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Two South Omaha Qamblors'Arristed on
Charge of Killing the Mayor.
Mrs. Miller Swears to a Complaint Charg
ing Them with Murder.
Detectives Who Looked Into the Caie Pool
Confident of Conviction.
JJtrlln llrnlio Down When Arrcsto.l , but
l r nl U | > . \rt Tir r < l Iliiyn Tulks
1'rcclr nlth i Itrportor Concern-
Ins Ills Art-cut Tlio Story.
Dick Berlin nnd Charles .Hays , two South
Omaha gamblers , worn nrrottod yesterday
afternoon nt4 o'clock , charged with having
murdered Mayor t ; . 1 * . Miller on the after
noon or TuoiUny , Octobr 4. The two inon
were arrested nl South Omaha by Deputy
Sheriff Bennett , Dotcotlvo Hudson nnd
Chief Beckett of South Omaha.
The complaint nhnrcmg Berlin and Hays
vltli the murder ot South Omaha's chief
executive wni lllod by County Attorney
Mahoney with Police Judge Horka shortly
tiftor 12 o'clock yesterday. The late mayor's
wife signed the complaint. After being
supplied with warranti the oftlcers wont to
South Oinuha In search ot their men.
Hays was found ut Twenty-seventh nnd N
Btrool' , but was not moloslod at the time , a
watch being kept upon his movements ,
\vhllo the ofllsprs visited Berlin's homo at
Twenty-fourth and It streets In the Thomas
JUts. Whan Chief rtccitott knocked at tlu
door ho was admitted by n servant , Bennett
nnd Hudson remaining out of view In the
liallway. The latter officers antlelpilud
troubto In securing Berlin , out in this thuy
\voro happily dissappointod. Berlin was
still in bed. A few minutes nftor Chief
BocUott ciuorcd the front room the warded
man aipearcd partially droasod In the
inonntlino the ether oflieers had oitored
nml Uotcctlvo Hud-ion road the warrant
for Berlin's urroat. Ho smiled pleasantly as
the oflluer proceeded * with the reading , but
when thu xvord murder was prono'inecd tin
rcaliiod Ins unfortunate position and com
pletely gave away.
llurllii ItioUc l > o\rn.
With tears streaming down his cheek ;
Berlin said :
"My God , men , 1 know nothing about It !
Mlllcrl Not in connection witn Muyoi
Miller's death , is HI"
When informed that such was the chai-gt
lie gave away moro to his .feelings and ap
r/nrontly / wns suffurlni : greatly. Ho ashci
permission to dross himself , whtcu wa1
granted , and , stepping into a roar room , in
fonnoU his wlfo of what had transpired n
the room whcro thu ollleers wcro In waiting
Mr * . Berlin was completely prostrated bj
the news brolson to her by her husband.
Tno oftluers took Berlin in u closed car
rlago and went back to N street to soiim ;
Hays , the other suspect. Ho was found uoa' '
Bcotkum A : Williams' saloon on N struct
Detective Hudson the warrant to bin
nnd vopuatod its readings , Ilavs rcquoulnt
it , eayltip no did not understand. When th
warrant had bcoti read the second tuna Hay
inquired the Uato the crime was committed
When tola It was October I , hi simply refilled
filled that ho was Innocunt. Ho nmiiitulnn
n blnlld uyiioarunco , and did not show th
least surnrlia nor foar. Ho stopped Into th
waiting carriage and nway whirled th
ofllcers toward the county Jil with thu an :
So quickly and quietly was the work pot
forniod that no ono guested tbo cause c
the carriage ride , and It was uniuo tlma ntle ;
wards before the news was whispero
Surprlsuil Suulli Omaha.
The arrest of Berlin nnd' Hays was a pro ;
tuiiirlsc. The theory of sulcido had been
generally accepted in connection with Mavc
Miller's untimely dcmisn that no thoughl
wcro entorUinod of making a murdur out c
the case , and the subsequent arrest of txv
men charged with being thu murduiur :
Shortly after Mayor Miller's ' death thoa
who believed ho had tiecn inui'derod nmilo u
u purse for the purpose of cloarlrg up tli
mystery. Detectives wora secured mm pu
to work upon U.o cast * , and thu result c
Iholr labor * U in the arrest of the two sn
pectcd men ycstnriluy. These who hav
been duvoling lime and money to tbo ens
nrn reticent rcciirdlng the chain uf ovldoiu
which has been .secured , and rifuso 1
answer any Inquiries. They Htontly mail
tain that'whun tbo ovldonco is glvon I
court It will bo enough to convict the Uv
suspected men of the crime.
Tboso who htivo held to the murder thcot
Iniva nil ulong Himjwctcd and pointed to Ho
llu and HIIJS us knowing something of tl
mystery surrounding iMi'.ycr Miller's deal !
It was only wlsa counsnl which prevcnU
tticlr urrost ROIIIO tlmo ago. The tuo 111 * :
nru sain to answer the description or Mityi
MMlor's companions of the day ho was font
dead In tbo wcoda duwu on Dndgo strco
Another clew the detectives picked up wi
n loiccram from Hcrlln , wbn wns In Kunsi
City , to a South Onmha man. The tclogra
wns received Tliurs'lav ' morning , asking f
Wednesday morning's Usuos of thfl Omal
papers. It WAS afterward * ascertained th
Berlin unit to Kansas City Tuesday nlgl
or Wodncsdnv morning. The mayor w. .
found Tuesday evonlng , Itorlln remained
Knnsr.s City for sonio tuna afterwards ut
Ills uiicndnnca nl the .tnquost could not I
hau owing to his ahieiuv , although his le
tlmony was much deiirod.
Hays auiwors very well ttio description
the man wearing u lielil suit ot clothes , wl
was ono of Mayor Miller's companions on tl
day ho was found with n bul'ot ' liolo In ti
head. At thu lima Hays wore u light cult
clothes , anil this fact navostrcnclb to ibot
Hef that ho was the much wnitud in yb to do
man with the light suit. Ilerlln , It U sal
also well answer * thcdnsorlptonof ; thooth
uian who was In tbo mayor's company.
M'llU'llt-cl liy Drtcnn < .
With iuo suspicion thus pointing to t
two gamlilurs , a daloctlvo has boon shade
'intf thorn and been In tholr company ovc
day for n number nt weeks. J'lio detectl
pin sod as a ktockman , who loved car.Is I
pinu&emcnt , nnd inudo friends ivith thn ti
inon in tht nmuDor.Vuut ho learned frt
Ilium if not known ,
While tins detective was In the conipa
of the gimblers another slonth was at wa
In tue vicinity ol where tlio orimo 1 $ allog
to have been committed , TliU detoollvo ,
U said or these who nuvo been conductl
tUo Invostlpntlon , has found u person w
taw the fatal shot llrud , and lius ideutltl
Borlln and Hays as hclnc the two men w
wora with the mayor when ho V.-uiH Into tweeds
woods near Uodco &troct , where he M
found In the ovcnlni ; with a bullet hole In I
bead. In imcoverlng this Unuortnnt link
tbo cvldcnco lUo ttato is nld to naiioss
woman , who U counted as onoof the ilirov
cat hunter * of crlmlmiU In the lund , lent t
ttUuuro , and by froqueuting the houses
tbo burnt dUtrlot toeured bit * of ovldon
which , If true , will bo vnluablo in fastening
the guilt upon the suspected parties.
Wlmt Tliry Ktpnct to Prove.
It Is expected to provo bv the cvldonco
Rccurod hy these who hare carried on thiiin-
vcsttgatlon that Mayor Miller , Berlin a net
Ilavs wora drinking together ( luring iho uuy
and that the mayor was vary much Intoxi
cated. U xvas In this condition th it ho wns
induced to go to the bpwdv houses the ovl-
donee shows bo visited , and afterwards with
his brain clouded by drink ho win onllccu
Into the clutnp of wood * nnar street
nnd there murdered Tnu is about whit
those Interested proclaim they e.ui prove.
When the siMticcted inon have tholr hearing
Iho truthfulness or unthruthfuinoss ot the
claim will bo proven.
The motive It is said for removing Mayor
Mlllor was because ho had declared war upon
thn gambling houses and intended to not
permit their running a aln In South Omilri
ilurlrg his administration. This is what
those sav who bollovu the mavor was mur
dered and they rvilLspiro no cftort to provo
that such is iho case.
About tilt ! I'rlnnnrM.
Did : Berlin , ono of the men undar arrest ,
is a young man not over III ) year * of ago. Ho
has been In South Omaha for two or three
years and has conducted n largo irnmbllng
honso during that tlma. Hectored down
when Mayor Miller's order was Issued nnd
has not rcopcnod , although ha had rcllttca
nnd refurnished his place , nnd expected to
toBUino bustnos * In a short tlmo.
Charles Hays , the ether suspect , Is also
aboutyo voarsof a o and is unmarried. Ho
Is n gambler and has been in South Oinalm
since last May. He has been there several
times previous to the last visit. His parents
reside Malvorn , la.
Ilavs was scon nt the jail lust night by a
Dm : reporter. Just as ho was preparing to ro-
tiro. Thu prisoner Is conllncd in a cell at the
northeast corner of the upper tier of cells
in tno west wing of the prison. When the
sheriff called him Hays stopped promptly to
tbo barred door and bid the ret ) or tor a ploa--
nnt treed evening. Ho then proceeded to tell
the reporter what ho know about his arrest
and how ho spent thu time that il.iy and
llujs Tolls Ills Stury.
"Mv arrest was n era-it surprise to mo , "
s.ald Hays , "and I can hardly umlurolutul It ,
thouch as you sco 1 am tryinz to make iho
host of nn unpleasant mistake. On the after
noon of October I loft South Omaha with n
couple of friends nnd spent two or three
hours in town. My friends did not leave mo
all the tlmo I was awnv from home. Along
about-I o'clock wo took a carat the Puxton
and rode back to South Oniuba. "
When asked who accompjnioJ him on that
afternoon tiip ttio prlsonor said that Charles
Harris , a roof painter , nnd Jack Matter , an
employe of ono of the packing houses , wore
hb companions.
"What did you do In the evening ! "
"After supper. " said Hays. " 1 came over
to the city nnd wont to Ilnyd's theater to see
'A Trip to Africa'and the tlrst I heard of
Mayor Miller's death was on a car going
homo after the bhow. "
"How lone have you known Berlin I" THE
Bnn man asked.
"I am only slightly acquainted with him ,
having mot nim only over ttio gambling
table. 1 a in a sailor and cntna here from the
I'aclllc coast last M.iy to visit inv sister ,
Mrs. Lioorgo Dcaver , who lives at tbo corner
of Twenty-fourth and M streets. 1 was m > l
personally acquainted with Mr. Miller nnd
never SPOKO to him In my life.i merely know
him by sight. 1 urn innocent of the crime f.
am clmrgod with. "
Hays naked tuo sheriff , who was standing
near by , when and how soon he would have
a hearing. When ho was told that ho would
probably DO arraigned in a day or so be ap-
poarcd much pleaso.l and remarked that tha
sooner ho was called into court tha butter ho
would like it , as ho was anxious to get out.
So far Hays has not retained an attorney.
llorliii Did Not Cure to Tulk.
A visit was next paid to the largo coriidor
below , whcro Borlln stood talking with sev
eral of the Inmates. Ho was called aside
and told the object of the newspaperman's
call. In reply Berlin sain that bo bad en
gaged \V. R Uurley to look after his interests -
ests , ami acting upon the udvluo of his coun
sel would have to decline to talk about the
mutter ut nil. Berlin appeared tube quite
cheerful , and did not teem to fear the con
sequences of a trial ,
When Miller W.tH Killed.
Along towards evening on Tuesday , Octo
bcrI. . two little girls returning homo f rnrc
picking coal nohr the smutting works discov
ered the body of a man lyins in tha weeds
alongside Eighth street Just north of Dodgo.
An alarm was given ana n oouplo of on hoc
mmi hastened to the locality to invoi > tli.'ato
They found n tna'i lying near tbo little patl
through the weeds. The fucs wns covorci
with blood nnd a revolver lay closi
by his hldo. When the patrol wagon
with a. stretcher arrived ono of the olllcen
Identified the bodj as mat of G. P. Millur
mayor of South Omaha. As quickly anc
tbnilorlv as possible tuo dying man was removed
moved to the Methodist hospital. Mayoi
MUlcrwas unconscious from the time he win
found until I o'clock on the afternoon o
Octobers , when ho died. *
The m&voi's poeiiot.s naa not been riflei
and thnt foot rather strengthened the theory
of suicide.
The local and South Omaha detective :
wont to work on thn c.isu and traced Miller' :
movement from the tlmo he left the Mugii
City \\llhlaufowhouraof the tlmo thi
body was found. Tlio near fnonds and rola
lives of the defeated scouted thoaulcldi
theory. At tha Inquest , uhicli lasted si ;
days , many witnesses tvcra examined , in
eluding people who had claimed to linv
hoard n shot tin ring the afternoon
The morning after the crime Leopold Ijabo
witch , a pawn broker nt HUD Uoogo street
identlllcd the revolver as one Mr. Millar ha <
rented of him tha night before. At the in
quosl lha pawnbroker took biclc all he hni
Hrtlil and declared that he had been wroni
In his description of tbo man. Ho thoa declared
clarod that a man in a gray cout had pro
cured the revolver.
After n thorough Investigation Into th
affair the coroner's Jury ngrooj upon i
verdict thnt Mayor Miller cainu to his deal !
by n plitol shot tired by unknown hands.
Important Proposition * CoiKlduiud by Hi
Sciuito Committee ,
Niw : VOID ; , Nov. 23.TUo sonata Imml
gration committee has been. In session bor
today. Previous to adjourning the commit
tea considered th-J following propostllo
without , however , reaching any conclusion
AlTimmigration , except trom the North an
Souln American countries , shall bo sui
ponded for ono year , from March 1 , IS'.Kl
the law to bo so framorl as not to hinder fro
return of Amoricau cltlzons or the easy nn
misbion of visitors. No vote was taUon o
this resolution , but It Is probable that on
may bo taken at loiuoirow'H meeting , an
thuro Is reason for bclloving that it will t
Various suggestions for legislation for tl :
restriction of Immigration had been sui
milted by the chairman for the conslduratiu
ot the committee , u Inch it was derided IK
to toke up before the meeting of congrcs
but it was determined , in view ol tha gro.itl
tipproliendod danger of the coming of cboloi
during the summer of lb'3 ' , to limit tt
present consideration of the subject to tt
question of total buspondlon of iimulgr.iUc
tor ono your.
The commUtca also decided that U was nc
vlsablo to submit to congress for con&ldcn
tton n Mw embracing thu following propoj
tlons :
Kirs ! , no Immigrant shall he ailmll ted to tl
United btntu * huUuoti the at < ot I'J and i
yuan * unless bo cnn u > ad and write ficely ; ni
easily his n.ithu laimua-n , nor ? hnll n iierst
above M liu adtnltudlio e&unnt road (
write , exeunt as u inumburuf u funiljy voniln
. ocdiiil , no liniuU' uluill he adiulltc
unless liu POSSOSH U'H ' In money or Its cqnlvi
lent , exi'opt that thu liaail of u fiunPy inn
brln : w Ith him or send far tha other meinbu
of his family If ha or thuy possess t"j for e.u
Th nl , all Intontlliiv linniljtrauU sha
bring wllh thorn condones finin 1'iiiti
M-Ues ronmiU abroad , % honhiK that they hui
sit Uliod such ncnnkul lhuttlu < 7 liuvo u rlul
to gain uOinUtion u liiiinl.'runii.
l-ourth. all peridim tuikluz final natural
i it Inn piipara shall Hive loaHonnblo notlco
tile-conn inlnch ihov Intend to apply an
bouio olltcluU reurosentliu the lovetiime :
blnill invcitlgato the facts upon the otlu
* ldu vhau the application l olTeiod.
Proceeding1 ? in His Trial for Heresy Bofora
the New York Prjabytory ,
Dr. llrlsgs and 1IU fripiuU U'ln I'olnt
( 'liarget I'our nnd uxeu Arn StrlcltLMi v
Irom tiiii Count-Tlio ! > < : -
Imto ViMtiTiliy. ;
Nnw YOIIK , NOX3D. . The presbytery this
afternoon roiuuieu the trial of I'rof , liriggs.
The lloor was at oucj accorded the prosecut
ing committee to stnio its position on Prof.
Ijrligs' objections to the cuar os , and his
dorannd that numbers four and seven bo
stricken out.
Dr. Hrlgps' friends and opponents alike
realized that n crsh was immlnont and every
step in ted ly's proceedings was followed
with Intense intoron. Scored ot the lay and
clerical jurors provided thetnsolvos with the
presbytery roll in order to chuck off the
names of iho absentees and thus bu enabled
to forecast , If possible , the res"ttlt of the test
vote , which was soon to bo tukon on tbe
question of striking out two ot th-j charges
which the prosecuting committee had pre
ferred against him. The session was favored
with the presence of Uov. Willlntu 0. Voutig
of Center college , moderator of tbo general
assembly. In accordance with Dr. Hliss'
request the dlulngulshed visitor led in
praver. '
Moderator Bliss announced thnt thn busi-
ne s botoro the court was the consideration
of the motion to strlko out the two charges
referred to , and then Aloxandnr. who offered
the motion , hod the lloor. That urosbytori.m
said that ho was wllllnir to yield the Ilojr to
the prosecuting ; committee to learn whether
it bail decided to abandon or to presi the
Oliji'ctnl to Ir. Hrlssi * I'rcjti'st.
Dr. liooth majo the point of order tlitit the
protmt made by Dr. Uriggs ycstorday was a
" '
munaco to tho" existence o'f tlio court and
could not , therefore , be considered.
Tno moderator made no ruling on the
Ootunol McCook then ro o nnd read the
pinion of tno committee on the motion , and
rgucil that the two charges could not bo
iroppad. In reference to chr.rgo seven ,
'Gtonol McCoolt said that Ur. Urigjs' answer
ivas irrelevant , because although he had
ifllrniQd before Iho orofcssors of the Union
icmlnnry that ho believed thnt one who died
mponltcnt was forever lost , ha had since
jromulcatod his theory of progressive sanct-
licalion u bib huiutrural address , and it. was
n the address.thnt the charge was founded.
The fourth cnnrgo could not bo droppad , be-
aufo Dr. 13rlgu > ' denial of the fulllllmcnt of
he details ot prophecy was n denial of the
bible and an impcuctimcat of Uie omnipo-
'onco of Ciod.
Dr. Alexander Interrupted Colonel Me-
Jook by insisting that the commlltcomcn
: md uo right to nrguo the question , nud Colonel
nel MetJook rcsuiiiod nis t > /
Dr. nrlgg.s took the lloor and said that ono
of Colonot McUoou's points was based on a
typographical error In" the printed copy tind
must bo dropped. He declared that the
offer made yesterday to waive his objection
to the six ether objections was mido con
Ur. Kobinson , the trroat hymn writer ,
w.intoU to know what the conditions wore.
Ho was answered by Dr. VanOyke , and
corroborated bv the defendant , the
condition was that the charges which em
bodied two separate counts should be
divided. Tbo pastor of the church in which
the trial is being held movol that the cora-
mlttco charges bo considered seriatim , and
that until Iho fourth charge wns reached the
motion to strike it out ba laid on the tablo.
This motion was lost and Dr. Alexander's
motion to strike out charge four was taken
Cli.irjiml t'iifiilrnt"is.
Prof. Brown of the Union seminary , and
foremo tof Dr. Ilriggs' supporters , tooU the
lloor. He said that iho committee had acted
unfairly in quotine pprt of Dr. Briggs1
statements and taking them out of their
proper connection. ' 'Any minister , " he said ,
fervently * "could be proved a heretic : by thla
course. "
Calls for the question resounded through
the room , but Dr. Booth submitted that the
ether side might ho permitted to hnvu some
thing to say. "Wo are not prepared to ranlii-
tain that nn enlargement which ineicly
explains n charge is no matter. "
l'"ully ' fifteen minutes were taken by Dr W ,
O. Shudd , who detinsd the inclining of the
word "disclaimer.1 "Alaugliwas precipitated
by bis statement that Dr. Hrlggs was net
guilty of falsehood , but of sot contradiction ,
Dr. Hastings , the venerable president of the
faculty with which the defendant is con
necled , did not mince woril.s in claiming thai
iho charge contained now matter. Saiil ho ;
"Tho change made In the ctiargo is radical ,
It elves tuo liu direct to Dr. Hrlgcrs nntl
there Is no getting around tt by casuistry. "
"I call Dr. Hastings to older , " exclaimed
William P. Worrall , Colonel Shopard's pri
vate secretary.
"I don't want to bo Interrupted by that
young man , " exclaimed tha doctor.
Thoolteci of Mr. Worrall's point was that
Dr. Hastings was cautioned to use milder
language. Ho continued by afllrming thai
Dr. Brings should * bo his own Interpreter ,
nnd ns ho 1ms disclaimed the charge , tu <
ctiargo should bo dropped.
A vote was tnkun and the motion wa ;
carried by the decided vote of T ! ) to 1U.
I'uto or tliii Sntuntli Cliurgo.
The seventh charge suffered tbo same fati
by about the same voto. Coldnol McCool
usued ilmt an exception to the court's actloi
be entered on the court's record in behalf o
the prosecuting committee.
Just before adjournment Dr. Urlges cailoi
attention to the fart that the court mus
diminish In numbers daily unless provinioi
wcro made for permitting thosn nccessaril1
absent at ono o ? more of the sessions to retain
tain their privilege of voiliig. He suggostoi
that the moderator bo empowered to gran
Icuvo ot absence lor cause.
"I am willing to leave it to the honor o
an ) Juror , " he said , "to abstain from votlnt
on every question of which lie has not bean
both side * . If ibis is not done wo ahal
dwindle Into a rump court , HO small tha' . it
voice will bo rocolved with no respect. "
Lawyer McCook answered that tno cour
must libido by .the provisions of the book o
discipline. Ho was willing to accept nn
limitations of tlmo In presenting his cat !
thnt might ba flxod by the presbytery , pro
vlded the same restrictions wore placed upo
Dr. Briggs.
Tlio latter declared such it proposition t
bo unfair , as he ciuld not know what nrgu
nicnts might bo used ugalnst LI in , and h
must bo accorded an opportunity of inocttn
them. The court tooU a recess untir'tgmoi
row afternoon.
All ( lit ) Specilk-ttloiin hiutntiioil anil th Will 1'roci'cil ,
CINCINNATI , O. , Nov. 29. The onttro fore
noon session of the presbytery was spent i
discussing the sufltclency In tbo form an
legal effect of the third charge and the spec
llcatlons against J'rof , Smith. No vote ha
been reached up to recejs.
At the afternoon session , after two hour
moro of discussion , a yea and nay vote wa
taken on the question of sustaining the isuQ
cioncy In form anil legal effect of the tblt
charge. It showed that at least two men
hers of the court had como over to the slu
ot the accused. One was Hov. Hugh Ul
christ and the other was Rev. C , K. Walkei
Tbo iufllciency of the third charge was su :
tallied , yeas , 40 ; nnyt , 22 ,
When It came to approvUig tbo first spec
llcatlon the prosecuting commlttoa nsKed 1
amend bv inserting an additional cittitlc
from Prsf. Smith's pamphlet. Prof. Sail !
objected that this deprived him of his rlgt
tu ten dars notice ot qhirgos nnd specifica
tions ng.ilnst him. i j
i'rnf , MctlllTuty n ydnntr member of the
court , who is nlt'onouncod champion ol
Prof , bmlth , asked tno prosecuting commit-
St. Inull PrlrsU Acalust Ills Ap-
polntniciit Coiul. ntoito Itlsliop KiMirlcU.
Sr LoL't" , Mo. , Nov. 2' > . The Interest in
thu selection of u oniljnl.or for Archbishop
IConriek Is growlu j and the feeling Is becom
ing lutenso.Vboi Uav. father Brady went
to Iho recent coufdronce of bishops at Now
York , ho cariloti njj letter signed by Arch
bishop Kcnrlclc nsUlpg thit Leather Brady ho
recommended by Iho hh-nuchy of Iho United
btntui as coudjutor bishop ot "this province.
Before nciion could bo luken n petition of the
St. Louis priests nsking lor the immodlato
appointment of n coadjutor and sugccUIng
that , ho bo either Bishop Spauldlnp , Fitz
gerald or Kiiln was received and
und the nrcnblshop decided to sand It
and Father Brady ? * letter of recommenda
tion ua.k to Archbishop Kourick with are-
quest that he cell nt once a council of his
Miffratran bishops to chono n coadjutor. In
Iho meantime the St , Louis priesis are
greatly incensed at what I hey regard as a
schema of the archbishop lo hoodwink them
and appoint Father ! Brady coadjutor , ro-
gntdless of Iheir ishcj. So earnest have
Ibo priests becomn lhat lodny Ihoy sane-
liouod a loiter , written in Latin , to bo sent
this week to the pope , suiting forth the
status of the St. Louis dloccso and tbo con-
loullou between Iho priests uud archbishop.
K/ ; ti.iT/y.v ; *
Inniuiitlno Will Nor lie * o Strictly Knforcoit
W.VMIINQIOS- . C. , Nov. 29. Acting Soc-
etary Spauldlng todaylmado a further moil-
Icallon of the regulations governing thu
dmission of immigrants. It is bused on a
ouort by Surgeon General Wyman of the
larino hrspltnl servipq , to the effect that It
s safa to relax dur njj ( bo winter the oxlst-
ng stringent prod-iu Ion1 ; ntratnst the Intro-
uctlon of cholera , i Urjder the new arrance-
nentall vessels from foreign ports , regard-
ess of whether they cairy immigrants , will
o allowed to proceed as far as the local
.uarantino station at J'hiladolphla and Bal-
inioru without examination at Iho national
u.iruntluo nl tlio foheral quarantine slu-
ions. -privllegolhas hercloforo boon
.onllncd lo shipi having no Immigrants on
) oard. * . ( ,
Acceptances toT.&NOnTitatlons 'senfout by
ho Stale i1npnrrmnir"B' ' nn im > nnj-/i ] ; * "n
alto part in the nnw % Svlew nro corning1 In
.lowiy. Only two luVclass naval powocs
iroat lirltnin and W'r&nco nnd thrco small
ones , have sigtiinolAb ; < r'tJa1ISs > ionQf send-
ng vessels. Daniuarli ,
South Amoricjns I
ion on the grouudJ iU' t
nnko a cooil show.-1 , , Russia , Germany
Inly , Spam and olu rccogniied naval na-
lens will , no doul& uccopt tbe Invitation
and send snip } c icnsurato with their
standing ns naval .
Tbo St. Paul , neaDolfi A Manitoba
railway , by its al has filed with Iho
secretary of the in ior its deed of recon
veyance lo the gover-jment for about 450.000
acres of land withiii'tnc limits of its grant in
North D.uiota. S'
Three army ofncere ot high rank will retire
n Iho next two wcols and throe vacancies
and promotions in nil the corps affected will
accordingly result. Vl'ho first of these to bo
Dlaccd on thu rolIredCltsi on account of ago
limit will IHI Brigadier General Benjamin
DuUarry , com missal , ; y general of Bubslsicn.'O ,
ho will rolmpulsh further active service on
December I. On Ihe same date Colonel An
thony Heger , surgeon , will retire , and on
Decembsr 11 , Colonel Ales , I. Perry , assist
ant quartermaster frfuoral , will cease aotivo
duty in the army , Jvll of thosa ofllcers will
bo placed on the rolirid list on account of
ago. There will lie two vacancies in Iho
commissary department when General Du-
Barry retires nud ono each In the modlcat
corps anil the quarjorraastcr's doparlinent ,
all of which nro presidential appointments.
A vacancy also exists in the niljut.tnt con-
oral's department , i-auied t5y General ICcl-
ton's retirement. fV
Siipcriiitmiilitnt ' - \Vnnts It to llu .Muilu
IVriiiiunnc-vA I" w I'lgurus.
AoiiisuroN , D. p. , Nov. 2l . Census Su-
perinlendont PorterAlu his annual report ,
stroniy ! urges lhatho census olllce bo tnado
u permanent bureau1 of the Interior depart
ment. Ho says ho has consulted statisticians
and experts and obtj sod by correspondence
tin expression of vlaws from commercial or
ganizations , ofllcofs of state boards ol
health , agricultural , organizations , ttnto su
perintendents of- education , .bishops ana
prominent cluirclun'dn , ofllcers of insti
tutions for thojj deaf and dumb ,
blind , etc. , alli < of whom are
necessarily Inletuatcd In any movement
looking to tbo imprqVpinont of Iho present
system of collecting fntul computlnc census
statUtlcs.and encouraged by the many cxpros-
bions of favor wlth whlcb the proposition
has been received , sdiip : of thorn from the most
eminent , statistician * . In this country and
abroad , ho appeals ! fnr-n permanent census.
Mr. Porter refor&t1 the complaints that
have boon m.ulo agitiist tbe accuracy of the
last census , C3pocialji ) by tbo authorltiot of
certain cities , and' yB that tbo work of
enuitiorutors has boo.n A'JnUlcated by tlmo.
In loeard to thobW-5-of taking iho census ,
Mr , Porter sayst il.J total disbursemoutj
from the commeucaji'nt of operallons uptc
Juno ! ) . ) WJ. ain& iod to $3,20Siy3. ( Ol
this amount f-i.4S5.-4. .was palu to cnumora
clerks was 1,285 , , re is money avallabli
to defray iho ucci < ry OMionsos of thi
oftlco until March : j From that tlmi
until lha close ot thj cal year the sum o
$ i 10,000 will bo iillrcd to continue tin
onico. ( } H
Ot thn thirteen vrt.umes In which tha re
sulUof the eleventh fjnsus will bo embodied
there are now In thaipauds of tbo printer :
eight quarto volutnii } , and tt U stated thu
the mllnlle detail ol/Uieoftlo makes it Ira
possible to foretell lho date of the nctua
completion of '
WASHINGTON- ) , | | . , Nov. 29. Owing t
tbo lllnes * and almnt certain death of hi
father-in-law , the pmldent will bo unable t
complete bis annualfinoisago to congress I
time for Bubmlaaloo'ou tbo opening day o
the session. It will , probably ba tuo end o
next week or the beginning of the wee
after before it will ba presented. It will b
about thn same length as last year' * ana wl !
bo a complete review of lha work of th
present administration.
Now Vork Kichungu guotntlonn ,
NEW YOIIK , Novt i > 0-8peclal [ Tolfgraj
to Tim BEU.I ExchanRO was quoted a * fo
lows : Cnicagn , 7U0 premium ; Bobtot
par ; St. Louis , OOo premlutu ,
M Constanj Brings About the Fall of tbo
Ministers Who Dosortotl Him.
Situation ut I'urls Is llrcoiiilin ; Morn lu *
tpnscly trillnnd Constiinn > .ilil to
llu Directing llii' I'roicriltltin
cil tlio Alli'ct'd ItocidltM.
( CopTrlichtoil \ < 1 by JnmosV.or.loii Itcnmtt 1
l'\iiw , Nov. ail. ( Now Vork tlir.ild C\-
blo Special to THE Bnr..J Now that the
crisis has occurred , I can rcl.Uovhat win
said of the parliamentary debates , llvcry-
thlug thnt has occurred within the past
three weeks has been In consequence of M.
Constans' doslro tu bccomn president ot the
republic , nnd to nvcngo himself on Iho minis
ters , his Into colleagues , To bring about
their fate ho llrst attacked M. l-'loquet.
Ho will soon attack Picsidont Carnet in Iho
person of his relative. M. Const-ins accuses
him of not having shown uuo euro in scrutl-
nl7ing iho report of ono of the engineers
sent lo Panama. Ho reckons upon the In
vestigating committee to mxio it difllcnlt for
M. Kouvinr , minister of finance , and M.
Hocho , minlstor of commerce , his colloairnos
who did not resign , lo continue to hold tholr
Whou M. Constans eot nbout it ho found
inoatii lo compromise all In tli'i Panama
canal alTnlr. Now wo Uno-v how ( Jonoral
Boulanifor , who v/as looking out for oppor
tunities , was Hindu corrupt. At the house ot
tlio late 13aron Koluaeh is u voluruo contain
ing copies ot Ict.oM.
( 'oiihtuiis Mm the l.otlrr * .
This boon was found in n trunk in which
were the papers of Boulangor , which brought
nbo'lt his condemnation. M. Constnns , see
ing that they had not sufllclcnt political im
portance for a fight against Boulanglsm ,
kept n copy of the letters. Now , hero urj
the documents which have brought about all
this scandal.
This is the actual causa of the ministerial
crisis. At proient wo have less than IUO
deputies compromised. For nil that wo
shall soon have a presidential crlsU , jusl bo-
ciiusn M. Conslans wants to ba nveneed and
to become president. Truly politics is a
beautiful thing.
The Panama canal matter continues to
absorb the attention of everyboily , M.
Monchicourt , the liquidator of the canal
company , replies to M. Lautorbach
in nn interview in Iho Herald ,
and protests against the intention of
the prouunciamonto. Ho assorts that the
renewal of the contract between the Panama
Railway company and the Pacltic Mail com
pany was Impossible , booauso the conditions
imposed upon the Pact tic Mall company wcro
too burdensome. Nevertheless the Panama
Hallway company continues to put forth all
Us efforts "to assure transit to all points
: overei by Iho Pacific Mail company on the
most favorable conditions in American and
European coratnerce. " - *
/ " 'Very Trnrtl > Usome'5tm.- < - - ? .
Various , articles upon the question have
Herald , creating quite an
ntcrosting discussion. Kuropn considers
ho theory advanced as equivalent lo an am-
largo on European capital for the be no tit. of commerce. It llnds that the
ficory of the Monroe doctrine , already a
dlfllcult one on political Grounds , Is obso-
utcly impracticable ou economical grounds.
Thu Panama question Is decidedly destined
o cause the nuxioty in many minds inil lo
menace Iho relalions of eounlrios whlcn up
, o the present time have been most hnrinoni-
l.Ili : IN I'AlilS.
Splcn IHIstonco In the ( ! .iy
Cupltiil lroiilil | Out In Court.
( ropyrlBlitcd 1S'.I3 by Jitmes'QorUuii Uonnott ]
Pvius , Nov. 2(1. ( [ Now York Herald
Cable Special to Tun Bcu.l A danseuse at
tbo opera , Alice Auvray , known In Id monde
ou Ion s'umusec , ordered some lime ago un
derwear ana ether * linen to the amount of
11,470 francs from a fashionable lingerie. The
oods delivered Included ono pair of drawers
at 1,409 francs , one pottliioat at TOO francs nnd
ono ' bed cover at 400 francs. The
danseuse refused to pay and the
lingerie brought suit. When the hulssor
attempted to servo the writ nnd
attoniplud to maUo u , seizure , iho young lud ;
produced o lease to Iho apartment , which
was in the name of Albert Monlcr , the well
known yachtsman , son of tbo celebrated
chocolate moKor. Tbo buixser had to con
tent himself with sol/lug the fnw clothes
which were evidently the propei-ty of the
lady' . jfiX"1- ' '
Now Mile. Alice comrs into court , asking
to sot this BeUuro aslao as illegal on the
ground that she Is a minor , and produces a
birth cortillcato showing her real name to
bo Kinilo Tbereso Langovtn , born in 187S.
Her paronls kept a laundry. The court has
postponed its decision to investigate If Alice
Auvray , alias Maura ) , Is really Thorosc
Lancovln ,
circus rider who goes by iho name ot
"La Bollc Fatma" has been living with u
young gentleman at Bordeaux for several
months. { Us family cut off supplies and the
yo\ing man returned toparlsvwhltber Patina
followed him. This morning armed with on
Ivory mounted dagger , Fatma stabbed bur
self In front of the young nun's house. For
tunately the wound was not dangerous and
attor Ir was drossod'she received a fathcrlj
lecture from the cotnmUsaire of police and
was allowed to co free on her promise thai
she would never attempt to take her life
again nnd would not annoy tbo young man
or bis parents.
Divorce was today granted Doeberry ol
Sarah Bernhardl's company ou the usua
grounds. ,
Hector Alihvurilt on Trial , *
( CopjrrUUteil 1832 by Jmnarf tiordon lUnnslt. )
BKIII.IN , Nov. y , [ New Vork Herald
Cablo-Soeclal to TUB Dec.l Uector Abl
ward t'a trial opened In the Moablt court thli
morning , The room was crowded. Anl <
wardt Is smal aud etout , florid taoo.und
about 40. Today there was an inter
view published lujjtho Kleino Journal
a paper inimical to Ahlwardt. Tin
correspondent of this paper had pr
tended to coma from another friendlj
oawspaper. Ahlwardt bad told bin
that ho would try to innua defays In hi
trial until hii npal election to tbo Uolphstai
took place on Monday licit , when BJ a mqn ;
bor ot parliament , he would escape durance
His Intorvlowor was ono of the few wh
have pursued rather questlouablo mothoda t
secure tbo downfall of the autl-soiultos. Th
volumlnout documents of the brother
T < oono , the guu makera , were read by one o
the firm , The uniforms of thfl military wil
nctsos wcro the finest feature of the oout
ItuUliiK Tuie In Kutilft.
ST. PETEKSUUIIO , Nov. S9.Tne govern
. meat Intends to moot IDS dollclt in the royi
nun by placing n tax of throe rubles upon
nil persons exempt from military service.
Tnroo per cent tax on Joint stock companies
will bo raised to S per cent , whllo ether com
panies that have hitherto been exempt from
taxation will ba subjected to . trade tax. It
Is expected thnt the total revenue derived
from these taxes will nmouut to,3oO,000 ; !
rubles , _
I'rointiH'iit rrrncliiiipiiVtio Will .Xot S.-r\o
tlio I'nniinui t'nn U CIIHP ,
PiniK , Nov. C9. President Cnrnot hold a
conference with l'rlni-j Minister I.ouhot on
the cabinet cilals this morning. IIoha > sum
moned Fioo/iot , pro4ldont of the Chamber of
Deputies , and Senator Loroyer to consult
with them on iho situation. It Is reported
that if Urlsson declines to form n ministry
Carnet will nslc TlruiM or Bourgeois lo un
dertake the taslt. It is certain that Kroyclnot ,
lilbot and some ether member * ot the Loutiot
ministry will ho tnuinbors of the new cabinet.
It Is rumored tonight that noltnor M.
do Kroyclnot or M. Uibot will accept oftlco
under .M , lirionn , who , it Is said , IntnmH to
take the ministry ot jiisttco in addition lo
assuming tno duties of prune minister.
A strong fouling in favor ot M. Drisoi :
prevailed ibis livening In iho lobbies of the
chamber ol deputies.
Ttio roiusal of M. do Lossops nnd Baron
Cottn lo lenity before iho oommlHeo ls
based upon Iho ground of llicir absence
from Paris. M. Kontano'a rofus.U Is based
on tliu crounil lliat 1m H ono ot the dofend-
nnts In the legal prosecution of the Panama
directors. Tbo committee examined n num
ber of witnesses this afternoon.
M. Lcgucrra toitlllcii that M. Arton had
spout ! t 10,000 francs In political objects In be-
Ifulf of the Panattu Cunal company. The
witness admitted , however , lliatho had noth
ing to prove the truth ot what ho said.
M. Prophor , npnrtnorin tbn Ho'nach ' bnnJc-
ing house , s.itd Dial the Into Baron Kelnnch
luil furnished M. Arton with I.IMO.OOJ frnnes
In 1SSS. The witness denied that ho hail
seen M. Arton In ( Icrmunv nftcr the latter
nbscondod from P.iris. Notwithstanding this
denial , the committee decldo-J - to the
testimony ot M. Pronhor's coachman ns to
whether or not M. Piophor had been in Uor-
m nv.
The announcement wns made this ovonlng
that iho public prosecutor had refused to
subtnitto the invcstignting committee iho
cloctiincnts connected with the prosecution
of the Panainn cnnul illrectors. Ills rongna
for the refusal is that It woiild bo contrary
to the usual juulclal proceedings to turn iho
papers over to thu committee and moro
especially so because the Ido.i is opppsed by
thu council for the. defendants. Tbo new&
of tills notion on the part of Iho public
prcsecutor served to lucro.-isn the oxcltcmont
in the lobbies of iho Chamber of Deputies
and much speculation was indulged in ns to
what course the invcst'gallng ' committee
would take.
S\eri l X > i\r SeliouiBii l > r < * * piitnil to the In-
tvi'iiiitloiiul ConlFri-ilvi ) at lli-nNHi'ls. "
Buussii. : , Nov. 211. At thu conclusion of
the presentation of the Hothschild proposal
lo the monetary couturonoj yeUorJay n com-
mlileo was appointed to consular ami re
port on it , together with the plans suggostoJ
by Montctiore L vl , prtsiidont ot thu oonter-
once , and Prof. Adolnh Soetbser.
Tlio last named proposes lo establish ono
gramme of line gold as the international
unit of value and stop the minting ol
coins containing loss than r > S,0o"I0,00 ,
grammes of pure gold ; iho clrculntlo i of
coins of less lhan tha now standard value to
bn prohibited and withdrawn wilhin live ; private individuals to bo
'allowed to coin cold on the pay-
'me'nt of sonlomgo. Gold cortlf jcs muy
.1)0- ) issued nRUliut gold in reserve. The plan
also includes the c lnuge of sliver in proportion
tion to the value of the unit of itut matal to
ono of gold ; but private Individuals will not
bo allowed to coin silver.
Of the comnilttoo to consider the proposals
live arc bimetallism , six inoiiometalllsls ,
ana ono doubtful. It is expected lhat liiths-
ihlld's plan will bo accepted by thu com
mittee nnd referred to Iho general body with
'crtaln ' modifications suggested by the
choice ; of Luvi nnu boelbacr. Or.o modi-
llcjtiou thought to b * cor till u Is the witb-
draunl ol all old coin * below the value of
:0 : francs and tholr replacumont by s'.lvur
notos. It Is bollevBd an ngrecmunt will bo
i-oached and that Uormany and Franco
ready to accept some suoli plan ns outlined ,
i ml the Ainorlcim 'dolegatos consider halt n
oaf bettor than no broad ,
f > u THI : i'M2Mri.ovii ) .
< llu London I.nbor rroinlsrd Sonic AmUt-
' iinno by tin ; ( iovi'riinipiit ,
LOXIION , Nov. 2C. A doputultoii of unoin-
.iloyed . workman waited upon Mr. Shaw-
Lefovro , first commts&loncr of works , jes-
orday socking lo learn if Iho government
could furnish some of iho Idle men wllh
work. Mr. Shaw-l.ofcvro promised lhat
work would bo afforded to some of the work-
ucn by the domolistitng ol the Miloank
prison and tbo erection on Its situ of a build-
ngtoconlain the Tale collccllon of p.i'.nt-
ngs. He said ho felt In deep sympathy with
iho idle workmen and their families , but- the
board nf works wiu unable to spend money
unlctts It had the sanction ol parliament.
The workman , ho added , had no reason to
complain of Iho amount already being spent
upon public works hi London ,
: i Dillio'h Will.
Nov. 2'.i , The now ( luke of
Sutherland has instructed counsel to com
mence an action in contest of his father's
will , by the terms of which considerable
property , which ids claimed should go with
Lho title , was loft to iho uecuasou dulio'H
widow , who was formerly n Mrs. Blair , and
whoso relations lo the dulM befciro ho mar
ried her were Ihe aubj.'ct of much untnvora-
blo comment.
JiihiiltH I'rotuxt Aciilixl ii Viituroy ,
MAPUIP , Noy , 2l. ! The chiefs of the .los-
utt , Augusilno and Franciscan orders In Ihe
I'hlllipluo Islands have sent n joint dispatch
to the government hero threatening to lenvo
thu'islatuts unless Senor Dospujots , the vice
roy , Is recalled , They uccuso tlio viceroy of
trying to cheeit the influence o ( the religious
orders over the populace.
Anotliur Ti
Loxnox , Nov. 29.Karl Pembroke writoj
to tbo Times usltlng how It reconciles Iho
theory that in Internal trade goods are paid
for by goods with the fact that the Mc-
Klnloy bill had checked the import of British
goods by America , but has not cnooked tbe
exports of American wheat to EugUnd , ,
loyally ( lolni ; to tlio Itltlern.
LONDON , JNOV. 29. The prince nnd princess
of Waloa will om Baric on the British royal
yacht Oshorno at Marseilles about the mid.
dlo of January und will visit JJ pJo , Corfu
and Athcn * , rotuinhiK to the lilvieru In time
to be present during the carnival ,
> ,
Sudden Intni-turo of u lYomlnciit
Color.ido , Attnriiuy.
DBSVKII , Colo. , Noy , 29. (3eorco U , Ifobn ,
a prominent young attorney of thU city , loft
Denver lait week for tbo puf jioo , he said , ol
visiting a kick rotative of ills in St. Louis.
Mr , iCobu wes heard from at/tit. Louis , from
'jyboro ' ho decided to go to Brazil on the busj
"uo'si nf a client , taking a power of attorney
with him to collect $10,000 from the Uruziliau
sqrerninent , Hlncg Mr. ICuhn's depar
ture Jn ° ny sensatlonnl rumors haye
been Circulated to tbo effect ihnt his
estate is' heavily encumbered , tome
of the reports placing tha ( iinoupl ID the
neighborhood of f 100.000 , . The only ( cgal
notion taken ogulost him \bns fur was tbc
institution of a suit lu the district court thla
nfternocii by llarton H , Iloplcl-is - ( o recover
from Mr , Koho ? 1&W. due on oromUsory
notei. Thu horltt Icvfoi ) on KOUU'H oftlco
effccti anil uUeaipled to open ihn safe , bui
was unoucoci.tful. An expert will go tt
work upon It tomorrow , und Mr , Kohn'i
Irlunds hope thht whan tbn safe is opeuot
and hn examination madu of ut coiilen'.s tlm
things will uiuue a brlithtor nipcot.
Murderer Cominodoro True Dies at the
Hniul ? of a Kansas Mob.
InrnrlnttMl rlllrein furor nn Knlruiico
To tlio ,1ml , ( U.-rpinvcr tlio SlicrlfT
unit strli-c t ptlic Prisoner ut
Ilio Court IIiinc.
HivwmtA. ICan. , Nov. 29 [ Special Tolf-
cram to Tut : Bits : ] A mob of colored men
at 2 o'clock this uiornln ? forced nn ontrnnco
Into the outer jill by menus of sledgeham
mers nnd picks , and there wore confronted
by Shervff Hrown , who w.xi compelled nt the
points ot several revolver * t j unlock the cell
containing Murderer Cominodoro True nnd
deliver him to them. True was then dragged
from jail to the court house mid there strung
up. His feet had hardly loft Iho ground
when n volley of shots rUKIlo.l the hanging
body and ended the cireor ot a noted tough.
On Thanksgiving eve True wcntto a colored
church social for thu purpose of raising a
illsturbinco WAS ejected from the place
hy William \Vtiltlinll , n highly respected col-
orcd man. Ho again rutnrnod to the h&ll
nml , forcing an entrance , with nn oath ho
rushed at U'altball uiul st.ibbjJ him to the
Vosterday there was n preliminary trial
held. True was asked why ho killed Walthall.
Ho replied bo wanted to nuJ would do the
snmo thing again It ho had a show. _ Tbli eo
Incensed tbo colored people that It wa >
thought best to pojtpono the hearing ot
the case for a weak. Thcro have
been several muriier cases In court
this term nnd r.ono or the murderers re
ceived their Just deserts. The colored folks
fearing that justice by law would not bo
meted out , It wns decided to nvcngo the dead
brother's slnvcr and the rope around Truo's
neck and thirty bullet holes in tils body tall
the tnlo of the and of the wornt criminal and
murderer this count.y has over known.
\ViiHluUHcuos ; u ulfu and four children.
IHs.mtrmii Oniill tir.illiiii al A'cntlgre , jict ) . ,
Mnrtcil by hiitii Cr.iokrrn.
Vnuniottl' , Nob. , Nov. 29. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : Hi : ' : . | A disastrous 11 to oc
curred hero atlto'clook tills morning , do-
siroylng the general store of Pavllk and
Beran , J. K. Sehmidt's hardware aim furni
ture store , Vac .Icdlick.x'-s store building ana
the Central hotel. The losses arous follows :
Pavlfk & Boran , ? uOJU , insurance J3.000 ;
Schmidt's , S..UOO , insurance , 11,030j.lodllcka ,
$ TOO , insurance ) , JTiOOj Central hotel , fJ,50D ,
insurance , $1WIO.
Burgl rs crackRd Pavllk & Boran'o safe
sncurliiL' $7.ri , and lirod the building to cover
their tracks , iho lire spreading to adjoining
buildings. All tbo bulldlnus and stocks
were insured in the Homo fire of Omaha.
limi Iltl.llt.VNI ) A IIA.SUA.I , .
So Trolly Mrs. Tlptim of Chattanooga
IIin Applinit lorn Dlviiriie.
CIHTTAXOOOA , Tenn. , Nov. 29. Another
chapter has been written lu a sensational
romance which has kept the tongii i'6i"u ; .
sips wagging hero for a month past. Mrs.
Isabel Tipton , ono of the prettiest ivomon la
the city , has Hied papers for an absolute divorce -
vorco against her husband , Cbarlos V ? Tip-
ton. Ho was considered a groat'swr' !
Chattanooga society until seine fouU'
ago , when It was discovered that ho ba.v
for purls unknown leaving biltn unpaia
every side , and worse still , leaving posltt ,
proof that ho Imd boon guilty of forgeries
amounting to $ j.OOO. Mr3. Tlptou WHS'
Miss Isabel Smith of Binghamton , N. Y
Her family Is very wealthy wilh largi
Interests in the rubber business.
BniMiNOiiAM , Alu. , Nov. 29. Whila
William Loc , foreman-- n mlno in Waltter
countyMn this stale , was at Ills homo Sunday
uiebt n rlllo ball c.imo tluoiigh the window
and hilled him. Great excitement ensued
among the miiorb and n party was organised
to hunt for tbo assassin. Tblu morning a
white minor named G. U. Prince was arrested
an suspicion. Ho had ruceutly been refused
worn by Lee ami had threatened bis life , A
number of mvslorlous murders have occurred
recently in the mines nnd tbero is much , or-
clteiaont nnd talk of lynching Prince. Ha
declares bo is Innocent.
Ton Years for Iliuiro MlHTing ,
AI.IHXV , N. V. , Nov. 2 ! ) . George Wash
ington Post , the celebrated bunco man and
colleague of Tom O'Brien , Had Austin and
others distinguished In their line , has been
sentenced to inn years In Clinton prison ,
having been convicted of rotjbary in Ihe first
rtonras in buncoing the vonorabl o John M.
Poclt of this city out of tlO.OOO two year *
IIiingiMl u i lllt'i'ii-Vpnr-Olcl.
M-vrov , C.a. , Nov. 29. vVlllio Bell , a negro
boy aged 15 , was hanged hero at noon for
shooting and Ullllnir Deputy Sheriff Wilder
whllo under nrrost for potty oloallng. The
execution Wai slrlutly prlvalo , not oven
members of the press being admitted.
Iliinlc Itobhorn Hi-Id fur Trial ,
TA IMA , Wash. , isov. 20.Cal Halo , Jaclt
Dompioy and Gcoruo X ichnry , nt rested In
Gillian county , Oregon , for the Hosyln bank
robbery , were idcnllllod nnd all bound over
lo iho superior court In $10,000 ball each ,
la default of bonds ihoy weut to jsll.
Alliu-k on < : < ml'rciiK l''ear il ,
i , Tonn. , Nov. 20. Colonel Del-
lar , commander of the Tennessee standing
army nt Conl Crcou , bus coma to Niuhvlllo
for.reinforcomenta to repel an attack at Coal
Creek. ,
Klllcil HIVlln niiil'lflmioir.
LOVISVII.MS , Ky , , Nov. 29. Near Enter
prise , Cart Bukhara killed his wife jjy out-
tlug dor throat and then blow his own braiui
ouu ,
hontli Diikota' * Lr-cUluturn KuVflM Another
Vote on thn Killijeot ,
VAXKTON , Nov. 2'J. [ Special Telegram to
Tin ; Bii.J : : Tlio poll of tbo next legislature
now being made by the South Dakota domo-
crutlo rmtral commlltco on Ibo question of a
i-j'iubmlsiloii of the prohibitory question to
vote of Ihe people has bean completed so far
a thirly-ono counties are concerned , Tbo
vote an resubiqissnn ( will stand on first bal
lot In these counties twonty-ouoln the senpto
for rcsnbmlislon and ten ngalnst'i In the II
hoiiHO thirty-two for , twcnty-ouo ngaliut ,
The central commlltbo now regards rosuU >
mission as nhno t assured ,
> Vyonilou' I.rfjUlntnro Ilepiil > llcnii >
CHEVHNNU , WyJ. , Noy , 2'J. [ Bpeojal Tele ,
grain to THE Run. ] By telegraphic advices
to this city It has Leon learned that the Car-
bop county canvassing board hat finally ear *
lined to rotmns Bhowlpgthoclecllou of ( bre
dotnocraU and three republican * a * member *
of tbo legislature. Thin gives the republi
cans control of iho senate by tix majority ,
whllo the democrat * nnd populltts liuvo at
prcicnt apitearancei umjorlty of
one In tuo lower houio , a' major *
} ty tlmt may , by reason of Irregular-
tiiei , be wiped out br the state ounv8lnj (
board. Excitement is at fever boat among-
all part lc.s. After a desperate itruirplo tbo
lepubllcaas have sucooeded In prnventlng
the theft of the legislature and n United
Stales Bonator , which was carefully planned
and narrowly escaped a § uoo Iul eoit-
clusiou ,