authorities nro on tholr trail , determined to
aquclch the bond scheme and punish the
Ttio managers of bond companies assert
that opposition to them is prompted by Joal-
. . "Wo " "by
ousy. nro antagonized , they say ,
Insurance companies and building and loan
associations , bccauso wo have n bolter thing
nnd are taking business from thorn. "
This nssumptl&n Is ns transparent as
tholr pretensions of honesty. Insurance
companies nro hedged In with rigorous laws
and are subject to ofllclal regulation and ex
amlnntlon. The moment they Issue a policy
they assume a risk In n given amount , pay
able If the holder of the policy dies the next
inomontr It requires an elastic Imagination
to plnco bond companies on a piano with insurance
suranco companies. Bond companies assume
no risk whatever. They cater to cupidity ,
are subject to no legal restraints , and are at
present wholly Irresponsible. Nor are they
to bo compared In the same breath with
legitimate building and loan iissoclatlons
hero or elsewhere. Building ana loan asso
ciations are recognized as a most effective
incentive tu homo building. To that end
state legislation safeguards them , eliminat
ing tlio element of speculation as far as prac-
tlcahlo , subjecting tliein to ofllcial supervi
sion and invariably prohibiting robbery
under the guise of forfeitures.
Hpoclmnn Itrlclc.
Ono of the bond concerns which indig
nantly denies that it is a lottery Is located
In Council Bluffs tlio Perpetual Maturity
Bonding company. It announces with a
I llourlsh that It Is Incorporated under the
/ laws of Iowa. The certificate amounts to
* nothing as a guarantee. It Is simply a ro-
cqlpt for tlio fees required under ordinary
incorporation laws. A company may bo In
corporated under the same law to build a
railroad to tbo moon.
Thu Perpetual announces that It has a
snap and generously permits any person to
como In on payment of $10. The monthly
payment is SI.25. The 25 cents Is taken for
expenses. Tlio balance , together with flnos ,
go into a trust fund , and when $1,000 has ac
cumulated n bond Is paid. There Is to bo
no investment of tlio fund , therefore the
* only source of profit is that which comes
-jSVu from the misfortune or diagust of the com
pany's dupes. Failure to pay monthly dues
within thirty dnys after becoming duo for
feits all payments previously made.
But hovv u'ro the bonds paid ?
The Perpetual says the iirst ! ! 00 bonds
will bo pnld In consecutive order. That
will require an accumulation of ? 300.000 in
blocks of $1,000. Sunposo the company has
1,000 continuous investors paying ? 1,000 : i
month , or $12,000 a year. It would take the
holder of bond BOO Just twenty-live years to
i-ciicli a divvy. Meanwhile , the managers
will have pocketed $75,000 In cold cash.
After bond ! ! 00 is disposed of the company
promises a little diversion for the victims ,
which It cheerily insists is not a lottery
Hellenic. It will be noticed tbo multiple of
three is strangely absent. This schedule
shows the plan :
noi. , . . . - 304 30H
. , 312 t 310
son. , ) 324
3128 332
30r . . . . , 330 340
Hl'li.- ' ; 344 3-48
307. . . . 352 350
300 304
00 ! ) . . 308 372
310 370 380
811 } 384 3B8
392 3'JO
nia 40O 404
014 408 412
Wlicru Do thn Mi8lng One * < 5o7
, "VVhat becomes of numbers 315. 817 , 318 ,
! )1' ) ) , nnrt ascot-o of others omitted from this
order , or all that may follow 413. the com
pany loaves ttio world in the dark. Doubt
less tlio company rualb.cs there Is no neces
sity for elaooratlng the scheme , nnd the
manner in which the press and the authori
ties are going after like swindles justitlos
tholr foresight.
In this ns in all bond schemes the great
reliance for gain Is on lapses. The statis
tics jt insuninca companies nro quoted to
ehovr that vast sums are | > osslblo under this
method. This is ono of the alluromcnts
held out to the gullible. "Stick to your pay
ments , " tlio agent says to an investor ,
"and you will como out ahead. Per-
vlstency is a winner. " Lot us suppose
the advice Is strictly followed by nil holders
of bonds. How long will it take the holder
of say No. ; I15 , omitted from the lottery
plan , to mature- his bond I If ho conies from
a ifainily ot centenarians nnd possesses
adequate grit and mind , tlo : bond will reach
iho matured stage in eighty-three years and
four months , provided his installments are
ot apart for that purposo. For the
ihadow.v chance of $1,000 at the end of that
period ho will have paid ? l,2oO. This is ono
of thu lapses that may bo safely counted
on. Manifestly the promoters utter a truth
when they prone-unco the scheme a snap
for themselves. To quote nn Irishism. "If
there ain't any lapses , we'll all lapsu. " But
tills system of lapsu Is not only reprehen-
ilblo ; it is robbery under a more genteel
name. ,
lu support of.tho promised fortunes the
Perpetual furnishes guarantees us shallow
as Its prutcnses. It reports capital stock
paid up 1,000. an amazing sum surely , nnd
iiipplemcnls it with a guarded certificate
Igiicdby reputable business men , setting
forth thnt hitherto the president of the con-
: rrn had borne a uood reputation , But the
signers carefully avoid an endorsement ol
Ills present business scheme.
Wlmt .MiMuurl U Dome ,
Tlio notion of the federal authorities ii
Denver In arresting the promoters of bent
BiOiomes has practically squelched thu bust
ness there. The ofllccs of several have beet
closed and others are seeking morocongeiiia
Quarters in out of the way placos. The
authorities ot Missouri and Kansas huvc
boon aroused tothemagnitudoof thoswlmlU
and other states will soon Join in the worli
of annihilation.
Missouri Is accorded thu questionable
honor of holng the parent of bond schemes
Nine of i horn have been Incorporated in tin
Atato. but as soon as tholr character bccauii
Known a law was passed requiring them t <
deposit with the state treasury 1100,000 ii
cash ns u protection for Investors. But Dili
provision Is not considered sufficient protect
lieu , nor dyes It reach the root of tin
pvil. In a recent published loiter Hon. A. A
lx > siiour , secretary of atato , vigorously con
ileinns bond companies and says they shouK
not bo sanctioned by the stato. Corporatlot
privileges am now denied to all bond com
Jinnies , nml the secretary announces thai
quo warrauto proceedings will bo Institutes
l > y tlio attorney before the atato su
primlo court In October for the purpose o ;
luiullng the charters of those now in exist
1'nroly Lottery ,
.Speaking of their character generally
Bccrotary I < esueur says :
"Kp person can hold that the lottery prln
plple docs not underlie the manner of' doiiif
business- vogue with these band Invest
jnont companies. That they arc unsound
considered from a scientific basis , la uuquos
tloiuiblo. H ha * grown into an axiom Ii
business circles thut wherovcr something i
promised ( or nothing the promise covers i
fraud , und yet thcso companies brazenly ad
vertlso that for au oxpcndlturaof $23 or $3
nit luvestor may receive (1,000 , concoallui
the fuel by irrelevant comparisons wltl
mortuary and other insurunco tables thn
lliu excess received by this person is paid b ,
Pther Investors lu tbu so-called bonds.
"As u muuer of fuel , there U uothm
which can honestly or fntrly tx > compared ns
between the business tlono by thcso bond
Investment companies rind that transacted
by legitimate Ilfo Inmirancn companies. The
former nro unscientific' , depend entirely upon
n continuation of investors for the payment
of proyloutly subscribcd-for bonds , without
nny accumulative feature to enable all In
vestors to bo icirltlnintaly paid , wheren * the
very reverse Is true in regard to life Insur
ance companion. In the bond Investment
company the member who pays has no pro-
tootion ; his money is taken to pay oft bonds
of earlier numbers thnn his own , nnd ho
must trust to chance only that persons will
contlnuo to bo gullible nnd to purchase bonds
in order to provide money to pay him. This
Is purely n lottery nnd the moment that n
lack of confidence In the companies arrives
the whole thing goes to smash nnd the moro
recent Investors lose tholr money. This has
been the experience of other states whcro
the experiment has been tried.
Miimuclitucttn Sentiment.
Secretary Ixiaueur quotes the following
from reports made by lion. Ocoreo S. Mer
rill to.tho . loglslnturo of Massachusetts In
181)1-03 ) , respectively :
"It U doubtful , If , slnco the famous South
Son bubble , such n gambling mania has
seized ah Intelligent people as that devel
oped In the spread of the nssoisment endow
ment nnd its natural nnd lecitimnto off
spring , thd bond investment Insnultv.
* * * * * *
Wo hold mass meetings In Boston at
which the governor and our chief citizens
nro present to condemn with warm words
the Louisiana T ttory. From my experience
in the insurance department the past eight
months , 1 believe thnt the commonwealth of
Massachusetts had better four years ngo
have passed n statute legalizing the Loulsl-
nna Lottery nnd authorizing' It to opena
branch oftlco In the front corner
of the Old SouUi jhurch , or
hero under this dome , than to have
unacted the statute that allowed this class
of corporations to do buslnrsi , with the
wreck nnd ruin which has already comn and
which in a large measure U to follow , if this
business goes 611 as at present. "
lllnt from Kannm
State officers of Kansas have issued a cir
cular showing up the methods of bond com
panies. The document Is to bo given the
widest possible circulation and Is signed by
U. S. Osborno , secretary of state ; John T.
Little , attorney general , and U II. Snyder ,
superintendent of Insurance. It is headed :
"Official Notice-Fraud 1 A Swindlel" and
beirlns us follows :
"As ofllccrs ot the state of Kansas It becomes -
comes our duty to warn the people of n cer
tain fraud and swindle which has sprung up
within the last tlirco or four years to which
thu proper attention ot our state legislature
has not yet been called. Wo refer to tlio
many so-called bond Investment companies ,
that Is , companies that issue and sell tholr
own bonds , collecting u monthly payment
from each purchaser until the bond Is said
to mature , when the company promises to
pay the face of the bond , which Is usually
§ 1,000. "
Then follows some extracts from the pros
pectus of one of the companies , showing its
plan and holding out glittering inducements
to Investors , closing ns follows :
"Our former attorney general , Hon. John
N. Ives , gave a written opinion strongly con
demning thcso so-called bond investment
companies , which opinion Is fully concurred
iu by the present attorney general. The
closing sentence of that opinion is as fol
lows :
' "Until the legislature shall , by some ad
ditional legislation , provide that such cor
porations may bo formed iu the , state , nnd
proving for the protection of the parties who
may bo induced to Invest in their so-called
bonds , I am clearly of the opinion that the
business which they contemplate doing is
Illegitimate and should not bo tolerated in
the state , much less sanctioned by any of
thu state officials. '
"Hereafter nil companies , ofllcers.or agents
of bond Investment companies , whether
home or foreign , found operating in the state
of Kansas will be prosecuted for swindling.
"In conclusion wo hereby ask the assist
ance of all good citizens in stamping out this
fraud and swindle by reporting to the secre
tary of state the names of companies , offi
cers or agents doing business within the
limits of the state of Kansas. "
NohniHkti Moving.
The example of neighbor/ug / states will
probably bo followed by the authorities of
Nebraska . Tlio attention of tiio State
Banking department lias been called to the
bond schemes by State Bank Examiner Me-
Grow In the following letter , filed a few days
ngo :
LINCOLN : Gentlemen My attention has
been called to the fact that there nro a nuin- '
ber of so-called "bond investment compa
nies" who are operating within the state.
Ttio common plan of advertising adopted by
the concerns is printed circulars distributed
by mall and iti person , but some of them
oven have the temerity to advertise in
leading newspapers the location of their of
fices. Several of these circular advertise
ments hnvo been placed In my hands And are
enclosed herewith. They contain a sense
less conglomeration of life insurance and
building and loan statistics intended to de
ceive tlio unwary into the belief that they
are making nn investment in an institution
operated upon a similar plan , when , in fact ,
it is a lottery pure and simple , with the ex
ception thut the managers name in advance
who shall draw thu lucky number.
They usually print n series of numbers
which run something like tills : 1 then 4
then 10 ; 2 then 8 then ! ; ! ) then 12 then 48 ,
and so ou. But a glniieu nt the plan will
show that whoever has been favored with
bond No. 1 will recelvo * 500 or $1,000 ,
ns thu case mny be , as soon ns
there have been aufllclent suckers
induced to pay Into the treasury an amount
of money-equal to the face of the boud. after
deducting the sum retained by the managing
officers for expenses , which is usually a very
largo per cent of the amount contributed.
Then , next , the person who holds No ,
10 In tlio scries comes in for the payment of
his bond us soon as enough victims have re-
s ] > ondcd.
In matter of fairness , the old-fashioned
lotteries , divcn out of existence by stringent
postal laws , were models nf honesty com
pared with these disreputable concerns. In
those it was at least presumed that after
deducting all expenses of tlio promoters the
balance was fulrly distributed by chance
among Its victims , but those concerns do not
even make a prutonso of this , but select
themselves In advance who among tholr
number shall bo permitted to receive the
contributions ot tiio victimized.
Bond No. 1 is usually held by Homo promi
nent personage iu the vicinity where ho
resides , who nt once rushes into a printed
testimonial of the "high character" of the
promoters of thu concern and that ho is "wall
satisfied with his investment , "
Some months ngo ono of these concerns
had thu impudence to apply to this board fern
n t-ortltlcuto of authority under the building
and loan association act of ibOl to transact
business in this state. The application was
rejected without ceremony. But It seems
thnt they are still carrying on the business
within the state , nnd as they attempt to do-
colvo the public by endeavoring to make
peoplu.boliuvo that they are operating under
the plan of building loan associations , I am
of thu opinion that it is propur that thin de
partment should make un investigation of
thu matter.
MUnurl'a Aclvcrno Action.
The following forcible nnd truthful edi
torial comment appeared in the August num
ber of the American Investments : ,
"By the I action of tlio Missouri legislature ,
which requires i u deposit of $100,000 from
bond investment companies , nearly ailol
these dovlllsh deceiving institutions will be
abut but from doing business in that state ,
But one , the uigautlu Guaranty Investment
company of Nevada , will be entitled to do
business. U is only a question of time when
its sins will bo found out and its wicked
licols turn heavenward.Vo hang oiir heads
for shutno tor the want of the commonest
sort of judgment displayed by the suckers
that Invest in this concern. The tricks put
up to ontrnp the people who deslro to got
rlcl ; on the imlo-a-mlnuto system nro worthy
of a better cause. It Is disgraceful , too , that
for au early maturing bond of a thousand 01
so dollars , oven some reputable men will not
hcsltato to endorse publicly the fraud. Mas
suohusotts has stumped them out entirely
aud it is to bo commended for its good work ,
Missouri has douo well but should do butter ,
Colorado and other states can servo theii
citizens no hotter than by pounding the lift
out ot the fraudulent concerns. Wo boldl.v
advise no investments iu tlieso numerical
bond InvcstmcntcompanUs. "
From the above U will bo seen that vlg
orous stops have been taken by other states
to drive thcso concerns out of existence.
It is evident Jha.t the officers of some ol
thcso Institutions are tu fear of prosocutlot
by th po Ul authorities from the fact thai
the following appear * In largo typo and red
Ink upon the circulars they havft Issued : ,
"How to send monby. Send only bank
drafts , express money orders 'Of1 ' cash by
express. Money sent In any other way will
bo returned. "
I would respectfully recommend that the
attorney general bo requested to advlso the
county attorneys In the several counties
where these companies are operating to
enforce the taw rotating to lottery- schemes
In Its utmost rigor and that the attention nf
the postal authorities bo called to.tho fact
that the malls are being used .for fraudulent
purposes , to the end that alt institutions of
this character can bo driven out of the
stato. Kospcctfully submitted ,
O. Ki McGiiKW.
State Bank Examiner.
The Nebraska law relating to lotteries
( section fi,820 , statutes of IS'Jl ) provides
that "If any person shall open , sot on foot ,
carry on , promote , make , or draw ; publicly
or privately , any lottery , or scheme of
chance , of any kind or description , by what
ever name , style or tltlo the same may bo de
nominated or known , " Is liable to a line not
exceeding ? 500.
The Hood anil thn Unit.
OMAHA , Aug. 10. To the Editor of THE
BKH : In regard to the recent criticisms and
strictures of the press ou bond companies ,
wo have this to say ; that wo make no de
fense , nor have wo any dcslro to defend
irresponsible and unlawful concerns that
Issue bonds to the credulous and unwary ,
any moro than wo have to defend so-called
insurance companies and building and loan
ssoclattons , that llko mushrooms have
rown up In a night , wo leave the merits of
ach of these institutions to the Judgment of
discriminating public. It Is the business
f ourcompany topresontouf system of doing
uslncss to the public In a business way and
o glvo them all wo promise. Wo are legally
ncorporatod under Iho laws of this state ,
iavo not been Interfered with by anybody ,
nd have no fears of being disturbed by
Ithor the state or federal authorities ,
'ho abuse recently heaped upon bond com-
iatiles , emanates from persons whoso love
or the dear people Is not so great ns their
oar of formidable rivals , with whom they
ro unable too compete. A failure of argu
ment too frequently results In abuse , but it
icvcr convinces anyone. Wo nro willing , at
.11 . times , to compare our methods or our
ystoin with any of our rivals.
Thcro are , unfortunately , In every com
munity some persons who are constitutional
icgatlves. They seem to deem it their duty
o oppose every now theory advanced , and
jvery public mcasuro proposed. They
nro clogs In the wheels of
irogrcss. hindrances to the development anil
.dvanco . of now principles and enterprise ,
'o decry everything that docs not omonato
rom themselves or belong to tholr narrow
range of thought , seems to bo the principal
jbjectof their oxistenco.- That such com-
nand attention is fortunately no evidence
f their merit.
That a thing is now is no reason why It
ticks merit. Such is the rule of the unreas-
ning. All the Institutions around us were
aiico now and untried. Yet lapse of tlmo
las proved them founded in wisdom. Life
nsuranco was once not only now , but was
denounced lu strongest term's , and pro-
lounccd sacrilegious nnd wicked. It was
charged with being an Incentlvu to con
spiracy , fraud nnd murder ; It was denounced
> y the press nnd preached against from the
> ulplt. Yet it survived , aud ttio nations of
, oday rise to call its workings blessed. Mil-
ions tiavo reaped Its benefits , nnd millions
yet unborn will spring to life und Joy to
sound Its praise.
Building associations which dot the broad
and with their thousands of organizations ,
aud tens of thousands of upbuiltjiomos. had
their birth m newness. Their history
iroves tholr worth and calls for trumpet
sounds of praise wherever honest industry
strives for sturdy gain , Jio intelligent per
son of today even attempts to .dispute the
'acts that a review of the history , of these
, wo great financial enterprises -develops.
For nearly every city , town and village in
the broad land have within tholr borders
evidence of the bonuflccnco of ono or tbo
other of thcso two systems , , to which they
[ xjint with pride and satisfaction. If the
Investigation shall prove that there Is
within our borders a hotter than they , lot
us not forgot that this is the age of .progress
and practical materialism , und thattOi , im-
[ irovo upo'ii the .old is not to rob it of the
honor it has won , nor to decry the good of
its particular sphere. And. lot. us , nor , forget
that the humbugs that have arisen In these
institutions do not argue against the system
on which they are founded.
E. P. , EvAN9. .
Secretary People's Investment Co.
Louvoninurk dives today atCourtland ,
3:30 : und 7:45. : At 3:30 : ho giveshis'first
and only fancy und trick"swimming. .
I'eoplo Whose Nuiuos Adurtioci the
nt the Station. .
Two vagrants , Moore and Hlll ( havebecn
sentenced to thirty days on the streets
by the police judpe. Sentence was suspended
upon tholr promise to leave town at once.
Complaint has reached Chief Seavoy from
C , B. Blackburn , 105 ! ! Park avcnuo , that a
gantr of boys congregate around that corner ,
uud that ho wants them dispersed by tl.o
Chief of Police Spoors of Kansas City
shipped the Kouutzo Memorial silver service
to Theodore Olosen. The property , which
was stolen a couple of weeks ago from the
church , was found in the weeds in the
suburbs of Kansas City.
Chief Soavey is in receipt of n telegram
froai Syracuse , N. Y. , which says tnat
Charles Wilson has been positively identified
as the murderer of Detective Harvey und
thanKing the chief for valuable Information
regarding the career of Wilson.
The Chicago police want the Omaha ofll-
eluhi to look out for nnd nrrost George Stone ,
who is wanted for the murder of llobert
Nelson , nud Frank Graham , who killed a 17-
year-old boy named Hyan. Both crimes
wore committed about the 1st of the month.
Chief Kaln of the Saglnaw , Mich. , police
force has written Chief Seavoy for an
opinion regarding the efficiency of thu 11 ro
and police signal system here , saying that
the Saglpawdepartment is going to put such
a system In service and that they want to
buy tbu best. The system used hero is
known as the Chicago signal box system and
is probably the best thut can bo bought.
August J. Ulrlch Is a man the police would
llko to find. Ho is wanted for obtaining
SSM worth of goods , a bicycle and a buggy
Ironi Parlin , Orendorf & Co. of Poorlu under
false pretenses. Ho represented to the firm
that ho was a partner in thu firm of J. I.
Ulricli & Son of Elm Creek. Nob. The goods
wore shipped , after which it was found that
the representations of Ulrlch were false.
The police Judge hud his fighting clothes
on yesterday morning , ana ho gave some
of the old chronics a good lesson.
Wilson and Queul , vagrants and gamblers ,
were given a sixty-days suspended sentence.
"If you are not out of town by 4 o'clock this
afternoon , " said the judge , "I will compel
you to servo out your full sentence. The
"gams" were glad to got n\vuy and struck
right out for the Iowa sldo of the river ,
Moso Sllverstlcn Is a peddler and lives on
Jackson street between Ninth nnd Tenth
streets. Hols jealous of his wife and par
ticularly so of a boarder named Tally , Yes
terday noon the peddler wont homo und beat
his wife unmercifully , alleging that she had
been unduly intimate with the boarder.
The police wore notified and Dr. Soniers was
sent for to dress the woman's bruUos , which
fortunately wore not serious , Sllyerstolu
was arrested tor disturbing the peace.
"Sleepy" Hewitt was up 'again ycst'or'anv
morning for disturbing the peace. ' ' He wu's
backed by William Carson , Frank Brown
and William Brewer , The quartet was
drinking bcor * down on thn' ' bottom * near
Fifteenth and Burdette 'streets' yesturda'v
afternoon and got Into a tight. Carson hit
"Sleepy" with a board end then \vhon
called on in pollco court" tried , tq explain
that U was all n joko. "Yes' , U was h 1
of u Joke , wasn't it , to hit mo over llio" head
with a boardt" remarked Hewitt 'Contemp
tuously , "Sleepy" and Carson \ypro given
twenty days in the county jail , th'o firs.t and
lust two on bread and water. Tho'other
lads will have to pay 112,50 uploco
they regain tholr liberty.
JlulUlliiff Permit * .
The following permits to build were Issued
yesterday ;
H.Jacobs , 1204 Karuatu , recoifitruc- '
tlon of store and fiat. . , , , . . . . I O.OOO
Three minor penults.,4 , , . . . , , . „ , , . . . . g&o
Four permlu , aggregating. . . , . , , . * ! 6,25G
Thu Blckotts , 4 and 8 , Courtland beaoh ,
Presentation of Winnen at the
BalloTtio Kifta Range ,
Some Splendid Sli t Ui\vnlry Competition
I'rollcloncjr with ttllln nnil Itovotver
Society l'ftopN > i Attcmlo < l the
jVITiUr In I.nrcn Number * .
Along with the btnro of social trumpets And
the boat of social drums the citizenry nud
soldiery of Omaha nnd the Department of
the Plattu gathered on the parade ground
nt Bclloruo rlllo range yesterday to witness
the revolver practice and presentation of
medals to the cavalrymen who had distin
guished themselves in their departmental
Bollovuc , in its garb of grcon , never looked
more , Inviting than yesterday , after the rain
of the uiornln ? . The river nt the foot of the
high bluffs looked llko n broad band of silver
running away to the horizon , hero and there
flecked with narrow bars of sand , making
the water more lllto the metal which is so
loved , und withal , despised' by sections of
There is n ulcturcsquenesn about the range
which lifts ono above the dull commonplace
and makes ono long that such pastoral love
liness might bo given OVIT to the sweot. com-
inuiier of nature rather thnn to gaze upon
the relentless possibilities of war that
go on thcro yearly. The face of the country
round about Bellevue Is full of expression
undulating hills , long sweeps of valley , with
a follngo thaMius an airy grace , n aplrltuello
look , und an atmosphere that Is full of sun-
shluo. Thcso bouutlos In which nature has
been the great artist wore enhanced yester
day by the fiower of Omaha , who In grace
ful summer colors completed au ensemble
i > orfcct In uvory part.
The Burlington yesterday ran n special
rain to the rltlo range , leaving at 1 o'clock ,
ivlth live coaches comfortably filled with
many of Omaha's loading citizens , who at-
euded , to give Interest to the occasion.
tlnlsli at Cnvjilry Compatltlon.
The guests of the camp wore permitted to
co the finish of the cavalry competition , the
oldlers firing at the silhouettes , which were
.placed at 25 , 'M , 15 , 10 nnd C yards , thu
marksmen shooting in squads of lUtceii. To
ho great majority of the guests It was n
novel nnd interesting sight , the horsemen
iUggcstlng In their movements somewhat
ho rough riders seen near Midway plai-
ianco , but usually showing on the dark fig
ure of the horse nnd rider that they had
thoirgood oyo" with them.
After the mounted firings , live shots to the
Ight nnd the same number to the left , the
.unuio grounds assumed nu animated nppear-
inco , waiting for thu presentation of the
Thu band defiled from the band stand , and
nking position at the ticad of the campus'
played an enlivening quickstep , while the
iquad of "thirty men took position
in front of ttio > $ ? cncral command-
ng , John H. BrooliU , > ' Colonel Bonham ,
nspcctorof small 'arms' ' practice , and thee
o Ulcers of ttio Department of the Pliitlo ,
who in full uniform gaViP brilliancy to the
slowly descending nftdl'fioon sun.
Lieutenant Prlnco. itUjutant of the camp
then road the following'order : '
OMAHA , Nob. , AUK. 19 , I'fl03. Oonornl Ordois ,
No. 14. At the llftb nnnnul cavalry compe
tition for the loiirtifliiits | ; | of the Eust , the
PI lit to nnd CullfornIaulU | ) at Hultoviio rlllo
range August 14 to I0.ipidor , tiemiral order
No. 48 , currqnt series. ' ! ioiul < iuirtors : of thu
army , and gunural ordu ? Jio. 0'Juno 'JO , 189'J ,
Department of the I'latto , the following solue
lions \Voro nlade and anf beiohv announced :
Ilnvolvi > ? "Tt.iin.
t J
V \ > ,
\\n\ 6
i ilp is ss
f ' K -r-CO-- '
.OJ . flRt " 1
I. - . ' OVl
fi :
. I SpjtOS
-14C.UOCit3UI3t-lf- |
-I ii X M Cl lt
O l J9 * W W Ii JO IUOD
tTtt ti tlWCiSSC3 l I
r ! ° ! sr1r' ? ' . ; = .0.Mr \ , uoa.tod UDDK
< r. is u c.i x i01 ei
w a c-.uja I
jMl J3PJQ | im
The following named enlisted men being tno
five highest participants In tlio cavalry com
petition for tlio departments or the Kust , the
I'latto and Uiillfornln for 1803. u < I"K the cur-
blno , art * In iiccurdnnuo with paragraph 7 ,
general orders No. 143 , headquarters ot the
army , surlos 18'JO , sulootod as competitors for
plncojt on tlio army curblno toiini , ordered to
itttsomulo at Kort Bliorldnn , 111. , Soptumbur 11 ,
by paragraph 2. geiiurnl jmloM , etc. : E. O.
I'orkhiM , J. P. Joyce , M. I. Davis , L. M. Fuller
nnd U. J. Hnssun. wlillo thu following clls-
tlusuUliuci marksmen wore selected to repre
sent the department at tlio competition of
district nmrksmen BoDtembor 11 : J , l'\ Jackson -
son and J. Uarrard.
of nu Indian Soldier.
The fourth paragraph" caused 'considerable
interest , referring as 'It'dld , to Sergeant
Fust Dog of tho'Slxth cavalry , who through
some mlsuudorstnndlng'wns sent to repre
sent his troop in the trl-dopartmont cavalry
compototlon , Though barred , General Brooke
allowed him to enter the school with the
astonishing result that ho stood No. Ula
out of a list of ! J7' competitors with
the carbine and second yesterday with the
revolver , a very renmrkablo record , which
goes largely to disprove the present theory
of the War department that the Indian will
not inako a good soU116r.
After the reading of the orders General
Brooke took position lt\-lront of his supportIng -
Ing officers and addressed himsolt to the
soldiers drawn up at a" present arms. Ho
spoke of ths esprit" " do corps nnd remarked -
marked that In no otlioH array in the world
could whites , colored utid'lndluns bo found
competing for niodals < uip.n ) the same grounds
of absolute equality. A J p aUludod enpassant
to the animating spirit of. the spldler and
how these lessons in 'tiiira of peace might
como useful In tune of war , which said the
general : "I hope wllJuWpvdr dawn upon
this' fair land .ugmf ) . " There was
a patriotic sentiment fmtwahout the short
address , his allusion tcrtho graying hairs of
the men about him who ; represented the
spirit of the army bafrtir particulary grace
ful. Then as cacti mjin' ? name was called
he came forward , wmlV ( General Brooke
pinned the medal upon1 ndx breast ,
The officers of the cfnp had clubbed to-
gather to purchase GUrffeant Fast Dog a
modal and when General . 'Brooke presented
the unexpected trophVrAb tbo statucgquo
aborigine ho said : "WnilUyou do not apeak
our language 1 am told ypti understand it. I
want you to wear ibis-modal as a symbol of
what the Indian can db under proper sur
roundings. Lot it bo a talisman of
priceless value because you have won It
against white and colored alike. I deeply
regret that you could , not have boon per
mitted to wear a modal made by the nation ,
but nevertheless It will -stand for 'much to
you lu the years to come. " And the ap-
plauio that went up profoundly touched the
handsome specimen of his race.
KuUrtulued by the Oniccri.
After the presentation ( ho guests were en
tertained in the various' tents , where good
drinkables and euUblos'wcro to be had.
At 0 o'clock the guests' returned to Omaha
by special train.
Of the military present there were : Gen
eral Brooke and his aides , Lieutenants Quay
and Dean ; Genera ) Dandy , Colonel
nel Bunham. Captain. Women. Captain
Crowder , Major dishing , Major Worth , Cap
tain JUUer , Captain IClnzle , Captain War
Ing , Captain Wohttnr. Among the other
Rileis were Mrs. Brooke , Mn . Worth , Mrs.
Humphrey , Mrs. Moxln , Mr. nnd Mrs. Itlall ,
Cnptnln nnd Mrs. Broatch , Mr.-nnd Mrs. J ,
N. Hi Patrlckf Mr , nnil Mrs. Cowln , Mrs.
John It. Webster , Miss Steams , Mrs.
irubbnrd , Miss Moxln , Misses Gotrlo
Kount/o , Utindy , Webster , D.vuly ,
I/MKjhton of Washington , M. Woolworth -
worth , Emily Wnkoloy , Krltzn Barnard ,
MclCenni , Yntos , Florence Yntes , Jentio
Yatfcs , Anna Mlllard , Helen Mlllard , ICdua
Cqwln , Mao Burnes , Helen Smith , Coo ,
nurtoW , TS'olllo Moore , Klnzlo , Worth , War
ing and o Messrs. Al Patrick. II , J. Davis ,
Herbert and Will Rogers , Clan : Hcdlck ,
Art Gulou , Ed Fnlrlleld , Will : .nd Guy
Donno ; * 'Niil llall , Hornrnn and Luther
Kountzo. George Mercer , Karl Gannett , Hug ,
Victor White , Martin Johnson and Charlis
Wilson. _
Louvgnnuvrk dlvoa today ntCourUntnl ,
.1)0 : : ) And 7-ti : > . At 3:30 : ho gives his llrst
nnd only ftuicy nnd trick swimming.
Lively Ktpcrlonca ot 11. 1. . Kntcliutn nnd
Several Other * nu I'rliliiy Night.
K. L. Kotchuni , n BEK reporter , was sud
denly called to Blair about 11 o'clock Friday
night. As no trains were running nt thnt
hour , Mr. Kotctium hired a horse and buggy
at Stcphonsoii's livery stable. Accompanied
by a driver named Hanson , ho nt once
started on his journey over the dark and
lonely road.
About a mlle beyond Fort Omaha ICctchuin
and the driver met four men , whom they , at
that tlmo and under the circumstances , re
garded ns highwaymen. Subsequent devel
opments prove thnt the supposed highway
men were bicyclists on a nun bio at a rather
late hour.
Prompted by circumstances , mentioned
elsewhere , Kotchuni fired nt the men , nnd
the latter , not exactly understanding matters -
tors clearly , resumed their Journey to Omaha
on their wheels with a mistaken idna of the
Identity of tbo occupants of the buggy. No
body was hurt. It was ovldontly a mutual
mistake. Mr. Kotchuni proceeded to his
destination and the bicyclists reached the
Tlio affair was telephoned to the city Fri
day night and the supposition , at that tlmo ,
was that Kotchum had experienced a brush
with road agents.
Speaking of the matterycstordayKotchum
said : "Wo were driving alonn at a fair gait
when a man suddenly came out of the high
woe&s which borders both sides of the road
nnd blow a whistle. Three other men then
jumped out und , ns it looked to mo , two
of them started for tbo heads of the horses.
There were two men on each sldo of the
buggy , and thinking they were going to nt-
tcmpt to hold its up , I pulled my revolver.
Before I could fire three of the men ran
back Into the weeds. Ouo of them stood his
ground nnd I shot twice nt him over the
driver's shoulders. The horses plunged nnd
then ran away , for at least half a mlle of
road was covered before wo could got the
animals under control. 1 met the superin
tendent of the water works company , and ns
I still had a long trip before me , hu loaned
mo another revolver and said that the place
whcro wo had tlio 'experience' was a dan-
geroug locality and that ho always goes
armed when ho has to travel that rord at
"I was not frightened but was in n great
hurry. When the men attempted to stop us ,
as I thought , I concluded that it was time to
take prompt notion nnd did so.
' 1 thought some of that crowd fired at us.
I fired , twice. The superintendent of the
water works telephoned the affair to the
police at my"rcqucst and I went on to Blair
whore T was urgently called.
"None of'theso men hud bicycles In sight
and they certainly made a very foolish break
in monkeying the way they did at that hour
of the ulght.
Mr. Hanson , who drove the rig , corrobo
rates Mr. Ketchnm's story in all particulars
and is quite , sure that several shots were
fired by some ono of the men on the road.
Mr. Rhodes , a clerk at Union Pacific head
quarters , -said that ho was ono of
the men who was shot nt and that
ho had a- narrow escape from the
flying bullets. .Ho said that ho ana three
friends maUo a trip to Caihoun nnd were re-
turiilng'homo.on bicycles. Tho.v met a buggy
With twomen in K , and ho claims that one
of tlio men fired live shots at them. They
supjrosed that the men m the buggy were
grave robbers. Ho professed great indiena-
tion over th'o affair and is alleged to iiavo
threatened to have Mr. Kotchuni arrested.
Call igsuud Tor n Musi Meeting nt Jcfl'ersou
The committee of arrangements for the
silver mass meeting to bo hold at'Jefferson
square Thursday night , August 24 , have pre
pared the following program. Mayor' Bomls
will presids. The following will bo the vlco
presidents :
General O. H. Frederick. Dr. J. R. Colliding ,
[ lorn W. J. Council , Hon. George W. Ames ,
W. F. Gurloy , ox-Governor Alvin Saunders ,
John Hush , J. B. Schupp , J. B. Kitchen ,
Judge .1. J. Points , Judge D. D. Gregory , D.
Clem Deaver , William J. WeLshans , Frank
Barrett , E. D. Moadimbor , William N. Whit
ney , Joseph P. Fronzer , Judge George W.
Uoane , William Gentleman , all of Omaha ;
Judge J. M. Fowler of South Omaha , Judge
J. II. Broadyof Lincoln , Hon. Georifo Abbo'tt
of Falls City , Dr. J. N. Abbott of Fremont ,
lion , C. J. Bowlby of Crete , ex-Senator Pad
dock of Beatrice , Daniel Freeman of Beatrice -
trice , Captain H. B. McGaw of Hastings , I , .
Ii. Fletcher of Blair. Hon. C. Sherman of
The following gentlemen will address tbo
gathering : Mayor George P. Bctnis , Judge
Joseph Ong of Geneva , Paul Vandervort ,
Ed P. Smith , Joseph W. Edgerton. Colonel
C. S. Chase , IsaacS. . Hascall and V. O.
Invitations to speak at this mooting have
been sen I to ox-Congressman Walt U. Uut-
ler of Iowa , Hon. Thomas M. Patterson nf
Denver and Governor , Lowollltig of Kansas.
The meeting will bo called to order
promptly at 8 p. m. Tbo speaking will bo
from the south sldo of the square and the
speeches will bo limited to llftccn-cilnuto
talks. Everybody Is cordially Invitoo. to
Experiments at Hartford , Conn. Almost
an Accident.
HAHTFOHD , Conn. , Aug. 19 , The first ex
periment In rain making In Now England
was tried at Bloomllold this morning , when
several half-pound dynamite cartridges were
sent up attached to fire balloons. After
several balloons Jmd been successfully sent
up und exploded as preliminary tests , orders
were given to the exports to send up the re
mainder of the fifty balloons and cartridges
as quickly In succession us possible. The
next balloon was prepared and released. It
rose a dozen feet when it was caught in a
current of air and sagged , The paper near
the base took fire und in a moment tbo bal
loon began to descend while thu ( lames
begun to envelop It from bottom
to top. The mass of lira with
the dynamlto cartridge dangling from it
created u panic and scattered the crowd In
all directions. The long fuse kept eating its
way toward the bomb and it would bo at
least four minutes before the cartridge-
would bo In thoregular way , hut
there was damrer that the fire from thu bal
loon would ignlto the fuse clos'o to the
cartridge. Mr. Stephens , aud Mr. Cuappcl ,
the exports in cliarce of the experiment ,
kept wits about them and , as soon as
the fuse could bo reached , tore the cartridge
from thu flames aud the balloon sunk to the
ground u crumbled masa. It was decided
that It would 'bo * too risky to have a repeti
tion of the accident with people standing
around In danger and the experiments were
cut short. No rain has fallen , but It is ex
pected tbo results of the experiment will bo
muda mnaltan within tvrouty-four hours.
Held n Secret Huiilon.
The committee on men aud discipline from
the flro and pollco commissioners hold a
mooting In'Commissioner Harttnaun'a office
yesterday atternoon. ,
Conuuissloucr .Smith was not present.
Tho.y considered the evidence m Officer Burrows -
rows case , and will report at tbo regular
meeting of the commission on Monday night ,
when it Is expected that the "weeding" out
of the iorl-e'of Incompetent men- will take
Suipeuilon of u Havana Hank ,
HAVANA , Aug. 19 , The Bank of Commerce
of tbl * city U s suspended.
Aflor Looking in Vain for a Desirable Mod
ern Ootlago at Reasonable- Rent ,
Omiilm Iln lnw Kmpty Hound with All
Modt-rn Cotivi'iilriico * High HontK
Where Such Ar I'liiinil tilmnco for
iliiillcluui Investment F Cnpltnli
"Ixivo laughs nt locksmiths , lays tlio shop-
herd's crook hosula the sce | > ter anil all that ,
but when it comes to looking for nn unfur
nished homo to rant , with nil modern con-
venlcnces , nt ! 0 per month , In Onwhn then
comes ttio crucial test of devotion between
husband nnd wile. Oil I its such u bed of
The speaker turned to a Bns rouortor nnd
gave utterance to thcso pessimistic views ,
with hitiiiK sarcasm , that ovldontly hail n
full , well developed sot of tooth. Ho was n
young man whoso face Is n familiar picture
In the ( looting panorama of Immunity
dally witnessed on the streets of Omaha ,
While- young In years ho bore
evidence of the cares of married life.
Father Time's lingers had ehalkou Ills luitr
with slender streaks of white. These stiver
threads u-oro scattered ntnong the auburn lit
profusion for one so young.
Only u few years ago this young man
walked down tt church alslo with a majcslto ,
bridegroom-elect stride , accompanied by ouo
of Omaha's fairest widows.
As ho stood beneath : i Moral horseshoe on
that occasion nnd placed a plain gold ring
upon tuu bride's linger , his picture of the
world was a beautiful Florentine study
framed in sections of nn Iridescent rainbow
of romance. That picture of the past Is now
supplanted by n plain , rough "etching" " ' of
tno present , lined In n prosaic frame of
Why Ho In 8i l and Woary.
' 'Marriage is not n failure In my case , you
understand , " continued the speaker , as ho
pulled vigorously nt a perfecto nnd sought
to explain his sentiments more explicitly.
"So farasdomesllo happiness ia concerned
it exists to a very largo extent lu the house
hold of which I am the head or rather the
occasional head , because my wife takes a
periodical notion tu wear the trousers , you
know , and run things. Of course wo love
one another. There is a beautiful motto of
'Homo , Sweet Homo' in the parlor , and 1 al
low her llrst husband's full , life
sized crayon to adorn the wall of the dining
room. Wo have a sweet ray of sunshine in
the way of a cute little , golden-haired child.
Wo patiently boar the burdens of calls from
the plumber iho yell of the Ice man is
sweet music answering the door boll nnd
holding 11 reception for peddlers is n pleas
ure putting up stove pipes is redolent with
entrancing joys chasing the neighbors'
chickens out of the llowor beds Is a pastime
fraught with enjoyment but when It comes
to looking for n Iiouso to rent that will meet
tno mutual approval of my wife nnd self ,
then comes the red tire nnd slow curtain on
the stage of harmony.
Doinuiul Kxcnuda the Supply.
'You see , I work on a salary , like thou
sands of other men. I am neither prince
nor pauper. This Is an ago of progress , and
in such au ago a man wants thu best for the
least ho can get It a sort of live and lot-llvo
policy. Naturally , a man whoso homo is
his fortune , wants to live in a house with
nil modern conveniences ; such as bath ,
furnace , fias or electric light , city and
cistern water , good collar , yard for the
children and at luast one shade trou to pit
beneath on u hot day and drink a glass of
lemonade or put up n swing for the
baby. Now , all men working on
salaries have not the money to
spare to buy a . homo of their
own. Besides , a man on a salary
docs not enjoy a life lease on his position
and may pot the errand run at any minute.
So , an investment in n homo is not always
looked upon with favor by such .a man. Con
sequently ho pays rent.
"It Is a fact , and I speak from o.xucrienco ,
that while Omaha lias many largo basement
houses with modern conveniences , for rent ,
there is nn appalling scarcity of modern six ,
seven and eight-room houses at such prices
as $25 , $30 and $35 per mouth such rent as n
salaried man in a gooa position would bo
glad to pay and pay promptly. Detached
houses of this class are scarcely vacated ore
they nro gobbled by eager house seekers. It
Is n splendid opportunity for homo capital
ists to avail themselves of.
Clmslnc ; a Italnbow <
"It is this scarcity of desirable houses that
ausos a man and wife seeking n house to
rent to tramp the city over and contract
several spasms of disappointment , jaw each
athor with frenzy nnd gnaw at the heart
strings of devotion. I moved n few months
ago. After wearing out considerable shoo
leather and nn immense amount of patience ,
I finally found a houso. They said it
was haunted , nnd that is why it was
vacant so long. Notwithstanding the
fact that the house was pictured to mo by
trembling neighbors , tia a rendezvous for
hobgoblins and weird incantations. I looked
the place over. I found all modern con
veniences , including a place in the concrete
; ellar to keep beer cool over Sunday , nnd so ,
n a paroxysm of delight , 1 took it.
I'refurH CilinatH to Nljjlitmure.
"Tho fear of ghosts Is nothing compared
with the uightmaro I formerly suffered , when
I would return homo nights nf tor vainly look
ing all day for a modern houso.
One night I dreamt I hud found
a beautiful eight-room cottage , with bath.
gas , cellar , etc. , within walking distance of
the Now York Life building lovely shade
trees , lurgo yuid- rent $30 to n , good tennnl ,
etc. I awoke to llnd it but a iiiuam , and in
a few moments more , Morpheus had lulled
mo back to sloop and put a horrible night
mare In the shape of u row of Hats and a
basement house , on my stomach. I screamed
out in terror , as I struggled beneath the
weight , nnd awoke just in time to hear my
wife saying , in her sleep , -I'shawj there
isn't any bath room in the house. '
' The result of my experiences in chuslntf
after rcutnl agencies nud staring nt big
bright cards of 'for Kent' on the sides of
liouses , Is only one of many cases in Omaha.
It develops the fact that Omaha hns few
vacant modern houses , with the possible ex
ception of basement liouses nnd Hats.
AVoinen as n rule do not lllto to live in a base
ment houso. There nro too many stali-n to
clliiib. Men , too , oapeclully when they
come homo with an imi > 09lug 'jag1 on , would
prefer a less number of stops to surmount in
reaching their bedrooms. Pnysicinns will
agree that it is better for a woman's health
not to wear herself out running up and down
Hiivoral flights of atalrs n dozen times u day.
Heuco the demand for cottages.
U Lucking.
"In searching for a modern iiouso , n per
son , even one easily suited , invariably en
counters some objection , where there is n
bath , cellar und luwn , there frequently is no
gas , and , during warm weather , gas atoves
are looked upon with favor by queens of the
household. Again , so mo houses have
nil conveniences except u furnaco.
or they are short on yard , good
location , or something. Where you
do Hud a house , complete m all Its appoint-
mnnts , the real estate agent smiles sweetly
orer his cinch and taxes you MO or $5U for
the privilege of breathing behind the feur
walls of that section of domestic paradise
for one month. A man Is more easily nutted
than a woman ut > a rule , nnd there is where
Cupid's mouth is drawn into the shupo of an
Inverted crescent und pi-cat big teurs of
trouble roll down the dimpled cheeks of that
god of love , when husband nnd wife quarrel
over the eclection of u routed houso.
1 'Itomoo nnd Juliet' Is a pretty , rose tinted
romance , 'Paul and Virginia1 Is u picture
from the album of devotion that la sweet to
look upon , ana 'Mary and John' Is a whistling
success , but none of those heroes and hero
ines over lived In Omaha and had to chaao
around after au unoccupied modern cottage.
otherwise they would bo'ahattorod Idoli of
fiction. "
Kplioopul I'arochUl Kolinu ) .
The priests of the Associate Mission have
decided to open a parochial school In their
clergy Iiouso , 1120 North Twenty-seventh
street , on September 13. The subjects to bo
taught rrill bo those of a first class grammar
school , with the addition of definite re
ligious Instruction. The sessions of the
school fcrt Vo b short , from 8:45 : a. 10. to
1:1.1 : n. m. The priests of the Aftioclato
Muslim are university nion nnd
oxporlmiccd t each or * . Thorn will nUo bo n
lady teacher trotn Now York. A nominal
fiHiofWn term will bo Ihitrgrd. further
particulars a to subjects , etc. . mny bo oh-
taints ! from Hov , Irvlnn Johnson , 1420
North Twcnty-sovrnth street , Omaha.
St. Andrew's Kpiscopal Mission , -which
has been removed from Nicholas nud 1'Virty-
second to Charles and l-'orty-llrat , will reopen -
open for services this Sunday , The church
has been closed for some tltno , undergoing
repairs Incidental to removal , but the work
Is so nearly completed as to enable the con-
gregatlon to have service.
Bnlloon , a nnd 7iO : ; , Courtlnnd bcuuh.
Ilonrd of Public Work * Will Nut ( Irndo the
Comlciitnnil t'rnprrtlix ,
The nuls.tnco lot question has boon tnkon
hold of by the Hoard of Public Works In
earnest , nnd ns a result over ! li)0 ) of the con
demned lots will not bo graded until n per
sonal Inspection by Chairman Wmsponr nnd
City ISnginoer Hosowntor Is made.
This Is the carrying out of the plan mapped
out by the council and board nud printed in
THE Uni ; two weeks ago. In the past the
declnriiifr of nuisances of lots was Tory
promiscuous nnd were acted upon by the
council nr.d condemned without any regard
as to wliQthor there was merit In the case or
not. As a result of this proceeding the city
onoday last winter found that It had under
contract nearly 400 of these lots. Somu ono
objected to his lot being filled nnd this led
to an Investigation , which resulted In
City Attorney Council giving U ns
his opinion that the proceedings had
been irregular and that in Iho future
the utmost care and caution should bo ob
served In declaring a. lot u nuisance. Thu
attorney said that before a lot could bo de
clared a nutsanco thcro must exist stagnant
wnlcron tlic.s'uno or thcro must bo good and
sufficient proof that there Is danger of stag
nant water existing , and that whnru lots
were to bo brought to grade the bank of
earth must bo dangerous to llfu and limb
upon thu street or alloy thu same abuts upon
As soon as this opinion was rendered the
board stopped the contractors who wore ac
tively engaged In filling or bringing togr.ulo
the lots that had been declared nuisances.
Since that time work of this nature has been
nt a standstill. Under the provisions of the
now charter , before the council can pass nn
ordinance declaring n lot to bo n numnco
the chairman of the Hoard of 1'ubllo Works
and the city engineer must make a personal
Inspection and certify that the lot Is n nul-
sanco as It exists.
With these facts staring them in the fuco
the uouni'ilmim concluded llm , new stops
wore ncccssarv. Thocommitteoon Judiciary
recommended , in accordance with iho opinion
of Chairman Winspoar , that now proceed
ings should be institute.1. . This will bo done
and thu contractor * who had the lots in
question under contract have ttlgnod ; i
release of their contracts , freeing the city
from all obligations and liability.
With the field now clear Chairman Win-
spear and City Engineer Uosowater will Im
mediately make a personal inspection of
the lots , and they hope to have their report
ready within ten days. New ordinances
will bo prepared repealing the former ones
and declaring such lots as they find the
conditions to warrant to bo nuisances.
Those will immediately go before the coun
cil , nnd it is expected that within the next
six weeks several contracts will be
awarded and employment given to n large
number of men on this class of work.
Wonilnini Will IMrnlc.
Tno Woodmen of the World have a plan on
foot by which they hope to replenish the
coffers of the Creche nnd the Woman's
Christian Association and nt the sumo time
furnish several thousand pooploan enjoyable
evening next Saturday , August 20 , at Court-
land beach.
The beach management has donated the
gate receipts to the Woodmen and every vis
itor who purchases a ticket to the picnic to
bo clven by the Woodmen will bo nddimr his
mltb to the treasury of these deserving
charitable institutions. There will be no
expense attached to the event. The Wood
men are donating their services and have ar
ranged n program of attractions that will bo
very ontortaiiilii ? . There will bo an address
by General Covrin and a musical program in
addition to the balloon ascension , llroxvorks
and other regular ana special features pro
vided by the beach management.
There are over 1,001)Yboilinoa ) of
the World in Omaha nnd every ono of thorn
is a committee to sell tickets for the enter
Friday and Saturday , August 26 and 26.
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resented lioro with a miporlor company mid nil
ttm orliflnnl HciMito uttcctH.
100 KiicllHli HoldkTH , lot ) Arabian WnrriorH , In
The Bnttlo of the Dosjrt City.
300 Men , Women anil ( Jhlhlron In
The Trafalgar Square Scouo ,
llrnHH bamlH. flfii nnd drum corps , lioraeH nnd
cannon. Umml prlo'H.
Four NlRlitM , Coimnmirliij ; With Jlutinci ,
Tuiliiy ,
Handed by the great nnd only Hilly Korsiinds.
Hpnolul nmtlnoo Tuesday Instead of
Wednesday , ' . ' .lo nny seat ,
Flan * , hatmuockf. oil Furniture , carpets and
anil rubber ulotlilnif. ( lra | > orlu ,
t'oinl for tauloiiue. 1IIJ
Karnnnj > u 1203 l' rnnin nt.
Fred Krug Brewing Omiha Brewing Assu
Our tottluil Cabinet Ouarantoe.1 to equal
boor delivered tu anr ouUlclu bruinli. Vluuutt
imrl of the city. 11N7 ojMjrtbotllvl | , ( liour da ,
Jncknon su lUoriM to f.iiulllci.
Paxton & Ylerllng loduslrlal Iron Works.
1I10N WOUKrt. Manufacturing nnd
Wrouxlit Bruit-jit Iron patrln/ ( nil Hindi of
wullUInx work , onglnoi , iimulilnarr. Til M. IUU
bruit wurk , via *
S , F , Gilraan. OraaiirMlIllni'cir
1015-11-17 N. 10th it. Onlcoand Mill ,
O.K. 'Hack , Munmor. laia N , ictii > t.
Reed Job Printing Page Soap Co ,
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Carter While Lead Co
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