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Bpocinl Easter Services at Many of the
Omaha Churches.
The Ilpiuirri-ctliiii nml IU McnnliiK Cnrrfnlly
Impounded Tliio Sti rlttl Mualc a Not-
nl > lo I'cntnrc Clnirchm llruiitlllcd
wit U riiiiitn Hiid
The Hastcr mornlnR dawned with fnlr
promlso In Oin.ihn , nml n brilliant day ful-
Illlctl the morning's pros igc. ' 1 ho sun sliono
vv firmly. Silvery specks of cirrus floated to
the 7Uittli , nml nil the : uuro slti vvns ile-op
'Iho sweet travail of the bright geMmlmil
time wns ovitlotit on clt\ squares nnd paiks ,
nnd not nil tlio swirling dust-clouds toulil
brown past chci-rlnir sUht thu tender vcrn il
of the gracious grass grow ths
The city churches , nil ducked In pure
vvhlto ( lowers , whoso level blooms niiihtbj
taken for u-irtli symbols of tlio nusrel trum
pets that heraldcl nnd vvelcimol theilajn
Loid , wcio filled with worshlpsts , mostof
whom must haVe "felt indeed Chiist
had risen again" Nature and man wow
surely nttuncd'to worship
Tlio obsetv.uit philosopher hail food for
cogitation in the evident lack of Hister mil-
Hnci'i in chuich and on the stieot , compiled
with iho displ.ijs of other jeirs Ho ini''ht
also draw u gracious moral ftom the fact
that the evangelical churches , so called ,
rivaled the Catholic nnd Hplscopal chuu-hcs
In n.istertidodecoritlon Hardshell Hip
list , roek-ubbcd Calvlnist and uncompio-
inlslng Methodist churches vvoio tilled with
flowers nnd foliigo tint would luvo sur
prised , with a surprise not pluasiirablo , the
elders of twenty jears ago The 1'iosb.v-
tori in church in the city , whoso pistor
usuill.v scorns to think I'lesident ML Cosh
Jias said tlio last word on docttlncs , eccles
iastical govoinment and Bervice or > lor , h id a
dove Hotting ON or the lilibulked pulpit A
very notiblo nnd Instructho fact this "hold
ing" of Histur bv these ohuiches The
world mo\es ' 1 hoiiiuslc , too , was notable
rntsi viiu'iinmsr.
Itc . Crunn IlUiniirsft of tli Ton or of
ChrUt'H KcHiirrrctlon.
The first Methodist chinch never con
tained a larger auJienco thin that which
assembled there \cstcrday morning to unjoj
the faster ser\ ice
Tlio decorations of the cditlco were simple
nnd beautiful Within the chancel tailing
on tlio lower pi itform th it surrounds the
pulpit stood n mlnlatmc foiest of magnificent
Hasten lilies Hchlud nnd nbovo this foie-
ground of wliito nnd green stood the pulpit
desk , exquisitely wroithed with s'nilix , nnd
still fni ther b ick and above this the choir
gallery gieetod the eye , dress" 1 in clusters
of lilies and strindsof giccn O."or the clci-
tronlcrs nnd the or mist's mitror on the
front of the l.ugo organ were fcstoonlngs of
smllax with a few fine blossoms of Kastcr
lilies T'io ' effect of the entire decor ition
was pleasing and mo lost , in pi-rfect accord
with tlio character of the ser\ ice
ISriiitiful Music.
Mr. Thomas J Kelly opened tlio son ices
with nn organ voluntan , which was followed
by nn anthem , "Oh , tiie Golden , Glorious
Moining , " bv Le.Ieune Tlio choius ot about
forty voices sustained thoeiloitsof thoiiuir-
tet choir in ntrj satisfaclori manner nnd
ga\o the oriranist nn oppoitutiltv to pio\o
the capacity and cxcellcnco of the Kroit In
strument over which ho presided Thociuai-
tet wis to bn\o been made up of Mr Broclc-
cnrldce , tenor : Mis Martin Calm , soprano ,
Miss Victor ! i Kooncy , contralto ; nnd Mr L
B. Copetnnd , biss The tlueo Hist n lined
wore present , hut Mr Copeland was un noid-
nbly absent during the morning sen ice
There was on this account a noticeable doH-
cioncy of ba s In the singing , but aside fiom
this defect tlu ; woik wns exceptionally ef-
fectl\e. The clioius woik was inspiiing nml
rofleetcil ciedit not onl\ upon the indi\ldiul
singers composing it but upon Mr Kellj , the
organist nml diicctor
After prajcr by the pistor , Ilov Fiank
Crane , the anthem 'Chiist our I'asso\cr , "
by Schilling , was beautifully sung The
chorus woik in this anthem was something
of a revelation to tlio audicnco and estab
lished the coiiMctlon where thcioisa
large 01 g.m In a chuich tlio audience should
not bo content to let the single eiuartet do
nil Iho singing
The rending of the scripture lesson by the
pastor was followed by a solo , JC"1 now that
My UedeemerJjUetli " from Handol's Mes
siah , sung by Mis Calm The lady stis
tninod her excellent leputitlon as one of tlio
most imprcssl\o soprino singers in Onrilia
In the sermon that followed the nudienco
listened to some plain , foiciblo truths bear
ing upon-thu "Power of Christ's Ucsuuee-
tlon. " Die dominant thought In the excel
lent discouiso was tlio necessity of haIng a
living Chiist dwelling In the heart us
a part of ones life and e\eriday conduct
A l.Ing \ ChrUt Ncxdud.
"There is too mneh pi caching nbout n dead
Chi 1st , " said the speaker. "Too many pco-
plo arc looking towaid the cioss nnd the
crucltlv simply as a means by which they
may escape the punishment of hell They do
not seoni to understand tlio true ineinlng of
Christ's resurrection They have never got
bejond the scene of the ciucillxion Thc\
have .not reached the open door ot the sepul-
ehcr ; they ha\c not seen the risen Christ"
The sermon contained many eloquent and
stirring pass iges and was hi limning full of
oxhoitntion intended to eominco tlio audi
cnco that \Italpu-tofCliilstslifoand
Intercession for hum mltj was In His icsur-
rcction. Without the continual piesencoof
the Ihlng sniilt of the Master in the heaits
of men all Hlbsuffenng would h.uo been in
"Iho man who has no use for Jesus Chi 1st
excepting to bo si\ed from future punish
ment in the wet Id to come. Is n sneak and n
hypoci Ite. " said the diino "What is Chi 1st
tojou ? Is Hoa 1Hing spliit dwelling iUhlj
In jour hijait from dnto day , leading \ou
Into wnjs of tutUi and ijghteousness , or me
jou'slmply looking to some ilcnd crucilK or
dopcndlnjr upon tlio assistance of some pi lest
and Imping to slip into God's mpicy at the
last instead of rci eh Ing the punishment that
your deeds would lightfully bring upon jou'
If jour Chiist Is nothing but a dead ciucilK
or the utter usclessiuss of empty wouls and
professions then mny God h.uo mercy 01
jour benighted boul You aio uciclv-
ing yourself by ti'ilng to deccno God
Tuin to n Ihlng C'uist Get His
great lo\o Intoour hciit and
feel the wondeiful.puiIf\ , uplifting iwwtr
of a real , li\ inn savior w ho w 111 w alk w ith j ou
from dav to day nnd le id j ou Into job un-
spuakablo , both in this \\oild nnd in the
world to come , "
The attention gUcntho sermon wns pro
found and its effect inusthmo been gratl-
fi Ing to Iho speaker.
Mr. ICellj ga\o a very acccpt.iblo orcran
solo as an offortoiy selection , whkh wns
very mui h enjoj ed The choir nnd audicnco
joined in sluing the superb old h\ inn "Coro
nation"nnd thu benediction biought the 1m-
pressho sei\lco to n close
A spec ! il musical piogram of exceptional
merit wns gl\cn at the evening service.
ST. M VKVS AVr..MJifltNflUiiA'IIUNAI. : .
Itov. ISutli r IMvclln ( pun tlio 1'lrit
1 > ly unit ll liuport.
At the St. Mary's A\c'tiuo CongiCffatlonal
chuivh the moining service and sermon bore
on 1-istcr , baptism and church nainlssion
nnd thn Kacr.iment of the lira's Supper
The pulpit suiTounded with Knster
lilies mul cnllns , smilax was twined around
the font , and roprs of it were pendent fiom
the ehnnecl s"ricn , the o.Toct being very
llio musknl part of the sor\lco was so-
IccteU spoulally tolmsplio with thought of
tha m jut nuimi > ntoui event when captivity
was mndo cupllvu and the H.nloroftho
worl I ItlHKrout atonement complctod , burst
the Uindiof dc.ithnnd ixiso victorious. The
church ( juartet , under the able and enthusi
astic leadership of 1'rof. Gahm , has assumed
n lending pluce among the church choirs of
tliu cltv Prof ( Inlim's organ prelude was
Sir Michael Costa's great " 'rrlumplml
March , " nml It was Insplrlnglv run-
ilered The anthem was Sliullov's
"Christ the Ixml Is Hlsoti Today , " hcautlfullv
Btitig by the ( | imrtet , Miss Coon evincing u
llncly sympathetic strain in the solo ' 1 hu
offertory vvns lino's "The Hrlght faster
Morning , " itini' an a solo by Air Weir ,
vv lioso line tenor did full Justice to the music
and tlio verso. As an organ recessional Mr
Calm gave a masterful Interpretation of the
HiillcluJ.ih chorus from the "Messiah , " Dur
ing the pralso service Nealo's bountiful
hjmn , "Tho Day of Kcsuritc'tlon , " was sung
to the Insplilng "Missionary Hjmn" tuno.
' "Onw.inl
and Hart ing-Gould's stirring
Chrlstlnn Soldiers" was also sung , the eon-
gtcgiition joining forvcntlj and unatilniously
In both
Three little ones were received Into the
cluncli through the s.icratncnt of b.iptlsm
and over u score and a half of ndults wcio
admitted and given the light h mil of fellow
ship bj the pastor , who 8xiko | Inspiring
wouls to each A notovvorthv faet is Unit
the agi s of those taken Into the communion
of the chuich i.mged from four months to
four si ere ami four je-ais The baptisms
and the eerenionj of admission took up so
much time that the pastor s setnion was per
force biief , but it was inspiring Itcv Hut-
let's text was from the narrative of the llnii-
Ing of the empty tomb bv the M.iries as given
l > i St John , tlio ninth veise of the twentieth
chapter of the gospel foi as jet the dis
ciples know not the seriptuies that ho would
ilso from the dead "
It natuiallj suggested striking cotnpirlson
of the tlrst faster moining with theleister
nioinings of these The apostolic fol
low 01 s of Jesus did not expect the rosurtce-
tion , his followers ted ij met to com-
memoiate the fact of Christianity
'Hie test of fellowship with Jesus Chiist is
not ctoilo , belief , it is amor , love This
constitutes the fteeness , the emaiidpitlon ,
that charaeteri/es c ntianco to tlio rhuich of
Jesus Chiist-belief is not demanded , men
are UKon into it not to exact a faith but to
eiecta faith "Come , loirn of me , " "Come ,
and je shall know the truth and the tiuth
shall make vou hoc "
Men s beliefs don t hold shut the doors of
God's gloat ptuposes 'Iho hoareis wcio
exhoi ted not to hesitate to enter the fellow
ship of tlio chuich , because there might bo
things they did not know Love of the
Jlirist piinciple love of the words ho spoke
is Mink lent for fellowship
r. riiii.ovii\ : c VTIIIDK.VI : , .
rinoii 113 Itcv. Mci.iiiiulilln nnd Instruc
tion l > ) Itr" . MuL'irthj.
1'aster services at St Philomena cathe
dral jesterclaj weroof the usuil impressive
ehaiacter The intoiior of the chinch and
the altar were decorateil profusolj' with
lilies , ferns , rose geraniums and festoons of
sinllax , making a scene nttiactive to a de
gree The laigo cdilico vvas full to over i
flow Ing manj weio obliged to
oceupj chairs in the aisles
'I he- mass sung vvas Rossini's grand Hill in
No 1 in i : Hat , with H-v P J McCarthv ,
the p is tor , as celebrant. Itov MeLaughlln
do icon , Itov WillHin Kellj subdoacon and
lo idor and Miss Swift as organist The
music was supcib , the sinking of seine of tlio
soloists being most praisovvoithy As an
olTeitorj the "Ucgin i Ctuli" bj Wcincr vvas
given as a choius and it vvas a partiouhirlv
line Intelpiotation. as was also tholvjiio
elc'ison at the beginning of the mass Too
much cannot be slid in favor of Miss Swift ,
the oigmist. as her untiling clloits have
bioiight St Philomena choir to a degicc of
cAce-llcnej surpassed bj' fo-v
The soimon of the dav was dc'ivcred bj
Kev McLaiichlin in a practical manner ,
with no ovcilowing ( of oiatorj , but in good ,
pointed speoeh The loveic-nd gentleman
spoke of Ulster as the greatest of the
Catholic chinch , cles ilbingit as the linalc
of the incain.uion of our Ixnd tlio day on
which wo should give Untiles to Him who
suITi-ied to redeem mankind Ho spoke of
the w oiks of Christ as in keeping with His
chaiactei as Ho lived among men Ho like
wise pointed to the resuiiection of the Son
of God as showing His almitihtv power , for
Ho b.v His own power had ilscu from the
dead , thereby exemplifying that which Ho
pioinised before Ho UieJ , "Theieforo I shall
liso again "
Hev McLauehlln eloscd by exhorting all
to lead Chiistmn lives , that their Easter
Sund.ij might bilng that Joy for whieh it is
Mass being over , Ilov J P MeCarthj g.u o
ashoit instiuc-tion , pointing to tlio sigtuti-
canto of Easter Sundaj' to the piattieal
Clinstian as a day of jovful thanksgiving ,
thanksgiving thit comes from truly contrite
heaits He concluded his bilef talk by w ish-
ing all the blessings of the E istcr Sundtij.
A vvoiil may bosald In praise of the com
mittee on decorations , Mrs Carej' nnd Mis.
Hennessej' , lor gieat exertions must have
been put toith , as the wicaths and pedestals
ofllowois which graced the chancel and the
vanous altars wcio tiulj VVOIKS of ait Al
together E ister Sunday ut bt Philomena
was woithj'tho oceasion and ono long to bo
VMI.SII ritis YriitiAN. :
ConUMitlnn 111 Its VlliHt and Sllunco In Its
' Cliurcli.
As the bells of Eastern morn wcio ringing
forth their Jojou ? peils and summoning to
glad win ship devout and sinful alike , the
little Welsh Prqsbytoil in church of this cltj
seenied buried in woe. It stool silent and
alone Its congregation , toin asjnder bj in-
toinal dissension , rominsJ awaj , ana1 its
pistor. who had announced the usuil ser
vices , held them not. The door vvas locked
The sunlight , sticaming through the coloicd
windows , fell upon empty seats and onlj the
occasional knavvln ? of a mouse disturbed the
silence of the pulpit
'I he pastor , Hov J Morlais Richards ,
hud said that ho would visit the
10 IK ) o'clock In the moining and if no one
vvaspiescnt lie would live minutes later ic-
luintohis home If he did appear at the
appointed tlmo , It is picsumcci ho found -verj
few and possibly none ol his paiishioneis
piesent , for at 11 o'clock not u soul was to bo
seen A few minutes liter , , how over , solitary
footsteps weio heard at the mar of the
chuivh and presently appeared a single
member of the congregation Ho had been
ti j ing to effect an entrance at the rear door
and now came mound and tiled the lock of
the front door with a key th it would not lit
He said ho had ailived a little ) late Had he
found the pastor tliei o lie w ould have hi oltcn
open the door and allow ol services to bo
" 'llieio arc just Iho membeis , " ho said ,
who have caused all this tumble Thej pio-
tend to bo deacons and tiusteesof thuUiuich
and about three weeks ago demanded the
pastor's icslgnation Ho said lie would con
sider the matter , but befoio he had time to
do so they vvi-3to him n letter peieinptoiily
dismissing him fiom thoehaigo ( Jnohundaj *
evening alter sen vice lie load the letter to
his eongiegalion and was bj a ma jot it j vote
asked to icmaln Subsequent lo this he saw
lit to tender his losignation , claiming that
bj the terms of his contract ho had the il ht
to ii'inain thivo months longer
"Somo of the pastor s fi lends , feeling that
ho had a peifrct light to icslirn whenovoi ho
please'd , voted to accept his resignation and
thus enabled the opposition 'o cirrj its pjmt
Not sitislled with this , however , thcso live
turbulent spirits determined that ho should
quit the chuich immediately , and being in
possession of tlio kojs thoj. have locked it up
" \\ohavnbeen holding our praj or meet
ings ou Wcdnoadajtiiina Tlieso pal ties
have uudcrtiken to eliingo it to Tuesday
evening beciuso thoCjmrjdoiiinsoclutj saw
lit to meet on Wednesdijs and actually
came here last Tucsdaj ove-ning and he-Ida
piaj or meeting further , It is our custom
totakoupat statol time a a collection for
the pastor When the las , collection was
nindo Iho opposition i of used to contribute a
cent Tiiej are suit'ly proceeding In u high
handed manner and ought tu bo summarily
dealt with If they don't Uibk out they will
jot get themselves Into trouble "
Having thus sKken | , the faithful member
paced slowlv down the lonely street iiul noon
dlsappenreil , leaving the occasional passer
by to wonder why the devout congregation
failed to celebrate on this the resurieetlon
< lrcnt Throng * .At true-tod i > y th Orcnuiuti
to tlm Kplncopnt ( 'Hthodrnl.
I argo crowds of worshipers attended the
enilj morning 11 o'clock and evening ser
vices j esterday at Trinity cathedral , a great
many people not being nblo to got Into the
church at tlio II o'clock service , which hits
come to bo the pirtlcular service of the day ,
although why It should bo so Is matter for
speculation. In view of the magnificent
choral service of last night.
1'aster Is fi aught wltn the sacredness of
assoclitlon To the great grown up woild It present with
the beloved p ist It comes attended with a
throng of memories and perchance tlio wor
ship It Inspires Is because of that sncicd
past which memor.v has Idealbed , more than
for the comfoi t it biings The floiist and
the. milliner am ) the diessiniker and the
human heait and evcr.v tiling that is joung
and ovcr.v Ihlmr th it is old arc In league with
Histei dnv everjthlng tint his bicath
praises the Uord And It was this splnt
breathing the audible scent of mjiiiid flow
ers from chancel , laicdos , choir stails nnd
bishop's chali that pievniled ut Trinity
cathedral jestcrday
While the lloial decorations lacked possi
bly the elaborateness of last jear , lilies ,
which uro among the piimcvnl litanies of
leliglon , were there In piofuslon. Easter
and annunciation lilies nodded quietly to
'he deep swells of the oigan and accorded
pciicctlv with the beauty of the cathedral
nnd the sacied svmbolisin ot the day There
were tulips on tlio biptlsm il font , while the
lectein nnd litany desk weio completely
hidden ftom view with these first I loners of
Itlshop Worthington ofllci.ited at the
11 o clock caching n strong sermon ,
taking ns his text the vvoids. "Ho is lisen. "
drawing from It many beautiful thoughts In
p isslng Dean Gauliier w as the epistolar at
the moining service , Hov Mr Tin c-.v. head
mastei of Woithington lull , Lincoln , the
"Music of i he Morning.
Of the music much could bo s lid In praise ,
tlio choir and choius of ladles' voices ac
quitting themselves with a gieat deal of
ciedit , icliectiiig the thorough tiaining ic-
cclvcd at the h mils of thediicctor , Mis , J
W Cotton The opening anthem of the 11
o'clock service , "Awako Thou that
Steepest , " from the "Daughter of Jairus '
bj Staincr , was sung with line feeling , the
bojs pittlcul.ulj acquitting themselves in a
piaisewortlij manner
riom a musical st in Ipilnt however , the
bis anthem by Tours. "God H ith Appointed
a Uav , " was eisily the gem of the mouiimr
service Magnillccntlj bilanced. with antl- pissigcs of gic'.it sweetness , it
brs.ithccl foitli the Jubll ition of which
tcr is tlie clowning gloiy At the ollcitoij
Mis Cotton s ing the old , vet alwajs now-
solo , "I Know that MKedeemor Lucth , "
bj that gie.itest master of chuich compos !
lion , Handel Sung with gloiious feeling ,
the siloist being in excellent voice , it fell
upon the tic.uls of the laige audience like a
The evening service , which attracted
quite as iaigo a congiegation as the moin
ing , but made up mainlj of strangers to the
puish , was pmolj an anthem sei vice , Dean
G.udner dcliveiing a short address fiom tlio
chancel also taking as Ins text , "Ho Is
Kisen " 's " in C" in uig-
uiated tlio set vice of song sung with incfta-
blo sweetness bj the b > j cnoir , and then fol
lowed a masteilj bit of musical composition
by Chailes Vincent , "As it Uegan to Dawn , "
taking the dramatic situation of the two
Marjs meeting at tlio sepu'chrr where the
Lord lav and the icplv of the watcher at the
door of the tomb ' Fear not je. for I know
that jo seek Jesus Hois not lieic. foi Ho
is risen " Although the singcis had been
working hard all day thcj seemed to feel the
gieat possibilities of tlio work and attacked
it witli delightful confidence that they had
mastered its inti icaclcs of note and phrase
Mr Lumbird sang Shellj''s "Hesurrec
tion" beautifully , the deep tones of his flue
piofundo filling the cditlco with a glory of
sound that von him manj.eoinplimcnts after
the close of the surv ices
Mi. Wilkins sang the offcitorj solo "My
Hope is in tlio Hvei lasting , " by Stainer ,
whoso compositions have won for him a lead
ing place in the c lunch world. Although
suffciing fiom hoaisencss , Mr. Wilkins sang
with line elTcct , using his voice with mu-
sicianly tact , getting the Dost possible re
sults fiom it
Glorious "IIMU'lnjuli. "
But the triumph of the day was reserved
for the close , Handel's "H.UMujih Choius , "
n rniglitv composition filled with divir.o har
monies and given with all the ability which
has been a p lit of the choir since Mis Cot
ton became its choir master Uniting one or
two false notes noticeable in the IKMS and an
inclination to flat in the upper icgister , it
was a perfect icndition , nnd never tcndcicd
bettci in Omaha
It would bo n great mistake not to mention
Master Windsor Dohertj's solo "Christ
UKcn" by Moid sung at the childicn's
sci vice Master Dotiouv has a wonacr-
fullj sweet soprano voice and ashclsusingit
with iricat Judgment bids fair to bo an
Omaha Cavauaugli
A maiked feature of the services joster-
ilaj atTiinitj was the number of people at
communion , quite 410 paiticipating in the
solemnisation of the Holj Eucharist.
With the efforts of Dean Gardner supple
mented bj the ofleilngs at yesterday's
services indications point to the lifting of
tl.o cathedral debt -a debt which has been
nn incubus on tlio parish since its inception
No small pialso is nlso duo Mr J. II
Butler the oiganist whoso work jcsterday
was vvhollj acccpt.iblo lounding out the day
bv plaving a blight Toccato suitable foi
festival occasions
AM. SA1MS laMSUOI'Ar , .
Io\o Is I.lfi't and Chrlst' Criuo Is tlio Door
of llriumi ,
The Easter services of All Saints Kplsco
pal chuich were well attended and were as
impressive as they wcio appropriate Tlio
sanctuarj looked extiomelj- beautiful with
itsdecoiationsofilowcis and plants , gifts
from the membeis of the cougiei'atloiT
Laigo numbeis of Easter lilies , pilms , smi
lax and plants with beautiful flowers bloom
ing nncl budding , were placed in becoming
position about the altar and sanctuarj , be
tokening the Easter daj and its meaning to
the Christians preset ! t
Tiio musical service was fine , the church
choli was in good voice and expression and
the music wns appropriate and of the best
Following was the piogiam.
Processional hymn , 10. ) Victory
IhrlstOur 1'assoxui . 1'laln chant
.lublhito . . . Snllhai
To Duuni .biillfvni
IntroltAako I'D My ( iloiy . Iliirnby
Ollc-rtory anthem Now Is Christ Klsc-n
( with llalluluhih choru > ) . blmpor
Communion si > r\Ico ruurs
ICeci'islomil Ten riioiiMind Times 'JVn
'llioiisind Dykes
The bormon of Hev T. J Mackay was not
lengthj , out it u as eloquent and fervent In
Its poitiajal of trio meaning of the Easter
celebration Tlio text was Mai k xvi , II am
-I "Who shall toll the
- us nwnj gical stone
of the sepulchcr , and when thoj looked the
stone was tolled awaj " ,
Uov Mnckaj said that the Easter lessoi
Is of the heal t and not the intellect , that
love U the lifo nnd is immortal Tlio love of
Jesus Chiist is tno ladder leaching fron
p.ulh to heaven and his giavo Is die dooroi
heaven Palth U love , and tlioso strong it
that will live again , fur the soul sijsso
The Easter otleiing was am ;
JTie only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia ; No Alum.
ia MilliTiu of. Homes 40 Year * the Standard.
amounte I to oveMfl IlK ) . n larger sum than
the rector askeil.
' 1 he evening si-frtt-o was what Is known as
' 'I ho Glorious O.ToWng , " ami was a concert
given by the solloinrs and tcichors In the
jundaj * school ,
Ktcrnnl lliippliir Only Mrciirrd by t'rcinrn-
Iliiiinon llnrth ,
The Easter services at St. Matthias chapel
wore not especially elaborate , but were Im-
iresslve The tatiuilful service of the Epis
copal church was. rendered and follow ra by
n short dlscoursu by the rector , Itov. W. J.
The speaker dwelt upon the birth and
resurrection of the lledoomcr and the lin-
wrtanco of the lesson which was taught If
hero was to be n lesurrcctlon of iho body in
the life to fomo there must surely lie a icsur-
recttjii of the spltlt In the present world.
I'lioto could be no eternal happiness unless
the neccssarj preparations were nuido In
this life
Thcio was no attempt at drcoration of the
chapel excent the altar , which was beautl-
led bj1 n gcneious burden of Easter lilies ,
n the afteinoon n children's choral sorvlco
was held nnd the Leiiien otTerlngs formally
levotcd to sacred uses
i r rr < Mbytrrlui. ;
Thochildicn of the Westminster Prcsbj-
.orlan Sunday school observed the festival
list evening with a song and recitation
service The auditorium was beautified
with fragiant flowers and blooming plants
ind the exercises were rendeied verj
The World's 1 iilr
Cannot i cmaln such without thebloomln ;
ook and radlint complexion which health
ilone impirts Paiks'tei , bv cleailng the
blood of impuiitlcs , makes tlio complexion
regain the hue of youth All druggists
Sco the colebratccl Sohinei1 plum nt
Foul & ChiirltJii AIuslo Co. , 1303 Dodjro
I'ollllcH th ITppi-rin ist Ttipla In tin'
* Aliicla Cltj.
Pivonka's hill on Twenty-fourth stieet
nnd John N. Hurke's hand b ill couit In the
Third w.ud were the scenes of Sabbith daj
democratic rallies Tree beer and campaign
enthusiasm were on tap in equal proput-
The result of the election tomorrow de
pends largely upon the actions of the busi
ness men nnd icspectnblo cHi/cns If nil
w ho ( tcsuo to see good goveinment in South
Omaha for the next j car will do their dutj
as men and citbons bv voting their sent !
moms , the citi/ens1 ticket will come out vic
torious , but if they sulk at homo and lefuse
to vote the present Judicious man icement of an end Everyman
who refuses tooto vhtuallj casts half a
vote for the opposition
The voting pi ice of the First precinct of
the 1'list w.ud has been changed from the
Mack block on Tvventj-foulth stieot to the
Jeiry Dee building on Twentj fifth stieet
between M and Nk
Hon A L Suttou is in the cltj-
Eisterscivicss at the v.uious chinches
weio well attended , and vmo moio than
ordinarily impressive The less devout ,
however , could not help noticing the gaj' ar
lav of Eister bonnets on exhibition
Tlio ion of voteis closed Saturdaj
night The exactnumber registered is not
jet known , but it is certain that it will ev
cecd all foiincr registration It is claimed
that nnny men who took the oath and
placed their names on the list aio not legal
voteis If that Is true election day will see
much ch illcnging nnd m my anests , as the
people who desire to see a fair expiession of
the will of thomajoiitj me doteunined that
no ftauds shall be committed
Claim Tlio > Weru Deceit < ? d.
CiiAMiiLiiiAis , S D , Apiil [ Special
Telegram to Tun Rr.B. ] Comtmssionen ap
pointed by the prcvsidcnt had secured the
nccessarj number of sifrnatuics of Yankton
Sioux lor the relinqulsliment to the govern
ment of n portion bf iheir resciv.ition , but
the Indi ins now claim that thioutrh ti liken
they were induced to sign the tre itj an I
w ill send n delegation of chiefs to Washing
ton to prevent congress ratifjing it.
There nto thico things worth saving-
Time , Tioublo nnd monejind Do Witt's
LittloEulv Hiscrs vvill save them for jou
These little pills will save jou time , as they ,
act promptly. They vv ill sav o j ou trouble as
they cause no pain They will save jou
money as thej' economize doctor's bills
Trro I'ower to ructorlo *
for n , term of years is wlmt Gothunburf , '
ofleiH. O\vnors of steam power renll/o
what Unit means to compote with.
Gothenburg has unparalleled manu
facturing iidviuituges ; is biirroimdcd bv
ti rich mrming district which in 1802
shipped from Unit point 800,000 bushels
of grain : a dulightful climate , with 270
days of Mtiishino each year ; Gothenburg
lias every prospect of becoming u city of
12,000 inhabitants within tlneo jcurs.
Go see for youisolf on April 4 , when
Gteon's Fanners' exclusion will take
you there for ono fuio for the round trip ,
'rickets can bo secured only of W. II.
Gieen , 217 Karbtum block.
A fine upright piano , used only six
months , ut half price. Ford & Churlton ,
1303 Dodgo.
Tnko homo a box of Balduff's fine cand
ies , 10th nnd Capitol Hvonuo. None bettor.
Sciatic , sharp and shooting
pains , strains aim weak
nesses are relieved by the
TPR , Quick , original and
unfailingit instantl ) relieves
weak painful l.idnejs , back
nehe , uterine , pains and
vvcaUnesscs , coughs , colds
nnd chest pains It iidi/izfj
the nervous forces , and
hence is powerful m the
treatment of nervous pains
weakness , numbness and paralsis.
Price , jjc ; five , $ i oo. At all DrugKists or by
mail. POTTER DRUG AND CIIEM. CoRr. , Iioston.
We mike a variety from t4 *
nil IOHTIY HvlruNieiiti
ITJ : In > lniuiciit fulll
fW iiriuiiliil.
[ ndor eit bj thl BEST Flayer j
Stnd far Ctttalagut nr. <
went/an the Jiiatrvtiieiittj'vi
tltini of purchus'nrj.
JUl-U'J'O.V. <
, / , 1 > . I'O. lilitt , Mtinuifvr.
222 S. IGth Stroot.
Commorolal National Hunk Ilullcllm
Tim Itriil Cuilan of n Coltl r.tplnlnril find
How Ilinj It M In Stop It KvcrjrTlmr.
Notliliu U inoro common tit tills oixnon of
tlio vcmrtlitui tlm uxpronloii "I Imvo n liiid
cold , " lint It inoiim soiiH'tliliiir fur morn sorl-
cms tlinn li Rcnur illy sutnicucil It mount IhAt
the ucr < mi who Imn taken cold loin nbiilntntn
in huiiltli , VVIiy ? llac'iillsc ! a pprion In Rood
liuultli oiiillv rotlits cold , lint lot tlio honltli
llnKu little , lot lliostomueh becomedoniiiRd' ] ,
In I.tlio . iicrvtiii flyitain uut on tut nnli'r , inn1 a
ulilll U entity tnke-ii. It KOOS to tlio weak spot
mid u cold la tlio result.
Now of Ml ciiisuint cold prolulilo fitl iic ,
or woiirlne'iti , li tliu mint umiorul , A 11 roil nmn
whocjincs liomo tit nUlit from a lout : iiuy's
work or u wo try worn in whoici hoitioholtl du
ties uro wo irlnit "n I toirlnp , uro tlio cominon
victims of n i-olil. H Insurious liojiiuso every
tlnio u frosli cold l tiikun tliu body U inudo
woikcr. HO tluit grip , pnouniotiln. coiiMimu-
tlon mill otlior WiislliiR illso.iscs tltul iin o isy
Hut you nsU , bow sluill colds nnd tliulrdun-
K tous results bo pruvcntud ? ! I'hoio Is only
line wny. Kuoo tlio blood In u himllhv clreu-
hitlon , tlio stomach In Kood tsorklni ; order mid
tlio nervous systmn Rtroiti ! an I uotlve To do
tills u pure illiiuiliiMt iniisr bo tnkvti pii'fcr i-
bly , uuio whNkv J'lu ru mo m my so o iliucl
whiskies In tlio market , but there is only out )
pure , mudlidnal whisky , nnil tbit Is Duffy's
pure limit Thovorv fact It Is so strotulv
ruiomiiicnilcd by iilivslcliins , tirofo sloniil
men and nome'ii us vvo'll UH by tlio Kinds of
ix'oplo who USD It MH u menus of koopltiK
lionlthy mid \vol' ' . proves tli's Do not no In
duced to try tiny sou'iilluil.l ill Inferior wluskoy
which your ( irnit'lst or itioccr inny rccom-
niondr Insist upon uvtlltu wh it you risk for
Thoi c'Is nothing OIBC > tliiitcan iiocomnl sh Iho object.
To the Londonderry Lithia Spring
Water Co. : . , , , _ ,
"Have tested jour LI 1 HI A
ir/J/7iA'in numerous cases where
acid ih not well eliminated from tlics > stern -
tern , and find that it acts exceedingly
well. I believe that many casub of uric
acid diathesis , which gives rise to
Jtliiitinatisin , Gout , and sooner or later
that form of kidney and bladder dis
ease de-pendent upon Uitc Acni\\\\\ \ \ \
prcatly benefited by a ficc us ; of the
L OA'D O ND / : K A' Y L11H IA
WATER , and to such would recom
mend it as a table water. If liquors
arc to l > e used , no watci is at otti e so
anccable for diluting them and so pie-
\cntive of the bad consequences
following their use. LI 1 HI A
IVA rhK is the water above .ill others
for the man who lives well and drinks
good wine. "
FUOM II. M. Ji uvroAv , M. D , LATE
Puor. or buiun uv ot Mct > . ULI-T.
Londonderry LitliialJpring Water Co ,
NASIIl A. N 11
Clms II PorUIns.V Co wo lin : ARcnts , V. Kllby
M , I ! stun M iss
Dlstrlbiitltii ; Agents forUin.ilia
Arc MlVl'K ' oil
Ih 1 LI K ,
Wl m
y Searies
nil. r. I. . SIJIKM.S. Consult nK fcurgcnn
Or.idiuto of Kush Collp o ( K > \ -
sUl.i'All l'Kii : : ) . Tor the troiitniont of
Wo euro Catnrrli , All Dlson oi
Nono. Throat , Chest. Tstoniioh , Bourolj
Blood , Sic in and Kiclnor Uisoasoi.
Foiunlo Wenhucsso ! ! , l-.ost Mniiliood
1'II.KS , KtSTUIjA , FISSUllE , pormaoonllr curjj
irltf out tlio use of knife , lluiiture or cauitlc.
All mnlodlus of a prlvito or ilollo.itu nature , of
cither SOY , pusltlTUlr cnroil
Cull on or address , with sump for Clrculurs , Froj
Book and Uoclp s ,
Dr. Scarlcs &
Neil Door to I'oatoRlcs ,
HAVE oranges
. at all prices from
ten cents a clo/ccn up. The
low priced ones are good ,
but the 500 ones are bet
ter. We handle perfect
fruit only.
Oranges , lOi Do/en.
Muscatel. 2nc Quart.
Not less thnn uox of ornnics shipped.
Not less th in case ) ofvltio shipped
Ur iy I'-u tuul pao .liii o\liu.
Los Angeloi
Wiuo , Liquor and. Cltjar Co , ,
110-118 S. ICth St. . Oinalii.
Full SJ3T
Toolli exlracted In morning
l > \ ones Inierttd aft ir oun
tamuilay I'crful lit uuar
3rd Floor ,
Fnztou Blaak. '
lOtlianclFnriiaiu Straoti.
I'loiator on Ict'i M 7elO | > liuii9 lUSi
I IIAIMI , tliu treat Hindoo Ilrmedr Bold with nrll <
ttn ( Uiirftnlr * ol eurf. Hample nrnt Ircr. Aildre > .
Oriental Medical tg , t 1 iai > U n e , Ulc t t W.
r k ff
ST is a man that will walk into some
body's else store this week and pay
ten or a dozen dollars for a suit of
clothes before ho visits "The Nebras-
ka" and he'll own up to it , too. To
g day we offer at * ? I '
3 v
ZS vas
< 8 *
as handsome a line of popular priced
suits for men as ever were grouped to
gether. There are not a great lot
in each lei but there are lots of loTsT
There are both single and doubTcT
breasted sacks round and square cor
ner sacks black , brown , gray , blue ,
tan , tobacco cheviots , worsteds , cas-
simeres fancy , plain , mixed checks ,
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and some not bound [ bnt they'll sell
just the same ] . Th se SU.L at'e in every
sense of the word worth ten , eleven ,
twelve and thirteen dollars. 'Till we
close next Saturday night , unless wo
should close out these clothes before ,
we will close out these suits at
Tin : JMVCI.I : L
GLASS the most exquisite designs
If you have never been in oar "cut glass pal
ace" you have missed half jour life It is by far
Mie most beauuful sight in Omaha New impor
tation just in.
Fioancial Ilcfercocc : Ml liiDk of Comni'ii'co , , 0iialia. ,
No DETENTION from business. No Oporatlo'n.
Investlciitoour Method , Wrltton uuraiiteo tonbio- .
lutuly Ciiro nil kinds of Kt'I'TlUiEuf both Bdxca.wlttw
nut the use of Knlfo or Byrln ci , uo n alter of how lone' '
307-308 N. Y. LIFE BLDB. , OS1A"A , HEB.
So nil fort , rculnr.
Beat Calf Bboo In tbo world for thoptloe.
W. L. DoUqlaSBUOcgoroBoiaeveiywhoro.
Evoiybody ubould wear thorn. It la a duty
you ewe youruolt to eat tbo beat value loj
your money Economize Iny oar footwear by
purobQBlng W. L. DouglasShOoswbto&
represent tbo beat value at tbo prices ad-
voitlaod above , BO tUousnnda can tostUy.
VTnlto No Sul ) tltuto. J > a
newnrooffrniul. Nonoirenulnowllhout W U
Pulat name anil iirlco ttampecl ou bottom. Ixxik
forlt Hbcnyoutmy
W. I > . llniioln * " -"cktnn.nfnfK. Sold by
Minims VVobticro. Kelley Stiver , V Co , ( ' I
Onrlinn 1 ! Ins vnsoiijl u it * .NowinaW ' t l/'on
cy. b'ltith Onmli.i
Capital $100,000
Surplus $ (55,000 (
i nircrnnnd Olrjclon Ilenrj 'V Vitii nml In
II C milling vICJ | iruilUu : C H Mlirlor /
llor.o Join ) ri Colllni J .S il I'Jlrlaj , l/j ti I
KcuU , caibier
I AND WOMEN AT ONCE , < ? 'h r l tl * " i llnji ) > 1
it ] re tti ( u * , Aelreiti Icilii * Lie uui | r nle I nut cr ,
an 1 iuiroducrtl cur IT J t aly cmut-jnirnt
n A unUTIl I r u Vim TWO \v r
I to cnmp lent nertont Don I < VUy a tnoincnl but write t
MEDQ.EIECTRO PAP CO . Cincinnati , Ohio
Chronic , Narrow ,
Special Diseases.
23 ye irsoxiiorlonoo.
Trontorl nt i01 i month
* jtpv and all i'iu lluiiiua
* * "
All otliur trnutiips trnitr-d ut iPiKOimbl *
clnrKil t'O.NSLIjlAl'JON 1 KI.I. Cnliouof
udcln ) a
DR. SBYMOUK } I'D' ' ' ?
Uow do You Like Your COLLAR lo Fit ?
So close that it stlcls Intu the back of your
neck when \ou try tu hulcl ) our hejd irrct , or
do vou want it to be alwjjj easy uncl ccmlort-
able le every pc4ttionf
11 comfoi t , elegance andduralilllty
is the combination jou are seckinc ,
buy our new collar ol the ilupu
ihjrtii in this cut.
Ctuett Brand 26o.
Nirenti , Medium width ,
Monlclac , Very Wide.
Coon Brand 20o.
StonOn Narrow.
Oikntf , Midlum.
Clulon.Vetr Wldt ,
la tuari > aB oil la th
treatment of all |
and nllWaakneiiycu ,
and Oliordert o ( Mur | |
ISyarinxpcrhmc * . | |
Write for rlrcnUri
and qucjtiuii lint fre < I