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What Society Has Found to Interest it the
Past Week ,
Sir * . .Imlcn IMiiMly UltJM nil Kliilmrnto Ken-
liicton lor Her Daughter MM * Vntn * '
rrotty Adrrnooii Clint of Well
KtiiMTM IVopto.
I'll foUlvi tlos of the WCOK have been
crowded Into tbo past two or thrco tints , the
opening bavin ? been devoid of any lutorost
whatever , The Ilartraiin rccoplion anil the
Uundy konslnglon brouo the social Ice very
ptoacutilly nnd wore nn carnc&t of what Is to
conio when the contentions for the laver of
Mrs. Vex 1'opiill nro over. Anil this recalls
what N. P. Willis wrote during the mil
day * of the campaign preceding General
Tayior's election , although ivhat nppllcnllon
the words may have upon tlio social patjo
mav not ba clearly dlsccrnable. Mr. Willis
said : "A fnturo president Is practically In
ballot boxu ; ami that womb of authority Is
now onlv 10 bo nwullod bv the Patorual ma
jority \\lth the tumult over , I ho city re-
turni to peace , Industry and prosperity. "
At the tlartman rcrnptioti there were half
n dozen candidates for political ofllcos proa-
out nnd during tlio ina/cs of waltz ono of
them was heard to sav to the lau'v with whom
lie was dancing. "Now see that Mr. L. casts
his vota for inc. " Tlio cloak rooms were
chitnircd Into debating clubs for the nonce
niid Politics ab'ovo stairs was qulto as proml-
nonl as hoclcty below. Hut all this gnus to
allow that times Imvo changed slnco Mr.
Willis1 days anil the blending of political ,
literary nnd social elements has been made a
fact , for politicians of nil shades of opinion
Imvo had their Innings in the October maga
zines and as the world grows olucr literature
und society cease to be Injured by contact
with politics.
Society will prcet with ulensuro tbo an-
nnuncciucnt that the Assembly is to bo re
vived this winter , for wo have never had n
moro successful organization for tbo uses In-
tondcd than the Assembly proved. Tbo
scheme of revival contemplates nromowhat
broader Held than heretofore , It being the
ucsiro of the promoters to Interest the army
people In our fasblonablo llfo and bring tlio
garrison in closer relation with tbo city. The
following gentlemen , comprising tlio oxocu-
t.vo committee , will bo nntivo In form-
In the now Assembly from that which
remains of the past u host of loiul
memories : Gcnoinl .John H. IJrooko , Cap-
lam K. II. Crowder , Lieutenant A. O. U.
Ouav , L'cutenant ' Edward W. Wright. Mr.
Ilon'rv W. Yatcs , Mr. 13. P. Peek , Mr.
Thomas Orr , Dr. 13. W. Leo , Mr.V. . S. Pop-
ploton , Mr. Warren M. Kogor.s , Mr. Charles
L. Lionel , Mr. Clement Chase , Mr. Lutnor
Drake , Mr. Frank Hamilton , Mr. George U.
Voss. secretary ; Mr. Charles T. ICounlzo ,
Th lliirtiniin Iti'cnptliin.
While the social world lia been slow to
throw off the lethargy of the summer davs
nnd the nbscnco of big functions generally
remarked , society was permitted to pot out
Its best clothes Friday evening , the reception
given by Mr. ana Mrs. Chris llartman at
their magnificent homo at-Thirty-fourth and
Kamam streets attracting tbo swells in largo
numbers. Among the beautiful homes in
Omaha the Iinrtman resloenco Is most admired -
mired , having been built seemingly witn-
a view to the giving of such liirgo affairs as
that of Friday nicht. From the oulsido ono
can hardly form a correct idea of the roomi
ness within , big , wide apartments , with
pretty alcoves making totp-a-totcs almost ,
Impossible to resist. The lirst floor is devoted -
voted to the grand salon , a handsome npart-
inontoxiUisitely | decorated In neutral colors ,
the library , u musto room off , dining room
nnd breakfast room , all thuao hnvlug
been sot apart for the uses of
the reception. Below .stairs Is a
Iliioly arranged billiard room. The second
story contains the sleeping apartments , while
in the third Is a ball room extending Urn
\vholo length of tbo house and hero , after 10
o'clock , the cuosls , and particularly iho
younger sot , were permitted to danco. The
room was linolv decorated with llowers and
nmllax , anil with myriad lights the scene
\viis suniclcntly untieing to please the most
dovoteil follower of Dame Fashion.
That which Impressed Itself moro thun any
ether one thing unon the minds ot the guests
present was thu lloral docoratiou which was
upon a wonderfully lavish scale. The draw
ing room , the library , the ( lining room , the
iiuiblo room , were ail a mass of color , chrys-
mithomums In all their variegated beauty
Dredomiimting and with a verity it might
liuvo been called a "chrysanthemum recep
tion. " In point of fact these harbingers of
the gradual decay ot the year ran not and
the rooms looked us If llamos of
color worn natiiru's own day fireworks.
There were Jardlnlorcs Illlcd with mugnill-
nout blossoms , mantels were banked
with thorn , the bays were canopied
with amllnx relieved with hundreds of
those llowers which have become the fash
ionable fad of iho season. There were portieres
tieres of .sinllax , giving a pleasing rope ef
fect , while the bnnu was curtained off from
the auoslH by a wealth of stnlla * and yellow
chrysanthemums aitisttcully arranged.
Jlverywlicro oim turned the mikado's favor
ite llower was noticeable , yellow , white ,
purple , brown , a veritabla chrysanthemum
bhow. The punch bowl stood In tbo dining
room and n host of pretty girls uddi-il their
brightness and brilliancy to the
nectar which they served. Refreshments
were served In the billiard loom , the table
itself , with its false top , being tiansformoi !
into an ornamented banquet board , with n
lilgh pvnimid of fruits in the center , tlio
edge being outlined with Minhix mid roses.
l''ulry lamps were every where and I ho effect
was surprlslnclv dimming. The caterer
also added greatly to the plcasuro of the
iuoaU by tendering prettily covered lap
boards , which permitted iho serving of
refreshment ) * in u much morn cnjovablo
iimnnor than In usual with f'liictions of this
Kind ,
Then , too , the arrangements vioro perfect
ns to the loci'plion of ttio guests , the side
( inlranco being usud exclusively for car
riages , setting down heads north and taking
up heads south ,
Mr. und Mr. , Ilurtmnn , Miss Hartmun
and her guest , Miss Welch ol St. 1'uul , re
ceived in the nottli drawing room.
Mr-i. ll.irtnian wure an exquisite costume
of ombroidorcd moussolliny no soio. nut-
liucO at tbo throat and blceves with color of
u dcopcr shade.
Miss llartman , who mndo her debut
but a season ago , was radiant in n wnlio
crystal bcngulhio trimmed with handsome
luce , the whiteness being roncvod by an
cnoimous bouijuot of red loses which stio
Miss Welcn , u very pittty and nttractlva
girl , n fnlr fxpf.nent of HIP nnrlli land , were
u sweet costume of del-Blue nilk , dccolloto
und ontiaiiie , with lace trim in In- , and car
ried a hugo bouquet of whlto curvsuntbc-
Assisting throughout thf room In iho on-
tertuininent of thu gnosts were
Mrs. Ctmrlcs Squires Mrs. Henry
KstnbrooU , Mis. McWhnrter , Mrs.
Coryell. Mro. Dean and Mrs. Ho.-irs , while at
the punch bowl were Mist Mamie Moore ,
Misb Johnson , Miss 1'ratt and Miss Powell
of Ulcuwood , la ,
olu. Squlios were a rich costume of old
plnURatin and black brocade , black thread
lace , trimming , diamonds.
Mrs. MuWrorter wore a handsoinu v/hlto
kllk with iildoscont trimming , cntralne.
Mrs. Cor.vell WHS t'ownud in blucu
Mr . licorno Hoggs were a Heers gown
which nltnioted grant attention , having a
brocaded trout in green and tun with shot
ffcct , the vest front having u jackct-ltko
uffccl beliic lu gold not , lull rovers extend
ing over tbo shoulders whtuli , with the very
lull alcoves that la oil the rage thU season ,
completed a very tmudbomo picture.
Mrs. ituyHyo of Fremont were one of the
very handtomo gowns of the oveulntr , a
rainbow creno , ( loslgned by Doucot of Paris ,
tnmmod in stiudoa of roses and green over
orange ai.d whlto shot silk.
Miss McCoruiiok wore a pralty yellow
luillo trimmed in lace.
MUs Allcu McCormick , a very interesting
girl , were a pink mousaelllue duaoiuxvlth
biocado effect lu yreeu , pink oncUcarlot ,
> h > n
,16 St
. M m
* ftil <
H , ' *
J i
> !
1 f"
Inn )
Never in the history of the furniture trade were prices as low as they arc today , Goods are made better and slyles ard
hcmdsomer than ever before.
We have just purchased a complete new stock and - in
now coming- are being marked , according to our new policy ,
at the lowest possible percentage of profit.
* 4
The large volume of business we have clone this fall has proven to us that the price is the leading sentiment of the
time , and wo have adoptwl permanently the system of markiug everything at one-half our former margins , thus
making the increased sales more than offset ; the decrease in profits.
This statement means exactly what it says , and customers cannot possibly make a mistake in price in buying at *
cur store. .
All goods marked in plain figures.
Charles Shiverick & Co. ,
Furniture , Carpets , Draperies.
12A69' 1208 , 1210 Farnam St.
3 ;
o j ,
18W * * "
o } ;
o i )
t. i > i
i it oy .
' .r 1 ed
" ii ci , ,
highly ornamented with green and leaflet
Mrs. Kstnbroolc were u now gQwn of
black striped silK nnb old rose with green
Drocanu , tlio waist round and umpire in
Miss Ida Powell was daintily attired in a
pretty nbado of gteon bcngaiino ,
with green and pearl pnssomciitorlo and em
broidered cliifToi' .
Mrs. Doan wore an exquisite eostumo of
white mousscllino with lianclsonio laeo trim
ming , the gown being mndo emplte in style
and Just suited to Mrs. Dean's beauty.
Miss Mainlo Moore graced a pretly yellow
crepe wllh lovor.s Knots in the name btnulo
olToctlvoly intorlanod
Miss Nettle Johnson were a ciel-olue china
silk , red roses.
Miss Pratt , who Is soon to leave Omaha for
hbr future residence In California , were u
pretty combination of blue and black lace ,
which became her well.
Mrs. Frame Hansom were ono of Iho hand
somest costumes been at the reception , a
peculiar : hade ot heliotrope silk trimmed
with pjssoincntorlo in two tones , matching
the gown.
Miss Willis , a very pretty girl , were n
dainty while surah with lemon colotod trim
Miss Mary Duryoa appeared in a llguroil
silk with surah trimming.
Miss Margaret Cook vim pretty In whlto
silk and Valenciennes lace ,
Misb Maud Itcccu were n handsome white
buruh wllh lure tiiinming.
Among those mescnt , the hirsro number of
strangers being particularly marked , were :
Mr. and Mrs. Kny IS'yo of Frumont , Miss
Shcrwin of Fremont , Miss Powell of Glen-
wood. Ia. ; Mr. and Mrs. EstnbrooK , Air , und
Mrs. Squires , Mr. nnd Mrs. George Suulrex ,
Major and Mia. Wheeler , Mr. and
Mis. Dan Wheeler. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Joslvn , Air. nnd Mrs. John P
Williams , Miss Williams , Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Hamgc. Mr. and Mrs. DietMr. . and
Mrs. Swobp , Mr. and Mrs. Uilliam Coburn ,
MUs Coburn , Mr. nnd Mrs , H. P. Whltmore ,
Mr. und Mrs. Miner , Mr. nml Mrs. Hoggs ,
Mr. and Alri. Del Goodilrh , Mr. and Mrs.
Dean. Mr. and Mr * . .Martin Cabu , Mr.
and Mrs. Alberl Calm , Mr. and Mrs.
MoilU Mover , Mr. ana Mrs. Dnvcnport , Mr.
and Mrs. Woller , Mr. and Mn. Jesse Lowe ,
Captain m.d Mrs. Palmer , Mr , nnd Mr.s. O.
C. Campbell , Mrs. and Mrs. Brad Slaughter ,
Dr. und Mrs. Charles Smith , Dr. and Mrs ,
Stone , Mr. and Mrs. Bnum , Miss Hnum , Air.
and Alr.s , LockwooJ , Mr. and Mrs.
John Brudv , Mr. and Mis. Wultellcld ,
Air. and Mrs. Cou , Miss Slaughter. Air. ami
Airs. Geoigo Kelley , Air. und Airs. Charles
Turner , Air. and Mrs. Churchill Parker ,
Colonel mid Mrs , S. S , Curtis. Colonel Chase ,
Miss Butterlloid , Aliss M. Biitterlleld , Air.
W. IS. Bnbcock , General and Airs , llawlov
and Miss Hawluy , Mr. and Mrs. Alex
ander , Mr , und Airs , duorgo 1
Gilbert , Air. and Mr.s. Charles
Ueuol , Air , and Mrs. KUdon , Hon. and MM.
Georgu W. Llniugor. Mr. ami Airs. Hullur ,
AlUs Hatlor , Mrs. Barker , Aliss Knthoryn
lluruor , Miss Margaret Moore , Aliss Nellie
Moo it' , Allss Mainlo Aloori * , Mlvi Itecro , Alisa
Willis , Miss Jnlmson , Allss Mary Dnrvca ,
Mr. Fosbenner , Mr. Uolh , Mr. Gould Diet/ ,
Mr , GeorgJ Miner.
, Mr < , Iiiiml ) ' * I
Mrs. K. S. Duiidv , in honor of her ( laugh
ter. Mrs. Henry Newman ( neo Luna Dundy ) ,
of Dayonno Citv , IS , .1 , , t'nvo an elabornlo
Kensington Thursday afternoon , which
brought out the buut ti'onde ' In large num
bers , qulto ir > 0 laclos buinc prosont. A
markedly pleasant feature of the oicaslon
wus it * gcnulnu In/ormality , everybody
seemingly Knowing everybody else. While
there were few ladloi utio brought their
fancy work , the konslagtotis of those latter
days bciog in name only , these who did not
found a delightful program urrangnd for
them , Mrs. Martin CJubu song ( jolUcbalk'ii
' Ob , Loving Heart , " Mrs. Kstatarook u lul
laby by Pousi' , Mra. Will Wood and Mrs.
Cudahy also adding tboir voices to the pious-
urnblo function , Mrs. H. P , Whltmoro play
lug mvorul plauo solcotlous by Cuopln and
Assisting Mr ? , Dnndy In tbo work of en
tertaining were Miss Dundv. Mrs. Wheeler ,
MM. Chafe , MuaJesiiuMlllard , Miss Powel ,
MUn Sham , Miss Idt. Sharp. Mm. Kodlck ,
Mrs , KeimngtoQ , Mrs. lilmcr Frank and Miss 1 '
Frank , Mrs. Dundy were a pretty black
strljiod auruh brocaded In lavender llowers.
Mr * . Nowuiuu , upon wtioui the ties of mar-
rlago sot most bonlgnlv , were a prottv npplo-
green silk with an over dross of olack lace
ornamented with Jot.
Ono of the pretty matures was the table
sot apart for the "silvered heads" among the
guests , which was beautifully decorated with
a bis ; bowl of chrysanthemums in the center.
Around this post of honor were grouped n
lot , of small tables , which were presided over
jy those assisting the hostess.
Among thojo present were : Mesdames
Acliormai' . Uarker , Joseph Barker , Damn ,
lien net t , Uirkhnuser , Halter , Guanas Brown
D. Hdiim , Catdwell , Victor Caldwell , Carl
ner , Carter , Clarke , Coffman , Counor , Cou.
tant , ( . 'udaliy , Uurtis , Cuahing , Douiso
Doherty. Dralte , Dtibois , Colpel/.er , Kstul
brook , ( Jaylord. ( Jreeno , llaller , Hancheit
Hnnscom , Iloldroge , Irvine , Ijako'
Lee , Viet , hohmer , McKennn , Mull
ford , Orr , Olmstcad , Poxton. Park.
or , Powell , Smith , Sharp , Summers
Vaill , Windsor , Westphaling , Webster ,
Wood , U. Wood , Wheeler , Wliltmore ,
Uovd , Hradford , Meyer , 1'ritchott , Ilurt ,
Millard , Mlllard , Woodward , McCormick ,
llawlcy , Frank , Cornish , Lemon , Yost ,
Bnrkalow , Mine , liarkulow , Gltiuk. May ,
nard , Council. Orr , Kvuns , Moore , Wyman ,
Kimuall , H.irtlett , M ooro , Gilbert , Motcalf-
J. .1. lirown , Woodman , Griflitb , McKoll ,
Miss Mclvell , Amos , Blorbower , Jones ,
Muir , C. Ilrown , Patric.t. rtwobe , S II. II.
Uaik , St. Louis ; M'cCornilck , Miss Holler ,
Mr ? . Dundy , Jr. , Mib. Martin Calm , Miss
liiittcrllcld. Miss Frank , M ra. Slaughter ,
Mrs. Hijuires , Mis. Sunnier , Mrs. Wessels.
< nivn Tlinlr I'list I'lirly.
' ' 1 he Paladins" gave their llrst party nt
] Jattor on's now hall Thursday evening. It
Is tbo intention of tins club to give a number
of select parties during the winter season.
The hall was beautifully decorated for the
occaiiou , while in one corner a very tempt
ing bowl of punch was served. The or
chestra plavcd Hlxtcon nuinocrs during the
evening und a very enjivablo limo was had
by all.
Thuso present , wore : Messrs , nnd Mcs-
dumcs U. D. Konyon , C. 1C. lilac It , C. D.
Ward , A. J. Movers , ,1. C. liodman , M ,
Julia Crissoj , Misses IneHaskoll , Dolllo
Halley , liauman , G. ItaiiTian , A. Livosoy ,
Ivatio Preston , Luna Bulls , Ida Blor-
worth , Blanche Van Court. Ada Yule ,
Glucomlni , C. Glacomlul , G. Chapman ,
V. Kvons , Bcsslo" Munn , M. Coon ,
Kiob , N. Hloh , ICenucdy , A. Doyco ,
Fitch , Fiillor , L Harding , Weaver , Spencer ,
Chicago , 111. , Mao Clark , Council DlnlTs , Lou
Te.-rill , Mossrs. H. C. Miller , W. K. Paima-
tor. 10 , L. Kern , M H. McCord. W. U' .
FUlior , F. M. Heni'b , W. .1. Bradbury , M. A.
Lawyer , L' , B. Pope , Charles Bass , Ward
Burgess , T. N. Naudnlm , Jr. , C. 12. Muthow.s ,
A , K. Hijtiires. , l. H. Grahnin , A , G. Buch
anan , .1. W. liasiing * , ( i. W. Hooblnr , A. S.
Green , B P. Baxter , P. S Brownleo. H. B.
Morse. P. B. Major. * . H. C. Picul ll. F , Bar
rett , X. U. McMuhon , .1. S. Clark , A. K.
Younger , ( J. A. Knouso , Harry Woodwaid.
An Alcrnioiin Urccpllnn.
In honor of Miss Spabrof YorK , Po. , an
old school friend of Miss Bcssio Vntcs , the
latter gave u lovely reception Thursday
afternoon nt her beautiful homo HilUldo ,
Ill'JD Davenport , The housu was gorgeous in
autumnal colors , the queen of the season's
( lowers , tlio chrysanthemum , having the post
of honor in the hull , while la Franco roses
and ferns made the bnmjuel table a dainty
fosra. Mrs. Joseph Garnonu presided at tlio
tea table handsomely costumed In heliotrope
molro and white satin. The afiornoon was
pleasantly delightful , because of Its Inform
ality , all of the youni ; ladles present belug
social lights.
The gucsu wore : Miss ICountzo , Miss
Jackson , Miss Anna Mllltird , Miss Carrie
millard , Mia ) Brown , MUi Chandler , Miss
Kmily Wakolev , Miss Doano , Mits Nash ,
MUs Hoisio Hall , Miss Margaret Williams ,
Miss Belle Dewo.r , MUs Mabel Bulcouibc.
Mrs. Hull , MUs McKenna , MUs Sherwooo ,
Miss Yost.
The dining room table was artUtlcally ar
ranged with loses and ferns , four lamps at
tbe coraori Khtt'lod by green shades alvlng a
pretty effect to the room , which is one of the
lianaaomcit In the west.
Tlielr bruHnii ,
The Peerless clue began Us third season of
dances under very pleasant circumstances
Tuesday evening , notwithstanding that it
"blow great guns" outside. Smco iho close
of IBS' seatou'a sunoa of parties several new
members have been added to the h . It Is
the intention of the committee to r.ivo danc
ing parties every fortnight throughout the
The following were present : Mossrs.
Peterson , Phelps. Lucohosi , Westorilabl ,
Let-dor. Laloy , Ochlllree , Smith , Kirby ,
Yost. Johnson , ICnupp , Bartlett , Walker ,
Brinenbeckor , Stratmun , Thiolo , K. E. How-
oil , ICcmper. ' Wooderd , McConneU , Stock-
ham , Eponoter , Blackwoll , It. H. Darpor ,
Council Bluffs. Misses Kollop , Jones ,
Dohrcr , Chesbro , Tarpley , Cooper , i'armo-
tor , Bcssto Hungate , Shields , Panel ; ,
Ueocher , Andrc.sen , Kimpp , Hedlleld ,
Leeder , Bridenbocker , Powers , Urgman ,
Bertha Hungato , Bell , Bowman , Smith ,
Hicholiou , Mudgc , Council Bluffs.
A IMcuslllit Jtrreiitlnn.
The homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. C. Browa-
lec , 2101 Cass , was tbo scene of a very pleas
ant reception last Thursday ovontug. The
affair was civon in honor of Mr. A. Byron
King and brldo. "Tho Brownleo House , " as
It Is commonly known , Is sort of a cooperative
tive boarding house nnd is tbo home of quite
a number of popular young men and womon.
Mr. King was ono of the leaders in this
charminc circle and his friends were glad to
do him honor nnd welcome him and his sweet
bride to the city. While it was very in
formal It was nor.o the less enjoyable. The
gentlemen and ladies acting aa hosts nnd
hostesses of the evening were Mr. nnd Mrs.
E. C. Brownleo. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. S. King ,
Misses Snydcr , Toll ami Morroll. and Messrs.
Mawhinney , Kcrrand Ferguson.
Among the guests were Dr. and Mrs.
Williamson , Messrs. and Mesdames J. F.
Pollock. J. II. McCulloch. O. G. Wallace ,
J. L. McCaguo , Charles B. Brown , H. B ,
Wallace , Orvlllo Johnson , E , J. Gillis , W.
A. Bowman , Thomas McCaguo. U' . II. Me-
Cague , Mrs , McFarland , Misses Williamson ,
Bertha Williamson , McCulloch , Mnmu Mc
Culloch , Balrd , Hello und Sara Flnlnr , Bon-
ner , Walrod , MoAra , Scott , Lydln McCaguo ,
Squires , Staples , Grace and Sarah MuL'ar-
land , Mossrs. J. D. X.ittlo , J. D. Brownloo , J.
S. Brown , W. G. Uro , B. E. McCnguo , Hey
Blair , Dr. Allan , Goorga Staples , Emmelt
Hume , Shaw , Martin , Westorllolu , Balrd
und Pinkerton.
A Ul'li I'IVM I'arly.
Wednesday evening Mr4 and Mri , H. E.
Hoglo igavo u high IIvo party In honor of
tlioir guest , Miss Eva Hoglo of Malone , N.
Y , . at their beautiful hoiao on Twenty-sixth
and A streets , South Omaha. The party was
a very enjoyable affair. These present were :
Mr. nnd Mrs. d. B.yatkins , Mr. and Mrs.
GracaSttgo , Mattld WallworK of Chicago ;
Minnlo Paddock , HVi' Hoglo of Malone , N.
Y. ; Messrs. BorucVj Pearce , Hunt , Mills ,
Hustings , Sturrock , 'Brlghnm , Copelnnd ,
Forosythe und S. IOSolnveiuor of Omaha.
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Howard XI.
Smith , UM12 Davenport street , guvu a very
iileasuut duulicato jy'Jikt party lu honor of
Mrs. und Miss Mclfpjl' Cincinnati , their
gucsUs. Eight games < were played , after
which delicious refreshments were served.
Thcio were roses and chrysanthemums to
ornament tbo rooms , ! and altogether it wa >
ODOof iho lliorougblyidellghlful card parties
of the year , all
There were present Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Hoed , Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barker , Mr. and
Mrs. Hobert Hlnirwali , Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Wessolls , Mr. und tyrs. J. C. Cowln , Judge
and Mrs. E. S , Dundy , Judge and Mm.
Wukoley. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Yost , Mr. and
Mrs , C. 1C. Couianl. Mr , and Mrs. Thomas
Kilpatrlck , Mr. und Mrs. William Hedlck.
Mr. an'd Mrs. ( J. K. Priiohett , Mr. und Mrs.
L M. Bonuott , Mr. and Mm. J. U. MoKoll.
Mrs. Newman of Now York.
Clmt ol Well Known IVoplr.
Miss Delia Chandler has returned from
Mrs. E. H , Dundy , Jr , returned Tuesday
from an extended visit rust.
Mrs. Dr. Leo has as horguost Mrs. Florence -
once Viok of Seward , Nob.
Major and Mrs , Brown and Miss Brown
are at ttio Millard for the winter.
Mrs. P. A. Whlllock and daughter left on
Wednesday for the Paolliu coast.
Mrs. Linlnger U to give a kenslugton next
Friday afternoon in honor of her guest , Miss
Mr. Herman Kountzo and Miss KounUo
returned bomo from Now York last week.
Mrs. T. G. Molvoll and Miss Maria Mc-
Kell of Cincinnati are visiting Mrs. Howard
B. Smith.
Mivi. George N. Ilictss left Monday for
Bloommpton , 111. , whore she will make a
short visit.
Airs. C. H. Brown , who has been visiting
with friends in New York , returned homo on
The ladles of the First Presbyterian church
gave a lunch in the parlors ot the church
Friday afternoon.
Miss Mildred House has returned from
Cnicago , where ano bus been visiting during
thu past three weeks.
Mrs. Lyman Uichardson suffered quite a
snvoro accident , Ihis week from Iho lull of
bomo plaslor at the Poxton hotel.
M . Nathan Suolton of Annapolis , Md. , is
nxpcctcd In Omuua next week to visit her
faiher , Mr. Hobert Jordan.
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Kitchen give a
dancing reception Thursday , November 17 ,
ot tboir nonio on Thirty-second avenue.
The mnrnago of Miss Esther D.ivenport
and Mr. Ned Hartley Copelnnd will fake
place Thursday , November 17 , at 0 o'clock.
Major and Mrs. Worth entertained a iium-
ocr ol Irionds nt dinner on Friday avunlng
nt the cnrrison to me < ; t Colonel J. C. Bates.
Mr. John and Mr. Kobort Patrick went
east to attend tbe wedding of Mr. Arthur
Smith , where Mr. John Patrick acted as host
Miss Efllo U. Mason of Onmha and Mr.
Eugene Hcckman of Council Bluff * will bo
married Thursday uvonliu' at Trinity cathe
The engagement is announced of E. L.
Magnus , vice president of tbo Union Land
and Improvement company , to Mlbs Anna C.
Mrs. Samuel Burns loft for Chicago Sun
day on n visit to her daughter , Mfd. Nellie
Burns-Eastman. She will bo gone about
two weeks.
CanU are out for a rccnptlon for Mr. mm
Mrs. ICdfcar s. Brudloy , for Thursday even
ing. November 17 , on thu occasion or the
11 fth anniversary of llioir woddlnr ,
A box party , composodof Mrs , J. J. Brown.
Miss Chandler , Miss Brown , Mr. Charles
Koiinl/e , Mr. Caldwell Hamilton und Mr.
Handull Brown , enjoyed Miss Julia Marlowo
as Kosallnd.
The nflicers nud ladies at the garrison bavo
Usued Invitations for a dancing pirty next
Thursday evening to incut Colonel J. C.
Bates , thu new commandant at thu post , who
U a bachelor.
Mr , Guy C. Barton , who has been vnry ill
at his roiidoncu for some weeks past , wus
taken lust week to Clifton Springs in n
special car. It Is hoped that the rest there
will be beneficial to him.
Bishop Worthmgton , Dr. Dolicrty , Dean
and Mrs. Gardner , iion , nnd .Mrs. J , M.
Woolwotth have returned ftoui Baltimore ,
Where they were in ul tendance upon the gen
eral council of the Episcopal church ,
Mr. and Mrs , W , M. Rogers entertained a
congenial lltilo party nt cards Friday oven-
lug , The guests were Miss Deorlng , Mr , and
Mrs. Hlngw.ilt , Mr , and Mrs , Bradford , Mr.
und Mrs. Chase , Mr. und Mrs. Wheeler , Mr.
and Mrs. itedick , Mr. and Mrs. Deuul.
Mrs. Captain Bourke und her llttlo
daughters left \Vcdnetday for San Antonio.
They were accompanied by Mr , John Hor-
bach an far as Kansas City , After about a
mouth's stay In Sun Antonio they will go lo
Fort Hlngeold , Captain DourUu's now post.
Mrs. Frances Mumaugh will return from
her extended trip to Washington , Balti
more and New York ibis week and will re
sume her classes ul her studio. While In
Now York Mrs. Muinnugh wus permitted to
look through several studios , Inspecting the
work of the leading artists ot thu metropolis ,
She comes back greatly bouetltcu by her
Mrs. Annette C. Hlmobaugh of Omaha
and Mr. Addlson L. Carter of Omaha nro to
be married Monday evening at ) - ' Aldlne
Bijuaro , Cnicago. The ceremony will bo per
formed t > y Dr. Durycu ol Omaha. Until the
completion of Mr. and MM. Carter's new
hotiHQonThirty-sovonlh ami I toward streets ,
they will be ul bomo , after November 15 , at
Tweuiy-tlflh uvonuo und Farnam street , this
Tbo marrlaqo ot Mr , Arthur C , Smith uud
Miss Harriet F. White- , daughter of Mr. and
Airs. Joseph \Vlute \ of Boston , was solrmnl ed
in Brookline , the lamily residence , U'od.ies-
day ovcnini. , Dr. Duryea ofllciating. Mr
John Patrick ol this city was best man on
Ihis occasion Mr. nnd Mrs. SmiUi will
make their homo in Omaha , taking the roil-
deiico formerly owned bv Mr. Augustus
Pratt on Park avenue , which Mr. Smith has
purchased. They will bo at homo after Jan
uary 1.
The Metropolitan club have mndo a de
parture which promises to bo a pleasant ,
j I Jcaturo of tbo winter seasonal this'po.pular
club , setting asldo Wednesday ovuulncs for
thu special entertainment of their lady
friends. Last Wednesday evening they
began the series with a High 11 vo party ,
which later developed iuto a dancing party.
Mrs. Andrew Haas and Mr. J. i-obman won
pruos lor their ecxollent card plavlii'- . evenings promise to bo n source of
great pleasure to the ladies uud their gentle
men friends.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Kosonthal , from BoUI-
moro , Md , and ihoir son Henry , who Is of
Iho Peoples Installment house hero , will
leave for Portland , Ore. , which they will
make their future homo. Mr. nnd Mrs ,
Kosontunl have been visiting their daughter ,
Mrs. A. M.indcloorg , for the past week.
Last Friday evening they were surprised by
their many friends. During tbo evening the
guests woio entertained with songs and
band elections Irom tno phonograph , and
the young folks with dancing and Ringing.
Miss Ll//io M. Dilkos , a nlocc of Mr.
Hlcliunl Wlldo onu of the well Known citi
zens of Oinahn , was married on the SSth
ultimo to Mr. Hurry W. Campbell , the pro
prietor of nn oxto'nalvo Mvcry business lit
Camdoii , N. J. Tlio affair was evidently
qulto a society event , us the Caindi-n Daily
Courier devotes nearly n column 10 n descrip
tion of it. Tuoro was n very lurpo gal boring
of relatives and friends , and over UMI hand
some , costly and useful nrosents were re
culvcd by the bride nnd groom , u largo ma
jority of which consisted of flno silverware.
Mrs. A. Whltmurah entertained thu East
ern Star social at her pleasant homo , : ! 011
North Twenty-third street Thursday uvon
ing. A song by Master Sayers was thor
oughly enjoyed by nil. After light refresh
moiits were served the guests departed for
lliulr homos , These in attendance were :
Mr. and Mrs , Buuorton , Air. and Mr * . Bav-
u > r. Dr. Eleanor Dally , Dr. Marv blrong ,
Airs. Anderson , Alra. Strnwn , Mr * . Me-
Eachron. Airs. Lane , Airs. Wilde , Aliases
Anderson , Cody , Wlldo. Baxter , Pray. Me-
Eachron , Toner , Airs. Savors , Messrs , VVcdo-
inoyor , Davis , Alcl'oy , Botllo , Ed Davis ,
Muster Willie and Edith Carson miter-
talned u number of other llltln fnnnus at
the nuldcncoof their paronln , 4020 Krsitlno
street last Saturday. The occasion being
the sixth blrthdav of Master Willlo and the
third birthday of Miss Edith. Games worn
playr-d and refreshments served , There
were pro-Kent , MuseKullle , Pearl and Dimple -
plo Sterling , Miss AluucI Hull , KatlaGran-
vlllo , Ethel Yotbiirgb , Jminnlu Drmmiur ,
Master Arthur Lnvidgo , Kodnov Durkec ,
Leo Graiivlllu , Hugh and lion Kidder ,
Claude and Clyde Carter , Herbert VosburKh ,
llalllo llearlil. Thu presents were both
costly and ni''o. The house was nicely dec
orated with HOWCM ,
Perfect action and perfect health losnlt
from ttio meof DjWItt'.s Lltllo Early KU
an , A perfect little pill.
lib HI- UlA l'K.V/7 O.V * .
A Now York inventor claims to have dls
covered a procun for maulnc rubber resUt
acids ,
A gun Ims boon Invented by a Frenchman
which Jlres cartridges loaded by a compressed
gas. Tim gun Is salu to bo noUelesn und lo
emit no smoke.
A Alcrldon , Conn , , cutlery factory hat ju l
finished 4 wotidor/ul toy a perfect pocket
kulfo with thirty blades , pinchers , shears ,
awls , etc. , weighing but ono-olghih of an
A Kussian has made u clock whose dial ro-
somblus a human face , Tnu announcement
of the hours Issue * through the month in ar-
liculalo hpoecti. 'iliH sturllliib' effect U pro
ducud by a phonograph ,
Ii has boon found by a French physician
that tuo billons fever MJ cbaracterUtlu of
ironical countries U duo to a special bac
terium , which , though motionless itself , M
accompanied by numberless moving spori'.s.
A departure in Ibo way of diking a com
pound punch nnd shears for iron has recoiltl. l
bean made in a Delaware mill. The machine !
Is driven by electricity , and owing to Us I
light weight can be moved to any desired po-1
A recent English Invention relates to the
recovery , by n new process , of the grealor
part of tin from tin scrap. The scrap U
molted with pig iron In a furnace and the tin ,
thus voluli/cd so that it can bo recovered in ]
n suitable condenser.
A Welshman has devised a new process ofl
giving a uniform coating to tin plates. In-J
stead of employing rollers the platen are put ]
in racks above the pot of coating maul , liif
which they nro inserted and from which theyf
are withdrawn at n uniform rate.
A device lias Just been patented Intendodi
to be used in .signaling along a length of lire !
hose. Wnes are curried in thu ho o nnd in-J
sulatcd therefrom so that by making oaltoryl
connections n llroman from ono end of a line j
can sena signals to the ether without leaving
his post.
Experiments were recently made at Ton
Ion. Franco , for illuminating tbu bottom of
thi ! sea with electric lamps. The nppaintus
employed was sunk in six fathoms nna It
illuminated the bottom to a radius of 100
foot. It Is thought that iho lamp will bo of
the greatest value for .surveying wiocks or
for rcconnoltorinp for concealed lorpedoos.
/ ; j n / ; / ; / ; -IIIHKK ,
I'l-lvr Cnlltn- Kt , Xli l
It I wnio Tli roe ,
Anil lud a nliiK blinll for an oni ,
And tiiislril iHurylliliig inv uiri-i conlil snot
Then I shiinld invr , null laugh , and never /ear ,
If I ui'io riireo.
U I wnro Tliioi1 ,
With In- . ! a nuiled-np lose loaf for a miiillh ,
And nil a imilliur's linn for eurlnliily :
I should not caic If winds blow north or south ,
If 1 were Three.
If I worn Tin 01 * ,
And nil my pout a"Knl fur worn u Idas ,
And hn uiolrslcd that ho loved but mo :
I IlilnU I'd gli D him onu.wnun lie brought this ,
If I ueio ' 1'h roe.
IMiiciitliiiiiil I'rugirhH AIIKIIII ; liiiliiinx ,
A wrilor iii iho Docunn Huilgot
homo uinii iiit , ' oxfiiiiloa | of
inaiip by Indian Htudontu in tlioir o.xiun-
inntioii jiapurH , In an lilstoricul jmpor
thu qiiOHtion wnatouxnliiln thohontonco ,
"Slio ( ( Juooti Mnry ) was not only his
wlfo , liul hiH frlonil. " 'J'lio trariHlntdr
inmlo tlio pahsniro to run , "SIiu WIM not
only his wife , l > ut thu wife of all IIM
frionilH , " AuotliuiHttniuiit him 'Ivoii
nn oxpluiiiilioii o [ Snlio law which at
once aeuounlH for the fact that nionarchy
has conn ) to an end In ( ' 'ranco' llodu-
lines Salic law as "a luw in I'Vanuo by
which no man doscomluil from the fe
male HOX was to yet tlio I''riicn crown. " ]
Ono Htuitontnxplainml that "tho
corpus act was a vury Important act
naH ! > oil In I'l-S ' it ileeluroil that tlio
bread and wino talcua at the Lord'u
biiDpor if tin ; nml blood of HID body
of Chrlot. " Anolhor who iinnt'-
inciil tlio act of uniforinlty to bo
a law Hiild Unit It meant "Omt
all snldlurrf Hliould dro ri alllo. " A
youthful apostle of celibacy yivoH llm
followiiif. uxamplo of a logical conclu
sion : "MarrJnjio is iv lottery InttorlcM ;
are Illegal rf , ' ( ) , innrrliiL'o Is lllof/al.1
Tim following ia a dollnitlon j lvou of a
sponging house : "In lOngland llioro urn ,1
many people who live by spomiiii on > J
othnrti , BO there are houbus In which ,1 ,
bonifi who are to la/.y to worli depend onu'
others. " Anolhor Htudonl defined
"llunUoyibin" IIH follows : "Wlion print-
Inif waa Introduced in Kn 'lnud by Cax-
ton and Mr. Wimble , the llunleylt > in ]
was introduced that ia u kind of a I
machine for prlntlni , ' . " A yountr fc'onll
man who wa uwkod lo write a no to on
tlio Poor laws bays : "Tho Pour lawn In
1(101 ( were paused in Elizabeth t. reign ,
they were that all Urea in Kn lund vero
to bo put out a K o'clock. i y thlhlaw ,
many were contented and liappj ' ) U , ' .
cause llioir hoiibu-d were built of wood , j
U you have piles DoWJlV * Wllch
salvo will surely euro you.