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BUnily Development in tha Application of
the Subtle Unseen Forca.
of Iho SUtriiKo llnttcry Sjulr-in for
Urivhii ; Strrrt ( 'itrK 1'um nnd I'luili
I.igliU UVlillnir I'Miplutci by
Klcrtrlcily Niilod ,
Not lone ape the question of provlJInR best.
tcr futilities for Iho transportation of farm
prod u co from the Hold to the market wan asl-
tatoJ , nna i > , was shown that not only could
Iho pro Ills of farming In some districts bo
greatly increased by the installation of rail
ways with wa < ; on propelled by electricity ,
but Unit the value of land over a largo nrea
mlvrht bo almost doubled by a scrvlco which
enabled the farmer to reall/.o the full bonollt
of every product of his farm. In certain
times of the year the roads nro in many
places so hcnvy and Impassable for wagons
that the produce of farms , and especially of
"truck" farina , has to ho anil waste , ns there
is no means of Dotting It to market , nnd a
most valuiiblo crop , on which the farmer has
placed his main rolluneo In osilinutltic his
yoirly piollls , inay thus , by an unfavorable
turn of the weather , be rendered valueless.
An rlcctno line , with sidings Into which the
Inulo oar of the farmer might bo shunted ,
and from which it could easily bo
picked up when loaded , would remedy
this , nnd already the idea U being
carried out. A correspondent writing re-
cenily Irom Iho trucKfnrmtng region of
eoutlionitoni Virginia , describes an Inter
esting scene in wnlch nil clement In dirly :
American llfo and an Illustration of motlern
progress were brought Into curious contrast.
As some visitors were examining the "old
Kplsuopal church" of tlio vonoi'iiblo town of
Hampton , Iwo clootrlo Hat cars were seen
rapidly passing down an adjacent line on
their way lo Old 1'olnt , loaded to tholr full
cauaclty with potatoes , o.ibbagcs , cucum
bers and tom.itoev The writer nddod : "Wo
bcllevo this lo bo the llrst point In the world
where 'tutors uro toted to niurkol1
by electricity. The slirht was n novel ono.
Un OIIQ hand wus Iho old church wilh its
Ivy-covornd walls , and Us old tomostones
V ilnling back to 1700 , nnd within twenty foot ,
; was nn electric line currying farm products
to market.Vhenthlssyslomof transpor
tation becomes genera ) , It is easy to see what
an immense Impetus will bo given to the ag
ricultural resources of the country.
blnrain tl'i urlrs.
A rorrnipondont of thu Now York livening
Post recently has given a very Intolllgoninc-
count ot n stor.igo-battcry svstom which has
been In operation Blnco April , 1SHI , on the
Milford & Ilopcdnlo railway in Massachus
etts. There nro six miles of track mid six
cars , of the size and typoof the ordinary two-
liOno street rnr. There Is a long erado of
4 or C > per rant , and a short ono of 10 uer cent.
When running down grade the motor nets ns
a dynnmo , thus performing the double ofllco
of checking the speed of the cur and of ic-
turning lo iho Uuuorics a portion of the en
ergy which had been previously abstracted
from ibem in ascending tuo incline : n con
ceptlon duo , wo believe , to Mr. P. J.
Spruguo.- The statement is made tbat
on ono round trip a series of precise
measurements showed that 17 per
cent of iho total energy drawn from the
batteries was returned to thorn In this way ,
The churning plnnt consists of two -Might (
dynamos and two ( iU-borso power engines ,
ont , of wnlch , prcsumaoly , is used as a ro-
sorvo. The weight of battery curried by
ouch car is given ns1IUO pounds , and is
placoil , as usual , under the side scats. The
Btatomont is made tlmt two 7 > f-horso power
motors are found to bo nmnlo for the cars
used , while with the trolley system two J5-
borso power motors are usedin recent
practice , fur the same Bizu of car. This com
parison is , of course , wholly fallacious. Inus-
much us the capacity ot n motor to perform
n pivcu amount oi mechanical work
depends upon the quantity of electri
cal cncrcy utilized by It , and cannot
possibly bo utTcutod by a tl'fToronco Ui iho
character of the source wliLuco It has been
derived. If equal work is to bo done motors
of equal capacity must bo used. The plnnt
described seems to have boon designed and
iimmigcd In an unusually Intolllccnt manner ,
nr.n the rosulU attained cannot fall to bo of
value Unllko nny svstfim of central station
distribution , the problems to bo mot and
overcame In respect lo the successful appli
cation of iho slorago battery In n small plant
like this ( ! o not differ intrinsically from those
which would bo presented In nn Installation
of n I most nny com-oivablo dimensions. The
dinicultics which would bo encountered In
an enlargement of the field of operations
would bo administrative ratbor than techni
7 cal.
iii'ctrlc I'.IIIK.
I The Intense heal of Ibo surcmor which is
DOW waning tmb caused a phenomenal d -
\ velopmont of the fan-motor trade , and the
oppcurunco of ninny now forms of fan. Ono
of these is so constructed aa to rovolvoon Its
pedestal , so thai when placed in tlio center
of n table it throws out Its cooling air wnvo ;
In everv direction. But the crentcst novelty
Is the fan outfit by which the sufforur from
heat CUM walk tlio streets with impunity
when the mercury is tarrying In the OS's.
During the lust hot wave a man win seen
xralklng down the most crowded street in a
largo city with u unlq > io loud. Ho had in
his hnii'fa storage cell , about the size of a
band vnllsc , and in his leu ho carried u
tripod on ttio head of which was fixed n fan
tnotcir , A lloxlblo cord connected the motor
With Iho buttery cell , nnd thu fan wus spin
ning nwuy at a rule that i. reduced n lively
brorzo nil around , Thuro are , perhaps , low
people who nrc dospornto or enthusiastic
enough lo carry their fun-motor with them
In tholr peregrinations through n rrowdcd
etn-et , but that Iho thing Is possible bus
now boon demonstrated.
Mimh right SluiiulM.
The Interesting exp rlmont of signaling
with u powerful electric flush light from the
turumlt of Mount Washington had alroadv
boon urouglil to a nucco-ibful trial and Its re
sults n ro llKoly to provo of much value in
developing now posMhllllio-i of long distance
communication. Mesnueos were recently
sent to Portland , n dlsUnco of eighty-live
miles , by flashing the Intense uloctrlo bourn
Into tlioskv in long und short Hashes , ropro-
onllng the dashes nnd dots respectively of
the Morse alphabet , which were easily road
Oy n toll-graph operator ut Portland from
tno tlluhilnallon of the heavens. The direct
source of light iv.n. of course , far balow tlu
horizon , ttia shaft of light ut Mount tVnsh-
Ington being projected Into the sky nt an
angle ofIT)0. .
.Nil vi' I llulUoyn f.iuitnriiN.
The experiment which has boon tried In
London of supplying the metropolitan ( .olico
ferro with am. ill eleotrio lamps Instead of
the ordinary bullsoyo iunlorii Is snld to have
Uron untlrnly Aucccssful. The lump usoil
weighs four pouml , und is guuranteod to
give u continuous light for seven hours. It
( ins proved so handy ami itfTocllvo Unit the
London "iramw.iy" companies have boon led
lo tnko up tno ijtioillon of permunenllv
adopting elrolnUty for lighting. It is qulta
possible thnt before long tlio xloruga u.uiorv
will como Into use In Ungland fo'r
train lighting ,
roxtiil Tuliigrapli
The's ' thli ty-elghth
annual report , which has Just been issued ,
contuliib 11 % usual uomo InloieHling fealurus
relating to ihu loli'graph scrvlco of the
United Klni'ilom. IJuring the financial vour
IB'.U-'JJ ) ) ordinary inland
- over 57,01)0,001) tele
grams were Iruiismittod ; an Inct-ease uf
nearly (1 ( P'T cent on the number for the
prtivlmis twelve months. The annual value
of cucrt telegram dUputchcd has , liownver ,
como down from 7.87 to 7.77d , the toul ro-
celplN froir Inland lo'.cgr.iuis ' for IB'Jl-.lj ' be.
Ing 1,848,97-1. The total number of telo-
grnms of all sorU which were dispatched
la t year amounted to nearly 70.001,000 und
brought in iiiJft.OOO.UOO ! taking telegram * of
ull sorts , tlio increase for Iho past your li
only about S per cent. The receipts from the
London-Paris telephone for iho llrttt your of
lu oxMoiico have uniouiitod to i' I , til I ) , und
the mi in bor of o.invorsatloiiii In April lust
was noiirlv double tbo number whli'ti took
place In April , ISDI.
Ititlhuiy Mum Wlthojit lrUliiluti | .
The recent tests of welding slreet rullwaj
rails by electricity witti n view to ilUpcnslni ;
tUbplittea huvo bcon entirely BUCCOH-
ful. The tests liavo proved that tbo neces
sity of Jultiii to provlao for contraction nnd
expansion Is not so Imperative as onRlneors
bnvo tipno ed ; out tlio data upon which this
remit Is based Imvo not yet boon madu pub
lic. It tviu ftu nd possible to weld electrically
two pieces of stool of twcnty-flvo snunro
Inches section , mid tnoreloro n solid rail
four or flvo miles long bo produced If ro-
Vnrloiu Nolrs.
All 8 in Dlejro cars will run bjr oloclrlclty.
The Central railroad of Now Jersey Is to
be equipped with the electric block sisnal
Inunndcscent lump * nro successfully em
ployed by divers ns senrchliRiits on the bottom
tom of tiio sen.
Wonderful progress 1ms boon mtulo of late
In the application or use of electrical force
or power in the operation of mines.
The contracts awarded for electric street
lighting In Cincinnati provide for under
ground wires , ornamental lampposts on
street corners with nhados and rcllcclors ,
The cost nor lamp per year I ? $34.00.
Electrlcally.propallod launches to the num-
bur of forty nro to bo provided for carrying
pnssoneors on the lagoons of Jncksoti park
during the World's ' fair. A contract for
their construction has already boon muUo
with a Now York llrni.
An oioutrlc railway Is belnR built between
Fonda , Johnstown , nnd Glovorsvlllc , N. bT.
which Is Intended to commits with existing
steam roads between these points. The road
U designed for nasseiiKnr , frotcht nnd pon-
'jinl sorvlco , and will cost , with construction
nna equipment , ? S1)0,0 ) > )0. )
Milan , which Is said to bo the best lighted
city In Europe , has two contra ! stations lor
Konornliti electricity equipped with Ainorl-
CMn machinery. In beautiful I'nrls electric
lightlni ; has not yet coma into such pone nil
use nnd favor as in the greater number of
cities in the United States.
The fanner nl IliuVont \Viirnril of Unit
I'opnllKt Democratic lllcUcrln tint Sinitli.
Biu.MixniiAM , Alu. , Sept. L . To the
lidltor of Tun HUE. To ono fnmillar with
the machine politics of the southern de
mocracy the pyrotechnic display over the
recent election in Alabama Is somewhat ,
umusiiiR. To appreciate its full tnoaulnir
you need to consider n few points apparent
ly of n serious and honest purpose , but really
nn Indirect Index to the great olcctlou farce.
The wise men of the south said to the strong
men of the west : "Wo will give you
Alabama sure , nnd several other southern
slates. " The strong men of tlie west , re
plied : "So bo it ; wii will glvoyou in return
Nooraska , Colorado niul other states , nnd in
l tint way , as you have said , wo will at least
throw the election of president into the
house , and of course they will bo obliged to
elect , us a comnronmc , our own General
Weaver. " To this the wise men of the
south smiled assent and concord.
To in n lie sure that the west shall
Keep Its plcdco , the wtso men
of tlio south open the pauo of the. now and
honest history with n chanter on " .Alabama
revolution In politics. " Ono doinocrut beats
another democrat for the ofllco of chief exec-
uiive of the stuto. Two democrats expend
every energy , effort and "heaps" of money
in n heated campaign of six months in tin
effort to secure the primaries , and thereby
secure the nomination In the stiilo conven
tion. Governor Jones wins in tuts tuco nnd
secures the nomination for governor. Now
it Is settled , u "Ilxed fact , " that in the south
n dcmocratio nomination is thosamo thing as
an election , It only precedes the Jutier : i
short time. Hut In this instance it was
different. In the iirst place , two democrats
nosed for the honors. They were the same
who at the preceding election competed for
the nomination. This tune Captain IColb
dolermr.iod to ignore the domocrntln rule ,
and instead of quietly submitting to his
defeat in the convention no announced him-
pnlf as the Held candidate. The alliance or
people's party fell into lino. All ottior
parties stay out of the field , nnd
the great mcnagerlo begins its parade , under
the banner inscribed , "A free ballot ana a
fair count. " Of course they will have both ,
now tbat both-nrmios are led by democratic
generals. For further security neninst n
possible or accidental stray Ballot , extra precautions -
cautions are taken. An extra relay of rlou
tion Judtres uro stationed , by the Kolb pirty ,
with ballot sheets at the various voting pre
cincts. The voting over , these extra judges
nro pounced upon by the Jones party , their
election records taken , and tnuy turned
loose wiser than they HIM comfortable.
From every Indication the machine was
working usually well. The largo Kolb ma
jorities , ti4 they were cast , were ousilv meta
morphosed on ibolr way through the internal
canals of the machine nnd came out all right
for Jones. No ono , not oven Jonas himself ,
doubts Kolb's election by a bnndsoma ma
jority , but that's nothing ; Jones Is in , and
nus the machine in his control. Tbat settles
it. Kolb knows this as well as Jones. But
while there may bu u perfect understanding
between the two irroui leaders , still Is It nec
essary to mane It appear to tbo western
furmord that Kolb will carry it to the
courts , win , and in November glvo tbo
electoral vote to Weaver. The fact is thorn
U no statute in Alabama by which Kolb can
carry the election to the courts nnd cot n
verdict. The legislature has carefully
guarded that point in order to prevent the
republican party from appealme to the courts
under like circumstances. But the bluster
ing will go on until the morning of the No
vember election with a view to create u divi
sion in the western vote in favor of Cleve
land , anil on election day the whole crowd ,
Tom , Dick and Harry , of all persuasions In
Uio south , will , as usual , lull Into line m the
crack of the bosses' whip and avcry man of
them , to the last man , will "vole for Cleveland -
land and homo as against the force bill und
niireor rulo. "
1 have Just soon an artlclo in tbo Alabama
Christian Advocate which buys. : Graver
( Jluveland is In correspondence with Hovcral
inlluontial colored democrats. " How the
"negro , or colored gentleman of inlluenco"
will he cultivated until after the elcciion !
And then how the "d - d nigger" will bo
cursed and beaten and banced ubout ,
sbot and lynched without 1udgo
or Jury Oy these same tomler ,
cuinpassiuuntu democratic demagogues.
Tlio tsrm ' Inlluontial colored democrat * " Is
very bignlllcant. Mow long since the do-
mocracv of AUbainu made the discovery ]
No doubt having made such discovery her * .
after the "inlluenlial colored" man will have
influence sufllciont with bourbon democracy
to secure for him u fair trial before tlio civil
law. For this wo will bopufully loolc after
tlio election has passed , and the real true
friend of notelmply the "Inlluenlial colored
democrat" with which "Grovor Cleveland
U in corrospondL-nco" but the true friend of
the entire colored race , President Benjamin
Harrison , shall bavo been rn-oloctod to the
white bouso.
Farmerof the grout and prosperous west
cununiufTara to bu duped and misled by the
wily politician * of the southern democracy.
With these politicians It , Is anything to boat
u good , honoil , sturdy , patriotic administra
tion. Koine m btir that the old bourbon de
mocracy of Ibo south controls the democ
racy of the north. Democratic govnrnment
infant ) u gonuinn southern administration ,
with the elements ot the old confo.loraoy . at
the bottom molding our laws and shaping
our nr.tlonal dustlnv. They can't bu trusted
with the pilot house nnd helm of the crnnd
old ship of Htato. All of this goody-
goody , wlshy-wushv fraternizing is
all poppycock. They go up north
nnd unjoy the splendid hospitality of
the most , uonm'ous and forgiving people on
the glebe , nnd tell them huw completely re
constructed they uro and "wo ro ono people ,
ono country , one common brotherhood , " etc , ,
and then return nnd maliu their "successful
blind" the text for many a discourse to their
follows who gather In ho.ol lobbies , hulK
clubs , country stores , otc. The writer hoird
ono of these distinguished gentlumni. Colonel
, niiito to bis uudlenca of loallng poli
ticians In front of a hotel In the slmdo upon
nhot day ; "Voj , 1 IIUo to bavo thu d d
Yankee como down hero so long us ho has
any money lo spend and wo can maka
him profitable to tin , but beyond that I
haven't a d - d bit of USD for him. " And
jrt'l idls very Colonel - would go north
and talk love aud union , etc. , until the Yanks
would go wild over him nnd his most loyal
and hosnltablo constituency. These very
fellows are affecting party division auu
political reformation In the south for the sola
purpose of bpodwluklug iho honoit , con tid
ing farmer and laborer In the uorlh In bopos
U' 'ruby lo secure n real division In the re-
pu oilcan party In the north and throw the
election Into the hands of tlio democrats. Let
iho record of thu past democracy aud
southern douuiroBUm bo u warning to tbo
f annum of the west. L.EWKX ,
Interest In the far west u often a per cent
mouth. lu rouioto royfoui It U rarely lost
, han 1 per cent n monthon fiooJ security ; on
poor security It is more.
Thosottlor who takes up liuid Is nltnott
always hard nre sod for money. Ho hnt to
borrow at the highest current rates. If ho
can offer a first mortgage on a good r.innn to
which ho holds an absolute tltlo ho can do
bettor , or If ho can sell off n piece of his land
ho may bo able to pull through without bor
rowing at nil. But It takes him from six
months to live years to provo un on his claim
and sometimes three or four years rnoro to
got his patent. During nil thU time ho has
no title that would bo considered first class
county for a ban. and no opportunity to
oil Ills land In subdivisions , or , in fact , in
any other way ,
Un orory $ IMX ( ) borrowed by such a man
the interest charges frequently call for (150
or $200 a year. While these expenses are
running on ho may see un opportunity to Im
prove his clrcumstnnuos by moving somewhere -
where oUo , but until his patent is secured ho
does not dare to leave his claim.
What would it bo worth to such n man to
bavo bis patent issued within from three to
six months after final proof ! Certainly the
nmonnt that would bo saved In another six
months in interest charges would seem reasonable
enable enough. And yet the result can
usually bo attained for n gbod deal less. A
trustworthy ngont In Washington , familiar
with the procedure of the gonornl land office ,
and knowing Just bow to deal with nvory delay -
lay , can almost always got a land case
through in a moderate space ot time , and
for n fco which , in view ot tbo Im
portance of the service , Is merely
nominal. The onlv trouble Is to find the
trustworthy ngont. The government is
slow but sure , mid It would bo bolter for the
settler to trust himself to its leisurely routine
than to fall Into the hands of ono of the
pirates who are too numerous In Washington
and who would never let him go ns lone us
ho had u com capable of extraction. The
Duly snfo course is to select some aeent with
\\hom the claimant Is personally acquainted.
And how many nuonclcs nro there in
Washington with whoso management the
nvoraca western settler has this personal
acquaintance ? There is only ono to our
knowledge , livery mau west of the
Mississippi knows oltbcr Tun OMUIA lJic : ,
the San Francisco Examiner or the St. P.ul
Pioneer Press. An agency vouched for by
these great Journal ; , or nny of them , approaches
preaches thu western homo with credentials
that put it on at least with an equal footing
with nny local attorney whom the rancher
moots and talks politics with every day.
The man who deals with Tin : Hni : Bureau of
Claims deals with Tin : OMAHA Br.n and its
associate Journals , and that means every
If out ol order , use Besenam's Pills.
G'/.l/.l/.t .IAW C'l.tlM .U1EX2H.
The United States government has acquired
the reputation of bolng about the most ex
asperating debtor on the fueo of the earth.
All Its obligations nro debts of honor. No
court can on force a Judgment against It , and
so leisurely Is It In settling Its undisputed
dues ttmt Just claims upon It are often be
queathed from generation to generation us
legacies of poverty , subjeotlnir the holders to
greater hardships than if no attempt had
ever boon made at collection. French spolia
tion claims that accrued nearly 103 years ago
are still unpaid , although the government
early In the century exacted a settlement
from France , under Iho terms of which it
pledged itself to rnako a complct'3 settle
ment , Andrew Juckuoti threatened war be
cause the French government , had delayed
the payment of certain American claims foe.
fovoral years , but sixty years have claused
since that time , and the government of tbo
United States is still in default on obliga
tions incurred thirty years before.
Ono of Ibo principal reasons for tbo indif
ference of so many statesmen to the main
tenance of the public faith is tbo fact that
after a certain period of waiting claimants
often become discouraged and allow the
major Interest In their claims to pass into tbo
hands of rapacious attorneys. When con
gress falls to make provision for meeting a
mossgrown obligation In does not feel that
it is wronging the original creditor , to whom
payment is Justly due , but morelv that it is
keeping a clamorous claim agent out of bis
booty. Thu real creditor Is not felt to bo In
It In any event.
The chances of collecting honest claims
would be much Improved if thn greed of at
torneys could bo kept within bounds. If the
claimant would rutuso to part , with any in
terest in his property , merely employing un
agent to look after bis case lor a lixcd and
moderate Too payable when siiccnssful , ho
would remain lu a position to command Iho
respectful attention of the government , and
instead of his position growing worbo by
delay every day tnat passed without a settle
ment would give his demand for rodrnss
more weight.
Tut Bui : Bureau of Claims docs not nslt n
partnership in tuo catos it handles. It is
satisfied to act in iho interest of its clients ,
and it would no more think of demanding
half or two-thirds of its collections us a con
tingent foe than a real estate agent would
think of demanding part ownership in a
house for collecting tbo runt. The fact that
u ca e is prosecuted by TIIK BEG Bureau is
prima facie proof to the government officials
that the rightful owner of the claim is still
, n a position to receive its benefits.
There is no species of negotiations between
private citt/ciis and the government in which
iho Intervention of the Bureau would not
provo useful. Sufferer * from Indian depre
dations , old soldiers , widows and orphans
entitled to pensions , settlers desiring to per
fect their litlo to public land" , inventors
seeking ( lawless patents , ex officials trying
lo secure Iho final settlement of their ac
counts , contractors attempting to obtain
payment for supplies in short , all who do-
tlru the government to talce some action with
which red tape , indolence , legal dilllcullie.s
or oilier obstacles bavo interfered can attain
their objects by the help of TIIK BP.U , if at-
tuinnrjnt bo possible at nil.
\ ( Tasteless-Effectual. )
5 ron A i.i.
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J Stomach. Giddiness , Fullneti. Swelling after
S Meals. Diziineii , Drowtinei > , Chilli , Flush.
J Ings of Heat. Loss ol Appetite , Shortness ol
Breath. Coitivenc's , Scurvy. Blotches on lha
Skin , Disturbed Sleep , Frightful Dreams , All
< ; Nmous and Trembling Sensations , and IrS -
S regularities Incidental to Ladles.
! ; Covered with a Tasteless nnd Solnblo floating.
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Etc. A Delightful Shampoo.
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"SANATIVO , " lh
Wonclorftil Jippulsh
Ucmcily , U rold with a
Wrltlon Ouaranloo
locuru nil NCIVOIII Ills *
ra > cs , Btich M Wralc
Memory , Ian cfllinla
I'owor , HenU&chc ,
\V Vcnilnc.'UI.o t.Mnn.
hood , KervouintM , Iju-
Bltmlr , nil OinlM5 nud
EJoforo & After Uso. Idfli of iKiwcr of tlio
rholoRraplieil from life. OrnernllVQ OIUIMU In
. m . plllirr ( PI , caused lijr
OTvrxeitlou , joutliftil liidiwrollomor the pirfulri
iso oftnli.irtn. nplutn , nr ntliiuilnnt * . v\lilcli uUhtmtely
ttmlto Iiillnnlty , Oin uin | > tlon nnd lii'niiltv Tut up
lu con\pnletit Turin tit rnrrv In the \ftt | iockrt. 1'ilce
(1 n pncknKP , ot ti fiir J3vllli cvtry Jl onlti wo Ki\e a
rltlon aunrantoo to euro or rofmul the
iiioiioj. pnt by mult tu nnv luldren . C'lrculnr free
In i li\hi envelope. Mrntlon tlih im | > er. AnJiCM ,
HAD.IID CHEMICAL CO. , Iiranch onico foi U. S. A ,
SM DwirlKim SlrrM. CHK.'AfiO , 11,1 , .
Ruhr & Co. , Co.r 13th & DouKlni St.i.
A Fuller A Co. . Cor l lh Iii'utla 5i
Anew nnl Complota Trentiiant , conilitln ? o <
Supnoiltorlai. Ointment In I'.ipjuloi , 11)90 ) In llux
nnil rills ; a I'jiltlro Cure for imerntl. Internal
bllndor UlouctlnitltahlnK. Uaronlo , Hoaentor lloroll-
tarr IMIoi. TiiU llamaJr ha * never loon known to
fall. tlpor box. ti furjj ; sontby mull. WliysiiiTorfrtfTi
tlilj torrlblo < ltioi > 9 nlion n wrlltin uunrintj3 Is
positively ulron with C ooxoior rofnnJ thoinonoy If
not enroll Sunt : ntatnp for free Samplo. ( liiirnntua
lnsueJ byKulin A. Co. , DtuxK\iH \ , Solo Avcnti , cornar
litli und DOII KM mroeu un : . hi. Neb
The name beslowed upon n certain popular
came of cards , Is a lame , imlnteresllDR affair ,
compared wltli tbtt Importance altached to Ibe
tafe , speedy , scientific aud permanent cure ol
tno above-nainoil diseases , aa performed by
lno'e wonderfully skllHul and Justly celebrated
Kings ot Specialists ,
Wbo. In Iho treatment and cure of ouch
delicate maladies as
Syphilis , Stricture ,
Seminal Weakness ,
H.ydroeele , Varicocele ,
Female Weakness , s
Piles , Fistula ,
Rectal Ulcers ,
Sexual Diseases.
And all kindred Ills , hare no equals In America.
Send 4 cent ! ( or handsomely Illustrated 120 *
page book.
Consultation free. Call upon or addreii
with taroD ,
South MthSt. , N R.Uornorl4th ana
Douglas Sis. , Omaha , Nob.
III I.urgenl , Faileit DtiA , In the Vfo'li ,
lT nKi rBoroinod Joii uiiei.ellou.
KVCTT Balardoy ,
N15W YOIIK , ( ; inilil.Tiil : nnd NAPLES ,
. ' . rceular InterTnld.
ratcnonluwCBttiirniHto nnil from llio principle
OSOTC3 , t 3Lnn , lEian i ALL COOTIHIIITAL rcnuo.
Kicurslon tlekuU nrMlablnlu return liy either Iho plo
tur s < iuo Clyitn A North nt lieluiil or Naples < t UlUnutar
triP.i il L'ct 7 Order ] for Air JLnout tt Icvett Bitia ,
Applr lo any of our local Afontnorto
JJItOTHKKS. C'lllouBO , 1U.
-VtM UN IWfd Ail'lif iec . T. I'tj Iva
\Valtuu. A. li " . ltxaurl.
'saefes'.gftAvjsMj inntlnitrurtlon '
jrr r. AOdrcja E. .DUI.LAIID. bun , J ckw = lll < ) .
A thorough ncboot , I'rrriaick fur College or
Jluslnn.Vltliln'JO mllmofBt. I.oiils. Add re S3
OOL. WILLIS UnOWH , Superintend , . .
An ordinance ) croalini : sewer tllslrlct No lfl" > ,
dcllnlue Us limits , sl/.o of sewers und olov i-
UOIIM. nnd dlru"tlii llio bourd of tinlillo
wotksio tnko tlio nr-cess.iry slops to oaiiso
llio const ! notion uf tlic sunur In said ills-
Ir ol.
lie It ordained by llio ulty council of Iho clly
of Dinah i :
Section i. Sewer district No. 163 Is hereby
created In llio oil v of Omaha.
Section : . ' . Tluil sewer dUlrlct No. 101 shall
comprise the following lots and ir.iels of r ul
ostalo : I.nls H hlo2k 1. lots I , : . ' . : i.I. . f > . ( i. T. X. U.
10 , IT and IS blouic S | lols 1. 4. r > . ft T , 8 nnil D
block II ! lots 1.1 ! . II , 4. i > ,0 , 7 mil H. block 8 : lols
'A 4 , B , 6 , 7. S n nil 1) ) blouk ! ) j A. S. I'.ilrl k's tuldl-
lion : IntslOj und 10(1 ( ( J ses'addition : lot 4 of
KIuek'Hsubof partof lot 100 Glso.s'addition ;
nil In the city ot Omiiha.
Soutlnn : i Thnt hOtter district No. IK" > shall
bo constriuitod UH follows : Unpinning nt the
brick suwor ut south line of Corby sire-eland
in ihticonlerof "tilh slreet nt nn elevation of
47.0 foot nbovo the oltv iliituin , thence alona
tbo contur of " ( lib street with u 11 Inch plpo
sow or to n iiinnholo In the center of Maple
street ut nn olnviitlon ol 111.'I feet : ihcnco cast
nh.iu the center nT Maple street with n 1. Inch
pipe sow or to a manhole i feet ouslof the v\ost
line of SSth sttpctat nn elevation of M.4 font ,
thence alont : 2.1th Mrent with uiiKlncli tilpc
sewer lo u llnsh tunU " ) fcol sonlli of U.isslu.s
Ntieut and Ili.Ii feet o ist of uest line of > th
streotat nn oloviitlon of KLfl.
Also boKlnnlns ul llio nuinholo In the center
of Kith nnd Miiplo stieot iitnii olovatlon of ll'i ' :
foot , tbenco alons canter line of M anlu strict
lo u llnsb tanltli'i feet east of 271 hstioot. nt nn
olovatlon of .M.4 foot.
All tlioaforesultl I'levutlons tolioalllin How
lines of said sewers at the points n.'imcd.
The nllcnnioiiloand unities of said sewers lo
bo H | might lines but ween iinin holes and otltur
points spocllled , ns fur us pracllciiblo. nnd ac
cording lo plans and Illod with
the board of iiiiblio works.
Slv Inch Junction pieces shall bo p'ncod In
suld sow ere very ' - . " > feet , or us directed In wrlt-
InsJ by Ibo clly onKlneor ,
Sewer Inlfls shall bo constructed in sild
sewer distrct at such points us llio city en
gineer may direct.
AloiiK ull plpo acwurs In s'lld district n line
of 4-lncli iiiiKui/oil llio drain sluill bo laid on
ouch sldo ot tbo pipe srwor and tiuiir the bol-
toni of tbo Ironeh.
Kuch line of drain tlio shall bo connoUed
with the sewer ut the manholes
SoitlotU. Thnt tbo board of public works is
hereby Instrncled totako iho necessary slops
to canso the construction of the sewer In said
Section5. That this or.llnanco slrill t'llco
c flout and to lu force from and utter Us p'laa-
I'assod PopteniborSnd. 18D2.
dltv Clorlt
Actlnc President Ulty Council.
Approved Seulcmbir Gth. 18 ! ) . ' .
CEO. i > . HIMIS. :
An ordln.inco or.lorln : : Ibo linprovlnz of nd
struct fiom 1'opplolon aviintio to tlie south
line of tax lot , 'II' . suction L'7 , ip IS , r.iiiKo 13.
In slreet Iniprovonicnt district No. 47suId
Improving to consist of pivliiK with white
Uolorano sunilstonc. und directing thn boart *
of pnblla works to tal < u the necessary steps to
ciinso such work to Lo dono.
Wheroas. iho nriyur und oltv council of the
city of Oin.iha Imvo ordered Iho linnrdvln ; of
--'nil street from I'opp eton avenno lo the
south line of lav lot 'id. section 'J7. tp l.'i ranuo
Kl , In slreot iniprovcinnnt district No. 47. ,
by paving llio s.iino and allowo I Ihtrly days
lo uroporiy owners In which lo ( loslunatu and
doloi mine Ihe nrilcrlul desired lo boused for
such p ivln'- . and thusild thlrly dnvs havoovplrod
nnd llio ptoperlv owners oun n llio majority
of iho frnntnuu In sild iinn-ovemeiH district
have petlllonod for Iho pavliiK of s.ild street
In snia district with wb to Colorado sandstone
Whereas , In add'tlon ' to such designation of
niuteriiil bv said ownurs. Iho mayor ami city
conncll of said city do hereby determine iinon
llio mater al so HJI 'ctlled as the material lo bo
used for such iiavlnn. thcroforo.
Itn It ordnlned by llio city council of Iho oily
of Omnlia :
Socllon 1. That that partof 22nd street from
1'opp'eton avenue to the south line of lax lot
: ; , section L'T , Ip ! . ' > , r.uiKO ii. : In street 1m-
lirovoMiont.dlst.rlot No. 4 ? ' . ho and llio s line Is
horciiy ordered Improved , said Improvement
to consist of navlnw wllh white Colorado sand-
slonc. uccoidltiK to the spcclllcnlloi.t on file In
Iho olllco of the board of publlo works.
.Secllon - . That tlio bo.ird of public works Is
hereby ordered to c KISO said work to bo done
an i to filler Inlo contract for tbo sinowitli
llio lowest responsible bidder under thespool-
llcatlons on llio in Ibo olll-oof s nd board.
Secllon II That lln > ordinance take direct
nnd bo n force from and aflor Its passage.
I'lihsod September-.d. IMI2.
, J lty Olerk.
Acting I'resldnnt Ulty Council.
Approved Soploinhcrillh , Ih'l. ' .
OHO. I' . HEM IS ,
An or'dlnanco oiderlns the Improving of UMrd
htrt'ot from Sllclnan slrrol lo Nlcholns
HtiuJt , In Hi rent Improvement district xo.-Illti
said imprnvlii'i lo consist of pavln wllh rod
Colorado s.'inilslonc , ami dlrecllir the board
of public woiKs to luke Die noccaiary slops
lo cause hiich work lo bo done.
Whereas , tbo mayor and ulty council of the
cltv of Omaha bavo ordered the Improvliu-of
2lrd street from Mlclil an street to .Nicholas
Hlroot , In street Improviimcnt dlsirlct No. I'M ,
by paving the .same , and allowo I thirty days
to tlin propel ty ownor.s in which todosl nato
and delormlno thb material desired to bo used
fur such pavlriu' . nnd
Whoruns. thn s'lld thlrly days have oxplroil
nnd Ibo pronorty owners owning the mulorlty
of Iho froiitauo In miid linprovoiiiont d strict
bavo potltloned for the u > ivliu of said streoL
In sulu district wilh rcU Colorado sandKtono
und Whereas. In addition to tuicli desUnatlon of
material by said ownor-i Ihe mayor mid o'ty
council of said city do hereby determine upon
the miilorlal MI specified as the material to be
I'sed ' for such liavln . therefore.
Ileltordalnou by thu city council of the olty
of Omnba :
Section 1. That that part of 2'lrd Htreel from
Michigan Miuot to Nicholas Mruot. In Htreel
Improvement district No. 4Hi , i o und the HIIIIIU
Islicioby ordered Improved , mild Improvement
to consist of pavlnir with red Colorado natid-
Ktono. according lo the speulllcatlons on lliu in
tbo olllco of the hoard of publlu works.
Section ' . ' . That the hoard of publlu works Is
hereby ordoied lo cause said work lo bu done
nnd to untur Into contract for tbo uame wllh
llm lowest lespoiiHlblo bidder iindnr the sped-
llcnllonson llio In Ihu olllcu of Haul ho'ird.
outlun.l That UiU ordinance t'iko oll'ccl
nnd bo in force from and after Us IJIINUUKC ,
I'aasod Soiilumbur "nd , WK.
( lltv ( Jlorlc.
O. 1 * OHAKI-'KK.
l Aollui ; I'reshlent Ulty Council.
Approved Seploinborliih , isr,1.
Oij. ! 1IKMIS.
Ur. Bailey , Sr
'i'ho Loitdtn
'llilrd Floor , I'axton Illoac ,
Tolepi ] iiol)85. ( ) lllthauil Funinni Stj.
A f ull ol of loutli on rubber tori ) . 1'urfeot ut
Teeth without plitlo or roinovablo brlilica work
jutl lliu lliluL' for lnitur or publlo ipoakerj , norar
dropdu n.
Oold flllln ? ut ro isoii'iblo r.itai. All work
warranted , Cut Ibla out for u iuldo.
Illdii for ItomU.
The vlllairo of Gordon will receive sealed
blng for JI.D75 worth of witter lion tin. The
bonds uro * ! l > r.M each , 'id yoars. with prlvlloRo
of Diiybik' afterS.viiiirs. Tim bonds are 1 pur
runt. I'nll Inforniatlon ouii bu oblitlnoj by
uildreaalni ; llio villaijo clern
K. 1) . MOliUIHON ,
Gordon , bhurldau Co. , Nub.
iw' .oaujiicusioijoas KIP eir rrurcii ;
2JJ , l vVont.Pcsfcrfjjc.aboTitdiftind .
.U'jshin rrv > ill nAlofyoufcllitt | K P
it I rcKor > . | f youjoot J Kir ; sftjcf to r
AnorilliiuncoonltTlns the nr.idlnznf Trances
stroct from illlh slroot lo lliu wosl Unu of
Windsor I'lui-i' oxtonslon. and dlrri'tlni ; Iho
lio.inl of piiiillu woriis to tiKe : thu nuei'ssnry
MIOP4 lo ( i.iiiic said \Mirk to lie done :
llo It ( irdalncil liy tlio city council of tlio city
of Omaha :
SuL'tlon \Vlicroiii , purnmmint Kradcshavn
liccn I'Stnhtlshed upon , nnd ui | | > r.Users Imvo
iKH'iulnly itpiiolntud by law. to iipprulsu Iho
dnmiiKiiH caused by tint grading of I'r.incoq
slicol from : iltli slri-ot lo Ihu west , llnu of
Windsor I'lnco oxlcnslon , nnd h.ivo
rcpoilod MO daniiiKUH lo Ihu oily council ,
which Has forma ly udouli'd lliu sutnu ; mill
whurcns , propurly owimrs , rcprmontlnu moro
thitn Ihrou-llflhs of lliu propiMly nlmlthr ;
on salt ! porlloni of Iho Hlrcol ubovu < ip ( < clflud ,
Imvo nuilltonod the oily council lo Imvtmnld
sttoul L'r.iiU-il to lliu present cst.ihllsht'd cr.idu
wllhoutcharcu to thu city , and Hint thu cost
bu niuilu [ Kiyablo In ion oqiiul liistillinunts ; ,
thuruforo. rranccs slroi't from Illth sln-ul to
tlioui'st line of Windsor I'laco o.xionslon bu
und herein' Is ordurud iraueil ; lo Iho present
established irrudu.
H'cllon' ! . I'lKit Iho ho i nl of pnbllo works ho
; inil hereby Is dlroclud lo la > u llio nouuss.iry
stops to cause said \\orlt to bo dono.
t-'ucllon : i. This ordlnaiiLT shall tnko ulTcct
und bu In force from and after Its pas.sito : ,
I'ussud Soplumbcr "nil. 1MI. )
JOHN nisovRo.
Oltv { llurk.
o. u oiiAKiN- ! : ,
Aolln * I'ri'sldcnt Uity Council.
Apurovcd Boptoinboriltli. 1S)2. ! )
CiKOKUK I' . lli.MIS : ,
An ordinance ordering the cr.idtn ; of Illth
Rtrowt from I'arnain slreut to llodRU sliunl ,
and dircctlni : thu bo.ird of public works to
laku thu nei'i'ss.iry stops to catisjsuld work
lo be done.
Ito It ord'lined by the Olt.v Cotinull of tlio City
of Omalm :
Sectln 1 , I'urmancnt arados have
hoL'n ostuhllshud upon , und iipiir.ilsurH Imvo
hcun diny apnolntud bv law. to mipr.iUu ihu
duinnKus caused by the grading of : illb street ,
trom I'lirnum ' hlio-it lo Dodnoslreot .ind Imvo
reportcil no dam IKOS to Ihu city councilnblch
nus formally adopted tbo.sanio ; und.Whoruns
properly owners. ruprcsunllnK moro than
thrcu-llfths of thu uropurty abutting on said
portion of thu street above spollliMl , huvo po-
llllonod Ihu city council to have s.ild sticct
Kruded lo Iho present ostnl llshcil srudu.with
out cbarKu lo llio city , nnd tbat tlio cost bu
made payable In one Installment , thon-fim1.
: Uth street from I'M main street to DodKu
dtrrct bu and horoliy Is ordurud Krnuud to thu
jiruscnt csstubllshu I Krudu.
Section 2. That thu bo ird of pnblla works
bemil bercby Is directed to taUo thn necessa
ry stuns to canst ) suld work to bo donn.
Suction : L This ordinance shall take elTecL
und be In force fiom und after Us pussuxu.
I'ussod i-cptembur'-'ml , l 'i. ' .
Ully Olurit
O. L. OHAKKKi : .
Acllnz Prusldunt Oily Council
Aonrovod Soiilcmbur Oth. IV.KL
OKO. I' . 11E.MIS.M .
M ivor.
pltOl'OSAl.S I'-OU ' MdCOriON Ol. ' SUilOOl ,
JbnlldliiKs. . U. 8. Indian Service , Omaha
nndVtnnoba'ro Atfonuy , Ni'b. WliinuhiiKo
riinrston C'onniy , Nub. , AtiKtist'I. ' . I * . ) . ' .
ondoiaed " ' for
Sealed proposals , "I'roposals
Krootlon of School llnlldlo.'s , " and uddrcssud
to the iinder.sU'ncd ut WlnnolmKo , I hurslon
County , Nob. will bo roculvud at this uuiiuy
iinlll onu o'clock p. in , of HoptUiiibor'JIIIi , I Ml- ,
for ihu furnish ns of all nucus-i.iry labor nnd
materials and erect In. noir tbo Wlnnubuio
Agunoy , Nub. , tlirno ( III UVustory br uk school
liulldln s. us pur thu plans and speculations '
which may bo examine I ut the ollluu of lliu
"Hue" of O nalia. Neb , , the "Journal" of
Sou\Olty ! , Iowa , und ut this tiRuncy. UldI I
dors nrurufiulrod to follow Iho "form of urnI I
posnl , " uccomp.uiyln1 ; Iho snoclllcatlons ns .
closulv us thnlr bld.i ulll permit , lllds
slioiild stutulhu uroposu I pneo of each build- !
IIIK unit for thu tironp of bulldln s. The rlht ) |
Is rest-rvod to ru Jot any or ull bids or any ,
p.irt of any bid If deemed fur the bust Intoi- |
us ) of Iho service , ( torllllnd chocks. K.ieh
bid must bo ucuoinpanlu 1 Dy u curtlllod cboelc
ordruft upon some United Slates depository I
orholvont national bank In thu vicinity of ;
the residence of tins bidder , made payable to i
tliuordorof Ihu ComtiilsslniKM of Indian Af
fairs , for nt loasl II vo pur cunt of tliu uiiKiiinl which cboi-k or dr.vft will bo
forfeited to tno United Hlat-s In : iny
bidder or bidders ro'ulvmg un awirl shall
fall to promptly execute a contract with ( 'or.d
and sulllclenl Hiirolles. olberuiso to bu ru-
tnrned to tbo bidder. Ilids iicconiii.inluil by
c isli In lieu of u curtllled cbo ! ( will not bu
consulcrcd. 1'ornny ' fuilhor Information , aa
lo bnildlir. site , means of transportation , otc. ,
apply to KOIII-.KT II. ASIlhCV , U.S. Indian
A ent. SldJIt.
Nolluu ol AHSonHiiii'iit ol IainaicH lur
( irailhii. .
To tlio ouncr.s of ull lots und parts of lots nnd
roul nstulo nloni ; Vlnlon street from " 4ih
hireet to ihe west line of alley In block : ) ! ,
Wllcox's second addition.
Von nru bcreliy notllled that thu undor-
smned , tbtue ( fUlntu'rcslud fruuholdors of ihu
oily of Oiiiuhn , huvn been duly appointed by
thu mayor , wllh Iho npprovai of ihu oily
r.onni'il ot said city , to nssus-i the damniu to
thu owners respectively of thu proporf-y
allo ted by it rail 1111 ; of suld Hlrout. declared
nccess irv liy ordiirinco Nuinbur Il.'il'J. ' p is ou
Anaiist'JIrd. Ib'J. , und unproved August -1th
Von nro further notiiled. Unit having ac
cepted sill : uppolntniont , anil duly iiuiillllcd
us iociilrodby | law. wu will , on thu I5lh day uf
Htiptembur. A 1) . 181) . ' , at thu hour of 10
o'clock In iho forenoon , ut the olllcu of Shrlvor
.It O'Donaboc , 141)1 ) 1'aniain struut. within the
corporutu limits ot sild city , mcot for llio
purpose of cnnsldurlns und making iho
usiuysinontof dama.'o lo the owners rospoo'-
Ivcly of mild property. ulTuotod bv Htild urud-
ln.t.iklni ; Into consideration bone-
Ills. If nny ,
Vim nro notified lo bu proiiml nt the tlmo
und plncu nforeh > ld. und muku any onjecllons
lo or stitcniunH ; concerning said ussussmonl
of dtiinuRus UH you may con."lder proper.
\V ( j , nllfCl * 1.1C ,
( JRU. .1. PAIM ( .
Coniinlttuo of Apralsori.
Omaha. Nob. . Huplumbar ; ird. IS ) . ' . H "id 10
purls of lotH und real ustale alonn Maple
Htri'ut ( romliltb avonno lo 'list. Htruet , anJ
Intor.sectln ' sliuutx , on ucconnl of u ] ) ro-
posud clinii''o ' of Krmlo.
you are huieliy notllled that the under-
Bliznud. threixllsinler.Htcd f rouholdum of thu
clly of Omaba. b.ivo bcn duly uppiilnlod by
thu mayor , with lliu approval of tbo city
cont'cll of said city , to ( issues Ibo duina''e-i lo
Ihu owncrrt , respectively , of iho property
nlluctiid by undln. lliu above iiieiitlonud
stioet und intersecllii' . ' HIr.its. ( declared neu-
ossury by OidiiMncu No. IDi ) , pissed Au nst
Mil , IHI' ; ' . upp.-ovod AilBUHtUlth. ISU !
Vim uro further notlllod. that liavln ? ao
coplo I suld upon iilinunt. and duly iiuullllud
us roqu'red ' by law. wu will , on tlio JDlh duy of
Keptombor , A. 1) ) . IK : ) . ' , at tno hour of ton
o'clock In the forenoon , nt thu ofllo of U.V
( Jlbson , Ulli .N , V. Mfo llulldliiK , within thecor-
porato limits of Hull city , meet for Ihu pur
pose of considering itinl muklns ; thu as ess-
inunt of daimtKo lo lliu owners ruupoullvuly of
suld property , uffoult-d bv said ( 'rudlnu' . talc-
\\i'j \ \ Into conuldur.illon Hpcclul.bunuflls. if any.
Ion uro notllled lo ho present ut Ihu time
nnd place aforesaid , and make nny objections
to or Blaloinonls cuncurnliiK said assessment
of dumuftos as you may consider nropor.
U. W. ( illtt-ON.
Omaha , Neb. , Sept. 7th. lis'JJ. ' sHdIOl
Not leu ,
To nil whom It nn y concern : Take notice
Unit on or about Annum 'M. IB'J. ' ' , 1 severed
my connuotlon wllh tt.o firm of Cnirimin ,
Hmlloy ft Co. , llvo Htoo. < conunls lon mcr-
chunlii ut t-onth Omubii , Noli. That slncu
gulil date 1 huvo held no Inlorcst wbuiovor in
said 11 rin orlla biumoss , und will not bo re-
spuiiHlDlo In any wuy for thu debts or con-
Irauts of said Unu , J. II. HMII.KV.
BepU U , IbJi
To the uwnmsof nil lots , pirts of tots nnd
ruitl osliitu ulonir Doimlns blrect from -'Mb
street to lliu wust of UO.UN & lllll'.s-d
add I lion and Intersecting avenues and streets.
Von niu hurubv notllled tnat Ihu nnder-
.slKtiod , tlireo dlslnti'resti'd frouholiiiir * of the
cltyot Otii.ih : ) , liuvu boon duly appointed by
thu mayor , with the approval of Ihu ully
council of snld clly. lo nssess the damage to
Ihu ownnrs rcspcullvuly of thu properly uf-
fueled by tlio cb.inue of crudu of DoiiRlm
stiecl from --tb street to ihu wiMl llnu ol
Ilo4us , V Hill's and It ion and Intersecting uvu <
lines nnil .slieels , Uoclured necessaiy by ordl-
IIMIICO IHi , passed Aiuusl uM. Ib ! ) . ' . approved
August''I. IS' ) . ' .
You are further notlfluil , Hint hnvlni : ac-
I'upteilsald nppoliitineiit. and duly annulled
ns required bv la . \\o will , on Iho l7th duv o |
Setuinber | , A. I ) . I si. ' , attne nourof 10 o'clock
In the forenoon , ut the oflleu tif T. C. llriinnur ,
loom 1. Wuru block , within the corporate
limits of s.ild city , meet for thu purpi > suet
conslderlni ; und making Ihu ussos-tinenl of
dumiiRu lo the owners tusnecluely. of suld
property , iilToi'ted by sild change of urulc ,
Inking Into consideration spocla. bunullls. If
\ ou ara notllled lo ho present at tlio tlmci
ml pia cu nforesald. und muku any objections
oorst atonicnts concurninj , s.ild asie-tsinenl
fell nis m , us you inn v consider proper.
UKOItOK .1. I'Al'lj.
Commlllco of Appra'sors
Omalm , Supt. G. IbOJ. bGdlJt.
of lots on TJth street fioin ( irund nveiiuu tu
Ames avenue.
Von are hereby noilfled Hint Ibo under *
signed , tbrce dlslntprostud freebolder.s of tliu
clly of Uni ihu. li ivo been duly appointed by
ihu mayor wllh Ihu appiovul of thu city coun
cil of siM city.-to ussoss lliu duinusu tot tin
owneis rjspu tlvuly of llm properly alTuulutl
bv cr.idln. of suld street und thu cross siruotl
declared nocessirv Uv OrdlnaiiL'o No , JCII ,
P'issud August 'Wtb. 1MJ , ' . approved AilKUDl
JKl , IbJ. ' .
Vou are further notlllud , tbat bavin. up.
eepto I said apnonitmonl. and duly ( ina tiled
i.s reiiulrod by I iw. o will , on tbo iwunly-
fourlh duy of Supluninur. A. I ) . I Mlnt lha
hour of Ibruu o'n oek In thn afternoon , ut the
olncc of ( ieo. .1. I'till , lliO'i I'arnani street ,
wlihln the uirporulu limits of s ild city meet
for thu purpose of considering und in.ikltiK
the iis osinunt of damage to the owners re *
spo' ' tivo.y of suld pronorty. ulTectud by suld
cru hnz taking into conslduriitlon ap'jelal
bunellts. If ativ.
You uro notlllod lo bo present at tlio llnu
nnd plncouforesuld. anil ina'io ' any objuelliuu
leer state iiunts conuurnln ? suld ifsussinunl
ofdumuKOS u you may consider proper.
( IKO. .1. 1'AI'U
" JOHN II. lilfriilUt ,
iu-o. : n. 1'AYNi : .
Omaba , Sept r.'tb , ISO. . stlldiot
.Notice ol Ansi'Kstiteiil ot l.unuei ( lor Kite > ! i
slrnclliiK Hut Mxlccntli Slri-ft Vluiluet ,
To the owners of nil lots nnd p-irts of lots un I
reul ustulu uloni : the Slxteentb slrcot via
duct nnd lliu tbereto.
You are huruoy ootllle I tbithu : un lur-
B | ned , threu disinterested freeholders of tliu
clly of Omaba. huvo been duly uppo nlud by
llio muvor. wlib lliu uppi-ov il of lliu city coun
cil of 's I'd ' cllv. to nsso-is lliu dninairo lo lliu
owners respnctlvoly of lliu proptirtv ulVeuiud
b , ibo construction and reconstruction of ihu
t-Ivteenthstmot viaduct In lliu oily of Omaba
us declared necussury by ordln men No. IH7- .
pusod July " 1st. laj.1 , iipjiroved .Inly Uld , IS'ii '
nnd us proposed by plans duly approved bv
the mayor und council of suld city
You urn finthur notlllod , that Invlnjfic -
ccptcd sild uppolnlnient , und duy iiuiilllliid
us rcipilred by law. wo will , on i-iatnrd ly thu
17th Our of September. A I ) . IKJnt Iho hour
of II o'clock In the forenoon , ut thu directors'
room of the Commercial National bini 1(101
Farnam street , \\llliln the corporate II nils of
said cltv. meet fur thu purpose of considering
und maldir ; tbo assessment of dam me to Ihu
owners ruspuctlvolv of said propurty nlfuutud
by said ruconsiriicllon of nfd viaduct unu its
appro elms , talcing into consideration spe.-lal
bunollls , If any.
You are notified lo bo present at tlio tl no
and place afoimald anil m.iku any ( injection
loorbt ilumunls concerning S'lld usscssniun
of damairc.s us you may consider piopcr.
W. O. rillKIVKK.
AIOIl'll JIRYiit. :
Ald'UKI ) MilLAUD.
September lid , 1692 , Omaba , Nebraska ,
To tbo propurty owners of till lots , purt of leland >
and real estate , aloau Sew.ild street fiom
: iillh street to : ilst struct :
You nio huroiiy notiiled Ihat iho undor-
sltfnud. thrco dlslnluruslud fruuholdurn of tnu
city of Unmba. h ivu boon < luly nppiiliuud by
the muvor , with tbo approval of the ully
council of suld elty. to assess thu dumi'0 ; lo
Ihu owners rospeutlvoly of llio propu-iv uf-
f"lod ( by uhuiuo of cr.i In of s-uwurd slruut
from llOlli lo Hist slrouls. duclurijd nucussurv
byordluiinuo 1SS , pun3od August uih , approved
August llth.
You uru fuilhur notified , that bavin ; : ac
cepted said appointment ! und dulv ( | iiillllod
us reiiilrou | by law , ivo will , on tliuSllh duy of
September , A. I ) . IHJ , ' , at the hour of I1) )
o'clock In Ibo forenoon , nt thu ollluu of John
R Flack , ro'im 511 , Chumbur of Uomniorco ,
within the corporate limits of said city , meet
for the purpose of considering and ma tint ;
tbo assessment of dam IKU lo tlm ownurs re-
spectlvolv of Huld properly , nlfuclud by suld
cliant'o of ridu : taking Into consideration
special benefits. If any.
You uro notiiled to bu present at the tlmo
and place aforesaid , und make tiny objections
to or statement * concerning said assessment
of damages us you may consider proper.
Omaha , HeplomborT , IVU.
niO TIIK OW.N'nilS M AM. LOl'd Oil
-L parts ot lots , on'nil Htreot , from Nicholas
Htreot to Clarii atrceU
You uro boroby notllled that the tin.lnr-
filKiiod , three disinterested free boldeis of lliu
oily of Onmhu , have boon duly appointed by
Ihu mayor , with the approval of Ihu city
council ( if H ild city , lo nssuss the dnmii.'u to
the owners lespcutlvuly of ihe propurly af
fected by L-radJiu of said slreet , declared
necessary by ordlnanco No , XMI. pussud
An 'ustilli : ) , lh' ' ) . ' , approved A iiKUhl Ill.t , ISUj ,
You uio fnitber notllled , tbat liavlni nc-
cepiod said nppDlnlment , and duly iiuallllel
ns required by law. wu will , on the Jllli day of
September , A I ) 1VJ. , at Ihu linur of - o'clock
In Iho afternoon ut lliu olllco of ( Joorgo J ,
I'aol , 10 'i I'arnan stroat , wl hln llio cii | > , ir
ate limits of HaM clly , meet for Ihu purpose of
consldorln'-r and mak u the asiuj ment of
damage lo ( be ownurs lusptiutlvely of Halt !
propurly , nlf noted liv suld u-radln , ' . tuklnj ! Into
coiiKldcrutloiiNiiool'il benellts if any.
You are notllled to bu present ut the tlmo
and place afoios ild. and in iltu any objections
leer statements coneiirnlnx said asHessrnont
of duniixe as you may contlder proper ,
WM , O Siiiiivuit.
Onmhii , Hop turn bur I'.1 1 h , 1HI > 2 BlUdUl ,
National Bank.
Capital . $ lOD.OD . )
Siu-jiliis . * ( ! ; > , ODD
OHloorannil Dlructori lluarjr W. Vnto ) , uroililont
II. U Uuildnx , vlcu pruililun ) , O. H. .Muurloo W. V.
Jlor w. JohiH , Culllai J. N. II , I'utrlok , l.oitli .V ,
llcuil , caibler.