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Bilvor Advocates Are Gathering at Chicago
In Lirgo Numbers.
li I'lMinril Upnn tlio Money Power
Active HiMtllltlcnMltnt Once IIpRln
i'ulltlcnl I.lnp * to Ho r.llnilimtoil
DUtliiCuUhml Agitator * .
CitiCAtio , July nt. There will bo a declara
tion o ( wnr tomorrow. The fee to bo out
lawed will bo the "money power , " and this
gcncrall/xition Is to Include the capitalist * or
Kurope as well as the money barons of Wull
In the present depreciation of silver the
delegates who will In n.Ulniml convention
assemble tomorrow only see a consplricy on
the part of the gold lenders of London nnd
Germany , aided nnd abetted by the lessor
capitalists , their vass ils on Wall street , to
rnako gold the only recognized International
coin metal of the world and subjugate the
United States to the llnanclal control of the
country from whom she wrested her polit
ical liberty yeais ago Ore it Britain.
The scenes following the Imposition of the
tax. on tea , so hotly contested and Indig
nantly denounced by the colonial fathers of
1770 , would have been n lltting parallel to
that furnished In the hotel lobbies today
The laws of supply nnd demand and the re
sults of o\cr-pioductlon found no place In
arguments , for every suggestion of this kind
was repulsed by a stirtllng array of statis
tics nnd ( Inures tending to show the
closing of the mints of India , tlio death blow
of free coinage In Europe , and the demand
for thu repeal of the Shorin m bill vvuio but
parts of a conspiracy against silver
Those who have expected the convention to
1 * . assemble1 ! at 10 tomorrow would go to
pieces on the shoals of putisanshlp have
underestimated the drup reelings that actu
ate most of tlio delegates who ate to dlscu s
thu llii.UK.iul issuu lu this assembly.
United on Onu Program.
Populist , greonnackcr and the fieo silver
man seem to bo united on one program
is , the of the Shoiman puiehaslnt :
nut must bo resisted to the last , unless there
bo coupled with It nn act for the fioo coin
age of silver or for a gioator volume of cur-
renci. In tills prfigiam are found united
the icpubllcan congressman , B.irtlno of i\o-
\ndn , the domofi.itlo siher dollar congicss-
man , Winner of Ohio ; the populist , IColb of
Alabama , ai.d .ill their icspcctlvo followers
and their 1111110 Is legion.
.rtggicsslvc committees aio to Vie appointed
to c.ury the light to Washington and
slate committees will bo named to
work up public sentiment in the vorl-
ous states Thou a campaign commit
tee Is to bo namo'ilid mis com
mittee Is likely to bo entrusted with what Is
rcillj tlio mou impnitant work of the fteo
silverbiig.ide. Tlio work will bo seciot ,
nnd it is expected it will labor to enlist tlio
assist mro of the unemployed ovcr > whoio.
Tliu piosolytlngof the loadcis of labor or
ganizations is to follow next , and the silver
men expect thu same law makcis who passed
tlie alien labor laws and the Chinese exclu
sion bill to hearken to the voice of labor
and Increase the volume of the circulating
Over 1,000 delegates will assemble for deliberation -
liberation toinoiiow and the diy following.
The hcadqu irlors of tliodologatcsh ivobocn
onciied tit tlio Ore it Nortliorn , Pilmur and
Grand Pacific , and they are rapidly filling
up. i Colorado's big delegation arrived at
the Palmer today , and u goodly number from
Iowa , Nevada , Montnn i , Alati.ima , IndUn.i
and Idutio are at thu Great Northein.
rroinlii'Mit I't-uplo lii the City.
Some of the most prominent men
now in the city aio ox-Senator Thomas
Patterson , General Wai nor , Senator
Lee Mintol of Mom in i , San ilor
Gcoigo J-i Shipman. Congicssman Willis
Sweet of Idaho , Senator Uilliam M
Stewart of Nevada , Congtossniin .Marlon
Cannon of Califouila , Senator Pied T
Dubois of Idiho , Congiessman VV W. Bow
ors. Colonel P .1 Him mm , vv'nrien Kens , A
T Goodwin and Soil Gaston of Al.ilumn ,
Hoi man Tnubonoek of Illinois chtirinin of
the people's pittv national executive com
mlttoo ; ( JcbigoF. Wnshbuin , Congressman
Battino ol Nevada , Governor Toolo of Alon
tana and ex Cioveinor Uoult of Colorado
lion. A .1 Wainer ill call the convention
to Mn\or lluitisoii of Chicago wil
deliver an addicss of welcome It is ex
pected that L'nltou Stales Suialor John M
Kcagaii of Toxiis will be perm incut cb.ilr-
inun ot thu convention.
si.i.i.cri.i ) 1'iiiuii
Allen \V. 'lliiirnmii Will 1'rcBliln Oior tlio
I.lll > uriill'iiiH ' of the slUiiltcH.
Cnicuio , .luly ill , The chiiiimanship of
the silver convention was settled last night
by the selection of a dark hoi so
who has not liguied to any extent
In the preliminary nnd dis
cussions about the hotel cotildois iostordnv ,
in tlio poison of Allen W. Thurmtin of Ohio ,
BOH of ox Senator Allen ( ! Thuiman. Kuily
iuthodav Gencial V.'aincr sent out a pri
vate cull to thu leaders of thu vailous state ; .
to meet with him in confeienco at
the Palmer house It was S o'clock
when the meeting opened in ox-
Sentilor Tom P.UIOI sou's looms and
It was 1 o'clock befoio It aiijomned Among
those pi escnt wet Senator Stuwail , Sen
ator Hunry M Teller , PX ScnalorN P. Hill
of Coloinuo , a W Wilder of Denver ; ox-
Goveinur Uoutt of Coloiado ; A 12. Thur
man , Colonel Dean of Now York ; ox-bcn.itor
Hegi'.iu of Texas ; GovciuorValto , Clialr-
inun Kolli , ttie Alabama poimlists , Congi ess-
man tine of Jsouidu and Cougios tnan
Swift of Idaho.
Guncial Warner presided and nn informal
oxpu'sslon of opinion followed along tlio line
that Kiigland , snuggling for the monetary
Bupioniui-v of tlio vvoild. had over since tlio
Napoleonic war , pressi-d .the gold st unlaid
upon the nations of thu earth until thu con-
llict had iwirowod down to the United
States , mill now Its demands had to bo
checked or absolute slavery to HnglUh In-
llucnco must piovall , The conference de
cided that no In'ei fercncu must ho pet milted
in the convention by men not In harmony
with fioo coinage at thu standard of 1 to ill ,
and that this end ink-lit bo noeoiupllsliod it
was decided to biiupoit a poimanent chair
man , and the unanimous choice fell upon Mr ,
Thurnnn. who was designated ns "sound to
the coie. "
As ft further precaution , the ronforenco
selected a committee on crodontlals composed -
posed of men from the vailous stales who are
f.imiliir vvllh thu silver element , and no ono
will bugivoii a seat as.i delegate who is chat *
lungodb.v ihls commlttoe , The following is
the commlltoo as suggested. Nevada ,
Thomas V.ronn , C. J , Hutchluson ; Guoigla ,
Homy Jones : Ohio , 13. 1) Stark ; Alabama.
Senator IColb ; Washington , Patrick
Clark ; Texas , Gassctt ; Tennessee ,
J. H , McDowell ; Virginia. J. L.
Johnson ; Califoinia , D , M. Hums ;
low a , Wasoon ; Kansas , A. O. Shinn j Idaho ,
G. I ) Ilriauj Utah , O C , Goodwin ; New
York , J. P Doon ; Montana , Gcorgo Toolu ;
Arizona , A Buck ; North Carolina , J , U.
Btantnn , Illinois , Homy Alton and Hubb.ud ;
Massachusetts , Geotgu Washburn , Missouri ,
L M , Kiiuiboyj Maryland , U. C. SniTet.
Worrf out I ortj Hour * \Vuok. .
NBWAIIK , July ai. The propilistors of the
Arlington Sand Paper company have an-
uounccd that until further notice * the mills
will w oik but foity hour * a week , Thu
Arllut'lou Ce'lulold and Collouito company
will hu closed on Tuosdajs , Thuisdajs and
Satuidajb , _ _ _ _ _ _ _
' * \lld lloroo. "
WASHINGTON , July ill. Acting Mint Tl
toctor pii'Moiu'hanrtcrlresas"wlld hun-sv"
thaproH.iiltlono-'AUoiutfy | General J ugloy >
of Colorado to establish a state bullion de
pository and Issue certificates against silver
bullion deposited therein , Thu schema is
not In violation of the United States stat
utes , it Is s ild , but is regarded at the treas
ury as a temporary makeshift and Impracti
Unvo Kcnrhcd Unit 1'olnt When Now York
llnnkn Mint lip Ignori'il.
CHICAGO , July .11. [ Special Telegram to
Tun HER. ] Financial nffalrs seem to have
reached the point w hero Chicago is obliged
to pretty nearly cut loose from Now York.
Fortcndajs Now York exchange has been
practically unsalable here. It has
been simply impossible to pot any currency
from Now York banks , although local banks
had It on deposit there to their credit. New-
York exchange was vcsterday nomlr.all"
quoted at $ T on the tl.COO discount , although
under normal conditions It could not fall be
low TO rents discount , which Is the shipping
This iimisu-il situation in New York ev-
chaiiRo has led to a now departure in local
banking. Chicago is to import gold direct
from I-omlon. Two banks yesterday com
pleted arrangements for shipments of Amer
ican eagles from London and at least $7" > 0- ,
0X ( ) will start from there tomoirow , The
First National b ink ordered from its Lon
don correspondent STiOO.OOO nnd the Hank of
NovaScotii ordered fiV,000. ) 'ibis will bo
biought straight through Now Yoik to
It seems piobiblo that Chicago will now
play an important pirt in the gold imports
that are expected to bo made. The for
warding of produce nnd grain has been
seriously hampetcd by the inability of
snippets to dispose of their Now York ox-
chunL'o. If the Chicago banns now buy the
drafts oil foiolgn purchases of grain nnd
ship the gold directly to this cltv the dllll-
euUv on that score will bo avoided.
"No dealing house ccrtlllcntcs have yet
boon issued in Chicago , " said Lyman J.
Gage jcstcrday. ' 'Tho authority gianted
the ox commissioner of the doming house to
issue such certificates has not yet been
taken advantage of. No ono has jot ap
plied to the committee for any certificates ,
and 1 doubt it nnj are Issued hero. "
Will nriuiiut > oticu Irani Depntltnri *
PALI , KIVKH , July Ul. This morning the
savings MnVs of this city took advantage of
their by-laws to ptovent any further with
drawals or deposits , and depositors will not
bo allowed to withdraw larger sums , except
after having given thiity or sixty dijs
BINOIUMTOV , July . ' 11 Dingharnton's sav
ings b.tnks have decided to demand sixty
dnjs notice of withdrawal of funds by de-
Nuvv Ilxvnv. July ill The savings binks
of this city have decided to require from
three to four months' notice fiom depositnis
wishing to withdraw. Theio is considera
ble excitement among smiill depositors , but
tlio binks nro geneially consldeied strong.
PitovIIIU.NOC , Julj iil Tlio.MeiehantsSi.Br
ings b ink called for ninety dajs notice on
withdrawal of donoslts to I tv
AUHNV , N. ! i , Julv 111. The tiustecs of
the Albnny Savings binlc toj.iy adopted a
lesolutlon to pay dupositois the amount duo
them on demand without notice , as tlio Uank
feels nblo to meet any run that cm bo m ido
until the present pmlo is over. The ttus-
tees of neaily all the other sivinps binks in
the city met today , and the sentiment expressed -
pressed was in favor of cnloicing Iho sixty
dijs notion fiom the depositois. The only
binks which todiy icquhcd such notice
vvcio the Albiuy City Sivmgs institution ,
the Homo S iv ings b ink and thu National
Sav Ings bank.
I , st on W'liLMit.
Ciuotno , July 31. Asniosult of the big
diop in the price of wheat on the Board of
Trade today the firm of Lyon & Hubert
notified its customers to protect themselves.
The Him is understood to have been carry
ing 800,000 bushels of wheat , on which there
was .1 loss of some $70,000 , but was short
about 000,000 bushels of coin , on winch thoio
was a piolH of fJO.OOO , leivlng a not loss of
ffiO.OOO The ( Inn juomlses to pij in full as
soon as it call icilizo on collaterals The
senior member oC the grm , J. 15 Ljon , Is ono
of the oldest and best known members ot
the Uoud of Tiado and at one time made u stii by running a coiner in wheat.
Valrl ) Muiil In l.uiiilmi.
LONDON- , July 31 Stocks opened faiilv
steady , owing to the practical settlement of
tlio Siimcso question , but business was very
light American i.iilw.iv securities wore
we ik and irregular and Aigentines wcio flat.
The outgo of gold loAiiiiMlii is causing a
steadnso in the i Uu of discount in the
open mat hot , though tlio IJink of l uglind is
In a position to stand the oxpoi t of 1.000,000
without laising the olllcial i.ito The open
into todaj/ts UfjfJ ' „ against t ! Satuiday.
Thu maiKot dosed ne ir the bottom.
iielit llioiiHiiiiit II mils Mir.
1:11 : , N. II , July : il The big
Ainoskcag mills weio closed today. This is
the first suspension of thcso factories for
many v ears Eight thousand operatives nro
idle The lofforson mills stilled up again
this motning , Huts giving employment to
1,000 hands who had boon idle for two
w celts
All the remaining AmoskonR mills are cer
tain to lesuino August 1W , if not bofoie , It
will boon thu basis , It is said , of a t eduction
of wages.
AVaiU 'lliiilr VViigni.
DuiUTH , Minn. , July ill A liot is now in
piogtcss at the mining town of VIrginli , on
the Mosiba range , nnd four rlnglcndcis are
in jail. The trouble is believed to have been
caused by delay in payment of wages at the
Franklin mine , the pioptrly of Corrlgan ,
Ives & Co of Cleveland. Hardly an.v of the
mines have boeji able to pay oxcopl In
tickets At the time ot Iho llro men had lo
bo provided for bj the city ot Oultith who
had thieo mouths pay duo them Details
are nic.iger
laiL-tcmt tlio ? s * cfisurj
Cr.iuu HU-IDS , la , Julv ill A. Dajjlols &
Co , private bankois at Marlon , have made
an assignment to C H. Kurt A Thopropcity
Is valued at . ' 00,000 Tlio c iuso was a lack
of immcdi no cash. It is believed all will bo
paid in full and the bink will bo open in n
fciw-dajs. No stalement of nsaots and 1m-
No I'urtlii'r rronlihi ivinroil. ; | (
SHiUNOi'iri.i ) , Mo , July yi The Sptlng-
field Savings b ink failed this moining The
deposits wroIOOOJO.ind Iho capital ' > ,000 ,
U will pay in full The other banks aio not
affected and no futther trouble Is expected ,
Sttinl ) Drain on Di'p-xlU.
Ayu.tM > , WIs , July 81 The Fiisl Na-
tlonal bank failed this morning owlru lo a
steady drawing on deposits The rosoun-c-s
Julj Ifi wuro J.ft'il ' & ' .i Kims are in pi ogress
ut other banks lu
World1 * I'.ur lluu I'.iU.
Ciucvuo , July ! H riiipiu.ui llros , pro
prietors mill iminngcis of two Wet Id's fair
hotels , have confessed Judgment for JJVOO.
Thu assets are estlm Uod at fiXW.OOO and thu
liabilities ul
Say the .siispiinnioii l Itunporarj.
POIITI.AMI , Ore. , July 31. The First
National built of ttast Poi tland has fulled ,
The officers say the siism nslou is temporary ,
Tlio losourres July 1weio fJ j.lXW , and
In Iho lluniU iil a Uerdutr.
AKIION , O. , July 111. W , A. Ljnchhas
been appointed rccclvpr of the Pittsuuig ,
AUrou it Western railroad , The road bus u
capital stock of UW.OX ) .
Hit * Ltiri : * * A et ,
PEMU KTOV , Oro. , July Ul. The Pendloton
Sav ings bank has tmiiporarlly suspondud ,
Assets , fJiO.OOO ; liabilities , f 13J.003.
Still hnltirlnt ; Jruiii a Klin
NE\VAIIK , Julv 31. The lun on the Howard
institullou w hldi was beguu ou
Saturday was continued today.
Ho Declares that Nebraska Democrats Are
to Have Satisfaction.
I'lfty rourth-CInnj Itopulillcnn 1'o tinmtors
lo llo lloiiiDtcd Mlthtn the Not 1'orty
eight lloum Othort .Muy Servo
Their I'ttll Tcrais ,
Dia FouiiTrnNTii STIIKET : , , S
"Tobias Castor , Lincoln , Neb. " Thcso
were the words inscribed in a plain hand
upon the register of the Cook ran hotel ,
which announced the arrival this morning of
the dcmociatlo national commltlcomau for
Nebraska. When THE Bin : eoricspondont
callcdlipon Mr. Castor this evening ho was
Boated at a table going through an enormous
'pile of lottcts from Nebraska democrats
who want ofllco.
"Yes , I confess , " slid Mr Cistor , in reply
to a question , "that I e uno hero to look after
some appointments. And I may add that I
am disappointed not to find Secrolary Mor
ton hero. As I passed through Chicago I
leatncd that Mr , Morton wis upon a west
ern trip , but thit he was expected to arilvo
there on that day and proceed hero at once.
llo will undoubtedly bo hero by the middle
of this week. "
"Dojou know of any appointments that
will bo made soon foj- Nebraska ! "
"Weil " replied Mr. Castor , "i spent lod.iy
nt the Postofllca department and jou may
say to THE Due leaders that there will bo
fifty less republican postm.istots of the
fourth class in Nebraska within tliu next
forty-eight hours than there nto now , that
is , there vv 111 bo that number of democrats
appointed to take the places of ns many
lopubUcans. 1 do not want to mention
names You may say also that n postmaster
for Omaha vv ill not likely bo named befoio
the middle of next winter. Postmister
Clnikson will not have served four joars
till about Junuaiy. "
No C'lmnccB In the I.nrco Oltlet.
"By tint do you mom to siy thoio will bo
no removals of postinistois at the largerof-
flcod in Isobiaskn till they have served four
'That is my understanding , " was the
prompt and positive leply.
"How about tjjo United States district at-
"I do not expect that place to bo filled by
a democrat till about January. "
"And the colluctorship of customs at
Omaha ? "
"Well , " sild Mr. Castor , "theio may bo n
charge before long 1 am not certain about
that place. It is my impression that n now
collector of customs vv ill bo named for Omaha
befoie many uajs "
"And the land ofllccrsi"
"Tho lopublicans who were appointed to
the now ofllces those created by tlio Heed
conpess will , it is understood , remain till
their four jeais are out. 1 o\poct changes
to bo made in the old ofllces of Alliance ,
McCook , Lincoln and North Platte for in-
st.uice , soon. 1 am going lo the Interior
dep.iitment tomoiruw to look ever the
papois on Illo ami make sotno recommenda
tions The sccretaty of 'ho Interior is out
of the city nnd I do not know when ho will
act upon the locommendatlons , but I shall
submit mine this week and I hope for and ax.
pool early action
"No , I do not care to mention the names
I ; \vlll iccommend for any ofllces. It is
against my policy. The ( list appointments
which will bo made for Nebraska will bo
about twenty-five fourth class postmasters
toinoriow and ubout the same number on
Wednesday. "
Morton Will Appro\e.
Mr. Castor will rcmiin in Washington
about a week. Ho is at the suno hotel
which Scctotarv Morton makes histfhomo
and , of couisc , whatever ho may do in the
way of lecommendatlons for places
will meet the of the secrol.iry
of agricultuio. THE BI.R coriospoiulcnt
could not induce Mr. Castor > incnlion the
na'ncs of the prospective appointees , but it
is safe to wager joiir last dollar tint ho will
recommend James MeSh uio for the Omaha
collcclorship and then lo double the wager
that McShano will get the place. The ap
pointment is likely to be made within a
short time , just as soon as President Cleveland -
land can take up the case
When Secretary Hoko Smith returns to
the eitv he will take up the land ofticcs nt
the four cities named In Nobiaska and act
upon them It seems to bo settled that the
district attoinoi ship will remain open till
near the end of Hie jenr Mr Cuslor has
recently lotuined from a piolorgod trip
through Montana and other states and is
looking us hearty us ho did when ho was
last in Washington in April.
KckclH on tlio .Situation.
When Comntiollcr of Currency Eckels
ted lyatithoiized the Fitst National biuk of
Kondullv Illo , Ind. , which closed on Juno 23
last , to open for business again , hoobseivcd :
"One by ono the n itlonal bulks which
ha vo closed dm ing the piescnt stress are
opening , and 1 maRc the prediction that nine
out of every ten of them will opun for busi
ness again , In some cities all of the binks
which failed to meet the demands of deposi
tois will reopen. The failure of n bank dur
ing times like these is no indication of dis
honest } and noes not necessarily mean bad
b inking methods
"Some of Ihose which have failed wore
the most successful binks in their respective
communities. The worst of the tininolal
distress Is over and soon binks will begin to
lend money If I had n largo deposit In n
national bink In which I had had confidence
when money w as plentiful and I had no other
leiison forimtitm than the general failuios
of banks , I wouldn't vvllhdiaw my deposit.
I would stand by the bank. The bankers
aio making memoranda of th ir p.uiu'kj de
positor * , and i fancy they mil rcmetnbor in
the futuie Ihoso who mistrusted them dur
ing those limes. "
VVeatcrn Postnmsters Appointed. '
Posltnaslcis were appointed today as follows
lows- Iowa Akron , Plymouth county , B.
F. Wlutcisioon , vlco A. W. Pai sons , re
signed ; Cihunui , O'lirien county , L ) B Har
rington , vlco U C. Fields , removed ; Imo-
gone , Fremont county , J. C. Ilairlgun , vice
John nnetmiu , losigncdj Norwalk , Warren
county , I. A. Lleiio , vice Uauiel Stoltz , re
Soulh Dakota Uikton , Brooking county , -
H A Brown , vice H. Muiphy , losignud ;
Naples , Clark Coff Baumbach , vlco C. A ,
Baumbach , resigned ,
VViivtorn 1'oiiilons.
The following pensions granted are reported
Nebraska- Original widows , etc. Mary
Nelson , mother.
Iowa : Original Peter S Sodon. lie-
novval and inei case William Wltird. In-
creasu Now 1011 Oiuon , Keuben F. Cocklin.
Kclssuo James Armsiiong Original wid
ows , etc. Kmily J , Hallecic.
Soulh Dakota : Konoval ) ami increase
JohnS Oieen Original widows , etc. Min
ors of Charles it , Ulngmun ,
Bljcelluaoou .
All of the cabinet ofUcors except Secretary
Carlisle nro out of Washington now , and
Ihoso absent are expected to lemaln away
till about tlio close of the vvoelc , All politi
cal and lniK | > rtant onlclal business ubout the
dcp.u latent Is about nt a standstill This Is
the first opportunity affoidcd thu cabinet of-
llccis to gut a lililu resi.
A. M Kodgcraof Mllbuin , la. , C. O Nutt
ing of Iowa City und 11 C ! Decker of Divcii-
poi t uru ut the St. .lames
'I he acting secrotat } of Iho interior today
overruled Iho motion for review of the com
missioners' decision In the homestead case
o ( William II. Labco against James lioid
from Itapld Pity , S 0 , and the entry of
BOM ! s-nnds canceled.
Ho dismissed the mo'.lou fo.- ret lew of the
decision in the case of Lij-cila Scmple agnlnst
Andrew U. Boyd from Rapid City nud the
decision stands against Bod.
The secretary has denied the motion for
review in the desert land case of Charles ti.
Iloso against C. G , Lnngsdorff from Salt
Lake City.
Commissioner Lochren appointed the fol
low Ing medical pension oximlners today for
McGtcgor , la ! Drs H. J Scroinor , J. II.
Thornton and M U. Brown. P. S H.
Sacrctiry CnrlUln looi Not T.llcc the I.tx
MctluxlR iil CiMliinu onirlutx.
WASIIISOTOV , July St. Secretary Carlisle
has taken a hand in the Cblncsa situation nt
Now York , which bus boon the occasion of
so much friction recently botwoan treasury
agents and Collector Hcndrlcks. Several
letters have passed on the subject and Sec
retary Carlisle brings the milter to n close
in n letter to Collector Hnndricks , in which
he says :
The department cmnot concur In your vlow
that ttioiln iilthorlzud practice , discontinued
by Itiordor or the 13th Instant , or nulhcutl-
c-atliig the slcnituro3of tlm Uhlnuso consul nt
Now York by the dKti.iiuro and soul of
the collector Should ho rosilincd. Hvl-
donco Is before the department In ono
rn o VNhe-re n Ulilnese person ronorteil hlniaolf
to bo n inoinbor of n linn of Chinese morcliitnts
In Now York und wns so cortlflud by the
ChliuMo consul nt Now York , which cortlllcnto
was duly nuthcntluntod by thu soil of thu cns-
toin , house nnd the signature of ono of your
duputtes , vvlion , In point of fact , the Chinese
person who piosontod hlinv.lf ut the custom
house wns nnothor nnd entirely illfTorent pur-
son trom thn ono nnmod In tlio certificate.
This mun applied for admission nt ono or thu
f rout lor custom houses upon the certificate
mentioned , which , accordInK to your theory ,
would bo conclusive ovlclc-ncci of his ilalit to
enter , Inasmuch ns the photograph wns that of
tlio person who iireMintod liluisolf , ami It wns
nut that or thu person named in the
certlllc ito , who una n roiil person-
njro , formerly residing In Now Yoik nnd
vhoassMH In Ulilna. Tint iminv cuncs of
this kind have occurred , Is beyond question
nnd the dopirtment sues no good reason far
Iho contlnu inco of a practlco by your ofllco
VThlch In instineos lllco lint inontluiiud only
serves as an nld to these oiiKnKi'd In v lolitlug
tholiu Ills n certain f ict th it many niin-
arc-dsor Ohlnuso Inborors Imvo como Into the
country within the pist July under dUgulso
of merchants , students , nctoisorothor iie-rsous
of the uvonipt class , uldcd In miht cusoi by
customs olllcors whom cro oltbcr corrupt or
liidlHoront to their duty in Ihu promises U IH
my duly , ns It Is my purnoso. to employ all the
moans under my control to mifnrcu the law In
peed faith , nnd to tint end 1 sh ill expect the
cordial co-operation of alt oIllceiM of thu cus-
tom -
For thn .Month of July 1 ho } Only Amounted
to aUS 1,1)00 Oiinnon.
WAIHIVOTOX , July 81. For the first time
since the pass igo of the Shcrm in silver law
the treasury this month failed to buy the
full quota -1,500OOJ ounces of silver. The
total pinchaso for the month was 25hlUOO !
ounces , leivlng n shortage of 2,110000
ounces. The amount nuichased today was
210,000 ounces at the counter llguro of f0 703
per ounce. The two populist incmbeis of
ongress from Colorado , Messrs Pence nnd
Jell , wore at the treasury today and had au
iterviow with Sccrotuiy Carlisle and Act-
ng Mint Dhector Proslon. They vvcto in
Ir. Pieston's room at the time ho rejected
11 the offeis and made the counter offer of
70J per ounce. Both of them wcro much
oncerned about what they claimed was nil
IToi t of the department to depress the price
f silver in the markets of the world. The
men Indicated a purpose to precipitate a sil-
or discussion on the first working day of
ho extra session of cnngiess by a rcsgju.tioji
f inquiry as to whether or not the secretary
f tlio tio.isurr has nut exceeded his utithor-
ly iuiefusliig to purchase 4,500.000ounces of
liver in July , as piofided by the Sherman
Washington No to * .
VASHIN-OTON , July 31. The issue of stand
ard silver dollars fiom the mints nnd treas
ury ofllco duting the week ended July 29
vas $ -1 U,3j'J ( ; for the corresponding period of
ast veir , ? 410OlV ) The shipment of fi.ic-
ional silver coin from the 1st to JOth inst.
amounted lo ? 7irl'3
The First Nation tl bank of Kondillvillo ,
mi , which suspended pi\mcnt June "J , has
icon permitted to icopcn its doots for busi
The total number of fourth class post
masters appointed today was ll'J , of which
brty-four vv cro to fill vacancies caused bv
resignations and dc Uhs.
An eider was Issued at the Navy dopirt-
ment today directing Commander H 10.
Impcy to pioceed to Iho Asialic station to
cominind the Momcy , icliovlng Commander
Jarber Commander Barber is onlciod
lomo and authorl/.od to del.ii ono j ear his
The censorship of telegrams sent from
3ra/ll to the United Stales his been re
moved. Information to this cnect has been
ocelvcd at the State dopirtment from Min
ster Conger , who is at Potiopolis , the ! port
of Ilio Gi.indo It is understood that the
censorship did not apply to messages in
cipher sent by foreign representallves to
their homo governments , but only copy mes
sages of a private character.
Tlio president today appointed Chalk's B.
Motion of Maine fourth auditor of the
ury , vlco John 1C. Lynch of Mississippi , 10-
AnxloiiN Whisky Dmtlrr * .
WASHINGTON- , July ! H. The visit to 'Unsh-
.nglon of Tlioinns S. Shliloy of Louisv Illo on
jchalf of tlio wcistoin banks who are oarry-
, ng loans upon whisky in bond was not suc
cessful. Mr. Shirley is a lawvur , nnd ho
ropiesents in this matter binks in Louis
ville , Cincinnati , and Plttsbutg. Ho
came to supplement the efforts of the com
mittee of distllleis who pleided with Secro-
iaiy Carlisle for an extension of ban Is for 'a
short period , but failed to convico the se-cio-
tary tliat ho could grant tholtlequest Mr.
Shirley has gone lo Now Yotk to try to raise
the aiuouni of money noccsairy to lollovo
the dUtlllcis and the banks The whisky
upon which lax will bo duo in a few davs is
that which wont Into ooml In Ib'tO , and a
largo sum of money will bo necessary lo re-
Iiovo U ,
3iin > . Rin\.ini \ > * Luriitinn.
National Coinmlnslonun Accept llorni Ono
of the Colunihlnn ilml on ,
CHICAGO , July III. [ Special Telegram to
THE Bri : ] Among tlio Judges confirmed by
the national commission today was Mrs.
A. M. idwards of Fioinont , Neb , in ngilcul-
turo. > _
Conerr iniiii Hull "icriomly Hurt.
DBS MOINES , July Ul. [ Special Telegram to
TUB Bnr. ] Congrjusman Hull of this city
mot with an accident this morning that will
likcl ) lay him up for several weeks and pte-
vcnt Ills attundance on Uio special ses
sion of congioss. He was driving
from Crocker station , ubout nlno miles north
of the city , to tils farm near b.\ \ , when the
horses became filyhloned , tuinod sharply ,
uiiset tlio buggy and threw Mr Hull out ou
his head und shouljlcTs , breaking the collarbone
bono and inflicting other painful but not
seiious injuries.
SJniiton'H I'lr t riilluro.
STANTON , July 81 [ Spoclal to THE BEE ]
The general meu-handiso store of Kocmtnlch
Bros was closed this morning on nllach-
ments for debts they wcro unnblo to moot ,
owing to the close money market' Some of
the creditors aio Kllpatiick-ICbch Dry Goods
Co. , Mover At Hoapkl , 1'aiton < S Gnllnglior ,
Uiimoio itUuhl and others It is impossible
jot to learn the extent of liabilities or the
assets This is the first f.tiluio lu Staulon
since the hard time * begun.
Ilryitn nt Do * Moiiiec.
DBS MOIN-ES , Julyai. [ SpecialTelegram to
TUB BKE. ] Congressman W. J , Bran of
Nebraska stopped off between trains hero
this evening and iJdressed a mooting of
Iho Central Bimetallic ! league In favor of
free silver. After the meeting a delegation
of bundled pci-boiu started foi the
Chicago convention.
Enemies of the General Dec1 nro His Elec
tion as Proridout Illogal.
HovolU In Arccntlni Directed Acnlntt thr
Clovornoni of V.uhiui Stole * nnd Xot
la Oppixltton to tlio rodornl
Authorlt } .
[ Copurtititel IRlJliv Jama ( rni\ltii\
PAN-AM v , Colombia ( via Oalvostou , Tex ) ,
July 31 [ Uy Mexicin Cable to the New-
York Herald Special to Tun I3ir. : ] Advices
received bv mall from Venezuela Include the
report that fresh trouble his iniscn In Los
Andes. Partisins of Arantos nnd Bautlsto
nro stirring up the people and arousing dls-
content. They havu issued a manifesto
from Valor.i which repudiates General
Crespo's election ns president und dciiounees
the so-called "centraltstle constitution"
adopted by the constituent assemby , which
is alleged to have been undo up of Crespo's
The manifesto urges the opposition to
unite , take up arms and proclaim their sup
port of the old Falcon constitution , which
guarantees the rights of states. Minister
of War Guorra has ordered General Ferna-
doz's division to miroh from Maraealbo to
suppress the conspirators.
General Aranu , leader of attempted up-
ilstng | in Cojcdcs , has been cnptmed
and Is now In prison in Valencia.
FobrcsCordoio , the new provision il picsi-
dent of the stito of Falcon , Is causing seri
ous tioublo in Miracilbo. As soon as he
had been inaugurated ho tut ncd out all the
Crespista ofilcoholders in tlio state und Illicit
all places w ith Ouzm inicistis or former fol
lowers of Andticzi and Urdineti. Protests
have boon mido b the gov eminent of the
state of Bollvir against the landing in Vene
zuela of vagabonds trom the Itritlsli colonies
nies ; whose passage has been paid in order to
gat i id of them.
1'roRrrsn ill Arcrntlim's Itcrolutlon.
ViirAHAi-0 , Chill ( via Galvcston. TON- . ) ,
July 31 [ By Mexicin Cable to t'io New
York Ileiald Speciil to TIIE Wfc ] News
received from Argentina tonight shows that
the revolution of clvlco nacioimles and radi
cals has extended to all puts of the
piovlnccs of Buenos Ajics nnd SantiFo.
It is expected tint n state of siege
will bo dcclaiod in the city of Buenos Ajres
and mai liw inaj bo declared in all parts
of the provinces where the icvolutionlsts
have made demonstrations The senate has
been called to meet and consider the situa
tion. Accurate news is dilllcult to obtain ,
telegraph lines having been cut in many
places r.'id railroads having been toin up to
pi event the nun intf of state tioops
I have learned on good authonty that the
revolt is not directed against the fcdeial
government. This confit ins the statement I
cabled the Ileiaid last night The upilsing
Js asamst the state govcimnonls of Buenos
Ayies , S.inla Fo and Sin Luis and was
caused by the dissatisf letiou atoused by
financial nnd other politics of the goveinois
of those provinces. Thofntiio situation in
Argentina is gloomy , howsvor , und a finan
cial piuic is expected.
Tlio steamer Ilolliswood has i cached Val-
paiaiso. Ilei main and im zeii masts wen
est during a storm
SVN JUAN , Nicaragua ( via Galvcs
ton , TON ) , July 31 [ Bv Mexican Cable to
the New York Herald Special lo'iin : Ucn ]
News Ins been received that a tieityof
icace h is been signed by representatives of
the povetnmcnt and the Leon rove
lutionists. 'Ibis was in accordance with the
pioposal made by the piovisional president ,
/Civnla The terms of the treaty have not
been teamed , but it is known that hostilities
lave ceased
Tuouni.i : M r oviu vir. :
Inh ililtiintx of l ( > inil < i > lc IJiinnsy ( ) \cr the
Action ol Ilin rri'iuh Adinlr.ilp.
, Julj ! )1 ) ThoPanscoiiespoiulctit
of n news agency s.ijs tliat it has been
learned fiom good nuthoilty that Fiance
demands as security Irom Siam that the
terms of the ultimatum will bo cirned
out the temporary custody of Channbon ,
a town near the Gulf of Slim , also that Siam
shall establish no military stations in cer
tain named polls near the fiontior of Cam
bodia within a certain distance of the Me
kong liver.
A dispatch from Bangkok , dated Monday
at 7 p in , sijs ; "Tho uneiMnoss among tlio
people heio far from lessening , is inciois
Ing. Seven of the Fionch gtmboits have ar
rived at Ivoh si Clung , miking thlitcen
now there. Negotlitions are still troin'on ,
but the ptogiess is not reported. The inten
tions of the Fiunch aio awaited with
fear and appiehension Heir Admhal
Humann , commanding the Ftonrli sijiiulion ,
has Issued a second blockade notice to take
effect three days from H.itmday Ho will
order the British war ships Pallas and
Swift , nowIjiiiff otf Bangkok , to go outside
the blockade limits. M 1'avlo , the Fiunch
minister lesldent , his gone to Silgon and
Hear Admhal Hiimunn Is under dnect
01 dcrs fiom Paris Unless the Fiencli gov
ernment Intel poses qiildclv nn attack on
Bangkok scorns cert iln 'Iho tiading .com
munity is sm prised that Humann is stll
allowed A ftco hand "
The Standaid today received the follow
ing dispitch fiom its Paris coriespomlcnt
"Owing to tlio icprcsontatlon undo to M
Dovcllo the foioign minister , by I ou
Duffel In , the Biitibh amliissudor loV Fiance
theouostion of the neutral /ono botucen
tlio French possessions In Iho Siami'bu
peninsula nnd Hiltiah Burmah and Iho Shai
slalcs has boon settled satisfuuioiily ]
has boon agreed tint thoFrenoh blockaUoo
tlio .Siiinesc coast shall bo'Vaiscd immo
diatulv. "
No confirmation of the foicgolng has boon
received up to a late hour tonight ,
WH.I' NUT in : i'U.sibini > .
I'roli.iblo IIIIIK ( | | ol ih Homo of Commun
Jtuw ( ilutlstunB' AcUlco.
LONDOV , Juli 31 In the House of Com
mons tonight Wharton , conservative ,
n question about last Thuisdaj's row , re
plying to which Gladstonu said it would
doubtless bo for genetal convenience and
interest of good order If nnairangcmontcould
bu ariivod nt by means of which suppoiters
of the government and opposition might sit
on oppositcs sides of thu ho jso.
Hunter , liberal , askud If Iho assiults com
milled Thursday evening wcro to bo allowoJ
to pass vv ithout punishment being inflicted
upon Iho offenders , also what action would
bo taken if ho moved for a committee to in
vestigate ,
Gl idstono said ho would answer tomorrow.
Mr Fisher , consei vativo , who started the
flst fight , nioso and expressed deep icgrct
for the part he took in Iho alfray Ho
IhouMit Ix > tMU had Intended to assault him
or Carson
I.oa'nn emphatically denied any Intention
to ass lult an > ono and deeply regretted beliii , '
concerned in the alTalr.
Gl ulsiono said Ijnil tlio cxnlanatlons wore
satUfactor.v.yund ho hoped that ttu matter
\\ouM bo ullouc'd 10 drop.
Balfour and McC'nrlby also oxprcssod
latUfuiiiuu , but McCailhy pioiostca against
V.V > trn rreicht j * ' ntlon to DUriiM the
Omnhi-CotiltUt HIiilN Itntri.
July ill [ Spool il Tcltvnm to
| A moctinRof the Western Ft eight
nssochtlon Ins been cille I bv Chairman
Midgley to consider a proposition on the
part of the Ibck Islind to mike the same
rates from Oiiiiln to points in Iowa on all
clatfios and commo lltles as are now csiib-
Hshed fiom Council Bluffs to points In Iowa.
The Kock Island claims th it there are
eighteen ngrlciiltur.ll Implement firms on the
tracks of the nssoclitol roids nt Council
Bluffs , most of whom hid boon Induced to
locate there on the assurinco that no unjust
discrimination would bo pricticod agiiust
them lu the dislilbution of their special
commodities. For je.irs thov hid been
placed on n putty with Omihi hi the tint-
tor of rates on thelt shipments to the tcirl-
tori west of the Missouri river. This had
not been accomplished by reducing the ntos
from Council Binds to the Omaha bisls , but
was offcctod bi advancing the Oinahi ntcs
to an c < iulty with those from Council Blurts.
If Council Bluffs was to be maliit lined on an
equality with Omaha in the matter of ship
ments to Nchiask.i and west , then Omaha
should bo given cqinl treitmunt with Coun-
Btufls In tlio case of shipments to points In
Iowa. The inr-otlng will bo held In the
Uookery August 3.
jiu n i\ii \ i.v it ir.
CIroat Crowd * Kxpci-tetl nt the World's
Pair on Anoint l.'t ,
Cmcnno , July 31. The weather is line and
cool , nnd there is n largo attondinco at the
World's fair lodny , A larjio delegation ot
mechanical engineers visited the grounds
and wore shown the wonders of ougiiiceilng
skill In the Whlto City
August 13 will be Boho nlnii day. Lirgo
ntimbcisof that mllonalily are expected
from Out ah.i and other cities Thoio vv hi
bo n big p ir.ido and an oiation by Lieuten
ant Govei nor of Wisconsin
When the mittor of co.illiniing judges of
awiud enmo up to lay befoio the uiUonil
ommisslon Mr. Button of 1C ins is toiko-c-
option to the list pioposod for the depirt-
lent of line aits. All the men mentioned
vcie fiom Now Yotk but SN ! Ho wanted
o know why New York got such u
oprcwenl.itlon. Iio had been told the Hot
mil be ° n selected by a man sent from New
Yoik who had no connection w ith either Uio
ationil commission or the depiituu'nt of
iwards His icmirks icstiltod inn lively
\tangle. After tbo hubbub hail lastml
ncirlhilf an hour it was developed that
ho mines had already been conlluncd in ov
icullvo session
rominissioner nibocck of Iowa offered a
resolution toqucsting thelocil delc atc-sof
he e\position to iciUico the price of admis-
ilon to the fair on Sundajslo J5 ! cents and
, ho ptico for children to 15 cents The
iresont solution , ho said , was oflcied in
view of the fact tint the attendaiic-o on
5undajs at the tegular pi ice was so sinilt.
L'ho lesoltitiou was lost.
lesolution was oftetcd that when a
bo taken the close of '
recess at today's ses
sion , it be until 12 o'clock Wednesliv , that
the members might attend the silver con-
IOKS The resolulion was amended b >
sinking out the vvouis , "to intend the silver
convention , " nnd adopted.
The p lid aUoiuiaiico nt the World's fair
for the Hi st three- months numbers 7,000OOJ-
The opening of the WoiId's lair ScoHish
assembly today was Inauguiatcd Dy a ginat
) aradc of all the societies in the city , local
mil visiting. After the procession
; ho Hi hl mdcis went to the
South Side base bill park , where a program
of athletic spoils wascairicd out
The genetal session ol the eiiirinoors' con-
toss was belt ! in tlio Art institute this moin-
ng About 100 int-mbcis of the ijiofcssion
weio piuscnt. Charles C. Bonnci , pn-sident
of the Woild's congie-ss , niiidu tlio opening
nidi ess Aftoi addtcsscs of welcome and
icsponsc-s , tlicgencial sussion then dissolved
and the vaiious divisions into which tliu
cougiess is divided pioc-c-o'icd toorgani/o in
llio dilfoicut hills assigned to thorn ns fol
lows Civil niginccning , mechanical cngi
ncerinir , mining eiisineciing , ciigitiooiins
education and inniine. metallurgical engi-
iieeiing and n ival cngineeiing
All tlio divisions u LI a well attended and
at no time did the discussion clrig. Among
the piomlncnt siu-akeis who will bo present
during Ihu week ,110 II M Hunt , uiclntect
of the Admiinstialion building at Jackson
puk , Koboit Mitchell of London , and lop-
U'sentalivc-s fiom all the gtcat Unglish and
Get nun non works
Qi < iiit 31 ij.imiu.\i n , v 1111:1:11.
II. W. U liltnor South Imkulii Mnrrli-il to
Ills lirco < l VVIIo.
YANKTON- . D , Julv ill [ Spcciil Tele
gram to TUB BIH 1-H W. White , the we'll
known inventor of this city , was m uried six
iears ago to Mis G Wheeler. A f lei-
ay ear of inanicd lifo JJts While
wont east , and shoitly thotciftor Mr ,
Whtto Bceurcd a divoico from
her. In Mav last White wont
to the Woild's fall-with an individual ex
hibit consisting of an invention of his oun ,
and thl-i exhibit atlini-tod wide attention ii
the Liboial Aits building In Juno Mr
White was lalteii vcti 111 , and his divoiccd
wife wont from her homo in Ohio to Chicago
and nutscd her fotmcr hush ind back to
hcmlth They IOVPIS agiin , and Iwo
weeks ago weio in unod the second lime
Thov illo now at home in Vankton. Shu is
\ \ hlto's fouilliifo and his boon throe
times a bride. White is pist \ousof ago
and ills wife his seen sixtj-llvo wliitois.
Dr. I'll u HUMS' l.lliuiiilltj , ,
S IX , July ! -Hpcelat [ Telegram
gram to TiiEiUn- . ] The rontiact for the
constnction } of Sclonco hall , which Or
Pearsons the Chicago philanthropist , is to
cic-ct at Yiinkton c-oll'j o , WH iiw.udud ted
d i.v lo G Jlurjl. vv ho gives a bond to com-
plolo his conti u-l by ,1 mtiary This will bo
the most complete cducationil building in
South UiKota
ujf JA i u r unitn.\ .
Nun Ihi-or ) Itn aiilln ( ; the StHrtlnt ; ol the
Cold MnriKii I'll" lit ChliMfj
Ciiicvcio , July ! J1In connection with the
grand jury Investigation into the cold sloriR <
holocaust , a local paper pi hits n sensatioua
sloiy lo tlm Hltc-ct that the flic
whic-h rosulled so disastiously lo
human life , was of incendiary origin
Ihuiuicmllvo boinga desiio lo cover up
wholesale tliofi of goo Is sioicd in the warehouse -
house 'J'ho story L'oes that for Unco vveoku
previous to the tire Iho big sioichouHO was
looted ni ht after nijht by a ring , compose. . !
of c.cilain crook.i on the outside and certain
parties ou the inside On onu occasion , it is
said , a watering call was loaded with the
bolllea of wine and cat led away.
iiitco County Allulrn ,
BuATitic-K , July -Special ( to I'm BISE 1
County vvuirants which have been prop
erly registered are worth In cash ninetj-IUo
lo ninety-seven cents on Ihu dollar lliokcru
are attempting to buy them for less but
there U no ncccssllj of nccoplin ; a lower
The Dealt Ice Canning facton will com *
meiicouctivoopoi ilious thii woc-k ,
The Gage Countv Picssassoclalbn ncom-
lilnallcin of newsptpois outside of Beatrice ,
In engaged In u laudiblo effort to keep the
countij people inforined ns lo the character
and Illness forofllcoof the different candi
dates this full In publishing portraits and
short sketches The country papers of this
counlry are at picscut loading the city
papois in the matter of c-ulciprlse.
'ihu Investigation Into the cau o of dcith
of If 'my S. l.lmoro of ICaiu is City , oidou-d
by his son , Cm I Klmoro of this city , is being
watched uilh | 'ieaVInterest oy many pie
iilo who know the uucuanoa whtu ho ;
Denver Unnblo to Make a Distinction In
Distributing Food.
TroTr'stoni ! llunt < Iroiti All I'nrU < iC tin
\Vo t Vlooklits ; t > Culoriulo'i
Uiiplliit to Uhtiiln I'rof
Alu ilvnnil I
July ni. [ Spoolil Tclo.r\m to
Tin : Butt ] In some respects this has been
one of the liveliest days that Danvor has ox-
poiloncod , as u poittoii of the poodle have
been constantly on the move since early
iiioinlng Those who were the most active
weietho stranded comers and peers who
( vent down with the fall of silver and the
tramps who h ivo g ithorcd to part ike of the
fteofood which Is served at iIvor { Front
P it k.
Ilirly this morning now faces to
appear at the ofllcc of the executive depart
ments , ami before nightfill moro than 550
new men had registered and hid bscn
assigned to tents and Ksto I fur mo ils U is
estimated tint one-half thu mimbor came
fiom the mountains and that the bilaucu
ih If toil in fiom the east , north and south
Soon alter the serving of breikfast Mijor
Van Horn visited the "White Cltj , " ami
congrcgilinif Iho men about him , in a shoit
speech informed thorn tint employment
could bofuinlshod for fifty in cutting woods ,
clearing the ulloi s and i ctuov lug do id tree *
In the suburb m portions of the oily. "Par
son" Uzzell , who has boon o loof the stions
pi ops of the fiea hasher , I1' ' iced himself at
the head of 800 who started up town.
Not AnxloiM to V\url < .
The line marched lu soli 1 pli il.iux until it
reached the business portion , when it broke
i.inks , most of tliu members seeking saloons
and drv goods boxes on the sh idy side of thci
ttioct , so tliat vvlien the 'iiuson" loiehcd
the cit > hall whcio the nsMignmeuts were to
be given out , the vail int nimj had dwindled
iiwai until thc'io only rein line I fifteen indi
viduals who wcro willing to e.un their dally
bioad by the sweat of the blow , though
when the dinner hour nitlvcu the entlto
command was cm h ind to piitiUu of the 10-
ficshmeiils served at tlm camp
Tlio abindonmont of this icsoit , which
his now become .1 favorite pi ice for bums
and hoboes , is u foicgono conclusion , and
when tlio sun loichcs its inoildi in on Thuis-
diy It will lie no mote 1 hat the ofllcois of
the Colorado Stale guilds , who aio on duty ,
, o not take kindly lo the i lea of giving tin
rho vv oik of pi ij ing soldiers nnd guirdlng
ho life and limb of the throng who slumber
v ill ) in the tents , is undo appal on t b.the .
tatemimt of Adjutant T.iiblioy , who in an
nterviow tills morning said "Tlieio is no
luestion that thu existence of th it c imp i . '
.i.iets hoboes and olhcis of Iho h id element ,
jut having once established thu camp and
, he ncwsapois ) having given vvidespicail no-
.uiiutv to it , it scorns n pity that it should
bo suddenly cutoff now that It is leallyor-
s'iunml and after inviting into this city
probably V2,000 or ! l,00d men , who will Ord
themselves lluusdiiy niglit without food
nut disippohued it is a grave iiuustlou
, \ hetlier or > : ot the sudaun cessation of that
, .uui ) is not golntf to precipitate the vciy
evils they have boon stiujgii"jr ! to avoid.
Not I'uiinlltuil lo .Meet.
Tlio miss meeting which was callou for
the piupose of piolcsling agiinst shutllng
dow n on the fmnishlng of food nnd lodging
did not matcrmll/o. though two or tluuo
tunes dining Iho day thu men m ulo an
attempt to gathoi for tliat ptu posu but each
time lliej woiuscalteiud ami iliivcn to lliolr
tents or oil the grounds at the point of the
L > i\uiet
The mijor iccoived a commiinirntion from
the goveinor wilh leference to the demand
of the Union Pacific lailroid ofllcials for Ihc
jiiotcellon of its jiroporty. The governor
s.iid tint tlio pieseiation of the peace lu
Uonvcr belonged pumarilv to the city
itlthoiilius , and concluded ns follows
"Awaiu that at this p utlcular time there la
some clangor of public violence 1 havu
oidcicd lite illy nimoij lo be g.uiisoncd
and thu n itlonal gunuls ol thecltj lo bu m
leiillncss lo oboniii call of the govomor ,
which will bo pioiuplly issued whenever Iho
power of the clti anil connl lo malnt.iln
order is exhausted ami proves insuflloicnt "
hi icplj the mayoi said that if lie did not
believe that the police woio Ihoronghly uio-
piled lo afToid ihu i.ulw.o com.ianj thu
protection it was legally entitled to , ho
would unhesitatingly onfoico section 7 ,
ai title III , of thu cli.utcr This section of the
now chailcr leads as follows : C'all on the Vltlronn.
"Section 1 The 111.1501 is hereby cm-
pow otod lo call upon every nmlo Inhibltaiit
of tlio ( il\ , ever tlio ago of IS ye us , lo nld In
cnfoicing the laws and oidin inces , alorusaid
m provcntintf and oxlinguis-hlne flics nud in
preset vini' the pence and safety of thu dlv.
Any male inhabitant of thu city over the agu
ol 18 , who shall bo called upon bv the
in i.v or for any of the said put poses , and who
sh ill icfuso or willfully neglect to obey such
call or order shall , upon conviction tbuicof ,
bu lined not less th in ? - ! " > or mum than 4-.VX ) "
In vlinv of Uio bicakini ; up of the camp
and the possibility of tioublo Chief Hopkins
of tlio city doteotlvo foico this moining
issiicd tliu following uolli'o lo the maislutls
of incoiporatod towns and the const Uiles of
IncorpoiaU'd towns \\iUiln u radius of
twoutj miles of this city.
' You aio invited to moot at mj ofllco , city
hall , Wednesday , August M , Li' ' . ) ! , nt J p m tu
foim u Huhuihin foiro for tno lepiessionnf
ciinie dibordorand lawlussueis , lonlii In the
detection of ctiminilH and In become
aciiuinludvilli | each other. Yo-i , nil and
etch onu , are expose 1 to danger with thu
Interests 5011 are < lioscn to gu ltd fiom the
army ol li.imps making their way to IJjnver
tluouh ; ihu snbui b in towns "
rrnpiruil lor nn r.miir iMiry ,
To bo propaied for an omcrgi'ncy , nt roll
call tonight the chief of police insti uctod all
of Iho members of the d.ifurcc , < to leportut
the iltj hail oicli uM'iiing until fiiilliur
notice ) and to icmiiln theio during thu nigh ; .
'Ihu members of the night , foiI'D will also
remain theio during thu daj , flfli colH hav-
inu bocn provided ful iheiraccoimnodalion.
All of tlio Uoloiado gu uds of thu Fust log'- '
mem who aio not on duty hiivo jjecu ordered
to the armory and insti uclod to bo toady to
lull in at thu ilisl tap of the ( hum ,
The wet k of shipping mun out was con
tinued today and the exodus wtj much
' gieater than uui ing nuy piovions day since
the establishment of thu woik , 100 f/olng
uvu. thu Builiiiutcin and forty over the Hock
Island , all bound to Onuiha Tonight .MO
weio sent to Kansas City over thoSuila Fo.
Piomolcra and managuisof thoiellef camp
cillc-d on Siipt'iiiileiident lJouc-1 and nslied
him to lake u car load over Uio Union Paclllu ,
but ho absolutely jefusod , hajlng that lie
would not transport a lot of paupeis and
dump tliom upon cities that were outuldo of
thct Bltto Ho maiutalnntthat such a cotiroo
was an Iniiistlco lo the nelxhbuiing states
and thai it was In dlicct violation of the
United Stales emlgialion laws Ho said ,
however , that if the men had money to pay
regular rale's the > would Do c.uilcd to any
point on ithu line ihnt they desired to ronch ,
liut under no other clrcumslaiitO ! ) would ono
of thorn bo cuitled n mile
IHitlh lloll.
Cine uio , July -Charles C. Colllni , n
old-tune vv extern newspaper man and former
editor nnd proprietor of the Sioux City
Times , died this morning. Ho tiad been In
Chicago ubout two ueelts.
NKVV HuciiELi.i ! , N Y. , July iil.John
StophciiHon , the well known car Uulldor ,
died IhU 11101 Hint' , iigud til.