Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 04, 1893, Image 9

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I'Outing flannels nil down in prices.
lee what wo olTor ut 6c , lOc , 12jc and
Ho yard ,
R Ticking Oc , 8c , lOc , 12c } , lee and 20o
.Roranant's of pants goods , denims
luting llanncls , shirting , etc.
IDouble-faced ) cotton llannol IGoyard.
I' Cretonne at ICc , worth 2Co.
I , Summer skirt patterns only 25c each
Sliakor llannol at 5o.
Cotton flannel Cc.
Colored bunting , double fold , very
kino , at lUc , worth Ific.
I llayaons' is the place for you to trade
ff you want to save money , aa they are
citing down the prices.
[ Linen Department.
You can't afford to pass us on towels.
pculnl bargains on our tables ut5c , lOc ,
pc , 19c and 25c each.
, " ! J-4 dinner napkins , full blenched , rill
finon , $1 , 81.2T ) , $1.50 , $2 , $2.60 , $3 , $3.50 ,
$4.50 , $5 , etc. , a dozen.
fiO-lnch rod bordered dntnask , worth
[ ) c , reduced to 25o yard.
I Big bargains in line bleached damask
J't 7Cc , 85c and $1 a yard.
Remnants of table linens away down.
Haydons' is the plnco where you get
Iho now styles of Anderson Scotch zeph-
| rs , this season's style , and the only
louse in Omaha where you can find nny $
ping like an assortment to select from
; ll 6c yard.
A ? Drees style gingham 5c , 7jc , 8Jc and
Oc yard.
( Fine zephyrs at lOc , 12jc , loc , 19c and
JV5c yara.
Leghorn flats , dress shapes , inottii-
itains , cartwheels , and all the styles
I of high class snmincr hats at ex-
[ trcniely low prices for this week.
( Brandenburg Cloth.
f)0 ) pieces just received in light ground ,
[ the latest stylos. These gooda arc Tory
I popular this season at 2oc yard. Ilay-
Sdohs' price just one-half , 12ic yard.
i White Bed Spreads.
Wo mnko fine crochet spreads a spo-
| cialty. Wo buy them direct from the
( mills'in solid case lots.
Compare our spreads at 75c , $1 , $1.25
: \nd$1.50 each.
I Bates damask spreads , 11-4 size , now
Inly i)5c ) each.
i Big line of fine Imported Marseilles
fprcuds and colored Mltcliolino quilts.
tlankets and
Great reduction in order to clean up
111 oddp and onils in this lino.
[ Bargains in remnants of llnnnols.
I Block must bo sold. It will pay you
look thGUI over.
lloak Dep't.
[ Ladies' spring capes in blue and blacl <
$2.25 , $2.05 , $3.76.
iLadios' spring jackets in gray , tan
Id blue at 31.95.
ILiulios' fancy spring jackets in gray ,
to , blue and black with cnpos and sill *
lilng worth $12.60 , at $7.60.
( Ladies' Eton suits in blue llanncl , lat
It style , worth $0.60 , at $1.60.
iLtullcs' wash suits at$1.03,31.75$2.50
t 5 , $3.75.
ILadicB1 house wrappers in percale ani
Iwn $1.25 , $1.35 , $1.-10 , $1.60,81.05. $1.87
U)0. )
F Ladies' percale waists , 37c , 45c , 60c
( c , 75o , 87c.
Ladles' silk waists in plain black
IIno and white , figured and gray strlpod
orth$3.05 , at $2.25.
furnishing Goods.
Wo have a big bargain in some fin
IhIniv. Wo have a lot of it , and w
etoing to Boll it cheap. Now if yo
lon't got any of It don't blame us. W
| ro going to put it on sale Monda ,
norning and the llrst come the ( Irs
lorvcd ,
Largo decorated potato or sala
( tlslics , lOc , worth 76c.
Tea bowls , decorated , 7c , worth 25o.
Extra largo Begonia plates or Irui
Wishes , 13c , worth $1.
[ Pine decorated nups , aaucors nn
llntcs , 15o , worth 75c.
[ Extra largo bird nest tups and pltol :
srs. splendid for ice water , -170 , wort
I'.l.CO.Wooilonwaro '
Wooilonwaro has novcr boon so chen
i it is now.
Wooden pails , 6a
No. 3 tubs , 30c : No. 2 tubs. 49c ; No
[ tubs , ftc. )
0-foot hard wood stop ladders , 70a
Folding ironing tables , 85o.
Wooden bowls , 3e.
No , 43 Hurd refrigerator , $0.55.
Maglu egg beater , 35c. '
Till8 IB the only place where you CM
[ got the Magic ice cream freezer. Tl
I Magic is the only freezer in the war !
I that husn revolving wlro whludasho
I thereby whipping the cream. OB
I Come in and BOO tlietu oporat
Price from $1. 5 up.
Handled cups and saucers , lOo par sc
Wash l.owl and pitcher , 25u.
Plates , 2o , 4o , 60 each.
Hukos , beet etool , 15c.
Bbovole , 20o and 30c. -
HOGS 23o ; opidiug forks 40o.
Ctilldron'ui guidon sou 'Joe.
Oureoda water fountain is ready. V
' rcako our own flavors from frebh frul
nud granulated sugar und use pu
Less Than Half the Old Price ,
California evaporated poaohos , per
pound , lUu.
Fine Valencia raisins , 5c.
Flno dried apples , 8c. }
Columbia evaporated atorllizod croatn ,
12c. }
Challenge milk , lOo.
Soda crackers , 4c.
Ginger snaps , 71c.
Molasses enko , 7jc.
Oat meal crackers , 71o.
Milk butter , Vjc.
Frosted cream , 7c.
Graham crrfclccrs , 7jc.
Sujar cookies , 7io.
XXX milk crackers , 7jc.
Lemon snaps , 7ic.
Canned Goods.
All Uindn of California 3-pound can
of plums , 12fc.
3-pound can California Beaches , loc.
3-pound can California apricots , 15c.
Homo made catsup , per bottle , IGo.
Silver llako oat meal , oc.
Corolino flakes , Otc.
California Breakfast food , So.
Ainorlcun breakfast cocoa , 35c.
Imported maccarcni , 12 Jc.
Imported spaghetti , 12Jc.
Imuotcd vermicelli , 12c.
All kinds of washingpowdor , lOc.
Teas and Coffees-
This week wo olTor loxvor prices in
colTco and tea than over before. Broken
Java , 121c , 15c and 19c.
Cracked Java una Mocha , 19c , 22o
and 2oc.
Fancy golden Rio , 25c ; choice , 2 4c ;
Santos and Maricolio , 2Se ; our blond
Java and Mocha , 3ilc. ;
Tea dust. lOc and 15c ; sundriod Japan ,
19c , 25c. Wo sell a No. 1 uncolored
Japan tea for 25c ; pan fired Japan 35c ,
40o ; spider leg Japan , 4So and 68c. Wo
carry a full line of choice black tea ,
Ceylon English breakfast and Oolong ,
These goods are the boat that money
can buy.
In this lot will be found al
the new French and Americar
novelties in fine handles , sucl
as Natural Woods , Havilanc
China , Dresden China , Wei
chel , Cassia , Orange Wood
Fancy Celluloids , Sterling Sil
ver , Oxydized and Gold
Trimmed Sticks ,
Lot I. Price , SI-50 ,
An olocrant 20-inch sunshade , olegan
cassia sticks and paragon frame *
Not ono in this lot worth loss tha
Lot 2. Price , $1.98.
Pine 20-inch Milan serge , in all the hit
style handles. None worth lo :
than $ U.5'J each.
Lot 3. Price , $2.50.
These are beauties : made from the vet
best quality of uillr , mounted erich
rich and rare handles. Many In th
lot worth as high as $5 each.
To be closed out at less tha
cost ,
150 up to $2.50.
Leghorn flats , dress shapes , mom
tnins , cartwheels , and all the htyli
of high class summer lints at e :
trcniely low prices for this week.
Mill remnants of scrims 2a per yard ,
Very line open work bcrim 5o to lOc.
Sllkalino , 1 yard wide , lOc.
Drapery silks , 45o to 05c.
Poles and trimmings , and ovorylhii
pertaining to a first-class curtain a :
drapery stock.
The sale will continue a fexv days me
on lace curtains. Any price fiom
per pair up to the llnost.
Some special bargains from $2 to
per pair ,
Wo have some now patterns for tl
week in very line body hrussels carp
at OOo ai.d $1 ; the chcapoat line Q\
ehown In this city , .
AUo tupestry brussels 47c and 50o.
Acknowledged by all to be the opportunity of the year.
Fully one-half of Omaha's ladies took advantage of our great
sale last week , and the other half will all come this week , for
never before has such an opportunity to secure fine quality and
perfect silks at such low prices. Importers and manufacturers
close out entire stocks on hand regardless of cost in order to
work on the enormous fall orders they have taken4 We , being
the largest handlers of silks , get the first choice , and we pre
sent to the ladies this week , in addition to our regular unmatchable -
matchable lines , the cream of all such lots at much less than
the cost of production.
30-inch Black India Twill Silk ,
double warp , makes an ele
gant summer dross. Our price
this week
10 pieces Black Crystal Bonga-
line , the scarcest silks in the
market at present time ;
other dealers ask $1.75 a yard.
10 pieces Black Satin Duchess ,
as stylish a fabric as can bo
had. Wo offer a limited quan
tity ai the low price of
10 pieces Royal Black Armuro
Silk , makes n dross that will
not split or get shiny. Our
To attract you attention to the
finest stock of evening nhadcs
in silks in this city we will soil
this week ONE HUNDRED
pieces of 24-inch Uabutai
Silks , in all the noweat deli
cate shades and line quality ,
for which other houses will
ask you $1 per yard. Our price
for the week will bo
g o * WQB
§ *
: wa
3 F g
oq & EL W 2 , cf
o 3 n * i5 -
O rr jn ? T
§ o * ° M
3 '
Q S n''o
f ro O
< Sigtq * R
We are determined to reduce our immense stock of
Dress Goods
before the season closes. You can buy a dress at your own
price any day this week ,
4o-inch all wool grey serges and other desirable weaves
reduced to 39c. These are among the most popular fabrics
for traveling costumes. Do not buy until you see them ,
4o-inch whipcords , all wool , reduced to 65c.
in two-toned effects allwool reducec
4o-inch whipcords - , * ,
to 75C.
46-inch satin finish hcnriettas , the best goods made , re
duced to 75c. " , 1
t i
4o-inch all wool serges , in ten shades , reduce'd to 45c.
The very best quality 46-inch black Thibuet cloths , re
duced to
4o-inch satin finish black henrietta cloth reduced to 65c.
t. 4onnch all wool hopsacking reduced to 45'6.
China Matting.
Our stock of China matting must bo
closed out at once to mnko room. Prices
12Jc , 18c , 20o to lioc.
ud Wall Paper.
iOo Wo have the largest and most oom-
ploto line of wall paper to ha found In
S3 the weat.
Every grndo from white blank at 4Jo
up to the llnost mado.
It will pay you to look at ou r stock
any prices.
DtS Leghorn flats , dress shapes , moun
'Of tains , cartwheels , and all the styles
of hinh elass summer hats at ex
tremely low prices for this week ,
Gasoline Stoves.
Wo have a big stock of stoves of all
makes. The Monaroh , the Quick Meal ,
the Aurora , etc. The lollowing- prices
they will bo 4old for :
2-burnor low stova 83.15 , regular
price 86.00.
2-burnor high stove 81.80 , regular
price $8.03.
3-burner low stave 85.00 , regulai
price 97.00.
3-burnor high steve 80.40 , rogulai
price 810.00.
3-burnor and stop burner $10,51) ) , regular
lar price $2x00.
Lawn Mowers.
10 Inch lawn mowers $2.85.
12 inch lawn mowers $4.2 %
U inch lawn mowora $ d.2o.
Come to
Three lots of this season's
Gjoods marked down to sell.
The prices are right , BO don't
miss it.
also in this sale at
Cut Prices
Tomorrow Hayden Bros , in
augurate the season with a
great bargain sale of Coats for
summer wear. They are of
different patterns and styles ,
and just exactly what every
body needs now. We will of
fer them "in three lots so low
that they should sell on sight.
We propose to mow down our
immense stock , and to do so
and continue to popularize , our
clothing department shall from
time to time give people the
benefit of heavy reduction
sales on standard goods at the
right time.
See here :
Lot i. 500 Summer Coats
bought to sell ati , go tomor
row at 250.
Lot 2 , 200 Coats and Vests
in fancy stripes and solid col
ors , bought to sell at $1.50 , gc
tomorrow at 500.
Lot 3 , 75 Black Alpaccc
Coats , only small sizes , worth
$2 , go tomorrow at $ i.
Some suits for your consid'
eration on Monday :
150 men's suits at $3.50 ; nc
bigger bargain was ever showr
I in Omaha , Others ask $6 fo
the same thing.
80 men's light colored chev
iot suits at $4 ; worth double
In these we have only sizes 4
5 and 6 ,
73 men's $10 suits go fc
$7.5 ° .
Hayden's Shoe De
partment will sell
Ladies $2.50 and
$3 Oxford Ties
at $1.73.
Men's Cordovan $3.00
Shoes at $2.00
Hayden Bros , shoe sales
are always interesting because
shoes are sold as advertised.
How do these prices suit you ?
Over 300 pairs of ladies' '
fine $2.50 and $3 oxford ticsv
on sale at $1.73 a pair.
In order to give everybody
a chance at these bargains we
put them on two long tables
in our shoe department. These
are all fine oxfords , worth
$2.50 and $3. You take your
choice for $1.73 Monday.
We give in this sale FREE
one bottle ladies' tan dressing
with every pair of our ladies'
fine tan lace shoes at $3.45 ,
worth $4.50.
One bottle ladies' Gilt Edge
dressing with every pair of
ladies fine shoes from $2.50
In this lot we put over 200
pairs of Pillsbury Bros. ' fine $3
dongola button shoes at $2.50 ,
and a bottle of Gilt Edge
given with every pair.
i box of our French black-
ng with every pair of our $2
cordovan shoes , worth $3.
i bottle of tan dressing with
every pair of men's $3.45 tan
shoes , worth § 4.50 ,
In order to secure a gooc
selection of these Monday bargains -
gains come early.
Extra help secured to wai
on all ,
Attend .the best shoe sale
ever held in Omaha for bar
gains Monday.
Leghorn flats , dress shapes , menu
tains , cartwheels , and all the style
of high class summer Jiata at ex
retncl y low prices fur this week.
You don't have to pay Mo and 35o for ,
butter. Wo nro celling fresh country
butter for lOc , 12jo , loc , and host coun
try butter , 17c. Creamery have atk
llc ) , 2k : and 2.1c , inul the separator
creamery for 2T > c. Itoinoinbor it is no
higher. You can got the llnost butter
you over nto for 2.C. ) When you try it > (
once you will always come hero for it. >
Here wo nro cutting prices.
Wibconsln full cronm cheese , Go , 71c ,
lOc and 12Jc ; llnost uroam choose made ,
1 le and Hie ; how is this , young America
full cream cheese , 7o , never sold for
less than 12Jo and loc ; Edam ehcoEo ,
$1.00 each ; pincnppla cheese , 45c. WB
have all bi/.cs in Canadian paragon
cheese at lowest prices , or any kind you
may desire.
Wo are right in It in moats ,
handling only the select poods of the
Cudahy , Swift and Hammond Packing
Cos.Sugar cured picnic hams , lie , Cali
fornia hams , 12c , strictly sugar cured
No. 1 hams , Ific , bologna , head cheese
and liver t-aiibngc , fie , boneless rump and
plate corned beef. 7 c. dried beef , lOo ,
boneless ham , l4e. Try some of our
cooked boneless ham , 1-Je , it is lino.
lioinbcr you can got everything at
lowubt prices hero.
Men's and
Children's Hats.
$2.00 , $2.fiO stiff hats $1.00 ; black ,
brown , nutria.
$2.50 Fedora hat 9Sc ; black and brown.
$3.00 , $3.50 Fedora for $1.75 : black ,
brown , nutria.
$3.00 black soft hats , S1.23.
$2.00 fur soft hat , 7oc , brown , nutrJ.l. *
75c men's crush lmts,48c , blackbrown , ,
$2.00.50 men's straw hats , 75o.
J$1.00. SJ.25 men's straw hats , 48c.
75c men's ntraw hatu , 2T > c.
50c men's straw hats. loc. '
Hoc and COc childrcn'a straw hats , ISo.
Call and got our prices before buying.
Dep't No. 50.
Monday is always n rod letter day la
this department , but the coming Mon
day will make a bright scarlet letter
look blue.
Red Hot Prices.
Best stockinott dress shields , So per
40 pkgs best hair nine for 5o.
Linpn thread 2c per spool.
Ladies' bolts It each.
Fancy border d handkorchlufs lo
Full width clabt c 2c yard.
No. 5 all sill ; rilbous 2e yard.
Children'slaco ollars lo each.
Flno white and uroam laces 2o per
A fancy spot vo 1 for 5c.
All silk Windsor licslOo oaoh.
Linen collars and cuffd in sots , IfloanJ
life sot.
Mexican hnmmocl s Goo each.
Fancy lunch bubkc B 15c.
Ladies' hose suppi rtors 7o pair.
100 yards best BOW it g sillc 4c spool.
10 yards best button hole twist la
Fancy dress trirrmings 3o per yard.
Pearl buttons 16u
Dross stays 5c sett.
Crochet cotton 4 balls for Cc.
Ask for fashion shoot at lace counter.
Lcgliorn flats , drcsssluipcs , moun
tains , oirt\vhqels ; , and all the styles
of liiK" class .suminor lints ut ex
tremely low prices for this week.
Drug Dept.
3-11 > bars castile soap , white or mot
tied , 29c ouch.
Copperas , fie lb. , 0 Ib. for 25 < x
Chloride of lime , ICe lb.
Platt's chloruloti , 4 < ) c bottle.
Paris grron , 18o lb.
Carbolic acid , 45c pint oottle.
IIood'H Barsaparlllu , 75c bottle.
Liobig'a Hoof , JroriiuU Wlno , 35o bot.
ProBcrlptions filled ut lowoic price * .
Rubber Hose.
Very good cotton hose 7jo per foot , In
eluding couplings.
A 1 cotton hose Oc per foot , including
Music Dept.
This department has been
too busy to get up an adver
tisement this week , but we
will say this much :
Away your money if you buy
a Piano without first getting
our prices.
We sell the best pianos
We have the largest assort *
We will save you an even
$100 on any piano you buy of
us ,
Come and see our new upright -
right piano for $175.00.
Chickering Pianos ,
Sheet music , 70 ,