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omen. NO it I'KAIO , STKKKT.
ly rnrrlrr 1o nny pirt of the city
IltiMni Olttco. No >
it HONF" I I N.llt | ) vxiitm No ; 23
K Y PlumbltipCo.
C cuiril Bluffs Lumber IjO Coat
Mrs HV Tllton and Mrs A. P Hnn-
ilittt have issued Imitations for o muslcule
tc lie glvrn at thr home of the latter rioxt
four freight rars w ore broken Into In the
Northwestern .v ards last Thursila > night and
n 1 t of shoes , fancy wines and other mer
chandise was stolen There is no clue to the
Mis Hlirabelh Holder died last menlng at
7 45 o dock of pneumonia at her lesidcnce ,
Jiftl Klnroln avenue , aped fell j cars She was
ill three } ( ars The funeral notice will be
( jiven later.
Mrs Trcd Miller , who lives at 2037 Hamil
ton street In Omaha , wasdrivlnir In the east
ern p.irt cf the citj } esterda\ afternoon and
lest n pui so containing ? ( > " m cash aud a
natuber of valuable papers
Jnpencer Smith c-omment ed a suit In the
fijpcrior courtashoit time aeo to restrain
the- count } trt-asuier fiom levj Ing on u piece
of property Ijlng east of the city foi taxes
Hwastii'-d MtOe" Saturda }
iind a decihlon has been rcndeied in fa\or of
thr plaitiUR
Ihe remains of Georce A Ilicliox. the
nped tratcling man who died at the Grand
hote-1 last Nox ember , were taken out of the
\ault.itrulnlew jesteiday afternoon and
Intoned in Commercial I'lltrrlm'h lot in
\\alnut Hili i-emeter } , under the auspices of
thelOenl count il.
The count.stipenlsors will commence
their regular April session today H H
Jlendikkb the Janitor of the court house
has demoted the best part ol the past week
cleaning up the room in which tliey lire to
hold their mectinps , which now looks lice
thr inte-rioi of a conservatory with its windows
dews decked with plants and flowers
BcutiieeC eldest daughter of Mr and
Mis .lamps Buchanan , died of tliopsv.M'Ster-
la\ morning at J 15 o'clock , aftci an illness
ofilvcwe"ks at her icsident-e. 1110 Averuc
( ' aged IS yeais The funeral will place this afternoon at 4 o'clock from
the Fiist I'rcshj terian chuu'h , Kev Dr
Phelps oniciatinp
Ofllrer AVeir tried to send in n call for the
patiol wagon Saturdin nipht from box SI. at
the corner of Fifth a\enue and Eighth
street , when he found that some miscreant
who had a reason for not wanting the patrol
wagon to come to that paiticular part of
town had plugpod up the hole nle-elv with
solder Until it is repaired all calls will
have to b" turned in fiom M , tlnee bloeUb
The father of Blanche. Mulvany is circu
lating a petition asking that his daughter
ho taken out of the state reform school
where hhc- has been for about six months , so
that he can take her with him to Kansas ,
and help her reform At the tune of the trial
it was learned that the old man had been
guilt } of the mist shocking depravity to-
wind nib daughter , and it is not likolj that
the couit will allow her to be put hack into
his pow er for the purpose of allow ing him to
jeform her
Ill-Ill ) III Ojit-lllnc.
There hat been an umnoidublo delay
in iimin .in for the openinp of Clinton
S Bj orb'new shoe store ut the stand
lornierlj occupied by F. II. Evans on
Broudwuj It wus Minily impossible
for the manufncturerb to make the
quantitj and character of poods that
Mr. Uj orb required in the short time
demanded , und rather than open with an
incomplete- it wab deemed best to
postpone the opening until about April
30. Then look Out for u btock of bright
new goods fromthe best makers in the
1 world , a stick that w ill giv e e\ cry class
of trade everything demanded in foot-
Ir. nnd nt price * w ell , just wait and
BOO what it moans to buy n big stock atone
ono clip from the factories. You will
find that it means a ' great deal to the
public und the customer.
Ladies , don't forget that the Louis
ni c at 2o Main street now. Come all.
W. A. Me-Aneny lias leturned from a trip
to Kansas Cit\ , "
Mrs C G Saunders returned Saturday
coning from a % . w ith friends in Delta , In.
J I"1 I'otter has returned from St Louis ,
v.'hcie lip has just completed a course In
K W Hillwip and wife of Corning , visited
the Kobe-leah degree lodge , Independent
Older of Oad Fellows , Saturdaj evening
Having sold our old icebox , meat
bloe'kb , etc. , at No. 387 Broadwnj to the
iMcrchendorf Meat company , we wish to
announuo to all of our friends and
jiatronsi that we aio still handling the
best meats in Council BlulTs , and invite
un inspection of our now market at No.
5iii ; Broadway , the neatest , eloancst and
most eomplelo market in this or any
-\iii 1\lll J > t-etl Them Soon.
Evans lias the laipest assortment of
, - Oxfords en or shown in Council Blufls or
jfl Omaha. Prices from the cheapest to the
f highest , and all new and stylish. Don't
fail tfi examine them before you buy.
Doliiinj'h Tonight.
The dramatic son of genius , Frank Linden ,
nnd his charming daughter , IMuu Earho
Linden , vith n supeib com pan j of dramatic
celebrities , will inaugurate a week's en
gagement at Doluinj 's next Monday night
ait the popular prict-s of 10 , 20 uud ! )0 ) cents ,
v ith the predecessor of romance from the
celebrated umol , "The Count of Monte
Crlsto , " bj Alexander Dumas As an expo
nent of Dumas hero and dual chnractc-is ,
Mr LJiidon has but few rivals * lu fact oulj
one , and that in the person of James O Neill
Mlsn Linden In the leading feminine roles is
endowed with ttie inheritance of her father's
remarkable talent , and besides being ono of
the most beautiful women upon the American - -
ican stage , is conceded to be a coming1 shin
ing light , artistically bpcatdng
As customary , ladies will be admitted
free Mondaj night If accompanied with an
iscort , aim beats reser\ed at Sellers' phar-
& Randlott wish to announce
that on und after April 1 they will have
ut their i c-btuurant , r > ± > and .127 Broad
way , a full und complete line Ml all
cakeb , plain und fancy , for leeoptioiH ,
parties , etc. , and invite the Indiesof
Council B lull's and Omaha to cull and
Williamson & Co. , 100 Main street ,
largest and Ix-st bicycle stock in city.
KlsHiMl unit Mnili * I'p.
Hour } Ciittins , u well-to-do farmer of
Boomer towiibhlp , couinieiic-ed a suit in the
district court about two weeks ago for a
divoreo frotu his wife , who , ho alleged , had
induced him to sign u deed of all his propcrl }
h } holding an axe ovei his head , und doing
other things which he did not think quite
regular Ho and his wife weie in the cit\
last Saturda\ , calling on their friends and
conducting ihe-inselveb In the most affection
ate manner possible , and it is learned that
the dhoive suit has gone as far as it will
ever go , unless ( ilttius changes his mind
ngain The case U to he dismissed at the
tt rm of court whk-h opoiib tomorrow , Mrs.
Ulttins has allowed him to conic bat-It home ,
and everything is tjuiet on the Potomac.
Ilon't Tiill
To bee the bargains that Hvunb offers
in all kinds of blues before you buy , " : >
Main stieet.
The MllleM'H. deooiative artists , wall
paper , paper hanging , pluin and orna
mental painting , blgns. JCo. 15 PearJ St.
Geo. 8. Davis , prescription
John Hood Sherwood' * Qnott for Bail IB So
Tar Without Howard.
During nil Vninlrrlnc Hr llnil
tlie AftiTtlnnii of Tnn VOIIIIR
kiul HHI ! lUiRHcod to Mnrry
Itoth of Thrill.
John Hooil Klicrwood , ther onvieted forger ,
lias iK-en makinc heroic efforts to pet a bond ,
but so far has met with the coldest klnu of
cold i epulscs from the men ho took for his
friends , and the probability Is constantly
Krowlnpthat before the ten dajs are up
which weie piven by consent of County At
torney Oipan in which to pet an appeal bond
he will ho packed off to Tort Madison to
'spend tttentj months learning a trade
There is u pirl named Mabel Atbern llvlup
In Omaha and employed in the Western
Union tcle-Rrajih ofllce , to whom Sherwood
was engaged to be nuriied She has dts-
plajed the most saei if'uing loyalty to him
She has visited him half a dozen times , mid
has ex en pone so fal as to offer to marrv him
biforo he leates for Fort Madison , if lie
w Islies
At the time of his arrc't Sherwood was cli-
paied to a iount : ladj living in an eastern
state and well known here A linp which
he hud sent her was returned shortlj after
he was arrested The-i weie to h.ue been
married a month fi0111 that titne Since the
later developments tiansjired it looks to u
man up a tieeery much as though Shcr-
wood's forjri-r.v and the conviction that re
sulted was a trodKtml to him , for with two
Kills holding a lltst inortp.isre on his hand
and heart ho would certainly ha\e been con-
sideiablj the worse after he came
out of the conflict Both of the \ ounp ; Indies ,
it is said , were eompleteli infatuated with
1 im
AT THI ; c
Iti-niitlful Kcsiirr < < Ltliiii li.n . \ | ] ( ] Ij
mill ( iruTrtll3 Ohser t-il
Yesterdaj was ohser\od in the various
churches in the usual manner. In nearlj
everj ehureh sjiecial preparations had been
made to render the sen ice unusually at
tractive Elaborate musical programs , piles
of lilies and \ lolcts , sermons on the"rcsur -
rettion , ' and hist out . means least ,
inj nads of faster bonnets w hich I ad hr.u e-d
the daiiKer of beinp blown to pieces b.\ the
belated March pale that did business all duj
lontf. showed beyond question that the fes
tival Sundaj of the jeal had armed in all
its Rloii
The Conpre-Rjtional church was beauti-
fullj adorned , the pulpit platform beinp
decorated b\ two larpo mounds of Easter
lilies and bloommp plants , while in front
was .1 circle of potted plants Above the
imlpit was a beautiful Jianpinp basket of
sinllax and roses The new pastor , Kev Dr
Askm , pi cached an appropiiato sermon , in
which ho eloquently pictured the true re
lationship of sueh a vision as Saul had of
the lisen Christ to the piactical activity
which afterwaids characterised his Hie
- ionicvery practical and forceful
lessons were drawn to the effect
that eveo one should lecopnire
the dual duties of knowing and lovinp At
the close of the inormnp service the bunua.i
school held a special Easter ser\ie'o entitled
"The Princ'o of Licht " It consisted of re-
sjiousUo readings , music , recitations and
some unique cxeicises ccnteie-d about the
plcasinp decorating of a rude cross , which
by the close w as wholl.\ hidden "beneath a
combination of mottoes , words and letters
framing appiopriate acrostics Intliee-Aeu-
inp the choir pave an Easter concert The
music throughout the services of the daj
was\erj line , haiinc ; been preiared ) with
evident care and executed most enarnnnpl.v
The 1'rc.sbjterian ehureh was also hand
somely decorated by the hands of the ladies
of the concrepution A row of Easter lilies
surioundcd the edpe cf the platform , filling
the. Inrqp audience room with a deliphtful
fraprance On the table in front stood a
white cross adorned with violets and trail
ing vines The uudienee filled the room , and
about two bundled chahs in the juilors
were occupied Dr Phelps preached an elo
quent seiliion on the subject of the icsurrec-
tion. The music was especially line , the
solo , "I Know that Mj Kedeemer LHeth. ' ,
fiom Handel's Messiah simp 03 Mrs Wads-
w 01 th , bcmp one of the finest and irlost ad
mirably rendered selectionb which she has
e\er sung before a Council Bluffs audience
At the Episcopalian church the main
feature was the singinc of the surphcod
choir ForRO\ weeks reheaisals ha've
been poing on under the diiection of the
choirmaster , J II Snnms , and in jester-
day's performances the results e > f their
unremitting studv were seen The program
rendered was the same us that published in
TiinSixuAi BUG.
The services at the Tirst Baptist , Berean
Bantist. Fifth Avenue M.-thodist and St
John's English Lutheran were participated
in b\ the ehildien of the Sundaj schools , the
programs bCiup verj interesting
The Count of Moutf Crlnto.
This wonderful melodrama is to bo
pres-eutod at Dolmny'tt Uioater Monday
evening : . Tlie e-oinjianv is one which is
] )0jiilar , not only in price but on aeeount
of itb merit. Frank Linden , as an ex
ponent of the dual ehai aetort > of Dumas'
fa e-inatinjj cvuniiosition , has pained no
little ropututi ; n and is fully capable of
Mitibfj ins the expectation of all. lie is
supported by his charming 'daughter
and a woll-balanuod eompany.
As usual with popular pi-h-ed com
panies , ladies , when aeejmpanied by un
e oort , will be admitted free Monday
night , if &eats aie reserved at the usual
plane. _
II ll ) .
.Too Welch , proprietor of a tnelr line , is to
be before JuJgo McG e this mornin ? to
answer to the charge of assault and battery ,
all because he was a little too anxious to
protect his dignity from the attacks madu
upon it bj' a small boy U jcars old , who
works for him at his .stable at the corner of
rifth a\cnuo and Tenth street Aecoidmg
to the storj told bj a man named Uickmun ,
w ho claims to be an ej o witness , Welch w ent
into the stable at U o'clock je'terdiij morn
ing and found the boj there The boy made
some i mai ks to him in u jocular wa\ , but
Welch wus not inclined to be jocular
Stretching out his hand he laid it upamfet the
bide of the boj 's head with sm h forceas to ln\
hint out cold and stiff on the floor Hickmai :
w : s somew hat wrath } , und looked around
for a club with which to administer a lesson
to the musculai haclinuin Not finding ; :
club of the kind he Wutited he concluded
that the next he'st thing was to look lor a
policeman When Olllcer Martin arrived at
the stable half an hour after the affair had
taken place he found the bo.\ Just re-coveiinp
from u fit of unconsciousness that had struck
him about the same tune as Welch's list He
w as ct J weak , however , and appealed to
Iwxo but little knowledge of what was coing
on about him Welch was locked up on u
chaigo of assault and batten the informa
tion bring filed Hickinun . He pine tends
for his appearance in police louit this morn
ing , when his \ietim will appeal against him
if he has suaicientlj reeo\eicd from the ef
fects of his collbiou w ith Welch s list.
You Will ll ricnil
With the bargains you get in bhoes at
Kanb' new btoi e.b Main and - Pear
bti eels.
Tree ti eatmentb daily f i era i ! to 4 p.
m. at the Council Blutlb Medical and
Surgical institute , 2ith ( and Broadway.
At the World'b fair ill Tl-3
w IKJ a - oc-
ta\o organ in piano c-aso. See duplicate
at Bouriciiis Miibic lloiihe ,
llurpluilrt it .1 iiroirrj.
The grocery store kept by Johnson &
Olcbon on Broad waj , iioar the comer of
Eighth street , was uutorod b.v burglars
Sttturduj night. When one of the proprietors
vislte > d the place jesterday monilntr ho
"found that homo ono bad effected entrance
bj the rear collar window , ana had innuo a
vartiul ui-\cutory of the slock , taking wliat-
pvrr rnmc liatidlMt Thr los IR pstlmntcd
at about KT > aithoupl It mav pru\e largtr
than that when the proprietors havt had an
opiKirtunitj to make it inure thorough ex
Weselll'atks Couph Rvrupona positive
guflrnnteo to cure1 nil throat und lung troubles.
It 1ms stood thoU'Btfor nmniHrsiandto . -
dnj Is the lending retm-d.s for the euro of
colds , consumption and all di nse * of the
thnmt Htid lunis Price W ) cents und f 1 IK ) .
All druggists
Do you smoke ? lla\e you tried T. D.
King & Co.V Pui'tutriiH ? It's a ohm-nntr.
Just light ono.
Finest Arlbto cabinet photos , * 2 jtcr
dorem. Asbton'b btudio. IS North Main.
Coal and wood : best and cheapest .
Missouri hard wood in the citv ; prompt |
delivery. II. A. Cox , No. 4 Main. j
The ( ll-Hlid Ilotil ,
Council BlulTs. Most elegant hotel in
Iowa. Dining room on seventh iloor.
Kates , S3 to $ o per day. U. F. Clark ,
If you ha\e property to soil , list it
with me. I ha\e customers for bargains.
II. G. McGee , No. 10 Main btreot.
All KinilK.
Oxfords ut all priceb at Evans' new
btore. Mam htieet. UT Pearl. It will
pay you to examine the-m before bujing.
Driith of tlnr\p. > Dunulir ) ,
J Huney Donahe.i die-d at b 3.1 o'clock
last evening , aped iJT and 11 months ,
nt his icsidence , IttJO Thlid inenuo He has
lieen a sufferer fi era the di cad disease , con
sumption , foi the just sixteen months. He-
went west for se\eral months in the hope of
beneiltinp his health It was useless , how-
o\er. for about a week ago ho returned
home , his health no better than when he-
went awaj , and with the consciousness that
lie come home to die The case is ren
dered all the saddci bj the fact that two
other mombeis of the fiimllj hu e been
taken off bj the same disease within the
last tw o j ears and u half The funeral w 111
take place tomonow from the lesidence.
} lvDr Phelps olllciatlng The hour will
be announced later
For warming gucbt chambers , bath
rooms , etc. , our gas heaters are jubt
w hat you w ant. Look at them. Clean ,
comenienl , cheap. C. B. Gas and Eloc-
ti ic Light Co.
It Ulll I'HJ Ion
To sec what you can do at Evans'new
stoic bofoio buying your bhoen for
bpring. 28 Main and 27 Pearl btreetb.
Another impiw emcnt to the popular
Pchubert piano. Swan ou Music Co
Mmo. Helen Merrill , hairdicbsing and
manicure. Room 312 , Merriarn block.
Wood of all kinds , cottd and coal. L.
G. Knottb & Co , 700 Broadway.
Stop at the Ogden , Council Bluffs , the
bebt $2.00 house in Iowa.
l iiir and Southerly to % \ 'Ht * rlj Vi'lnils for
WASIIIVOTOS , D C . April 2. For Ise-
braska Fair , southeilj to westerlj winds.
For Iowa Fan . southwestcilj windb ;
shghtlj warmer in eastern portion
i'or South Dakota Fair , southerlj-
westerlj winds , blightlj- cooler in extieine
w estcru portion
Local Kerorcl.
April - Omaha record of tenipcratuicund
rainfall , compared with coi responding dajof
past foui jears.
1891. 1892. 1891 1890
Maximum temperature. 77 = d'JS 38 = 44 =
Mlnliiiniiitetnijuiature. . 43 = 3S = > 32350
Aveiairc tt-mperatlire G0 = 60 = 3. ) = 40 =
I'lc-clpitutlon . .00 .00 .00 05
Statement shawinc the condition of tern-
icratureand precipitition at Omaha for the
laj- and since March 1 , lb',13 :
S'orinalteuiperatuie 4& =
1'xresslor the cliiv 15 =
Dc'llclency since Muicli 1 71 =
Normal prc-clpltitloii : . . . 09 incn
Dollcioncy fortlic dav 09 Inch
Sunclnj In Ne-n York was an almost
Ideal MII In ; ; clay.
In tliu ln\i"tli'itlni ! Into tlio inothods o { the
Chinese ut I'ortluncl and on I'uRel sound coni-
nipnccd by iit-c'ltil Tri-nsuri A'je'iit Isoit's It Is
Mild .some sensational revelutkinsill bo
At C'le-\olund , O. , the1m v In the case of 1'at-
rk-lv Muiiin , clmiRL-d with nuiidc-rot Thco-
cluro ISliikeslieand.I uiiics | 'ort t unitdati -
dlet of murder In Hit- second dugiue. Tim
crime-was coinnilttfd last C'lirlstmas night in
the houseof lllaki-slei- Clime'i stie-ut
A ieiiiHikuble journey was ierentl > brought
to a Miief-sful close by ( . 11 lluiiullon of
( . 'hlcuiro , iJ ! je.irs of lift- who aiiUt-d at
t-eiittk last nlcht fiom Alaska Jlr tiaM rst-tl
1.5OO miles on snou shots up \ ukon iHct in
Olaka and ovei the divide to I'hlikoote In the
dead of wintoi , lieinc thp ( list whin man who
hast'\ei crossed thenc- mountains at this sea
son and lived
The- coming wedding of Miss Cornelia Martin
of Nt-n Yoik to tliu tail of ( 'ruvc-M Is announced -
nounc-ed Tin- wedding \\lll take place In
tirat-e c-ltuieh Tuestlav Apiil It tit noon le\ ! .
Diilllain H llukiiiKtiin will pt-rform the
eerenionj ami lllshopl'iittt-rwlll prtiliiiune-ethe
bt-m-dlc-iion ' 1 he rail and his bride \\lll sail '
tor J.nsland bj tht- month or.Muj , wlit-n his '
niothtir will Intruduc'u the ne-w eoutitess of
C'ravuu to London sot-u-tj
Tinsti'iuashlp t-e-Kurinea of the i United
' tiite-b und Hiazilian Atall Me-umshlp linu luis
In on bt < lrvl lit he-r .New otk dock by
United Mutes Marshal .luc-olms on judgments
it-ftuered uRHlnst the etinipanj bj huMial
linns that ( uinislietl thtmwith punlslons
Tin-slennu-r tiuethei nlthlit-r ulster ships of
tht Minici line , the Alliance , Advance mid VI- ;
ilanc-ia , will bti soltl at public auction tosat-
IsTj the \ inlous eieditors
Tilt munlfipal court of the Irish National
leaRUt and tin rt piiHunuitUe'.s of M-vt-rul
otbei liisli sin letie-b mt-i at NtYolk jester-
cl.ij and took prc llinln.iiy steps to ui range for
a blganinestj niee-tlnc lo lit- hold in that city
In tht neai future. 'J he purposu of the nu-tit-
IIIK will be to tn t- this go\e-tniiii-nt to dennind
ot LnglaiiQ the treedoin of Irishmen now ecm-
llnedin KnKlinh piisous ehaiKtd with bulng
e'oneetne'd In theUjiiuiultt ! cont.iiiuej ] In Lon
don beverul } ears ago
C. 1. . L. .U
There will bo u meeting of Omaha Central
Labor union this exenliip at the southeast
corner of Twelfth and Furuain , at G.IK )
Buhiuess of importance All iiiembera are
requested to bprebcnt. .
They Have n Sunday Bohool Glass of Nine
teen Members.
( rli-fttlnl llrc-tltrdi ' Ing anil ' .pciik nt tlie V.
M. C. A. MtmU.v AltiTiiiiiiii Mi-ctlnj ;
Thouch Converted TinC'llllg
to Their Cms.
It is a fact not generally known that there
is In this city a Sunday school class com
posed entirely of Chinese oung men w ho
lia\e embraced Christianity This class wus
organized in Ibbo , and until ISW ) the tusk of
coinersiou seemed hopeless At that time-
two of its members broke the Ice , as it weie ,
and became Chtistiaus Since then the
class has stcadll ) giown until at the present
time it numbers nineteen Owing to the
fact that thej had filst to learn the English
language , the work was dinicult , each pupil
requiting a teacher. This obstacle ovei
e-oine. their progress was rapid The le-
cehe instruction evei\v Sundaj afternoon at
H o'clock In the basement of the Tlrst Pies-
ujteriau church , and the public is at all
times welcome to the tecitatioiis
It was this class , lemfoieed b.v YungChee
a student in Bellevue college who is stud.v
iiig to btcome u nilssionarj in China , that
held forth at the- hall of the Young Men s
Cluistian association jesteidaaiteinoou
Sccretarj T \ \ Obei , assisted b\ Howard
Kenned.v and .1 Patterson condiii'U-d the
services and the usual oic-lifbtra fuiuishe-d
theinstiumc-iital music , John Brown var.v-
ing it w ith a violiiircho solo
The sp'-cial features weie the singing an I
'he speaking of the Chinese Tw eh e mem
bers of the eluss sat upon the lostrum
diessed like Ame-iitans but wearing the In
cvliable i lie The.v several ssiies in
chorus , and a quartet consisting of Soouv > uie
Charlie Wong , Lee Goon and Gim Lee sang a
religious song with Chinese- welds whun
was quite a novelty to the listeneis and w ell
rendered Tahm Kvvaie de-claimed in good
English a missionary ode and Yunc ( . 'he"
the chief speaker of themfternoon addressi-d
the gathciltig in English foi about ten
He was somewhat confused bthe main
faces he saw before him but pluc kil.v stood
up and talked until he had said all he had
intended to saj He told of the beginning
of missionary work among his country men
in Omaha , what it had accomplished , and
pointed out the great need of missionai\v
work iu his native land
Till ; SALOON.
lift * Criiiiibli't / > lhfUHH < g Its lufluriirc on
Hum1 , Sdiirt } and JTf > litifK.
The subject of Kev. T E Cramblct's
sermon last right at , the First Christian
church was "The Saloon , Its Influence in the
Home , in Society , in Politics " The house
was filled , and the sermon received close at
tention The text fras Proverb xx , 1
"Wine is a mocker , and strong drink is
raging , and whosoever is deiened therebj is
not wise1' In substa'nce Kev Cratublet
spoke . . & follows
A tenuene. ) is manifest in cei tain quartei s
to generalize in denouncing sin Manj call
attention to e\Us in a pcneial waj , but are
caieful not to paiticulaiue. Tl.e dumaiul is
for specific attacls oi ( specific sins This
alone will bung the dv-shed icsults John
the Baptist alluckul the spei lal sins of the
luling icsjitctable classes of hisda > , and
w hen Herod was readj to gne up all but one
particular sin the great informer attacked
nlm on that single point and went to the
dungeon and the block for it
The one gieat , fronlingiin of our time is
intemperance , destiqjlng moie lives and
souls and homes than all otheis combined
Gambling and the social evil ai e its allies
It paAes the way for tht'ni both and nourishes
them from Hist to last
The gieat fronting sin ought to be
met bj the church and the ministry with a
special attack equal to its own tiemeudous-
iiess The saloon , notwithstanding the rev
enue its brings to our public tic-usuries , is
a prodigious waste of mouei The liquor
business considered from an economic bland-
point is nu enormous failuic One billion
dollars annual ! } ic its cost All the meas
ures that ha e thus fai been tiied ha\e
been powerless to curtail the traffic In lbt > 0
the amount of intoxicants consuiued was
six and two-fifths gallons per individual In
Ib'.K ) it had inei cased to fourteen and one-
half gallons
There is more drinking now than when
liquor was kept in eerhome and ucc'c-ssible
to all There is much moieof excess now
than theu The increased activity of mod
em civilization is attended by increased
nervous disordeis , and nervous people aie
exposed to double danger from intoxicating
dunks The } tire moie likel } to deslie
stimulants and they aie the more e-asil } in
jured by sui-h. The use of intoxicants is
more daucerous for this geiieiatiou Hum foi
an } piecediug generation
The saloon is responsible for four-fifths of
the crimes camimlted in our couutr.v. Judge
Allison Is nuthorit } for the statement that
there is not one man in tw cut } tried for
muider but that can show drink to ho cither
oirectlj orinducctl } the cause
The- blowers and distillers ha\e$1,000,000-
000 nnestc-d in their business The various
leagues of liquor manufacturers and \enders
expend annual ! } last sums at our state capi
tals in the dictation and control ot legisla
tion They direct the primaries in legisla
tive and munuiual elections Their repre
sentatives are in all cit } councils and public
The saloon as an institution in all of its in
flucnccs is contran to the law and the spirit
ot national prospe-rit } and individual happi
ness It must be destioed The battle is
on. and cither this land 01 the salnou must
go down. We need agitation and education ,
education of conscience in the light of the
truth of umveisil brotheihood No man
w ho loves ins countr.v , his home and his God
should woidoi act doaught tostiengtheii
the lion hand which the liquor power is
using m the social and political affans of our
couutr * .
lor u I > xm
SAS AJ.TOMO , Tex , April 2 The United
States muishalship of the westei n district is
now vacant , the commission of Paul Fricke
haing expired Mat eh lT ! He still occupies
the ottlee , but caniiol under ttie law issue
an\ new processes. The necesslt } of an im
mediate appointment is ver } urgent , us the
active semce of a large number of dcput }
marshals on the loner Kio Grande border
in puisuit of Mexican outlaws is needed Just
at this time There if rd se\erul applicants
foi the olnco. "
Agreei ! to fV
CiiKAtio 111 , April J Three hundred
painters emploj ed - V the World s lair
grounds struck jcsUtrdaj lor 40 cents an
hour , an inciense of 5 cents The men be
long to the union and i < the btiiUe was not
authorized bj that butis < President Higgm-
botham deelaie-s ltmtUu ) matter will pioba-
blj be settled tomorrow There will be no
strike , as has been ic-pprtcd , ol carpenters
at the World's fair grounds tomorrow Both
sides have agieed to arbitrate
Ailoittml liiHiimiulor I.mllcM.
The Iowa Legion of'Honor ' at its biennial
session ut Cedar Falls lust week inudo some
important changes , olio being the admission
of ladies into the oidtr and ilie.\ are allowed
to take out insurance to the amount of
$1.000 or fci.OOO Tins privilege is open not
enl } to the sisters und whcsot mcmbcis bul
to an } and uli
Highest of ail m Leavening Power. Latest U S. Go't Report
not il range that some tiootilo do
wrung through ignomnco othoia froinn
( aUuru to in\osUjraU- to the right or
wrong of a matter.
But it is strange , that individuals and
firms , who are fully aware of the rights
of otheis , will persist in perpetrating
fiMuda upon them
High-toned , wealthy manufacturing
firms will otter and ( tell to ratail mer
chants articles which they know to be
infringement * on the rights of proprie
tor ? , and imitations of well known goods.
Wo want to Bound a note of warning
to the retailers to beware of such imita
tions and simulations of "CAKTUK's
When they are otTorrcl to you , refuse
them ; you do not want to do wronj * . and
\ou don't want to lay yourself liable to a
law suit.
Bon Franklin said "Honesty is the
best policy. " It is just as true that
"Honesty is the best principle. '
.to Ursiitest on
sa and Land
Col a
100 papa
every , \
tlivy. ' l\
See '
MILTOK ROGERS & . SONS , Agto. . Omahn , or
Majestic Mfg. Co. .St. Louis.
C 01 AC II.
Monday , April 3rd.
The Triumphant Amusement Ttpnt , dls-
son of TliosuiH
And his fusi muting d uishter ,
inB Alex I'nmus ' eroutest loniaii-
tlc eOort the
Chaluo of plu } cat H I'tcnlng
L > er VMIIUIUS pi ce K ) icand.Uc.
ALE full et of tinners tooli euoilcniUI
tlon. a bnrcaln Inqiilru of Ltupkiu ahu/ur
Uurdwareeo Council 111uITB
J ? ) ll HUNT Lnrco 10 room housp with nil modern
Improvements un I'nt U H\cmu > , i.'i i'i ' > r uionlh
B-routu lioifsu nltli Rood li.irn new , SIS nur month
l.lntoln Bvonno
Tour cottHfe lie lies In In In Cltr IMacc near
KI'JB llros factory hi nor month uncn
fi-rnom cottiaux ou'llilrd arunuc , north of tram
frr f U tier month
5-room cottage on Avenue C , tieir 20th atreot M
| Jt r month Apply to U. 11 OUellNo 7 , UalUnlu
liloct round )
c sno3li vaults chlm
cluunccl Well | irepjreJ lur thi wjrk.
Uurkc tltv
IHAVi : n Inrg' list of property Improved nnl
unimproved for etlo In nil irirts ot th j city
mo t of U ut iow prices , soaie of It vary cheap If
yon think of buying corns anrt B3 what 1 en
orferyou It may nave you money 11 G Mc po ,
No 10 Main street
' JUD JN. civil en lnojr. Hluo prluta of
. ( ouncll ItlutT anil all itrUlltlnns nUo
forjJU heAd of Block . VJJbth uve-nuc
i- UK farm In rudar county , Netiraskn nil In
cJcnltlvatlon f.'JUO per acre Hrnt class city
property to exchange for pee 1 land ? > c > nd ui de
bcrlptlon of the luud yoi. have to oftur Jounaton
A. Van 1'atton
clrl wanted for Eunerul honnonork in
quiru Mrs Schllcutur JU. Lincoln AVL-
TAVTEU Cilrl for Kencral liouse-nork U r
e'ulUbun 2110sixth avenue
> Ladlss to assist me la ray worl.
' ' Oood pav Addruss Jirs C. K Lune , o5
Avenue U , Council ItlulH
nnd lot for ale. Nn 1SI3 I Ifth nvenue
HOUSK - of J I * . Christian , C. i H 1
freight IIOUBO
ACHANCB for rlcat man to collurt nollc-11
und deliver coudh \ \ in.cs ( U u wculi
und profits dlvUU-U i-very 1 < 0 na ) ti In Rtutk com
imny Must liuj 16 uliarca Htock Aiklio-B J x\
Mor e , llooin 6 , Kvert'tt block , Council lllutl"
JUt"KV ! cow younK wanted In trpde for 8pnd
me IIUK , : ) und line harness , 111 uav clitlor
unce In Liinh AddrtM 1IV8 , Ili-e.
tOlt HUNT tlientoro liulldln , ' No V.
ny , three riioum uhott und luice liiirn on | ia\ed ullej. 1. A llctint ! liM rranklin
\ liMll vc'Isiind 10 , n Farm an 1 ciw propir mU suld l-usoy A. ruu.ii.ii euua i
\T.ANTICI > Munition liy m n with exjiiTlun
Krotery prert-rrcrt tltlu'cn 1) 'i llmtitllto
l ANl I'll A trtiotl prt-pamr None otlit-rt net cl
I iiiil | | ) , to Miss Uiu'Mlali inllilnt-r > pailLrn
\\rANTI I ) puHltiun U ) I nil y ns hioLUi"'iiur or I
> ' raehlor bent ol rtforeiicei. Address 11 1 Ileo
Js ibs , Hi Inch el iitical cunr U tht ) finest Kind
wheel inthoxMrUt SI HiHI h l.rnde I'liuurnu
tli Latest 1 in In the uestU hulesalt and
Itctall , H'liO f n eitt'tlosnc All kinds of le-
Ii'iirlng done
41 Main street. Contiell lllulla
while costlnz the oniplovor urn ! cmp nyea
nuthluc. h is euabiud us to'o tliu Inlur-
cbtsottioth an 1 i i
better results \ \ nh tu inich na
Wyckpff , Seaman & Qene icl
aist !
I'M-kllll-llt Of
MI.DK At , AM ) t Itf.lCAl.
it oimuliuilon Pr * * . )
PILES. nTll , \ ris-t'ltn , permanently
urea Klllinut the ute uf knlfa lUaturu uroauttlc
All uialuctleH uf a unvote or de.lcalo nuturc , of
olthnmux iiialttv tr cured
IltKA't.MI.S r llMAIL. . - AdJre with
imrtlculuTl which will lie teuttln iilalii
I' O , llix UI , lib & litUt.Omaha , Neti
- - -
$5 i
Our $6.50 all wool cheviot
sack suit in brown , gray , oxford ,
go in this sale at-
$5 Our $7 and $9 all wool cas- $5
simere cutaway and sack suits
15 well trimmed , gotten up to sell at $5
$7 to $9 , all in one lot at-
1 We will keep these goods on J5
! sale until April 10th , to give
vfJ ) ) everybody an opportunity to see i5
< Jk them. Sizes 34 to 42 , Mail $5
' orders filled at this price
to $5
Columbia Clothing ; Co. ,
13th and Farnam Streets.
Made by the Centaur Cycle Co. of Coventry , England ,
The oldest and strongest cycle company in the world.
Road King Hustler
Road Queen Athlete
Kingman Glideaway
Scorchers , and other
Mermaid Medium
Umpire Grade
Manufacturers , importers and jobbers of high and medium
grade bicycles ; also vehicles and farm machinery.
S. M. WILLIAMSON & CO. , Council Bluffs Agen
CitiJ B eaiyi pije Works ,
C. A. SCHOEDSACK , Proprietor.
Cleaning ; nnd lGnnisliln < r
' '
Otnnlm onic-c , IWl Farn-im St , To'ephono ' 1521. Council B'utTs ' olllco and workj
cor. A\e. A und "lith St. Telephone 310. Sena for irculars and price list.
a fine line of
" * *
II i\r romoM-d from my old Blind i
D ind now oucupy the entire lluor.
Over 511) ) liroadway , Cunnll IllufT-j.
AnheuserI3usch Boor
Anheuser , DudwelBorTiiust ana Palo BCl'R'5 , KITHER BOTTLED OK IN
KUGS , cun leave orders at Na U1H Main Street , Council Bluffs , lowu , or Telephone -
phone a a. GoodB delivered promptly. BOLK AGENOV FCW