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Prices Ont to the Quick at Our Great
Alteration Salo.
Alt Silk Milrt WnUtii to He Closed Ont nt
! , Tlmn Unit 1'rlcc llonlory , Itlb-
bom , llHiiclUrrclilfN , Underwear
t Utihenril of I'rlccs.
"During nur alteration sale wo will
close out innny desirable floods at prices
never before appronelicd in this city ,
nor any other for Unit mutter.
Thurmlny every silk shirt \\alHt will
bo on wilu nt less thiincost of inatoriul to
Our 30.00 ones tfo for $2.0"i.
Our J7.r > 0 ones go for $ . ' ( .75.
Our mOO ones no for $4.50.
Our S0.50 ones jro for $ -l.7fi. '
Thabo uronllof tbis season's inako and
Bplcndul stylus. Don't pass Ihis oppor
Grand clearing ealc of hosiery and un
At lOc ladles' flno Rauzo vests that wo
liavo never ollercd less than Hoe go for
lOc. '
At Ho Boy's heavy stockings that
wear like iron never offered less yian
35o po for Me.
At ; i7ic this is the bargain of bargains
of the bcnsnn. Wo pliieo the entire
stock rcmnlndlnir.on hand of our opera
length llslo thread bluok and colored
hosiery that Imvo been soiling for as
hlRh as $1.23 think of it , only HTjo
jVt 07e each a line of ladles' all silk
Ycsta.HUoh as have been boiling Tor $1.50 ,
wo will close at 07c.
At 42c ladles' flno muslin drawers ,
nicely t'-iinmcd , that huvo been belling
at 750.
At S.'ic ladies' ' ni ht robes , madoof fine
muslin with fancy trimmed yokes , a
good $ I.'J. " > garment , at 8lo. !
AT 25c , ladies' line white lawn aprons ,
trimmed with embroidery , have been
33o and 50c.
Silk gloves in black , tans , modes ,
worth up to $1.00 , at .Tic.
Choice lots of black , cream , ecru
laces in cotton , linen and bilk.
Lot J at 10e , reduced from 'toe.
Lot 2 at 2'e , reduced from $1.00.
300 dozen ladles' handkerchiefs at 5c ,
Buch as you ordinarily pay 10o for.
. ' 100 dozen handkerchiefs at Do each ,
such as usually sell for . > c.
A choice lot of fans atlite. . This lot
Includes fans worth $1.00
Remember Unit these bargains are not
of the usual steieotypcd kind that you
read about. Wo are giving clobo buyers
exceptional values and while wo are
altering our atoreyou get goods at about
half value. We can't begin to quote the
many lots of goods that are going cheap.
Boys' clothing , silk dress goods , books ,
ribbons , wash goods wo are closing out
nt prices that will uimr/o you.
Balloon tonight at Corn-Hand beach.
Ames moved to 1017 Farnam.
Huydi'ii Bros.1 Friday sale is solely to
raise money.
Elpcrtrnco of n Pnrent U'ho Posed ni nn
Krport with Ihu Iloir.
"Hnvo you ever noticed the keen desire of
an otherwise sensible man to pinyvltha
garden hose ? " asked a well known Ruuilo-
man of a group of friends yesterday.
"Well , I guess I have no grunt kick com
ing , " he said , "for I am as big n chump ns
any ono tIso. Ono evening lust jveek my
wlfo told my son to go outnnd sprinkle the
lawn. The boy grabbed the hose mid wns
doing the Job in good shape. I thought ho
was having too much fun and it scorned to
bo n most plcaiant job , too , for the evening
was very sultry.
s "My wife and f lind accepted invitations
fe for n party thni evening. I had on my even
ing tlrcss suit nnd wns waiting for my better
half to inako her appearance. In order to
ahow my paternal authority I went out to
bos * the Job nnd began to give orders like
tliochiof of H volunteer country lire depart
ment. In order to moio fully impress my
offspring with my superior knowledge. I
grabbed hold of the hose and undertook to
show Jum how it was done. The young man
looked t mo with disgust and took refuge
upon the porch.
"I opened otho scanco b.v playfully turning
the stream on the dog , which was lying in
the simile-to keep cool. 1 then began to play
water over the Unui in n scientific nmtine'r
and soon became so nnsoibcd In the ork
that ! did not notice that I was getting
water all o\cr mj shoes anil the lower part
of my pantaloons. My son said nothing , but
he must have kept up a lively thinking.
"As the feollmr grow on mo , I became pos
sessed \\ilhn desire tocl everything in
sight nnd In twisting the hose while walk
ing around 1 Vcsencd n coupling over which
I was standing and \vas deluged with siir.iv
This brought mo back to my senses , arid
rculi/ing that I had rendered my dress suit
unfit to wear that evening I made mi ex
clamation which would not look well in
print. My wlfo and a lady friend , who was
colng with uscro standing behind inc.
having Just emerged from the house. They
heard my profanity , nnd my wife , who is u
devout church member , said : ' \\liy
Jawca , I am astonished nt your using
nuch awful language. ' She startled me
nnu m my confusion I dropped the con
founded hoso. 'J hero was u knU ! In it , and
us soon as It struck the ground It bcg.m to
twist nnd squirm around like a snalto. The
water Hew in nil diicctlous , hut most of it
coined to strike mo or the Indies. My son
nnd the dog howled their delight In a shrill
duct and the nolghbois Joined In the chorus.
I wns soaking wut ; i > o was my wife and her
friend. Wo llnally made our cseapo into the
house , but you ought to huvo seen us. Wo
looucd like wo had passed through n flood.
"My wlfo wns so mad that she couldn't
apeak forsovural minutes and shu only gave
mo a contemptuous look , mid with her
friend- retired to chnngo their dresses. I
went out and kicked the dog. Mv son and I
held a short , but very satisfactory'interview.
" \Vo didn't go to the party. 1 came down
town and the clock In the steeple was strik
ing Si before I started for home , so vou can
guess thoii'st. I managed lo square mysoll
with my wlfo b.v getting her u now dress and
lolemnly swearing to tnUo her to the World's
"When the lawn needs sprinkling now my
ion does it and 1 gl\o him t5 ! cents for iloini ;
the Job. "
Dinerriiro of Opinion ,
Mr. Charles F. IJeindorff , architect of the
city hall , is Just at this time using hia
utmost endeavors to convince the committee
on public piopcrtyand buildings that there
it duo him a balnnco of fl,000 on his con.
tract. Mr. IJulmloiff , under his contract
wns to rcrolvo 5 per cent of the construction
price of the building. " Evidently he con
sulercd that there wns no limit to the price
of coiibtruullon , if A statement ho has pro
scntcd to Chairman Jnrobscn Is correct.
in speaking of this statement Mr. Jacob
sen binilcs audibly and s.i.\s It Is too rkileu
lous for scilous consideration. Among tin
items uro those of stationery , fuinlturc , gns
nnd clcctrlo light futures , telephone wiring
vail fixtures , painting walls , elm a tors , coy
ering steam pipes , door springs and n num
beiof others in the uaiiio lino. The urchl
teet wants 6 per cent on the cost of these
which amount to bovcrnl thousand dollar :
expended , Mr. Jacobsen fails to see when
Mr. BoindorlT is entitled to another CPU
from the city , mid ho considers that tin
f 17,000 the architect has already secured 1 :
ample compensation for sei vices rendered It
fuiiilshlne plans and specifications , ilo lie
o thoroughly convinced of this fact that hi
a ) s he will never report favorably upon tin
NprclRl 3 I ) J Knt "f SUM Nnllnnt for
Tliiimclnr ,
Special .1 days pale.
1'rlccs forced below the cost of the
raw material.
Linings given free with cneh dress.
5 nieces regatta blaek gros grain silk ,
cashmere finish , worth 81. 00 per yard )
gees nt 7fio ynid nnd linings free of
10 pieces regatta , black irros-grnin fin
ish , worth Sl.'i" ) per yard , goes tit OSe
and linings frco of charge.
10 pieces regntta black crros-grnln silk ,
cashmere finish , worth $1.50 per yard ,
goes at $1. 13 and linings free of charge *
10 pieces Olvornaud Bros , black crros-
graln Bilk , oashmcro finish , worth % 1.7o ,
goes at $1.2. " ) per yutd and linings frco
of charge.
fi nieces Glvornaud Bros , black gros-
graln silk , cashmere finish , worth $1.85
per yard , goes at $ l.t ; , " ) and linings iroo
of charge.
5 pieces Glvornand Bro.'s black gros
grain silk , cashmere finish , worth $2.00
per yard , goes at $1.50 ; linings free of
C pieces Givornaud Bro.'s black gros
grain silk , cashmere finish , worth S2.2.J ,
goes at $1.75 per yard ; linings free of
fi pieces Givornaud Bro.'s black gros
grain silk , cashmere finish , worth $ . ' 1.50
per yard , goes at 82.25 ; linings free of
Tljls oiler holds good for Thursday ,
Friday and Saturday : Linings given
with every full dress pattern of black
gros grain silk.
Remember wo Imvo the largest stock
of notions in the west , and remember ,
also , that our prices are the lowest. On
Ihurtday you can buy
5 packages best pins for Ic.
10 packages best hair pins for Ic.
2 spools machine thread , Ic.
2 spools silk twist (10-yard ( ) , lo.
5 dozen agate buttons ! !
1 spool good linen thread , lo.
1 package best needles , Ic.
1 ball crochet cotton , lc. ,
G doyen shoo buttons , Ic.
1 spool best 100 yard silk 2o.
1 Indies' canvas bolt Ic.
1 very good fine comb Ic.
Always bear in mind that you can buy
more notions at Hayden Bros , for less
money than any house in the city.
"Watch for great Friday bale.
Balloon tonight at Courtland beach.
- o
Keep your eyes on LTayden Bros. ' Fri
dav tale.
Ames moved to 1017 Farnam.
Omaha to Mnnawn , round trip 30
cents. Take the bridge line.
Telephone C. W. Hull Co. for prices
on hard coal. Summer delivery ,
- P
The particulars of liny don Bros. ' Fri
day sale will be announced later on.
- o
Tlmo Wo 1 1 Spent
a week's holiday nt Hot Springs , S. D.
best reached from Omaha by the Bur
lington routes , 10:15 a. m. , Black Hill
Hound trip tickets at the ono way rate
on sale July 15 to August 15. Through
sleeping car from Omaha dally.
See the city ticket agent at 1324 Far
nam fatreet.
A raes moved to 1017 Farnam.
A convenient and pleasant place to ob
tain luncheon. Baldnll , 1520 Farnum ,
Look on page 7 and see what a
tremendous discount Woodbridgo Broa.
are making in pianos and organs.
Hayden Bros. ' necessity is your oppor
Commencing Sunday cvenlncr the latest
success in the way of comedj drama will bo
presented at the F.irnnm Street thcator.
'Tho Wolves of Now York" is a produc
tion that will entertain nil classes of theater
gocrn. Thcro arc twenty people in the cast.
The scenic effects arc grand and all now.
The above production is not n mcto gallery
sensation , but is equally good for parquet
and cliess circle.
The music of the now spectnculnr comic
opcr.i , "Africa , " in which Mr. George
Thatcher nnd hia operatic extravaganza
company will appear at the Doyd for two
nights , commencing Tuesday evening , Au
gust 1 , is the first effort m the line of comic
opera of Mr. U.mdolph Cruger. and the suc
cess achieved by the piece in the way of
iiusic augurs well for future efforts on the
part of this i Ising young composer. Ho has
furnished the pleco with any amount of that
bright , crisp music that Is always Iboked for
In a picbculatlon of this kind , but which U
very seldom found in any quantity. The
music of "Africa" is pretty and taking.
( Jrugcr has not aimed too high in his writing.
His music has \S'agnerian outbursts of
harmonic- sounds ; it is of the simplest
nature , that which readily appeals to the
car and thus populari/cs itself with the
average theater-goer. Ho has given some
sweet melody , as is shown by such songs as
"Shadows on the W.ill , " "My Lady of
Moods , " "Tho 1'rimo Minister" ana others ,
His onscmblo work is dashing , crisp nnd full
of lifo and receives moro generous justice
than any other oigaiiiintion in America
could give It. The sale of scnts will open
Monday evening.
Piles of people luvo piles , out JJo Witt's
Witch Hazel S.ilvo will euro thoin.
W ro Not frniii Omnhn.
Hov. John A. Hultmnn , p.istor of the
Swedish Mission church , which has been
Instrumental in Rending a largo number of
missionaries to China , spoke vcfctcrdayafter
noon with refcronco to the massacre of
Missionaries Wikholui and Johuuten , as
follows ; v
"Neither of the unfortunate men was ono
of these sent from hero , Uoth wore un
doubtedly' bout out directly fiom the old
country. Some sixty-live hn\o gone from
hero mid all are allvo , nnd , so fnr as I know ,
uro well. Three or four , Including Hov. J.
] ' . Johnson , who puMched in my church a
weck ago Sunday , Imvo been obliged to comu
hack to this country on account of ill health ,
hut all thcso will return to their posts iu lha
fall. "
Piles of people liavo piles , but Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo will euro them.
Marshal Tomnlcton of Council Bluffs noti
fied Chief Seavoy yesterday that John IJlng.
man , the uotorious constable , was m that
city , nnd if ho was wanted the Council
Uluffs officers would nrrcbt htm. The police
do not want Dlngmnn , but it Is quito likely
that his bondsmen may , ni > John has for
feited bonds amounting to fbOO.
Plies of peapio ntivo pues , out Do Witt's
Witch Haa'l S ilvo wlllourj thj n.
Unklrj'i I.nit ItumliiK 1'lnrr.
The relatives of W. L. Oakloy , the young
mnn who was' killed while walking ulons
the Union Pacific track near Mlllard , Nob. ,
have written Coroner Maul statins ; that the
remains nrrived in New York City Julviiy
and were in good condition. The funeral
occurred on the day of the arrival.
llmntMl u Coal bliml.
Flro destroyed Nat. llrowns's coal shed at
Twentieth nnd Uiito streets at 4 o'clock this
morning , Lo i , < 00. -
? \ ? ' TAPT IMOII c * 11 ?
1\rnvin'c ' COM CASH oALh
Extra Special Under Cost Bargains for
Thursday Ladles' ' $1,50 Waists GOc ,
LADIES' $3.00 WAISTS $1.05
I.nilln' ST.rtO Iterulj-.Mnilo SmU nt 92.08
OliniiRcnlilo CrjHtiit llnncnllne SHU * ,
Worth 81. r , 37 l-3n 1'cr Yard , llcut
HnrRittn In 811k of the Senon >
Rtips , chcncllo portoircs and all
kinds of laec eiirtains uo this
Of our pi-cut cash cost sale nt special
under cost prices.
Buy now , you have only a fo\v days
moro lo take advantage of the greatest
sacrillco sale that has over taken place
in Omaha.
Only 81 of these. They won't last any
time. These walbts are made of French
lawn and sold nt $1.50 and $1.05 each ; at
today's price , f > 0e , you will have to
get hero early If you want ono.
$ : i.OU WAISTS , $1.05.
18 ladies' fancy waists imulu of French
mull , black only. Regular prlco of
thcbO waists is SU.OO. Today you
can buy them for $1.05. Remember this
of our great sale , .and wo are offering
extra special induccmcnss to make it the
biggest week of the sale.
LADIES' $7.C)0 SUITS FOR $2.03.
10 ladles' ready-made suits that have
been selling all season at $7.50 go today
as our extra special under cost bar
gain at $2.08 per suit. Limit 1 suit to a
.10 ladies' wrappers , regular price
$1.05 , today ! )8e. )
Don't forgot curtains and rugs are
going at under cost price all this week.
300 yards of changeable crystal bonga-
line silks , a sure $1.25 quality , 1 dress
pattern to a customer , today 37ic
per yard ; also 10 pieces of natural
pongee silk go at 37ic per yard , worth
up to 05c.WASH
25 pieces of changeable habutai wash
hilks worth and sold all over ut87i and
$1.00 per yard ; today they go as an
extra special under cobt bargain at 5Sc
per yard.
25c , 30clOc and 50c white , striped ,
checked and plaid lawns go at 8ic.
Muslins and sheeting at net cost.
Linens at not cost.
15c sateens oc.
25c ginghams lOc.
20e novelty wubh goods ( He per yard ,
or 05c for a full dress pattern.
lOc and COc dress goods go at lOc per
75c , 8"c , $1.00 , $1.25 wool dress goods
go at 25c.
Don't forget to buy your curtains nnd
rugs now while we are selling them at
under cost prices.
Balloon tonight at Courtland beach.
Itual Ilstute Owners I'rnpnio to Content the
Gnrlingr C'lintract.
Mr. MacDonnld will hardly ho permitted
to carry out the terms of his garbage con
tract without a lognl struggle. The Heal
Estate Owners association has not yet given
up the fight nnd will not surrender the in
terests of the people to the contractor until
tlTo courts have passed upon the validity of
the contract and everything connected with
it. President Hoggs said yesterday morning :
"Until a meeting of the directors of the
association is held i do not know what
steps wo will take. Our time yesterday wis
too limited to prepare the necessary papers
for a restraining order , .and the council's
speed ia rushing the contract through last
night over the mayor's vote has prevented
our tiling an application for the order now.
However , it is not necessary that wo
abandon the interests of the taxpayers , as
there uro other menus at our command to
prevent the contract being carried ont.
Yesterday the committcocons'iHed with two
of our best attorneys nnd the conclusion was
reached that the best thing to
bo done under the circumstances
was to permit the council to proceed
with its r.iilroading of the contract , nnd ns
soon ns il is put in force to have sonic ono
violate its provisions and cause his arrest.
In that way the matter can bo speedily
brought into court and the fact established
that the proceedings in awarding the con
tract were irregular and that the s.imo ia
not just and should bo aorogated. I believe
that this is the best way in which to
the validity of the contract , after the talk
we hail with the attorneys. The hotel nnd
livery men , who are so vitally interested ,
should como to the front nnd join with us.
"I hope the press will continue to stir this
thing up until the very bottom of it is
reached nnd the people aroused to the
enormity of the outrage that lias been perpetrated -
potrated upon thorn by forcing this contract
through without giving the citizens nil op
portunity to discuss its merits nnd look into
them. 1 , for one , nin willing to expend the
last dollar in the association treasury to de
feat this contract , and I bellovo $100,000
should ho spent rather than have the con
tract go into force in nil its pornlciousnoss.
A conference of the directors of the nssocia-
tlon will bo hold just ns soon as practic.ihlo ,
nnd this matter will bo thoroughly discussed ,
and 1 bollovo a line of action will ho mnpnod
out. ' Wo will not so c.isily submit to such a
jiiet'O of outragcousncss being foisted upon
us. "
Tnl.o ( lucid Cure of the Children.
For .summer complaint in children there is
nothing HO good iis Chamberlain's Colic ,
Cholera nnd Uiarrhtna Kennedy. Tt cures
dysentery , dlarrhwa nnd cholera mfunlum ,
nnd never fulls when used in tlmo nnd the
plain printed directions art ) followed. When
reduced u Hh water nndswcotcncd it is plena-
nnt to tako. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale
uy druggists ,
I'Ur OUICAtil ) I.N YOUK l > OOKii' : .
Vou Cun Do So l > j ruroliaiinK u Copy of
Moriin'i lllctloimry of Chicago ,
This valuable book 1ms received the
endorsement of the World's Columbian
Exposition. It also contains a handsome
map of Chicago and in the only rooog
nized and standard Guide to the World1
Fair City. For Halo by George E. Moran
publibhor , Buito 213 Herald building
Chicago , 111 , , and by all promlncSt
news dealers. Price , SOc per copy. In
cloth bound copies in gilt , postage paid ,
$1.00 each. Every portion contemplating
a visit to Chicago during the world's
fair should avail himself of this oppo-
tunity to hccuro n copy.
County ICoudK.
The county commissioners nvcr that the
proposition to pave the county roads with
the proceeds of the $150,000 , of improve
ment bond * votcdi lust yonr Is not dcMl ixml
that it Is only ( looping. They any that them
will be nothing dona thl * year , but that If
the money market ipcts In bolter nhnpo thU
fall they will pll the bomln during the coinIng -
Ing winter nnd nmkri their contracts , so that
the work may Ix-gin with the opening of
next spring.
Don't jYoit Know
That to have per perfect health you must
have mire blood ami the best way to have
pure blood Is to take Hood's Snrsatmrllla ,
the best blood purifier nnd strength builder.
It expels nil thnt taint of scrofula , salt
rheum and nil other humors and at the sftino
tlmo builds up the. wliolo system nnd gives
tu-rvo strength.
Hood's Pills nmv bo had by mall forSSc of
C. I. Hood & Co. , Uwell. M.iss.
Balloon tonight at Courtland beach.
LA 81 ACT.
Judgci Attemlml to the Closing lltulnem
of tlio Mxy Court Term.
Sovcral of the Judges of the district court
were on the bench vcstcrdayclontilng up the
dockets and getting things In shape for the
final adjournment of the May term , nn order
for which was entered Inst night.
Judge Scott took up nnd disposed of the
S. P. Morse fiunllyiilfllcultlcs until the Sep
tember torm. Morse furnished his bond ,
> 00 , by which ho guarantees to keep away
from the homo of his wlfo , and also to obey
the maudnto of the court , which compels
him to keep the peace during the pendency
of the divorce proceedings , which have also
pone ovor. No order wns made regarding
the disposition of the property , that bolng
loft to abide the findings of the court or jury
at the tlmo of the trial. Upon furnishing
the bond Mr. Morse was released from the
custody of the s > hcrllT.
Denny Haley and Sylvester Harrison , two
obstreperous youngsters , were taken before
Judge Kevsor and wore ordered sent to the
Kearney Industrial school , Both of the lads
wore anxious to go , saying thnt thoi would
bo hotter off thcro than at their homes.
Judge Hopowell came uown from his Te-
kntnah homo and spent the day upon the
bench hearing the lawyers who wanted to
nrguo motions for orders and continuances.
Judge Ferguson whiled away the tlmo
b.v listening to a couple of the Hurt county
lawyers , who had some clients who wore
contending for iho possession of a choice
trnct of farming land , which both of them
Judge D.ivis still clings to the determin
ation to retire from the bench , but has de
cided thnt his resignation will not bo handed
to the governor for some days yot. When
the document goes Into the hands of the ex
ecutive , it will bo with the understanding
that it must take effect not later than Sep
tember 1 , as upon that diito the judge desires -
sires to resume the practice of law.
While the clerk of the district court can
not give anv estimate regarding thcsizo of
the docket for the next term of the court , ho
is of the opinion that it will bo larger than
over before , as a great number of new suits
are being commenced. Ho accounts for the
bringing of these suits b.v the fact that the
litigants nro enabled to got more ipeody
notion than heretofore , as a suit brought
now can bo reached nt the next term of
court , while n fovr years ago the dockets
were so far behind that It was usually sev
eral years after the bringing of a suit before
it could bo reached for trial.
We SpciikVlmt \V Kllinv.
riom MIC CoiAvllle Cl'fi. ) Humicr.
My wife and four children were taken very
suddenly with severe cases of cholera mor-
bus. I bought a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic , Cholera nnd Diarrhcca Remedy , and '
from ono to two doses gavclief in'o och
case. I heartily recommend. , t , believing it
the best remedy known tor bowel com
plaints. 25 and 50 cenit bottles for sale by
Hoyden Bros.1 Friday Bale will surpass
all former bargain bales.
Ames moved to 1U17 Farnam.
Courtliiml Hniu-li Ilrec7c .
U. S. Grant post , Grand Army of the He-
public , picnics at Courtland today.
The patrons of the switchback nnd
carousal rarely scorn satisfied with ono ride
and usually indulge in several beloro quit
Boating par'ics seem to bo the proper
caper. They arc fully as enjoyable as the
picnic and bathing parties that ara so
The now carriage entrance to the grounds
is a big improvement. It does away with
the necessity of driving over the dusty road
through the sand.
It is not likely that the bathing house
capacity will bo increased this year as the
season is so far advanced. Next year it w ill
bo doubled , as it Is now crowded to its ut
most nightly.
The ten new gasoline lamps that have
been ordered placed on Ames nvcnuo , be
tween Sixteenth street and the bridge , are a
needed improvement which everybody who
drives to the beach will appreciate.
The two young mou who were arrested
near the west end for bathing on Sunday
last were allowed to go with simply a repri
mand by the judge , as the beach authorities
didn't want to prosecute them , this being
the first case ot arrest within the beach as
sociation's enclosure.
There hast been a number of complaints
against nude bathing on the north shore of
the lake , ouposito the long bridge. The beach
authorities now liavo oflleers who p.itrol
this section of the lake. Arrests will bo
made and every case will bo prosecuted to
the full extent of the law.
Manager Griffiths and Superintendent
Crane are both working hard. There are a
thousand and ono things , all of which seem to
require Immediate attentionbut every thing is
gradually being brought to perfection. Iho
roads within the enclosure have been put in
good condition , and these gentlemen are do
ing all in their power for the convenience
and comfort of the bsach patrons.
Piles of peopio have piics , but Dowltt's
Witch Hazel S.ilvo will euro them.
Other I'uoplti'n I'our.
Deputy Sheriff Lewis loft last night for
Columbus , Plutto county , taking with him
ICatio Kcagnn , n young woman who has been
at the county hospital for u number of
The woman wns picked up from the street
in a demented condition nnd for n tlmo could
give no information concerning her resi
dence , but later It was learned that her
homo was nt Columbus nnd that she had
been ut one of the stnto institutions nt Ne
braska City , nnd from there hud been bent
to Omaha , notwithstanding the fact that
she was a charge on Plutto county and that
was her home. In addition to being feeble
minded the girl is blind and almost helpless.
Piles of people } have piles , but Do Witt's
Witth Ha/elSalvcwlll euro them.
HiillUinK Penult. .
The following pciuilts to build were Issued
yesterday :
It. J. Gentleman , 8224 Hurt , duelling I 8,600
T. ( i. Iiang , 141' ! fcoutli j-'orty-ulKhth ,
cottaKU 1,000
1'hu minor permits 700
Stnen permits , nBsrcgatlni ? t & , -00
The following marriage licenses were Is-
buod yesterday :
Name and address. Ago.
I John A. .Murphy , Omaha , , , . . 27
| Lillian Painter , Uinuha 2'j
i Suimiol ( J. llurnaicl , Onmlm 20
) lluluu K. Humes , Oiuulm 25
The only Pure Creatu of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia ; No Alum.
Used iu Millious of Homes 40 Years the Staudard.
Brings comfort and improvement nnd
lends to personal enjoyment when
rightly usctl. The many , who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more , with
less expenditure , by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs of physical being , will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles cmbiaccd in the
remedy , Svrup of Figs.
Its excellence is duo to iis presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste , the rcficsliing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative f cflectually cleansing the system ,
dispelling colds , headaches Mid fevers
niul permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of- the medical
profession , bccnuwj it nets on the Kid
neys , Liver nnd Bowels without weak
ening them nnd it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by nil drug
gists in COc and § 1 bottles , but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only , whose name is printed on every
package , also the mime , Syrup of Figs ,
and being well informed , you will uot
accept any substitute if ollcicd.
The latest out. Pretty , styl
ish , nobby traveling hat in
white and colors.
Selling all summer millinery
at cost and less.
BUSS , 1514 DouglasSt ,
Mandrake Pills have a value nt a bouse
hold remedy far beyond tne power of lan
guage to describe. The family can
hardly bo true to itself that does not
keep them on hand for use in emergen
Is the only vogotuolo substitute for that
dangerous mineral , MuucuiiY , and
while its action as a curative Is fully
effunl. it possesses none of the perilous
In Constipation , Mandrake acts upon
the bow > la without disposing them to
subsequent Costivone'iS.
No remedy acts so directly on the
liver , nothing so speedily cures Sick
Headache , Sour Stom-
null , and Biliousness as
I'or Siilo l > y all DruzsslsU. 1'ilcoSS cts > . per
box ; 3 1)0X03 for C. > ct , ; or sent by nmll. nost-
HKO free , on receipt of price. Lr. ) J , II.
Bc-hcncK & ton , Philadelphia.
mourcr.3 IIIE AIIUMC
tsurruuK lilneniii , lulling Memory ,
1'nrvMK , tilt'cplebin ? ! . \ > cnkieBi > rn. * -
ilr. , mid quickly hutburoly rcnoits i.o > t Mtulltr Ik
ll.l or yonrikl.ntllr cailicit In veil pocket. 1'rlcr ,
H.OO u imclcnKo Sl > 'or * . ' > . < > ( > wllli a wrlllcn icuur-
kiiU'f lo ruro or money nTurAril. IMm't ! * t liny m.
prlnclDU'ci ih vw Ut f i II y uu aril/ kind itf Imitation. In
iltt nn hnvlULF IftllAl'o nonu other If lie liui nuf will 11'inllt l > y mail "pun rrrclpt of price.
f'nmpliUt In ntftli n mni- lone fife A < Mrr n 4'rli'ntu ?
Ufdlrul Co. , fid rijrinoullil'lurr , Ohlinitn , 111.
BOLD by Kulm .V Co. , Cor 151)1 ) and Douglas SIS ,
and J. A. Fuller fit Co , Cor. 141)1 ) and lcu : _
Sis. , OMAHA. NKH. . by Paul G Schneider. 511
llroadway and 6 I'earl Si , COUNCIL. liLUI-FS.
IOWA , and other I.imlini : Drucclsts.
Of Your Present Charms
In Years to Come ,
High Clan fattfry'if ,
At I'opulur I'rlcoi
3ia-315-3nS.15th Strosi.
Omaka , Neb.
Tn"l ? MI ? V'Q CillB ' ' Cure cure H catarrh
JS1IV tVj 1 O All arm-Bints 60 ce nla
The Mercer.
Omaha's NewestHot ? ! .
Cor , 12th and HowiirJ Street *
< 0rooms ; . .Y > per tlity.
40 rooms tiOOper duy.
U ) rooms with Liutli ut $1 per ilir. '
Mroomb wUli Imlb ut { I S ) per daft
Aluilurn In T ; orj Heaped.
ly FiirnUlitiil 'I liruugliout
C. S. ERB , Prop.
1 It's
fin -
Of alterations ami impi-ovomiMits la our store toihiy
and for a few more days lo conic. The carpenters
and a noisy crew they arc began up on the third 11 our
one day last week. They took the old floor tip from the
rafters where it's laid for so long and pitched it out of
CO the building for good and all. l-'or a few days they ran
things as they liked up there and when they quit at
the end of the week we'd a new floor and a few more
comforts to thank them for. Today they're down on
second floor with their hammers and picks and saws
and nails creating dire confusion wherever they see
fit. Stocks are being shifted 'round from place to place
parts of the floor are old parts are new and in some
places there's no floor at all just beams that's all.
'Midst all this dust and noise we're doing a little car
penter work on our own account : "cutting" down the
prices on some thin clothes that we "saw" were going
flR slowly putting them into the quick-moving-
"hammering" them out at prices that it's "plane" to be
seen "augur" well for your pocketbook ; at such prices
as to "nail" your attention immediately ; cutting the
$1.25 alpaca coats to 75c and the $1.75 ones to $1.25 ;
cutting drap d 'ete coats and vests the liucsHciiuls that
should be $1.50 and $5.00 to $ ! U)0 ) and $3.50 ; hammering -
mering down the fine kinds of flannel coats to a dollar
ninety apiece your si/e and color among them ; selling s
a few odd sixes of line coats and vests of ditt'ercnt sorts
at from one to two dollars Jess than we sold the same
, .
kinds only a Week ago. It's a muss that we ask you to
trade in up on the second floor today-but you can
save enough in fifteen minutes time to pay you for a
day's discomfort and fifteen minutes is not long only
a quarter of an hour at most.
They can't last long Dn
with us at the price , and
this is just the reason we
have made- the price
n $1.15 for the handsomest
and best Moquette Carpets
a made-
a LARGE RUGS from s
remnants of these goods ,
in a great variety of sizes ,
5n with borders , $1 per yard
n U
made up.
It will pay you to'see if
D I we have one to fit * voru
S room ,
Carpel Co ! ;
a D