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    TI1K OMAHA HAIFA' BKtt M-H > lrUSDAY , MAY 11 , 1803 ,
[ tTH'i ; < NO 12 IMAUL STUKKI-
l < Ihcurt ly carrier to nny part of t'io ultj
lHil lnr iOI1lro No. 43
n Fl'llONKH , | | Fdltor No. 23
V Plumbing Or.
I Ho-iton Mom Natehaug
Mlltonlierger Is the hatter. W Hroadvvny.
J The C'cnirregatlonal missionary birthday
Jjclnl will bo held tomorrow evening at the
| cside.neo of Ur Montgomery.
Antono Dagi'n s of Canada and Carmllln
ic.ilol Hrownsvllle Iml , vvcio nmiritd by
| ustlco l\x ji-stcrd.iy
'Iho clgnimakcis vinion will meet next
ititnrdii.v for an elcellon of oflleers I ho
J Ic "Mrn'vvlll conducted on the Australian
i .1 HVSU m and the polls will bo open fiom
01 it until i !
ties A Hatulall of Cedar Ilaplds and
n Ull.i 1'hplps of this city arc to bo mar-
1-ie.d todav at the residence of th o btido's
li.ucnts Ke\ and Mrs Stephen Phelpi , on
| A lllovv avenue
, paper is in me ill ciliated among the clt-
.is f i tin p irp-isi of having the water of
BMjm'ci springs delivered to the eitl/ons ,
the Mm irl riMM water furnished bj the
Ivutci v. rns ininpaiiy not being considered
J.It to < ir i It
\\Uiard pi.tPtuisarrestcd last evening
Bin un inrurnmtlmi Hied by a man named
-ibiil in Justin Vii n's court , ehatglng him milting thnais to kill. Hhlll wants
Ihliii i" . ' under bunds to keep the peace. All
Jlho panics lunieined live on Last Uroad-
It husliern ijisii.v prnl that .I II Stult/ ,
who " .v.isgiMti thiitv days for impersonal-
IHL un < ifll. 01 is wauled fur breaklnir into an
CMIICSS ullli i in Omaha and stealing a
v.vlisi As sunn us his sentence is out on
this si 1--of tlu nvrr ho will bo taken to
Omaha fnt a tual i n the now charge.
AiMiinj-.uallv hard 1.1111 stoi m visited the
citj 1 ist i > vi lung aiiomp.inicd hv a
displuv of ileitiuitj It lasted for about
two horns un Ih ilf ( if that time thr > motor
line vv s laid up nut a tt.nn lunnlm : in any
dlui ttiii No damage was teportcd save a
laru'o washiHit nt theeeimrof Washington
nvrnuo .mil Hi ntnn stieet Ono of Wclih s
hul : < suis mired In the hole inado b.v the
vater but was lln.ill.v pulled outuninjund
A tcIi grim lecelved .vesteidaj stating
that Leon Under been lelo.tsrd fiom lull
ntsluuxltj un the ch.iu'o of obtaining
money under false pretcnsrs In rcndeiing
his dei ision .ludge davnor stated that theio
was not sullli lint PV idem o lo convict I/vier
of that charge b it dliccteil that anuthei In
fonntition bo Died < hurgimr him with con-
itplrai.v He is now In the cit.v jail at Onavva
awaiting his heai ing on the new chaigo.
The paik commissioners made .1 fotmal de
mand on Cltv Treasurer Kinnohan jester-
diiy for is 'MK ) ho has In his possesbion In the
park fund 'I his park fund h.ii. been the
cause of conslderablo contiovcrs.v in the
past the enmtnissluners daiming that they
liave the light to the i-usindv ol the funds ,
while tlit treasurer i-hums that the monnj
can onlj have his hands on the pioductionof
tlie piopcr wan ant , as In anv other e-isy lie
has until toda , to lonsult the city attoinoy ,
nnd the lomndssnuii'is threaten a mandamus
litoceeding if he refuses theli teiiuest
Piles of - ) , ) Live pnus. uut , 1JJ Witt's
\Vltih H.i/el .salve will cuio them.
, Ten DIMH ill III" VV orld's I'ulr
It will cubt you li-hs than J-'iO 00 , every
thin } , ' iR'i-i'SMiry iiii'ludetl. This mean
homes in ] iiivato ooltatfo , clean , t-afo'
olofio to grounds und on the beiieh of
Luke Michigan. Wi ito to J. T. Chyno-
vvc'lh , Windsor i'urk. 111. Refers iII. .
W Tilton of Tin : Hii : , or Jue'ib Sims
of Siniu & Imlnbrlfiso , Couneii BlulVs.
Paslnrajro for horfcos and oattlo on
George ] f Wiljjht's furm udjoinliifje Hy
limits on nonth ; 500 aotes blue tftugs ,
running vvutor. Tor terms apply to
James Haph , on farm , or at Carbjn Coal
10 Pearl street.
Quick Muni Riisolino stoves , fil.Tiri bold
in 18)2. ! ) Call and o\amlno buforo buy
ing S. W. Hosloy , 101 Broadway.
City Clerk Xurmuehlcn Is confined to his
homobi Illness
H. K Johnston and wife of the Musln Con
ceit companj aio registered at the Grand
Mrs Minnto Conway of Urooiclvn , la. . Is
the jjuest of her mother , Mis. Cole , on Bluff
Misses Lulu and Viola Otto returned last
evening fiom Chicago , wheio they have
been attending llio World's fair for the past
v eck
Chief Scanlaii , who has been laid up for dajs. was able to bo about police
lioadqu.irtcis jcnterd.iy with the aid of
Hov. T F 'Ihlckstun leaves today for
KlverKloux to conduct the fuincial sci vices
of the child of Mr and Mis. M. O. Calof , for-
mcrlj of this citj
Mrs iila Kjlo of Pittsburg. 1'a . and Mrs.
Annlo llajcs , wlfo of Prof Ilajcs of
Oreuli Cole are vlsitlnglhen aunt. Mis J
W Ciossland of Washington avcntio , and
ntiondliig the meeting of t-ho Woman's Gen
eral Missionary soi-itty in Omaha.
Charles A Atltlus ai.d Miss IClla Luster
were mariied last evening at the resideneo
of the groom , 70S Mv nster stieet , Uov
John Askm , 1) D . ofti ! iatiiig A number of
Iho lutimato filemls of the paitics vvcio
jv present and thu eeremoni v\as followed by
* > un ovcnmg of soi ml enjoi ment
Charles A Pox rcichcd a lot of iiicturcs
jcsteulay from C Geiald O'Neill , who
loimerly attended St Joseph's academy In
this cil.v hut left for Hamilton , Henmul.i ,
AVcst Indks twelve yeais ago , vvhoro ho has
been connei ted with the supply depaitmcnt
of the t'nitcd States aunj ever sineo
Among the pictures area number show ing
bccncH of iiilciest about the island , but the
oni ) vvlneh is viewed with the must interest
b.v Mr O Nelll s many fiiends heio is that of
his live ihddienhcn ho left here ho vuis
H beardkss and wifeless jouth , and the
ehango will be ( | iilto a shocK to a number of
Council Bluffs j ouug people of both soxcs
Piles of people have pucs , , but HeWltt'3
vvltchhazel salvo will euro them
Abk your prucor for D.miesllo soap.
T'rotoot jour boinea atfanibt destruc
tive btorins.V. . O. Jame.s has tbo
btrongosti-oinpaniob in tbo world.
Tlio follow In ; inniiligu licenses were Is
sued j estordaj
Name ami uddiess. ABO.
I Antiinc PaRi'iiN. I'atiadi
I daiuiilla llt'al Iliounsvlllc , Iml
I ( \ \i 1,1ns. ( iMim-ll lllnirs 30
I I'llll 1 U-ll-l I lllllll'll lllllllH . . 115
lAuwiiat I. HinthiT , South Umah.v 21
IJossii'l V\ air < n , stiiith Dniaha 10
I Amos \ Uiiiulall , iVilu Itaplds 20
) Kiln I'lulp- i uiiiu-ll Illulfs 'J5
A Hint , } I oiincll lllulls 32
1 Wilson .Ituksun , Mich 10
Plies of people n.ivo , inn Do Witt's
Witch II.izoi Siho willotirj tluai
I'or Sulu A ( iouil
For halo A tlireo-stoi-y hriok block
on Main htrcot , and tlireo lots in Curtis
iV H.xtn OJ'H nddition , arc offered for im-
incdmlo tale at a very low jirioo. Terms
casij. J.V. . Scjuiui : ,
101 1'earl Street.
With every M.OOinireba'O Lund Him.
tbo Main ptrt-ct obina and crockery deal
ors. will give a liaiulhoiiichturlliit , ' platcc
bouvcnh hpiK'n. ' Call and s-oo tboin.
Itiillillui ; I'nrililti.
The following building permits liavo boot
A Win * ! , loin , blivk 1 , JohnJohn-
nin n nddUlon U'paliN $
J. M ( lahln Notih avenue , lot 1 ,
block a , I'ruxpicl I'laec , ono-ntury
l-oltu >
( iior t Tmld loii. l and t , lilix-k 6 ,
( lliiulau > addltlun
, two-story duel
Thrro p < units ,
Dumcbtiu boup. it is tbu boat
Pistol Practice That Did Not Rasult in a
Ic Fahft it Shot lit HII ltiiii | dltlvc
nnd No DnnitCft In Dune
Anotlirr .MilII Who VVa
Alrnld ti > Sliuol.
A couple of pistol shots aroused tlm In
habitants of North Main street jesteida.v
morning about 'J o'clock and the report was
soon circulated that William I.lbbekke. who
works at the Manhattan restaurant , had ]
shot at what ho supposed was a thief w ho |
had been peering through the windows The
supposed thief got away In safot.v , although
a shot was stibsc < iucntlj found In a fence In
clos piovlmity ID the place where he had
been standing Ycsterd.ij it was developed
that iho thief was not a thief at all. but
iwrdi i-ophus .lepson , the prupnolor of a
llval establishment , who felt a cmlosity to
know how l.ibbokko was getting alnin ; as to
customers and undertook to B.ilisfj himself ,
with almost disastrous results
Anothci exuting episode took place at the
same establishment jcstorday afternoon ,
but dilTcrctit parties wcie implicated the
Eecond time Pied Stone. , who drives a
garbairo wagon , umloitook to take away
Mime refuse from the alley and was ordered
off Iho premises b.v Peter Hartlng , the pro-
pi letor , who , u is claimed , coupled his order
with an epithet whiih was not to bu borne
b.v a self-iespectlngdatkv Ktono imnirdi-
atel.v got down from his W.IROII and chased
the piopiletui Into the ii' Tneie
Harling seized u gun and thientcncd to
pfiforate Ston" if he c-ime nnnthi i step
ncaicr Stimo came srveril steps nearer ,
however , and at last disiimed Halting with
out nnj gore bel.ig shid Ho then went to
the iltj riot k'snlllco and tiled an informa
tion , iiiaifing Hartlng with disturbing the
Pjles of people h iv o pin-s , out DJ Witt's
WitehHa/el Salvo will euro thoiu
ro in : i OUM > ( KM.v
At tin , I.Inn ! Store , Cumuli lllulTs , la.
The lending CASH und only reliublo
ONM : I'uici : nitv GOODS nousn , whore a
child etui tratlo us well us its
Uvorj tiling us represented or money
LADIKS' WAISTS ; wo show almost
every tiling in that line , from the cheap
calico waist to the finest silk or satin.
See our line of waists at tile , 50o , 75c ,
* 1 dO. $1.25 a ml $1.50.
Ask to see our line of silk waists , Inth
in black and colors , utSIl.IO. $1.00 , $5.00
and $0.75.
bu.v UMimnr < r < AS. We show by far
the largest and best selected line tit our
usual low prices.
Compare what wo sliovv in 20-inch
umbrellas at SI.00. SI.HH , 81.W ( , $1.50 ,
SI 75 , W.ODiintl 3 < 2.25 with the prices our
wonld-bo competitors ask. GOODS. When you want u
stylish , neut , nobby tlrc'-s pattern utu25
per cent Diving consult your own inter
ests and examine the Boston store stock.
Wo loud. Some of our neighbors vainly
ti.v to follow.
( JoMroHT A gicut thing
tor the u\iuis ; u pet feet infant powder
und certain euro for Itching or HOIOIICSS
of the skin ; our price 12c a box.
C'oMrow SOAP , the ft eat HKAMXO ,
SOOTHING , ritAGKANT , cmolicnt toilet
onp of the ago. Our price We a cake.
75 pieces of heiivy white llunncl 4 jo a
yard , worth fie.
100 pieces of outing flannel suitings in
stripes , polkn dots , plaids , etc. , all infer
for the next few days for 7Jc , former
price 15(3. ( BOSTOX STOUI : ,
Fothoringham , Whitoluw ft Co. ,
Lenders and promoters of low prices.
101 to 105 Broadwaj , Council Blutls , la.
Domestic soap outlasts cheap soap.
ItuHorvc'd SniitH , Ilimm Ciiiuor ; .
Secure souls at Hurt's jewelry store
for the Miihin concert , Friday ovcning ,
May 12 ,
Mine. Ilclon Mori ill , huh dressing and
manicuring. Room 1)12 ) , Merriam block.
VV'lllliilil Itnhliiton I > U ipiKMrx ,
William Kobinson , wlio has been working
at Clay Platncr's farm , east of the city , for
some time pist , 1ms disappeared , and thcro
la no clew as to his present whereabouts
Iln left the farm last Friday , taking with him
ono of Mr Platner's horses and about * \ " In
cash , which his employer had given him.
His absence occasioned no alarm until a day
or two ago , when an investigation was made ,
whiih led to the discovery that the hmso
had been left at .tannings' livery stable in
the eastern part of the citj , but Uobiuson
had not been seen simo his ariival. Mi.
I'latnor states that Kobinson is ono of the
steadiest and most icli.iblo men lie bus ever
hitd in Ills employ , and ho Is at a loss to ac
count for the disappeaiancc. Ho is of tlio
opinion , however , that the missing man has
been foully dealt with. The voung man is a
son of the Kobin on who kept a bakerv in
C'ouncll muffs several joars ago.
Piles of people hive PUPS , but Do Witt's
Witch Hazel balvc will cure them
I'rof. Chilli Inln'M I'ruo 1'nhlln Loot iron.
Two lectures on how to study French
and Gorman by the "Natural Method"
will bo dcllv 01 od on Friday , May 12 , at
10 u. m. and I p. in. , by Prof. Chatclain ,
director of the Dos Mimics school of
langungo. on llr t floor of Merriam
block , 2(1 ( ! ) Peat 1 sti cot , room ( eeupied
by the English Lutheran church. The
iirofcss'ir vvill give a free experimental
loss.m nee irding to his now system. All
persons Intoicsted attend any of the Ice-
turcH. Regular class begins Monday ,
May 15 , ut 10 u. in. at the same place.
For Sale Hickory 4-foot wood , $0.00 ;
steve wood , 12 or 1(1 ( inches , $2.50 pet-
cord , ilclivoicil. II. A. Cj.x , 10 Main
I'unrriil ol I'm lip \rmmir.
'Iho funeral of Phillip Aimour took place
jcsturday afternoon at Vho residence of M.
F. Kohrcr , the brother-ill law of the de
ceased , on Vinestieot , Hev. Stephen Phelps
olllilatcd in the plaeo of Uov T J Mackay
of Omaha , the pastor of the church to which
thofamiljof the deid man belonged , Mr
Mnikny being unavolaoblv detained at
home. Music waj fuinished by Mrs Sher
man and Mrs Mullis At the i lose of tlio
exorcises Iho remains were taken to Fair-
vlow comoterj for burial The follow Ing
gentlemen acted as pall-bearers I M
Trojnor. Samuel Haas. Flnlev fluke , .1 N
Casady , J. L Stowait and Thorn is Bowman
Piles of people h ivo piles tut Do U'ltt's
Witch Hnzcl Salvo will euro Hum.
You ought to 8eo Ned Shopard'w new
blcvclo. Ho tells thorn , and tells thorn
right. See him at Van Brunt's.
Piles cured by a slnglo painless tteat-
ment. Dr. A. .1. Cook , Grand Hotel
Annex , Council Blutla.
See the peerioss Dauntless bicycles
und get terms. Harry Murphj 10 Pearl.
D.tnli'U' Trouble ,
Assistant City Attoinoy Crounso of Os-
vvcgo , Kan , was hero yesterday nrvkltie In
quiries with reference to the morals and con
duct of J H Daniels , who is In jail at his
homo on the ctui-go of being mixed up in
some crooked scheme with reference to a
medical institute He states that Daniels
pretended to repicsont Or A J Cook of
this cltv , and In working up his victims pre
sented u picture of what bu claimed was the
largest medical institute in the world and
the headquarters of Dr Cook The picture
1 * easily recognized by luoio who have nen
Ithciens merclv the Cirntid if this
citv Sev11,1 ! witnesses will go to Oswcgo
when the tlmo for the trial lotnes to tell
what the. * know iibout Daniels previous cs-
capadis _
Miii'iuiti : : > s AT ouf.
T o Will Known Cirrimm Itulnleo In u
Scrlom rnllini ; Out.
A j oar or so ago there was n change In
pastors of ono of the most urotnincnt churches
of Count 11 DlutTs , the former pastor t iking a
charge In a ncixhliodng city and his sue
cossnr being a olerjninan from another state
While hero the old p istor was very iKinular ,
nnd after ho left theio wore a great many
membets of hU tloclt who felt so friendly
toward him as to send for him whenever
any of the members of their families wanted
to bo Buried or married This was very em
barrassing for tlm now tnstor. and not long
ago he took an opportunltv of icmonstratlng
with his prodeeossoi in vigorous terms ,
.lust what convcisitlnn took place between
the two icveicnd gentlemen Is not known tea
a lertalnti , but tlio substance of It was that
the former pistor should stick to his knit
ting and when theio was any nvirrving or
burying to bo done the tnnn whose fortunes
are now linked with Coimill HlulTs would
see that It was done according to Hoyle
without am asslitance from his neighbor
Sim e that time the former pastor of the
( hureh has not visited ills old homo except
ing in a sotlul w iv At least two Invitations
have been sent him to ofllclito at funerals In
this cltv within the last few weeks , but he
has i of used to accept on both occasions ,
stating tliat ho does not wish to cause any
fuithet tioublc between himself nnd his
successor The matter has become ono of
'ninmoii gossip and the members of the
hureh as well as main outsiders , llnd eon-
sldeiahle nlcasmo In tilklng U over.
Special Hour s-nle all this week at
Brown's C. O. D.
For first-class rooms in Chicago for
World's fair call on Ohio Knox.
Another Improvement to tlio popular
Fchiibprt piano. Swiuison Musio Co
Gco. S. Davit. , prescription druggist.
Ainnsi ini'iiU.
"Tho Scbubcit Symphony club and ladies'
quartet gave a lUst-elass musical entertain
ment at the Temple theater last ovenlng , "
said the Alton (111) ( ) Dilly Telegraph last "Piof n II Puuell is an artist ,
and called forth applause for the solos ho
tendered on the ioinot Miss Lovle XonJt ,
the con'ralto soloist , deserves special men
tion. Master Tommy is a wonderful llttlo
aitist He sang , recited and plavcd the
violin with a grace and skill seldom cijnalod
by one -so young The eompiny is cvcnlv
balanced throughout , and a retuin date will
till the house "
This company will give a performance at
Dohanj's next Satuiday afteinoon , and v\ill
also appear in tlio evening A crowded
house shoulJ gleet them on each occasion
The First Baptist churcli social will
bo given at Mrs. Thoxlorc Guiltar's , lll !
North Highth sticot , this evening. All
cordially invited.
Stop at the Ogdcn , Council Bluffs , tbo
Lest $2.00 house in Iowa.
Mils ii Concert.
Ko-orved beats for Musin concert at
Hart's jewelry store , 75c.
Williamson & Co. . 100 Main street ,
bit gest and best bievolo stock in city.
Domestic soup host for hard water.
Cook your meals this summer on a gas
range. At cost at the Gas company.
Vanntta & Svveel , attys. , Everett blk.
Frro treatments daily iiom2 to 4 p.
m. at tbo Council Bluilb Medical and
Surgical institute , 2Cth and Broadway.
Workmen Will Orcunlro.
A Rcneial mass meeting of workmen will
be held at Danebo hall , corner of Main
street and Broadway , at 8 o'clock this even
ing , under the auspices of the United
Brotherhood of Carpenters and .loincis of
Anieiica. S J. Kent , secretary of the exe
cutive board of the orJer and general or-
gani/er for the American Fedciation of
Labor , will address the meeting on the sub
ject , "Necessity of OrganlAition. " Working
men and women and all interested in better
ing the condition of wage workers are cor
dially invited to attend Carpenters are
especially Invited , as the meeting is to beheld
held with a view to oiganlzing a branch of
the order In this city.
Brown's C. O D. grocery closes at 7
p. m. , except Mondays and S.Uutdays.
Tlio firnml Hotel ,
Council Bluffs. Most elegant hotel in
Iowa. Dining room on seventh iloor.
Ratoa , $3 to $5 per day. E. F. Clark ,
Pi op.
Bargains in fine tooth brushes and
cologne , wholesale price , only lOc.
Davis , tbo druggist , 200 Broadway.
ol tlio Turk CuiiiinUxlo orb Tor Com-
lii T Iiniiroi.iinciiM
At a meeting of the Judges of the dlsti let
court held yesterday afternoon Mr. A. P.
Tukey vvas elected as a member of the
Bo.ud of Commissioners. Ho succeeds
Hon O. W. Liningcr , whoso term expired
j csicrday.
Tluusd.iy , MavS'i , the ooard will receive
bids and award the contract for the recon
structing of the H insjom paik pavilion ,
which was neatly destroiod by fire two
months ago
Supeiintcndcnt Adams has his force of
men at work at H inscom park lajing out
new parkwajs , and getting ever j thing in
reidiness for setting out the llower plants
as soon as the weather becomes bulllcloiitly
settled to wauant
Tom Mmra > has made dire threats against
the surv ovine corps of the boat d and gives
it out that engineer House and his men are
not to bo permitted upon the Murra.v tract
In the. southeastern p irt of the city. The
bo.ud wants a line for a boulevard run
tin ough Mm raj's land , and as soon as this
is done , and if it Is thought best , thu pio-
cecnings to ncquliu the land ui-doi the light
of eminent dom linMll ha Instituted The
opinion is that the boulevaid , commencing
at Eighths and Bamioft streets , should bo
through the Muuay land , as It would then
for the entile distaneo be uponandge , ami
be moro desir ible and sightly than any other
pioposcd The englneet is novvatvvoik in
locating thu boundaricsof the pro ] > osed paik ,
ami will in n few davs be ready to commence
\vork upon the strip Murray owns , and upon
which he sijs not a survevor's foot shall bo
planted for any purpose In case ho persists
inhhiofiual the board u ill lavoko the aid
of the courts in quelling the obstreperous
l > iirx } 'it It inch Attui'hiul.
Deputy Sheriff I owis went to Valley
jcsterday to levy on the 1,100 acics com-
prlbing llio old C K. Ma } no ranch and ilno
stock farm , now owned by ex-Congressman
O. W. H. Dorsej. to sitisfy the claims of
attaching creditors It was but four .vcurs
ago that the place was in iho hums of the
shoiiff. when Ma > no's spectacular caiecrin
Omaha was drawing to a close , and now , in
the short-since ot a piesidentnl term , Is
hlstorj again repentim : llself
CitiiKht n Siirrrimi'Mnn ,
A bright looking .voung man calling him
self ChatlesO Tailor n > bii liiff at iho citi
Jail hccMUK- the aulhoiilles dei i.lo.l ttui * he
was a suspicious chatacter. The fact thai
Charles can led a surn-thim. dice layout and
anumucrof skeleton kc.vs inctel.v tended to
confirm iho suspicions of iho police , who
will intciiogato him \ i'iclosjly In court
nm-l > udy Will I ! . . DU.ippo ntoil.
Saluriiay aflcrnoon iho Uj.ird of Fire and
Police Commissioners will mcot tor the pur
pose of examining the applicants for appoint
ment to positions on iho tire dep iriment
There are on llio vvilh Iho board aboul ! iVi
applicallons It is Ihe intention M select
aboul ten men. who -will bo assigned to duty
as soon as there are places for them.
( ooNTisrr.n FHOMTIUST PA on |
of the upccx-wrles of Jlf > The tmtrlutli'
thoneht and iitnbltloil and hope of the nation
It nut found In tlio iialne < ) of the rich , but In
the collates of Ihe ixior , IK the farmhouses
and the IIOIIKH of the mecliitnle
Tinlepiibllean pirty should undertake with
rartiettnoss anil devotion thu rc-a < lju tmcnt of
the rolatlxi ! values ofcapital and labor
Money slmulil not boiiindolutrliisle.illy cheap ;
but KM present o-c illed earnlni : po ur N lee
ureat asi-ompared with tiU'oarnlim | IMVAIT of
human muscle C'ipltal UK ! iv has altogether
tun much power by combn | itlon and confed-
If the rcpuhllrnn party U to iuverd In the
future It must di'i'l'iio Ulii'iiuiviieally against
all trusts designed to artllirallv Inerense the
prli-oof tlilmrs for I ho benelltof Iho fo\v \ at the
expense of the many. It shuuld proclaim
eternal uarfaiv nealnnt all speculation In tlio
staples of the count i y. The vthciit pit of I'lil-
011,50 should not liuvo the power to Increase
the prleo of every family's in if of bread In
order to fill the pocUel of the successful speculator
1 vinture another prediction1 1 Know It Is
not In line with thu doclaied pnlli' ) of the re
publican party as c\i > rc scd dm Ing the last
election The republican puiy was txirn of
the seiitlnu'iit of the nation deinandlmt freedom -
dom and equality of nnlllliiil rluht and oppor
tunity fin ill II nilplniitid In the liniiiaciimtu
i oin'cptUin of llInu ) justice and hum in hope
It ought IIIMI r tosueei ed attain In the I'nlud
i-latcs unless It stands alw-iys mill ou-inally
fur tlio pruti'ctInn of o ery American illl/un
In th > until and ptaceftil enjoyment i'f his
iluhtsuf i Itlrcnshlp
1'ln cniiiinon'lil lnloii" t of the ninth h.ivo
ellinlmited justice to thu Anietli-an i lll/i-n
fiom the platfiiim uf the inrtj ,
but the Iniiato ( nstlronf tin AinTlcan pi nii'e '
did not latlfy the surrender , ami In inv juilK *
mi nt , the ab iiiduium lit of tinenlnied cltl/i n-
shlpnf the ruuntiy w is sucli un act of pnlllii' il
cowardice us d'MTM'd Ihe loliuk" of na-
tlimal defeat If the tlade and cnmmorco of
Ni''idik City cannot be maintained , 01
the I'liluinbliin \pusltlnn at I lili'a u be made
asuccoHM , without sulimlssioii to and acnuli"-
cence in the open , nntoi Inns and gonoi it > 'o- '
latliin of the eoiistltiillon of the United Mali s
and the lawsnf oiii cniintrv , then lot UM turn
the pictured f.u o of Lincoln to thu wull and
east the swoul of tiianl into the sea.
Pro-ldontltil 'Inn ) .
Another tiling tbo republican paitj must do
Is to decline Horn Its nc\t natlnnal eoiuentlmi
In f.i\or of a oniteim picsldi ncy \\o nil lil
as wtl loul. the Hltmitlnn In the face i\ury :
olllieholiler nf the I'nlted btulcs sh mid be
piol < i ti d In his i UN I tnoxorelso all the pihl-
loges of Ameilcan iMtl/onshlp , but bo should
not be p.'iinltted to use bis position for
tbo pnipisc uf suppressing , or iiNeithiowbi ) :
tbo will of the peonle. Nothing , In my judg
ment , wlllo\ei Hike the ibiiiKeious element of
olllehil pnwei out of out : piesldentlal conti st-4 ,
OM.I pt an uninmlllled di claiallon of a single
cmisi ( term
Tlio tipuhllcan pint ) cm succeed through
llioynnin ; men nf the nation , those who arc
nntvc't sub-ervlent to the doiiilii-itlon of the
alinltlily ( lull.ii. whoaio not polltlcully timid
bee i use of their ftiir that political coinage
ma > Injuriously allei't their own Interests ,
who bold thu tights of men pal amount to all
nlli'M eoiisldeiatlon , who bellevu that
pitiiotism Is the truest iusllce to nil and that
political success should inner be purchased at
the evpiMise of political bonoi You , thu
ynuim men nf tbu icpubllcan nirty , must ae-
i ept the responsibilities of Its fntnio. Itemem-
ber what It me mt In IMiH" Kemember what
Itvns to Abraham IIncoln Ollvi r 1' . Morton
and / ick Chandlci' ' Kenu mlici how II was
biptl/ed In the blood nf these who foil by
ilvei and by sea. that right and justli e should
piexall Let this grand party bet once moio
what It was In the heroic jears thu Instiu-
mentalltyof doil's justice , seeming ami con-
llrniln/ the liberties and lights of men Thu
future Is not dark. A party m ly succeed once
bj app'allng to the | < ontint the enviousness -
ness and the picjiidli'esof dlsallected bum m-
Ity , but ultimately the admlnlstiatlon of a
government of the penpln , by the people , for
the people , must lemaln with ( he loyally , tlio
P'ltrlotlsin , the Intelllgeni u and the justlco of
llbeity-lovlng , Oed fc.ujng mi n
JOHN M TnrnsTo.s.
i uitiu
s'l'vorc Thunder Storinn U III TruMtll In Th I
s > n < tinn of Nidiru kti loil y.
WASIIIMITOV , D. C. , Ma.v 10. Forecasts
for'Ihuisdaj For Nebraska Pair in the
west ; in the castcin portion seveio thunder
storms ; slightly cooler'and ' fair at night ;
noithwcst winds
For Iowa Severe local thunder stoims
dui ing the daj ; cooler In west in the after
noon or night ; booth winds.
For South Dakota bliovvcrs ; cooler in
eastern jiortionb ; winds ,
l.ociit Uncord *
OrricE OP TIIC WrArnun HuucAn. OMAHA ,
May 10. Omaha record of temperature and
rainfall , compaied with con'espondlng day of
past fouricais :
1803. 18U2. 1S91 1890
M ixlmum tomperaturc. bO = 10 = 60 = ( > 2O
Minimum tomperatuie fiHO 38 = y = 4b
Average tenipciaturo 70 = 11 = 8 = & 4C
Precipitation T .08 .00 .03
Statement showing the condition of tern-
pciaturo mil precipitation at Omaha for the
da\ and since Maich 1 , Ib'JJ :
Noimal tumnerature COO
Kvcess fortboilav 10 =
Dullclency sineu Mntuh 1 -'MO
Normal proelpltatlon 14 Inch
Delieleney for the day 14 Inch
Hullclency blncc. Maich 1 75 Inch
ItoportH from Oilier 1'olnts at H p. m.
" Inilkutes troro
i. 1 ! IK-NT , I.ocnl 1-orcciBt OllkUI.
Piles of people liuvo piles , nut Do Witt's
Witch Hazel b.ilvo will cuio them.
t'liurcli Iliiuu'n ll.irn llnrnoil.
\Vlnlo in the city iestcid.iv afternoon ,
lion ( . 'liurch Hovvo iccotwl a an-
ir ,
of cod-liver
oil its use
was limited
to easing
those far
advanced in consumption.
Science soon discovered in
it the prevention and cure of
of cod-liver oil with Hypo-
phosphites of lime and soda
has rendered , the oil more
effective , easy of digestion
and pleasant ( b the taste.
Prt | . raJ by Bcntt flown * MY Ail ft isi t .
ii.r ii. r. i , D. i uri , tune von
HIIU i sy um i un. i vi-iy ni'rvout truiib e with
Nurv Banno , n m > tve et ibitxlUiovory of
iiiiirvt.ciu powir 'I bev renew youth , rentoro
v l.'ur , l\t ; i : ou of In ; i fi double i ap.icity for
work or p'u.iMnre.Vunitrful ' for overworW
and worry So d by arm NIK fl .1 box. two
weeU' hupp \ . or by mull , NL l\'U ULAN CO. ,
the distrji tlon nt noon by flro of
b.irn No 4 rttvvi story utructtirc 40x00 fcot
In SK | > , on his fnrm near Howe , In Nomnhn
county Tvvontj lie.utcf trotthiK-bred colU
Hint vveif In the building were Rot out Iti
nifoty. The bulldlnu , together with n u-lml-
mill nnd n'JOO turret tank , wotn rumpleti'ly
destroyed The nriffln of the the Is tin-
know n The loss w 111 nmount to JJ.OOO , und
there was little If tiny Insurnnce.
A , J , ClllSS ,
What Ono of the Most Prominent of tbo
Knights of Pythlns says of Paino's
Celery Compound It Mndo Him Well.
Ono of the boat known mombsrs ot the
Knights Pythias / In Ohio , A. J. Cries ,
commander of the Sth regiment of uni
formed Knights ; says of tbo remedy
that makes people well :
" 1 commenced using Paino'e celery
compound some tlmo last spring. My
co\iM-vM > r.u rum
trouble was catarrh of the head and
stomach. I Used two bottles and experienced -
rioncod almost immediate rolicf. I used
many other so called remedies before
using Puiuo's celery Compoundbut none
of thorn did mo any goon. I hnvo recommended -
commended tbo compound to a number
of persons who are Using It , und it will
always bo a pleasure to ino to recom
mend it to the afflicted- I am confi
dent from my own experience tint
thai o is no medicine in cx'.stonc tint
will build up the broken down system
so quckly as Faino's celery compound.
Ills is the experience of thousands ev
ery vvboio , What wonder that more
Paino's celery cotndound is used in the
United States than any other remedy.
It makes people well.
Conner Bluffs.
JOHN Donvsv ,
Grotf FQ3IQV MQlliee 012 P. I
rnin i
In u doll litful prorim cnt ro y free from
dullncsi and coiislstliu cf
VI01-IN niul lxOUNETSOI.O .
sruiNo QUiNrur.
Music AND MIIITII ! A illusion ! oiitnitnliiinant
that Is onjoyiiblo ulUo to anil
tbo massos. Don't f ill to bo ir the won
derful 5-yoar-oid nrtlst , MASTUH TOMVIII.
v ho plays vlilln solo4. slnissons and ro-
ciics In thu moat llnlsbu I style
See our Program. H suoaUs for Itself.
N. H. llio Oolobritod buhuDoit I'l ino U od
in ull Concerts.
Ma iv t IMS i oir ilurnb'o than stoim on-
Inus. more ri'llublo fur pow t r puipi "us. mil
nun h rhi'ipcr I in bu put In cutmr of nny
room from .nrri't to bHs mi > nt. t < Uhu but little -
tlo sp uc1. n uklnir no nolso M ikis no SIIIOKU
or tilrt. requires no funl oroncliini'r to run It
Chfipcr , nuatcr mill moro roil iblo for eleva
tors , md inlii'r piirnosps tluin water or eas.
Detroit Mo or and Generator I ust of all , as
ul lit D invustlgatlon will show
M ii'hlnes from ono-el.'ht to olihtv horse
power nlways mi b mil and warr intoil to civ >
complete satuf lutlon. I'oniniunlu ito with
us.o will save you time , money .mil Incun-
\V. I' llAlCr.H , .iOO nnd .IIO luiK-irt Illnolf ,
Counoll llltirfs. Telcpioiio22l )
C. I ) . , Kulrlclnn. 711 Sonlh 14th St. .
Omab i. Tnlephono 1111 ,
Solo agents for L'nnnull lllulTs. Umali i and
Spccla )
IKI iJJ VMM.11 VCUKirictur lanil In nortliurn
i low nut tlJ W tu ! UOJ | i r iicro Ju'mston , v Van
Al.St H VCT" iiml lonn * Kr.nn An I clly iirioir.
houjlit uuJ laU 1'UHdr A IlioiUki v uunjll
. ' ' . i s no-i.-i'joplo ny It last * U
yunrn , ROinl vahlo.iiul alw.iys In auci ul Ulx
lil K. Mi'rrlum kluik
\\ril.l. iXi \Mil ! nil i-M.I. l o lour ru'im
II linint'9 mil stum muni nnil outunllitln/n , clear
o > Incuratiriincu .V.J Mttnilol , , iU dralnun Are
Tl otliK und lut for ale .So HI3 flfti un ui
ll lnqulro of J 1 * . ChrlstUti , C A It. 1
i.lil huusc
I/O svl.K liu p. tomi Illicit rtrlvliu m nrui
ti ciu luiilGf.oil wn/nn Imrnuiii jtul tuani lop
IMIW ? rouil wii < on I'nrUoa Coal Co lul'iiurt struut
\ \ ' IIf , soil below coil nuni room tioma , mod > r
i convinlaui < 0i , wolllouiteil
I . ' 'I'll SA .K IlireoJurnoy tnilli. UKHJ ono w ml
< mo ri'ar uml two jrcara , idllil culor , ri' i UTe I
muck 7.'i a lut St
/ s % ) V. Mco b 17 currlaKU toum nail ca
1.V luinyi lei I'o.irlSl. Council illjSi
/ 1(11i ( > h ruuiovoil uonipuuls vaults clilinnoyi
V , , , , | | -.d Hurt.- , lit 'Iuylur fr.Ji.ory , 5IJ
l for Kencml liousoirurk Mr § G. V
.No 141 lilon mcnuo
17' H itBNT 7 room houu , water , tint anil batli ,
eojili'nblc 7I1HIU M , Cuuntll Illulti
/Mill , imuo.1 for uenvrul homework , ll.l Ulun
I dlt HAI.K ( Ml KX II VMlf Utoacrc * tlno tiar
.ten . Uml niljolnlnx the cUr. k'ooil liuu o UDI
burn1 Ji | ncret In vlnuyunl will mica to
hnuiunnu lot cjntrully locatuil II ( i Moltuv , 1U
JUIri itrcot
1'OU IlK.S'lHoutoi.f Uveruomi 3 ocrei k'ordcn
IHArri'i piituro on Ujiuer llroailwaj UV Tul
Icjri , 1UJ I'uari itrcuu
Highly Dlijesiibl mnlNii'iM Made Inotniitly with boiling vtutcror milk. ,
E NEW patterns of
Ingrains arc so attractive
our buyer didn't know when
to stop buying. So the vari
ety is enormous.
If you want a carpet in the
modern colors and latest de
signs , and don't want to in
vest much , this is the line to
look to for it.
If you have had a three-ply
that has given satisfaction ,
and want another like it , you
can find it here , only in newer
Douglas , bet. 14th and 15th
in the West ? We can fit you out
promptly. Send in your orders.
Tnncfpr Pn l394-8-8-10 Haln Sfreef'
MallolCI IUV council Bluffs , Iowa.
All klinU of Dyeing
i3ffs anil ( 'in in n , ' donu In
tlio huhest . Htylo of
the : .rt1 1 nlod un 1
HSTfAM fitalncd , fabrics rnudo
tu tool as KOOI | ilu
m v WorK promiitl/
DYE ilunu . ami ilollverol
In .11 partv of the
- iimntry SonJ for
; V/ORK2 / pn > o list
llriiidwnv. nnar North-
. vvuHturn Duput ,
= - = -fft- . .
TcUijihono .lii.
Highest Grndo for $100.00
The Kcllptio , \\'uvery ! , King ,
Clipper , beorchor. ull 10000
Sold ovoryvvhoro for 'JIGO.OO. '
If jou vviuit u wliujl , don't full to
eio an.
OuribO.OO wheel U tidivndy.
. ,
i I. II11CI