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    8 Tins OMAHA DAILY KBE ; ? WKDNKRDAY , JULY 20 , 1803.
Major Be'mh Vetoes the Garbage Contract ,
tint is Hot Sustained.
llilrleen Membrrn Utlllra I'nlillo Opinion ,
KI ft Ilonr Mnl nnilVlpn Thrlr feet
on the I'poplo'nlnlicii
llirco True Men.
The city council last night hurlcil ilcnnnco
In the tcetb of the major , the people nnil tbo
press of the city. It passed the M.ieDonald
garbage contract over a vigorously worded
veto from Major Heinls. Tbo ilccil
was executed with nil possible
liaitc. Mr. Hascall , who poses ns
the mill-monopoly member of the council ,
performed tbo functions of chief ndvocato
nnil ho won. Ho championed tbo contract
from start to llnlsh nml forgot nil about the
Independent mass meeting down at Exposi
tion hull , to which ho hail Induced the coun
cil to accept an invitation to attend In a body
on the occasion of a previous meeting. Several
members urged adjournment at different
times to enable the council to attend tbo
meeting , but Mr. llnscall Insisted on the
mayor's vote being considered previous to
adjournment. Ho considered that tbo city
would suffer in case consideration of the
matter was postponed another twenty-four
hours nnd ho was very much elated when
the clerk began reading tbo following veto
from Mayor Hcmls :
Miijnr Hi-nil * ' nmphntlo Veto.
To TIII : lloNOHAiu.r. TIII : CITV Cou.soir , or
THU CITV or OMAHA ( lenllemeii : I re
turn herewith without my appioval , the
contract made and entered Into with A. Mae-
Ionuld for the removal of the garbage of the
I vein this contract for several reasons :
1'lrst Thu linnil glM-n bv the contractor In
Illegal , being directly contrary lo the pro
visions of section Ull of chapter \lll. of thu
Compiled Ordinances of I Hill ) , which piovliles
that "no person or poisons. Unit or eorporllmi
having iiny contract or agicomont with thu
city for the pcrfoiinnneo of any service or
fiilllllment of HIIV duty or obligation for the
city , slmll be accepted at suiety upon the bond
of any other contractor having agucmontsor
contracts with thuelly , "
h-Vcnnd The sureties on the bond have not
instilled , as r | iilied by Reel Inn 1'J , chapter
xlll , Complied Ordinances of ln'J ( ) .
Aside ( Kim these reasons , which I regard as
amply sulllclent to sniiport a veto. I have
vetoed this contract on the geneial ground
that the Interests of our rlllrens have not been
properly guarded , and I bellcvo It to ho not
only a poor business policy , hut.idoun tight In
justice to our cltl/ens , If , Indeed , It Is not an
outrageous Imposition upon the residents of
Omaha to fasten upon them a grinding
monopoly with power to bleed the boiisu-
liohleis without any locomponso lolhuclly
except the miserable sublet fngo of n paltry
IUoO per year ,
I do not believe. It Is advisable to enter Into
Mich a contract for a long poi led of time. The
whole matter In meiely an experiment , and
one or two vcars ut tlio most would glvo plenty
of time todemonsttato the practicability of
the scheme.
I'lirther than thK the matter was not given
RUllli-lont publicity to eimblu the city to receive -
coivo thu iH-nuflt of vigorous coinputltlon.
Dellnlle spvclllcntlonssboii d have been pre
pared nnd adxcitlsed In several eastern
papurs , thereby ghlng other ontsICo con
tractors an oppoitunlty to come In on as
fair u basis UK the pieteut cqntractlng
paity fiom Inwa. H lias been the general un
derstanding that the steps tala-n were In the
nature of an experiment to give the munici
pality an Idea of what might bo done. In order
that a definite couise might he niaikcd out.
Tliu Interests of our elll/uns hn\e not boon
Rioporly piolected In the contract In question ,
o tnovlshms have licen made for these citi
zens who luiiil tbelrown garbage , manuio , etc.
They will be absolutely at the meicy of the
contractor , who Is given the exclusive right to
remove mid tiinUu u o of all deud iinlninls ,
garbage , ollal , nlghtsoll , etc. KvenJho city II-
Bolf will boat the mercy of the monopoly which
this contract seeks to create. The provision Is
made for dumping street sweepings and the
city will be forced to the nltei native of allow
ing the garbage contractor to become- the
street RWeoping contractor or ullowour stioo'-s
to leinaln miswept.
Over and abo\u nil this , however. IB the matter -
tor of the expense tooiircltl/ens. luoni a care
ful computation , based upon the data at the
command of the Hoard of Health , 1 have nmdo
the deduction that tlie cltl/cns of Omaha are
now paying ut least WD.OOO nor year
for the haullni ; of giubago. Theno fig
ures represent the cost of romov Ing about
one-thlid of all the garh.igc. which Is now
moved. Mipposlm ; that no more garbage
should bo moved under this contract than is
moied at piesent , the contractor would then
rcallio about J100.0UO per year , but umlor the
power granted by existing ordinances the
contractor could force all'cltUons to 10-
niou ) their garbage , thereby gieatly In
creasing the revenue. Moieover , thu prices
for removing dead animals , fur neatly
allot which the city would have to pay , are
much greater under this contract than
under the e.xlstlng contract with Nlday.
The city Is now paying il per head tor lioiscs ,
cows , etL' . , weighing over 000 pounds ; In
the MacDiinald contiact the price Is j'J. \\u
aie now iiuylng 50 cents each for dead dugs ,
but will lie compcliiM to pay 70 cents under
the propost-il conliact. IsUnt soil Is now ro-
jnovod for 7 cents per cubic foot ami Ilio new
price will be 10 cents per cubic foot.
I furthoi bellovu that this contract is Illegal ,
for the reason that It is not a fraii-
chUo within thu legal meaning of
that word , nnd that the wnolo pro
ceedings aio liioguhir and void. Section
l'J3 of Ilio charter us amended piovldcs that
"No ordinance granting any fiaiichlso shall bo
passed until at least two weel.s shall Imvo
elapsed after Its Inttodui-llon nor until after
the same lias been published In tbu olllclal
Diiperof thecllv. " In this case no oidlmmco
lias been passed grouting i this franchise and
for that rensun the piocoedlngs Jiuvu boon Ir
i-oi inosoreasons and for many others of a
blmllar niitnto 1 tegatd this contiact a most
pernicious one and one which the best Inter-
i-bln of oiii oily reiiulro should not ho unteiei ]
Into. Kespoctfully ,
Oi.oaiii : I1. ItuMis , Mayor.
llndcitvorril til l iplnln.
As quickly ns the clerk bad ceased Mr.
Iluscnll was on bis feet. Ho presented to
tbu council a duplicate bond signed by S.
Wiley and A. 11. Hunt , in which those
gentlemen qualitled that they were
worth the sum of $10,000 in unen
cumbered real estate , "over anu ubovi
all liabilities nnd eruptions. " Mr.
explained , when his attention was railed to
the matter , that the word "eruptions" shoiih
bo "exemUloiib.iiid | was only an error H hlcl
would not affect the validity of the xunlilica
lion. The bond was ordered Hied.
Then Mr. Hascall began plcadinghiscaso
He thought the mayor was either not hold
Ing to tbo tiuth or the city attorney did
not know much ln\v. Ho contended that tbu
contract , wan strictly In accordance
with the ordinances of the city , the prices
very reasonable , every safeguard was pro-
Viand and that the riding of tlio contract
over the mayor's veto and Its tlnal accept
ance vtouhl provo a bonanza for the
municipality , Mr. Hnscnll considered that
it 'vas link-Cit fortunate for tbo city
to find A inun with ability to talio hold of thu
mutter of removing thu garbage , lie sniil
t la's o and n great many other things along
thu same line. His speech was lengthy and
be roasted the imior and the press for not
ihotvlnt' a nay to dispose of thu garbage.
SI un i D M'nrpii Ilio Monopoly.
Mr. Munro replied to the First want gen-
tli'imtn , He mini. "Thu facts cited in the
of tbu mayor are trim and tlio
. como from the Board of Health mid
Dr. Homers. Tbo removal of dead
animals U now done under contract and
tbo prices minted by thu mayor are cor
rect , Under this contrai : ' . it will cost three
or lour times what It previously has. After
investigation I IInil that In ono year thuru
vicro hauled to tbu liver dumps iil..VJ
loads of garbage and manure , which ,
at DO cents a load , would amount
to ftil,03S : ; 14-IDO loads of night
soil that would amount to JO',000 under the
charges tlxed In this , contract , nnd f 12,000
vins mild for the removal of ocad animals ,
which under the new contract would cost
f-1,000 , Just double. Thus it will bo seen
thai tbu citl/ciib of Omaha will
Viiy the contractor at these rates
til7,72-4 per jour. Tbeto Is nothing in the
contract to pi event the now contractor
dumping Into the rlycr the sumo as thu city
Is now doing. In fact , it is tbu most loose-
Jointed contract over presented to this coun
cil , I am surprised at the gentlemancnduuV'
orinir to p.itdi up the illegality by bringing
in a Justification bond.'u did not vote on
that , unit It Is not worth thu paper it is writ
ten on. There U as much illlTcreiico in this
contract and the advertisement for bids as
there U between night and day In fact there
Is no coiuparUou. The prices named In the
contract are not at all In accorduncu with
( bo bid and it li impossible to show that
such U not the rase. I contend that the
contract Is tlrr.ply a f ranch ! so ns U conveys
exclusive rights. Any member of this coun
cil dnro not vote for the contract after the
prcts nnd nine out of ten of the people have
condemned It , If they do , It means sure
political death. "
Mr. Munro Inquired of Assistant Attor
ney Cornish whether , In his Judgment , a
contract of that kind was not a franchise.
Mr. Cornish begged to bo excused from an
swering in view of the fact that Mr. Conncll
had already given the council an opinion on
that matter ,
Mr. Munro stated that with Mr , Cornish
ho had looked the matter up and found that
such a contract came under the term fran
chise In the law dictionary. Ho { minted out
other defects In the contract , In line with
the objections M.ij'or Dotnis urged.
llnncntl'i. Verbal I'lrannrks ,
Mr. Hascall replied to Mr. Munro. His
remarks wcro moro of a personal nature.
Ho championed the contract apiiin and
said that If It was not accepted the
city uotild have no means of disposing of Its
garbage and that the streets and alloys
would become Illthy and unsanitary. Ho
contended Dial the contract was perfectly
peed In o\ery particular , nnd Its terms could
bo enforced , or It could bo abrogated nnd the
city would bo protected by what ho termed
"groat bonds. "
Mr. Wheeler moved the previous question
and It was put The vote to sOstaln the vote
of the major resulted as follows : Ayes-
Kls.ibsur , .lacobsen , Munro , Nays Hack ,
Urutier , Kdwnrds , Hascall , McAndruws , Me-
1/earlo , Parker , 1'rlnco , Specnt , Steel ,
Thomas , Wheeler , Uuchcl ,
Ordinance * Introduced.
Ordinances were Introduced providing for
the Issuing of Intersection paving and sewer
bonds to the amount of $100,000 each. The
old ordinances wore repealed nnd the now
ones provldo that the bonds shall bear C pur
cent instead of Hf per cent interest.
A petition signed by Herman ICountzc ,
.Tudgo Lake and others asking for lights on
Ames avenue east of Sixteenth street re
sulted in the adoption of a resolution order
ing ten gasoline lamps placed thuro.
An elTort was made to approve of several
contracts for paving submitted by the
IJoard of 1'ublic Works. Some of these
wcro Included in the board Injunction suit
and It was thought best to refer them to the
assistant city attorney to set the council
right at the next meeting as to the legal
complications that might arise.
As soon as the garbage contract vote was
disposoil of the council adjourned until this
evening nt 8 o'clock , nnd with Mr , Hascall
as pilot the mombcrs wended their way to
Kxposltloii hall ,
Mn. . ) . Iti'MHon ,
Special prices on ribbons this week.
A line ( ] unlitviiU sill : ribbon No. ii and 7 ,
for oo ; No. ! ) for Do , 12 and 10 for 12o.
U.)0 ) fans for lOc.
& ! .7fi sofu pillowd for 81.So ; these arc
new goods. 25o fans for 10o , # 1.00 fans
for tide , 5-1.50 for "M. $2.00 for $1.00 , SD.OO
for sH.fiU , W.OO for $2.50 , $ U.50 for $1.75 ,
815.00 for ! f7.)0 ) : S1.H5 white waist for Doc ,
$1.2. " ) white waiat for ICm.
Ucmotnbor , all goods in the store arc
sold at a eut price. Kennnts and broken
lots at half and less than half price.
Ames moved to 1017 Fur mini.
Huydcn Bros. ' necessity is your oppor
tunity ,
Balloon , Courtland bcauh tonight.
Omaha to Manawa , round trip 30
cents. Take the bridge line.
New I'liiiiililng Ordlnuncp.
The new plumbing ordinance now before
the council is in the hands of the committee
on sowers. The ordinance U amendatory
and its provibious are made to conform to
he now charter. It provides for the sewer
lommisslonor attending to all street cuts and
he inspector of plumbing Is to look after
he housewonc and that , outside the street
: urb. It also provides that from its passage
i plumbing inspector shall be nominated by
ho nuijor and continued by the council , anil
hat in the future the inspector shall bo ap-
lointed as other city ollici ils.
If the new ordinance Is passed it means
hat Plumbing Inspector Duncan will have
o bo rcappointed nnil continued. It also
) l.\ccs the salary back to § 160 pur mouth ,
ivburo it was fortpcrlj- .
The ordinance that was Introduced at , the
equest of the Journeymen Plumbers asso-
lation is a copv of house roll 400 , which
lasscd the house hist winter but was not
'cached ' bj- the senate. It creates the ofllce
if plumbing inspector and assistant plumb-
ng inspector and provides that no person
.hull . bo eligible to either position unless he
ihall have served an apprenticeship of three
nil years at the trade of plumbing and in
addition shall have been actually engaged in
'ho business of plumbing as a master
dumber , Journeyman or inspector contin-
jously for the last live years next preceding
lis appointment. It shall also require a
, -oto of two-thirds of the council to remove
, uch Inspector for cause. The salary of the
nsucctor is llxeu at ? ! fiO per month and that
) f the assistant at $1-05. Each shall lile a
bond in the sum of . * i,000. ; The plumbing
'nspeotor is also made a member of the
iounl of Health.
Busy poopie have no time , aim sens ble
iieoplo have no inclination to use pills that
.mike them sick a day for every dose thev
, alte. They have learned that tlie use o'f
Jo Witt's Uttlo Early Kisors does not in-
.erforo with their ho ilth by causing nuuse.i
lain or griping. These Uttlo pills are per ,
feet it : action and rosulte , regulating the
stomach and bowels so that headaches , dU-
/iness and lassitude are prevented. They
clcnnso the blooJ , clear the uomploxija an I
one up the system. Liotsof hualth in
Telephone C. W. Hull Co. for prices
on hard coal. Summer delivery ,
Kiilirimd Crn
Several weeks ago the council ordered arc
ights placed at a number of railroad crobs-
ngs , tbo companies to meet the oxponso. At
the present tlmo there is pending in the
council an ordinance ordering the location of
additional lights as follows :
IJoltllnc- Thirteenth and California , Fif
teenth and Cuining ; at the alloy between
l/.aul and Nicholas on Sixteenth , Seven
teenth , Eighteenth , Twentieth ami Twonty-
secoud streets , at tha Twenty-fourth , Thir
tieth and I'onimcri-inl street crossings.
Forty-fifth and Cuining , and Forty- third
and Nicholas. .
11. & M. Seventh and Douclas.
Union Pacllio and liurllngton Twentieth
street crossing muter bridge ; Fourteenth
strcut , between the two bridges : Thliteonth ,
between the two biidges ; Shooly's crossing ,
Suvcntcunlh street , mid at Ninth and Daven
Holt Lino. Klkhorn and Sioux City Four-
teunth and Nicholas , Locust strcut and Ciraco
The ordinance was Introduced by Steel
nnd is an amendment to the former ordi
nance. It simply adds thcso lights to the
former list and has been laid over in .ho
council under the rules.
"When pain and anguish wring tlio brow
A ministering angel -liixmiu-SelUei- -
A convenient and pleasant place to ob
tain luncheon , Bnluiiir , 1520 Farnain ,
City Clmrliu-rf I'rlntoil ,
The now charters have been printed , and
weio yesterday morning delivered to Comp-
troll'-r Olson. There were 1,000 copies Issued ,
and now the > aru being distributed , much to
the gratification of tlio oftlcluls of the city
who have been In thodnrkforsevoral months
so far us charter provisions are concerned.
Some complaint is still hoard about the
failure ! of the committee on Judiciary to como
forward with the compilation of thu ordi
nances passed since the last compilation was
nmdo. The committee received its Instruc
tions six months ago , and as yet nothing has
been hoard from the committee on the
_ _
Huydcn Bros.1 Friday solo is solely to
raloo iiionoy.
To NlilL-ar.l I'ulli.
The Union Pacific and Chicago &
Northwestern will run an excursion ,
leaving towns in Nebraska on Septem
ber 1 , to Niagara Falls , including privi
lege of stopping four days at Cleveland ,
O. , and twenty days at Chicago.
Another Chapter in the Kensational Suicide
of Hattie Aldrich.
llnttlo'n Mntlioi * In I'oor I'unerM
of llin lrn < | ( llrl Wilt Ho I'uld \ > r
1'opulnr Subscription Morbid ,
Curiosity of Ulrla.
A. H. Donccken , the father of Frank
Donecken , the j-oting man who has been
thrust Into unenviable prominence by the
suicide of Hattie Aldrich , called at Tun BKK
oftlcc last evening nn 1 made the following
statement :
"I was not at the morgue to view the re
mains of Hattie Aldrioh as stated in the
World-Herald. I know nothing of my son's
nssdv'lations with this woman until Sunday
afternoon , when a friend of Frank's called
at the house and told mo of this young
woman , and advised mo to put her under ar
rest , as she would surely fulfill her vow to
kill both my son and herself.
"It is surely an unfortunate affair and
both myself and family feel the disgrace
very keenly. Hilt from all I can learn the
ijlrl has made my son's life almost unbenr-
a bio by her mad infatuation for htm. Hut
as for his not making his appearance in pub
lic yet , that Is false. Ho has been at my
oftlco d'tiljHo did not ire to the morgue to
view this unfortunate woman's remains at
inv request. I asked him not to do so.
"Mrs. Aldrich sent to mj1 oflleo this morn
ing and sttd : she wanted to see Frank and
myself nt the morgue. 1. sent her word wo
did not wish to como there , but wo both
would sco her nt my olllco or residence and
if she nad anything to say wo would bo glad
to sco her at either place. She failed ' .o
come , howcVcr. In reply to a certain Mrs.
Mock's allusions to my son's ' drinking the
assertion is false. "
Tr.iiik DniKickpii's Story.
Frank A. Donccken has prepared a lengthy
statement for publication. Space forbids ex
tended mention , Thu substance of his asser
tions is a defense of the chiirgo that
ho was rc.iponslblo for the girl's downfall
and ho repudiates the statement that
ho lured her from her Iowa homo. In the
communication j'oung Doneckcn says that ho
earnestly endeavored to treat Hattie right ,
but upon ascertaining that she was not tiuo
to him ho suggested discontinuance
of their love. Ho says ho could
not rid himself of her ; that she
persistently annoyed him ; that she
threatened suicide repeatedly and made a
former attempt ; ho shuddered at the disgrace -
grace that her suicide would bring upon his
parents and for that reason continued going
with her. Doneckcn says that ho quarreled
with her last Sunday , but did not strike bur.
Ho accuses her of Insane Jealousj' and says
she threatened to kill him on several occa
sions ,
Italilnc a Subscription.
The remains of Hattie Aldrich were
taken back to her homo in Muplelon , la. , bjr
her mother yesterdaj' ,
Another largo crowd visited the morgue
in the morning to view the remains. Several
ladies , after learning that the mother of the
girl was in indigent circumstances , started a
subscription to pay the funeral expenses of
the unfortunate girl. People readily con
tributed and a suftlcicnt sum will soon bo
1 ho discovery of a similinrity of portions
of the girl's letter with certain parts of
Haggard's Uentrieo leads tea , great demand
for the novel at the libraries and
book stoics. The people who wished to see
the book wore , in most instances , j'oung
ladies of a romantic turn of mind. Foiv
suicides have excited so much sympathy and
comment as has this ono.
In view of what Hood's ' Sarsaparilla ha
done tor others , is it not reasonable to bo
ieve that it will also bo of bcncllt to j-ou.
Ames moved to NU7 Furnain.
Balloon , Courtland beach tonight.
Keep your eyes on Hayden Bros , ' Fri
day salo.
Cnnttublu Milx Tiidny.
The fine millinery stock , IGO'.H ' Far-
mini htrcut , consisting of u largo assort
ment of trimmed and nntrimmed hats ,
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tinue until sold.
Tlio particulars of Ilayden Bros. ' Fri
day sale will bo announced later on.
D. M. Steele ft Co. have just received
two carloads of this season's early picked
Japan teas direct from Japan through
Omaha custom house , being only thirty
dayn em-outo. Ono of the cars , their
celebrated Junk Chop Japan tea , is a
brand that they own and the tea is
specially selected and packed for them
in Yokohama. This is tlio fifth year
they have imported this celebrated brand
of tea. They have also added this season
bovoral new brands , the Emperor , Prim
rose , Tip Top and Steel Chop , nncolorcd
Japan teas. They make a. specialty of
high grades , nro the leading importers of
line teas ami have a very largo trade in
this lino. They also have ether large
shipments on the way , consisting of
special import orders for customers
throughout the west.
ITayden Bros. ' Friday sale will surpass
all former bargain sales.
Time \V ill .spent
a week's holiday at Hot Springs , S. D. ,
best reached frrini Omaha by the Bur
lington routes , 10:15 : a. in. , Black Hills
express ,
Hound trip tickets at the ono way rate
on sale July 15 to August 15. Through
sleeping car from Omaha daily.
See the city ticket agent at 11121 Far
nain btrect.
Friday's sale is not for profit or oven
cost of goods. It is Ilayden Bros. ' dire
necessity for funds.
CnmmlKslnner Mvi-ncy 1'rotciU.
County Commlssldnor Livcscj * Is not In a
happy frame of mind over the report of the
council committee having in charge the
market house project.
When it xvas proposed to locate the market
house at Twelfth mid Capitol avenue Mr.
Livesoy Hied a strong protest , alleging that
if it located there It would cause his
property in that vicinity to bo almost worth
less , In making the report to the council
thu committee , so Mr. Livesoj' , says , made
the stato.nent that ho did not own anything
in that vicinity and that ho was posing as an
obstructionist. Mr. Livesoy denies tin
charge and says that last year do expended
the sum of J30.0HO In improving Ills property ,
which Is located at thu intersection named
by the commlttco.
In speaking of the matter ho said that ho
did not want to lay a straw in the way of the
city securing a market house , but ho did not
tuoposo to have a banana stand permanently
located right in his door.
rAi.coMMisMjmr SAM *
. CASH .
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I'm it tilt liny .Now.
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Ho&icry worth as high as 75c , go at
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At $2.00 each , worth $4.00. 25 ladies'
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waists , made of bongalino silk , colors
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regular value $4.00 , today only $2.00
AT $3.00 EACH , WORTH $0 00.
Made of bongalino silk , handsomely
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Thcso boleros are made of all silk vol-
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black and cardinal , regular price $0.50 ,
today only $3.25 each.
P. S. , On Thursday wo will place on
sale 500 ladies' fancy $1.50 waists at 50e
i piece ; a lot of $3.00 waists at $1.05
$7,50 ready made suits at $2.98 oaoh.
$5.00 and $7.50 capes and jackets at
52.00 each. Wo hold the above bargains
mill Thursday for these who only Imvo
Thursday to do their shopping.
Balloon , Courtland beach tonight.
' Flics nt tllH I'oor I'M ml.
"I" haVe Just returned from n trip out to
the poor farm , " said Dr. U. M. S.tono yester
day afternoon , .t'and I saw something there
; hat wasvan > unpleasant surprise. Do j'ou
enow that the countj-commissioners do not
provide a yard of screen for the windows of
that institution i Well , it Is a fact that they
do not , and the sccno about the tables at
meal time Is most disgraceful. The smell of
tlio food attracts Hies by the million , and
everything on the tables is covered with
the inseots. Thoj' cover the huttcr and become -
como very much attached to it ; they swarm
in the soup , and the half-idiotic old reople ,
of whom there nro necessarily a number in
such an institution , apparently take no no
tice of them. It is a sight that is almost as
much as a person of ordinary powers can
stand. It Is a burning shame nnd disgrace
that such a state of affairs should bo toler
This county Is altogether too rich for such
shameful peiiuriousness to bo indulged in ,
oven toward the paupers who arc the
charges of the county. The couutj' commis
sioners are ulono to blame for it. The su
perintendent would put up screens If the
commissioners would furnish them , hut they
arc not provided for him to sot in place.
Whether the commissioners have an idea
that thej- are retrenching , or whether this
matter has escaped their attention 1 do not
know , but I do know that something ought
to bo done , and at once , to prevent a repe
tition of the sight I witnessed today. "
Ames moved to 1017 Farmun.
.1 .V.VO I/A C'7J.I//A T.S.
The following extract from the Phila
delphia Uullinton spealcs volumes in fnvorof
"Tho Wolves of Now York , " which will
appear at the Farnam Street theater for one
week commencing next Sunday , July ! ) :
"Tho Wolves of Now York , " a live-act
comedy , attracted a largo amllcnco to the
National theater lust night. Thu play N so
novel and oilglnal that It Is In ovcrv uuy
worthy to tank with Leonaid CirmurVathur
dramatic ullorts. Thu piny certainly goes far
toward opening thu eyes of tliu unsophisticated
poillon of tin ) public to many un ci iiptilous
devices and frauds ofhlch they inl ht other- hccouio the victims.
Awunl of Contmet * .
The Board of Puolio Works he-Ida short
special meeting yustordaj * afternoon. Pav
ing contracts with J. 13. Hiloy were ap
proved. The contracts cover the paving of
Hamilton street from Twenty-fourth to
Twcntj'-lifth , Thirty-third from Farnam to
Ilarnoy and Tlilrtj'-uighth from Farnam to
Leaven worth , with vitrillcd brick. Also a
contract with J. RUiloy for the curbing of
tbo tlrst named street.
J. L. lilnck ivns4iwarded the contract for
putting in a culv rt on Fort street , from
Twenty-fourth to Xweatj'-suventh at a cost
of JSTfl.
These different contracts , together with
tha bonds were ordered submitted to tliu
( 'niirtlimil Hunch.
There was ( | iilto a largo crowd at Court-
land beach last owning. The balloon ascen
sion and parachute Jump continuo to bo the
big attraction , notwithstanding it has oc
curred nearly every day for the last couple
of weeks. Everything else is doseitcd for
the balloon durlng-tho process of inflation ,
and these who have watched It times with
out number continue to bo interested deeply
in the process ,
The ilronorks which were sent of last
evening across the lake were fully up to thu
display given last Thursday. The patrons
of the resort were seemingly well repaid for
their trip to the lake.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia , No Alum ,
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on fire
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When the best physicians , hospi
tals nnd all other remedies fall. To
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uring ; , humiliating humors , nnd
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medicines nnd nil things human ,
with startling force. Their success
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cians familiar with the marvellous
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have friends in every quarter of the
civilized world. People In every
> valk of life believe In them , use
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nre In truth the greatest skin cures ,
blood purifiers and humor remedies
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Bold throughout tlio world , rorrr.n Dnito
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go-"All About Ilio IHooU , Bklti , bcahi nm
llulr , ' mailed free.
Vlniply , oily * Mn , fulling hnlr nnd Itchy
calp proM-utml mid cured by Cutlcuni boap.
Stroj ,
Aa n niollcnl comfort nnil stlrmllnnt The J
Midlcal Profession roconiuiomlj hlxlilv tliu use r i
In nltca eof wenkne innrtillBC tlvo rtlfonlcr
Try n cup wliun cxhuusluil nnd sva liow 10-
IruihliiKlt la.
This Is a J ol Jii tus
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/ HOT WIT A I ITV nnu V'BU' '
I uuoi V ! I ALI I I flur oil. hrrv , ,
rl lllril cuitil
INDAI'O , tlio Kreatlllmloii Hi uioily. 3nM ivllh wrlt
ten frunront * of our-i * . Fuin | , ! < Aenl Ircr. Arlihi'xa
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' aouri. Api > omimint < moilrrn'
Lucalion hiallhjunU pitai J htwy Mtitlc and Art T.'acncrt
, .U lius.MlUT.alf.utiln.a'll ' tfyS i
. " " ' I \Vnllou. . '
j th year opcn < i pl. iitliW" | . ,
IVr.UUnl I
Rtr.W.A.WiljoD.A 11 rrtut
, LcKliiKttin. .lit , . Six ite , Lli lon. Ho.
p rlnienuotlnalruclion It 1 Ocksl uiinury aclioolliy
uBlccra ftotl leuihtr Con * ML-iourl llr.-MHilul lonj
gscrvalory ol inu lc An t lion , It asonaljlc lcrri& ( lb
5 GymDasluin. MuUcrn up- luiiraud tiiiAluh'ua
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Memory , Confused Thoughts and all Brain , Nerve or Sexual
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Aroyou despondent ami melancholy with confusedIdrau and gloomy t
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mark to distinguish what it is. Bend for circulars and testimonials ) . . \.idrcF3 . ,
srv jvrsri avmrwoixis oo. ,
1 Stockton Street
An able Drain and Nerve Specialist can at any time be conlldcntlally
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