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bj currier to any part of the city.
II. W. TII/rON - Manager.
Office . No. 4.1
NRhf | , , , ! „ , , . . Na 23
N , V. Plumbing Co.
Beaten Store snlc Saturday nnd Monday
Allltonbcrgcr ia the hatter , 1503 IJroadway.
The Mayna Heal Estate Co , G2l Broadway.
Six persons united with the Second Pres
byterian church Sunday , four of them by
St. Paul's Guild will bo entertained this
Afternoon by Mcsdamcs Snpp , { Jargont and
Carlisle and the Misses Itockwoll nnd Hob-
inson at the homo of the latter on First avc-
Henry Harden , chnrecd with ntcnllnt ; a
caddy of tobacco from Groneweg & Schocnt
Ken , nnd .Inmcs Shields , alias "Slippery
.Mm , " charged with being a vagrant ami con-
fid cncu man , took a change of venue from
thn pollco court and will IIAVC a hearing
before Justice Vlcn this morning at 10
A false Idea of the condition of affairs nt
Keys' Bros , factory scorns to have crept out
through KOIIIU little Innocent news Items thnt
appeared in the dally pipers. The ilrm has
not suspended operations but merely turned
off sixty hands. This , however , so ono of
the members of the Jlrm atatcd yesterday
afternoonstill leaves them with more hands
employed than any thrco Jobbing houses In
the city. They also stopped the cnglnu nnd
decided not to take out any new work , on
account of the dullness of business.
The Gnnymodo Wheel club has mndo ar
rangements to make n century run on the
27th of this month. Sioux City will bo the
goal nnd the wheelmen will leave at 4 a. in.
on the day set , hoping to cover the 100 mile's
In fourteen hours , the tlmo set by the rules
governing century runs. Breakfast will bo
takenjat Missouri Valley and dinner probably
at Onawn City. The boys will return to
Council Binds on the evening train. The
announcement is made this early in order to
glvo the members of thu club a chance to go
in training for the run.
The neighbors of Jacob Turk , whoso resi
dence was vlsltod by fire last Sunday night ,
Rent word to thu pollcu station last ovcnlng
that hu had been lying In thu house all dny ,
apparently asleep , and that they were un
able to arouse him. They were afraid that
something was wroni ; . The patrol wairon
was sent to the house , nnd the city physician
was called to look after the man's wants.
When hu got llicro he pronounced It simply
a case of too much lake water or other
liquid refreshment which Turk had Imbibed
whllo at Manawa. Hu was moved to Kiel's
hotel , and it wns not thought late In the
night that ho would suffer any permanent
The quo wnrranto proceedings which were
instituted by J. W. Crossland some tlmo ago
for the purpose of having the motor com
pany's charter annulled came up In superior
court Monday morning for trial. The case
1ms been doing til's ' for the last four Mon
days , according to announcement made sev
eral days In advance In each instance , but It
was not until yesterday that the attorneys
were all Induced to como together and got
ready for business. Several witnesses testi
fied , but along toward the middle of tlio day
thoxdcfcndant's attorneys discovered that
Rome of their witnesses were not on hnnd.
They asked for a continuance untlj this
mornlnir , when the absent witnesses will bo
on Hand and the case will bo completed un
less It fins another setback at the hands of
the attorneys.
Ono of the men employed in the St. Joe
barn on South Main street went into the
stable Sunday afternoon and found a stranpo
man with a horse and buggy hitched up. A
bale of hay was in the back part of the
buguy , and when the fellow was asked what
ho was going to do ho replied that ho had
Just bought the huy and was going to
deliver it. , At the llrst opportunity ho
slipped out and did not return to got his
hay. It turned out nftcnvards that ho wns
n tramp who thought nature's method of lo
comotion " too laborious , and ho hnd decided
to" try an easier way to get over the country
on his sightseeing expedition. The stablo' '
boy turned up just at the wrong time , and
the proprietor probably nas ono more rig
than ho would have had if tbo boy hud boon
n few minutes later.
Piles of people have piles , nut Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo will euro them.
Mtumwii Hallway.
Trains leave Broadway at 9 and 11 a.
m. tuul at 1 o'elook p. in. , anil every
thirty minutes thereafter until 1210 : at
night. Last train leaves Manawa for
Couuell UhilTs at 1.1:55 : p. in.
The beat building-sand in the market
by carload. Address N. Seliurz , 34 Bald
win Block , Council BlutTs , In.
Domestic soap is the best.
3. N. Casndy Is In Chicago.
W. 1C. Foster Is homo from Chfcago.
Born , to Mr. nnd Mrs. John P. Tinfoy , yes
terday , a daughter.
Arthur C. Aylesworth started yesterday
for Sim Francisco , Cal.
Mrs. F. Covalt nnd son returned vcstorday
from a visit with friends In La < ; ona , la.
Oeorgo H , Stillman has gene to Hock Uap.
Idu , Ia. , where hols thinking of locating.
Mrs. Harrington of
Pennsylvania , Is a
pucst of the family of R A. HIanchard on
South Ninth street.
Mrs. II. I. Forsytho returned last evening
from Colorado Springs , where she has been
spending several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hazcn nnd daughter
Maud returned yesterday from a week's
visit to the World's fair.
Mrs. W. C. James has gene to Chicago for
a visit with her daughter , Mrs. Strong , who
has Just returned from Paris.
Claude lye of the county treasurer's
ofllco , returned yesterday from n three
weeks visit with relatives In Chicago ,
Mrs , U. II. Frnry , ono of the well known
music teachers of Council Bluffs , loft lust
evening for Chicago , where she will nmiio
her homo , her mother accompanies her.
Slimier will bo served by the ladles of
the Broadway church on the lawn at the
residence of W. S. Mayno , 1'ark avenue ,
nt ,0 , p. m. Tuesday , August 1. Sup
per SSe.
Williamson & Co. , 100 Main street ,
largest and best bicycle stock in oily.
Ask your grocer for Domestic soap.
ICiniiiiuli.itliin | Colitlir.itI'in.
The colored people of Council BlufTs will
celebrate Kmancipatlon day today by having
a picnic In Fall-mount park. The celebra
tion will bo In the Interests of the African
Mothodlst church , Thcru will bo a barhecuo
of roast ox , roast mutton , roast pig and
chickens , At > i p. in , there will bu a number
of addresses delivered by good speakers.
Henry Johnson will speak on the sublect ,
"Tho Future Stato. " Huv. 13. A. Hoblnson ,
the young pastor of the African Methodist
chuix'h , will sfionk on the subject "Self-Cul
ture. " Kd llurlto will be chief of the day
nnd Clmrles Uurko chief marshal.
Piles of people have piles , nut Do U'itt's
Witch Hazel Salve will euro thum.
Iteduuril 1'rluo *
On photographs for tlio first week In
August only , at Jolgorhin's , 317 Broad
Cook yet meals tins sum in or on a gas
range At cost at the Gas company.
Mi rriH | ; l.lct'ii < < i ,
The following marriage licenses wcro is-
nucd yesterday :
is'amo nnd address. Age.
t I'rcili'rlck 1'ulnier , Council IllulT U6
I I.oulsn S. Week * , Ncolu in
I David 1 > . Hmllli , rotliiwnttninli ) c-oiuili. . . 21
I Mlnnlo M , I'liliucr , PotUvritUumlu county Ul
Grcenshiulds , Nicholson & Co. , real
vrstaUuuid rotitals.OOO Broadway. Tel.lGl ,
Smoke T. D. King & Co'a Partagas.
Domestic soup is thu best.
J. A , RofT , Agent for the Rook Island
Railroad Company , Resigns.
J. I' . CtirUtlnnnfin ( lpt lln Prlcml Into
Trouble Short In Hid Account ! ,
lie Trim tu Shllt the Ilium *
the Agent ,
The friends of J. A. lloff , the well known
and popular Agent of the Hock Island
Knilroad company In this city , wcro consid
erably exercised yesterday whou It wns an
nounced that n now man hnd tnkcn his place
In thu management of the oOlcc , and that
Mr. UoH had gene to Chicago to hnvo n
personal conference with the officials of the
company. Inquiry was nnturnlly prose
cuted In all directions for a cause for tjio
sudden change. The state of facts elicited ,
though smowhat vngue , seem to Indicate
that Mr. Koft has been unfortunate In
having n careless If not dishonest cashier ,
whoso errors and discrepancies hnvo cre
ated wlmt nppcars to bo n shortage of
several hundred dol'nrs ' ,
The cashier Is J. 1 . Christiansen , n young
man , who has Ireen nn employe of the ofllco
for ninny .years , nnd who has been shown
every Kindness by Mr. KofT , rising from the
position of messenger boy to that of cashier.
Several wcoks ago Mr. Holt discovered thnt
the cashier's books wcro In an unsatisfactory
condition , and that bis cash wns sadly out
of balance. Immediately following the dis
covery the cashier handed in his resignation ,
nnd It was accepted , with thu provision that
ho should remain In the ofllco and assist In
finding what his employer bolloved to bo
simply n series of unfortunate blunders.
Aiikofl fur H I'tiKi to Cnlciigo.
Christiansen asked for n few days leave
nnd n pass to Ch < cago. This wns granted ,
nnd It is stilted that the young man went
Into the general ofllccs of the company with
the evident purpose of shifting the rcspou
siblllty and trying To square" himself , 'and
nuulo some covert Intimations alxnit the
condition of the oRloo hero. The company
acted quickly upon the hints dropped nnd
sent out the traveling auditor to check
up. In the meantime Mr. Holt had been
working might and day on his cashier's
accounts , still In the belief that the clerk
had not taken n cent of the missing money.
Some things had been discovered that shook
his faith slightly , but when the auditor
came KofT vigorously defended the young
man , declaring that ho had perfect conll-
deuce in him.
"You have too much confidence in him' "
remarked the auditor. "They all claim that
the shortage Is only n mistake. "
A-thorough examination of the books
showed that Christiansen was short about
$750. The company was willing to compro
mise the mutter , nnd Chrlsllanson's rela
tives in the city wore culled upon to niako
up the amount , which was turned Into the
company a few days ago.
When this was settled the company
brought up another matter that had been
reported by Cliristiaiison on his Chicago
visit. That was the fact Acont Holt had
paid the salary of ouo of the employes who
had been granted u brief leave of absence on
account of the dangerous illness of a parent.
This was without loss to the company , for
tlio other clerks and Mr. HolT himself per
formed the absentee's duties by working
Air. Knir Resign * .
The consequent quibbling nnd the Irrita
tion caused Mr. UolT to telegraph his resig
nation to Chicago Saturday and follow it up
Dy a personal visit Sunday evening. Yes
terday the company placed Mr. George II.
Denton , of Stuart , in charge of the olllco.
Whether Mr. Hod's resignation will bo
finally accepted or not Is n matter of no 1I-
tlo concern to the people of the city , who
have learned to esteem him very highly. Ho
has devoted all his time to the company's '
business and has succeeded In getting for company n good deal more than Its natu
ral share of business. Ho has boon very
popular , not only among the railway men of
the olty , but with all who have been brought
Into contact with him In any way , and his
friends hope to see thodifllculty straightened
up and Mr. HolT reinstated in his position.
llurglurs Stoul Thirty Dollar * nml Hum
J. rioml'n Mciic .Market.
The market kept by J. Flood at 1024
Broadway burned yesterday morning at H:45 :
o'clock. Mrs. Flood was awakened nt that
hour by u suspicious sound in the front part
of thu building , where the meat market is
located , and lighting n lamp went to see
wliat was the matter. Just as she opened
the door n man , who was In the market
room , rushed at her and pushed her up
against the wall , nt the same time knocking
tlio lamp out of her hnnd. It was
partially extinguished nnd in the dark
ness the two thieves , who had been
ransacking the building , escaped. The
lamp fell into the sawdust on the
lloor nnd in n moment the place was in
llamcs. Thu alarm was given and the flro
department was cnlk'd to extinguish the
bla7.o. They succeeded In getting the upper
hand of the lire , but not until the stock and
fixtures of the market had been ruined. The
llames were prevented from spreading to
the hack part of the building , however. An
investigation showed thnt the thieves had
been In the bedroom occupied by .Mr. nnd
Mrs. Flood before the latter had been nwak-
cued , unit had taken n poekotbook contain
ing $ ! 0 in cash out of the pocket of Mr.
Flood's trousers. The money was gene , hut
the poohotbook lay on the lloor n few feet
iiwuy. The damage done by the llro is cs.
tlnmted at about ? -00 , and the insurance on
thu stock and llxturcs amounts to KX ) . It Is
stated , however , thnt there la some uncer
tainty as to HID solvency of the company is-
suing the policy.
Shortly before midnight Sunday the
flro department was called out to extinguish
n blnzo nt the residence of Jacob Turk , 715
South Sixth street. All thu family wcro out
of town excepting Mr. Turk , nnd ho was
spending the evening nt Mnnnwu , It Is sup
posed thnt ho dropped n match on the floor
before he loft for the lnko nt 8 o'clock nud
that it ignited during his absence. The
dnmngca nro estimated nt $150 and the goods
wore insured for $500.
Wivtch this spiico for the announce
ment nnil prices of the great Four-Day
Blanket Sale tit the Huston Store , which
uoininuncuB Wednesday , August u , 181K1 ,
and will continue ) four cla.vH only.
Fothorlnyhain , Whitolavv & Co. ,
'Lenders and Promoters of Low 1'rices ,
nnil Koirrfitod ,
Oscar Webb , alias liaxter ot nl , wns .
brought before United States Commissioner
V. Hunter yesterday ulternoon on the charge ;
of being implicated in the recent robbery of )
thf postonico nt Dunlson. Wobo's case has
been pending for a number of wcoks past ,
nnd during that tlmo ho and his attorney ,
John Lilndt , have been preparing n stubborn
tight , which resulted In his discharge yes
Thu accused had no sooner gotten himself
out of ono scrape , hovvovur , than ho found
himself hi another. Olllcer Murphy was in
the room , nrinod with u warrant for \YobVa
arrest on thu chnrgu of robblug Mrs. John
Mutculf of about ( TOO worth of diamonds
at her country villa , about two
miles past of thu city a llttlo
over thrco years ago. As noon as
the rominUsloner had pronounced Webb free
Murphy stopped up and placed him under
arrest , l.indt came to the foreground nnd
ordered Murphy to release hU man , stating
that it was unlawful forutnto or city author
ities to como on federal ground to make an
urreU Thu Dulled State * district attor
ney , lyonln Miles of C'orydon , happened to
bo present , however , nnd eiuuo to Murphj's
relief by Informing him that In mnldntr the
crant to the porcrnment to erect Its build'
Ing on the lot nt the corner qf Uroadway
and Sixth street It htid reserved the rlcht
fornnyof Its oftlelaU to make ixny needful
Arrests on the povcrnment premises. That
squelched J.ndt' | § blulT nnd Murphy left
with his man In tow. who was liter del -
l > osltcd In the county Jail.
A SMlnfuntorj' Imcutlcntlon.
Colonel Fort , the Union Pacific land
nfjont at North Plnttc. came to Council
HlulTs n few days n > jo to Hntlsfy numer
ous inquirer. * who wanted to know posi
tively whether or not the Perpetual
Maturity Bonding company was what
H claimed to bo , ft thoroughly le
gitimate nnd responsible organiza
tion. Mr. Fort was acting for
others , and made a much more careful
Inquiry than if ho hnd been seeking to
fiiitisfy himself. Kvcry facility was
given him to inako a thorough and in
telligent inquiry , and ho took a whole
day to do it. The result was that ho , was
thoroughly satisfied that it was a good
thing , that lie invested in a bond and
carried a very favorable report bauk
homo. This is the result of every care
ful and Intelligent inquiry.
There is nothing in tills country like
the fruit kept in Wheeler , Hot-old &
Go's cold storage. No matter what the
weather is it reaches the customer in
perfect condition. Another car load of
lemons was put In Saturday.
Thn ( Irani ! Hotel ,
Council Bluffs. The moat elegant in
Iowa. Dining room on seventh lloor.
Hate , $3.00 and $5.00 a day. E. F. Clark ,
Mniln Anutlinr Tender. '
Another spasm of generosity took the
Union Pacific Itallway company at n point of
disadvantage yesterday , and caused the
company to add f.fT ! ) to the amount of $ S,100
which It tendered the county treasurer
the other day in payment of its taxes
for the year IS'Jl. ' The beauti
ful pile of greenbacks was fished
out from the company's strong box nnd the
tempting sight was exhibited to the hungry-
eyed treasurer once more , but , as before , ho
refused | to accept It. Just what the motive
of the railway company Is In thus endeavorIng -
Ing j to play horse with the county it is hard
to scu , but It Is suspected that the company
is ; leading up. little by little , to a pure nud
sltnplo "duff , " whteh will bo exhibited on or
before August 11.
Witch IlrtzulSalvewlll euro them.
Carbon Coal Co. , wholesale and rotnl
coal. Removed from 10 Pearl to U4 Pearl
strcot , Grand Hotel building.
Another Improvement to the popular
Schubert piano. Svvanson Music Co.
Stop at the Ogclen , Council Blulls , t\o
2.00 hoiibu In Iowa ,
Domestic soap outlasts cheap soap
A Fort Scott Cltlzon ( ilvos Idea * on Train
A prominent citizen of Fort Scott ,
Kan. , who evidently believes in the utter
extermination of train robbers atiU has
some ideas as to how it should be done ,
has given these ideas to the Missouri ,
Kansas & Texas railroad in the hope
that it might make an experiment along
the line of the ideas advanced. The
letter is out of the ordinary , and with a
view of making known the advantages
of the system of train robber warfare
contained in the letter the Missouri ,
Kansas 5 : Texas lias consented to its
publication. It reads :
Sir Some weeks siuco I was a passenger on
ono of your ti\iius with a ticket from Fort
Scott , to Houston. AVe took supper at Vluita
and wcro held up an hour later at Priors
Creek station. Therefore this lotter. From
the commencement to the end I took consid
erable interest in the proceedings. I ob
served that few exhibited fear , thedominant
sensation being curiosity. I observed thnt
the | robbers wcro not only poorly organized ,
but had more or less apprehension about re
sults to themselves , the follows at our cars
continually crying to these In front : "Well ,
ain't you about through up there ? " and "For
Christ's ( sake , won't you over got through up
there I ? " anil "What in h 1 are you follows
doing up there ? " and so on all through thd
"job' " I observed that the llrst shot llred
by the express messenger put out all thu
lights in the car ( this on his statement ) .
Now , my observation leads mo to the con
clusion that if your company will run a
24-inch strip of boiler iron around the bodies
Just below the windows of your cars , put
four or llvo Winchesters In each cor just
above thu windows In glass-covered boxes
just ns you do axes and saws , marked
"For Kaiergonclcs , " post up notices In each
car offering a reward , In advance , of say
! 00 or fyK ( ) apicco for "fresh dead train
robbers , " I think you will see the meekness
nnd apathy of the ordinary to-bo-robbed pas
senger disappear and thu American public
will take care not only of itself , but o * any
stray robbers "caught In the act" along the
Hue of the Missouri , IvMisas & Texas.
The average traveling American thinks ho
has been robbed enough by the time the rail
road nnd the sleeper company have both had
a whack at him , and if you have any fear of
his being the Indirect cause of noncombatants -
ants ( women nnd children ) being hurt in the
shulllo ( by using the boiler iron ) put the
weapon hi Ills hand and thu majority of him
will act on his "man. "
Add the moro mercenary and , perhaps ,
more desperate fellows , who would be de
lighted tu kill a train robber and make a
hundred or two , and you will havu ample
protection on every train. Why 1 would not
bo much surprised to learn that many train
robbers hud "quit the road" and gene gun
ning for their erstwhile comrades. Hoping
there may bo something now to you in my
suggestions , nnd assuring you that it docs
make a man mud tu bo robbed , and bollov-
ing that with a fair chance any man will
light , I rojiaiu yours , etc.
Piles of people have piles , uut Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Sulvo will euro them.
Fireworks tonight , Courtlnnd beach.
A Diitiuil ICobitlva.
Harper's Bn'/.ar : "You may romoin-
her that I have spoken of my oounln
1'otor who lives in "
, Chicago , roinarkod
Mr. Trotter. "His father was my grand
father's half-brolhcr. "
"Not very near , " remarked his wife.
"No-o , not very near , but living in
Chicago during the World's fair. "
"Oh , Tom ! \\Thy , of course ! " cried
Mrs. Trotter , with much enthusiasm ,
"Ilavo you written to liimir"1
"Yes ; we've been in correspondence
for six months just proving our re
lationship , y' know. I hoped that lie
might invite us out thero. "
"Ami has ho written':1"
"Of course lie luis , " sighed Trotter ,
Do you suppose wo corresponded for six
months by telegraph ? "
"I mean , has he bent us an inritu-
"Yea that IB , ho sent mo one , "
"Wlint ? And forgotten mo ? Ot
course ' , you're not going ? "
'Going to what ? "
"To accept his invitation to Chi-
scugo. . "
"Maria , " rejoined Mr. Trotter , "tho
two are by no moans the samo. Ho has
not invited me to Chicago. I got u let
ter from him last night "inviting mo to
lend him ioOO. "
"Well , are you going to ? "
"To what , my dear ? Please be ex
plicit. "
"To lend him the "
"Well , I guess not. Wo neon the
money to go to Chicago witli ourselves.
Peter has proved himself to bo too dist
ant u relative , my love. "
Fireworks tonight , Courtland beach. I
Proceedings of tho-jCrty Council Meotfng
Held Luit Evening.
Cotn | > nnr M ke llpuin for ( ) rer Tire
Tliontnml Morn Cnttln n liny III ) ;
Hun oT Itnnccr'Stobk Uti > cot il
Mnglo City ivciit <
All the members of tfi8 South Omaha city
council were in thftlrT\ftats before 8 o'clock
Inst night. The eotnlell'took steps to hnvo
necessary repairs made at the police station.
When the council llrst convened they sat
as n board of equalization , but ns there wcro
no complaints lodged the meeting was soon
adjourned ind the routine work of the
council was tnkcn up.
The street commtsiloner was Instructed to
repair the sidewalks on the westsldoof
Twenty-eighth between H and S streets nnd
the north side of 11 between Thlrty-llrst nud
Thirty-second streets.
Mr. Wyman Introduced a resolution preventing -
venting the asphalt company from working
nt night on account of thu smell. This com
pany has been working a night gang in order
to complete the job inside of a limited period ,
but they were granted llficcn days further
tlmo , nnd by so doing the job cnn bo llulshcd
by dny work.
An ordinance establishing grade on J
street between Twenty-second and Twenty-
fifth streets passed.
Frank 1'evonkn asked for $ . " > 00 damages on
account of the'washlng out ot the nreawny
wall nt the police station. Hoforrcil to the.
committee on streets nnd ulloy. nud thu city
Ofllcer Argabrlght was granted three days
leave of absence.
Twenty-live dollars and thirty cents was
taxed against the property nt No. ! ! iO
Twenty-sixth street for repairs to sidewalk.
The committee on public buildings was
given authority to inako needed repairs at
the city Jail.
An ordinance to Rrado the alloy .between
Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth streets and
J nnd li passed.
Another batch of ordinances repealing old
ordinances to give room for new ones that
are being compiled by the city attorney
The old ordinances nro belnp , repealed on
account of their conflicting with other Inws ,
not having a penalty attached , not having
published the full tlmo. and other reasons.
The sum of $ HK ) was appropriated for the
cleaning oft of Railroad avenue.
On motion of Wyman , the city clerk was
Instructed to notify the street car company
to place a crossing where the track crosses
the street in Albright.
The city attorncv was instructed to draft
an ordinance vaeatlngThlrty-second. Thirty-
fourth and Thirty-llfth streets and alloys
south of H street and north of the Klkhorn
tracks. This land is desired by the North
western railroad and will be used for switch
yards , turntables , etc.
City Treasurer Hector mailo his monthly
statement. It shows among other things :
Totnl overdrafts in Juno , * liO'J.2t ; ) ; balance ,
on . hand June 1 , $ l > ITS4.Ud ; total receipts In
Juno. $ C, ( > ; total disbursements. $ . " > ( ) , -
COS.a , ' ) ; balance on hand July 1 , * liGOr.00 ; ( :
paid out In July , $37,000 ; balance on hand
July 1 , $ 'itiUG..t'iO. *
The council then went into executive ses
sion. '
Increasing the ( 'iipuclty.
The work of placing the big sewer in the
stock yards is now almost completed. The
old pens that have been torn out south of the
Exchange building , \ replaced with new
material at once and byi.lhe time the big run
of westerns bcginfc tills fall nnd summer
the capacity of the yards will be greater
than ever before , , ' AJijnagcr Babcock in
speaking Of the mattcr. aul : "Insldo of ton
days the pets and .chutes will bo ready for
business , and the tapacity of the yards will
bo increased over .J.'OOp'ciittlc , or 25 per cent
over the corresponding tlmo last. year.
Twenty now chutoi urj'about ready and two
chute gangs are behig worked , ono in the
ola and the other in Urn now division. This
with the additional motive power will in
sure shippers against delay whatever in
these yards.
"The new pens are of the latest construc
tion , paved partly with brick and partly
with plank , provided with ample water anil
sewer facilities nnd conveniently located.
A new scale house , making seven in , nll in
the yards , will ho at once erected and by
the timu the western cattle begin coming
forward in largo numbers the facilities for
handling them will bo complete In every
particular. Any ordinary largo run can
easily be taken care of now. T < ho old
division has been completely demolished
and the ground graded up fully fifteen feet
nt the lowest point. The now ground will
bo allowed to settle some and early In the
full or sooner It necessary it will bo built
up in bog nnd cattle pens , further increas
ing the already ample capacity of the yards.
A larger run of range cattle Is expected this
fall than ever before in the history of the
yards. "
Twnity-1'lve liollura All Around.
Police Judge Fowler went at his work yes
terday morning with an unusual amount of
vigor. Mayor Walker was an interested spectator
tater , ns ho had run in a man on Saturday
night for swiping a U5cent shirt from in front
of the Boston store. After the mayor placed
his man under arrest the fellow resisted , and
for the resistance and theft ho was fined 2. i
nnd costs. John Martin Is the name ho gave.
Ills accomplice ) , James Flynn , who was ar
rested at the sarao tlmo , was given the samu
H. Harriett was found about midnight
creating a disturbance on N street. When
Ofllccr Mitchell attempted to arrest him ho
showed light and the policeman was com
pelled to take a fall or two out of Unrnett
before ho would submit to arrest. He Is a
cowboy from Texas and aspires to bo a "bad
man. " His line was 'Jo and costs.
Gus Anderson , nn old clti/.en who has
given the police considerable trouble when
drunk , was up this morning for beating his
wife nnd frightening his family out of thu
house. Gus opened his eyes for several
Inches when the judge also gave Mini a & 5
Gus Sker was reeling along N street ( lllort
with oil of gladness when ho discovered
Truat's fruit stand. Ho helped hlmsolf to
some fruit for which ho refused to pay Truat
nnd now ho will have to pay y > to thu police
Judge in order to secure his freedom.
Charles Cortcn was lined $5 for disorderly
Joe Sadlek ami M. Sloser were fined f2.50
each for assaulting M. Wolfson , the peddler.
lU-tdll of I'ullrv.
The police of thirdly' will bo stationed as
follows for the month df August :
Day Force HnntMortiuson , from Twenty-
fifth to Tweiity-siye ) 'tli and from L. to .VO
nnd Jail ; Over Tlijouia , from Twentieth to
Twenty.llfth and IromM to O streets ; James
Kmorick , from Tjw u't.v-clghth to Thirty -
sixth und lj to Hciilmnn streets ; John yid
U'ie , from TwcntldUr to Twenty-eighth and
O to Wyman ; Thumbs' Kmlnger , Albright
and Drown park , lijilf/a day ; O. H , Tnhbs ) ,
from O to L and from Twont.v-sovonth to
Fortieth street in thuTourth ward , half tea
day ; Miles Mitchelldctoutivo.
Night Force Jiimus- Austin , cautaln ;
Lewis Miller. froiuTvruiity-llfth to Twenty'
seventh nnd Ij to Q.andJail ; I * . A. Larson ,
from Twontloth toiU'weiity-llfth and J to O
streets ; William Aixnln-Ight , from Twenti -
eth to Twenty-eighthiJnu O to Wyman ; tiid
Kroegcr , Twenty-eJuhtli 10 Thirty-sixth and [
Ij to Hoffman ; Thomas Kminger , Albrlgh
and Drown park , half the night.
This order of the cliluf of police goes Into
effect tomorrow at noon ,
Jmlgn Fowler Hold tlio Unity ,
Police Judge Fowler held Alra. Francisco's
baby in his arms while the mother signed u
complaint accusing George Hlosa of stealing
300 of her hard earned cash ,
Although the robbery wns commit ted last
Thursday the woman aid not report her loss
to the pollco until last evening. Mrs. Fran
cisco keeps a boarding house in tlio vicinity
of Twenty-seventh and II streets. Uloss
boarded with her and was considered
to be an honest and hard working fellow.
As soon as Mrs. Francisco djscovored her
loss Bless disappeared and has not bcca to
the house Mnoo. The money wns till In thu
tn.Mtress of the bed where Francisco and
111 * ulfo slept.
lllow was SPPII In Omnha yesterday , and.
IniMniich ns the Onintn pollco Imvo been
notified , ho may bo caught.
AVcro Itomly lor ino ( 'tinner.
The now mnxhnum rate bill was to have
pone into effect 'today ' ami the Missouri
1'nclflo company hnd arranged with the
Stock ' Ynrds company to do its weighing
tcmjiornrily. The other roads hnvo recently
plnced electric scnles m their yards nnd wcro
nil ready to comply with the new law when
the H. & M. secured the Injunction.
As n consequence stock will , for n wlillo
nlm least , be shipped under the old rule of so
much n cnr. nnd will not bo weighed out ns
was anticipated.
o IMt.v OouMp.
Ixmls Gratiot has gene to Chicago to visit
the fair for a week.
The Methodist Sunday school picnic takes
place at Ilauscom park next Thursday.
Charles Howo's llttlo son fell from a motor
car ' and was painfully Injured yesterday.
'Mrs. K. O. Mnylleld and daughter Mabel
nro homo from a visit with friends m Alvo.
Fred Moore caucht n cat llsh in the river
yesterday thnt weighed sovcnty-llvo pounds.
Frank M. Castotter , manager of the Cas-
tcttcr of Ulalr , was in the city yester
Ur , Solomon reports a CASO of diphtheria
In a brick Hat on Twenty-fourth between H
and S streets.
Tlio special pollen appointed by Mayor
Walker on account of the threatened trouble
with the switchmen wcro withdrawn Satur
day night.
Justice T.ovy has pushed the prosecution
against Robert. O'Neill , and will bo on hnnd
In the county court at 1'npllllon on Friday at
i ! o'clock to appear for Max Hcrshman.
Hershmnn Is thu man who claims thntO'Nclll
assaulted him nt the hitter's farm and that
ho also sot his dog on him. The charge is
assault with Intent to do great bodily in
Fireworks tonight , Courtlnnd bench.
Tlll-oo Cliocrlul l.lttlo Stnrles UoculluU ! ) ) tl
Middle AKCI | Citizen.
"I look in vain in the literature of the
day , " said a middle nfjcd man to the
Now York Sun , "for stories of tlio haij-
Rage smasher , such as were current
thirty or forty yearn afjo , which used to
interest mo very iniioh. Who that is
old enough cannot recall the story of the
bastfajjo master and the oiroua man's
Biinko':1 The circus man's trunks , it
will bo remembered , had been at one
time and another pretty roughly
handled , and so one day he got a rather
Ilimsy trunk and put in it a boa constrictor
stricter twenty-two feet lontf , and he
marked on the outside or tlio trunk :
'Don't ' break ! Boa constrictor inside. '
" 'Oil , I've just been watting for some
body to ship a boa constrict or by this
line , ' aaid the baggage smasher , and ho
grabbed the trunk by one of its handles ,
intending to toss itover his head , but ho
yanked with such sudden energy that ho
pulled the handle off. Then ho kicked
tlio trunk over , the other end up and
grabbed it by the other handle , lifted it
and dropped it and smashed it wide
open , and there was a snake in it , and
the siittKe came out and uncoiled himself ,
and when he coiled himself up again ho
was around tlio baggage master , and
"The bnggugo master never checked
any baggage after that.
"Another story told of the tribula
tions of a traveler whoso trunks had
been smashed and how finally lie filled
a big trunk with dynamite and 'marked
'Handle with care ! Dynamited
" 'Dynamite ! ' said the baggage
master , with line scorn , and ho pulled
the trunk down from the top of u high
pile and let it fail on ono corner and
"He never returned.
' 'Then there was the story about the
angered traveler who placed upon the
corners of his trunk patches , of some
material so elastic and springy that i
you dropped the trunk hard it boundei
into the air thousands of feet. This
trunk eatno to the station on the sum
mit of a great load of trunks , and the
baggage master seized itby the handle ,
braced ono foot against the load and
pulled the trunk oil' and lot it fall on
ono eoi nor and
"It never cnmo back.
"And the owner sued and recovered
for the loss of his trunk.
"It might not bo easy in a paragraph
conclusively to assign reasons for the de
cline of the trunk story. Certainly the
baggage master is as powerful as ever ,
and surely he cannot have lost in the
comparatively brief period of thirty or
forty years that line sense of humor that
once prompted him playfully to drop a
trunk and break it wide open. It seems
more probable that ho has shared with
with the rest of mankind in that stead
ily advancing refinement of methods
which has marked our progress in
recent years ; that ho is not less humor
ous , but only less boisterous than ho
was ; and it may be , too , that the fact
that trunks generally are made stronger
than they were has had something to do
with it. "
Piles of people Irivo piles , nut Lo ) Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo will euro thorn.
Fireworks tonight , Courtland bcauh.
A Novelty of IntcircM to All Stuilents of
The craze for decoration has of into
years taxed to the utmost the ingenuity
of tlio designers and inventors to satisfy
tlio demand for novelties. In most every
household may bo found one or more
members , who , w hilo they have neither
the talent nor patience , nor porlmjM the
time , to learn painting , nro eager to
soi/.o upon any sort of decorative work
that piomiscH good results with a small
outlay of trouble. To meet the demands
of tluB class numerous new ideas have
been given to the public , saytitho Phila
delphia Kecord. Among them may Id Io
mentioned siliceno , which is a method
of imitating stained glass , and , while it
ia really decorative , is so easily done
that the veriest tyro may undertake it
witli confidence. It docs not make any
nrotcntions to rival stained glass , but it
is far preferable to any other imitation.
The oxpcnso is small , as no cutting ,
firing or leading i necessary. A nlnirlo
sheet of glass is simply treated us in a
water color drawing , tlio design being
sketched and tlio colors laid on. tfd
Ordinary sheet or plato glass is used ,
and if tins is washed over with silicone ,
which is really the medium used to mix
the colors , a semblance to thu glass used
in old windows can be more nearly Mlb
tained. If a bcmi-transparunt effect
should bo dchircd , use ground glass ' ,
Hough , wavy glass may bo ellectually
iibed in staircase windows , panels for [ ) !
hull doors , screens , etc. Tlio glass must
bo perfectly clean before the work is be
gun dust upon its Kiirfaco will CIUHO
spooks to appear in the finished work.
The design , being first drawn on
paper , may bo readily transferred by
placing the glats over it and tracing
tile outline < vith pun and ink. A little
ox gall added to the ink will make it
How freely. If loadings are to be imi
tated ( ami they blumld be in all case.s ,
an they greatly enhance the ull'ootj ,
these outlines may bo put in broadly.
In thin case all the coloring should be
done on tlio eido on which the leadings
are drawn , otherwise the painting it >
done on thu reverse side from the draw
ing , and when thu painting is uomuwhat
advanced the ink lines are washed oil.
Tlio colors are especially prepared for
tlio purpose ; are translucent , and are
rendered permanent by the admixture
if olllcono. They are quite different
rein ordinary colors ; and whllo they
nay bo freely mixed together , no other
sort may lw mixed with them. Linseed
oil may be found useful to prevent tlio
colors drying to qulekly. When the
Irawhifr is done tlio glass is placed in a
letting position , with a .sheet of white
. light-colored paper on the table be-
iicatn. The table should IK ) so placed
tilil the worker may face the light. The
Ingcr is usually employed for softening
tf [ nt ! > , as in china painting , and is butter
limn any tool yet devised for the pur-
nose. Should any part of the painting
appear dull when dry , a coat of pure
siliceno applied with a camel's hair
brush will restore brilliancy.
To produce an intense tint of the
same color over-painting may lw re
sorted to ; If it bo desirable to vary it , a
wash with some other color may be ap-
[ tiled. A brilliant red is obtained by
painting with rose-color or scarlet over
yellow ; rose over blue or blun over
yellow will glvo a .strength of ti5m > . It
is also tiesruble ? to add a little roco-
color to tlio shade color , which can be
purchased already prepared for use.
Stippling will smooth a waih
which appears rough. White
is imitated by applying the pure siliceno
thinly with the linger , and high lights
are picked out with a penknife or pointed
stick. Should corrections bo necessary
the error may be washed out with tur
pentine or alcohol. Tlio imitation lead
ings are improved by covering them
with dull silver bronze. When the
painting is completely dry an oven wash
of pure silicone is given it as a preserva
tive , it must be applied in one wasli and
should not be repeated.
In fixing tlio painting in position it is
reversed and put into the sash with thin
bits ot-wood between tt and the window
proper to prevent the two panes coming
in contact. Brushes should be cleansed
with turnontino if they become clogged.
IIb leftover night in the paint they will
bo miinud.
There is a good deal in tlio proper se
lection of a design. It should not only
fit the work , but lit the position for
which it is Intended. A coat-of-arms is
suited to a staircase or hall , historical
subjects or portrait heads to the library ,
conventional lloral forms to dining roomer
or chamber. Healistio flowers or- land
scapes are sadly out of place in either
real or imitation stained glass. Heralds
designs are undoubtedly the easiest of
execution , being largely goJinotrliwl in
construction , . In painting portraits the
leading , of course , appears only in the
background and border. This border
may bo of an even width all around to
represent a frame , or It may bo of any
form desired , always keeping the ruling
proportion in mind. A common fancy is
to make the border of small squares , di
vided by leads , with a surios of designs
upon them. Thus , the four corner
squares are alike , and those at the cen
ter of top and bottom and on either side
alike ; these that intervene may all bo of
dllTorent designs.
Fireworks tonight. Coin-Hand beach.
Cliunlitt ot ( iooil Advlru for Timid
Don't take your money out of the bank
and bury it , says thu Clinton Ago.
Skunks or squirrels or dogs will dig it
up and destroy it. Don't put it in your
stockings because you can put your
stockings , to bettor use by wearing them.
Don't wrap it up in an old newspaper or
an Old rag and hide it in some corner ,
because the rats will surely gee hold of
it and help you hide it so elVcotutilly ihat
you can never find it. The house is n.0
place for your money anyway. Uurglars
got it and carry it off and then you lament -
mont your foolishness in taking it out of i
the bank. If you don't want to invest" !
yovr money let it stay in the bank if it
is there. If it is not there don't lose any
time in putting it there. All this ilraw-
ing'monoy out of the bank and hoarding
it contracts the currency and produces
a stringency in the money market. The
times may be the best imaginable and all '
tlio whso ' legislation conceivable adopted ,
yet a 'pmitaky feeling can bo suddenly | I
started by aconcort of action on the part '
of the people in withdrawing their do-
posits from the bank. I j
The money in the baulks does
not belong to the banks. It is
.lie people's money. It is put
n the banks for convenience und
safety. The batiks use it and the busi- .
men borrow it. The great share of '
tlio business of the country is done withx
borrowed money. If the people with
draw their money from tlio banks the
banks can't inako loans , and the busi
ness men , unable to borrow , go by the
boaid , and this condition of things con
tinued for any grea length of time pro
duces a panic , and then those who have
drawn their money out of the ban KB , and
in reality produced the panic , will find
they are the first to stilTor.
If you have any money you are not
using" put it in the bank.
Piles of people nuvc pi.os , nut Do Witt's
Witch Hiuol Stilvo willcuro thoii. :
Only Short Mint DIMVMK.
PiTT.siiuito , July HI. It is ofilcially
announced that no protracted stoppages
of any of the Carnegie Stool company
plants lias been ordered and that none
are probable.
Pllo of people have piles , but Dowltt'a
Wltchllazol Salvo will euro thorn.
Fireworks tonight , Courtland beach.
For rcnnvfttlnc tl'o cntlro system ,
rlliniimlliic all 1'olsons from tha
. lllood , whether of scrofulous or
raalaiial origin , tills preparation lias no cfjuaU
, _ _ _
nv ' k "Foreighteen months I had n
! k _ _ eating sere on my tongue. I was
StBtf treated by boat local iihyMclanu ,
but obtained no rcllnf : tlio ooro gradually urew
worse. I finally took 8. tt. 8. , ami was entirely
cured after using n few bottles. "
C. II. Muf.KMOHK , Henderson , Tex.
Treatise on lllood and Skin Dis
eases mailed freu.
'XuB Bwirr srEcmo Co. ,
Atlanta ,
We will netifl roil ho rn '
. . . CALT'liout ;
fi - . nil t Ixffal nuirniitrr IlitO
I'AI.TIIO.S will Itolorr .TOiirf
Ilvnltli , Hlringlli ouil Vliior. f
df il and fay tfsatit/iid ,
B l > lu > rlu > i | U , Cliiliiill. OkUk
Ml * Itrlcf , tint Knrnr t , Knilornrnifnl of the
Wlio Upntorrtt Him.
This wenk I * noted the toitlmonvot tin llor.
lllr.'im J. llurlulili. 4w : W , ftu'itrnit-M. , Dot
Moliifx. In. Mr. HurlolKh hm boon onaiRCil
In inl < i < loimrv work In tlio Motliotmt cliurch
since I'M * null Is wnll known nil over thoxtnttN
In KVlmul 1S.M his inlMlunnry Rronml , then
the Jloonn ml < ilon , extended from Dos Maine *
to I ort PntK'ti nnil took In fourteen niipolnt-
rnonls. Mr. llurlalKh In jtpoiklii ) ; o ( the
Iroutmonlut tlio I'apolntn ! Jihyslclunn !
Itcv. IIlilAM J , IHtlit.rmil.
"From my own porvuml oxpcrlouoo I onn
testify to inolr sXIII. I urn nluaicd and | > or-
footly HiitUlled wllhthoroMi tot my own o.isa
and It Is a pleasure to rocommmid Ihusu liliv-
s.clans its skllltul ami courteous Kotitlouion. "
Hut They Dmorvn to lie Itenil Wltli Cure , for
They Describe a Common Ktpurlrnrc.
"I do not know thnt I < ? an describe my cnno
so thut It can. ho published , but I should lie
Klinl to havu others Know my uxpcrlcncn , "
sihl Mr& (1.V. . Itiikur , llvliu on Mst Btrout
near llurnuy , and wlfo of thu well known
miirhlo t'utior. " .My caau was no bad thnt I
had llttlo f.ilth In the ability of doctors to
euro inc. but 1 Inivo roall/i'il womlurftil ronult.i
from Dr. Khmmrd'tt truUmnut. I could nuvor
iiccoiint for a shortness of broiith mm tin oh-
stmotion of tbo no o th t allliutod me for
yoars. ( ! ro it ulcers formud In my , my
b oed hoouniu iiniiuru'nml my color very bud.
.My friends said 1vas 1 eolii Into iinlok con
sumption , mid I bultevo this would have boon
the uiisu If I hail not ro-oivotl Ihn liolp I
noedcd , Tlio benollls I fool from thu work of
I > r. bopard Imvo. surpassed nil my Impos or
OAWotatlons. After u whorl treatment I um
nu.irlv well anil porfoi't health fur mo U
plainly In slKht. 1 bopo ovnryono Kiiircrlir ; aa
I did will | ; lvo lrs. Copolnml anil Siopml | : u
trial , and 1 am sirro they wl'.l n.iy as 1 do ,
thai tl'oy are the only iloi'tor.s for ciiturrlml
( llsunso. SIRS. U. W. 11A 1C Kit. "
( fill cill eunihle tlCne turn fivifrl at i ° o > o
a I trif/orm nitw-iincticdics fret.itfcnMdt a
sue cufitllj tivuSi ! titi null. i > Jill/or
Kvcry Curable Disease Treated-
Olllco Hours'to ! ) 11 n. m.2 ; to.'i p. in. : T to3 u-
in. Sunday ll ) a. m. to 1in. .
Mandrake Pills have a value na a house
hold remedy far beyond the power of lan
guage to describe. Tlio family can
hardly bo true to itsulf thnt does not
keep 1 them on hand for use in emergen
Is the only vegotaolo substitute for that i
dangerous mineral , MKUOUUY , and i
while its action as a curative Is fully ]
equal , , it possesses none of the perilous
oll'ects. , ;
In Constipation , Mandrake acts upon
the j bowels without disposing them to
subsequent f Costlvoness.
No remedy acts so directly on the
liver j . , nothing so speedily euros Sick
Hondoeho , Sour Stomach
ach , and Uiliousness as
I'or Sale 1 > y all DruiralHt ? . 1'rlco in ct" . per
box ; : t lioxo.s Tor K > uui. ; or Hont by mull , post-
nco free , on racolpl of price. lr. ) J , H.
Schcnclc & t-on , I'lilliidulphlu.
Special Notices.
ABSTRACTS iin'l lo'iim. Kami and city property
Ixmelit and HUM. 1'imuy & Tliuina * , Cuuiiull
( i AUBA < ; i : r.'movcil , cMBimolH , vaiiltH , uhlinii'jyi
Jcli'iiiicd. I'M Jlnrliu , ut T.iylur'H Ki'ucery , Gl'J
OR HALK Klrat-claHH rimlnuranl , well Jo-
culm and with rHUilillHhml tr.ulii. limulro ; it
IluO olllco , Council llhilTH.
FRUIT FAHMS-Wn hiivn Homo nun Ixwrlnir frnlt
farniH for wile ; nlHutrooil Iowa f.-mim ; uuliolci )
'JKI-acTD farm , WO pur iiuru. JoliiiHIon .V Van
OK BALK at n Imnrain If takiin at oncn , HIS font
by L'lll f''ut on I'.irlc iivcmim , or will mill In
Hiimllurirm'iilH IfiloslruJ. ' 11. Hlicafu ,
way ami Main Hlroul. .
O.\KniiilldukorypuHlH for Hitfu ulicap on Oull.v
fhur'tt furiu. Add rent ) MM. liallatfliur , Wnuton.
AN OPPORTUNITY fop a liomii. Wo Imvo taken
HiiviTiil ilc'Hlnilili ) liDimiMiiml lots umlor foro-
cliiHiirn ( if inurtifM/ ! " that wu will UOHJ mil at eon
on monthly p.iyniunlHor foruiHli. U.iy & Mum , IIJ
IVarl St.
DRYCiODDSnml clolhlni , ' . An opportunity for a
KooilHlouk ul low runt. .Vlivj-i ) D.iy .V IIuii ,
Council IllnllH , Ia.
' '
JOli'sALn'oit TKADK-Now liluh uradu 'llll 1)1-
uroliinl ifruat liarir.iln , or will truilu for horsu.
ililivHH II - ' , Ilfo onicn.
OIL rontfi ( or HMlit ; hctU In tim'n ; IU.VH $160
monthly. Spli-mlld opportunity. Tlio Muyno
Jti > al i : tale Co. , ill11 llroaiUvay.
I/IHST-cr.ASS Hlock of gi > wiTcliaiidlHu. In-
voliiliur about * llil. ( ( ) fur I > XUIUIK | : for clear
land In Iowa , northern MlHHimrl or Ki'lirauka. Tim
Mayno Heal KHtatfi Co. . fl''l llromlway.
J/OIIKXCHANOK yon liavouliorsuiind bmrirr ,
or a it-am , yon van maUo a KOOI ! tr.iilo for it
vacant lot l Mwrc > n iioHlolllco anil now InUUu.
OruuiinlilflilH , NIcbolHon .V Co. , liuil llroailwny.
] ( 'OIl SAI.K-Nlfo fi-rooin folt.ik'o MiullHon
(8ln'.t. ( IreuiiHblvlilH. NIcbolHon .V Co. , UUU
iTb" HAM -10 to ' . ' ( I acn-H. M iiilli-H from cllyi
-I clicaii. OruuiiHlileldH , NlubolHon , V Co. , tiOl )
AllKKJIITbov wanlHarliaiwo to do fliorcu for
| IH | board Iliin wlnlurj farm Ilfo iirufurrud. Ail-
llrt'MS I. HI , lire olllcn.
l > iSITIONaH JioiiHcltfcpcr wanted by lady with
J child II yiMi'H old ; ruk'iL'iicuH exchanged. Ad-
( llVHH F ! ll , IlUII UlllCO.
( j HKIj wanlwl at Dr. JolIrli'H , Champ reHldnucoj
uvoiiuu , no waHlilngor Ironing , vouu
1C. - IUI1& - d - Udy Machine at a 10-Tons a Day Price.
our Warranty Ooeswilh Each Machine.
Thn Sou th wick Hallng Press IK n'-liorbo , f ull-clrclo nmchUlu.
It lias thu largest fiTil oH'iillit | ; of
liny Contlmions.llallni ; ,
Donlilii-Slroko Iti-iS m
the World.
Hales tltfbC draft light.
Capacity ! Construction ; Durability oil the DUST.
Now IB the time to buy u hay press. It will pay you to BOO our machines be
fore vou buy.