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II WIIM New War's ovc , unil Funny ,
Ulnncho ntul Hachcl were ulttliiK with
with mom-omul the llro In the plenHiint
chiunbor aosl ni'd to mo as former guv-
oriichfl anil pruaunt guc'st.
The hotiso was a quiet country mun
ition , very ( jnlet now , sincu the dcuth of
the \vlfo anil mother u year before.
There hail been home company to dinner
tlic old minister and hit wife , and
their Hplinter daughter , and only son , a
bashful frcxhtnuii at homo for the holidays
but had long . It
daysbut they gone ago.
was between 10 and 11 o'clock ; the old
nqiilro hud rot I rod to his own room , and
wo hud agreed to wait together for the
coming of the N'ow Year.
They were all attractivoglrlH Funny ,
tin- oldest , an acknowledged bounty , w
little spoiled us may be ; Ulanche , a
Hinull. clinging creature , who would
probably bo called pet names by every
body to the end of her du.VH , and Rachel ,
the youngest a lull , silent , unformed
girl , with the face and voice of a tragedy
We had hern talking a gord deal , at
leant the girls had , and had arrived at
that point which the most voluble must
Hurely reach at last , where nothing more
in to bo mid. The last topic touched
upon had been the Miggcutiveness of
trllles. and considerable wit had been
expended in the dit-cushion , but , as I
have mid. we were now silent.
"Speakingof suggestive trillos"began
Kuehel suddenly , in her deepest tones ,
"could anything bo more HUggestivetlian
She bad been rceupying hoisolf with
BOino small articles lying on a table by
her side , wli-ii- I bad placed them
writing and Dewing materials , and
vui'lou.s small objects which I was
In the habit of carrying tih'nit
with me and now held In her
hand a riehly-chat-od silver sheath , from
which she drew a slender daggerof dell-
cute shape and linish.
"Oh ! " exclaimed Fanny , sei/.ing upon
it , "if it isn't the very same 1 us-ed to see
in Miss Charles' de-k when I wasachild !
It ahvajs excited my envy and curiosity.
Ah. how sharp it H ! It Jnis a dreadfully
suggestive look. A queer thing for you
to be carrying about the world , Miss
Charles ; " slie added laughingly.
"U\on an old maid teacher may choose
her paper knife , I suppose , " I answered.
"Hut 1 did not choose this tiling. It was
brought to me from Venice by a nnich-
traveled friend.1'
" \ tnice''repcati-d Fanny. "Then it
may have a story after nil ! Oh. take it ,
Kachel. It breathes of love and jeal
ousy , and the vendetta ! And you look
Vengeance herself with it in your
hand. "
1 liMiked round upon the three girls.
Thi'j weie no longer children.
Fanny was engaged to a young
iiimil nflircr , lilanche "us in the llrst
.stages of an nlfair with the blushing
freshman , and Knolii'l's very houl was
steeped in romunc . Slionld I toll them
the dagger's story , the saddest story of
my unoNcntful Il'fe'/ All at once 1 inet
Funny'-- blue ojo- > bent eagerly upon inc.
"There is a story , irirls1 she cried ,
"and Miss Charles is going to loll it to
us ! "
I nodded my head silently. The girls
placed themselves in listening attitude
about me and I begun :
tiomu years before the outbreak of
our civil \\arlwasa toucher tit Brag-
don Hall , a seminary for young ladies , inoue
ouo of the soutbern'states.
At the eli'so ' of a wearisome day's
work 1 left my recitation room fagged
out entirely and eager for the retire
ment and rest awaiting me in my own
room. As the great doors which sep
arated the school rooms from the main
building swung to behind me the bound of
piano playing tainted my cars. In an
institution ( ' "iittiining eighteen pianos in
almost incessant ue , this was no novelty ,
but I had not taken a step before I real
ized that here \\as ometliing vastly
dilTercnt from the slipshod perform
ances of school girls. Nothing less than
the magnillcent harmonies of the Sonata
Appatsionata , rendered in masterly
btyle , swept out through the open doors
of the rcceptif n room , and echoed
through the corridors.
I am no musician , a you know. I love
music too well to profane it by a
mcdi- ere tmich , but I have never al
lowed myself to mi-'s an opportunity for
hearing the best , mid I btoc-d entranced ,
wondering what great artist had strayed
into our midst. Suddenly it Hashed
across my mind that the now music
teacher , Mile. Felico Michel , was to ar
rive that day , and I was obliged to con-
clutlo that this must bo she.
In the meantime I had unconsciously
drawn nearer the open door , and became
aware that Dr. Bellamy , the principal
of the fccminary , was standing just inside ,
beckoning mo with that portentous
forefinger which no one , from his
nephew and head teacher , Caryl Flem
ing , down to the lowest stable hand on
tbo place , ever openly disregarded ;
therefore , conscious though I was of my
negligent appearance , I gave my rum
pled hulla touch , and went into the
room where the teachers and u few of
the older pupils wore gathered.
The last tremendous e.-escondo was
reached and the eltsing chord struck as
I entered , and the player wheeled slowly
around upon the stool. I experienced
a mental shock as I looked at hei1. A
woman of U."iyoars.porhaps , small , shabby
In drees , and with u dark , foreign , and
pitiably ugly face. I use the word "pit
iably"itli duo reflection. There are
Ugly faces which attract , faces for whoso
mnilcs men do mad and desperate things.
Hers was not one of these. It made the
impression upon me of an oval yellow
mask , with singular projecting ojes ,
and small , pale tips. A blind , lifeless ,
Impassive face , it seemed at that mo
ment , but only for a moment , for
as ylio passed her hand , a long ,
delicate , brown hand , slowly over it
with a motion like removing a veil , the
pallid blankncss uas gone , and as she
rose to receive mo a friendly gleam
came into the strange dark eyes , and a
smile ukcloscd small pearly teeth , like
n child's.
She looked at uio steadily as I uttered
my regret that I had heard only the last
bars of the sonata , her head on one side
like a bird's. I afterwards discovered
that it was only in this way that she
could see any object distinctly , a pecu
liarity \lsion whicli gave to her man
ner si.'inothing ' at uieo furtive and
piquant. She studied my face u mo
ment , und then , after pre sim. my lin
gers impulsively , went back to the piano ,
und played an andante of Chopin , with a
tenderness und power I had never heard
equaled ; and again that white intro
spective look. If Iin k it could bo called ,
came over her features.
When fiho had finished she cumo ever
to me und hold out both her hands , tak
ing my own in a tense grasp.
"I ECO , " she said rapidly in English
"I BOO yon understand. Ah , yes , I saw-
it when you came in. The others , " she
added with a bcjinfm little shrug , "the
others ills the miso they like1 !
She dropped my hands with a light
laugh that hud for mo an inoxprcssinlo
badness. In the meantime Caryl Flem
ing hud entered , and now came listlessly
forward with his undo , a slight curlonity
visible in his striking face. Fleming
more than any man 1 ever caw resembled
that durlint'of the feminine world , lid win
Hootli , In his younger duyn , and I am
eoinlnued hnd formed himxclf upon that
Individual In hi * fuxorllo role. Cer
tainly nature hud well ennitiped htm for
the purl of the nicluncholy lane , whoso
looks , und voice , und attitudes ho had
lie came up to Mn'anipctlo Felice and
uftor being introduced by his uncle
uttered a few words of admiration for
her playing , but his eyes wore fixed all
the time upon Home one in another purt
of the room.
I noticed that Ma'ainsello's cyo * fol
lowed the same direction , and I
saw u quick gleam bla/.o up In
thorn us she discovered the person
who had absorbed Fleming's attention
an exquisite southern girl , a Miss Trip-
lett of Georgia , the beauty of the school
a beauty anywhere.
A smile curled Ma'amsollo's palo lips ,
and she swept across the room , like a
dethroned princess in her trailing dress
of seedy silk , to where Dr. Uellamy
stood stroking his smooth chin , and
showing his glittering teetli with pleas
ure."I am very tired , sir , " she said , so im
periously that every one near her started
and watched Dr. Bellamy's face. "I am
very tired. I would like to go to my
"Certainly Ma'auvello , certainly , he
answered , touching the bell promptly.
Mu'umsollo bowed gracefully und fol
lowed the negro servunt who answered
the summons without u look at any one.
The few pupils present soon left the
room , not , however , before Fleming had
secured a word or two with Miss Trip-
lett , and one of her sweet , lu/y smiles.
Dr. Mellamy cumo up to mo rubbing
his hands together und mulling showily.
"And what do you think of the new
music teacher , Miss CliarlesV" ho asked.
"Mademoiselle Felice is an ai list"I
answered impulsively , "itsccms strange
that such a player should become teacher
in a school. It seems a pity1 !
I hud made an unfortunate remark.
Fleming was smiling behind his uncle's
back in undisguised delight. Dr. Bel
lamy , t ID , continued to smile , but there
was'a look in his face that was not pious-
tint , as he said haughtily :
"it is my aim to secure lirst-class tal
ent lor this department of my institu
tion. I owe it to in ypatrons. And I
should say that the position of instruc
tor to young Indies of the first families
in the south was fur more honorable and
agreeable than that of an itinerant
pianist. Mademoiselle is to bo consid
ered fortunate in having secured the
position. "
"Uncle Harrington is well pleased
with his now acquisition , " said Fleming ,
overtaking mo a few moments later in
the hull. "A little haughty and self-
assuming , it is true , is this unsophisti
cated young foreigner , but wo will soon
change all that. Jove ! ' ' ho wont on ,
mockingly , " 1 haven't seen my worthy
uncle so delighted since he secured you
at u bargain. "
Fleming and I had understood each
other from the first : ho never wasted his
curossing looks and tones , or subtly llat-
toring spoei'ho-i , on me. I ut I felt my
cheeks jrrow hot at his wyrds , although
1 scorned to answer him. It was true , I
was an ill-paid drudge. A friendless
orphan girl , without beauty or
talent , cannot make terms. My
position among these hot-headed ,
idle southern girls was u hard one ; but
I was "lad to earn my bread. It was dif
ferent with Mademoiselle , I thought.
Sensitive , spirited and gifted as she was ,
how would she endure the petty rules
and humiliating restrictions with which
Dr. Bellamy saw lit to. surround his
teachers ? I fore.-aw trouble ; but things
adjusted themselves wonderfully well.
Ma'amselle Felico disehurged her du
ties faithfully and efliciently , compell
ing the respect and even the alTection of
her pupils by her linn , yet gentle und
courteous manners. She consented ,
too , to perform for the ento"tainmont of
t kilters < it Dr. Bellamy's request , when
ever required , and never openly re
sisted any of the unnecessary re
strictions'which rendered our exist
ence so much harder and more irritating
than was necessary , although I now and
then saw her fasten upon our tyrunt one
of her steadfast , sidelong glances which
it was evident ho found almost unbear
able. But ho know Ma'umsello's value
too well to risk an open rupture. Her
fame had spread rapidly , and was bring
ing a stand" How of the rich planters'
gold into his coffers.
For some reason Ma'amsollo attached
herself to me from the first. She came
frequently to my room In the evening ,
as 1 sat writing or studying , and
threw herself without ceremony up in
my lounge , where she would
lie silently for a long time , her hands
clasped beneath her head , or talking in
her vivid , intense way , with many
gestures of her slender brown hands.
I found her entertaining and clover ,
and in time I learned to bo fond of her ,
although by temperament and training
we wore so widely different. She talked
of many things of France , of music , of
booksbut most eloquently of 1X- .
Bellamy. Her detestation of him sur
passed her power of expression , oven
when she relapsed An\.o \ her mother
tongue. 1 could only laugh at her
furious torrents of inJignation , al
though perhaps I should have been
"You ave a good hater , Felice ! " I said
" 1 should bo , " she suid , with u dreary
little laugh. "I have hud much practice
in hating. "
It wus u late autumn evening , the rain
was boating fiercely and the wind sighing
drearily through the trees. Such an
hour awakens memories and invites to
confidences , If one is alone with u trusted
"Toll Felice " I said "
me. , "something
of your childhood , your studies , and
yourself. "
"Would it interest yonV" she asked.
"There is nothing wonderful in it except -
copt that I should live at all. "
She lay silent u few moments , while
the stranire , blank look which was
always on her face when she was think
ing deeply , or playing , blotted out the
vivid brightness of lior glance , und 1
quietly waited.
"It will bo the story of a forlorn
child , " she said at hist. "A poor , mis
erable , unloved child. Do you want to
hear it ? " '
1 went ever to her. und sat on a low
front by her side.
" 1 was born in Paris , " hlio began
presently. "My father was a member
of the orchestra of the Comedio Fran-
culso. Ho hud much talent , but ho was
u bad man a monster , a tyrant. My
mother was a premiere duns'ouso- bal
let dancer , you understand. She died
when 1 was veiy young. I only re
member that sue was very pretty , and
very fond of me. and that my father was
very cruel to her. Shecried u grout deul ,
und one morning she din not awaken ,
and the priest camo. and 1 was taken
away , und afterwards shown along white
figure covered with a sheet and a candle
burning at head and feet , und they told
mo this was my mother. And I remem
ber I was glad that my father could not
Ill-treat my poor little mamma uguln.
"Helen ! " she cried out , suddenly ris
ing und fuelng me. "lj ) you believe in
u Cod ? "
I wan shucked , und troubled : I did not
answer until Felico had repeated her
question ,
" 1 do , Felice , " I then yald. "I do as
suredly bollovo in u God , who Is 11 God of
love , und mercy , uud justice. "
Felico looked ut me with u fulut uiullo ,
hulfxud , half cynical , unit sank buck
upon the cushion.
"It Is good , " she culd qtinlntly. "And
may bo It la true ; 1 will hope so. And
when I BOO Him , I hope Ho will let me
ntk Him some questions. "
She was nllont a moment , and then be
gan again.
"I was live years old when my mother
died a frightful llttlo creature t must
have been so thin and black and odd-
looking. I suppose that Is why my
father hated mo so. At any rate , ho con
tinued to bout und sturvo mo worse than
before , giving me my poor dead mother's
shtiro of blows und curses , I suppose.
But ono duy ho came unexpectedly into
the garret room where wo lived and
found mo playing upon the piano. It
wus an old. old instrument witli many
broken strings , but it was my solo joy ,
and when ho cumo In ho wus so huppy
because I hud found out the buss to u
song I hud learned on the street that 1
did not hear him until ho cried in u big
voice :
" 'Sucre ! little devil , play that again ! "
" 'Llttlo devil' was his pot iiuino for
mo. When ho called mo that , 1 know
he was in his best hilmor. 1 played the
little piece again. My father then took
mo and sat mo a table , und looked
at me long und html , while I still trem
bled. Then ho burst into u loud laugh.
" 'The llttlo devil ! ' ho kept repeating ,
Who would have thought it ? She
has something in her , after all !
We shall see ! Wo shall see ! ' He gave
me a sou to bu.cakes. . . 1 did not under
stand , but 1 was glad of the sou for I
was always hungry. But now he began
to feeil mo better , and bought me shoes
and warm clothing , and did not beat mo
so nwicli and ho begun to teach me music.
Helen , you will not believe me. but God ,
your God , knows that what I say is true.
1 was kept ut the piano every day for
several hours , tied fust into a chair with
a stool under my feet. When lie saw
that my eyes weto not good and that I
stooped torwurd to see the n ) tes. he put
u strap around my neck and b mud it to
the hack of the chair , lie placed a h ) . > k
under each of my arms and a sou on
the .back of each hand , and often
kept mo in this position for
u whole hour without chungo.
Sometimes ho went uwuy and
left mo to practice alone , one linger ut u
time , thump , thump , thump , until it
seemed to mo that every note 1 struck
wus struck upon my brain or my heart.
If 1 lot the b.mks or the sous fall I got a
blow on the cheek ; if I kept them in
place. L could keep ono sou for myself.
"This went on for four years. At the
end of that time 1 could do wonders with
my lingers , but 1 knew nothing else. 1
could scarcely read. 1 was stunted and
old , not tit all like other children. Ono
day my father said 1 should now try to
be admitted to the Conservatoire. Ho
explained to me that 1 must play before
a number of great musicians and they
would decide if I should ho ad
mitted as a pupil. Ho told
Marguerite , an old woman who
kept the house where wo lived , to
dress mo at a certain hour. All the
time she was braiding my hair , and fast
ening my little black dress , I was grow
ing sick with dread. I think I felt as
people do before going to the scaffold.
"I followed my father to u great build
ing and into u long passage , my legs
quaking , my heart sinking. We went
intti u room' where a number of girls
were seated , all of them palo and some
of them crying , but they till laughed
when they saw mo. I wus so little , and
black ! My dear father soi/ed mo by the
arms , and whispered , 'I will wait for
you outside. If you fail , 1 will kill
you ! ' Soon after u man came in and
took our names , and gave us tickets with
numbers upon them. Ono ufter another
of the girls was culled and uftor u little
cumo back looking scared and white ,
and wont away.
"Then my turn camo. I wont into a
largo ro < in where many men were
seated at little At the further
end was u stage , where was a grand
piano. I know what I hud to do. I
crept down the hull to the stage. I
hoard exclamations of pity and amuse
ment as 1 passed along , und us 1 reached
the stops ono kind , noble-looking old
man biniled ut mo and said softly ,
' little . '
'Courage , one.
" 1 wont tj the piuno und played with
out notes u sonata of Beethoven.
After the first note I hud no
fear. It wus all easy for mo ;
but when I had finished someone
ono placed a piece of music in manu
script before me. Then , indeed , I begun
to tremble , becuiiso of my poor eyes. But
1 played the piece , almost without fault ,
to the end. When I went down the step-i
and through the hull many faces smiled
ut me , and the sumo old gentleman
whispered softly , 'Bi-avissima !
"My father sei'/.ed my hand at the
street door and dragged mo homo with
out a word. During the following week
ho scarcely spoke to mo , but the way lie
looked at mo froze my blood.
"At last ono duy there came a lartro
envelope sealed with a great seal. My
father turned pale when ho saw it , but a
moment later turned to me with u fierce
" ' ' ho muttered. 'If
'C'est bon,1 you
had failed , I would have beacon you to
death ! '
"After this , life was U-ss hard for
uwhile. Under my now touchers I
worked hard and gladly , for they were
very kind ; und some of the girls were
kind , tjo , though the most of them
luughod and jeered ut mo. Years
passed , and 1 grudna'ed , taking tccJiid
pri/.o. 1 was very huppy for some ,
for 1 was praised and noticed , and even
my father wus good to mo in his own
"But now ho 1 ; st his position in the
theater through drunkenness and insub
ordination , and it foil to mo to support
him. This was not dilllcult , for 1 had
pupils , and was often required to play at
entertainments. But gradually ho yrow
morose and brutal.
" 'You might make your fortune if
yon were not so ugly ! ' my dear hither
would say.
" 'Is not Monsieur B ugly ? ' I
asked , alluding ton great piunist'tlion
causing u sonsution in I'u.-ls.
" 'Ah , bah ! ' laughed my father ; 'ho
is a man. A man can bo as ugly as
possible , it makes no dillorenco. But tin
ugly woman ! '
" 1 began to understand things now. I
sat hours before my llttlo dressing glass
looking at my face , and weeping , fur I
saw it wus hopeless. My eyes , alone ,
were enout > h. 1 had not oven la beauto
( liable , " she laughed bitterly. "lOvon
was that wanting.
"I must laugh now to remember how I
tried to press those dreudful eves into
their sockets how I luy niyht uf.or
night with weights bound over them ,
until I found I wus making m\velf blind ,
and KIIVU up the struggle. Mun Dion ! "
she cried , rising and walking the llo ir.
" 1 would lot myself bo carved with a
knife and chipped with a chisel to bo
made beautiful If only it were possi
ble1 !
"Beauty is u pacing thing , " I said.
"It fades in a llttlo white , but your tal
ents "
She turned upon mo with llamlng
"it fades , yes ! " she cried ; "hut In the
meantime ono has lived , ono has boon
huppy , ono hu- . been loved ! "
She throw herself face downward on
the lounge again , and wo were both
silent awlrile.
"But tell mo , " I Mild utlust , "how you
hupiiencd to come to Amoricu. "
"Thot'o I little to toll , " she answered
wcurlly , "My fttflrr died , and I cnmo
with u family of nublciunsto New York
I found plenty of drhdgcry to do , und I
pluyed In concert uimiotlmc ! * , but it wus
always the sumo wtovy. I was HO ugly !
I wus tired of helirJpg and fooling this.
I lost heart1 and ambition ,
and so tinkered Dr. Bell-
uniy's udvortisemont. I knew it wus
to bo burled alive , but I did not euro.
To eat. to sloop , l.rftll that life has for
me ! " .
"Felice ! " I wilil imputlently , "it is
positive sin for you , to tulk so !
She stopped ino'iwlth u gesture.
"Hear , my dear ! " she said. "Last
evening 1 played fill1 visitors. Mr. Flem
ing was there. 1 thought , ' 1 will try
him. ' Ho was standing by mo at the
piano , and I chose something for him ,
und I played until I saw his heart in his
eyes. Then Miss Triplott came in , and
sat where ho could see her. I saw his
eyes fasten upon her , and ho could
hardly wait for the lust note , und when
it wus struck wont Immcdiutoly ever to
her. "
Again Felico sprang up excitedly.
"Yes , " she cried , "I would give all I
possess of talent , I would bo will
ing never to hear u note of
inus'io , to ho , only for one your , as beau
tiful as that girl is. D. ) you know , when
1 am giving her a lesson , I often feel
that I would like to strike her in her
calm , satisfied , beautiful face ! I be
lieve I hate all pretty girls , and her
most of all ! "
At that moment came the sound of
Dr. Bellamy's slippered feet in the pass
age. It was past the hour when lights
were to bo extinguished , and ho was
making his nightly rounds. At my door
the Mops paused , and there came the
warning .scratch , scratch of that por-
eiitoui ) forefinger uud u slight , signifi
cant cough.
"Tyrant ! " muttered Felico , clinching
her small lists , und preparing to depart.
"As- yon only hate pretty girls , " I said ,
as I bade her good-night , "you will try
to love me a little , I hope ? "
Felice laughed , and putted my cheek.
"Yon are good und true , und I do love
yon so much. " she answered. She kissed
mo on either cheek in her pretty French
fashion , and slipped awuy.
[ TO m : co.NTiMT.n. ]
"All Alio.inl Inr North < ! i l ictton. "
A spucinl excursion to North Ci.ilvestnu ,
Tex , will leave Omaha April 11. 1MM. He-
inarUabli ! inducements are offered. For par
ticulars apply to D. U Smeaton , agent , room
17 , liarker block , Omaha , Neb.
ut" llnrly DIIJM Alonu tliu
Union I'iii.-lIU' It nit-olid ,
Many are the reminiscences related of
life on the rail in the curly days of the
Union Pacific. Away buck in the ' 70s ,
shortly after the c implotion of the road
to Ogden , U. T. , the ollleiuls of the
western portion of the Overland often
found themselves hard pros-od for the
requisite force of skilled men upce.-sury
to mull the trtiins to meet the demand of
the constantly increasing freight traflie.
It wttsduring the prevalence of the min
ing fever throughout Colorado and
neighboring territories. The disou-o
quickly spread to the train service , und
the earnings of many of the boys were
regularly invested in mining specula
tions , mostly through grub stake.
JXimo fortune showered g ild with u
lavish hand on tlioso whom she wished
to fuvor , says u writer in the St. Louis
IJepublic , and at the time of which I
write it was observed that the old girl
did not disguise her preference for the
knights of the rail. Fortunes were ac
quired in a day , anil instances arc cited
of a brakeliian who one day was nolisli-
ing wheels for W.50 [ u duy 'und no ovei-
timc next month might bo seen indus
triously uequiring cullouscs in scissoring
coupons. Frequent occurrences of the
above nuturo nuturully left their im
pression on the resources of the ollieials ,
who wore often forced to press into ser
vice men who twisted u brake for the
first time on the day of their employ
ment. But the ollieials hud no other
recourse. A nubub will not brake on a
freight train at least , not while ho is
nabjbimr. On onu occasion u cowboy
wus employed t ) fill the position of first
mate on u freight train.
His conductor instructed leather
breeches to fetch the engine and place
her on the train , while the former pro
ceeded to the dispatcher's ofllce , whcro
ho registered his train and also u kicker
or two. This done , ho engaged the dis
patcher in conversation , in which for u
quarter of an hour ho entertained the
latter with an instructive discourse on
the subject of handling trains by tele
graph. After kindly thanking the con
ductor for his advice the guardian of
the train meekly intimated that the
otistbonnd freight , which his truin had
orders to moot at Howell , was there
awaiting his arrival. Uushing to the
register , where his pencil nervously re
corded Ills departure , ho yelled out as a
parting adieu , "I'm gone ut 11:0 : ! ) , " und
stopped out into the night. Upon reach
ing his train ho found her engineless.
Ho was also short ono cowbiy.
His scu"ch for the "b. ukoy" was
quickly ruwaided. The yard engine had
just paused to couple on to a string of
cars. This was our no'ly found brake-
man's opportunity and ho was not slow
in taking udvuntngo of it. When dis
covered by the conductor Mr. Cowl ) ly
was in the act of throwing his lasso ; the
next moment the graceful folds
straightened out , the loop fell snugly
over the smokestack and the switching
engine was a captive. The conductor
was alnut to say "By gum ! " when ho
was interrupted by the voice of the
brukointin , who , ob'-ioi'ving his chief up-
proiich , cried out in joyful ecstusy : "It's
ull right now , boss ; I've ketched her ut
lust , and will have her on the train in u
jill'y. You see , this deal is kinder now tome
mo , but on our next drive I'll have her
down pat. " _
i.iticisteep : |
Than take la imy 'other form is what many
people tldinc , and Purlts' tc.i is iniulu for just
those folks It curcsrou.stipalioii , and though
not a cathartic , uiuvua thu bowels every day.
All tlruiwlsth.
( 'aunt ! ofjsiii liif ; Wlrox ,
You h ivo all hoard the InmimliiK and sbij , '
lii of telegraph anrl'tcluphoiio wires as yon
p.iss the poles aloiiu the slruuts. No douljt
you 1m vo cnnrluilctt hat it is causuil by the
action of tne wind tin the wires and nivcn it
no flirt her thought" ' Out it Is not true that
the slnsinc Is causciiihy the wind , and if .Mill
are at all obsi-rvhu yuu will notice that often
the humming s.iuml is , to hu hcird thrso cold
murnlavsvlienthiVsmoko Irom the chnnnc.s. )
'ocs straight up unil | it Is lost in the clouds
and wiioii tlio irosl on tin ? wires Is as Su/.ey
and thick at ) a roll of chunillo fringo. The
wind hns nothing to do wth the s.m 1 , an d
aiconiitu' to an scientist , quoted
bj tlio Uotroil Kivo 1'rcss , the vibrations
tire duo to tliiiL'hiiaifiis of
pjf.itui'c , uud especially through thu action
of till * cold as a lowering of tcmpuraturu in
duces a shnrtfiiinK of the wires extending
over the \\holo of tbo conductor. A tons ! 1-
cr.tblu amount of friction is produced on the
supporting bell , thus hulurliiK sounds both
In HID wires ami the poles \Vnoii this hum-
mhiK has been p > l K ° " birds have mistaken
tbo sound for ln'i cla inside tlio poles , and
huvo boon seen to peck with their bills on
the out&Uc as they do upon apple ami other
trees. The stori is told of a bear that mis
took the humming nolso as coming from a
ni'sLnf bees ami clawed at tbo | > ole und tore
awa.\ the Htuucs at its base la the hope of
lindiiib tlio much covtitod lumpy.
Arn You \\ltli 1 T
A special excursion to North O ilveslon ,
Tex , willieavoOmalm Ap-il 11. Is'JU. I0. {
m.irkablo Inducements uro otTiretl. For par
ticulars apply to I ) D. Smoatcn , agent , room
17 , Darker block , OuiaUa , Neb.
Boom of May Wheat Wa the Poaturo on
'Change. '
Whllii Corn Win Moclrriilcl.v Aclho the
do n ITU I Tiinn Win KitAltT Mini 1'ltic-
million * Id-pi Within u Oiif-
1'oiirtli Cent llangc.
ritU'Aiio , III. , AptII 8. A boom In May
wheat was the notable feature on'chance to
day , though Hailing InInly was decidedly
larger than In theneai-by option. May at out-
time showeil a caln uf nearly -'tc o\er last
nlubt's | irlce. ItMisup IV1 at the clo-e ,
while .Inly bail an advance of only ' , c. Dry
\M-ather was tlio main Inlluence , Ituslncss
was fairly Kood , but only active for short
peilotls. Thu bull cliques in wheat and pin-
\lsloiismailu themselves fell In each of those
specialties. Computed with last nl ht , corn Is
! c higher , ami piovlslons lunged Irrcgulatly
higher to a limited extent.
While no tain was In slghl In Kansas , It was
repoitetl fid-ring In DaKota nml Xehiaska. It
was rumined that the Mls.ouil slate crop re-
poll hail been made public , malvliij ; the wheat
condition Hi ) percent ami H-l percent Incietise
on tbo iiu'itige. Tills all the time causeil a
rcaetltm ftom tlie top ptlccs leached , but with
a Him feeling cxlstlmr. Tin1 tccclils | for tin-
last week weio eotislileiably lutgetabout
HOO.OOO hu , anil lliu e.Npuit cleaiances weie that no huge ileciea-e In the \lsi-
lile supply was expected , peilmps r > oonoo lin.
Coin \\as moderately active , but Kept
wlltnn " 41range. . The general t. lie was easier ,
with tlm exception of a shoit spell , when a
small tlcgico of strength was ilevelopefl , the
action of wlieat still tlm ; a few local opuiatois
to covering. This demand -non became satis-
lied , ho\M-\cr , and a downwind tendency fol
lowed , ulleilng- > becoming more fret1 , iccclv els
being Identified with the selling side.
Then- was a fair Ir.ullng In o.ils , Hie giciiler
pat t being In changing fiom near lo dis
tant months , | . | , - | , , | ) , . | was bought and June
sold at fiom ! 1'4C to II , c ( Illlerclice. I'llci-s
had a'41'langi ! and tlie chitu was al a net
Kiiln or ' | C.
The tiaile In IIOK ptuduct- was lar ci than
for several days pa-t. The titleiliiKs of nil
description-\M'IC mink-talc and the Imiulry
fiom all sources was only fair. The inaiUt-t
openetl strongerowlnu to the aihanre In the
in lees of lion's , but the prospect of a linger
supply dm in > ! the coming week lemled to an
easier fcellmi and lower pi Ices weie accepted.
At Inside Urines Hie demand Inipiovetl some-
\\hat , mainly to ptovlde for oiitstamliiiK con-
tiai-ls and prices tallietl au'aln. Tin1 maiKet
closed lather llrm al about outside Hollies.
estimated lecelpts for Momlayvlieat , 2l > 0
cars ; corn , 171) ) cai.s ; oats , 1-15 cais ; IHV1H , -
0(10 ( bead.
The leailbiK futuiesraiiKi-d as follows :
junici.t.s i ui'h.v
„ SlivUij
10" i 40 40" (
41H 4IH
30 30
1.01(1 (
OJt in 7- . 17 00 Hi sat ,
17 HO no 17 174 17 W
17 H ) noM n vu 17 . ' 15 17 M
10 l\0 \ si 10 ir-i 10 y > 1020
IU Xi 10 ! , 'i 10 27'n 10 rj' ' ,
10 4" > ) 10 .I2U lu a ? 10 JJ
li fi'J ! > S5 ! ) TO
U . ' "it '
ii to ' .I 05 .I (0 ! l US 11 40
Cash quotat Ions weie as follows :
I'l.oi'iiDull , unehamred : spring patents ,
ta.70tt4.00i winter stralslits. in.noTia.U.I :
sniic | ' htrnlKlits , 1U.OOU3.10 ; baKur.s' , JU.lll
WIIRAT No. 'J sprbiK , TO'it'i ' No. 3 spilm ;
norlliein , 7'J'jiNo. ' : . 'J reel. TJ" .
Units Meadv-No. - , lO'.cjNo. ' 3 casli , 3'Jc ;
No. a yellow , -I0f.
UAT.S NoJ , 30c ; No. 2 wliltu , 3'J33ac !
No. 3 while , S'Jc.
llVE-No. 'J , O'Jc- .
IIAKI.KV No. 'J , IVJc ; No. 3 , f. o. b. , 453500 ;
No.1 , f. o. b. , : i4it4Hc.
I'l.AxSr.r.o-No. l.Sl.ia.
TIMOTHY Siin1'rime : , H.20.
1'OIIK Mess , per bbl. , * 10.'J17.00. ( ) Lard ,
per 100 llii. , * 10.irj7il0.i2 ( ) ; .shoil ribs sides
( loosol , ? ! i.r)51tO.OOi flry altPft shoulder *
( iM > x fl > , i'J.'JIYQi'J.aT'i ' ' ; s-bortctear sides , ( boxed ) ,
WHISKY Distillers'llnlshud goods , per gal. ,
Jl.l" ) . ,
SutlAits Cot lo.if , 5'jo ; ( . ' 'anulatefl ' , 5\c ;
standaid "A. " ,1sc. {
The follotrlnu wt-to thu receipts and slilp-
munts for today :
On HID 1'ro.lticLoxeli'iniro tiuliiv tlio Imitur
maiUet as lo--s active , uasleri cieamory , Ulte
2e ! ) : ilalry , ' "J'2'J7c. KBITS , llrm ; sltlctly fresli ,
Olll.lllH ( ir.ll'1
The follow In ; : prices are for delivery at Mis
sissippi tlver points ;
Wuc.vr -No.-'spiln , 7.1c bid : No n sprln ; ; ,
f.Se bid ; No. Uliaid , Olc bid ; No. ! 1 haul , Me
KYINo. : . 2 , 5'Jc blfl.
OATh -No. 'J wlille , 32cbidNo. ; 3 white , 31' e
t'oiis No. 2 easli in- April , D7c bid ; No. 3 or
InHter , casli or Apt II , Sii'jc bid.
AIIIOIIK t lie sales wei tithe following : Hive cars
No. It or betlercotn , ten ilays shipment , upper
Mississippi iher points , Cincinnati let IIH ,
30' ' ac.
Oiniiliu 1'roilitf-tt Marlttit.
The market was generally stoutly. Dealers
wore still asklnu' In some cases 13lie for i-nns ,
but tbero were liaidly onouih sales n-noi-leil
al that pi lee tu Justify It as a quotation. Hay
was In liettei demami and higher. , IHif- ! , ( IVMi : , I'OUI.TIIY.
Itt'riKH Tin1 1 t-ccl | > ts con l In Hi ! lln'ht and the
iinirKulls very llrm. I'.ieKIni ! sttulc , 17WlHc- ;
fairtoKoou couutrv loll , ItlliJ'to ; cliolco to
fancy country , 20i'J4c.
Kfius ( ieneial maiKot , 13i3.
( JAMK The maiKet Is slow ami dull. Mixed ,
Oow,7. > c ; red beads , < 2 ; malluitls , J2.00it2.50 ;
teal , * 1.
roi'i.Tiiv C'liolco hens , OjClOo ; youiiR roost
ers , blt-Uc ; olil loosteis. 5itUc ; KU\HO \ and
iluolis , IDifllc ; turUeys , lie.
l'm Soutlieiniiiitl California stock , per 'a
tm. l > o\.ft.oiii ) 1.25.
HIJA.NS Choice navy , JJ.-ili.
CAMFOIIMA "Aim \ oii'cr : Hi. , : ) c.
( 'I'd1 MIIKIIS I'cr iloJ2. .
Sw IIT : : I'OT kfinis : Per bbl. , W ; seed sweet po
tatoes. M.50.
UNIONS -lloniK UTOWII , on tnders lo cotintiy ,
J-I per lilil. ( iiiod htoeK .shipped In fiom
coiintiy would probably not In In ; , ' o\er il.'J.j
per bu. on this maiKet.
l'OT\TOii-leceipts : { IIIIKC. Colorado slnck ,
Jl.10-ifil.15 : Wisconsin burb.inks , 'J..effifl.oOi
weslt-in Nebtnskii , 'JOo'ifrM.OU ; custom Ne-
brasKastocU , 7.Vi . ! ) Ot- .
Niw \ 'i.oiTAin.hhLettuce : , -toe ; raillslies ,
45c ; puttley40. . - perdojjrien ; onions , 35o.
Ari'l.KS Clioleeshippim : sloeU , $1.00 per bbl.
STlUWiilliiUIKS-l'ertin.ul ) , - .
TAMliail.NKS half boxes , f2.75563.00.
( ilivi-i : I'Hl'IT1'er box , J3 oo'i.3.25 (
Oil VMIKSrinrida tancj , per box , t3.WVP3.76i
Missel Is. j.1.25 ; Mexican oianKi's , single boxen ,
? 3.25 ; 5 to lo-box lots , W ; ( 'nllforinu niounlaln
ranges J2.50 ; NVasliliiKton navels , Hi Now-
isllc California seedlings , }'tt2.75 ; ; Med.
veets. S2.GO'fr2.75 ; Ulverslilu st-i-illlnci , S2.75.
II\N\N\S-1'er bunch , IneludliiK cratci untl
paeKliiu' . fi.T.V'i.'J .VI.
Clt\Nmuuiis : : I'er liox , $ . ' 1.7(1. (
Lu.MONS Choice , ft.5O ) ; fancy , f I.
Miscii.i.\Mors. : :
HAY Tlio maiUot on ( , 'ood upland bay wu
fi. (
Ilinns No. I ttreunle ; No. 2 Kr-'on , 3c ; No.
1 HI-I-OII , salted , 4'ic ; No 2 ureen , sailed , 3'c ;
No. 1 Kieen , hailed , 25 to-10 lb , . , 4'tci ' No. U
Bieim , salted , 25 Io40 His. , ! J'ti'i No. 1 \eal ,
calf , H to 15 Ibs. , He ; No. 2cal c.tlf , H to 15
Ibs. . Cc ; No. 1 ihy Hint. 7'ei No. 2 dry Hint ,
5'ic ; No. 1 dry salted , lie.
MDNKV Cboleo lo fiim-y white cloMir , Ih ®
lllc ; fuirto oed , lfi'/.lHc.
VKAI. ( holco and small tin veals , 7iib'iCi
largo and thin , 33iGc.
New Vork MurlirU.
\KW VoilK , April H. ri.orn-Hecelpts. Cl- )
COO pki ? " . : expoits , lO.WMl bills. , 2J.500 slicks ;
mles , ii,500 pkxs. ; mm ket dull but held
( Irmly : winter wheat low grades , J2.1O1I.2.55 ;
winter wheat , fair to fancvif2.5r > fs3.l'i5 ; winter
wheat patents , J3.H5i/4.25 ; Mlnnesola clem ,
t2.50iM.50 ; winter wheat Hlraltihts , W.GOft
4.011 ; nliitur wheat patents , $ l.2./nl.7O.
HVK Steady , dull : western , Jis'iitrJu.
llAiil.CYI'lrm , iiulet ; western , iiOj&v&i' .
IlAiu.r.Y MAI.T-Qulut , , steady ; western , 05
( lUIV.
WiiKAT llrcolpts , 3,100 bu. ; exports , 72-
750 bu. : hiiles , 3,335,000 bu. futures , -lO.OlM )
bu. hpot. Spot mar et quiet , llrmer ; No. 2 red ,
In store ami L-liivatcr , 77'ic ; alloat , 70c ; f. o.
Ii. . 7rUfffi70'ie : No. 1 northern , H4V : No , 1
liard , H71ifHHc ; No. 2 northern. h'J c. Options
opened llrm at V nilunco oniepoitH of dry
weather west , llrmer cables and MiorlbCiiM'r-
InKi declined tcwllh tin ) west ami local real
izing on the Missouri state boanl rroii report
tu bl.31 per cent ; udvuuci'U 'iU unU
( tix-oil llrmnt tt'v ' u\oryi < M riliyr TrmtliiK
fnlrly tieilvi'i Nn ' reil , i-lo-dnK fnuo , July ,
niiiNHecelptK , -l : JOG tin i I'xmtrK i.noo
bli.i ! le t , 55.000 bll. futures , O.tKH ) bu.
spot. Spots dull. Meadyi No. i ! , 51 < if In
elovixtori ft'.H c alloat s Mounter mixed , fiOci
No. 3. 4V. ! Optlom were 'iiitc bUher ntnl
llrm , but yerj tltilli Muy. 4HS 4H1o , closing
lit -IH' , ! ' ! .lllly , lllic ,
OAMKiii'uliiH , tm. ! export11.000
tin. i iale . none ! futures , ; iilooo bu. Spots
llrmer , quiet. Upturns dull : Mny , aooi .Itilv ,
UfiifO. Spot : Nil a while , 40'n-t No. 2 Cltl-
cauo. UTci No. It JUiiic , No. II white , : ! 'J'4it (
3U'ici ' mlxi-d vu-stcrn , ; VVj,3Stwlillo westem
HAY I'lrm. fairly ncthe : slilppln , 17.50 ;
mixed to choice , tH..vxvvr ( ! > o.
lloi'.s ( .hllet , llrm : state , common to choice ,
Iscr/Jl'tfi ' I'liclllc coast , lsf-jii , ( . .
lliniN Dull , easy ; wet sailed New Orleans
selecttMl , l'i to (10 liw , 4'iiiCOc ; Texas , selected ,
no lo do Ibs , 5 ,71-i Iliienos A vres , tiry , 20 to 23
Ibs , 12'ic : Texas , dry , 2O to 25 Ibs. huh 1 le.
I'ltovisio.ssCut meats , linn-tive. steatly ;
tilckled bellies , U Wc ) ; pleUled shoulders , 8'i '
WV : pickled bams , I2tcl2'tc ; middles , uulel ,
leady : short clear , loie. Laid , tinlet ,
opened llrm and closed easy ; western closed
at f 10. 10 ; sales , 2OO tierces at 110.40. Option
sales , mum ; May closed at MO. 15 ; .Inly closed
III $10.50 ; N-nlember closed al $10.110 ; it-lined ,
quiet , unsettlcdiconllnent , $10.115. I'ork , quint :
old mess , 117.75 ; new mess , Jltt,25j o.xna
inline , nominal.
llrnKH-lMlet , easy ; western dairy. ! Hil23 , ' ;
western cieamery , 2.t't2U'jc ( ; western faotnry ,
17 ii.Mns,21)7l2l'c. ; : ( ) ! ' .
CilKKsK-Moderale demand , steaily ; mm
skims , 3i610c.
lions I'alr ilemand , linns receipt" , 3,000
pkps ; ueslein , fiesli , 15VfJ10e ; duck , 2225c ;
1'oose , 4Oo.
TAI.I.OW ( .inlet : b.uely steady , city ( J2 ] ) er
pkir.l 5 < < n4 * > 5-15c.
COIIO.NSI.IMI onQuiet , steady ! fitide , 42c
bltl : jellow , 4Uc.
I'liiiioi.KiM.inlet ; rellned , nominal : ciuili-
t\ashlmton bairels , } 5.20 ; crude Washington
ban els In bulk , tJ.70 : lellned New Yet k , i5.45j
l'lilladelibla | ami ll.illlniote. ffi. 10 ; I'hlladi 1-
phlHiiml llaltlnioreln bulk , fJ.UOl2.nri ( ; t'nlted
i-ln eil at iiH' i. .
KOSI.N Dull ; strained common to ) ! ooilil.i5 :
W 37 ' , c.
Tl'iil'i.NTIM : : Dull , easy at 32 < a32'6o. '
IIici : l'alrl > acihe , Him ; ilomcstlc fair to
exlta , 35 V"Hlc. !
MOI.ASSKSI'oiel n , nnminul ; New Oilcans
open Kettle , .nood lo choice , fair demand ; Htm
at 30Tt38c.x
OMAHA , \ - ( : UAKKIIN.
ri-eiilmr Conditions Hint Mark the Cattle
Tr.iduV'imil loin In I'orlc.
S \TfllDAY. Apt II R.
There has been a ilcciease In receipts of all
Kinds of stuck this week compared with last.
Coinpaied with acar axe the cattle supply
shows a niodurato Incicase and Uio inn of
sheep was about the sume. llus ie"elpts sliow
a small deoieaso The olllclal UKUICS ate as
follows :
Cattle , llotfs Slieeti.
Ieeepshlsweek ! | | | . .13,771) 15,201 4,77il
Uecelpls hist week. . I5,2OO 21,537 1O.17S
SamcHeek last year . . 1O.OJ1 1H.321 4,7'JS j
Denli-is liuM' all been more or less dlsap-
pnlntcd In the cattle iccelpls this wet1 ! , ,
lluyers especially looked fora heavy inn , but
neither hen- nor at other mallelscic
supplies hea * ler Ilian nidlnarllv. i'aitly on
tills itecount Iliete lias been I'on-ldi-i.ilile life
to the tiade nil \\ei-k anil ( lie tendeney has
been to aid n hljtlier ran e of values. Liood
fat liKlit and medium weight sleets liaxe
shown tlie most aih ance. whlliMin account of
the dullness In the i-xpot t tiade the lmpio\e-
liient In the hea\ let irradfs has not been - > o
marked. I'nder clieuinstanees , howcxer ,
the ln-a\ \ cat lie hue held tli.-li-oun lemarl-
ably well , piolialily becailsi- eomparati\
few of them lia\e been oll'eied. Tin- general
qualllv of the cattle now helm ; inaikelcd has
lie vet been p mici for this M-IIMIII of ( he yea I.
i'et dei-s ale lieeomlm ; tired of Inoklm ; fm bel-
tei prices "lalei on , ' and piest nlalite - . ap
pear sutlleleiilly leinunei.ilhe lo alti.ict the
stock whether in mnrketable sh-ipe or not.
The week closed with a fairly liberal run of
eattle ami the ' -'eneial qualll } of the ollerlic.'s
lias not been e.xci lied lately. I'lietc was an
I mil lleienl tone to cast cm repoils ami ( be de
mand liel- IIDIII all souiet s u-is of a decidedly
Imllllerent cliaracter. I'l ices ruled unevenly
lower. A few ll lil cattle chiineil bandseaily
at not fat from steady pi Ices , but the eneial
inaikcl wtisfiom loc to 2'ic lower than I't Itlay
and M-ry slow at that. Tin- speculative In-
iiuliy was uniistiallj llcbt , and buyers for
diessed beef houses weie all deeliledly apa-
tliellc. ( iood loeholci ) l,25oio lVi-lli. ! beees
sold at fiom ? 1.75 lo fVJ.'i , with fair to Komi
1,000 to 1,200-lb. steels largely nt fiom M.35
lo * -l."i. ( Common to Infeilor ll 'ht Blades
sold at fiom that on down to 1,1115. Ti.ute
( IriiKKcU aloii ? tlirotiuli the entire iluy. but the
cattle Kent selling and u M-iy fall cleaianee
was linally ellecietl.
Wldle the cow mm Ket was not imotably
lower. It v\as slow as a mle with ptlecsct-i-
talnly no ldilier Uood to choice fat cows
and liclfei-s sold at from $3.dO up to
M.H ) . I'alr to noml bulclieis' sttick
Mild \ei-y luigelv at fiom JJ.75
to ill.50. ( 'nmnnii ) and canning gnides ueie In
poor demand and haul to sell at from fl.'J'i to
J2.5O , or 25c to Olio lower than a w < t-K .IRO
Common bulls , men ami stags weie also slow
sale and easier , but fat niu h stock was In fair
demand and s'eady. Sales weie at fiom * 2.5O
'to 54. The calf mat ket wiis mil parilcnlarly
actl\e , but about steady at the it-cent decline.
Common to choice grades changed bands al
fiom S3 to } 5.fill.
Theio was li.inlly cmim.'h dobu In the
stockeraml feeder line tt > establish q'lota-
tlulls. 1'iesli lei-elpts weie llglit uud country
bujois few and far between. Very few trades
weie made , but these were on the basis of
about steady pi Ices. Salesoutof llr-t
were mosllv al fiom $3.25 to J3.75.
Hods-The llni-tiiatloie , In ( be hoi ; market
tills week weie somewliat sen-ntluiinl In thell
natuie After a 21i ; dccllno on Monday and
Tuesday the m.irkel went the other way and
nil * u need 45e ami the week closes with prices
20 to 25c higher than the closi-
uf hist week' . One cause tit tin )
leccnl sharp nilMince was a flecicase In 11-
enlnts Ibis week cnmpaieil with List of neaily
10,001) ) liogs with a corresponding falling nil 'it
other markets. Tlieie aie as many dlll'i-icnt
dpi nic ins as to the f ill me com se of themai ket as
t licit-aie men engaged In I lie business. I'ery-
tblng points to a continuation of si ion , ; pi Ices ,
but present pi Ice 4 aie sliong , and the ques
tion b'ltlieilng the trade is how much , If any ,
lower will I be packets ftnce the ma ike I be foi o
they begin paying big money again. OC tlio
past winter's packing In the west tlm Cincin
nati I'llci ) Current says : "Tlm aggregue
numbei of liogs packed In the west the past
winter , asshown by full llnal luttnns , vailes
lull itlghlly ( loin the npprtnlmntlim ulTi'reil
the I t uf March The total . -
000 , the divtcaso being II.IJH.OOO . win-
imreil with lint \i-ar The ili-llt'icm-v thus
shown n without priveilent The average
weight of hogs has fallen somewhat hi lotv
Kcnctnl expectations , being Hl'M itn.
lighter than last year The ilet-ri'iue In yii'hl
uf lartl Is Il.OlI His per hog The In-
crenscd nteragc cost uf hogs Is J' fill pitUK )
Ibs. There was a very marked ndvan i from
the eat Her portion uf the season lo the later
pot Hun "
Today's supply was lUht ami the ouallly
Mitite buyers said was the poorest of the wet U.
Although then' was only n modi-talc shipping
ami speculative demand , other cinidltli us
favoteil ait advance , hut the trade was hanlly
prepared fur the 1mto v0c ! advance that wat
rcnllred. The matkct today was uver at an
earlier hour than the tratle usually opens ,
t blcago wns oonsldctably higher and v\lth
only a small supply In sight buy.
ers lost no time In cnrralini ! the
oirerlngs at tlm advtm-e ( iooil tni'dlnm
weight and heavy hogs sold nl J ( > 7 > and i t so ,
with une prime load at fii im Commnti tt !
good Huh ) stnir and mixed 11 u-Mntt gradesKoltl
at fiom itu i , toir > .70.1Tlie market win verv
nctlve lliioiiKhotil , nmlli s d up stnm'd
at the advance. The bull ; of the sales wen at
Jii.70 to to 7f > , as against to.on to J l 00 on Til-
day and til. 15 M'i a week ago today.
SllitiOnly : : three doublet weie iccclvcil
ami they weie consigned direct to a meal
slaughleier. I'acketsall want sume sheep anil
then1 Is a fair lniiili | > for tle li able feili rs ,
rrlces aretimlably | siiong. I'alr to good ni-
tlves , } a.70itfi. ( 10 ; lair to good westerns } : t.OQ
( & > > .Id ; common and stock sheep. } 'J . ' , > W "fit
good to choice -10 to 10U-lb. lambs , Jl ooa
ItecrlplH und ll piMltlnn ut siot-U.
Onirlalr.i.-lpts and dlip ultl'i'i of st - 4:11 :
shown liy the liil ) of t'n ' I'lilmi Htm-k \ , ir U
company fortlm twentv-four hours urnllng ut
& o'clock i > . m. April H , 1NUJ-
nous. 1 MTirii nmists , v MI.I
Ill-mill HT 'Hi-mi ' Inrn IImil
S.KU , a1 : ; ! si
IICMItlS. CA rTi r noi.s xiirr.r.
f n nil-i 1'iu'klng t'o M
Tin' li II. llnimuoinU'o . 111 ! '
hvvlll.l Ci > M'.l
I'liu I'uiliiht PHCklni ! Co .
J. I.olil.un ,
A llnn 2.11
K llcukor \ Di'itnti li.T
Vnmntil .V t'nn-y
Clevelnml 1'arMiitf Co . . .
shlpl'i'M mm n-cilcri. . .
Tu tit I
< 'lilri | ; < > I.Uestocli Murltrl.
( 'mc\no , III. . April 8 [ Special 'I eli trr.iin
toTlli : IlKK.l Thecattle trade wasuthill cli
on the piecedlni ; two da.\s and pi Ires w > ii no
mote Mltlsfarloty to Hie sclllou- linen s | .
Thete was aery limited demand at fium
Sl.r > 0 tti in. 1.1 for Inferior loevtm iri.ules ,
cows , hdfers and bulls helm : limited lit from hi f I , stii'ki-rsuinl fccdcisal jOe
( o fl.'it ) , dressed beef and shlpnlnu SIMIS nl
fiom $1 lo } t > 15 and Texas cattle at fiuiu tj
Prices foi hois weio ad\anei-c In fiuiu H , 7i !
lo7.35 for Huhl und lo from tT.ln t < > ? 7 f > 0
foi hea\y jjr.ides. As was the IM-.I- > esirril'iy
and the tlay b.-foit1. the nuiiUet was MM un
even , some sales I ml Ira tin ; . ' an udv aiu-e of n it.
mole than 10 , while olhei slum -d i jr-il" "f
' . ' * > ( - . The average advane' alum ; J < v lliu
Kleatcr jiail of the lightweights selling at
fiom JIJ.,5 to J7.15 ami from 7.'JO to7 : jn li -
iiiL1 paid for most of He- medium ami lie i\ >
Then- was a quiet market for Mie < - |
la mhs a in I vciy lit He change In value- sin en
ueic qii'ilcd at fiom * ! 'Jj lo * ( > for ptmr to
choice qualll Irs , und lambs weie on a b.tsls o
finni ) > to
l.'erelpis : Cattle. l.'JOO bead ; line's ,
Ill-ad : sheep , 'J.rjll , ) hml ,
K'UIH.IS City llve stork Miirki-t.
1CVSAS t'lTV. MIL , April < ' 'vrriH.
ceipth. : i,80Lln-ad ) ; sliipmcnts , l.n ) ) hr.ui tilt )
nmrkci was fairly active and -.leadv KI-II -i.illy.
Dri-ssetl beef itnd shipping sti er > f.l .i > 'i ;
cows and heifers , f'-'J0'-4'l ! ( ' , stm ki i-- .i-nl
feiilirW.'IOH 1.31.
ll < ) , ; s Itecdnls , 1'iOD ; shipments ,
1.7OO head ; tncmiikct actlvt an I l'i ' < A
l.'iu Idghei j all grades , J5 ailitii.iiO , bniu , T" 15
SIIC.EIUueelpts , OilOliiMd ; shipments nine :
thcmaiKct wasDi'lO- hl-'her.
St. l.miU Mir Mueli M'irk--t.
Sr. 1,01'is , Mo. , April H. rvrn.r K-i-ninti
'Jill i head ; shipments , 1'JOO he id. milk , t
steady nt I Inleeent decline ; fed Tin
sti ets , H7O-lh , } fl.7O.
lloiiS Kerolpts Hi III head : -liliinii nts , J too
Ill-nil ; nniki'l lou/joc liiL'hei ; lna\\ ft. nO
4i7.oi ) ; mixed , $ i > . , llltiiJ.Ht > ; IlKbl , } -lii'l.'i l 7O
HllEEi'-Hi-i'i'liils none ; shipments , Jo i h , ud ;
market steady.
Total UMlri. .il CITIES
I nrrrt-ponrti luliulnd. '
'C3-I63 Daarlinm Stroot. CHICAGO.
1C Wjll Straat , NEW YORK.
7O Stntn P.t. . BOSTON.
Union Stock Yards Company ,
ntt Cnttlo llo nnil ° i inn T I i thi w > ! ie.
Wood Brothers ,
Mvo StooK Commission Merc'i mti
toiithOmaliu Tf-lcii'iono 1157 llil
W.U.Thilt I ) . WOOD , f
Market I { | > nrtb < ) m-it na uJ3j.-f i /
ttlKHl llpoa lli | > llCAttOIIl
Omaha Tant-Awilnj Wolf BMS. & Co.
Maniif.ictiirni4 of tnati ,
nwnlugt etc. TJ ) anil
. TUih. Ibth ntruut
lilt Kurnn u St.
Berais Omaha Ba M. 0. Daxon ,
liniiorlorj anil niMi.fri i eolil on monthlr
rtuur a cki , burlipi ,
twlnu. | if\yiao Hi ! 23N.15tb.