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Vy currier to ny jiurt of the cltj
I Hmnt ! Office . N.o.13
rrt FPJtnNFn
. . .
Tf J.F.I IIor r.S
| NRllt , Editor. . No. 3
N. Y. Plumbing Co
Boston Store for sun umbrellas
JucUon , pasturage , WJ Sixth avcnud.
Mlltonbcrger is the hatter , WH Broadway
The Mayno Heal Kitatc Co. , 021 Broadway.
About twenty members of the Gnnyinedo
Wheel club took a run to Mnnawn. last even
Mrs. M. A. Klngsbury Is making arrange
ments for another concert to bo given
July 111.
llneltcl Hnrmoti commenced n suit In the
district court yesterday for n divorce from
Charles Harmon , whom she charges with do-
lortlon and failure to support ,
Dave Ward , n well known character about
the city , has been found Insnno by the com
missioners and ordered taken to St. Ber
nard's hospital for confinement.
Kcgular session Harmony Chapter No. 2. > 7
Order Eastern Star nt Masonic tcmplo
this evening. Members and visiting mem
bers cordially Invited. By order > worthy
matron ,
G. A. Schocdsack has taken out a permit
for the erection of a now $ .1000 dye work ?
building on lot 14 , block JiO , Central sub
division. It will bo two stories In height ,
nnd built of brick.
Tlio funornl of Mrs. Susan McFco will
take place from the residence of Laura
Baldwin , filM ) Willow avenue , nt 10 o'clock
this morning , Kov. K : Phelps officiating. In
terment at Walnut Hill.
A warrant has been Issued for the nrrcst
of "Dutch" Hoynlon , Dick Lundou and a
man named Miller on the charge of highway
robbery. Young Mulvaney , who claims to
have been hold up and robbed on the Cres
cent road last Saturday afternoon , filed the
The city commenced nn notion in the dis
trict court yesterday looking toward .tho
final condemnation of certain lots In Cochran
addition for park purposes. The lots in
question nro embraced in the territory do-
nnted to the city by Colonel Addlson Coch
ran , but the title is not altogether clear , nnd
this step hns to be taken in order to give the
city a good title. Charles H. MoMnhon und
wife nro made defendants.
A consignment of 100,000 grape baskets has
Just been received in this city from Michigan
ever the Burlington railway , to bo used in
putting up the grape product of Council
BlulTs and the vicinity this fall. Encli bas
ket Is estimated to hold mno pounds. The
baskets now on band may bo supposed to in
dicate In a measure the expectations of the
grape men with reference to their crops. It
took five freight cars to transport the bas
kets from Michigan to this city.
Arthur Morris , a small boy who lives with
his parents in Washington township , was
brought before .ludgo Smith yesterday after
noon to bo examined iu the hope that his
honor would have him sent to the reform
school. The father of the boy , who was the
prosecutor , cou'd only say that the boy
played "hookey'1 from school n few
tunes and shown himself troubled with some
of the "smart aleck" disposition , common to
boys of his ago. The intended victim wns
consequently discharged , with n lecture from
the court to the father.
News of the death of II. II. Shlllingtnn has
boon received in the city. Ho was formerly
connected with the Citizens State bunk of
this city , but was taken with consumption
several months ago nnd wns compelled to go
to Now Mexico , in the hope that his health
might bo benefited. Ho returned homo last
week much weaker than when ho went
away , nnd it wns evident that he could not
last much longer. Ho was ono of the fore
most workers in the First Baptist church
and the Young Men's Christian association.
Ho wns nt Ills former homo in Dciilson when
the end camo.
' Another Improvement to the popular
, S'chubor.t piano. Swanson Music Co
Smoke T. D. King & Go's Partagas.
Domestic soap is the best.
rilltSU.VA / . IM lt.-Hll.-ll'IIS.
E. W. Peterson is homo from u visit to
Mr. and Airs. E. C. Smith leave this morn
ing for a visit to Chicago.
I. A. Fort , n prominent citizen of North
Platto. Nob. , Is in th.i city.
Aliss Kittio Buchcllo of Lyons , Nob. , Is in
the city , the guest of her sister , Mrs. C. G.
Miss Ida Colin of Chicago Is visiting the
Misses Anna and Belle Marks on North
First street.
Airs. A. M. Lcichtlor of DCS Aloines is in
the city , the cuest of her brother , II. E.
Grimm and family.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Swan have returned
from a visit of two months in Ohio , Pennsyl
vania and Chicago.
Aliss Belle Snydcr leaves this ovcning for
a visit of two months wlthrelatives in Galesburg -
burg and Chicago , 111.
S. T. Alcars. of LnPorto City , la. , nn old
collcgomuto of George W. Cable , is iu the
city , the guest of his friend.
George W , Cable of the Perpetual Ma
turity Bonding company has roturncd from
nn extensive trip through the west. Ho says
the contrast makes him love Iowa better
than over.
John L. Alorkcl hns roturncd homo after n
year's absence on the road ns n burnt cork
artist , aud will spend his vacation with his
parents , Mr. and Airs. L. Alerkel , i.8'J Wash
ington nvcnuo.
Kov. Henry Delong will Icnvo today for
Sioux City , to testify in the case of If. C.
Carbco. He wns the clergyman who united
Cnrbeo nnd Aliss Ala Arnold in marriage
% vhilo the former was In the county Jail hero.
Tlio following is the program for the
social at the Broadway M. E. church
this evening :
Trio , Instrumental Dinner lllinmol . Molir
Itccltntlnn . Miss Laura ( Jay
Vocul holn illnlo olillgnlo ) . . . . Miss .May Tnlleys
Violin solo Coucurto No. 7 . lo llerlut
Miss Virginia Uobliixnii ,
I'lnno duct. . .Mrs. Knot Is. ! ml Mlss/.nlln Nlles
lliirltoim hiilo . Mr. Frrd Illncoinliu
Iti'cltntUm . Miss Nnimlo I'Muld '
Tlio , liiutriiinvntul Uypsy Diincu . Haydn
Driuorrutlc Comontlnn ,
J , J , Stiea , chairman of the county demo
cratic central committee , Issued u call for n
county convention yesterday. The conven
tion will bo held hi the court house iu this
city at 10 o'clock Thursday morning , Auetist
10 , and will bo held for the purpose of select
ing twenty-six delegates lo the state conven
tion to bo held at DCS Alolncs. AugusT , " ; i. Un
less otherwise ordered by the township or
precinct commlttceincii , the caucuses in the
various wards and townships will be held
Saturday evening , August . ' > . to select delegates -
gates to the county convention ,
Cook yot" meals this summer on
range. At cost at ho Gas company.
ItxudiT Hound Over.
John Kceder is in the county Jail and there
ho will stay until July ! JT anyway , with the
probability of staying much longer if the
climates agrees with him. Ho WHS brought
up In Justice Vlen's court yesterday for a
preliminary examination , but ho asked for a
continuance until the ' 'Till , In tlio mean
time his bond u lilted nt tV-00 , which there
is about ns much of a cluiuvo of his giving as
there is of his taking an excursion to the
moon. Tln > iiu es of John Ilouijinnyvr , Hugh
O'Donnull and Jim
Murphy have been con
tinued indefinitely ,
Suiimlieil H llugrgy.
A team belonging to Kobcrt Jack , a farmer
living at Taylor station , broke looto from Its
moorings in front of the Boston store yester
day afternoon und plunged wildly up Broad
way , On tlio way it encountered tlio buggy
of 1) , J , Hutchlnson , which wiitf standing in
the road. The bugry wus smashed to kind-
line wood by the force of the collision , but
both horses escaped injury. The driver of
the wagon was dumped out after the team
bad run quite a distance , but bo , too , was un
Oolnnel MoSorloy Tries His Knifo's ' Edge
on Colonel Ryan's ' Ribs ,
They Were Arguing n lilt of Matter Ho-
twltt Tlicmactvci nnd tlio KnUo
Cmno In to Act n Arbi
trator , Von Know.
James McSorley tried to waft his friend
Dan Kyan to the roglons'of the blest last
evening , but ho made a botcb of tbo job ,
Tlio two men were drinking together in Far-
roll's saloon on I/jwor Main street when a
war cloud arose. What was the cause of
tbo trouble could not bo learned , as all tbo
spectators were very anxious not to be put
on record. The trouble was there , however ,
and McSorloy whipped out a knife and
planted it where bo thought it would bo apt
to ptav hob with Mr. Kyan's circulation.
The knife struck Kyan in tbo left side , mak
ing a gash about three inches long , but
fortunately for Hyati , it hit a rib and made
nothing moro than a ilcsh wound , Kyan
vas Immediately spirited away by his
riends and McSorloy spirited himself away
o thoroughly that ho was nowhere tn bo
ound when the ofllccrs got after him. Ho
s said to have n solid girl iu Omaha , aud 1s
ooltcd for to turn up there.
1'iilcl Another Ilonil ,
Tlio Perpetual Maturity Bonding Co. ,
of Council BlulTs , has sent by the
Vmorlcan express $1,000 in crisp cash in
mymcnt of another matured bond of the
irst series. The bonu wni held by Mr.
Martin V. Stit/.el , Spoknno Falls , Wash.
I'lio bond lias only eobfMr. Stit/.el $20 ,
laving been obliged to pay but the
Irst year's assessment. lie is a well
tnown butcher of the place , and in these
tringont times the receipt of $1,000 , in
cold cash will no doubt bo nn important
nul desirable event in his life.
The best building sand in the market
jy carload. Address N. Schurz , 34 Bald'
.vin Block , Council BlulTs , In.
ikimui.Aits WHO
Conductor Cnrnrllim' Housn Itiniiclcd ; : by
ThlovcM Who Wiinteil
Charley Cornelius , tbo conductor on tbo
Milwaukee road , who lives at ( til Sixth
ivcnue , left for his regular trip on the road
Tuesday noon. When ho returned homo
r'cstorday aftorncon and opened up his
louse lie found tlmt some ono had been thcfo
since ho loft , nnd the house was in a terribly
jcfuddled condition. The intruder climbed
n at a collar window , pried open the door
.eadlng from the cellar , and went all over
the house. There was no ; a bureau drawer
or cupboard that had not been opened
mil thoroughly investigated , and the con-
Lents wcro scattered about tlio Iloor Iu away
that would have made oven a passably par
ticular housewife sick. Mrs. Cornelius had
lieen away from homo , so that the thieves
had been allowed to have their own way.
Mr. Cornelius had a brand new $ oO suit of
clothes hanging in a closet , but It was not
taken , and so far us he can toll now there is
nothing whatever missing. The thieves
were evidently in search of money or jew
elry , but as there was none in the house they
were disappointed. A tine fall overcoat was
lying in a chair , ns though the visitors mighl
have intended to take it , but were frightened
off in tlio midst of their operations.
Miiiiitwit Truum.
Trains for Manawa will leave Broad
way depot at ! ) and 11 a. in. , 1 , 2 , II ,
3iO : ; p. in. , and every thirty minutes
thereafter until 12:30 : nt night. Last
train will leave Munawa for Council
BlulTs at 11:55 : p.m. .
Williamson & Co. . 100 Main street ,
largest and best bicycle stock in city.
lliul n Ilully Time.
A number of well known Council Bluffs
men took advantage of the beautiful weather
last Sunday to make a visit to the School for
llio Deaf , where they wcro shown about the
grounds by tlio steward with all the con
scious pride which the attaches of the
institution so justly have in the beautifully
kept surroundings of the institution.
Among other things that were displayed
to the interested ga/.o of the visitors was a
line Holstein bull , who was laid up with a
bad case of sickness. Ho was so meek
and docile to look upon that ono
by ono the vistors ventured in
side the enclosure and became some
what more familiar with the ni.lmal
than they would had ho been enjoying his
usual state of health. Suddenly the bull
came to the conclusion that ho ivas hardly
as ill as ho thought he was. Tlio rope
which had tied him to tlio ground broke
under his increase- spirits , and lie leaped
on his feet and made a rush at ono of his
guests , a well known abstractor , who
sought safutv In precipitate and indis
criminate Uight. Just as ho cleared the
fence at a single bound ho looked around and
saw that the bull had transferred his atten
tions to ono of ills companions , an attorney
whoso "vldth and wisdom" are nliko objects
of envy to a good many of his rivals at the
Pottawattamiu county bar. Hut all
his Icgnl learning' availed him noth
ing in n contest with n bull that didn't know
the difference between a habeas corpus and
a procodondo , and his width was an absolute -
lute hindrance to his welfare. In making
the race he was not careful enough to see
whore ho was going , and jumped bead lirst
into the slop trough. Ho emerged a moment
later with all the evidences of his unhaemp'
experience clinging lo him , among ttiby
being a badly sprained wrist , Llttlo oy
little the story leaked out in spite of thp
efforts made to keep it quiet , and It now
seems to bo the opinion of all who saw the
encounter that the next time they monlccy
with a Holstein bull they won't uionkoy
witli him at all.
( ircut Iteduolloii In ( 'mtur 1timber I'ncog.
Our company , having a largo supply of
rod cedar In their yards in Arkansas , have
concluded to greatly reduce their prices
on red cedar for the next 00 days. Now
is your time to got red cedar cheap.
\V. P. BAKKK , Agent ,
Shugart Block , Council BlulTs.
Carbon Coal Co. , wholesale und retail
coal. Removed from 10 Pearl to 34 1'earl
street , Grand ilotol building ,
Use Domestic soup.
The llnliy Saved llur.
Mrs. Albert Miller was tried before Jus-
tlco Vlen yesterday for assault nnd battery.
Mrs , Day , n itistur-m-luw , wns the complain
ant , and the trial was the result ot n family
fracas which took place about six weeks ago.
The reason of tlio postponement wits that
Mru , Miller had become the mother of a very
small child , und It was the child that saved
her again yesterday from u confinement in
the county jail. Mrs. Miller was lined flu.
Stic did not have the money so payment of
the fine waa out of the question. The
clanging doors of the jail were staring her
In the face when the court suddenly decided
that it would hardly bo the proper thing to
compel a U ucelcs old baby to make its
debut in jail at so early nn ago. Mrs. Miller
was allowed to depart iu peace with the un
derstanding that the baby was not always
to remain so small ,
Sociable at Broadway M. E. church
Thursday evening , July 20. Program of
instrumental and vocal music , also reci
tations. Refreshments nerved. Admis
sion 10 cents.
Greeiibhlolds , Nicholson & Co. , real
cbtuteund rentalsGOO Broadway. Tol.151.
Wlivul Club Pur.idc. *
The Ganymede Wheel club has. been ten
dered an invitation to take part in the whcul
parade which Is to be given tomorrow night
in Oamtm. The invitation came from the
TourUt club , aud will bo accepted by almost
every member of the club , as well as by n
number of outsiders who rule bicycles , to all
of whom nn invitation Is extended by the
Grtnymedes. Those who wish tonttcndwlll
bo at the club house in this city- tomorrow
evening at 7:16 : sharp , with wheels decora
ted with the club colors , nnd ride to the
Tourist club house in Omaha , where they
will join in the parado.
The races which are to occur In Omaha on
Saturday will bo participated In by n num
ber of Council Bluffs wheelmen , nnd at
tended by many moro. D. K. Hughey and
ICdward Duquette have entered as contest
ants. All wheelmen who expect to witness
the races are Invited to meet at the Gany-
mcdo house Saturday afternoon nt 1:30 :
o'clock nnd leave In a body.
Stop at the Ogden , Council Bluffs , t to
Icit $2.00 house In Iowa.
Amutonr lloiitincn.
Joe Spauldlng and C. Wesley undortoolc
the Job of running "Tho Omaha , " a steam
boat which ran on Lake Mnnawa until this
season , over the placid waters of Cut Off
lake Tuesday night. They went to Court-
land beach to servo the writ of replevin
which was mentioned in yesterday's Br.r. ns
having been Issued from Justice Field's
court In favor of Timtnorman & Condln , who
claimed right to possession by virtue of n
chattel mortgage executed by John Madden ,
There had been" attempts otnado to levy on
the boat on the Nebraska side , but Madden
KOI wind of It and kept the boat In Iowa
water. Spanldlng and Wcsloy wcro accord
ingly sent to interview him. with the result
that tbo owners , for the time being at least ,
changed hands.
When the two ofllctals had secured posses
sion they proceeded to no the boat , not very
gracefully to bo sure , but they inamgcd to
keep the smokestack out of water , Wesley
acting ns engineer , llrcman and captain and
Spauldlng as pilot and lirst mate. They took
the boat to the Nobrasua landing , where It
wns delivered up to Tlmmermaii and Condln ,
who drummed up passengers and started off
on n pleasure trip. Wesley hnd built up too
hot a lire , IIH later developments showed , for
the upper deck caught lire from the smoke
stack , Tlmmerinan clambered up to ex
tinguish the little blaze , but missed his foot
ing and fell into tlio water head over huols.
The water was only two feet deep at that
point , fortunately , and ho was rescued
without any serious results.
There is nothing in this country like
the fruit kept in Wheeler , Herold &
Co.'s cold storage. No matter what the
weather is it reaches the customer in
perfect condition. Another car load of
lemons was put in Saturday.
Domestic soap outlasts olieap soap
C'oiniiiiiiy Will
A rumor is afloat which is troubling the
people who reside near the electric light
plant on Third avenue greatly. It is to tlio
effect that tlio electric light company hns
decided to enlarge Its plant sufficiently to
put in two now dynamos. The rumor comes
from the best of authority and it has put
the neighbors into a ilurr.v of excitement. It
was announced several weeks ago through
TUB Bnu that such a move was o'n foot , but
the announcement brought do'.vn such a
hornet's nest about the cars of the company
that the scheme was allowed to go by the
board for the time being. It is now stated
that the company has renewed the scheme ,
and has really had the plans 'drawn ' for the
The adjoining property owners state that
the electricity factory has almost ruined
their property already , and they do not in
tend to allow nnv more improvements to bo
made that will it-sure the plant's remaining
in that place permanently. They think that
the proper place for an institution of that
kind and size is away from the residence
part of the city , down amonir the tracks erin
in some other place where adjoining property
will not bo affected. They renew their
threat , made some time ago , of securing an
injunction if tlio company persists iu its
plans. _
The Uranii Hotel ,
Council BlulTs. Tlio most elegant in
Iowa. Dining room on seventh Iloor.
Rate , $3.00 und $5.00 a day. E. P. Clark ,
Ask your grocer for Domestic soap.
A.quiot but happy wedding took place
yesterday nfternoon at 3 o'clock at the res
idence of Fred Lamb , jr. , 131 Graham ave
nue. The parties were Air. T. A. Bolt , who
has been for several years employed ns a
traveling representative of the Kokcn
Barbers' Supply company of St. Louis , and
Miss Carrie Smith , a well known young
lady of this city. The ceremony was per
formed by Kov. J. E. Simpson , rector of
Grace Episcopal church , and was witnessed
only by the immediate relatives of the bride
and groom. Immediately after the marriage
wns solemnized Mr. and Mrs. Bolt left over
the Northwestern for a visit in Chicago ,
after which they will go to St. I-ouis , where
they will make their homo in tlio future.
Their many friends hero extend congratula
Wo wonder if you know how much en
joyment you are missing these beauti
ful moonlight nights for a boat ride on
Lake Manawa and an hour's sport on the
toboggan slide at Manhattan beach.
liurcliirlzril u K.incry ,
Tlio Boston bakery , corner of Broadway
and Ninth street , was entered by burglars
Tuesday night and a lot of flour stolen.
Entrance was effected through n rear win
dow. Through tlio carelessness of the
thieves a trail of Hour was left along Ninth
street and west on nvcnuo A for qulto a
distance , until it was finally lost. Officer
Claar followed the trail , but was unable to
find the missing Hour.
Dentil Itoll.
MII.WAUKEI : , July 19. A special to the
Eycnlng Wisconsin from Green Bay , Wis. ,
' says : Ucar Admiral Melaneton Smith , U ,
S. N. , died there today , aged S'J , after a two
days illness.
LrriM ! UOCK , July 19. I ) . A. Brewer ,
r ditor-in-chiuf of the Arkansas Gn/.otto , died
last night at Idaho Springs , Colo. , of con
sumption , Ho was about 15U years of ago and
unmarried ,
Nmv YOIIK , July 19. George Frederick
Pnrsons , for ten years nil editorial writer on
the Tribune , died from Brlght's disease- this
morning at his homo iu tills city , lie was
for many years an active newspaper worker
on the Pacific coast ,
Amiiliiint ol I , Ill-ill Milliter to llo Trlnit.
AlACKiKAO , Mich , , July 10 The verdict of
the coroner's jury in the Lilian Saultor case
was , "Suicide by poison , indirectly caused
by ono William Bagely , wilp , as the evidence
seemed to disclose , had committed a crimi
nal assault unon the girl , the disgrace of
which caiscd her to tuko her own life. "
Bagely will bo given nn examination before
fore Justice Preston Thursday , The penalty
for criminal assault , with which he is
charged , Is from llftocn years to life impris
onment ,
Wrecked by n IsmmiTiiy Cnr.
JOSESIIOHO , 111. , July 10. A peculiar acci
dent resulted hero today from a car being
loaded with wheat getting away nnd running
at a terrilic speed down the. grade west of
town , colliding with a southbound train two
miles from hero. Brakomnn J , Marshall
was crushed between two cars and instantly
killed. The engineer had his foot crushed
und the fireman was also injured , The en
gine wns badly wrecked and several cars de
railed , white the wheat car wus utterly de-
niolUhcd. .
CnrUiui'u IIU .Vunic.
The brother of Kckman , tlio boiler maker
who was killed at the electric power house ,
arrived in the city from Chicago last night.
Eckmun'i real name is Carlson , and It Is said
ho changed his name because there are so
many Carlsons in this city. The remains
will bo interred in Forest Lawn cemetery at
U o'clock today. Funeral services will bo
held at Maul's undertaking establishment.
l-'iru Uucuril ,
SUSAXVIU.K , Cal. , July 10. A disastrous
lire here last night resulted in the destruc sf
tion of sixty build inirs and caused a loss ol f
insurance small.
Piroworks , balloon , Courtlund beach
tonight. Music , boating , bathing.
triMTTlP IT t'ATTTII All < II 4
Tungato Appointed SMmwter Sogardloss
of the Protest ofrllnion Switchmen ,
h . .
lllnzo In tlio I.lsler Iljock A Confectioner's
Conltlct with n llnrKlnr Saved fojr n
Scream 1'oilillrkllnilly 1'uitcliad
niul Itruliml.
Chnrlcs D. Tungato took charge of the
Union Stock Yimls railroad yards last night
at 5:45 : o'clock , bringing with him three now
J. McMonaglo nnd , T. M. Sullivan , switch
men employed on the old force , wcro dis
charged before Mr. Tungato took charge.
They wore discharged for the nllcgod cause
of not reporting 6n tlmo for duly or sotullng
any word lo tlio head yardmaster. All the
other switchmen went to work , thus knockIng -
Ing out the report , that none of them would
work under Mr. Tungato.
Mr. Sulllvun Is financial secretary of the
switchmen's union , and says that ho will lay
his discharge before the union for invostlea-
tion. Ills statement Is that ho was "llrcd"
for being live minutes lato. All sorts of
rumors were afloat early In the evening. The
police had been told that n gang of Omaha
switchmen were coming down and that the
old gatig would walk out during the night.
A man who is pretty well onto tlio situ
ation said to n reporter for THE BKE : "There
will ho no trouble whatever. Mr. Tungnto
has taken charge of the night yard work.
Ho will not cut wages or discharge any man
who attends to his work. Soino' of the old
men talked of walking out at lirst , but after
duo consideration have concluded not to do
so. They nro paid the full scale of prices
hero and do not nave to work any harder
than the.v do In other yards. Some of them
have families and their homos only partly
paid for. If they should go on n strike they
might lose what money they have worked
hard to save nnd bo thrown out of work for
months. They have taken a sensible view
of the matter and are going to go ahead with
their work. "
In order to take advantage of any distur
bance that might , occur on account of the
change In the yards Mayor Walker at 7
o'clock swore in ttiu following men as special
policemen : J. S. Mullen , ICdward Tischler ,
Paul Stevens. Frank Glass , Scott Kcniiuci-
wortli , G. W. Thompson , C. Groskey , J.
Wnlner. A. K Bryan , 15. C. D.ivis , William
Txibbs , William Puinpoug and Charles Hath
Those men were assigned to different
stations throughout the Stock Yards com
pany's railroad yards and remained on duty
throughout the night. No disturbance
whatever was reported.
Chief llL'duitl Wounded.
An unfortunate accident occurred last
evening in the police court room just after
Mayor Walker had sworn in thirteen special
policemen to look after any difficulty which
might arise over the "change made in the
night yardmnstcrsliFp in the stock yards.
The room was wcll'fllcd with men who had
just pinned thulr ne.w stars on them and the
mayor had just stepped from the platform
when there was a report that made every
body in that court room jump for a second.
It was only a 44-enliber , but it sounded like
the gun of u battleship. In a second Chief
Beckett said , "My'GoU ! boys , I'm shot. "
The blood began streaming down his right
leg until his shoo'"wiis ' lilled with his own
blood. The ball unt'ored just above the right
ankle and passed through the leg and ouu
into the iloor without breaking a bone.
Af ter striking the floor the ball glanccUoff
airaln and went intd life side wall.
It wns John Mullen' ' * gun that did the
work. Mullen wasirttting in a chair and the
chief wns sitting"65i the end of a tablo.
Mullen 'nroso 'and stopped in front of the
chief nnd his gun fell to the floor , but ex
ploded as it fell. It must have been forced
out ( f his pocket by the position ho was sit
ting in. Mullen says ho does not know ho-v
the gun got out of his pocket or what set it
off. It was an accident. The affair drew
out a largo crowd of people.
Dr. Ernhout was.sent for and soon gave
out the cheerful information that no bones
wcro broken. Ho then bandaged the leg
nicely and the chlefAvns taken to his homo
on Upper N street. It being only a flesh
wound the chief will not bo laid up long ;
if nothing unusual happens. Chief
Beckett is u man with a great deal of ncrvo.
Ho was perfectly cool headed while the
wound was being dressed and talked with
the mayor and the officers as cheerfully as
thoucli nothing unusual had happened. Ho
bled freely ami was made very weak from
the loss of blood.
Suvctt by n Scronni.
G. I * Sweeney , the confectionery man on
N street , near Twenty-sixth , had , an exper
ience with a burglar last night which made
his hair stand on end.
Mr. Sweeney hnd locked up his store and
started up stairs , where ho lives with his
family. On the stairway ho felt n man
grappling to got hold of his arms , and ho
put moro motion into his body than ho has
done before for many a day. The maii fol
lowed on and made a desperate effort to get
hold of Sweeney's pockctbook. They wcro
still fighting at the head of tlio stairway
when Mrs. Sweeney rushed out of her bed
room nnd began screaming. The thief then
concluded it was time to go and , ascending
the stairway , ho escaped through a back
Mr. Swoonoy had sold a team of horses
during the day and tlio thief no doubt
thought ho tiad the moiioy ho received for It
with him. All the cash Mr. Swccnoy had on
him was the receipt A of the day in his store.
Officer Thomas was called in and took n de
scription of the burglar , but ho is still at
largo. The thutr had secreted himself iu tlio
store before Mr. Sweeney locked up.
A Itnimwiiy Aauiilont.
M. F. Sexton was seriously injured in a
runaway accident yesterday morning ,
Sexton drives the delivery wagon for D.
Galncy's grocery storo. While passing out
Twenty-fourth street the horses became
frightened nnd started to run , Sexton at-
tomptcd to turn them around , then the
wagon was overturned and Sexton was
dashed headforemost to the pavement. His
face , head and body were badly bruised.
Ho hung on to the lines nnd was drugged
for a block , when ho lot loose of the linos.
The team wont oiVTbr several blocks nnd
smashed the wagon'lttto kindling wood ,
I'linclnid '
n I'ucldlrr.
A peddler of ver 0 small stature nnd as
harmless ns n child "was almost beaten to
death by partlcs-Uxlng out near Bellevue
yesterday nftornooh'A Ho nppltod to Justice
I ovy for a warrnfUT'Just evening nnd the
judge will go with'turn tomorrow to 1'apil-
lion to Illo the necessary papers , 1'ho peddler -
dlor claims that Harry O'Neill is the party
who assaulted him and savs tlmt he also sot
the dogs on hliUjfvor ho was so helpless
that ho could scarcely walk. The follow was
badly bruised. Oao.hand is terribly lacer
ated , ho says from"buing bitten by O'Kuill's
log. _
The gang of burgl rf tint has been doing
u thrifty business. In'Houth Omaha for soinu
time , took a rest'Tuosduy night. They made
ono effort , however , and were no doubt fright
ened away. The rear door to Welsh & Me-
Uonough's saloon shows plainly the marks of
the burglars. With a sharp knife they started
to cutout ono of the panels of the door , but
hero the work wns stopped , caused , no
doubt , by the approach of a policeman or
ix iiiilniul by Kxi > ert .
At a special meeting of the schojl board
last night the books of the board wcro
turned over to Hulncs Bros. , expert book
keepers . to IK ) checuod up from the time the
school district was organized in 1883.
The board will meet again on the evening
of the tioth to open bids on the repairing of
tlio Fourth ward school house ana to open
the bids on desks for the now buildings ,
bouor Ciivud in.
The now sewer that U being built on N
street cast of Twenty-fourth caved In for a
few feet ucar Twenty-Urn street yesterday.
A nurtPA f workmen who wcro In the
ditch nt the tlmo'"fcaino very near being
burled In the dirt , but all escaped without
T.Utor Ulnck Hint * .
The Lister block on N street near Twenty-
cvcnth wns flooded again yesterday with
water , on account of fire. This it itho third
time n flro alarm has been sent in from this
building inside of n month ,
It wns about 3 o'clock when Mrs. Plcrco ,
who occupies rooms on the third floor , dls.
covered that the southwest corner of the
west wall was on fire nnd sent la the alarm.
The firemen wcro prompt In arriving nnd
soon had the flames under control , but In
order to do so the building was flooded with
water from the third story down.
Mrs. I'lcreo rents furnished and unfurn
ished rooms on the second nnd third floors.
All the carpets and much of the furniture
wcro dnmngcd by water. As soon ns the
crowd arrived , people began carrying the
goods out and moro or less stuff was smashed
up In reckless handling during the excite
ment. Mrs. Pierce carries iSOO Insurance on
tier household goods , which is sufficient to
cover nil of her loss.
J. S. Heed rented unfurnished rooms on
the second floor. The damage to ills goods
will be quite a little nnd lie has no Insurance.
Mr. Ticknor , the restaurant man , who has
been flooded out a half dozen times within
the last six weeks , loses heavily again , with
no insurance whatever.
Tlio Brlghnui Printing company will bo
ho heaviest loser. It estimates that the
lock nnd machinery Is damaged flr > ( X ) .
i'liero is no insurance on the stock , but the
lamago to the machinery is fully covered.
L'ho carpets on ono floor of the Uelmonlco
otcl wcro damaged considerably by water.
The origin of the flro is a mystery. There
ro began burning on the west side of the
vail on n level with the roof of the ndjoln-
ng building. There Is n brick chimney on
rath sides of the spot where the flro started ,
nit there hnd been no llro in cither
himnoy for hours. Ono theory Is that
parks sot llro to n bunch of rags nnd rub-
itsh that might have accumulated on the
: -oot and nnothor Is that it was caused by
ponlnncous combustion , the bent dotting
Ire to the pitch in the boards on the side of
ho wall. Another theory is that It was the
vork of nn Incendiary. But little damage
vas done to the building. The worumcn in
Brlgham's printing office thought they
mulled something like old rags burning
bout 10 o'clock in the morning , but after
iiaking an investigation found nothing , and
bought no moro of the matter until after
ho fire alarm was sent In.
( liy ( i < i < ii.
A. L. Behlngcr of La Platte was In the
Ity last evening.
John Flynn , the clothier , returned homo
rcm the Chicago fair last evening and re-
rts having had a good time.
Attorney M. Kandall is in the city on his
ivay homo from a visit to the World's fair.
Mr. HmuhUl made many warm friends in
South Omaha during the short period ho
Ivcd noru and his friends gnvo him a royal
tvclcomc last evening.
C/iffa.o / > 8 ( .
"Only a girl , " growled Noah Park-
louse , turning ( .ontcmptuously away
ivhon Miss Deborah Duryea brought the
iny morsel of humanity , wrapped up in
i faded llannel shawl , to show to him as
10 sat before the big wood lire in tlio
iirmhouso kitchen. ' 'Why couldn't it
m' been a boy ? "
"Bring1 her to me , " said Mrs. Park-
louso's weak , tremulous voice from
itnono- the pillows. "My little girl ! my
iwn ( laughtori "Whatdid he say , Bobby ?
, Vas lie pleased ? "
"Well no I can't say ho was , " says
Deborah , rubbing her nose.
And Mrs. Parkhouse , whoso gentle
soul had naught of ullinity to the live
: ioisy boys and their griiff , material
: ninded father , ' laid her cheek against
the little biiby girl's and silently gave
"For , " thought the mother , "sho will
be all my own. "
Dorothy Parkhouse grow up , as it
wore , in the shadow. It was true that
icr mother loved her with a silent idol
atrous sort of devotion , but with the
loud-voiced father and tlio five riotous
boys she was evidently "ono too many.
"If it wasn't for mothor"thought Dor
othy , curling up the llttlo chill feet that
the farmer had decided "thero wasn't no
use in buyin' now shoos for as long as
old ' " "Ishouldn'
the 'mis hung together ,
want to live. "
Tlio next year Dora's eleventh sum
mer an artist came out into the rural
wildernesses sketching "studies" for his
winter's work and boarded for a few
weeks at. Farmer Parkhouse's. Dora
watched him as Aladdin of old might
have watched the marvelous productions
of tlio magician.
" 1 believe I could do that , " said Dora ,
with u voice that fluttered with her
fluttering breath. "Mr. Kynor , I have
saved 0 pennies ; would you bo good
enough to buy mo a pencil like yours
when you go down to the village to
morrow ? "
Mr. Ilynor looked around with a good-
humored smile.
"Take ono of mine , Cinderella , " ho
said , and th.rew her a piece of paper and
pencil , and then ho went on with his
Dora worked on in silence by his side ,
so rapt and absorbed in her occupation
that she never noticed when ho glanced
ever her shoulder.
"Faith ! not so bad , " said ho. "Is this
the lirst you have done ? "
"Yes , sir , the very first. "
Mr. Ilynor said no moro , but ho gave
Dora a lesson every day after that until
she had learned to handle her pencil
with no mean degree of skill.
Dorothy Parkhouso had been an ugly
infant , a plain , unattractive child ; but it
is not always possible to judge of tho-
llower by tlio folded hud. She grew up
rarely , daintily pretty , with brown hair ,
bluo-gray eyes und a face like a wild
rose.But llozckiah Parkhouso did not notice -
tico her any more than he noticed tlio
cat in the chimney corner , and ho never
was moro astonished in his life than
when George Elden , whoso father owned
the best sawmill in the county , asked
.him ti use his influence with his sis
ter 'hi hislwhalf.
Hexokiah wont homo and communi
cated tlio great news to Dorothy , as an
eastern emissary might bo supposed to
tell the humblest slave of the harem
that thu bultuii hud cast u favorable eye
upon hor.
"Well ! " cried Farmer Parkhouso , as
soon an he hud boused up the tidings ,
"Dorothy's fortln's made now , sure
enough. "
. -"Not in that way , " said Dorothy ,
calmly. "I shall not marry Mr. Eldon. "
" You won't marry him ! " roared
Farmer Parkhouse.
"No. "
"But I say you shall if I have to drag
you to the altar mybolf ! " lie said.
Dora said no more , but the next
For every ono who has blood trouble , no matter
In what Hlmpu or how IUIIK standing , Jiro\ldcil
nonuof tlio > IU > 1 organa ha\o liceu go far lin-
i.ulred as to render a euro impossible. H. H. K.
uoeitnthurootof the disease , and rrnuncii the
caiibc , by expulllni ; the poison from the liody , and
at tlio naniu tlmo H a toidototho wliolo t > ) btcm.
llowuvor bad your case way be , there It liojio
Cured moot a most malignant type
of chronic blood trouble , for which
I had Ubcd various other remedied
without effect. My weight Increased , und my
lieallh Imjiriiied Incsturywa . 1 consider H. 8o. .
the best tonlo 1 CUT iibcd.
"H. A. Wiiionv , Midway , Ga. "
Treatise on blood , hiIn and rontnL-lotia blood
iiolsou mailed ( rtoBWliT BI'KCIFIO CO. .
Atlanta , Ua.
morning she was gone and all the re
maining trace of her was a little pen
ciled billet pinned to the sleeve of her
mother's calico morning dross , which
bore thoio brief lines :
Mother , I'm coins to try my own luck In
the world. When 1 have mndo my fortune
I'll come bnck after you. Keep up Rood
cournpo nnd don't for ft moment doubt that 1
will krcp my proinUn.
"Well , " ejaculated Mr. Rynor , as
Dora presented herself before him and
told her simple lale. "what do you sup
pose you are going to do , llttlo onoV"
"I don't know , sir , " said Dora , simply.
"The ravens fed Klijah. "
Cllls wife gave her some breakfast , and
then the kindly artist took her to a
place where other girls were drawing
pi tuvos on blocks of wood for a great
publishing houso.
"Try your hand nt this , " said Mr ?
Hynor. "I won't Insure you n fortune nt
thls.but you'll got on if you nro painstak
ing and diligent. " fc
Dora tried and at 'uio week's end she
found herself the possessor of n stun
of money that exceeded her wildest
' 'Why ' , " she cried , "llozeklah don't
got as much as this for his week's work
on the farm. "
"Possibly , " paid Mr. Rynor. dryly.
"You see , my girl , you hnvo talent and
Hezekiah has only strength and mus
cle. "
It was in August when Dora Parkhouso
"ran away" and it was a bleak October
night when she once moro approached
the cluster of butternut trees that sur
rounded the houso. Tlio light flickered
faintly from the kitchen window as she
walked briskly on.
Suddenly she stopped ; a figure stood
before her nt the fork of the roads ; Its
garments lluttered in the wind and 0110
hand was pressed to its brow.
"Mother ! ' ' she cried aloud.
"Uornl Dora ! is it you ? I was going
to look for you , child. They beat me ,
'hoy turned mo out of doors , but 1 know
should llntl you. "
And she sank sobbing on her dnugh-
or's breast. *
'I have come homo just In time , " said
3ora , folding the frail , quivering liguro
n her arms. "Mother dear , wo will be
ill tlio world to each other hencefor-
, vird. "
And from that moment Noah Park-
louse and his live tall sons never saw
Dorothy or li'jr mother again.
Dora has a bright little homo , sus-
ainctl and kept sunshiny by her own in
dustry , and Mrs. Pnrklibnso is serenely
'nippy in her daughter's love and devo-
"Wo don't want any tnlrd one to make
is contented , do we , mamma' ; " ' Dora *
: isks laughingly.
And her mother answers dreamily :
"I knew that my comfort and help hnd
come the day you wore born , mv Doro
thy , my gift of God. "
Sent lloinu for Iturl.ll.
It. II. Oakley of 1124 Front street , Now
York City , telegraphed Coroner Maul ycstcr-
, lay to forward the body of A. L. Oakley ,
tbo man killed at Miilard , Xob. , to New
York at once. Oakley was : i bookkeeper
and had eomu west In .search of health , iie
1ms wealthy relatives in that metropolis.
Connrrtlcut'H 'loli.icru Crop Di
IlAUTroHD , Conn. . July ID. The cyclonic
storm , accompanied ivith hail , which passed
over this suction last evening , played torn-
bio havoc with the tobacco crop in the
arrest tobacco growing district m the
fertile Connecticut'valley. . The damage will
exceed glOO.OOO. _ _
Kmlmtci'tl iiitliollrl : in.
NHW YOKK , July 1'J. Kov. Kdwnrd Benja
min Uussell , the well Known rector of the
American chapel in Florence , lias abandoned
tlio Methodist Episcopal church and has
been received into the Roman Catholic
church by Archbishop Corrigim.
Did Not KnlL-r KcrliiKT Ken.
SiSATTi.n , July Hi. News from the scaling
licet in Bering sea shows tlio catch to June
27 amounted to ttl.lHS skins. It is stated
that sealers tool : all the skins outside and
along the coast , not daring to enter Bering
Slin lluil Outturn on llnnril.
CAIIDIIT , July 10. Tito British steamer
Blue Jacket , from Marseilles , arrived hero
today witb cholera on board and was or
dered to quarantine. The Blue Jacket sailed
from Kcrtcb , in Crimea , on June 1M.
filiiflttoiiu Slmkim ll | > .
LosnoN , July 10. While riding in a
brougham this afternoon Mr. Gladstone was
considerably shaken np in a collision with a
heavy wngon in Parliament square. lie re
ceived no serious injuries.
Near Midway jilaisanco a Kansas exhibi
tor shows a soc.tion ot an old rail fence. It
is overgrown with a complete crop of wccdss
representing tlio pests of the Kansa
farmer , cockle burrs , iron weed , million
jlinson weed , milk weed , r.ig weed and pus-
ley. This novel exhibit is intended to brinz
out the beauties of an adjoining fence nf
woven wire which affords no troublesome
corners for the woens to lodge in , but is bor-
( tared by clean , closo-shavon turf.
just as much us a
sick and ailing ono ,
needs lr ) , I'lcrco's
Favorite Prescrip
tion. Tlmt builds up ,
strengthens , nnd in
vigorates the entire
female system. It
regulates nnd pro
motes nil' the proper
functions of woman
hood , improves diges
tion , enriches the blood , dispels ncbes nnd
pains , melancholy nnd nervousness , brings
refreshing sloop , nnd restores health and
It's a powerful restorative tonic nnd sooth
ing nervine , made especially for woman'i
needs , nnd tbo only gutmtnfreil remedy for
woman's weaknesses und nllmentK. In nil
"female complninUi" nnd irregularities , if it
over foils to bcnuilt or euro , you have your
money back.
A great many medicines "relieve" Ca
tarrh in the Head , That means that it's
driven from tlio bend into tlio throat nnd
lungD. Rut , by its mild , soothing , demising
and healing properties , Dr. Hages Cntnrrh
Remedy perfectly nnd permanently cures , v
Ilnnd this from Jarml IJHI : | > MN ) , hawrttncc.O. :
"I am 23 ; milteriid for yjurs from rosullH of
youthful iirrorn. I usoa IIvo boxes Nurvo
lluans and uni conipliitulcured. . My nervru
are now Htronir , anil I do not siillor nny moru
from blnopiossncss ; my H.II | Iu hrlxhtj tippu-
tlto ( 'oodi gained 1'illH. " Jl box , iinniiuh for
two wcolm. All drn.'i-'Uts. or bv mall , Nvrvo
lloau Co. , llntralo , N. Y.
\Vo will B nU ymt the marri'loui [ '
Kreucli Procuration CALTMU3 * .
frrr. tnd ksal Kuiruiiteilli.u 1
CAl/rilOS will Ilvilorn your . '
BlIb , Mr ncli mul Vljfo-
l'irtanJfavi/iati/tit. r
Addreai VOH MOHLCO. . E
IMt iutrUu iM > U , CltilaniU. OU . 8
Tlio Experience of Miss Louise Lincoln.
Tucker , A Boston Saleswoman.
The woman where ( martyrs to elck
hoadrteho nro numbered by thousands ,
nnil nmonir the victims none suffer moro
tliun the employes In stores mill chops ,
says the Lynn Sunday N'ows.
Their work Is confining , thohoiirsare
long , nnd the surroundings nro often
such us to aggravate iniy tendency to
The experience of ono of the best
hnowi\ dorks of Ohiuullor & Co.'s largo
sloro on Winter street , lioston , Is
worthy the attention of nil whouro aim-
llurly situated.
Miss Louisa Lincoln Tucker hns boon
oiniiloyod In this establishment for the
past four years , ami during tlmt time ,
as for years boforo. she has suffered
with sick hendauhcs to such nn extent ,
as to compel her many times to lonvo
her business and return to her homo hi
West Roxbur.v.
So violent have these attacks boon
that she has often been unable to walk
from the store to the depot , and has
boon compelled to call a carriage.
Thin succession of tortures continued
until last , March , wncn Miss Tuckor'a
attention was attracted by tlio story of
another woman's experience : ! , published
in a Lioston paper.
She had spenthirgo amounts of money
on physicians , who had been unable to
roliovu her sufferings. She decided to
try ' .ho merits of the highly extolled
1'alno's celery compound.
She took It without the knowledge of
her family or friends.
Hut the change in her appearance
soon attracted the attention of the
members of her family and her business
associates , ami , thoroughly convinced ,
she ono tiny told how Pntno's celery
compound had wrought for her the cure
whlcli physicians hnd boon unable to
For the first time in the yours of her
employment she had gone through an
onliro month without a return of the
attacks ) , and not only a relief but an ab
solute cure has been effected by the
So grateful Is Miss Tucker for the
euro In her ease , that she Is willing to
lot all who suiter us she did , know of the
only remedy she ever found.
ME "
IIKM'I.TH In BO II\VS. . _ , , _
Nervous Diseases , Fulling Memory , > v |
lie. , nl * < | lilcklv tmt surely restores l'o \llnllly K
> M or yoiinir. Knidly rnnlctl In vest pocket. 1TICH
H.IIO n | inrlaie. 811 fur * .VOO Mil 1,11 rlllrti u" *
fcnlc. . tnrtire or moiu'y r rii'il. . linn't Ift any uit
| > rlncliil < MliliUtl ( t pell yml ciuy kindifmifufnm. . Ill *
( Ut or. lmvlii I.M > AIO iiuiu1 ulliiT. It hu lias noJ
KOMt.voHllI Ffiulltty \ 11.alliiun ) rt > cfl | > t or iirlct.
[ 'plntthlct la frrtlcil oiurlol.o fll'O , \ Mrt'HM Itrlt'litiO
Mfillcal Co..Ml I'ljinoulli I'lnov , Clitruiin , 111 ,
SOLD by Kuhn & Co. , Cor. islh and DotiRlas St3. ,
and J. A. I'ullcr ft Co. , Cor. I4th and Do'Ji , :
fits. , OMAHA. NEB. ; liy Paul G. Scliuciilcr , yii
Broadway and G I'rarl Si. , COt'NCIL 15LUF1-S.
IOWA nnd other I.picline IlriiCKist ? .
Improved Hire's Root Beer.
I'rlvriito families fimilancd with I'nro Drink-
In - Wutur , fresh uverv niornliii ; , ut $1.50 pur
I'utronlzo Homo Industry nnd not pura
water and who'.osomo biinmior drinks.
Mynster Springs Water Co. ,
E. K. WAItl ) , IlOli AVENUE II ,
Council Bluffs , la.
ThobcHt iiayliiKliivcHliiiiint for a housuwlfo
[ ho Excelsior Homc-Biiker and lloisler
IlnltPH lin'.iil t.isty , loaruH It inolHt ; will lv
Juicy anil Huh , HiivoHotu.-tldriliiiilrlUoimiilitniiinU.
No lady can do without It aflnr liiivln trlol IU
wrlto for ( -Iri'iiliim. AlHU other qulck-nollliur
kltuhuii iiovc.'lllcH.
Coil/10// Illllll'HOIVI. .
lu > t Ituiiiicllfili III idlctri.Rrt-
. . . * ar var a K"fJ.Sffl'SS ! ' W.
fctc. , AUd.i : . K. IIULI.AKU , A M. Bupt. Jacksonville , 111 !
Special Not02 ! a.
L'OIISALKOUTUADK-A ! liluh uraclo
J IMIWIT iiiiirry-Ko-roiind , Wliit : hiivn you to
offer' ! H. U. Mt'nilu , HIS North ' 'fitli Htrvct
AIISTUACTS and luaim. rarin and city | iroNirty |
buutlit und Hold. 1'imuy & Tionin ) : ; , Uuunoll
OAHIIAOKri > iiiiV ( > dui > HNiiinlH | , v.iultH , uldmuoyi
clianud , Kd llurlcu , at Taylur'H urocury , Ol'J
17011 KXCIIANOM , nlcn lot on liollnni for hordd
1 and bui't'y. Urcunuldulilii , NluhulHun A Co.
Irr.UIT KAHMS Wn havn HOIIKI flni ) l > i'irliiK ! fruit
faniiH ( or nalc ; alHUKuud losva fariiiH ; auliuldt
Vlil-atTo ( nrui , till ) IK.T uuni. Julnmtoi ) .V Van
I'nltun ,
I7OU SAI.K at a bart-alii K liiki-n at onou. lUfi foot
1 by 'Jill fi-i't on I'ark avcniiior ! will Hull In
Hinalhir parci.'lb HcleHlrud. K , II. Sliuafo , Urood'
way and Main ntri-ct.
. ' ( ) IU.N'T7 ; room IIOIIHO. waiiT , C.IH and liatli :
Ifood Htablii. 71U Konrtli Hlri'nt. Oouncll lIlulrH.
VVTA.N'TKI cnrni'iitur to liulld It ttniall IIOUHU
' and takn pay Iu hoi-Hca. Apply to l.ioiianl Kv-
urutt , Council IlfullB , la.
WANTK1) Men lo luke ciiiilract for trruliblnir
and lin-aUlnif Id aorrnof uriiKli land nnnrtlin
city. Apiily to I.-JOIIIU11 Kvurult , Council IlluriH , In
OAK and hickory IIOHIH for Haiti rhcini on Oullti-
gher'u farm. AiidrcBii .Mr . ( iallub'lior , Wuulon.
A"N OI'I'OHTIINITV fern lioini ) . Wo linvit tahnn
suvural iloHlralilu IKMIKCH and loin iiiidur fen > >
ulOHiiro of inortKaKu that wo will vlosu out til coat
on inonilily luyiuuulH or ( or va h. Day & Iluttv , 'M
DUYtiOODS and ulotldiiK. An opportunity fur
coed Htwk at low ivnl. Adruan Day .t Huas.
Counull lllullH , la.
Wo have : niigh-i'iado gouts' pneumatics , S2 ladies' unaumaUcg , high grade ,
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COLE & COLE , 41 Main St. , Council Bluffs , la *