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Mary Connelly , a Domestic , is Sc d by
this Dread Scourge.
llrnlth onlrlnlK Arc Anxioimly Awaiting
tlin Arrival ut Minprrtvil V ' el ( 'III-
vcdtnii yuurmitliu-s Agiilnxt New
Vcnk Nutvi ul the 1'L-stlleiicp.
Nr.w YOIIK , Sont. 15. Mary Connolly , a
1'J-year-old girl xvho came from Ireland six
months neo , was removed to the reception
hospital from the touomont , O'J-J Second avo-
nuc , sufforinR from whnt ts announced ns
gcnulno cholera. The rnsc was reported by
Dr. C. J. KUHO of liT Second uvonuo , who
wni cnllcd in to attend tbo girl.
Inspector Dulllnghntn of the Hoard of
Health declared sbo had thu cholera. Wbon
bo urnved In the city she went to llvo with
B family nntnnd Lyons , friends of hors , on
the third llocr of the tonomont. Six or seven
xvcckR ago she got employment ns n servant
In Mrs. Mary ITenn's theatrical boarding
boufif , 225 East Slxtr-first street. She was
In good health until Wednesday , whpn she
paid n visit to the Lyons famllv nnd came
borne at 1U p. in. About midnight she w s
seized with violent pains , which was followed
with vomiting and diarrboua. Mrs. Fonn
Bent for n duntor , but bo failed to answer tbo
call. After waiting a few hours. Ur. Knno
was notified. In Iho meantime Mary PX-
prctscd n wish to bo taicen to the Lvons
house , nnd bho was removed there. Ur. Kane
vlrltudhor Ibis mornlnc and nfter nn cxnin-
innllon dlacnoscd her"case us cbolora. The
V pollco were notified and also Iho bureau of
cnnlaelous dueuscs.
No. r > 2' ' Is n tenement in which eight faml-
lins llvo. The house wns tborouphly disin
fected , nnd trio bedding on which the sick
girl lay was burned , as also her clothing.
Tno bedding nt Alr. . ITcnn's house upon
which tbo Kirl slept was nlso taken away.
Mis. Fonn's boarders , eight In number , are
professional people. A physician has been
doinllcd to tch the house from which
tbo girl was removed. How she got the ills-
ease is n myslorv.
This ts the first case of cholera reported In
Ibis city In which tbo patient Is allvo.
l'ollrc < Watchful.
Sanitary Superintendent Kdson bnd a con
ference with 1'olfeo Superintendent Byrnes ,
nnd over 200OlX ) chol rn circulars nro being
distributed throughout the city , liyrnos
tins instructed nil the police raptuins us to
tbolr duties. The cholera circulars arc
printed In English , ( Jcnnan , Hebrew , Italian
unii Uohcmlan.
Among the nurses offering service nro
ninny youtm women ol rolliipmont nr.d
education , who teemed tilled with n tie-
nro to feflcrifico tbeins.flvos in behalf of their
fulloiv uii'ii The utllro of sovcral indicates
n life of case nna uealla. There have been
ninny male appllcnnli nlso.
At tbo meeting of the Uoard of Health to
il ; iv the following wus adopted :
HcBolvol. Thnt from nnd after this liny all
pursuni slik with cnntaclotis illnu so coiiilnir
rnini iho United bt.itCB Ittire.m of Iinial/ru-
lion , I'Ma island , tniint bo l li\urod illroct to
lllvcisldu ho--pltiil. North llrothcrs Mum ! , fur
the ru.ibiin tint the prom M-S nt thu foot of
Kast Soventy-siAlh stiuot will hi- used for the
cnni of porsoiib Hick with eholura. 'fnoeos- '
h.'irv tlio t.oir.l will inako usu of IIliurs
iHland. mid ( | tiir.tntlno : these who may Imvu
-LX.VII exposed to eholura.
( iiivu thu UKO ( if III * Stciiui Vucht.
Dr. Allen McLtno Hamilton , secretary of
the medical advisory bourd of the Chamber
of Commerce- accepted the use of the
Kto.lm vrtt'htrttmman nlfln it nt tlin illcrt/Mnl
of the board by its owner , Mr.Villtam H.
Hears i.
J. Plerpont Morpan , the t-cnsurer of the
Chamber of Commerro quarantine emergency
fund , acknoiviedgc.s the receipt of an addi
tional $ : : ! < in subscriptions since noon
yestcrdnv. und thoio previously received
wcro f : > SOJ : ! , makinca grand total offii'G35. : )
Dr. Tnlmago expresses the opinion that
the pilots on qunrautlued vcescU could bo
freed with safety. In Iho absence of Dr.
Jenkins no decision has been rendered.
Tbo cabin passcngets on Ihe Stnto of
Nevada , the Ili-st vessel to come under the
twenty-day regulation , were lo have been re
leased yesterday , but wcro prevented by the
collector pending the decision of the s'ecri-
tnry of the treasury regarding tbo applica
tion of the regulation. The secretary tolo-
graphcd his permission nnd Ibo passengers
wore landed this afternoon.
NlirillHIIIIlll'K I'llHIit'llKUI-A to Ho I.lllllllMl.
Tomorrow the Noruinnnm's passengers
vill bo brought by boat from Fire Island und
landed nl Iho Normnnnlr.'s pier in Hobokcn.
Their landing tliero may bo opposed by the
Now Jersey authorities.
IIOWMIV : VOUKUAS isricTin. : :
Iininlcrtints from lliu Ntruninr I'rloilnna
liilrixliicod ciiuloni Into tlie City.
1 NKW VOIIK , Snpt. 15. The morning opened
bricht nnd frosty , nnd Nuw York Is thus
enjoying just the kind of weather to
prevent the spread of the plague. Thu
jfow cases which have up poured here ,
end which wcro concealed by the Board ol
Health , have In no way alarmed the authori
ties rr citizens. The people hero have become -
como oduculod up lo a point of having litllo
or tiu fear ot iho formerly much dreaded
The immigrant passengers of the steamer
Frlcsland , which arrived hero August 20 ,
uceiu to have brought ibo disease lo llttlo
Minnie Lovlnger , who died September 11.
Tney are traced back to Antwerp , which
they reached from oilier clues "of Europe
doubtless Infected with cholera. When
they reached quarantine ihcre was no
Illness reported aboard , and after a few
bouts' u"otcn'.lou anil no-called fumigation ,
they were allowed lo proceed. From Iho
Elcnnnhlp tbo passengers scal'.orcd over tlio
city und country. Fourycung women wout
to the nouso whcio litllo Minnie lived. The
infection was probablv In Ihttlr clolhing , as
thov escaped allack themselves.
It N authoritatively staled that nine steam
ships , cat rying 5,000 Immigrants , aroenrcuto
to this country. Among the steamers now
etirouto with steerage passcncurs are the
lufnuu line ( .learner Indiana , from Liverpool ,
September 10 , with MO in the stoarago ; the
Anchor line stonmer Ethiopia , from
Glasgow , September 1 , IS3 stconigo ;
iho Hamburg-American line steamer
Dohcuiiu , Irom Hamburg. September 1 , OS'2
in the MuQi-ngo : tbe stcaircr Polurln , from
Blotiln , heplumbur I , with US in the steer-
nee : tbo North Gorman line steamer Her
man , from Bremen. September G. with 300 in
Iho atcoriiKoj the Fnbro line steamer Mosc-
liu , from Naples , September VJ , with -JOO lu
tbe fctoerage.
Nilir oil Tlinlr Wi y Acre tile
Atltintlr A l' < ' * t Milp ut Hot ) IIIMII ,
LOXPOX , Sopt. 15. The British bark
Emillc Dlnglo , Captain llooso liotn Fenian-
illna , Aunst 13 , for Alnxvlck , bus put into
ilolyheud. Caplnln Hoo.o reported that
choloralo iluord r hid appeared among Ills
crow and pbynloiiius have gene on board the
burk to Inquire Into thu nature of tbo dis-
OUil1.Thuluman liner City ot I'.trli , explain
Wii'Ulns. from Liverpool sallnd Ircm Qituent-
town lor Noxv Y'.rk ' nday xvllh ITi aaloon
and U17 second cabin passiMigen. She has
nofcteoiUKo pameiignrH.
The Wnlto btnr tnntner Gonuanlc , dtp-
tain Cameron , from Liverpool yohturduy ,
ul o sailed from Quconstown for is'uw York
toJiiv. Her passenger list comprUcs 'J4 | pur-
otm in the kaloon , She has neither snrond
clans nor steerage patsciicera ,
The Gulou liner Nevada , Captain Cjlilng ,
from Llvcrrool vln Queviutown tor New
York , took MX ) steerage passeuu-crs. Uf thU
uuuibor iw uro uuttre * of ( jroat Britain.
The others are foreigners , though tbcro nro
no Uusslan Jews among thorn , Their lug
gage was disinfected nt Llvirpool before
they worn permitted tn embark , und it wns
ngnln disinfected nt quarantine. Tno lug-
page of these emigrants who went aboard at
Qncenatown was also subjected lo Ihorougb
The Allan line steamer Carthaginian ,
Captain France , from Liverpool. September
Ii ) , for St. John's , Halifax nnd Montreal , hns
on board thirty snloon passenger * . Shu has
also llfiy sccend-clnss nnd steerage pas
AT ( JUAltAXriNi : .
Anxiously Aunlting the Arrival of tlin llo-
iHMiilu-.NoU'n from thn M till Ion.
QUAIUXTINE , S. I. , Sept , 15.-Thomembers
of the medical conference , appointed by the
Chamber of Commerce , arrived nt the sta-
lion this afternoon on bsard Millionaire
Hearst's yacht , the Vamoose. Mr. Hearst
cabled from Paris t'jal bo would be pleased
to place the yacht at the disposal ot tbu
physicians composing tbo conference. After
n short tnllt with Dr. Jenkins they ro-om-
barked , accompanied by thu health ofilcors ,
nnd stnrtcd down the bay to Sandy Hook.
The Travo of the North Gorman Lloyd
Steamship company arrived at 8:15 : with a
full list of cabin pnssengcrH. There were
no immigrants on board. She reported all
well. Shu W.H cleared and was permitted to
go up. At 8 o'clock yesterday she passed
the Bohcmiu , which is duo hero at midnight.
Much nnxioiy is being expressed bv Ibo
ho.illh ofllccrs for iho arrival of this boat , ns
it Is feared sbo has many cases of cholera
nboard. Dr. Jenkins , in peaking on Iho
subject , mild ho had no actual knowledge of
there being any dlscas ) onthohhip out he
added that bo was very suspicious. Dr.
Walker , deputy health ofllccr , says ono in
fant died of niorusmus on Ibo steamer
Wyoming this morning.
Steamer Normannl.i All well on board.
The htcatncr Wyoming will bo hold until
the completion of the bacteriological exam
The Hugln's passengers were removed
today to tbo New Hampshire nnd will ho
transferred thence to Fire island on the de
parture of the Norrnnnnia's passengers ,
which Ur. Jenkins says will be tomorrow.
The passengers' luggage is already stowed
away on the Cepheus.
The Scandia's passengers will bo taken to
Hoffman island ns soon as possible. Ail uro
well on the Island at this \vrltine.
It has been claimed that the death of the
child , Minnie Lovlngor , of111 East Forty-
sixth street , lust Sunday Is directly traceable
to four immicrant clrls who cnmo hero from
Antwerp on the Fricsland. Dr. Jenkins ovl-
dcnt.viloei nol pulfuiih In iho allocation and
explained ! that his deputy. Dr. Tnlmngo , has
reported there wns no illness on tbe Frleslnud
.vpen sbo last arrived. Ho says ibat the re
sult of his trip of Inspection to the camp at
Sanely Hook wns sntl'sfi.otorv und the camp
wnud ! bo speedily completed where accom
modation for 1W ( people had been provided.
Ho still feels very doubtful nbout the condi
tion of the Moravia's pas engers and will
hold tbj steamer some time longer. The
Wiclnnil will bo allowed to go up tomorrow.
The cargo of the Normannia will bo brought
to quarantine , disinfcclud and transferred.
Two Suspicion * Cases Discovered In That
City livery Symptom of Cholrm.
NLW HAVEX. Conn. , Snt. 15.-Tho city is
in a Hurry of excitement over what seems to
bo a cuso of L-bolcra. Shortly before 7 o'clock
this morning , John Henry , a Janitor of tbo
Sheldon avcnuo school , found nn Italian
writhing in terrlblo aznnv lu a field on the
outskirts of the city. The pollco
were Ut once notified and the bospitnl ntnbu-
lunco called. When that vobiclo arrived ,
me uaim'i , oviucniiy a moorur , was exnioii-
ing all the symptoms of the disease. He
was taken Immediately to tno bospltp.i nnd
Isolated from the other patients. The
Itnlian has proved to be Romeo Doncra , und
is a loooror. This afternoon his brother
Nutnllo. residing with him on Hudson street ,
was stricuen with the same symptoms. Ho
wi-s also taken to the bospitnl and Isolated.
That purl of Iho city in which the street Is
located Is a low marshv ground , and Is ono
of the moit unhealthy portions of Iho city.
The health ofllccrs nnd hospital authorities
maintain a rigid sllcnco In regard to the
Mm. J'erion' * Drntli and Tlioan of Her
Children Sliroiulud in Mystery.
QL-AIUXTIXK , S. I. , Sept. 15. - Commissioner
sioner Allen has just stated on his return
from the lower buy that Dr. Sanborn now
believes Mrs. Person poisoned her two
children , who died at upper quarantine on
the Wyoming , nnd then comniitiedsulcido
herself in the same wtty. She appear * not lo
have ueen married lo Ibo man who passed us
her busbund.
The commissioner reports the/death of one
child Irom croup on the Wyoming. Tliero
were no deaths or new cases of cholera
Tomorrow tlio Norinnnnln'a 1'n gnu tigers
Will lie I'repil from Qiiuriintlnu.
Finn Isi.AVP , N. Y. , Sept. 15. The Nor-
niunnhi'a cabin passengers will ba released
from quarantine tomorrow. Custom ofllcers
are hero today examining their bagguge ,
and tbe pabsengers nro making their
declarations. A boat will tomorrow morn
ing convoy Iho pastoncers from hero lo iho
company's docks at Hobokou. It is reported
thai several passant-era have succeeded iu
making their escape from quarantine tun ! .
Suspicious Death hi Urooldyn.
NKW Yoitiv , S-pt. 15. The llt-it case from
suspected cholera oecurrcd in Brooklyn
today. Josephine Mulcokn , 21 years old , of
"WO " Slatn slreot , was taken ill yesterday.
Al nlghl Bho passed into a stale of collapse.
Today sue vomited , and vvhon n physlcinn
was called sbo was dead. Thu girl had
eaten hcarlilr of green corn and toumtoos ,
nnd her death wns put down to cholera
mortms. A bacterial examination Is now
being made. The idrl arrived from Poland
In January , golne to Scranlou , Pa. , and com
ing hero three weeks ago.
Death * at 'Jiiiiriiiitlni * .
Qr.unxiixr , S. 1. , Sopt. -Upport
to 1p. . m , from Sninburnu island : Died ,
Cismo Dupansn , nged 1M , of pneumonia ns n
complication of cholera , from which the pa
tient hud lecovered.
Transferred to Hoffman island , ton per-
Transferred to convalescent ward. two.
Transferred to blck ward , three' ( one
Convalescents aim suspcts , thirty-three.
Sick patients , eight.
Omiilnini Will Sjnn Ho H.iine.
John L. Webster telegraphed yesterday
as follows to Alficd J. Lunt of ibis clir :
Fun : ISI.AXP , N , Y. Quarantined at Sjrf
Imttl , Flro Islund. No nlarin umoog us.
May bj reloaied totnunow.
JOHN L. WriisTBii.
W. A. Puxton , jr. , staled this afternoon
thut bu believed thai his father would be re- from quarantine tomorrow and would
luUe Ibo liril train for Omaha. "And , " he
ndded. "the trains can't ' cjmo any too fast to
bull him. "
( iri'ut Di-t-rrimu lu ltii li.
ST. PuTEiisiiuiio , Snpt. 15. Tbore is buhl to
bo u'linrkcd dcrrousu In the cholor.i through
out Husslu. purllcularlv in tbo provinces ut
lir tmo.t violently uQllcUil.
Typliolil r r. .Not Cliolvril.
DUTUOIT , Mich. , Supt. 15. A dupatch from
Sault Ste. Marls , Mich. , sayn the roporled
cases of cholera on board tbo barge Lyoii are
ivphlnii fever.
One Cane ut Itullrrtliun ,
H' rrKitPiM , Sept. 15--One case of cholera
was roiwled in tula city yesterday ,
Oholera-luocnlateil Oorrospondont Stanhopo
Starts for Hamburg.
Determined to Illvo the llxperlment the
Mint Thorough Test rossllitc-llrcut
Intcri-it In His Action
ItMtuil on All Shte * .
ICopjrrlKbted ISU2 br .lamps Oordon tlcnnott.1
PAUI. " , Sopt. 15. [ New York Herald
Cable Special to TIIR BEU.J Thn Herald's
cholera-Inoculated correspondent , loft Paris
for Hamburg at It o'ulocK this evening.
Thlsls his statement before leaving :
"I feel parfectlv well igaln from the two
Inoculations , with tbo exception of a tender
ness and n certain pricking over the portion
of iho body where the ir.oculatlon spread.
I go to Hamburg with the solo idea of test
ing the Hoffkino cholera preventive. I go
with the knowledge nnd assent of
MM. Pustour und Hoffklno. Both
have assured mo that they will watch
with the utmoit interest the result of
my experiment , which , under certain cir
cumstances , they consider will bo of high
utility Panteur says physically nnd Hoffj
bine morally , It not mathematically. I have
Hutu doubt that If I conduct the tests in Iho
curtain manner already outlined , I shall
have gene irsorally so far ns to
prove the benelit or futility of
inoculation , so tbnt either people will accept
ii ns oftlclent or it. will be utterly rejected if
nm wrong , Hundreds of thousands will
doubtless wntub the progress of tbo test
with tbo keenest interest. It I dlo
thousands will bo saved the pain
ot inoculation. I I bank the Parisian
press for its extreme courtesy toward
mo. Tbo only regret I have Is thnt it
should have generally taken an over-high
estimate of my courage. The idea of bolng
Inoculated was , 1 admit , original , but I had
ascertained from Pasteur that there wns
litllo paiu , but no danger in it. I never
made any claim that there was any risk.
That was nothing. The dancer lies in the
termination of the Journey upon which I
start tonight.
Ho Iff liuiiml to Tote Tiilr.
"I propose to carry out Iho lest with the
most scrupulous vigor. I wa nbout to pack
up a bottle of qulnlna this evening , but
throw it out ngnln lest it might bo considered
as n medicine to arrest the possibility of con
tagion. Even this trifling act must in taken
us an index of my line of conduct. Once in
Hamburg , where I shall arrive Saturday , I
shall probably bo , as it were , in the prison of
disease , for It would bo impossible for mo to
carry out the lests 1 propose , and at the
same lime remain iu contact with the outer
world. It wus suggested to tne that such n
life will not bo gav. 1 believe that I am not
gome there to piny. It may bo that , In
terned as I shnll doubtless bo , it may not bo
easy to give you news so often ni cilpht bo
desirable. I can merely any thai 1 shall send
us often as possible. A number of Jour
nalists who take so great an Interest In the
development of the test have asked me
where the news 1 send will reach llrst. The
news which will interest them most will bo
sent to the Herald office. 'Moro detailed ac
counts will be sent later to the P.islour in-
.iiiiuio , 10 iU.M i-aaiour ana tioiiKino. VAU
revolr , if not adieu. " "
Many WuriU of Encounigomcnt.
The Herald's cholera-Inoculated
- corre
spondent has received during the past few
days un avalanche of congrutulntor ? cards
and iclegrams , many from friends , bul tnoro
from persons he scarcely knew of , some in
French , others in English ; for instance : "I
congrAlulaloyou on uelng the first who has
had ibo courage to bo Inoculated with the
cholera virus , then to go to test it.
Bravo I" Another : "Well done. The
Herald has the right kind ot correspond
ents. " A telegram from n family nt
PolssyCourage : , nous sommers tous Hers
ae vous. " A telegram from Brussels : Can
not you send a photo of yourself to a family
hero ! Wo have read of you and will ciadly
pay the cost. " From u friend : "Go ahead.
Everybody Is with you. You want to cutcn
the cholera. " From talented French writer :
"Bon voyage , etquana vous reviendrez , nous
fcrons ensemble unc benne fete en bouvant a
In sante du cholera. " Kortv-flve cards came
with tbo simple word "uravo" on them.
From n lady . as talented us
sbo Is beautiful : "I cannot help feeling
sud to see you start under such circum
stances , but my heart Is full of admiration
and sympathy for you. God bless you nnd
keep you safe. "
Already the pbologrnphers have discov
ered Hint bo was the roan of tha moment.
They have piled him freely with offers of
gratuitous photographs of his person
lu every shape and form. Finally he found
that when ho entered a restaurant the wait-
ets boean whUpotlng aoout him to euUom-
ers. In ono Instance quite n small crowd
gathered outside to see him get Into the cab.
AI the same moment u very largo woman
How out , and embraced him warmly. Then ho
thought It was time to goi nwav from Pa.-ls ,
but ho is out of the frvinu pan into the lire.
What will be his sucees do curioHito in
Hamburg !
AI.TONA is rmi : ruo.u IMMX-TION.
Ki-Diilt of Cari'liil lutr&tluutloiis II.iiii-
liiirK'ii Au-lul Kin-rlrllei | > .
[ roijTluhteil | 1S921 > / Jamai ( lor.1on Donnott.1
ALTONt , Sopt. 15 , ( Now York Herald
Cable Special to TUB UEK.J Continuing my
Inquiries into the health of the Altona troops ,
I went to the Paillo Malllo in Altona and
slopped al Count W.ildoraeo's rjildenco. He
was away , I was told , with Iho troops man
euvering In Mccklonburg.
"Tho troops , " said the oBlcor in charge ,
"aro all perfectly healthy and well cared for.
Wo can afford to laugh ut the panic around
us. Wo never had more than six or seven
cases In August. ie , In the Eiahly-llflh
regiment. "
The cases In Altona are evidently only
sporadic. My researches so far convinced
mo that ibe rumors about the spread
of the disease in tbe Ninlh army corps
huvo been much oxnveeraiod. Leaving
Altona this afternoon , I drove through Ham-
ourg , stopping and talking to people who are
busily carrying on their trades , all Out the
5,000 who are burled at Olsdorf und tha vic
tims at Eppendorf. At thU last place I saw
about thirty tents pitched in tbu Holds sur
rounding the ho niul.
"Wo ' are welt provided with transportation
now'said coachman , 4 > Wo
, my began with
two laultury or Hea Cross currluxuj , we
ended with iho 15'J carriages now in use
'Vienna cars' ' wo call them. The drivers re
ceive extra pay , cognac and cigars. When
iboyaro smoklntyou may know that they
have somoaody inside.1
I saw some of those cars. They look like
hr.usoms with the upholstery torn out.
Ili'iillng ullli UIH Ciiri > * u .
"iiow many unidentified corpses have
been burled ) 'I asked.
"Above lifiy. They were found in the
streets or deserted nt their homes by their
kindred. They lay tbrea duya in the Oe- )
dorf cemetery with tin tugs luunn ? u n 1111-
her tied to their legs for Idoullllualiou.
They were kept as long us possible. "
"How do they deal with the r.orpioj ) "
"Five boards of rlaln deal are fixed
together , and aiixth serves as a lid. Tbo
people hero call thorn 'egg-boxe,1 lu these
the corpses are oranoSdotl in peal * or mud ,
the hd is fastened down , and they nro rurtod
oft in haste , two , tnreo. or moro nt n time ,
mostly in furniture cart- Theft was no
time to bo lost xvhilii tbe epidemic raged.
Mostly In two hours Jotter the first notice
everything had to bo idnno. Each hearse is
used for nboul fotir. or flve funerals n day.
Wo conchmeu drive twioo a aay with mourn
ers to Olsdorf. " * J-
\Vliero tCtnrtnil.
According to one opinion , the dtso.iso cnmo
from India with the 'Coolies on the Wocr-
mann's ship * , ° n "which they servo ns coal
drillers , Another vloivsR that it wns brought
nbout from the lllttj ort'Uio ' so-called "Amorl-
cnn qtt iv , " crec.te'n'fot'th'o Uusslan immi
grants from up tbo < rjver. Taoso pcoplo
washed their foot ana ) abk their drink from
tbo snmo pool of filth , jjlan never saw such
awful cases of dirtiness. The Ilwt case , ac
cording to snmt * . occilrrod as far"uacic us
Easter , but the medical "nulhorlllos shirked
iho rosponslbiltly of"nnnouuetng its real
nn'.ure. They fosred the damage to trade.
All might have K\mo xvell , bul un
fortunately there followed a tre
mendous drouth , nn > the Elba w Uer
gained iho conslstoaoy of soup. ThU
generated universal liSollllo fomentation in
the Hamburg aqueduct ! ' , the tldo drove
back the tovvago In th * upper course of
the river from WhkTjt thi aqueducts are
furnished , nnd a sudden gancral outbreak
was tno consequence. ,
"Burgomaster Peterson lives in Glots-
borg , " said another rfamburger. "Ho Is an
old min , alwuvs nillnl and is hnrdly over
scon' in lolchshuus. * Dr. ICrauss , chief
physician , is 81 yoariV'of ago. Both ought
long ago to lnwo bona put on the retired
list. Wo are not unjlit to these people.
Thov lost their heads ca _ wo have lost our. ' .
Wo are nearly out -6 % danger now. Wo
know the enemy , nnd huvo boiled him.
Boiling water does away with him. " They
are serving out boIlAJ''water ' nil over the
town. . ,
Plenty of Trouble In Store.
The chief disaster dpos not consist in the
loss of 5,001) ) dy.spoplio stomachs ot all classes.
but in the comparative stoppage of tvade.
Ships cannot leave thojlurbor , and nobody
knows when this stnto o ! things will end ,
perhaps not before thej first frost ; this will
break m.uiy n proud bu.rcher.
The worst part of. thb'.town ' lies right in
tbe swampy district extending from IClos-
torthai * inland , inoluilint , Filenhorst , und
ending at Spaldlngstruisej next to the Berlin
lin stallon. , (
One authority whom I Interviewed connects
the disease with n pot theory , and says the
Hamburgers suffer universally of Inter-
mlltont fever. This wak'ons tholr stomachs
and thus they fall nn oa V prey lo the Invasion
by bicilll. The stomach Is' ' the citadel against
cholera. Beware of dysp9pjla.
Tningi nro not so , badby a long way In
Altoca. The cases la' Attona have been ,
btrictly spoaking.Hnmbtir cases , mostly Im
ported with the victim's. We nro quite in
dependent of the rivdr for our water
supplies. Wo set waUir from inland springs
and artesian wells. . . ' . ' f
HIS Titu.t.i ; 's orr.
( Jucer Antics of Uuctiu/ll lmboU's ! Son In
LOXPOV , Sept. 15. | By Cable to Now York
Herald Special to TUB UKK.I L-'redorlclt
Evans alias the "Duke of Tcclc. " who is in
reality none other than Mason Holmbold ,
celebrated "Uuohu"
son of the Philadelphia
mun , was brought bafnre thu lord mayor
on a remand today , charged with
attempting to defraud Iho Anglo-Austrian
bank of JI,5'JJ. Ho told tbo bank oGlelals bo
was an Austrian prince , supported by his
government , and banded in two bills on tbo
Austrian government for collection. On the
btrenglh of his representations ho received a
chock book , which ho at put in opera
I learn that the young man has done sev
eral .short terms in Eneland for stealing , and
has also lingered bsbind Austrian prison
walls. Sing Sing likewise uboekod his career
for several years. Ho is undoublo lly off his
mental balance , n hcritago left him
by his father. Today ho was
well dressed and looked sane enough ,
but for his eccentric- manner of wearing Iho
board which rovers hi'face in queer patches.
His purse and umbrella bore u crcnt and coronet
net , with his Initials , "D. O. T. , " which bo
fancied would bo taken for those of Inn duke
of Tock. Ho was remanded for trial.
\Vor > t In Over tit Iliinihurcr.
( CoprrlBbtod IBM by Jnmoi Uonlo.i Dennett. ]
HAMiiuun. Sept , 15. [ Now York Herald
cable Special to Tun Bee. I The Buorger-
schaft last night unanimously passed thoHon-
ate bill authorising an immediate credit of
1,000,001) ) marks for the expenses of llitbl-
InL- the epidemic. '
Two hundred and eighty-throe oases with
103 deaths , of which seventy-nine cases
and twenty-seven deaths occurred pre
viously , were yesterday reported to the sta
tistical bureau. This shows a decrease on
the previous day's rjcorj of sixty-one cases
und forty deaths. Tb < / police conveyed
yesterday 157 slclt und fifty-three bodies , un
Increase of twenty sick und six bodies.
Private contributions to the cholera fund
In Hamburg alone amount to over 1,000,000
marus. As soon ai colder weather sets in
tbo misery of the woralus classes must it. ,
crease , and much more' money will b3 required -
quired to help tlio poor.
Eleven of the array' snrceons who came
here on the outbreak have returned to tholr
regiments , and four moro ura likely to follow
within the next few dajr > Tbo worn is un
doubtedly over. '
ICIght Ornth * In I'arln.
PAIIIS , Sopt. 15. Up to 6 o'clock last nlijht
there were eight cboldra-duattn in thh city ,
two deaths less than Tuesday.
Note * of tlin I'lngue.
HOSTO.SMass..Sept. . IS The sto inter Lin-
oustcrlan , whloh arrived from Liverpool
Tuvsduy and has slnco boon detained at
nnurHiitlne. liasbeon reloaded nnd arrive I up
todnv. The sto.imerh &t Present del-lined are
\Yuthurhy. . from llMnbur-r ; I'nijsiun , from
lil i K „ < ) . and .N'oromcin , from Liverpool.
There U no alekness on nny of them , nor at
HuUhHCLS Pupt 15. Tlwtfl wore reported In
thU ciltv yester.liiy throu case * of chulura.
One of Die putlentH died. , fcfuit. | IS Thi ) Itelchsburk'er tonlKht
publlHhus thu uHloliil dlreotlon for thu ap
pointment of a Npeclnl clmlnra ooinniliisloii.
KIIIB IHI.ANU. N. V. ) . Volcht
Btiites thai. IIH fur us lie euu ascurtnli ) no ps
benders of the Noriiiiinn'n luivu left Ihe Is'und '
slia-u bulii/lumled > A'Lroll o-all toduv nil piib-
hi/ir-'era unswered hut ono , who U known to bu
( III till ) IH'OllllbOH. i
Nuw YOIIK. Sept. I.X ft In rouortod on good
nuthorlty that raiiil friim Kurupiiun ports nro
litln Ixiuled in Itrooldyn dully , u Illtliy cargo
from the AUitli : , awnml by Hunderdoii Hroj.
h vni'j been unloaded toJny.
lUunuiKi. Sept. -Twohundred and four
new oiikonof olioleri : were olllciilly repotted
here ye-iterduv. Tliuio wuro clxlity-onu
du-iths , Thunu tUbrui show an increase of alx
In the nuinburor nuw couos comiiired with
lliOKO repuried'for Tuehdiiy. The deaths
yesterday wuro flftien lens than Tuesday.
AM-TEIIII H , > epu | i A TUP dca or ut M r-
BCII , provnuof l.imi.uriuv the cholera ,
lie ii is been l o ntod to protunt iho dUoaxo
Iron * | irei ; llnjr. A bur.'tf wuinun from Uliun-
lull I'ruasl.i illud of clrulura ut lleusbon , North'.kTpN. Tax. . Sept IV-ThoBtato Hoard
01 lloa'Ui bus Issued * n order to p uuo uil ve -
kuU from Nuw York uty In iiuarautlue.
Bryan Unable to Hold His Own with the
.Republican Orator.
U'lilln tlin VoinifT Vongrossmnii I'liijs fur
Ainiliuuo Ills OpponiMit Kntcrtaltis
Tlioso I'roHPtit ltli n Clear
Statement of I'acts. , Nob. . Sept. 13. [ Spar-lnl Tele-
pram to Tun One. ] This was Field day lu
thy Joint dUcusslou. Uoloro the speakers
had met the question win , among repub
licans , "Will Field ha nblo to hold his own
with Drynnl" Now ttin question nmoiiff
democrats Is , "Will llryan bo able to hold
his own with Field } "
The meeting was In tbo public square in
the afternoon. Thcro was n splendid nuui-
once nnd each ono listened with deep Inter
est. Hoth spo.ikers appeared In flno condi
tion when they snt down together on the
stngo. Bryan epoko an r.our and sat do'wn
with evident disappointment. Field In bis
reply went at him UKO a blacksmith with u
slodsro hammer nnd the crowd was decidedly
with Flclu f'.om beginning to close. Hrynn
maao smooth usriods nnd ronndud up each
climax In u manner as It to solicit applause.
But tlio upplauso came weak nnd Bryan's
face and manner showed thnt ho Knew It.
Field made no play for applause , but
rather tried to avoid It , nnd In a powerful
unu rapid manner point ted his nnta onlst ,
whllo tha rcpublicnti part of the audience
was dullgtuod. said tonight that It
wns the host of bait o.Torts Field baj over
made. Republicans feel Jubilant , and sny
that Field , while not n orator , is a
powerful debater and will grow strjiigjr lu
each discussion.
Bryan defoudod his record , and donlod
that ho wr.j n calamity how lor. Field made
sonia.splendid hits In defending the pro- :
psrlty of iho state and nation. old sst-
tler remarked that Bryan displayed tnoro
skill in dodciug nn argument than he did in
malting or answorliig one. Field crowded
Bryan on the Peck llgures , nnd Bryan retorted -
tortod that Peck was not a democrat.
Field insisted Bryan should explain tbo
Peck iiguros , but Brvan only smiled a ?
before anil denied thai POCK was a democrat.
Throughout the whole detuto Bryan was thn
tnoro eloquent and reauy with his woid . but
Field was the more aggressive nnd forced the
argument with more earnestness. U Is
the general verdict that Ttryan has mot more
than his match , and that he must use moro
argument and less llowcry speech if ho would
win tbo laurel of this rjntest.
; cunuNsi : AT JUXIATA.
( ircnc l.'ntlinsl ism Alunircileil by IIiinilroiM
ol licpiililluiius.
JUXUTA , Neb. , Sopt. 13. [ Spaoial Tele
gram to Tun Bcu. | Word was received here
yesterday thnt Hon. Lorenzo Crounso , re
publican nominee for governor , with other
good sponkor.i would bo hero on a special
train this evening. Long before time for
the train to arrive a crowd began to gather
lit the depot. The JurUla bind entertained
ltUgicrowdtllU.tho train arrlyoJt Saveral
* * *
hundred pcoplo were present andgroatoii
thusiasm nrovuilod. The crowd then made a
rush for the largo hall and It was soon full
of enthusiastic paoolo.
The ball was appropriately decorated. A.
V. Cole , ns master of ceremonloj , called Iho
meeting to order. The Hastings Glee club
furnlsJied several songs. Then Hon. W. L.
Somuiors of Lincoln wai prosontodand made .
a very patriotic speech. Ho reviewed tha
records of the parties contesting for su
premacy , reviewing the statistics of this
country , clving the n-'laiionshlp ol the demo
cratio loaders to the Cobden club of IZng-
land , reforing to the work of the democratic
atul republican congresses , and explained tbo
bltuatlon of McICciehan on the tariff.
Tha Glee club gave u rousing sotif , after
which the next covernor was introduced and
entertained the largo uudienco in n true p-i-
tnolle American iminnor. Tnu was .luilgu
Crounsc's second sptcch In , the campaign ,
and the enthusiasm that was manifest was
perhaps the greatest It has over been nt a
meeting here. Ills speech closed amid deaf
ening cheers for republican success.
KntoriiUtiecl litHi < | iuliliraii .Spnilti-ri. : Ucs'Tnii , Nob. , Sept. 15. ( Spaclal
Telegram to THE BEE.J This has been a big
day for the Clay county fair. The exhibits
nro as good as could bo expeoted ana iho per
formances on tbo truck 'Inlrly good. The
grunt feature today w.w the ireoing ac
corded the r-spublican speakers , Hon. J. L.
Caldwcll nf Lineoln , Judge Crounso and
Lieutenant Governor .Majors. It was. ncc-
03jr.v to cominenc3 the races before the
speaking was concluded but the enthusiastic
crowd encouraged the sneakers by continu
ous applnubo nnd cries of "po on. "
The republican club in uniform from Sut-
tou and the Clay Comer Harrison cavalrv
formed an escort ana marched from town to
thu grounds , led b" thu Harvard band and
the speakers in carriages.
United for Wurk In hiilinn County. , Nob. , Sopt. IS. ( Special Tele
gram to Tin : BKB. | The republican c.-un-
paigu was opened hero this- evening by n
rousing meeting nt tno court bouse , which
was addressed by local talent and otnnrs.
Friendvlllo was represented uy Senator
Popa and Ilov. Mr. Prasson , ( Jroto bv Judtro
Goodln and General Hasting ? , Ujwltt
by F. W. Miles nnu Wilbor by Dr. Love
and Hon. fj. Duras. All of the speakers
wcro enthusiastically received. The meet
ing closed at n Into hour rvith three hearty
cheer * for Harrison and Hold and the
whole republican tlcitef. Sillno county re-
puhllcans are united for work , and will
mane n good showing on November 8.
.llrKitlCh.tli t C'luy Conlcr.
CI.AV CKSTHII , Nob. , Sept -Special [ to
THE HKK. | The Clay county fair opened
hero Tuejdav , but yesterday was pinctlually
tie first of the program , nnd was occupied
by the regular order of uxerclsos nnd in
addition u tnreo hours' speech by Hon. W ,
A. McKoiirhan , being tbo people's parly dnv.
Strong oflorts hud been mudo to orgunlzo
their forces Into delegations , but they only
succeeded in brlnclu ? in ono delegation with
any orgaiizution , consisting of eighteen
teams. The attendance at the fulr was good ,
bat only u small portion of tbo crowd listened
to the speaking. It is tfcnenilly admitted
that political days ut the fair don't amount
to much ,
\VI < ID At < iiko in
Houmcar , Neb. , Sspt. 15. [ Special Tole-
era in to Tin : Jii.J The campaign opened
in this county tonight with a rousing repub
lican meeting which lilk-d tbo court bouse to
overflowing. Speochei were maao by Hon.
Goorjso P. Kheu , Hon. K. A. Wu hburn and
Ur. MclCeconlu. fully explaining thu HHUCJ
ol thu Uuy. republican * of Puelps
county uro wldo uwuku and will male un ug-
gressivo campaign ibis fall. Kopublinjn
clubs will oo orynnlzoJ over tbo county the
coming week ,
iuLMl tnu jiinii icruti.
\VIUIEH , Neb. , Sept. JB.--Special [ Tele
gram to Tnu Ili.i ; . ] At the ludcpaudunt con
vention hold at Pluasint Hill today John W.
Gibber was nominated for stnto senator , J ,
C. Jensln and James Smith for represcuta-
lives , E. H. Abbott county uttoruuy , und
Jacob BH | ! commissioner. Uelugatus 'to the
Thirty-third iloat reprobuntativo conven
tion uru uulBstructod , but nru m
fnvor of M. W. Coo , rAe ofVI1 -
ber. Hxcopt ttio head , notm. - . the nomina
tions ploH < o the ( lemoor.its nr. 5j ° > ' ul1' ' ! " "
a soparuto ticket in tha field. \ i.
\ .
Tlin N'ntlntiiil l.rii un In Sc lnc\ -"MI limit
Sluiigliti-r un As < Utnnt Sec , ' " -y.
BITI-U.O , N. V. , Sopt. 15. Tht th nn-
nual convention of the National" guo of
Hopubllcau clubs was held hero today.
After prayer nnd welcome by
Judge Ilnight , President Clarkson-
arose nmid applautc. Ho acknowledged tbo
welcome. Uxtuilnlng tba falling niT in the
expected attendance , ho said itns largely
due to the choloM kcoptn7 nway many
delegates. Btitd D. SUURhtor of Nebrasiiu
was named ns assistant secretary.
Roll call was next In ordor. It was found
that'.hirtv-two states and thrco territorial
were represented. It was decided lo nnmo
the commlttco ou credential * , each slnto
buvlnp n member of thn commlttco.
On motion of Campbell of Illinois the college -
logo cltit ) dolomites were seated.
Presidcn'JJtirk wns loudly culled for , nnd
responding fnssurcd the convention that on
the eighth day of November thov would ba
found doing valiant work for tbo republican
ticket. [ Cnoors , |
The convention then took n recess until U
this afternoon. At that hour President
Clnrkson delivered Ms nildrosj.
At the afternoon session f the National
league Samuel U. Harsh of Iowa offered the
following resolution , which was unanlmouslv
adopted by a standing vote :
Hosolvod. That this convention lenrns with
dnrpcst sorrow of the severe Illness that
nutlets the honored wlfo of President Harri
son , nn 1 that \\e oxtnml to her and to him our
hu.'irtfell synipiihy , Hiul thxt wo nssurn thu
president ami Ills finally that ivo fcrvtiuly
join in the nrnyois iif thu whole Amoncun
peoplu thnt the hind of Him \vlin w.itvhus
over the slek tnnv speedily lift the sluulow
tlnil now liiinis nbout lliu bedside of a loved
wife .ind mother.
At the evening session Music hall was
packed to suffocation by an enthusiastic
nudienco of republicans. Speeches were
made by dlstiniruishi'd orators , among whom
were Governor McKir.loy of Ohio , John P.
Uolllvcr of Iowa and d. Sloat Fasset of New
Vork. Mclvinloy's ' speech nrousod the wild
est kind of cnlhuiusm , and the applausn re
ceived by him was long continued and doaf-
UNirouTi\\Ti ; ; ID\vA i'Ait uit .
< i\crnnr llulo Itrltcnitos IIU Anscrtlun Tliplr l.ulmr * Are u. Vnlii.
CAituoi.t , , la. , Sept. 15. Governor Horace
Boies opened the campaign by n stirring
speech in this city' today In the presence of
thousands of enthusiastic democrats. In his
speech he declared this to bo the molt Im
portant campaign In recant yc.\r. , that the
tariff question was the grcal issue and iho
time for the farmer * to demand turccaso
from unjust , unequal nnd PxcusMvo taxation
had arrived. Ho made nn exhaustive tariff
argument nnd produced statistical proof of
his remarknblo statement of two ycnrs ago
that estimating fnrm wages at the sntno ratu
as city w ges Iowa's crops bad cold for ( I *
cents per acre than the cost to proaticu
tucm. Governor Bolus also discussed the
force bill , currency and other planks of the
national platform , us well us denouncing the
present prohibitory lavlu Iowa.
Opened tliu Cniniulun ; ut Vnili.
Yoitic , Neb. , Sept. 15. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BEI : | The cauipnigu was opened
hero tontsht with a grand republican rally.
The York and Benedict llauiboau club ? were
uniformed and in line. They number about
200. Lee M. Woodruff , U.D. , of Michigan
addressed n larce crowd In the court bouse
Yard. Ho tpoko on the. tariff , asking the
pcoplo tb-UBo-lhoir good Judgment when
their votes , ns the Mircns.s of miH
party mcani protection and continued pros-
perltv , the success of iho other the doilruc-
lion ot the tariff and death to homo indus
tries. Gruat enthusiasm was shown. The
republicans of York county will bu lit the
front rnnks this fall.
Alliion Imljj Mulciits Addrcxsml.
AI.IIIOX , Nub. , Sept. 15 [ Spoclal Tele-
'gram to THE line. | General Van WycK
nnd V. O. Striclcler nddrossed a fair crowd
hers last night , over half of which were re
publicans nnd democrats. There was no
entncs.nstn nnd the people were disappointed
in Van Wvck's speech. Ho admitted that
the people of this countrv were moro prosper
ous than the people Bf any ether country , nnd
In defense of hir. party tried to show that
THE 13En Is u calamity howler.
StFtnimnii at Axhvillr.
Asnviu.c , N. C. , Snpt. 15. Hon. A. E.
blevonson spoke in tbo presence of thousands
of people hero today. Ills speech en
tirely devoted lo the force bill , which ho de
nounced as u scheme of tbo republican party
and administration to pcrpotuato themselves
in power. Ho reviewed by states the carpet
ban rnlo In the south after tbo war und
showed hoiv It had bankrupted tno country ,
stating that Iho same result would follow the
enae'icent of tlio foicn hill.
XVorlilni ; In u.-iru-K County.
Cnv , Nob. , Sept. 15. [ Special
Telegram lo THE Bui : . ] The republicans of
Merrick cotiniy mot in force ut the Grand
opera house today. The afternoon nnd evenIng -
Ing meetings wore well attended and much
enthusiasm wns manifested. Good repub
lican doctrine was preuohod by Hon. C. W.
Tun-oil and ninny local apeuKcrs , The Chirks
Glee club , ono of tbo bust in tlio state , en
livened Ibo meetings with campaign tongs.
I'tirit'rf IlupuhllcHii dill * .
Pr.uu , Nob. , Sept. 15 Special Telegram
to Tut : Buis.J Tin republicans of 'Peru mot
last night and organized a cluu of fjrty
mombcis. Sterling Glasgow was chosnn
president , John vice proiidont , and W.
M. Kodiibaugh socretury. The organl/.itlon
will meetovory Wednoidav oveniiiL' . After
listening to an unlhustastio address by Mr
Burnbam Iho moellug udjoiirned.
\Vcll < ) r ; iiiii/4Ml In
VAIXXTINE , Neb. . Sopt. 15. [ Spoclal Tclu-
cram to TUB BEI : . | Tha republican cam-
pilgn was formally opened hero this even
ing. Able speeches wcto niado uv .ludgo
F. M. Wilcoti and Attorney J. M. Mille.
Muslo was furnished by S. L. liter's Glee
club. There wns a good u'to , . dance. Tha
republicans are well oiganizod , as ibo ro-
lurns will ovldcnce.
AttrncliMl it l.irgn C'iu il ,
BI.OOMINOTON , Neb. , Sopl. 15 , [ Special
Telegram to THIS BEI : . ] The republican
rally hfro loday draw prominent citizens
from all ever iho uounly. They were ad
dressed by W. H. Austin , candidate for snn-
ii tor , Jonn S&nbcrn , candidate for repro-
KCniallve , Hon. A. H. Byrum , candidate for
county attorney , und O. T. Putienon.
In tinI'llih liuti-let.
Cnnxit Hu'ins , la. , Sapt. 15. [ Spacliil
Tciearnm lo THK HKU.j-Tha Fifth dlitnot
domocratlo congrosslonil convention wus
uelu in Ibis city this afternoon. John T.
Hamilton was ronotnlnnted by acclamation ,
{ ( solutions endorsing tbu national and slate
platforms and favoring a postal telegraph
were adopted ununlinously.
Vermont' * Ktcellon I
JI" Vt. , Sept. 15. Full roturna
show that Fuller , republican , has ucon
elected covernor over Smalloy , domourat ,
bv a plurality of 111,1)01. ) Compared with
18SS , tbo returns show n republican loss of
11 , - * ' ' , u damocratlo losi of 1 , und u prohibi
tion gain of U8. !
ll pulll < Mii Out III I'nrei- . .
Lrxi.\iTos , Nob. , Sopt. 15 , [ Special Telegram -
gram toTiiu Biu. : ] A larzely attended re
publican muetlng was held ut the iiow league
hall tcolght. Local speakers addressc-a the
meeting mid ROVCIU ! line scleetiom * ere
given by thu Glee club.
NoiiuiiJIml lor
Hii'ipi , la. . Sopt. 15. Udinocrata
of the Fifth Io > u district reriomlnatud Hou.
John T. Hamilton for congress.
Isaac Montgonw ; , a Gardunw , Instantly
Kills au Unknown White Man.
Vlrtliu iif tlin 1'atnl Shot WHS Trying to
HrtMk Into tlin tUrn Whern Mnnt.
Kolnery Wns Sleeping loliuU
of tlin Alf.ilr.
Isaac Montgomery , a colored g.irdenor employed -
ployed in tlio north end of the cltv , shot niul
Instantly killed Wllllntv lit-min last night.
Tbo colored ma.i keeps u in n barn nt
the corner of Sixteenth and Pinknoy streets ,
nnu of Into has noticed sovor.U suspicious
looking eharaoteM loallng nrotintl the pram-
Isos. List mitht no ilocldod to kooD n
watch , and utter bidding down the IIOMO re
mained lu tbo Jtnblo. '
Shortly aftir danc Montgomery beard
some ono working at iho lattlco door of the
stnolo , and Jutnplnic up from tbo bundle of
straw on which ho was reclining rushed
toward the door with mi old remodeled nnuy
musket In his hands. Ho saw n form near
by , mid nf'.or speaking onca or twlcj putlaJ
the trigger nnd down fell n white man.
Montgomery was imlf scared to death nt
what ho had douo nnd ran down dhorman
avenue In loarcb of a policeman. Ho mot
Oftlcors Jackrann ana Flsko and gave himself
I'oiinil tlin Drnil .tliin.
The pollco onice 1-5 rather doubled the
story and wont back to the ccnu of the
murder. Tboro tboy fountt an unknown
man dead , with half of his face and nook
torn away by buckshot. Coroner Maul wan
called ; also tbo patrol wagon. While the
muidcr r was being loaded lute the wn on
the coroner viewed the remains nnd exam
ined the premises.
In the dead man's right hand was nn open
knife , with which ho had cut the rope fast
ening the door , and In hU pookots the coroner
ner found $15 In bills and n .Jo-cent piece ,
rvcatly concealed under his coat was a good
slzod sack , which no doubt was to bo usoj la
storiss tha harness in.
Quito a crowd g.\lhered around the remains
mains , but no onu secmud to bo able to
identify them , From pipers found It ifi
supposed that the man's natno li Grlf-
fln , us ho had n cara from Dr. Worloy which
stated that ho was 5) years old and that his
los'denco was Sovontaonthand Hurt and wns
being treated for heart disease.
Hint HCPII Tlirro llcforr.
Montgomery wns noon at thu Jill nficr his
arrest nud told hs | story of the affair. Ho
said that ho had seen men prowling about
his stable for bovoral nights nnd decided ta
keep a watch. When tno rope which held
the door was cut ho rushed out , nnd , after
calling "Who Is III" two or thrco times nnd
receiving no answer , iired at the nearest ob
ject and brought ilown bis man.
Coroner Maul impaneled n Jury on the spol
nnd will bold an inquest at 2 p. in. toaay.
It Is undorstood.Uiit the police were look *
Ing for a man answering tbo description of
the murdered ono.
H'itKGli. OX Till : .Ti
A Km ! Collliimt Nonr Mnnlmlltown
CUIMCS hexrnil Kill nil tics.
Muibiiu.i.Towv. la. , Sent. 15. A bad bond
end collision occurrou nt neon on the Chicago
& Northwestern ror.d about thre
miles west of Murshalltown botwcea
frcicbt nnd accommodation trains ,
both running at hiirh speed , on
curve. Several trainmen were seriously in
jured. and four killed . Physicians
hastily summoned from hero have gene to
the scene.
I'rr.ik ol Nuttirn In Iowa.
W \ucoMt. Sept. 15. A child was born t
n well-to-do farmer near tnls" city last nlghj
thatallordsa remarkable example of this
peculiarities nud frcalcsof nature. The bab.r ,
n boy , has an opening about two Inches la
diameter upon in bacic mhtxray batweon nnd
a liltio below the shoulder blnaos. Tha
onllco extends Into the body to the vitals , so
that the lungs can bo been with each resplrai
tlon. TUo formation seems to ba naturally
tonned , the onflco being smooth and round ,
having none of tbo appearances of u wound.
The child appear * to bo healthy and strong
otherwise , with every prj < poct for an extended
tended existence. The neighborhood Is very
much Interested over the strange work of
nature , and the men nro at a lost
how to diagnose the case. The parents have
ibroo other children all healthy and per
fectly formed.
Culrlirutoil imriiMii Day.
Lr.M ut , la. , Sept. 15. [ Special Tolegrara
to THE I > EB. ] This has been Herman day
nnd bus bscn appropriately celebrated In Lo >
mars. It Is the celebration of thu Herman
settlement In Ponnsvvanla the first In
America. Nearly 10,01)0 ) people have been
present. Thu procession emoraccd bands ,
liromon , historic floats nnd unlghls nnd
Indies in tbo gorgeous coUumesof the seven-
tccnlh century. Orations were delivered by
Prof. \Vernll of Lnmnrs , Ur. Brasch of
Sioux City and J. B. Kiofler ot Itcmsen.
Mother i.-iil Child I'utiilly Hurt.
MASON Cirr , la. , Sept.15. . While H. A.
follows , with his wife , mother nnd two
children were drlvlnir ovnr a brldgo this
uftenioon , spanning Lime creek , the wugon
\vent down an embankment. All live of the
family were seriously Injured , the mother
and ono child fatally.
Latest Koporti from tlio I.-uljr'n linilflilu
I'avoriilili ) yiiiptoinn.
LOON LXKI : , N. Y.S3pt. 15. Mrs. Harri
son was slightly beticr this morning.
Contrary to exocctalion , Dr. Doug
herty , the New York specialist , innde
another call on Mrs , Hurriion this
eftcrnoon. Ho arrived at tbo Loon
Lake railway station , ihreo miles trorn
Iho village. , nbout 5 o'clock un his way to
Nuw York and wus joined by Dr. liard-
ner , thu attending pby lclati. Tno latter
Informed him that inure xvas Homing In
Mri. Harrison's condition that i
uny delay In his return to his professional
dutlt-H. But , of course , if ho oould spare )
tbeUmo the family would approve of visits
from him. Thereupon hodiddccido lo call
on MM. Harrison and to take the train In the
morning , Tba two doctors then drove
to iho president's cottage and made
an examination of Mrs , Huirl-
son. Dr. Dougherty agreed onllrely
wlih Dr. Gardner' " dlavnoxU of tbo case ,
and subsequu illy Informed Ibo family that
ho saw no approeiaoio difference In Mri ,
Hnirlson's condition slucn pis former ob *
sorvutlon. There wns no further accumula
tion of fluid nn the uhcst , and Iho quantity
there was not nilllclent tn require with
drawal. Ho said shu was as comfortable ai
she could bo made , and that It wus cncoura ? .
ing to know ; bat the dUcaso had mode no
progrcis within the last twenty-four hours.
Tappliu will not again DO ro.sortod to except
in the case of further < ftuslon.
Loov LAKH , N. Y. , Sept. 15. , 11 p. m. An
Inqulrut the pruitluenl's ' cottage at 11
oViuek xvas met xvlth ihn responbo that Mri.
HurrUon wus about the sumo BI at tba last
report and that shu had retired for the night.
Cdiinly Old hnttleri.
NKUSOX , Neb , , Sept. -Special [ to Tim
IEI ! : | The llrst Huiinul plcnlo of tbo Old
Keif1 > 'r& association of Nuckollt county will
be bvid at thu nrove ucar Notion 8ftturdajrt