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- , $100,000 , Furniture , Carpets , Draperies.
After the fire we separated our stock and moved about half to our warehouse.
These goods are being "gone over" and refmisbed as rapidly as possible , and will from
day to clay be placed on our floors and all must be sold this month , if price will do it.
Tomorrow morning we bring'over about-one hundred .
$10.00 fancy rockers which are
practically as good as before the fire that will be closed out at $5.00 and $6.00.
* ? . Goods that do not sell freely will be reduced in price accordingly , as the end of the month
, - * ' *
draws near , and people who expect to purchase furniture + \
or carpets this fall cannot afford to f V *
pass this sale.
* / We have purchased four new furniture wagons and hope hereafter to make delivery
within reasonable time.
Our entire stock is included in the sale. - " * "
Charles Shiv'erick & Co.
. ' , w.
K " 1204 , 1206 , 1208 210 Faniam St. .
, ,
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1-Oinaln Citizens Diccuss the Beat Way to
Keep Them Out of the Oity.
JDr. Somers TclU of Thorn mill A tvl cn How
Tliry Should Ho ( Junriled
Viirloun Citizrn * Mnko
tloiiMIho Olty'ii A'ceil.
Cholera pornis will bo likely to experience
constdurablo diOlculty In inatini ? a raid upon
tlio people of Oiimha. There are ludioiitions
tlint Uio citizens or this metropolis will soon
bo "wide uwalto and storing , " aa Billy Bag-
etoclc would say , u ou tUo subject of preventing -
venting tills Uri'au contagion from securing
li fooibold among our people.
This citizens' meeting called yesterday
Afternoon at tlm mayor's ofllco was largely
nttcndoil mid deep Interest was manifested
In Uio discussion of the various nays und
tncuns of pluciu ? the city In a goou sanitarv
condition ,
Soiuo of the prominent > ; ontloinon present
wcro Mayor Benils , Councllinnn Htool ,
Alclitcury. 1'rlnco and Jacobion , llav. J. T
Wucldiy , Kov. UlinrlosV. . S.IVURO ! , Mr.
U'bom.H Swobo , Mr. J. M. Woolwortb , St.
A. IX Unlcombu , W. A. L. GlObonV \ H.
Alexander , ( Jltv Attornov Oonnoll , Jud e
Ambro o , W. H. Uussell.
Mayor iJemls prosldoa and the discussion
was unonod by Ur. Somers , city physicluu.
'i'bo doctor said at the outset :
Dr. SiiumrH' Kuiuiirks.
"I am not an alarmist , but the fact that
cholera bus Hindis Its way through quaran
tine iiud M In Now Vork city now Is con.
elusive evidence tbat wo may nnvo the
icourgo in Oinana within u year from today.
Cbolurtt may brortlr out In Omaha any duy.
It muy roach Omaha just as soon ns an immi
grant can coiiui from Now York.
" ( Jholeru may bu brought from Europe to
thin country nnd break out at interior points
without bavlnsr been noticed on tlio way
iron ] r-juropo 10 iuis IMJUUII.V.
ij may DO carried hi the clothing or
the lininl niiH. Wo may just as well moot
t the facts as thov me. Cholorn Is liable to
nppear in Omaha. I think It will appear
lioro within linear. What will wo do with
It when It comes f Tno difllculty that has
mot the llouul of Health Is too lack of
fund * . "
Dr. Soinors then wont on to giyo a stnto-
ineut of the llnunclal roiourcos nnd exneiull-
t-iios of the Hoard of Health. Ho thought
the council slioulil nppropriato M.UOO at luiut
for the purpose of clouning up. Ho saltl
that the people bnd not beau thorouirhly
nroused , 1'oliee onicurs had found a grujt
many people uuwllliiiff to put forth oven the
( tlnrlitent ofTort to clean thulr > ards nnd
nlloyN. Many baa to bo threatened with
police court prosecution before they would
turn n hand ,
"Tho only wav to clean the city nnd do it
right , " Raid the doctor , "is to hayo it doao at
publlooxpenso. "
CounutlniHii Stool uskod Dr. Somers if
Chlt.'l Simvuy could not detail a number of
police oftlcer * to take hold of the work und
notify Iho people that they mubtclean up.
The doctor replied that Chief Settvoy was
out of the olty , and oven if ho was In town
the police oiUcora would hardly ao the work
10 vrnli ax HOU.O ofllcors upocially omployou
for that purpose.
BpoultliiK of tbo conditions in what Is
Jniou-v. ns "llnliu'inlu town , " over on the
louth sldo , Dr. yoinurt said that Mr. Frauk
JCasnor had lent very ellootlve nislstanca In
getting the lioheuilunn to clean up tholr part
of the tovtii , Thai dlstrlol , ho said , bud
l > on pi a ecu In u pretty good condition ,
tjmircn of tlio ( Iroatpil Dane r ,
\ \ Itb regard to foul wells Dr. Somois sild
that the liourd of Health uiwuy
ordered wells tilled
up wtoro case a
of typhoid fever unu oilier oinui-
ploua iiUeusos had ruiullcd from ttiu
use of tbotiicr , but the board rti.ilU il tbat
us a imitti r of law \\ould bo inifois bl > to
pool IP to III ! nulls itnUii tbu vo-iof
had boon found by chemical analysis to con
tain germs of disease. The greatest danger
lay. the doctor said , In the milk and water
which the people drank. He thought there
was grout need of having more stringent
laws with reaard to the Inspection of milk.
There was much more danger , he believed ,
from the milk supply than from the meat
that tho'pcople wnro eating , nnd yet too city
had several meat inspectors und no mllK in-
spootor at nil.
There was some discussion as to the possl
blllty of having water maini cxtenotd so ns
to provide ninny of the residences now with
out city water with water.service.
Councilman Steel stated that It would bo
dlfllcult to innko any considerable extensions
In tbo water mains because , In the lirstnlaco ,
tno water works company was in the bands
of a revolver , and In the second place the
water fund would bo exhausted when the
mains already contracted for had been paid
A Atotu In the night Direction.
Mr. O. M. Hitchcocic moved that the Board
of Health bo requested to omplov llfteen ape
dal Inspectors at once and set thuui to work
notifying the people that tlioy must clean
thoir'piomises , nnd that the board also bo in
structed to ptosocuto all parties who refused
or failed too Buy.
The motion was heartily seconded and was
Mr. Council said he would give moio for
a few good , vigorous prosecutions and the
public.itlon of tbo same in the newspapers
than ho would for the work of a dozen in
spcutor.s. Ho believed that tbo people would
beawnlconod to nativity by a few prosecu
tions and the full publication of the atiino.
Ho favored the idea of hnvtng the police
force enlisted in the work of ucnrotul Inspec
tion of the outlro city.
Mr. Jncobjon , for the finance committee
of the council , staled that he hoped to got nn
arrangement iniido bv which f I'J.OdO could bo
tauon from the rotul lund und placed In the
general fihid , and if that could bo done the
liourd of Health could bo provided with
fJ.OOO for the special nurposo of cleaning the
city and prcpirtng to ward oil cbolora.
Councilman Stool nskod Mayor Bornlj
to give bis opinion of the situation , par
ticularly with regard to thn inspec
tion of the alloys nnd of private prem
ises by the police force. The mayor
read a short piece from a Chicago paper In
which it was stated tbat tbo Chicago police
force had bnen Instructed to make a thorough
Inspection of tbo oity. Ho believed if that
was a good plan for Chicago it would bo a
irood nlan for Omaha.
Mr. W. H. Alexander made a few appro
priate remarks , stating that the citizens of
Omaha should not be lulled to sloop simply
by the ntateuient that tbo city Is n long way
from Now York. The unuelcouio visitor
might appear In Omaha at any tune. He
favored the Idea of having n number of
specially detailed ofllcors for tbo worn of In-
Councilman Prince suggosiod the plan of
hewing citizens notified that on certain days
lit the week tbo garbage wagons would
take up allgurbugo and refuio from tholr
nllovs if It was plncod whore the garbage
hauler codld gat to it. Hu wanted to see the
city given ouo good ciounlng and then lot the
Hoard of Health prosecute everybody who
maintained a nulsnnco or bsrbnrod any form
of garbage about their places after that.
Nuoil of Moio tiiuoiit.
Mr. W. H. Uussoll made a vigorous tulle in
which ho salil that ono great neoil of the city
was moro lateral sowois so that n whole lot
of cesspools might DO tilled up. lie thought
thai the cesipoolii wore a violouii und danger-
Councilman Steel moved that Uio chief of
psllco bo requested to co oiiurato witli Ibe
Board of Health and place us many olllcors
at tbo disposal of the board as might bo
found necessary. The motion was carried.
Ur. Souiors was asked u number of ques
tions about tbo propagation of disease
germs , He said thatdlsoaso germs nourished
rapidly in here manure , poultry yards and
In all sorts of decaying vegetable nnd animal
matter. Poultry manure , he said , was
especially favorable to tto propagation of
disease germs.
Dr. Somers said In aomo Instances tbo oity
would bo obliged to clean and abate nui
sances , for the parties who maluialnod them
woio so utterly devoid of common decency
that they would pa to Jail before obeying the
order of the court.
On an iour ; li > n in Humor.
About u hundred of the telegraphers and
tholr wives loft ou the evening train * yoiter
day for an excursion to Denver , the majority
by tbo Burlington and the rest by the Union
Pacific. Thov will all bo in Denver by 8
o'clock this morning and will spend the day
seeing tno slebts of that city. Tomorrotv
they will enjoy nn oscursion ever the Union
Pacific "loop" to Gcorgotown , and at 8:30 to-
norrow night they will leave Denver for
Omaha and homo.
Keep \niir Kjnon tiodcj'4.
There IB every indication that Godoy's
Magazine for October , ready SeptomDer'U ,
will mark an era In periodical literature.
This will 110 longer bo known us Godoy's
Lady's Book , but Godoy's , America's First
Magazine , established 18:10. : In tbo lirst ,
place tlio tnaenillccnt wotk of art , ' * ( jodev's
Idea of the World's FaK" which is to "bo
presented to every purchaser of this num
ber , is said to be so beautiful and artistic lu
design and coloring that every ono will want
it. First in the contents comes John Haubor-
ton's complete novel. "Honey nnd Uall , " a
companion to 'Helen's Babies , " fully illus
trated by Albert B. Wonzoll. This is an
idea llrst conceived by Godoy's and now pro
duced with bilillunt success. Godov's fash
ions will bo n most conspicuous and beauti
ful feature of the publication , there being , in
nduuion to cirofullv edited descriptions and
fashion articles , four exquisite plates pro
duced in ton colors , and representing four of
the loaders of Now York society , attired in
the latest Pans costumes. Mrs. Henry Ward
Beecher's "Homo1' '
department will bo road
bv the woinnn of America with delight , and
all the magazine's old admirers will read with
Intoiosl Albert H. H.irdy's carefully written
article on "Godoy's Pait und Present. " John
Hnbnorton revlexvs nil the books , and the
whole forms such u rich literary feast that to
examine n number of tbo now Godoy's will
moan to Irresistibly desire it.
n publienn primaries this ( Friday ) after
noon ,
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Grossmann nnd sou
leave for the east today.
Republican primaries this ( Friday ) uftor
noon ,
Miss Louisa iiadliold of tbo county clork's '
ofllco has returned from Clurks , whore she
went to attend tbo wedding of one of bor
former schoolmate ! ) .
Hopublican primaries this ( Friday ) after
Itobert H. Dloso , a druggist Hying at 1313
north Sixteenth street , has boon arrottod on
complaint of Ur. W. Uoss for the embezzle-
uiont of n book of accounts yaluaJ at # ; i ( ) .
Hopubllcan county , city and cotiprussional
priuarlos this ( Friday ) afternoon.
Andrew Murphy , the blacksmith on the
oornorof Fourteenth and Howard atioots
desires it to bo uncloritoon that he li not the
Andrew Murpny who was assaulted by a
colored uorlarln n saloon on Tuesday.
Hopubllcan couiitv , city ana oongrjssional
primurlos this ( Friday ) afternoon.
The tire department was called out to ox-
tliiRuUli a bU/oon the roof of the Doavoi'
ohou Mouse , 1514 Uodifo stroat. No itamuco
win done and the guests of the house who
uoiooutlni : dinner did not Itnow that there
hud ucen a II ro.
Mr. Frank ICratcDmor pf the Interstate
couimorco cotumisslon , was in Omaha yostcr-
duy. Ho acclured that lib visit had no special
slKnillcanco , but that 1s a habit that Mr.
ivtotchmor has fallen into. It U nonor.illy
pretty sure tbnt thora is somothiui ; brewing
in railroad circles when Frank Kretohmor
puts in an appearance ,
Kepubllcaii county , oily and congressional
primaries this ( Friday ) uftornoon.
Clam Lli'p w. s arrested yesterday
clmrtrcd with IncorrlKibility by her father.
Clara Is not ( juito 10 yours old and has led
her parents u merry dance for the imst , two
joarv. Wednesday she was sent to a meat
market to buy meat and failed to return.
Her fitthorsays stio wait In t5o company of a
young fellow named Tyler.
. ,
TDK mull olju j * t ' viiwrloiice la
treallaxiktii l wi.Ki < rMluUrJriii.
iMIi.orttuttijriatllCur Ur , i , , , ]
I .l.o ( .p unit lit i > un > u > , K un lu r.
r I0f
i ml
Altu lll.llrilreiTunH
tirllinnrki , Uulei , Warti , InUla
lull ! . I I'owiUr Uarki ; Htari. '
tine * . lUHnfit of NAM. Huprrrt
* ' -r- * "rap.fiK f 1110vel < > piu iit , ic.
illva frr t ! ' * t.r ti Irilrf
JCHJIII. WOOD3U r , O.I.J25 W. 42dSl , New York Cil/ .
Frank Leslie's ifjj
Contains the most Interesting nnd best
oyer published in a magazine. Also :
A X.etter from n Monastery. By G
c trated by KIIITZ VOEIIMT. J
fl Women Painter * in Franco. By if
I AuTiitni . .
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lies , and pictorial reproduction ! ! . \
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II HAIIT IVoonwoiiTu. With charm-
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nnd others.
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X r &l a-l/
Facing : :
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tlio right thing at the rluht time ,
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do for the ,
Juit what Hiinltury nrleiiru miys tliould lie done with
ilrclm , cli ( ol , rdiinn ami tlio outer PUIKOII , Thar
I'luHii nnd tiurlfjr thu Innnf lioiini and | > ut the all-
inuniarir clmntiult In porfftt order.
Arnld tllmuliinU ( 'lonr ' tln-lr itirnrtt out of the
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llvrr , utiiiuutfi nnd b iwt > l > . > iui > ro innui of provviillon
nndturiiiitinil to tlio vrodtt { if Dr. hchuiiek'n Itun-
daaku rilli tuun to auy othcruvoncr or rume Ijr.
Act t'fntly yet prompt
DR HOBB'S ' ly on tha UVjlt. : Kill.
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t-iti und Colds , thorough *
LITTLE ly cleansing the system
of disease , and cured
habitual constipation
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donnt frlpccry Hinnll.
easy to Ulco , and purrljh
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vial. 1'orfJut digestion
follows their use. Tboy
atmjluttlr cure clrk licad *
aclu'i and arerrruunceoil *
I I T If sum ; ; - ! > < iilJanii. For sole by leading,0 ) , cntbyu" , " : ! 85 rt . . . AcldrtbS
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f Hhn A to , Co.r 15th & JVtgla 8U.
J , A fullrr & Co , Cor. Mlh A I > outd ' , SU.
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-L uarts of lots , on'nil street , from Nicholas
strnoi to Ulark nil out.
Vuu are hereby notlQud that the iinilor-
BlKiipu , thruo illslntoruitod free liokiurJ or llio
city of Onmlin , have boon duly nnpolntod by
the in iyor , with the approval uf tlio city
coiinull of Hiilil ( jlty. to Ui-os.s thu dnumi'o to
tlioownoru rcsnoutlvuly or the propurty nf-
footed by Kradliu of said Mtroot. Uculurud
necessary by ( irclliuinco f o. ju.i. passed
AiiciiHtUJrh , 189J , upprovod AuRiistUlit , Ib'JJ ' ,
Von aio furthur luitllluil , that Imvliu no-
ooii | d suld apiialnlinuiit , and duly iiuulllloil
us luijulrod by law , wu will , on the 'Ith day of
bupt uni her , A I ) I'll ' ! . ' , at llm hour of a o'clock
In the aflornoon at tlio ollli'u of ( < corgo ,1 ,
I'liul , KU'i 1'iirimri Blruot , wl'liln thu curpor-
ate limits of H ild city , incot for the unrposo of
consldoilns : and milking the iissussinunt of
< laiiuiKo to the ntvnoro rosiucll\oly | of nalil
propoity , n iron luil by said uradlni. . taldnn Into
conldoratlonanooliil bonulllN If any ,
Vou nro notlllod to bu prosunt at thu tlino
and iilnco afoiDsiiUI , nnd iiiakonny objections
Ui or statement * coiiciinilnt , ' Haiti ii Ho 'jnioiit
of daiiUKOnnti yon may coin. I ( I or proper.
WM (1 KiiiiivKit.
„ , JAJIEiHlOtKIIAl.t ,
Otuaha , boptomber 18th , IS/ ! . BUdiot ,
"NorvoSoods , "
the wonderful remedr
11 old with B writ *
ten cunruntre to euro All norvoui Uliottici. iucli anVnok Memorr.
lo > of llrulnl'oiTtr. Hi'adaclia.Vi > kofulnt , Ix > st Manhood , NlKhtlr Koil .
Hloni , Norrouinvti , LaSDlludc , nil drains and logi of pairurof ( be U o ratl a
Uriruns In oltliornojrcaunoil liyovor exertion , youtliful .
rrroti. or nxcetiir *
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' '
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