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( filmed ty cmltr to any put of th cltj
ITluslnrMOfllce . No. 43
| rci.niitoM.3 f wn Kditor . NO. w
IN. Y. Plumbing Co.
I Boston Store. Natchaug silks.
iMIItonbcrgcr Is tlio hnttcr , B03 Ilroailway.
| The Princes of the Orient will have a race it-
| g this evening In Knights of Pythias hall.
I Special session of Harmony chapter No.
f. , Order Eastern Star , tonight for the our-
hsoof Inlttntlou.
There will bo n free soclahlo in the parlors
f the First Presbyterian church this oven-
[ g , to which all nro Invited.
Mnrrlcd-At the Kiel hotel , Wednesday
cnltig , May 21. 1803 , Mr. John H. Miles and
. Isi Stella Pierce , both of Macedonia , la. ,
lev. II. H. Ilarton ofllclatlng.
I All members of Twin Brother ncamndrl
Lent No. 4'J Order "
> uu vi * i y * * , Independent " - * j1
cllows , are requested to meet nt tbo hall
ils evening at 8 o'clock to transact 1m-
irtant business ,
ITho regular tncotlnn of the Parochial Ad
hcloty of Ht. Paul's church will bo held
11th Mrs. TI J. Habcock this afternoon. All
Vo cordially InTltcd.
Jl'ho young people of the Matter DaySatnts
Jiurch have formed a society , to meet every
Iriilay evening nt 8 oVlock nt Saints chapel
fi , Plcrco stieot , west of Olcn iivenue , for
lie discussion of the leading topics of the
l/blo. Subject for discussion tomorrow oven-
lie : "Is Baptism a Saving Ordinance , and
Il'lio Has the lUght to Administer It. " A
[ ordlal Invitation Is extended to all.
[ .A nicotine of the Hoard of Equalization
fill ho held this evening. It
till bo the Jlnal meeting of the year
Ind the question of assessing the motor line
Jn the same basis as other owners of real
fctato will como up , that Is , If the Inllucnco
[ if the motor company has not been so strong
.luring the past few weeks ns to cause the
fncmbcrs of the council to ignoio the subject.
lTbo doings of the board will ho watched by
| ho public with a deal of Interest.
Tholnlsfatl Philharmonic nnd Dramatic
_ lub of this city will glvon bcnellt entertain-
Incntat Dohany's opera house for St. Her-
mrd's hospital on Tuesday evening. Juno 13.
t has been so long since the Sisters of
Mercy called for any aid on the people of
Trouncll Bluffs , that they hope to see a pen-
ITOUS response to the present Invitation.
"Jesidcs earing for n number of charity pa-
.ionts , they have of late incurred consilient-
wlo extra expenses for necessary alterations
In the building.
Ton lny lit thu World's Fair.
It will cost you loss than ? , )0.00 , every-
.hincr necessary Included. This means
Jioincs in private cottage , clean , safe ,
ilosc to grounds nnd on the beach of
, Lake Michigan. Write to .T. T. Chyno-
Ivoth , Windsor Park , 111. Refers to n.
IvV. Tilton of Tun BKE , or Jacob Sims
| ) f Sims & Balnbridgo , Council BlulTs.
Pasturage for horses and cattle on
jcorgo P. Wright's farm adjoiningc Ity
Imlts on south ; f > 00 acres blue grass ,
unnlng water. For terms apply to
allies Haphj on farm , or at Carbon Cotil
[ . otnpany , 10 Pearl street.
Pure ice
From Missouri river channel.
Mulhollandit Co. , Brown building.
Telephone 102.
f Say ! the "Workers" of the Christian
Sunday school want yeti to come to their
unique social Friday evening in the now
1 building opposite the postolllce.
W. S. Estop returned yesterday' morliing
from a short trip to Chicago.
T. U. Dawson left last evening for Des
lolncs tqattcna.suprcme courf , _ _ „ . .
Mr. Garden and wife of Kearney , Neb. ,
are the guests of E. A. Blanchard and fam
ily , South Eighth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Ovitlo Vienvent 'to Shplby
cdiinty Wednesday evening to attend a "social
given tbcro under the auspices of the Ameri
can Protective association ,
C. G. McCarthy , state auditor , of Des
Molncs , was in the city yesterday attending
the bankers convention. IIo paid a visit to
the school for the deaf in company with toV.
T. Fllcttingcr.
Among tholowans registered at the Grand
hotel last ovenlup were the following : M. .
n. HutchlnsQii , Ottumwa ; Thomas II.
Brown , Grlswold ; J. B. Butler , Cedar
Kaplds ; J. W. Uecd , Ida Grove ; John P. Alli
son , Sioux City ; J. V. Ilincliinan , Glcnwood ;
P. Egan , jr. , Thomas Phillips and P. i
Mlnuhan , Neola : F. M. Nichols , J. Nichols
and Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Nichols , Atlantic ;
A. A. Watts , Ncolu ; II. A. Searles. Des
( Mollies ; C. B. Christy and Jam s Wiser ,
iMnlvurn ; C. H. Hutchison , Ottumwa ; C. A. :
\Tylor , Lumars ; George T. Webster , Sioux
Notice to C'cJiilriictors ,
Bids will bo received until Juno 1 , 'OH ,
pr the erection of a brick veneer
L-hurch building , to bo erected for lie
iiormun Evangelical church. ns
ind sncuiilcations may bo seen at the of-
iicoof J. C. & W. Woodward , architects : ,
Kvorott " block , corner Broadway and
'carl street. The right is reserved tote
eject any or all bids.
liny Lund fur Kent.
' Hay hind for rent in lots of from 20 to
" ) acres. B. Marks , Council BlulTs.
Hco the peerless Dauntless bicycles
fcnd got terms. Hurry Murphy. 10 Pearl.
! ' Another Improvement to the popular
fichubort piano. Swnnson Mnsio Co
' For Sale Hickory 4-foot wood , $0.00 ) ;
| < tovo wood , 12 or 10 inches , $2.00 erin
pord , delivered. II. A. Cox , 10 Main
Mrr. . W. Cliupiiiau Hurt.
Mrs. Dr. O. W. Chapman mot with a seri
ous injury yesterday afternoon while driving
on Third street near the corner of Ninth
avonu.0. A farmer's team ran away and
ed with her rig , overturning it and
throwing her out with great force. She >
lit on the curbstone in I'roat of Mar
tin Hughes' residence , striking her
head against the Htono and bruising
it badly. Two rlt > s on tier left side were
broken and she was picked up in an insun-
.slblQ . condition. The
patrol .
wagon was sum-
tnonod and she was taken to her residence ,
ItKttHigh street. Her
injuries are very se-
Irero , but are not thought to be dangerous.
ISlui wll } bo coulitied to her bed for several
[ nocks.
Don't miss the Workers' social Friday
javcning. A fine musical und literary
[ p'rograin will bo rendered and straw-
ILerrics and icp cream Horved.
Hon. O. 0. McCarthoy , auditor of state ,
ullcd on the Council
| Bluffs Insurance
luommny ) yesterday , and after an oxaiu-
rljiaUon ot the business done HO far this
year , oxprcssou his surprise at the very
batiafaetory progress tno company has
Williamson & Co. . 100 Muln street ,
largest and best bloyelo stock In city.
The ( iriinil Hotel ,
Council BlulTs. The most elegant in
lowu. Dining room on buventh lloor.
Hate , $3.00 and $ o.00u day , E. F , Clark ,
Attention A. r. A.
' A ( till attendance requested for Thurs-
'day evening , May 25 , as important busl-
tioss ia to be brought up. By order IBlOf
the President.
, Stop at the Ogden , Council Bluffs , tie
-Vcbt $2.00 house in Iowa.
Vanuatu & Sweet , attyjt. , Everett blk.
, Geo. 8. Davl0 , preburipiiou druggist.
Last Day's ' Swnion of the Iowa SUto
Bankers Association.
Addremp * Made bjr 1'romlnent
Uei Molnot vlioiou ai tlir Next Place
of Meeting llntorlalninont of
the lUnltcrt Vcitordnjr.
Tlio bankers convention did but llttlo bus
iness this morning. The delegates started
out from the Grand hotel at 8:80 : o'clock and
took a rldo about the city In vehicles pro
vided by the local bankers and rltlzcr.s.
The weather was just right , the streets
were neither dusty nor muddy nnd every
thing was In such condition as to show the
city off to the visitors In the best possible
fashion , The beautiful residences , shaded
drives , paved streets and enchanting glens ,
called . . forth many expressions of admiration ,
the trip through Fall-mount park being espe
cially enjoyed , All the principal residence
streets were driven over and the visitors
given full opportunity to appreciate the full
beauty of the metropolis of southwestern
Iowa. <
The morning session was to have com
menced nt Did ) o'clock , but the dele
gates wcio so late in returning
from their drive that It was nearly
two hours later than that when they re
turned to the opera house and settled down
to bu&lncBs.
Invltnt.onfrnm WorldM Fair
As nn introduction Secretary Dlnwlddlo
read a communication from the management
of the World's fair stating that an inter
national bankers' congress is to bo held In
Chicago for a week , commencing Juno 111.
and asking that delegates bo appointed
by the Iowa Bankers association to meet in >
convention with the delegates from the
other states of the country and from Eng
land and Franco. The following delegates
wore appointed , each ono being given the
privilege of appointing a substitute in the
event of his being unable to attend : S , F.
Smith of Davenport. C. H. Hannan of Coun
cil Bluffs , W. A. McIIenry of Denison , J. M.
Dinwiddio of Cedar Haplds , and J. 1C.
An invitation was also read from
ths secretary of the National Bankers asso
ciation to appoint n delegate to their con
vcntion , to bo held In Chicago , September 0
and 7.
Hon. E. H , Thaycr , president of the Iowa
State Koad Improvement association of
Clinton , read nn interesting paper on tlio
subject , "Good Heads and How They Effcet
Our Financial Condition , " Hn opened by
making the startling statement that < 2T > 0- ,
000,0 < U ) would not cover the annual loss each
year as the result of the present system of bad
roads. Of this amount at least $8,000,000 Is
contributedTJy the state of Iowa to the mud
king. When a man's house is burned down ,
ho is a loser , but the brickmason , carpenter
and ( plumber are gainers. The money lost
through bad roads , on the other hand , is a
dead < loss , no ouo receiving the slightest ben-
cflt from it. Ho cited the fact that every
state In the union Is now agitating the sub
sis of butter roads ns un indication
that the present system is n earing its end ,
He ] considered the expenditure of the road
tax in the present manner a dead loss , for at
the end of 1,1)00 ) j ears the roads would bo no
better than now. The plan was suggested
borrowing money nnd securing it by long
time \ bonds , thus obtaining the necessary
funds with which to build good , permanent
stone roads. Ho devoted considerable time
to ( showing that it was often advisable
to ( go Into debt for the purpose of
making improvements which would pay for
themselves a thousand fold in added pros
perity. He quoted the testimony of It. G.
Dun & Co. of New York in n recent report ,
to the effect that thu present hard times und
financial crashes arc duo more to slow col
lections 1 , caused { by bud roads , than to any
imperfections ' in the monetary system. Mr.
Thuyer held the closest attention of the convention - ,
vention throughout his address.
M. B. Hutchinson , cashier of the First .
National bank of Ottumwu , read a paper on
"Iowa Bankers Their.Duty to the Business
Interests of the State and to Each Other. "
The president then announced that the
plans of the citizens for thu entertainment
of the delegates this afternoon had rendered
it advisable that the morning session bo
prolonged a little and the afternoon session
correspondingly shortened. The llrst ad
dress of the afternoon session was accord
ingly read by F. E. Wettstcin , cashier of the
First National bank of LaPorto City , on the
subject of "Tho Young Man in Banking. "
Quito a largo proportion of the delegates
was composed of young men , and the ad
dress was full of interest.
At tlio Afternoon
At the afternoon
session resolutions were
adopted . exptcsslvo of thanks and apprecia
tion for numerous courtesies , including the
presence I nnd address of ex-Comptroller
Lueey , Mr. YiUcs of Omaha and other
speakers. Thanks were given to the ir-uyor
and citizens of Council Bluffs , to the motor
line , to the press , etc. , etc. ; in fact , a "thank
you" all around. Great cnro was taken to
avoid 0J any committal -upon any of the
financial J questions of the day. The only
discussion evoked was upon a simple resolu
tC tion t providing for a change in the manner
of electing officers , the reform being to the
effect that hereafter the ofllcurs should DC
IC elected directly by the association , instead
of being nominated by a committee.
The proposed change was adopted by a vote
of 27 to 23.
The following were chosen as officers for-
the ensuing year : President , W. A. Mo !
Henry of Denison ; first vlco president !
Simon Cnssldy of Des Moines ; vlco presl *
dents , J . , W. Garner , Columbus Junction ; F-
Ilelnu , Davenport ; W. W. Donnun.Inde
pendence ; S. B. Zciglcr , West Union ; G. W.
Gllcic , Murshalltown ; M. B. Hutchinson ,
Ottumwa ; O. P. Wright , Knoxville ; C. V.c. .
Cole , Corning ; A. S. Ulloy , Defiance ; A. C.
Brown , West Bend ; H. N. Smith , Spencer ;
treasurer , . ! . F. Latltner , Hampton ; secre
tary , J. N. Dinwiddio , Cedar Rapids.
Des Molncs was chosen as the next place
of meeting ,
State Auditor McCarthy's Address.
The addresses of the afternoon were very
interesting and practical as well In many %
their suggestions. Hon. C. G. McCarthy ,
the auditor of state , prefaced the reading fty
his address by a pleasing tribute to this city ,
i ml especially to the school for the deaf
located here , and which ho declared to be
one of the grandest of all the stuto
institutions. He urged the bankers
to make a personal inspection
of it before leaving the city , both for their
own entertainment , and also for their information
mation us to the wonderful educatory work
being done hero. Ills address .van upon
"Thu State and Savings Banks of Iowa , and
the Growth of Laws Kclatlng to Their Or
ganization. " Ho spoke of the ease with
which uny organization , however fraudulent
in its nature , could become incorporated ,
u it bout the stuto having ui > y con
trol over it. Many people thought
that becatisu a company advertised
itself as incorporated that it was therefore
endorsed by the state as responsible.
Hencu It vtuti easy to dupe the Innocent ,
louulaw in this respect was defective
I'hu laws were also defective in regard to
banking and other financial institutions.
The auditor was made bank commissioner ,
but his rulings were subject to review by
the courts and the law was often so doubt
ful or deficient , that It was difficult for such ;
an oftlulal to act intelligently and promptly.
The law in regard to capital stock should
so changed us to compel shareholders to pay
up In full , Instead of paying in some small
percent of their stock , and then advertising
to thu world u large amount of cap-
tal stock. If the capital stock
needed to bo increased it could be done In a
legitimate way , Instead of by a series of as
sessments. ' 1 ho law in regard to tlio liabili
ties and duties of bank officials and directors
should also bo changed so us to afford more
protection to stockholders und depositors.
All other financial Institutions , savings and
building associations , etc. , of whatever
nature should bo under state control ana
sublect to state inspection. Then the publto
could bo Informed as to their real condition ,
Thu weaker organizations could bo made to
strengthen themselves or go out of business.
The present feverish condition of financial
circles should cause all moneyed institutions
to be careful about speculative enterprises ,
aua thus keep ibviuielicn ia condition to
glvo needed heln to legitimate nnd perm.v
nert commercial enterprise * , preventing a
possible panic.
Auditor McCarthoy then gave an Interest
ing statlKtlcal review and showlnr of the
growth of savings banks and state banks In
Iowa Mnco 1875 , nt which tlmo there were
only n Inctecn savings banks , wfth a total
capital of $7Hi.OOO and total liabilities and
assets of W,501,000. In 1810 tlio number of
savings banks had increased to 101 with A
capital of $ .1,304,000 and total assets of $32-
753,000. In 1373 there were twenty-three
other banks In Iowa with a total capital of
about $1,000,000 and assets reaching nearly
1,000,000. In 18W the number of such banks
had increased to 141 with a capital of $7,430-
000 and assets of $20,747,000.
n Pusoj- Speak * .
Tlio closing address of the day and of the
convention was that delivered
by ex-Con
gressman Pusey , the well kiVbwnand pioneer
banker of Council Bluffs , who gave some
very interesting reminiscences of the early
day , narrating them with the usual vigor
and eloquence which over marks his
public addresses. Ho digressed a little from
the subject assigned him , but this was
( lonablo as the Incidents which ho so thrlll-
Ingly pictured were of more than mere local
Interest. Ho told of the visit of Abraham
Lincoln to Council Bluffs In ISC'.l. At that
tlmo Mr. Lincoln was accompanied by the
then secretary of state of Illinois , Mr.
Hatch , and these two gentlemen In company
with Mr. Puscy nnd N. S. Bates ,
took a carriage drive about
the city. On reaching "Look-out
Point , " on the bluff near the present resi
dence of Lucius Wells , they alighted nnd
walking to the edge of the seeming precipice
took in the grand view of bluffs , bottoms
and river. The details of the conversation
as told by Mr. Pusoy wore very Interesting.
Mr. Lincoln was greatly Impressed with the
beautiful scenery , but still more by the outreaching -
reaching and Just-developing west , the very
gateway to which seemed to lay at his feel.
The talk was about the proposed building of
the Union Pacific , and the provision in the
law which made it the duty of the president
to ilx upon the terminus on this side of the
river and within curtain bounds.
"Perhaps , Mr. Lincoln , you may be elected
president , nnd It may bo your duty to deter
mine this location , " remarked Mr , Puscy.
To this Mr. Lincoln made no reply , but
stood with folded arms in contemplative
mood until ho suddenly burst out with ,
"Nature seems to have made that bottom
there and the Platte valley , just to build
railroads on , doesn't she ! " Then ho
continued , "By the way i no
ticed coming on the boat that
you have a little river which is called the
Weeping Water. Do you know If I was a
member of the Nebraska legislature the very
llrst thing I would do would bo to. Introduce
a bill to change the name of Weeping Water ?
You know up In Minnesota they have a river
which they have very appropriately named
Mlnnohaha , the laughing watcnC Tsow , I
think they ought to' change the name of
Weeping Water to something more appropri
ate and pretty , change It for instance to
Minneboohoo. "
Unculn'ilona rnrm.
Mr. Pusey narrated numerous other Inci
dents of Mr. Lincoln , among them beinc the
fact that on this same visit Mr. Lincoln ,
while in the ofllce of Mr. I'usey , pulled out
of his pocket an old , greasy paper , and
asked If they wouldn't sco about Its being
lllcd for him. It proved to be a land war
rant issued to him as a captain in the Black
Hawk war. Wo askedihim why he had not
entered the land before , and he said that he
had been keeping it to show his boys that ho
had a war record. After some other line
humorous remarks ho loft it with Mr. Pusoy
to locate the land. Ho did so for him in
Crawford county , near the homo of the
newly elected president of the Bankers as
sociation. About a year ago the noted son
of the martyred president sent word from
England to sell thu land , and the 100 acres
were disposed of.
K In 1803 Mr. Pusoy had the privilege of
meeting President Lincoln in Washington.
Mr. Lincoln insisted on his sitting down
and talking over Council Bluffs. "He
inquiied about some of those whom ho
had mot on his visit here Judge
Baldwin , Mr. and Mrs. Bloomer ,
and Jocosely asked If Mrs. Bloomer
still wore oloomcrs. Stepping to where
hung a map of the Union Pacific and the con
tiguous country , ho placed his finger on the
point where he tiaa stood in 1859 , and said ho
should novcr forget the impressions made by
the scene which nature had spread before
him. Knowing that Mr. Lincoln had nn
interest In some lana near the pres
ent location of the Union Pacific trans
fer in Council Bluffs , I suggested
to him that this property would surely bo
enhanced in value , and ho would make well
by it. Mr. Lincoln shook his head. Ho said
that a Mr. Judd was Interested In that land
with him , and that ho was so certain that
ho would be elected president , and would
have to determine the location of the termi
nus , that ho had Judd take the property off
his bauds , so that it might never bo said
that ho had made a single dollar by his de
cision , or could impugn his motives in the
slightest degree. "
Driven Through the City.
At the close of the afternoon session the
delegates left the opera house for another
trip about the city. A motor train took
them to the corner of Eighteenth street nnd
Avcuuo A. where they found a special
train of Burlington coaches standing to
take them out to the new bridge. After
looking the ground over they returned to the
city und took a run down to Lake Munawa
on a special train which Maor Reed of
Manawa had fitted out for them. Thus
ended one of the most enjoyable conventions
the association has ever hold. The exer
cises of both days were noticeable
on account of their interest for
outsiders as well as for the bankers ,
and the citizens who fulled to attend missed
a great treat. The Council Bluffs bankers ,
headed by C. H. Hannan , deserve great
credit for the manner in which the arrange
ments were nuido and the details of the con
vention carried out. The delegates leave
for their homes carrying with tnom many
happy memories of their stuy here , and the
citizens of Council Bluffs have the same
feeling towurd them.
A Massachusetts paper , speaking of r f
the lecture of Rev. J. II. Armstrong , in
"The Stuff Men Are Made Of , " sayn it
could not bo commended too highly. His
words and gestures beautifully express
the deep thought , the strong reasoning
and originality of the speaker. The elo
quent speaker will appear at the Broad-
why Methodist church on Friday oven-
Protect your homes against destruc
tive storms. W. C. James has the
strongest companies in the world.
Charles Biorworth 1ms porter and ale
on draught at the Metropolitan , 818
Marrlueo llren c ,
The following murriiigo licenses were
issued yesterday :
Xamu and nddrebs. Ago.
t INUUC Vail , I'urruKut , In . , . -1-1
| Hilda HiiKluton , 1'arratnit , lu . 34
i Uhurlps MncUabcn , Council HlulTa 44M
| C'liilbtlnu aoreiison , L'uuncll Uliilfs , . 'M
Free treatments daily from 2 to 4 p.
in. at the Council Blulfa Medical and
Surgical Institute , 20th nnd Broadway.
Brown's C. O. D , grocery closes at 7
p. ui. , except Mondays und Saturdays.
Mure Urluf for 1'etcMon.
F. W. Peterson , who has frequently graced
police and justice courts during the past , is
in trouble again , and the churgo against him
this time Is cheating by faUo pretenses.
Peterson , who keeps a tailoring establish
ment on South Ninth street , ihUo
a horse trade ft few ilnys nco with B
liveryman nnmed Ji V./Novlns. The latter
claims Peterson rcr > r l > nted that the Tiorso
ho owned was without imcumbranco , but
after the trndo had been completed ho found
thnt the animal , wWwrf1 value was about $20 ,
was blanketed by a tiiortpago in favor of ouo
Fucrlmuken for t\9. \ Ho tried to Induce
Peterson to settle , ln\ \ refused to do so.
Peterson will bo tried , before Justice Fox
this morning. , , , , .
Miulln llnilcrwcnr 'SftW ' for 3 n y
Thnnriiy , Frltln'y , Sntnnlnr.
Today we place J6n sale $5,000.00 worth
of ladles' muslin , uniprwcar ! nt prices
never before named ia this or any other
city ; the entire lot nt'2T > c , COo , 7 < ic , OSc
and $1.48 each. Our muslin underwear
Is all made on lock aulch machines with
Hat feed scams. Wo .handle no cheap
shoddy goods. Every garment is now ,
fresh and clean. Remember this great
underwear sale starts today and contin
ues for three days. Only como In today ;
If you can't como today , como In Friday ;
if you can't como Friday , como In Satur-
day ; any way so you don t miss It.
f)0 dozen Indies' white aprons , largo
size , long strings and with 3 lows of
drawn work , during this great muslin
umlewcar sale , only 15c each.
Originators of Low Price.
Now is your time to see Puck's Cor
ner nnd have your fortune told. You
can do either or both at the social Fri
day evening in the now building oppo
site the postolllco.
Cook yoi" meals this summer on a gas
range. At cost al < ho Gas company.
Motzcnr & Itnnilletl'H Ice Crcnin.
Try Motzgar < fc Randlolt's pure nnd
delicious Ice creams and ices nnd you
| will order no other.
Secretary > T. Q. Amlemon of the Council
Ilium Innuranco Compnny Arrested.
A sensation , which has been brewing for
some days past , culminated yesterday morn
ing in the arrest of J. Q. Anderson on the
charge of breaking open mall which was not
intended for him. Mr. Anderson Is the sec
retary and ono of the principal stockholders
in the Council Bluffs Insurance company ,
and the complaint was filed in the United
States district court by Henry CofTcen. who ,
until last Tuesday , was a stockholder in the
sumo company.
Coffcen's action , according to the state
ment of ono of the directors of the comtuny ,
is the result of malice , pure and simple.
Coffeen came into the company a year ago
last November and was appointed treasurer
at a salary of $1.000 per year.
From the start three was considerable
friction between him and Anderson ,
who had been with the company a long
tlmo , butcvery thing went along without any
open rupture until a few days ago. A couple
of weeks ago ColTecn demanded an increase
in salary of $200 per year , but it was refused.
There was a meeting of the directors at
which It was decided that if Coffecn wanted
to go on at the old salary , well and good ;
otherwise , ho could leave. Ho left.
The other members of the company had
been doing a little qulot investigation on
their own hook und 'learned thnt Cofteon
enraged , as they claim , nt the refusal of the
directors to increase his salary , had retained
the services of 1 an attorney and
was about to commence an action to have
a receiver appointed for the company. They
also learned that ho had been to Omaha and
had a conference with iStato Auditor C. G.
McCarthoy In which ho asked him to take
hold of the company and wind up Its affairs ,
alleging that it < was Insolvent.
The state auditor himself is
responsible for this tastemoiit but
whonj Coffeen. was asked about it denied
even having been in the auditor's oftlco. In
order to prevent Coftcon from making any
further efforts to b'ringiabout the dissolution
of the company the 'other members bought
out his stock , paying him a largo advance on
the actual value.
Coffeen then dcvotcfl hfs attention to
making things warnigfor Anderson , whom
ho blamed for the actionof , the directors In
refusing him his demaritl for extra pay. Before -
fore leaving the city Coffeen told Anderson ,
so that gentleman states , that ho expected
some mail from Mollne , III. , with refer
ence to some insurance business ,
and authorized him to open it.
By mistake Anderson opened a letter
which proved to bo from a woman at Carroll ,
Ia. , and Coffeen immediately Jumped at the
chance of opening ; v hornet's nest in close
proximity to Anderson's ears. When Ander
son was arrested on the charge of violating
the United States law ho immediately went
before ComuiinsionerJ. J. Stendmaii , waived
examination , and was bound over to the
grand Jury , his bond being fixed at $1,000.
With regard to the insolvency of the com
pany , the members assort that the charges
mudo by Coffeen nro entirely without foun
dation. They say that Coffeen was ready
ana anxious to boom the company if they
would raise his salary $10 per month , but
when ho learned that theyswould not raibo It
ho suddenly discovered that the company
could not pay its losses. They claim that
the company was never in any better shupo
than It Is now , us the stock formerly held by
Coffeen is to bo taken up at once by well
known Council Bluffs capitalists.
Bargains In fine tooth brushes and
cologne , wholesale price , only lOc.
Davis , the druggist , 200 Uroadway.
Louis Biedorman is agent for the
Great Eastern hotel , the largest in the
world ; practically fireproof ; has 1,100
rooms and is modern. Those intending '
to visit the World's fair will find it to
heir Interest to call or write , enclosing ?
stamp. 504 First avenue , Council Bluffs.
Don't delay your house cleaning until
the hot weather arrives , and don't delay
going to the Council Bluffs Carpet ro
pany and taking advantage of ll c
splendid bargains they are giving in
Proclamations to the fiolillorx nnd Citizen !
to Assist In Dororutlnc.
Pursuant to established practice of c'clo-
lirutlnR tlio 30th of Mny as Memorial day loin
honor of the lioytt In bluu who dlcdiln the .sory-
Ice nf tholr country , thu soldlnrsln all pails
of the country will itHsomhlo In inuinory
of their fullun comrades. It Is hereby ordered
and requested that all comrades of heel
Grand Army of the Republic , and all sol
diers , assist in the exorcises of Memorial
day and report ut the headquarters of Abe
Lincoln post for duty at 1 o'clock on that
day. G. W. COOK ,
Commander of Abe Lincoln Post.
T tlin Citizens.
The 30th day of 'May ; having boon ostnu-
d hy thu national' trovornmont , und ulso
by the btuto ' legislature ; as Memorial day , for
tliu niirnoso'oficonirinm-ntlnB the memory of
our fallen la-rocs of Uwjlutu lubolllon.nnd la-op-
IMK In view the grand ju-lnclplo for which they
foil , and teaching tlio rising Keneratlon the !
lekhon of loyalty nnd patriotism. The citizens
of Council II lu IV a nnil tint vicinity are , thuro-
fore , most cordially Invltud to assist In tliu ex-
erclM's to bo hold nt .Knlrvlow cemetery uxon
that day and touluje , < ifl Assist the ( Jrfliid Army
of tlio Uopubllis In tills lotile worU and inninli-
IIIK this Uuy ona to bu.'remembeicd by all
Vourt , rc'hpuctfnllyi . " JOHN I.ISKLT ,
L'hulriiiun ut Uomrhlttco on Invltiitlons.
Music furnishddfor ; balls , parties , pic
nics , sociala , teWf by Musicians'
> n , J. K. Follott-inanugor , 400 Broad-
way , , Council BHiffB' ' . '
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest . S. Gov't Report
Th Authorities of the Hofinl of IlcMtti
UlTeSome important Intormntlnu About
the I'reiont Condition of the L'enple.
At no tlmo In the history of Now York City
have tlioro boon to many dcntln from pnou-
monln ni now. ThoofllclM figures show that
'nearly twice as many deaths from this csmo
arc occurring timn for ttio lust five roars.
This Is something torrlblo.
Dr. John T. NnRle , lloftlstrar of Vital Statis
tics , rnya that this Increase Is duo to the Influence -
once ot grip. Ho says that gnu may bo called
CDldomlo just now. mid that In the majority
of cases grip Is nvltttl , contributing cause to
pneumonia and nil clamorous pulmonary
troubles. At this tlmo ot the when wo
nro changing oror from winter to 8prlntlioro
Is always n low order of vitality ; n reaction
from the strains of the season. The blood does
not Ilowso fiillorr.inlilly ! the strength uloss.
I or this reason crip bus a much butter chance
than at nny other season.
This Is 11 tlmo of year when people * need to
bo direful nnd too much Importance cannot
Do placed upon kcoplnz the blnol warm and
In circulation. Von must lirlnz about n reac
tion If you wish to avoid the psln and dangers
ot those troubles In time. There Is but one
way by which a reaction can bo brought
about and that Is by the use ot a pure stimu
lant , preferably whisker. Hut the grout dif
ficulty Is that tlioro nto few whiskies which
aropuro The only really pure nnd reliable
whiskey known to thu medical profession or
the world Is Duffy's 1'uro Malt , It possesses
qualities known only to Itself , H will lirlna
about a reaction and prevent cold , pneumonia
or thosrlp whnro many to-cullcii itlmulimts
would fall. It has siivod tnoro lives nnd re
lieved more sulTorlni than anything of a slnil-
lar nature which vrat over known before to
the world
Said the
to himself , "If the j
inoon I could net ,
whenever I'm dry
uiy throat I could _ _ _ ,
wet ; The inoon isaBMstS
quarter with n quar
ter I hear ; you can
purchase five gallons
lens of
Root Beer. "
A Delicious , Temper
ance , Tlilrst-qucnclilnir.
Hcalth-CUvIng Drink.
Good ( or any tlmo of year.
A 3SC. package makes 5 gallon * . Be sure and
get HIRES' .
And Health is the Royal
Road to Happiness.
Every manner of chronic disease onn bo
cured without the use ot medicine- the
Council Bluffs
No matter how nearly dlsconrneod
you nre ,
or how much you huvosuirorod from dlsonso
and Uiid olTccts of
stronj medicines , you can
bo cured nnd caln pennnncnt bonolll hy the
new antl-modlcal system of treatment , Dis
eases trsatod :
Anomlii , Apoplexy , Ajth-m , Uroncliltl s ,
Catarrh , Congumptlon , Curvnturo of the
Splno , IJyspoiMln , Hjulopsy , Liver Coin-
plnlut , XouralRlp , Itlicinmatlsni , 1'arnlysis ,
Constipation , Scrofulu , Kczoma nnd All
Blood Dlseasei , Female IVcahneii , Deaf
ness , Lockjaw , Ilornln or Jtupture , J'llcs ,
.Nervous AITootloiis , llcnrt Disease , I'll lay
Kte. ,
All treated nnd cured by the
Galvanic Electro Magnetic linttcry
For extracting all animal , vegetable und
mineral poisons.
Vitalized Vapor and Ozone Baths
For purifying ; the blood and beautifying the
Vitalized Heat and Magnetic Jiath.s
For paralysis , debilities and toning up the
system. -
Vitalized Chemical & Electric Baths
For removing nil cancers and blood poisons.
The Efllcncy of the Above Mnthods Dully
Demonstrated by
fl. I V. D.
119 Stutsman Street , Council Bluffs , la ,
Empkie-SEiugart Go ,
109-111-113-115 MtUu Stroot.
Largest stock of
In the city.
Agents ol the Celebrated
Gurney Hardwood Refrigerators.
Agents for the
Oil Gas Stoves ,
the safest and newest steve out.
Wo are exclusive agents for the
Genuine Boynton Furnace ,
and ( ill furnnco work is supervised by
our Mr. Lautornassor , who is ono of the
best furnace man in the west.
Wo carry a full stoclc of Field Seeds.
City ngonta for the Pioneer Imple
ment Co.'s goods.
Special I oticca.
WKcansell roua liouio nn,1 lot on a piyment of
frointlUUJ tn (51UJ clown nml Jl ) UJ to JI.VOJ
I > or luocitli. Homo ipeolnl baraalm 111 lota , John-
mo A Tan 1'attau.
A IiSlllAOTSniul loans. Karm unit oltr proporir
jVbaunUt and eolJ. I'uier & TUauiai , Uounoll
UluffB ,
7OU SAI > H Cliunp ! to mi UUok driving m arjj
lonm mule ; oil wajon , Imrqesi nnd loam ; top
; road wanon. Carbon Coal Co. . 1(11'uarl ( etroot.
Foil 8AI/K TlireoJorsay bulls ; a oi , ono waat
ooa roar anil two Touri ; nolld culur , ro litoro. !
tock. m B. Ut Bt.
F oil BAUI-NIco li\r carrlsjs to m anj uirrli. )
W.Tulleys. 101 I'oarl at . Council llluiTj
GAItllAdB rouored , caiipouli. vaiiln , chlmaajrj
cloaneil. Kd llurko , at Taylor grocery , fill
llroadirnr ,
Foil t-AIK An uprluUt UTO boriu power boiler ,
lull at I320llroailwor.
IUUNIHKI ) Hat for World's fair for rent a nr 8
X montlis , .New T-room Hit , now furiilturo com-
iilf te , steam heat nnd lint range ; near car line and
liandjr to World's fair. Address U. T. K.U77Kust
litb tlrcet , Chicago.
1Olt IlENT l.nrga warctiouso illualed on rail.
1 war trai'k. Inqulru of I'lonpjr Implement Co.
LJIIKDIIIUIAN bujrs and eolli notes ecured b/
mortijouei on Council llluits and Ouiaka prop
erty , OrUi. * UI Klr t avoauu ,
WlLItr cto Council IlluOa properly and caih for
hardware and tniulomiut itock lu weitorn
lowaoruuilernNebraittt. U 17 , Council lllultj.
FOIt BAl.K-20 tlnolr bred roaditeri and brood
mores , ono Una carriage team. Would ex
change for Kood cnlmproTuii farm land or cltj
property. Dr. U. H. 1'lniiur. Ill I'uarl itrflol.
BKAUTlKUh homo ; all oiodorn conveniences ;
lowprlce , eaty tormi. A. J , Mandul. O , lllurr .
\VANTBO-Comi.etentKlrl In r rnlljof two. lu
> V qulioof Mri. K 1 % WrUUt , in boutu Uerontb
T7OII ' ItENT-Kurnljljei ) room for one or two ton-
X' tlemen. Clt Hyn l r ttruut.
DKdlKAllLr ! rooim , furulibed or uufurntilied ,
with board for tbe summer if dcilrcd , 4UU
lilen avcuuo.
I LJUNISIIKI ) room * for rupf room * with board ,
at 4J5 Watblnvton aye. , corner bcolt t.
I OIl ItKNT oil HAIK-In Mornlniiiildo , a new
CTon-rooui uou e. W. B. liomvr , ua liroad-
S RE-CUT In order to sell them out yet faster.
The best mnkos nt the lowest
prices was always his
motto. Now the best makes go at HALF THE LOWEST
Morse's J3 Wnnltonpnnsts for S5.OO Morso's
' special make of ! l hnnd-
Morse's ' $ S Opera Wells for _ _ 5.OO turned uporn and common souse ,
Morso's $ S Oloth " Top Patent Tips a.30 plnlii mid pntent lib's KI > iiti. , , . 3.OO
IS und
f" fur .
: .Upunv nnd All Morso's M cloth top welts ,
Common Sense , patent til ) , button ami hills. Cor. . 3.00
Hum ! Turned fur . . * All '
' 4.SO ot Mor-iu's U nn 1 UM Oxfords ,
Morse's fll nnd t.5 Common ROIISO n.itonttlp nnd .so.unless ,
Oocrn ' , London toe , AA to fi. for 3.OO mon sense , go nt v com 3.OO
Moru's Ilniul Turned Patent . '
All .Morso's '
now tun I'rlnco
Ynmp. Kid , Itutton
. " Top , reduced hortt thnt wo bought to sell for
from f. lo
> 4.OO M.Kont
Morbu's Cloth nnd Kid Ton llnls. All . ' 3.00
.Morsu's tnn , hlith top Inco , A ,
Opera heel. I'lcondllly toe , IianJ It nnd O widths , thnt worth
welt , roluccd from M to . 3. SO M , co nt nro
' 4.0O
Worse's ( Jlotli Top Hand Turn llitls , Mor-'o'i children's nnd misses' do-
patent tip. Quarters , oxtrulltiu pnrtincnt It ono -
quality , reduced . from W to . 3.5O linr ntu. There IA u tremendous cut from
A ' harKalti. 50c to SI.SO on every shoo , . ,
Morso's Piccadilly welt. Ions Morso's ' . '
misses' 13.59 I'ronch kill.
finunro tip , button , reduced
from Rprlti'j heel , strap nnd .
f5to opor.i ellp-
. . .
3.50 purs. no ut I.2S
A bnrnnln. Morso's Misses' Patent
Morse's extra fine hnnd-tnrncd Slrnp Slippers , cut from 2 Vnmp to. . . . I.2S
button in tliu new square too , Morso'H lllsse * ' J.1 and JiM I'rciiuh
pntr-nt tip. reduced , from H..V } to. 3. SO Kid , llutton , Sprliig Heel Shoos ,
llurgnln A to U. for
Allot Morso's Imported kid nnd '
. Morse's Kid and Uoat , O to 1J
etralcht coat. Wuukonphasle , widths , for .
out from JO nnd to to 3. SO I.SO
. LJ.
, 1 4th and Farnam.
A. D. MORSE in charge.
Cih ) Sleaip pie }
G. A. SCHOEDSACK , Proprietor.
Dyeing , Cleaning- find Refinishing
Council Bluffs office and works , cor. Avo. A and 20th St. Telephone. 310. Sondi
for circulars and prlco list. Omaha olllco 1521 Farnam street. Tel. 1621.
All Hlndaof DyolnK
nnd Oleuilnj dune In
the highest style ot
the nrt. Failed und
btalned fiibrleH mudo
to loni : us good as
now. Woric promptly
done and dollvero.l
In nil parts of tbe
country. HonJ for
prlco Hat.
t T7 : A' \ * .j ? < iKProprlotDr ,
rZVJl _ ' J m"E" Hrcudwuv. near North-
* - 3 -is-
- = ?
- - ,
western Dopoi
* i Tolopbono a ii
Highest Grade $100.03
Eclipse , Wavcrly , King , Clipper ,
Medium grade $80.00
Solo agents for Victors Victor Flyer
weighs USlbs.
41 Muln Btrao ,
foraying Tro's ,
WnifilnK Wlndunri ,
And HuuKlei ,
Cleaning Clilckuii
Coo pa.
Hat two brat * nou'en '
anil upmrur , bnrrul of
galTBiilieU Iron willed
cannot corroJo or wear
out ; bran top and bram
valro lu barrvl , bran
pluuvertrl tli troin handle
und vnlroi nf oak *
tunned leather. Worku
ui well und lift' ni Innu
uu a hlgb priced pump.
Circular * free.
Council JlluffH , fnivn.
lltil V UUwAnit
oil till ) train of
oouapanr them In men QUlCKhV and 1'KUMA ,
NENTLV ( JUHKU Full dr.lriNOril and tune
glreutoerorr part of tbo bodjr. 1 will eml * e >
curelr packed ) KitKH to &nj luiTerer tbo t > rt crlp-
lion that cured we of theo iroublei. Addrau , l
The World' * Greatest Mosmorlfct anil li'ua
i.iuUer , assUtocl hy
In her wonderful fonts ot Oatnljpsy.
roBlllvoly the Kunnlcfct Bhow on Earth.
Complete Change of P/ogwm NUhtl7 ,
I'lllCES 25 , a50 contM. * *
Wu. U. IIKLI.V , Advance