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ProspocU that Ohief Olark of the Conductors
May Also Visit Omaha-
Gcorco Vrnmnn , Clmlrmnn or the Knrjl-
nerrft ( Irlcvitnco Committee Tnlks
Wlint Ho lint to Sny About
( he lire" Inc Trouble.
Chief P. M. Arthur , the venerable head of
the Brotherhood ot locomotive Engineers ,
will receive by mall tomorrow n statement
of the Misting troubles on the Catsklll
branch of the Union Pacific railway. Ho
has been asked to como to Omaha and cn-
cleaver to secure the reinstatement of the
employes discharged for alleged drunken
ness. Cnlef Clark of the conductors
H Is said will como her
to confer with the Union Pacific officials on
n similar mission. The grievance committco
that mot General Manager Dickinson yester
day evidently failed to attain the object of
their visit.
The eminent chiefs have , therefore , been
appealed to and may accede to the request.
They nro expected Friday or Saturday of
the present week.
Clmlrmitn Vromnn'it Views ,
Mr. George Vroman , chairman of the gen
eral grievance committco of the Order of
Hallway Engineers of the Union Pacific sys
tem' looking at peace with nil the world ,
talked with a represonatlvo of TUB BEG re
garding the facts In connection with the dis
charge of five tr.ilnmon on the Catskill
branch of the Union Pacific.
"In Mr. Dickinson's recent Interview pub
lished In Tin : Uic : , the Inference Is made
that both National brotherhoods repre
sented here uphold drunkenness and drink
ing while on duty. Now that Is an unfortunate -
nato mistake , because drinking while on
duty Is prohibited by the fundamental laws
of both the National brotherhoods of en
gineers nml conductors.
"Jn this case wo have only nsltea what
seems right between man and man , the pro
duction of proofs to show that thcso men
hail been drinking on their rim from Cats-
Jttll to Trinidad May 29 , when it is alleged by
tlio company the drinking took placo. Hut
nt the meeting with General Manager Dick
inson no proofs wcro produced. On our side
wo have many nflldavlts to show that these
men had not been drinking on the day in
Superintendent Rgnii CrlllcUcd.
' Another fact which goes far towards
strengthening tlio cause of the men In my
eyes. Is found in the manner of their sus
pension and ttio efforts used by Mr , Kgan.
the division superintendent , to fasten the
quilt upsn the crow. When four miles out
of Trinidad on Juno 12 , they worn informed
by telegraph to icyort nt the division supcr-
Intcndcnt's ollico on their return. Each
man was then taken into the ollico of Super
intendent Egan's and asked as to all
the details of what occurred on May
20 , with tha result that everybody
told the same story , oven to to the iiroman ,
who was not discharged. Now , these men
could not have fixed up a story in tlmo to
tell Egan , especially when they did not
know what they wcro called in for. It is a
fnct that where the drinking Is said to have
taken place there Is only a shanty , and no
liquor Is on sale , although the cn-
Kltieor testified that ho had been
offered a iliink or. this occas
ion , but refused. When they wcro
dismissed from the service the men natur
ally began to gather evidence in rebuttal
nml seventeen men , reliable men too , have
aworn that the men were not intoxicated
nor had been drinkiugr.on the day mentioned.
"My own Impression is that some spotter
Is responsible for the laying oft of thcso men
nnd that the company Is endeavoring to
shield him in llio aiTnlr.
"So lar as 1 am concerned , If a man drank
while on duty placlug in peril , not only the
lives of passengers , but train crews ns well ,
I should dismiss him without'compunction ,
but where there is a gravoqucstion of doubt ,
us in this case , I believe It but Justice that
the evidence of guile should bo produced.
"This talk of a strike of coursu is twaddle.
Wo never piny any bluff game and nro con
servative in all matters affecting the inter
ests of the men nnd company. Whether wo
shall have another interview with Mr. Dick
inson is still undecided. Ofc-uurao the mat
ter is not dropped by any moans waiting for
advices from other sources.
Jl.immoml Tiilli * .
Charlo N. Hammond , the engineer who
was so incontinently dismissed from the
ecrvlcc of the Union Pacific on Juno 17 because
cause ho had been drinking while on his run
from Trinidad to Cnt&kill nnd return Ma }
29 , told n different story from the divivisioi
superintendent , Mike Egan. Hammond ,
who la a very mild-mannered , pleasant look
ing gentleman , said :
"Wo were ready to leave Catskill at 3:2. : ,
on Mny'Jit , when wo got an order o go to
Smith's mill on the Hod River branch to got
Bovcn loads of lumber and take them to
Trinidad. This put vs about an hour and a
half behind tune , as the cradei nro some
thing prodigious in that section of Colorndc
and Now Mexico , mostly over vcrr hig
trcsslcs and stiff curves. Hut wo arrived in
Trinidad only fifty-livo minutes late. It wai
on this trip that the alleged drinking tool
place , although in five years constant work
Ing out of Trinidad this is the first marl
against a clean record on my part.
"Tho train from Trinidad to Catshlll is
made up of freight and curries passengers
and the mail. Lately the train has been
making very bad tlmo and nn order from th
postodico deparment imido its nppearanc
calling the attention of the officials lo th
fact ami asking for bolter service. This
believe to have been the real cnuso of nl
thodiniculty. The run from Trinidad t
CatHlull twenty-seven mites , takes nin
nnd ono half hours although wo have neral
four hours at Catskill to kill , which w
usually do by switching empties Catshi
to the lumber and tie camps and coke ovcm
long the line and
bringing back loaded cars
as wo can only huulfcorcn cars at n tlmo u
loniu of the grades.
"On May li'.iwogotln ' late and nnturall
thcro was a kick. On Juno 12 wo wcro lai
off although sveryonoof the crow tcstillc
to the fact that there had been no drlulInK
on the trip. When I went up to Egan on
Juno 17 to hear the result of the investiga
tion which wo had asked , ho told mo that I
was discharged from the company's service ,
that ho hod the 'dead slnch1 on mo anil that
It was useless to carry the case up hignor.
J'Aor slnco 1 came to Omaha to attend the
annual meotl'ig of the grievance committee
ho has had it in for mo seemingly and re
marked to a frloml that It would c-ost mo my
lob , Uuder these conslderiil'ons 1 cannot
help but demand nn Investigation and call
upon the officials to furnish proofs of my
dlmllng on that day. If the ehartro was true
1 would ( rrnepfiilly submit , but my friends at
Urlnldait said they would testify to my
reputation ns a good citizen nnd they Inter
ested the general onicers of the Order of
Hallway Engineers In my behalf. Of course
I think Mr. Dickinson believes ho has evi
dence to justify tils statements Jn THE Hun
but 1 would like to have that evidence pro-
duccd. Wo are hero 101- that purpose and
will sco Mr. Dickinson on his return from
Chicago. "
Chicago llniuli Cuinplulii of I.aok of Ituil-
HIHutu * tii Ho lU'iliiroit.
CHICAGO , July 17. The western roads nro
6t last ready to como down on World's fair
rates nnd they nro ready to got uhiost to
the bottom. The Chicago , Milwaukee & St ,
Paul , Northwestern , Atchlson and Koch
Jsland roads todny requested Chairman
Caldwell to call a meeting at 10:30 : o'clock on
f Tiilay morning of this week for the pur
pose of considering World's fair rates.
The request for the call says that U Is deslr-
nblo that tickets bo sold every day , good for
passage on regular trains , and good for the
return passage from Chicago any day up to
ind Including a tinal return limit of about
thirty days , the ono way rates between Im
portant terminals are to bo based proportion-
ttcly upon whatever reductions uiuy bo
) uide or agreed upon for the round trip rail's
The propositions which the nssoclatlon wfll '
consider nro In specific form as follows !
The mtfihlMimont. of fair ono find one-
third for the round trip from points within
200 miles of ChlciiBo. ,
One faro for the round trip from points 200
rnllos or over from Chlcapo , the rate to bo
cradod bnck until tha ono and one-third faro
Is reached.
Tickets Rood for the eolnjj pftssnge , com-
menclo on thodntoof sain nnd coed for the
return pns ngo from Chicago for nny date
within tha final return limit.
The tickets to ho good for passages In any
cnron regular tvnlni.
Tickets to be told every day from July 20 to
August 1 ,
One-way rates between Important termi
nals nro to bo agreed upon nnd proportionate
rates are to bo t-ranted for St. Ix > uls. In ad
dition to this , all rates are to bo used for
selling and basing purposes.
The association may not decide Vo yield all
the points asked by the lines , but It Is prac
tically a foregone conclusion that It will
Irant ! .tho most Important one- that of ono
faro for the round trip and the chances nro
very strong that they will adopt most of the
others. The truth of the matter Is
that the passangcr business for July
la showlmj a marked decrease from
that of Juno nnd the ro.uls nro beginning to
feel uneasy. People are not Hocking to the
fair quite ns much ns the roads anticipated ,
nnd they now realize that something must
bo done and done at once. Chairman Caldwell -
well Issued the call for the meeting on Fri
day ns requested , and next week will proba
bly sco the new rates in effect.
The total ot castbound shipments , except
llvo stock , amounted to riOS57 tons , against
Ifi/iCCi / tons the preceding week , and 63,1H !
tons for the corresponding wool : last year.
Lake shipments last week amounted to 78-
4G3 tons , against TS.Sl'J tons for the previous
The Audubon , Chicago , is an nttractlvo
World's fair hotel of stone nnd brick , perma
nent and safe , nt Midway Plalpanco nnd
Oglesby avenue. An entrance a block away.
Now , clean and comfortable. Rooms $ l.f > 0
per day and up. Ample baths. Fine cafe.
Moderate charges. Write for catalogue and
engagements without advance pay. N. II.
Henchman , jr. , Mgr. , G032 Oglesby avenue ,
A TJ.lVKbUX 1'AllK.
Vlsltori Continue to Crowd tlio Fair
( IroiitidaYntrriliij' ' * IVntttrrn.
CHICAGO , July 17. The day opened warm ,
ivlth clouds at the World's fair , but It did
not prevent a largo attendance. The work
of clearing away the dobrls from the ruins of
the cold storage warehouse will require an
other week. iMoanwhilo the stench from the
decaying meats and vegetables , and possibly
human corpses , Is most rank In splto of the
liberal application of disinfectants.
The fund for the benefit of the survivors
and families of the dead firemen now
amounts to $ K0,000 ! , and is not yet completed.
An unusually attractive musical program
has been arranged for this week.
Tomorrow will bo Chautauqua day at the
World's fair and many departments .of the
famed educational system will undoubtedly
bo well represented nt Jackson park.
Brazil's liuiutsomo building at the World's
fair grounds will bo dedicated ati \ o'clock
Wednesday altcrnoon. This ceremony has
been delayed some time because of the death
of Marshal Oilveira , the Brazilian commis
The first competitive flight of homing
pigeons was won by a bird from the loft ot
Thomas J. Clark at Ucton park ,
Island. The winged messenger arrived nt
the end of Its Journey nt 7:18 : this morning.
A few moments later a dispatch conveying
the information was rcceivt'd at the agri
cultural department at the World's fair.
The time of the pigeons started Saturday
morning was not what the owners expected
it would bo. They were started from Jack
son park at 10:30 : Saturday morning
nnd wcro duo in the cast yestcr
day , but nothing was heard of
them until 7:18 : this morning , when the first
reported. Accordingly , the trip was made
bured that the birds never fly at night , It is
very evident that they wore on the wing
from daylight until dnrlc , If they did not fly
in less than two days , and , when it Is remom
as fast as possible. The owner of the win
ning bird was awarded the World's fair gold
medal nnd ? 5U from the Now York section.
The second lot of pigeons lot go on the plaza
today uro for Philadelphia and some of them
are expected homo to'morrow.
In the national commission today Com
missioner Stearns of Idaho offered a resol
ution calling for the appointment of a special
committee to secure evidence to aid the
United States government in refuting the
claims of damages made by foreign ex
hibitors. Ho said claims against the United
States government amounting to $ IOO,000 had
already beeti filed by foreign exhibitors , who
held that their gooils had been damaged at
the fair. It would be easier to secure
evidence to refute these claims now than to
wait until the close of the exposition. Mr
Hundley of Alabama , held that , according to
the act of congress creating the fair , the
United States government stated it would in
no manner bo responsible for any damages.
Ho therefore moved to refer the matter to
the Judiciary committco and his motion
An evening paper says IJussia has an
agent in this city gathering information for
her war department relative to the Amcrl
can system of firing dynamite long dibtanc.-s
by means of compressed air guns. Every
effort 1ms been made to conceal the purpose
of the visitor relcrrcd to. Ho la a captain
In the Russian army and is a professor of
distinction in the Nicholas Academy , an in
stitutlou for instruction In the tactics of
war. Ho will return to his country wcl.
supplied with drawings and other desirable
matter. Ho looked over the entire exhibit
of the War department of this country nnd
also that of Krupp , the German gun manu
Piles of people have piles , hut Dewltt's
Witch Hazel Salvo will euro thum.
I'utlicr ' .
MuL'.trtliy Departure ,
uov. Fr. P. F. McCarthy , formerly pastor
of St. Philotnenn's cathedral in Omaha , departed
parted for his homo in Newark , N. J. , las
ovoning. Many of his former parishioner :
mot him during the day , and n party o
friends accompanlol him to the union depot ,
The parting with the old pastor was vcrj
touching , and to.irs more than words at
tested the affection of his people.
v It Is not yrobablo Father McCarthy wll
bo seen again in the dioccso of Omaha as a
yastor. Ho keenly fools that nn Injustice
lias been done him , not on account of the re <
mo\al from the pastorate of the Cathedral
but because of the reasons assigned , th
summary character of the proceedings ami
the reflections cast upon him. The illncs
of his parents nnd the material affairs of tlii
family will demand his attention for SOIUL
tlmo , after which ho will probably scolt a
Hold os labor in some other dioccnso.
Kov. Dr. S. F. Carroll , pastor of St. Cccl *
lla's church In Walnut Hill , has been as
signed to St. Philami'ii'3 Cathedral and will
take charge during the coming week. Father
Can-all served as assistant at the Cathedral
for a number of years , and being familiar
with its affairs as well as a tireless marker ,
will undoubtedly tirovo a most acceptable
successor to Dr. McCarthy. Kov. Dr. Welch
of Norfolk , will tulso charge of St. Coclalm'a
church ,
Piles of people hnvo piles , out Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Halve will euro them.
MnrrliiKO l.icrnti'S.
The following uiarrlago licenses were
Issued yesterday ;
Namoand nddre&s. Ann.
Louis J. Allli'ii , Lincoln , Neb . 23
MurjjniPllnM. Kuary.UhlcnK" . ID . U3
Holiert H. Dlckion. O'Noll , Neb . 'JO
lrim > n. lliH-k. U'Nell , Nub . si
Kdward Wolf. Klulmrn , Nub . 41)
Kmtiiu L'hlmluon : , WubblurUlty , Mo . H7
John K. Wilson , Oninliii . 'JQ
Hannah l/'arlsun , Uniulm
Jua Nu vii try , Umiilm
Autunlit LoLrasUu , Uuialm
WrccUed on llio I'urlllo.
SIN Fiuxcisco , July 17. A telegram re
ceived hero states the stcnmor Emily was
wrecked and Is u total loss at Coos bay. The
steamer Emily is a passenger and freight
steamer , plying between San Francisco nud
Coos bey.
_ _
Piles of people have piles , but Do Witt's
Witch Hiucl Salvo will euro thorn.
Nulinukn Stuto I.tmltotl.
The Nebraska State limited via the
Reek Ishtnd , going west , loaves Union
depot nt < Jlli : a. m. dally for Lincoln and
runs through without a slot ) .
No Matter What the Sacriflco , Stock Must
Bo Turned Into Money ,
Whltr , Check , Striped , I'lnld nnd Printed
l.nvnu , Worth Up to BOe , All ( Jo nt lOo
l * r Viird U'unli Drrii lloodn , Worth
U | > to 20c , Uo nt 0 tc. .
Almost everything going at cost nnd
many tilings below sost.
2,000 ynriln of tlio choicest silks over
brought into this market , mostly the
cclobratotl makes of Cheney Uros. and
John D. Ccltlits. not n yard worth less
than $1.2 , " ) , and from that up to $2.00 per
yard , all go today at OUc per yard.J
This is an opportunity to buy for the
future if your present'needs are sup
All our stoek of 2oe , I15o and 40o
ovolty wool dress goods go at lOc per
10,000 yards of choice all wool spring
nd sunmior dress goods , not a yard
vorth less than G5c and from that up to
" 1.00 , today they go In out1 great cost
ash sale for 2 , " > c pur yard.
The entire balance of our stock of
ovolty parasols , none worth loss than
0.00 , all go at $2.89.
COO choice tallota silk umbrellas worth
0.00 each , go today for $2.09 ; all other
.imbrollas at net cost.
10,000 yards of wash dress goods that
old up to 20c pot- yard all go today
it OJo pop yard. No limit ; you can buy
ill you want at this pi-ice.
Our entire stock of white lawn , that
old at from 20e to 50c per yard , goes to
day at lOc.
Mso 1,000 yards of pretty figured
awns that sold nil ever town at 20c and
25c. go in this sale at lOc.
You cannot miss a bargain with us ;
almost everything is going nt cost or
Snioko Niilaiinco ,
Building Inspector Tilly has served up
wards of i00 ! notices to owuers of build ir.fts
o abate stnoko nuisances. The limit ox-
[ ilres September 17 , and then the city will
Lake a hand In enforcing the provisions of
the city ordinance.
The ordinance is not very lengthy , but it Is
to the point nnd aims at tlolm ; away with
the smoke nuisance in this city. It pro
vides that after the date mentioned it will
bo n misdemeanor to permit of the issue of
smolco or obnoxious ijascs from smoke stacks
and chimneys. There are many protests
entered against the proposed abatement of
the nuisance by the owners of some of the
buildings. A lai-RO numuer , however , are
readily complying with the notice of the Inspector
specter by putting in smoky consumers of
different makes.
The committee on public property and
buildlncs of the council is at the present
time investigating the merits of the differ
ent consumers ami will make a recommenda
tion to the council as to which patent shall
bo adopted for the city hall boilers.
Always patronize the home article. Special
ly if it's bettor. Cook's Extra Dry Imperial
Champagne has no equal.
A Mimic Military .Men.
The Army and Navy Register has pub-
lisheil a complete list of the officers of the
United States army and the date of their
retirement. The sheet is in great demand
about-army headquarters.
The following military convicts will betaken
taken from Fort Omaha to the military
prison at Fort Leavcnworth : Frank H.
Clark , Joseph Flala and Ferdinand Kurcn-
Lieutenant 'William M. Wright of the
Second infantry , stationed nt I-'ort Omaha ,
has been granted a leave of absence of ono
Captain Henry B. OsRood. commissary of
subsistence , has completed the transfer of
the property under his charge in the Depart
ment of the Platte and is now on his way to
Washington from whence ho will go to Bos
ton to assume charge of an important supply
Balloon this eve.
Ames moved to 1017 Farimra.
World's Pair Visitors
Should continue their trip to Utah nnd
the west. Tlio magnitude in resources
and beauty of the western territory is
incomparable. Nature in creative mood
lias fashioned rock-ribbed crested peaks ,
ever white with the enow of untold
ages and whoso hoary summits seem to
pierce into some unknown realm beyond.
The grand canons and cataracts are awe
inspiring. In the wo t you can find
health , wealth and happiness ; it is ono
large sanitarium , and is best reached
by the Kio Grande Western railway.
Sco that your tickets read both ways via
that road which offers choice of thrco
distinct routes nnd the most magnificent
scenery in tlio world. For copies of
pamphlets , etc. , write to J. II. Bennett ,
Salt Lake City , U. T.
Tours In the Kuulcy Mountnlni.
The "Scenic Line of the World , " the
Denver and Rio Grande railroad , ofTors
to tourists in Colorado , Utah and Now
Mexico the choicest resorts and to the
transcontinental traveler the grandest
scenery. Double daily train service
with through Pullman sleepers and
tourists' cars between Denver and San
Francisco and Los Angeles.
Balloon tonight and tomorrow night.
Ames moved to 1017 Farnara.
Clump Kxcurslou to tin , Illuclc Illlln.
July 15 ami dnlly thorciiftor round
trip tickets from Omulm to Hot Springs
nml Doiuhvood will be on gulo at ono faro
for the round trip.
Inquire city ticket ofllco , 1401 Farimm
Through sleepers daily from Webster
Street atutluii ,
Telephone C. W. Hull Co , for prices
on hard coal. .Summer delivery ,
Ames moved to 1017 Parnuiu.
liulloon this eve.
in Kit ,
I Xottrts of flvt Itnet itr lent wider this htad fiflu
cents ; c r/i / ciiMitfcmuI line ( en cents.
GUI.lbK Mrs. if. A. , Monday mornlni ? July
17 , IBOU.ut the Hurt stri'Otolil ladles huiiio.
1'unurul survlucs at tliu homo Tuesday July IS
at 4 p. m.
Several Railroad 'Employes Press the Button
and Bgan Did the Rest ,
General MMi.igeC Dickinson ItcfiiAci to Ho-
Initnto flvo Men \Vlio Wore lluiincoil
bjr Superintendent Kfjan of the
Cntikltl llranch IliirclTlmotTnlb.
J. U Ktsslck , chnlrrrmn of tlio grievance
committee of tlio Order of llalhvny Conduc
tors , nml George , chairman of the
general Rrlovanco committco of the Order of
Hnlhvny Engineers ) nnmcsvoll known to
railroad men throuKhout tlio west ) , toROther
tvith C. N. llitmniond , engineer , and Edward
Hlnes , conductor on the Cntsltlll branch of
the Union Pacific , mot General Manager
Dickinson of the Union Pacific yester
day to talk over strained relations be
tween the company anil several discharged
The presence of thcso men In Omaha , It
was learned , was to reinstate , If possslblo ,
several employes of the company who had
been unconditionally "fired" on account of
drinking while on duty , the names
of the discharged being Ed Hlnes ,
conductor ; C. N. Hammond , engi
neer ; .fohn Tammany , George Marshall
and Amiv Nelson , brakemcn , running on the
Catsklll branch , and directly responsible to
Division Superintendent M. li\ Egan , who
holds ofllco under General Superintendent
W. A. Deuell.
Superintendent Egan , learning that thcso
men had been touching the "rod
eye" while on their run , suspended
them on Juno 12 , pending an Investi
gation. On Juno 17 tlio men reported to
the superintendent to ascertain the result of
his Investigation , and Instead of meeting
with reinstatement they were told their ser
vices wcro no longer desired by the com
pany. Thcso facts having been reported to
the grievance committees of the two rail
way organizations , General Superintendent
Doucl was called upon to investigate , but his
findings sustained Division Superintendent
Egan. Having exhausted their resources in
the west with oHlclals on the ground , the
committee nslccd for a meeting with General
Manager Dickinson , which was accorded
them this morning.
After three-quarters of an hour with Mr.
Dicitlnson the committee came out of the
general manager's ofllco looking .anything
but happy and nt once repaired to their
hotels to report the result of the mooting to
ttio ccncral committees of the orgaulzna-
I'o.t4t4 the Fake Factory.
Mr. Dickinson , speaking of the result of
the meeting of yesterday morning , said : "Tho
talk of a morning paper that a strike would
result if the men discharged were not rein
stated is about as silly a piece of newspaper
twaddle as I have ever seen. Certainly such
utterances could not havei como from cither
Mr. Vroman or Mr. KUslck , who are both
Intelligent , fair-minded men.
"After going over the situation carefully I
found that there was no ground for revers
ing the decision reached by Mr , Egan and
so informed the committee. The men had
been drinking while on duty and wo liavo a
most stringent rule regardup ! that subject
which the men are awuro of when tlioy
enter tlio employ of the company. If such a
rule were not In force , llfo and property
would bo constantly in jeopardy , and its
rigid enforcement must bo insisted upon by
the ofllcials. Men are being discharged
every day by every railroad in the country
for drinking while employed in their call
ings. It must bo so , else how could disci
pline bo maintained ?
' It would seem as if this company had not
the right to discharge ono of its employes era
a dozen , when openly violating ono of tlio
strongest rules of .tlio . service , without first
securing the consent ot the order to which
the man is attached.
"So far as I am concerned my connection
with the affair is nt an end. I told the dele
gation that I would leave for Chicago today
and return on Thursday or Friday , when , If
they had any additional information tt sub
mit I would bo glad to hear it and moot the
representatives of the orders directly con
"So far as a strike Is concerned T do not
think It is contemplated for a moment , but
should it take place It would undoubtedly
still further reduce expenses , which wo arose
so strenuously bent upon at this time. In fact
u strike might solve a vexed question of rail
road management at this tlmu and save us
considerable money which wo cannot save
now. "
Dcproftulon lu Rallroul : Itu liic * .
General Manager Dickcnson Of the Union
Pacific , being1 in a pleasant frame
of mind yesterday , unbosomed himself
regarding the hundred and ono reasons
assigned for the general discontinuance of
passenger trains on branch lines of railways
throughout the west. "But the most senseless -
loss reason assigned , " said Mr. Dickinson , "I
found copied in a western paper , wherein It
was stated that so hard pushed was the
Union Pacific to take care of its business on
the main line tnat it had to discontinue its
branch service to secure equipment to take
care of the main line travel. I can not
Imagine u moro charming bit of llctlon than
that is. It IB as far from the truth us it
could well be.
"We huvo uot only been compelled to re
duce all branch lines so far as passenger
trains are concerned but huvo bocn forced to
reduce our forces to a very great extent.
The employes have accepted the situation
philosophically , particularly the shop men ,
who are most affected , These men road the
papers and appreciate the crisis through
which railroads arc passing and nro willing
to iibidu the curtailing of expenses knowing
that just ns soon as business warrants they
will bo put back to worlc. Wo have no work
for the men let out and couldn't pay them if
wo had. "
"Will the Union Pacific go into the hands
of a receiver ? " the reporter asked ,
"That is another rumor made up out of
whole cloth. A local paper alleged that Mr ,
Clark had son -mo a telegram stating that
if expenses Vcro not cut down the road
would have to go to a receiver. Now Mr.
Clark never sent mo nnv sort of a telegram
whatever , and if ho had I would hardly ped
dle it around the community. Up to July 1
the llnunces oft the Union Pacific wore In
excellent condition , the fact that it
anticipated its July Interest being
proof of that statement. Hut
what condition the road will be In next Janu
ary Is an unknown quantity which no man
can solve. Wo uro in no worse shape than
other western roads , and if the Union Pa
cific should go into the hands of a receiver ,
which I do not for a moment anticipate , It
will have several associates in the same
"No ono denies thitt misincss is not bad ,
but it is not bad enough to warrant the cry
going about the country that the Union Pa-
cillo will accept a receiver as the only way
out of the dinicutty. "
Mr , Dickinson loft yesterday for Chicago
cage , where ho. ROCS to attend a meeting
of general managers of Nebraska roads upon
the maximum rate bill.
Kiuurnloti Tlokvti In l.lilit Dmnnnil.
The push for coach excursion tickets ,
which wentousaloyesterday morning for Chicago
cage , was not by any means as great as the
most conservative ticket agent had antici
pated , the Milwaukee , Hock Island , liurllng-
tou and Northwestern having sold in the
neighborhood of fifty tickets up to the time
of departure of their trains.
Mr. John Francis of the Burlington ,
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia ; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard.
however. In talking of the experiment ,
Mid ! "Wo always sell n number of
tickets every day to j > ooplo who do
not use stooping cars , and naturally
this class will take kindly to the Jlfi rate ,
which Is a rcdiicltun of $2.W ) on the
icgular rates. While wo mny not sell any
more than the usual number of tickets to
people who do not ride In sleepers It is n fact
that wo sell four tickets to passengers who
do not patronize sleeping cars to ono who
taxes n Pullman. The business , however ,
will bo done from the Interior of the state ,
our reports showing that there nro many in
quiries for thcso tickets , which nro limited
to return cither July 21 or'JS. This first ex
cursion Is really an experiment and must not
Ixj taken as a reflection for future excur
sions. "
Humble nt tliu Hull.
Eraslus Young , auditor of the Union Pa.
clllc , Is In Denver.
The Union Pacific Pioneers mot yesterday
nt L. A. I cary's shop to nrramro for a picnic.
JO. P. Vlnlng , formerly general traffic man-
ngerot the Union Pacific , accompanied by
his daughter , arc In Omaha.
H. U. Kooscr. contracting frMght agent of
the Missouri IMclilo , has returned from the
World's fair , which ho says is the great
show of all centuries.
The Motion Is making a one-way rate from
nil points on Its line to the World's fall-
good In either sleepers or coaches. Several
of the roads In the Central association have
also announced Ilka rates.
Messrs. .1. H. Uuclmnan. A. H. Smith , Ram
Hutchlnsonnnd W. H. Murray loft , for Kansas
City last evening to attend the meeting of
the Transmlssourl committee of t'ho Western
Passenger association , which incots'tomor-
row In Knw town.
Do fore breakfast Jlromo- Seltzer
Acts as n bracer trial bottle 10 cts.
Tlio balloon goes up tonight.
Minor 1'olicn Mittrr ; .
Albert Altcndorff had his preliminary ex
amination yesterday morning on the charge of
assault with Intent to commit murder. Ho Is
the man who struck cx-PolIco Officer Uullcn
over the head with n picco of gas plno dur
ing a quarrel at the Union Pacific shops ,
where both wcro employed. Ho was ad
judged probably guilty , and was hound over
to the district court in the sum of $2,000.
Judge IJcrku was confronted with a good-
sized representation of the great unwashed
throng yesterday morning , but ho was fueling
very good-natured 'becauso of the tumble in
the temperature , and the majority wcro ad
monished to go take a hath and sin no mote.
John Martin was not in the list , however , as
ho was given live days on the streets , Just
to show the others what would bo their fate
In case they wore "slewed up'1 again.
A Yi'omnu's Itomcdy Tor Inlbimmnvory
IUirMiiimtlm ,
I nm nn old sufferer from inflammatory
rheumatism. The past winter it came upon
mo again , very acute and severe. My Joints
swelled and became inflamed , sore to touch
or almost to look at. Upon the urgent re
quest of my mother-in-law , I tried Chamber
lain's Pain Balm to reduce the swelling and
case the pain , and to my agreeable surprise
It did both. I have used three fifty-cent bottles
tles and believe It to bo the finest thing for
rheumatism , pains and swellings extant. D.
E. Carr , l'JU5 Harrison St. , Kansas City , Mo.
Plies ot people nava , out Da Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo wllleuro tho.n.
" \Vntrr Works Tutuls.
Judge Dundy Issued nn order yesterday dl
reeling that a largo sum of money deposited
in the United States National banlc to the
credit of Mr. E. Hyde Hust. and belonging
to tlio American Water Works company , ho
paid into court for distribution among the
legitimate claim holdeis ,
The money was paid over to Mr. Hunt ,
the present receiver , and was then paid into
A part of the funds in the hands of the
federal court and belonging to the American
Water Works company was disbursed
by order of the court. The E. P. Allis Man-
ufacturimr company got $11 , 000 and the bond
holders $17,000 on coupons past duo.
Piles of people have piles , but Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo will euro them.
are all caused by
DC warned ! Nature must be ns-
slstcd to throw oft the poisons. For
this purpose nothing can equal
Nature's own assistant
A pure Vegetable Compound of
Herbs , Barks , and Roots. Contains
no acids or mineral poisons ,
II U M rcllnlilo ia tlio llnnk of Knelnnd.
All Until claimed for II , It will do. tl.UU a
bottle. All druc.'liti. 0
HKALY & nioEtow , ' > < ?
511 Grand Ave , , New Haven , Conn. O
li-ri.TH ! : In CO IU VS. Cuu null ,
Nervuu < lilsc'in-i , Knllln : } Jlcniorv. ,
I'artkl * . Kli'eiiU' 8 siit \Yf > akiit'M > ii. * . * , . * * *
itiunii iiuickiy but surely rufclort-s Vliultlylv
ililoryouiiLiuilly : rnirk.l In wet porkcC. ITlcr ,
l.oo n jincKat't * . Ku for 4 > > ' . < > O with \trlilrn unur *
Biitclc < tii ruru or minify rt'liir 'Jt-il. J ion'l IC I iluy nl.
I'rinclnli'ililiun'l'l ' rll fonaayknuluflmllallun In
ll t or. hailiii ; l.MIAI'O Mono other IT lit ) Jiu * nuJ
sot It. o lll mul It liy iniill ui'uu ' rrrrlpt of jirk < .
I'Mniililrt 111 Fenlrnl cn I'U'lio free. AiIunMi llrltntiC
Urdlciil Co. , tiU I'lfliiouiuriliev. ( 'lilcuuu , 111 ,
SOLD by Kulm & Co. , Cur. ijtli and Douglas St : . ,
and J. A. Tullcr It Co , Cor. jjlli ami I > -u0' _ .
CIS. , OMAHA , Nliil.i by I'.iul d. Sclmcidur.21
Broadway and 6 I'carl St. , COUNCIL 13LUPFS ,
IOWA , anil other I.cadin
Tooth oxlraclod In tnoriiln ? ,
Kuw ( mcHitiHiTt'slufliiruuou
BUIIIO day. IV-rfoct IH fiiat-
Sttil I'loor.
_ _ _ 1'iixttm lllaolr ,
lilt It ninl I'liriinni Htroot *
Elovulorbii lltlli Slivut. TOlfiihoilo 10S5.
Omaha's Newest Hotel.
C'or. Utli and lloivurJ btteoti
tO rooms 115'J par day.
40 rooms tJ-00 jior day.
iiOrouins with ljutli ut ii uor < Ur ,
U ) rooms with ball ) utiUJ per Jujr.
.Mull em In l.vury Kuspuui ,
C. 3. ERB , Pro ) } .
aimm m mmmmm m mmmmmmmai I
Who told you Hint everybody \vns hunting on ( o
their money ? 'Who told yon that all the money in the
country was hid in old tin eiuis hurled in cellars tied
tip in old stockings ? Wlio told yon that yon emtUln't
Ket out a crowd particularly of men if yon advertised
to give away t > ooils ? ' ( 'he man that told yon all Unit rot
didn't look into our store last Saturday or he'd have
changed his mind. What a crowd what a jam what a
crush what a mob of men scrambling after those won *
The barber had a "close shave" to jet the pants lie
wanted before his neighbor , the banker , gut them away
from him. The waiter "waited" till the crowd not it
trifle thinned out before he found his si/.e. The carpen
ter found a "plane" color to stilt him. The baiih cashier
bought a pair of "check" pants. The undertaker "tin-
dertook" to got a live-dollar pair for twolifty and he not
them. The balloonist uot a pair because lie thought
they might "go tip" if lie didn't hustle , Twelve him-
dred men Jostled each other elbowed each other
stepped on each other's corns in their eTorts ( to pant.
They got
that are worth two-fifty two
Pants for seventy-five three dollars three
twenty-five a pair.
that are worth throe fifty thrco
Pauls for seventy-five four , ana four fifty
a pair.
T that are worth live five and a
Pauls for ' half six six and a half seven
dollars a pair.
So can you. T he balance of this KIM ml assortment of
pants will be closed out every p lir this week.
65 >
gsimsm * & * - -
i jiSj&BSB--
K7Tiil1if ! ? 7i 8lllJJ' ' Music , orl. lltcra
I , < & ? frcEoopM-U iuroclocutlon , lni ine < i . &c.
3dtl ! > r r cpens5ept. 12th
Eor.V/.A.WIhoa.A Mrrett.
, _ > I.cjlnslon , flo. SU dc-
M A.I. S. MM.1.1:114.
lt"\iiKa. MM , . ' , .
1316 Doug-las Street , Omaha , Neb.
The emlnont snocl.-ilht Innarvom. clironlc , prlr.ito. liloo.l. sil'i nml mniry ril > ninv A rojnilnr an4
rcalsturuil Kr.ulimlii In mcvl-c no , 111 iliou.u n ivH cirtitl'Utuj ' will ah JVT , 1 , ntlll treauru with tlio i'reato (
JUCCCM ; catarrh , lost miuM jo.l. fomrrtl wo iti'i n. nUtit 10303 tii-l nil f > run nf pilvatu ilhmniM. Nd
mercury uncil. .Vuw troitm > 'iu for Ion or vltil : pair jr. I'nrtlJ ? unalilo to vhlt mj nuy botrcalo.l nt haiu *
tf corrosponjonco. Modlcluu or Inutruuij.iti jonl by milt oroxproM oc ir.ily parkc * ! ; no imrki to Intlt-
cato content * or sendur. Onu pjrumiul InturrlU'V nroi'orrtfj. Coiuult itloa fro ? C'lrrujpuiulouca nlrlctlf
privatt ) . Hook ( Mysturloi of J.lfu ) treo. Ufilcu huura. 9 a.iu , to J p.m. SunUayj , ID j. m , to U in.
b uii : Btump fur circular.
But como to our studio for
/jyour / photographs as we are
sure to satisfy you , as our desire -
sire is to obtain your relatives b
friends patronage by the
parfect likenssa wa will make
of you.
At 1'nimtnr I'rlcnt
S-im , 3,13tU Straat.
Oumlia , Neb ,
( CiiiiHiiltnf inn
uufp uju.l in tlio treatment
I'onlo , Pi'lvnti ) nil 1
'L i\ni'V 'US JJiiiinanS'
- * > s Write to ur c'liuiilt lurojimlly
TwS i iti-A 111 l.s : i1 n vIAII. \ . .
% -y Ailclrnas witli btmnp fur | i ir-
. VU.'Uiiirj wiilcli will Uu iijnl In
plain unvolopu , " I' . O , Uu.v ul. Ollluu , lid ti. lilU
miuot. Unialm ,
Ftif ! shes Iho Bcsl onJ Cheapest MelhoJ crt
fnr catal'jgue ol iMlhlag ,
N. w. UXI'ANIMJU MUTAr. co. ,
No. 403 Tt outSUtli S . . ClllOAOO.
iiieuliot Muilcul Slu.I ) I nia
" ' " ' " ' " "
etc. , AddTis. i-ruuuLATmAA" > i sulftlV'
lew York Hospital
Vm \
Wv& .vA Private anj
NfiS. . * 'ff SrJ
Bff Special Disnm
! % * > ; /T / of b ifi
ftriflnrn nnil nil otlisr trnuljloi trmtnil
at ro.ihoiiiililii clmrjji's. OJMJfM'ATION
I''llKlC. CallOHOr lUlcll'L'aH
II iy.luii lira B
. Y/.II. I > UltI' ' ] W.I > . , Tto.4 I
' , AT.- : , I'.M-H. rA rmiu/ / . < ; i7 ri/'fc/riiH of ttij
Ai.rjvi'rn'rK.iowi.- !
r.nv.i. . ' ( I io iiiii.u ! ! > : > > M. ' ' ' I' ' " ' HATIUNAC
I. Af I AI IDS fin iliol'Jil/.r HKHAYtm
/ 1 hi.tul.- \ ll < j/iti/.t'.iif iy , Vinau'auAI'/iyili'iit
' ' , ' ////fj' / , f.n I n. I Jltita .c * nml HViiXiiiii of J/u/i.
l ! . 'jnung , Uin nM < ltfifnl nnil olii >
' " " ' "Itntlun ill IHTKIII IT | jy irtlrr.
UU ) Tu4HTtiiii wllh WiimonliJr , KKKK.
I.I.FKU i > < "ik , NCI i- : : , < ; i ; OK i.ii'ic , OH fiiu' : <
) UjSillVVl'JN. : : ) COO pp. , Vid lliv.ihmljl" [ iru >
. , ; ii'.i : ' : . , u full uair. only SU * ' ! iv mail , nualed
tf. S. Depository , Onmlitt , Nob.
Omcnrs nnd rili-ix-iorn - . .
riliixiornIlfi.ry Vf. Yntes , prml.
doin , It. O. ( Mibtiltiir , vlfi > prtiililt-iit. O. H. MiitirlcfL
W. V. Jlorw. John 8. Colllnu , J. N. U. 1'atrlof
J.u\vlH H. Ui'od. ' canlilur.
Rwfl nBUiUlilBAII
I V I U I W 'U'W And nil the train ut f
HVIUS WIJAK.S-hsSIW. DKIUM'J V , ETC. . Ilia" ao * *
cuiiu.iiiiy llit-iii In inun QUICKI < Y and IMJUMA
KHNTJ.V Ct'lll'lt. l--Ut bntrSNCJ-l-H und wnJ
elvci. tuovoriimif : ' ; llio body I win nund ( o-
cinuly iiatUcd I-'JIKK tw uny milforur tliu urj jrti > '
' . "VnV1A1 V'Vv'i'J'f * ' " ' ii-JWio * Aadru L
A. UUAl > lM , lluttlu Cruttk , Mlcti.