Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 16, 1892, Page 8, Image 8

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Oashlor Slovens' Orats's ' Defnnot Bank
Provided for an Emergency ,
J'otltlnru flliMl I" tlio Supreme Cntirt lit. '
] il.lining llio Cnuilltlmi ot the Ort ; tif
Ir.itluii Miuiy Ittlicrt Iiiilolitoil
to tlio Hunk ,
1-iNCot.N , Nob. . Sjpt. 15.-tStiscwl to TUB
Bir..J : Thalnsitlo fuels coiiuornln Uio full-
uro of the State I ) ink of Nobr.iilw : it Crete
nro bocitinlna lo como oat n Illtlo nt n tlnio.
] l ! IM been supposed tint When
ex-U-nhlor Stevens dhappoaruti so mys
teriously Hint Uu loft bjliiinl Mm
notliint ; tliat would o nbai rasi tlio Innlc. It has
ibecn stnlod ho took none of tlio u ink's
funds with lilin , and , hi f lot w.ii miprovldod
with mouoy for IiU parJuiml uxpjnsoi. A
Iiotlunu Illod In the supreme court this niort.-
IIIR places u somewhat dKTurant uspaot up311
the nUiur. Hecolvor Mlllor lllo < a pallUou
In which ho alleges that Ucorso D.
Btovons Is Indobtoil to the hank by vtrtuo of
n < 'art ! ln promissory note for ? 3,000 oxo-
cutcil on May 27 , 183. , and piynblo on demand -
mand , no purl of the note using pUil ; tliat
Gcoigo 1) . Stovuns and Eugene M. IlarriiiR-
lo'n , either or both of thora , nro in
debted to the batik by vlrtuo of n
promissory note for $0,033 executed on
May 21 , 189 ! , paynhlo 0110 month from
thatduto ; Mint various ether pirtlui , whoso
nnmca nro nt present unknown to the re
ceiver , nro Justly indebted to the hank In
lnr < ; o sums of inonov ; that llio nbovo named
parlies have In their own natiies property
subject to nttnuhmcni nnd oxocutlon which
tnuy oa reached oy action at law or suits In
equity , and that tholr indebtedness to the
bimic miy bo recovered.
1 lie receiver further represents that other
cieditor * of the nliovo nntiu'd p.irtlus have
commenced or are about to commence actions
to subject buch property to attachment or
oxucutlon to thootelusion of the claims of
the bank and to the prejudice nnd Jeopardy
of llio Interests of the depositors , nnd that
unless tlio receiver Is Immediately utithor-
l/cd to Instltuto proceedings the security nf-
foratd by the property of the nbovo iiumud
parties limy bo wholly lost.
School l.iuv Decision * .
The state superintendent has mndo the fol-
lowini ; decisions of Interest to school olllcers
nil over the s > tuto :
A woman who Is n legal voter in a district
mav hold a school district ofllco.
Where the rlpht to vote In n school dls-
tnci depends upon the possession of property
It Is necessary that the property bo in llio
school district imd that the poison holding
eurli property bo assessed in lliu school dis
trict at the last annual assessment.
A school district olllcer appointed by the
county superintendent to lilt h vacancy holds
Ills ollico until the end of the current school
year. A school district ofllcer elected at n
special inootliiL' to 1111 a vacancy holds his
ollico for the remainder ot tbo unexpirod
The term of ofllco of n school ofllcor ap
pointed by tlio comity superintendent in de
faulter thu election to bo held for the crcan-
i/.iillon of a now district U the same as If the
olllcer bu.l been elected by the voters nt the
Jlrst district nicotine.
TliuHo Aril ring Day * .
Tno state suDorlntondent of public in.
truclloii has recommended that the t > tars and
stripes bo displayed on the school buildings
of llio state upon the following named day.s :
Opening day of each term ; dale of adoption
of the national constitution , September 17 :
data of tlio ciunncln.Ulon pioclumation ,
September'4i ; surrender of Coinwnllls , Oc
tober 1'J ; Columbian day , October Si ;
Thanksgiving dav ; Landing of the pilgrims ,
December215 Christmas day , December 2. ) ;
New Year's day , January 1 ; Indepandoncoof
tlio United Slates ucltnowludgcJ uy f rnuco ,
' ( i Lincoln's . -
I'obruary ; bi.-thday , February
IS : Uashington's birthday , February SJ ; No-
braskn dny , March 1 ; surrender of Appo-
matlox , April U ; liattlo of I.oxiimton , April
" " ; Arbor day , April ' ! ' - ; Decoration iluv ,
May HO.
Ilroiiglit to tlio Snpicino Court.
A case of consldorablo inteiest to nil who
contemplate bringing suits for damages
ncuinst the railroad companies of thu state
was llled with the clerk of the buupjinu
court this morn lug. It Is enti
tled Chicago , Burlington & Qulnoy Hull road
company asalnst Charles \ V.Vllgus ,
ndminlstratnr of the estuto of Minnie M.
" \Vllcus , The defendant Is tbo father ol
Mlnnlo Wllgus , a iilrl 17 years of atro who
was killed at the little town of Mnlleu , on
the plaintiff's line of railway In H.ill county.
She was walking between the tracks
on her way to the ucpot whore she intended
to take the train. A freight train stood
upon the side truck while another was ap-
ptonuhlng the town. For some reason or
uthcr tuo switchman's key refused to work ,
and the incoming triiiu ran through tlio opan
Eultch and dashed into llio train
Btanding on the side truck ' uitli
torrlllu forcn. Tno uccidcnt happened
as Mimilo was passing , and she vm * killed
liy tno Hying debris of tlio wreck , Her
father sued tbo company for $ "i.Ktl ( ) damairej ,
nnd was awarded fb'Jl ' ) In the nUtrlct court.
The railroad company brings iho case to the
Bupremo court on Iho grounds thut the girl
WIIH a trespasser on the company's right of
way , and that hnnco tlio company cannot be
Held liable for her death.
< I ( > 4Hl ) > III tllO MlltO IIOIHCI.
The Union 1'aciflu railroad , after delaying
the matter for over a quarter of n century ,
is now taking o jt deeds for Its right of way
through the school lands of the sUto. The
company pays the regular nppr.used value
for thn lands occupied by Us richt of way
nnd deeds nro being taken out for lands in
llfty counties.
hast February the commissioner o ( pnbliu
Inmls and buildings rent out UJ.OOU forfeiture
notices to delinquent renters of school lauds.
Since that tlmo nine-out of ovcry ton delin
quents have-sottlcd up their accounts , H is
tbo policy of Iho commissioner to work no
uunoLOssary hardbhlp to actual farmers , but
( Itilinnuonts who nro suspected of holding to
their lands for moro speculative puipaios are
iniulo to feel the full weight of the huv.
Assistant Attorney Ouneral bummuiM
wont to Hastings today. Ho will bo present
nt the big republican mlly nt Junlntu this
The annual reports of the Fromont. Klk-
liorn If , Missouri Vnlloy , Sioux Citv & I'.iclllc
nnd Kansas City , Wyitndoltu it Northwest
ern , for the year omilni : Juno ill ) , IS' ) ) , luivo
been received ut the ofllco of the .soi'nilarlus
of tlio state Hoard of 'irinsportatlon , Tlio
reports nro all expected to bo in t > v October
15.Hon. . W. F. Hurley of Omaha appeared before
fore ( lovornor Uoid this forouoon with pu.
tliloim for the pardon of A. U. Cirlnin , who
was convicted in Douglas county of forgery
uni ! Honloncod to thrco yu irj In the pmilten-
tlary , The governor has taken tbo paper *
under lutvlsoinont.
'I'ho cl rk of tbo sunromo court states that
the dockuit for thu First and Second dis
tricts will bo ready for distribution tomor
Hurt In u Itimiiw.iy.
Charles \Vnlkor , n driver of a bakery
wagon , was severely injured this foronoan by
n collision of nn eloctrlo motor with bis
w con. Ho was driving on Eighteenth
street nnd attempted to cross O siroot Jusl
behind n motor ? olng west. Ho ( ailon to
notco ( that another motor coming cast on
O Btrout vias almost upon hlmumi thu motorman -
man could not ice him becausu the west
bound notor was In the way. Asa result of UK-
iiiUuiuloritiuulliitf on both tlduitliu eastbound -
bound motor struek iho broad wagon whllo
going t a high rate of ipood , Ttin wngoii
wai doinoluhod nnd Walker wiu badly
brJlsed , No bones appeared to have been
broiion , but ho will bo laid up fopsavortil
days , The horse attached to iho wagon os-
cuued uninjured.
> blio tVou't On tn Oinievu.
An unuiusl cnso U In progress In Judpo
LansliiK's court this afternoon , wherein a
' mot hep u making a determined offoit in sonil
hop duugbtop to the girls reform ftchnol ut
fJonoYU , mid the girl has hired an uttnriioy
fop the purpose of kouplug out of that lnu-
tutlon. The mother roforiud to l n Mrs.
Hani * nud iho daughter U MUs llut'lo Mur-
tin. Mr * , llurris cimiplalns thitt Hatllo is uu
jnroniuiblo glit who has grown entirely bo.
joi.d purontul eoutiol. hUe lefuios to
nthnmonnil Is growing up in cotnptolo ltr
loranuo. Wnon tlm clrt discovered her
mother's schorno j > ho Immediately sought n
ilaco of Piittign and found It In n house nt
Seventh ami F streets , where she was dis
covered by Dapiuy ShortlT Hoaglnnd. Htt-
tlo claims Hint she Is 18 years old and the
nlstross ot her own conduct. She secured -
cured the services of nn nttornoy nnd pro
poses to clay out of iho reform school If
, here It nny chanca for her.
I'lro IlitKK at North Lincoln.
Thorosldcnuof North Lincoln , n pleasant
ittlc suhuri ) of the c-iplttil city , are consider
ably oxerclsoil ever the discovery a
gang of tneomllarics hnvo tiuon worklnB In
heir vlcinltv for B&voral nlghta past. Sev
eral Urea of mysterious origin h.ivo boon dis
covered this wdsic. Yesterday morning two
men sleeping In the II.IPH of Kav. Mr.
lluwl'.t , hciJmastor of WorthlnglDn acad
emy , uoro aw ikon oil by u flro whlish had
beau started in front of the big sliding door
ot the building. They extinguished It after
n few moments , hard \vorlt. A 1'irco pllo of
shaving ! hod ooen plncoJ against the door
ind lenitctl. An hour or so later hay
stacks n short dlslanco IIWAV were Ignltod.
A strict w.itch Is being kupt and if the Uro
luics Imvo not nbindono I the locality they
will bn upprolioiidud.
\Viintcd Itnilly lit Crnml IsHml.
Tuaidav rl ht Uaptnln Sphln of the Lin
coln polioa fcrco nrrdstoil u crook named
John Uouott. While ho was taking him to
the station Itottott's compinton opened
tire and for few moment *
Lhu bullets whlzzad nround the captain's
dead In uncomfortable proximity. Both mon
wore finally loJxoil in lall and yostordny
Konctt was sentenced to the county Jail for
thirty days on the charge of viwrnncy.
WliL-n searched a quantity of Jewelry ,
including a gold ponoll easy , cold collar
button of a peculiar pUtorn and u p.ur of
sold siiectao'os ' , was found In his ( Tockets. A
.utter was received from the chief of police
nt Grand Island hut night giving a full do-
scrlplion of the Jowolry. The description
t'lllies with the articles found unon Uouott
ind ho is without question the man wanted
in ( irand fslanj for burglary. Ho Us another
member of the gang that worked Grand
Nlunil during the recent sotdltirs , reunion.
I'bo hlnoolu police have captured throoof
thu cang and uro likely to capture the nut of
Lincoln In llrli-r.
J. M. Tnoinnsoii , the wall known reporter
on the b ate Journal staff , was married last
evening to Miss Alma Luko. Tlouiig
couple will uo to houseKeepIng at ouco ut
Twonty-soventh and Vine streets.
Tlio county commissioners are busy today
in appraising the Uoclc Island's right-of-way
damages across thu stati < i'uids in the south
ern part of Iho county.
An undefined rumor Is in circulation on the
streets this afternoon to thu cltout thut Iho
Sot th western has made arrangements to lisa
the now depot at the cottier of TwontiutU
nr.d O streets In common wlt'a the Hocic
The now eloctrlo line to the suburlnn vil- i
, aio of Hawtnorn is completed nnu curs making regular trip ? today.
The state univowlty opans tomorrow for
[ ho rccular fall term. The -enrollment for
the week has been unusually heavy.
Julius Cooley , un Omaha lawyer , nnpoarod
n Judge Lansing's court today as the nttor- j
noy lor the defense In tbo case of G. S.
I'ooloy against M. G. Koofer. The case was
The regular September term of the dis
trict court commences next Monday with
sixteen ctiminnl cases upon the docket. The
trial of W. II. Irvlno for the murder of C. E.
Montgomery Is sot tor October a.
BCKMXQTOV. la. April , 1,1311.
Dr. J. B. Moore Sir : Huvo boon
troubled with catarrh in my hcaJ mid facj
for three years .it times A.isunablo to hour
iiad n constant ringing in my oiis and lor
two years wfcs almost deaf. Have tried sev
eral so-called rutnodio * and boon troatcd by
regular physicians and noted sperialists , but
failed to cot any relief. I tried ond'bottlo of
Mooro's Tree of Lifo Catarrh Cure , it gave
immediate relief and oltootnd a permanent
euro , f heartily reeomtntMid it to all suffer
ers of this disouso and will choarfully glvo
any furthur Information on being addressed
nt my homo , No. iiif Sxvoonuy nvo. , Burllng-
on , la. For sale by all drus lsts.
Hospsctfulllv ,
It. L. Hitiu.
For sale by all drucrgists.
si\ UNTIIVAiti ) itui
rrlmario , I'rid.iy , SupConilinr 10 , 1'to 7
l > . in. Cor. t'opiiloton Hint I'.u'k Avi' .
\Vo , the undersigned , republican electors
of the Seventh ward , In thu city of Omaha ,
dcsifo and rnoucst the republican central
committee or IJnuglas county to submit to
the rupubllc.m electors of said ward at the
pritra'v election to bo held on September
10 , Ib'.li , the names of the following repub-
lictn electors in said ward for delegates to
couutv republican convention to bo held ou
October 15 , Ib'Ji :
.1. I * . Ilio3n , Henry F. Wyman.
Dr. J. Gluck , \V E Clark ,
.lo'icpli It Campball , Frank Waterman ,
August ICralcowdkiV. . A. Shropshire ,
F. F. Gooilson.
And wo boroby request said committee to
print the said triincs on the primary liclcuts.
Geergo H. Green , 1'JIIt Pant avenue ; M.
W. ItJ.'loy , Hill I'oiiploton nvonuo ; Horuert
Crane , ir.JJ South Thiitv-thlrd street ; M. H.
Hoerner , lUjd South Thirtv-thlra street ;
Charles 1C. Currier , l.VJii South Twonty-sov-
onth street ; John Kowalowskl , IM'J South
Twenty-ninth street ; William Farr , 'JOKi
South Twenty ninth street ; J. D. Wallace ,
Forty-ninth street nnd Poppleton avenue ;
M. L. Ilocdcr , JliM I'opplotnn nvonuo ;
Thomas D. Crane , 1,1 JJ South Thirty-third
street ; J.V. . Thompson , UJIU Leavoiiworth
street ; John H. Huolff , 174J South Twontv-
nlnth street ; J. C. Grocn , 1'Jlll South
Twouiy-nlnth street ; J. L. Woolson , Uild
I'opploton nvonuo ; J. W. Kussoll , .llo South
Thlrtv-sevunth street ; E. T. i'oterson , 11)10 )
South Twcntv-sovonth street ; C. S. Hayward -
ward , -Uil Alason street ; A. O. 1'oterson ,
lillO South Twenty-seventh street ; A. U.
\Vvmau , L"JU9 Pacific stroot.
Tlio FUloUty Trust compiuy Ins ro-
raovcd itsolHcuto I70.J Farnain , soutti
1 Joe ! building.
o. A. it. i\uuut ; > i > N ro
Via lliuValiisti I.lnr.
FOP the ubovo occiialon tlio W.ib nh
will soil , dent Kith to UOlli , round trip
tickets to W.nh'm lxm and Uiltliuuront
luas thtiii hiilf f.tru\vihh clioluo of POUUM ;
D.ts.siii" ; dovva thu bjiutiful Shunuuao ill
Viilloy or uro n. the nioiuitiiliH o ( Vir-
Ljinlti by daylight , within jljjht of many
( unions kUtlolloUl * . You luvvo p.-ivi-
of atopiilii } ; ut St. Ljuis to visit the
opposition uiiil fiilr ; nlso , viowtlio
iiiii niliuont btrout illuinin.itions nnd
pinulo : of Vullod Prophut. * , which v/ill
surpass in ninduui1 nllollorts of fopinur
ycniH. Kor rated , llukuts , aloopln oar
umwiiiinodutlous , iind further informa
tion , uall : it Wabiish olliuo , loU2 Ripiiiun
utruot , or wrlto G. N. Cl , WTO.V ,
N.\V. . A l . OmiihtiH , Nob.
< , N
Itrnuii Icilily l.o\\ r.imli'ni Uulux ,
Opontly reduced p.itoa \Vnshltiirton ,
D. U. nnd ralurii via "i'ho Northivost-
orn Mue , " Sopt. ll ! to UOtli , Incluslvo ,
peed rotuniinj , ' until Oct. KHli.
( Jhoico of rouloH east of Chluiiiro. wltli
liberal btop-ovor jiriviloKos. Shoplng
CUP berths oun bo obtaiuod through to
WashliiKloti. C.ill early at ulty tioUot
ollico for full information , It'll Farnam
C. P. and T. A. CJonoral Aguii
Each Frlthy's ' Remnant Bale Grjatsr , Mora
Important Than tbo Ono Before.
TliiitKtuidn HrcM < timil , Slllc , Vrlvot , Silk
Chlllon IIinliroliliTctl rinnnnl HmnimtiU ,
nnil TliiiiKiiiidi ItcniirniM Urory-
In the Iliiicmont.
Aa many dresses as wo have sold dur
ing thu lust month have never boon sold
by any potall dry coeds house In llio
suno : length of tlmo in Amurlua and in
conseiiuonco wo have hundiods of remnant -
nant < ) left ( many of thorn Inrjro onotiL'h
for a dross ) and ntnontfst which yon will
find sotno of ahffoat every style and pattern -
torn in iho house.
These rointmnts will bo placed on sale
In our cuntor dross tf ° otls aisle tomor
row and will bo sold at from ti quarter
to a half tholr former prices.
In yar.d and a quarter pieces and from
10 to 20 pli-cos of a kind. All high
priced silks worth from ? ! ) (10 ( loOT.OO a
yard will go at $1.3 a yard. There is
no loss in cutting as each length is long
enough for a skirt. V/ou ean buy a Bill :
dress for half its value during the sale.
All silk oUltTons , yard wide , heavily
silk embroidered ( H yards to 4 } yards
in the piece ) suitable for evening
dresses , fancy work or trimmings , worth
from $3.00 to $5.00 a yard , go tomorrow
at oOe a yard.
Fancy silk note , silk oropo , silk milli
nery trimming , just the tiling to trim
up your hats and dresses , worth up to
SI.50 a vttrd. go tomorrow at lOo a yard.
In order lo close out all the small
pieces of draporv silks luul sin ill piouos
of velvets wo will give you the choice of
the lot at ic. ?
Finest quility double-fold lining slle-
si i at Uie a y.ird ; worth up to iJOc.
1 bale mill roniTuits , extra qtiility
unblc.tchcd muslin , 4jc a yard ; worth
SJcto loc.
1 disc mill remnants , very fine quality
canton ILintiol , Oio a yard ; worth from
8c to lOc.
1 box finest quality French out
ing llannols , many dllTorent grades ,
worth from loc to 2)C. All go Friday in
mill romn nils at 7Jc yard.
AH the line shoos from Lipham's colo-
br.itcd Palmer House shoe store in Chicago
cage now on sale , nt wonderful bargains ,
N. W. Cor. 10th and Douglas.
Pcriom A : Ui > rrj' N MV AddllliiMH.
Lots will bo for sale in Persons &
Berry's new addition to South Omaha
at from $ lf 0.00 to 3100.00.
The Fidelity Trust com piny has re
moved its ollico to 1702 Fiirnam , southeast -
east corner Bee building.
< ! . A. K. NOTIUI } .
833.00 Koilinl Trip tci N'ntlniiiil
iiKint. IlH'linlllur Sli'upnr.
Many of the comrades of Gcorgo A.
Cu&ter , U. S. Giant and George ( . 'rook
posts at Omaha have engaged berths in
a tourist sleeping cir for their exclusive
use , to leave Omaha v'a ' Chicago &
Northwestern railway at 7 p. m. Friday ,
Sopt. 10 , from the Union depot. A lim
ited amount of space is still unsold and
can bo secured at headquarters , 1401
Farnam street , on early application.
Railroad faro ib $28.,50 round trip.
Sleeping car SI.50 round trip for double
Pat your X ranrk opposite ) each of these
names on thu olllclnl "ballot ; representative
mon that know bow , and will roprojont a
representative ward.
Sevontu wnrd republican primary , Friday ,
Sept. 1C , from 13 to 7 p. in. , corner Popple-
ton nnd Park avenues.
Memorandum of caucus nominees.
W. 11. Alexander X
J. W. Carr X
Dr. E. Urown X
Louis Horka X
J. H. Andrews X
Isaac Adams X
.1. H. Taylor X
Goorce Sabua * X
J. W. Ellor. X
Henry F. Wvmnn " X
W.E. Clark. X
Frank Waterman X
W. A. Shtopsuiro ; X
F. F. ( Joodson , X
Dr. I. Giucl : X
.losenli U. Camnboll X
J. P. Ureon X
Augubt Kralcowskl X
D. J. Collins x
OMAHA .MAli : riKii'KOOriNi. : (
It U I'lMtiul to tliu.SullHl.ictlonuf Alt \Vliu
h.itIt. .
Fireproof material has mot with difll-
cully in the selection of the ingredients
noucsitiry to moot all tlio requirements ;
fli'sit as noneoiiduutorrt of boat and secondly - ,
ondly in a compound of Riilliciont
strcngtli. Mr. E. J. Rofrolglor , u con
tractor of this city , has worked upon a
compound for the last live years and
yesterday invited several gentlemen in
terested in this subject to HOC the ro-
suits of liis labor. Among thorn were
architects , in bin unco agents , builders
and contractors , the chief of the
llro department and the city building
Inspector , to witness tests made on the
articles which ho manufactures. A
llro was Lullt inside of a room 8x10x12
foot , the coiling was 2 inches thick ,
supported by 2x2 wooden joists. A
heat of about 1,200 ? Fahrenheit was
obtained. The joists fallowed no effects
from the great heat applied , and when
water was thrown ever the coiling it
sho\vod no perceptible olTeet of break
ing or otherwise.
He then invited them to examine nn
arch that had been subjected to a Hindu
of 1,000 pounds per Hnuaro foot for throe
wookH without showing the least per-
copllblo dofuct.
The gentlemen present were very
much pleased at the result.
Spectacles accurately fitted ; refractive
examination free. Tudor Optical Co. ,
corner Farnam and 1-HU.
Powder :
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
You Needn't Look
immcdintcly for the damage that
dangerous washing compounds do.
ItVthere , and it's going on all the
time , but you won't see its effects ,
probably , for several months. It
wouldn't do , you know , to have
them too dangerous.
The best way is to take no risk.
You needn't worry about damage
to your clothes , if you keep lo the
original washing compound Pearline ;
first made and fully proved. What can
you gain by using the imitations of it ?
Prize packages , cheaper prices , or whatever
may by urged for them , wouldn't pay you
for one ruined garment.
you an Imitation
Are Quickly Married Try it on your next
tiiiiju iJfe ? te ? i ,
i ? ( IB Q0 iJB I
trU MUil I ; n MitB'f ) ,
" .
" * r ' " * l IVT ' * ' '
unless you secure a suit of our elegant school clothing.
Our stock is brimful of the most beautiful outfits for school
boys ever shown in this city. They are the cutest in design
we have ever seen , and they are trimmed in style to make any
boy happy for half a year. By that time he will need another
suit , and so he can be kept happy the year round. . Parents ,
you have no .time to lose , come on and buy school clothing.
Q g W "TriST H f J ; agfes from 4 to 13 , range in prices
55c , 75c , 95c , $1,25 $ , , $1.50 $ , $2 $ , $2.25 $ , $3. $
JIT ages from 14 to 18 , three pieces ,
coat , pants and vest , at
$2 $ , $2.50 $ , $3 $ , $4,50 $ , $5 $ ,
Genuine St'Louis Jeans Pants at $1.75.
All our $2.50 Stiff Hats this week only $1.25
Men's sewed congress ancl lace Shoes , war
ranted solid leather , at $1.25.
US ? " We also call your attention to our Men's Clothing and
Gents' Furnishing Goods Department.
J. BAMBERGER , Proprietor.
Does your system
Need a
Stimulant ?
If so , use
For Sale at all High-class Drinking
Places and Drug Stores. If your
Dealer does not keep it , write to
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
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oirliJii. Kleet.T rlcorole.cta. No mercury u e-l. NBW treitinunt ( orloiiof vliul | t' " < ' > ' tr'iSlSS ' ? ? . . ; ?
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llmSm tr"nt oorru.ponilunc .Mu.llUnn or Initrumfott %
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6uad y > Ula.mlu ilui HuudtliuupZur ruoU.
KOI the liiKiiir unu I.IKIIU ! > .UiRutlpii u ( Krl [
and yuunif women hptcliiltlfi ! Minp.rl | , Klo *
culluu , rii/.icul Tralliluif , HKuui hcnl , Cold
mid licit t lrr , Imtli roomi. rlr . on Cjicli Hour.
LEXINGTON MISSOURI. J ift "i t-1" * I' A.JO. > * J * . i'ic. .
* lurd r"l aeiifrnofTiie riitiuierlciiq
rtdei rluieiitililKli
_ . _ _ _ , oucuiMuilclMiil nJ European , larijo | mid | .r utlul ( grcundr new bulldlum , rcoiiitwrll
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JJLll Her , T. W. IIAIIUUTT , I'm , ( .ULVKIIIA , WO ,
Todnytomorrowtill S a t u r d a y
night we have arranged to hold one pf
our old time suit sales , when we will
place on sale thres styles of suits , two
hundred of each style six. hun
dred suits in all - - at the popular
price of a ten dollar note that are mode
of belter goods arc better made better
trimmed and have finer linings in
them than were ever sold before for
less than fifteen dollars.
These Suits are Hll Wool ,
They are made of one of the best heavy
cassimeres manufactured in the whole
United States. They were cut by tailjors
instead of by steam. The coats are hnejc !
with an extra quality of Farmer satin
and the vest back is of the same mater
ial while the sleeve linings and the
vest linings are of fancy Gilbert silesia.
The two front rows of our large Doug
las street window , show you how
these suits look and its an easy matter
to step insideThe store and see how they
feeL _ We will guarantee that you can
get more good hard vvear out of one of
* " \
these suits t h a ri y : o u e ver got for a ten
dollar bill before in all your life.
We will also offer on- second
\inade \ of stylish tan Melton ,
Alined with good twilled lining ,
sizes 34 to 42 , ' *
They're the sev n dollar sort.
k -nrn--T-lrTn
Pure White Lead
is the Best Paint.
Care is necessary though , to
obtain strictly pure , as the
market is flooded with so-
called Pure White Leads that
in reality contain but very little
white lead.
The following analyses of
two of these misleading brands
show the exact proportion of
genuine white lead they con
tain. The analyses describe
the labels and brands on the
packages and give the con
tents as follows :
Misleading liranda
"C. P. Lawson"S Co. Strictly Pure Whit *
Lead. " Ked label , with brush , on which is
frlnted , "Guaranteed to be strictly pure.
Forfeited if adulterated. "
Materials Proportions Analyzed by
Barytcs 58.10 per cent. J. Plebingi
Oxide of Zinc 34.90 per cent. Milwaukee.
White Lead 13.60 per cent.
Calcium Car
bonate per cent.
"Masury'o Railroad White Lend. " White
label , marked "Knllroad White I-cad , 25 ;
pure : John W. Musury & Son , New York
and Chicago , xvarranted superior. "
Materials Proportions Analyzed by
Oxide of Zlllk 55.70 per cent. Lriloux & Co. ,
Uarytcs 44-30 per cent. New York.
We have a book which gives
the analyses of a large number
of misleading brands. If you are
going to paint it will pay you
to send for it.
In Painting
use strictly pure White Lead
( see that you get either
"Southern , " "Collier , " or
" Red Seal" ) , tint it with the
National Lead Co.'s
Pure White Lead
Tinting Colors ,
and you will have the best
paint that it is possible to put
on a building.
Kor sale by the best dealers In paints every ,
St. Louis Branch ,
Clark Avenue and Tenth Street ,
St. Louis , Mo.
( ' l , Mtfrtrr. Scientific Connn ofitu. r n
J'intry ' n.l Arllllnr frill .ml .rlu.l ( Mlrr
Illilol Ulllli.rr Urlioiil In II. . . I | > li > ru
WHjorN. HtXI.UlM , n.A , I.nliiKluii , Ku ,
C. < lv < jr. l'rr | riiliiry , dill culo. Ilii. ' HII , | ilmiAit
( < iiir i " / . 'IHI'i'l.'V ' thiMlfui illu-iiuli U.tfl'V u
k. r. llb.-l.Alll ) . A U , I'llu. J < ui.H > ii illo , III
U J. Wr.alil , II. i. , A. M. , C'uriiwull.N . V
Trusses ,
Crutches ,
Batteries ,
Syringes ,
Atom'zers ,
Medical Supplies.
114 S. 15th SL ,
Next tol'oslofflcc. '
ITrnde il.irl : . ;
Tlio above brands nt lovc9 lor unlo by
The Boston Store
N.V. . Cor. lllth nnl Doufrltis Sta.
Tliounndi ujr Iliey will ntir No Other Shoo.
Wear this Shoo during the Summer Months
til * Joot AlwM ) . riUIIlt ttl IM-rlVct ihalK'i lie
ADJII.srAlll.i : itiuui ) innkii It ix.i lbMu wear
a ilioc.
Coits no moro , looUn bolter , wrarn lonifer
mitl givt. lee ttine * more coinforl
l > .u on ) ollirr liiaku
1'rlooi , $2.00 , fa.CO , $ H,00 f3.60.
ut tholloitiin Htoro.inili mill Io
Lar est sloulc ol HUMAN HAI
OIlHt , ( ) ( CIllOUKQ.
Gtiiiruntouil tftrlutly llrst c\W \ ) * .
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r'ifill n ! > iirl > lo > , wllow i "nil ! ( ! A
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iii'yn loon uiliiKuriiUnrillul'ijliiklDircnetfUif ' /
liiuiwO. l'i-t liv mull. 1 , , . .
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