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Ho AIOUECS His Andlonco to Enthnsiam by
His Utterances ,
'jle Tclld thn Tropic Some Stnrtlliic Truths
and Ailvncnto * the CIUMO nt Itcpnb-
llcnnUin with Illn Old-rimo
rinry VlRnr.
Torr.KA , Kan. , Oct. 8. Ex-Senator In.
galls mndo his first speech in tbo present
campaign hero tonight. A torchlight pio-
cession preceded Ibo .speaking' and was re
viewed by Mr. Ingalls. The nudlonco which
gathered to hoar Mr. Instilh was enormous ,
fully 8,000 people bolng present. The onthu-
statin wai proportlonolo to the size of the
crowd nnd the ox-senator was given a flatter
ing reception.
Before and during the sDoaklnc the popu
lists scattered circulars around containing
this quotation from ese of Mr. Ingalls1
upeeches delivered 111 the senate Just before
Senator Pelfer was elected to succeed him :
"I cannot forbear to nftlrm that a social
( ivstnm which offers to tender virtuous nnd
Independent women tbo alternative between
prostitution nnd suicide ns nn escape from
beggary is organized crime. A financial sys
tem , under which moro than one-half of the
enormous wnalth of the country derived
from the bounty of nature anil tha labor of
all , is owned by u Httlo moro than IJO.OOO people
ple , while 1,000.000 American litlzens , nblo
nnd willing to loll , nro homeless tramps
Marvlng for bread , requires adjustment. "
I'npiilutR lluvn liijuroil KIIIIHI : .
Mr. Ingalb said ho was glad to BOO BO
mnnr of his old friends among the sterner
ox present , becouso ho desired to deny be
fore them the allegation that ho hau cone
abroad ( rcfcrrlug to his Huropoon trip ) to
cscapo taking part in this campaign. Ho was
elad , also , to see so many women present ,
for ho wanted them to understand that they
had only to ask the rcpublicab party for
full sulfrnco nnd they would gut it. "Tuoro
IIRB been manifested1 ho continued , "among
mandarins oI the republican party In Koti-
as an apprehension that my appcaranco this
evening indicates n purpose to break into
thu senatorial campaign. I Imvosald before -
fore that I was not and would not bo n
candidate for tbo 'senate. There is no
string to that statement. My purpose
In entering this campaign is to reclaim Kan
sas. Thu victory of tno people's party two
years ago bus reduced the value of every
acre of laud lu the state , it has destroyed
tbo capacity of every citizen to pay his debts ,
It has destroyed tno fair nnnia of the state.
It is my desire to rcstoro Kansas to
her former glory. I have i.o personal
ambition to gratify. I believe tbo successor
of my lalo lamented colleague , Senator
Plumb , could bd chosen from among ihomon ,
who reside in the territory whcnco ho atnc.
My seat In the senate la not vacant. [ Ap-
plause.j Vt'hon that scat is vacant , If I do-
slro to return to Iho senate , I will see you
again on that subject. | Loud nnd continued
applause. ]
Continuing , Mr. In pal Is said the partv
leaders had warned bun to bo cautious in
dealing with the democrats. They were
afraid ho'would explode n dynurnito bomb
among them and drive them from tbo sup
port of the rouubllcun ticket. That cau
tion , ho said , was superfluous , for ,
bo continued sarcastically , his treat
ment of the democrats had always boon of
tbo gentlest character. Thcro was always
moro or less talk of democrats going to vote
the republican ticket before election. Hut
when election day cumo they were alvvavs
found In line with their p.n-ty. Ho tbon pro
ceeded to denounce In his sarcastic way dem
ocrats and democratic platforms.
Alilunikltlri of tliu AVar Should lie Hurled.
As to the people's party platform , ho said
there was ono clause in it to which bo could
subscribe , and that was that the animosity
, of the war should bo buried , and that , the
states could not bo pinned together inunion
with a bayonet. Ho desiroa to remind the
populist , however , that the union could not
bo cemented bv eggs. The south , ho said ,
would never bo reconstructed until Genera
Weaver could speak with ns much freedom
i Georgia as ho could In Kansas.
Coutlnulnir , ho urged tbo republicans who
had Joined tbo farmers alliance movement
two years ago to return to tbo republican
party and aid in the rc-uloctlon of President
'Harrison , for. if Kansas elected the
populist state , legislative and elec
toral tickets , it would sink itsol
la degradation , from which it could
.mayor rise apain. The democrats rolled uoon
Kansas and other western and northwestern
states to elect Grover Cleveland by their
sendlnp Weaver electors to the electoral col
lego. The democrats neither hope nor e.\
poet to carry Now York. The McKliiley
law had decided the election then
in advance. Tbo cast wautcd n
change from the present prosperous condl
lions. It would bo for Harrison and th
domocratn lolled lor victory upon the west.
t Their duty was clear. A vote for Weave
was a vote for Cleveland.
Continuing , Mr. Ingalls discussed various
state and national issues. The enthusiast !
of the evening exceeded that of any sluiila :
moating during the campaign.
Ho Makes mi Ktcollont Speech nu the Iimies
of Iho Day.
KEAHSBT , Neb , Oct. 8. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB UKE.J The Kearney opera
was filled this evening to hoar J. Sterling
Morton discuss democracy. Tbo tariff issue ,
old , thread-worn , nnd ever now each presi
dential year , was first outlined from tbo
democratic free trade standpoint. Free
lumber , an important factor to western
borne builders , was civon as an illustration
an infant Industry , IIOO years old , but they
sold nothing about protection in its old ago.
Then followed a category of frco trade argu
ments , that would benefit tbo masses from u
democratic view. The idea that a fowmanu
factories should ho protected at Iho expense
of the masses was hooted ut. They said it
was unfair for American coeds to bo pro
tected while foreign workmen came in to
compete with American worluuou ,
The money question was handled in a
scholarly manner , to tuo edification of all ,
excepting a.sprinkling of independents in the
audience , Mr. Morton's exposition of the
question corroborates with the republican
doctrine. Tho" percent land loan theory of
the peoplo'fl party was exploded , and the inconsistencies -
consistencies of the people's platform was
hewn by the query : "U'liero can you got
money eoough lor Ibo economical administra
tion of tlio government , if you loan to
I'tilil Attention to Van IVjck.
M'r. Morton paid a fitting tribute to Van
Wyck by reviewing his political career ,
first us n democrat for ofllce , theu as a re
publican for tbo same end , and now as a
populist and a candidate. Ho said that if
the defamation ot Nebraska by the
people's ' party continued , laud values must
decline. Then n liltla story was told of
ixarly days in Now Amsterdam , in whlcli tbo
Vmi U'i cks and other Vans llcurod in a
commercial crisis , and how tbo Vans sought
to remedy It , it was found that the Indians
(11 ( tha yiclnlty used , pcrlwluklo shells as a
medium of exchange aud the colony adopted
the same , Tbo Yunlcca colony from Con
necticut took advantage of tbo situation and
bought up the burplue products , paying in
This Illustration of fiat money brought
< to\vn tbo house and Judge IMgcrton , wtio
% ns present to defend Vnn Wyck , asked it
11 uatlocs demonetised gold what effect
> v0uldit hnvet
Morton replied that it would not effect tin
value. All the nations may declare that
Kearney is In Africa , out. that would not
Aiuwred Tliriu All.
Other populists undertook to tanelo Morton
on their underground theory of money , but
failed , lie enid i ( tbo government could
create money it could create souls. The
people's party platform contains some things
that nro good nnd some things thai
DM not , but lUo now things arc
not good , und A tne good things arc
not now There would never have been n
people's uarlT i ( it had not been for the
democrats beating It Into their bonds that U
wn wronir for a few people to rob the masses
for the benefit of the ton : Mr Morton said :
"Tho only/lght In the nubornatorlal contest
Is between myself and my buchollo irlond ,
C. II. Von \Vyck. "
nii'i\v : ; AT ititooiciA.v.
Ho Dlircmrn tlio Issues nf the I'rrornt Com-
pnlRti tlrforon I.urqn Atnllrnrr.
HiiooKt.T.v , W. Y. , Oct. 8.- The largest and
most enthusiastic republican mass meeting
held In Hrooklyn In ninny years was addressed -
dressed by Chauncoy M , Dopcw In the Clin
ton avenue rlnlc tonight. Mr. Dopow said
that the peculiarity of this canvass was the
general apathy on both aides. This was duo ,
bo said , to the widespread belief among the
people that no nutter who was elected the
country would boEafonnd prosperous. Butte
to what was this prosperity due ? To
the republican pollov which bad guarded
the Industrial Interests ot Iho people.
Panlw In the past had been directly auo to
democrats tinkering wllb the tariff. Wo
have been nineteen years without business
disaster. 1 ho prosperity of the country was
duo to the application , continued for twenty-
five years , of ropuOllcan principles. As for
that saying of the unthinking thut the coun
try would prosper , no matter wno was
elected , 1m would reply tnat. if Cleveland
were olectnd nnd should bo backed by a dem
ocratic senate nnd n democratic uouso of
representatives , und tbo tariff laws were
moditled on tbo basis of the Chicago plat
form , then wo should bo quleklv over
whelmed by business disaslor and financial
Continuing , Mr. Uopow discussed Iho tariff
at lentith nnd guvo considerable attention to
the financial planks ot Iho domocr.itlc pint-
( U'lmlillraiit ut M'lHiylcr.
SCIIUYI.GII , Nob. , Oct. 8. [ Special Telo-
gnim to THE I3in. ] The republican county
convention was hold hero this afternoon.
A. 7) . Hughes was chairman und E. CI ,
Phelps und W. L. Howard , secretaries. The
ticket Is : Representative , John Prous of
Schtiyler ; county attorney , T. W. Whitman
of Schuylor ; commissioner * . James Linigloy
for the llrst dlslilot and .Idsopli Prusa for
the second. Tbo chairman announced
speakers to bo hero ns follows : John L.
Webster. Frldnr , October 11 : Hon. hurcnzo
Crouuse , Saturday , October " 3 ; George D.
Meikoljohu , Wednesday , November 2
Not ll-viicLly Ilitrmo'iiluUHif
Cr.vrim , Cm , Tfob. , Oot. 8. [ Special
Telegram to Tun Bic. | The independent
county convention held In this city today
nominated . F. Por'or ' for representative
nnd J. B. Uorshimer for county attorney.
Porter represented this county In the legis
lature ot IS'.ll. There IH the same cry of
"rltm" as the independents have been lu the
habit of making against the old partins nnd
many of thorn refuse to bo bound by the acts
of the convention.
Itully at Hartluy.
C\Miiitinnn , Nob. , Oct. 8. [ Special Telo-
grom to Tin : Bun ; ] A republican rally was
hold nt Hartley touight. Hon. J. C. Gam-
mill , candidate for senator from the Twonty-
tilnth district , and Frank P. Solbv of Cam-
brldgo addressed the largest political gather
ing ever hold at that placo. The Indlanola
bund furnished music.
Oril's Ucmorriitln Kully.
OHD , Nob. , Oct S. [ Special to THE Br.E.J
The democrats hold n rally in the court
house last night. The B. & M. train brought
In a delegation from Greeloy Center headed
by a brass band. There was u larco audi
ence , many of them bolng republicans and
Ituaily lor the PenHoiitlnry.
FAHIIUJU , Nob. , Oct. S. ( Special Tele-
cram to TUB BiK.J Henry S. Marr. who
stele a buirgy and harness and other prop
erty from John Kridor , was captured by a
doouty sheriff at Cedar Rapids , Nob. , nnd
brought back this morning. Ho had n horse
which it is supposed he stele la Smith
county , Kansas. Ho made a confession and
says rcady for tnc penitentiary.
Chcjciiuo I)1 < 1 Not
OiiiiVKNNE , Wyo. , Oct. S. [ Special Tele
gram to Tun BEE. ] Colonel John P. Irish
of California spoke co an audience of 1,000
people at Turner tonight. Ho dealt princi
pally with the cattlemen's Invasion , tbo arid
laud bill und protection as afforded by the
McKiuloy tariff. No great enthusiasm was
nt any tiaio manifested ,
IJJV.IL nunviriES.
The Daniels boys were taken to Logan , la. ,
yesterday to answer to the charge of bur
The Firth ward llamboau marching club
has n membership of seventy , nnd is still
crou Ing.
J , C. Isb is plannmc for the erection of n
MO.OOO business block at Tblrteontli und
Jones streets.
( ins Jones is In the city Jail charged with
the larceny of a coat from his employer
ErAslub Benson.
The paving of Madison avenue from Sher
man avenue to Fifteenth street was coin
inenccd yesterday mornincr.
\V. W. Lowe has sold his interest in the
L. & pharmacy at Sixteenth and Faruara
streets to his partner T. P. Lewis.
J. II. McCounell , superintendent of motive
power for the Union Pacific , will bo homo jn
n few days from his European trip.
The people's party will hold Its city con
vention on October 15 to nominate candi
dates for tbo council and Board of Educa
A little cottage at Thirty-fourth nnd
Martha streets , owned by J.V. . Clark , was
damaircd about $50 worth by fire Friday
Mr. OITutt received a telegram from Mr.
Rust , thu American water works receiver ,
today saving that ho had started on his way
to Omaha and would bo hero In a few days.
Judge K. M : Stonberg Is proudly display
ing some corn which grow upon his farm in
the western part of tbo county. Ho main
tains thut thu crop will average slxtv bush
els to tbo acre.
The re.U estate owners of North Twenty-
Sixth street between Parker and Lake
streets have petitioned the city councillor
grading and paving. Over two-thirds of the
frontage is already represented by tbo
Mr. M. Haykon received the sad Intelli
gence this morning that his daughter ,
Josie , ngod 20 years , died ut her homo in
Chicago last night , niter an Illness of several
weeks. Mr. llaykcu loaves for Chicago
this afternoon.
The will ot tbo late iJorotha Kiilengio of
Klkborn was tiled in thu probuto court yes
terday. The property , some 810,000 worth ,
is bequeathed ns follows ; The sons , John ,
William and Julias yet $3 each und the bal-
auuu is equally divided ootwucn the two
A pleaslug entertainment In every particu
lar was rendered at St. Phllomcaa's ball last
Friday evening under the auspices of the
Young Men's Institute. An uudlcnco of
cbout lOOpooplo responded to the Invitations
aud did certainly aalte this occasion an enJoyable -
Joyablo ono.
Not a single Chinaman has registered ns
yet lu at tbo internal rovrnuo oQlcein Omaha
to secure a certillcato of citizenship. This
indicates that thcro is a conoortod action on
their part to ignore the now law until the
mnt'ter can bo laid before the supreme court
of the United States.
Now the west Leavonworth street resi
dents are happy. Tno street railway people
have nut another car on the line west from
Park avenue between tbo hours of C nnd 7
o'clock in tbo morning und evening. This is
the accommodation that the residents In that
vicinity have oeen clamoring for for moro
than a year.
The police arrested last nigfit Hcury Bold-
win for passing bogus chorus. Baldwin In
duced F. Fawcutt to attempt to cash snroo
ot tbo paper. ' This Fawcctt triad to do
supposing tbo papar was genuine. When
thu swindle was discovered Fuwcctt caused
the arrest of Bald win and was himself held
a % complaining witness.
Tbo regular sanitary oftlcors will have
cbnrgo of the garbage work in tuo city after
tills weak. Tuo additional men furnished
by tbo police department have enabled tlio
Board of Health (0 canvass the city very
tnarouimly und servo notices for the abate-
maul of nuisances. Thowoik can now be
carried on by tbo rceulur force of Inspectors
| wliouut trouble ,
Facts Taken from the CongrofljlonntjReooril
Wh'ch ' Oannst Bo Disputed ? ?
llo Never Alliiurcl nil OppnrttniHjjto Vn *
Without divine xitiio Ciriiir | ; liini : >
l.lft All Intcrrstli.K IMt ot Ills
WASHINGTON- ) . C. , Oct. 8. fSpecial to
TUB Hr.E. ] Representative ICe1" posing ns
an economist or reformer would , bo n . lUdl.-
crous object In Washington. There IB noth ;
Ing In the rocora of Mr. K6m In tnc session
of congress which ho recently socved to
causa any ouo to oven suspect thut ho bad
nny notions of reform , or that ho cnred a H'R
tor the constituents ho Is attempting to stir
up by bis calamity howling.
It Is true that but Httlo In the way of
work can bo ox pee ted ot n miu during nts
first term In congress , llo usually studios
the Hold , nnd when ho has thus equipped
himself ho can all the moro effectually hclu
his constituents. Ho is invnrlablv expected ,
however , to vote rlgbt upon the questions
which affect his peoplo. Mr , Kom came to
congress us an nlllanco representative ono
who denounced corporations mid all
that his partv opposes , He no sooner got
his scat warm than ho bcgnn to vote
nnd work for measures which his party and
his own constituents dcnouncJ upon every
occasion , llo is not , upon record ns opposing
nny corporation , but upon the contrary the
Concrussloual Record nnd the tutnuUjs of
the house committee on Indian affairs , ' of
whlcli ho is n member , show tlmt ho stood
up nud was counted every ttmo a corpora
tion's Interests r.-oro nt stake , and ho was
counted for the corporation.
Homo of His Urform Work.
Mr. Kom began his wovlc in tha interest
ot corporations by introducing a bill
( II. R.I.5S1) ) on January 25 lost ,
which proposed that , the government
should buy out the plant of Iho
Washington Gaslight company , nt n "cash
value to bo ascertained by n board of'fivo dis
interested appraisers , who shall bo exports
In the business of erecting gas works ; " oto.
Mr. Kom's bill for this purnoso npptoprlutcd.
$ IOUO,000 , but It did not limit the amount
which mlgtit bo paid to thnt sum. The ' 6111
would huvo boon a nrcat boon to a corpora
tion hero which has grown fat oft' the gov
ernment , but which now , under existing law ,
is subject to Government regulation. It
would , uo doubt , bo glad to soil out upon
such terms us proposed by the reform mem
ber from Nebraska.
Mr. Kom next Joined witn the democrats
on the houxo Indian affairs committee in re
porting und having passed the Tarsnoy bill
( II. R. ri.liSI ) . "to authorize the Dontson &
Northern Railway company to construct nnd
operate tx railway through Indian Territory ,
and for other purposes. " Instead of restrict
ing this corporation to the protection of tbe
interests of the territory , Mr. Kom ciwo
away to tbo company n town site , switch
room , etc. , every ton miles alone tuo
road , wben , of course , n town will onlv
bo built about every twouty-fivo or fifty
miles , Section 4 of tbo bill gives the com-
pauv the right to charge tbo same rata for
freight as is charged in Texas , 'whara the
people nave groaned from exorbitant freight
tariffs for years. It , says in the same section
that 3 cents a inilo mr.y bo charged for pas-
setmcrs. The gentle reader in Nebraska
will gasp at this provision , which gives away
the property of the Indians :
Kind to tliu Itiillroud.
See. 5. That said railway coinunny.Bbnll pay
to the secretary of theJntcrlor , tot tbg benefit
of the particular nations or tribes tbiouih'
whoso lunds ald line may bu Iocatod.t.tli
sum of TM lu addition to cotnpons-itlon pro
vided for In this act for propuity t.ild-n and
damages done to Individual occupants by tlio
construction ot the railway for each inllo of
r.illttuy that It may construct In said terri
tory , siild payments to bormndo In Install
ments of J5U as o.icli ten miles of road is
Without any requirement for the building
of the road the bill gives the company three
years 10 becln work a frco option but does
not rcqulro it to over complete ltsljnos. ,
Such rates , such privileges would never bo
tolerated in Nebraska. But Mr. Kom liad
no lUoa tbe people of Nebraska would ever
know that he was working and votiug for
such a bill.
Then Mr. Kom came .forward again In bo-
hnlf of another corporation. Ho supported
vigorously the uill ( H. K.-JIJC" ) , by Mr. Compton -
ton of Maryland , "To incorporate the Wash
ington & Maryland Rulwny company. " It
gives a right of way to this .corporation , to
build a motor railroad right up into Wash
ington , when other similar railroads have
been denied the privileges for years , the
effort being to kcon such roads out of the
citv proper. The charter granted bytho bll
is loose aud altogether In tbo Intorestof the
company. It can pav 4 per cent ot its earn
ings in lieu of tegular taxes , when no ono
can , of course , ascertain how much tbo
earnings really nvo , and so thu effect
would bo that the company would pay no
taxes at all , claiming as usual it was bank
rupt. That Is a common way of swindling
the government. There are no restrictions
nbout paying up the stock , wnicu may bi
watered ad libitum through tbo issuance o
bonds , ns well as stock.
Ills im : > rts at friiiiiiiclcrlng1.
Again Mr. Kern came to the front , ou Jan
uury 0 , with a bill Introduced by Uimself ( II
H. irtS ) :
' To provide an ndeo/into volume ol ful.
legal tender coin and paper money , for the
classification of tbo funds in tbo United
States treasury , for tbo establishment ol a
general system of government banking , and
for other purposes. "
it Is very probable ttint Mr. Kom , was im
posed upon by this measure ; that ho did not
prepare It , for no oirj would suspect him
with being able to draft a bill. The measure
provides , In a word , for the practical , nbol-
ishtnent of our banking svstom and the es
tablishment of a "government banking nnd
loan bureau" with branch Uanlcs whpfovor
needed \ \ Ulcli shall Issue currency or certifi
cates upon gold , silver and other things de
posited , But Mr. Item proposes to glvo u
army of "bank directors" fat , Jqbs' nt ,
(1,000 salary a year each , with nothing to do.
Ho would create n useless bystam.of bupk-
ing and thousands upon thousands of , bajlc
officers , some in nil communities , wbo wo'uld
draw unreasonable salaries , anil thus aug
ment the government's expenditures with
out bringing In nny rcvcuu'o , "would
scorn that ho had in mind 'providing for a
lot of men out ot employment. The money
to bo loaned by tbo bill is to draw 4 nor coat
interest , but It is to bo the surplus in the
treasury 1 Mr. Kom probably know * that
there was no surplus in the treasury , no idle
money In the national banks , and thcrofora
there would bo nothing for thls'army of inpu
nt $4,000 n yoir each to lend or. do but sit
nround aud look wise.
lln > 'm > r Antaconl/cil n Corporation.
Throughout this man's entire careerhbro
there Is this common effort in bcbalf of cor
porations and nowhere 19 ho recorded as
uutugouli'mg the interests of nny mouioa
corporation. Tlio bills bo lntr.oducod'\yoro
drawn bv others nnd were Intended by tbo
makers to subserve the purposes of monopolies -
polios nnd corporations of mnuoy , ' , '
It has been stated to Tnr. Bit : ; correspond-
out thut Mr. Kom votoa nnd netoa pnlv after
consulatinir with and getting tho. advice of
lr , McKolghaii ; but If that Is" frueriand' ' I' '
have i.o reason to aoubt it , tbp.ffobraska re-
fonuor is guilty of not only"soryliiir the in
terests of corporations , but dolujr irwitttout
intelligence enough to know H. Doqd't' It ,
scum that a man so devoid of Intolligcnco
nnd so far hi his actions from the platform
upon which ho was elected Is n dangerous
man to have lu congress ! ' n ,
P | IU > * S. JICATU.
Slot riiHon mill hprliiRAiv n >
PI-OHM , III. , Oct. 8. The deniperats .of
central Illinois baa a big demonstration bora
this afternoon nnd venliig , Air , Slgy.jUjSQU ,
candidate for the vice presidency , arrived ot
3 o'clock , accompanied byOC \ ) J > e.OJ > jp , from
Bloouilngton , They marched to tha Gruud
opera house , where a meottpK WAS bpil. )
Congressman Springer o'.scussc.d lUo. > tariff
nt great length and was followed by Mr ,
Stevenson , who devoted his tlmo to the
tariff , reciprocity nndfthfe.forco bill. In Iho
evening thcto wn B monster profession ,
which was followed by n meeting nt House's
hall. AddrO3. cs wcrCTU'Spo by cx-Govornor
Hubbardof Texas u id Jambs W. Hunter ,
candidate for concros
Second Day of the [ Cnilomor Mrctlncr ,
BuATittcn , Nob. , Oct. 8. [ Spools ! Tclo
gram to Tin : BIK. : | The second day's ses
sion of Ibo Nebraska Christian Kndoavor
union was greeted with np Immense attend
ance nnd Interest. Reports of the several
officers wcro road nnduiiroved. . Numerous
valuable pnpors on Christian Endeavor work
wore road , following which came the elec
tion of o Ulcers for tno ensuing year : Presi
dent , C. A. Murch , 'Kearney j secretary ,
Frank F. Cooic , Lincoln ; treasurer , .O. M.
Neodhnm , Albion , Five district acurotaries , vlco presidents aud an executive
committoa were also clectoj. The next
pluco and data of mooting ' .v'era loft to the
executive committee.
Ttih nvonlng a social reunion
was hold at tlio Pad.d"oek , which
was lurccly attended. The social addresses
wcro delivered by Ucv. W. C. Stevenson of
McCook ami Rev. I ) . R. Kerr of Ilclloville.
Tomorrow's procrnm contemplates sunrise
consecration meeting , Sunday school In nil
the churches nt 0:30 : n. in. , general services
In nil the churches nt 11 n. m. , Sunday after
noon scripture readings , brlof addresses on
special won : , Sunday evening union norvtcc
at , the Paddock , to bo uddtesscd by Rov. l' .
C. Sterling of O null a aud Rev ; Francis K.
Townslcy of Ashland ,
Nohratku Count ) ' I'nlr * .
Ki.Mwonn , Net ) . , Oct. 8 1 Special to Tin :
BEK.I Klinwr/od's first fair was n coinpU'to
success. The displays of hogs , sheep , caltlo
and poultrv of lluo grades were well repre
sented. There were BOIIIB line racoj , nnoiit
llfteou line , high spcoj traitors were on the
The Blmwood fair grounds , without any
question , has thu best halt mite track lu the
state , so nil the horsemen snv. The associa
tion Is out of debt nnd this fair loit nuout
8i,000 In the treasury.
Bid Bl'itiXn , Neb , , OcU S. [ Special to
Tin : Biiu.J Dfluel county has Just closed her
third annual fair , which lasted three days.
The display of ncrlculturo has nnvor boon
equaled , oven by older stntoi. Crops of nil
kinds are simply imnionsc ns the exhibit
proves. The corn exhibit was perfect , both
In quantity nnd quality , and was the envy of
residents of Iowa who were present. A line
diiplnv of horses , hoes , cnttla nnd .sheep
was shown. The cowboy tournament , races ,
meeting of tbo old bottlers , baby show , etc. ,
makes this third fair ono long to bo remembered -
berod and rollccts great credit ou the man
Ills I'lilth Kcunrdod.
Mr. Charles Walto ot Uoudwood , S. D , is
mo of the men who for the past twelve
oars have penistontly oxporlmetitod with
ho refractory gold ores of the Black Hills ,
avlng faith in their richno'ss nud knowing
hat u process for their reduction would
oniotimo bo found. It was n long aud weary
/ait , but patience nnd faith has been re-
I'nrdcd , nnd tlioso who tvero fortunate
nough to train possession pf some of those
iropcrtios nro nowonjovlng the profits whic'i '
heir working brings. Mr. Vv'nlto's posses-
Ions are among Iho richest lu tbo Bald
ilountum district , and nra makini : weekly
hlptnonts of bullion. IrP Wnlto is occom-
lanied bhis wife ant ? daughter , nnd the
> acty are onroutu to thdu : Black Hills home.
North I'lntlu Conference.
WEST POINT , Nob. , Oct. 8. [ Special
, o THE Sec. ] Tbo North Platte con-
'crenco of tbo Kvange'.loul Lutheran synod of
S'ebrnska held Us autumn session ia West
oint this week. Theio were about n aoon
jastors and delegates iirosont , aud the Oraca
Lutboran church and congregation furnished
ample room and entertainment for tbo visi-
: ora. Excellent papers were prepared.
iVftor having a helpful couforcnco tboy nd-
iQurncd to meet at Dakota City In April.
Those present were : Rev. A. J. Turkic ,
Omaha ; Rov. J. W. Kimmol.jTekamah ; Rov.
J. H. Knrpcnstoin , Ppnca : Rnv. J. S.
Dotwoilor , Rev. C. HiJber , Omaha ; Hev. II.
.f. Hopoman , DaUjota CjtyjnnUiHov. W. A.
Lipe and Rov. S.Pear30nVVV"Qst Point.
. \v York Kxchiinco Oiictntlons.
NEW Yoitif , Oct. S. . { Special Telegram
oTiin Bnn.l Exihaugo was quoted as fol
ows : Chicago , CO cents discount ; Bos-
.on , 15 to G cents discount ; St. Louis , DO
.0 35 cents discount.
Warmer Winds Will Illow and It Will He
Fair Today In Nrlmitika.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , Oct. 8 Forecast for
Sunday : For Nebraska , Iowa , North and
South Dakota Fair , warmer ; winds suiti
ng to southerly.
Local itrcoril.
Oct 8. Omaha record of tomoeraturo and
rainfall comparoa witu corrcsondlug ] day of
past four vcan :
1891 1891. JSM. 1SS9.
. .laximnm . tompoiaturo. . . . 01 = 48 = 67 ° fi'J ' =
Mlnlnuim tiMiipoi.ituio f)8 ) = 41 = 55 ° ) : !
AvoraspteniDoraturo . . , , . . & 'J ° 44 = Gl = M
Precipitation 00 .ffi .17 .00
Statement showing the condition of torn
peraturo and precipitation at Omaha tor tno
dav and since March 1 , IS'Ji. ' as compared
\vith tbo ponoral average :
Normaltemooraturc CG =
Dclicioncy for tlio d.-iy. ( i =
Doholeney since Alarcn 1 " 19 =
Normal preeltiltallon. 10 incl
Dellcleiiey fortho duy 10 Incl
Deficiency since Jlnieh 1 i.39 inches
O , E. LA.WTON , Observer.
C. A. Pylo of Benedict Is at the Arcade.
C. A. Burnett of McCook is at the Murray.
M. C. Keith ot North Platte is at the Pax-
J. N. Phelan of Alliance is at the Pax-
ton.B. . S. Peck of Stromsbonr is nt the Mil-
L. R. Rldgoway of Albion is at tbo Bruns
wick. .
B. F. Doloplaino of Chicago Is at the Del-
lono.Q. II. Ray'mor of Lincoln is a guest at tbo
D. W. CooU of Beatrice Is registered at the
O. P. Cully ol I.oup City Is a guest at the
J. B , Filkms.of Kansas Is registered at the
W. S. Servcn ot Chicago isin guest at the
Murray. c ,
John Sklrving of O'Ntfill is a guest at the
P. S. Blodgott of St.1'aul was at the Mur
ray yestorduy , , ii oc
J. L. Chamberlain oIlLoiilsvillo Is a guest
at the Arcade. . .D-JOI
H. H. Chony of Hastes was nt the Arcade -
cado yesterday. num.
P. W. Peterson of SPflJtbn , la. , 1s a guest
at the Mercer.
\Vllllam A. Wycboft-ft/i / Lincoln was at the
Dellouo yesterday. , „
Mr , and Mrs. T. Wi Lansing of Lincoln
were among the arrivals ut the Millard yes
terday , PI in
Dr. V. T. McGillyouddflof Rapid City nna
Charles Walto of Ueadttttod paid Tliu lliii ! a
visit last evening. } > 1 °
Lloutcnant E. V. BocMlllerof the Second
Infantry returned to thtt'jjost ' yesterday after
a three months trip aurora ,
Mr. Charles Smith , whoist'heproprlotor of
tbo Detroit Uxcclslor works , is in tbo city on
invitation of Mr. A. D. Bradley to look over
the ground und if possible taitun excelsior
factory In this city. .
Private Secretary Morrlssoy of the gov
ernor's political family , came up from Lin
coln yesterday to cast a critical eye on tbo
situation in Doudas county , and bring greet
ings to the fui 111 ful Satnosot braves ,
NEW YOIIIC , Oct. 8. [ Special Telegram to
Tuc BEE. ] Omaha : S. Crenblo , Hotel
Bartholdr J. F. Murphy. St. Denis ; M. R.
Tronermaun , Broadway Central ,
CHICAGO , 111. , Oct. 8. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BEU. ] Tno following Nebraskans
registered bore today : Great Northern J.
S. Knor , Omaha. Grand Pacific Mr . A :
U. Curtis. T. O. Warner , W. A , Fonnor ,
Omaha ; John C. David , Paivnoo City.
Palmer House W. S. Boyton , Omaha.
Leland J. R. Mallory , South Omaba. Vic
toria Qeono W. Fisher , Lincoln , Sherman
P. M. Smith , South Omaha.
Garrison Fmbos tha Grout Colt Along an
Easy Winner from "Yorkvillo Bollo.
Ho Kn.slly llrat UlM .Alrtuil , Who Was tlio
I'nst ruvorltr < : ( o n nt Churchill
Dow in.Tito . Lexington llnrncsi
liners Other Sports.
Mounts PAUK HICK TIUCK , N. V. . Oct. 8.
Marcus Daly's great cell Tammany p'lt up
1U ! ) pounds ( \IH | bent the beautiful Illly York-
vlllo Belle , lij , un opeji length for the rich
.loromo stakes. Garrison gave a bluIT rlilo
on Tammany , flourishing tits whip and roll-
lug about ns It wonting vary hard In order to
boat the Ucllo. This performance of Garri
son's \vns giyen fortho purpose ot deceiving
the public , so that the odds npnlnst Tarn-
ninny on his next appcaranco would not bo
ton short , Tammany was 3 to 10 nnd Yortt-
vlllo Hello 11 to 10. Miirou a Daly1 * share of
tbo stakes is 919,410 , I-1. A. lib rot's ? ) ,000
nnd tlio Bashford Manor stublo's $ iH)0 ( ) , Azra
running third.
Tlio other stilco fenliiroho Kursory , was
captured by V. A. Uhrot's Runyon , who
made nil the running nnd heat Miss Maud ,
the favorite , in n driving finish. Uunyon
was n 5 to 1 chance.
Chesapeake anu Correction were first anil
second choices for tlio opening six furlongs
dash , but Fairy ( fl to 1) ) , ( Samson u , won
easily , Cbosnnpnho second , Correction third.
In the sncond racuthotwo choice ? , Michael
and Candelabra , mot thu same fate , Low-
liuiilcr ( 'I1 , , to 1) winninc it tfood race bv
half n length.
Marshall was an even money favorlto for
the mini raw , but tie finished unplaced.
Mlddloton ( r to 1) ) , 'Lidy Mary (13 ( to 1) ) , anil
Iliram (7 ( tel ) buinir llrst , iocond nnd third
respectively. The nlungoM hot on Diablo
nnd Cynosure to win the last race nnd muho
up tdoir losses , but Hvdy put tlicslr monov in
the llro by heading his Hold and landing ilrat
money nt post odds of 3 to 1. Cvnosuro was
second and Milt Young ( to 1) ) third. Sum-
innries :
Klrst race , n\ furlongs : Pnlry O to 1) ) won.
1 " "nppiii.ortto Jlsueoml. I'orrecllon < iitor. ; )
tlilrd , Tlnio : IMS.
Second raco. inllb nnd a furious : Lowlander -
lander (9 ( to S ) nun. Mlchncl (8(0.1) ( ( ) second ,
tiiiideliibia i9 to 5i third Tlini1 : : , .
Ililrd race , live ntiil a half furlongs : Mld-
illcton (7 ( to Dunn. Ij.idy Aluryir.'to DscconU ,
Ujr.un (7 ( to-l ) tliinl Tlmu : IUT'4. :
J onrtli race , thn Jcruino stake. inllo and a
lialft Tutiiiiiiiny (9 ( to iii ( won. York vllle Itollo
( , ' 1 to 10) ) second. Axw (0 to 1) ) tlilrd. Tltnu :
I'lfth race , tlio Nursery stakes , six fmloiiKs :
Ifnnyon ( . ' > to li won , Miis M md to to 0) ) second ,
Stowaway 0 to 1) ) third. Times 1:111.
SIMh race. nillO : llvdv it > to I ) won , Cvnos-
nrort to llbocoiul , Mill Vomit ; ( I to 1) ) third ,
Time : l:4l , .
Closing at Chnrclilll I > cVrni.
Lorisvii.i.e , Ky. , Oct. S. The best card of
ho week was up. for the closing of the Loms-
Illo Jockey club meeting this afternoon .
'ho woathcr was raw ann only nbout 3,500
icoploverc present. Afternoon , the ilauirh-
.er of Troubadour , who won the Bauford
itakos , was the only favorlto first past the
test at odds of 2 to 1. Summaries :
rirst race , slv furlongs : Alt Allen won In
: I8 , blreak-of Mirlitnlii , , ' ( ' , ' to l ) second , llln-
oii ( S to 10) ) third.
Second rate. six furlonsm : I.lttlo Annlo (3 (
la It won In l.'lfl'i. Kniinlo S ( I to II second , Od-
royCltoni tlilnt.
Third race , the Stun l.ird slakes , for 2-yoar-
Jlds. ono nllo : Aflurnoon CJ to 1) ) won In l:44'i.
l.nlv : Juno ( ll ) to Osujond , Deception ( li to 1) )
1'ouith race , frco handlcnp. nitln and
icvonty yards : hcnorltii (4 ( to I ) won In 1:4. : ) ,
lit CoUioy ( s to 1) becond , Hob h m to 51
I'lfth raqc. ono inilo : , " Ifonry Jcnkjns GUJ to
1)MIII ) In 1:4J : > < , Adi lunuo (11 ( to 1) ) second , Oui >
Uo.iror (1 ( ! to 1) ) third.
SiMli r.uc , selllnir.Jlvo furlontjh : KiuiircbS
t-rodtTlck-Cito' ' ) woiHn IMiH'j. Salvation 0 to
4) ) bucond , Ku eola (1'J ( lo 1) ) third.
ISrccdcrH' Htivex lit LrxliiRton.
LEXIXOTONKy. . , Uot , 8. The fourth day
of the Kentucky Trotting llorso Breeaors
association was a vcrj' chilly ono. The great
Blue Grass stake for 4-year-olds was un
finished. Honors , however , were equally di
vided , Steinbergtaklnp two. boats and
Ut-orco Sat. Glair two. The deciding boats
will be trotted Mo nil ay. Summaries :
1'lrst race ( continued from 1'rldny ) , purse
$ lliO : AVIllcslo Gin. \ . Allianv Itoy second.
Jmtsworth third , Time : i : ' { , a:2J. : : 'J4 ,
Second , 'Jatcliis > s trot , imrso 51.030 : Leo
Itusiull won , Itelsuy llr.itton second , Vi-sta
Medium thlid , Uinllla fourth. Time : --l : ,
Third race , the Ptalllon Iteprosentatlvo
stal o forlt-yoar-olds , ij.COO : Dliectuin won ,
bablim hocund. KOMI Turner third. Hilly
Llinlsy , Tlinu : 2.Tli : , 2:18 : } } . 2W : .
I'oiiitli rucc , Kino ( liass HtaUo for 1-year-
olib.f" > .00i ) . ( iinflnishcd ) : titulnlicrir and ( icorso
ht. Olalr tlod for llrst placo. Happy 1'rouilho
third. Time : 'JL'l : , : ) { . : j , . Ssaijj.
rifthrnuo , aSi : clnss , trouiiis , inllo heats ,
two in throe. purtiOf 400 : h-iilah WltUes won.
Annie G second. Turner Hey tlilid , Ulrtlc Olit
fourth. Time ; iiiC. : : a'J7'j. :
Sold Tnunty-SIx Ilrait .
Ky. , Oct. 8. Woodard &
Shanklln sold twenty-six horses this morn
ing foi$19,410. . Sales of $1,001) ) niiu over are
as followsCarazo , b. c. , by Alcuntria , daw
Jennie Cobb , J.i II. Jcrinyn , Scrantou , I'a. ,
j" ,000 ; Star Hussoll. ch. s. . bv Lora Kus-
bell , dam Prlncoss Eloise , E. H. Uoss , ISas-
ton , MU. , $1,200 ; Vcrix. bay colt , by Humor ,
dn.n Cvmual , Uoorgo HlldoOrccut , Trenton ,
N. . ) . , $1,000 ; Police , bay colt , by Stranuor.
d ° tn Mystoy , to Luwboad & Uasboro , Wil-
luiupton , O. , S1.0T5 ; l noy Muud , blk. in. , by
( Jnnoral Knox , Cam l annie , to J.V. . Dalv ,
Mount Kiscox , N. Y. . fl,075 ; Barcol , by Su't-
cliffo , aam Lady Maud , to J. W. Lyou ,
Mount Case , N. Y. , fl'JOO ; Lady Prlncoton.
b. ill , , Dy Prlncoton , dam Wint-a-nit , to
Poter.Truox , Enu Claire , \Vis. , $3,101) ) .
< < uyVon tliu Iturc.
CIIILLICOTUI : , O. . Oct. S. The flfm heat
botwcou lJuy and Hal Pointer wus paced to
day in Guy's ' favor In iJjOU.V. The consola
tion race give id the defeated horses a few
dollars. Other races were declared off.
Summaries :
1'roo-for-all pacn , n.irffo J3.00U , ( If th heat fin
ished today : uiiy Wllld'S won , Hal 1'olntur
bocond. Tlnioi a:07'i. : ' - ' 'ii.Situji.auaii , 2ouji. :
The a-Viitr-nld ) CoiihOlat'on ' stnlcrs ; ICoys
\viin , Cautlivuro iVilla-a bucond , I'otrolouin
third. Time : Jy < U.
U-yoar-old Consolation trot. ? 100 : Jcsso ! 0
won , Star I'riuces second , Alarjfrot W third.
Tlioo : 2:27 : ,
2:27 : trot , lljaoi Whoatland Onward won ,
Onpitanabccond , Indlunu tlilrd. Itust tlmo :
liUHt Day lit KIIIIHIIH City.
KANSAS Cm' , 'Mo. , Oct. 8. This was the
last day of the Kansas City races :
First race , for all , naoliiK. tiurso. 11.000 , un
finished from yostunlay : Hey Wl'les won ,
Klley Medium oocond , Alcolyto tlilrd , Host
tlmoi 2:1CJ. !
hecoml race , 2:3 : class , trottlnc , mir > > o.r 00 :
Nustnood won. llorninpo second , Golden lioy
third , liubt tlmu : 2il ; : ,
Thlidiuce , 2:20 : cliuu , trotting' : 1'ot Davis
won , Joker bccond , Ashman tlilrd. Host
tlmoi 2i''l , _
NATIONAL l.l3AiUi : .
Itostoii's AVInnlui ; Twice n Day , Hut Hlig
U'oa't Catch ITp.
BOSTOK , Mass , , 'Oct. 8. Boston and Now
York played two games today , and Ibo cham
pions wo'ii 'by superior fielding and base run-
nlnp. Weather fair. Attendance 1,227. Bcoro :
Boston . , . 4
Now Yorlf. , . , , „ . . 0 000000102 3
Hits : Hoston. Oj , iowVorl : , 8. Hrrors : Hos-
ton , 1 ; Now.Vork. 5. Kaniod runs : Now York ,
2. llat'crlesi Nichols and Ucuuott ; Oruuo and
Second gatnoi
lotM . . . 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 a
NowVorlc , , . oooooio-i
Hits : llostou. 3j Now York. B. Krrora : llos-
ton , 0 ; NoW VOrk. f Karnod Huns : Ilontou ,
ll Iow Vorjr.l. ' H tterlo l Btlvctts aud Dan-
xul ; lluxlo and Kwlus ,
llaro tlio Jtiif ,
O , , Oct. 8. The Cleveland !
wou today's ' gauio by good b&tllutr , buucblncf
hits In tbo scoond inning. Attendance , UOO.
Tbroaloning wouthor koot people away nna
tbo game ( vas'oallod at tbo end of the fifth
Inning pa account ol rain. Scoroi
Olovelaud. . . . , . . , „ , . 1 8010 6
Ht. LouU. . . . , . , . . , . , . , . , . 0 0010 1
lilts : Cleveland , 10) ) Ht. Louli , a Krrorii
Clovulaua , 1) ) it , houli , 0. liurnod rua i
Clovninnil , 4 | Pt I.ouh. 1. llnttorlcst Youns
nnd.Imnior : llrcltonstdln nnd
VlcUrry Tails Out Another ,
BM.TiMonn , Ma , . Ocl. 8. The lUllunores
bunched hits on Uoyhing ted v and won In
n cantor. Attendance. ir > 0. Ruluy. Score :
liiiltliniiro 10000 ft"0 0 : i-0
I'hilndolphia. , . , , , , . 0 5
lilts : llnltlnioco. ISil'lillndolpliln.S. Krrorv
IJa I mort-.U , I'lillndolpbln , 1 , Karncd runs :
llnltlinorc , 0 ; I'hllndmplila. . < . Hatlories !
lokcry and Koblns ; Woliliu nnd Clements.
Turned Down tlnrlr.
PiTTsnuiio , Pa. , Oct. 8. Tltnelv hitting
ana good base running won for Plttsburg
today. Attendance , O. > 0. Score :
I'lttsburg 0 0 a 1 0 0 .1 2 0 7
Hits : I'lttsburz. 12 : ( 'lilnnita I. Krrors :
rlttsburir , 2 : Uhlcnzo , 4. Knrned miis : I'ltls-
hnrg. J : Chlonpn. 1. Itattorlos : Turry and
Maokj l.tiby. Sehrlvcr and lUttndgo.
Maiulniirot thn Tonmi.
w , tn P.O.I vr t , , PC
rioTcUnj M ji TO.S iMihi\iointit ( . . .s M w.u
I ! 1'1 . . . .4(155 ( n.SJ'-lilcnirn SJ art 40.9
H'tl11 * * ' 31 " fil'0-ll | lll M iV 41.3
llrookltn W a | M 7 nmilmoro . . . . ! . ' , 4J ST. *
NowVork 43M M.I Wiulilnilon. . . . ! ! 4A : O.8
Llnclnnatl BOSS Kl.Tlgl. Louis. . . . . . 31 4 3 } .
Sl'AltKS ( M-St'OUT.
Vuln 1.lie In Tnilntiicr ,
Nnw YOIIK. Oct. 8. Yule's strongest team
lined up against the Crescents at Hasten
park this nttcrnoou. The Hay Rldgo Turks
fotiuhl n plucky battle , but were bontcii bv n
scorootSS too. Ynlo fumbled the ball in
tbo llrst half like.lapnnoso Jugclurs. They
wcro willing enough ami foucht hard
enough , but they nro not yet thoroughly
* < omn .11 oni Itrrord * Jlailr.
Nr.w YniiKr Oct. S. The forty-ninth camcs
of the Noiv Yorit athletic clubs were held
today nt Traverse Island and were made note
worthy by the breaking of the world's rec
ords. The new reeciiMs made were for the run
ning high Jump , lu which II , P. Sweeney of
the Xavier Athlotlo club cleared six foot ,
four and a ( juurtor Inchpx , beat
ing the record made by Bvrd
Page at Philadelphia ono iiuartor
of nn inch. The standing broad Jump , in
which A. P. Schwantior of thu Now Yor'c '
Athletic club Jumped ton feet , ulno and seveu-
olchths Inches , and the Ihrowiui : of thn
sixteen-pound hammer , in which J. S. Mitch
ell of the New York Athlotlo club mudo n
throw of H. foot , throe-quarters of an Inch ,
beating tbe best record , his own , of HI foot ,
eight inches.
Ho.ivjI'niils riantnl.
ClxriVNATi , O. , Oct S.-Tho pools sold
tonlcntfor Iho $ . " , ,000 cuarauteod Trausyl-
vnninn stakes to bo trotted hero lodav were
the largest ever sold on a race in Kentucky.
The llrst ten pools sold ran from f 1.4T5 to
52,17. . Kvcry starter In the raoo received
heavy .backing , and never did the pool on any
horse go abocclng.Tho llrst pool sold was
AndoMon's Nlrhtlncnle , ? , ViU ; Kremlin , SVJO ;
VVultor K , $110 ; A. ( .U-ccnloaf , ? . ! [ ) ; Little Al
bert , Slfiri ; New Yotic Coutial , SJO ; St. Yin-
cunt. $ bO ; Hiuel U'ilkes , $110 ; Major K , $45 ;
Gillutto , S'o : , ; Dandy. $ o1 ; Sallie B. $10 ;
Florida , i,0 ; Hamlln's Nightingale , $100.
Total , $ J,175.
T oln thn Ithicl ; .
ST. Lotn , Mo. , Oct. 8. Ulll Prtiott , col
ored , and "Doe" Kennedy , colored , both
heavy woluhts , the former n local pugilist
nnd the latter from Now Orleans , met to
light n finish light two weeks ace , but tbo
policostonpod them Just as they entered the
rink' . Early this mornincr they met ngnln
nnd this llmo were not disturbed. About
" 03 local sports witnessed the encounter
which was fought nt 200 pounds lor about a
$500 purse. Tbroo savape rounds were
fought , Prnett belnjr knocked out in the
third round. Kennedy was hardly scratched ,
while his opponent was tertibly punished , j
Unrlo Will < io to .Now Yorlf.
NEW YOIIK , Oct. 8. The prospects of a
winning babe ball team in this city next
year are very bright. It is thought likely
that Adrian C. Anson will be among the
now men who will make up the Now York
team for tlio .season of 1891. The veteran will
bo a great card for the Now Yorks , oven
though ho is not ns niinolo of foot new as bo
wasn decade ago. With Alison covonnsr fimt
and Ward und Richardson alongside him at
the Polo grounds the Infield would bo in
Eomothinpr like good shape.
Coildaril mill .Ii
Nnw VOIIK , Oct. S. Tlio Coney Island
Athlotlo club offers a purse for a iieht be-
.ween Joe Goddard and Peter .Tacksou to
take place In Doccmbor.
Will 1'liiy ' ! ' leu Tcitliiy.
Lnrisvii.i.i : , Ky. , Oct S. The Louisvillo-
Jinclnnatl game was postponed until tomor
row : there'will bo two games then.
I'ut \\ltiifsii Out ol tlin Way.
GAI.VKSTOX , Tnx. , Oct. S. A News Austin
special says : B. Jose , a Mexican and a wit-
icss to the murder of Sheriff Ilornsby , was
called to his dour and assassinated lustuight.
Is no clew to tliu assassin.
UIIA in U'yoinlni ; .
BUTAI.O.Vyo. . , Oct. 8. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BII ; : . ] Natural traa was struck at
this pluco about n p. m. today while boring
lor artesian water on the premises ot j. A.
The Omaha has closed the twonty-oighth
series , with SOU shares of stock subscribed.
Omaha associations have forwarded nppll
cations for membership in tbo State league
Tbo State league Is growing btoadily. It
is expected that all locals in the state will DO
members before the first annual meeting in-
The Nebraska of Oinolm ronorts a marked
increase in tno doinaud for sliares , nn iigrec-
able condition which Secretary itortnwlclc
ascribes to Tin : Bii's : advocacy of building
The Mutual of Omaha pays withdrawing
shareholders in tlio llrst hories 9f > ner cent of
the book value , equal to 18 per cent on tbo
money paid in. The scries la nluoty-two
months old ntid will , prohub'y ' touch par
value in a year.
Surely the building society Idea Is popular
with tbo American pooplo. In ono western
city it bus boon applied to church building ,
two churches having oruanl/oci builulug so-
clotlos nmone the nioinbors lor tbo purpose
of accumulating funds with which to build
churches , and two hand&oinu edifices now
testify to tbo success of the undertaking.
The plan has also been utIIUod in a llro insurance -
suranco company. It is possible that this
method of co-operation may bo applied in a
variety of ways before woboo the end of it.
In nn address to building associations the
oxocutlvo committee of tbo Nebraska Sluto
league sot forth its objects as follows :
"Heretofore local co-opcnulvo Bociutlus have
been at the mercy of foreign associations ,
which , possossing'vast means and prodigal
in expenditure , all but overwhelmed the
locals , nnd discredited peuulno co-oporntion
by reckless methods nnd false pretense * .
The league proposes to check ttioir opera
tions by balding them to strict compliance
with tbo state law. It will aluo aim to secure '
romtlmoto tiroo such amendments to the
.aw as our necessities and experience de-
'mnnd , It wlllallmulato lotorest in genuine
'co-operation ' by frequent jmblloatlon of asso
ciation nowB. As n channel for the inter
change ot tbo views of many minds , it can
not full to provo n aourco of cnlightroent ,
profit and permanent good to the monitors. "
llov. Frank Crane , tbo now pastor of the
Fir t Mothodlst church , will oroaeb touior-
row ou tno aubject : "Tho Waudorlug Jew
or tbo Mouuluc of Uholora. "
Obairiuan Walker Thinks Ho Onn Oloar the
Western Heads of Their Trouble.
They I'uvor nn Ansnclntlou Taking I" tv.
crytliliiRVc t Iroiu St. l.oiili mid
ChlrnRO to ( ho Itorldn
World' * 1'nlr Iliiirs.
CHICAGO , III. , Oot , S. Chairman Walker of
the Western Traffic association has u plan
for nu agreement to tnko tno place ot the ouo
that Is now nbout to iu < Into history. Hut
It Is practically the same thing that was pro
posed by Jay tlould two or three yours ngo.
Them U nothiRg now In It in the first place ,
and In the second pluco ll is too largo. The
general opinion nt present is tint tlioro
should bo but ouo lusoclntlon , taking In
ovcrythliiK west of Chlcnuo nnd St.
Louis , with subassocuttous , with con-
Hiding interests. That Is what wrecked
the Western Traffic insoclatlon , What the
Hues west of Chicago want , nccxrdlng to the
trnfllooniceM , is an nssoclatiou < int will
cover the territory between Chicago , St.
Louis and Colorado , with ono clmlrmun nnd
ruto committees at Chicago , St. Louis , St
Paul , Omaha , ( Jlly nna Denver Tlin
rccommntidnliOHs of these rnto committees
should bo submitted to a general meeting.
The agreement should provide thnt thu nvso
elation rates and divisions should bo confined
to the association lines. This scorns to bo thu
position of most of the general tiunngors on
the subject.
Worlll'n I'll I r Itlltri.
U seems Unit the telegraphic report sent
out from Cincinnati legardlng the action ot
the lines In thn Central Tnilllo association
on the subject of World's fair rales was not
exactly correct. Tlio meeting decided in fa
vor of ono way tickets in both direction : ) nnd
n general reduction In rates of - . " > percent
( not'0 per cent ) from May 1 until Novor.i
bor ! U ) . This would make the rate ironi Nmv
York to Cnlcuuo $15. Tlio round
trip rate would ho SU. Visit
ors would snvo nothing bv buvlng loutul
trip tickets , but after visiting the fair they
could travel in any direction they plcapud at
the reduced rates. Ofinursp , the object ot
thU scheme Is to keep tickets outof the bauds
of scalpers The action of the mooting wai
in the naltira of a resolution to the Joint com-
mittco of the trunk lines und Central Tralllo
association ami can only bo in.ulu operative
by the approval of that commlttoo. In addi
tion the meeting decided the winter tourist
rates should be established on the basis of J
cents per mile In oauh direction , tlcxcts to bu
good until May ! tl , 1V.M.
Onu AgrciMtii-nt 1:11011 : 11.
The Atohlsou road has Jcfiultelv refused
to sign the "aide agreement" submitted hf
Chairman Culdwull ot the Western Passen
ger insoclatlon. The propped agreement ,
which was presented to nil roads \\est
of Chicago whether members of the
association or not , provided for an
absolute maintenance or passenger
rates from October 10 until the close of the
year. The Chicago & Alton sicncti it and It
Is said that this Is tliu reason tt.c Atchlson
declined to do 30. The Atchtson representa
tive in filing his negative vote tooic occasion
to remind the cbuliman that the Western
Passenger association already had nn agree
ment for the maintenance of rates nnd that
outside llitui that were willing to subscribe
to such n movement were ut liberty to coma
Into tbo association nnd pay thulr abnrc of
tbo association CXDOUSOS.
I'rfsldcnt KnlMM-tKol t hi" Trims } l\iinlu Itonil
( ; < ! u l ° u\r I'ntiits in Kiillroiidlng.
Pun.Mii-'i.piiiA , Pa. , Oct. 8. Tno Hallway
World today prints au Interview with Presi
dent Roberts of the Pennsylvania road , who
recently returned from u tour through Gront
Britain , In which ho tnllts of the lessons the
English railroads taught him. President
Roberts was particularly Impressed with the
system of terminal freight charges In vogue
on the railroadn throughout Great Britain ,
and told now such a plan , if introduced in
this country , woulu go very fur to ulliiy the
oft repeated criticism of supposed discrimi
nation In freight choruos ns between long
and short hauls.
"The principle underlying the matter of
terminal freight charges on the roaus of
Great Britain" aaid bo , "Is fullv recounted
by parliament. Railroads in that country
are permitted by act of parliament to clinreu
for banJling , billing and loading merchandise
diso ou cars , und that charge is goi.cially
uniform , whether the freight Is to bo curried
a long or a short distance ; thus they rccog
mired tnnltliu lenclh ol the haul bus no con
nection with terminal expenses.
"Tho reasons why the long haul should
command n less rate propoitionaloly than
tthortor , are apparent to every ono laimliur
with railroading.
"It seems plain to mo that the system of
charclng u uniform rate per Inn tier mile ,
which is what the American nubile seem to
demand , is not the proper system cither for
the shlnpor or the transportation comput'V ,
unless .such a system bo accompanied with
the proper adjustment of charging for Iho
"The railways nro the highways of the
country , nnd the public richtlv demand
nropor facilities. The < o ought to bo re
quired to cbargo such compensation ns
would enable them to properly fulfill tlioso
demands. It is ctjuiilly Iho duo of the gov
ernment If It says tno railways hhall not
charge too high u rate , to MI y they bhuil not
charge too low n rate "
IloMild the value of every ticket should
bo plainly stumped ou Its fiici1 , und no ono
should bo permitted to traffic on It. In thn
event of Its not being uecd the companies
should ho compRllcd to redeem It nt il.s faro
value , If prcsunlod within u reasonnblu tlmu.
Will ll ( 'iiiisiillihiK'd ,
Bu.TiMoui' , Md. , Oct. 8. A prominent
Biiltlmoro & Ohio rallrond olliclul sayii thut
President Bacon of Iho Bull luioro & Ohio
would titko charco of the consolidated svs
tern with thu Ohio .t Mississippi ,
the present inanaKCiuuut of the Miv
Is giving up the llirht to tliwnri the iiliin of
the majority stocuholdurs. The Kngllsh , r
majority stockholdings , Imvo Imlu-atcd the
directors to bo elected in the liitPiost of Ihls
plan. They nro Willlum L Bull of Kdward
weet & Co. , bankers , Now Yoric Ldgar 1.
Weil , Now Vorif , nnd Krunkll.i U Jrnri ,
Springliold , 111 Mfssm Bull nndells
will supplant George B. Morrison ol I'hlcago
and i ; . I' . JJImfol of Now York. Mi I'mcy
in n member of the board ut prc&unl and Is
Javornblo to the proposed plan ,
If Messrs. Hull , \Vollu und Trnov nro
elected , Ihoy with the old of Mossr.s. Fabn-
block , MoKnn mid Wnlsh , wno ivoro elected
lust voar , and K. R Bacon will ronstlluto n
majority of the board. Whou tlilx M uccom- '
pllshcd the Ohio & Mississippi ti'id llm Bultl- ,
moro & Western will ho consolidated under ]
ono tmmo nnd the Ball.inoro ± Ohio railroad/ /
will have its own line to Bt. Souls ,
hull * /\KUlu t llr.illli'l' .
TiKATiiidi , Nob. , Oct. S.- [ Special Tele
gram to Tun Br.H. I Tno Beatrice Light and ]
Pownr company today began suit for !
Jl.'jra.STi damages against tint city for lighting - j
ing the Hiimo with electricity up to August 1 , ,
IbW. ( Jeorgo F , Little also btiud the city for 1
$500 damages to his property In West I
Beatrice during the May Hoods , and Kllon ,
Lcnry brings suit for SI.OOO for IlKo damages
from the faiuno cause and ut Ilia sumo time.
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