Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 15, 1892, Page 2, Image 2

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    ivv I T v 'I'M i iiutiA v. T ; ivjno 'imri/r A i ? i > Amo
In pjrillal sympathy with the uurposo of
nicUin < * . A. 11 CllANiit.Ht.
I IIPII lln Opniu < l Mm ( Mri ult.
In formally declaims wnr , Toitinastcr
KtKcm Aald.
"I bellovo Hint ovcr.vono should linvo A
nrldo In iho business In xvtilcli ho Is engaged
or the pjsitlon bo may Du cillod upon to oc
cupy , mill to bu nlwnjs nnvlousto clvo tolhu
punlio the very best nitkl'J In the line topre-
sented b > him I fool satisfied that no ono
jn iho tonstirnstor business Is nblo to pro-
duiosuth a tnngnlflLcnlarrav of tilont as It
Is tny pleasure to piosont to you this evenIng -
Ing [ Applause. 1 With n list bonded by the
Ifovcrnor of the proalcst slnto in the
union , mid seiondwl by the nru or of the
onlv Omahn In tno world lappliuisoj and
ended by ono of tlio silvery tongued orators
of my nnilvo state , 1 feel Hint I tmvo nothing
to bo nshnmcd of nnd thnt 1 can tlofy com-
iiuitllon , 1 wonder whether there Is ono here
Hint tins not board of the pony express. ni.U
1 woitdur who lliuro li thut doe- , not fool his
blood stir lit the icoord of Hint
mngnllltont enterprise ? The gentleman
ho Is to toll us of Hint tonight saw It In its
inception , Its opor.xtlon mid saxv it drift Into
the ptist nnd bocotno n memory. Wo mo
proud lo have him with us tonight. Ho is
ono of tno pioneers of tins stnto , helping to
build It nnd to build this city. IIo has the
distinction of being the llrst domocnulo gov
ernor of the stnlo of Nebraska. fApplnuso.J
If nil ( lemocintic governors ware like him the
republicans would not tmvo any other nt nnv
price. 1 hnvo the honor , ladles nnd gentlemen -
men , of Intioduclng to iou Hon. .fnmc U.
Uovd , governoi of the stnto of Nooraskn.
[ Applause. ]
( loTiirnor Hojd on tllo Pony KTprriM ,
Nebraska's chief executive- was warmly
rurolved , nnd as soon u > ho could make him
self heard ho said :
"In rising to icspond to this sentiment , and
before looking up the subject of the pony ex
press , I feel it Incumbent upon mo to open
my remarks by an acknowledgment of
my prolound gratification nt tbo nonor done
tnb ny assigning such n mast to tno.
It Is ulthln the memory of myself
nnd of the veteran lolcgrnphors prosani ,
since olortrlelty has tniton rank and ac
knowledgment nsn force In iho affairs of man.
It Isscarcolv half n century since Moiso llrst
utilised thnt mysterious poxxoi , known to tho-
woild at elnctricltv. Prom 18)7 ) date ? an era
which , In nftor centuries , will be known us
the beginning of the LMoclrlcnl ago ; for It Is
n new era , tnls era of electricity.
It. hnppcn-t that almost ro-lncldont with the
utilising of Moiso'.s clft to the woild of the
toleginpl , , ihnuUcovory of gold In California
brought to heir unon American dvill/ntlon
nnotncr force , which , In its Immodluto effect ,
bore almost as wonilciful fruit as the ulec-
tucal diseoxcix' . The llndinu of gold In
Cillfoinin uoturi build immensely to tbo im
port unco of the American nation , It revealed -
voalod in the resources of this IOPU bib1 thnt
ino-a Important thing which had hitherto
bcLii lathing an nbuii'iiinco of the picctous
metal. The rush of fortune sockets nnd set
tlers to our xvostein slope In the uecado im-
mraialely following Ihodlscovciy alSJllet's
mill prodULOU n settling tip of the Pnciiio
slope by thousands of people , who
\veioshutoff from communication with Iho
rt'slof the nation bv n vast oxp.insc of desert ,
plain nnd almost impinsablo mountains , so
thill mail or frpigh ! , triifllc fiom the eastern
world was liugely ( onductcd by vessel
lotind tbolloin" Tno long peilod of vox-
ntlous Utlaxs which intervened in such com-
inunlc'Hloiis was the cause of the inception
of the "ponv express. " The growth of the
teligtnph had had Its effect upon the spirit of
tbo ago. Uipld communication was lending
to innn tbo fovuiish impulse of speed and
haste , and the moans nf cutnmunicalion whlcti
would brine the Culli'oiniu sottlots days nnd
weeks ncaror to eastern civilization than ex
isting means , bocunon necessity.
In Ib-VI the tirm of Uussell , M ijors & Waddell -
dell hud iho gnx eminent contintt for carrying
iroifbt fiom St Joseph to the dillcrent west
ern military posts , and ut that time Mr Kus-
soil concoixod thu idea of the "nonx express"
for carrying letters ftotn Atclnson , Kas. , to
Sncritinunto , Cnl. , eight dnvs making uoout
" 10 miles pordny. Tleot IiiUInn ponies in re-
lairs twenty-five mllrs nnirt. xvoio stationed
nlongthollne.hoiscs nad ridois fully equipped
mid roadv to dopirt immediately upon the
arrival of the "pony express" fiom thfc east.
The lir < t of thcso xx ns started from St.
Joseph , Mo , St. Joseph , like Omaha , thun
being 11 n outpost of civilization. It was the
"pony cxptoss" which carried lo the inhabi
tants of Utah nnd California the noxvs of
Abraham Lincoln's election In ISliU Hut tbo
' pony express , " as a feature of our xvcdtoin
| lfixvns not n lasting ouo. Indeed , it xvns
but the ptccur-vor of tlio speedy advent of
the tologiaph ; for , on October i ! " ) , 1MI ! , IjU-
xvard Ciolgnton , one of our Omaha iilonccrs.
long since nt rest , completed the telegraph
line which cave direct communication be-
txvrcn Sin Tiancisco and tbo east.
I'nrcruiuiur < > \VouUurri. l .
The obstacles of conunur.lention ovotcatno
by tlie "ponv cxpicss" nnu in 111010 niuiucd
riegrc'cs by the lolcpiuph the oicht daxsof
the onu giving xvay to the eight seconds of
the other hnvo in liki * mciisuio been dis-
( ipatcd In other nITalis ; tnc months of
\vciiry nnd dangerous tiavel across the sandy
Ilaiiib. ) lava huis and mountain fastncssos
behind Moxv-footca oxen , nave given xvay to
ns iiuiny ila\s In luxuuoubly nppolnlcil I'ull-
oiuii cars.
As I nuvo Hlioun , the "pony oxpross" bore
its pirt in the establishment of inpid roin-
oiunlcnttori ; and xxo xxho navrincen the xx'on
ders xxhlch clccliicitv has accomplished in
Iho quarter of a cnntury slnco Its abandon
ment , nnd joncoivn tlio possibilities vet to bo
achieved by electilcity , realize that the
"pony cxpioss" is losing Its impoitanco
with tltno and lapsing into inslgniliccnoo in
comparison xvith the results of xvhich it WIIH
the forornnnor. Kapld connnunic ition nf
tnnught uy icleirrnpli xvas but tlio initial
point of elect ! icil dlscoxery ; xvc hnxo smco
levelled In the xxondernof transmission of
sound by the telephone ; in thu miuvelbof
the phonograph ; in Iho application of the
invslPrions force as n propnlilng poxxer ; in
its nvcnptnnco ns the foiLoxvhich
meets the pioblcm of ittpUl ti.msli.
All thli is iu rO'.poiiio to the rushing
nplrltof the ngo. The IIII.IILMICO ol clceliiu-
Ity upon the American disposition hni been
to'kctplt up to tbohlghoiit toiiHlon of speed ;
Its demands nio for sxvlltnoss nnd piompt-
ness in all the affairs of I Ho , onil olcctiicMly is
the ngeno.x xytileh meets the denrind.
The ndnpintlnn of electricity to poxver nl-
rondv has nn llnrotus not gcneuilly Unoxvn.
Iloro in Oiniinu Inllv 100 Industries , sonio of
thorn it : ti small xvay , It la tine , are iisinu'
electili'ltv us n niopelllng potvor In manu
/actnro. using It in quantities of fiom one-
Juurlh horao.nowor to txvonty horse poxver ,
somb men using it us an economical auusti-
tula for bent. 'Iho nosMbllitloi of the d -
volopmcnt of elcetiklty nro Indcod xvonuor-
1ul ; its generation cheaply alone remains to
bo M'lvci ) , nml 1 am Informed of a project
now nn foot xxheiehy the xxntors of the
J'lntlcniny bo utilized at n psint forty miles
Irom Omaha lo hilng the xvatarpoxxor into
this oily unaorn working head of 1U ! foot ,
wlilcli xxnulu bo capable of supplxlng tno
eloi trlt-al poixor bo onil the needs of our
city , nnd its development to n do ica of pros
perity sc ircoly hoped for loduv.
But thi ( . is n digression from the subject
nsslgni'ii me , the "Pony CxpicsV aim as
the Inklltutlon Itself has long slnco fallen
intp " ( nocuous desuetude , " It rcnminu for
mo but to sponk In pratio of it lor the sitr-
vice it icnuomi in tuo nays 01 its
und IQ ihunlc the bonollcU-ncu- Anioiluan
Kunius for its uitlmublo successors steam
nnd t'toiHilclty.
.Mll.xol HoinU Climril Ilin Knj.
In introdueliiK iho second sponlcor , nflcr
ino assemblage liiul utteatcd its npprculation
of tbo ( 'overnor's roninrka , the toaattmistor
"Almost uvery one in thU tountry Is n
pioneer at something or other , Sorju men
uic jilonccrs In ono tiling and sonio are
ploui'ou in another. The gentleman xvhom 1
nm nl'iK ' lo uilroduco to H'pb to "O.iiahn ,
Ilia U < > lay btatlon" xvas a pioneer xxlth
ino , but ho xvas a littln morn of
n pioneer than I vxn < , liecmieu
ho cuuui bora three or four years bn/oio I old.
fLauk'b'er , ] A tousunaster soiuotlincs has
to cbuiiL-o uls politics on very short notice.
AVhon I was talking nbout doinoeiucy nxvhllo
nco I uomocrailo Kcm'rnoiM. When
> ou coinu to max or , I buliovo u roiiublioan
Iniavor Is nbout xvhat you ttbould huxo ,
'ILouKhtor nnu applause. ]
1 have to intioiliii'ii to vou , Jndlcs und uuu-
tloiuon , lion. ( Jour n 1' . liuinlM , mayor of
Hio clly of Ouinhu. lAitplnuso.I
Itofoiu proeooillnir with Ins lollcitnua 10-
ponn1. tbo inajor adjusted \\n \ \ o.xo Kltumis
and us nod a llttlo Inilulirnnro , booau eou'lnn
to his lln.U'-il knotvioduu of cloctucliy , ho had
put vvhut ho had tn say In inr.nuncrlpt. lie
suld , Iu BUbstu'ico :
Mr ToHsttnnsicr , l.aulos am' Oontlonieni
My toast eomi to l > > , 'Umaha u n Ueluy
Station.1 What Is oxpouti'd of mo U not
nnlv tj extend to our visitorj u inoH buiirtj
i tut coidlal xvolcoini * , but to prove Hint
Omaha Is n 'lolny1 station , but I xvil !
with tbo UtiowlaJtfo tbnt if I trnn Kros * the
limit of vour pitionco you xvlll merely 'opou1
the key nnd shut tin1 rIT.
btxtv venrj 1x20 such n thine nt n tolc-
Kfiipn line XVIM iinknoxvn noxv there nro
nearly 1,000,1)00 miles ot telegraph xviros In
the tnltod Stntoi.
My IIrut Idea of a "relay" xvai In a stneo
rldo from San rVunclseo toOrcson six days
nnd sK iilBhts hnvInK to rolav every ton
mlles to ctiniu'o horses nnd relay llirco
tltnei n day for meals.
There nra any number of facts In connec
tion xvith Omaha which will undoubtedly
convince you tlinftlih city Is well named "n
relay station. " Our water xvorKi , for in
stance , rocclvn the Rprnllnp elixir from the
mountain1) of Montana , Idaho nnd otbor
xvostern usatos ; it Is " 3xvltched"lnto lottllnp
uaslns at Klorenco nntt "rolnvod" to every
fntnllv In Omaha nud .South Omuhn by thu
largest Corliss witter xvorUs cnulno In the
xvnrla nt tlio into ot S',000,001) ) Ballon * every
day. Onrsmolilni ; ami rollnlnir norm , the
largest In the xvot Id , receive orei from M"\-
ice and Iho xvaitern slates nml relay the re-
llnoil trcnsuro to every tuition. Corn nnd
oltnrcireals nio recolvou at Onmli.i from
Nebraska nnd niljolnliiB siatoj nnd"rolaj 'd"
nil over iho world.
Thirteen railroads , roprosontuiR ! i3,2)3 )
miles of track bring 1U3 twisenRor trains
Into O mull 11 every day , xvhich nro "rolnvod"
loaded to the inuzzlo to every quarter of the
O inib a Is onlv n llttlo ever n quarter of 11
century old , but during that time xvo hnvo
been lelaylu ) : ncios into nddtllons , lots ,
parks , etc. , nnrt xvo nro busy nil the time re-
layinBlbo xvoodon-paved part of oursixty-llvo
tnllos of paved streets xvith brick , stouo or
nap tin It. The street railway comnany Is
noxv lolaplng Its table , und the telephone
oompanv Is rolnvlnjr lls xviros undorcround.
Manufactured article } of every description
nio madoorrorelvod at Omaha and "relayed1
to uvory part of tbo universe , nnd 1 xvill not
tire you by a further enumeration of Omahn's
clnitni in that dtrcetlon.
In South Omahn , our robust suburb , they
electrocute 1GU ho s and nbout the snmo num.
nor of cattln every rnhullo und Ihoro is n pos-
siblllty of Ihe snmo number per Bccont' .
Stnrt a bo/ Into a South Omaha packing
house anu In n foxv mlnulos ho is "relayed"
11 sausages on every lablo In the world.
Oiniilm'M I lr t Irluuipli. .
The llrst tclogrnnh line into Otnaba was
the old Stotiblns line from St. Louis lo
Omaha , built by Colonel Stobhms nbout IbflO.
'I'bo ' Into Ilx ron Hood xvas the ilrst opjiator.
The California line xvns built nbout n yoir
afterward , and Omaha uec.imc n rolav stallon
belxvuun thn and the xxesl. At thnt
time the process of relaying bid not nttilned
the pcifectlou which xxo see exblbl od noxv
In the \ \ liciusto-ia rope iler , but the
cnpni'itv of tbo single operator xvns un
doubtedly sufliclont to ment nil demands.
About this time the authorities ntVinliinu' -
lo'i roiiuirijd u copy of the ooustitulion of
Novauii nt short not ico. It ix as sent hy tclo-
Krnph , otinR relayed nl Omaha. Thaio xvero
17,000 xvords , nml the toll was GO tents a
Durini ? Iho years when tbo.vouth nnd the
pridn of tbo xvost , ns xxell ns of the east , was
m nged in iho lula , unploasnnlnobs Iboro
xv us llttlo progress in Ibo Omaha oftlco.
'I hoio nru tmny of you , nsl see by the shield
you , xxho xvoro onsapod In those same
iQiirs In building telegraph lines ono day
nnd inkiiiR thorn uoxvn the next , loinim ; your
inslrumcnts and line into an old nimx xvacon ,
or poi Imps iln old farm xynpron , and tcitnue
nciots the country to the cominnn-
dei's noxx quaiters and puttmir it
in operation ngiin. i'crhnps some
of you xvoro ciiRaKOrt iu the haz'inlous
business of "llairtiinK" from the top of un old
tree or a hilltop , exposed to Ibo "Johnny"
blmrpihoniors or his cannon. In either
event you probablv hud n littln moro oxclto-
uiont and less sleep lhan Iho operator in
Omaha xvho vas plugging away ut bis
' lolavs "
In lb ( > 9 the force of operators in the Omaha
olllco xx as increased lo six , including our
friends Kosexvaier. Uhconi , Armsttonc nnd
others. Colonel IJIckoy xvas nnother of this
company xvho poundnil tx kov In Omahn at
tlint f.lmn. ' '
RlonHv r rnwtli nf tintnn < t
ncccssttntcd an Increase in force and this
xvns maila until tboro uro noxv in our city
ne irlv UOO opjiator .
\Vitb Iho aid of the VY'hoatstono repeater
tbo xvilaest dicams of thu onrlv operators nro
distanced und in pjnto of relaying messages
at the rate of thirty or possibly Hflv words n
inlnuto , Ibis machine Blinds ibotn out at the
mnrx olous ruto of 1HO xvords per minute.
Hut little isi't knoxvn concornitiR tbo
inlKhtv ngoncy of elocliieity. It is vain to
nttcmpt to picture the marvels of tlio futuio.
"Progress , " as Dain faivlfl observed , "mav
bo too fast for endurance. SuDlclcnl for this
KPticintion nro ibo wonueis thereof "
I a.'niti o\tenn to vou , one and all , a most
cordial welcome to Hns mldxvay cily of
Omaha , xx Inch Is Ibo coogr.iphical conlor of
tl'o nation being located half way between
the txvo ocean1) , and ball xvav between tno
IJii'ish possessions ana the ( Julf of Mexico
The guests XXITP then favored xvith a musi
cal Heat , Mr Lumbaid smgiug , "Say , Aio
Yobleeplne , Magirio , " Hist npolo izinp be-
causi ] bu hau snug It in public so often ,
though these 'vbo bad been most ftoqucntlv
his listeners xvcro most eager for Its repe
tition. The sxvpotalngor xvas given un on-
ol thu
When bo catno to the fourth toast tbo presiding -
siding genius said :
"I tmvo been looking at tbo figures 1S02
and IS'.U on ibis program , which , of coin so ,
loforlo voars , anil I huvo been xvoniioiing
hoxv much fun a man could have In thirty
years. I have xvondorud hoxv much fun n
single individual xvoula have if nil the fun
xvhlcb Iho gotilcmcn silling mound Itiis
bourn nave bad in Ibo last thirty years xxoru
presented to ono mini , ai.d I hnvo made up
mv mind that he xvould ceitaluly havu n pile
of It.
Mr Kosov/alor , who needs no intioductlon
to you , will tell jou bollor lhan I can about
hoxv much fun you have had , nnd hoxv mui'b
sailno s. parhapj. [ Applause |
Mr itjsoxx.itor xxas in'coulod a most flat-
toiinir loenption. Applause ceased only to
Do pin a.-aln , nud tlnaily burt out in rheurs.
Mr Hoaoxxntur saiif
Mi. Tonstmastcr , Ladles nnd Uontlomi-n.
I loel very much ombnirasscd | laughlur |
und I um cmbiriassod to think thai anybody
vxould 10 illy Biibpt'ct that I am n buck num
ber ; Unit I date 'vxnv hack to ISOnnu can
toil , wmlmt buppcned about these davs.
\Vtii'novur I go abroad an I vvbcnpvor 1 am
ut homo I pa s for somexvhat of n young
man 1 huvo not jot found nny body tlmtnad
the impudence tn tell me thai 1 xvus old , al
though they may call ino old xvnon my baoic
is ' turned , I nm getting bald , I knoxv , but
ih'o fuel is that 1SOJ does not look very re
mote to some or us to n great many of us
Hull are bom tonight.
1 hnvo bunrd of com so , bis excellency , the
povmioi of Nebraska , nosc.inting upon tbo
great advantages of the carliar geneiatlons
in thU lerrllory und of tbo pcoplo gcnoially
in the United Suites In the lupld liansmla-
slon of UispilLboi Dv ponv oxpiess. 1 ro-
membur xxhon I can o lo St. Louis for tbo
Hint time in IsVs , xviin the supposition that
1 xvus a lutourupli ojioiator xvith ! l cunts in
ill ) poem ; that I was told 1 could go on the
I'.ulllu r.illioud and get n situation with tbo
ponv express lhat IluUorliclil xvas rniming
nuoul thai timo. When I Ciilno fiirlhor xvost
In iho duo piocoss of time iho tclozrnph
neiass thu continent the overland lolcuranb
xxhlih knd been prujooted originally by
Iltinm Slbluv , lind nireudy boon complotod.
As far bad ! as IbYJ Cdu-nul Creigbton of the
city of Omatin , xvho had been a telegraph
huildor In the aotillmrn states prior lo the
xxur , muiio an explorution of Hie counlry bn
txveon Hie Missouri liver nnd the mountains ,
und boynnd us. fur us Sail luke City , nnd
Inter on cnngtess I'hnrtciod xvhat xvas * knoxvn
us Iho I'urlho telegraph , xvlnob xvas begun
nn ibo lib ofInlv , 1M11 , nnd completed In
four monlhs nud eleven days , but in tonllty
It did not b gln to bo mod by the gene nil
ptiullu until about tbo tint nf Jauuuiy , or the
bu innlni ; of tlio x ear lbj- ( ! .
'I'liixrl MIU T rax nl In 'riiunu Iliin.
The coniploUon of Ibo tologruphlo con-
nuutlon uotxvucn tbo Atluntlcand 1'ncillo was
rrgnidJd as ono of iho innrvuU of t ha ago.
It xvus considered as ono of tbu Iri'impbsof '
the ttlegrupnlu profussion , not only on this
side , but on thu ether sldo of the ocean , und
1 lomembur xvhcn I xvns In Washington in
the .suinmui of INIJ , mid became acquainted
xvith 1'iof , llnnr.x , xx bo xvai , by the xvuy.
tno ploneur of iho ttlegriipb , and pruconcd
Mcr < u In tbo Invention of the
nloctio iniignet , that the profonsor
handed mu u book published on tbu other
Mild of Iho oooan , xv h'ub gave to Mr. ICiliviuiJ
CrciKhton the crudlt of doing ono of the won-
iicrsof thy xvoild the completing tlio telo-
giupli thruugh u country Inhubtied by notb-
lim but siivngos and muliitulnlug it snctess.
fully ngilubt. tboso nnvugos
\Vhun I came out to this section ot the
country Ibi'ro xvas not as much fun us my
friend buru , ibo toast muster , xvnuld really
imagine wo bua In coming , tor 1 traveled
ovcn days In coming up the Missouri rivtr
from St Jooln n sto.imor , unJ then Inndoilon
nsijnd bank slxtoon mlles boloxv Nebraska
City , beiiiK lltmllv rescued from the sand
bank by special carriage thnt had
boon sent nt the icqucst of Ull-
llam 15 Illbbnrd , xvho xvns nssUtnnt
Duperlntondent of toloRrnnh under Suporln-
tondent CrolRhlon. I cnmo up to Oinnhii by
fltngo nnd traveleit somothlna over twenty-
four hours In coming Into this city from Ise-
braska City. In the year afterxvaids , tn 1S < H ,
xvhon I xvont on my xvoddlng tour and I do
not xvlsh to misrepresent my hotter half nnd
say RIO ! is old , for she Is not [ laughter ] wo
traveled lb. > miles by stage across the stnto
of loxva to got to iho railroad slatlon , and
came from iho railroad station bacK to
The achievements of thirty years com
prised in n foxv sentences nro simply mnr-
volotis. The v xvotiln sunn's nlmost the
ihounis of George rrnncls Train , I xvlll say ,
nnd ho certainly xvas very sanguine. When
ho dug tbo first sp ulo of earth In the olty of
Oninlin on the 3d of Uucombor , Ib03 , for tno
I'aulllo railroad , ho said , xvo xvould xvllhln
the next ton years hnvo passengers for Cblnn
this xvny , nnd p-monirois from Japan thnt
xvav , and there would bo bales of silk and
inurchnndlso from China and the Indies
coming tlnough Omnhn ncross tbo
continent. Wo laughed at that , and thought
it xvas ono ol George Prnncls Tinln's jokes.
As u matter of fact , on the 10th div of May ,
IHi'/J , the golden spike xvns driven nt I'l-o-
montory i'olnt , nnd xvithln a very foxv
months thereof lor bnlos of silk and Ch Inn-
men began to cross the continent , and tboy
huvo been coming ever slnco.
liiKXlnui Omulm Wns VOUIIR.
When I xvas made manager of the Omaha
ofllco , at the munificent nnlnry of ? 7" > n mouth ,
with sixteen hours uvory day nnd an nil-
eight job every third nicht [ Inughlor ) xvo
bad just three xviros nt the outside , ono to
Chicago , ono to San Francisco nnd ono south
to St. Louis. Tboso vvoro the only links of
oluotrlual communlcallon xvllh nil iho
xvorld , and thut ono wine across
the continent did nil tbo business. Today
there nto twonty-flvo exclusive commercial
wires tunning ncross the continent betxxenn
San Frincisco nnd Noxv Yorit , nnd llvo rail-
xx ays span the continent. I cannot go into
detail ns I xvould to show you what has
transpired during this tima , but you can
best see it when you Imnqlnu youi-
self in tha city of Omaha In
lbf > 3 and HO. ) in n village
of nbout 3,000 population , xvhoro you had
cabbage and pork and boitiB lor dinner , nnd
Imagine them right here ut this buiquet ,
xv here you get "Stipromo ot Prihio Chicken
ou Crosson" nnd nil the ether dcllcaolob vou
can find on Coney Island , from thosubllmo to
the riculous , is notn very great descent. As
n mattoi of tact , my friend here , when ho remarked -
marked thnt n message was sent from JNOW
Yoik to San Fuincisco for $0 , xvns somoxvhnt
bu'fopged about that telegraph rato. 1 remember -
member xvhen I used to charge
$3.05 from Omaha to Noxv York
nnd S.'l 15 fiom hereto Chlcnifo.nnd thcun man
could go across lo Council Blulls In n stage
nnd R.IVO his stage fnio nnd hnvo 50 cents
in Ills pocket by sending the me- > sago fiom
Iho otbor bide of the liver for $1 lr > . [ Laugti-
tor. ] And I can romombcr u great manv
of my patrons used to go back on mo nnd
currv their inossuxos acioss Hie liver , just
for tuo sake of saving 50 ceuU and having a
rida in tha slago , just ns jou hail it
today. Tno ratn from tbo Missouri
liver to San Francisco has nlxvavs
boon $3 , or nlxvuvs had been , because It was
the rate fixed by tbo ohm-tor , but xvo used to
charge ns much ns $ ii lo Helena , Mont , an d
my friend .lohn Crcightoc , xvbo Is hero to-
nicht , xvill toll jou ho used to got messages
running from * C to $20 npieco fiom pcoplo
xx ho n = od to cathor gold in Montana uua exchange -
change U for old rjo.
'lliirtj \itiirs Is u T.onir lime.
TIrnos have changed somoxvbal , of course.
and so huvo xvc , moio or loss , all of us. I
have n friana hoii ] toduy , for Instance , who
in ISIiJ discovered mo picpuing to
got a dinner out of nco that I
found on tbo ground at Matinssas
station , while tno battle xvns inglng , nnd who
1IU11 t > UUUU Ilf
nnu used Chinese culinoiy implements whit
tled out of the xvooa xvo found on the ground ;
nnd that same friend xxont out xvest ana has
raido his fortupo in Donxer , x\hllo
I kept on in Omaha "pounding brass , " a3
thox cull it , and linully runnini ; a ncxvipnper
into the ground. [ Laughter and npplauso. ]
Now I think I won't datain you , because
tbitty yoirs U a good deal of a story to
toll. It represents a family of sox-orai chil
dren , nnd If 1 xvoro to toll vou of all thn experiences -
perioncos I have bud in the last thirty years
it would tnako a volume ; possibly it
might make txvo volumes the sl/o of
those Mnlor Plum made on the lustorv of the
Mllitaiv i'olegraphers. 13ut to bo biiof , I
feel pioud tonight In addrcssinc you hoio ,
and otcupving the position I do , us ono of
the cntortnineis of the Old Tlmo Teleg-
innhets and the Alllitnr.x Telegraphers ,
xvith xvhom I hnvo been associated
for mnnv yenis for the best jcirs of
my llffl and xxith xvhom I nlxvavs ex
pect to uo in nccoid and s\mpathy
to tbo and of mv earcoi. [ Applause. ] I have
ulvvnvs felt that any profession or calling ix manpuibuossuccessfullv U a sourcoof
pride. It does not make an ) difference how
loxv thu beginning or hoxv low ox'on the end-
in ir , nnd whether xvo have gene
up in the matter of wealth or
remained on the ordinary dead level of pen
ury , und perhaps even xvant. if xxo tmvo Uouo
the best xvo could and excelled In the line in
which xvo sun ted out there Is no dishonor ,
but on the contrary thuro is credit duo to
LMch und over" Individual.
I tbanlc you for your kind reception to-
nieht , I feel that 1 have filonds hero yet
and I hope that I shall alxvnys merit your
good xvlll und friendship.
Folljwini ; the subsidence of tbo ovation
uccoidcd fir. Kosowdtur.ToiistmastorHliouin
intioduccd , in xvoll chosoii xxcrds , Major
Plum , xvbo proceeded lo oluciuulo the
plans nnd speciili'ations of the ' 'cipher
opeiator" and tils peculiar method of doing
business during ' 'xvar liniO' * . " It is hardly
noco'isury ' to state that Major Plum mndo the
matter so clear lo all thai in ease n xvar is
over ngjiin knoxvn nil xvlio xvcro thcio lust
night can secure positions as oxpeit crypto-
' Billy" Dealy as ho was niri-otlonatelr
called told 'oni nboui "American ToJegiaph
Methods ; " D. F. Woodxvard of Deiu-ergnxo
n history of "That Dourest Messago" § 149
iu uold and Kit Dougherty talked of the
"Man nt the liutto.i. " Ho xvns folloxvcd by
William Wilson , xvho spoke lo the sentiment ,
' Our iibiont Mombera. " Mr. xVilson said :
Tor Tliosu U'ho Cnuhlii't Coinn.
It U plousant to bo surrounded by the
friends of yostotday , toduy und forever to
uivo expression to your feelings xvitbout
havinir jour xvords xNOighcd und criticized ,
tnolr features dlstottod nnd their moanlm ;
misinterpreted ; lo huvo lifo long love lloxvlng
in upon you from great clUe ; , the xvcsiorn
pruiries , I ha ocean aumls , the iiioun-
tain Btoop the vulloys und the
Btroams from tbo minus , the xvoik shops
nnd tbo ofllcos : to bo greeted xvith
openHanded -
Handed hosnltallty nt the hamlet , the cottage
und i no palace door. Such plousuio , my
friends , Is ouu tonight , but as xvo clasp
hands over this sumptuous board and Inter
change lender xvords of nffcetionuto regard
for ono uuothor , or iccall bright
scones of other days , let. us not
forgot that the call nt ovorv iiuulyorsury
t > uiiuii uuu uvui avvuillll 115b OI
T'xvlll ' be only n llitlu xvhllo xvhon
xvo all will bo absent from tbo ( east and
nddod to thnt list.
Tonight , iu memory clings to loving faces ,
boxv lengthy that/list bus become xvlll bo up-
parent nuraes uppcnr on the tablet so
rapidly that iho tongue can not Hpaak thnm ,
but with thu bllloxxs of iho Atlantiu
ntiog us from the oelovod Held , and tlio
und the doxv drops glUtening en the nuw
inado grave of liarnoy liughos , thellvingund
the iload are lomeinborod xvith nffciclionato
tondernosii by us. and uur heart tlnobs sonU
forth un unlirolton stream of love io thorn.
God bloat * nnd euro for thorn.
( nun NifhtX Ith KugruU.
Colonel Wilson's rhetorical
gem touched u
icspoiibivo uhoid In ovary Heart.
The quartet , consl&tlng of Messrs. A. J.
Van 1C u ran , ilrst toner , Juv IMorthrup , HOC- .
end tenor , J , P. ISarlon , ll t buss and C. 1C
Crallu , second bugs , xviilch had proylouily
been compelleo to ronpond to nn
cncoro to their "VVolcomo to All Here To-
ulL-lit , " sang n iiurting s"lootion , and then
caina another appropiluto suggestion of the
old days , thouuu 1C was received xvith moro
rotrrol than pinhp over before iho tlnul
"MO , "
Vi'lurun * fit thu T il tru | > li Aluut In Annual
ICtuinlon In Onmliii.
Vcstordny xvnsn busy day for the members
of the Military Telegraph corps and Iho Old
Tltno Telegraphers association , A number
of prominent dologntes arrived during thn
tilfTht and by onrly IrnlT.i nnd the Mcrcar
hotel , xvhich had be jjcjnmod as hoadiiuar-
tors , took on the npn nrnnco of convention
tltnrM The Chlcnpo'o'olo'ffatlon arrived dur
ing the morning In n ] paVbar. ( ) ( Prominent
members of tlio Chicago delegation xvero
President W. It. Pluln of the Military Tel-
cgrnph corp < , A. II 'Hll 9 , Augustus Noho ,
A.J , Suusmnn , St V6HItoblnson , Noxvton
Crltonton , P. U. Green mnd Dr. W. D. Oon-
try. There were nbont twenty In the p-xrty.
The recaption oomnnttoo oogan nt nn early
hour to prepare for the busy day mid the ro-
coptlon xvhich was hold Irftlio rotunda of Tun
Hii : building nnd In tnol reception ball on the
seventh floor. id
Tnolntorlorof 1'nn Den building xvna innd-
somoly decorated xvith national flags nnd col
ors In beautiful designs. Above the xvldo
stnlrcnso lending to the ftocond floor hung the
portrait of the immortal Morse and ever this
thoslnrs nnd Rtilpps with nn Immense onplo
sprenulne Its xvlngs. 'ibo ' Second United
Suites In fun try band occupied a position on
the balcony of the second floor.
At 10IO : ! tbo roroptton committee In-
Tiled the guests to tiiko carriages nt Iho
Mercer hotel nnd the entire party was
driven to Tun BKK bijlldlng. Iho procession -
sion uttrncU'd considerable attention nn the
street. It consisted of txvo largo talljho
roaclics , oath draxvn by six horses , nnd open
ciurlnges , all filled xvlln dMegntes and their
ladles. Arriving nt Tin : linn building the
delegates xvoiolnvltod within , nnd the hnnd-
shutting Hint folloxvcd xvas enlivened by tbo
Second Toot bin.l's boat music nlw long
ngo familiar to the ours of thoio to whom
military melodies meant moro than tbo dull
parade of peace.
Wolromod the Visitor * .
Mr. Edxvard Uosoxvatcr , president of the
Old Time Toloqraphors association , xvcl-
couicd the vIsltoM , suymg !
"It gives mo inoxprosslblo orntlficatlon
to extend to you a cordial welcome on
behalf of Iho city , and on ray oxvn
behalf nt this reunion. Those of us who
hnvo been through tbo > ours of our boy
hood nnd manhood in the profession find the
key to the fintornnl ciictiitln tbo friendships
of thu tolegrnpblo fraternity. It is impossi
ble for mo to sny xvhat I feel ut this moment
xvhon I look back ever the \oars that have
passed since I llrst entered taut piofesslon.
\\oallknoxv that xvhoievor an old timer
goes and hears that unspoken language ,
xxherevor ho may bo on either continent , ho
feels nt once the tluill that comes to him
fiom associations tbut arodearcr to him than
nnytlilng else In llfo , and xvhen xvo tnako the
cirjult of the Journey that loads flnnlly to
eternal test , xxo nil fool suio tbnt xxo xvlll
lonvo tboso xvho xxill heave ix sigh of rcgiot
nnd shod n sllont tour over our tombs.
"I tnko great plonburo in extending to you
nxvolcomo such as xvo of the \vlld nnd xvoolly
xvcst do to those of you xvho como from the
highly polished east Wo hope that these
impressions xvlll to lasting and favorable.
Wo iiono that you xvill oujov vour trip to
Omaha and beyond as you hnvo never enjoyed -
joyed nny other since the society x as organ
ized. Whllo regretting that manv have boon
kept axvay for various reasons I rejoice to
see so many hero thut hnvo knoxvn mo for
nenily n lifetime. Them nro some xvho
thirty yeius ago uero sitting with mo nt tlio
telegraphers' tables in the War dopirt-
ment nt Washington , und some xvho xvoro
in the Held iu Virginia. Wo tmvo changed n
grout deal in nppeuajiceJbut : xvo have not
chanced In our sentiments nnd feelings of
brotherhood , and xvhatovei our relations may
be to the outside wotld 'oilr lolations to ouch
other xvill never chiingo during all the tima
xvo contlnuu to livo. " >
Kc-spiiiittu lj rrcslill'nt I'lilin.
Mr. Uosoxvntoi's nddro s xvas heartily nn
pluudod nnd tno doloijat ? * gave him turoo
choois ut the conclusion of his loraarks.
Piostdont W. U. , Plu.m of the Military
Tcloeraphcrs association 19011 responded lo
iho uddtoss of xvnlcomo in Iho folloxviug
hnppy m inner :
lesbbky. 'Iho old tlfno nnd milllary lolo-
graphers xvcro to bo teote/l by faces full of
cloudless sunshine and by hands of coidlal
grootinc from the mejjibsra of the fraternity
hero and faithor xvosi. It'is xvorth the com
ing from tbo oust , allcnv m lo say on the
part of these who do hail ircm the east , just
to see the evidences or the rise , and gioxvth
of the boy xvho during war times xvas a mill-
tat v telegrapher iu the War depatttnont and
in the fields of Vireinla , , and to nolo tno
monument xvhich ho has built Iu this city lethe
the piess ot America [ Applause. ] Wo are
to onjiy fiaturiinl greeting and to see a
magnificent and croxving city , one of the
prides of the great xvost , the pndo of A mer-
ica. | Applause. ]
"Wo are here to Join hands with ono an
other nnd tulIt ever old times and tecall rem
iniscences of the past. Wo are here to rc-
nou'thut beautiful friendship brought about
in earlier dnxs , and to nccopt xvith beans as
full of cordiality i > s are those that cnvo us
the cordial lecoptlon xvhich wo havo. ro
coived. " [ Loud upplauso. ]
In thu itccispUon ( toain.
Tbo delegates passed to tbo reception
ball on the snvcnth floor , xvhero tboy
WPIO gieotoa by surroundings that must
have nxvakenod many interesting recollec
tions. Upon the xxnlls xvoro hung
portiaits of Cyrus W. Field , Thomas
Hdison , Colonel Thomas T. Eekcrt ,
Anson Stager , It. C. Cioxyry and Edxvard
Croighton , all intimately connected in ono
cnpiclty or another with the eurlv days of
telegraphy in this counlry. In u largo Irnnio
tbcio xvoro also pictures of about llfty of thee
o d time telegraphers xvoll Inioxvn to the fra
tcrnity in Omaha and elsoxvhorc.
And these attractions \x-oio supplemented
by lofreshmcnts of n vary lempting variety ,
xvhich xvero soixod in an adjoining room.
Txvo immense punch boxxls , ono containing
lemonade nnd the other punch , xvolcomodtho
gucbts ns the ) slopped out of the main room ,
and everybody seemed Inclined to partake of
tbo delicious bovoraga so abundantly pro
vided. ) 11ItUMMbS. .
Military 'IVli'-nplimV Ansocliitlini IUteu
to tlin I'liisliIiint'K A n Him I Aililrcss.
It xvas aftnr 11 o'clock xvhon Piosidont
Plum called tbo business nicotine of tbo mil-
ttury telegraphers to order nnd the reading
of Iho minutes and rollcall bolng dlsponsod
with ho proceeded lo deliver Jiis annual ad-
President Plum saia , in part ! Comrades
florotoforo I imvo sought to on force our
claims to congrosslonnt recognition by ro-
cilals of iho darings and acblovumenls of thn
military tolcghipticrs during the civil xvar.
If in my history , the urgument bnforo the
house rommlttcQ ou military affairs and many
annual addresses I have not covered the
xvholo Hold , 1 cannot bopo now io do so , mid
honro tuin lo another und sadder phnso , to
speak ( .pociallyof dnpaiod c-omrados.
Puihui ) > iho llr.-U of our cotnrudoi to lenvo
us xvus David Strounellntaho ago of.1 years.
Thomas A. bcottof tho'Wnrdoparttnentgnvo '
Strouso the munuguiuc/itqf / tbo military lines
of the Potomac. „ , , ,
' 1 hoio xvas then no sort , pi organization for
army telegraphic purpoios : Hut lines had to
bo constiuctod and .woru. Whonoxor iho
itntonco. It xvns the jmrVlshlps , exposures
und rosponsihiliilos of ijuoir Borvlco at Pcrry-
villo , Port Monroe , Washington , Aloxandiln
nnd Fairfax that by July , 18(11 ( , compelled
Strouso to resign , nt i
xVhilo at homo orl'Alto banks of the blue
.Hi n la tu , on ono of hK'Vrcfjhont strolls to the
river aide , contomptiittiTg consumption's
spced.x xvoilc , ho xvrotrftlru'following loucli-
liitf lines , found iu bis pahfollo nftur douth :
lln Mixed nniill ,
Clnntla rlxcr , ever ffiHi'B/ir. ' /
\ \ bore my onrly I'-fys'wuro ' passed ,
l.Hii ) your tratcrs , I.uiiioln.1
badly to thu sea fjljiii | , {
To tnat ncuun dark nnd dra try
xVhuuou no truvolor uoniui ii aln
Wheni thoMplilt , xvorn und xvuurv ,
1 Inilu louoso from lirluf nnd p kin.
O'er the world I | oni { Inivo wiuulorodj
ow , ufttraiiKor , Ireti rn.
lloim , hcultb and niiiuliooil jsijuaudorud ,
I.lfo's lust lusbon huto to learn.
Calmly on the bankH rpposlnif ,
1 am wuHInk' for lliDdliy
\VliosooiilmtuMIUlit. njrtly el
Hears the tiunibllii tiiuf nxvay ,
Another comrade gene to his rest xvas
Charles Lour. In lbU ( Urngg'a great army
turned from Hucll'q fropt in Touuoasou to
canturn Louisvlllu und Cincinnati. This
nccossitulud oxiraoidlnary husto on Buoll's
part to protect thobo cities , and nearly nil ot
Teuncaseo vvjihlu hU ilourtmoni [ , except
Nushville , xvla nbundo ed. Having reached
LouUvlllo Uuoll's next great concern xvas
his iininouso wagciu trulu , tnllo * in langin ,
without udequutu protection , probably soy
only nvo miloi In the roar. At Uuoll's ro-
qtiest Luhr took four soldiers , dressed ns
Rucllotitnon , to accompany him on n hand carte
to ropmr tbo wires nnd tlntl the train.
In this Lohr was eminently successful ,
notxvithstnndlnp the enemy had scouted to
within flvo miles of tno city. Ho found the
line down In ninny places'nnd nt ono time
pas od robul pickets on the rnilxvuy Just
beyond Iho Salt river biidgo , xvhich xvas In
ruins. Flnnlly ho reached Kllznbothtovxn ,
fnrtv-lxvo miles nxvay , nnd calling tin
Uuell's ofllce , telcgrnphlni .v shouted :
"UlorytoOod , toll Huoll 1 nm here ; the
train not up .vol. " Thereupon Huoll sent
Immediate orders for the train to turn xvcst
to the Ohio river , xxhoro stoimers xxould ro-
ccivo it , nnd thus was saved thnt great ttnln.
It does not require n mllltnrv training to
estimate tno Invntuablo service of this gnl-
Innt comrade xvhoso other perils nnd sue-
cesses merit but cunnot now rocolvo notice.
Soina Ilarlnc A < lilpxi'iniMits.
FrankDrummoml entered the scrvicoenrly
In the xvar and xvtu in May , 1S02 , located nl
Wlnchoster , Vn.
As our Iroops xvoro being dilvon Into nnd
out of Winchester bv Stonoxvall Jackson's
loicos Drummono xvns taxed with Important
tclocrntns to nnd from Harper's Perry. Uul-
lets uero uliciidv stilklng his oOlco when ho
xvns li nml oil a telegram of gioatcst mumnnt
for Hnrpor's Foiry. A fleeing soldier redo
nxvuy xvith his horse , but Drumuiond would
not Icavi ) witnout llrst sending the message.
'Icloeraphlag xvith ono bund , bo burnt tbo
dispatches with tbo otbor , then rushing out
with his Instrument to oscipo he xvns at
once captured by the onomv. Llbby prison
was bis homo for many months nftorxvnids ,
xvhon ho ronumod his duties and continued to
servo the government until thoclnsoof the
war. His suffciings while n prisoner , however -
ever , undermined his health , nnd though
unable for years lo earn a livelihood , Iho
government bad no bounty or pension for
lilm hut. Inff him tn Mnnntnn nn nhloi't. nf
D. 13. Lntbrop was n bright' youth from
Mount Vernon , O. , studious , oultiv'iilod n
useful llfo , mil of promise , was opening to
him. When Yorktoxvu was evacuated ho
\v.-\3 ono of iho Hist to enter , and hurrxlng to
Iho telegraph ofllco sought to connect his
instrument , hoping to get dispttohos from
the label capital. A hidden torocito lore
nxvav most of one leg und otherwise wounded
him unto death.
William Mglntosb , xvho was Iho second of
our captured comrades to dlo In nn Insnno
asylum , died in Ib'JI. ' It xvns his mlsfortuno
to bo cuptuioil xvitli Comrades Uuell , Lamb
nnd Moore In the Shunundoab valley by
jHcksnn's forcrs in IbOComindos ICernor ,
Uurr , Jruniinoiid , Moore , Melntosh , Lamb ,
Clark nnd Gregg xvoro nil In Libby pilson nt
the same lime. At least four nro now dead.
In constiurtlnc tbo line nrarCold Harbor in
Max- , ISM , Melntosh's party drove off the
enemy in several skiimisbes , but txxo of his
builders xvoro killed and scvoial wounded.
Operating Uiiilur Dllllcultlos ,
A. Harper Culdxvelt xvns cblof operator
with the vmlous oommunders of the Aimy of
the Potomac , beginning xvitli DcCIollan.
His biother James xvns ono of his assistants.
The exposures , the strain of long hours and
responsibilities Incident lo the xvork uay und
night , titled Iboni for curly graves , xvhich
they long since hnvo tilled.
Iho brothers , M. and P. Mullurkev , have
nlbo long since loft us. I well remember the
suspense xvo cnduicd xvbtlo the laltor and
Comiudo Vim Vulkenbuig wuro , at Oeneral
Hosecrans'request , in the enemy's country
( oust Tenncbseo ) tnpplnir tbo xvtro connect
ing Hicbmend xvith ( Jtiatlanoogn. Per thnty-
Ihroo doxs Ihoy xvoio within the confederate
lines for dajs nnd nichts cnpjing dls-
pitches , mid nt last hounded out of tholr
hiding placound chascil from ono point to
nnotbur , until at lust they reached the stars
and stilpes. Mullnrkov xvas nltenxards cap
tured bx Ocnnral John Jloigan.
Horace W. Nichols , nnother Iruo f.nd rlcd
milllary lelegraphor , iv as at his post nt dux-
break in Holly Springs , xvhon Van Dorp's
forces entered almost unopposed. Iluiiiodlv
burning his dispatches , he had sc-xrcolv time
to call up Grant's olllco nt Grant Junction and
sny "Good-bye , Vim Dorn Is coming. Devil
only tuioxvs xvnnt'ii become or mo. Hero
they are noxv. " Nichols , lee , has joined his
comrades on the other side
Edward Conxxuv , albO ono of our captured
comrades , is another of our dsad.
Conxvay and J. II.Nichols , nimv opoialors ,
hearing ino tccond battle of Hull Hup , rode
huriicdly within vlexv. After watching its
piozrcss for txvo houis they quickly ropoi ted
nt near Maimssas , adjacent to inn n it tie ,
where Kdxvard Itosowator , noxv of THIS HEP ,
was lomporurily posted , and icpoited all
tboy gnxv and beard , receiving therefor ibo
appreciative commendations of tbo president
Another of our dead was D. C. Mc-
Guughov , doing scrvlcu in the uopaitmcnt of
North Carolina in Jf02. When General
Plckott approached Nexvberno McGntigboy
xvns st'itionid ten miles out xvith n cavalry
oscoit , to give notice of iho ancmx's com
ing. The cavalry decamped , but the opoia-
tor remained nt his post tureo hourb longoi ,
nml till iho oncmv cul iho xvlro on tlio Noxv-
berne side. Tncu ho returned safely through
the iobel forces. Yelloxv fbx-or carried olt
McGauphoy and bis comrade telegraphers ,
Human F. Wntoihouao nnd Douglas Kent ,
each of xvhom deserves special mention for
daring and valuable service.
Ihoj ronloil tlio Joliiinlos ,
William II. Drake , driven out of Lebanon
Junction , ICy. , oy order of General Gordon
Granger , conducted 100 of tbo Fourth In-
diuim cavalry in search of Drake's xvould-bo
captors , xvbo in turn xvoro driven to Boston ,
Btampodlug Wheeler's wagon-ttaln cuard.
With eight men present Diako rocolvod tno
lurrondor of the train , and bad given orders
to burn it , but tbo enemy cominc from to
wards Dnrdstoxvn , DrnUo took lo a familiar
swamp road. Six of bis companions xvoro
killed , but bo and the txvo othdrs brought in
txxo prisoners can'ured on the way.
George M Uiusb , after Iho Iroops had re
treated to Columbus , ICy. , for safety , at
General Asboth'srequest , volunteered to go
to Union City nlono anil open tbo ofllco. A
month Inter the confederates advanced In
foico , drivlnc thu federals nt Columbus into
the foi t. Drush , ns a sort of advance picket ,
telegraphed the approach of tno enemy before -
fore his capturo. Eleven months he xvas a
prisoner u Llbbv , when ha xvns rotnovcd to
Andcrsuuvillo , xvhero he icmalncil hovon
iDOnlhs before oxchanirod. Ho , too. is daud.
Samuel H. Edxvards is another of our gal-
lunt dead. Dunne the Chuncllorsvlllo cam
paign n cinnon ball passed bo near Ills bond
us to produce insensibility. For two days bo
xvas Ignorant of the cause of his numbness
and bitten tonguo. Edxvards nod Edxvard A
Hull , ulso dead , xxorn llrit to impruviso n
xviro from Goltsburg baltlellold , using tbo
necks of old bottlca , fastened to trees , as in-
In .January , ISOVI , Mnrmaduko's 1,000 at-
ticked Spiingilold , Mo. , xvhoro Henry G.
Hnggs and W. 11. Woodrlnp xvero operating.
Eich was supplied xvith n Win Hold nnd went
loth , us did operator. ! on olbor occasions , io
lulio part In the defonso. Brlggs' position
became lee hazardous , and bo xvasndvUed lo
fall buck xvith the others. Hoxvavor , bo bad
but ono loaded shell loft , und xvisblng ( irnt to
IIro tb-it , xvui himself aho * in thu eye nnd
tin mih his hnnd.
William Poster xvas slallonod nt Uoauford ,
S. C. , on tbo coast wires , near Charleston.
These ( sixty-three and u half miles long ) ,
connected by cable nnd lend Hues tbo outly-
Irrr fulnmta. snnihnrn anil tinfmr nn thn
Tybeo and iho noithorn atllattory Groirg , on
Morris Island. In September , ISO , Foster
tapped the onomj'svvlrosconnectingUhnrlos-
ton nnd Suvannuli , near Pocoiullgo. r'or txvo
duvs , undUturbod , ho copied passing mos-
sugos , ana of xvhich gavu information of u
contemplated nlghlatluckonGanoral Tout's
force * on Folly und iMurns islands , and or-
doling u conconliution of Savannah troops
to overcome tlio southern Ilinu nf tlin fed
erals ov ciosnlng Foilv creek nnd suddenly
assaulting In forco. Foslordled in prison ut
Kccoril to Un I'rnnil Of ,
Hut why continuo special mention further }
Of tbo 1'uO opornlors of our corps over huf |
uio In their gruvos , unihnnked und uiihon-
orod by tiny autnoii od olllclul of the govern
ment , .
True , ail of our grout generals hovn xvrit-
ton words of hlghoit couimonoatlon , and
many huvo expressed their xvmh that congress -
gross would recognize us ; out beyond favor-
ublo reports by the comtnltteos of both
bouses , resolutions of tbo Grand Army of
the Kopubllc , of the Soclutv of the Army of
the Tennessee nnd Htato loglslutlvo iiuilon ,
nothing has yet developed.
Justice to our dead comrades , to ourselves
and children , demand of us an Insistence
upon recognition , us pormUnt us truth and
as unyielding ns duty.
Whllo enough of us remain to Mil our of
fices , lot us , if need bo , carry forward tbo
movement , and aotormlnoilly knock at the
door ot congress until thu recognition bhuil
come.Wo can show the millions of dispatches
from tbo sxvampi of the Vatoo , wbero poor
Today tomorrow till Saturday
night we _ have arranged to hold one of
our old time suit sales , when wo will
place on sale three styles of suits , two
hundred of each style six hun
dred suits in all at the popular
price of a ten dollar note that are made
of better goods are better made better
trimmed and have finer linings in
them than were ever sold before lor
less than fifteen dollars.
These Suits are Hll Wool ,
They are made of one of the best heavy
eassimeres manufactured in the * whole
United States. They were cut by tailors
instead of by steam. The coats are lined
with an extra quality of Farmer satin
and the vest back is of the same mater
ial while the sl'eeve linings and the
vest linings are of fancy Gilbert silesia.
The two front rows of our large Doug
las street window , show you how
these suits Jjook and its an easy matter
to step inside tlie '
store an'd see how they
feg.L We will guarantee that you can
get more good hnrd wear out of one of
these suits than you ever qot for a1 ten
dollar bill before in all your life.
We will also offer on second
c \made of stylish tan Melton ,
lined with good twilled lining ,
sizes 34to 42 ,
At S4-.SO
They're the seven dollar sort.
Uootn lies in unmarked burial , from tbo
Chlckiihomlny , bespattered xvitb blood , fiom
iho Held xvircs , ColJ Harbor lo Appomattos ,
Nashville to Atlanta , and clsoxx here thiough-
out the immense Mold of nrtus ; xxc can snow
tbut in lhn , the llr t war by telegraph , u
iccord of heroic endeavor has been mudo by
our corps such as no otner counlry's cour-
lois , boxvovur called , has over approached.
Those ami much moro nro our wcnp'ons vxlta
xvhich wo vxlli press xvith vigor to the end.
The report ol the trcasuier J. T. Pelit xvas
road and approved.
Comrade A. G SafTord from the con-
giessionol committee lopnitcd that while the
committee hud not succeeded in getting congress -
gross to take Ktops looking to the piopcr
recognition of the votoian telegraphers , jot
they had tbo nioinno of Senator Ilnwlnv ,
chairman of Iho conimiltoo on military
atTniis , ibat a bill would bo Introduced at the
coming bession for tba putposo of placing tno
xotcran lulcgrapbers on something like a
similar footing xvith olbors xvbo naked Ihclr
lives for Hie dcfenso of the countiy.
A committee of tlnae xvas appointed lo
con for with a line cnmmittoo from thu Olt !
TimoToloiriaphers' association for the pur
pose of deciding upon a time nnd place for
tbo next annual reunion.
Tolugiaplieri ! ' Uoldon Annl\nrMitr.y.
Mr. Edxvnrd Hosoxvator called nttontion to
Ibo fact that the celebration of the fiftieth
anniversary of telegraphy xvould take place
in Baltimore in ISO ! , und that tto Military
Telegraph corps should bo properly repre
sented ihoto. Ho faxoiod the plin of nub-
llshlug n complete history of tbo xvork of the
corps and the association for that especial oc
casion , and for the use ol the members , nnd
as a xvnrk of historic value Several other
mom hers spoke favorably of the idea , nnd
Mr. Uoscxvator moved that u commltle bo ap
pointed to take the mailer cocsidoiu-
tionnnd loport this inotning. The chair
appointed the folloxvlng ns members of thnt
committee. E. Uosoxvator , A G SnlTord , J.
II. IJunnolI. W. Smith nnd C. E Green
1 ho association then adjourned lo moot at
10 o'clock this morning.
Mlltlfltlt llldllj.
The iocruliu'25 cent imitinco will bo
civon today on account of tlio ciieus
WodnoBday. Don't fail to BOO Katie.
ijinniot'B tficat I'lny , "Waifs of Noxv
Yoik"at , tlio Faniain atroot thuntor.
Any Bout 25 conts.
is.iiiun J'oitisu.isrx.
> , ! > ! anlciuiH XVIII ll 'irontml ton Vurliityof
Atmospheric ChaiiKCH Tudity.
Wxsiii-wro.v , D. C. , Sept. 14 , Forecasts
for Thursday :
Per Nobiaska Fair ; cooler in western ,
slightly xyurmer in extreme eastcin per
ilous ; variable winds.
Per loxvn Pair , xvnrmor : vailablo winds.
For Noilh und South Dakoin Piobubly
sboxvoM in Noitb Dakota Thursday night ;
cooler In South Dauotu ; wnlh winds , oo-
coming vailnblc.
Tim Km old lit Iliivii ) .
IlAvitn , Sept. II There xvoro cloven now
oises and boven dealhs train choloiaronorlod
here voslordav. This Is an Incrnaso of ono
noxv case and n docroiso of six deaths , ng
coinparod xvlih ibo previous day.
I'lllttiU.'l.H J'.Ht Hill H'll'i.
Mis. Anna P. iclstlur of Ottaxvn , III. , U
visltiiiB Iior brother , Dr S. It. Pnttoti.
Mr nnd Mrs. J. S. French of Wavnu xvoro
among the arrivals ut the Atcado > c3lor-
Mr and Mrs L M Doaglo of Grand
island xxore guosti nt thu Mercer yostor-
dny.Mr. . D. H. Chapln , bookknopor for Ulako ,
Hiuco it Co , ncoompanlod by Ilia wife , left
lor Crete , Neo. , on u ton dujs1 visit unit lost.
W H. Stark , Tin : Hn : engineer , nnd City
Holler IimpoclorSoudonbori , ' , xvhu went in
Atlanta , Ga. , lo attend Iho annual conven
tion of the Stationary Ciigliiooiii' nsaoclatlon ,
huvo roturnod. Tboy' report an enjoyable
and pleasant trip. Thov btato that tlio
Atlanta people entertained tbo convention In
royal stylo.
Nixx : VOIIK , bopt. 11. [ Special Telogrnm
to Tin : UBii.J Grand Island , Neb ; H. G.
Loavltt , Windsor. Omiibat I ] M. Fair-
fluid , A. A. VVood , HoiTinan house.
Cinctno , 111. , Bopt. II. Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BKINobraalru | hotel ar
rivals : Grdnu Noi thorn William Waldo ,
jr. , nnd son , Wllbor , Nob. Grand Pncltlo
Mrs. Clark Woodman , Cbarlo * h. Dlckoy , J.
M. Houston and wife , F. T. Hansom and
xxifo , U. D. Slaughter nnd wife , Mr. nud
Mm. Guy U. Harton , Omaha ; Uurnott Soolt.
O'Neill ; rClmbdli U. Valentine , Went Point ,
Palmer Mr * , llcrg F , Ualloy , Lincoln ; Mr ,
and Mrs. li. M. Martin , Hod Uloud ; Mn. U ,
Mulouo , Omubu.
Matinees Tliursd ly inn ' niurd iy.
TIIK xv KS OK NVonic. : .
A poivpr/ul ( oiii.'ni ] | > ' Kliuiorutn Mcpnc'ry ! Don t
full to HOD tliOKHMt llnrlom Itnllronil llrliluu nrunul
unntiniinl of lliriiuiiiH clrc thn iiililivcok uinll
HUD III tiikn pliicoon 'IJ.ur&iliiy Inituml ofVuil
iit'silnr bi'Hti nowoii milu
1 WIipionrcou Knlnir , m > prcltr miilil' "
' losou Iho Ilinttli'r , " WIIB nil nliosnlcl
Davis and Koogli'n I'oltlrMnj. Itnltllntr Illp-Ilonr-
IIIK Vlualral I nrco ,
T M IS 11J \ & T IA m R !
Till' I Ml lir.MM lit
OoorKO I' Mnrlon Smll-Klrhj ( Ins VIlllR VUinlo
vliijo 1/toiKinl NIIIII m Hurry XX nt ( inXnnlii Illiick ,
.InlinOIIro ) , lullu 'Injlor llnriiei llulllt Inlm Kur
lii'll ' .XKIHH llnlj , .limns llniillur , I.llllu KMiiioint ,
I'linrlui XX'nllnck Mlle Aiulnin ilnrn Hello llitrnll
tun Ailiiiiix , C.irrlo .NcirKin ( .oorm Uuxd , M'liolitu
'Ilia liunnns Hustler Quiirtutta tho.o'ttuons Itcil
llnm-iro nml thu OrUlnnl XX Mow
Dsnco ContlnKi'iil
'In bo prpnontpit hont I xnctlv tin upon nt tlio Illjnii
'Iluiatir , .Nowurk -K } uu irniit lun , yo nhuro thu
fun It
8at9 on Hiilo buliinlay morning at umml prltcfl
New P j i's r To
Theater' ' .
A. M. Palmer's Nnv York Sleek Coinpany ,
Under the Dire * tlon of Mr Al Hrmnttn tn Augustus
i IIOIIIUH * l'rt > MO iOLiu
Inturiin toil l > 7 Mr Cnrlrl , Mr Olinrlci
I , IlnrrlH Vlr l.ilwanl H Aluik'H ' Mr Iliirticrl 31111-
wnnl Mr .1 O bnxlllu Mr 1 ! M llulliinil Mr
xXnlilon llnmsiit Vtr .1 II btuilliinl Mr Udull
\\lllliunt MBH | lunnlu I'uiliico Vllsi Kuilly bunnril
MI 1 l.llllo XVulstun Mianuiinlilo X lululru , MlHi
HUHU MorKiin
Tin : OIHAT : ' ' '
NrfiitJiji'Ain'ni' THII PA-
VOHITI. I'IAIKS : riu : uitnATi sr op
( MSl'S -MUSI' lU.AIITirUI , bCiNI.UV. :
liuv nliontn npun tjatiinlay liKirnlnn. I'lrnt lluur
' , & . , flUJiuiil Jl W. biltniiy Me. IiO unit $1 ( W
Famam St
One Week , Sunday Matinee , Bopt. 19.
Ontiitl Sjiccliu'iiliir rroiliictlon of
Uncle Tom's Cabin.
With n carlo ul of ( .conery , riloltiin anil ino-
( liiinleul ulfi'uts AlatliiLOVodamdiiy and
hiitiirlay. _ _ _ _ _ _
Kith and Oipltiil AXDIIIIO. *
\\toli of ' I'jitumbur i.'th.
. , , oii m , , 8.15 p. in. Spi'ulnlty 1:15. : tJ : ) , 7il3
l > in.
i'iicf i5o. we , a > c. ouuio iiAijj punn.
The Hut Sprliih'r ' Aiiicrlciu
Hot Sjirinu's , S , I ) .
1 lno t Iloxirt llolol In thu VX'unt , f-trlillf lint
1 1 ix I.nruu llcmnn Hln.'lu ut Kimiiltu % < r
UIUM All Minltrii liniiniviiin jni" 'Inlilo iMi'u
cl ilty HoiiK'inulild ' HiiUi for llnl inc. . ) uf Hu n < >
( ircliixtrnniiil Itnntlnx IJvory ISxunliuIn Iho Mn
tilu Hull I IIIIMI I'liiiu-ii llntli In thn liiitxl
Hliitun llunutirnl .Mountain Hionury Biluniil |
( IllllUtl ) , ( OUl M/lllH. Vll Mll ' | llHM
nbuvo tlm un 'I IMJ Huutlj ll/ikota / Hot Spring
nnmttr liuuttinitlon nil urvr Ilia wurlil nml
nruourliuii liiruur iiuri-'iiiilnuu limn anjr nurliut
In tlio II rt I ur ritu , iMtln , ntu , nml nlliiir In
oruinllun aildros , O ( > AMUIIKV
Hot Sprint Hoiilh Dnkutn
Under und by vlrtnu of an order iinidn by
the lion. U. U. Suolt , uija of lliu jinUixof thu
dutrletetntt within and for Hmuli H i.iniiuy
. In thn follnirmi. iii'llnn punilliiK
ald tonri , towlt : I'ho Hundiird hiniiiiiliu
eonipiny xs l.ovl II imuul and I nnit J.
lloUMlIoolOtc ( : i > 7'D mil to iiiudlriiutuil I
wlllnn UiuUlHt dnyuf hiiitoinbor. | A Dlb .
oorniiiinielinriit iu o'oliml. In HIM forenoon of
aald duy , at f. Not Hi lOHi Htroot In the city of
Oinnhii , DmiRlim c-ounlv. .Nubiii'tUii , HO I t
iHiliMuiinetlon to tbo hUluHtund boit hmdBrii
foreiiKhdiron tbniu iiiuntlm orod It with up-
uriiviidiiu'iurlly ) the follo inir 'iod'iaiiil"liiit- )
liils liurfloforn loxluii upnn by IIIH by vlrttlu
of an iirdcrif nttiichniunt iMtiud In thnabnyu
ontltliiil notion , loxtllt'A Htoi'lc of itiplo Hiid
fancy urunurln" . Hour and nthurincruh kiidlmi.
ThuuiK'.urbl.-nud luiurxim ibo rl.'ht tu Hull
thlniiioiiiirtv IK a whole , o.-lu M-ii'iMto ' unr-
LHlv/iml i lilnjudiciuiiiit cliull bo for llin lioitf
lit < . .tuf '
of I > niiRlu County ,
lly JOHN l.i.xvn. , Uiiiiiily. . .
Uiauhv , bra eoHsir.ber to.
- ' .t ) ci Ut m