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rs'O. 12 PBAUti STREhT
ly corrlcr to uny part ot ths city
. N"- ' >
IHuilnOMtOfTICO. -
TF.JjMHOM.ti ( js-lt | , | Kdltor. No. 23
.vtxon ja
N. Y. Plumblr.R . Co
Uoston Store for sun umbrellas
Judfion. pasturage , WJ Sixth avcnuo.
Mlltonberger is the hatter , MM Broadway
The Mayno Kcal Kitate Co. , ftiBroadway. \ .
ThoBcrean Baptist Sunday school will
picnic at Falrmount park next Tuesday.
A "DauntlcHi" bicycle was stolen from the
rcsidcnto of II. M. Davis , 1GW SouHi Eighth
street ,
A special meeting of the Women's Chris
tian Temperance union will be held in the
Young Jucn's Christian association rooms
this afternoon atI o'clock.
K. A. Men-house took out a permit yester
day for the erection of n 3.000 dwelling at
KM Frank street. A. 13. Ivlcln took out a
penult to build a STOO cotlngo It SUitsinau's
second addition.
Thu prizes which wnro offered by the
Young Men's Christian nssoclaton on the
Fourth nt the Held meet will 'bo awarded to
their winners some tlmo during the early
part of next week. In the meantime they
will bo on Inspection at Clint Uyers' and F.
II. Evans's stores.
' John VIcklcr , N. C. Olcson and John
Christcnson , who threw oranges at the Sal
vation army , were fined In police court yes
terday morning. VIcklcr happened to have
about JSK ) , and ho paid his own line and these
of his companions and they left. About nn
hour later. I. Q. Anderson appeared at the
police station and wanted to iirosccuto them
for knocking his sen off his bicycle , but it
was too late.
Hoswnll Rogers , who lives at tbo corner of
Sixth street ant. ' .Seventeenth avcnuo , Hied
nn Information yesterday before Justice Fox
charging CJeorgcVort , Martha Masou and
'William Lonsbcrry , three residents of CutOff -
Off , with the crime of burglary. Ho claims
thut on Wednesday they broke open the
iloorof a new house which ho had been build
ing at Cut-Off and used It as a place to exer
cise their hilarity.
Judge Downer opened an adjourned session
of the district court yesterday and com
menced the trial of the long pending case
of Blackburn against CScorgo P. Wright and
others. It will probably take all the rest of
the week to llnlsh this trial , after which
John S. Wllmott , the Juror who ia accused
of sltppinffolTniid taking a drink when ho
ought to have been well and truly deliberat
ing on a verdict , will have an cxamina
Mrs. Miranda Maxileldiwas brought before
the commissioners of insanity yesterday foi
an examination. She was examined in 18S1
found insane , nnd ordered taken to Mount
Pleasant , but friends took her In charge
nnd agreed to take care of her. She has
been staying at the resilience of J. J. John
BOH in Garner township for some time past
Tlio commissioners decided that she shotilt
bo sent to St. Bernard's hospital for treat
incnt as nn Incurable.
May E. Palmer , who achieved a little brief
notoriety awhile ago by an unsuccessful
attempt at suicide , has como before the
public once more. About two weeks ago the
police nabbed her on the charge of vagrancy
nnd kept her conllned in tbo city Jail for a
day or two. She is a morphine fiend , and
when she thought she had neen in long
enough she boran to show signs of goItiL'
crazy. Judge McGee discharged her to got
rid of her , stipulating that she should leave
town nt once. She refused to leave , and is
now In jail again. The city marshal Is ex
pecting Ills of insanity to como on again
soon. _
Picnic' trains , until further notice ,
will leave for that great fishing resort ,
Kay's Landing and Muuuwa park , Min
eral Springs , Gorman shooting grounds ,
Manhattan beach and Manawa opera
house ( whore two performances will bo
given during the season daily at 4 and
8:30 : o'clock p. in. ) as follows : Nine and
11 a. in. and 1 and 2 p. m. , and every
thirty minutes thereafter until 12I0 : ! at
night. Last train will leave Manawa
for Council BlulTs at 11:55 : . m.
iintl Itiimllctt's Ices.
If you want something line , leave an
order for Mctzgcr & Uandlott's delicious
ices. . Delivered in all parts of the city.
Carbon Coal Co. , wholesale and retail
coal. Removed from 10 Pearl to 1)4 ) Pear.l
street , Grand Hotel building.
* I'.nt.uni irns.
II. C. Raymond returned yesterday from
Harry \V. Smith has resigned his position
ns bookkeeper for the Una of David Bradley
& Co.
Mrs. John Woodside of Hiawatha , ICan. ,
is the guest of Miss Kmnia Leutzingi ron
Avenue K.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Daniel Dull and their chil
dren , from Now York City , nro stopping at
the Grand hotel.
Emmet Tinley and Frank Trimble left
yesterday afternoon for a weelt or ten days
visit to Chicago.
Miss Helen Aylesworth loaves today for a
visit with friends In Chicago. Her brother
Paul will accompany her.
N. W. Little , formerly of Council Bluffs ,
but now In the mercantile business at Oak-
lam ) , Is In the city visiting friends.
Mr. Frank II. Foglo and brldo , of Alle
gheny City , Pa. , are visiting Mrs. Foglc's
uncle. Prof. W. S. Paulson of this city.
J. J. Shea has returned homo from Chi
cago. His wife stopped on her way homo a }
Colfax , where she will remain a few days.
The Misses Molliu and Lizzie Whitman ,
who have been visiting relatives and friends
in this city for the past week , returned yes
terday to their homo In Stausberry. Mo.
Rov. E. W. Allen has been 111 with mn-
larlal lover for the past few days. His
brother , B. II. Allen , of Buchanan , Mich. , is
carrying on the services at the Christian i
church during his Illness.
Harry Ilattonhauprand Ed Duquotto have
returned from Vlnton. where they went to
attend the state bicycle tournament. Hat-
tenhauer did some good work In the races ,
currying oft the prize , n diamond ring. In the
quarter mlle dash , which ho made in thirty-
seven seconds. Ho nlso had twenty feet the
start of the otl.or contestants In the half
mile dash up to within a short dlstanco ot
the llnlsh , when ono of the spokes of his
wheel i broke and became tangled up in the
chain , compelling him to stop Just before
winning the race.
Manhattan Beach restaurant now
open. Fish support ) a specialty. Break-
fust served for fishing parties. Fred 1
Hupp , proprietor.
After Thursday Miss Ragsdalo's mil
linery store will bo found at No. 10 Pearl ,
Stop at the Ogden , Council Bluffs , t ic
lett tli.OO hoiifu In Iowa.
Ask your grocer for Domestic soap.
Mnmuvi' All
C , P. Bromiamau of Minneapolis is in the
city looking after bis investment * at Lake
Manawa. In conversation ho stated that
whatever competitors or croakers might sa.v
about Manawa and its outcome , ho wus cer
tain as to the outcome ,
"Mnnawa Is nil right , " said he , "and nnj
ono that owns any land there has n good in
vestment. It Is bound to go on Improving It
the future as It has in the past , and It wil
not be long before it stands In the from
rani ; of summer resorts In the west. "
Mr. Drcnminmn Is unw on his way tc
Kuropo , where ho will spend the summer
He is ono of the heaviest stockholders In tin
Muimwa -nnd and Improvement company
uud his opinion as to the future of the laki
carries considerable weight with it.
Willlaniboii ft Co. . 100 Main street ,
largest and best bicycle stock iu city.
' Cook yov meals this summer on a ga <
range. At cost ut ( ho Gas coin puny.
UBO Domestic Boap.
Union Dapot Company Given a Body Blow
in the District Court.
Jndgo Tlinrnrlt llniul * Down il Decision
Overruling n Motlun fur it Now Trial
nnd Ordering the Ktccullon llcr < *
toforo UnuoU Carried Out ,
Judge Tnornoll handed down a decision
yesterday In the ease of F. J. Day against
the Union Depot company , which has been
pending in the district court for some years
past. Day got n Judgment for ? 2TOO , against
the depot company' by an agreement with
the directors of the company , George F.
Wright and W. 11. M. 1'uscy. After the
confession of judgment had been duly mndo
and Day was already to levy on the depot
cite , , T. J. tivans , the receiver of the com
pany , backed by a number of
other members , commenced proceedings
to have tbo Judgment sot asldo
on the ground of fraud. They alleged
that Wilght and I'uscy had no ncht to con-
less Judgment , and that they had entered
into an unholy compact to boat the company.
They accordingly demanded a now trial and
had a writ of Injunction Issued to restrain
Day from levying on thu property. The mo
tion was submitted to Judge Thorncll at the
last term of court and taken under advise
ment. In his decision , rendcrea yesterday ,
he holds that there are no evidences of fraud
or collusion , and ho therefore overrules the
motion for a new trial , dissolves the Injunc
tion and orders an execution on the com
pany's property In favor of Day.
JlCsbi : UAItl > UNTIill UKOWNUD.
Sid : Death of n : Who AVrnt for Sport
with Hit rinynrttcn.
" . Carpenter Is drowned I" exclaimed
Clarence Anderson , a son of .1. Q. Anderssn ,
as ho reined up his horse in front of the po
lice station yesterday afternoon about 4
Young Carpenter was the only son of Mrs.
LI. Carpenter , who works at the Evans laun
dry. Ho went out to Mosquito crook yester
day with a number of other boys to go In
swimming. Thq swimming hole was not far
from the Chautamnui grounds , about four
miles east of the city. The boys were all
walking along the edge of'the creek , when
they came across an Inlet. In some way ,
none of the boys could say just how , Carpen
ter lost his looting and fell into the wrter ; ,
which was about sixteen fee * , deep. No ono
saw him fall , but ho was missed a moment
later and It was at once surmised that ho
had met with an accident.
Young Anderson was immediately dis
patched to the city to got help. Miriam and
William Stevens and Onlccr Murphy of the
police force , who are uncles of the drowned
boy , left with all possible haste for thosccno
of the drowning and commenced a system
atlc search for the body. From 5 o'clock
until 8o : ; ; the search went on without inter
ruption , and at last the body was brought to
the surface. It brought to Estep's un
dertaking rooms , where an inquest will beheld
held this morning. The dead boy was only
1" years of age.
A ( iurilt-nur'H I'iir.iilUr.
When the wheelmen selected ono ol
the beautiful groves in the Klein tract
for the site of their recent picnic it was
the lirst notice given the public that the
locality abounded in natural parks suit
able for picnics. A hundred or more
enthusiastic wheelmen have since beer
sounding the praises of the place ant :
public attention has been attracted to il
more than ovor. Since the bridging o :
the Oliautauqua creek and the opening
of the now reads all parts of the mag
nificent tract are accessible and manj
people drive out that way to enjoy the
beauty of the drive and the maguiliceiii
scenery. All the hillsides slope to the
southwest and cast , and from the tops ol
the wooded knolls Lake Manawa , Coun
cil L51uffn nnd Omaha are visible. The
tract is only a few minutes drive fron
the city , and tlio many bcauti
ful drives and exquisite views are
a revelation to the public , and oven to
people- who are familiar with the sylvan
beauty that clothes the hills arontu
Council Bluffs. The entire tract is a
paradise for gardeners , for whose convenience
venienco and profit it was laid out. The
surface slopes down Irom the sunny hill
sides , that could bo made to groan with
their loads of grapes with little cost of
time and money , to the rich and marvelously -
ously fertile bottom lands where fortunes
lie asleep. The tract embraces acres ,
and comprises every character of land
required for the successful culture of
fruits and vegetables. People are just
awakening to the fact that these gar
den lauda around Council Bluffs pay as
well as these of California or Florida ,
cost far less , can bo cultivated with loss
expense and bring returns from the lirst
year. Messrs. Day & Hess , the owners
of the tract , have cut it up into plats to
suit , from live to twenty acres. They
placed it on the market this spring ,
and have sold a great many tracts to
energetic men who are planting it to
fruits and vegetables. It is the only
available opportunity to get the best
garden lands In the west , and the prob
ability is that there will bo little loft
unsold by the end of the season.
The public has also made another discovery -
covery since the tract was opened , and
that is a spring almost equal in extent
and character to the Mynstor springs.
Grading for now roads has formed a
basin and the overflow Irom the spring
has made a beautiful little lake , halt
hidden by tall trees ,
\Viinlvil ut Central City.
A telephone message was received at police
headquarters yesterday from Central City ,
Neb. , asking that a traveling man named II ,
O. Parsons ba arrested , us ho was wanted
( or working a conlldenco rauHot on n nuinbur
of tbo business men of that place. Ho was
found at tliu Grand hotel and was book oil at
tlio clly jail lost evening awaiting the ar
rival of an oftk'cr from Contra ! City to take
him iu chart ; " .
From wtiitt can bo learned at tills nd of
tha line , the tilmr ; o against him will bo ob
taining money under falt > o pretenses. Ho
represent' . ' ! ) himself to bo tlio traveling
reiiresentatlvo of u Chicago wholesale gro
cery house , and obtained some money from
the patrons of the house ut Central City ,
Ho tlien shipped out. nnd the next day an
other representative of thn house put In an
appearance and denounced Carson : * as a
fraud , i'arsons is a well dressed man and
claims to have no knowledge of the ithurges
that are made uiraliiHt him. ilowlllprob-
ably bo tauou to Central City today.
Tlu > Grunt * Hotel ,
Council Bluffs. Tlio moat elegant In
Iowa. Dlninjj room on Eovcnth iloor.
lUtto , KJ.OO and 85,00 u diiy. U. F. Clurk ,
Proj ) .
Domestic soap outlasts cheap soap.
\VIII 1'iiy Secretary Him- ,
The Held nay committee has about f30 in
its pocket. Such is the result of further ex-
animation of the finances. A rumor was sot
in motion by some ono to the effect that thn
management of the association has changed
Its mind about applying the proceeds of the
entertainment to the payment of the asso-
x-lution's debt to Secretary J. C , Uoso. C.
T. O nicer , ono of the board of directors , wan
seca about the matter yesterday , and
ho stated that the report was u
fabrication. The money is to bo paid
over to Secretary lioae , and not usoj
iu bulKUuif ucvr baiu roouu or anything else ,
rumor * to the contrary notwithstanding
Bven had the board of directors anydeslro
to make nny different ttlspoillton of the
money on hand they could not do it without
a flagrant violation of their word. IJcpro-
mentations wcro made frym the start that
the purpose of the entertainment was to
urnlsh funds to pay off the secretary's back
alary , and it was with that understanding
hat a great many attended the meet and
offered prizes to the contestants. Mr.
Ofllccr'a statement above Is given for the
xirposo ol setting at rest all doubts on the
Train llohbcm.
Chief bcanlan never knew until about mid
night Wednesday night how much ho looked
like a train robber , and the circumstances
under which the resemblance wan noticed
leave some doubt ns to whether the Joke Is
on him or on a certain motonnrm for the
Omaha and Council Dluffs Dridgo company.
A conductor on the motor line ran across
OfllccrVlor nt n late hour Wednesday night
and Informed him that ho suspected tlmt n
gang of men had laid their plans' to rob
him near the transfer. They all boarded
a Tilth avenue car and went as
far ns the corner of Twcnty-rirst street and
Eighth avcnuo , where they all alighted.
They had had nothing to say to ono another
during the trip and that fact , together with
their tough mugs , had led the conductor to
think that their presence boded him no good.
Chief Hcanlan and several other policemen
got ti rig and went to the place mentioned to
tlntl the suspected robbers. They ran across
the outfit in a saloon about midnight , and
managed to bag three of them. Scanlan
sent them up town in charge of the other
oniccrs while ho waited for a motor tram to
take him home. The motor finally hove In
sight and It was evident from the rate nt
which It was moving that the motorman
was using every particle of available power.
Scnnlnn planted himself by the side of the
track and waved his arms wildly in the
attempt to get the motorman to stop. Just
as the motor passcu the man In charge
seemed to recognize something "familiar
about Scanlan's face nnd ho stopped , but
the motor was going at such a rate that it
went nearly a block before it could be
brought to standstill.
"t wasn't going to stop for any man I
didn't know , " was his greeting as the chief
came putting alongside and climbed Into the
car. "I thought sure you were ono of these
fellows that were going to hold us up.1
Two of the other members of the gan
wcro captured early yesterday morning , and
nil live were slated with vagrancy. They
will have their trials in police court this
I rot"ctlnp ; Hello Clover.
Judge B. 10. Aylesworth and Herman
Schurz had an encounter In Justice Vlcn's
court yesterday on account of a motion to
dismiss the suit which Schurz , as attorney
for Amanda Hock , began in the name of the
state of Iowa to have Belle Clover lined and
imprisoned for keeping a house ot ill fame.
Aylesworth , who appeared for the Clover
woman , iilcd a motion to dismiss the
c.ise , and as grounds averred that the
suit was not brought in gooa faith ,
but for the purpose of extorting
money from his client. He claimed that the
prosecution had had a number of interviews
with the defendant In which they offered to
dismiss the suit , naming as the price of the
dismissal sums all the why from 81UO down
to ? ! ! . " ) . He further alleged that the informa
tion was never signed or sworn to by Mrs.
Koclc , and in fact that , there no such
person as Amanda Hock. The motion was
taken under advisement by the court , and
the case was continued by agreement for one
week in order to allow time for the declsloi
to bo made.
There is nothing in this country like
the fruit kept in Wheeler , Herold &
( Jo.'s cold storage. . No nmttor what , the
wjitther is it reaches the customer in
perfect condition. Another car load of
lemons was put in Saturday.
H to u It iit ! . : >
Hesldcnts on Wilson terrace , in the neigh
borhood of Iowa avenue , are very much
troubled with stock beins turned loose to
graze. Horses , colts , cows , calves and sheep
are allowed to run at largo very much to the
annoyance of some of the residents in that
locality. The attention of tlio city authori
ties Is called to thc'r ' reltef , and If the nui
sance is not rery soon abated the owners of
loose stock will llnd themselves called to
court some of these clays to answer the
charge of violating the city ordinance aud
maintaining a nuisance.
Manhattan Beach restaurant now
open. Fish suppers a specialty. Break
fast served for fishing parties. Fred
Kapp , proprietor.
Groenshieldd , Nicholson & Co. , real
estate and j'entals.GOO Broadway. Tol.151.
TracUliii ; IIr nun.
Mrs. Flo Forrest , living at IM ! West SixtU
street , ICnnsas City , is in the city looking for
her IT-year-old son who loft homo a month
ago. Ho had been talking of pulling out for
Nebraska or Iowa for some time , but his
plan met with so little encouragement from
thu people at homo that he resolved to PUCK
his grip and leave on the quiot. A boy
answering the description of the missing ono
was in the city on the day of the Sons of
Veterans parade , looidng for work , but ho
introduced himself as coming from Ued Oak.
Ho had partially learned the printers' trade.
Another Improvement to the popular
Schubert piano. Swanson Music Co
Illy Hror/o at Ifonmnr.
A farmer living in Uoomer township
brought in word yesterday of a heavy storm
that took place at his home on the morning
of the Fourth. It was ono of the severest
ofer known In that localltjvlargo trees being
snapped off at the ground , houses unroofed ,
fences blown down and crops destroyed. The
Danish Lutheran church , which has been In
process of erection for some time past , was
moved by the wind two feet from its founda
tion and the cellar will caved In ,
Domestic soap is tlio best.
Shinvcra nml Local Tliutiiler .Storing Are
thu Nfliranldi 1'roillctlunn for Toil'iy ,
WASHINGTON , July 0.-Forecasts for Fri
day : For Nebraska and the Dakotas
Showers and local thunder storms ; proba
bly severe in the central Missouri valley ;
southern winds hfting ! to westerly ; cooler
Friday night.
For Iowa Local thunder storms during
the afternoon or night , projoJoa by fair
weather In southeastern portion ; south
easterly winds , probably cooler Friday night ,
with winds shifting to westerly.
1oriit Iti'ciml.
July ( I. Omaha record of temperature and
rainfall , compared with corresponding day
of past four years :
1603. ISO' ' . 1801. 1HOO.
Maximum tcmnoraturo. U'js ht > = m 00 = >
.Minimum K-mpeiauire.'i'iHO tV'O iu > 3 700
Avrraco tumponituro. . H0 = 71 ° 70 = K8O
Precipitation T .00 .00 ,00
Statement showing the condition of torn-
peraturo and precipitation , tt Omaha for the
day and since March 1 , Ib'JJ :
Nu'iiml tempuraluiu , . . , , . . . . 70o
Kxci'bbfor the day , . , . , . , . 40
Kxcusbhliicu March 1 2'JQO
Normal pivclpltutlon 'JO Inch
lit'tlclency for thuduy ; 'JO Inch
tixcusn blncu March 1 1.10 inches
IteporU Irom OtliiT 1'uints ut H | i in.
"T" Indlcatea trace ,
Utoitac E. HUNT , Local Forecast Official.
Lively Debate Precipitated by a Resolution
Introduced by' ' r. Elsasser.
. 'i *
An nvcnlnR Hint \VnulU Delight Jnn-imltlit
Everybody TnlKcil Olty Oarlmgo
Uucslloli S < | H\l'ifcV ( < i Are Sntls-
' tn Detail.
The council lias started another of Its-
periodical Investigations. This tlmo It Is
City Attorney. Council , \vhoso oillclal acts
nro to bo Inquired Into by the committee on
Judiciary , composed of Saunders , Wheeler
nml Hascall. Since the fact has been ascer
tained that the paving case before the
supreme court had been permitted to go
over until September , rumbllnas of dissatis
faction have bacn hoard. It remained for
Mr. Etsasscr to act. which ho did by pre
senting to the council last evening the fol
lowing resolutions' *
\Vlicrens , The city council of tlio clly of
Omaha has lonrncd with grout surprise that
the city nltornny , \ \ < .1. Commit , Inis , without
the authcirlty or consent of the council timl
iniiyor , stipulated with oppugns ? COIIIIM ) ! for
this Illlnpot briefs at a tlmo hoyond the lulu
term of the Htipromo court mid contrary to nnd
beyond the tlmo Used by the JmUes of the
supreme court for tliolicatlnit nf the case , nnd
thui continuum the cnsu of the city of Uinahii
nunliist I' . W. HlrklniilAurut al to the Hcptcm-
IHT term of said court , contrary to and in ill-
irfit opposition to tliu best Interests of the
city , and
Whereas , Such stipulation nnd subsequent
continuance of sntil cusu was contrary to and
ncnliHt the ptHltlvo liHtructlonof the mayor
and council nn nlvon to thu city attorney In
this case. Therefore ,
Kosolvod , That Mtuli action by the city at-
tornoy. In tmikliiK such stipulation , and of
necessity continuance-of the case of the city
of Oninhn against 1'V. . lilrkhuusor at ill , n
case lu which tlio clly of Omaha and all the
people so vltully interested , and by rea
son of such continuance bus comptutuly
blocked anil stopped all public Improvements
of the streets , In the matter of curbing anil
paving the sumo , for a tlmo ami perhaps for
the enliro year , was and Is uituliist the best
Interest ) ! of the city , ami was unauthorized
and acalnst the positive Instructions of the
mayor nml council , and meets , as It jdstly de
serves , the disapprobation of the council.
Itesolved , That tilts' act of the clly attorney ,
In nctltiK In direct opposition to the Instruc
tions of the mayor and council and the vital
Interests of tlio city , leads u > to hollovo that
the clly attorney Is not entitled to our furth-r
conlldenco as an ail visor of the clty.councll or
the olllccrs of the city.
Itu&olvcd further , That n copy of the forc-
KohiK jircumblu and resolution nu transmitted
to the mayor , wltli tliorciiuost that ho atonco
take thu necessary stops to remove said Cou
ncil from this oillcoor.clty attorney , and that
lie nominate some competent nnd reliable at
torney for city attorney , requiring such now
appointee to < ll-chaik' the duties of city at
torney In such manner as shall best subserve
the best Interests of the whole city , without
leforuncono prlvutu pltnics or personal lu-
Stlrroil Up thi > "Solons. "
Then there was a rumpus. Everybody
wanted to talk , and talk badly , too. Mr.
iMunro was quicker than his colleagues and
secured recognition , ille characterized the
Introduction of the 'resolution as nn act of
cowardice , with thq .attorney 1XU ( ) miles
away and not having an opportunity to de
fend himself. Ho ddslt'od ' that the resolu
tion bo not adoptedoinlil Mr. Council had
been given a fbanco t/o sot himself right be
fore the council. I.- . ,
Mr. Specht was nejctin order and he made-
n speech. While ho .thought that the attor
ney bad been derelict , in his duty , yet he did
not desire to sue any uuu condemned without
u hearing. To smootli.ovcrmatters he made
i motion , which was later adopted , that the
csolutlon bo the committee on
udiclary for investigation.
Mr. baunders tliOught the resolution
would bo all rightjf the. two last paragraphs
wore stricken out. " Biit.Mr. Elsasscr said in
such certain terms.tb'ijt' his resolution was
iot to bo tami > crod"wlth that no further
effort was made to do'so.
Then Mr. Elsaaser' made his little talk.
: Io did not consider it cowardice to cull
down u public oQlclal when ho had not per
formed his duty. Ho gave-Mr. Council a
lumber of raps for the part ho had taken in
permitting the paving case to go over until
Mr. Hascall , who Is oratoncally Inclined
on numerous occasions , was doubly so as
soon as ho could secure recognition. He
supported the resolution and urged its adop
tion. Ho waded into Mr. Council , nnd said
lie could no longer support his ofllcial acts
"after ho had witnessed the city attorney
deprive hundreds of luboringmen of employ
ment. " He did wrong when he permitted an
interloper to intervene in the paving rnse
and stipulated with him so that the matter
should go over until September. Mr. Has
call said that City Engineer Andrew Hose-
water was present in the supreme court
room at the tlmo that the agreement was
made nml that there coula be no doubt of the
fact that Mr. Council was responsible for
the case going over until September.
Assistant City Attorney Cornish was given
an opportunity to explain his views on the
matter. He said that the status of the case
was misunderstood and that Mr. Connell had
not entered into a stipulation to permit the
case to co over until boptcoibcr. Mr. Con
nell was to get his briefs In by Friday and
the court was to consider thorn , nnd Mr.
Hall was to have until Monday to file his
briefs , the court then to pass upon them
within u few days. Instead , the court had
misunderstood and permitted the case to go
over until September for an opinion.
Mr. Elsasser's resolution was not adopted ,
but it was referred to the Judiciary commit
tee for investigation.
Mr. Wheeler said ho desired that paving
bo delayed no longer than necessary , and ho
Introduced n resolution to that effect. The
resolution was adopted and provided for the
retaining of Frank T. Hansom nnu directing
him to ascertain if the court will not convene
specially to pass upon the paving caso.
Thill li.irkor Illll.
City Attorney Council's opinion regarding
the legality ot the asphalt repair contract of
the Barber Asphalt company , was read. He
finds tlmt the temporary injunction case of
the company restraining the city from abro-
gatlngtho contract , is still on the docket ,
and as soon as the September term Is opened
will notice the same for trial. Mr , Connell
believes the contract can bo abrogated after
the inluni'tion case is passed uponIf the city
so deii 'es. The communication vras referred
to the committee on Judiciary.
Treasurer Bolln recommended that in view
of the fact that 1.6 bids were received for
the SIWI.OOO sewer ntid paving bondsthat the
rate of Interest bo increased to Ji per cent ,
and that the bonds bo offered for sale In
August at the Hum the district grading and
paving bonds are offered.
City Electrician .Cowglll nsltcd for two
weeks leave of absqncc. and that caused a
row. Mr. Hasi-all slid the city was "going
to the dogs" whilu-tho city attorney was
away. Ho was tircd'bf having oflluials and
employes go away injd' draw pay , wnllo the
citl/.cus were sulferuig on account of their
absence. i !
Mr. Elsasscr dlilnlt wnnt to see any dis
crimination shown : * uMr , Connell received
two months leave cf.nbscnce . on pay at i M
a month while Mr. Uowgill only wanted two
weeks nnd ho saw jib reason in making ilsh
of one and fowl of another.
TlirowliiK I.ii/lit on the Suhcot. |
Everybody made0'a' speech and some of
them made suverM ! and the request was
finally referred to tUo.committee on gas and
electric lights. "
The plat of the proposed southeast park
wus received and approved , after a number
of protests to the proposed Ninth street
boulevard to the park were read. Mr.
Hascull objected to the protest Mug given
weight. The protests were filed.
Attorney Corell's claim , amounting tc
$10.2.25 , for lepal services lu the paving case
before the supreme court , was referred to
thorommltlcoon ilmincc.
The > Barber Asphalt company sent in state
ments of reserves duo for paving In 1885 ,
IbSO and Ibttf , amounting to $43,753.811. Ho
fcrred to lluunco committee.
Petitions were presented asking for tht
abatement of the smoke nuisance caused bj
the shoddy mills. Ucfcrrud to the committee
too oa police.
Protests against the creation of a scwci
district on Twenty-seventh struct bctweer
Hurt and California streets were rofei ei
to the committee on sowers.
Mayor Bcmls' veto of the item of 1100 It
the appropriation ordinance in favor o
Patrick O'Hawoi" attorney's fees lu stcur
Ing agreement from the squatters to roicovj
was mistnlncd. Mr. CVHawes will sccuro
hi * money when the squatters hnvo re-
Two bid * wcro received for feeding city
prisoners. J. Unnb.tuni bid 10 cent * and
Thomas Casey 0 cents for each meal. He-
fcrred to a committee on iwllco after Mr.
Munro had thrown pie at Mr. Cascv for a
while , whjch Mr. Elsasscr hurled back with
The bids for cremating and icmovlng
garbage for ten years were read as follows :
Newton Nltl.iy & Co. offered to collect nil
garbage and dead animals ntid remove the
same from the city for ten years for the mini
of $ afiOO per year , In addition to thn amounts
now paid for such service. Also to gather
and cremate for ten years for the sum of
M.OOO per year , in addition to the fixed
A. McDonald's proposition ts to collect nnd
remove all garbage at the regular llxed
charges , nnd for the privilege ho It willing
to pay $2,500.
Clly Garbage ( Juott on.
Frank Duncan offered to gather and re
move the garbage from the city at the fol
lowing prices : First year , $100,000 ; second ,
flir.,000 : third , ? 1V ! > .000 ; fourth , $14,1,000 ;
fifth , $100.000 : sixth. $175,000 : seventh , $11K- )
000 : eighth , $ -03,000 ; ninth , $2'0,000i tenth ,
The bids wcro referred to the committee
on police.
Ordinances wcro Introduced as follows :
Declaring necessity of grading Fourth from
Pierce to Poppleton avenue , nnd Poppletqn
avenue from Second to Sixth street ; chang
ing erade on Second nnd Third from Pierce
to Pine street , Poppleton avenue from
Second to Fourth street , Williams street ,
B. < fc M. track rlcht of way to Second
street , Woolworth avenue from Second to
Fourth street , and Pine street from Second
to 170 fcot cast of Third street ; opening a
boulevard from Amos avenue northward 100
feet wide ; changing grade of Thirty-ninth
street from Fowler avenue to Grand avenue ,
tind Grand n venue from Thirty-eighth street
to Fortieth ; ordering tlio paying of Military
avcnuo from Hamilton to Grant streets ;
grading Indiana avcnuo from Twenty-fourth
street to Twenty-fifth avenue ; grading
Twenty-seventh street from Caldwell to
Blonde ; ordering water hydrant placed on
Thirty-sixth between Farnam and Dodge
_ _
Perils of Niivlgiitlon on tlio I'
I looked down the prccinico on the
cdfjo of which wo wore lmngin < , r , Bays u t
writer in Lippinoott's , ami as the un
coiled luiwscr snapped like a rotten
thread the launch was hurled back into
the charning waves. Ono minute wo
wore threatened with destruction in the
mad whirl of u ( riant sucking whirlpool ,
and the next MIW us spinning otV ut u
tangent to bring up against u more ter
rifying wave , that seemed hont on end
ing our career. But the Intrepid rode
the water like a duck , . .and after every
assault of the Hood bobbed up un
daunted for another encounter.
Crunching In her bottom , and bailing
the water , as it How over the gunwales
in drenching spray or in massive waves ,
with our hats as well as anything else
we could get hold of , wo waited for the
final toss which should end our danger
and send us bodily into tlio Hood , to bo
tossed about , swollen and bruised , tlio
dead prey for myriads of feathered
For more than live hours wo were the
shuttlecock for this maniac Hood , which ,
as it swept up stream against the pow
erful current of the mighty river , backed
up the descending waters until oven the
highest banks were Hooded. The largest
trees fell victims to the raging torrent ,
and the tall banks were washed away in
such a manner that later travelers
scarcely know the river again.
"Look ahead1' ! cried Franklin , who
was holding on to the wheel with a grip
of death. "For God's sake , pray , lads !
Tlio end has come ! Look sharp ! If wo
brave this danger it will he by a mira
cle ! " and there ahead of us , looming up
out of the middle of the river , rose u
large island whoso sides were fully
twenty feet high.
The mad torrent was making straight
for this obstruction , and , while wo were
being carried onward with tlio rapidity
of lightning , two of us managed to crawl
aft to Franklin's assistance. Grasping
the wheel , wo strained in united effort
and succeeded in holding the launch
"head on'1 to the Hood.
Every eye was on the lookout for
whatever Vantage wo could gain , and
when Franklin shouted to us in a voice
made hoarse by desperation , "Put
her hard over now ! With me , boys ,
and perhaps wo can escape , " wo tugged
and pulled until every chord in em
bodies seemed to bo on tlio rack. A
roar , a weird horrible shriek , such as
none of us over wanted to hear aiain ,
broke over the tumult of boiling waters ,
a shriek of angry doliunco and the
mad Hood was hurled back from tlio
island , one-half on each side , its force
almost broken.
The command of our wheelman alone
saved UP , for with tlio parting waters
wo shot into tlmt side which washed
over the powerful channel of tlio river ,
and in another moment wo were swept
down stream with the rapidity of a
streak of sunlight. At flrct stern on ,
wo wore fortunately able to swing our
boat head to with the current in u short
time , and Irom then on wo had no
trouble- keep our launch clear of the
threatened collisions with trees and
lilt lliillcilnKi In New York.
James Gordon Bennett's rapid re
covery is good news to architects and
builders , for had the accident proved
fatal it would have stopped the present
twenty-story building scheme. The
premium Bennett offered for jlans leads
to keen rivalry , and the building , when
finished , will be one of the architectural
wonders of the present ago.
If Uonnott does not drive his tall
building project with all possible
rapidity ho may bo distanced by that
grand scheme which will cover the old
Atlantic Garden ( foot of Broadway ) with
a business structure of twenty-six
stories. The lot , whoso area is three-
quarters of un acre , will bo entirely
covered and the building will ribo
square twenty stories with a six-story
lower in the center tliun making the
whole height twenty-six stories. The
estimated cost is M.UOO.OOO , nnd a com
pany will bo formed for the purpose ,
the pro'ont Now York postmaster being
ono of its most ardent promoters.
The la'lost ' building at present is tlio
I'ulit7.or , which is JI7f > feet nbovo the
street. It cost a million , hut is highly
tirotltaldc. It was a wonder when built ,
but Bennett's steel building will excel It
as far as it exceeded all predecessors.
During my boyhood , says a correspond
ent of the Rochester Democrat and
Chronicle , it was rare to see n four-story
building , for the ascent to such a height
was too laborious. The invention of the
elevator , however , created n revolution
which 1ms extended until , Instead of
four stories , we now hnvo ten mid oven
twelve , with the expectation of nn in
crease which may reach oven twenty
stories. The use of steel renders the
latter possible , the structure indeed
being made of that material , with an
miter wall of stone. The Pulitzer build
ing was tlio first thus constructed , and
its success will lead to still higher ef
tint H Ycnr Ago Toil.ty the Ilnttlo with
thn I'inUrrtons U'lm I'oiiuhi.
IIoMr.sTiui ) . Pa. , July 0. Wild rumors
went around last night. Today Is the anni
versary of the Carnegie strikers bnttlo with
the Plnkcrtons , and It was given out that it
would bo commemorated by nn to
burn tlio mills and that othcrllko Incendiary
acts would bo committed ; that the mllltla
were under arms , etc. Consequently the
streets wcro thronged all night , very many
not going to bed at all. It appears that the
fears wore entirely groundless , however , as
the mills wcro In full operation today and
there was nothing unusual In appearances.
A picnic In a grove , a few speeches this
evening and flowers on the graves of those
killed in the encounter were the only com
memorations of the event.
riruincu at thn I'ulr.
CHICAGO , July ( ! . Ono week , from
August US to Soutcmbcr " Inclusive , has
been set apart as "Hreman's week"at the
fair , and during tlio time the lire laddies
from all over the laud will meet at Jack
son park and hold n tournament. The
feature of the week's coicbrution will bo
a practical test of lire engines and ap
paratus that are to bo seen on exhibition
at the fair. This test will servo a double
purpose . Of itself it will bo an at
tractive ontorlaiiimont of the most irt > vel
kind , and wil draw a big crowd and cre
ate not a little excitement. Besides ,
upon the result of the test will bo
awarded the medals and diplomas.
r.criiiiin Count IION | In the Ditch.
KvANSVitiLB. Intl. , July ( ! . A. II.
Goeblent/ Gorman count , an inmate
of the poor house , died in a ditch a short
distance from the institution yesterday.
The deceased was a member of the Ger
man nobility and his father possos.-oil a
title and an estate of over half a million
dollars. Gooblcntz came to this coun
try when 117 years of atre and became a
naturali/ed citi/.en. Ho was finely ed
ucated and a prosperous man in the
past. Drink was the ciuibo of his down
fall and finally landed him in the ] ) oor
house and a pauper's grave.
Vomit ; Tlilcvi 8 Arrested.
Detectives Savage and Dempsey last night
arrested John Kelley and Frank Bain , two
suspicious characters who wore loafing
aroun J the corner of Fourteenth and Douglas
streets.voung lieljey is wanted forrobbery
in Council Bluffs , where ho snatched a
pockctbook from a woman on the street the
other day , and when arrested was in posses
sion of clothing stolen from Tom Bitterson's
room yesterday. Bain was held as a possi
ble accomplice.
Don't forgot to try as hard to keep as
you did to win love.
Don't forgot the future while you are
planning for it.
Don't marry a man who drinks , no
matter what lie promises.
Don't hope to reform after marriage
what you cannot succeed in doing during
Don't do these things , says the Janncss-
Miller Magazine ,
not strange that some people do
wrong through ignorance , others from
a failure to investigate as to the right or
wrong o a matter. But it is strange ,
that individuals nnd firms , who are fully
aware of the rights of others , will per
sist in perpetrating frauds upon them.
High-toned , wealthy inimufrcluring
firms will offer and hell to retail mer
chants , articles which they know to bo
infringements on the rights of proprie
tors , and imitations of well known goods.
Wo want to sound a note of warning to
the retailers to beware of such imita
tions aud simulations of ' 'CAHTKU's LIT-
TLK LiVEtt PILLS. " When they are of
fered to you , refuse thorn ; you do not
want to do wrong , and you don't want to
lay yourself liable to a lawsuit. Bon
Franklin said "Honesty is the best poli
cy" ; it is just as true Unit "Honesty is
the best principle. "
. _
It Curti Cold , Coufthi , Sere Thre l , Cronp , Into-
fnra , Whooplnr Cough , BronchlUl tnd Aitbmi.
A certain curt for Coniunpllon la Erit itipti ,
nd a sure rtlltf In adrinceJ t tt - f e t eae .
You will ltd th % ttctllent ffe t fttr Ukln th *
f rut don. SoM hr d-alfti ctrrjHher . Lug *
County Fair '
nffords an excellent opportunity for the
pldpocUet to get your watch. If you
would be proof ngninst Ills skill , be sure'
that the bow ( or ring ) Is a
This wonderful bow Is now fitted to the
Jas. Boss
Filled Watch Cases ,
which are made of two plates of gold
soldered to a plate of composition metal.
Look equally as well as solid gold cases ,
and cost about half as much.
Guaranteed to.wear 20 years.
Always look for this trade mark.
None'genuinc without it.
Sold only through watch dealeis. '
AsU any jeweler for pamphlet or send
to the manufacturers.
KeystoneWatch Case Co. ,
Per YOIIIIB I.mllrn. Mtt session opens September
r.lli. U : < 1. Kclfctio co'irsvi In nil l.itiifiiiiiurn ami
f > clciirc , Miinlr , Art. ncl iiiriillnn. : ; Klitutmal *
iirofessora nntl tviimly Uillvi. Urautlfully Bitunteil In
Vnllcy of Vliglnla. on N. A \ \ , 1C 11. near lloanoko.
niiiiiiilnlti M-rnrry. , ) llurriil Miilrrn. Climalo
Duexcollod. Wrtto tot Illustrated catilocuo to
CIIAS. COCKi : , Suiu. , Holllna Va.
Olbt I/Mr. / rrci inlor.vCillcl lc. M-i'lf , .MtCmivrt *
Fits for Wellcflr , Smith , vawar. Hvml for Ilium rntnl Cutiu
loguo. Alldru.lE. V. UUI.MUK. A. M. Jjckrootllto , IU
Mudo bv Curtis &San. Portland , Mo.
Tlie best paying Investment for : i housewife 18
The Excelsior llonu-Dakcr and lloaslu
rtalteB brnnil trxaly , lonven It moist ; moat will bo
juicy nml rich , fcivo'ione-third nutritious c10'nut6.
No Ii0vcui ; do without It jitter havlii ; trlo-l It.
WrltuJor circulars.
CoimoJiif'i'.s , /o\v < i.
Htarmys--it-lrw. I'r.vj-
ttoo Hi the HUto nud
federal courts. Itoorns UOJ-7-S-9. Sluigart
block , Uuiinull Hill IT * . IL :
BUI ? ; ? .
AI1STKACTS mul loaiiH. Farm and clly property
bouslit anil Hold. 1'iiHuy , t Thomas , Council
GAHIIAdK romovi'il , ca < < np olB , vaults. cliliinujyH
vliMiiuil. Kcl Jlurku , at T.iylor'u grocery , 310
.1 FO-acn ; ffoo : ! , Improvo.l fiiru lu se. 'J7-32-H
'iSherliliuCo.Nub. , for : ilo ut * IOI.0 ) ! ) ( ) . Thll
IH away below Its value. Johnston & Van I'uttou.
17OK KXCHANGK , nlco lot on bottom for horn *
J- and biurify. ( IreeimlilcldH , Klc'iol.son ' .t Co.
] 7OK SAI.i : ut n liarualn If filicn at once , 1(15 ( feel
t.v 'Mi feet on 1'ark avenue , or will Hell In
Bmalli'r parcels If dculred. M. II. Hhcafe , fJroad-
way aud Main Hlreet.
\\rANTEU , a youiiir man to wont about thu IIOIIHO
' t and y.uil. Apply at olllco of Leonard Uverutt ,
1'earl ulreut.
All klnilsof Dyolug
and Uloinln ; iluno In
the hluhoit sty ID of
the art. Killed anj
stained fabrics made
to tool : us ROOJ in
now , Worn promptly
done am dullvorol
In all parls of the
country. SonJ for
prluo list
lltcudwnv. uour North *
western DopOU.
Tolonhonu U&
f T TTT H 1
You Will
WG carry the largest line of S/o7c/es , Knlfo Heads , Guards ,
RivetSt JPitmau 13oxest Italco Teeth , Oil Cans , Punches , Con/ ,
Chisel , etc.
Wo guarantee prompt shipments. Send us your orders *
1304-6-8-10 Main St. , Council Bluffs Iowa.