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Their Desires Expressed at the Chicago Oon-
v vention Ytsterday ,
: i"oii tor Itlll , Oovrrnor Wnlle ml Oilier *
Argue Hi * Cn o lit the Wlilto Metnl
ClL-vcliiiil'n Act loin UrnDiiricoil
Hod lint Oratory ,
CIMCAOO. Aug. 2 The silver contention
resumed Its session tills morning. Owing to
tlio Inadequacy of the rooms used ycitor-
ilnv It was dccldod to moot lu Central Music
Iml ) . but the ngont stood .it the door this
morning and infused to open It until rx-
Hcnutor Hill , ox-Congressman Symes ami O.
S Thomas of Colorado guaranteed f-'OO per
day rental , 'llils was donu , nud the dele
gates ( locked in President Tliurnmn called
the convention to onlur.
The rcHolutlon of .1. S. Oiughcity of
Toxiis , for the p | > oliitmciit of a committee
of ono from each state to devise n ilim for
Impressing upon congress and people of tlio
United States the impending Peril , threaten
ing ruin to material Interests ofvhloh
no luivo only had a forotn tovns rufcucd
to the committee on resolutions after a dis
Kx-Sountor Illll'd Talk.
Then ov-bonalor Hill of Color.ido addressed
thu contention on the silter question. His
nrijumont was chiellv based on statistics
going to show thut tlio adoption of a field
sltindurd In any country was Invnriubiv iol-
lowed by decades of potertv and ucpicsslon
Ho snld the dltmtrcnco between the value
ol gold und silver wns nov gt eater
th.m when the United States commis
sion made Its famous repot t. und
no Ixiundnry can bo sot to the divergence
that may bo touched hereafter , espoclullj if
the foiumost silver producing country in the
world should loud Hsolf to the attempt being
made to establish a unl\c il gold simulant
The scarcity of gold had nothing to do with
the present depression The amount of
money now locked up and hidden awuy was
moio'thitn double thn amount of gold nouin
cli dilution The supposition that by
repealing the Sliciman act and thus
bringing on us a great fall in the
price of the metal wo could coeico Uuropo
into a bimetallic lieaty was a delusion. If
wo uro driven bj conspiracy to rotert ton
single standard wo should by all meani use
silver If wo testorosllter to us old phico
as a money metal bv unlimited coinage , and ,
if under the fotceof ( ovci
which wo have no control , our gold should
both hen away , wo will still maintain the
lirst position among thu nations of the world
anil lompcl England. Germnnv and Franco
to at once adopt bltnctnlinm.
In conclusion ho ilecl.iied that if westoin
Kuropo poisotoies in measures which raise
the \aluo of gold so It shall ( low fiom us and
we become a sihei countri wo will bocar-
ilod to a pitch of ptospei ity transcending all
the past nndwcstotn Uuiopowill bo jdungcd
into an ahjssof luin.
llc-ferrod to it Cmnmlttro.
At tlio conclusion of Hill's nddiess Hon. .1.
H Doollttlo of Wisconsin piusuntcd u reso
lution declaring it the dutj of congress to
loin both gold and silver In such a ratio of
weight that the bullion in the slhcr dollar
shall r < | iml In value the bullion in the gold
dollar , liofcrrcd to committed on resolutions
Congressman T G Nuvvl.mds of Nevada
followed in an nddiess rationing congres
sional legislation onthosilvcrquestlon 1'ng-
lund , ho said , is the greatest gold owning
power In the w01 Id. We owe her $1 > 00UOO- , ,
000 ; which shu can call for anj day If , \
draft of $1X,000UOO ( ) , ice-cully nude , worked
snub disinter in tills country , what would it
do if she culled for the w hole lot.
IlflKlllltlnilH tdOptl'cl.
Thccommltteo on icsolutlons this after
noon submitted' ! ! lung report The picam-
blo i celled that blmut.illism Is as ancient as
human hlsloiv , foi ccitain , moio than il.OOO
ic.iis , gold and sjltcr came down thiough
ages luuid in h ind , tlieli iclalions having
tailed but u few points in all that time , then
almost Intaii iblj lluotigh legislation ; that
noili inolals were named together ami in-
dlssolubly united in tUo constitutlun of the
United Slates as the money basis of this
counti.v , that in 1S7J , without the piovious
demand of anj political paitor any put of
the ueoplo and without public discussion ,
silver was stilckon fiom thu place It had oc
cupied since the dnjs of Abraham and
I'haroah , and under cltrumst.inccs of
such sectecy that A O Thurmui , W. M. ,
Slowall. 1) . W ,1.c.
Voorhecs , J G Ulalnc.
then speaker of house , James A G.iUluld
ami other inembcis of congress voting for
she bill , subsequently publicly , did not know until long ufti'i wurd that
to great a change had been mute in the
llnaiielttl svsteni , that debates In eongiess
show that the measure was paitly ascribed
to 0110 lanest Llo.vd of London , a h inker
who. It is clalniCHl , was sent \VnsliInglon
b\ the nioneu'd classes of tlio old wet Id to
EiVUio Its pissaco u > bcciut anilcoirupt |
means , I'icsident Giant , who signed
tht ) bill declined long subsequently that ho
did nnt know It demonetised silver , that the
object of this attack on silver wns to douuie
the pui chasing powei of gold , thus i educing
the | iiUo of all commodities , aitesting enter-
in Iso Impoverishing the teller and degrad
ing m.nkind , the awful consequence
of thIf , act Is now upon tne whole uorlil
In thii tlliNt "f Uiqmrnllolml llilri' ( .
Wo stand in the midst of uupai.illolcd dls-
tn'ss In the shadow of
, impend.m ; calamities
bejoml estimate The tilling Industry of ho
pcoplo who inhabit one-thltd-of the ate.i of
Ihlf * lepublic. lina been sttielcen down
, pio-
peitj values dcHlto.ved and vvoiKmcn com
jicJIed to lly as from a pestilence Kvori-
tvheno honest toilets , ntini ) > eting hiiiulieds
Of thotisinds , hate been thrown out of em-
plovmcnOind loinpolicd to eat the bread mof
( hnrlu or H tin Mi ; the product * of thu Indus-
tiles , faint and \\orltshop , li.uo deptcciaied
in ptleu until production ceasea to be prutltn-
blu ; the money of tliu country , hi idcrjuato
foi Ihu business of the hind , has guuiiatod
to thu hunks , uhllo the people , illstrnsiing
the banks deniand iht'Ir
, doposlu lo huhl or
hide ; inurc.uillli ) lion cs ate g61ng to the
\\allbvtho thuusamls
because tlio masses
hate not the HUMUS to buy men necvhsitles ,
nnd the moteineiit of the great crops being
cathcicd duinnnds a vast amount of cut-
teni'y , which the banks are uunulu to fur
In the midst of these conditions the dally
pi ess Is chiinoilng for thu repeal of the.Slier-
man act , although the mpoal means UTho
stoppKO of ttio Issim of more than ? . ! , UO < MHX >
ofmonov etery month , Ignoring ! the lethe
that to hold the bilancoluMil between the
debtor and cicdltor fiiellons the supply of
cuirono must with the Increased
| K'iilatioii | and bnslnisa The growih ol the
population U ! U per cent o\ery ten ioats ,
the Inctuaso of budincbs Is much greater.
QiliitulliiiiK Irani I'lilillu Men.
The prc.unblo ihon quotes Rt length from
the utlcraiun of Jaine * G , lUame , D.inlol
Webster and Secretary Catllslo in favor fit
bimetallic Jinronoy , and Hon. John Sherman
on the iltui c-isor monetary conti.u'tloii The
resolutions then bay ; There must bo no com
promise of this question. All legisla
tion demonetizing silter nnd
ing the coinage thereof must tie
Immediately and complololy lepealod
lij uu act icstorlnp thocoinuro of Ihu coun-
to to the londltionb established by iin.ho
fonnderit of thu nation , which continued OUT \
eigh ty j eat w Ithout coniilaint | f i om auy p lit
of our people. Hvery hour's delay in undo
ing tliut ( irrupt uork of Kincst Ke d and our
fotoign i > nemlfs is an Itihult to the ulgnlt.v of
thu Amci Icon people , a crushing buruen on
their prosperity uud an attempt to place us
ajmln under the ioUo from which George
> lilnioii ( and compatriots rescued us
\Veprotestagalnsttlieiltmncial policy of
thn Un I ted htutes belnc Qindo dupendont
U | > on the opinion or paliclcn of any foreign
t , uud unert thu power of his
nation to stand on Its own feet and legislate
for Itself upon nil subjects.
Only Itninpily lor the KUln.
\Vo assert that the only remedy for the
purely metallic : financial troubles is to open
the mints of the nation to gold nnd silver
on equal terms at the old ratio of sixteen
pirts of silt or to ono of gold , wheneter
silver bullion can bo exchanged nt the mints
for legal tender silver dollars , worth 100
cents of that money. That llB'i ' , grains of
standard silver bo worth 100 cents , nnd us
commerce equalizes tlio prices of nit com
modities throughout the world , whenever
2' ' grain * ! of standard silt or IB worth 100
cents in the United States they shall bo
worth that everywhere clso ami cannot bo
bought for less.
While wo urge tint Bitch roilts would
enhance thn price of silver bullion , it Is
suniclrnt for us to know that a similar c.xso
can bo made in the price of every kind of
property , except cold credit. In the civilized
world , nnd it would bo a shallow and soltlsh
class that would deny It to the mining in-
( Uis tiles nt the cost of binkruptcy to tlio
whole people I/egislntlon to demonetize
silter has gltcn nn unjust Incienso to the
valuoof gold at a cost of thu prosperity of
mankind , wheat and all other agricultural
products that have ridden side by stdo w 1th
Want thn Hhermnn to Stiiml.
The resolutions continue proles ling
against the repeal of the Sherman act with
out the pass igo of a free coinage act , declar
ing that It would pluntro the country into
greater linanclal misery : declare that Its
maintenance , by bimetallism , at the ratio of
1(5 ( lo 1 will Increase our coniJicreo with all
the silver using countries of the world with
out decreasing it with the nations which buy
our raw m net ial , and will compel the adop
tion of bimetallism by the nations of Uuropn ;
asserts that the uresutit financial calamities
tire not due to the Sherman act , because the
same state uf iifTaits exists in all the gold
standaid countries ; that our trouble arises
from a contraction of thu currency ; that the
fact that the national currency wns not de
preciated shows that the distrust is not of
the government , but of the banks which pro-
clpltated ihls crisis on iho country in an
effort to control silver legislation , and po-
litcly asks the bankers to step aside and
irlve the masses n show.
For the considci.itlon of the convention ,
but not as a pirt of thu plntfoim , the com
mittee also reported the following , which
was unanimously adopted ;
"The committee further recommend that
this convention immediately appoint .1 com
mittee , composed ol one member fiom each
stuto and tertltoty to bo selected by the
rcspectite delegations , to act in conjunction
with the American .National Himelallist
league , to devise a plan and to provide w.ijs
and means forimpicscing upon congress and
the pcoplo the impending puiils from thu
linal demonetization of silver and the adop
tion of a single gold standard. "
On motion of Mr. Hcagan the resolutions
w cro adopted by acclamation.
WMJH nii < l MeitiH Committee.
The following gentlemen were icportod by
the various state delegations as the commit
tee on wa\s and means. Alabama. J C.
Mannm ; Atlzona , i ! Hciinan ; California ,
C lj Helshiw ; Connccticu' ' , Joseph Sheldon ;
Colorado , N. P Hill : Disttict of Columbia , Ctandall ; Florida , O Kichnrdion ; Indiana -
diana , Lotoy Tcniplcton , Id iho , G. V Bry
ant ; Illinois , C G. Dickson ; Iowa , A Von-
waggnei : Kansas , Charles Hatton ; Kcn-
tucki , George McCormlek ; Nevada , 'Ihomas
Wicn ; Mass ichusetls , G. F , Washburno ;
Montana , W. A Clark ; Michigan , AI li.
IIaugme > er ; Minnesota , Ignatius Donnelly ;
Missouri. K.V Gudc ; New Mexico , Jacob
Cuiwford ; North Dakota , Willis Ii Bltley ;
Not thCarolina.f. II Stnnton ; Ponnsvlvania ,
Victor A. I oticr ; Ohio , Allen W Thutman ;
Ut.ih , C. 13 Allen ; Texas , J. S Uiughctty ;
Tennessee , Kico A. Pierce ; Virginia , 1 L.
Johnson ; Vest Virginia , W. C. Kalc
Washington. D C Klngsbury : Wisconsin ,
Robert Schilling : "tVvomiug , J. C Campbell ;
Nubinska , Paul Vandurvooit ; Now Yotk , C.
H Maddis
The first sicakcr | of the afternoon session
was John I ] I.emmon of NoviTYnrlc , repre
senting the executive council of the Ameri
can Tedcration of Labor. lie read a telegram -
gram which nuthori/od him to attend the
convention to e\picss the sentiments of the
trades unionists of the Aniotican Federation
of Labor upon the silver question He slid
half a million of federation men were advo
cates of the fieo and unlimited coinage of
silver. [ Applause ]
( Intrrnor tt alto's Appimr inrc.
There was tremendous appl luse when
Goveinor Watte of Colorado was introduced
as the next speaker. A number of en
thusiastic delegates had boon how ling for
two dajs for W.ilto and when llio chief
executive of Iho Centennial stale mounted
the platform their cup of joy was ovorllovv-
ing. Cheer after ( beer was given by dele
gates w ho stood up nnd waived their hats :
wildly and the ovation was terminated with ,
"Three cheeis for Governot Willie "
Goveinor Wulto spoke at ireat length
Ho assorted that Kinco IbT.t no eongiess has
convened bill that a majotIt ) in both houses :
weio in tntorof testorlug the fieo coinage :
of silver
Congress , ho continued , never has been
able to enact such a law became the ptesi-
deul , whether icpublicnn 01 democratic , has
nlwajs been tlomm ited bv Wall stn-ut and
stood lead v to Intel pose bin veto Conines-
oloniil legislation and nothing else husic-
duced the prko of sllvei bullion fiom $ , , eid
nor ounce in Ib'.l to 70 cents in Ib'.l.l , and
legisl itiou for which Iho two old parties ido
cquallv responsible , and reduced the pi ice of
wheat in the s.uuo time fiomfl per bushel
to TiH ' cents The same legislation has elo
duced'lho price of lotton fiom ID.I-IO lo 1 oHf
In the same time. The ratio value of silver
ns bullion , compiled wilh gold , has
been increased from 1C to 1 to IM to 1. It lias
not only diminished the value of silver bul
lion , but also diminished in almost the
same mopotlion Ihu value of wheat , coin ,
poik , hoof , cotton nnd the wages of labor
Wailo quoted fiom the speech of H ilfour
at Mmichesler. in which ho was quoted ns
siving "Ihe gold monetary stindaid iu
fifteen or sKlcon ieais has cone up no less
ihan fiom ! < 0 to id pel cent , and us to tst
further rise in value , no man can sot n limit "
Wnllo denied that In thu broad sense sti
ver is a local question and salil ho could
ptovo fioitiofllclul stitlstics thjttho loss lo
the ngilcultuial states fiom the bi.ucitv of
money occasioned b } thu rufusal of frco
coinage In each state in thu gicatiMlssis-
slpul valU'i Is fiom ton to twcnti limes ISIU
loss unstained bv silver
Wuilu saiil that the con
ference for the put pose ol bottling our money
alTalis by the dictation of foreign money
liower , is Ihu most contemptible and God
forsaken Idea that 1msover entered tlm brain
of an Ameiicnn citl/im If wo have become ,
under Iho ruin of the two oldnaitlis , onlv a
piovlnco ofllnropiMn monarchies , then ve ,
need another involution ; another appeal to
arms and to the trod af hosts
In closing Gov ci nor Wailu sild , " \Vlio
is Graver Cleveland , and who Is Benjamin
Harrison , and who aio their suppoilcis in
Wall sticut and Chicago , that they daio as
sume to dilvc Into poverty ami exile half n
million of freemen ) ' 1 hoio Is no use g
peace , where is no pence The ist
dangerous tvrauny Is that enforced under
the forms of law. Our weapons are iiigu-
munis and Ihu ballot , a fieo Inllot and a
fair count. If the money power shall attempt -
tempt to sustain Its usurpation of our lights
bstiong hands , us Iu other lands , wo will
meat that Issue if It is foued upon us/for it
Is bettor , iiillnitcly better , lather than that
our liberties should bo destroyed by ihu
l\ ninny that Isopptcsslng huinanitj all over
Ihu world , tbut wo should wade through j
seas of blood -ic.a , blood te horses' bridles "
[ 'Jremoiidous applause , ]
hetxrii "in
nx-Coiigrcssnian Pierce of 'Icnnessoe , the
lieutenant of Chairman lil.uid lu the last
congress , was tecclvcd wilh giuat enthus
iasm , und prauodcd lo make u speech which
was the siMwatiQit of the day in Its arraign ;
ment of President Clovolnud.
"I am hero as a democrat , " nid ho. ( 'De-
tnocraci hud no part and parcel In the leumu
inonetUnion of silver , Democracv does not
bollav ( < iu It [ Applause. ]
" '
"I'lio democratic icpicsuntutltcs from the
south uud west , lousiitiiiiug an over ,
whelming majority of the democrats
Old Soldiers at Superior Lift Up Their
Voices in Glad Acclaim.
Camp Pirn Vnrns nml Klnquont AddrrMc *
Uenmr Itoonltcctlom of llravo Dnpdi
Done lor Old Ulory I'rogroM
of thu llminlon.
CAMP LINCOI.V , Summon , Neb , Aug. 2.
[ Special toTuu lire J In his welcoming ad
dress .vestcrday Colonel Schuler , who is a
grlrzled ohl veteran , with a face beaming
with the milk of human kindness , said that
it was not the old suldlcts nh nc to whom ho
spoke , but to their vvlveis nnd daughters and
sons , whom ho considered old soldiers too , In
n way. Ho wanted everybody to feel that
they wore welcomed to Camp Lincoln , and
could pitch In heart ana soul and make the
most out of a good thing an occasion to
him of exceeding moro interest than the
irreat Wet Id's fair , now charming Its millions
of pcoplo at Chicago. Ho addc 1 that no ono
need have any feats of molestation from auy
source ; that stiiet mllltiry discipline was
enforced throughout the encampment ; thut
the guards weio always at their posts , ns
well as a goodly squad of police and deputy
sheriffs ; that they should all feel ns safe
as If they were In their own homos. He
consldcicd a reunion of the old soldiers a
sacicd thing , uud no place for anything but
thu exchange of goodwill and affection.
After thu colonel had retired , amid the
shouts \ of his old comrades , W. P. Conway ,
. . .
a private of the Ninety-fourth Illinois , nnd
a man who saw much thrilling service
with the Army of the Gulf , took the stand ,
and In an inimitable way sang "Undo Abe
Will do Huglu and do Fhio1 , " A darky melody
Unit fairly too1 : the big crowd by storm. Of
course , ho had to come again and ngaiii , nnd
his "Old Gtavbick" and "Marching Thiough
Georgia , " were ticats of a genuine kind.
The entire assemblage took part in cbor-s
of the latter song , and tlio vclumo of sound ,
as it arose from the shady grove , echoed far
away down the Republican's lovely valley.
Hurrah ! liurr.ihl ne bring thu jubilee ;
Hurrah ! hurrah ! for Ihu Hag thut made
jou fiee
So wo sang tlio chorus from Atlanta to the
sun ,
AMille we were in irchliiK through Georgia.
Those aio the lines that rekindle all the
latent tire in the old soldier's heart , make
his oits ! sparkle over again with thu bril
liancy of iouth , sends a tingling through his
nerves and sols his heart to bounding as no
lllgnt of otatory or sound of cjmbiil , diuui
and brass can evei do.
Thuio weio songs and short stoiles by
other old vetcians , but the tall Kansas man
had thu call , and he was obliged to favor
the crowd once more , and again just befoio
the closing of tbo ceremonies.
Tno Tntort ilnlnc Aililrossos.
The address of Prof. Andtons was a
flue ono , and held the crowd entapt through
out. Ho said this great reunion was very
suggestive of Iho incidents and principles of
our late civil war.
" 1 do not ask " ho "
you , said , "to dwell cn-
litcly upon the inestimable sacrifices of
thosodavs , but rather upon thu fact that
watfaio has been an important factor in
human ptogiess. Recount the intellectual
warf.uo which has led the race from the
daiktipss of the past to tbo glory and light of
the present. Recount the spiritual warfare
which has conducted the race fiom the
dangers of the p ist to the serene heights of
ficoconsiJonce Recount the military war
fare which has aided iu bteakingdowu thu
powers of mouarchy and biingingin free
representative gciveininont Ansvverim ; to
these Hues of warfare , tl-u race has matched
in tilumph fiom the land of bomlago. "
In his peroration Mi. Androtvs soared in
lofty realms , and the old soldicts and tlieit
ft lends attested to their appreciation in long ,
loud and vigoious chcots.
Colonel O. H. Coulter was the 1 ist spe ikor
intioduced , and he , too , made a hit. His ad
dress was moio of the niituio of a chat , easy ,
gtacoful and highly ontei talnin , about
cquulli bilanccd us to pathos and humor
Ho talked light at the old fellows iu blue in
a lunguige they all spoke ; told them things
they had piobabli ho ml a huncltcd limes
before ; made them laugh one moment and
draw their sleeves acioss their oiestho
next. Of coinso , when hugot throusli thoio
was an outbuist ofvheeis that must have
made his heart palpitate with the pleasing
feeling tlmt he was one of them His windup -
up was a unique one.
"If theio are any men in this great cro wd
of old vvaniors who went with Sherman to
the sea , let them stand up "
Asi \ by magic there wcro a couple of
bundled manlv forms , some of them bent
with ago ami decrepitude , iot clothed , despite -
spite nil this , iu the fullness of their manli
ness , standing In the aisles und among the
"Ileio , my follow cltl/ons , " exclaimed the
facetious colonel , "is a fair s implo of the
chicken thieves of the Army of thu Cumber
land "
And then the old follows fairly howled in
ecslacy , shipping cich other on thu bick
and giasping bands , as if ihuy had just mot
after a p irting of a score of ye irs
Coloiiol < milter .Vftor Smith.
In a btiof interview'witn Colonel Coulter
on the probiblo notion of the Gland Aimy
of Iho Republl-j concerning Iho suspension of
pensions , he said. "Why , I believe that us a
body It will suicly take stops to test the
l"galitv of Hoke bimth's
outer on the pen
sion question That this oiifer comes fiom
a Guoit'lan , lee , Is puticulaiii galling to iho
soldleis who served In the tunics and navies
of the union nt a time whan his state was
tri lnr to lire lie out of the fold I think It is
the duti the Grand Army owes itself to
make this fellow come into com l
.ind bo made to prove hta claims of
fiaud on the p u t of pensioners lu the past
the cii.ind Army has
been too lenient in regard -
gard to these tilings , and it is time now for
uvory fllltcoroi old soldier In any position to
speak out just what ho thinks about the
ma ttcr Thci o hat o been aspei aions cast on
the old homes of ' 01-5 , iho men who do-
seitc'd liiesido and homo to piotcct the flag
fiom just such icbels as Hoke Smith , and if
they lenmln silent and passive under this
foul attack , I will think thu old fires of those
inumoraulo duvs have died out indeed , And
I might add th it there Is no bettor or more
appropriate plico than at just such reunions
as this , when thu slaiidcicd voluiaus are all
together , of giving voice to their sentiments ,
and It is to be hoped that this opportunity
will not bo allowed lo pass unimproved "
Taking Filing * ut Thrlr i : iu.
Afler Ihe speech making was over Iho
audience dispersed to the vat Ions parts of
thu big encampment Many of the old sol- > |
dieib strolled out to the liltlo eminence on
which is being erected Ihu foi t thai is lo
lake suih u conspicuous put in Thursday's
bhuin battle. Hero th'jy lingered nnd
chatted , examined the big guns and pointed
out to each other thu most available points
of nttack and defense. From tliolr earnogt-
ness ono would have Imagined thut the falo
of Iho old flag again depjivded upon iho out-
lomo of this mock conflict. And why not
generals , oveiy one of thomt Thnj did their
part lu the real encounters ut blood on
southern fields ihlrty ioats Ufro , ns Grant
hherm in , blforldnn , I/osan , Hancock , Mcado
and Thomas did tholis , und why not en-
velop them in iho same halo Olhets
assltollcd along Ihu p trade ground lounged in
Ihu shadoof graceful willows und smoked
Iho pipe uf IKS.ICO and talked of IheTtliueb of
war , A compilation of thu storlfcs snapped
ehero this week would make a roidablo voi
umu indeed. While Ihe old veterans hung
around the tents , iho fort , itlm
parade grounds nml even-thing tlut
smacked of the military , thu couutri people >
cloiply liiiuutcd Ihu leirilory of iho deep-
luugcd fakir umTcatch penny snaps. Tins
l-uillunof the giouwls occupies the eastern
porllou uf tbo ( lark and U a uiiuaturu Mid
way plalsanco , as what it tacks In the WAV
of c cap1 attractions and Vvbrlhless claptrap
Isn't to IMS named , There { everything bore
In the way of freaks and .curios from the
fat woman to the hairy jxnacondn , nnd
a combination of dlssunint noises th it
keeps green the inemorv oT'urand , old .lohn
Adams nnd which makes the welkin i ing
after a fashion that , if ho could have fore
seen It , would havtyfully satisfied his ambi
tion for a vociferous and uproarious , high
old time. l
The reunion Is certainly meeting the loud
est hopes of the association. A big crowd Is
here nnd a bigcer ono coming. It Is n joyous
and unit an.mclcd throng , bent upon enjoy
ing Itself dcsplto the fact that this ticrco
dog-day weather is fairly incinerating both
earth and atmosphere.
ICellef CJorpit Onicern Arrlv .
And still Camp Lincoln grows , Santa
Fc trains bringing in largo crowds from the
south , and the B. & M. from tbo west at
noon bringing an Immense crowd and largo
delegations from Women's Relief corps of
Nubiaskn , among whom wcro Mrs. Emma
I , V ) Knight , past president Department of
Nebraska - ; Mis Gou6riil Gage and Mrs. W.
li Andrews. They proceeded Immediately
to the ground , tvhoro n hearty welcome was
given them at Women's Relief corps head-
miartcrs. Then , at 11:30. thn Women's Relief -
lief corps had commenced their day In real
earnest , and at the speakers' stand most
excellent addresses were rendered by Rev ,
John Chapin of Red Cloud and Department
President Mrs. C. Al. Hunter of Loup City , a
declamation by Mrs. Nora Nice of Red Cloud ,
and a paper by Miss May Mahaffoy. These
madewoman's day most enjoyable and
pleasant and ono long to bo rcmembetcd.
Tickled tho. Ilnml ltd } * .
The press headquarters , occupied by TUB
OMAHA BKI : , Nebraska Stale Journal and
Western Veteran'of Topeka , was completely
surprised by n serenade from the First Regi
ment band of Geneva , whoso music would
stir the hearts of the most unappreclatlvc.
nnd as the last plcca .was rendered General
Haliback responded with one of his eloquent
speeches. Ho salrt they blew moro
music Into the hearts of the old
O'dlers than they with their breath
coil d force into form. The faces of the boys
beamed with pleasure moro than their uni
forms could possibly glitter in the sunlight
At 4 the old veterans fell in for toll call
by the states. They responded to their
names In old army stilo. At 4K : ! ) a grand
parade wns formed bv the National Guaids
with the commanders and staffs at the head ,
which marched to the depot and escorted
the arrivals to camp , impoi tant among which
were Lieutenant Governor Majors , General
John M , Thaier nud Hon. Church Howe.
1'ciiBlon Itcsolutlon Adnptml.
This afternoon a mooting of the Grand
Army of the Republic was called. The ques
tion at hand was the pension question , uud
the following resolutions jrcto adopted :
Tlm soldiers for the union now llv Itu In Ne-
brnska and Kansas , In In to rat a to reunion as
sembled ut buperlor , Null , cannot but tiew
with alarm the action of "the " government nt
Washington relathu toi the suspension of
pensions now heliiK paid to out comrades by
loa on of thcir , * > oi\lco to our countiy In the
hour of need , and holng actu ited
nlnnu by a loyal desire to stand by them In
their tlmo of need and disclaiming a spirit of
undue criticism , do hereby , us an expression
of our undivided sentiments , resolve that
whll ] uo concede and upproic of the il ht of
the commissioner of pensions to purjiu thu
tension roll of every 11.111111 put there by fraud ,
Mhero Ijo such fraud i perpetrated , yet wo
deny tlio rlKht In hov or morals of the com
missioner , bPcretury of the Interior , or any
other olllcer of the uo\ornnient , to lirst sus
pend and then icquost the non.lonei to fur
nish proof tlmt be Is entitled to .a pension.
We ' afllriii the ' irruaf recossary for the allow-
mice hit Ing been om'o furnished by him and
hat IIIB boci\ adjudicated uumi by duly consil-
tuted nutJidrlty , Is finalBO fur nsMhu presi
dent In concerned , and ft la .a wronK exercise
of power to requireproof bu
-proof to ugiUu fiu-
MlHhcd fiftcr. In m my''cnses , years have
tr.insiilrrd'and thi ) oi.tVor.tunlty lu obtain now
testimony Isjast aip ) gone. " *
Work of the Noldlnr Kndoritml.
Tlio Foldlors of the republic deserve well of
their country , for It was UirouKh tholr un
selfish effort its Ufa vviu preserved , the
causuofgpotl government more fully rstab-
Ilshed And freedom , with all the rlnlits , which
followed In Its train , advanced lo a higher
excellence We demand. In the nunioof our
dead , as well : i < our living comrades ,
vto demand In thu liiiino of thu wldons , the
fatherless and the aged imruntsof their bu-
loyert dead , that the assault now thicitenea
cease at once , and tlmt thosplilt now minted
by those In authority .shall give viy to and
once more rotuin to that fcullnguf love and
Ii3vurencu which bus heretofore charaetei I7ud
the govcimnontof thu country In Its dealings
with the defenders of thu nation from thn
willful , ulckod and causeless assaults ef
\Ve ncall again to life thn woidsof the
mart } r Mm oln us ho stood within the ilmdow
of treason's last and most vindictive assault ,
"ulth inallcu towaid uonu , with charity foi
all. lot us po forxvard In the wotk
In which wo aw AnviKud to bind up
the nation's rounds , to * ri'iru for him nlio
hub berne tlio ualtlo , lilit widow and oruliuns , "
and In | IH | n imc wo teljuku that Hplrft of du-
nnncliition nnd llooil of foul nhuio nhlch Is
non liulng poured upon the hcails of tlio men
who liu\o liorno Iliu battle , the broken and
worn soluluu nml bailers of tlio union , and
hero and nun , with elbo-v touching ulliotv , .is
In the do ir old dajs , wo renew tlio pleiUn of
loyally to country and la HUB and of lu\u un-
dyliiK to"our conn tides , wliotovur tlioy may lie ,
and pruy ciod's lilc'islnj.upon tlimn and theirs
.MaliInc : Good liiiiruRKlon. |
The 1 Irst regiment band , Ind b , ) Prof. S.
H. Camp , with dressy unlfoims , nru making
nn exceedingly line exhibition. The bo\sMO
to bo pulsed on their well kept uniforms ,
their excellent musio and the manly conduct .
which they have sustained whllu hetc.
Geneva can well boast of their fine bund.
General Mi or. Colonel Major , Chinch
Howe , Gcneial Hinback and many othcts
made the campllro the most enthusiastic
ono over held in Nootaskti. The llery
speeches Intel mingled with jokes sent the
thrill of old iirmy lifo into otery bro ist
Tomotrow's proj'ram w > lll bo ae follows :
Grand parade lo city and rot low , nddieshos
by lion John J. Ingnlls , John M.
1ha > or , Church Howu , T. J. Majors , General -
oral Ilanback and others.
Tiitii > OF iina
r lti'ck\vlth of tVyoinliiK tVIII Avlil
I'nrtner I'ucilonul strilo.
] { A\M.I\S , Wyo.f Aug. U [ Sporlal Tele
gram to 'IHE HUB. ] 1 jias leaked out lore
today its a poHitite fag tlmt Senator lleck-
wlthhus tendered hisresignation ( , to take
effect , unless ho la seated as soon after the
convening of the senate as hi * case can pos
sibly bo acted upon , j Should the matter
dally along as It did last winter ho proposes
to ihtow up iho Job [ iiulr ] tuiii home. It is
also whispered that , ho does not ptoposo to
boused an a tool In iidTuncInu coitniu ap
pointment * which 'arplnow being urged ipby
the faithful. > j
H is not believed hen ) that Collector Now
wilt bu appointed in caviJiucltultli urges the
acceptance of his resignation , as it is a wtdl
known fact that GovernorOsbotno uUhes to
succeed Cary or the lappointea nnd Now's
appointment to the s nute would bo sudden
death to his ambition , j
Members of tlio HtntnI ) > r < ii Aiioolutliin ut
CHICAGO , Auj. 3 { Special Tolcgram to
THE HEB. ] The Ipxva Press association will
arrive at the World'f f lr tomorrow and bo
entertained at the state building , Thu
formal exercises vvlll omuicnco nt 11 a. hem
In thu assembly roqm. Speeches will bo
Hindu tiy Commissioner J. W. Jaraaginan ,
chairman of the
reception committee ,
1-a fa jet to Young , president of the Press
association , and several of tlio editors pres
ent. Kiomil to S p n ) . a rucnpllon will CSbe
given by Ihu Iowa Columbian commission
und Iowa Hoard of Lady Managers lo the
Press association uud United Status lady ,
mahageis iirtho Iowa building.
_ - .
it UJiunlv1 Mnrtcnce Itflo i .
Aug. ' . ' [ Sppolal to Tun
HUE J Cass county's mortgage record for
Julyjias been compiled by the rt'tjlsfpr of
deeds i us follows ; Kami roert flled $30.
es ,
I ed ,
r\n\Tii n I IIIA r > T frn'n r\t t itt
Receiver Haydsn of ths Oapitil National
Bank Serves a Strtling Notice.
Strnngo Turn Tnkcu lit the .tiljtutmont of
the riimncliil TniiKfo I.rlt I ) } Mr.
Mother Opinion * of Olllcors
nnd Atlurtiuji.
LIXCOI.V , Aug. 2 [ Special Telegram to
Tun Bbu. ] Uccelvor Haiden of the defunct
Capital National bank has gltcn terbal
notice to State Treasurer B irtlcy that the
claim of the stale for the amount of Its de
posit , something like t.Mrt.OOO , will not bo
allowed on the ground that the slate's
money had never been deposited In the bank ,
or that the bank had never got Hie benefit
of the money.
StaioTicasurerHartley asked Mr. Hn.vden
to glvohlm written notice of the decision.
This the receiver agreed to do as soon as
possible , but up to this evening it had not
found its way to the treasurer's ofllcc.
Hecelvor Ha.vdcn was seen by TUB BIT.
correspondent this evening , but was ex
tremely reticent lu regard to the subject.
Ho admitted that It was true
that ho hud decided not to allow the claim
of tba state , and that he was acting under
ndtico from the attorneys , Messrs Cobb &
Harvey and G. M Lambcitson. lie had
hoped to have placed n written opinion in
the hands of the state trcasuior befoto tlifs ,
but the absence of Mr L imbertson , w ho had
been called to Wisconsin by the death of .1
sister , had delated the matter. Ho pre-
feriod not to discuss the matter further.
llx-Treasurer Illll IK Not U'orrjliiir.
The question has boon raised ns to
whether this action upon the pait of the re
ceiver has not prejudiced the case of ox-
Treasurer Hill , who Is defendant in the suit
brought by Judge Wukolev on bahalf of Gov
ernor Crounso to recover the amount de
posited in the bank when it closed its doors.
The cx-treisurer wns seen ut his homo
by Tin : early this ov cuing. He stated
that ho had heard of the mailer onl.v this
aftctuoon , and that ho had talked with At-
torneis Cobb & Harvey In regard to the
matter. Thcv had assuted him. ho said ,
that no decision had as \et been
reached ; that iho attention of the
comptiollor of the currency had been con
sulted , and that oflleial had icfeired the
question bacit to the nttornu.v for tin opinion
The ox-Iteasuier knew nothing futthorNin
togaid lo Iho now matter , and did not show
any indications of uneasiness over the new
and unexpected developments in the case.
Ihe de.ision of liucolver Hat don not to
allow the stato's el ilm has also given a new
compileition to the case which is likely to
drac In suvetal pcoplo who have notup to
the picscnt time llgutcd prominently in the
Itnlrir * u I'nrtliK'iit Point.
When Treasurer' Battlov assumed the
duties of hia onico
hciccclvcd fiom his pic-
docessor certificates of deposit on the
Capital National bink for over fciOO-
000 Those certificates woio deposited
in the bank the next day by .Deputy
urof Hartley to thb credit of the state treas
urer. Iho bank accepted- the cot tiflcates ,
credited the ontlro amount to the state
treasurer , opened a now account in n
now pass book and then destroyed
the certificates Treasurer Baitley stated ho felt that Wl7OOJ ! was too much to
keep on deposit in auv one bank , and with
the view of reducing it us speedily as possi
ble checked out something like $ -10,000
within the first few dais after bo
-had assumed his olllce It was this
extraordinary and unexpected demand of the
state tieasutct tliit precipitated the failure
of the Dank. Now the question has pie-
sented itself to sevoial prominent finan
ciers in Lincoln , how is Receiver
Havdon to trcit the $ IOOOJ piirt out on
checks signed by State Trcasuicr Butlei ?
If he holds that the st ito funds wore not Jo-
posllcd in tne bink and vet admits that the
bank recogni/od the state tieasuier's checks
to the extent of $ .10,000 , does he ptoposo to
consider the latter amout.t as an ovetdiaft
and attempt to collect it from the state
Ueasuier ?
This is the question asked by ono of the
Intel | estod parties , but It cannot be answered
until J the legal opinion of Kc-cclvcr H.i > den's
attorneys is given to the public.
Will Wiilt for VVrlltdii Nollcr.
State Treasurer Hartley s lid this evening
that It was clearly evident that the claims
of the stiito would bo ignored , nml that it
was perfectly safe to assume that the st.alo
would got n share of the receiver's dividends
only after u law suit. He could not say
what he should do in regard to thu matter
until ho had toeoived the written notice
fiom the receiver and could ascertain the
legal ground upon which the icceivor's de
cision was based.
, Iiiil'eViikoley ISxphkiiift tlio Stttun of tlio
When Judge Wnkeley , who Is counsel for
the state In the case against ovTieasuiet
Hill and hU bondsmen , was asked last evenIng -
Ing about the effect of the latest action nf f
the receiver on the case now pending in
coutt he said , ho had received no ptoviotis
Intimation of what the locoiver had done ,
but ho could not see how it would hutu any
effect on the case in any manner whatever ,
"It must bo understood , " ho Haul , "that
the state us a state , does not look to the
bank for that ti l,000 The state's 10o
sltion is that ox-Truasutcr Hill to-
cuivod the money nnd failed to cither
turn It over to his successor or to
pay It out Iu the way of proper disburse
ments lo settle the indebtedness of the
state. That is why the state has never
made a demand upon the bank for the money !
after the manner of regular depositor S.
rreasiuut-Uarlloy wanled this demand made ,
but I advised verj distinctly against it , ami
Governor Crounso and Attorney al
Hastings declined to make it. The to
has supposed and alleged that the money
was deposited as claimed , but it makes no
difTcienco to our case whether it was or not.
This assertion on the part of the lecelyor ,
that the money never was deposited , Is
something that I had not heard before. If
Captain Hill did not deposit it. that is his
lookout and not thu concern of the stato. If
lie did not dejwsit It he Is certainly liable
for the money , and if ho did deposit
it , ho unlawfully converted it to his own use
by so doing , and therefore embezzled it and
violated Ills bond , This has nil along been
the contention uf the auto , and this now
statement will uot change the situation
nt all.
Will Proceed Moulll ) .
Treasurer Bartloy has locc-ntly made a de
mand for iho money , und I suppose that la
w lint called forth the declaration on the
part of the receiver I hatonoldea whether
the money was deposited or ngt , but It la
curtain that there were certificates of de-posit
show ing that the money had been received
by the bank. There were a number of Irregularities
regularities practiced in connection with irhe
bank's paper , but I believe this Is the nisi
time that It has been alleged that the ex-
treasurer's certificates weiu bogus , JX10
claim heretofore hating been lhat Iho money
was actually deposited , but thut the bank's
books wore doctored so as to defraud the
bank and docolvo tbo directors and bink ox-
umlner. So far as this phako Is concerned IXny 1
can only say thai It will not causa any
chuiiKe of pluns or have any beating on iho
ca e. We have bocn ruled out of court
here on the giound of want of juris
diction , but thu case will bo doclcutod in . Is.he
supreme couil iu u fun duj , aud we look for
a ipecdy hearing , cxpeclintf a decision this
fall. Wo do not bcllevo tnt the supreme
court will sustain .Midge Dav % , ut If wo are
mistaken on that point wo w ? to know It
as soon ns | Ksslblo , that wo - -begin suit
in Ijincnster county , while If " ' i are to bo
allowed to ire ahead hero wo t * . It deter
mined , In order th it the ea o against Mr.
Hill nnd his bondsmen m.av bo pushed right
along. Ofiourse , wo would like lo see the
bank pay lu the money , so ns 10 save Mr.
HIM and tils bond , and wo would Itko to see
the money In tbeistato treasury , where It be
longs , but wo arc not wotnltig about
vvlielherltwnsevcrdeiwiltedin thn Capital
National or not , ns th it Is somethmi ; that
concents the ex-treasurer and his linanclal
backers moro than It.does ntiibodi clso "
tin : ur n ixuaoh. oi'in.
Cnncrdct All tint I'miic * Dpiuntidrd
and Might A
Jit , MM ( iIMfill lll\t\ll\ \ \ \ ,
LONDON , Aug. 'J TNow York Herald Cable
Special to Tun BCB I Telegrams received
hero from Paris state that the blockade of
Bangkok has been raised today , but no word
has been received from Admhal Huaann
conllttiling this intellfgcnco.
The tetuis of the settlement of thodlni-
culli ate sllll unknown , but It is known that
Slam has conceded the entire demand of the
ultimatum , with the addition of some minor
stipulations Insisted cm bv fiance.
MIM.IllUt lll.UVf.'J
llr KcijjilUM Uan thn Ainorlrttn Itri- |
n Nil mo Vt'lthoiit VVnirnnt.
HOSOI.UI.U J , ( via San Francisco ) , July 'JO
Minister Hlount's equanimity was seriously
disturbed by an Incident which occutrcd just
before the steamer Australia loft port. The
prearranged scheme of picscntlng a cane to
Clause Sprockets was carried out. It was
Inscribed with a list of names , headed by
those of Llliuokulnni and James H. liloiint ,
andnt , the time of the inosculation the ioi-
allsts ] | took occasion to asset t that Minister
Bloiint allowed the use of his name to show
his : appreciation of Spreckels and the ex-
queen's cause
When Minister Dlount heard of this ho
denounced the niattet in an excited manner
as an outrage nnd sent the ptovlslonal gov
ernment a note , calling its attention to it
ChatlcsCrcighton , who made the picsenta-
lion speech , was called upon for an explana
tion and an apology for the use of Minister
Hlount's name on the cane
This aftoinoon Cielghton left his answer
nl the foreign ofllce. It contained an at
tempted explanation of the use of Blount's
name and expressed the tcgret of four roy
alists participiting that the offense had
been given The matter was considered In a
cabinet meeting and it was icsolvod to de
cline to accept the apolo i offered. Ctcigh-
ton's letter was toturned to him tliio
evening , and the gov eminent will decide on
further action after consulting Minister
Illiiiint'n IC < > 1 > > rt Due.
WVSIIINOTOV , Aug. - The i opart of Min
ister Blount Jon Hawaiian affairs is in
Washington und Is likcl.v to be dcliteied to
Scctetiuy Gresham at anv tin e
Minister Blount bus decided to leave Hone
lulu on August 0 , and will come direct to
Washington Thosjnopsis of the lustt no
tions to Mr. Blount contained In thu dispatch
from San Francisco is substantially coirect.
Prominent C'iti7iin of .tint Inn Junction Tnr
anil I'lmllKir n IVonmll.
Siovx TAI is , S D , Aug 2 [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bri : ] Yesterday motning
about D o'clock Mrs Van Kux.illnc , who was
suspected ot koeplnir .1 house of ill tepute at
Mat ion Junction , was t iken from her house
b.v about thlt I v of the lo idtnir clti7"iis to Iho
outskiils of town , vvheto all of her clothes
weiu taken off and .1 piepir.uion of tatnish , and vinegar was pouied over her poison
and u coat of feathets on top of th it. The
mob wns incited to tiie deed b.v the woman's
hiisbiml , vvhod'ilmed that shu had been in-
lim.ilo with a number of men in the vicinity.
The affair has moused thu wildest excite
ment in Tinner county , nnd there ate m in.v
threats of summary justice in ease. Iho pcr-
pctiators mo found
jSint-l Trip l ) > VVntir.
HOT Si'UisiH , Aug L' [ Speclil to Tins
Bi'K J Louis UeBatiis and Gust Olson have
Just completed a novel boat , which thei will
launch in the Chejonno river tomorrow nnd )
attempt to make the join no } from Hot
SptIngs to Memphis Tenn. , bv water The
boat is about cighlccn feet long and five
feet wide at its widest part , and will not
diaw moro than six inches of water. In the
stein ihov have rigged n paddle wheel
with a iroiriug , and they will piopol
it by hand power with a ciank.
The.v expect to bo about three months mak
ing the trip Du Binds Is un old sea cap
tain , having Haded between Now Yoik and
Philadelphia and the West Indies , Hailing
his own tessel. which wns aftcrwaid
wreciccd on" Cano Chat lotto , losing ovuiy-
thing ho had They ate well equipped with
fishing tackle , guns and ammunition , and
expect to trot a good prtt of their living | J
fiom this soutce.
Mncimiilii fop * In ' 1 rimhlii ,
HOT SrniNOs , S D , Aug U [ Special to
Tin : Bra , ] Moccasin Tops , a veil iimurel-
some Sioux chief , who stands well up
among iho Indians , was biought in from
the agency this morning by Doptiiv
Marshal Mntthicssmi Tops is charged with
killing government c.ittly , mid Is also said to
bn the Instig itor of the murder of iho cow
boys last winter Ho did sumo long-iango
fighting w hen thui ti led to art cst him , and Is
also charged with assault with Intent to kill
He wns bound over in thu Mini of fROO bonds
to appear for li Ial at the next tcim of the
United Slates court at Deadwood , Ho will
bo taken there fur safe keeping tomotiovv ,
Clumlnu ; luitlo Ililcnfln.
Sioi'X Pjni1) ) , S , D , Aug. 2. [ Special
Telegram to Tun BPIJ ] Lust night Benjamin
MelmofCiipitui , Mont , m lived In town InMl
n chnso after n bind of rustlers who are
driving a bunch of sixty cuttlo belonging to
him and his neighbors out of the country ?
Ho struck iholr trail on Indian Creole , about
twenty miles fiom thin town , and came in
after assistance. Cowbo.vs aio nftrr the
thieves 'J hoio will bu iroublo If the two
purlieu moot. .
ftulvud un liitnrmlini ; ( jnuitloii ,
BniE POUIICIIK , S D.Aug. S. [ Special
Telecrntu to THE BKI : ] A strong flow of
artesian water was struck hero this nminlng
at a depth of 'J * 5 feet When completed the
well will furnish moio water than this town
can po slblj USD Moio wells will now bo
sunk in ihts vicinity for litigating purposes )
Tlio watorquesllon | s now sullied m thi
hciotoforo so called arid region ,
Ninitli Dakota btKiie in Drllllinil.
HOT SPHISOS , S D. , Aug 2. [ Special to
TUB Bn : J The Him Cieek Sandstone com-
panj has received the t ontract for furjilsh- >
ing the stone for the blc Musonto hall hIn
Sioux City ft is built of Milwaukee cream
colored pressed brick und there is no shade
of sandstone that matches It so nicelj as the
Burke malarial , of which this city hall nnd
now school house Is built ,
KIIIB , Pa. , Aug 2 Bishop Mullln of this
Itomun Catholic ) dloceso coluhratod the
twenty-fifth anniversary of his elevation to
the opUconaey loJay. Cilidinal ( jlbbout I !
preached thu t > ei mou
lliintiirr' UliKiti t'rop.
Bum PKSTII , Aui ; li 'Iho Hungarian
wheat crop in expected to bo 1,000,000
bushels above the tsltuutui , Thu quality
U excellent ,
Pence Declared in Nloarngna After Several
Hard-fought Battles.
( Jonrrnl 7.nn \ Di-ponnl n rro litrnt of
the rro l li > iml ( loMiriiinoiit ittnl tli
l.r ilcrn of tlio llrx. Million
TnUo I'lill Churtr.
'itnl ISM ( it/rumM (7onm ( He illicit 1
Svs Juis nnt. Sun , Nicaragua ( via Galtes-
ton , Tex ) , Aug U [ Bv Mexican Cable to
the Now Votk Hetald Special to 'I lit : Hm : . ]
Communication with the Inlet lor , which
was intcrtupled on account ot storms , has
been resumed and some of the details of the
tio.ity of peace signed by the representatives
of Uio Loon and Grin.ida party have been
obtained. Under this troity the Lcoh party
will assume complete con t iol of thu govern
ment of Nicaragua , ami the lefm of General
/Cav.ila , who was elected provisional mcsl-
dent by the Granada party after Machulo
had been shut up in Leon , has come to an
early close.
The treaty signed by the representatives
of the comb Hants In the war w Inch his just
closed provides that ttio junta gov eminent
otgalilrcd by the Loons sh ill be recognized
as the n itlonal govctnmcnt. Thus , the Loons
have again tilumphcd over the hated
Gr.umdlnos and once more control the gov
ernment. llj the terms of the treaty n gen
eral amnesty has been declared , The
Gramdiiios.uo to bo forgiven for hating
fought to maintain their govcinmont. All
the expenses of the war contracted by
each side aio to bo pild by the
succcs ful gov eminent. The most impoi taut
feature of the tieit.Is . one providing that
nn election shall bo held Scplcmuor 15 , nt
w liich inoinbois of Iho constituent assembly
are to bo chosen bv billot. None of the
tioops hate j et boc'n disbanded. Hach army
still occupies the position held when
negotiations for a ti o ity of pe ice w 01 c begun.
The situation is , theioforc' , sllll serious and
no one would bo much surprised if hostilities
should bo reopened ,
Heavy rains have pievnllcd nil over the
interior of Nicaragua for three dajs.
Vvi I'viiAtso , Chili ( via Galvcsion. Tov. ) ,
Aug. U ( IJy Mexican Cable to the Novr
York Herald Special to Tin : HIM : ] 1 ho
Heiald's coiiespondont in Itucnos A > res
tcleguiphs that the tote of the Aigcntlno
senate in favor of the intervention by the
nation il authoiltles in the settlement of the
t evolutions in thu provinces of liuonos
Ajtcs , Sintn To and San Luis is considered
a gotcinnicnt viotoiv. There was gt eat sur
prise over the vote of the Clumber of Depu
ties in opposition to national intervention.
Notwithstanding the vote of the Chamber.
of Deputies , the national government , which
appears to be becoming moro popular , hi do-
tcrmincd to enforce Its decree that all tbo
tioopsor nnbod by the piovlncial government -
mont shall be dlsatmod.
Gcneial Campos has announced his inten
tion to aid thu national government in the
work of disarming the provincial tioops.
National forces , uudor tlm command of Gen
eral Vlojo Kuuno- Hi also aid in this work.
News was leeched tonight that General
Uiwson tepulscd the forces at La Plata
communded by Gcneial Costa , governor of
tlio piovinco of UuenosAjres , but details
of thu engagement hate not been obtained.
It is icpoited that 10(1 ( men vvcio killed and
HOD wounded dining the fighting in nnd
around Itos uio in the piovlnco of Santa , To.
The vice governor of thut piovlnco has as-
sumed'contiol , displacing Governor Cif-
Otlnr \oliitlniiH HirrntPiinil ,
Humois have 10 iched here that n lavolu-
tion Is thicatencd agilnst the louil govern
ments of S ilta and Tucuman. Friends of
the povcmors of those provinces are consult
ing with Di Irigojen , the national indlcal
loader , with a view to settling the trouble
hi a compiomise.
In the province of San Tuls the political
urlsoneis hive been loleasod by the radi
cals , who deposed the governor. The Her
ald's coirespondent In Huenos Aytcstelo-
graphs that the govctnmcnt of Hi a/,11 has
issued a notice announcing theio
Is pctfoct peace in 1'etn imbtieo and
Santa Catliaiina. This .statement Is
fiot fully credited , The govotnmnnt
has also caused It to bo rcpoitcd
that the capttne of Admiral Wandelkolk has
deslrojed the hopes and nima of the
tovolulionlsls In Hlo ( iiando do Sul Hank
ers in Hlo Jnnelto bullovo that the trouble
has ended In Hlo Grande do Sul , but the
Herald'H coi respondent in Arligas tolcgraphs
tlmtGcnoial Siralvn is in hot pursuit of
Gcneial Tclles , thucomm indcr of the Castll-
hlsta fotces. It Is teporled that the revolu
tionary committee will icmnvo its head
quarters Horn .Montevideo to liuenos Ayres.
Notwithstanding Iho icpoit.s sent nut from
RloJanelto that theio is pstfoct peace in
SaiilnCathnilna , IIOWB w IH retoived tonight
that levolutlonlBts hid deposed thu governor
of iho state and pioclalmcd Horculio L it as
executor of thu stato. The Hoiald's corre
spondent in Montevideo telegraphs that the
tlia/llian cruiser TiorduntonnchoJ that
pott today After the nnlvnl of the cruiser ,
Senor Moneiro , Hi.i/lliin mlnlslor lo
Uruguay asked Iho Uruguiynn government
to aid Brazil in rostoilng older In the Ilra/il-
Ian state of Rio Giando do Sul. Tlio request
wns based upon the pi Incipli sof Intel national
law. A rofuiml by Uruguay may cuuso
troublo. It seems piobublo that Tnjes will
bo elected president of Uruguay.
jm'tsju in nnt u HICK.
rtildtnt nnd V'lro rrmlilnut lliirrjliiir tu
Ite.ioh WuhliliiKKui.
, lUv , Aug " All arrangement *
for ihu president's lotuin to Washington
hnvii been perfected. Tlio president , Sccre-
lury Carlisle and Socroiary Ljinout will
leave hero Kildiiy aftoinoon and take a
Bicameral Fall River , ailiving In New Voilt
Saturday morning They will go to Jersey
Cit.v. whet on special car will take them to
Washington ,
ST PAUL , Aug ! l Vice Prrsldent Stevenson -
son and party an hod here this morning ,
and loft tonight for Washington.
Movniimiti < > t Or un hleimer ; Antrim 3
At .Southampton Arrived Travo , from
Now York.
At Genoa Arrived Hilda , from Isovr
At New York Arrived Norwegian , from
At l ndoii Sighted Hrltlsh Kmplro.from
HosvonAmsterdam , from Now York ; Ches
ter , fiom Philadelphia , Sagamore , from Bos
ton Hoston Arrived -Kansas
At - , from Liver *
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PotOIIKEKl'alK , N. Y. , Aug. 2. C
Prtuulent L vl P Morion's imuienio barn ,
until lUunebeclt , wllh oulbuildlngi and 10Q
head of ( iuernsoy cattle und all Ihe farm
burned this moruloif , J > on , over