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A Disquisition on the Popular Pnstimo of
tto Day.
. Illn *
ur on CntnltiR FlRliH-I.tiKUlirloiu
monil ( l itl | Tlin Hyhi-r'n Jlrrrjr Unit-
get nml tin- Sport iiniin'ii
Mrlnngr ,
EALLY , it doesn't
Jrequlrehnlf an eye
"toseolhat the pros-
lent winter and coin-
Sing spring will IHJ
| the busiest era In
IF 1st la mi known
since the tiuys of
Ihe earliest English
_ championship. The
/dally / press Is Illlcil
' with iho dales ol
coming evcnls ami
the contest committees of the various
metropolitan clubs throughout the coun
try are about- the busiest set of mer
to'be found In any line of traffic or trade
Mulches are being made at a that is
simply prodigal , nnd the exponent of tin
manly art who falls to get In his work in tin
next half twelvemonth will prove himself i
fdoth and a laggard , Indeed.
That U is the fighter's golden epoch ac
cumulating evidence leaves llttlo chance foi
doubt , and that it will prove but short-llvei
Is another Incontrovertible fact. The paci
is entirely lee rapid lo bu maintained , am
the very men now straining might am
main to augment and further the genera
interest In the game nre Iho ones who wil
indubitably prove instrumental in killing i
Like base ball , prize fighting is bound ti
outstrip Itself , as the enormous wealth fig
urlng iu the dozen or more of prospectivi
events makes ibis oulcomo patent to al
c-loso observers. Ten thousand dollars make
u tremendous sum to be contended for in an ;
line of sport , let it be on the turf , in th
Held or ring , anil is an amount hung up , o
even wagered , but few times in the histor ,
of the world. Even . r > ,000 is a big bet o
purse either , but It is a poor dub of a llghte
who hasn't check enough to ask this llgur
for Iho same performance that ten years ag
could have been secured for as many hut
However , the climax may be deferred in
til the big affairs Unit have been arrange
by Iho Now > Orleans Crescent anil Coney Is
and Alhlctic- clubs como off , when Iho cat :
flasm will come , if it comes at all , as swif
and devastating as a thunderbolt froi
That any set of sensible business me
would for n moment contemplalo offcrin
such a sum as $40,001) for an event that is a
1 likely to tcrminale in twenty minutes as it 1
to terminate at all , surpasses all undcrstnni
ing. Still that Is what the Crescent clu
proposes to hand over to Jim Hall or Bo
Fitzsltmnons at the close of their littl
inanucl argument next March.
Is the offer genuine ! is a query belli
frequently propounded , and while nine
doubt is being expressed in this regard ,
think it is. The assertions of thu New Yor
dailies , who are bending every endeavor t
controvert the Idea Unit Now Orleans is th
Mecca of pugilism , should be taken cm
grano sails. If Now York remains No' '
York she must bo on lop in all matters i
public moment , in religion , trade or nmusi
ment. If possible she would have frustrate
the scheme of u World's fair , but in this sh
file instance the tide set in and overwhelms
her , but Chicago is not New Orlean
and it will require some vci
deep pockctbooks and some vci
longheads for thu city on thu gulf to be :
her out In her maddening chase for slier
haired distinction , as the Coney Island club
latest political stroke , the offering of $45X
for a light between Jack McAulifl'c and Din
Burgc , unquestionably attests.
, But to go back to my original proposition
'tho downfall of the sport.
'Can New Orleans bring to a successf
issue another carnival oven approximatii
in greatness that of last Scplembert
think not. The secret of the success of Ui
L'ollossal achievement was duo lo Ihe fin
that thu greatest pugilist time has product
the unrivaled John L. was the prcmii
ilguro in Ihu same , Iho resislless magn
that drew Louislanaward the eyes
the civilized sporting world , Iho electric
force that quickened the pulse , and stnrti
the blood In the veins of every game man <
top of the earth. Where is the bruiser wl
over had the following of the Big Folloi
both in and outside of sporting circles :
Interminable rulinuu of business men ni
tradesmen , bankers , brokers , lawyer
doctors and professional people , music :
literary and dramatic ! There is no gainsa
ing thu correctness of this , as dcgenerat
low and hoodlumish as ho was. There is i
accounting for human patromigu or servilit
in this cast ) , onu and the same tiling. Ge.
eral Grant s advent in London created :
moro of a stir than did the enlrco of John
Sullivan. The prospective head of the kin
dom , the Prince of Wales , was a special ui
frequent caller , tis were dukes and lords ai
marquises without number. I might tell
good story , onu of Frank Lane's , in this cc
ncction , but will leave it'for another tin
.StifHeoit to say that this was Iho man w
made the New Orleans eainlvnlnpo.sslbillt
Is Jim Corbett today Iho man John L. w
before September's surprise party not bj
thousand yards , off hand. And if he , eve
pitied agaihsl either Jackson , Mitchell
Oodiurd ) , was to bo ono of the spring allr :
lions , there would-bu no such an exodus
northern , eastern and western men to Nt
Orleans to watch the sport as there was
see the mighty John L. That was a see
that will never known duplicate.
But this is not all. New Orleans has r
other causu for apprehension aside fro 111
Coney Island club , and that is the sensclt
rivalry and competition that has been
auguratcd between her two leading clnl
the old Olympic and the now Crescent. Tl
' has been the Influence that has elevat
purses to their present ruinous and idio
altitude , A single failure , and bankrupt
in the resort of cither of these organizntio
That this Is sure lo follow , I have but in
gro doubts , and 1 think New Orleans is
the vcrgo of receiving a smash , pugilist
ally , from which t > hu will bo many moons
As to Hall nnd Fluslmmons , In .spite
thu numerous shady stories emanating fr
the claqucrs of the Coney Island club
think their match for March before the N
Orleans Crescent club Is ou thu dead squi
In every detail , including thu genuineness
Iho f 10,000 purse , although thu acmu of fo
us well us thu bitter fculingexisting bulwi
the two men.
Of course Iho amount of money offered
the affair Is preposterously large , but wl
Is thu mailer with the majority of the pur
being hung up these days { Theru Is 1
little rhyme or reason In the accusations
the Coney Island cohorts , in testimony
which it is but necessary to reflect that t
rlub has jusl gene the Crescent f.5.000 bet
Iu olTerlng $45,000 for thn jMc-AulltVu-Du
fight , If there. Is a log chain attached
either purse It Is Ihul jiroitosed by the M
They claim Unit Hall and Fitz undorsti
ruch other from the slmplu fuel Dial Hot
.JuliuitK having laid down lo James for
paltry sum of & 2.V On the other hand , I
rlulms that ho licked him on thu level , an
borne out in this by the corroboratlon
"Smllcr" Hale , Iho Australian sport
authority. Admitting that this episode
always encompassed Ihu movements
Hall and Fitzslmmons with susplc
nnd thai $40,000 would bo ix i
tittle fortune to split between .
Iwo men , I cannot help but think thai
coining light is to bu on its merits ,
would bu u difficult matter for these twi
mukoufaku now if they wore so Inclli
There is lee much suspicion bunging o
each man , If they ever fonglil on
pqtwre , and hub uny of their fights si
they came into prominence in America
England been suspected in the smallest u
they must light s'j this time.
As to which .man should win , thai
problem us Is a problem. When I went u
SSt. Paul two years iigoi when Frank Sh
the old Omaha gam , had thesotwo Aust
tuns matched for a purse of fl'.OOO ' , 1 wi
linn believer that Hull would loto off
boodle. I hud seen him work in a G
with Jack Dayis at the Grand opera ho
this city , uud then aud there wuUu up
mind , thnt ho could whip most anybody ,
uavls wns n mere piny thing In life good lookIng -
Ing middleweight' * ! hands , who , in the entire
three rounds In which they figured , never
took n single bnckwnrd Mop , but kept right
after Jack from start to finish , walking
fairly over him , dealing him out straight
lefts nnd crosses with the right In n style
thnt wns simply electrifying.
At ono stage , after getting a rather warm
punch In the mouth. .Inck s.lld :
' Here , voung feller , your gelling n trifle
fresh 1 I thought this wns to be only a
friendly bout , I'll have to get back ntyou If
that's your game. "
"Why this Is friendly enough , Jack , " re
sponded Hall , "but cut loose , paste mo n
couple , I wont mind it , we can't hurt each
other with these pillows. "
And without liny apparent exertion what
ever , ho continued his walk on the heavy
weight , smashing him indiscriminately until
Uio Parson called lime nt the close of the
setlo.Well I never sayFItzslmiuons stripped for
action until last Seplemberal Ihdcurvlnal.
when ' 1 saw him plaja wild and weird
mazurka , nt the old Academy of Music , on
the ribs and Jaws of Johnny Cash , the south
ern middleweight pet.
Then I voted him n wonder too. nhd men
ially resolved thai If he and Hall ever did
como together , I would be extremely cau
tious In any attempt lo prognnstienlo. lhc
They are undoubtedly a very good match.
Doth can put up a good Jab and get away
sort of a game , or mix up in nu effective way
If the occasion demands. In fact they arc
both thorough ring tacticians , strong ns
bulls , and capable of adopting the respective
nmuoUYTcs rif of the other , cut them out UF
they may , when once vis a vis in the ring
'From these facts it is but reasonable to ex
pect a long battle , a superlatively scientllU
nnd supremely good one.
FlUslmmons is a monster in build , fron :
the hips up , and of abnormal shape , and 1
think possessed of considerable moro inns
cularity limit Hall , ami yet I do not think hi
is as stiff a puncher. The latter has a drlv
Ing force Unit Is marvelous , his triceps belli ;
of thai peculiar development which nnato
mists tell us give the greatest facility It
striking n barn blow. But leaving their In
dividual merits and demerits out of the qnes
lion they are so evenly matched in weight
height and reach thai it would be foolhard , '
to essay anything better than a guess on tin
outcome of their ffght.
Now lhat the lightweight champions o
England and America. Dick Durgu and Jacl
McAullfTe , are matched for a finish argil
ment. makes It doubtful whether the Hall
Kltrsltmnons fight will have the call on pub
lit1 attention and palronugo. 'That iho lira
named affair will como off at Coney Island
with all Uio superior ntlvuntni'cs and attrac
lions of Now York available , makes mo bo
llovo that it will be the best patronizei
event of the Iwo. There never will bo an
other such a stampede to New Orleans ni
was witnessed last September , that can hi
relied upon , anil that the Crescent Cit ;
must depend upon the whole country ti
make her prodigious undertakings a success
is another undisputable tact. But not si
with Gotham. She lias within a radius o
f > ( M ) miles , easily 10,000,000 people lo drav
from. Everybody wants lo go to Now Yorl
at least once in bis lief time , and ns the sport
ing element is the high-life element of th
great commonwealth , a card like the ono ii
prospect will cause an influx Into Gowanu
from till directions such as was never wit
ncsscd before , that is if the card in qucstioi
is seasoned with a side dish or so , alter th
fashion of the big event in New Orleans las
In this mill I am perfectly free to pick th
winner. It should bo n gift to Gentlema
Jack. Burge. is said to bo cluinsv and slow
wilh an awkward gua.'d , and unstubl
action general , and if this is true , the Amer
can champion will make a hush out of bin
Ho is the fastest lighter on the turf todaj
uses both manllcs as if atlaehcd lo pisto
loJs , has the eye of a geometrician , an
makes every punch count. If Johnny Bu
is no more than his tight with Jem Clinic
showeu him to be , ho would have bee
lucky to have remained across the drink.
And our own friend Tommy Ryan , an
Gcorgo Dawson , they meet in March at No' '
Orleans. What do I think of them } Th :
Ihoy are a corking likely pair of bids an
will put up as lovely a fight us has been wi
nessed in many a day. Dawson has prove
himself a worthy opponent of the chumpio
welter by bis victories over Danny Neci
ham and Doc O'Conncll , who was a de :
cleverer than anyone hereaway dreamed. 1
both of these lights , however , the An
traliuu was quite as badly punished i
the loser , and at a stage in each it lookc
as If the beaten man had the light going h
way. Uyan whipped Necdham , onnd a
though it took him seventy-four rounds to t'
it , ho Jumped out of the ring as fresh :
when he entered it , without a bruise , scrati :
or blemish. Hyan is certainly a eutbin
Cool as a cucumber under the most tryir
conditions , as quick as Are ! ! , and with a le
on ' 1m capable of stopping tin ; rush of almo
any man. Dawson lights with a wide opi
guard , and in bis onslaughts 1 shull expei
Tommy to beat his face on" .
Next Monday night 'Frisco will bo trcatt
lo ti couple of numbers. The Palo Alto ai
Pacific clubs have caught the fever and n :
clashing , and they have changed the dat
of their respective events in order thai UK
will como oft on the sumo night. At tl
Palo Alto.Clmrlio Johnson and Jack Hull w
Iry conclusions , and at the Pacific Tomn
White and Billy Murphy.
Next Wednesday night Billy PJimmt
the English bantam , and Joe MeGrath w
run afoul of each other before the Com
Island club , and on Thursday night Jolim
Van Ilecst and Solly Smith. My combi
ation is Johnson , Murphy , Van Ilecst in
In tilt ) I'lrlil mill at I bo Trap.
Nebraska City claims to have thu chai
plon quail shot of thu state. So far Ibis si
son ho has killed 1,000 birds.
Dr. H , O. Miller has returned from Mo
tana after a ten months absence. He h
some royal sport among the big game o
) there , bagging twcntysix deer , eight el
) five black bear , Iwo mountain lion and fo
lynx , besides a cartload of-small fry. 1
says hu Intends hereafter to make a limit
hunting trip annually. While absent
visited all the big cities of the slope , b
found no town as good as Omaha.
W. II. Harrison , my genial sporting frie
from Grand Island , bus been in iho el
several days. If W. H. tells Uio Iruth , a
1 see no reason to doubt but what ho do
WlllSimeral. Harvey McGrew.Dr. Glucka
a number of other gallunl nlmrods are i
In It with him. lie says ho went bcfon
notary public last fall and took oath thai
killed liiirly-sevcn uvohets at ono shot , u
on the same day caught a catfish tl
weighed 700 pounds. By thu way , Ha.irlt
ran for county treasurer of his county 1 :
autumn , ami declares he would have IK
elected if ho could have told as big yarn
his opponent. Wouldn't thai jar you )
What bus become of the much talked
challenge from the Bemls Park to I
Omaha Gun clubl The Bemls boys cli
longed Ihu Huyinonds for n live-bird she
ir , and the Uuymonds not accepting , they g :
, , , it out that thu Omahus were about th
, ' size. 1 can assure them , however , tl
J Oinnhus will accept any sort of a ehallci
, ( they see III to issue , Go for 'em ,
[ f. Policeman H. C. Cook was down in
; . . wilds of Harpy county last Sunday , and si
1 bo bagged forty-eight quails , thirteen pral
chickens , thirteen cotton-tails and two Jt
rabbits. Ho says them are slathers
game down ihoru and he would have kil
i-t more if ho had only taken an axe with h
10 11 Well , didn't Champion John Potty pu
all over FrcderU'iis A. Fuller a week a
Is Fred's challenge gave evidence that ho A
if quite u rillo shot , but his score Incontlneii
i ( ? refutes the suspicion. Fred now decla
is that hu intends to keen on challenging (
it John , as Petty is familiarly called , until
11. beats him , But If Fred willviko my ad\
ho will drop him now like u hot potato ,
will nuvcr see the day ho can beat li
10n Appended Is the full score of their Inio mi
d ,
. ' 0
w ,
till J. K. Knowlcs and Frank Carmlchacl
lie turned a day or two ago from a Iwo d ;
to limit iu Iowa. They say they killed
iO , quail , thirteen squirrels ami forty-two <
tiy toutaiU , aud Ibal game wasn't very plui
cither. Jack sixyn thnt along the
creeks nil 'the quail were 'covoroil to lhl >
depth of eight or ion feet by the Into snow * ,
and that all Jmvo doubtless been smothered
or starred , and predicts a poor crop next
season , _ _ _
I have also reports from this vicinity tint
n largo majority of Iho birds mot n similar
fate. The snow came In Ihe night , and the
birds being nt roost , were burled benenth
the enormous drifts , and next season's out
look Is indeed very ixxir.
Some of the crack rlllc shots of the country
can get a game by calling on John W. Potty ,
nnd , indeed , I bellcvo there are but few who
can beat him nt 200 yards off-hand. Look nt
the score ho made ngalnst Fuller lust Sun
day , despite the cold , wind nnd flying snow
1O.Voutof n possible 1.250 , That Is shoot
ing. He led Fuller from the start and could
have oven bettered his score had it been
necessary. He is probably ns good nn offhand -
hand , long distance shot ns there Is in
America today.
AVIilnporlngfl of th Whrrl.
Merry Christinas ?
E. B. Smith sojourns in Chicago this
Council Bluffs will have a bicycle club next
C. G. Fields ( papal. F. Hockwcll. C. C.
Candy and J. W. Fulton were all in last
week. .
Art Miihan of Crescent Cycling chlbT" Now
Orleans , La. , wns n visitor in the city ono
day of last week.
The Tourist Wheelmen will give n soclnl
and ball In the near future. A committee is
now out working up the event.
Jack Cully and Billy Schuefl of the Tour
ists nre running lines and driving stake ? in
the Huwkoye state. Good exercise , which
will harden their muscles for next se/son's
work on the path and road ,
The Omaha Wheel club entertained the
club members and n few of their friends at
the club house Christmas eve with nn old
fashioned X-mas tree. Many gifts were dis
tributed from the tree and everyone who at
tended had a good time.
W. M. "Pap' ' Browstcr , treasurer of the
League of American Wheelmen , located at
St. Joseph. Mo. , and George Colllster. mem
ber of the National Kiicing board , called ou
"Jess" ono day of last week. Mr. Brewster
is the great league hustler.
The postponed business meeting of the
Tourist wheelmen was held last Thursday
evening at which business of great import
ance to the club was transacted. It is ear
nestly requested that all members of the
club bo on hand at the next regular meeting
which will be held Thursday evening , Janu
ary 5. A surprise awaits every one.
Resplendent with gold leaf and all the
colors of Ihe rainbow Uio Xmas number ol
Uio Bearings comes lo ils readers this week
enlarged and repletu wilh numerous phole
engravings of prominent wheelmen , short
stories , interesting bicycle history and re
sume of the past year. The magazine in
truly a modeler printers art and a credit U
its editors , the Xmas number surpasses unj
Journal of Its kind gotten out this season.
The secretary-treasurer * road his annual
report showing a substantial gain in tin
division finances , also a goodly economic ex
penditure by the slale ofilcers. The report
shows a balance on hand December 1 , 18',1'J '
of S'JSO against balance on hand same time ii
1MIII1S. It is claimed Unit renewals wil
bring this up to100 before July , Ib'.M. Tht
annual division meet for ' 1M was diseussei
nnd indications point to the most successfu
meet ever held by the division. Anothei
meeting of the board will bo held in Omah :
The ofilcers of Nebraska division League o
American Wheelmen met at Fremont Du
comber 17 and reviewed the work of the pus
year and made plans for the campaigi
of next. Chief Consul Perrigo read bis an
nual report , showing less growth in IH'J'Jthai '
in 18UI comparatively , he also recommend !
Uic publication of moro requiting literature
A hand book will be published nt once. 1
scheme for giving prizes for nev
membership was introduced and ne
cepted. A circular to all member !
of the division will bu mailed , setting fortl
thu inducemenls of Iho scheme. Ten prize !
will bo given for memberships , and will bi
distribulcd as follows : For one now mem
her , gold plated League of American Wheel
men button ; for two new members , goli
plated League of American Wheelmen watel
guard ; for three new members , gold plalct
League of American Wheelmen pendant pin
for four new members , gold plated League o
American Wheelmen locket ; for five nev
members , solid gold pin ; for eight new mem
hers , solid gold pin ; for ten now members
solid gold pin ; for fifteen new members , solii
gold watch chain ; for twenty new members
fifteen-year , Foloy's , screw bezel , open fact
Elgin or Hampden watch ; for twcnty-fivi
new members , fifteen-year , hunting cast
stem winding , Elgin or Hanipdon watch
Prizes aggregating in value from 75 cents t
&r .
The shrill wnrwhoop of Ihe painted rcil
skin , mingled with the wild cowboy yell o
the western plains , softened aud toned b
the sweet , musical tinkle of Iho Spanisl
mandolin and guilar , merry shouls of civi
ized laughter and Jingling of spurs and ui
coutrenients , will resound through the pal
lors and reception rooms of the Omah
Wheel cjnb on Now Year's eve. For th
nonce the club house will bo converted hit
a wigwam , and the braves of the Omah
tribe will wander at will about the tepee c
sit in Iho council circle nnd tnku n whiff n
the "chagwah" or peace pipe as it is passe
around. The occasion will bo the iinnur
watch meeting and New Year club socia
Invitalions have been Issued lo the clu
members and some of their friends , whie
no doubt will bo accepted with alacrity , a
the Omaha Wheel club is noted for the sui
cess of its entertainments. The "Wil
West Smoker , " which' occurs on New Year' '
eve , is something new in Uio way of
club entertainment , thu invention of th
fertile brains of the gentlemen composln
the committee Messrs. Perrigo , Ivastniu
and Cox. Music will bo made ono of Ui
main features of the evenings program. Tli
invitallons are quite "Injun" in make up an
read , "Membeis Omaha Wheel Club Tribe-
There will bo concert and smoker at tli
tepee corner Seventeenth and Chiciu
streels , Saturday evening , December ! i
Wo will bo assisted by a few braves fro :
other tribes. Jerked Beef and Pipe i
Peace , chiefs Ahp-Er-Hl-Go , Johu-H-Ki
Slm-Aw and - -
A l > ay In fhi > Stubblv.
NOIIFOI.H , Neb. , Dec. 2-1. To the Rportii
Editor of Tin : BEE : Never in the history
Nebraska bus Ibero been so great an abun
mice of quail as there are the prcscnl sc
son. A great many line bags have bet
made in iho vicinity of Norfolk , but pro
ably Ihu greatest one that lias been made
this section was ono made by a party of Fr
mont sportsmen at Verdlgro recently , win
two days' shooting netted in iho close neig
borhood of 600 birds. It is , however , a mi
tcr of sincere regret thnt lee many of o
hunters and would-be sportsmen persist
slaughtering tile noble Bob While by p
shooting , which is as truly unmanly
it is unsportsmanlike. No true sporl
man will stoop so low as to slaught
a covey of quail , or oven a binglu bird , will
on Ihu ground , or like wiuio of our huntv
and would-bo sportsmen who own good do ,
nnd excellent guns , sneak around for half :
hour to got a shot at a bird silling. This
wrong for Iwo reasons , iho first of which
the indiscriminate slaughter of thu blr
o and the second that hu Ihciyuyjoscs t
'Su ' sport of shooting and thu pleasure of seel
'Sk his dog work. The hitler is certainly hi
k Ihu pleasure of hunlliig. Thu man who lei
ifd sight of these two very material j > olnts da
ifi. not cull himself other than a mere pi
i. hunter , and is deserving of the heartk
i.It condemnation of all Into sportsmen.
It The quail in Nebraska arc more abunda
> ! in Iho Soulh Platte country , the farth
isle south the better. On thu Republican riv
y nnd Its tributaries they are most nbundai
> s thu reasons for which I attribute to t
d mild winters and less snow , rendering Ir
le less great from cold and starvation iltiri
'U severe weather , and very probably to t
lu fact thnt they are butter m'oleolcd
11.t . sportsmen nnd farmers from liidlserlmln :
t : slaughter bolh in and oul of season. Orgt
izod gun clubs have been of great benefit
this direction , and this thought offers a si
a geslloiix-lhal might bo adopted with cxc
lent results by the sportsmen of Is'oi
Nebraska , In this part of the stale ma
parties from thu outsldu have been In t
ITn habit of coming In and slaughtering gai
n birds and shipping them unlawfully lo oil
iu IV marlicts , both In and mil of ihostate. . ' 1
buverest punishment possible should
Ibln meted out to iheso offenders , and if Nobi
> \n \ lu's picsent gamoluwH do not meet Uio
e- qulreuiOntK of iho case , they should bo in ;
es1 more stringent.
Itt In the latter days of November I was
t- . vited by my friend , known lo ull thu spot
ty men iu the stole us the prince of food i
' , * anil whoMtotlior nnmo Is Kugeno
Ham iljn , propihtter of the Hampton house
nt ! Ildregc , Srf-W. , in take a quail hunt ,
( leiin haa qntto irovord , but owing to the
kin I ro anl I UtJvo for his excellent.wife I
ro'raln from chin * it at present , Suffice It
to say , ho is tile author.of that national
K imo and pastltnw"hlRh five. " Also , hols
a first elnM shot jund the possessor of all the
mrnphorimlla nmlniipiirteimnccs thereunto
lelonglnR for hauling , fishing and camp-
n # , from a > # lx-room tent to a
oiiif bundled . .frying pan. Among
ils possessions is ono of Smith's
utcst itnprovcd4 Rims and n line pointer
> ltch known iw "Nell. " Nell Is as line a
ypo of Ihe Knpjrah ( winter as ono would
vlsh lo see , and JHS for work well , It has
icvcr been our lot lo shoot over a boiler.
The apiminlcd day arrived , bright , bracing
and a perfect autumn morning , Wo loft the
lotel at 0 o'clock In i\\o \ morning with lunch
nicked and everything In readiness for a
icrfcct day's sport , wo drove about seven
niles and reached the appointed sixit Just ns
, hc sun was peeping from behind the eastern
lorizou. The place wns perfect , the bed of
i little creek or rivulet , which had long been
Iry except hero and there a pool which
Providence had left that the quail
nlpht quench their thirst , nnd Nell
night occasionally moisten her nostrils , the
letter to do her work. The hitler was very
icccssary , as would be with an ordinary
log , though Nell could evidently have done
excellent work without It. for Ino day was
Ir.v and promised lo bo hot. Later on we
were favored with a friendly cloud over
shadowing the sky and a gentle breeze aris
ing from the west. The creek was lined
with thick brush , with hero a clump of plum
trees nnd tufts of high grass , while the
edges were fringed with cornfields and
wheat stubble. After leaving the carriage
we had not gone far until Nell began
In scent game and started across a patch
of stubble , whore It was evident ,
the birds had gone to feed.
She had not gene far , however ,
when she came to a point , her tall straight
out , her body like that of a statue , with onu
foot lifted from the ground. "Get them up I'1
said I , but not a muscle moved. "Sho
doesn't do It that way , " said Gene. "That
part wo will have to do ourselves. " So on
wo go , Nell following closely at our heels ,
pointing at every step. On wo go for at
least too yards , when a covy of seventeen
flushed , Nell lying close to thu ground.
Bang 1 bang 1 bang 1 bang ! Four birds the
result , the remaining thirteen seeking cover
In the brush. "Gut the dean birds , " said
Gene , and like a flash Nell was off. quickly
returning with two dead birds , the first
load , and bringing the other two
singly. Back wo went to the brush
and In a remarkably short time had eight of
the remaining thirteen dangling at our belts
On wo went , but not far , until another covey
was scented , but flushed wilil , the dog not
getting a point , neither did wo gut a shot ,
but "watch them down 1" which you will
recognize as a familiar phrase , was ejacu
lated iu a chorus. Wo did , and thu spot was
a pocket , or sinah gulch with tall grass.
"No birds should get away from us here , "
said Gene. "Well , I guess not , " but they
did. Theru were two out of the thirteen
that got away , ono being pretty badly shot ,
thu other a clean miss by two loads. On wo
went , the dog doing elegant
work and we doing pretty fair shoot
ing until about 1 o'clock came and we
returned to the wairun for lunch. When
our ravenous appetites had been appeased
we took an inventory of the game on hand ,
finding wu had bagged eighly-seven of Iho
gamest and host of nil birds , the festive
quail , and decidedito defer further shooting
until another day.
In conclusion lefjine say that I never en
joyed a day's good sport better or in more
genial company , and I can sincerely advise
all my sportsmen friends who would like an
outing at Holdrege to cultivoto Ibo ac
quaintance of mygood friend , Gene Hammond
mend , not forgetting Nell. Gene is a true
sportsman , n royal good fellow , and is
possessed , in addition to his many excellent
social qualities , of a thorough knowledge of
all the best shooting grounds in that vicin
ity. With suchu companion and under such
circumstances a day spent with rod or gun
cannot fail to bo enjoyable. F. lj. Q.
A Hutch \Vlnti-r Single * .
It would bo , ju waste of time to essay
anylhing new or edifying on the baseball
situation. .A few misguidcc writers art
making a frantic effort to arouse a little in
terest in a waning sport , by a labored discus
sion of the rules of thu game , the changes nec
essary and improvements advisable. But : i
very large army of the old day cranks refiihi
to enthuse worth a. continental , and it is a
patent fact that 'the best remedy for UK
present lapse wouM to give the game a lonj ;
and health-reviving rest. In this connection
my old and revered friend , Colonel Ed 1C ,
Uifeof the Ohio Slale Journal staff , perti
nently remarks : News in the baseball world
is as dead as the proverbial door null , and
everybody connected with the various Na
tlonal league teams appears to bo putting it :
their time considering the situation. News
papers that have heretofore devoted dailj
space to the great national game , bctweei :
seasons , are now giving it the go-bywhulhei
as thu result of u lack of interest , or whcthci
Ihe idea is tl'C carrying out of a plan to Icl
lut the game severely alone during the win
ter months in the hope that such an arrange
ment might lend to the upbuilding of Hit
sport in the spring. Certain it is that less
space is devoted to base ball at this seasoi
of the year than at any time in the lust lei
years. What it means is only problematical.
The newspapers have made base ball , am
when they turn it down the magnates maj
as well hang up the violin , the flute , UK
yellow-bellied clarionet nnd all thu othe :
musical instruments , for the base ball solrei
is over.
\ Just as 1 said all tlnTtiine. Jack Crooks ha :
refused iho presidency of Iho Northern Pa
cillc railroad , and will stick to the Brown
next season for his board and beer money.
John T. Brush has Just re-elected himscl
president of the Cincinnati club , and Stof
Moore has bought another block of stock i
Ihu same.
Scrappy Joyce of Iho Brooklyn * is at Ho
Springs , where ho hopes , by Judicious exci
else , to get back to his old-time self agaii :
The only danger is that Scrappy will conlln
his uxerciso principally to the elbow , who
ho knows very well that his knees are full c
John M. Ward has notified the Now Yor
club that his check is ready for ? ; i)0 ( ) , Spur :
ing Life , That's nothing , Just run over nn
tell the Gotham magnates to draw oji mo ft
the balance of that SKI.OOI ) .
OiM'slloiiH unit Aimni-rN.
\VATIHI.OO : , Neb. , Ii ) > e. i0. To thn Sport In
Kdlloi-of Tin : HKK ; In u gaum of draw poki
( nn limit ) A opens Jack pot for 50 cents ,
htiiys for SO , C stays also and rain's it$1.5i
A and II do not M'f th rulso and want a hho
for Iholr money , but C'claims pot. Do A an
II have lo M'c his rjilso liuCoiu limy can lira
cards. And who wins ? Ily "M-U his ralho"
mean put up llm c.xtrit dollar ho lictb. W.
Ans. They do.
lliA OIIOVK , la. , Di'o. 7. To Iho Sporting Ki
ttnr of TIIK HIK : : tl'iin yon Inform HID as i
whrru 1 can obtain u book on fancy unit ll in
skatingI'rank J.i'ox ,
Ans , The Now Vork Clipper will furnlh
you with what you want.
OMAHA , Null. , Ura ; . 23.--To thu Sporting K <
Itorof TniIHiA and II play poker , A tut
all Ills money , II MHW his bet anil raises lili
A hiiK notnoiu minify to call II , Does A KOl
blmw for bis iiiomty , P. J. ( J.
Ans. Not If ttiuro is no limit on the gam
LINCOLN , Ni'b , , Uon. 23-To Hit ) Hporth
Kdllor of TIIK HKCI Will you pleavo public
In Sunday's lll'.i : Uln names of iho players <
Iho champion buswhall teams for 1H7& an
Ans. Boston , 18T5 , Spaldlng , White , Mi
Vey , Barnes , Htmfcr , Wright , Jconnrt
O'Hourko , Manning1 , Heals and Heifer
Chicago , I8tl , Bpaldiug , White , Mo\'o , ;
Barnes , Peters , Glenn , Hincs , Addy an
licllukl. )
NOIITII 1'i.ATTi : . Dec. 20 , To the Sport 11
, IMItorof Till : llr.r. : Will yon please Infer
mebeii. ' . 1 can Kiit a copy of ( ho Now Voi
( lanmubMH'lutlon'h rnlesVT. . It.V. .
Alls. Address N. V. U. A. , care Amcricti
Fluid , 10 Park Place , New York.
CDUNCII , Iti.tiFrs , Ili'c. 23. To the Sport It
Editor of TIIK Itt ) : : : Tliero am live hliootets
a match , Ilircu money * . Thien tie for first. U
forhiTontl. What litronii'h of Ihliil money !
AHtiyV. . M.
Ans. . Third is divided between first in
so-ond in the proportion of first and sccoi
k < NOHKOI.K , Doe. 22. To the Snorting Killt
u I of Tin : llii : : : I'lease stale In Sunday h spot
o Ins columns the nationality of .Ion rhoyn *
r I and hl-f birthplace. Also the number of llm
u Juck Dmnnscy has been defeated , nnd the ilu
u oC thu llall-l'rltehaicl fight In r'liKiiiml
, . llo\er.
! " Ans. Choynski was born In 'Frisco
, Jewish parents. ( ' . ' ) Twice , by Ui Blancl
0 and FitzblmmonB , (3) ( ) Amrusl 20 ,
i- re are letters at Bundle's frr J
it iVulsh , Harry Calewood and U , K , Barki
tball players
Mmo. Paul's ' Kind Holiday Remembrance of
Her Friends.
1 Itrnnrtt'li I.ovo of Nnrltli-
An liiiiorrnt nt Itonlrltc MII\T .Iixrpti
jAllrn'K llnlr Turned White Com-
InpT Attnirtlon - tonliNotes ,
Mine. Adelina PatU-NleoHnl is known to
the world nt large as Uio queen of song , the
grentest'dlva of the age , iho peerless artiste
where notes are ns- precious ns pearls. To
those few who have been admitted within
the sacred circle of her friendship she Is
above all things a woman , the most charm
ing nnd gracious of her sex. To thosu fnv-
ored ones this wonderful artiste , to whom
kings and princes pay delighted homage ,
shows a sincere , cordial , unaffected woman
Hness. KV r those honored with her regard
Mine. Patlihasa genuine , thoughtful kind
liness that finds expression In simple , unos-
lOnlallous methods which carry the line
flavor of her esteem wlthoul the Itiint of
Some of these friends have renewed rea
son for tholr admiration of this gracious
woman , who has again shown her thoughtful -
ful esteem by sending them pretty llttlo holi
day remembrances in the form of photo
graphs of Cralg-y-nos casllo and its environs.
Those received by the editor of Tin : Br.r. tire
of Uio same view , but ono is printed light
and bears a Christmas greeting , while the
other is in darker tones and has a New
Year's inscription.
The view Is taken from the hill tit Ihu rear
of Ci"ilg-of-Nos. in Uio foreground is Uio
famous easllo and Its clustering attach
ments , Beyond is a beautiful valley , Uio
rugged Welsh hills closing in on it on either
side , while down through Its center , llku : i
pretty ribbon in a Held ofgreen , wanders a
litllo stream until H is lost in the misty dis
tance. The views are exquisite bits of
photographic art and make thu daintiest of
Mine. Patti has given further proof of her
thoughtful kindliest by sending the editor of
Tun Br.H the programs of a number of her
entertainments during the past year. None
of these were professional engagements and
the souvenirs have no odor of shop about
them. With one exception they are the
programs of performances at the beautiful
theater in Ihu diva's oastletroyal entertain
ments provided by the queen of song for the
delcctalion of her guests. Those souvenirs ,
there fore , represent the perfume of this
gracious hostess' personality in private lifo
with no suggestion of professionalism.
The earliest of these programs is a record
of a concert on board thu sleumship CRy of
New York , May : i , for the benefit of the
the Seaman's Orphan institution at Liver
pool : and Mine. Patti was down to sing
'Home , Sweet Home. "
On August 15 n special matinee was given
at Putli's theater in Craig-y-Nos castle.
The first part was a musical program , which
was followed by a pantomimic drama en
titled "Lovo or Duty. " In the latter the
diva took two purls.
A week later "Cainillo" was given , with
Mine. Pntti in the title roll nnd Mr. Hiehard
Nicolini as Count do Varville , and there
were violin and harp solos between the acts
by two young ladies.
"A pantomimic description of dramatic in
terest in four episodes cnlillcd 'Life nt Ham
ilton Castle' " was produced on September
10 , and the hostess enacted the parts of the
two daughters of Lady Hamilton.
Beginning with September 17th there were
eight entertainments on successive evenings ,
which are all recorded in ono beautiful pro
gram. On Saturday night "A Sister's
Jealousy" was played with Mine. Patlt in Iho
roles of I rene and Sybil , two sisters. Sun
day evening Iherc was a concert with thu
diva down for four number : while Signer
Nicolini and Mr. Hiehard Nicolini contrib
uted one each. On Monday evening follow
ing a short concert , came "Aubcrge des
Audret"ou "Cainillo " Wed
; Tuesday , ; on
nesday. "La Sonmimlmlu ; " on Thursday ,
"Whar's Your Ticket , " tin extravaganza : on
Friday , "Love Under Difficulties , " n comedy ;
on Saturday , "La Sonnambula" again , in
each of the works named Mine. Paul look
leading parts.
Thu latest of these programs is dated No
vember 10th , when "Ninon , a Tale of the
Chimney Corner , " was presented , with the
Utlo role.
These programs give glimpses of the home
life of the queen of song and of the
munificence of her hospitality , and they
make interesting souvenirs of one of thu
most famous women of thu century.
Several Uiealrieul men were in a favorite
resort of the profession Ihe oilier day , dis
cussing most everything but aqua pura.
Jay Gould was nienlioned , and Unit brought
forth several stories.
I suppose , " said ono of the party , "that
some of yon have noticed the magnificent
diamond and sapphire ring worn by Pauline
Hall. Well , boys , Jay went down into his
Jeans pretty deep to .settle for that gewgaw.
11 must have cost a five century If it did ti
cent. Stately Pauline struck this windfall ; i
few seasons ago in SI. Louis. You know 1
was with the company at the lime. Thnt
was Polly's ( she always Insisted on my call
ing bt-r Polly ) first season at starring , and
to loll Ihe truth , she wouldn't Imvo startcil
out at all if I hadn't agreed to support her ,
"What are you snickering tit ; You know
all of you , that I'm the king comedian of tin
United States Milwaukee included-and bul
for my infernal modesty John Drew , Good
win , Di.xoy. Joe Holland , and Iho rest of tin
outfit couldn't ride In the same cloviitoi
with me. Just you wait till some docloi
discovers n blcloridu injeclion lo euro tonsil
tutlonul Insufficiency of gall , and then bin
no matter.
"How did it all happen ? Oh , simph
enough , We were playing at the Olvmpii
Uiealer the opera Ermlnlo , ' and bnslnes ;
was good for St. Louis. Soon after tin
curtain went up AVcdnesday night it wut
noised about behind that Jay Gould was
boxed in front. 1 had never before clappci
eyes on his millionaire misfits , so I pcekei
around until I spoiled him in Iho lowei
right-corner box. There ho was huddled ill
away back with Ihreo or four wealthy-look
ing individuals around him. How did I roc
ognuo him ! Why ! from thu pictures l'i
seen in the newspapers. To toll the Iriilh
ho was no grand sight for sere eyes , in
healthy onus either , but , then , ho was tin
only and original Jay Gould ; and 1 gucs1
most ot us would have been glad enough ti
understudy his role at 100 per cent rake-off
"The box party seemed to llko all tin
opera first rule , lint Panllnu's lullaby in tin
second act captured litllo Gould. Then
WHS u Irlplo encore and Polly fair ! . '
bubbled over. Ono of Gould's part ;
was a big St. Ixmls ruilroai
man , and also , I believe , part proprietor o
Iho ihenlcr , llins when Iho 'Wizard' ex
pressed u desire lo bo introduced to iho situ
Iho intervening door was soon unbarred
Thu house and company managers did tin
honors , and Ihero was considerable excite
ment behind , let mo loll you. H isn't over ;
night you can rub elbows with a hundrci
time over millionaire.
"Gould seemed quite al home behind am
did not stare around llko a novice ; ho ovci
explained several details to another membe :
of Iho purty while waiting for Paullno'i
change of costume. Of course I did not hen
what took place In the star's dressing roon
except by hearsay. The conversation wan
however , quite a long one , and the curtail
wus held for nearly ten minutes until Un
catcalls and stumping from Ihu gullcr ;
brought it up in n hurry. Mr. Gould was ,
understand , exceedingly complimentary am
unaffected. That winds up thu little ball o
yarn , I think.
"About the ring I By Jingo ! That's so
I'd forgolten the hub of the story. Thu foi
lowing day , Thursday , Pauline rccelvci
a verv preity note from Mr. Gould , In wlilel
ho reiterated the compliments of the prcced
ing night and asked her to accept from he
admirer and friend thu enclosed tntlini
token of regard. The trilling lokcn was Ui
ring ; und ah Pauline was In a very inniubl
framu of mind Just then Mm condescended I
accept it. Kind of her , wasn't it i"
In the Milwaukeeshop windows not Ion
i , ago a novelty in scurf pins was exhibited
and Miss Johnstonu Bennett , now at th
Columbia in "Junu. " was Uio first lo t > ucur
one. The pin wus a clover imitation of
half bwued cigarette , very'decentlve ' iu at
tcaranco. Miss Dennett stuck the pin
tartly under the Inpol of her tnnmilMi
Ittle. coal mid sprinkled cigar ashes about It ,
< io that It looked very like n smouldering
cigarette. It was her Intention to fool soy
nil members of the eomiiaiiy through the 11-
uslon. She loft the Pfniiltlntnn hnusti and
Kissed down the street toward the Davidson
heater. Just ns she was walking by the
Si-blitz hotel , having In the meantime forgotten -
gotten her cigarette ornament , she was horrified
rified to notice three young gentleman make
i sudden rush for her , each eager , ovldentlv ,
0 reach her first , She thought tile
trio Intoxicated , and was about to
all UIKIII the passers-by to protect her when
Lho gentleman who reached her Hist said :
'I beg a thousand pardons , nnuhim , but
some careless fellow has thrown a burning
cigarette on your coat. Kindly allow me to
cmovo It. " Mis * Henuett's face lit up with
1 merry sititlo as she realized the cause of
the gentle courtesy. And the iirlio sprinter
ittempted to remove the noxious clifarette
by brushing It with his handkerchief. The
whole thing wns done so quickly that Jolly
lane did not have time to remonstrate. The
gentleman then used his gloved hand in his
( Torts to j-omoVo the cigarette , and as the
lystnnders began-to smile he said : "Why.
t seems pinned on your coat. " "Yes , sir , "
s.iid Miss Uennett. "I bought ft not ten min
utes ngo in the Jewelry store. " A hectic
lush swept over the gentleman's face as he
ealized his attempt nt gallantry had been
n vain , and the whole crowd , which was
rwmposcd mostly of well known theatrical
> cople , laughed loud and lomf.
Tin ; TIIc.i runs ,
"Natural Gas , " with several new Ingredi
ents , Is the Christmas attraction at lioyd's
heater and will open with a matinee per
formance this ( Sunday ) afternoon. The en
gagement is for four dys with matinee Mon-
lay afternoon also , What Is novel In the
composition is likewise excruciatingly funny ,
noii ! than maintaining the claims of this
particular gas of nature to be considered as
in unsurpassable laughing gas , while the
low from the merry meter retains most of
Is old comical characteristics. The ele
ments evoking laughter have been strength
ened with banter and lilts at latest follies ,
the latter adniisistered In the good natnred
manner that always characteri/.cs the sallies
of Donnelly and Girard. A talented com
pany will second the efforts of the stars In
jetting more fun than ever before out of the
naturally funny gas. Miss Amy Ames plays
the Irish woman , and there are a number of
clever vocalists and graceful dancers in the
ranks of the support who will impart addi
tional effects to the somrs and dances in
which Donnelly and Girard lead. Of Don
nelly and Girard's farce comedy it may truly
lie said that it was constructed for laughlmr
purposes only. These comedians constantly
L'xertcd themselves to improve the article.
To make use of their own pertinent phrase ,
thay have from time to time drawn upon a
new meter.
Webster and Brady's stupendous spectacu
lar production , "The Bottom of thu Sea , "
fills the bii ? stages with a series of unprece
dented and unparalleled novelties. Out of
the usual order of plays is this one , much of
the action taking place on the lloor of the
ocean. Above and around the actors the
strange monsters of the deep are seen mov
ing through the mysterious depths , startled
by , yet not afraid of their strange visitors.
An ingenious plot unites the interests of the
diameters on the surface of the tiilUnvs in a
ship , with the perils of those nt , the bottom
of the sea. Startling originality appeals
strongly to the theater-goers ami the
play is a sensational novelty from
the lli-s t scene to the last. One
novel and instructive scene is produced with
fidelity from the appliances actually used in
the laying of an ocean telegraph cable.
From a moving ship a rope of wire is run out
and permitted to sink slowly to the
floor. A second is the handsomely appointed
interior of the ocean passenger steamboat as
she goes plowing through the waves. Ex
citing episodes are a wreck in a tempest on
the broad Atlantic and a submarine diver
disturbed at his dangerous work by an attack
from a giant octopus. A tight for life takes
place between the diver and his many armed
assailant. A more inspiring , animated pic
ture is a yacht under full sail bounding over
the billows. Most of the scenery of this pic
turesque and dramatic marine spectacle is
now , having been recently painted for the
present production by that well known
scenic artist , John It. Young. This play is
to be presented at the Farnam Street thea
ter for live nights commencing with today's
matinee ( Christmas ) December 25. Matinee
Monday and Wednesday.
With tonights performance at Wonderland
and Bijou theater the Burton Stanley Com
edy company bring their first , week's engage
ment to a close , and that it has proven a suc
cess is attested by the , large box olllcc re
ceipts. Commencing tomorrow , anotbei
laughable hit of Mr. Burton Stanley will hi
given , entitled "Unzzlu Dazzle. " which foi
laughable situations , funny dialogue , ludi
crous climaxes and clever comedy work is
one of the best farce comedies ever pro-
scnten. The action of the play is laid in Hit
grand salon of thfe sound steamer Bristol ,
the interior of which will bo faithfully re
produced , special scenery having been pre
pared. Many novel stage settings will also
be employed , and , with a coterin of such
capablecomedians as Burton Stanley , Lewis
Mcderic , Charles Sully , Harry B.irlow and
Jack liaal , there promises to bo no dull spots
in the dialogue , but one continual round of
laughter. The specialties to bo introduced before -
fore the comedy also smack of good things , as
they present such clever pcoplo as Lawrence
and Allen , refined 'musical artists ; Eddie
Fox. the clover Lancashire clog dancer ;
Batcliclor's dog circus , ten of the best edu
cated dogs that have over appeared in pub
lic ; Lottie Thornein skipping rope songs and
dances , and the phenomenal child performer ,
La Petit Freddie , the most talented child of
any age or clime who is an accomplished
vocalist , singing in all languages , a wonder
ful dancer , a marvelous imitator and an ex-
ccptionally great musician. During his engagement -
gagement he will give correct impersonation *
of Patrick Gilmorc.thocclobrated leader ; Car
mencita , the wonderful Spanish dancer
Billy Emerson , the renowned minstrel , am
will also introduce original pleasing special
ties. With such n program this populai
play house can count on a big business al
Mile , Khca's sumptuous and impressive re
vlval of "Josephine" and the delight will
which 'that revival is hailed by her larg (
body of admirers throughout the America )
continent are indications of that rellnei
taste in playgoers to discover which Is one o
the lasting pleasures Urn dramatic 'artist
feels. Thu drama of "Josephine" Is tin
most ambitious and most modern effort thai
has been made to Introduce thu man of tics
tiny and his loved hut hapless empress : if
thu chief persons In n drama , fts merits an
many and conspicuous. Khea has novel
been a sordid dramatic huckster. Art it
more to her than a long purse. Of course u
prudent regard for the business sldo of the
atrical ventures Is a necessity , for without
money up to a certain limit , it would not lit
possible to present her liberal views. Durln ;
the several seasons in which she has ad
dressed herself to the American pcoplo slu
has never descended to mcritricions trickery
nor committed any reprehensible profes
sional act whatsoever. The widespread
knowledge of this has made her name u
tower of strength , aim managers every hen
nre glad and eager to make room for her it ;
tbolr theaters. By honoring Kln-a , eontom
porary playgoers honor themselves , llher
will p'rosunt "Josi.-phlno" at Boyd's theatci
on Friday evening and Saturday matinee. Do
cumber M anil ill , Shakespeare's brilllani
comedy , " .Much Ado About Nothing , " clos
ing the engagement Saturday evening.
Thrill rl < ill Topic * ,
Mine. Modjcska speaks live languages.
Annie Plxle.v holds .u reception for tin
audience r-.itur the matinees.
HosoCoghlan's enterprise for next suaboi
may bo a revival of "Money" In good style.
The stage chlldru \ in Now York will celebrate
brato Christmas with an entertainment to
Klclmrd Manslhtld says that Chicago , bn
never again Boston , bhiill get Mt origlna
Elsie Leslie has retired for thu present
and will study under thu direction of Dank1
Frohnian. She Is IB.
Elenora Dust- , the Italia ) actress , wil
play only four times a week , Snlvlnl fashion
during her season here.
Mrs. Burnnrd'Dceru may join Wilson Dai
rett to help him out with his Amerlrai
tour , instead of going directly homo.
Thu oldest living Anurlcnn actresses ar
Clara Fisher Midler , born in IHU , nnd Mn
John Drew , who is hevnicarn . jounger.
] Frederick 1 Hllc , who dlod I ho other daj
1 was probably the l.c st j'ltld coined 11-1 undc
I salary in England or America , He got $7 > 0
1 week ,
Benjamin Terry , the futhcr of the nun
In-rless Terry * on the KiiRllsh stupe , hn.4
opened a sehool ofaetlng In Bedford , Strand ,
nieover Goodwin Is writing a 'piny ' for
Ilich ft Harris thnt will combine opera , fureo
conipi y ami minstrelsy. Thatcher will use
the piece.
Maurice Barrymorc has been Tc-filgncrcil
us leading man of A. M. Pajmor's stock com.
pany. Ho will take his original role hi
"Alabama. "
Fanny Hlco will lni | > crsoimto , hi a novr
piny soon , a Jewish girl , whose imirry Impo
sition and loyalty to her family in loll and
jwvorty are counted upjn to make a win
some heroine.
Alexander Salvlnl and Maunder , \V. M.
\ \ ilklson are now Included among the ranelv
eros of southern California , having purchased
n tract of fruit land during their recent vlslfl
to1/s Angeles.
"No reserved seats , " "No bonnets allowed
n any part of the house. " and "No admit
tance while the curtain Is up" nro some ot
the rules of the new Theater of Arts ami
Letters In New York.
A party of live Egyptians and two Grecian
danceis have arrived In Now York under
the charge of Stanmdl Poloncl. n Grecian
woman. 1 hey come to this country to Intro-
r'o'u ' " m < w < liuu' ° for tl0 ) l > lllm'ali ( > " ot
Kudolph Anmsoti has received from
Messrs niotidcns Flls , Paris , the nuinu'
script llhrctto and score of Yarnev's latest
operetta. "La Brlltant Achille , " 'now running -
ning at the Theater de la lfenalsinee. ; .
Joseph Jefferson has abandoned his Cal
fornia tour. He will rest In New York dur
ing the holidays , afterwhlch a spring season
Vu' 11 twelve weeks will be made , "Kin
\ - nn \ \ inkle" will bo the only play presented.
Sir Augustus Harris , who manages nianV
theatrical things in I/union , from grnnu
opera to a concert hall , is coming In New
jkork to superintend " 'I ho 'Prodigal
Daughter. " Clement Scott , the London
critic , is coming over fora tour of pleasure
and observation.
Bronson Howard has received a letter
from a man who says he has made his pile iji
lumber ; that ho Is bothered by his wife's
elegance , and that he Is grateful to the play
wright for convincing her , by means of u'x-
ample in "Aristocracy , " that It is swell to
dam things in polite convers.iilim.
A Boston theater publishes the following
conspicuously on its programme : "To the :
lady patrons of this theater : Will voualil
the managcmcrt ii Its work of hat reform J
\\earasmnll bonnet or remove your bat
during the performance. The theater is
well heated and protected from draught , "
Algernon Charles Swineburn , the English
poet who may bo chosen to succeed Lori
'lennysmi to the laureatshlp of England , haa
been in the theater , It Is said , oulv twice ill
the last fourteen years , The last time ho lion-
erred the playhouse with his presence watt
three weeks ago , when he witnessed ail
afternoon performance of "The Dutchess of
Mam" in London. The other occasion was
the production of "The Merr.v Wives ot
Windsor" at the Haymarkct in I ondoii
several years ago.
Louis Harrison , thecomedian of the Lillian
Russell Opera Comiquu companj. is now en
gaged in a new opera entitled "Venus , "
which is fast Hearing completion , and also
upon the coming spectacular plav , "Tho
Land of Gold , " which T. Henry French will
produconcxt season at the opening of his new
Ameri-an theater in New York. Theeast to
bo used in this new production , according to
Mr. French's estimate , will include lK ! > per *
sons , and ho says that $ IO.XHI ( will bo exj
ponded upon the work before the curtain 15
raised on the performance.
The ingenuity of the playwrlirht in scek >
ing novelties to interest the theater-goer fft
quito abreast of the times. At Vienna S
drama with the title "Among the Anthro
pophagi" is soon to he producwl , of which
the scenes are laid in Africa and are of the
heroes in the discoveries of Livingstone. A
Gorman schoolmaster at Pnrnenburg , iu tub
Palatinate , has written a play in sis acts on
"tho cholera " and is
, endeavoring to secure
its production in the Austrian capital. It i3
among the Viennese , too , that realism haa
reached it apothe sis , there having been re
presented on the the stage there recently a
play called "Fallen Angels , " in which a
good-natured old father goes mad. strangles
his wife and has a stroke of apoplexy , nlHln
the dining room where supper is steaming ou
the tablo.
Or Debilitated Women , should use
Every ingredient possesses superb Tonid
properties and exerts a wonderful influ- .
cnce in toninfjup and strengthening hen
system , by driving through the proper
channels all impurities. Health and
strength guaranteed to result from its use.
"Ply wlfit , ivho ' .vug ticilridden for olch.
loon muntliH , after unliin Jtnnlflalil'a
J''cmnlo ' Jlctitiliitor Tor two iiioiitha U
getting vrull. " .
. JM. . JOHNSON. Mnlvorn , Ark. ,
] > HAii7iri.n liEniiLATOii Co. , Atlainn , Ou.
SolJ Uy IJriiggUtu "I Sl.W ) Jicr Uotlle.
You may lie
Consult nt once
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ly popular IMiyKlt'jtiiiH unit M
Mho Imvii rlrhly won tlu-lr tlllo
as tin ; Kliiuri or
I nifotinly Micrrrtstul In llm t rrat incut un < |
Chronic Diseases ,
Of uvory name nnd ir.itnro , of iivury fori4
pliuso mid iloureo.
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! ! 7 vcurs of vuliiabln anil varied uxpurlonce )
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Iho hlddon inyntorlo-i of dUiuiso unit 1)10)0' ) )
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find ilioniiulvos at thu hitiicl of Iliulrprofoi- *
ulon In America , unilvnlod In all thosu olO
inentt wbleb coinpul biiccess. x
l.ut nil Ihu alllliiuil take ( mart unit bo com *
forte 1. for thu ninaiiH of u perfoel , sneedy anil
jiurntiiniint niriiiuo within tholr ranch.
The testimony of Uiousind-i uf otliurK when )
tln'i-L'talented men huvo curutl fnrnlnhca Iho
most eonviiu-liil. proof of tholr ability ,
HKN1) CUNTS > ' > r illii < iiriiliiil liaok ot
CllllVlllllltlllll I ITO ,
full IIJKUI , or mldrcHS tvltli utiuiip ,
119 South I4ti ! Sim' ; ,
OMAHA , - - NEB.
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mill question lint fruo.
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Omahu , N b.