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A low -Remark * on Soci&l Equality in
Wcttf.rn Ccuutry Towns.
Tlio Mi'iilVlfn fir n Mini < > f UlRli Alms
Tim ( 'luli IIH it Hnmi'ily lor llonrt Tall *
lire ( Jimlp A limit Women
Tim l.aicM Pniililoiis.
Discoursing on various phases of
ivoslern lifo In tlio September Forum ,
the keen-witted 13.W. . Howe of tlio
Alehbun , Kim. , ( J.obo fays : "There is
n social equality in western country
towns thnt prevails nowhere else , and
the daug'htors of the blacksmith are
quite | lsprotnlncnlas the daughters of
the banker , providing they behave as
well , -which tboy nro likely to do , as
they itll prow up together and are edu
cated In the same schools. The only
soelnl test In the west Is good conduct. I
once lived in a town whore it w is always
said , after a big party , that thu.llno was
drawn only at color ,
"Tho western married man him no
Mantling in society except by his wife's
eldo. The men who 'run' the towns
are seldom seen at the parties which are
managed by their unmarried clerks. In
the old courtly days n man and wife had
n Hoelul individuality ; but when ti man
attends a toelal gathering in the west
ho Is ? expected to seat himself beside
his wife and buhave as well as he can.
In thu end that people may understand
that ho N not only fond of the worthy
woman at home , but in company AS woll.
If a married man should attend a west
ern hoclnl alTair without his wife bowen
won d be very apt to bo approached by
a married woman who would ask him in
an audlb o whisper , "Wlmro is your
xvifoV" and there would bo a certain
Bonmthing in the woman'f ) tone indicat
ing thnt ho ought lo bo ashamed of him
self for being tilery under such circum
stances. I once know a gay young hus
band to exhibit a paper signed by his
wife lo tlio olTee.t that ho was ut the
party alone with her knowledge and
"Tho men who have made the west
and who are interei'ling have no social
side in the striclcst sense. Western
society is made up of vouncr people , who
are always moro or less uninteresting
except from the standpoint of good
look ) ) . A middle-aged man who attends
a social alTair in the west is looked upon
IKS an oddilv. so lirmly rooted is the im
pression that its soon an a man marries
lit' ought to retire from everything but
business. Very few western men pos-
M'FH any of the social graces , although
they are noted for shrewdness in busi
ness and politics. Our idea of .society is
lint it is an iiihtittitiun for bringing
about marriages ; after the marriages
lake place the contracting parties are
expected to retire. "
"Thorn is no greater blessing can befall -
fall a thinker than a union with a
woman who is at least hi paor in her
appreciations , " writes Walter Hlack-
burii Ilnrto in Iho New Kngland M.iga-
/i' e ; "and il must bo leinombercd Unit
liil/ac claimed that ' .ippreeint'on ' is
complete equality. ' A woman worldly
enough to protect a thinker from the
world , and unworldly enough lo live
with him in the world of ins thought
and imagination , is Iho Ideal wife fur the
man of high aims ; and with Mich a
woman a man can live serenely in the
moat des'rable society. Hmorson antly
puts it thus : 'When a man meets his
accurate nmto society begins and life is
delicious. ' In an atmospho'o of lovonnd
fljinpnlhy ono lives more vividly ; there
is a spur in every meeting ,
an inspiiatlon in every absence.
Life itself begins with such a union ; the
old adage thnt 'ho lives twice who lives
well' has mo e meaning when it is
I wit-tod to read , be lives twice who loves
well and wisely. The man who is rich
in himself , his sympathies , his various
magnetisms and reciprocations' , is the
truly rich man ; his store docs not tempt
Ihu vulgar to robbery or excite the envy
if his neighbors , for to them this world
of the imagination i- nothing ; and
granting all possible htimnn separations
and allllctions such a store will last a
lifetime. These are Iho riche > > to ac-
i'liimilntc. One's own society is the so
ciety to cultivate ; and to make it at
tractive to one's self and to other.- ) , ono
must cultivate one's self. This is llio
foi-ret of true greatness. Irue gentleness ,
irtio manners and true morality. "
A returned traveler has been amusing
the American Grocer with tales of the
folly of Americans , with more money
tlmn brains , and whoso antics , airs and
general demeanor while traveling
abroad mnko them the laughing Block
of well-bred peop'o and those who bone-
lit bj their ludicrous extravagance.
Two of our countrymen recently paid
711 francs (81-12) ( ) for 11 luncheon at Nice.
Among the items was one I'otlle Chateau
Lollllo , 187-1. for which t00 ! francs ( $10) )
was paid. The holol proprietor laughed
In his sleeve because his guests , not con-
anissourH of wine , were willing to pay an
extraordinary price , simply for the sake
of saying they had drunk wino tit$10 pur '
A well known American widow of ad
vanced yoatfi has with her a small dog ,
which receives a now costume with
every now outllt forwarded his owner.
Her dog mtist bo dressed to match her
new govMis , which como from Purls at
the raits of a down pur week.
Then ( hero is Hie boastful rich Ameri-
nui ton int. Ono opened his eves in as
tonishment when served with lobster
and lalor with strawberries , remarking ;
"Roallyl do you Imvo such things in
Ono is corlain that there must bo
something wrong in Iho distribution of
money , whim so much of it falls into thu
possession of human being whose heads
ECO m full of sap. They are the basswoods -
woods of society.
Of eoureo you said lust year that tin-
fitbor Christmas you would bo ready a
long time before instead of being hur
ried , almost to deatli at tha last moment ,
boBJdo being obliged to take olhur pco-
tilo'a leavings , the choice of everything
linvlng boon snapped up by those shop-
tiers who gave themselves ample tune
lu,8oloct before the crowds made choos
ing nn utter impossibility. It may , per
haps , to edino Hoom HUe rushing thu HOII-
' eon to speak of the midvvlntor giving of
gifts when summer zephyrs are still lin-
v goring in the nir and tlio roeolloctlons
of the oppressive hot weather are still
' Very vivid , yet wo just want to jog the
the memory u little bit and glvo n tiny
hint about how easily dainty prosoiils
can be made at OMO'H leisure and how
much more inexpensively than-when
holiday buyers make holiday prices. At
all hbatons of the year materials for
mncy work are to bo obtained in great
variety in all the shop * vthoromich
things art ) bold , and the novo ty fiuiikor
will lind lhat bv the lirst of November ,
at Iho lutcrtt , the merchants imvu in
itinlr lull supply , and that no nearer
IIIIJH a bit of u Bcold , in nevertheless , a
iv < manly woman , with u noble respect
for tiifo wouninliuubu und u line scorn ol
approach to OhrlstmtiB will produce any
thing moro startling. Young people ,
perhaps , enjoy the pushing and scram
bling about in n crowd of holiday buy-
orn , each on 11 mad hunt for suitable
gifts for Tom , Dirk and Harry , out the
moro Bobar-mlndcd individuals , who see
no comfort in having the breath nearly
knocked out of their bodies , their gowns
stepped on and torn from tlio longsuffering
fering bands , or their hats knocked
nskow , will take warning and bo as they
have always predicted , but never
achieved , ready for Christmas when it
comes , witnout the usual hurry and
worrv that eomos with it.
Gail Hamilton , while one of the most
trenchant critics of manners and per-
everything little and low and mean.
Wlluncss , she declares , is 11 thing which
girls cannot nITord. Delicacy is a thing
which cannot be lost or found. No art
can restore the prapo Its bloom.
Familiarity without conlldcnco , without
regard , is 'destructive of all that makes
woman exalting and ennobling. It is
llio llrnt duty of a woman to bo a lady.
Good breeding is gooJ sense. Bad man
ners in n woman are immorality. Awk
wardness may bo ineradicable. Bashfulness -
ness IP constitutional. Ignorance of eti
quette is the result of circumstances. All
can bo condoned and not banish men and
women from the amenities of their kind.
But solf-posuossed , unshrinking and ag
gressive coarseness of demeanor may bo
reckoned as a prison olTcnso i.nd certainly
merits that mild form of restraint called
imprisonment for life. It Is a sh ime for
women to bo lectured on thulr manners.
It is a bitter shame that ttioy need it.
Ho rnot ho restrained. Carry yourself
so lofty that men will look up to you for
reward , not at you in rebuke. The
natural sontimont'of man toward woman
Is reverence , lie loses a largo means of
grace when ho is obliged to account her
a being to bo trained in propriety. A
man's ideal is not wounded when a
woman fulls in worldly wisdom ; but if In
graco. in tact , in sentiment , in delicacy ,
in kindness she should bo found wanting ,
ho receives an inward hurt.
* *
Ft was nearly midnight when the
young bride heard the front door softly
opened and as bo came up in Ills stock
ing foot she dried her eyes and deter
mined that the time for action had come
at last.
"This will never do , George , " she
said , with a steely glitter in horbyo that
sobered him on the instant. "Perhaps
I wouldn't mind it so much in the years
to come , but our honovmoon is barely
over and hero you stay out nearly all
night. Unless you promise- stop I'll
go back to my father. "
"Forgive me , my dear , " ho replied ,
bracing himself for the supreme cll'ort
of his life , for ho knew the crisis had
como and uj > on tlio result depended
whether marriage was to lie u failure era
a blooming success. "I know my
conduct must seem cruel to you , but that
is only because you know so little of men
and their ways. All my lifo 1 have boon
accustomed to staying'out all night. I
can't stop suddenly , for the doctor has
told mo I have heart disease and any
sudden shock was likely to kill me.
That's why , my dear , I must taper oil
gradually. "
"Forgive mo. George , " she sobbed ,
throwing herself on his broast. "I have
b'ji'ii ' very selfish. I know you try to do
what is the best for you 'Never again
will I scold you , for it would drive mo
cra/.y if I know I was the euiso of you'1
killing yourself. "
* *
As hops are now the rage , lot mo toll
you how a new debutante took the faeh-
lonablo ball room by storm. She wore a
white dotted muslin made up over pale
pink silk and trimmed with the faintest
of pink satin ribbons. In her hair she
had a pinlc ribbon snood. Another girl
whoso nppearanco was much admired
wore a pretty lavender silk dotted with
silver. It was demitraincd and trimmed
lound the bottom with a narrow band of
silver passementerie. The high corsage
was ornamented with the same , which
formed the bait also. Among thn odd
looking gowns which one hardly know
whether to admire or not was an im
ported creation of black and white em
broidered batiste , with sleeves of black
suede and black ribbon trimmings.
Some declared the costume very hand
some , others described it as "hideous. "
It is needless to eay what foreign artist
dcsitrned a gown of yellow cropon , with
insertions of Valenciennes over a
changeable nine silk petticoat. The
sleeves were of light blue velvet , as was
the oelt. It llio words of a youth ,
the most "fetching" attire present ,
though " von may be sure others dif
4 *
The housewife who delights in tender ,
llaky pastry will hail with joy the ud-
yent of the glass rolling pin , It is an
ideal adjunct to tlio piomaking outfit ,
not even yielding lirst place to the mar
ble slab , which bus boon adopted by the
housekeeper who keeps abrc'ist of the
time , in lieu of the oldfashioncd wooden
mo'ding ' board. 13y fiimplv unscrewing
the hands of tlio glass 'rolling pin the
revolving cylinder may bo kept filled
with ico. thereby insuring the reduced
temperature necessary for making pull
paste or good pie crust of any kind. It
may bo a consolation also to the heart of
the good housewife that the now rolling
pin so easily kept sivoet and clean and
so desirable- every way costs loss
than CO cents and may bo obtained in
the house furnishing department of any
of the big stores.
* *
An average waltz t'ikes one over or
about thrco-quartors of n mile , a
square dance makes you cover half a
mile , and a g ilop equals a good mile , at
a run , tooT Count up for yourself how
much the girl with a well-filled program
traverses in nn ovoning. Twenty dances
Is the average , you know. Of these
about twelve are waltzes. There , at
once , is nine miles. Three galops , and
she Uas done twelve miles. Five other
dances at half n mile apiece , which is
hardly a fairly big estimate , brings her
close upon Dfleon miles , to svv ; nothing
of the intermission stroll in the giirdoii
and the trips to the dressing room to
renovate one's gown or complexion.
* *
These are thn days when neatness in
dross goes under the name of smartness ,
and the smartly-gowned woman owes
her succcbs to the fact that she makes
everything socuio and tidy before she
loaves her room , invariably making a
final cardful se-utiny of her attlro ns
she stands , fully drossod.boforo her mir
ror. She who boasts that it never take *
her tv mlniito to dross may bo fully as
sured tjiat there will bo abundant short
comings in her ralmont to boar witness
to the truth of her statement.
According to statistical reports " .0,000
htwh-utds in Chicago are suppn-tod by
their wives , and 10.000 solf-suppo-llng
women are in Now York city. Speak
ing on the subject a popular woman
lecturer has thrown down tlio gauntlet
to the believers in the emancipation and
advancement of women bv raying
the modern idea , that u IB a bultablo or
oven a or'tlsowoi-thy filing for a woman
to earn her living , is bud political
economy , lud murals , and bad sociology.
C.WUH often spoil lender oars of young
cor at this season bv plunging them
into boiling waior. They should bo set
on tlio 11 ro in cold water in which a
liberal pinch of salt lias be-on dissolved.
When the w.iter to n quick boll
the corn Is done. Cum must not bo
conked too much , .is it hardens like an
1 egg.
Tlio l.ntcut ruihlnn * .
Lace trimmings are used on nutiunn
dro.tshata of fine French loll ,
I Wrinkled ribbons must adorn break-
j fast bodices of delicate crepe.
I Gold wire irl dlea are especially de
signed for dark cloth house toilets ,
i Modish fans hnvo mounts of tortoiao
j shell elaborately trimmed with gold.
I Illlliard green velvet Is to bo worn
UDon inky-liued costumes for tlio street.
A caprice in rings shows dark rubles
fiet In aluminium , Those nro especially
uniqtin at. .light.
Small , jaunty toques of black velvet
have a simple side ornament in the form
of jot bird wing.
Tlio latest Is a black-trimmed style of
bntliinir robe for widows. A kind of son-
weeds , as it wore.
Uibbon is the privileged trimming of
the sonnoti. It trims the morning gown
as well as the oven Ing costume.
An exquisite dinner dross in helio
trope veiling is contincd about the waist
with a girdle of wax bends in a harmon
izing color.
The ndvanlngcs of bulng in society
never SKom so great to anybody else as
they do to the people on the outside who
can't got in.
Belts of all kinds , from the plain
black ribbon and canvas to tlio most
elaborate development in gold or silver ,
in leather or kid , are wonir
Two-buttoned cut-away coiit * of
chovlot , made with a silk-faced notched
collar like that on men's coats , are neat
and inexpensive jackets for ovory-day
wear for the autumn.
In fall fancy cloaking IH a novelty in
cheviot , with raised hair lines in
shaggy camel's hair. This design is
represented on bronze or blue gray cloth
grounds , with richly shaded stripes that
sometimes form blocks.
Now waistcoats of Scotch plaid surah
or shot taffet'i tire made to bo worn
witli open coats that have .skirls , and
also wi'th tlio shorter jackets reaching
to the waist line , similar in shape to tlio
Eton and Russian models.
Turn about is fair piny , of course.
Tlio young man who were the sash last
beacon js saying smart things about the
girl who wears suspenders during tills.
Somehow justice keeps an even scales
oven whore least expected.
Black corduroy is predicted as one of
the fashionable materials for tnilor-mado
gowns next season. It is a material that
ills well and one that will undoubtedly
bo popular ; for although it may bo made
up very simply it will stand either fur
or braid trimming with artistic results.
Mr. Wickwiro But , my dear , you are
so pretty that I really cannot see how
your beauty needs any addition in the
shape of such expensive finery as you
wish. Mrs. Wickwiro No , I inn not.
If I wore as pretty as you pretend 1 am ,
I would not have to argue so long to get
a now dross.
A.satian bows will bo seen on most of
the litits this winter and the leading
novelty at present are the immense
curved buckles which are to hold thoin
down in the center. These buckles are
of cut jot , or of jot with an inner row of
green crystals , or ot rhinestones and
jot or green crystals , and so on.
The "patrol jacket1 promise's to be to
the fall gown what the Eton and Har
row coats have boon to summer frocks.
It is particularly favored for suits of
tartan plaid , which will bo among the
favorites for country wear during the
shooting season , tho'jackot in such case
reproducing the sUongost color in the
The combination of velvet with all
species of wool and silk-and-wool fabrics
will bo a marked feature of forthcoming
fashions. Chestnut-brown and olive or
myrtle-green velvet sleeves appear upon
many of the liandbomo gowns of pale almond
mend , fawn or ecru wool some of those
baautifully braided in a color matching
the sleeves.
Ono of the now frills the Florentine
is tight from the wrist to several
inches above the elbow. The upper
part is a full , deep milF banded at the
lower edge. The sleeve and the pulT
are voiy often of two contrasting fabrics
and colors. The leg-o'-mutton style
still appears upon some of the handbomo
French gowns.
Corded silk capes matching handsome
costumes are among the list of stylish
wraps for t.ill womor. Some aru all
round , otheiB have a Wattoau plait in
llio back. Tlio 11 u-ing collar , modified
In height , is utill a feature o : those
wraps. Cloth capos in gray , suede , blue
or brown are finished witli "petit ahbo"
hoods of velvet.
One of the novel autumn gowns com
bines the mosfaltractivo features of the
Kusbian and princcsso modes , the front
arranged over a fitted high necked lin
ing and cut awny in low , roundincr out
line at llio top , revealing a full yoke of
velvet or silk disposed on the surah lin
ing , llio princobso skirl is in the ap
proved boll style , with a slight train ,
which may bo cut olT to round length if
Louis Quinzo coats of very graceful
shape are imported from Paris for au
tumn wear and also for the early winter.
They outline tlio liguro without fitting
too closely , and fall open from llio
throat on a deep vest of embroidered
cloth or rich brocade. They are about
tliirly-two Inches in longlli , and the
back is shaped by sharply curved side
forms , tlio fronts hanging straight next
the vest
A "Marie Antoinette" fichu of either
black or while lace , as the costume re
quire. , is fastened into the nrmholcs on
the shoulders , cioujos the bust and is
( listened in draped loops and ends on
ouch hip and falls low on the skirt.
The bodice is pointed in front witli a
ribbon belt. Tlio color is made of a fold
of lace around the neck with a ribbon
rosette in the b.ick. L'ico frills finish
the wrists.
Among the shades upon the color
en > 'd for autumn nro many now names
which convey lllllo idea of llio tones
they represent. "Angoliquo" is a poetic
name for an apple green , "dinvoln"
suggesls cinnamon brown , "oriental"
and "volando" are lovely shades of new
electric blues. Holiotro'po will bo much
worn in two exquisite shades. "Alda"
and mauve , and all heliotrope shades will
bo decidedly on the plnkUti cast.
( lomlp Alum ! U'limi'll.
Sarah Bornhnrdt IB 48 years old. Slio
was christened "Hoslnc , " but changed
her name to Sarah for a reason known
only to herself.
Miss Kliy.aboth Lconhardt , of the
Episcopal hospital. 1'liilmlolphla ,
otl ninety-eight in medicine and nlnuty-
nlno in mirgo-y.
The young man who makes tlio same
diamond ring servo for bin second
engagement may bo said to kill two
birds with one stone.
A girl In a first season , wiyp the
philosopher , is good to look at , in bur
second is good to dtinco with , in her
third ia good to talk to.
Dr. Marv Putnam Jncobl , visiting
phybicif.n of St. Murk's hoaplMl , Now
York , ia the first woman admitted pro
fessionally Into a man's hospital.
Lady Charlotte Schrolbor has pro.
scnted her almost priceless collection of
fans to the British museum. She has
been gathering them for many yonis.
The New York World wants to know
who is the most remarkable woman in
this country , ftrery married man can
answer tlmlquostion without a moment's
Much of the moooy which Mrs. General
eral Custor ronlizml'by her sovonty-two
readings'last ' winter 'has gone toward
educating a young irlrl whoso father
died on the sama fiolil with her hus
Mrs. Martin Murphy , ono of the pioneer
neer women of California , havintr re-
oidcd in the state over fifty years , dlnd
recently at San .Toso. aged 8 ( . She wan
the mother of , seven children , all of
whom are living.
A laOy of Detroit originally had black
eyes and hair , but in the course of time ,
when she had attained the ago of about
70 years , her hair turned pure white.
This was expected , but about a year
ago her hair began darkening and is
now ns black ns jot.
A statistical item of interest to women
is that women today are two inches
taller , on an average , than they were
twonty-llvo yonrs ago. The cause is
found in the exchange of-tho embroidery
needle for the tennis racquet , the oar
and the gymnastic apparnlus of the
school and college.
Tlio University club of Sa.n Francisco
is to have an annex for ladies. Tliero
nro only four large cities in this'country
that have taken tlio "unclubablo box"
anil given them a portion of the build ;
Ing. They nro the Metropolitan of Now
York , the Hamilton of Brooklyn and the
Somerset and Algonquin of Boston.
Captain William A. Andrews , already for tits dnrlin ; nilvoaturcs la stmill
boats on ttio stormy Atlantic , has asaln sot
siill on a novel and Intoro.itlni ; voyage.
He crossed the ncuan twlro before , lirst la
the "NnutlluV when bo was accompanied
bj his brother , who lias slnco died , and iiRntn
la tun "Mormald , " both of thcso trips
being nindo to Land's End , Kiialand.
A few years ago ho again attempted the
nassneo In n boat called tlio "Dark Soorot , "
but after bxullas with contrary winds , hlch
seas and tcrrilic storms ho totnniantly con-
seated to give up his utlorts after a struff lo
of sixty-two days , and roturaed 10 America
on a bark which kindly consented to tnko
him uud his sea-beaten boat baclc to Now
The captain Is a very interesting charac
ter. Ho is a man ol llxed purposes , very
hard to turn from the object which ho has in
view. Ho ha * made the subject of smull
boat sailing such a study that lie is prepared
to muet every argument iiKainst the riskj
whiclisnritiK to the minds of his critics , yet
the New York Herald put the case in n nut
shell wnon it said : "Tho f.iot that Captiiia
Andrews din cross the ocstm in n conklo-
shell merely proves that , small boats uro safe
when a ( J.iptnin Andrews sails thorn. Aiaa-
tojrs should rotncaaboi this when the wind
lieplas to slag. "
The cautiun himsalf says thut "half the
people who uro' drowned lose their lives bo-
cauo thny do not realize that a boat cannot
sink. Aii Iron vessel mlsiht , or a ship leaded
with a heavy curio , but iv > sailboat
or ordinary wooden vessel inav capslz , bin
will , nevertheless , lloat. The passenger ; , on
the crcat ocoun bteamcrs run some risk wboa
thov RO to sea. but nil around the dock they
see wooaoa boats hunt : upon which they are
taught to depend for their lives if the big
staamor ROCS UOIVM. These boats are often
crushed airnlast the creaL vessel or are cnp-
si cd in lowering. I um nlono in a wooden
boat entirely under my coatrol , and , in my
opinion , far anfer than others.1 An ingeni
ous theory , but hardly a fair ono.
Capt. Annruwa is by trade a piano maker ,
lie built the "Sapolio" ot Atlantic Uitv in
the presence of hundreds of people and ex
hibited it on the Lone weeks.
It is u canvas foldlnc bout lined with half-
inch coiiar and decked over with the s inc.
In order to fold it tnora must bo threu long
c.invus htngos from stum to stern , an 1 the
during captain writes by an incomin r ship
( when ho is hundreds of miloi fiom itioro )
that ho llnds the " 'Sipollo' in n sca-wiy is a
scrubber but very leaky. " No butter proof
of his coolness and pluck could bo clvon.
The start was made at 40 : ! ! Wednesday ,
July 20 , the destination being Pains , Spam.
Captain Andrews has instruction In scour tlio
Boas until ho discovers that port und the
starting point of Columbus. It is beltovca
that , satlin ? In a fourteen-foot boat without
so much as a hot cup of coffee to vary Ills
diet of blsculta mid canned goods. Ho will ,
single-handed , ncllpso the record of that
Spanish Italian advoiuuror who almost failed
to cross the great ocean with throe ships.and
l.r > U moil after bncurln ? the queen's Jewels to
pawn and baring thn blessing of the church
thrown In. This Columbus Is sailing in a
bnat which had never been in the wiitor until
the hour when bo started na his 4OU-milo ( )
trip. Ho hns. been spoken In miiloconn
several times , scorning all assistance and
uonllOont of ultimata MICCOSS. His effort
should Interoit all Americans as n
test of pluck , ondur.mco and good sea
manship. That it. Is not a foolhardy affair Is
provod'byhls former success and bj tbu
notable trip In which bo bat'leil for nixtv-two
days without reaching the nthor side. Thou
sands of poopluaiuv the start , his presence at
different polnt.s on the ocean has boon noted
by largo ntimlinra of vosuoK and his landing
on the other side will no doubt no tnudo a
mutter of publtndejnonstratlon and rejoicing.
As ho sailed from the pier hn said , "In sixty
days I will bo in Spain , " und up to the last
reports ho had made bolter tlmo than lu an
ticipated. Uvory day during the voyngo a
bottle will bo thrown overboard noting tlio
location und other information about ttio
ll Captain Andrews NUucocds in reaching
Spiiln and joining in the October celebrations
xvuluh will bo hold In honor of Ihu discovery
of Air.enc.i , ho will then return In one of the
great summers and urrangc * to oxhiult tils
boat and thn log which ho wrlloj up day by
day at the World's ' fair In Chicago , where ho
will bo oiii'of ttio features of the macntllcont
display which the inunnfaoturoi-b of Snpolio
uro now perfecting. Tim assurance , wo
might aUo finy aim Impudence , of tlioso
iigpriMilvo miinufiicturer * In securing a Col
umbus of their own U probublj without pre
cedent in advertising.
117 111 < llltl.S.
Unroll Free , I'ross ; Llttlo Oorothy was
tired , tin , so tired , aa she k-iolt at her ma
ma's knro end 'tried to say her prayers , ns
she did ovrry night. She wns so tired that
her dear llulo VIM heavy , and the
llchts inu'ln ' blunt bofi > ru her eves , und tlio
room seemed going In u whirl IIUo u merry-
"Now , " said her mother wtion she had said
bor pnijerask Cod ! 10 bless tirniidps and
craniliiiu , Aunt Suslo and Uncle Will ,
and papa and little brother. "
"Mama , " utked Dorothy very gravely ,
"do von think Uod would mind very much if
I wu' Ju-tti ) lump iho fum'ly lonlplul"
Her mother told her that Hho intui coin.
ploio her prayer us sbo ulwuy * did , and the
Hire.'nil disorder * of the Stonne'i , Mver , Hotrod , Kiloiy , Hhilljr , N.-rvon
Loss of Ain > ollL , Ilonlni-he , t'onsllp.itlm , Costlvpii'U , In 11''jHl r.i , Hii-
1'ocr , I'llrsKt ? . , rrni ron'o.M.Un sjsto'ii lt > ll.ilih to i-oalr.ict dhoua.
UAOWAY'S IMI.ti1 * nro ctiro for this co npiiilnt They loaa tip I'm ' Intnrnnt srereUom to
healthynnllon. rastorostrength tothJ itonuioli. an I t-n-iolo It to perform Us funi'tloin.
I'r i'ii. 2\o it nox , Cold by all dnu-uhf , or mallod hy UADWAVfc UJ. . . \Varroa blrceU
New YorU. on receipt of price.
Kvcty M All can I ,
OHOUSIll all'e pcns
_ _ _ J by MSlni ; SPANISH
NltUVINU.thCRtcnt bpnnUh YOUKO M1JN
OH UMl Millrtliiu fioto NKHVOUS nBBirITY , I.OST or
FAII < IHO MANHOOD , nlRliilyrialssions , convulsloni , ncivcus
, . pioiltntlon , cnuinl by Ilirute ot npiuin , tobacco ot nlcoliol , wnkc-
fnliiris , inuiital Orprcsslon , loss ufpowrrm either sex , tpermator-
nrrnn K AND rlicnacaiifeilbyselfabiiKi and over InilulRenrpor any pptton.ilvrak
ness can bo restored to pctfect health nml tlic NOni.15 VITALITY OF 3TUONO jWUN.
We gi > 3 a written cunrantee with G lioius In ruio ony casu or rcfntul the money , 31 o box' 6 boxca J3
For Sal3 In Omaha by Snow , Lund & Co.
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
Trie eminent irieclilut In nervoai , elironle , prlrnlo. blnoil , tkln and unnnrj rthen < > . A roroltr nnJ
reslnioroit iirnduato In iiunlclnn , in tlpiomns nn J ci riuicntvn rlioir. u still troHtlnir irltli th itroitun i iccu
cntnrrli , perin torrria < u. loiiumnlioo.l.tomlnixl vronknnK , nuhl loisei , lninin > ncjr. ijritlilli * . ttrleluru. uoii.
. seJ. Men tt l - . I'nrtld" tin-ibla to
orrhoen , ulei't , fnrlruci'lf.clc. Iso increiiry troitmiMil forlOMOf > pimi-r.
Mill 1110 inoj betrontet t liiiniaif \ eorrv poiulvneo. Medium or Instrument Bent b/ mull or uniiru'S j -
ourulypncfcoit. no niBrki toIntltcnto contents orienitor. Ono i < c > rsonal inlcrvloH prcluifoil. Coniultftllun
Ireo. torru'pundciiro Urlctly urlvnta. IKin't ( Mjriiarlu of LJttf ) lent tita. Offlou boun . m. WJ p. to.
Hundayi U ) a. 13 tn , bund iliuap lor rcoii.
WtJiiicss ,
Catarrh or
, ,
Chronic ,
Nervous or
Di scascs ,
Consultation Free.
\cknowlolceU to 'jo tlm ino tsiiccoifiil spcclallit In
Illl I'lllVATK. lll.OOIl , NKIIVOIT4. bKIN AM ) Ulll.V-
( tonurrliin iln from : i to G itnys. Syphilis curo.l
nltlniiit.Mi-rcury. All stimCM for lifo
STIltlTL'ltK iicrmiiiiPiillr curoJ. coii-
plcto , without cuttliu. CUH113 or ( lll.itulon " urj
nffvclpil nt homo liy p.Ule.-it wlthjut n uijiiiant'j
[ inln or uniioy.incc' .
IMI.IJS. KlaTUI.A AND ItlHTt , UI.CI5H3 enrol
without iialn iirilotpnttoii from biiltic | H.
IIVllllOI'Kl.t : AS1) VAltli'Ol'lU.K pornnnontU
nncl biu-i-gsif ullr cur M Mvllio I now and unfallliu
IVITAMTYVKAK ) , SlHilisobjr too clim npnlt-
oatlon to builiujs or , Hi7 rJ mo.itil Ktriln
or Brluf : hKXL' Vlj HXOKSSUJ In mlJ.lla llfo. or
tiom the I'llcon o ( youtuftil fnilioi.
WKAK MKS Aitt : virruia TO .N-MHVOUS 11:5 :
i.NVoi.usTAtf i.oisus with nviu.r UKAV in
YOUNO and vlunhS ACKDi lac1 ! of vim , vljsor.
anil ntroiwtli , 'Illl aoxn it organs luipilrjil nnt
wcukuncncilin Jin uuroly In ivini-icliluol'l | | ; ' iv3.
All ylald ri-aclllv to our nuw treatment for losi of
Tltnl power Call oil or a'lilrcni with utamp for
circular * , froj book and loeclpM. .
Next to I'ostOlllcQ.
heavy head nodded from sldo to side as she
tried to say rovoruntlr :
"Bloss ( iran'na Kran'ma ' Aunt btislo
Undo oh. mama , I'm EO sleepy , an' Cod !
knows the rest bsttcr'n I do. "
Now Yorlc Tribune * : t\ . story was told the
other day of a little Rirl who dUcovored a
cobweb , and then seaing a spider omerpo
from It called out : "Soo the cob run 1 How
fast the cob runs ! " As a tnattor of fact she
bullded bolter than she know , for cob , or
cop is , accord'.tifr to the dictionaries the
namohomotimos ijivoti to a spider ; whence
the word cbbwoo , which l . strictly spook
ing , copweb. Cop in this sense is probably
an abbreviation ot tlio Anglo-Saxon alter-
coppo , a spider.
Boston Courier : Mnmto Ma , Jennie Hill
WBR tolllnc us Bins this tiinniinu thnt if wo
listened sharply at nlsht we could hoar the
dow fall. IsUntbci
Ma Of couwo not , mv child. Dew doesn't
fall. U is formed by the radiation of
Mnmio Then , of cctirto , no dow could bo
heard I
M.I Certainly not.
Llttlo Sa-mnv How Is it , ma , about tha
Quasimodo's little uieco has been stopping
with htm , and occasionally maliliiR him
Hinilo with her ijunint romarks.
llcro Is the tales' . :
"Uncle , do dogs pot married P
"Married ! No , my child , certainly not. "
"Thru what rljjht has Nettle to growl at
Hover while they are outitip their break
fast i"
ijuusi is tuinltini , ' it over still.
Sutidav School Superintendent Now ,
childriin , who summed up Cain's sius (
Tommle-His brotner.
Superintendent What inalcos you llilnlc
so. Totnmlof
Toinmie 'Cause ho was Abel to Adam.
. . . . . . . .
OOVI3 Illl" HIUUIJ i ui 4f.iii it-
give the apples u chun oto yet ripe. "
Mrs.Brown You miould hnvo como right
up.talrs when 1 cnllod you , Johnnie. You
worn qulcU enough coming down when 1 said
you could have n piece of pio.
Ivittlo Johnnie Well. inn. you should
Icaow that a fellow can run downstairs
quicker than ho can ma up.
Mr. Flap ( impressively ) --Horo Is an 110-
couat in the paper of ono moro boy who
wont Into the river and got drowned.
Tommy I 'sped his folks itnnt him so
busy tli ron nh the week coin' to school and
runnin' orrants thnt ho didn't liuvo no
chunco to learn to swim.
Tommy Oh , mo'her , I'm nwfullv tired !
fioddlo Brown mid I hava bcon sawing
wood ,
Mother How much wood did you saw ,
Tommy i
Tommy If 1 didn't saw any. 1 furnished
the saw.
All inBtanco of irroat matrimonial fe
licity Is Kivon by tlio wife of a Now Knpr-
lanil fnrinor , wlit/llndiiifr tlmt a widower
in tlio nolghborliooil proposed to marry
her inaitlon blstur , iiffcd T)2 yoai > , felt
nailed upon to glvu tlio yood man n
8lijit ) wiirninp , hitj-H tlio Youth'ti Com-
panlon. As Hho triumphantly pays , she
"ain't cvor felt f regret it. . Now,1
nays I , real llrm to him , a wools before
the woddln1 , 'vou know old inuidH Is not
they rn terrible hot.Vliy , nir tlioyy
Btiyrt ho , jest an anloinn as could ho , loolc-
ii/morlKht in the oyo. 'Yj.8,1 , bays I ,
'thoy air. Thov uHuu want t' hov their
' ' do tlioyV In-
own way-nllus. 'Why ,
doodl' says ho. 'Voa. ' nays t.Hljoy
an' ve uan rely on'l , Unity f-ho'll want
hor'own way'Why. . will sho'r" fays lie.
'Yos.'BayBi , 'Bho will ; there u'lit any
doubt 'bout it not n mito. ' 'Wol ! , '
an' mild still look-
BII.VB bo , Uindor Blow ,
in' mo in the eye , 'nho can hov her way ! '
'An'sho does hov it , and they do llvo
just complete. ' " _
Tli .Miui-l'iirfd Crnh.
Ono of iho motit singular looking
Parched Rolled Oats ,
Unequalled in Flavor.
Corn Gritz ,
Sold only in 12i packa ov
Velvet Meal ,
For niullins anJ pomi. *
Solilby nil flrU-Cli ( i
Mo5ttytlUcui d.OB J SIErUEHS.I. b n-
Eios ticStockings ,
Trusses ,
Crutches ,
Batteries ,
Watertslthi ,
Syringes ,
Atomizers ,
Medical Supplies.
114S. 15lli St. ,
Next loPostoIflc-3
In pursuance of ordinance No. M'M. r rjiilr-
liiK wateraud KIIS coi lu'ellous to bo mauo to
and within the eitib lines on cortilu streets
In Street. Improvement Districts Nos. 47d , IT.
178. 4.i anil 4- : : . In the city of Omaha , yon are
hereby notified to muko all nuccssiirv connec
tions with wutur ami I--IIH miiliis. or lattorals.
and to L-omplolo such work on or before Sep
tember'-.Itli. Ife'J.1. as It Is tlio purpose to pave
llio streets In the said dlstrlcis , ami moro par-
tlenliirlvdesi'rlljod as follow F , to-wlt :
No. 4b Thustinot lylmr east of the west 21
fuot of lot 7 , block aJ < 1. cltv. from I'aelfie strfet
to the nllev soulh of I'aclfle streut.
No. 47T Twenly lirst struct fmmVIrtstreet
to Spencer street.
No. 48-Donclas street from the west line
of Hilli slreol to the ot line of'.Mill slreot.
No , 470 .seventeenth sl.eul fiom the ninth
Hue of l-'urnum street to south ilaeof Dod u
No | si-liraco ; street from thu wo-it line of
thoOni In Iti-lt It illv.nv's r.clit-of-wiiy toilie
east I lee of llio ( . ' ( i.e. ! p > . M. I'an I. Mimu i polls
it Omaha railway's itehl of-way. In thoelly
of Omiihn.
Dated at Omalia. Nob. , this l.'itli day of Sep-
lember. i ii . .
, , . „ , nlKA | , | , , „ , , , .
Chairman Hoard ot I'ublle Works.
hlS-IH-IT-l'i-'Jll-'Jl '
pitoFos ATS"KOK"OUA ] uixo
Pealed propos-ils will be reculvoil by tlio on-
derslyneil nut I IIW : o'clock ji. m. , t-uiitmntiur
Itjth , IMI. ' . foruruillntr
ailli stieet fiom Illckoiy stioot to Martha
street :
'lltli slrcnt fiom r'arnam street to Dodso
street ;
Knmcos street from 'llth stieet to the west
llnti of Windsor I'lnco extension :
In the city of Omaha , In accordance with plans
and flpoclllcntlons on llio la the olllco of iho
board of public works.
Illds to bo mndu on prlntel til-inks fur-
alslioil by tlio hKinl , nn'l to hu accompanied
with a eurlltlud check In Iho sum of $ "iu , pay
able to thu city of Omaha , ax .in evidence of
Knoil faith ,
Thu board reserves the rbht to lojecl any
or all bids and to walvo defects.
i' . w. iiiitKiiAPsni : .
L'luilrmnn Ilo.nil Public WOI-UB.
Omahn , Nub. , iji'iituiiil or IMIi ,
All persons suffering fr Jtn HYPEHO-
PHOIl/VLQIA ( he-id icho from eye
Btrainl or any DEFECT OF VJHIOW ,
Hhou'd consu t our Opticiin nt < n IB.
and 1)3 fltti-d vrlt'i ' ultal ) G .ISSOH ,
All errors of r'lraalol , cor'Hotoa town-
tlfically. Losiaes uround t > jnoasiiro
wltioutoxtrachir . No CHAUQE
loi-TKSTINO , , the . - - . oyo-i. . , , ,
) or Ey0glahS3H
or Eye-
glas-suB , Irom $1 upward.
Colored Glabseh Irom 60c up
riiniiiin "ii'l ' W u-i'iilli Blrodln , Oiniili-i.
MKNT.B PJJI la fjr It/Jiifll. iIUil.uii , Kill. NJI
ruliiln , itu.nlaciij Nurvom I'fuilr.Uun oiusji u/
ticobuior lobisO'i , \V.n'jfiilnu . Maatil UJIIFJI-
ilon.dultauiiofti3 ! llraln , ciu iln { In unlllulsirr
Ucc4j.ilujtli , I'ruiutura Oil A-to. llarrjnuii , l.oii
of I'owcr In ultlior tat , Impiilcnoy. l.aacurrli juaail
til t'oinalo Woiknjju * . InruluntirJ.u iui. Spur-
raiitorrhorioj HD-1 ovor-oxurtlia at tiu urjln
feolt-iit > u > uurur-lii lulitinoo. A unnUi'i trjituiini
ll.Gforr > , iiy mill , Wauaitr.intailt iiasm tuuiri
K cli urilo foru IDVOI , wltlt I ) Hill mil vrrlltJi
( uaranlveta rofnn I If notcurii Uuirnnlsa 1114 il
unlr by Tlivoiloro , 1' . I/anil ( IruuxUt , nula
toullioatl comur ItltlinnU Kiirniui > ti. OiiKi
croaturca that ever walked tlio oartli.
or "awiim the waiitrs under tlio onrlh , "
is the world -fnmoutj man-fauud crab of
Japan. KB body IH hardly an inch in
limi'th , yet iho bond IB lilted with n fauo
whieh IB tlm purfcct counterpart of n
( Jhinoso coolie a vorltnblo mlH iiir ( ,
link , with oyott , IIOHO and mouth all
cluarly dolnod. ( Thlw curious and un
canny uroat ire , bu ldcH iho trreat llkc-
noriH it hoarii to a human holnf ; in the
fnco , IB provided with two IO H which
boom to ( { row from thu top ol UK head
und bunt , ' down ever tlio uldo of UH fnco.
DR. J. E. Me GREW.
pns od u the tiu ifnoniot ill
ta DISEASES , .Ilorlor ,
nnil ( Icbllltloaiif yiiiti ! in I ni inlmo 1. ITvonrV
cxprricii'o. Ills nmiiircoH und f lellituu are
practically uiillinlto I. t'ho Unutnr It roi'ota- '
tiiontlod by tln > prcm , nn.l ondiirsod In tha
stron-csttpriiMhy tins pcoplo for f ilr tro-it-
tin-lit tui'l ' hiuiou profmou u tulvlou. Tim
iniHt iMWL'rfii ronolliM known to modern
BC eiifu for Hi j snouc'iiful Iroilmant of tlu
follnliiril ! > < i < a < io- ) :
GONOKKHOliA Iiiiinoillr.tu rollof. A com.
irolui'tiru without the Ion of an nour'n tlmi
from liusiiH"n ,
OIjEEr Unouf the moat co'iiplulo
an I 3-11.
ccssful troiitmonts for Klout.tnla I annoy nj
d FOh ir.'os vut kno\\ii to the nuiiil | | ) nrdfoi
: lon. I'lio rout. Is urn tftllv womlurfiil.
STlltCTUHK ktion-ii ro no ly for
the tru it nuiil of slrluturc. w.tlumt p iln , cut-
tin'ord Intla . A ni')4iriin ) it'll ili'u ' ru nuilv
HYPHIIjIS No t re. Union t for th's torrlJls
bloo I dlso.isu has uvur hcon moro sit oastfiil
nor hail stronKurondorioinuntj In the liitht
of iiHK'.orn sulimei ) tins d so su N pos tlrol/
ciir.ih o unit uvorv traoo of tlm po.son ontlrjly
romovii I from tlio htoo ' .
I OST MANilOOD , tiiiil nmlililoii. norvom-
iicsi , tliuliHtv. ( losimn loncy ami . .illvu \ iltnu-n
Mini dlsorlurs of youth or in tnhon I Ujllot
obtained at onco.
DI3EAiKS 01 ? THE KfBNKYS , and alt
dls'irdorsat Hi < itoma''li , bio 1 1. llvor , nil n ,
and bl.-iddur. nro tro'ilo I siuvutsfiiliy witii
the cro.itost known rumudluj fur tha di -
Wrllo for plrculnr * .
14th and Farnam St. . Omaha , Nob.
\V will fcnil > o the nmrtrl.nii .
French I'leparnthm CALTHOSJ
! ' * . nntl lenal -
( u cuuiiuilcttlini i
lAI.'IIIUS will ICi'sloi- , . . , , , iir !
aicallli , Mi-riiulli anil Vlor. f
t'sf it and far
Addrass VON MOIIL CO. .
Salt lra > rlra > ArnU , ( Inclnmll. Ohio. I
An Old Inn nco to provide for submitting to the
li'K'il uloitor.s of the elty of Umiilin , ut a
Kuncrul election to hu hod In sild cltv on
tlio Hth dny of November. 18' ! . ' , tlio question
of Issuing ono liumlri'd ilionsaml dollars
( JI03.OJU ) of lining of the elty of Dmilm to
pay for the cost of pavliu. lep.irlniror iniie-
adiimlzliiK the intei-st-etions of Htrvols and
spaces opposite alh'yn In sild clly , und to
puy thoco-tof p-ivlm ; In front ot real eslntii
notsiibjojt to assessment of special t.i.xea
for pavltiK porposos.
lleltor.liiliied by thocity eonncll of the city
of Omaha :
buellon I. Hi' ) mayor of tlio tlty of
Om.ih.i lie aii'l he Is heioby itiitborl/ed und
directed to Issue his pro-munition und e-inso
to be iiumlltt.-d to the ie .il electors of tin
ell v of Omaha , ut the election 11 beheld
hold In snld city on the sin day of Novonibi r.
Ih'J' ' , the question and pioposition follouuii- .
tn-nlt :
" . hill lomls of the eitv of Oinahii. In Ihu
sum of ono bundle.I lliiins.ind dollais ifu \ , ' " "
lie Issued for the pin po-oof paying the cost > , |
paving , lepiv.n. or iuiic.idaml/lii : tininlet -
.socllons ofstreels mill * p icus nppoltn , ilt > -is
In s-ild city , or p tyliis tlio cost of iiv i n In
f rout of real esl.ito not .snlileet to an esmni'nt
of sppclul taxes for p-ivlirj purpnsi s , si. I
bonds to run not n-oio than twenty iUi i ye us ,
audio bear Intonsi pjyal'lu huiiil-amiiiully
at u rnto not exceed u. live iiij per cuntpor.m-
nuiu , ulth conions ] all u-hcil. to he cullu I
I'avlns Hoiidi , ' anil not to ho .soli ) forlos
tliiin ] iir. ; the proceeds of Mlilcllli.ill hu u-H.'d
for no other pui-iosu | tlinii p i.vlii-'llio cost ot
paving , rep.ivliiK or iiinj.ulam 71m ; the Intor-
secllons of streets nml spnus : onpoll itlluw--
In said elty , or In front of real csl.tto not sub'
Jout to assessment of t.ixus foi | ii\lnjr ;
J-ecilon : . ' . That said iiicstoii | : and propnsl-
tlon shall bo submitted to said electors eoliiti
la thu proper foim piovlilmi by law
ballots , with the winds "Yes. " "No. ' prln eil
tbureon. All of s.-itd ballots buvln an "X
murk foilowlne Ihu woril "Yes. " .shull be
L-cuiiti-d In favor of Issiiln. fulil bonds mill all
of .tld ballots hurliiir an "X" mark following
the woid "No , " shall lo counted und eonslil-
viuil us n ulnst tlio Issuln ; of said bonds.
Section : i this ordinancu slmll liku
uiroctund bo In force from and utter Its p.isv
1'nsscd September 3th. Is ! ) . ' .
Oltv 1'iorlc.
f. U ClIAl'KKi ; ,
Aetlii ? President Ulty t'ounoll.
Approved Seplumberhtli. lei1- .
All ord iiiiui'o orontlir iti-oet linpi'ovenient
illstrli'l No. ISI in llio city of Omaha , foi
the liiipmiMU of llio. si reel In sild dlslrli'l
by onriiliig and p.ivlug and alloulng llility
( lays tu the iuoii-ity ] ov\ nuts In salil dlitiu'l
In uhleh to doiiTinliio anil UoiiguatK tin1 IIKI-
torlal ile.slio.l to ho useil foi'snuh impioMiu :
Ic Itordu no.l liy tlio city council of the i"ty
of Omaha :
Hocllnn I. Tint Street Iiupiovoinunt Ills-
rlcLNo. IN' ! for the Iniprovln. of tlio sttt'Ot lit
aid district Is hereby vtuatetl In the eltyol
) maliu.
i-oollon" . Thatstri'Ut linprovoniuiitillstrii'l
No. 4K'I shall comprKo ( Jl.u-o street fiom Ihu
vestllnoof the Omaha Holt railway's nirlit
if-way to Ihu eust llnr of tht UlileuKO. St I'-iul
Iliino'ipolls anii Omalia rnllw.iy'H rluht-ot
vay. In the city ofOinnlm. and shall inrlml *
ill lot-i and ieil : est.ite DII bolli sides of saiil
tieot baric u dlstanco of ono hiiiulieil ami
lilrly-t\vo feet fiom Iln : north and south llni'i
if 8 ild street , an. I II Is heioby ileclarod necua
ary to Impiovo llio sumo.
Suction II. That streut inipiovomoiil dls-
rlct No , 4SI la the city of Oinali.i bo and tlm
amo Is hereby ordoicU Impioxojhy eniljin
Hid paving tl'os imo.
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nil Hoard of I'nMlo Works l Hornby d -
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An ordlnuneo ( irdurln : the aurliliix of OJh
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stops IOOIIUSUH Id wink to bo ( lonn ,
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Heel Ion I , 'That OtliHtiuei from I'licillUMtriml v
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ordered oiirbed with t'olornilo I HlilldHtOIIO II"- >
eordhiK to MiocllI'Mtloiu ' on llio In the olllue of
the board of imhllu win KH.
.St-cllon a. That Iho b-rir.l of pnhllo workH IH
hereby dlrcoted to t-iKo the nocuauary stops to
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Hucllon.'l. Thnt tlid oriliniiiico Hlnill tnk
ulfuet and be In force from und uflur ItH puuit
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( Jlty oiurk.
Autlnu President CoiincIL
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