Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 06, 1892, Part One, Page 6, Image 6

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Cellvrrcatyitrlor to any pirtof IV city
II. \ \ . Tlf/TON. MANAGER
MOUIcc . Jfn }
Editor . No S3
i .MK.VliO.Vi
fV. . Plumbing Co.
Council Bluffs Lumber Co .
The boys of the llleh school , numbering
over thirty , hnvo organised it cadet corps
nnd Imvo ordered military uniforms.
Republican Marching club will moot at
headquarters Monday ovenlnir nlO'lB to BO
to Omnlm ami Join In tlio rally thoro. Or. \ .
L. "T toy nor , captain.
An Kastern Star social will bo entertained
t the icsidoncoof Ir P. C. Clnrk on Hftn
nvonuo , Wednesdax , November 0. All mem
bers cotilluily Invited.
Justice Hussy of Mnnnwa is giving offo-id-
cr.s n chnnco to piny un to the limit. Ho
lined txxo tlOOrflcli for llshln ? xvithnsolno
nnd nnotlior fellow 1 100 for stcullfg n shot
John Fulfs , son of I'otor Fulfs. of Loxxls
township , dlrd nt I o'clock Friday afternoon
of mninrlnl fever , havlnu boon sick only
nboutnxxeok. He was need 2'J JC IM. The
funcrnl will tiiko place tannlny ut V ! o'clocit
p. in services bolt.g hold lu the Lutheinti
church In Loivls toxvnsh.p.
An Inforinntlon xvns lllod with thi > cltv
clerk yestaiday charging JnroU Gardner wltli
larceny Irom a building. Gardner hits been
employed fnr some tlmo n ist ns general over
seer of tliu Hem s Pnik < ! un club houif , n'ur
the river W. 1) ) . Niison. who Hied the In
formation , claimed thnt ho stole ; jiJ ) pan cart
ridges from the house , the val'io of which Is
Jlxed at V.I.
Thoto nro a good many Shepherds In the
city , nil gcnlliMiicn of such quiet naluro mul
even temper thnt they might put together
nn.v starry night nnd ting pastoral hymns
without s.inllrgo , l.iit there Is onn grntlc-
mon whoso fiipnOs nio anxious to hnvo dis
tinguished 1 1. in ) othen of the numerous fam
ily. " 'hut Is W. M. Shop.ird , republican onn-
dulnlo for locordcr. Mr Shonatd spells his
name differently liom most iifolhcis , and
thcio is consldcrnblo apprehension lest this
contusion of orthograiihy lead to some mis
chief on election d.iy. Mr. Shcpnrd has
been u rosliient of this city for the
twenty x < au Txvolvo VCIIIM of Unit tlmo ho
was n commercial traveler for Stoxxnrt liios.
For the past two vcar < ho has boon with tie !
Mutual Bcr.cllt l.lfu Insurance company nnd
rented tlc li loom from Luu .t Shepherd ,
the Iho InsiinuiLU men. Duiing hU long
rcsldonco huio lie lun established a reputa
tion for intogilly that will thoroughly justify
the big icimbllcan majority he Is sure to get.
r of nil colors , best quality , only
Cc n slcoln. Uoston store.
SDIl Smifliti ) > rliir .IflMPlry.
An innuendo ninounl of interest has
been uuiikc'icil ainotifr nil classes of
people by tlio extraordlniiry slaughter
of the Mrs * . lUirhoi'ii atook of jcxxolry ,
Eilvorxxaro , xviituhfi , clocks , etc. Im
mense i-ioxxiN are lieinj- ' attracted each
tiflernooii and ox-cninj , ' , and the report
thoj ciirrj out induces hunilrcds of
others to'call. Ltiht night the loom
was filled , and some of thp crcutc&t sac
rifices that hnvo yet been made wcro
forced by the bidders. One solid cold
watch xxith a largo diamond in tlio c-ise ,
worth 41" > 0 , was Knocked down at $55 ,
nnd another natch that was inado to hell
for $2,0 ( brought $ ( ! , " ) , xvhilo scores of i > 3o
nnd $10 watches wont for from $10 to lo.
Clocks wore sacrificed in the same ruth
less manner , ami everything else in pro
portion. Monday afternoon and evening
eonio of the best goods in the block xxill
bo put on bale and bold to the highest
C'uticu-a soap at the Hoston Store for
14c oauh.
* *
J'JHAO.V.l.IHAtUt.irilS. .
A. T. Fllcklnecr xx-ns in Page county yes-
terdny on uiisino-ts.
Hex' . II. U. n.uton loft yesterday for Kan-
dolph. In. , where ho xvill preach today.
Air. and Mrs.V. . 13. Chamberlain of Ohio
rein tlio ily visiting their aon. Dr. M. II.
Bert Kvims and Oscar Kcollno returned
frlilav nltrht from a thrco xveeks hunt in
northern Nooraska.
M'rs. P.irthcnla P. Ituo of Santa ttosa.
Cal. , coinmlsslonor of the world's fair , is In
the city , iho Kuest of Mrs. P. J. IJay.
Miss Lora lllack has gene east for a six
.weeks visit xxlth friends and iclatlvcs. She
xvill stou at Dolaxvaro , CtflumDus and Clox-o-
land , O , and at Oil Cltj , Pa , bolero re
turnitiK- .
A. U Hart , train agent of the Union P.i
ciDc , after deposition a good lopublican vote ,
xvlH go to his old homo in Wisconsin for n
tnreove < ks visit. Ho came to Council
muffs onu year ngo , and tnlnnp such xvork
ns lirst cnmo to b.iiul has giudually ellinbed
into a icsponslblo position und has' now the
conlldcncc and friendship of both suocilors
and associates.
If you don't want to buy hard coil you
had better sou lilxby about those oil
burners. They uro adapted for use In
hot air furnaces , steam and hot water
boilers , x\ilh no co'il or ashes to handle.
The Hudiant novelty haso burners
nro the host ho.itoi-b in the city. See
them at Swaino's.
Shnndon Hells toilet soap 15o n cake.
Boston .Storo.
Dill Not Miitcrl'ill/c.
Judge C C. Cole of Ut-s Molnes , whoso
couvcr.sion to the people's paity xvas an-
tiounccil xxlih a loud trumpet some tlmo n o ,
was booked for the address of tlio season
Friday nljjht at. Ilughos hall. A croxvd of
about IHty ( .Mthorcii at the hnll to hoar him ,
but ho failed to show up. Tno local repro-
Ecntatlvcs of iho party stntoil nfterxvards
that ho had fulled to make n train at Doa
Molnes , and so hud decided not to coma at
all , Colonel Jussu Harper xvill address
nicotines touiorroxv afternoon nnd nvcnin at
! : ; ! 0 anil Tillu o'clock at the Mnsonio toiTinlo.
It xvill bo the closing mooting of the cam
paign on the part of the pcoplo'a paityof
Council Hluffs , and they xvill try to make it
inter os tint- .
Our HMO of Indies groy nnd ecru vests
nnd jinnls nt fiOc ; beats the world ; uny
el/o. ISObton .Store.
Tciibhaios capital stock Citi/ensStato
bank ( or bale. 10. II. Sheafo.
Boston store closes every ox'otiing at 0
p. in. , tinless Mondays and Saturdays.
Gentlemen , the finosuliiu oftnllgoodj
In the oily , jttit ruuuivuJ. Uoltor , the
tailor , 810 Urotuhvay.
The gomiino Hurr O.ik etovos nro sold
cnly by ( 'has. Sxv.itno , 7J17 Broadway.
Call nnd sue Ihoin ,
VOIIHI ; Vuiiiluli.
A bouso at 1017 Tenth avenue Is bolng car
ried axvay piecemeal by ncroxxdof mlschlov-
ou liova , and if the oxsner , xvhom no ono
teems to Know , does not get n inovo on hun-
telf In tbo near future ho xvill bopaylugtaxos
on a pleco cf property that hasnoithera local
bobliatlon nor u name. Tbo outbuilding
have boon torn tloxx n , the screens jerkrd from
tbo xx'lndows , and both the front uuu back
doors have b"cu broken In.
Dos Molnos uuutllo eon ] ) I ! unices for
lOo. Bostoti Storo.
Wo shoxv ovorythlng in undorxvoar for
ladies , inlbbcs , ( jonts nnd children , in
wool , cotton , etc. , cream , xvhilo nnd
black. Boston Storo.
l .
Boo these oil heaters nt Sxvaino's , 737
Urondwiiy. _
Don't forgot thnt Swnlno bells the |
Elraliurat gtovca.
, olril ongtuoor , S23 Broadway
Big Damage Suit Growing Out of the
? Looting of W. Mi Jonos.
Proof n ! Doitli wn rnrwnrilctl to
tin * ( 'ninpiiny DID Xlnni-y trim .Not I'orlli-
IUhcr Inipiirtiuit l.ltl-
( ' ( ' . , lonm commenced n suit In the dls
ti let court yesterday to recover f" > ,000 from
the United States Mutual Henovolont asso
ciation of Noxv York. The ca o has some In-
toitat , from the fact thut tbo plaintiff Is a
brother of U M. Jones , who met his death
by shooting last spring on upper I ! roadway.
The deceased had an accident policy for
$ : > , tX)0 ) With Iho defendant company , but
xvhcn It xvns presented for payment
U XXMB refused , on the around that
.loioi was responsible for hU own death
The petition states that Jones xvas
shot by John Wade , May ill , 1S'U , and that
ho dlcJ Juno 5. Proofs of bis death xvero at
on co forxvnrdod to the company niid blanks
xxero sent back for furtber information.
Although thu second batch of Information
xx as sent to and rocolvcd b.x the company the
policxxvas not paid ,
A "tilt xvat niso bstin ( yoHcrday by Prank
Wick ngalnst the Chicago , llurllnpton it
( , muicy lie nllcues that ho lost three
Irom Ins right bund xvliilo wonting lor llio
company nt Crcslon on Noxomuer. ) , ISM ) .
Huilomnnils n judgment of JIUUUU damage.
UK I ml ures ol tlio XX IntriIn l.ucul
The Tucbdax ufternoons of the Guild of
St. Pauls iirom'so ' to bo un attractive feature
In the social life of the coming xvlntcr. The
Hist xas entertained last Tuesday by Mrs.
Albcitson at her homo in the ( lien , assisted
bv Mrs. Habcoek. Mis. Alferil and Miss H.ul-
oilct. i'na morn industrious ladles xx ore oc
cupied xxith fancy xx ork.xvhlle others sat xyllb
lulu hands nnd cnvo tlicmsclvos up to perfect
enjoyment , and all xxcro uuito oblivious to
the pouring lain outside.
Miss C.uln and Miss Gertrude Oleason ,
xvho uro alxxays kind in contilbullng to the
success of cntPrtulnments , pmyca a beauti
ful piano duet. Mi = s Ollu CooU gave txvo
lli.c uumbciN , In which Mio displayed great
skill , and hun in the afternoon Mrs. Cum-
minus ( .harmed her friends by the recitation
of Mrs. Kroxvnins's "Mother nnd Poet , "
which she gax'e in a faultless manner. These
xvho braved the disucrLcahlo xxeatbor xxero
Mesdatncs Uabceck , William Troy nor ,
Uauinii , ICullne , Cumminir * . Moore , Cahoon ,
and the Misses UadollctHevnold"Honnblt ,
tileason , Oertiudo ( .ileason , Uavln , N. Iloxv-
man , Coon , Doughty , Duijuottc , Kclll ,
Kchoentgen , Daxcnporiana Sackctt.
XX' . < . ' , A. Kiitcrtiiliiniciit.
The entertainment given by the Woman's
Christian association ut iho Masomo tcmplo
on I'Vidny and Sutindayyas very success
ful , Meals xxero berved duiin ? the day and
ovonintr and xxeio generously pattonl/cd by
the friends of the uospitai. An entertalnv-
incnt xvns given both evenings in xvhieh
Lucia B. til iflln , the xvcll knoxvn elocution
ist , took the principal part , nnd xvas assisted
by local musical tuk-nt. Hanged all nrounil 1
the loom xxcio booths in xxhich
handsome auiclcs for holiday tiso x\oro
ditpla.xed to good advantage. About
the ranter of the room xvas a small
"den,1 in which dolls of all sires and colors ,
dressed in all the varieties of the beautiful i
nnd the ridiculous xxero exposed for sale.
Lingo numbers of people vislleu the ball
mid helpcfi the Indies out by purchasing their
xvarcs. The finances have "not boon straight
ened up yet , sa that It is impossible to toll
what xvas iho exact result of llio entertain
ment. Jt is certain , hoxvox'or , that a hand-
inine sum was roalii-ed. It xvill bo aovotod 1
to cariying on the xvoric of the hospital.
Ollxctto I'nrty.
Wednesday evening the OlivoUo circle
gave 0110 ot their pleasant parlies nt Ihe
Hoyal Arcanum parlors. It xxas well at-
loiulec' and a line tlmo was had. IJoftosh-
inenls xveie served by Iho Indies. The follow-
in B xxore present : Misses Ma/io Pauck of
Omaha , Sadie Mudge , Mno Scalcv , Belle
Suyiier , Kxa Nason , Nottio Wolia , Alice
Bonl'nm , Kdaa Snydcr , Clara Myers , Kthel
Coltilousb , Nettle Keller , May Hayes , Mlnnio
Ouron , Lena Fonda , Misses Davis , Fanny
Bucroft , Lou Fiench , Van Urunt. Grond-
xxcg , Shrpaid , Nolllo Armsirong , Djra An
derson , Misses Anderson , Alillor , Kolb nnd
Dobbins of Omaha , Mrs. Roller , Mrs.
Kilpu Williams , Mrs. .Too Smith ,
Messrs . ] . P. Uhnstenson , Prod Dobbins ,
I'nrl ICenvon , O. .1. Martin , Orlnu Kirk ,
( Jurt Stoddard , S. Barker , Baker , John
Beno , T. J , Coyne , U. B Urnndull , ( J ! . Gould-
ing , J. ( iroizcr , II. H. Harper. A. U. Keller ,
10. S McCrary. O'Koaf , H. P. Koolnson ,
H. Warren , P. Weslovor , A. .1 Paul. U' . F.
Mnr'iu ' , H. Bioxvn , .1. Glenn , J. Dohunv , Jr. ,
11. Davis , Muller , McDermott , Briduham of
Council liluin , Will Mick , II. KirbxL. .
Kolb , ( . ; Klein. A. Kishci , G. Huston. C.
Patrie , .1. Hnlliiiuy of Omaha , H. Wit brow
ol Mlssouii Vullcy.
Caps of till styles , raps of all prices ,
caps for bo.xs and girls. Boston Store.
1'iro ( trim In ly mul Ctii'iu * ot llmiliin
Our lalo loss uv ( Ire xvns covered by
I xvo policies , both in tlio COUNCIL
By" oVloc'k the next moniing aftoi-
the Uro the Becrotiiry xvas on the nsh
heap , pencil in hand , ready to figure the
lodoxvn to bodrocif , xvhioh ho did , too ,
fiayiny that' it xvau hif , duly and no
Hiiall pavt of bis business " So long as
ho did not go boloxv bcdroclc wo had no
loason lo complain , consequently the
boltlcmcnl was not only prompt , but in
every xvay salisfactoiy , so much to that
In addition to $ ! ) , 'JOO.OO ( tovon poliolos )
enrrioil by this company before the llro
wo noxv add to it $10,000.00.
Being Intimately acquainted xvith the
becrotaiy and directors xxo cannot bo
persuaded that bettor indemnity can bo
obtained than that olTored by our homo
company , besides xvo believe in p.Uron-
i/.lng worthy homo ontornrlsos , ovorv-
Ihiii ) ; bolii ; , ' equal , and iinlcb-i xx'o do xve
shall continue ) to be dependent on for
eign capital nnd corporation ? ,
G. \Viinnuu : ,
J.\s. A. UKUKMJ.
Wrapper bltitiKnts in all elyles , the
gioat leadeiH nro ineditnn broxvn with
dark broxvn border , medium groy xvith
blno , medium groy xx-Jth pink , nnd a
variety of othorw. The great orazo , the
most eomforublo morning xvrnjipor over
thought of , 7 < r > e and i > 1.00oicli.Vo : hnvo
several nil mndo up. Cnll and see utvlos
and take n pntlorn. Huston Storo.
To HID \ nt rii ol (4111111 ( Tuxrniililp.
llaxing nerved ono term as jiihtico of
tlic pence , ns 1 boliovo. xxith reasonable
Batibfiii'tioii , 1 respectfully boliclt your
votes as nn Independent candidate for
thnt ofhec. \ V.V. . CONI > .
Ask to boo our gents' grey nt UOc , sold
elsexvhero for r)0i ; . liodton 'Store ,
Kurup iilitH ol u DrnnliPM Solillrr.
John Craxvford , a Tort Omaha soldier ,
raited a largo sized roxv at an cu.-ly tiouryos-
tcrday raoraiut ; at tbo oomo of bis slstor ,
Mm , Dan McCiinnis , 1101 Seventh avenue.
Ho has bcon'ln tbo habit of drifting to this
sldo of the liver aoml-occu > lonall.v xvbcui fort
lifo became burdeusomo and onoylnR ] a quiet
little "tlmo" xvitb the bovs and calllus upon
hi > sl&ter xvhilo cnjojlmr various stages of
intoxication. Tuduy nlgbt about midnight
ho called at the bouse and afior bo-
inu' admitted pulled a bottle of laudanum
out of tils packet and aslicd her to share it
xxith him. Mrs , Midliinis did not huyo hoer
suno hanUeilng after a bhunllnp off of her
mortal cell as her brother bad , and been
promptly refused to driuu , Crawford then
said rio xvould kill her an ) xvay and xvas
about to suit the action
to tbo xvord xvnoa
she darted past him through the door into
the street In hi > r nlRht rlolhcn She ran to
the house of a neighbor , with Craxvford
nfler her. The nclgnbor ( OOK Mrs. McHinnls
In , but refused to adnrlt Crawford. Soon
after the patrol xvnpon xvas called and
Craxvford taken to the city J'jll , xvborn ho
cave the nnmo of John Smith and xvas
booked xvith disturbing thu peaco.
Gloves in Uld , gloves In xvool , gloves
in caslunoro , gloves in leather , knit
gloves , In fuel nil kinds of gloves nnd
mlttona at our usual loxv prices. Uoston
Handsome noxv Ingrnin cnrpots ivrrlv-
ing daily at the Council HltilTs Carpet
company s. Prices of carpets nro going
up dally , but the old prices xxlll remain
in force this \voolc.
press goods ; see our line ; get _ our
prices.Vo shoxx- the nobbiest goods at
a , big Having , being ash buyers anil
cash sellers. Boston .Store.
xviniti : \\oitsmr. .
Some of the Snlijri'ls to llo PI VUMPI ! In tlio
l.onil Cliii-rlirs.
Pirst Presbx'tcrian , corner ofVllloxv
nvcnuo nnd Seventh street Kex * . Stephen
Phclps , pastor. Preaching by tbo pa tor at
10.33 n. m. and 7.M ) p. in. Sabbath school at
1m. . Young people's nicotine alt ! no p in.
.Second Piosbytcrian church , Harmony
and L"gan streets H. Alexander , pnstor.
Preichlng at 10H0 : n. m. nnd 7HO : p. in. ,
bicrnmont of Iho Lord's supuor after Iho
morning set vice , Sunday school at 1'J m ,
Christian I'nduavor at < ) : li ! l > . m.
Bureau Bnptist church The pastor will
preach it 10 ' ( t ) u. in No evening sorvlte.
Sunday school at 11 ,15 a. in.
Congiogationnl-No preachiutr. Sunday
school nl 13 o'clock. Christian Endeavor at
O.IIO p. m.
Young Men's Chiisllnn AssoLlation
Meeting ut I o'clock , led by Mr. i : M.
_ Bunker.
Tiinity Mothodi't Knlscopnl- Fourth
strcot nnd Nintb nvcnuo. Pleaching by
} llev. i Mr. Lorlni ; 1UIJ : ! n m. nnd 7 : ; > 0 p. in.
Class meeting , ! l0. Sunday school It ! m.
Kpxvoith lo.iguo , 0.45 p. m.
Temple flautist Young Men's Chi'lstlan
nssociallon ' looms , Merrlnm blocic. Preach
ing services at 10.3(1 ( a in. and 7 , ) U p. m. ,
K A Hull , pastor. Mornlnc thotno , ' 'What
Baptists of Cout ell Bluffs Noed. " Sunday
schoo , 1'J m
' St. .lohn's nngllsli Lutheran -Services ou
first lloor of Men lain block , -Us Main and
SO' ( ' ' Pcail slrcuts , at II n. m. nud 70 : ! p. m.
Hov CV. ! . Snyder , pastor , buuday school
at lM"i n m.
First Banlist The uastor will speak of
"William Caroy's l < 'altli. " In the ovenincho
xvill Ucllxcr un cddrass to ynunc men , taking
as the BUbJcct 'The Fieiy i"urnnco. "
Fifth Avenue Mnundl-U Corner Eight
eenth stivct nnd Fifth avenue. Preaching
atlOOa : ! in. by the pastor , KoxC. . W.
Broxxer. .lonnio Smith and Adelaide Shot-
man , the tallroad evangelists , xvill hold hcr-
xiccs ati : and 7iO ! p. m. Sunday school , 11
o'clock. Class meeting and Kp.vcrth league ,
G.'JOp. m.
Broadxxay Methodist Episcopal Lhurch
Preaching at 10iJ : ( a. m. nnd 7ao : I ) , m. by
the pastor , Kox' . II. P. Dudley. Sunday
school nt 1'J m. .luntor loagt o nt 4 p. m. I"- ] )
north loatrue , ( i.-lij p. m. Scats free and all
xvill bo gladly xvelcomcil.
Yarns of all Kinds , youhyrs , Si.\ony ,
Spanish , ( Jormun knitting , Angora
xxool , ( torinanloxvn xvool , etc. Full line
of black and colors at our usual loxv
prices. Uoston Store.
Coal and wood : befat aitl cheapest
Missouri hard wood in the
. , . . , . city ; prompt
. . . .
" . . .
.1 i : - TI" \ * * " + .r t .i.
delivery. If. A. Cox , No. 1 Main.
Iiibtoad of bolting a hat on election
xvager one of thosa bandhomo loxv-priccu
xvino or brandy sets at Lund Bros.
Ask to sco our gents , " grey underxvear
at "oc , marked doxvn from liOc ; a hum
mer. Hoston Storo.
Mai i htgr f.lcciiscn.
MarrlugJ licenses xvcre issued yciterday
to the folloxxing parlies :
Nauiu anil Itusldencc. Age.
J Orra 1' . Mil s. Council HIiilTs L' " >
I barab I ! Snnrt , ( . 'uiinollHlillTs'I
IIIenryH dlilcon. descent
IM.nyA Darlln ? , Council lllull- , C > i
IJoliii S. I'lnqoollG. Counell HlufTs a3
"I I.evlna .1. Kollanil , Council lilnlTs. . . ' 'A
I Henry Welsc. Oimh'i 3d
1 Ilurthi lllec.c , Um.ih i 1U '
I 1'otci Clirlslhnsun. Council Illiitls . . . . 21
1 Dor.i Voss , Counell Illutls . . . . l'J
J Albeit Tlmin. I'ott Lxxattamlo county 21
I Hello lleodoft. I'ott xxxaltamlo uoiinty1
J \\ush niton I' . I.uxv s , I''.ittamlu Co. CI
I Almlia Monroe. Council llluirs . . Ill
I r.dxvln W. Punt , Omih.i : ,2
( Mnry A. HOL.I.OC. Cuiinull Illiills 2i
Coinfortors in all grade * , Comforters
at75o , Sou , . | .00 , Sl.W , * 1.6I ) , W.OO to
SI.7. ) ; uheapor than ono uan make Ihoin.
I3obton Store.
flo In and see the noxv h its anJ bonnets -
nets at Miss Sin-ink's. 1 ! ) Mnin atroot.
Writing1 tablotb 1 cent each. Boston
Attention Itrpnlillr.ins.
AH rontibllcans nud marcbinK clubs uro
requested to be nt Headquarters , Sipp build
ing1 , ut 0:43 : Monday ovenlns' , to go to
Omaha. It is requested that nil uniforms
and torchch be leturnrd to heaaqmrters for
this x'isit. V. Ij. Tim NOH , 1'rebldent.
II irrlson and Kohl , Clovcland and
Stox-oiihoii Uiimii.iig'n caps for fle tit the
Boston 8toro.
Ijcaiilifiil nexv fancy elionille table
covers , tlio latest noxv thing of tlio sea
son , at the Council Ululls Carpet com
pany's. _
Sco our line of xyritlng paper and tab-
lota. llandbomo box of paper IL'je.
Huston Store.
It Can.
Coi veil , BI.UIM , lu. , Nov 5. To tuo & !
itor of Tun Her. : Clan the electoral vote of
Nebraska bo divided ) 1'leaso answer to de
cide u bat , J.
't cakes of GJIIOUS '
bO'ip , an ologantlaiin-
dry Honp , i.iiulo by Colgiito iV Co. , for
10c. lioston Stoi'o.
The Boston Store eloos every evening -
ing at (1 ( p. in. except .Mondays and
Saturdays , _
UOpooplo In this oity ina gu stovoj
IhoUaa Co. puts 'mil in at cost
ri.OOC yai'd.s liglitchallio , the best thing
out for romfortorH , lJc ! a yard. Boston
. . _
11 w m
S. U I'roxvoll , xvatehmakor , 710 U'xvay.
Davis fordrugs and paints.
\ViiK it Tlilnirh * rinnplruey.
Nnxx VOIIK , Nov. 5 The liiljin of Ccntia
Olllco Detoctlvo John ,1. ( Jurnv by the crook i ,
James D. lilanchott , bids fair to rovoul
sensation. Detectives rccoivea information
ttm * . there was a conspiracy to assassinate
Carey and that ulunchott and another mem
ber of tbo gang were told oil to do It.
Acting ou the information xrulch they re
ceived detectives hut night ivont to"4 West
Fortieth utrcot. to u Hut r/.id to bo occupied '
by a xvoinun named tC"/.vurd , xvblcb they > .
broke Into. Ton profi/.jional tlilcvos xvure
found tboreand placed under arrest , They )
uro said to utivo been toccorood in the plot
to murder Carey.
TliKlC'il Too Iniiiltcllljr ,
Six FIUNCIM'O , Cal. , Nov. 5. Herman
Waldecl ; , a bookkeeper tor J. 1C o tin & Co. ,
tobacco merchants , skipped with at least
(15,000 ol bU employers' money , accompanied
byaxvoman , He xvas In ibo employ of the
linn many years uud thoroughly trusted.
Cruder No. uilmit. .
S\N FIUNUSCO , Cal. , Nov. 5. rtio cruiser.
No. U xvai successfully launched at iho Union
Iron xxorlis this tnornlnt ; , and christened
Olymplu. A largo guihorlug of people vvIt-
Homed the ceremony ,
Emojth Schanu ofi AHnnonpoHa Brokers to
Cnmo Railroads Tronblo.
One ol llio Intcrr Ung IVntiiro * of tlic 1'lnn
U tlio Dntigvr it "Spotter" In cum
In Attempting to i : - .
Muu , Nov. -Special [
Telegram ' to Tim UKK , | Not a great x\bllo
ago there xvns considerable gossip to the of-
feet that the Chicago , St , Paul , Minneapolis
& Omaha xvns cutting tlio rate through an
employment agency , the subterfuge of ob
taining xvork being used by rainy to aid tbom
lu getting to Chicago at low than half tlio
usual rate. The ether lines xvoio all stirred
uputiddlio thrmits xvoro made unless
iho piactico xvas stopped somotbinif would
happen to the open rato.
Tbo Omaha protested Its lunoccnso nnd
gcod . fallh xvith perfect ulneorlty as xxas
nflerxvord demonstrate. ! , nnil ttio ROJSID died
nxvny. Noxv , hoxvovor , there is nexv danger
ol a similar kind ihrcnicnlng ilia rates nnd
the : oniploymont agency working on its own
book , us It xx ore , is m u poMtlon lo snap its
lingers nt ibo Western Passenger associa
tion. The agency starlol in by entering Into
a couttact xvith MoArtbur Bros , of Chicago
tc furnUli labor. It then had printed an
ironclad agioaiuont xvith that linn , to bo
sinned bv the party supposed to bo in search
of employment.
lluxx II Is XVorlic.l. .
The moJtis opiiMiuli of ihoxvholo matter Is
something Ilk j tills : A man enters iho em-
ployment agency in search of work or n low
to Chicago ; it does not matter which ,
nlthouch ho Is treated as a person in pursuit
ofnjoo. Ho Is told ibat ho xvill bo given n
position xvith MrArthur Bros. In CInciiL'o If
helllpav ( ( } lor his lickot. The Idea of
this Is cMiIaincil to thu man. Matters Having
been arranged , ho signs the Ironclad argroo-
tuent. By it ho binds himself to go to ( hi-
cage and work for that Ilrm , and also author-
l/os McArtbur Bros , to take { . " > fiom his hrst
xxoek's pay to cnmuloto the Ml r > 0 rate
between hero nnd Chicago , The agreement
slgnod , ho piys JO.jO , is given n ticket lo Chicago
cage , and BOOS ou his xvay rejolcine. In nine
cases out of tou ho novel-goes near McArtbur
Bros. , but that is purt of Iho game , mid the
beauty of it is that If an association spotter
buys u ticket and becomes a xxltnejs in sub-
scquant proceeding' , ho soon linds that tlio
character oi tbo iigroomcnt he signed is such
that ho can bo Jailed for fraud.
TO KIJII ruiiiiiir : HATHS LT.
Ctmlrimiit Mltlgclyol the \Vcstoin Assocln-
tion on tlio Slliiiillon.
Cntrioo , 111. , Nov. fi. Chairman Mldgely
of the U'estorn Freight association basis-
sued a ciroulur letter to mombets recommend
ing the vtlUidrbxval of existing through rate
arrangements xvith the G lit line . Ha suvs
that dining the last txvo years earnest and
repeated elTorts have beau nitdc to secure a
confurciico botxxcon a duly nppointsd com-
imttco of the western roaus and a like
representation of the Nexv Orleans
Traffic association for the purpose
of ciuvassing rates xvhlch have from
tiuio to titno been Issued from Gulf ports
ou exports and domestic Irafllo xvhon destined
tined . to territory nortbcily and westerly
from St. Louis. Tbeso efforts have not been
successful and , on account of the altitude of
tbo southern hues , Iho roads In * tbo Western
Freight association have been authorized to
join thnir eastern connections Uutho estab
lishment of rates on Impoit tradic and of
through rates from Norm Atlantic seaboard
ports that huvo enabled the northerly rotilos
lo comprtte , xvhilo nlioxving tbo roads xvest of
the Mississippi river portions in excels of
tbo divisions xvcst of St. Louis on curicnt
thipmeiits via Nexv Orleans. This xvas done
because there seemed to bo no other xvay to
engender a desire on the part of the south
ern lines for a confcronco looking to an ad
justment of rates on a reasonable and re
munerative basis.
Domestic Sliliiiiirr.lii.
In regard lo domostio shipments Mr.
Midgoly dcscribos the silualio'ii as steadily
groiving xvorso. On many articles the rates
from Nexv Orleans to Sioux Fulls , b. D. , BIO
scarcely hignorand In a foxv Instances nciu-
allv les's tnan the tariff on iho sumo articles
from Chicago to Sioux Falls , for eiamplp ,
the ralo on sugar i 'ID cents from Nexv
Orleans and S7 cents fiom Chicago ; on
ciocUory and carthonxvaro , ! ! 0 cents I'rom
Noxv Orleans and 27 cents from Chicago ; on
coffee , ! ! . " > cents from Noxv Orleans and U7
cents from Chicago ; on molasses , - > uont.s
from Nexv Orleans mid ' . ' 7 cents from ( Jin-
cno ; ; on rlco , 35 cents from Noxv Orleans
and "i cenla lioir Chicaeo : on salt , 20 cents
from Noxv Orleans and 15 cents from Chi
cago. For j ears there has been exhibited a
determination to maUo such rates fruin Nexv
Orleans to Kansas ( 'ity ns the initial line
thinks necessar.x to secure the business.
Moxt Omali i I'lcnros.
At least ono road carried the Kansas City
rates to Omaha and Council Bluffs ; another
extended thorn to Sioux City and Sioux
Falls , nnd so they spread through loxvn anil
the adjacent torritorx * . The noonlu of north
ern loxvn are protesting vigorously against
the incqiultty. Chairman Mldgely thinks
Iho roads in the \ \ estern Frelfrht association
should endeavor lo rellovo tbo situation by
xvllbdraxvine their prorailng mrangoinonls
xvilh tbo southern lines and exacting their
foil local rates on shipments from llio Gulf
ports desllned In their lerritorv. Ho
therefore formally politic' , the members
timt all tariffs fiom thoUulf ports on foreign
anil domestic trtifllcs destined to iho loirl-
lory xvcst anil i.orlhxvcst of St. Louis that
have not boon duly approved pursuant to the
lilies prescribed bv the Westcin Freight
association are declared unauthorised and
all such tarlffg should bo wiihdruxvn , iho
cancollallou to bocomu uffccllvo December
Ifi. Hxcnption is made of ruios on tin pluto ,
onrthotixvuro and salt to the Missuuii ilvor ,
since on Ihosn rales icducoa proporlloiu
huvo been uuthoriiod via thu north Atlantic
scunorts in compoiiiloti xvith the Noxv
Orleans routes. In the meantime Cbairmau
Mldgcly promiios to make unother cflort to
arrange a confermico xvith tlio southern lines.
In Vi'ry lluil Shiipc.
SAXANSVII , ( ! . , JJov. .1. Kec3lor Potter
of tlic Central ralroaa inudo bis report to
the cour' today. It seems thut the earnings '
have boon steadily decreasing nnd expanses
Increasing during llio past four or nvo years.
The cxneudiiurcs for the next year nio csli-
malod as twice as great as for these of ISsT ,
This practically moans n considerable dollcit ,
'J'ho effect of tbBirvport is depressing Gen i-
eral HuporlntonUeiiti SVadlolgb's report ia
the condition of the system r.tiows It tn bo In
bad shape and stutoi Hint lo put It in n good
xvoruing order within tbo next foxv rears
xvill require more Uian ? , "iOJOtXJlj for lopalrs
nud Improvements In rolling stock.
Iliiilncs Trmiliinn.
ICxN A8 Cm , Mo. , Nov. 5 Tbo Continen.
tal Trust compiny closed Us doors at noon
today , making an a.sslgnmonltoO , S. Young ,
a laxvyor in the Now York Life building , for
the benefit of its crodltors , The president
of the hutliutlon is OV. . Toumlln. and the
secretary C. C , Kdson , The capital stock Is
stated to bo $100,000 , and It Old a general
bunking business , The company has about
( iWWO ' on deposit , nnd it is prubablo that the
usj'ots xvill fully cover all claims.
Deputy SI * bxvorn In ,
NEXX YOUK , Nov. D. Twelve hundred
deputy marshals huvo bean sxvorn in for
duty at the polls next Tuosuay. AflortUe
men xvoro sworn lu they xxoro &ssiguod to
the Uhiombly ilhtricts xvhoro may will
serve , und ihn xvarrants aud oltlcial Dodges
xvero f urulsbeu tbom.
Approri'il Iho Iiiilluu Allolinnnt.
\VibiiiMJrov , I ) , C. , Nov. D , Tbo secre
tary uf the interior lias approved iho allot
ments of lands to ibo Indians ou iho Devil's
Lake reservation In North Dakota to Iho
number of SO' ) . Ily tue terras of tbo allot-
mont all of the < o Indians nro declined to b
clthcnft of the United States , entitled to Ibo
rights and privilege ! of such citi/cns
.trr.ttitx .ir AC/I in on tn i.
Incrrnsn In tlm liislf1 Cltj'n I'opnl itlon in
Att < . tcil br tlic UrcHIlilt Ion.
The registration of voters In South Omaba
Is rotnplotcd and shows a wonderful In-
crea o. The Increase ts almost phenotnciinl ,
and cvccoJs bv several hundred the piedlc-
tlons ol nil ns to xvhat tbo llcuros xvoultl
reach , The rcglstnttion shoxvs tint
2,0r > 7 qtinllllcd votori bavo placed their
nninos | upon the rolls and xvill vote TuesdhV.
Thotnixn Is not to bo found in South Omaha
2,000 x-otors resistor , and more nro plenty
who ulacod the number nt not to exceed
'J.ltOO. Friday nnd Saturday l.HN voters
roelstorod , 7Ji of tbom on the former day
end 47(1 ( yesterday. The preceding thrco davs
of registration 1,7 0 rcfilslcrod. 'l ho regis-
trnllonts consldorcd very larg , and the fact
Is borne out xvnon it Is rr-crlled thai nl Iho
miinlcipnl election Inst April thoio xvero cast
but a.'iifl votes , and nt that lima It xvas con
sidered that the full vote of the city bud
turned out. The registration of this var
and the vote of last April by xvard * and dis
tricts Is ns folloxvs :
tcroil xnti-
' IMJ bu,1
1'lMl Wurl
rirstillslrlcl Ml 4" '
' fi-oiui districi : :4ii : ai'i '
Thlr.l dlstr.ot W L'10
Tot iIs | , un -os
rirsldlslrU'l . '
4.l ! III
Sjcoml district ! I47 ' 'III
Third district lu'i ,16
Tnt'ils ! M1 Tji :
Third \Vnnl-
riraldlsirl-l flSI Kf ,
Second dlslilet 2 , ( i ' . ' .T ,
Totals fill ) 4K.1
Tola. s for city . ' , 'rT ' I'.VO
An Incrcnsu tn the voting population n six
months ol tilit voters Is a recoid xxhlch
eclipses that of almost any cltv in the uni
verse of near the sumo sl/o ns South Otmihn.
The most peculiar part of it is thut II is
almost next to l-nprmlblo to prognosticate
, ,
upon Ihe rolillxo strength ot the political
pirtios. With " -o many noxv xoters nnd no
lost of parly strength In 1 1 cltv for Ihtoo
or lour .xoars no coircct prophecy o ! Ibo
piobaulo oiitcomocnn bo vuntutcd.
The greatest Incrcisc In unv ouo xxaitl is in
the First , xvheto theio is u gain of 'jr ? This
xvard Is republican by u fair mnjorily , anil
that party xvill also bo the gainer by me In
croaso. In the Second ward there is a gain
of 'JIS This xvaril is xcry evenly divided
botxveon the republican unu democratic par
ties , the latter havma a majoritv The Thlid
xvard gains IfiS , nnu as this ward Is almost
ovcrxxhclmlnglv democratic that party xxlll
undoubtedly bo tbo gainer. There is a de
crease of two votes in the Fourth xvard ,
which Is democratic by a small majority.
The republicans xvill not bo the losers by the
Increased population , as ibo growth In iho
membership of ibo republican clubs proves ,
and the many nexv fncos soon at the meetings
is also taken as n good criterion.
Until ) Iliirncd.
Mrs. .1. P. Webb , xvho losides xx'Tth her
husband at Txvonty-fourth and ( ! streets ,
cumo near being a vicllm of iho deadly gas
oline steve yoatorday afternoon. Sue
xvas alone at the time and hnr presence
of mind and prompt action saved
her from n frightful death The bla/3
in the gasoline slovo shot into the
air , enveloping Mrs. Webb's clothing , ns she
\ as standing near the stovo. Tno ladv
promptly xvrappeil herself in n blanket anil
smothered the llames. She was budly burned
about the face and arms befoia extinguish
ing tbo 11 L U.
Music I
FrankJMoaco , a banker of Nclsou , is visit
ing \V. fc > Uosccrany , deputy postmaster.
A borso rmden by S. Volsllnped and foil
.yesterday. Mr. Void's left xvnst xvus broken
by the fall.
Mr. and Mr . William Kilpatrlck of Otis ,
Colo. , are visiting Mr. and Mrs.V. . 1 { .
Matchclt , Txvonty-fourtli ana N sticots.
Michael Ilonrv. aged ! U years , died ut the
Do Hoclc j'csterdHV mornlngr. The remains
x\ero shipped to Vmter/vlllc , Wia. , lasteveu
W. B. Berry returned from Chicago yestcr-
dav. Ilo was accompanied by Mrs. Berry
nnd daughter , xvho have been vUltlng in the
cast for several months.
The 1 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Join
Gorman , Thirty-first and U strcols , died
Tnursdoy nighl. The remains xxcro taken
to Chicago last evening for interment.
Mrs. O. Khler. living at Thirtieth a'nu U
alroets , died Friday. Tbo funeral occurs
Ibis afternoon nt2 [ o'clock from thu German
Lutheran church to Laurel Hill cmnclory.
Zacu Cuddington roturncd yesterday fio-n
Central City , xvbcro ho atlonded a xvc'ddlng.
xx'as not Mi. Cuddmgton's wed a Inu' , and
hois noxv pronounced a ma'nmouinl forlorn
All republicans in Iho city ate Invilcd to
bo nt Txvcntv-fourth and N slreots Monday
evening nt 7 o'clock and go in a body lo
Omaha lo pirtlcipuo in iho grand rally.
Torches xvill bo provided lor all xvbo deslio
logo. The presidents of the different clubs
hnvo issued orders for all members to icport
ut the same time.
Mrs. Bruno Strathmann died yesterday
afternoon at 11 o'clock at tna homo ot her
busbimd at Twentieth ana I sliccls , after nn
Illness ot about one week. Mr. Slrulhmann
and his xxifo have resided In noulh Oimih.i
for a number of years. The deceased had every
very laruo circle of acquaintances. The remains -
mains xvill bo taken to Wisconsin this after
noon for interment.
Jt \ Noxv lldll.nrd tlld Trouliln Will Ilo
Ainlc.ilily Adjnstrd.
Nrxv Onwsiss , La , Noxr. -Tho labor
unions uro xvcukomng already , nltliougti
today at noon xvas llxed for the suspension
of nil trade. Mayor Fit/patrick intoroslcu
himself on bonalf of the laborers and asked
the merchants If they xvotild receive noom-
niunicaiioii from the laborers in xyrltinj ; .
The merchants replied in the nfllrmatlvo and a
communication was forxvnrded to thoarbitra-
lion couimltleobhorlly bjfoionoon. A nu'iiber
of oreain/allons hod already declared that
they would not obey the mandate to strike.
As most of the lines of business hiispind
trade between noon and 1 o'clock It xvas Im
possible to tell iho proportions of the stiiko
till later. It Is believed noxvevor that the
trouble xvill bo amicably arranged.
Tno council is in session nnd has asked the
Iiibo-ors anil merchants to send deputations
to the council elnmbor to suto their griev
ances. The police icscrvo Is on duty nnd luo
miliiln can bo got together ou the shot test
possible no'lco. ' so that If any trouble. urKcs
it is believed theio xvill bo an ample force to
pic&crva order ,
.S///J I' .1 HKI'UI.I'tli.
Duliiriiilnoil I. Holt ol ii l.lnriiln lilrl lo C'niii-
inll inlciiU1.
LINCOI s , Neb , Nox5 - | Special Telegram
to Tin : MBB.I Ilatlio.Maek , the lb-your-old
daugater of Dora Fr.ulor , the koopsr of n i
disreputable resort nt Sovcuih and L streets ' ,
mixdoa desperate effort to commit suicide
this evening , She is an uncomnonly nliract 0il
Ive member of the demi inondo and
bus been desoondont of late , especially ilt
within Ibo past foxv days , ThU evening aisliot
xvas heard in her loom , and xvnon the oilier
Inmates rushed In they found her xvith u tor-
rlblo xvound In her loft breast , bbo bad
shot horsoll xvltb suicidal intent , the hull I
ontcrinir boloxv Ibo nipple. It has since boon
dlscovored that she purchased the revolver
xvith xvhidi btiadld ibo bbooiiug from a local I
dealer tola morning , At present she Is still 1
olive and the physicians are unubio to cle-
lornilno the extent of her injury.
At No.v York Arrlvcd-Haucr , from
Hamburg ; Hrilianlc , from Liverpool.
At Loxxos , Del , Anlved Pennsylvania ,
from Antxverp.
At KinsBle SiBhtod Norseman , fiom
Bo ton for Llverpoc.1.
At bt. Luciu Slehtcd , November 4
Straights of Gibraltar , from Itlo Janeiro for
Noiv York.
A . Havre- Arrived Ln Touraiuo , from
Now Vork.
At Lizard-Passed Ludgato Hill , frorti
Nexv York for Loudoti.
The Old nnd Yotttiff Miy B'tul
Every Line with Profit
Tlioso who lm\o rend the ] irofo'lonnl
articles of lrs. ) Copplnnd nnd Shepard
wccit after \xuok nro a warn hoxv they
have gratlunll.x educated Intelligent
readers to nol only rorngnlro theiriiecu-
liar ailments , but the dilToriMit phases of
Mich ailments they htuo tati"ht Ihe
jicoplo what they hnvo never understood
before , thnt catirrh means something
else besides n btoppotl up eimdUion of
the nose and throat
Thtil frontnl hendncho , noui'nlglacon-
fusion of ideas , roaring lu ear" , ili/vl-
ness , cti1 , nro duo to cat.irrh of I ho
That o o throat , cough , hoarseness
or cntiro lo s of voice , bronchiK !
nsthmn , chronic pneumonia , etc , nro
calarrhal conditions of these p.ii'ts.
That tlysprpsln , iiidigcstlon. luir' '
burn , water brash , nausea , fetid breath ,
palpitation or fluttering of llio heart ,
shortness of breath , < ll//liicss or verti
go , altornntn dlnrrhn'v anil 'ontipa-
tlon , bloated up condition , pile * , olc .
icsnlt from catarrh of iho otomin-h and
That diabetes , Hrlght's ilKen-e. rolen-
tlon or incontinence , murky lluld , etc. ,
follow calnrih of the Kidney * and blad
der. In fact , that catarrh nll'ects more
or less all the mucus surfaces of Ihe
entiio boJy , cntising nt times severe
local iioiir.ilgjc or rbetimntic
Cntnprh of the bladder end
kidney ? is dnngorous nnd dis
tressing. Trent nnd euro it now.
An Inxxu l.mlv riiiils ( ' ( iinplclo Itcllrl ttniii
u Si-ilous l iliic'mul lilaihlt'r DKv.i-c.
'J'ho nsiof Mrs. Susan Shaioii , n
f.irmer's xxif < > nud xxcll Knoun resident
of Miiccilonin. Iowa , L'S miles from Conn-
il 1 Hulls , is a nolablo'-o ' of hoxv
atarrh allccts iho kidncjs and hhuliler :
< | M Minnm i\ \X lu < i n inrnu'r' * willinnniil
hlu-1 IniliM. I In a tor ) li.i'l ' "t'llf I linxi'lioi'ii
iit11'.r llxp or'l\ jc'iri ln'l lik ninl liall ni II.
H I.Hi' I ni : sn tiui Hint It i uinml 1 i oiiM uii lid
l.iim'r I loulil uut work norvit up 1 hull n ratlin lull
li nilj c of tl u bliulilrr mill klilui' s unit iiifi'ii il inure
t'1:111 : 1 ill n tell I ilo tutvil nllh
lioiiiu pi ! > > 1 ( . \ \ \ -
nlui niiililiinlv puttli mi'up Inr n "linlt linn hut ni\
< ll i'iiso wns'tlll limit1. I Inul mi n In nn I
Mil" PI fcAN Slllttl.V. .
lit nlKlit ronlil iidt turn over I" ! ! Mi lic.i t
thumped aim tumMiM ru nut torrIM } V > liiemli
m nlniit. liuiilil nut slc-i-p nr re-I a. niflit 1 I u
fiiinnxiry nui'i mul no uppollt" uciillu U nil tin.
enllrel ) 1 li.x 1 a tt'ii'Inj ; un I lirltHtlon i > r tin * Mini
iler \ > llh n const nil burning mul piln I col v > lun
thut forulKlituon ttujs before cei'tUK Ir ) * . tnp'iuntl
nn 1 bhepuril 1 NIIH conHiml to Hi } bed M > ( , I.M\ I *
tliuiiplil lij in ) ni'lKliuurj lu 'icn fiitul one.
fin > -isr loS'niTiov.
' M > wliolo oondltl , > ii IIIIH toe'i ) tluni'iM Itilnml
leup cll mi 1 nil niv illca G l * comliiiunnin
MO nan. .My lldnoxs nnil l > nildor.iro v.iunl . nnil I IIIH
pnn.tUa'l > cure I. 'llio trivit'uc'iit nf llr . Cop > lninl
iinilbliepiirl cmt'iltu KO ut onti > lotlios-nlul t , o
whole illscT-c. liejul o in m > pruM'iii lii-nlth uinl
( Onifurt , unil am to lust f > In the r bo'Lill. '
Don't suffer from Dyspepsin.
It can be cured. Gastric catarrh ,
the worst form , can always be
S5.00 A MONTH-
Catarrh treatel at the unifo-m rate of
$5.00 n month meilio.113S furnished lie >
For nil other dlsea'-Oi the rates will be low
und uniform. Patients at a dlstinca su--
ctbsluliy treated. Send for symptom blaiilc ,
HOOM3II ' , NiYOltK'i :
\ \ . II. C'OL'I-HiAM ) . M D
C. S. SlIIOI'AHD , M \ >
Siiorliiltlr"Cnt.irrli. . \slliinii , llrenililtls .Nervmii
OlHen.'is , Illnod Ili eieoi , Itliuillniltl in. t'liiivinup
ilonnnd "II cliriiidt'atuctlons ul thu ' , Inn.1 * ,
Miiuniili , "kin. I.IUTII id Kl lneH
Olllcii Hours -.iloll a in. -'to 'MI ill , T tub p in
Hindu ) , 10 11. in. to I.'m.
ru oitr.n i in : ro.vr I.M .
( 'oncliiHion or un Important Tilnl on nn
Insiiranrn I'ollc ) nt I'ort
Pom Donor , It. , Nov. 5. ( Special Tele
gram to Tni : UBK.J For Ihu lirst lime in Iho
history of the locul district couit u foieign
insur.inco o npanv h is been uphold in Its n-
fusal to , n a | ollcy. The jury in the
ease of N line's against thu Dxxoiliiu'
Iiinuraiiro con jiany of Hoiton toiiav
returned a xordiot for Iho iiefendiinl 'Iho
HUH xvas ono of four instituted lo locovi'r
Ji.bOO on the plainttll'H hoii'o ; md contents ,
xxhlcti Ibo I'oiniHinics refused lo piy on uc-
count of hUfcpieious circumstances The di >
fcmlants tu cd their defence on the theory
that Iho hnuso xvas over iiisuii-d In
the Hist pluca nnd that much of the
coiitoiils xvero secrelly lomoved before the
llio , ivhicb , It xx-as alleged , xxas Inccnnlary.
A strong chain ol circumstantial evidence
xvas produced to bnclt up thlr ami HIM Jury
cclded against Iho plnlntilT UV. . Names ,
thu plaintiff , ia a xvoll laoxvn nttornov. The
cnbo created a sensation und xvus ivnli'hi'd by
insurance agents all over tun xxcst xvith In
\ \
Cuhl XVIml , It Ii I'riKilrtdilX'lli Illotx in
\ \VjiRinsoros- I ) . U. , Nov. 5 - Porecast
for Kundax ; Kor Nubruslta - Uenarnllv
fair ; cold winds , becoming noithxxesi.
For rsorlh Italn , folloxxcd by
cooler weather : north xvinds.
For Houin Daltota Uuln , folloxxcd bv
cooler xvoathor ; north xvinds.
For lowu blioxvi-rs ; Mightly xxnrmci
KOUth xxlnds ,
Nil I'llllH , Illll l'lllll > Ot I'llll ,
Mrs. I'luinitoiid , In fjuoil } Iousckco | >
IiiL' , rocnllH the Now Knt'liind apple
jmrlii } , ' foslivulh 'llio npplo hues , x-.hon
xvork XVIIB inixeil xvith fun ; xxlion the
farinor's eon IMIDI ) to tlio viliiifrc xvith
the bit ; xxiifuii mid tfnthoiod iii ( the xvill
, boys nnd gM > > to go homo xvith him
to the 'jipplo beo. ' I wee the bitf
kltehon xvith itw xvhilo ncouroil floor ,
iiuiplo llron'jco ' Illlcd xxilh onu-Miii } . '
Ions , the xvhlto tuhlo froi htcd xvilh
lui'RO ourthon piuin of apples and
liilitcd with tallow uahdlca. 'J'ho air is
ilMod witllTplVy odors and the ialk
laui.rhturo ( the hey a and tfiilBab thoj
liUBily pare , foio aim ( juarler Iho applcn
I BUO the IOIIK Bupuur t-ihlo not out xvllh
Ha homespun llnon cloth , the hluo
dlahos , the tureen of baked bound amok-
ing not from the b-iok oxen ; the
puddlnj , ' , ll.inifed on oillior bide with
iiles of mlneo , apiilo , oustard and ptimi )
Icin , brown broad , doughnuts ,
bread , plckleh and
, ol Ouiimr ,
Somerville Jou.-nal : .ludgo nt
admit , then , that your client did this In
explicable murdor'r1
Counsel IIu killed the man , I udinit
your honor ; but 1 claim thut the KJiUnt
The xtant ndxertl < innnts In
noxxsuiper ftro often Iho most
part of Its contents. Thry o\pro < is
needs , the dally \vlsho of the poonlo w < io
xvnnt < oniethln and xtho
nro xxilllni t i do
loinothln ; ,
A COMI'iir.NT : Kirl xxaniod nt OIIOP ( , -5
\ \
\\lllownxenno MM J l.jmnn
\ \ rAN1 KIJ-Acond clrl f , . hon-e-
' xvork. II. llarft ; , fiJO Uit
\\rANTii-Oool : ulrl fur eoncr-n | I , KO.
xxnrk , Rood xtaisos to coin UP ) out KIM s'l
hlrd street.
" \IC\\Ui : groxvs lu rioiliTi nn.l Uillforti t
V 'for silo or t ratio. Uiocnshlci'iK ' N < , ,
\ I o
Ml I'AI'timber lands. In Mlnnosoii f i si'n '
In iiliiitltlt's | to Mill , j usy p ij n onis.
JvonsmoliK MoholionX I'o.
IJ AUM and - .
lonii. M.IM < y o
stock and criln llo-xl p t HP foi
-xiul biMhuMs rontalM Mnnnv < o m
oriocil lavuitori UoiiKeo X ! ' , i ? J > il'oirl
.trcut ,
K\t'ilAMl--t'o ; ! ii ( | inul ( r * i i ' o i of
I ind fur I'oiini'll llluir-1
- pr > | IITIJ w n iy
-h ' for ( linorcneo. ilrucuslu < > l is , \ t lioKon
'o , li.M Urn itlxxay
Ifl > K SAM : fhou-cst firm in I'ott ixx xttT"
* IIIO I'll , 41 I ' .
IX'HH , XXO I l.lfllu , ! 'Ill Un
, iroxul I'll. . 0 ! uin aero 1,11 Mu > nfu.
land fur s.ilo , \ , t , , , , i „ , < iri |
Oinalia : t biniilii If i , UIM. . snon
. '
.iri'i-nsli'u da.
' i Ixxay.
Fun rxi'iiMii : -4) I'll
eoiintx , cu o. xtitii iiinioxoi.iunt" . for
SlOi'k of city ROD Is inn ' ' ' " " 'In ' , ' m other
nil 10 U M Shenfo.
O\1.\S\ pnvinonls-.1-10 null , i sr , , \ s
Is ! siroot. Ulucnsli.uldi , Nielm's . X
'I llroaihvtiy. .n To. ,
l/Oll VI , ! , Un smut piyiienn fro l
J- garden Ian I
nuir Coineli 111 un 1
rliuafc. llio.nlxr ly un I Main sircni'
lH IT LAND , , P , , iuros for s ili > Insdloi "t
limits ( .iriunsliluids MiMiulMi X I . ( II
III < ulxr iy ,
l\r \\OODX U I liixosn m i > r III lllUHl
1 ' t fiirnm In Ronthu intern I n > v fjr si | < >
ill nnd sco us vj M iln stroi t.
HOItM'nn I biugx xx.inti'd for iiiiiinnroxiiit
nrotiorty In nonhxxoil p uiof , ity lueun
shields rMeholsonX Co. B'l Iliouluay
I Olt lii\T : The follow ni dnelllncs.
1U roomilixu llni ; . Ml I'arl. ivo IJ
i-roo'ii ilxxallhii ; . T'JI i ith l , # i\
k-t ODIII d\x oiling , ( I.M nd i\e , f'
7 IIMIIII ihxLilIiii ! ; . 01 MUli nxu.i' * ,
'i-rooiii ' ilxxuli ii' . 1 Hi st inuVPII U' I ) , { ,
i-rnnni ihxellin - , IS ' . ' llio idvv ij , $ ' 1.
10-iooni dxxoilln. , .181 lU'nton ft. j.'l.
s-room ihvoll ns , . Axenuo I , Jill itt
d-inoni ilXTiillliiB. ll'l N l.itli st . $ li.fij
li-looin d ollIng , h.'O Axeniii ) II , fix.
7-iooin ' rtxxi'lllii ) ; , ,11(1 ( l/Inc'oln mo , f h T ,
-room ilXYi-llliu , L' 0 II iitnony st , $1,1.
7-looni d\xi > llliu. It.ilililtt I'liic-o. J .1
0-roomdwrtllln- Curt Is ht. . { II
5-ronni UnoHIn5.M Mynslcrst Jtl
Ti-room duolllii' ' . li'--t.inl .ue. . Si i
4-iooiu ilxveillii'4. MI Mynslei st , JI2.U
C-room ilwollIne , ( ! iiiliiu > . .ixe , il !
C-rodiii tlHulllnir. lUii'Ilh axtJIJ. .
n-rooin ihxollliii , Itahliitt I'l iru , fi2.o ) ,
i-rootn dxxullliu , Mornlnirsl Ic. $ l-'Wl
4-room dvMilIln , 4f. > I'uik mo , } HV ! )
riooiii tlxxe Iln2wli Axenuo A , f 0.
'i-rnuni iluclllnl.d Wjislnncton nxcta
rroiin dwelling , Ml .S lilh at , flu
'i room ilolilni ; . .101 N 7t h st , $111
'i-rooiii iluellln. , 100. ' Avonno 1 HO.
4-ioom ( I'.xollln , in.'isti ! m , * u
C-ioinii dxvoilln. , Mil 4lh t. $11.
4-iooni duolllnc. l > Vine si * 0.
4 room ( ixxulllii , flin N 7th. ill )
li-ioom duel I Inl. . > 7 I7lh nxo . fll.
Ir iiioni ( Inollln-- : 4 Avciinu II , Jit )
n-roiini ilHulllns , IflS'i AXUIIIIO II , Jll.
ri room ilxxoillnir. 111 I Itro.uhxMy , S 0.
li-inoni dncllln . lli."J sih uv < \ , $1' ' .
li-rooin ilwnllln. , 17n ) Axonno A , ? 10
.l-rooiii uxxellinsr , tirihiini nxo. nr , lliih$3.l
4-rooni house , iTiilNi tllh si ? ll (
.1-Kioni ilxxiMlliu , .1'iJi ' Axeiinn A $0
4-rooni dxxoliliu I Axcnnu U.t < .
ri-rooin ilxxullliu , StfS Axc'iino II. ti
4-ioiim ilxNolllnK.OKI Axonnu I ts
fl-roiini dxxn Inv. fllj AxunuoC. .
( i-room dwollln , ; , Jlstst : inc ! Axf line M , ) i
ii-rocini dwellliu' 70h S Slidst.H
fl-rnoiu ilwullliiA ,111' ' , Avuiuiu \ . fl
4-ioom ilxxell'n ? . Wo N. Isl st , , J7.
4-ioom dxxollln Gilo Isl = i . JdOJ ,
ii-roiini dxxelllnir , 'll,0 AxL'nuu A ? ) .
.1-room ( I UD'I Ing , ' 'I'l IMIi axe , JL
.l-iooin ( Iwelllni ; . US l Aveiinn A in
r > -rooni dwi'lllni : , V.Ws Axonno I ) , tii
" -l iiiiiii dxx'jllln ; , 14II Axi'iiun I ) . ' > .
I-room ( nxcllinv.'I'1 Vxi'iiuu I ) . 'I.
i.-iooni ilxxollnig , .M. " ) - fitli st. i"i
4 loom ilxxpllhiA fill Axu ( ' . } ' 100.
4 room dwulllni. , 141 Vint ) st. ftlbU.
1 loom dxvcllliiHI ! I'arK axo. . MJ.OJ
U II. bhoife , rental a cnt. lltoadxxav unl
Main atieet
Jl Yell h ixo Tiyililu ; fur silu or Iriilu sos I
IX II. Shu ifo. Itroilw.iy an I M nn strjot.
A1IAIU3AIN , U-.icro frti.t mil canlon t
2' , mill's from postollli'e.S'j ' .icres"L | ]
' , i aero In -Uherrlts. . . ' > i upDlo tice < . 7j |
Ilium trees iAelicrry lines , dxxi Iliu slabls.f
utj. I'rleo 81,00) ) . N'o tr.ido I. IIhuifo
tl 1 ACKK" , Insldo oily limits' xvill Mill In lotij
MOUO n uro up to Milt Imjcr tiieensliiojils , ]
NlLboNon ,1 Co , Cl ! lirmulXT.iy
II YOU like liln I tip.itmiinl mil Imrjinnt in '
n'.il r titu i' ill on ( JiuunOiluIdH , N
son X Co. . ( > illro \ id XT ix
1 M ACItl S of eli'iir land In oistiitn N
J br.isUii top\eh.i'U ( > fm a SOD I losliloni'o In
Council Illu IN Want lin isos and lots foi Nu-
lu.isli.i 1 ind .lohnston .1 Van I' ittdi
\V I. IIAVT a ( fiinl ten ml for a lUeor BIT
' ' room hniiso font or llvu lilo .s fron | iosl-
olll > .o. ( irccuslilulds , .Mchol'.on X t > , Oil
llrondxv iy ,
OOin acres D' cbuluo pun ) lull la f n s.ile ,
no u I'm vis. Miss IJisy lorms Iji-
fiilruof | MM II. O llruilis , or A I' Kl'-o. U'3
_ _
ITT.iUI I V In jrooil Conaull Illulls pr
I-JMnst tin holil nils utiiii dri'c'ii
Nlcholhiin X O'u.
" \ \ IIAVIIcinlotni'rs xvlm wint boilsos to
IT rent llavu yon the ininses'CiieuiHlilolds ,
Meliolson .V C'o.
_ _
HANl'll uf . ' , 1'J ' iero ( . nuir Olinv'ii i ) , Wvo.
line linproviiinunts , s nnft st i > K to * with
i un h ; lliMHt In tliosl ilo. Will Hxi-fitintu for
Ciiunuil Illulls or Oni ih i nrupei ty ( lu'iin-
icIUs , Nu lioUon A. 0 > , ( ill Uro tihxay
r.\(3IIAVJR-IVJU ) htii'lc of
' muiehandlbo for low i or e i turn Nobi.iuki
Ian I. ( ironnsliloli'N , Mi-hol nn x to , CJl
II'nay. axi'nts for .idmlnlstr itor
7"MuTrNsnTiTTsr ; : MCIIDI ON A co"
\Ja/nts for udmlnUtr < tor. h ivo for s.ilo
oiio of the buiit0.lO-.iuiu Htou'L f HUH In osl-
oinloxvn. ,
AlthTHACTH and loins Tarm mid nil/ ]
piouerty bousht and bold. I'usoy ft
'riiomiis , OouiKMl IllulVti
(1 Altll M'K loiiiivoil , i-iiY puiiK viult4 mul
JfchliiinoysoluuMiil. _ lj.J ) lliir o. ( ity IIdig.
ITIOU S\ld. Ihil.l tii-ls loxx-n I
\ x11 i ( ( m - nn
i.1 Nubrisldi , Inxoluos , tl , WJ ioi.UJ. U IL
Hioafo _ _
W't'lTl' of rooms for rent , fiiriilsliuil
fiiriiNhod , W I'm I , tx u.
SlldW CAM.s-1 or'1 ' I'ho.iD , lliri'iii-fool
uiisos , ulil , Iron htinils I'l.uik l.oxiiil ,
el .ir store , II I'oarl stiniit.
KLMAIIM ; fnml y horsphaelon anil h r
no s in oxehan/o for k'oo'i ru IUciiuu lot , I
5. llteolllu-o. '
_ _
rlori. olill > lruii I [ ) '
ill in. inln ts. 7.Hi | "i h'HiH ' H jncl ami
fourth Mondiijs , 8 p in. Miiblo fiiriilslio I pir-
tim mill cl'ihs ' AililnMt ut K A. I'.irloi1 ; .
Connell Illnirs , or Hi- 1 1 st. . ( Jiunliii. W
' ; cimmliera. InalriioUr
or all kinds promptly aim hatUfae
Kirlly ilonn by '
wiih justifiable homlcido , and not a inur
dor for which ho should ho made to suij
for the full penalty uf the laxv.
.Jiidf , ' " Kxiilaln , ,
C'ouiiHol Well , your honor , a xxlt
noesos have faot forth here , my client f
an editor , ir. a loading t-ditorlal , xvrit
ten for his paper the day before the Mini
WIIH klllpd , ho epoUo of the boothinf , ' o |
foul of music on the Havago breast. I h
man xvho miL'ht ho the plalntlir In th-
ciibo if ho wore still nllvo. your honor
bet it up "iivornyo boast , " and it * > o |
poarcd in priak