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Ganclanr Easily Defeats Hanlon b tbo Eaco
for the American Championship.
HU Clnltn tlmt the Courno Vi'nn Clinnged
IIiipil to H , > l ter Up n Kick 111 * lie-
fentVllliout n
or Doubt.
OUIM.IA , Ont. , July 21. The Hnnlon-Oau-
dnur championship boat race attracted a
largo crowd today. A stiff breeze made the
course a Httlo rough at the turn. Hoth men
were in good condition. At the start Hanlon
shot to the front like a flash , and soon led
by a full length. Hoth men were rowing
about thirty-four strokes to the minute.
After the first half mlto OanJaur quickly
overtook Hnnlon and at the turn was load
ing by a full length , with Ilanlon apparently
out of It. Ho Increased his lead until a
quarter of a mtlo from the finish , when ho
stopped to wave a rcsiwnso to his cheering
friends. lie then made a magnificent spurt
nnd crossed the line an easy winner by
seven lengths In 10:53. : Hnnlon was twelve
second * behind and notified the stakeholders
not to pay over the money , claiming that
the course had been changed.
11ACINO lll UI/r.S.
Ono Jock Killed nnd Another Hart nt
llrlchton llcncli.
IlnKiiiTON HBICH , July 84. In the second
r.uo for maidens today , a largo Held started.
> Three horses fell nml Jockey Tom Flynn ,
who was riding Sub Kosa , went down under
hli mount. Wl'icn assistance reached him
ho was unconscious and died In an hour.
If , Lord of the Harem fell in the first race
with Jockey Harbo , but without serious re
sults. The latter escaped.
1'lrst men , mlle nnd a sixteenth : Wcstcho1-
ter (7 ( to 10) ) won , Double Cross ito 1) ) .second ,
Laura HH ( to Dtlilrd. Tlm : 1:51. : .
Second race , one-hiilf mlle : .lakle Josephs
( ID to 1) ) unn , Hnnoy Hen , colt , (10 ( to 1) ) hueuml ,
Niipolt'iiti (40 ( lo 1) ) third. Tlmo : fiU'f.
Till id race , three- fourths mile : Innovation
(5 ( to 1) ) won , Drocns CJ lo 1) ) second , Laurel ( G
to 1) ) third. Tiini ) ! lir. : ! ( .
Fnurlli race , llvu furlongs : Goraldlnn (5 ( to 2) )
won , Major Daly (3 ( to 11 second , lllllct Doux
( Oto 1 1 third. Tlmo : lt)2 : ) .
Klfth met1 , siiveil furlongs : Tom Tough
( men ) non , Virsdo (15 ( to 1) ) second , Faithful (2 (
to 11 third. Time : 1:110" : ,
.Six Hi race , .six and a half furlongs : Morilotto
t'2 to livon. . Merry Ditko (7 ( to 'Ji .second , Kng-
llsh Lady (11 ( to B ) third. Time : 1:24. :
llrokn Ills I.CK Iliinnln ? .
( ti-owr.sTF.n , N. J. , July 21. Not a favorite
won hero today. In the fifth racoThormlalo ,
who was backed down from 20 to 1 to 8 to 1
broke hii log after running a quarter of a
mile nml had to bo killed.
I < 'lrst mcc , sovun furlongs : H.irguln (3 ( to 1) )
von , Morton ( H to 1) ) second , Dago ( oven ) third.
Time : ItilUli.
yoconti rare , four and a half furlongs : Ileau-
tlful lli'II (4 ( toll won , 1111 ( 2 to 1) ) .second ,
Sweet Alice (9 ( to 1) ) third. Tlmo : r.r.'f.
Third niro , live furlongs : Jorii'V (3 ( to 1) )
won , FhMiiolto (7 ( to 1) ) second , I-lla (3 ( to 1) )
third. Time : 1 : < > 3'4.
Kourtli racn , six and a fourth furlongs :
Grand Prix (5 ( to 1) ) won , Urounwlcli ( nven )
.second , Marina ( H to 1) ) third. Tlmo : lil'J1' , .
Fifth lace , sl.x and n half fiuloitgs : Itoso-
Irarry (0 ( to 2) ) won , Aftermath (7 ( to 2) ) sncond ,
Acllojiini (3 ( to 5) ) third. Time : 1:20 : W.
lxt > > rnro. four mid a half furlongs : Va\-
Imll 13 to 1)on ) , Princess Khelda (2 ( to 1) )
Bucond , Homeraot(4 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 074. ?
Opmilngr itt Snrntogii.
SAHATOOA , N. Y. , July 24. Tills was the
enlng day of the summer mooting at this
track. The attendance was large and the
track fast. Thirty bookmakers did business.
First nice : Lord Harry (3 ( to 1) ) won , Hoslyn
| 0 to 1) ) second. Dr. llashrouek (2 ( to 0) ) third.
Tlmo : I-.OIJJ.
Sucond rnco , ono'inllo : SuraRiisa ( oven ) won ,
Monuwiil (7 ( to 1) ) Bocond , Sandownu | 3 to'l )
third. Tlmo : l:41'i. : '
Third race , one-half mile : Clallloo (3 ( toil )
won , William T lO to 1) ) second , Miss I.alllo (8 ( to
D > third. Tlmo : 4'J.
I'ourlli raco. mlle and u fourth : Stowaway
(3 ( to 1) ) won , Mlragu (4 ( to 1) ) second , Walnut ( ute
to 1) ) third. Tlmo : 2loa' : ; .
Fifth race , six furlongs : Shadow (3 ( to 1) ) won ,
Itlco i2 to 1) ) bocoud , Major Jou (25 ( to 1) ) third.
Tlmo : 2:10. :
Kntults at Mniimnulli.
t PAIIK , 'July 21. Results todav :
1'lrst r.ici > . HX ! fnrlotiicsi Addle (3 ( to 1) ) won ,
Top Gallant (10 ( to llhocond , Hcglnald (3 ( to 1) )
third. Tlmo : 1:14 : { .
.Second rni'o , II vo furlongs : Hatrlnston (3 ( to
1)irn ) , Hloiu-null O(10 ( to 1) ) second , Uuracoa (3 (
n tolltlilid. Time : .fOlHS.
Thlid iaci , mllii and 11 \tcunth : Kacnlund
(2 ( lo 1) ) won , Now or Never ( li to 1) ) bucond ,
HportCl to 1) ) thlril. Tlinu : 1:47. :
I'omtli race , flu ) furlongx : Astoria (11 ( to 5) )
won. Did Dominion (7 ( lo 1) ) second , Artillery , (3 (
to 2i third. Tlmo : 1:00. :
Fifth lace , onu mile : Kstelln (8 ( to 1) ) won ,
Noiiuul (7 ( to 0) ) buuoml , Arab i9 to 0) ) thlid.
Tlmo : IMOli.
Sixth race , llvo furloinjs : Correction (7 ( to D )
won , Toriuciito in lo l second , Kingston ( ovun )
third. Tlmo : 1OU. :
fritz I'forr.-r Atnrntt SturU u Hint by As-
iniiltttiK thn nii > : ichnrs at tliiino.
T-OUISVIUT. ! ' . . July 24. There was almost n
riot during the game at the ball park. The
bleachers guyed Pfoffcr unmercifully , ami
thu second baseman linully hit one man with
his lists and another with a stouo. The
crowd .started over after PfofTcr. The
players nnd tbo umpire hustled over to take
n hand when the police appeared nnd restored -
stored order. Attendance lbl)0. Score :
Louisville 0000 0 0 a 0 2 4
I itlsliurK a 0 0 O a 4 4 1 13
lilts : Ixmlsvlllo , fi ; riiisnurK , 17 , errors :
l.HlKvlll. < , 4 : I'llh.burK , 3. I'.arnud rims :
LolllsVllltl. , 1:1'lttslmrtfi. ( Halterles : Stratton
unit Urliiini ; Klllun and Sudden ,
l Spurt Almost llnilnil ,
i.Tuly St. With the score nt
a tie at their end of the ninth inning , Brook
lyn batted out thu winning run , Score :
I'liUndolnhla 0 7
llmnltlyn 1 2 0 3 1 0 0 l ) 1 a
IIIlN ; I'hllttiluliihla , 12 : llionUyn , 18. Kr-
rois : I'lilliidnliihta , 2. Knuu'd inns : I'lulti-
( hilphtit , 2 ; llrooUlyn , 3. llatturlos : Taylor
and OluiiicnUi Konnudy and Klnslow.
C.l.intu < ! ot AntitliKr.
Nr.w VOUK , .luly iil BiildnIn's pitching
Was to much for the Baltimorc.s und Now
Vorlt won a cloio name. Score :
NIMV Voik . . .
liiiittii.iiio o o o a oooi ( )
lilts ; llalllinun' , 5. ]
Ni'tt Voili , ! ; Uiiltltiiou1 , 'J. r.Hinpil runs :
V , \'l' . ! ! , HattiTlcii llalilHlnaiicl , , , , jui
McMahon anil Oliul.i- ,
Cello lililn't I.-ut Inc ,
! - r I.oL'1- , . '
> I.oL'1July I.--Chicago's costly or-
IOIH. liiiili ; > nstoin' & gooit jiiti'lilng and the
Brm\n : ' ifooil stick-work tell tlio story.
I'l.l.ouH 2 0-H
t'lilr.iw ' U 0 000010 1 2
lilt * : M. Louis , 11 ; ChlratM , 8. Krtors : St.
Lout- ( I'lilrauo , , lliirniMl tiiiih : M. l.oiili ,
I llullnilcs ; Ilioltt'llslolii and i'ull/i lliitch-
hiMin anil ? f' '
! iiiiitili > < l nui John.
fiNriNx Ti.inly UM. Dwyorhad the Clove-
lands t his mi-ivy and the Keith played i-ood
nil round lull. AUomlittu-u , y,5UD. Sfuro.
I'li'flmitul o 0 1-7
I'lu vi'ltiml 1 0 1 1 0 0 O 0 O 3
lilts : t'liiflmmll. 17i ( 'Icivuliiiul.S. irmrs : :
( Inclniiatl , 2 ; I'hivnlunil , II. Kiinu'il runs1
I'liicliinatl , ' . ' ; I'lovhlitml ' , 1. Il-itlurl > > : DnyJr
und .Murphy ; 'Jlarkxun und O'Connor ,
huiiituiVrtu ! ) itt Hutting ,
Bobios , Juli ' . ' .I. The Senator * bout the
Champion ! ) out In H torrlllo lulling gumo.
Mrhols wt'iit In iu thu ninth imiln to hold
v ' ! iu Senators down , hut hu failed utti-rlj.
oil O 3 01400 f > -17
llOMoil 4 0 0 3 II a I 10
HIlH : WuxhlliKtO" , 17 ; Huston. 1 : rrors
Wiisli liKton , .J ; HiMim , : i. Km tied r
A\asliliiRton , 12 ; lloslon , h. llatt < > rU < s : Ht
ihilo and I'mri-li ; tia-ttl0'ht , MchuU and
Uuuxul ,
* < liiliilliitf < d ttio Tr iUli.
w. n. I'.ct w. L.
' ! : ! : < loilhtaIII ! 'Jtl tM..l St. Tallin , . , . : ti : : ii J7.1
. , . . , . H.I : is 10 ' ,
IMttnUiirif . . . 42 : 17.Kow York. .
Clnvelnn , ! , . . . . : ITJO | < ill 4.1.7
Urook lyn. . ; I7 Ml fil.llVntliTurtvn. | ill ) 4.1 41.1
47.-JfI.giiUTlTli' ill 3.5
( ipit.iini onei.ft Onii /iimurl < .
it U undt'retood that there are quite :
number of crio ! < etoi-s lu this city who ar
not members of the Omaba Cricket club ,
nnd Mr. O. Vaughan , with his brother , is
getting up a team which ho will call the
Zlngnrls , to play the Omaha Cricket club
Saturday afternoon next. Among the /.In-
garls , In addition to Ocorgo nndV ,
Vaughnn , Will Ixj Jack Prlnco , the bicyclist.
Dlton n ftrn-tn-Ono 1'nTorlto.
Nnw YOIIK , July 24. The next fistic en
tertainment to bo hold before the Coney
Island Athletic club Is scheduled for August
7. Tlio principal event of the evening will
bo a fight to a finish for a purse of & 1.500 be
tween George Dlxon , the featherweight
champion of the world , and Eddie 1'lerco , a
local featherweight , who has but recently
entered the professional pugilistic arena , in
a recent fight with Ocorgo SIddons ho sue-
coodcd In standing him off for forty rounds
nnd would no doubt have defeated him but
for the lattor's tricky llzhtlng and clover
generalship. The men are hard at work
training for the fight. The odds are at
present In favor of Ulxon at about 2 to 1 , but
it Is bcllnved that these will materially de
crease before the day fixed for the fight ar
rives. The preliminary bout o the night
will lw a ten-round affair for $1,000 between
D-inny McHrldo and Tim Muiphv , both Now
York pugilists of great cleverness.
Hernia I'nrk ( Inn dull I'lenle.
The Hcmls Park Gun club will give Its
first annual picnic on Tucsd.iy , July 25. The
club will furnish the conveyances and start
will bo made at 8:30 : a. m. sharp from 1414
Karuani street , office of the Nebraska Puol
company. Each member will bring his gun
and shells nnd such supplies as ho has boon
requested to furnish. A mooting of the club
will take place during tlio day lo vote on the
admission ot several applicants and to take
action on the amendment of the by-laws
brought up at the last meeting in regard to
tlin reduction of the Initiation fee and to
transact ether business. This picnic is ex
clusively for members.
lCr.llnn | of the Htnra.
The Swift Winchesters and the Sixteenth
Street Stars crossed bats Sunday morning
nt 10 a. in. on the Cudahy Hex grounds. The
Winchesters won by a score of 13 to 11.
Batteries : Winchesters , Flnnoy. Horn and
Parker ; Stars , Vodako aud Shamihan. The
feature of the game was the heavy batting
and magnificent catching of Michael Harrot.
Next Sunday the Winchesters and the
Hangers will cross bats for the third time ,
each nine having won a game.
Dnnli ud Up till ) lloeH.
The Omaha Hees played two games yester
day , losing both. Tlio scores :
Itoltoms 21300000 0-11
Ileus 3 12021000 0
Shullys 20015103 0 12
Ileus 0 10120000 9
llattt-rles 1'lrst txmo : Hotloms , Do Peters
and Cully ; llecs , Ilnlold mid Yocha. Second
Katun : bhollys , Irish and Davis : Hoes , Koofot
and Krebs.
Soldiers I'lny ItalL
The Fort Omahas defeated the Clippers
Sunday fo" tlio second tlmo this season on
tno former's grounds by the score of 8 to 4.
Tlio feature of the game was IJui hbank's
coaching on tbo oloachurs. Hatterles : Fort
Omaha , Mcllvain aim Iee : Clippers , Law-
ler and Basco. Umpire : Kennedy.
I'ntttpoi'Od tun Milt.
George Middloton and Snapper O'Nellwho
vho were to have contested for a purse Sat
urday night , have postponed the event until
omo night the latter part of the week ,
J.oltor lor l.yettrgiif.
There Is a letter at the sporting depart
ment of Tun Bin : for Lycurgus Miller , the
iouventlous' star twlrlor.
t >
Fireworks , Courtlaml beach to-
niirht. Balloon , beating , bvthinfmusic.
MyHtc.ry or a .Unit S.iok.
Michael Cahill , ono of the drivers for
iowhy and Stono's furniture house , dis
covered a mail sack half full of letters and
mail yesterday morning at tbo California
street crossing on North Fourteenth street.
Iu returned tup sack to the postofllco and
nn Investigation is being made to ascertain
.vhothor tlio stick fell out of onu of the mail
ivagons or had been stolen by some ono who
lecaino frightened before ho could rob it of
thu contents.
Killed liy n Illow.
OCOSOMOWOC , Wis. , July 24. William
Schumacher , coachman for William H
Thompson of Chicago , was Instantly killed
this morning by a blow struck by his cm
iloyer. Mr. Thompson found his coachman
u an altercation with another employe.
Thompson interfered and struck Schumacher
i blow under the car. from the effects of
which ho soon after died.
Fireworks Courtland bouoh to
night. Buloon. boating , bathing , music.
n.jtk ux.i L
Ex-Senator Paddock is at the Murray.
Bob Grotto of Iowa spent yesterday here.
Miss Grace Mart has returned from her
Towa trip.
John N. Hancher of Hot SDrinjs , S. D. , Is
* n Omaha.
Harvey Jackson , a popular traveling man ,
is in town.
.1. O. Harris mid family ot Broken Bow tire
at the Dcllonu.
Colonel C. II. C.irlton , U , S. A. , Is
at the Millard.
Colonel Frank P. Ireland of Nebraska
City is iu town.
D. F. II. Marnell of Nebraska City was in
the city yesterday.
II. G. Clllov and wife of Falrflold nro reg
istered at the Pitxton.
Miss \j. I-i. Gassetto loft yesterday for a
week In the White City.
.1. B. Anderson of Julesburg , Cole , , Is reg
istered at the Merchants.
G. Jainioson. manager for Hayden Bros ,
loft for Now York yesterday on a two weeks
Dr. T. E. Holland of Hot Springs. Ark. ,
enrouto to Denver , stopped off iu Omaha
yesterday ,
Mrs. J. W. Stlth and daughter , Miss Alice ,
of St. Louis are viailiii' } Mr. It. M. Taylor.
Walnut Hill.
It. J. Kllpatrick of Beatrice and C. P.
Iddmps of North PUtty wjro vialtile in the
city yesterday.
A. 10. Watorhouso of Carholtuo Uoid , Ijou-
don , Kng. , a well known journalist of tlio
'tight little island , " is in Omaha.
Mr. Khnor Firestone of the Columbus
Buggy company's branch nt Dos Moines , but
formerly of this city , is jn Omaha.
Mr. J. I. Porcupilo U lying at his homo ,
Ib'Jlt Farnam , very dangerously ill. ills
friends have dusp.ifroU pf his recovery.
Among the LincolnUci in Omaha yester
day were J. A. Oahor , W. II. Holleck , S. 1C.
Ixnvull , W. S. Summers und Frauk L ! . Wood-
City Attorney Connoil bus returned to
Chicago , where ho will for some tlmo.
Assistant Cliy Attunui.y Cornish is expected
to return today.
Among the Nubrnskans at the Merchants
are 0.1' . Harmon of Kullorton , H. J. Stomiof
IwOiiK Pine , P. Carroll pf Stautoii and G. T ,
Scott of Ojrnlalla.
Judge Duuilv was in hla ofiico at the
federal bulldingyi'-itnrday .
morn in if. although
ho bus not jot roeovurod from the effects of
his UTcnt iiulisi > 0bitinn.
E. P. Hoynolds , jr. , Mrs. Bon Uoynolds
nnd ( laughter , Sam itonzlcrand H. C. Van
Dunkirk of W.ymoro compose iv party of
NoiiiM'ikuns bookeil at tlio P.ixtou ,
Mrs. E. P. Nnwinll , wife of the genial
S' of''tar.v to the pivsidunt of the Pacillo
Kxpnxas , und her two sous loft Friday even
ing for Toronto , Canada , where she intends
* ojiiurning during the heated term.
Mr. W. U. Chapman of the union Pacillo
iioadiiuarter'j force has reslsnod ills posi-
iluni\lth ilia railway and left Monday for
liK old homo lu Watorlmry , Conn. , where ho
mtcii'ls ' to go into business with his brother.
At tlio Metvisr : It. M. Steele , St. Joe , Mo ;
J , A. Mui'rls , D < ; s MohiL's ; John AuICuciciioy ,
Chicago ; W. 11. Hawurd , 1C. B. Branch , H.
P Cole , u , T. Brown , Theo. Starks , Citv ;
John Iloss , Pooila : O. Millsaii , M. V. Tut-
tier , City.
CIIIOAIUI , July ! -Special ' 1'clBjjr.iin to
TUB IiBe.j-Senator Charles V , Mandcrson
came bore ajr.iln to siwiiil a few days buforo
going \Vunhlugtoii. . Hu li at tliu Kiclie-
Now York Bankers Taking a Moro Hopefnt
View of the Outlook.
Currency nml ( Join HoltiR Shipped to the
Country The Witre of Unroit SwoopIng -
Ing : Towjnl Ohio IMillRitolpliU'n
Very Peculiar Situation.
NEW YOIIK , July 24. The banks reported
the condition as fairly easy and , to some ex
tent , bolter , Inasmuch as the demands for
accommodation wore light. The most nota
ble demands for assistance today were from
Ohio. Tho' calls for currency today were
Hijht. The subtroasury was debtor nt the
clearing house this morning only $118,000 ,
and that sura was paid In notes. What
caused the treasury officials to p.iy In notes
today Instead of gold , as they have done for
the past week ) could not bo ascertained , but
it was assorted the protest of the banks
through the press tlio inconvenient
method of settling the clearing house bal
ances in gold had caused them to see the ab
surdity of the practice. Tlio Indications to
day that a considerable amount of currency
was being received from some sections of
the country by the oanks In this city Is being
offset by shipments to other places. One
leading bank received ? IS3,000 on Saturday ,
while its shipments wcro not nearly so much ,
but on the ether hand there were some
banks on Saturday that shipped n great deal
of currency without any receipts to offset
those shipments.
Heavy .Slilpmnntn of ( Jitrroncjr Kxpontccl.
From the demands received today from
Ohio and some other places for rediscounts ,
it is bollovod that the shipments of currency
to those sections thU week will bo heavy.
In many instances during the last few days ,
gold has boon shipped to the country in
stead of currency , aud moro will probably bo
sent. The banks asking for the accnmoda-
tion are providing themselves against runs
as the wave of distrust sweeps over their
Speaking of the great number of western
banks which closed on Saturday , the presi
dent of ono of the largest national banks In
the city said today that ho believed that In
the majority of cases they were not failures , ,
hut only suspensions ; that they were ( per
fectly solvent and that they would resume
business again In a few days stronger than
Now EiiRlnml'H Situation.
The situation In Now England is attract
ing a great deal of attention now and
especially in the manufactories. At the
ofllco of "Watson & Gibson , 53 Broad
way , it was .said that sonic trade advices
from Boston were to the effect that money
was practically unlondablo In that city at
G percent aud stocks wcro being carried
at 4 per cent. "I consider. " said Mr. Gib
son , "the situation as regards the Now
England factories the most serious factor
in this market. "
The failure of the Milwaukee bank on
Saturday was very generally discussed in
this city today. The failure was not unex
pected by wide-awake bankers in this city ,
some of the most conservative of whom had
boon aware of its real condition for some
tlmo. Ono of those bankers said today that
the report that the failure of the bank was
duo to the failure of the Schlossingor syndi
cate was not true. This bank's failure , it
was said , was due to having ovcrloanod to
several parties with which the Schlessltigor
syndicate had nothing to do.
At I'ltllndelpltln.
Several banks this morning reported their
inability to make collections in Philadelphia
or obtain payment ot the largo balances
they have to their credit with some banks In
tual city. Ono bank here has between ? 500.-
000 ana $690,000 in Philadelphia which it is
unable to obtain without recourse to
measures which would probably cause
trouble to the banks referred to
In that city. New York banks , as a rulo.aro
now refusing to accept drafts from their
customers on Philadelphia banks , except for
collection at the depositor's risk. In some
cases where merchants in this city have had
drafts on Philadelphia they have sent thorn
there by special messenger for special col
lection over the counter. This course , how
ever , involves trouble of Identification , and
when it has boon adopted a liberal commis
sion has had to bo paid for Now York ex
change currency not bolug obtainable. Ac-
? ording to the reports to the comptrollor.the
Philadelphia national banks wcro as well
supplied with cash 011 July 12 as wcro the
national banks of this city. Those reports
show that on that day iho.rcsurvo of the
national banks of Philadelphia amounted to
30. ! ? ) per cent of the deposits. It is a cause
of some wonderment , therefore , why the
Philadelphia banks should be so slow in
making the remittances to this city.
lflfty Thousand Ouiico * ISoucht Carlisle's
Const ruction of tlio Law.
WAsntxoTox , July 24. Acting Mint Di
rector Preston this afternoon , In response to
his counter otlor , uurchased 50,000 ounces ol
silver at $0.0910 per ounce. There is no
prospect of purchasing the full quota ol
4,500,000 ounces of silver this month. Mr
Preston states that the department , if it
fails to purchase the full quota this month ,
will not make up the deficiency next month.
That is , if only 2,500,000 ounces of silver
are purchased this month the department
will not purchase tlio 'J.oOD.OOO ounces shorl
this month and the 4,500,000 , ounces next
mouth , the usual monthly purchase. Eacl
month's purchase will .stand by Itself , am
thus it may happen that nt the end of the
fiscal year thu aggregate purchase instead
of being 54,000,000 , may bo only half that
This Is the construction placed upon the
Sherman law as to the requirements of ail
vor purchased , by Secretary Carlisle. As f
consequence of short purchases , thu amount
of coin , or Sherman notes , lssuo.1 qgainsi
tlio silver bullion purchased under the law
will , of course , bo correspondingly low.
JIOHIIKUS llltK.YK A UAMC. of Thrro Thousand CniMiii the 1'liiln
vltur .Stiltii to Clnsu.
PI.AINVIIIW , Nob. , July 21 , [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BHK. ] The Plalnvlow State
bank at this place was robbed hist night of
about f.,000 In cash. In consequence , the
bank has dosed its doors for the present. .1.
K Heoht is president , ,1. 13. Ilocht vice presi
dent and Ij. Stone cashier.
CIIIOAOO , July 24. Parkliurst & Wilkin
son , iron merchants , this afternoon confessed -
fossod judgment in the circuit court iu favor
of the Continental National bank of Chicago
for ? bT,173 , and the sheriff took possession ,
The II nu was ono of the best known In the
United Ktutos , having been pstabllshe-i for
more than twenty years , and had douo busi
ness witn the Continental bank for ten
years. The company's notes were renewed
from time to tlmo. The hank's rotusal to
further extend the notes within the past
few weeks precipitated the confession of
Judgment. It Is believed the concern will bo
ablu to resume within a short time.
All Al > lo to K
DENVKII , July 1M , Bank Examiner f/iznr
says all the suspended banks here Iwvo
enough assets to resume in tinu anil that
the nliu is on foot to t'ot depositors to accept
certificates of deposit , payable In install
ments , glvnur thum tlmo to realUo on assets
and prevent unforced liquidation.
In tlui DiiiuIiTor it ttcrrUvr.
STHACUSB , N. Y. , July 34. The manufac
turing comivtny of Bradley & Co , went Into
thti hands of a receiver this afternoon , The
linn manufactured trip hummers , wagons ,
fancy carriages nnd inters.
London Dull and D
LONDON' , July 'J-J. Stocks were dull and
unsettled , partly duo to the uncertainty
about the Franco-Siamuso dispute. Button
& Co , , stock brokers , Irivo failed ,
Cliiai'il lu lunr .
FALLS , Mont. , July 24. The Mer-
chants National banTTpfoned Its doors today.
A notice signed by thodlrcolors , stating th-it
nil the depositors will bb paid in full , was on
the door. The bank tield $21,000 city and
f.T.J.000 county , and f30,000 state funds.
There Is no oxcltomenHn the city.
mii , nni.iH HIM TO TIMK.
Henry Well of the > ie r York Slock 1U-
chittiRn to llr Disciplined.
NEW YOUK , July V4. iTho counsel of the
law committee of the/New York Stock ex
change has been ro/juctcd to formulate and
present charges against 11. O. Well for un
businesslike language and actions detrimen
tal to the best Intf-rostA ( > f the exchange.
Mr. Weil will have his first hearing before
the governors on August 4. Well Is the
broker who recently refused to take gold In
payment for $50,000 government 4 per cent
bonds purchased by Harvey Fisk & Sons ,
but ho subsequently changed his mind when
Fisk threatened to buy bonds In "under tno
rule. " Ho is also the hero of the Manhattan
Banking company incident of last week. At
that tlmo ho was credited with the state
ment that the bank could not furnish him
with currency ho had deposited. Tlio ofll-
clals of the bank subsequently dented his
statement and ordered him to withdraw his
accounts. The maximum penalty for tbo
offense charged is suspension for ono year
nnd the loss of the privileges of the ox-
SiKpotislmi of tlin l.oulnvlllo.
LotnsvntB , July 24. The Louisville City
National bank closed Its doors this evening.
Slnco the financial dlniuulttos began the bank
has exerted every power to Increase Us cash
resources , but could make Httlo headway
against the general stringency.
1 ho statement of thobanlc made July 12 ,
by order of the comptroller of the currency ,
shows resources. Including loans and dis
counts , of $ lloy,705 , with liabilities , outside
of the capital stock paid In , which is $400,000 ,
of * 709,70r. .
It is hardly probable the bank will resume.
Throe years ago , Pope , Its teller , fled with
over ? 70,000 , aiid this was a hard blow to the
bank. Depositors will bo paid In full. The
local banks rccolvod over f500,0K ( ) from Now
York this morning and no excitement is
being shown.
Itortinnd to llucdivo nllver.
CniOAOo , July 24. All day today as the
bank employes , carrying sacks of silver coin
of all denominations , entered the United
Slates subtroasury , a notice confronted
them to the effect that silver would not bo
ecclved , nnd they hau to trudge back to
, helr banks with their heavy loads.
"There is more silver lying uncounted bo-
lind the rails of the subtreasury than the
"orcc can handle , " said an official of the de
partment thl afternoon. "On every shelf
ind in piles on the floor canvas sacks filled
with dollars and other coins nro stacked up
until there is hardly room to got about. Wo
nro uuablo to handle the big amount of sil
ver wo have on hand , and until It can bo all
counted nnd chocked up wo will not receive
any moro over the counter. "
Il nppoaiud wlm tlio Lodger.
MILWAUKEE , July 34. John B. Koottlng ,
cashier of tbo defunct South Side Savings
jank , has disappoarcd from the city , and
simultaneously the discovery wn * made that
the general loJgor of the institution Is not
among the effects of the , institution. - Prosl-
ient Trumpff of the bank says the cashier
eft Milwaukee last Friday , and before tak-
, ng his departure lott with him ( Trumpff )
lower of attorney to convoy his real estate
and homestead , worth $50,000. into cash for
.he benefit of the bauk's creditors. John
Barth has been ap'ltolntpd receiver for the
NRW YOHK , July 24. Henry Bach , whole
sale dealer in clothing at No. 737 Broadway
with branches iu Boston and Chicago has
become financially embarrassed and has
confessed Judgment for 84,017 for loaned
money. The liabilities are said to bo over
* 100OJO. Mr. Bach , says ho will offer 30
per cent on the dollar as a compromise.
MlnOB Closed Down.
ILY. ( ' , July 24. The For
est and Bean mines , situated near this vil
lage , owned and operated by the Pough-
koopslo Iron Ord' company , have closed
down for nn indefinite period. These mines
liavo been operated without Interruption for
the nast 100 yea . No reasons are given for
ho closing.
NEW YOUK , July 2 ? . The reorganization
committee of the National Cordage company
gives notice that the extended time for depositing -
positing securities under the plan expires to
morrow. About 85 per cent of the stock has
been do posited and the reorganization will
become effective.
Throw 1OOO Men Out 01 Kuiployment.
JAMAICA , LI. . , July 24. The Galluo and
Grosjean agate and tinware factory at
Wood Haven , the largest establishment of its
kind in the United States , shut down this
morning for two or three weeks , throwing
out of employment over 1,000 persons.
AVIrnSIlllH Clone llown.
PiTTsntmo , July 24. The rod , wire and
nail mills of the Carnegie Steel Co. , at
Beaver Falls , closed down unexpectedly
today. Superintendent Wrigoly says , to
matte repairs. The 800 employes are fearful
of a long shutdown. f
Kx-Treasuror ilumon'a H nk Fall * .
CoNXonsviLLK , Ind. , July 21. The Citizens
bank , owned by ox-United States Treasurer
Huston , has failed. There is no statement
of assets or liabilities. Depositors will , it
is said , bo paid In full.
* Coir Mill Cloied.
BUOOKLY.V , July 24. Arbucklo Bros1.
coffee mill , employing over 800 men ,
closed on account of the depression in trado.
It is hoped that it will start up again on
Thursday. _
bontlitirn Rloctrlc < ; < > iuilny' | DllllcuUlns.
BALTIMOHE , July 24. The Southern Eloo
trie company made an" assignment today
The assets nro estimated at $175,000 ; llablll
ties , $100,000 , _
Kooponed lor Itimlndtn.
PORTSMOUTH , O , , July 24. The Citizens
Savings bank , which closed four WOOKS ago ,
reopened today. _
Kittled to Opiin It Doom ,
TACOMA , Wash. , July 24. Tacoma National
bank did not opan Its doors tills morning.
Fireworks , balloon tonight.x
Will Oinr.ito | by Tolrpliono.
CIIIPAOO , July 2-1. It is reported hero that
the management of tfie Pennsylvania road
has decided to dispense with the use of the
telegraph almost outlroly In the operation oi _
Its trains and substitute for them the long-
distance telephones. ! ' 'It ' 1 } said the diango
Is to bo made in the interest of the traveling
public , its now management having con
vinced itself that 'the telephones can IK )
operated more clicudl and with greater sim
plicity. * i ,
MKMi'iiH. July 24.LAs a iTsult of the
lyndilug of Walker , 'tho ' 'negro .suspected of
assault Saturday nlgfi't , ( ho criminal court
today suspended th' < 1 sheriff. The grand
Jury has been called lo In + ostigato the case.
Three men were njre.sja ; today for com
plicity iu the lynching mid other arrests will
lollow. _ '
BOSTON , July'J4. At a mooting of Typo
graphical union No , IB resolutions have been
passed commending ttio pardoning of the
Chicago anarchists by Governor Altguld ,
the resolution calling the men "tho victims
of n capltalistfo eonspirayy of lt > SS to throt
tle the eight-hour movement of that year. "
A lleilnlllon.
Texas Sittings : F.innv ( who is studylne
her lesson ) Papa , what is the definition of
volubility ! Papa -Volubility is the distln-
gulsliing feature pf u car drivpr when ho is
thirteen minutes beliiml schedule time on
his supper trip nnd an overloaded truck
breaks down Just in front of him on the rail.
Kt'i'plni ; lUu Ax Duty.
WAsiiiNtiro.v July S4Tho total number
of fourth-dass postmasters appointed today
was 120 , of which llfty-two were to fill
vucau lus caused by death mid resignations.
Touching Incident at the Morgno Over
Hnttio Aldrich'a RomnitiB
lloiljr Will Do Interred In nn lovrn Chnroh-
yurcl Iluudrixli of Toople Vlow th
Corpie llor t.nit Letter li
hjr Uldor * llcatrlop.
The remains of Hattie Aldrtoh , the girl
who suicided on Sunday , will bo shipped to
her homo in Iowa by Coroner Maul at 11:30 :
this morning.
The mother of the dead girl arrived from
Maptoton , la. , yesterday. The scene at tl ;
morgue , when she behold all that was loft of
her daughter , was indeed a pitiful one. Her
grief know no bounds , and with a heart
bowed with sorrow , she was led awav after
gazing with a tear-stained face at the re
Mrs. Aldrlch will accompany the remains
of Hnttio to Maplotou.
tmplrtnl by IliiCKard'n lleatrlon.
The exceedingly pathetic letter loft by tbo
unfortunate girl , and addressed to I1 rank
Doncckcn , caused many eyes lu Omaha to
till with sympathetic tears yostordav. Men.
who possessed hearts of oak , where pity seldom -
dom nestled , felt choked with emotion at
the pitiful eloquence of the communication ,
written while the hideous skeleton of death
looked over the shoulder of the dcspoudent
The letter sounds somewhat fam'llar to
all who have road Kider Hag yard's novel
entitled ' 'Beatrice. " The metaphor * uro
similar and the language possesses the sumo
ring ns that embodied In the farewell note
which forms a feature of ono of the chapters
of "Beatrice. " Possibly It was an Inspira
tion that formed a striking coincidence. It
may have been n sort of semi-plagiarism ,
but , nevertheless , Iho last letter of poor , devoted -
voted Hattie Aldrlch appealed to many
hearts in this city yesterday.
Struggled Aniilntt Fato.
The history of the girl since she has boon
In Omaha shows that she has been as much
sinned against a4 she was sinful.
Hattie was the older daughter of a wid
owed tnothnr who is only In moderate cir
cumstances and whoso homo Is iu that pretty
rural Iowa village known as Maploton.
Hattie came to Omaha several months ago ,
and , being somewhat unsophisticated bccamo
an easy victim to the oily tongue of a tempter.
At ono time she was accused of receivlnc
goods stolen frdm Bell's drug store , but on
Investigation it was proven that the goods
wcro given to her as presents from a youmr
clerk who was an admirer.
She was not only pretty , but extremely
attractive , and n brignt conversationalist.
She made many friends. Not being used to
hard work and being of limited moans , she
ilualiyylclded to the temptation of a man of
means , who supported her for a while. She
tired of the life she was loading and the
kind hearted police matron , Mrs.
Cumings , secured a place for her
in n respectable family , where she
had a pleasant homo and was respected for
her worth. She remained in her now homo
for two mouths and then took a room in the
Mandcrson block. It is hinted that she did
so at the suggestion of ono whom she
thought really loved her. ,
She was infatuated" with this man
and the intensity of love and
nature of which she is capable is
shown by the desperate means by which she
sought to end her troubles. Not being able
to have the undivided love of the man whom
she loved , she made the sad sacrlllco of Sun
day evening iu order that ho might enjoy a
greater freedom and not bo menaced by her
presence on earth. She did not blame him
for her troubles aud sought relief in the
Hundreds of people filled with sympa
thetic curiosity viewed the remains in the
morgue yesterday. The trirl had not lost
her beauty of feature and form , oven in the
cold embrace of death. Fully 500 people vis
ited the morgue yesterday to see her.
Flowers from it Kuthor.
One touching incident occurred during the
afternoon. An elderly , well dro. sod man
with snowy hair , asked permission to lay a
handsome bunch of fragrant white flowers
on the body. The request was granted , and
the old man with moistened eyes
withdrew from the gaze of tbu > curious
crowd. Attached to the llowors was a card
with the following inscription :
"A Stranger , with sympathy. From a
father of an only daughter. "
A Bnu reporter who witnessed this touch
ing tribute hastened after the gentleman
and asked for an explanation. The
man "refused to give . his name
but said the dead girl reminded
him very much of his own beloved daughter
who has a happy homo In an eastern state.
Ho had read the account of the girl's death
in TUB BKII and her plaintive letter had
deeply touched bin. Ho wanted to do
something to show his sympatfiy , and bought
the flowers to place on the unfortunate girl's
body. Ha said that ho would
appreciate any such attention to his daughter
if cruel fate had decreed the same ending for
her. Ho was much affected as he thought of
how Uattlo's mother must foci over her
daughter's tragic doath.
Letters from the girl's mother showed that
a deep bond of sympathy existed between
the girl and her sorrowing parent.
But flattie had concealed her shame from
her dear old mother.
The remains will bo quietly Interred in the
silent city of the dead in Maploton Thurs
day and the last act in the girl's sad career
will bo closed.
Sorgcunt Ormahy Still Wears n Star Unit It
Mil 11 1'roor.
Tlio Board of Fire and Police Commis
sioners mot last night and the greater portion
tion of their lime was taken up In hearing
evidence in the case against Sergeant
Thomas Ormsby , preferred by Frank Fisher ,
the man charged with holding up William
Fisher charges Ormsby with maltreat'
inout while in Jail. He claims no was
kicked by the sergeant , Fisher said an olll-
cer , to him unknown , eamo to the county
jail and got his deposition In relation to the
charges ,
Attorneys Covlllo and Churchill appeared
for the prosecution and Attorney Kimoral
represented Ormsby. The witnesses
for tlio prosecution were Fisher
nnd Ofllcers Cox , Curry , Cory , ICdgohill ,
Cumings , Flint , Clark , Kills , Oubols , llor
Halter ami Fisk. Thrao oftU'ers were of the
name opinion In general relative to the truth
of the charges of kicking the prisoner and
calling him names.
Sergeant Whalen , Dotec lvo Hayes , Oftl-
cers ttollard , Kvans , Oruinmy , Cook and
Sergeant Ormsby appeared for the defense ,
ilonying that tha sergeant used unnecessary
force in Handling Fislior.
As soon as the evidence in this
case was hoard the onu signed by Ofllcer
Kdgohill , charging Sergeant Ormsby with
conduct unbecoming an olhYcr , was taken
up. As the witnesses in this case were not
all present the prosecution asked to with
draw the charge. The defense asked that
a trial bo hold and the commissioners will
hear the cuso at the next mcotim. ' .
The case was taken under advisement
until all the charges against the sergeant
have been heard.
On Information of Ofllcor Starkoy nnd
Watchman Stlno , Sergeant Sheep protorrod
charges of drunkenncbs against Oniuer
Uhief Seavoy made a report of the pro-
cxodlngs of the National Chiefs of Police
association convention which was accepted.
C. O. Dooley applied for an appointment as
speoi'U pulico for service in the department
of the Hoard of Health.
Ddtjulivo Michael Dempsey wants logo to
the World's fair and ride on the Ferris wheel
Ho has nv-ulo a good record this year and ho
was gran tea u leave of absence for ton days
with pay.
Jailer "Patrick Havey was Riven twautv
days lenvo with ten days pay. He U troublec
with weak eyes and wants to take a rest.
Ofllcer Daniel Haldivln was given ton davs
leave with pay. Firemen O'Noll and LJr
ban were granted a leave of ten nnd four
days respectively.
The board discussed matters relating to
ho now flro nnd adjourned to
neot Wednesday afternoon at U o'clock.
Fireworks , balloon tonight.
Senator Allen and Congressman Bryan
will speak on the * monov question to-
ii"bt at K < ! tnMtloi hall. Kvorybody Invited.
Vdmlsslon free.
Flro broke out In Bedford's old planlnf
nlll , nonr Thirtieth and Spauldlng streets ,
osterday afternoon. The damage was nom-
nal. Origin , defective lluo.
A team hltchoii to an American Express
wagon which was standing under the Tenth
street viaduct , ran away yesterday after
noon. I'hov were stopped before much dam
age was dono.
Contractors have commenced work In two
now paving districts. They are Seventeenth
rom JaeUson to Ixjavenworth nnd Da von.
ixjrt from Twenty-second to Twenty-fourth.
Hoth streets are being paved with vitrillod
B. M. Itobcrtson and Alice Copson have
II oil a petition In the oftlco of the probate
Udgo asking that they bo appointed to look
aftortho property of Hubert K. Copson , de
ceased. sTho.v allege that there Is real estate
and personalty of the value of $12,000. A
former administrator failed to qualify.
No levy has boon made by the United
States marshal on the property of the late
resident and cashier of the defunct Camtal
National bank , In pursuance of the attach
ment .suits llled lu the federal court last
Saturday , as no property was speclllcally
named , and the marshal has not run across
anything that struck ftlui as particularly
calculated to 11U the bill.
Major Furay , the sewer commissioner , se
cured possession of the room lately occupied
by the Inspector of sewers on the tilth lloor
of the city hall , This was not accomplished ,
however , by an act of the committee on
public property and buildings or the super
intendent of the hall. The major secured n
key and Is now in possession. His son ,
Charley Furay , is Installed as clerk of the
Clint Allen , who was reported to have
been found short in his accounts for excess
baggage at the Union depot and to have
boon turned over to his bondsinon by Depot
Master Hanoy , has demonstrated that his
books are all right and there Is no shortage.
When the alleged discovery was made , Mr.
Allen was out of town , but upon his return
ho quickly untangled the snarl which gave
rise to the assertion that his cash balance
was wrong.
Dr. Davis , the Presbyterian minister of
the Httlo church on Military avenue , coming
to the conclusion Sunday that the torrid
temperature of a church building was not
conducive to godliness , hold tlio evening
service in the open uir on e vacant lot In
Clifton Hill. Ho was amply rewarded for
this now departure iu church services by a
largo nnd fervent congregation , which evidently -
dontly appreciated the reverend gentleman's
solicitude for its comfort.
On a cot in ono of the Httlo rooms at the
Jail lies Charles Patten , a laborer , who is
suffering from a complicated kidney disease.
Patten caino west from Springfield , O. , in
hopes of bcncli ting his health and reached
Omaha Sunday. Ho U penniless and had to
apply to the ct'.y for shelter aud medical
attendance. Dr. Somors ordered the man
removed to the Presbvtorian hospital until
arrangements can bo made with the officials
at the county hospital.
A colored man living on Eighteenth street
between Burt and Cumlng received news
Saturday that he had fallen heir to a for
tune of $0,000 loft him by his mother from
whom ho had been separated since a child ,
they both having uomi sold into slavery to
different parties. Since which tlmo ho had
lost track completely of his parents and it
was only owing to a friend socinir an adver
tisement inquiring for him , that" ho is now
able to claim this unexpected but none the
less welcome windfall.
Deputy County Clerk Jenkins scouts the
Idea that times are hard in this county and
in order to back up his theory ha points to the
records , showing the chattel mortgages lilod
during the month of Juuo. During that
period the mortgages filed acgrogatcd C'J3 ' ,
while for the same month of last year they
numbered 871. Beginning with the ye ir 1SSG
the chattel mort agea llleild'lring ' June
have boon as follows : 1880 , MO ; 1SS7 , 4US :
1888 , 909 ; 1839. 030 ; 1800 , 730 ; 18U1 , S l , showIng -
Ing that , during the oightyoars there has
been but twice when the Juno tilings were
less than they have boon tbis year.
Fireworks , balloon tonight.
( Jnivor Was not nt Home.
BuzzAnns BAY , July 21. The president ,
Colonel Lament aud Dr. Bryant went lishing
Mr , George E. Pritchctt of Omaha , who
is .summering with his family at .Nataskot
beach , called at Grav Gables , but the presi
dent was lishing. ' Mr. Prltohett wai United
States attorney of Nebraska during Air.
Cleveland's administration. Mr. Pritchott
is of the opinion that the Sherman act will
bo' repealed without a doubt , but as it is
impossible to get something for nothing
there is likely to bo a light as to what shall
be put in its place.
Tlio IMIillo'n Attltiulo.
Chicago Uecord : "I have , " says Mr. Hobart -
bart C. Chatllold-Tavlor , "I have in the bottom
tom of a trunk at homo the manuscript of a
novel which I have recently finished. "
This announcement constitutes the public
an accessory after the fact.
Womnn lu tlio Hnrvoni Isolds.
MACOMD , 111. , July 24. The harvest
in McDonough county is progrosfling' ,
but farm hands nro scarce and in numer
ous parts of the country wonion are
working in the fields.
Hold a I dirk l.munrii Soxslon.
Kaufman hall was filled by delegates from
various labor organisations last evening.
They mot to discuss matters pertaining to
the now building trades council. It was a
dark lantern session. Reporters were de
nied admission.
It Will Itn UiMilnr unit r.oral Thunder
Htorms Will Prnvull In NrliiunUn Today.
WASIIIXOTON , July ! M. Forecasts for Tues
day : For Nebraska Increasing cloudiness ,
probably followed by local thunder storms
Tuesday afternoon or evening ; south winds ,
shifting to west ; cooler in western portion ;
cooler Tuesday night in eastern portion.
For Iowa Generally fair during the day ,
followed by local thunder storms in western
portion ; south winds , to shifting west ;
For South Dakota Local showers , followed -
lowed by clearing woat'ior ; winds shifting
to northwest ; cooler , oxLopt In extreme
northeast portion ,
I , oral Uncord.
July -Omaha record of temperature and
rainfall , oomparod with corresponding day
of past four years :
180.1 , 1892. IROl. 1800.
Maximum tnninoratiiiu. 'Jjo UH3 71o 7iO-
J'liiilmuiii tunipuraiuro. 71o 7.00 r > ( i = MO
Avoraito iwmwratuio. . . HJ3 80 = ll ) = > 7'J3
I'ri'cipltiillon . < W .00 T ,00
Statement showing the condition of tem
perature and precipitation at Omaha for the
day and slncu March 1 , 18'JJ :
Ncrmul tmnpara tu ro . J77 ®
Kxcovi for Ihn day . H.r > o
DoHcUnicyMlnee March 1 . 2U7O
Nuimal pu'clnltutiaii . 15 Inch
Dolluluncy for tlui day . 1.1 Inch
Uolicluncy since March 1 . 1.00 inch
fli'Muils from Oilinr I'ulntt nt M p in.
? i
: 3 s J
Ormlia OJ .00 !
North 1'l.itto. . nn nnH .00 ciuar.
Valentine ( H .Oil ( JlKiidy ,
Kc.irnny in .nu
CUlc.tjto in .011 oi , ir.
St. T.UIIIH HI ) .uoicitMr.
St. I'aul ttj ii5 oti'niwir. '
I.lVfiipcirt KS .oo'ciuar. ' t'tty . . HU no
llonvur 78 . .oi.CUiuily.
S ill 1/iUu City. . 8(1 ( H8 .00 Cloiuly.
lUiptil Ulty 78 88 . ( ) | I'tit ; ( s
78 HU .uo
Ha DO . ,
-it. Vlucont 74 HO .10 nluildy
IM BO .01 Ml iln
Mlln Cliy 81 88 ou > Ulutr.
UalVLUton 81 HH .Oil
"T" Indicates tr.tcw of r.ilii.
HUNT , Local
Latest Version of the Omiso of tlio Tcrribla
Mediterranean Disaster.
Such U tlin Tnto t Theory Advunroit to Ac
count Tor the C niipriliMTii'n Mnvo
l'lijlrnl 1'oroe Mnti IMIIO
n Circular Letter.
NKW Yoillf , July 21. A now nnil start
ling theory has boon advanced ivs to the
cause of the ulnktng of the Ilrlttah battle
ship Victoria by the Camponlown. Irish
revolutionists claim that the sinking of
the vessel was the result , not of acci
dent , hut of u iloop-laltl nlot , which has
for Its object the duatructlon , If posaiblo ,
of the Hrltlsh navy ami the inlliotlon of
dlro Injury on Hughim ! In every quai-Un-
of the tflobo whuro her llajj Illos. A cir
cular copy of tlio plot , which a morning
paper micccudud In obtaining , ntul which
hiw boon promultfatuil in Irish Nation
alist circles , claims for the i evolution
ists the honor of strikiiifj such iv heavy
blow to Enirland. Itefomng to Admiral
Tryon'a maneuver , the circular , which
boars date of July 12 , says :
"Admiral Tryon is not guilty of the
loss of the Victoria. Ho is a victim of
the sins of his country. The maneuver
which ho proposed the Hoot should per
form would have been successfully car
ried out had our bravo brothers
in England's service not been equal to
the opportunity afforded them and given
themselves u willing sacrillco for the
cause of Ireland. For the bettor pro
tection of the interests wo have at heart ,
wo will not announce whether uny of our
brothers who were on board the Vic
toria escaped death in the waters of the
"It is sulllelent for you , for tlio pres
ent , to know that n noble deed has been
done and Unit Ireland has btill sons for
whom death has no terrors when their
lives are asked for her sake. The spirit
of Emmet still lives and the light must
bo carried on until England hauls down
her Hag in Ireland.
" \Vo have sworn brothers now on
almost every English warship. Wo
have them in tlio English regiments at
homo and abroad , and wherever the
English Hug lloats there also may our
men bo found. Wo are no win a position
which wo never before attained of
striking England in every corner of the
globe. Thenceforward , brothers , the
light must go on unceasingly. No oppor
tunity must bo lost of striking England ,
nor must wo hesitate to use against her
whatever science and inventive genius
may place in our hands. "
The circular is signed "Tho Exocu-
tivo" and IH thought to emanate from
the physical force men.
Ilurned Our Tlili .Morning.
About 2-IO : , fire totally destroyed the homo
of William Davis , ! H14 Half Uass , the family
barely csciping with their lives.
Air. Davis is employed at the smelting
works and was notiilcd of his misfortune
about H a. in.
No Insurance as far as known.
W.'ioro Ilo Stood.
jlndlanapolls Journal : ' 'No ono dares to
doubt , ray party loyalty , " shouted the
orator ( waving both hands lu the air.
"Jilvorybody knows just where 1 stand. "
"Yas , I iruess " that's so , " said the fioat-
whiskcrod" man on tno back ocnch. "It's
right in front of Flnncgan's bar at any hour
of the day and night. You bet wo know
where you stand. "
A Trrrllilo IMnnlbllUy.
Indianapolis Journal : Watts Do you believe -
lievo it possible that tno earth may become
too small to hold its inhabitants ;
I'otts It might in one contingency. If it
were a common thing for a man to got his
collegiate diploma on the day his first baby
was born , that state of things would obtain
right now.
Siioprmlcd Animation.
Miss Ida Banwost , II ) years old , who
arrived at San Antonio , Tex. , a few
months ago from Nctiwald , Saxony , i
lying there apparently dead. She has
hail live such attacks. In ono of them
about three years ago , bho was in a cata
leptic condition for five days. During
that time , her friends and relatives were
so fully persuaded in their minds that
she was dead that she was dressed in
her shroud and placed in a coffin , and
would have been burled but for tbo pro
test of her mother. Physicians had pro
nounced life extinct , and one of them ,
to demonstrate ) to the family that she
was dead , applied a rod-hot iron to her
foot. The Rirl winced and sighed per
ceptibly. This seared everybody , A
short time after the girl regained con
sciousness and was ravenously hungry.
She ate everything put before hor.
Ever blnco then , after each spoil when
she regainseonsoioiibiiuss , she eats heart
ily and is stout and healthy for one or
two months , when she is seized with
another attack.
The longest fence In the world Is in Aus
tralia 1215 ! miles. It is made of wlro net
ting and its object is to keep out rabbits.
igi comfort nml improvement nml
to iur onal ciijoynieiit wliC'H
rightly used. The many , \vlio Hvo bet
tor tlmn othiTH uiul enjoy life more , with
Iris oxpciKlituro , by more promptly
lulnptiiitf the world's best proiluulH to
tlio ncciTs of pliyhleal iK'ing , will attest
Die value to health of thu pure li < juiil
laxdtivo principlen embraucil in the
remedy , Syrup of Figs ,
Its excellence ia duo to ltd presenting
5n tlio form most acceptable and plcin- ;
niit to the taste , the refreshing and truly
hciicficiul properties of n perfect lax- v
ntivo ; effectually cleansing the nyMcui , < v
dispelling coldn , licadacbea ami foveru
ami permanently ctirinj ; coiiDtipntlon.
It has given Batibfiction to inillionaatid
met with the approval of the medical
profession , bceuuso it acts on the Kid
neys , Liver and liowcls without v.-cak-
ening thorn and it is perfectly fieo from
every objectionable subbUuice.
Syrup of Fig * in fur tlo by all aniK-
piists in OOu ami $1 bottlen , but H i * man- \
tifsictiired by the Californiu Fig Byrup t
Co. only , wbobo nnnio is printed on every
pitokngt' , also the name , Syrup of I-'ign ,
und being well informed , you will uoi
any tubitituU if oikrcd.
j idBj l