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    THE OMAHA DAILY tHSK : TUESDAY , NOVGMBfeft 21) ) , 1892 ,
Right of Douglou County RopnbHoan Log-
hlatoTE-Eloct to Sorre Qnostlonorl.
UpoolllriUIoir. Cover Twelve I'otntii i nd TITO
n'nrtli In ( Minim , llrstilcft Hnvnrnl Coun.
tty rri-olnot * Tintlinonjr Will Ho
Tnkon KnrlyMoxl Month.
livery republican , cither senatorial or top-
rojcntatlvo on the UoucUf county tlokot. Is
to bo made to show oy what right ho holds
thocertinoatoof olootlon Issued to him by
County Clerk Sacuott In accordance with
tlio returns of the olootlon hold on the 8th In
stant. Yesterday the ambitious democrats
who nro nnxtous to servo tno people of this
Btuio In the leclslnturo served tlto uecossury
notlco of contest Just In time.
The contestants nro Messrs. II. M. Mor
row , W. S. Felker , John Nordwail , J. .T.
I'otntg. O. jT. 1'ickard , E. J. Soylcorn and
\V. S. Wilton nno the conlcstoos nro Mussrs.
T.I ) . Crane , C. A. Goss , J. tl. ICynor , A.
IjtmnorV. . N. Nnson , M. O. Utckotts nud
A. li. Button , on the representative ticket ,
und Messrs. Max Meyer ntiU.1. ( J. Uronnan
contestants , and MOSSM. C. O. Lobrclt nuu
C. 11. Ulnrlto contostoos , on the sennlorlft
The notlco of contest sots forth the fact
that thu contest Is b.\sed on twelve points.
It nllosus fraud , innlcotiiluct and corruntlon
on the part of the Juiluus ur.d clorus of elco-
lion sullicient to uliungo the ro.Milt In every
precinct of the Flub , Sixth , Seventh , Highlit
und Ninth wiirds In thu cllv of Otimtm ; the
Second und Third orcRlncts of the first
ward In the city nf South Omaha , and In
Jittst Oiniihn , Blhliorn , Flnronco , Jefferson ,
Valley , McArdlo and Waterloo products ,
mid both district ! ) ol West Oiniihn precinct ,
churning liml a fair election nnd count In
those products would hnvo resulted In the
seating of the contestants by an undisputed
plurality ovur thu candidates to whom the
ccrtlllcalcs of election have been awarded.
hpcclllc ( Jlmrn < ' Alnitn.
It Is charged that illegal votes were re
ceived ana l eul votes were i-oocted ] ; tiiat
Judges uiul clerlts of election fulled and re
fused to talto und biibscrlbo to the necessary
oath to qualify them to act In Hint capacity
in all thucllv precincts above named ; thactbo
countv commissioners and countv clerk did
con plro , contrive and collude together and
creatu nnd formulate a corrupt scheme to
prevent a fair olcctlon nnil honest count , nna
to that end Ula refuse to give the dumuurats
nnd puopVs party men nnv representation
on the ulccudu boards ; that the
county clorls Uid , us a part of
tniJ schcino and illegal compact entered
Into with uwors persons unknown , violate
ttio law by refusing to have the names of
the uumouraiic nnd people's r > irty candi
dates printed on the ballots in alphabetical
order , and gnvu thorn loss I'uvorablo
positions than the ones to which they were
entitled ; that persons acted as judges und
clerks of election without having been duly
appointed or elected ; that certain Judges re
fused to swear voters wno naked for and re
ceived their aid , or to mark the ballots so
prepared by thorn , so as to tnaku it impossi
ble to convict them of perjury , nnd
making of the judges bo acting
canvassers und solicitors inside the
booths contrary to the provisions
of the Australian ballot law ; that Judges
und clerks of election peddled American
1'rotacttvo Association tickets inside the
booths in nil the precincts named ; that cur
tain Judges did deceive and cheat certain dis
abled voters who desired to vote the domn-
i oratln tlciiol by preparing for thorn a republican
lican ticket uu'dor the representation that it
' was the ticket that they desired ; that thny
I refused to canvass the vote lu public , and
I that some of the Judcoi and clerks \voro can-
dldatos for certain ofllccs nt the said olec-
[ tlon.
\ \ 111 I'roccml to Tuko Testimony.
. An Inspection of the ballots and poll books
I Is doninndcd , und notice Is given that the
contestcos huvo selected W. F. Wappleti as c
notary public before- whom to laku evidence- ,
nnd that ttio taking of ovidoncu will bogln on
tno Kith of Dacembcr at 10 q'olook. on the
third floor of the Wnro blocK , at Fifteenth
and Farimm streets , in this city.
Mr. Ulmstcad will tilso contest the election
of Mr. Williams to the ollico of county com
missioner on.tho same ground , nnd the demo
cratic congressional committee Is only wait'
Ing to gut a loolc ut the ballots before begin ,
nlng content proceedings to obtain posses
sion of the scat in congress to whicr :
Hon. D. II. Morror holds a oortlllrnto elI
I oloc'.lon. Tno olllco-hunijrydoinoetats havi
' also Inspected the ballots cast lor member-
of the Board of Education , und claim to liiw
discovered thnt Mr. Hicks , democrat , re
colvod GOO or TOO more- votes than ho w ac
allowed on the face of the roturns. Inns
much , however , us Mr. lllcwwas 1,500 voiei
behind the lowest man who was elected , It !
not nt all likely that contest proceedings wil
' be luslllutcid In this cnso.
It is ndmlttcd by some of the democrat
' who hnvo the contest In charge that they di
not expect to be successful In . etttlng any o
the legislative contestant. ! , with the cxcop
tlon of Mojsrs. Morrow nnd Politer. Thi
former received within llSJof as manv vote
us Button. Locknor was .VJ ) ntjovo Sutlon
nnd Fulkor wns Ifi'J ' behind Morrow. It I
admitted that everything was all rlent litho
the Fourth ward , nnil nothing out of th
way is claimed in the , Second orThlri
( ifHltl Cooltlllg
Is ono of the chief blessings of ovary home
To uhvnvrt insure good custards , puddings
Oall Hoi-den ' ' " Dram
unucos , etc. , HBO 'Eagle"
( jondonsed Milk. Direotlons on thu label
Sold by your grocer or druggist.
Kll.f.Elt III'Afi Utll'/t l < Ul >
I'roiuliiKiit 1'lorlilii .ItiurimlUt SliotVhll
in < ; < imir.iiMiBliic | 1'nslliou ,
GAISESVII.LK , Pla. , Nov. ! iS. A torribl
tracody was enacted lioro when Chnrlos II
Pratt , a prominent Journalist , lost his llfo a
the hands of Thornton S. StringfoUovs
1 Shortly before roldnlcht shots were boar
near the Slringfollovv rosldonco on the nortl
I sldo of the square and an exoitoj throng o
citizens found IVatl's lifeless body lylni
near the front door of StrliiKfollow'a ' rcbi
Strlngfollow surrendered and gave
fttutomcnt to the oftlcors. Ho raid thuto
I returning homo ho entered quietly nnd ns h
' came to the porch no saw his wlfo and Prat
I In what ha thought a peculiar position an
I drawing hls > ulstol llrod through an ope
I window. I'rntt was on the bed. He rollu
( off nnd staggered to the front door. Strlnt
> follow ran uruuiul and mot him , painting ' .h
( pistol ul I'rutt again as ho mot him In th
| door.
"My God. don't shoot. l m killed , " crle
I'rutt , as ho struggled to get past , bu
Stringfcllow pulled tlio tnggnr nud the ba !
unloroil 1'ratt's heart , killing him Instnntlj
I Mrs. Sirlngfollovv says lhat I'ratt came t
I the bouso Into In the evening to return
hanokorchiof ; that ho ul once l > ogau love
! making and finally picked her up In Ills nrni
i and carried her Into the adjoining room an
I throw her on ttio bed , she rasUtlng him a !
I the while. Just tbon tier husbnnd came In
I nd hoeing them on the boil nnd not sloppln
\ to invottljriito tired ivlth fatal results.
Thu Jury returned a vtmllct in nccordnnc
with ttio facts as stated nnd Siringfollo )
I was rolonsed on his own recognizance. H
lat ouco went down town aim sent u frlon
Tup to his house for his child , but the arouse
liuotlior mot him at the door with pistol I
band und bald that the child would onlv li
I taken ovur bur dead body. Ttio frlnnd' lol
[ at oncp , leaving the plucky woman i
| possession ,
In ( Milan Tiinoi
I People overlooked the itnpananco of ponce
luonlly bonetlclal offouts und wore satistlo
[ with transient notion , but now that it Is gen
lerally known that Syruu of P1B will pot
I uianontly euro habitual uonstlpition , wull
[ informed people will not bur ether laxative
for u time , but lluully injura th
I-1 ! roil I id I'ulire Nutri.
The flro and polioo coniuiualonors la !
I oyoulng grunted annual louvoj often da )
I each e Oftlcors Hoiglotuan , Sullivan an
Chief Galllgiw reported that motor 01
No. r 0 ran over two sootiotis of hose on the
morning of Nor. 83 nnd damngod It to the
amount of fU. Too itroct rallwny company
will par for iho hoio.
Truckman l.aux reported having Inspected
IH'J basements during lh month nnd served
tvvonty-two notices to clonn up.
County Cnininli < lnncrii liUten to ArKiilnnnts
on KttMiilIni * Thst Tliordiiclifixro.
Tbo county commlsslonors yesterday nf tor-
noon for two hours discussed the old ques
tion of the improving of South Thirteenth
street from Missouri avenue in South Omaha
to the snrpy county line. In this discussion
they wore aided by a numbnr of the inter
ested property owners.
C. S. Elgut'ter , In bohnlf of the South
Tnlrtconth street poopto , stated thnt n couple
of years ago , when the city of Omaha nnd the
taxpayer * In thn south part of the city paid
tholr proportion of the money for the grad
ing , there was nn Implied contract that the
county would do Its shareto extend the
itrool to the Snrpy county Unit nnd makeIt
ono of the main thoroughfarcs and boule
vards leaalnc fro'tn tha city. The property
long ttio line had stood the burden uf the
axes and the county had done little or noih-
. The result was that n street had uecn
tarttd without commencing or ending at
place. The county attorney hna given
l as his opinion , said Mr. Klguttor , that the
Itl/ons could pav ono-tblrd nnd that the
ounty could locally pay the other two-
-birds. Ttio matter had "reached the point
.vhoro . the only question nt Issue wns
whether or not tbo county Intended to keep
laith with the pcoplo who resided In that
xirtlon nt tbo city.
John Uush stated that the grade that lind
boon put In bv the countv was being uam-
Hired by not having boon properly protected ;
ibat it was being washed away. Great ruts
liad been cut Into tbo embankment and 10.00U
quaro yards of earth would bo required to
IUKO the repairs. 'I bo original Inten'.lon ,
Mr. Uusti said , wns to mnko that n great
boutovnrd and n popular drive. If the
county did not Intend to live up to its part of
ttio agreement , the whole scheme had better
bo abandoned and the street closed to travel ,
i that portion wbirh was Improved wns of
o bonollt to the community ,
.lonn T. Clark was of the opinion that the
pcnlntr of tlio street would bo of great
bcnelit tp the whole of Douglas county.
New Port Crook was but n few miles from
ho proposed south end of the street , nnd
.ho . government would expend SMO.OOO there
during thn next year , nnd all of iho material
.vould hnvn to bo hauled over the road and
.urough . Omaha.
Prank .1. Caspar called attention to tbo
'act that while the pcoplo residing south of
/ arnam street paid H lorco share of the
axes , they eot but little of the money for
inprovcments. On account of the county
'ailing to llvo up to Its agreements , South
Tiiirtoanth had become almost abandoned
nd nearly all the stores were oniptv. Ho
, vas of the opinion that if the county tnado
nn appropriation sufficient to grade the
Ftreot , trie taxpayers throughout the entire
nounty would hold up tnoir hands and say ,
'well done , good und faithful servants.1
Commissioner Stonbarg felt that the
itrout ought to bo graded , but ho did not sec
.vliero . the funds wora to come from until Iho
next levy was uvallablo.
Chairman Berlin said the point was , had
he county thu authority to appropriate the
inonoy for making the Improvements , when
.bo wholnof the street which It was Intended
0 grade wa.i within the corporate limits , of
the city of South Omaha-
Mr. Stenber * : maintained that the road
fund was In rather a depleted condition ana
that by the time the next levy was avail
able the general fund would be overdrawn
ut least $ -,0,000.
Mr. Clark threw out tbo suggestion that if
.bo . general fund could bo overdrawn in such
a largo amount , there was nothing to pre
vent the overdrawing of the road fund In a
small amount.
Mr. Stonoor ? replied that the overdraft on
tbo general fund was something that was
absolutely necessary. Tbo courts had to run ,
thn salaries had to bo paid and the poor had
to bo oared for regardless of the condition ol
the general fund.
As chairman of the committee on roads
Mr. Williams assured tbo gentlemen from
the south side that tholr requests would re
colvo attention und that a decision would be
arrived at botoro the end of the year.
The appropriation sheets wore passed nnd
the board adjourned to meet ono week Iron
25c for a box of Boecnam's Pills worth a
Ho Siy : * Ho Was Chosen Aliibitmn's Uovoriioi
mill lln Will Contest.
MosrnoMiiiir , Ala. , Nov. 23. There Is
going to bo a bitter contest over th (
governorship of Alabama after aJ. Koll
has boon making all preparations in ul <
power to oust Governor Jones. It was first
supposed that Kolb would attempt to b (
sworn in on Inauguration day , Tuesday. I
Is understood lhat he has abandoned tin
intention. Alabama has no law provldmi
for u contest over tbo election of stall
onicori. The constitution has a in an da tor ;
provision for such n law , but it has neve
been passed. Such a bill has already beoi
Introduced In the bouso. Upon Us pnssagi
depends IColb's clianco.
Kolb has prepared a very long typowrittei
statement. In it is incorporated over
cnnrgo which ho could maico. In his slate
monl Kolb says thnt ho can prove that ni
carried the state by 45,000 majority. HI
claims to have earned Pine county by 01
votes , but that It wns given to Joucs b
Ilft.v-llvo. Ho claims that In Wilcox count'
the returns woroliold back tan days and tu'
county was given to Jones by n majority o
4MOO , while In roalltv the county cast ou
11,000 votes. Ho claims that In mnnv coun
ties the entire caiitonts of the ballot boxe
were removed , and strips of newspaper
placed In them lu place of the ballots. Koll
says ho is cnntldont lhat the bill will pass
thnt bu did not think so at tirst. but ttia
events of the past few days have convlnooi
him It will.
Governor Jones says : "IColb's ' charges o
fraud are ubsurd. They have abiolutoiy ui
foundation , and there Is not ono of then
which bun not boon disprovon. There is in
doubt but that I was honestly elected. If
thought for a inomont that I was not oleotei
1 would not hold ollico. I did not want re
election , and would bave resigned after thi
present session of the legislature If this con
test bad not occurred. When Kolb starlei
In to throw mo out , I madeup my mlud t1
stuy , and I'm going to stay. "
You need not bo ufrald of the twinge c
rheumatism whoa you have Salvation OH.
HiillilliiK rorniltx.
The following permits were issued by tli
superintendent of buildings yosterJay :
Samuel Dnllolso. one-story frame eot-
t-iuu , Thirteenth and Valley streets , . . . Jl,0 (
Kin 1 1 Thompson , one-btory framu cut-
time. Tnonty-elghth unit llrlstul
btroots . - . . . . . . 2,0 ]
Vuur minor purmlts , , . . , , , , . u ;
Total . . „ . . "jj/K
u Olffiir Htiiru.
The cigar and candy emporium preside
over by U. Hleti atO)7 ) North Piftuentb strec
was visited by burglars Sunday night , Th
usual convenient roar window was prlo
open In tha usual way and plunder valued a
$ .10 was carried off.
Vanilla Of perfect purity
Lemon Of great strength-
Orange Economy In their USB.
and dtllciouily at tha fresh fruit
Highwayman nnd "Ihiovaa Too numerous
for tha Pollco. ,
They Miiko t.llllo llir.irt to Tholr
lilontttynnil Attack Tholr Vlnlltn *
U'ltlimit ItORiinl to the
LtxcoLX , Neb. , Nov. 23. [ Special to TUB
LtCE.l The pcoplo of the city of Lincoln
never felt tbo need of n larger pollco force
more than they do at tbo present tlmo. At
present a force of twenty-two m ° n , which
includes every man from chief down to
patrol driver and j.inltor , U expected to
Rimra tbo lives and propoity of n olty of ( W-
000 pcoplo. As n result patrolmen nt night
are compelled to take ' .a boats covering more
tbun n mile in length. Under these clrcum-
Unnroj it Is not strange lhat burglars , snoaic
thieves nnd'footpnds ply tboir nefarious
trattio without much fear of molestation ,
D.V. . Murphy , telegraph editor of the
Dally State Journal , was hold up and robbou
of Wlmt lIUlo looses change ho bad about hU
clothes last evening nt 7o'clock. The robbery
took place nt the corner of Twonty-llrst nnd
r streets mm was performed by two men ,
neither of whom tnado any nttonnit to Uls-
guise tholr faces.
Kdward Eivlnjr went to nis homo nt117
South Savcntoontti street last evonlne ana
found an unknown party In the net of ran
sacking his houso. Ho grappled with the
Intruder Out the follow drew n revolver nnd
made hts osonpo.
The robbery of the house of Mr. Davis ,
reported In Sunday morning's BEK , occurred
while the entire family were seated nt n
table In nn adjoining room. The boldness of
tbo thieves is unparalleled , ana unlsss some
thing Is done at once Lincoln will bo prac
tically at the mercy of every footpad who
wishes to coino to the city.
Prom fin INilIco Court.
Charles Uono nnd wlfo were nrralgnod In
court this morning charged with creating o
large dimensioned disturbance at their borne
nt the corner of First and A streets lust
night. Both were full , nnd they made the
night hideous with tboir cursings , which
they punctuated by frequent shots from a. re
volver. Doth were roDfimnndod by the
judge nnd dl&mlssod.
Harry Hhodes was flncd 131) nnd costs for
stealing a sot of carviuc knives and forks
from the itllchon of the Grand Hotel , where
ho had boon employed. Ho was Bent to the
county Jail In Ucfamtof payment.
Con Valentino nnd James Uyan were sent
up to the county jail ten days for vagrancy
this morning.
John Smith and a man known only bv the
name of "Patsy" were each fined f3 nnd
costs this morning for Indulging in nn
ninatour singeing match yesterday after-
Two colored men and two colored girls
were llneJ $10 nnd costs for occupying rooms
together at the Fedowa hostelry at the cor
ner of Seventh and P streets.
( losslp nt tlmStnto Houso.
The state banking board has taken posses
sion of tha bank at Holstoln in Adams
county. Attorney General Hastings states
that the failure is not a bad ono , but that de
positors are pretty sure to get their money
within a very short time.
( Jcortfo Unodell aiod nil fciO.OOO bond as re
ceiver of the Bank of Inland with tho.cloru
of the supreme court this afternoon. C. W.
Mosher and U. C. Outjalt nro the sureties.
The case of Marvin A. Clark against Lirzio
J. Carey was filed In the supreme court , this
afternoon. It U a bastardy cave from Doug
las county. In the lower court Clark was
ordered to pay the sum of $2,112 for J.ho suo-
port of tbo child. From this judgment ho
The case of John Drummer against John
Hodden wns filed with the clertt of the su-
uromo court today. It comes from Lancas
ter county.
A Four Nitino J'lrni.
When you find a four narao lirm you ore
pretty sure of an institution representing
considerable responsibility. Tbo lirm of
( lass , Harris , Brim & McLain.iioar Dawson ,
Georgia , Is not an exception. It Is , in fuct ,
one of tbo most substantial business houses
m Terroll county. The following Is an ox-
tnict from a recent letter from hem : "Our
customers say lhat Chamberlain Medicine
Co. of IJos Moiues , Iowa , manufacture tbrea
of the best medicines on earth. vU. , Cham
berlain's colic , cholera nud dlarrniua rem
edy , for bowel complaints ; Chamberlain's
cough remedy , for colds , croup nncl whoon-
I HIT cough- , and Chamberlain's'pain bslm fat
rheumatism. " 5l ! cent bottles of each ol
these medicines for sale by druggists.
Closml the City Oilier * .
Out of respect to the memory of T. J ,
Conway , councilman from the Fifth ward
moat of the city offices were closed yesterday ,
The councllmanlao vacancy in 'the Fiftt
ward , caused bv the death of T. J. Conway.
will remain unlllled until W. A. Snunilors
councilman-elect takes his scat , which wil
bo on Jt-nunry . There Is no provUiou foi
filling tbo Vacancy by appointment uud ttu
v -saw - - i - x - TIT v r 1v i
Blotches *
Scrofula \
are all caused by *
Be warned I Nature must be as- \
sistcd to throw off the poisons. For
this purpose nothing can equal A
Nature's own assistant >
A pure Vegetable Compound of
Herbs , Harks , and Roots. Contains
no acids or mineral poisons.
II U ai reliable M the llitnk of Kntland.
All Ilitt It claimed lor It , H wilt do. H.IO i
bottle. All UruirtUti , ,
531 Grand Avc. , New llxvcn , Conn.
Bred 1O oouUfurour too i * tie
Kloclro-MeOical Tboory "id
PraoUoa , "
II. II. UUSS , Iowa Fal'U , Ion * .
city oftlctM * consider the time no chert thnt
it would not bo nilvlsti&trJjto call n upcclnl
oloutloii to elect n man { Q ' tprvo during the
remaining throa weeks of 'tub term.
Iriim Soutlt ) | ) Will Hnvn to
Alt Pint I lie sr Ki'ii Tndiiy.
Seme of the South oRlahn witncsios
wnntctl In the fotlfltal rahU Jury InVoatlga-
tlon of the Interstate oomtncrco case failed
to nppoar ycitcnlnv nftPfnrton In rc'ponso to
the fiubpruna Issued oy'thri United States
manual , nnd a rodliotjdqmund wns sent lu
this afternoon for their u'ppoarftnco before
the Brand Jury this moruliic. , United State *
Attorney linker sent , x pn to Mr. Foster of
tbo Swift Packing company ami ono or two
others that If they did not appear this
morning bnnch warrants * would bo Issued
for thorn ntonco. It Is vorv prohublo , thcro-
fore , that these witnesses will appear. The
records of the Missouri iMelllo frcUht ofilco
ut South Omaha ami the records 'of the
Swift I'.icKln , ? company ihowlnu the receipts
of sail nrc wanted In this Investigation anil
the district attorney believes hn cnii compel
the pontlcmeu having churco of these books nnil brlnj ; In tlio desired Informft-
tlon. Mr. Kd Uildivhy , C. R Moves. Mr.
Foster of the Swift comnnny , Mr. Sholmor
of liutchlnson , ICan. . unrt half a clozon others
nro the principal witnesses desired by the
prosecution In this cnso.
The grand Jury has completed the work of
Investigating thu clmr > ; cs lodged nvalnst
eleven of the prisoner * now In JMl charged
with crimes ugalnst the United Stales gov
ernment , and Indictments have boon found
lu every caso. Other oiscs will bo disposed
ot as soon ns the witnesses can bo produced
bfnro the Jury. Hills of Indictment hnvo
boon found ngnlnst L.ivo ) Cuslow , Charles
Holdnn , Grant Uuughman , all counterfeiters ,
also ngnlnsl Fred Mousse , tbo clothing thiot
who got away with the wardrobe of Lieu
tenant Mnrqunrt nt Fort Omaha nnn was
captured in Guicago. Then thpro urn n numtjor
of Indlvidunls ngnlnst whom bills hnvo been
found for violations of the laws regulating
the sale of Ihjuor ant ! tor tamparltiR with the
malls. This batch of bills will probably ho
unmtod In today nnd Ihon tno decks will bo
clear for the Jury to tnlto up othur mutters.
The Interstate commerce case will prooablv
occupy the attention of ttio Jury for a day or
Mnrrlago I.l
The f olio wl ng marriage licansos were Issued
bv County Judge teller yesterday :
Name and ndclioss. Aso.
.1 Simon ( lOldbors , Dmaha . " , * i
I Sarah Oolil , Omiihn . . . 22
I fioorgo Howard , Ncoln , I u . 21
1 Maria Chapman , I'crsla. la . IB
I ( ioort'oVislilmton : Hlnnkcnshlp , Oimilia , 4R
I f.oulsu Moore , Oniaba . 'Js
Are the Mosii.Sensible
Overcoat T Cloak The
Omaha Rubber Co.
1520 Farnam Street , Cor. lJth. Om iha.
Lady ulurk In nttt-mlanuo.
llrlus this 'nd' to entitle yon toppuclul prlco
Oounull Ch.imhnr , Omnliii , Nob. , IS'JJ. '
llo It resolved bv the uliy council of the city
of Omaha , the Mayor concurring :
flint pormatioiithldowulks lie constructed In
the city of Omaha an dtwUnatoJ nulim. within
llvo diiyn nftortho _ puhllmtlou of tills resolu
tion , or the personal survjuo hereof , as bv
ordlnancu la authorized und ruiiulrcd ; Buch
sldowalus to h laid tnttho puruianimt gr ido
Hi established on thn pavoj streets Rpeellloii
liuroln , and to bu constructed of utonu. artl-
llclal Btono , lirluk or tllmu' , accord In ; to spool-
Ileatlonfloii ( llo In thoollluoot thu Hourd of
I'uullo Works , and under Its Hiiporvlston , to-
wlt :
South side of Dodpo street , sub lot f In lot 2i
Oupltol addition. | iormnnoiitgrado. ( > fcutwldo.
South ado of Dodpu street , east > foot inoro
or lessor sub lot n In lot L' , Capitol addition ,
porinnueiil Krado. H fcut wldn.
Koutli sldo of Dods-'o Rtreot. won S * > fcot more
or loss of Hub lot 4 In lot U. Capitol addition ,
jicrmnnent Rrado , li foul wldu ,
Norlli tdduof I'ouiilnlou uvoniic , lots 11 to M
Jnuliislvu. lilojk , " > , hiiull'u nddltlun , purinanent
gride , 0 fcut wide
Kaat sldu of Twunty-nlnth iiveiiuo , lots 14 to
U Inclusive , block I' ' , Ilnm > com I'laco. normi-
nuni ( 'rndf , I ! feet wide ,
.South sldo of Leiivenworlli street , lots l.'i 10.
IT. IH. III. block 1(1 ( , J-o.i\cn\Yui tli Ituslnuss I'lucu ,
criniinuiit gradu , H fuot wlflu.
tontli sldu of I.eitvou'wurlli htroot , eroi-iliic
M. 1' . or llult I.luo rlihtiif way In block 10.
lo tvoiiwortli HnalnoiS I'lacu , pormaiiont
grivdo , 11 foul wlilo. ' (
And , bo It further lesijlvwll
That thu llouid of 1'ultlU : Works he , and U
horuby iiulhorl/od iimf dlri.-eted to unnso a
cotiv of this resolution to Cp imblUliod In the
ollloial pi per of the city for ono weolt. or bo
survu'l on the owners iir flhtd lots , and ttiut
unless inch owners slmll vwlthin llvo days
aflor the pnhllcntiou or SBtvlcu of such cony
construct mild Hidc-wulks j s liuruln reiiulrcsd ,
thut the lloiird of I'unllo NVorki ouuso tha
same to liu done , the costrof-construutlnx Huld
Hldowullifl respectively to l > u itssessod itKalnnt
the run ! ustutu. lot orpart-of lot In front of
und abuUliiK such bldulvalkh.
1'asiud Novomtur llth uuiR-Jtli. 1802.
. .v.
Acting I'ro ldjva of thu Council ,
1'rcsldunt.ot din Ulty'cioiinoll ,
Atteit : ( ' H1N OHOVW.
Approved : fj.pri I' . ,
To thpuwuorsof thu lot.s , parts of lots and
roul ostuto described In thu above resolu
You ami each of you are herohy notified to
construct permanent sldtiunlus as rcijulrud by
a ri'solutlon of thu city council und mayor of
thoclty of Omahii , of ivhluh thu above U a
copy , I'V , lllltKIIAIIKKK ,
Chalrnmn Hoard of I'ubllo Work *
_ p ialin , eu. , .Novoiubor-Jstb. I8X' , n'JUdTt
II W Wl WAlut all the Iruln ol
cum > unir Ilium In ' . '
| men gilli'Kl.V uad 1'ICltMA-
NKKT1.V UOIIKII. Vull ruTUKXaTIL'tml tonti
Klren Kievurr pnrtot tbuboilr. -wilt cend ( w
onrvlr FHKBio or imllerur the
A Friend
NVIslics to spcnk tlirough the ItefftstcriA
the beneilclnl results liu lins received
from n repitlnr mo of Aycr's IMIls ,
Ho says : " 1 wns feeling sick nml tired
nnil my stoinncli seemed nil out of order.
I tried n number of rcmedlr.t , luit none
ficpmcd to give mo relief until t wni In.
dticed to try the oltl rollnblo Aycr's
IM1N. I have taken only one box , but I
feel like n new limn. 1 think they nre
the most | i1ciMnnt nnd ensy ( o tnlie of
anything I ever used , being HO finely
siignr-coatcd that even n child will tnko
thoni. I urge upon nil who nro
of a Inxntlvo to try Ayor's Pills. "
Uoothbay ( Me. ) , Itegifter.
"Hftwcoti the ngt" ' of live nnd fifteen ,
I wns troubled with n kind of salt *
rhi-itm , or eruption , clitolly routined to
thu legs , nml especially to the Ix-nd ot
the knee above the calf. Hen- , running
sores formed which would scab over ,
but would break InnncdiaU'ly on mov
ing the leg. My mother tiled every
thing she could think of , but nil wns
without avail. Although n i-liild , I rt-nd
in the imperil nlioiit thu licnuflrinl effects
of Aycr's I'llls.nud porsitniU'd my moth
er to let mo try them. With no great
faith In the lesult , she procured
nnd I begnn to tisu them , nnd .soon
noticed nn ItiiptovrniiMit , Kncouruged
by this , I kept on till 1 took two boxes ,
whan the sores disappeared nud have
never troubled mi-sliK-e. " It. Oliipninn ,
Henl Kstato Agent , ItoanoUe , Vn.
"I suffered for years fvoiu Htomneh
nnd kidney troubles , causing very severe
p.ilns in various parts of the body. Kotio
ot the remedies I tried afforded me any
rjl'uf until I begun Inking Ayt-r'e Pills ,
nnd wns cured. ' ' Win , ( iudi1iiid , Notary
Public , Five Lakes , Mich.
I'rcpaied byDr.iT.O , Aycr&ro. , LowellMass.
Sp'd ' by JJrugglMn ijvcrywhvic ,
Every Oose Effective
SealoJ proposal1) ) will ho received at anj
time nu or before 2 o'clock p. nt. of the Kill
il.iy of December , IHO. , lor thn printing of nil
bills for the leuUluiuro with such mutter a ;
may ho ordered bv either lionso thereof , to hi
printed In "bill form. " which la shown am
designate : ! asol'ias ono (1) ( ) under the printing
laws of thoKtiitoof Nobnirikn.
1'or the printing and blmllns In cloth coven
of one thousand (1,000) ( ) copies each uC thu hlcn
nml reports of tlio nuilltor of public accounts
Irausuier , secretary of ttuto , commissioner o
public liuuli mid buildings , tuiil tmro.iu o
labor ami Industrial statistics ; ; iml llvo him
droil (500) ( ) copies each of the titcmiltil re-ports u
the attorney zonurul , superintendent cf nub
lie Instruction , state librarian und adjutun
general ; one thousand ( I.UUO ) copies rcpor
state huard of tniiispoitiitlon for ltJ ! ) und flvi
thousand ( fi.OOJ ) roples report stuto boird o
agriculture for IB ) ' . ' , nnd nil other report * uiu
documents thut in ly ho ordered printed In
the luiilslai lire , uxcopt such us may enter Inti
und form n part of the journals , which clas
of uoik Is known and dnslxnatcil us olus
three CD under the printing laus of Nohr.isk i
Thu 1)111 ) work , o.veciitcd under class one
slmll lie. limited lu small pica typo , on p.ipo
foiiitL-on (14) ( ) Inches long by elK'it ' und onc-liul
( bl { ) Inches wide , slnilo pnxo : papnr to 1) ( JS ) pounds double cup to th
ream , und except the tltlu pace , each pair
shall cent tin not loss tliun twenty-live ( 'J.
lines of nolle ! matter of seven ( Ti Inches li
lungth , und the I Inns shut ! bu Kiici'e > s'vcl ' ;
numbered , with a blank only In o ich spaei
between the lines.
The title pane of said hills shall contain no
less tliiui eighteen ( IS ) lines us above , witl
three ( II ) Inches additional space allowable fo
dlspluy title ninttor ,
Kiicb bid shall state what the bidder Is will
Ing to do the work complete for , per ptue : , fo
the throe hundred ( .IUO ; copies cuuh hill , als
thn price for additional huudieila that mayh
ordered of the uumo bill at the -nine tune a
the original three hundred (100) ( ) luclmilligram
position , p tper. press work , sltu-hlnc. foUlln
and nil woru or material entering Into th
worn rcdiilrod.
All work executed < ndcr class ono shall h
delivered in good oruur by thocon'r.icinr i
the ollli'o of thuRi-rrotnry of stuto within tine
duvs after the rceolpt of thuordorby said eoi
trictor from the uhalrmun uf the coimulttc
on printing , In either brnncli of the luKUlnturi
All workuM-ciited under class ibrce ill ) fhu'
bo prln'uil In lonj ; primer , brovinr und non.i |
loll [ ty | > o , on paper to bo nine Inches loin h
six id ) Inches wide , sliulu puge. p.ipni' to li
forly-flvo H'il poiinds-to 110 of i wonty
four by thirty six hlto book. Kiteh bid un
dur liluss thiuo Hhall HtJtu wliat thu bidder I
willing to do thu work complete for , per ptm :
on pauh report or Item In thocl.iss , Incliidln
compnsltlon , paper , pres-work , stltchln.-.fold
l.ig nnd nil nork fir material outurlni ; Intoth
work requlicd. Galley and page proof miu
bu furnished when rcqi Iroi by the otllcci-s i
the o.seoutlvo dopurtiuunt or Iho chalnnan t
Iho committee ou priming , lu ullher branc
of the Icglaluturi ) . Work when eoii.pluled t
bu delivered free of expunso atthostatu liousi
1'ropos.tls for nork lu itach of the ahoy
classes will not bo consldoiud unless the a tin
bu accompiinlc-i ! by a bond In iho sum of IIv
thousand < 4V/W ) dollars with two or more sun
ties ; thnt In case the party nroposlne for sue
contract shall ho awanluJ the sumo nnuh pin
ty will , wlthlu Uvo (5) ( ) days after thu award t
him of such contract , outer Into bonds for tli
faithful performance thereof , us provided b
law and thu Iho terms of these proposals.
1'r posulH shall b < > m irked " 1'roposils fc
tMiblln printIni" and addressed to the stilt
board of printing In care of thu secretary c
Htnto , Ijincoln , Nub ,
1'ontractB on clnbs ono (1) ( ) as above spoclllc
will bo awarded as a whole.
Uontincts on clusn thri-o ill ) as above specific
will lie awarded In whole or In partnb tl :
board may elect.
Samples of the work to be u.xotiutod iindi
class ono ( I ) und three CD may bu seen at tli
ollico of the secretary of utulu.
Contracts on aUnvo classes ono ( II and Hire
CD to run two O ye ir.s from Oecembor lit , IS'i '
except thu reports of thu board of transport !
tlon und state hoard of agriculture , thu liitti
to bo complotnd within fclxty days after tl
awarding of the contJuct.
'Ihn Htuto printing board reserves the rlgl
to reject any or bids ,
Kooretory of titato.
' '
Btitu I'rlntlns Hoard > Statn'Vr'oaauror.
Auditor I'ubliu Account
Llncolu , Nub. , Nov. II , IHir.1 , nl'd ut
To the owuurs of all lots. Purls of lots und ro
ostuto along the alloy In block 1 , Kounm
4th nddltlon , fiom iDth hteci't to llth Ml nil
You uru hereby nutlllud that thu undi
xigiiod , thifuilUlnteri'steil freuholdera of tl
city of Omaha , havu beuu duly uppolntc
by thu mayor , with the npproval of the ell
council of sali ! oltv. to Ubscst thu ( JumitKo i
thu owners respectively of thu propurty a
fectod by thu grading of the alloy In block
KounUu's 4th uudlllou.froin lOthstreot 10 111
siroel , declared necessary by ordlminco N
; rj8'J. passed uctober 1st , IS'J. ' , approved ( Jut
bcrUh , iBi/J.
You aru further notified that lutvlni ; a
copied said Appointment , iintl < lnlv iiiiiillflt
11 H required by law. we will , on the iuth duy
December , A. I ) . Ib'.r ' ; , ut thu hour of Uo'clii. .
lu thu forenoon , at thu oiHi'U of John F. Kuu |
! > Uliumbur \ of C' < jnunorco , within thu co
poruto limits of said city , incut for the pu
pate of considering , and nmklnv thu HSSOI
muni of duinaio to the owners respectively
sail ! properly alfectud by said chuiiROof gra
tulilntf Into consideration spuulul bunellt
any.YOU uru notified to bo present at the tli
and plucu aforesaid and miiUo any objootlo
to or stitumciits concurnln said ntaunsmu
of damuscs uajoU4iiay uonsUtur proper.
It. W. ( HllsON.
Omaha , Neb. , Nuv.'Jrd , iblii u''id
on one counter.
We have placed all the clothing in any
way damaged by smoke from the late fire , on
one counter , \vhoro are some of the
Most Astonishing
Especially is this true of the
Full cheviot sack overcoats , with
and without velvet collar , in
gray and brown. Before the
fire we sold them for $4.76 ;
Fine chinchilla overcoats , in blue
and black ; yoke and sleeves
lined with silk , with an elegant
cashmere lining on the balance ,
Before the .were smoked we got
- $12.5O , now
All our kerseys , meltons , Irish
frieze , all sizes and imaginable
shapes , some worth $16 , any of
them worth $1O to $12 ; on ac
count of smoke
Beautiful Shetland frieze ulsters ,
in three different shades , long
shapes , big collars and double
Our Oxford gray ulster c without
lining , , clouoie faced , 84 inches
long , full length , is" very desir
able at $7.5O , but the smoke
makes it
In no length of time these snap bargains
will be 'gone , so if you want one you mustcome
Columbia Clothing Co. ,
Cor. 13th and Farnam.
13i6Dotiglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
The onlr l < u llr urAduatJl Cldnoss phrilclnn ,
lBht oitrs' sluiJs Tea yoirs praotioil otporl-
once with nil Known dlitusus. Trcnts Buci-mfully
! illolironlooiHj > Irjn up Uf ot ! > ar lUclori Utll
nnil neo hliuor wrltj fur quaitlo i tiluii. Do mt
7OUHO. buttrrt'iD lllihuso iloitir vrltli Idi H3.r 11 1
ironilurtulro noclliis. an IrJJ-iUo n-i r liauu H s a 1 1 i
pnriuannntciirunrlntut'ur dno'-ort ciunat Kir : ) .
llerlii. Kooti nn > l I'li'ittnitnrJ'3 rj.ujdUiliU
ni'illclnos. Tli' ] worll hl wlfiait. O D tliomnl
Icntliuunlulilnthrju yai ' prtctlo. .Volnjnrlii M
ilococllont , no nirc'tlcj ; ' , nu
truutmuntuml pcrinunuiit curj.
KollowlnB pnei iuifC5 fnllyIrottJl nnl enroll ,
( liven up by nlliorilci'Uiri ;
Thus. Couelilln. 411) ) II irncf itroct , e'lronlsrhii-
m-illBinOymr.1. Uliliioy anj llviir tro'itilai.
Tlioa. Culvert , l.'Ul unj I'arnun strjj'.i. uemril
dulillltj. In ll.'jitlun , Ion uf trJatll aU ; vltilU/
Took muillrlua for yon tint int no rjllj ( ,
.M. U Anilcnun , I Sjl Ounilnt stroat , mtairli ,
astiiumiinil bronclitUs ot nfiojn ) itumlliu
Hni for nil3 tins follonlnz prppir3t rninoilloi nt
Jl.uun tiottle. fir boltlui for f i.'W , IDr tlr ; euro or
Astlmm. Otarrli , Mt IIjilio'iu , ImlUaitlu n ,
Illood I'olsunliu. ltlio.imitUil. KiMiul'i WotlsilBin.
Kidney mid Llr r ( 'oinplaliit. No nvent * .
onlr ! > r C'lilnoao .Mudlctna Uo , L'apltul , ( IUJ.JJI
Offics , IGlh an ! Calironh SU Oiu'u. Neb
TlKin , I-OSIIKII. Unit ! , < , by liiccllcnl ntntMlm ,
mrfUKCO.NM'MI'riON ThuHUUlis of tlila Ill.KlUT
rii lull ) at tint porlml hotweim ( iilil.lluoil nml
WOMANHOOD 'lliueiii-MutiM > tom nui-iU i\Tlt.V :
i.irf : . OXVCKN. inhilol : , IHIIKAI , i.inmnilHruvoni.
vllulily It tlvi's 7i-it nml niiulllii | | , ninVcn piirn.rlcli
ni.cioii. cootlii's inn ) lici'ln tliu dlHunnfil hoiul. iliruut ,
nnfl iilconitoci innub-TnousAMis TKsnrv10 -jni :
L i ItT
Trials F EE TO ALL.
Cull or Wrlto for
"OXVO13.X JIUOK" flllSK.
MtJ NJnpnjf
Ss Trqull/Ulliu | / iiaj vii vu. )
' t-t-
- -
Hjtf'ftvlgr , . Omaha , Neb.
llnniuiunurutor (
\Vo will rcud yon the marrpldin
Kirnrli rr pnrution CALTUO3
fiff. and n Iftral cuarunur IhuV
IHl/I'llOS will Itfiilorti > i > ur
3it-.illll , Mrtiifill auU Vigor ,
f'f Hand favi/salisf.ed ,
Address VON MO ML CO. .
Pile tnirliu IjtnU , tlaiiomlU Oklo.
Teeth Kllloavita
ouo 'i i i/ . In
Ijitust Invo i-
I lout ,
rm-.Tii ixTitAOTCfi : wiruour I'AIN OK
Perfect flt KU-irantool. Tooth oxtrictollu
themoriilnu- uw ouuj luadrtuJ In uvouln
of fc4iuo Uuy.
Boo Hpuuluioiu of Uumovuhlo llrlilsa.
Bouiuoolniuuxof I'lexlOlu hi utlj I'lut )
All work warranted us ruurttuunuul.
OlllCf , Ihlr.t t'.our , l'axuu Iliujc.
Tt-lcplitJiia 108. ) . IGllian I 1'ar.u u S U
'luko Clevuto'or rin rwy Iran Di i '
btrcu leutruuci.
f'ouii' 11 O'liiimhor , Oiuitli t. ll ) . 1 02
llu It rcsoivod oy tlio oitv roun til of tlio city
of Uiuiiliii. thu innyor uonotirrliig :
' 1'lint , wnodcn slduwalits liu constructor In
tliii city of Oniahti us doslu'iiiitu 1 liolow , with
in llvo ihiys nftor tliu iiuhllciitl.muf tills , nno-
liitlon , ortlio porsou'n Aprvloo lliuroof. as hy
orlliiiiiu'o Is aiithor/ol ! mill icqulred : auoh
sliUswiillis to ho mill to thu grudo on
tlio streets sporllluil herein , and ' .o hu con
st HU : toil of plnu nlani ; of sticli wl'lth an I
thii'kuusi a ml ho laid Ujiou joists of suoli
uliuo nslons nnd In Hiiuli in.uiuor ita IH pro *
sorllicd liy the apui'lfluallons on 11 lo In thu
ollico of thu bourd of publlo works and under
its Hiiiurvlsion. towlt :
West Hidofjsih avunue , lot iihlnolcU : Hill-
bliln iiildltloii No ' , prusuut gradt' , lifeut wide.
West side ( if ' 'til h ILVCIIIIU. lots IUH T hlook 4
1'rud DollouuV .iddltiou , jiruiunt cratle , ( i foot
wlilo ,
Vi' sldo ofsth uvomie. lots 10 B T block It
1'iod Dcllouo's iiddlt.OM , liKHout 1'railt' , ( i foul
KnRt sldo of Ulst hlropt , lots Sltolll Inclu-
hlvu , V iilon iilnuii iirusont vr.itlo , 1 * feet wlilo.
WesiHidu of "IhlHtri-et , lots I to H Inclusive ,
block ' , ' 1 W.lrox's second addition , present
Kritdu , I foot ul'lc.
\Vust si 10 ot : iuth slrnnt , lol 7 block I IIUI ldu
S'oS , ruptilrud or Ittlil , I foot wide.
West sl.lo of Hid htroi t tux lot 11 , eocllon 21-
l. > -ii. : iiicsotit urudu. 4 foot wlilo.
Wust sldoof a.11 wtiuot , lot1 block 2 Itucil'n
llftli itdOitluii. prusuiitKradu , 4 foul wido.
NVi'sLKldo of .id : Htroot , lots 1 nml1 block 4
Iti'cd'H llflh addition , present rude , 4 foot
Wust side of IKiil l rent , lots ! mil ] H block I
Nuartil boldou's nddltlou , prosunt ni < lu , < foot
\\l .
Wcsthliloof Xld htruct , lotit I an I B block 8
[ Hiiau & Huldon'a addition , piuaont pride , J foot
wide ,
ViVst sldo fifllid iitrt'ot , lotv I ami B block D
Isai.o tt iolilou'H addition , [ irusunl Krado , 4 toot
Wests do of .tld Ht rout , lota 1 nnd 8 block If ,
Isano & Seldoii's addition , piusuia < raUt > ,4 fco :
ICiiHt Hldoorild ; btrcut , lots 1 toll ! Inuluvlva.
W A KodlcU'B udd tlon , iircwiut Ktadu , 4 fooVl
KiiHl Rldu of ICIcl Htrcot , tax lot 12. noctiou SI.
n-it. : nrosunt irni'lo ' , I fool wido.
And bu U fuillicr resolved :
That thu uoaril of pulillo Hor'fH li and horo-
hy U nutlmrl/ed and dlruutod to ciiuao auopy
of this resolution to bo imbllshul In thooill-
elal paper of the ullv for onu wuuk , or bu
ported on tlio owners of Hild lots anil unlnni
t-iich owners shall wlthlu llvo dayu after thu
publication or scrvh'iiot sueh ropy ooiiatruct
hitld Hiduwalks as hurtiln i-eiiilrol. | ; tint tlio
board of publlo works cause lliu amu to bu
iloiio , the cost of uonbtruutliiu sitld hlduwalki
ruspuctlvuly to lo : usscsauil against tbo
ratatu. lot or purl of lot In flout of uud abut-
llnu'sncb AldL-wnlkH.
President Oilv CouncIL
Attest ! .IU1IN O1COVK- ,
aity Cleric.
Approved ! OKI ) . 1' . 1IKMIH ,
To thu o.vnors ot the lots , parts of loU unil
roul ust ito described In the abuvu rusulu-
You and each of you am hereby iiotlllud to
construct woollen HldowalltH an reiiulioj by a. fit
resolution of the ulty rcunull und mayor of
tl'o city of Uin.iha. of which tlioabovu Is a
U0'y' |
I'V. . ItlltKIIAUriRK ,
Cluilrniaii lloarl of I'ulilioVoika. .
O.-ntiha , Nub. , Novumbur "rltli , ihu irjd7t
Manr of our AUKNTH nru SI-II-I.I.M. Hum JUJ It
* .UI ortli of
pornimitli Dun't ruiiuln hllu , or ork lur muull
wnuus , whun you uJulit I'U ' iiriklnu inoru inonur
than In uuuiuinr. Apply for U'lmi , AUNUI.II
COOItKU CO. , 111 ! H , .Wil St. , Umaliu.
RIPANS 7 A RULES rtuu.aluj >
. ihe bU > mu < h , liver und l-owiU. l'url-2 '
f thu MotM. rt < * Atv > and ttf.x t-iul jj
. . .id Iot inruli tne knot * n fur l < ill < 'C * T
/i.OMi , wjiiitttiiatiou , tl ) i4'ii > l fuull
brtwth , In Milage. bertliurn , low uf 4
dljfifttton , pfmplw , wallow cvuniilt'X *
tun.uiiil errry < ltisoriultlutf froui
{ Impure Wood , or a fbJluru by uiutoiuUj.Jtrcxuriu
t vlluM U > i > erfurm tbfiriironcj funrt(4 ( < b . IVn iiui *
T If If f n to * * * Uinottt jtl bj tALluif oueof ter z
T t rh nifuil. I'rlt-c br ( null. 1 urtm , it t MUui > lof IV. *
J ItH'ANH O1IKMIOAL CO. , 10 > > pruo hk..Ncw York t