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    THE OMAHA DAILY lUteE : TUESDAY , MAY 23 , 1893 ,
Sixty Tax-Paying Oitizcni Object to Judge
tbo Misdcodti of their Neighbors ,
) lnlfn Tlioiunntl Henri of Cuttle
All on Account of Mothor-ln-I.nw
South Omnlin' * HhootliiR Caie
I'ollce Court Appealf ,
Yesterday morning the second three
weeks of the May term of the district court
begun , nnd the second batch of Jurors came
on duty. Of the 160 who had been summoned ,
barely ninety reported for duty , nnd of that
ninety ovcrslxty wanted tobocxcuscd. Judge
Ke.vsor ordered nttachnicnts Issued for the
sixty who had failed to respond , nnd wanted
them returned Wednesday morning at the
opening of court. Ho said that when nil of
tlio Jurors drawn reported at that tlmo It
might bo possible to excuse some of those
whoso requests ho would bo compelled to
deny for the present.
Hcv. P. M. Foster nnd Dr. W. F. Mil-
roywero relieved. J. II. Uumotit , president of
the Nebraska Central , asked to bo excused
on business grounds , but the court thought
ho would make an excellent Juror and told
him that ho would hnvo to stay , although It
was promised that his case should have ad
ditional consideration on Wednesday morn-
Mr. Cuilnliy In Jeopardy.
E. A. Cmlnhy failed to put In an nppcar-
nnco. having gone out on n trip with John
A. McShano after bolng served with the
Bubpccna. Ho will bo hauled up Immediately
on his return nnd told n thing or two about
implicit obcdlcnco to the mandates of the
Acting Cashier Hhodcs , of the National
Bank of Commerce , was excused for d
week. Gcorgo Mercer said ho could
not afford to servo on a Jury oven at
(10 a day. The court told him that the state
was paying but ? 'J n day , still It couldn't got
along without him.
Some of the Jurors made additional pleas
nfter their requests wcro refused , but
Judge K. stated that the panel as rep
resented was at least twenty men short , nnd
that business could not bo Jeopardized by
the excusing of any more jurors.
Itpplo\lnc < l Morlcn c < l I'ropcrty.
The Bank of Ovcrton has roplovlncd 551
heart ofcattlo In the hands of the Union
block Yards company. It alleges that It
holds a mortgage on the cattle for $23,000 ,
and it also presents n claim for $5,000 dam-
nges against the Stock yards company be
cause the latter has kept the property out of
its possession for the space of two days. In
case it is Impossible to get the cattle back ,
it wants Judgment against the defendant in
the sum of ? 2",000.
Snyn It's a Cnso of Self Defense.
James Jj. Johnson has filed his answer to
the petition of his wife , Jennie , asking for a
divorce. Ho denies that ho has ever hern
nbusivo or cruol. and states that the only
times that any demonstration occurred was
when ho was compelled to throw her down
to prevent her killing him with certain
articles of household utility which she was
disposed to use In a manner other than that
for which they were Intended.
Ho maintains further tliat his mother-in-
law is rosponslblo for all the trouble ; that
his wlfo is willing to patcluup existing differ
ences , nnd that they propose to go away and
lenvo the mother-in-law and her offensive
partisanship far behind.
Smith Onmlia's Shooting Case.
Kobert Parks , who is charged with shootIng -
Ing with intent to kill and murder , was ad
mitted to bail in the sum of fSOO.
It is stated that the defendant was in fear
of his life when surrounded by a hard crowd ,
nnd that ho pulled a gun from his pocket.
Arrow followed In' which the weapon'was
discharged nnd n bystander , named John
Jnckman was severely wounded. The de
fendant is engaged in the plumbing business
in South Omaha.
Taking Up I'otlco Court Canal.
This week in the criminal division will bo
given up to cases appealed from the police
court , and the prosecution will bo looked
after by the city prosecutor , Thcro arc be
tween llfty ana sixty of these cases , dating
back to January 1,1S91. Under the now law ,
which wont into effect April 8 , the
former cases would not hnvo to bo
now tried , but all will bo taken up
ns they wore appealed under the pres
ent city administration and had not been
reached by Assistant City Attorney Cor
nish , to whoso attention they would have
como but for the change requiring the city
prosecutor to follow the cases to the higher
Court Ciilltiisn.
The first to bo tried will bo that of the
Btato against Diugman , charged with dis
turbing the pcaco.
William Deering & Co. nro still after the
property of the National Cordage company ,
mid have secured an attachment for a lot of
the property of the latter concern in Lancas
ter county to satisfy a claim aggregating
* 100,000.
Gcorgo Miller , who pleaded guilty to the
larceny of n vallso containing tfill.OOO in so.
curitlcs from n room in the Dollono hotel ' ,
was sentenced to eighteen months in the
C , F. Coon , whoi pleaded cuilty to forging
u check for $20 on the 13. M. Hulso Mattress
company , was sentenced to the penitentiary
for the term of fifteen
months. The pris
oner pleaded that it was his first offense and
ascribed his cdmo to whisky. ido
Appeal case of Dan Sherry , fined in police
court for discharging firearms and threaten
ing to light , was called , and the defendant
falling to put in an apnoaninco his bond was
declared forfeited , Like nctlon was taken
in the cnso ngalnst James lj. Lewis , lined in
the lower court in inu
connection with the circu
lation in this city of nu obsccno sheet pub
lished In u town down the river. Lewis
was arrested in Sioux City for libel , and
when last heard of the
by court ofllccrs hero
ho hud something llko sixty aflldnvlts on flic
in Woodbury county in support of n petition
forachnngo of vcnuo to some other county
where ho could hnvo an impartial trial.
Judge Brandos was on the absentee's bond :
in the sum of $100.
City Trcntmrnr Itolln Swyii tlm Ilunril of IM-
iio.ttlun Acted Ilnatlly.
City Treasurer Uolln says ho knows of no
law authorl/lng him to put the money of
\\io \ \ school board out at interest.
At the meeting of the Board of Education
Saturday night the secretary was instructed
to ascertain whether the treasurer had
placed the moneys of the board out at inter
est , nnd if so whether the interest derived
had been turned into the treasury as re
quired by law.
Mr. Bolln lias not heard of any changes In
the school law , and says ho has no authority
to place the funds of the bo.ird out at tr
est. If the board desired this doao it im
bo necessary to advertise for bids , and to
sccuro a bond from the bank submitting the
best proposition to protect the board from
JCipresi Company Clinnco * .
At mlunljiht on May .MJ the Fremont , Klk-
horn & Missouri Valley , Siouv City As I'acillo
nnd Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha
will pass out of the hands of the Wells
Fargo Kxmcss company and bo operated bv l .
the American
ICxpress company.
Anticip.itlng the clmngo that will take
Tilaco In the western division of the Amer
ican , Mr. L. A. Garner , general superintend
ent , announces the following appointments ,
effective May SO :
Mr , S. W. Fargo is appointed superintend-
nut of the Iowa and Nebraska division , com
prising lines of this company in Iowa , No-
Lruskn , Wyoming , Black Hills and South
Dakota , with headquarters at Omaha.
Mr. ChnrlcA A , Goldsmith is appointed
route agent with headquarters at Don d wood ,
B. D ,
Mr. W. ft. Jones Is also appointed route
ngcnt with headquarters at Fremont , Neb.
Tltrso changes will also enlarge the scope
of Mr , C. S. Potter's duties as ngcnt In this
city , giving him thrco now wagons and six
horses , Increasing the city force to ten
drivers and eighteen head of horses. It will
add one clerk to the city ofUco and also put a
dcix ) ulllcu nt Webster street , increasing ttio
cflloo force to t\vcnty-ono men.
IIAYDIN : niios.
Letting Down tli Prices SpeclM Sat
Extra largo knotted fringed nil linen
damask towoln worth fiOc , on Palo now
17c cnch ; 20x-JO Barnsloy crochet towels
full blenched , only lOc each ; unbleached
turklsh towels f > c { CO pieces of dress
style gingham , prlco wnsfic , 7 c. 8c,10c } ,
nnd llJc ! , all in one lot , choice 3jo yard.
Closing out the remnants of best
Fatlno ( mill remnants ) 23c grade , Tues
day 2Jc yard.
All our high novelties in French
soil no , which have been 35c , 40o and -15o
yard , reduced to 23c yard.
i dinner si7.0 full blenched all linen
napkins , woith $1.50 , now only $1.00
Remnants of fine colored batiste , only
uc yard.
Yard wide , soft finished , bleached
muslin 8Jc , Tuesday only5c ynrd. In
order to give nil a chance the quantity
on cnch item will bo limited.
Now styles light ground challics , re
duced to 2Jo yard.
Scotho celobrntetl Sohinor piano nt
Ford & CharltonMuslo Co. , 15U3 Dodg o.
Drexel Hotel , 10th & Webster , 1 blk from
Mo.Pac. & Elk. depot. Nat. Brown , prop.
Madison , " ( familyjiotcl ) , 21st
and Chicago. Transients $2.00 par day.
A snap for some hotel man. Sco J. W.
Squire's adv. in "Business Chances. "
Wear Kimball's anti-rheumatic ring.
Cures in 30 days or money refunded.
$2.00. B. W. Schneider , 941 N. Y. Life
building. Send for circular.
In KfToct Mny SB.
Remember that the new service on
the Nickel Pinto rend goes , into ef
fect Mny 28. Through trains between
New York. Boston and Chicago. No
change of sleeping cars. Superb dining
cars. Three fast trains in each direc
tion daily.
I'lcllltlrs Tor Trnvelcrc.
The Nickel Plato road olTors superior
facilities to the traveling public , the
improved service taking effect May
28. No change of sleeping cars be
tween Now York , Boston and Chicago
in cither direction. Superb dining cars
between Buffalo and Chicago in both di
rections. Trains leave Buffalo 5:30 : a.
m. , 12:03 : , noon , 11:23 : p. m. Trains
leave Chicago 7:35 : a. m. , 2:30 : p. m. , 0:30 :
p. m. All trains run seven days a week.
To Intondlni ; Traveler * .
Intending travelers desiring to know
ot the now , fast trains to the south ; of
the now , fast trains to the east ; of the
new equipment and improved comforts
now offered by the Pennsylvania Short
lines from Chicago , can obtain full par
ticulars by calling upon the ticket agent
of any connecting line in the west or
northwest , or by addressing H. R. Ber
ing , assistant general passenger agent ,
at 218 Clark &trcot , Chicago. After a
visit to the World's fair , a trip to the
cast or south can bo pleasantly made
ever cither of the Pennsylvania Short
In Search of Gold.
Everybody hns seen gold coin and gold
bars , but very few people have ever teen
gold in its natural state as found by the
prospector. Commencing May 15 the
Rocky Mountain Prospecting Co. will
give free ono beautiful and rich speci
men of gold ere and ono share of their
stock , par value $500.00. Wo will give
away twonty-fiyo specimens and shares ,
but will only give ono specimen or ono
Bharo to each person. This stock will bo
worth its par value in less than six
months. Wo nro doing this as an adver
tisement. Send stamp for ono of these
specimens or ono share of the stock at
once to the
Espanola , N. M.
Department of Applied Christianity Founded
Cninpiu Gossip ,
la. , May 22. [ Special to THE
DEE. ] At a special meeting of the board of
trustees held May 0 a now department ,
which seems to bo of largo significance for
the future of tlio college was founded.
Mrs. 12. D. Hand of Burlington has for
a long time desired to found and endow
i n department of Applied Christianity , in
, honor of the memory of her husband , E.
D. Hand , csq. , of Burlington , who died six
years ago. Since Hov. Dr. Gcorgo D. Horron
was called as assistant pastor to the Con
gregational church in Burlington , about two
years ago , Mrs. Hand has become very much
interested in him and his work. Dr. Horron
is n man of altogether exceptional power as
a writer , speaker ana teacher. His sermons
and occasional discourses have been pub
lished In nearly all the Burlington papers ,
much of the time in full. He is the author of
thrco books , "Tho Larger Christ , " "ThoCall
of the Cross , " and "A Pica for the Gos
pel. " President Gates wrote an introduc
tion to lTho Call of the Cross. " The coming
of such n man to the college promises a largo
increase of the best kind of intense Christian
thinking for the student body. This is the
fourth opportunity Dr. Ilerron has had to po
Into college work , and wo count ourselves
fortunate indeed in thus being able to look
to his permanent attachment to Iowa col
Tlio base ball team returned May 13 from
n trip through Illinois , Wisconsin and Iowa ,
having played at Peoria , Champaign , Madi
son , Dccorah and Iowa City. Our victory of
9 to " almost a shut-out over the Iowa
State university is tlio llrst of oasu ball in
the history of the two institutions.
On May II ! was held the eighth annual
flold day of Iowa college , which .ho
most successful In many respects of any
over held , The day nnd track proved
fuvorabjo for record breaking , as ten homo
and four state records wore broken. Tlio
state two-mllo blcyclo record was lowered
oy Culver , the present state champion , over
n minute nnd a half. The class ol "J5 won
the elegant silver cup offered to the class
winning the most points , bcorlng Gl out of
a possible MS. Elegant gold and silver
medals wcro given the winners in each event.
The preliminary list of commencement
speakers has been announced. Seven girls
nnd four boys are the favored ones. From
tbcso nlno speakers will bo chosen.
Iowa college on Friday defeated Drake :
university In base ball , 17 to H , and on Sat
urday defeated Ames , 10 to 4 , which prac
tically gives low n college the state cham
pionship and the trophy , a silver bat. On
next Wednesday Ann Arbor plays hero , and
n week from that dap the Madison team will
bo hcio.
College closes on Wednesday , Juno 1-4.
Before that tlmo great efforts will bo made I
to raise the balance of the $10,000 for thu 1
now Young Meu'a Christian association '
bulldln ? .
May U7 two of the literary societies will
present Sheridan's "Tho iUvals" at the
opera house , and on .May 81 n play in the
original French will bo given by members of
the llrst , second and third year French
classes. It will bo hold in the institute lit-
| crary boclcty hall ,
Second Day , Shawls Will Bo Sold Again
Today on Account of the Bain ,
812.00 JACKETS TODAY $1,05
JACKETS $1.85.
Wo do not claim that all of these jack-
I I ots are made in the very latest fashion ,
i but that they are jackets that sold at
I $ -J.CO , $0.50 , $7.GO , S8.50 , 810.00and $12.00
cnch , tvlth slight alteration they can
easily bo modeled into style ; at $1.85 they
will not last an hour.
All our regular $5.00 jackets $3.25 ;
all our $0.75 jackets $1.00 ; nil our $10.00
jackets $0.75 ; all our $18.00 jackets $13.50 ,
CAPES $3.00.
All our $5.00 capes today $3.00.
All our $7.00 capes , $4.25. All our $15.00
capes , $0.00. All our $20.00 capos ,
$ ii.75. ;
This is an opportunity on jackets and
capes that has never presented itself be
( fore , nnd only the extraordinary manner
in which wo secured the goods permits
us to offer them at such prices.
, . Our shawl sale , as advertised for yes
I terday , will bo continued today , many of
our customers not being able to attend
on account of the incessant rain.
Children's waterproof garments with
deep cape and extra hood , value $2.50 to
$3.00 , in our great sale today at
Ladies' navy blue and tan mackin
toshes , $5.50 qualities , $11.70.
A largo line of Indies' $15.00 mackin
toshes in a good line of colorings to
day $5.00.
Till today on account of the rain. -
Best prints , 3Jc.
Everything advertised on fifth page of
Sunday's BEE on snlo today.
20o swiss mull , 5o yard. . ( Some
slightly soiled. )
Best imported French sateen in the
prettiest designs imaginable. All 40c
qualities , today 25c.
SALE continued too , 30c , 40c , 50c and
per yard.
$1.25 , $1.50 and $1.75 novelty wool
dress goods , all at C9c.
$1.00 , $1.25 and $1.50 black goods , to
morrow 77c.
75c black goods 47 jc.
Silks nt 47ic.
All our 05c , 75c printed China and
genuine Kai Kni silks , nil at 47jc.
All our $1.00 and $1.25 28-inch Japan
ese silks , 09c. These , with all the other
bargains advertised in Sunday's BKE ,
will bo on sale today.
P. S. Wednesday wo bell ladies' waists
nnd a big line of button and raousquotairo
dressed and undressed kid gloves , sent
hero by our Now York buyer. $1.50
gloves will bo sold nt (19c ( ; $2.00 gloves at
l)5c ) , all sizes and perfect gloves.
"Buck" Keith Ilnd Induced Thorn to Lcavo
Omnlm Minor 1'ollco Tointors.
Ida Corbeo and Emma Rogers , the two
young girls who ran away from their homes
in Omaha about two weeUs ago , have been
located at Dead-wood , S. D. , where they have
been since last Wednesday.
They claim that ' -Buck" Keith , an Omaha
hackman. induced them to rim away by
promising to secure good positions for
them in n Deadwood family , but that
ho toolc them instead to a house of prostitu
tion at Hot Springs. They only remained
there two days , however , going thcnco to
Kapicl City , where they stayed a few days ,
and then walked , via Black Ha wk , to Dead
wood , where they have been wandering
about the streets since their arrival. They
wcro arrested on Sunday by the authorities
of Dcad\j-ood , who , learning that they were
under eighteen years of age , endeavored to
get them to go to a reformatory institution
or to return homo , both of which proposi
tions they rejected.
Detective Vaughn is In correspondence
with the officers who have them in charge ,
however , and will probably secure their re
turn to their parents.
Held to tlio District Court.
for assaulting "General" Field , keeper of n
house of Ill-fume , who , ho says , induced ti is
sister to leave homo and enter upon an im
moral life , was hold to the district court in
bonds of00 yesterday.
j. Shoplufsky was held to the district court
in the sum'of SSOO to answer to the charge of
having committed an assault with intent to
do great bodily injury. Thooffcnso was com
mitted in a drunken row among Polish work
men at Shcely station Sunday night.
No wine has a purer boquet than Cook's
Extra Dry Imperial Champagne. It is the
pure juice of the grape fermented.
Kcnoived Proteins AculriHt tlio Stock Yards
System of Dumping ( iiirliiff.
The Gibson dump continues to cause some
agitation , nnd occupies the attention of the
Board of Health. Councilman McLcarle of
the board was down to Gibson Saturday and
bo believes that a stop should bo put to the
Union Stock Yards
coumpany unloading re
fuse and manure along the river bank there.
At the tlmo of his visit more than nno-linlf
of the dump was on fire , and the odor aris
ing was very offensive.
Manager liubcoek of the company has said
to the board that if the unloading there is
considered a nuisance the company will aban
don the practice. Ho believes that the com
plaints made are actuated by malice. Dr.
Somcrs and Chief Inspector Shcrrar have
3'isitcd the dump and are of the opinion that
It is not such an intolerable nuUaiico as pic
tured. However , they believe that the com
pany might put in a switch farther down
the river and do the unloading there.
A conference is to bo hold this morn-
intf between Counciltncn McLeario and Iiow-
ell ind Manager BabcocK. nnd some plan
may bo agreed upon that will prove satis-
factory t < T all parties.
KMcti a/ Jiff lines wlet * umler tli
( tuts ; tacli ( Ultlltliinal line tcnctnts.
THOMPSON Iliibus , of dropsy , Mny 22.
yoars. Itcmulns removed lo Tuiruart
Cp.'s undertaking rooms , u altlng tfio ur k
from a ,
. - .
Used m Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard.
Interentlnj : MMtthg tlmt Mingled llnilntii ,
Miiulo fcfcdt'lnenpplo Mlierliet.
The OmahiiWoman's club mot In ad
journed scssloteJnfMr. Llnlnger's gallery nt
3 o'clock ' yestchMny afternoon , the extremely
bad weather IfttoPfcrinp with the meeting
seriously , only About flfty ladles being nblo
to attend ,
After the minutes of the previous meeting
wcro read and pppYovcd , the annual election
of officers wag-mafic , resulting in the choice
of Mrs. F. F. Forrt -president , Mrs. S. H.
Townonsflrst--vlco president , Mrs. A. S.
Stlpcr ns second vice president , Mrs. Chnrlrs
S. Harris as recording secretary , Miss Harriet
riot Hickox as corresponding secretary nnd
Mrs. F. M , HIchardson as treasurer. The
vote was n close ono on several of the offices ,
notably that of treasurer.
Mrs. Towno. who hns filled tl'O ofllco of
temporary chairman in so acceptable n
manner , was presented with n beautiful
bunch of 1 .1 Franco roses.
Mrs. Ford , in response to a call made n
brief speech thanking the ladles for the
honor conferred upon her. The clue then
ndjourncd , nnd the committee on house nnd
homo took charge of the meeting.
A musical program was rendered in n very
pleasing manner. Schubert's "Houdcau"
was rendered ns n iilano duct by Mcsdnmcs
Hess-Fuchs nnd Whitmoro ; "Whcro Did
You Como From , Baby Dear , " was sung
by Mrs. Henry Estabrook , followed by
"Hungary" ns n duct by the same ladies us
appeared in the first number. Mrs. Cotton
then sang "Heart's Delight" and , in re
sponse to nn enthusiastic encore , "Love May
ConioVTomorrow. " Mesdames Hcss-Fuchs
nnd Whitmoro closed the program with the
rendition of "Spain" in n very spirited stylo.
Refreshments wcro served in great nbund-
.inco and in the daintiest manner imagina
ble. The lady fingers , pineapple sherbet ,
ami the tea nnd confections wcro simply
above reproach , and an hour of friendly in
tercourse was spent with that lingering en
joyment of which only women are capable ,
after which adjournment was had until the
lirst Monday in October.
lly tlio Now Method .Money Will IIo Snrod
to Tnxpnycrft.
The § 100,000 in sewer bonds voted nt the
last general election , and recently issued by
the council , will probably not bo offered for
sale before the latter part of Juue. There
still remains in the fund about $39,000which
will bo sufllclcnt to meet all demands until
that tlmo. The reason for the delay is that
the bonds had better remain the property of
the city , and interest bo saved , than to sell
them and deposit the proceeds and secure
but a per cent interest from the bank while
the city is paying out 4J or 5 per cent.
Another ordinance has been introduced in
the council providing for the Issuing of u
like amount of paving bonds voted at the
same time as the sew or bonds. The former
o nil ounce was passed over the veto of Mayor
Bcuils. The mayor vetoed the ordinance
under n misapprehension , believing that the
bonds should not bo sold until It was known
how much of the paving mapped out would
bo done , and for the reason that the money
market was very uncertain. The fact was
developed that not an inch of paving could
bo done until the bonds wcro ordered issued ,
With the understanding that they will bo
disposed of only in such amounts as required
the now ordinance was introduced , and it
was stated in the council that the major
would sign the now ordinance in order that
the record might bo made perfectly clear.
A i'nnious Itcincdy.
Chamberlain's Cough Komedy has become
famous for its cures of throat and lung dis
eases. It is intended especially for coughs ,
colds , crouu and whooping coughs , and is the
most effectual remedy known for these
diseases. Mr. C. B. Main of Union City , Pa. ,
says : "I have a great sale on Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. I warrant every bottle -
tlo nnd have never heard of ono failing to
give entire satisfaction. "
In-Scarcli of Gold.
Everybody hns seen gold coin and gold '
bars , but very fowpooplo have ever been
gold in its natural state as found by tlio
prospector. Commencing Mny 15 the
Rocky Mountain Prospecting Co. will
give free one benutiful and rich speci
men of gold ere nnd ono shnro of their
stock , par value $500.00. "Wo will give
n\vay twenty-five specimens'and shares ,
but will only give ono specimen or ono
share to each person. This btook will
bo worth its par value in less than six
months. We are doing this ns nn adver
tisement. Send stamp for one of these
specimens or ono share of the stock at
once to the
Espanola , N. 1J.
Not KntlmshiHtlc for Ilenlth.
The convention of health oflicinls , called
to meet in Salt Lake City today , has
been indefinitely postponed , owing to the
failure of the oftlcials of the different cities
to respond to the Invitation to send dele
gates. Dr. Somcrs and Councilman Mc
Lcarle , delegated by the Board of
Health of this city to attend , were not ap
prised of the postponement until the
last moment. Dr. Somors , accompanied by
Mrs. Somcrs and uaughtor , departed Satur-
dav for Salt Lake , and will enjoy a pleasure
trip. Councilman McLeario concluded to
remain at homo.
Hunting for tlio IHiiinoml Itolibcr.
William A. Pinkcrton of the Pinkerton
detective bureau will arrive today in
search of the man who robbed W. II. Polack
on the Sioux City & Pacific tram last No
vember. Mr. Pinkerton will lie a guest nt
the Paxton , where ho will gladly receive
any ono who knows or thinks he knows any
thing about the matter. A reward of $500
is offered for information leading to the
criminal's arrest and conviction.
' The spring remedy that is
letter than all others isy' "
Thousands have been ctircci
, by it. fPhybiciansusc and rec-
\ ommefid it.
Recommend ]
We have It7\
Try n bottle ,
Dr. G n. BattorOcld , druggist , 720 South 10th
That the Original Roll Collar is our
High in back ; low in front. A desirable ar
ticle of apparel for the present season.
Always in the lead in the Shirt Line is the
MONARCH. A Trustworthy Garment and a
f'ttfcct Fit.
Cures Others
Will euro You , la a trno statement of the
action ot AVER'S Srusnp.irllln , when
taken for diseases originating In Impure
blood ; but , while this assertion Is true ot
AYEIl'S ' Snrsaparilla , an thousands can
attest , it cannot bo truthfully applied to
other preparations , which unprincipled
dealers will recommend , nnd try to Im
pose upon you , ns "just as good ns
Ayor's. " Tnko Aycr's Snrsnpnrllla anil
Ayor's only , if you need n blood-purifier
nnd would bo benefited permanently.
This medicine , for nearly fifty years ,
hns enjoyed n reputation , nnd nindo a
record for cures , that hns never been
equaled by other preparations , AVER'S
Sarsaparllln eradicates the taint of he
reditary scrofula nnd other blood dis
eases from the system , and it has , deser
vedly , the confidence of the people.
"I cannot forbear to express my joy nt
the relief I have obtained from the use
of AVER'S Sarsaparilla. I was aiillctcd
with kidney troubles for about six
months , suffering greatly with pnlns in
the small of my back. In addition To
this , my body was covered with pimply
eruptions. The remedies proscribed
failed to help mo. I then began to take
AVER'S Sarsaparilla , nnd , In n short
time , the palus ceased and the pimples
disappeared. I advise every young man
or woman , in case of sickness result ;
Ing" from impure blood , no matter how
long standing the case may bo , to taka
AVER'S Sarsaparilla. " II.L.Jnrinauu
33 William st. , Now York City.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co. , Lowell , MDBS.
DR. F. I. . SKAItLKS , ConsulUns Surzooti ,
Graduate of Rush Motllc'il College. ( UON-
SULTA'iiON rjlUE. ) For the treatment of
Wo euro Cntnrrli , All Diseases of tlio
Nose , Throat , Cheat , StomuoU , Bowels
Blood , Shin and Kidney Hisonsos ,
Foiuulo Weaknesses. Lost Manhood
P1I.KS , riSTUI.A , riSSUUK permanently cured
without tlio use of u knife , llgaluro or caustic.
All maladies ot a private or dellcato nature , ot
cither BOX. positively cured.
Call on or iiilitrcis , with stamp forClrculnrs , 1'reo
Hook and lleclpos ,
Dr. ScarlEs & Searles ,
No xtdoorto I'ostoniccj
whllocostlns the employer nii.l employes
nothlne. has enabled 113 to atlvanio the inter
ests ot both , and also our own , Uy socurlu ;
bettor results with tue machine.
Wyckoff , Seaman & Benedict
rtecnnso the label Is
Einokcd ; tlmt'a nil
thut'a wrong with U.
JJos Angeles
Wine and Liquor Co , ,
IIC IIQ C . Ilayiienllros
IIU-llO Oi ami llooton btoru
vrs. wn MAICH
01 ? TIIKllt UAU-
313315317 South 15th Streot.
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I Cucumber !
Would bo a queer name to give to summer shirts
and drawers , we know , but it Is suggested to us at = : ft
this moment by the recollection of the old saying
about being "as cool as a cucumber. " And isn't
that Just the way that you want to feel during the approaching
preaching hot weather , of which the increasing
temperature of the past week has been a "gentle
reminder ? " Of course it is. And here we remind
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"Spring Moss" ( fine , soft and cool ) , at 2Oc , $
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"Old Cold" ( smooth and refreshing ) , at 40c.
"Heather Mixture" ( silken finish and fancy ribbed
cuff ) , at 45c.
Besides the underwear , and equally desirable
both for quality and price , are some kindred lines of
goods which will be appreciated by persons who
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quote briefly as follows :
NEGLIGEE SHIRTS , cool and serviceable , a full
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SUMMER NECKWEARin Four-in-Hands , Tecks-
Bows and Puffs , fit for Ward McAllister and his set ,
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FAST BLACK HALF HOSE , very nice , lOc.
And don't forget our extensive assortment of Tan
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If you can't see through your specs
try a pair of ours. T\h \ © fact that we
are ) always hero is an assurance ' !
that our guarantee is worth some-
thing. Our optician tests eyes free.
181G Douglas Street , Oniaha , Nob.
siicccnscatnrrli , l < m tuin.ioo.i , 3j mini naiiiijn , m < n IUIKI i > n . , nu . , , . , , , Ui , , . . , . . . _ , . . . „ . , . , „ „ . , „ .
mercury iiMoil No'.v treiuinont for Ion otlul pjirjr. rartloi utn'ilo to visit mom ly hj trjuil at lie iii !
bycorrcspomloiioo. Mu llclnaorliHtru nint , 13-11 br m ill or xtmirjly picltj I , nu mir < i I ? lnt\s \ (
ciUocontents orsemlor. Ono personal Intorvlow proforrjil Coiuiilutlou frjj. Cjrrjipj.Uo.ijj strlctl , ) '
private. Hook ( M > Btrjrloi ot Life ) teal troa. UJlj lioura , J n. m. to J p.m. dinlirJUn m. Il II m ,
ami ntninptor circular , < .
coMMctL.rAuf rjt
Hurst quality of Himtim Tolmoio tlmtcmi bo , ' ) ( iii'M. Kqunl luovi'ry rr.siicct ( o tlm } , '
ilcure. JluiiufucUrud liylt. It , IHCSMlSHCVtUTJLiU CIGAKirACTOIlV.&t.Loiil * 5 ;
; Our Spectacles and Eyeglassss Aretha Best
OPTICAL CO. , 222 S. IBto Si. InlUnslor
Seventeen Jewels.
Other things being
cqunl , tlio more jewels
in n watch the more
accurate as a 11 in c
piece it will be. The
Duobcr 11 a in p d c n
Watches alone contain
WATCHES so many us tcvcntcca
If your denier iloe.i not keep our watclien , m ll
u your mltlri'iH unil wu will K'nd you tlio imiuu
of a dcujt-r who Uots , TUB Uuciiuu WATUU
Wawlll B NI | you the nurruliiut
yrrncli 1'roi'arillou CALTMO5
frr * . and u Iftul Kuamutw lint
CA1.TIJOS vrjll KvklurK your
Mraiiflli and ) lisor.
U i..rt t * IniU , CUtliull , UkU.
I W , n. I'AHKKn. M. INo. 4 llul/lncl ! It. ,
nowix. Ujtfj. , chiif conivlttna ph\ittclun \ of IM
I'KAItOnVMKim.'AI. JNaTrriJTE.towli "i
iv awarded the GOLD HKIUL ty tlio NATION * ;
MZUICAL , Ai'/ocu-rioN fo. ttio I'llI/.K : SA Y on
Kthauittd rttaltty. AtfOp * > yKirtcut and I'Ayitt al
l > eUUIi/&D'l all JJtua . < anil H'tnlntn o ( Altn ,
Ihoyouny , Uie mlJJIt-aflJ will Old
C'oneultatloa iu j.vriou or ty letter ,
i'ro.pcctu with IcilltnanUlf , FUEK.
I.irgo book. StllKNCE OF I.IPK , OK KKI.r-
rUKSKHVATION , SOO ] > p. . 125 >
criptioUK , full tdJCgnly il.W U wiJI. Mt ! U. i
Chronic ,
Private anj- -
Special Dls6i3)i ) , jj
of both ;
Hen and Women-
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nil otlisr troulilus trnnlcil lit romonablo
charge * CONSUJ/l'ATION I'UUU Oallouoi
Opposite Iluydon Ilroi ,
In uniari > n o < l in tUl
treatment of ull
and allWeiknliiijcy
and Oiiordtn of MLR
18 jo rioii > erlonce.
Wrlto fnr rirraUfl
Bail qucition 111 Irte ,
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