Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 15, 1892, Page 4, Image 4

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Av riin Circulation Tor August 'JI.IIIO
Ii-'C'oitiir.TT IB olcctcd to con gross llmt
Miilncnt body should ut otica UlRchnrgo
Iho Borgdnnt-nt-nrniH.
Tin : Tninmany tlgor has ut lust got
Siilnt , ( Jlovolund In its clutches und will
ainsltuiito him at leisure.
PUOK. BAUXAKO of Columbia has
liscovorod the tlfth silullito : of Jupiter ,
but whnt does this hnvo to do with the
iloction of linrrioon ?
lion' the country towns of Aniunogii
and Gouiioll Bluffs would hnvo the liuigh
on the city of Oninhii if G 17. Scott
iliould bo Hcuiclun tally elected to con-
WHIN : the demoi-riits announce pub
licly that they will carry Illinois this
your , tlioy labor under a grievous error
that the American people is ti race of
marine : * .
THK presence of many orators from
ntuotul in a state does not accomplish
mueli in compiriBon with the value of
thorough organization and frequent
local meotinga , Hiipplomontcd by the
powerful agency of standard newspapers.
AIi , citizens will observe the request
for a meeting at the mayor's ollico at ! l
p in. today to take action in the cholera
situation. It is of utmost importation
that a representative gathering of citi
zens bo present to advKo with tlio
Hoard of Health at this crisis.
Tins in no time to stand on legal tech
nicalities. If the council docs it * duty
it will appropriate a sum sullli'.i'jnt to
clean the city thoroughly , and the people
ple will back Iho members in that act ,
which is Homuthinir the people ate not
ready to do very often.
Till' magnificent nnd worthy dcdica
tion of the great tin plato factory at
Elwood , Ind. , on Thursday will servo
to illustrate the fact only a few
months ago democratic newspapers were
Baying that "no tin plato has boon made
nr will be made in America. "
THK incorporation and thorough or
ganization of ttio Western Art associa
tion in this city was a moat worthy act.
In the love for art and appreciation of
works of art Omaha lias an enviable rep
utation and It is a great satisfaction to
lonrn that this city is loading the west
ern cities in this matter.
THK Reading railway claims that its
business has been unprofitable , but that
does not explain why it should attempt
lo make up its losses by raising the
price of coal. The real reason is that it
virtually lias a monopoly on coal , and
by defying the law it will make up Its
losses most easily on ooal.
M. S. Qt'AY is no saint , but tlio
attempt of democratic papers to Und his
"lino Italian hand" in every polit
ical complication in Pennsylvania is as
silly as the ory "It was the James
brothers" hoard often twenty years ago
when throe robberies occured on the
same night in places hundreds of miles
Tin : proposal to incorporate tlioWost-
Qi'ii Art association of Omaha la wise.
The plan suggested for securing a fund
to continue the art school aim purchase
works of art as the nucleus of a collec
tion in this city appears feasible. Tlio
char.iotor of Iho gentlemen intrusted
with carrying tills project into olToct
gives assurance l > f Its success.
A coitroiiATioN's nerve is colossal.
Iloro is the Pullman Car company
which him fought payment of its taxes
in Iowa for suvon years and lias at last
boon compelled to pay alter irrcat cost
to the Rtato. Now it comes up and
promises to pay promptly in the futuio
if the back taxes for seven years are
remitted. Tlio poverty stricken condi
tion of tlio company is probably its
Tin ; crop bulletins Issued from the
weather bureau * of bovunil western
ututcs nro of n n encouraging character
for the greater part , though in sorr.o
localities corn is not Hulllelently ad
vanced to insure its safety from frost
Fora week past thu tempor.itiuo 1ms
been several degrees below the average
in the greater portion of the corn belt ,
but no killing frosts have been reported.
It ia now estimated that the corn crop
in this atato will fall 15 per cent below
tint of last year. As last year's crop
way very largo this falling elf is less
than has been generally expected and
tlio fu mow nro wull satisfied with the
outlook. Fair prices are now promised
und ttio now crop , with the addition of
u portion of last year's yield that U still
in the Imiidu of tlio farmora , will bring
n largo amount of money into Nebraska
this full
In Ids speech at the opening of the
republican ( "tnipaign in Omaha last
week , Governor Mclvlnloyrfaul that one
thing about the democratic party is
that when it does got Into power It la 'i
disappointment , and to honest and well *
moaning democrats a humiliating disap
pointment. The campaign of 1800 , said
* , ho governor , was a pile of woes which
were tojollow the dolngi of the fifty-
first congress , mil notably the tariff
law. The domoijr.tcy won on the p'o-
diction of these 'woes , by alarming the
people and pledging tliupirty to loir
up root and branch all this evil legis
lation. Kvoroho'Jy is familiar with
what the party has undortakjn to do by
way of carrying out this pledge.
\Vhon the house of roprosonlatlvoa of
the nrosont congress assembled the great
democratic majority in that was
bound by promises made on the stump
and in Iho p'irty platforms lo do certain
things. It had told the country that the
Mi'KinloytarllT law watt an outrairo ; that
the rates needed thorough revision and
reduction all along the line ; that the
curreiicv of the country was Insulllclont
in volume ; tnat bounties on sugar-grow
ing wore unconstitutional and should bo
Instantly repealed ; that ocean mall piy
wnb a steal : that thu nopartinonts of the
government wore honeycombed with
corruption nnd recking with fraud ; that
the Fifty-first congress had boon most
reckless and extravagant in expendi
ture , and that the duty of thu now con
gress was to move at onoo mul wild all
its power against all these abuses and
wrongs. This grail democratic major
ity claimed in season and out that the
pcop'.o had given it that mission.
What is the record ? The solo effort
of the great democratic hvijority In tlio
present house to lo.sson the burdens of
taxation they told the people they wore
unnecessarily boirlng was directed to a
change in not more than half a dozen
itouid out of the ; ( ,5'JO embraced in the
tariff law. The great body of the law _
was not attacked at all. Is it not en
tirely fair to s ; > v that either the charges
made against the McKlnloy bill wore
false or the house signally failed in its
duty to the Hoopla'/ / This majority wont
lo work with tlio assurance to the coun
try that it would cut down the expenses
of the government $100,000,000 or moro.
It proposed to show tint Its charge
against the "billion dollar" congress
w.iet well foundo I and that its denunci
ation of republican extravagance was
just. But hero again it failoJ , for it
made aupropriations exceed ing by over
810.000,000 these of the lirdt jossion of
the preceding congress , among other
thinirs passing a river and harbor bill
which carried a larger expenditure
than any other measureof the kind in
the history of the govormjtit. The rec
ord of the house uf rop"O30i tUivo3 of
the present congress , extending over a
period of more than eight months , with
an overwhelming democratic majority ,
does not show a single promise of the
democratic party redeemed or any effort
made to redeem one , with the solo ex
ception of the pledge to give the coun
try free and unlimited coinage of silver.
What is true of the present demo
cratic liou'-eof representatives is equally
true of ovorv other democratic house
since 1H7. ) . All of thorn have boon a
disappointment , and the explanation is
found in the fact that the deimcr.icy as
a parly has no settled convictions aiul
woll-Uolinod policy regarding any pub
lic question which is at this time an
issue before the people. It is divided on
the tarilT , on the currency , on the re-
monotization of silver , and it is united
on nothing but the purpose to keep one
section of the country sjlid for the de
mocracy by denrlving the colored citi
zens of their right to a free and unre
stricted ballot.
Last week Mr. Cleveland made a
brief visit to Now York city , in re
sponse to the summons of Mr. Whitney
and other party managers. On his do-
pirturo lie stated that lie hud baon suc
cessful in the object ho had in view.
Immediately after the dop irture of the
candidate Tammany hull hold a moot
ing and adopted resolutions plodding
that organi/.atiou to labor earnestly for
democratic success. On that occasion
Mr. IJourko Cockran , who mtido the
memorable spet-eh in the Chicago con
vention opposing the nomination , deliv
ered an address in support of the demo
cratic candidates. Tlio object of Mr.
Cleveland in his hurried Visit to Now
York from ills Massachusetts losort is
thus made plain. It was to reconcile
Tammany and the "anti-snappers , " and
it would scorn that this was accom
Such a reconciliation moans the sur
render of Mr. Cleveland and his friends.
It signifies that the e Hidldato.lias given
a pledge to Tammany that the patron
age , in the event of his election , shall
bo controlled so far as Now York Is con
cerned by that organizillon. The situ
ation had become Horlous and was grow
ing steadily moro so. Senator Hill had
not made a sign as to what he intended
to do. The men who Ind fought tlio
battle for Mr. Cleveland's nomination
wore disaffected because they hid not
received the attention which they
thought they deserved. There was un
certainty regarding tlio real sentiments
nnd intentions of tlio Tammany loaders.
Whitney rind Dickinson found them
selves unable to do anything because
they had no authority to uriko plo dgos
that would bo binding. Nothing short
of the personal assurances of Mr. Cleveland -
land would do , and hence lie waa
brought from Biu ird's H iv to moot in
secret consultation the men whom ho
has most lioartlly hated for years and
to make a compact with them that
wonUl Insure their support. No other
rational explanation oin bo given of the
appearance ot Mr. Cleveland in Now
York and the action of Tammany Im
mediately following. Everybody who
knows anything about that political
organization knows that it is not in tlio
habit of giving something for nothing ,
certainly never twice to the anmo bene
ficiary. Mr. Cleveland bus been favored
oncn by Tammany and failed to recog
nize his obligation. Tammuny doea not
Intend to allow this to oouur again , and
therefore , as all the signs clearly Indi
cate , it hua exacted from the candidate
such pledges with regard to the control
of the federal patronage In Now Yorit
My us will justify it in supporting h in.
In other words , M % Cleveland , in his
overall dowlng aixloly to bo elected to
presidency , has surrendered to Tain-
many and accepted the terms ot tint
o.'ganl/.r.Uoti as the price of its support ,
.lust how much this will Improve the
damncralic situation Ills dllllcult to do-
lormlno. It is to 1)3 oxpaiHo.l tint it
u-ill have a tondenuy to harui'miza the
democracy of thu K npiro at-xto , but It
also may have Iho effect to drive from
the support of Mr. Cleveland a great
many independent voters who cannot
approve auch a b.ivg'iln , in well as these
people who are not willing to SJQ the
federal ofllccs in the chief city ot the
union handed over to the control of the
most unscrupulous politic il orginlzi-
tion that over had an existence In this
country. There can bo no doubt of the
Inordinate ambition of Air. Cleveland to
bo again president of the United Stales ,
and it Is evident that ho is prepared to
go lo alnust any extremity In further
ance of his ambition. Suoli being the
case , what bo . ' 011133 of tlio claim of
sturdy honesty which his supporters
make in his behalf'No compact made
with Tammany can bo honest.
It Iris long boon apparent thai Ameri
can business mothoJs are more fruitful
of results than thoto of Great Britain
umlor siinilnr conditions. A comparison
of the life insurance business in the two
countries illustrates this. Of the total
sum of $112,000,030,000 of life Insurance In
force in the world at present the United
States has $3,500,000,01) ' ) . In ISJO Great
Britain had flvo times as much life in
surance In force as the United States ,
the business in this country having been
com ] > , natively in Us Infancy at thai
time. But in 1890 , after thirty years ot
continuous growth , this country hid
81,203,000,000 in force , while" Great
Britain haU only ? 3,503,000,00 ( ) , a portion
of which had boon underwritten by
American companies. Between 1880 and
1890 the amount ot life insur.iuco issued
in tliis country exceeded by $1,503,000-
000 thai of Great Britain , including
The explanation of this is to bo found
in ttio greater activity and energy of'tlio
insurance men of Ihis country and the
bolter ability of American citizens to
boar Iho expense of insurance. Per
haps Ihe 1 liter ciuso is the chief one.
In Great Britain the proportion of people
ple who can afford to pay for insurance
is much smaller than in ibis counlry.
In Gtoal Britain Iho very rich and Iho
very poor predominate. The former
care little for life insurance and the lat
ter cannot afford it. In America the
majorily are in moderate circumstances
and can boar the expense of life insur
ance in a modest way. It is with this
class thai the underwriters do tlio bulk
of their business. Considering that lifo
insurance had its origin in England and
was c irriod on in that country loa j be
fore it was introduced into America , it
is somewhat significant that it now
flourishes so much more extensively hero
than in tlio country of its birth. The
cause of the difference is explained'
Iho facts above stated.
Having proven to its own satisfaction
that the cholera was dirootly causnd by
Iho protective pjlicy of tha republican
p irty the Chicago Jferald nov applies
itself to the lisle of proving th il protec
tion is a twin brother to slavery. It
must bo fought , according to thai
paper , as slavery was foaght. and it
must bo utterly uprooted and destroyed.
"Protectionism , " says the lfei\tld , "has
baun tried , convicted and condemned.
Il is incorrigible. II has retreated Into
the last ditch. Like u tiger at bay ,
like slavery at b.iy , it cannot safely bo
reasoned with or exhorted. It will not ,
it cannel reform. It cannot bo modi-
nod. II cannot , il will nol resloro to
anafllicted people Iho millions tint it
has stolen or the llvos that it has
taken. "
This remarkable indictmonl ot pro-
lection , absurd as II may sesm , is pi' < 3-
sontod wilh Iho ulr.ost sjrlotuncHi.
Thoargumonl is simply overwhelming.
Wo had hoped that the Ifir-tld would
stick to the cholera charge , which wis
cert linly damaging enough , bul it hiu
abandoned that altogolhor and now
undertakes to show that protection is
the real twin to slavery , it must bo
crushed as slavery was cru shod.
Wo still believe that it was a great
mlsl'iko in our wild-eyed Chicag o con
temporary to abandon the oh oiora ar
gument. It Is too lat o now lo prove that
protection caused slavery , but it would
bo impossib'o ' to find a moro favorable
tune ( or Iho charge that -it caused Iho
cholera scourge. What the free trad
ers need Is an argument that will pre
sent Iho republican protective policy in
Iho mosl rovolllng Hghl possible , and
there is nothing worse than the cholera.
To bo entirely serious , what does tlio
intelllgonl reader lliink of Iho case
winch Iho advocates of free trade are
making out against the protection of
Atnoriutu industries1/ its whole his
tory Iho democratic party never has
been reduced to such desperate straits
Mit. D. II. WIIIIIKU : wants to got
back into tlio city council and is work
ing day and night to got an endorsement
at Iho hands of Fourth ward republicans.
Mr. Wheeler was shelved two years ago
because ho had forfeited the confidence
and support of his constituents. Ho had
made his nlaco in the council an
auxiliary to his business and allied him-
bolf with the old Tammany Twenty-
olghtors whoso membership was chiefly
made up of boodlemon and ward heelers.
While ho was posing us the "watch dog
of thu treasury" ho never scrupled to
help tax-eaters and contractors. Mr.
Wheeler la competent but not trust
worthy. Wo do not HOC why the re
publicans of the Fourth ward should
again foist Mr. Wheeler upon our oily
Tin ; democratic con volition at Fuoblo ,
Colo. , WIIH so demoralized by tlm beating
of a largo number of Weaver dologatea
that all of the Cleveland men bolted ,
leaving the people's party In control of
the Hold. The latter endorsed the pres
idential electors of the people's party
and authorized the state central com
mittee to nominate a state ticket. The
democratic mvty In , Colorado Ims boon
thrown Into grout ijoiji sloii by the ell
vision wlilcii h is b < ought nbout by
thu notion ol the fr Illvor nion who
luivo gonn over to ift'or. The Intlor
claim they have a right to control two
political parties , und jis matters now
stand they are in tbjj anomalous position
of belonging actively uj the democratic
party while repudiating Its national
platform and its pnftlH jnthil candidate.
WITH everybody agreed as to Iho no-
onsslly ot milling Iho clly In a thor
oughly clean condition the question of
securing the money necessary to do this ,
which il is estimated will nol exceed
810,000 , oughl jiol to present an Insur
mountable dlflicully. In the meantime
the authorities should firmly and Im
partially oxorclso the authority given
them to couipol all persons lo pul Ihoir
promises In u salistactory sanitary con
dition and keep thorn so , and It this bo
done il will go far lo solve Iho problem.
A few arrests and lines of property own
ers and householders who neglect their
duty in this matter would bo very likely
to have a salutary offccl.
Or ATn Iho heavy oaros and burdens
n'sling upon the president of thoUoltod
States tlio grcatesl is occasioned by Iho
serious illness of Mrs. Harrison , whoso
condition al lust accounts was pro
nounced very critical. The president
is constantly al her bedside , and though
ho looks after such matters as urgently
require his oflicial attention , ho in giv
ing his thoughl and c.ire nlmosl wholly
to his wife. The sympathy of tlio Amer
ican people will go out to the sinking
pationl , lo the troubled president and
to all the members ol his household In
this time ot unxiely and apprehension.
WHAT Inspired idlol prompted Iho
democratic parly's attempt in their
platform to revive all the miseries of
state bank money and wildcat currency
republican Ingenuity has failed to reveal -
veal and democratic shrewdness is
ashamed lo confess.
Cnlil Comfort.
New l"oc / Ailvtrtlser.
In trying to obtain comfort from the Ver
mont election returns , Iho mugwump tol-
lOwers of Clovuland sot mi oxatnplo to Uioso
who would aook to oxtraot suubunms trotn
grcon apples.
.Mighty llurilmi.
u 1'ost.
Perhaps the wlclced nowspjpor corresdon-
dents will cense prating about Washington's
lack of hospitality wliun wo Inform tbomthat
next weak wo will entertain in the neighbor
hood of 400 brass bands.
The sDoctncla of n'subcommittee ' of the
democratic national committee attacking the
report of u democratic la'bor commissioner
upon the ground of dishonesty Is ono of the
singular features of the Cleveland campaign.
An linprovmnimt Iinpiistllilo.
i ( ii.
ft will natunillv bo askcl by every voter
of In tclli gonco , \\'hv" cBrfiigo tbo national
policies and the administration under which
the qi-on.l malarial Interests of tlio country
have flourished nnd are still flourishing )
Why not lot well oaontjh ulonoi
Where thn Siirplim Went.
Globe Dcmncrnt.
When the democratic orators ask what has
bccon.o of the surplus * lhai existed nt the
time of Cleveland's roUtomant from the
praslacncy , the answer Is 'to bo found In the
fact that the present administration has paid
off SiJ'J.OOO.OOO ' of the.public.dabt.
Tlio Il > rim In Commerce.
Aci I'nrlc Jt'Cnnlcr.
Ttio advnnco from CD to 10'J par cent in the
sclllntr price of ( lislnfcc-tants in this city in
dicates an nvnrlco on the pa-t of the dealers
that almost surpasses undorstnndliiK. Under
the circumstances such n proceeding In trade-
Is as reprehensible us ttio cornering of food in
a famine. It is In ono sense a speculation in
death. The persons instrumental In forcing
this extortionate ndvnnuo In thoprlco of dis
infectants sbould call a null.
Wnslilnston Star : "Ooluinbns discovered
America , didn't ho ? " "Yo-es. Hut ho didn't
know It when ho saw It. "
Chicago News : Messrs. Corbott , Sullivan ,
nixon and MuAiilIM'o lire all solus to appear
In now plnyH upon thostaeo. The Ainurlrnn
dr.itna apparently can dtnnd almost anything.
Sornorvlllo Journal : Ono seed euro for con
ceit is to iisk your omploynr forsiralsoof
salary , and try to convince ) him that your
merit makes you deserving of It.
GhlcnxoTr.bniio : It Is n ploixsnro to note
that there was no Idtoshupcd triek or pnuu-
inatlu-tlro omholllilunont In connection with
Oorbott's victory.
Now Oiloaim I'leayiinn : The ornis-oypil man
h is the best of It at a doilblu-rliu circus per
formance. '
Itoston Transcript : "A very unhealthy oc
cupation , " romirkod llrown , as ho looked
upon the nrlcKmnUors wilding through the
wet clay , "Voa , " siild lllaelc , "It Is i > Hnlnn
worU. "
Now York tler.tld : Hobby Tlioro nio no
Jllrscm von. anyway , Atr. Kullnr.
Kallor tin von moiin. Hobby ?
Hobhv The ndliusslvo iinpur yon uro sltllnt ;
on hadn't been In the chair lonp onon li to
catch any.
Washington Star : "Ah. " fiho mnriiiuroil , as
her father hnstlod two wonld-bo visitors from
the frontdoor. "I think 1 Iho rustling of
the loaves , "
Lebanon Hoport : It Is a humlllntlno : confos-
slon to iniikii to the editorial fraternity , lint
truth compels us to say that wo hnvo nomiio
( on cholera.
Ynnkers Salesman : If thu orator Is referred
to us it weird imlntor , why not refer to the luo-
tnrorlna duuf-und-dunib Institute asaHl n
painter ?
i-omervlllo Journal : When n man Kels tbo
Idem Into his head that ho IH a pond conversa
tionalist , houvun help his friends !
Illiuliainton Leader : A man who had an
untcnnnicd house at thu end of the Htreet
WIIH accustomed to rotor to It us last lint not
IMIlsbnry Times ; Oolonnl Lti'or line been
arri'slod In Ilnenos Ayres on u cha r.-e of com
plicity in a plot to start u revolution , lie Is
foa mfnt .
; _ < _ ! I
Dallas Nous ; The lilinb.ind who anticipates
every want usually riluS'Olt to town before
his wife aslia him fur It.f'
Aititntannitttut ( < m.
[ lo In pool ' ' ' '
comes un' inllln' , an' ruatlln'
through thu trees , , , , , i
That summer's buen . bp-ullln' ho shakes na
out u bretvo :
The HUH , thouzli brightlyboamm' , a mollnwod
lory yields. 10. , ,
An'tlio luiipur's sons is droumln' In nil the
k'dldun Holds ! > ' ' ' '
An' all that's left of August , laid out In
muslin nice , .
Is ono.well-done tharnVometer nnd bovcrul
tuns of Ice. bo t < 11
Information from Ljon Lnko RccoivoJ wi'h '
Fiofound Sorrow.
Minty Inquiries at tlio U'hltn Iliiutn lur the
I.Hteit Nn n iroin tlm I'rrslilcni'it
IK Wllo tt'nulmiRtou
Niiun Nolen ,
WASIIIXOTOV HtmiiAU OF I'm ; Tim : , )
nil ) I'YlUllTKKNIlt STItr.r.T , }
WASHINGTON , D. C. , So.t. | 14. )
The bulletin from Loon Like this afternoon
minounclnp thu result of the physicians' ccm-
situation over Mrs. Harrison's condition
wus received nero with profound sorrow.
\Vhllo the latest dlngnosU would , to a lar o
degree nt least , dispose of the theory that
Mrs. Haril.soti may bo suffering with cancer
nf tbo stomach , her most Intimate friends
fear that sotno other disease of equal quality
bns fastened Itself upon nor.
There wore mmy inquiries at the white
bouse during thu nitornoon for further news
of her condition , and ninny nra thu prayers
offcr'jd for her recovery , for Mrs. linrrlson
is beloved by ovor.ybodv hero who knows
her. Tncro'U the most profound und uni
versal sympathy for the president , who nas
upon several occasions Hliico ho entered thu
white house extended bis protecting arm and
condolence to friends who Rtood In the
shadow of tbo terrible iiflllction wnlcli now
threatens his household ,
Mrs. Uussoll Harrison , who Is nt tbo ox-
ccutlvo mansion , Is looking splendid nftnr
her summer by tbo sea. Lltuo Marthonn
has rosalned her strength nnd is now us'on
Ka lne a specimen of sturay llttlo girlhood
as can bo found. Mrs. Harrison says sue
lott Capo May because It was so quiet tboro ,
but finds It almost as lonely in Iho white
houso. Dr. Scott remained in Philadelphia
to visit with friends. IIo is In oxc llont
health , the best for years , the seaside having
almost rejuvenated him , IIo may not return
hero for sotno daya yot.
W. T.'ARorwIll bo rcappomtod postmaster
ot Heaver City , Pumas county , upon recom
mendation of Senator Pnddock. This oftlca
was raited to the piosldonllal rank July 1
last. Tbo appointment of W. Il , Ferris to bo
uostmnbter ot Harbino , Jefferson connty.was
upon Senator Paddock's recommendation.
Horace Sctiddor , the ncnnto messenger
from Beatrice , loft for his homo yostordav.
Senator Paddock's force has been sending
out a vast amount of cammtlpn literature to
Nebraska the last two weeks.
William O'Lioary , postmaster nt Palisade ,
S. D. , bns resigned.
S. Hnrvoy was today appointed postmaster
nt O'Loary , Plymouth county , In. ; Mrs. I.
Johnson at Lava , Bins/ham county , Illnho ;
J. B , Anson at Unrntfoik. Sw'ootwator
county , \Vyo. , and H. S. Philpot at Ibapah ,
Toolo county , Utah. P. S. H.
\V\siiixaTON , D. ( J. , Sept. H. [ Special
Telegram to TUB Bcu.JThe following list
of pensions granted is roportoJ by TUB BEU
mid Examiner bureau of Claims :
Nebraska : Additional Steward Burrlpht ,
William L. Pruott , Ellas W. Wells. Stephen
Mlllgato. Ueissuo August Hichter. Oriel-
ual widows otc. Klttio E. Sears , Uilberl P.
Prindlo , father.
Iowa : Additional William C. Johnson ,
Charles Acklcs , Malacbi Qnlnlon , Franx
Nowak. PatrickCrlniean , William W Whitc-
nuclc , Houry U. Cusick. Increase--William
Benson. Solden U. Whitchor. Martin \Visc ,
William H Ucillv , William T. Ogle. He-
issue Samuel Nichols. Oiiglnal widows ,
etc. Mary E. ICnntt , Louisa E. Hude lll ,
mother ; Susan Sharp , Elllon Swangor , Su-
snn C. Uiohardson , John W. Sapp , father ;
Clarinda Yount.
South Dakota : Increase John J. Hough ,
Samuel Stonor. Original widow Whlto
Hone , woman.
\Vliy tlio.jStiita Jtminty Hlinutil ile llostor-
oil PnctH to Dr.iw Conclusions Prom.
MiMAiin , Neo. , Sept. 5. To the Editor of
THE BBC : Will the next legislature restore
the bounty on sugar raar.ufocttned In this
state ? is a question Hint -should interest.uv-
cry citizen of Nebraska. IIo can take the
fuels and figures , do his own ilgnrlugand
draw his own conclusions , "for tbo way is so
plain that a wayfaring man , though a demo
crat , may not err therein. "
The beet sugar factory tbat Ibo Oxnnrd
company built at Grand Island was originally
planned to bo built in California , but before
tbo plans were executed the ofllcers of tbo
company wore approached by men from this
stuto who urged thorn to locate bore , und as
an inducement they Informed thorn that the
state bounty would positively bo retained ,
Tno Oxnnrd people being favorably Itn-
pressed with the state and the inducement
of tbo bounty concluded to canvass the situ
ation. They wora mot on every hand with
with tbo assurance that tbo bounty would be
retained , loading citizens all over tbo stale
assuiing them that such was the sentiment
of thn people , oven the state ofllclals
pledging .themselves that the bounty
would not bo repealed , and so thn
company finally concluded to chiingo tb
location from Califoinia to Nebraska ,
where sugar was I'j' ' cents to IJf cents lower
than It was In Culltornin , nnd what was tbo
rosnlU After they bad laid down over
$1.000,000 in Nournslia the next legislature
ignored the people's plcdtros nnd ropudlatod
their contract under thu pretense of pro
tecting the people from a monopoly , while
the fact is that the Oxnard company is dis
tinctively an anti-monopoly company , being
the only company In tbo United Stutos thut
does not oolong to tbo sugar trust.
I am advised by Mr. J. U. Hamilton ,
secretary ot tlio Oxnnrd company , tbat his
company proposed building ton factories < n
this stale , if Iho bounty bad not boon re
pealed , but that they positively can
not and will not , build another
factory unless the bounty Is rostorod. The
restoration of the bounty then moans
ton sugar factories for this state , It moans
tbo investment of 11 cool $5,000,000 to build
them ; It moans the cultivation of 50,000
nerds of beets ; It means an influx In popu
lation Into this state of at least ! > 5oi)0 , ) people
to do the work ; U means that a farm that
now onlv supports ono family will support
ton lumiliiis ; it menus that the farmer , in
stead of raising corn that will only rot urn
him tDglll per aero , can rniso beets that
will uturn him WO to $80 per ncro , nnd in
stead of paying the freight on bis corn to
roach the eastern markets and then paying
freight baeit again on his sugar , ho can pro
duce bis sugar richt hero at homo , nnd If
there Is any freight lo bo paid "lot the oilier
fellow pny the freight. " It also moans mi
Increase in farm valuoi of from 5J to 'JUJ pa
cent wherever u factory Is located : It means
employment for thousands of dependent
women and children who cannot earn
as much at anything oUo ; In short ,
It mounti spending $1 to inako 810 ; It
means Nebraska to the front I In flvo years
from now sugar can bo manufactured In ibis
state without u bounty , because the ma
chinery that Is now comparatively crude will
bo perfected , tha farmers will bo experi
enced , their laud will bo In bettor : hapo , they
will raise u better bcot with less expense-
the manufacturers will Improve their facill
ties , their machinery will bo made In this
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
country , they will build cold storngo vaults
that will enable them to run six months In
out ) season , Instead ot tbreo months. Dot al
present , wbilo the Industry Is largolv oxpurl
mental , It costs tbo wholesale price of sugar
to produce It In this sfilo , so that the bounty
is all that tlio manufacturer has to depend on
for nrollls.
Hut , and lot It bocarofully noted , in flvo
years from now sucar can be produced In
other states without n bounty. nlo. There
nru other states that know n coed thlim when
they see It , nnd alroinly I boy nro moving In
this direction , nnd It Is pretty safe to predict
that there will bo n bounty offered in several
states nt the next session of their rusppctivo
legislatures , and If Nobnulla falls to restore
the bounty she will bw rolegatcd to thti roar
In this growlm ; and Important industry. If
wo ileslro to bold the fort ami take Ibo lead ,
If wo whh to bo the center of at-
triiotion In this great Industry for
capital and Immigration , there Is but
ono course to tiurnuo lot the
coining legislature offer n bounty of 1 cent
per pound for nil stigur manufactured from
baots grown In this stntu , said bounty to bo
divided equally between thu manufacturers
nmltho farmers that grow tbo beets , such
bounty to bo glvon to the inmo factory for n
imitcd mimbut of years onlv , but new fac-
ones to bj entitled to the bounty for the
same period of tlnm. in this wnv providing n
constant , attraction tnrapiUl and nt thusitmu
time give ouch fno'ory a limited nonus.
For oxninplo suppose thorn Is 5,000,000
pounds of sugar manufactured in Iho stnlo ,
the bounty would bn $ ,1),000 ) ; the manufac-
tureis would ot fW.ODO nnd tbo far morn
S-J5UOO. Suppose thnt&Vl farmers hnvo fur
nished an equal amount of beats , ttioy would
cn'ch rccoivo ? ll)0 ) for their sbntti of the
Why should wo "send f 150,000,000 abronJ
annually for an nrliclo wo can produce ut
homo ! Whv should wo thus discriminate
agnlnstthb farmer nnd laboring man of this
country In * Invor of the fort-lgnor ? Why
stiould Nebraska "go llshlng" whllo her
iiL'Ighrors "nmko bavl" Lot the suirar
bounty ho ros'orod ' , Justice demands II ,
prosperity requires It , Immigration will
court it , Tbo best interests of tbn laboring
man , the farmer , the merchant and the state
In general are nt stnko. It will bo the mag
net that will attract the nuggets of guld and
ho polished stool of labor to its center. It
will stimulate trade , oucourneo labor , ad
vance values , redeem pledges , multiply our
resources , Increase our wealth and "jcnellt
all. Yours truly , J. F. VYinimtuirr.
M1OUIM ItKAl'rtlJ } HKUOItn Of > tifi.
ICnportH 1'roin Smith unit \Vtttt 1'ropliiMy
Itcpuhllritii Victory All Alont tlm IInc.
WASHINGTON' . D. C. , Sopl. II. [ to
Tun Buu. I "If wo can got the veto out wo
will beat tbo record of 18SS. " This is tbo
expression of observant republicans arriving
In Washington every day from alt suctions
of the couniry. "If wo can only got out out
voters" is the ono and solitary a'lipllllcalion
of the positive statement upon ovorv bund
tbat there Is to bo u .sweeping republican
video this voar. It thin , according to
bo nest ronurU , rests upon tlio leaders them
selves to determine whether the victory
shall bo nn ordlnarv ono , or overwhelming ,
or a victory which will in ultimate effect bo
u defeat.
From nine-tenths of tbo .status comes the
report that the tariff U the piovnillng issue ,
und that while tnu desertions from the re
publican ranks on account of the protective
principles of the rupu oilcans are exceedingly
few and ul.nost witnout the knowledge of
any ono in manv communities , these who are
Hocking Irani ihu democratic column lo resist
the free trade platform adopted at Chicago
are numerous und personally influential.
The reports from Nobrasita , Soutn D.ikolu ,
Kansas und ono or two other northwestern
and western states which promised fusion
upon the part of the democrats and Inde
pendents and destruction to the republican
cause , are baini ; followed by others which
uro for the republicans most encouraging.
In most- Instances fusion has failed.
In four ciscs out of llvo the
result has boon the nomination of
separate und distinct ticlcots. The repub
licans have been wonderfully successful In
bhowmc the farmers that fusion was onlv
Intended by thu domnciats to use tlieir co
oper.itors , the farmers , to pull tbo chestnuts
out of the llro ; that the furmeri were to
veto ofticos for democrats und tint re.itlv
none of the agricultural interests were lo bo
Tbo natural gas towns and cities of Ohio
and Indiana huvo sout to the friends of the
administration hero the most encouraging
ruports of the effects of tbo new tariff law.
The population of those places has Increased
from democratic states or democrat ic si long-
holds of republican states , and the men who
have como in to work li ivo been toadlly con
vened to ttio principles of protection. They
hnvo had tnoir wages raised by the op oration
of the new tariff law , uro prosnerous ,
nnd will support Iho party and piinciples
which give them thrift and happiness. Your
correspondent within the past month visited
u number of tactories nt Muncie , Ind. , and
other great natural gas manufacturing cen
ters , und talked to unskilled laborers who
have for months boon regularly receiving
from $4 to $10 n dav not for the simple labor
of their bands , wbilo skilled laborers iron-
puciolors , glossblowers , etc. , said they made
rocularly troin $14 to $18 u dav. Many of
them were met and talked with who regu
larly got over $300 soml-inonthly for their
labor From this tboy pay helpers' salaries
ranglnir fro-n $75 to | 20i ) , leaving the head
workmen thamsolvcs from f 133 to $300 each
for txvo weoits1 work , not. Those men wora
not rare , but frequent. Tbo lab orlngmon
were never so prosperous. A leading
nanuor at Anderson , Ind. , sold Hint bo had not
loaned adolljrtoa farmer for six months
wbilo half of his bank's deposits which now
exceed thobo of any time In the past by a
lanro amount were from farmers.
In North Carolina nnd Tennessee some
surprises nro expected , i'ho "solid" south
is already broken , not alone by the alliance ,
but by republicans. Tno bourbons in suc
tions of the south bnvo run affairs with suoh
n high hand tbat taxation nnd society bocnm *
almost unbearable , nnd the bouo and sinon
of the old party hnvo taken up the cudgel
and are lighting for any relief whatever.
There the is on outgrowth of tha
bolter elements who do not want oflloo , but
n betterment ot Individual conditions nnd
tha health of their state * and the country.
In the west and northwest , 'vncro fusion
Is thn nlm of the democrats , and the alliance
is oraanlzcd ana supported la political way
bv democrats , the political wine of the nlll-
nneo Is no bettor than the bourbon party ol
the south. Uoports Indicate that there will
bo a great gain of congressman for the ro-
pub'lcans In the south , whllo the allUnea
there , supported by the property men of the
old party , will send a lot of farmers to con *
gross ,
Men arriving from New York nud Penn
sylvania declare that the republicans will
gain largely In these states whoa It comes to
congressional candidates. The Issues are
with the republicans. Voters bavo been
given nn opportunity for nearly two years
now to study this campaign hi a ditpasslon-
ntoway. Their prejudices have boon out
asldo. Business Interests nnd business pol
icies of the pirtlos und the irov-
oni men t are concerned. Men hnvo been con
fronted for the first time In many years
ulth a business Issue , or n scries of bunlnoss
Issues , rid of all sectional or war fonturoi. It
is free trade ngulnst American protection ,
and according to reports which are being
brought hnro every day the American spirit ,
as it has been shown ninny tlir.os by Presi
dent Harrison , Is coming to the front , nnil If
the result In November does not give the re
publicans the largest victory thov have had
since tha war It will be tbo fault of the man
agers , locally as well as nationally , In the
opinion of Washington ,
I'our CVIrfttlnl * CoiiRlitVltniirftttnmivctuil
With n Hull ) ( litn .
ST. Lotus , Mo. , Sept. II. United States
Deputy Marshals Atkinson and Knoll lute
last night made , whnt they believe , are four
very important arrests In the persons ol
Fonir Hey , Uon Vac , Al Hun and Lee Young ,
Celestial Inumlrvmunnl Eighth and O'Fallou
streets. They uro charged with being the
St. Louis atronts of ono of the boldest gangs
of smugglers of opium in the country. A
small quantity of opium was seized. The
ofllcers rofusofurtlur Information until clews
obtained lost nlu'bt are traced up. They
thereby hope to catch larger triune.
Are the llriiellU Worth thn I'rleo ?
f/iteiuo / Tilltune.
Whllo every ono will rejoice that the Peary
party has ivlurni'd sifely , thu old question
will como up again cul bonof What U th
u e of these nrctie expeditious ! Do they nay
for the nnxlotv , time , money , arid loss of llf
tbov entail ! Is It not llmo to Mop them for
coed , or nt least until tr.ov can bo made In
balloons In the future' The game as It Is at
present puisuod on the snow and Ice Is not
worth the candle. Until some now method
of conducting them is found polar explora
tions liad bolter bo abandoned. Tlio danger
which nltcnus them is too great nnd the re.
suits too unimportant to warrant n continu
ance of the riskv i > uslnoss. The Ponry ex
pedition should be the last until some abso
lutely safe method Is found , nnd oven then it
Is doubtful whether the Information ncqulrod
would bo of any real practical value to tha
lloslou llei ft Itir Qiiurtnr.
llmtnn Glalie.
It must bo no'od with pain that certain
sections ot tbo nubile press are manifesting
n craven disposition to get In an ugly foul
on Boston wbilo she is down. This proceed-
tnu U a dellanco of the boasted American
spirit of fair plav. It Is directly contrary lo
tbo tlrst great law of chivalry.
AS 31 \ VXCI.K Vii > Tit ft.IV.
I'vo thought ii power on men anil thlngx ,
As my uncles nstto siy.
And uf folks don't wont us they pr.iy , I JlnRal
Wy they ain't no tiso in pray !
I'f von wnnt sninupln' . and Jest duad-sdt
A-iiloadln * for It with both eyes wuU
And t iiwon't hrliu II , 'y. you try ,
As my nnelu list to say.
Tliey's miinn don't Know their A , II , C's ,
As inv uiu'lo list to s iy ,
And ylt don'l waste no candle grocse ,
Isor whistle tholr lives away :
Itutef thov'turlui no book , nor rhyino
No i Ingln' tong fui to last nil time ,
Thov can ! > l.m > tlio way for bo march sublL'MO ,
As HIV ( inclc nsl tosav.
Wboover's roroiiuin of all things hero.
As my uncle list to sav.
He. i. unns o ich Job "at wu'ro best lit fer.
And our rmiim-un ! il lit and ( I iy :
And a-sl/lu' Ills \\url. , e.isl and west.
And north and south , and must and best.
I ain't cot inithin' to suggest ,
As my undo nsl to s.iy.
Vnnllln Of perfect purlty-
Lemon Of great strength-
Oranfjo Economy In their uso.
Flavor as delicately
and deliclously as the fresh fruit.
& GO.
I.irgost Manufacturers and Dealorj
of Clothing In tlio Wo.-ld.
Sports Return
" 1'lcase send me one of your $1.65 hats. I've go
got a stave-ing good suit , " was
one of many orders we received
yesterday from dead game sports
who backed old man Sullivan.
Our double-breasted suits in
checks and stripes that can talk
] and modest check5 anl stripes ,
and plain black goods are so far
ahead of anything heretofore
brought out that we name the
price and away they go. The
fine business sack suit or the
elegant cutaway will please the
most fastidious taste , not only as to style , but also as to
fit , quality and price. A fall overcoat is about the W \
nicest thing to own just now. Our variety is endless.
Our store cloies at OiM p. m. . oxoopt Sutur1C . W . ( 'fir 15ttl & lflll''l,1 ) ' ' < ! S t
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