Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 28, 1892, Page 3, Image 3

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( I-IK Li - NO. 12 I'KAHL 5TUKI2T
I tlhertr. ly c-irrlt-.r lonny part of t'u city
1 ! , \ \ . TIM ON. - MANAGER.
I'11 ' * ncfiOfficc ,
n t t.-t > tiMvrxJ
1lIH'IIOM-bNlKt } , | EIUor
Mi.\ut .W
Is V. PlumMna Cc.
I'tunc Hhifts Lumber Co. . Coal.
A ( special tr.cciltiR ol Uio city council \vlll
bo belli ibis evening.
11. A , llutrd dlicoverod Uio comet Inst
tvenlni : and hail it on exhibition at the ior-
uer of UroaJwoy nmt Kcolt street ,
The funeral of Mr * , r.lmtlcs Hlcccl will
oocur this morning HI S-.TO o'clock from tlio
famllv tcildoneo , Klii : Second nvcnuo.
\Vlil buy for caih , furniture , household
eoodii , cn'mots , for a tbron or Jour-room
house. A ldro K M. Ilia , i 'ouncll IllufTs.
A mcutintf of tno I'irst I'oneroiMtional
chuicb xviii be bold m tlio euurcli Moudiiv
cvcnll > K at 7 . U ! o'clccK. A full attr.udaiica 11
K , ' ! ' Waterman , It H slated , is arganlrini :
n stock company for the puipuss of carrying
on the inanuf.iciuro of cartlnpc * and vulilclos
of all description ! ) on nlarso suulo.
Clmrlo < x K Ttiowb'.oii ) xxlio died on the
NorlhxvoMerii train botxxoon Council HlulTa
mid MIMOUII Vnllcy ln t xveoKvrtb bulled
yesterday nflernoon fiom Kstcp' * under-
tuUInf ! rooms undur the nusplco * of the local
branch ol lhn Tj povraptilc-il union.
Mrs , V. II Uvaiis entertained a p.irtv of
friends Tlinrsdnv nftcrnoon In honor of Miss
rill of Cleveland , l ) . . who is vMtinu Mrs.
15 , W. Mart. Tliivo present were Mis. ! '
l tt'ilgbt. Mrs.V. . U * . hheunan. Mrs K.
W Hun. MM.V. . K. Sapp. Mhs IMH , Miss
Wright , MisMotrotv. .
Tlio of Afar Snvdcr oruurrcd
yesterday afternoon fiom Ihu IJiondxxiiv
'Multiouist chureb , Uiv. II. I1. Diidioy olllcl-
HtriC , Them was a lane tiHcndaiire , tlui
members of Council Hindi loiliro , ! , In-
dcpcndei.t Order of O.Kl IVllow , belnc
present in a boily and Inking uttarKU of the
servlcci at I ho s".ixo.
Mrilllum Madden , xx-bo IIVOH iilono on
Losfiui atrcot , ti narrow rscapo Irom sui-
fouallcn Suturdnv tn bl When she rotiroti
Mm wrapped np u lioi ll.itiron In a ulolb and
nut HIii * Ide ttio t'cil tu lrop tier warm.
About 'i o'clin'K 'ho was a\v.i ! < onod by.
stlllmc tenant. on. Upon nmbini. ' an Invcstl-
gallon Huptfound that tlio II nil on had liocn
so hot that It sut liio to tlio boildolblni : mid
marly n'l ' i , ( , U boil lieeii burned , ttio smoke
lllllnn tlio room In a Uonso clouu.
The i-on vonioncu of u J ir of I'udahy's ' Hex
Drand ICxtuict of Bcof is novnr better appro-
elated than when seine grocer's ' -Just out. "
SIIU Market Alli'dcd.
Any ono not nuqunintcA with the .sillt
, uiurliut would nivlurally thinl tluit bilK :
1 of all Kinds nro iiilviinoing riuildly ii
Suoh Is llio cii'-o with rnw inatorisxl
nml must I'ortulnly ulloct the j > rico 01
nil bilU ( jcodfl. As tisinil , wo'ro Idoliiny
aftiv tin.inarkLt ? , and. hottyrht in tiinu t <
save the lie iiur oent udvunco 01
nil hinds ot silks. Wo Intend jjivint
iKil'Oii-i the tidviintiiuo nf this pur
chusc , and plnco on sale for your in
Bpcetion over ,7C ( ) piocon of all sill ; rib.
hnna tit less tlmn iiiannfacturoi' ' iirice
lodnj in | , rros firaln , s.itius , satin edirt
und moi-ii' , all width- , all colors iitu
hoaullful range of litfht shades for fancj
Nolo follort-intf prices :
No. 1 ribbons from lOe In lo ! ) a piece
All ill < inoriis rihbott , piquet odtjo
No. 5 at Uc , No. 7 at 8i > , No. ! ) at ICc , No
12 ut llik' .
One of the best values we olTor out o
our larpo purchase is the bargain * wi
hhow in uitln : ribbons , in pure sillc
hoavywoiRht uocids. No. oat 7e , No.
nt < > , No. 0 at 1'J'e , No. 12 at lee , No. 1
at 18c , No. 22 at 2io.
In addition to the two above lines w
linvo 11 full ranfjo of bhiidos and eoloi
In pros grain with hiitin edge ut sam
\V. & , CO. , HOSTON STOKH ,
Coiuiuil UlutTa , la.
Miss Morrow ol lown City is the guest i
Mr. and Mis. F. I' . Wright on Sovcnt
Mrs. Unltar of Columbia , Mo. , and Mr
ICuechlo of St. Joseph are the guests of Mr
Mr. and Mrs. Urnost Thornton of Koarno
Nob. , are K'lests of Mr. and Mrs. N. >
I'uno.v , at tholr homo east of the city.
Mr. r.nd Mri .1. L. Stewart tnvo ro'.urni
from DaviMiporthcio they wi'nt to vis
their daunhtor , Miss I'.leanor ' , who is atten
Inn St. Cathoriiio's nradumy.
Charles Aind has KOIIO to Pioriv , S. U. ,
bo married to a yoiinu l.xdy of tuat plac
Ho and his bride will bo at homo to frieii. .
in thin city after Doivmbcr it.
J. H. E. C lark tun been compcllod to gi
up ttiu inunagiiincnt of the Carbon Coal coi
pnuy fur tno piosont and will co south
M'iuh : of health. Hi : will piobably re inn
nil winter.
No use to deny the fact that Salvation C
Is fast taldiiK tlio plnco of Ml other linlmon
\\iMitlirr i : ' | Mirl .
Tlio indications nro for wcrilcrn I < > \
colder woiilhor. 'J'hin Htatomont is voi
Hod by the rush of putronnat the Host
Store underwear doimrtmont In the pn
Hlneo the early trade wo hnvo had o
stockreplonibhed with everytlilnt ; no
epsarj to anupieto an underwear d
Wo have n few hrokon lines thai \
nro dosing out and i-ull your attontii
to the following bargains on our cou
tor :
Lauios' natural and whlto vests , "
Ladios' ribbed and plain vests and pan
hold for iilli1 , at ! M ) cneh. l/idien' me
him weight whlto vests and pants ,
bargain ut Me eiu-h.
Cont'H heavy grny shirts and drawc
hold fi " ( , 'Mh ; to cliwo at " 5o uiioli ,
I'xamlno other bargains in ( Junt's v
dcrwoiir , fifle , 7o'T.ll.l)0 ) and Sl.GO oni
( , 'hildroti'H white from Mlu
Me , according to si/o.
C'hildrcn'H gray underwear lee t
wurd. Oilier qualities in nalurul wo
caninls hair am ) rods.
Ank to POO Indict' blaci ; eiiehtrl ( |
tighls ul $1.00 , J1.0. ' > . $ i5U. Liullod' n
misses' union suits from S'.io to $ . ' > ' .b (
MI It , in whito. natural nnd blnclc.
F.V. . \ C'O.
Hostou Store , Council Hlull'tf , In
i.d t Tun rin fi-b.
Clark StroiiK , llrcinnii at the olcctrlu me
power house , tooU Ills tain and wont ou
HR | l.aUu yesterday iillornooa to hold a K
bum communion with nauil'o and shoot i
bits on the 'iido. Ho ivas walicini ; turotu
tblok growth of underbrush , and raised
left hand to put u su-apRlIng grape vine
of his way. Junt at that momunt his n
which ho wai carrying in hi * rlcht be
went oft and h k'ct tha wbolo clinno In
loft band , which was literally pcpuorcil v
the Illtlo balls of lend. Ho went to Uls bo
. ' ) ( ( ) avcuuo U , ami called Drs. 1'inuoy
( jrocn , who foumt It ni'cosiiirv to ampu
Uio lirst tuo tlngors of Uls hanu at
Uiucklc Joint. _
Mrs. Wlnslow's SootblnsSyrup U the I
of all rviucdlos forcbllJron louthlnK. ' Tici
a bottle.
Dost day board in the city , $3.50
week ut tlio Scott house.
Coal and wood : boat und vcheii |
Missouri hard wood in the city ; pro )
delivery. H. A. Cox , No , 4 Alain.
T. 1) . King & Co" ' * 1'artugas ol
helped to elect Clovclnnd. It's the
ord breaker for tlio year.
L. P. Judson , civil eneinear,328B'v
' rnrviT'nnvMt ut 1'PPO
M'liTo \ 1 ROM lOlMIL BLLrrS
Narrow Ejcjpa of a SHvar Oitj Eoliool
Teacher From Instant Death.
In Altrinptliig tu llo.inl i Mining Train II
U .Xlimut Tliroxtii Itune.itli lt WlicoM
mill lieerlxe * Very MTII'IIH
Injuries ,
J. 0. Hlcgln ? , n school teacher from Silver
City , narroxvlv missed transferring Uls resi
dence to tbo golden city yesterday afternoon ,
nnd It Is ituo only to lit * doxvnripht , bull-
bended lucU thixt ho will bo able In the future
to upp'.y tbo shlnelo to the anatomy of bis
pupils xvltb nil xxontod vUor. Ho bud been
spoinllnir tbo day In Council Hlufls and ar-
i IX oil ut the tnin tor depot Justin tltno to sco
the Wabash passenger train start out. Ho
Knvo chnso ai'd caught Iho last ear bcfoio It
Und nassert Uio und of tlio platform. Hey
y rasped tlio handrail nml xvus puulim him
self on to the platform of The enr
xvhen hu missed his iiiip and
foil doxvn bctxveen tbn txxo pin'-
form * , lauding on the ground bcUiJo Iho
rails , r-'orlunntoly it xvas this rear piutlorm
of the roar car , and lie cleaned being run
over , but In Undine solid promid ho bussed
through it hole not over s > lx inches xvido , und
wnn sovorely-iiiice7.cil. | Ho wa up
half sonscl-ss and milni | , ' for luealb , and
xvas put on board Iho train , xvhlcli had been
HiKiiallcd to slot ) . An invcstlmitlon showed
that hu had sustained a Ira dura of ibo breastbone
bono , but tl could not bo to'tl xvhother ho had
rcuolved ubv Internal Injuiles tbat ink-Ill
malio bis c.xso scrloui , until a inoro careful
exniniiiRlton xxas made. Ho xvas taken to
Silver OUy. _
'I'liousands slnu Into an rnrlv urnvo for
xvani of u bottlu of Dr. hull's Couch Hvrup.
This proat icmrdv xvould havu saved thorn.
Sou those oil lioaloi's at Sxv.iine's , 737
Cienllomon , llio lino.mlnc of mil goods
in the city , ju-jt receivo.l. Kuitor , the
tailor , 310 IJroiidway.
I'm10 l > iy Only.
" / ) ( ) ( ) i-'ihos of canned gooils to bo sold
regardless of cost for ton days only at
Hioxvn'sC. O. I ) . , eommoni'tiij ; Mondav ,
Nov. S.
California pouches 12 > , le ! ) and ilOc
per can ; C.iliforniaaprk'ols , Hie porean :
California egg plums , IGc per can ; Cali
fornia green gage plums , loc per ;
C'iilifui'iiiu grapes , li"C per can ; Cali
fornia xvbito cherries , -'fi : per win : Cali
fornia black chorrien , lUc par can ; Ciili-
forniix raspberries , " : ! c per can ; Califor
nia pear. * , "Oc ior can ; eastern pcaclics ,
Kic per can ; eiistern pears , lOc per can ;
1Mb. can blackberries , SJ.c per can ; ti Ib.
can raspberries lOe per can : 1Mb. can
strawberries , lOo nor can ; li-lb. o.xn
standnrd corn , S\c \ per can ; iJ-lb. can
f > t'indnrd tomatoes , S\c per can ; 2-lb ,
can jiea , "Jc per can ; 1Mb. can btring
beui : ! > , 7Jc jier can ; 'J-lb. can xv.ix bean. * .
7Je porean ; IJ-.b. can baked bean * , lOc
per can ; French pea , Iflc per e.xu ; sul-
iuon , 10. per can ; gallon can apple.- i > ; ! c :
oil sardines : mustard sardines , 7K\
Koinotnbor this s > nle i for ten day *
onlv " ut Broxvn'sC. O. 1) . , Council lilulTs
The A. 11. T. Co. bus added txvo nov
hacks to its force and xvill ansvx'or calls
at all hours , day or night. Telephone
17 ! ) ; ollico , 8 Main street.
l ) { : iti ! of'-illi-o ( lll
\V. Ij Ulirgs , who bOH boon allinj for sav
oral moaths past , ana xvf.o o lifo had bcei
frequently despaired of , died yesterday after
noon at 1 o'clock of heart failure. Ho xva
° one of the old settlers of Council Bluffa , an <
nnd baa occupied tno pobitlon of justice p
u the peace. Do was a member of tno Couuci
HlulTs lodK'O No. 49 , Independent Order o
Odd Felloxvs , widen will have charge of tb
obsequies. The deceased was SI years o
aje , and loaves a xvifo. Tlio fuuoral xvil
occur at the family residence , 711 Soul
Seventh street , at : x tiuio to bo announced
1'crfect action and perfect health rosul
from the u e of Dd Witt's Little Karly Hi ;
crt. A perfect little pill.
Genuine Round O.ilc , Itmllunl Ilom
P. I' . Sto\virt btovcs ixnil ran o' ) , sol
exclusively by Cole it Cole , 41 Muin.
It Don't iiiukoiiny arrnnt'oinoiits for you
d- holiday fjooils until you have soon th
many noxv and useful articled at Lun
'J'rn ihiiros ontnl ] ) ! stock Oiti/ens Stul
hank for sale , li II. Shoafo.
nin Day .S ; TIoss have a force of men xvorl
in ing on the ro.ids through the Kloi
in tract. Buy five or ton acres there whil
it is
111 Good board and room $ l. . " > 0 icr xvoc
LS , at the Scott liouse , U- and lt ! Norl
Main street. _
liollday photos , cut prices , $ l.r > 0 fi
I311 cabinets , for ! ! 0 days. Cottage galler
311 Hiloy'b old stand.
C'oal anil Wooil. Huokott it I'roato
jr ( WS llroailxvuy. Telephone II.
oo - Oavls for ilrujrs nml i > : iint3
A .v. % o i ' . \ < 'IIIK * r.t.
At the Fnrnam slreut theater tonight ( J
Thomas , lu tbo suucoasful comedy dram
"The IJurglar. "
Margaret Mather is to uo the stnr
, : Hovd's noxv theulor next Thursday , Frid ;
u nnd Saturday. This Is to bo her faroxvi
visit to Omaha. Tuursday tlio xvill prose
.lohn Tobln's pleasant and.spnrKlinK coined
PS , ' The Iloiioynioon. " Tbls same bill vvill
ropeateu Salurduy afteruoon , On l
nh. - second uixur , I'Vlduy , aho Is to give Hulxv
; Ijvllou's irracuful , SII-UDK romance , "T
to Ladv of Lyons " The lait nislit. "Nan
( Jliillohl" and the noxv tr.ieudy , "T
in- Ki.-vpUiui , " In both of xvbich Miss Matli
inol , appears.
A * , the BIJou thoatur , ( Japltol nvoni
u n "Hu/el Klrke , " by the l.uey llramatiu cj
nil puny. Also vaudeville spucialilos.
) u
1'ilos of | ionpu ! have piles , but DaWit
Witch llcui'l Sulvo xvill euro thorn.
( 'itntllliir llrnci ipll\c Titli-H I'niilcrroil
'or ' Army
ab. The noinoniiliituro of the army v
particularly riub in iloscriplivo till
ha anil a sluily of thu mnn upon whom tin
bis tuinios xvoro het > toxvod xvlll ( 'lueavor t
out fact thut very foxv of thorn xvora ill i
un ,
nil , vised or misphu'uil , biiyd the Washlr
bis ton Star.
( ienurtil UlydBos Simnson finint v
and nt first oulleU "Old Uiiitod .Stato3"fn
; ate the inltiiils of his name. After the Ut
1 e oplsodo ut Fort Donolson , when
issued the edict xvhiuli stampo j him
jeit nts equal to the emergency , his men i
Hiusi.isticuUy deelarod that those
itiuls atood for "LJncondilional S
per render. "
In fuct those initials caused him nu
little perturbutioa of mind , ur.Q In t
11 pt oiul he actually had to ub-indon his b
tlsmnl mime to save the dignity of W
1'olnt , xvliicb uiixvlttingly. gave bin
gar mime that didn't boloni ; to him ;
IOC- elnco it xvas ' 'xvrlt down ' the rod ti
complications involved in restoring
right name presented formidable obs
ay. clei which ha hunltuUd to tackle. Mi
of MR men him "Old Three
Stnr * , " thnt IndlrtxUng his r.mU ns
llcutcnnnt cenornl. Later , when fight-
inpr the buttle with tbn conqueror who
f < eon or lo-to subd'io ? nil flesh , ho became-
known the world over ns tlio "Silent
Sufferer. "
General William T. Shcrnnn xvns
fiimillurly c.ulod "Uncle Ulllv" hi his
mon and also "Old Tcinimseh '
General Gcoigo H. McClullan , xvho
was tx prlnui favorite with his mun , bo-
camoonilcnrvd to them us "LlUloMuc. "
General Gcorgo C. Meudo were glumes
and xvns ipcedlly dubbed "Four-Eyed
Georgo' ' from tbut nnd from the fact
that ho wut keen und quick und vcrj
little escaped his ob urvatlon. The
title xvas ono of which ho xvas proud ,
for ho kncxv it 'xus not designed to cut
txxo xxuys.
General Ambrose K. Hurnstdo , xvho
relieved MrClellnn ns cotnm tndor of the
Army of the Potomac , xvas ut first col
onel of the First Klioiio tslaiid.but xvhen
ho came to the dignity of guiicrnl ho
xvn ? titled "lUiody. ' ' Incldontally it maybe
bo slated that ( lonoiMl HurnMdo also
gave mime to the particular cut of "side
burns"so much in vogue a foxv years
since. "Tlio general xvith his xvhlskors"
xvas considered ti very hindsomo : flguro.
General .lo-eph 1' . . Ilookor go' the
soubriquet "Fighting .loo , " which he
hatid heartily , and tlio man who xvm
spoiling for a "ncrup' ' could earn it
o'isil.N by alluding to the doughty gen-'s Ut o in bis ] ) rnt-cncc. .
TheMiCook family w.i'rt'oll ropro-
Hcnteu in the xvar of llio rebellion , and
Ilii : mcmbors xxeio irenorally "bunched"
as the ' lighting MeCooK.s " General
Alox.iuder M > : C'ook had as ono of hia
stnfl Dlllcors Adjutant General D.m Mc-
C'ook of Illinois. Other members ot the
family xxero Captain Kdxvin McCook ,
xvho 'belonged to Logan's reglmont ;
Lieutenant McCook. xvho xvas in
the regular army ; Mujo- Alison G. Me-
Coo' ' < of IhoSi'coiidOliio , Capt-iin Henry
McCook of Illinois and Sheldon Me-
Cook , lieutonaiit in the navy. They
born thiJtiiM'lvoa bravely and xvon the
titto "llght'iiir ' MeCooUs1'whoro the bat
tle rtiged llercost ,
General .lohn I'opo XMIS called "Si.1-
dlebag . .lohn.Vlion ho lirbt took
command of the Army of Virginia ho
found everything in confusion , \\lneh ho
sot to worlc to slr.iiiihton out. Cense
iiucntly xvhen asked xvhcro his liei.d-
Mimrtol-s xveio ho lepliod "in the siid-
itle. " Ills men sa'd that headquarters
xvore "in the saddle on the move , ' ' und
their location liable to bo in dangerous
proximity to the enemy's tire uuring an
General Irvin McDoxvoll xvas derisively
" " his irreverent
ively denominated "pope" by
erent mon , because , us they said , ho
isMied more "bulls" than the pope of
Home. They siiid of the txvo generals
' ' " in the
that Pope's headquarters" wore
saddle and McDowell's "head" in u
basket , because the latter xvas
so extremely cautious.
FranSigel , the jolly German gen-
ornl , xvas familiarly knoxvn us "Dutcby. "
General Winlicld Hancock xvas Unoxvn
as "Hancock the Superb. " u name given
him by General after the mag-
nilicent m inner invhieh ho ropuKod
Longstreutut Gettysburg.
General Andrew A. Humphrey , xvlic
xvas iidibtinguidheil engineer , xvas styled
"Old Mathematics.1
( Jaueral S. W. Craxvford xvas called
"Old Phytlci1 , " ' because in the begin
ning of bis military career ho xvas u
surgeon. Ho xvas with Major Anderson
during the bombardment of Fort Sum-
tor , and s-ivcd the lifo of Kosor A ,
Pryor of Virginia , xvho xvhilo under i
ling of truce inside the fort uncoromoni-
otisly picked up a glass of liquid from n
table and drank it for u "xvhiskj
straight. " It proved to bo iodide o
potassium , but "Old Physics" pumpsi
him out and saved his life.
General John A. Logan had sovcr.i'
titles. One xvas "Black .luck , " bncuust
of his tawny complexion and long bluel
hair. Ho xvas ulfo called "Old Win
Kaglo''and the "Black F.uglo of llli
nois. "
General Philip Sheridan , whoso stut
uro xvas fur from commensurate xvitn hi
ability and brain , xvas greatly oolovci
by his men and xvas called by then
" 'Little Phil. "
General Albert Sykos xvas "Syksoy1
among his mon.
o General Henry W. Hulleck xvas dc
il risivoly nicknamed "Old Biuins. "
General William S. Uosucrans wu
speedily dubbed "llosy. "
General Loxv Wallace was calle
0 "Louihii. " ' Not that his men dcemo
d him olTominate , but because tliey xvanto
some endearing term for a gonerr
xvhorn thiyvcro devotedly attached ti
and that xxas the first that suggi-s'.e
General Philip Kearney loft un ari
n in Mexico and xvas knoxvn among hi
mon as "One-Armed Phil. "
General Benjamin F. Butler becniid
of bis peculiar drooping eyelids xva
cr.lled "Old Cock-Eye. "
General .ludvm C. Kilpatrick ws
knoxvn as "Kill , " simply as an ubbn
vlationof his last name.
Dashing ( iuneiiil ( Jeorgo Cuslor l >
cause of liia long yolloxv curls xvs
icnoxvn as "Kinglets. "
General Coorgo If. Thnmns was fi
milinrly Unoxvn among his mon us "Pi
Thomas. " After the battle of Chiol
nmaugn ho xvas given r.B u mark of di
tingaishcd honor tlio title "Hock
Chlckumaugu "
II SI.X | *
"Halt ! Who goes thoreV"
It is 11 o'clock on u winter's nigh
xvrltes M. Quad In the Xoxv York Sui
iy A cavulrymiin on picket hears a sui
iyU isiouj sj-.i i.l in the luillm bushes 01
nty his right Ho has hardly spoken who
L < 0 the echo comes buck to him from th
iio post beloxv :
tie er "Halt ! Who goes thoroV"
ISO Tlio llguro of u man suddenly nrisi
IIU above the loxr bushes. A quick dash l
or the south might save him , but he hos
latcH nnd it is too late. He is in fodon
uniform. Ho has passed the can
Hontinols ho is skulking through tl
woods ho lias planned to desert to tl
ononiy. Five minutcii after his ouptu
he is at the reserve ami ton minut
later he Is on his xvny back to cum
And why should ho seek to desert 1
llag to cover his memory for nil tir
with a stain wo. so than that of murdc
Ho is young in yon rti , but evidently
veteran in xvar. They question hi :
hoping ho may exculpate himself , 1 :
ho refuses to ansxvor. Ho ia lett in t
ho euro of the provost gun -d und it inn
id- until daylight cornea again that otb
ide questions uro put to him Ho nittintui
e- bllenco. Then they charge him xv !
bilng ) u spy. His dice pa'.cs ut t
rus word , but ho bus nothing to Bay.
refusob to give his name or name 1
tie command. He is slill obstinate xvli
ho taken to headquarters. Ho is pule n
anxious , but refuses to open Ills li
us L'ltor on xvhun put 01 trial for his 1
in- before a court m irti il ho still pursti
In- the policy ho luul evidently decided
Inur - from tlio Hrst , ABU xvould-
ho might bring forward excuses hi
. Hjmo sort of defence. The vo 'd
might bo imprisonment , but it xvoi
ho not bo death. As a jpy ho xvill sun
eufler the fate of splei. Then xvhy
eat Epoak , numo his capt-iin , identify hi
i u eolf und ask the court to be morclfulV
| jut Never u xvorn from him through I
ipo trial. Kvery captain in the dlvisl
his xvus culled upon to identify him , 1
la- none could place bun. The charge I
to be that of apying , nnd the vcrd
hixd to bo dc .th In llll/Jl / ild , convict nl
b > d Uiiihead vui't in trtl il , he won 1,1
hate bao.i shot xvithln n. foxv hourj.
Iloro In whiter qtlirtcrs there wns
plenty of time to j repiro ! n gulloxvs ,
When infoi'inod of the verdict ho
caught his breath like ono seized with
sudden pain , nnd Ihcro xvas u twitching
of the miHclos n"otnd ) the mouth.
Thirty seconds later fie had regained
control of hiniPolf.
It V.MS \vcok boforoiho xvns led out to
die. Aftr > r the llndiuqs of courts mar
tial had b-'CJti roturnei'P'uppiovod" they
gave him txvo diiys to ' prep ire hlmsolf
for eternity. Tlio moi'kory of it win
cruel. Mon xvho knoxv Unit their honr.s
on earth are numbered cannot absolve
tnrir souls of sin. The spy felt that It
was mockery , and no xvavod the chap-
Iain uxvuy.
All hangings under military law nro
at sunrise. A company had beet' de
tailed to see the order curried out ; u
sorgo-nit's guurd to uci 111 oscort. It xvus
u clear , frosty morning , und day.ight
scorned to conm "loxvly. The condemned
ni'in xvus up and dressed iiud xv .lit ing.
lie xvas pale faced , but there xvns a look
of resolution In his eye which 1 xvas
glad to si > o. Ho'xvould die gumo. A
chaplain had como In xvith me. The
apy xvaved him out und turned hla b.ick ,
that olboxvs might bo bound.
lie suxv the ijulloxvs long before xvo
reached It , but his f.tco botruved no
emotion. Murcli ! inirchl nrirclil Only
u soldier could h ivo marched to llio
I cat of the miifltod d-uin going to his
death. Wo reached the foot of tlio gul
loxvs nt last , The spy looked m > and
calmly surveyd the structure and the
dangling ropo. He is assisted upon the
rude ladder to the t up. A chaplain
kneels on the rough loards and olTers
prayer , and then ' u liU'h falls upon the
assemblage. Tli'uik God that mv orders
xvoro fully c.irried out when I bud de
livered my prNoneron the scallold ! Tlio
hangman axvatts us. Ho is u volunteer
Irom some guardluniio , and will got for
his xvork a fcxv dollars ut headquarters.
"You have a message for POIIIO one ,
and f xvill deliver il ! " \vhUpornd I in the
prisoner's oar as his ankles xvero being
"Yes , u mcs ago to Colonel -
of tbo tb infantry. Ho
xvill toll my friends. Got
word to him that I died in the line
of duty. Thank you goodoy ! "
From the hour of nis capture to the
moment of his do th those xvore the only
xvords ho uttered. lie h-id s"ireoly ;
spoken thorn xvhon the lianunrxn pulled
tlio black cap over bis face , Nloppod
buck to tbo lever , and two seconds later
the trap fell xvith a uiiish , and tbo body
\vasd.inglinginthoair. It xvas only
after peace cuno that I could delixor
tbo message.
"Ah , poor Dick ! " bighod the colonel ,
xvhon I had finished. "Hung for u spy ,
und yet bo xvas not u spy. lie entered
your lilies to try to ( hid a brother of bis
xvbo bud deserted and bring him back
to duty- that and nothing more. The
brother came back to us- poor Dick
Used on tlio gulloxvs ! "
SnrM'iiilricMl Mv Tliiiri.
"I siirrondciod six times in ono day
during tne xvar. " xv rites Dr. Thomas S.
lluxvloy in the SI. Louis Republic , "it
xvas at Holly Springs. Miss. I xvas xvith
the union troops and xyus making my
headquarters xvith u resident physician.
Tbo family xxits a very hospitable one.
but there xx'us ono daughter about 19
ve.irs old , rcd-liaired and regular lit
tle sp'.Uiro ' , and n rebel through and
through. When the confederates made
tboii raid on the toxvn they took in by
surprise. T xvus in Iwd , and xvas uxv.ik-
onod by the discharge of guns. I getup
up and dressed , und in the oarlv morn
ing light soon baxv our boys coming into
toxvn from the outpoats. I noticed ono
poor felloxv , badly wounded , hobbling
along the road , and took him. 1 carried
him upstairs , put him in my bed und
gave t'be best attention I could to hh
wounds. While I xvas engaged in tlili
xvork , my host called mo doxvnsiuirs ,
saying 'You uro xvantcd. ' I knexv xvbul
this mount. I xvent down und mot i
confederate ollicer , xvho donvuulcd thai
I surrender. I did eo , and explainer
that I had a xvoundcd mnn in the housi
xvho demanded my attention , Ttu
ollicer very courteously paroled mo ot
tbo spot. It seems , hoxvovor , tbu
tlio 'red-haired little rebel xva1
mad because I bad brought tbo xvoundei
Yankee into the house , und she xvas determined
torminod to make trouble for mo. Sin
told some other confederate otlleor thu
I was there and ho very promptly tool
mo prisoner. Ho came nt mo with tlruxvi
sxvonl and said. 'Surrender , sir ! ' 'I
surrendered , ' 1 snid. I again oxplainoi
and xvas paroled and returned to m ;
luiicnt. This surrender bii-iness xva
repeated until six different confederate
had taken me prisoner. Mr.Sixth Cap
tor \vas\a private , a boy about 18 year
old , and he rushed in tlio hoiiao xvitl
liis musket lovolcd and seemed dolor
mined to shoot. . I have alxvays hud
suspicion that the girl ] ) iit him up to it
I tried to explain that I had alroad
bison paroled live times , but it xvas liar
xvork to ( jot him to libten to anything
Ho kept yelling nt me to hiirronder an
inadu mo stand with my hiinda high i
the air xvhilo I inudo my explanatiot
I believe ho would have shot mo hut ft
the inierforenco of my host and nom
confederate olllcors , vho luipponod t
come along. "
Soldiers Monument nt ( ! lii\rlniiil.
The funious Perry monument in Clevi
. land , O. , Is to ho moved to ono of tl :
' suburban purks , and on the silo xvill b
reared a magnificent shaft in honor i
Llio union Holdiors of C yahopa count ;
i The loxver ebplatmrto xvill cover li
n squnro feet of ground and from it thei
o are to bo four lllglus of sem'-circuli '
Blairs loading to tbo upper esplanade
From this there xvlll ho a nnmbar of 01
trances , through hotivy bron/o doors , t
! S the momoriiil room , an apartment fort
o foot. Hqiiuro and txvcnty foot high. Hoi
iil there xvill ho u nmntyqr of bron/.o iigun
! ° Shameful
It ii a shameful confession to
ut make that u.any people arc
ot 10 villing to use adulterated arti
or cles because they are cheaper ,
HAth and in doing so often subject
ho ing themselves to injurious
effects , for it must not be
on supposed that those who are
nd willing , at the cost of repu
ifo tation and for the purpose of
oil gain , to impose adulterated
goods the would
or upon public ,
vo hesitate to use injurious
ild adulterants.
Dr. Price has an established
m reputation for manufacturing
good and pure articles , and
ho his Delicious Flavoring Extracts
nit tracts of Vanilla , Lemon , etc. ,
lot ail are the most perfect made.- *
ol Ohio ponoraU anil sivornl busts of
prominent C'u.vnhojjrx county sohllors.
From the top of the monnrlnl room
there is to bo n granite shaft ! _ " > foot
high. It xvill ha aurroiuulod by fix
bronze lunils boiirlny ; the nrxmes of the
principal b.ittlos of the rebellion. The
shaft Is to bj surinonnto ; ! by n bronze
llguro of Columbia xvunrln ? "n t-olillor'a
ovorcoiit , tin Innovation on the purl of
the sculptor t but lius siibjcotoil him to
consldor.'iblo urltloUm , bo'tli fnvor.ihlo
nml unfnvornblp.
llorolc proupi of hronr.o statuary rop-
rowntliifj "Tho Coin.Oiiunl , " "Tho
Defense of the List ( ! un , " "Tho I'nv-
nlry' ' nnd "Tho Navy. " xvill occupy jio-
dojtnla on the four sides of the inoino'
rial room , The inonuinont xvlll cost
? UOO,010 , uir.l it Ib oxpoctoil to bo ono of
the linost of its kind in the Unltud
Stitos. All the statuary hns bjon 00111-
plotod , so that It simply romatns noxv to
imttho structure together.
A day for toil ,
An hour for sport ,
Carlsbad Sprudul Salt in the
morning ,
And your life will not be
Aiie.T anl Con-itoi Trjxtiuut , c"nilUlnt i >
Bupnoiltorloi. Oln'iijnt la Oi.iiuiii nun l.ilUt
umll'llls A I'oill to I'jrj tor KU'ruit , tntarnil
bllndorUlosl. . uttsi ij.'iro'i" iloj'.uor llerj II
ttrrl'llai Til ilJ mlIm iiaTjr bu.i tnown ti >
lc.ll.SIpir bo olorjj < ial > t mill. U'nr suiUrTr. ) a
Uilstarrl'iU tlheiu WIM .1 wfltln xixruUi n
unjlllvuly Hia \ w.t'i U fux-si > > rjfii.i I tlio.iuii i/it
noiuurua < j il stiuifjrffJi Simple ,
Uenc < l by ICuun X 'o. , Drii/itlfin , Sulo V
lil ! ' unJ Ood.-iu trjU < j-.ui. Nab
CT ft y ? \ jKHft
v&f \ Rr W
The above brands of glove ? lor sale by
N. W. Cor. Kith and Douglas ,
Not lei- .
To the ttoekholilcis of the O alhila l.'inil
and Cattle Co. : Notlee is hereby given to the
btoeUlioidets of the Until ila l/uid : anil Cuttle
company that unn i il mectlni : of
said eomp'inv xvlll bo hold , il tno office of s.iUI
coniiin.v | , In tlio oily of Oni tba , st.ilo of No-
lira-k.i , \Xodnoidiiy. . Dei'oinbur soventb.
l-.rj. ul mo o'uluck li. in. , for llio pnipose ol
electing directors of iho coniiniiy lo s"rvi > for
the ensiilns yoir , und for the transinMlnv ; ol
uny und nil other biHlness of every kind : ini
clmiiicter Unit nuiy bo prusuntod lo nnoli
incutlni ; by the iimeinhlod iloHiholdeis.
r.nxx.Mtl ) 1' I.\WUENIT , I'icsident ,
JONATHAN Alil'.u Secretary.
( Jinah.i , Nob. . Nov. 1' ) Isjj. n''ldlf
I'rupo&ul lor Lumber neil Cement lor Hu
City of OniiilU.
Eoalod bids xvlll be rccelxod at tun ollico o
the elty ooiniitioller i u to 4 p" in. Docomuoi
C. 1811- ' , for tbo fiiriil blni ; ot lumber and eo
in'Ml fijr tbo voar IS'J.1 ' fortbeell v. I'hocomp
Holler xvill furnish lilanks for thu bids ui
liimbur , and only bids xxl.l ho eonaldeiui
inadu on sueb hl'inks. All cements furnlshei
xvlll h ivo to stand the lost of the city on l
ncer. raeb bidder Is leiiniied to enelosu i
ceitilled cheek of 1100. Tlioiljhl Is ri"-orvoi
to rojeelanv or ull bids.
Omaha. Nov ' . ' (1 ( , IhW. TIII-.O Ol.sT.N.
( 'omit toller.
I'rnposil lor tlui I'lii-nlHliliiK ot lloi'su l'r < "
lor llio ( 'lty ol Oiniilm.
Soulod bliU xvltl III ! ii'oclx'cd at llio Olllce o
llio city comptiollcr uptoiji. in. . Di'cuinbo
Mil , I8 ! , for the fnrnlihlnsof lioieu ft-i'il. fo
the city , for the vo.'ir 1MH. Dai'li bhlilur t
( nclo u cert III. l vliuuUof ? l n. Tlie ilfht I
ii'iurvcd to rc'lret any or till blilst ,
Unialui , Nov. . 'Dili , IMC' .
Tinoioiti : ) : oi.siiv.
N"bd fit C'oniptrolliT
rroioKiil | lor Ailvi-rtlshiK Tor Ilin City <
Oiiuilin ,
Hoalnd bill- : will bo ivcolvud at tliuollloou
tlui cltv coinptrollor up lo 4 p.m. Drouinhc
It. Ih'JJ , for the olllflal ndviiilNIn- thu ell
fur Iho ye.-ir IhU , In aci'oidnnjo ultli sucllo
in ; of the charier Kavh blddoi to ent'ln'-o
i-i'itilled oliouk of JIOJ.'JO. Tlio rlxht la rrsotve
lo rolcul .my or all bids.
Tlir.o. UI.KI-.N. ( oniiituil or.
Om.iha , Nov. ai' . l"ir. ' , NtjsDi
rriiiikiil lur ( 'O\ < TIII | : Meant I'lpio in ( Ml
Hull ,
Foaled proposals xvlll ho received at the ol
fli'u of tbo L'itv comptroller nn lo 1 P. in. . Dt
oeinbor li. 1MI- , for the coveilng ; of llio hin.ii
pipes In tlin city hall , saiuplosof Ibnpropose
uovLMliiK to iicTompany eauo hid I'.aeb bill
dor Is rcijiilroil loonuloso a cot titled i huuk i :
iloo. J lie rluhl Is resnrviid to mjir.'t any or al
bids. TIIiulllioi. : ) ( : > iN : , Comntrnllur.
Oinalin , Nov. W , IsU. . N''n dlit
I'ropiiniii liir I'uvliif lnl re < 'llon.
Healed iiroiioaals will bn received by tbo un
duMlKiiod until U o'clocK a m , Novomb' ]
itUili , 1CJ- , for I'oiornilo enmUloiiu und Wood
i ulT. lutnthH Htone , ulabs C , iiueordliu to boec
Heat onsim llio in tlio olllee of tbu boird i
nubile XMirKf , for PUVIIIK tno Inlursectlon i
l.oxvu uvcnuv and Cumlnx slrcot > IH pur eon
eurrenl resolution , adouled by tbo mayc
und uonnell Novunibcr lit. h.c' ,
Kauli bid to specify n pileo per Kipiaro yar
for the paving eomplolo on s-ild Iniorseflloi
Work to bodonuln ueeord.ineo with jilans an
Hiieelllcatloiih on fllu In tlioofllce of Ihu bour
of nubllo ftorkh.
K ifb proposal to bo madu on printed nianh
fi.rnlshi-il by tbo board und to bu aeeomp :
nled by acerilllud che.'l.m tlio hum of tiu
piiyablii to llio elty of Onmlu , nn au evldcnc
nf Kood fiilth ,
Thu buiril rouorvos the rl ht to lojcct nu
or all bids urrl to xv ilvo dofvets
I' . W. lllltlxllArnUi.
f'hiilrinun llouiil of I'ubllc Works.
_ Oinjihn. JSovoinber'Jfilli _ , I8K ! . .Nov a-l-'JJ.
rropt'hal for thp I'liriilHblni ; ol' .SUitloner
rrliithiK Mini l.lllioBrnplilni ; .
Bo.iloil hlda will bo recolved at the ofllco i
thoclly ion ! nt roller up lo 4 p. in. . Dccfint
0. Ib'.ii for Ihu furnUbliutolbooily of btullo
ory , IKIOI.B , printing mid llthosiraphlnt ; f
IbOJ. lllaiiKN for blilder-i furnished by tl
comptroller , mid ouly bid * inailo on nu
lilunUii will MI cuiihldured. I'ach bldaur r
oulrod to enelosu u our tilled chock of i'.t
The elty reserves the rlchl to reject uny
all bills.
Omaha , Nov. 80. J6DO. THKO , OI.Br.N.
N-edct Coiuptrollur
Ij Mamma I/SGS / K , j , , P I
for clotlies' , , , feMV ' ;
HpK MjW *
l f t 'V t B Ww)1/ )
[ v , ' * m $ S&f& f/ /
g : : . - n : s r.r T
Twin City Steam Dye "Works
c ; \ . StMIOKl SCMC. . PU01MUI TO It.
Omaha Ollh-e , I-V21 Fariiam rfU ; Tolopliouo 1V21. Council lUtills Ollico and \Vorli
Cor. Ave. A and -tith St. ; Telopbono illl ) . Scud for clrcultira and prleo list.
More sold than all others combined. Do not bo deceived by imitilors or by
those claiming to have almost as good u machine. Huy only the SANDWICH
CORN SHELLES and bo protected by direct guarantee from reliable ninnufao *
turcrs. You can alxvays depend upon our repairs being kent in stock by all local
dealers. Apiily for our agency. Send for catr.loguos and pricos. SANDWICH
NQFACTURING Co' , Con-ieil UlulT-i , loxva.
Improvad Safely Elevators ,
All kin Is of nyoiMsanl f'Uiaiiln T ilono In I hi
I -liestHtyloof tliu uru I1 uloJ mil staliml
abilus mil lo to look in 'oni UH lu
Work iiriiinptly ilono ami ilolivorul In ill
put lout ihu oounlry uni for uilt'o 1KU
C. A. MAC1IAX. - - IMtdl'JjlKl'OR
Iliondxvay , No-ir N'urtliwf itnra ITJI l
UO I Mil. 1 I l I > r. } ( ] Vt
AtrA.STKI ) A pupil nurin at llm XV. C. A Inn-
11 piui , vor iilli iiM'nuinml I'lb ' xtrect , nuiti l > o
belMveniCJuiiilliU yeiiriold , ufKooil inuml clmriic-
ler Apply ut OIK" .
\trullK Wanted , by nctlx boy of 111 , who > \lll
it make bliuiclf ueolul In itliup or i-loru. Addren
1,71 , lleuoniee.
'J place , "n Norlh Tib nliri'l.
ami clly loaim. AlonuT loanuil on ttocic
itnil k'r.ilo. Iteal emixiii for np. | liHelllni ; anil
M runtuli .Money lunneil for local lnvt lom.
u A 'loulB , SL' 1'enrl ulrcut.
1 4'Oll KXCIIANI1K- ulw lioiiinoriS 7tb ulrfct ,
nearttb niunue. clear of eneuiiibranco , for linniu
InOinalm. llanicoin I'laoo or Kountno I'lncu pr .
furred Will I'ul In li.WJUinoronci ) llreeii > bliitl > ,
Mchul un .V 10 _
OD ADII ! fruit aiul vunlen f jrni , m-urcltjr. tUpvi
aero , line luOuirn liiriu. I ti \ > vt HITOJ l.UXJitcrt
tract. ndJolnliiK a Nulimiku town , ( IJ pur aero
InrKH Met ot farm anil oily property for Midi. John ,
on \ Van I'atUD
\\r A XVOOD.tCO liav i > uiu of Ihu linen farmi
il .In uuthwu > lern lowu jor al ( 'nil uml ei
UK 6JQ MalnilriTt.
l.'Oll I room houiu on foull
-I tin urcfl for land UreemliU'liti , .NU-noliun \ Ci
1.VII ! 1IK.NT 'I he fol'nwlnz ilHcIltiiirs-
10 li > .mi ilHi'llhiK , l.ll 1'nrk nvo. . fu
7 room ilvti'lltmbUMith uve . ? J5.
7 ruorn ilw elllni : . 1S HronilH Ky , Sifl.
10 loom iiui'llbii. .Mi Helium M. , iM
b ruuin ilttel'liii ' : . "IAvaiiup C , ihitij.
I' , rooiiiilwellliii ; IIO N 1Mb el , } IUtli.
11 room ilttelllnir , S l Aeniiii It , 118.
7 loom i\\\ \ ullbiiilU I bicolii im . . f lil.flj.
7 mum ilHMlllnit. 8IH Iliiiiiioii ) t.15.
T PKIIII iluulllni ; , llnblillt I'lnre , Ili
! > loom duelling ; . & . , ! XI ) nit IT M .III.
Aruxiii ilnelllni : . Wii : lnl n\i : . * ia.
4 rooin ilHiillIni ! . ' ' -'I MMISHT n. . H3.V ) .
li roum UnellbiK. lirnlinin live . ? I2 ,
d rooin ilwriling , l.Vjii ' , 'tli ' n\u , tit ,
liionm ilnellluu llablilll I'lui o. f2 ! ' .1.
7 tioni iluelllni ; , MornbiifdMo , ( IV.'iO.
4 riKiiililnellliiK , 4GA I'uik l\\ , ' . , fl-.f/l
d rotiui ilwellinw' ' 'Ol ' Avcniin A. 511) .
. ' . roiiiii ilnKllIni , ' . < UI N. i.lh hi. . JIU.
ft roiiiii ilnellhiKWl N. Till nt , * ID.
4 HHiMiil ellliiK , UU.'iKtli avi' . Hi ) ,
li ronin ilnelllni.M5 4th n. . SIU.
4 run 111 il we ! 11 inf. 14 X'lne hi , t J.
ij-rnum ilnnlllii , 'J7 ! ITlli nre .JIM
it IIPUIII ilnnllbn. l.V..ri A\einiu II.IIX
li mum ilvTcllbiK , I'-JT bill n\ . . flu.
i.-niuiii ilnnllbiK , I'UU Aveniio A. IIO.
6 roum dwullliu.inluiii ( ax e ncur HlKli , II.
4 room liniiki. . ITUn Uth t. f 10.
4 room dtvelllnu. xril Axrnuu li , ti.
fi-ruiiiii ilnullliiK - ' > " ' Avc'ime II , 18.
li room duelling. Ulrtfct mill Avcmiii .XIU.
. ' . roum ilniilllnu , 7IH fo.lit hi . IS
. ' . rnomd ellbiK. WIIJ ATi'iiuu A.JH.
4 ruiim iln lining. .l'ii ' N. lstnt-,17.
4 mom ilutillbiK. Oil Si. It-t m , | i' .
f room ilHelllnK. : il'W ' Axinnin A , f. .
firiinm ilnnllliik' , VI'.I ' IMh IIMI . tl.
S-riioni iltti-llliitf. 'MM Aviiiiuu U. Hi.
2 room ilwullhtu , 110) ) Axi'iiuu I ) , ! ' > ,
4 rnoiu ilwelllnu , 221 ! ' A iinue I ) , II.
II room ilnrllliiK. 2I..I 0 i.tb nt , IV
4 room iluolllnx , 'Al.l l * rk nvj. . ( It.
7 riioin dwellbi714 Xljimtur t. 131
r-riioni lUelllni : , 'il.'i XVnihbiKton itvu. , Hi
7 rni i in rtnelllnir , V4'j 7lb n\o . I/S
i ; room ilniillln , M.ri VIMIIIH A , 111 ,
4 room iliTulllitg , l. 'i'.M uvo , "plunu , " lll ! ,
fi-rooin iltrnllln . lJii ve. A , il .
li room ilnellliii ! , M.IOiikl'inil IIMI. 113.
: i-r om ilnnlllnK. Ill N. sih > t , no.
h II. Sbiiutu , roalai .iKi'nt , UrutJnar und Maltj
r ft
100 loU In Cimtrnl anb
VI lotH In MtillinrH iuM.
U'llnlH In IliiyUm ) \ I'.ilinji
> < ' . ' loin In Mayiiu'H IKI
Mlotn In I'oller A. (
'il lulu In llner'n ib.
1.r > IOIH In llei'r'h uild.
iShilulli Illithhiiid ail'l. '
IhllltH III lIllll'lllllHOII rimI. |
< ll l In Turley'h uilil
l.llolKln ItliMlu'wuill.
I'JU lom In XX'lUlit'f : i'l I
Hi lolkln I'liT-'ii' " mill
l.otN In ini'D lul'lltloii ' lo DIM cltyrlicnii forrni'i ,
or on | niriiiiiiil ) < i. i all mil > eo un No trouulu K )
liow | iriimrly. | lircc'imlileUU , Nldiolnoa \ Co ,
( ibi At III.H u | > pcr llronitwuy , niU'iutli | | | itva | tor
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