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Annual Meeting of tlio Nebraska Associa
tion of Trotting Horse Breeders.
Itnllo Acton COCA I'm ! for n Ilnlr Mlle
VlHlerTrjliiR Uunilitlnim llirnn Qood
K\cnln Ycdtorilny Sumo of
> 'clirnsku'ii Taut Iliirsun.
Neb. , Aug. 0. ( Spoclal Tolo-
grpra to Tun HUE. ] The seventh annual
mooting oftho Nebraska Association of Trot-
ting.Horso Uii'cders opouud at Linden Tree
park , this olty , this afternoon uiitor the
roost oncourniring nusplcoai For the Initial
day the attendance was even hotter than
was anticipated , tlluro bnlng In the notgh.-
.tiorhood ot ) ,5UJ ( pcoplo In the stands and
trnlong the quarter stretch , the latter being
filled wltn vehicles , all holding their full
quoin of enthusiastic spectators.
The wcntlior , while n trlllo too tronlcal for
perfect physical comfort , was a great Im
provement on that which oxlstod for n week
past , as a refreshing breeze blow nil tbo
afternoon from the north nnd the heavens
have boon more ot loss obscured with
threatening clouds.
A Ituxcruml Jttlnnmlior.
This condition of meteorological affairs , It
Is claimed , was duo to the experiments of
Hov. Ai.-\V. Connull of the losal Unitarian
church , who claims to bo able to orucipltntn
a rainfall within a reasonable spnco of time
by the Injection of certain chomtcnls Into the
atmosphere. All night last night this hu
midity generator EVU.S at his post In the tower
of the courthouse with his uquoous
apparatus , shooting the gases that , nro sup
posed to hold the ouon sosanio to the flood
rates of heaven Into the othorlal. Up to date
It ' but a inoro aprlnldo has boon the result , out
In ! the llrmnmont m otill thickening with threat
h ! ening nebulae , nnd It I ? a good prediction that
a torrent will bo praclmlaiod b.v the rising of
another sun. * At any rate , that Is what tno
hundreds of brcoilcr.s here nro praying for ,
and if it take * place they will accord the min
isterial rainmaker his full meed of praise. ,
Mllltiitoil AguliiHt ( .Odd Timo.
Today the track was hard , dusty and slow ,
which militated against nny remarkable per
formances b.v the coinpating llyors , and yet
omo very good miles were made , consider
The attendance of breeders from nil parts
of theslato for the Hist day was much bet
tor than has marked nny of the previous
mooting * of the association , showing that
there has been a decided reawakening In the
Interest of local trotting stock and auguring
greater things for the future. The ofllcors
of the association are much dated this even
ing ever tha prospects of the present ses
sion. Tney nro all here with the oxcoptlou
of President Moshor of York , nnd have
united In a grand effort to make
this a notable mooting. Vice 1'rusident
J. C.'Kcstor&on of Falrbuiy , who Is ono of the
premier hustlers of the association ; E. D.
Gould , treasurer , of Kullorton. annthcrlnvnl-
uablo colaboror and A. J. brlggs , the ulways
nlort nnd uctlvo secretary , together with
John W. Page of this city , nro ull busy as
waiters. They are unanimous In the belief
that ere many more seasons clupso Nebraska
will bo tbo head and front of nil the states
In the production of line trotting and pacing
Homn fast Ynuiignlera.
Nebraska boasts of the fastest 3-year-old
lilly east of California , Alix , 2 : ! { , bv Pat-
ronaco , dam by Trnmo and owned bv M. J.
Jonas , as secretary of this association ; also
Iho fastest ! i-year-old stallion In the
world , that did a stud season. Wood-
< llno , U'J8 ; , owned by E. D. Uould ;
Fullerton , also tbo fastest yearling In the
world nfthia season of the joar ; Belle
Actoo , yearling , 2- : . " > % , Dy Shadolnnd-On-
Ward , as popular a slro ai .there Is in the
Whole country , dam I ottp ) , ' , , * ! i owned
by Mr. Gould ; also the faslostU-car-old In
the world ati this season , aim the fastest race
record . nli3 years old in the world , On-
llno by Shadelaud-Onwnrd , dam bv
Chester Cnlof , bred by K I ) . Gould , and
NOW owned by O. W. Curry of Aurora. Ne
braska also owns , the grand stallion La-
banco , which wont to Davenport only last
week to beat tbo racing stallion king , Al-
lerton , which ho accomplished nfter n
tough struggle * . Lobasco , U:15 , by Eg-
inont , Is the property of J. G , Lu'Jd of this
city. All of which is abundant evidence that
the Nebraska Association of Trotting Horse
Breeders has ample grounds for nil Its
claims , and must be accorded n premium
place in the standing ot American trotting
Block associations.
The Judges nro ( i. W. Fink of Falrbury
and E. F. .Davis of liontrlco ; starter , Ooorgu
H. Swignrt of Omaha ; tunursV. , . A. VVnt-
ion of Beatrice uud II. J. Hondricks of
YoarlliiRS 1'aco for n ICccunl.
The llrst event In the afternoon's card was
tha yearling pacing race , added money $50.
The entries wcro : King Goldomar , b. n. ,
t'ollotier ; Ludy Goldwood , by . ! . C. ICestor-
Bon of Falrbuiy ; Black Jim , b. h. , Maxi
mum ; Molllo , by John Gilbert of Hod Cloud ;
ExcoDllon. hr. m. , by McClure ; Coloy , bv H.
Jones of Howe : Hello Acton , b. m. : Stindc-
land Onward ; Loltlo P , by E. D. Gould of
Fullerton : Uoldcmar drawn.
Starter Swlgart sent the horses off on the
first trial , the llttlo marvel , Hello Acton ,
Bklmalng Into the von Just Ilko eating pie.
nnd remaining there to the llnlsb. Time :
The second boat was n duplicate of the
first , only that Driver Chandler sent tbo
Bella a fast half , the last one , which she
rcolod off In the marvelous time of 1:11 V ,
which has no equal In pacing nnn.ils. Tbo
tlrao for the mlle , ho.vovor , was but U:45K ,
the Dello hnvlngcomo almost to n stop In tbo
llrst half. This , too , It must bo romcmbornd ,
was made on u slow track and In a gule of
wind. Summary :
Hello Acton , i i
l.xcoptlon 2 i'
lllackJhii a 3
, i Two btrllio Hull \Tnlk-A iiy.
ThORCcond event was the --7 : pace , stnko
race , f-Vltnildcd. The entries were Smith ,
lr. h. , Peorin ; Allcu Hpniguc , by the Union
.Block.furm ; Two Strike , bv G. G. Ferguson ;
JUobit , by J. U. Cording of IJnvId City ;
k-Anuinlan , b. h. , Sbadeland - O invar d
.cAncollnn. by W. 11. Bowinan of Fullorton.
f .Two.Btrlko was an easy winner In three
.rtT.filah heats , Ontonlan , the only borio In
itho race capable of giving him a race , golug
' , q ; Ig Iho tlrst heat and was distanced ,
nmar.v : ' '
1 1
< Knilth
( ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "
. . . . .I' . , , . , . . . . . . d Is"
i , 'iU. :
I ' I'.llllVoDtlll IU'H KiiHy Victory ,
The tblrd race \\ns a sUko race
O. . Plutus and Fannie , by James W..luboil
of Fulor.ton |
The race wai a cinch for the llttlo brown
mare as will ho scon by tlio summary :
Mlft Wpudiliio . . „ . . . , i j
Arinliil'in. ' . . . , , . a 3
Woslo . . . . . .a a
JTImoi S:57(5 ( , Ji7H. : (
. The mlle by Ella \Voodlno | In 2:5"K : wn
purely a.rccord ana n rumnrkublo purform-
nnco when } ho condition of tbo track and the
day Is-lalcun lu consulerutlon.
'Inu-Vi-tir-Olil Trot.
TJie'-ycur old trot , purse $2,00i ) , wound up
the dny'o card , The stariurs wori ) Eva. b.
m. ; Karntun. Flora , Perry liutchlnson of
Mnupvlllo , Kan. : Kiy Golden , b. m. ; Shade-
larte.-Onivuril Nancy Stearns , by the Wood-
line farm ; Kllllerlon , by Fullerton ; Boy , b.
h. ; Shudoland-Oawnrd liisste , i > v .Ininea W.
Xlbbellof Fullorloa ; Wanlta , ol.'in.j Slmcto-
lone-Onward Molllo , by H. W. Harbor of
Fullerton ,
Eva , after qulto n lior o raon , took the race
lu thffo slraltht honu , Summary :
' ' ' " " ' ' " ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' "
Hay Golden . U a U
Ifullorton . 411
Time ! ilU.2K,2t47. |
Tomorrow * program will ontbraos four
dna events and a larji" crowd U
by today' * flue uttandatiua.
BlKiToat , N , V , , Aug.ltsclnf ; -.vai
continued here today with hot weather ami
a good track.
Klrst rncn. sU and nhnlf furlonstsl Kltn'
bcrlyR'i t'i iMvrtn in 1:2118. Tona (5 ( lo H sec
ond. Stone Mitten , ill U ) I ) tlilr.l ,
Second ratc < IIvo and n Ji.ilf furloiiRs : Ono
( n tn M vnm In Itno. X.crnllra (1 ( to I ) second ,
Court hliitn { I ) third.
Thlnl rnuo. ono mlle ! Klti5 Mack ( . * > toll iron
In H4IK , Ill-si llr.ind ( S to 1) ) hocmid. .SloMloliuol
(12 ( to II third.
roiirtb rn o throo-qiiartcr < Of n tnllot lilt-
tie Fred (7 ( to2) ) won In IMS , llustecd (4 ( to 1) )
seonml , Itotiinn lllossoin (12 ( to I ) third.
I'lftli raco. ono mllii and u quarter ever five
hurdloi : Mossinuo i7 tofi ) won In S:2I' : { , Hur-
culuauvcusecond ( | , Ildthuoll ( * > to 1) ) third ,
He Itronks the Iloruril for n Atllo nnd n llitlf
nt Aloninoiitli I'nrk.
MoSMOL'Til lUcn TmrK , N. Y. , Aug. U.
Today's ' races wcro favored with fair
weather , n fast track nnd 1U.OJO spectators.
The feat tire of the program was tlio Junior
Champlotl stakes , which resulted Iti a hollow
victory for Lon ) Ahnro , ho winning the
$10,4-10 prize In "tho content of cantcrors.
The majority of tbo apactatorj bad put
their wagers on Lady Violet , the 18 to 7 favor-
te , nnd the winner , who was well baekod by
his stable followers nt 7 to U , did not wcolvu
the anplauso that bis parformanco merited.
The Chnmplmi stakes were thun disposed of ,
nnd ono of the inoit. oxclttng nnd hardoil
fought battles of the year was the result.
Seven itartord raced In a solid bunch , with
Uuluth cutting out the paca nt u. llvolv clip
nt a mlle and a furlong. They lined them
selves across the homo stretch In n beautiful
bunch with whlpt living and spura plunging
Into heaving sides In quest of every ounce of
speed. In the ilntil slxtcontn Lnmpllghtnr
forged ahead and Jockey Sims stopped whip
ping and bn an ruling'Brown's great colt
with liia hands , llnailv winning by a length
in 2i)3 : ) ft Which Is a quarter of n Rocond
faster ttmn the record of FIrenil , made sev
eral yor r IIRO. Banquet took second inonoy
from Locohatchlu. * Montana , thu equal 'J
to 1 favpnt6 with Lamplighter , struggled
in llfth.
I'lrst raci'.Hnvon fnrlomis ! Kingston 0 to 4) )
won , liussell t" to''imjcoiul. 1'lino : I.MU : <
Hocoml moo. slv fin longa : Troulloll ( to. )
won , Onrmnii colt ( 'JO to II second , Llfo Iloat OJ
toRMIilrd. Time : IMIlf.
Tlilr.l raco. the Junior Oh iiiiplon st ikes , nlr
fiirlont's ; Don Alonro (7 ( to 'J ) won , Ijtuly
Vlolgt ( , lU)4)fDuonil ) , Dr. Klce (0 ( to 1) ) third.
Time : 1:11' : ! .
I'onrth r.ivo , the Cliiimplonstakes , mlle and
n half ; J.umpllzhtnr rt to I ) won , 11 ituinotl (
to I ) Aocnnd. l.ocohuchle ( li lo ii ) third. Time :
Kirth race , nnlo and a furious : .Tulloii ( l.r > to
II won. Slolpnurlto ( I ) second , Mr. SassdO to 1) )
lhlr.1. Tune : IMU. :
yixth race , ono mile : Nomad (7 ( to 10) ) won.
Milt Yonn.-(10 ( tc > I ) second , Korea (12 ( to II
third. Tlina ! 1111.
Thrco Intrrrstlni ; Trl.tls on tlio Open-
In t ; l ) y ,
KNotvu.i.n , la. , Aug. 0. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bnn.J A stiff south wind
blow up the strotnh when Starting Judge
Harry Louer sent the her P3 awny in the
llrst boat "thU afternoon. The weather was
vorywarm. and dry , but the tracic at the
Iowa Driving park was in In line shape for
good.raclngand fast timo. The attendance
was hardly ns largo as was expected , not
ever ! 3UUO paoplo botnc on the grounds.
The racw. wnro excellent and good time mndo
for slow classes. Thu summaries nro us fol
lows In the 3"li trot , $501) ) purse ?
Prank Quirk 1 1 1
l.uwollyn 332
Molniosh. . . , 4 : i aDen
Don 3 5 4
llollu Uuilurhtll 0 4 . " >
H.istt Coviucl ; 5 7 dls
Jerry 8 Odls
I'.inm Tells
DOCK rr.inlclln 0 dls
Time : 2:31' : } , 3:50. : 2:2'l'i. : '
Thrcc-mlunlo trot for 3-year-olds , f500
purse :
Star Medium 2 4 3 .1 1 1 1
1'tiy I 1 4 4 4 a 2
Anunrn.Muld 4 : i 1 1 8 : i 3
Krnnlf Simmons : < " 3 2 3 Ur
Chustor distanced.
Tlmu : 2:4 : ii ! : 2:3J : ; 8:41 : : 3:4 : ; 2:10 : ; 2M : ;
3:4UJ .
Tbrco-iriluulo , trot , .for 2-yoar-olds , JIJOO
purse :
' '
lllirrarrt. . s . . . . . . ' . 1 2
AliniiMillnu.i , 3 2'
( lenlovlovc , . . . . ' . . ills
D.ilo dls
Tlmoi 2:10 : ; 2:31 : } } .
Between heats Mino. Mirantotto gnvo ex
hibitions with \Voodlnwn and the Jumping
horse , Fllonmkor.
lit Chicago.
CniUAno , 111. , Aug. 0. Hawthorne races :
First mee. hulf mlle : Ijdlon won , Mnntell
second. I.lner thlrJ. Tlmu : 31.
Second , ono mile : Leonard won , Itoynt
Flush second , Dl.inioiul Dlek third. Time :
li : : > .
Third raco. six furlonss : Woodford won ,
Hurry A kuw suuond. Adversity third. Time : .
lHYt. :
Kourtli rnco , nine fnrloni : : Churchill
Clark wan , 1'atrlck second , Hauler third.
Time : 2uo. :
I'lfth nice s\\ \ furlongs : Miigzlo Deck won.
Holey Holey second. Horace Lelnnd third ,
Tliao : Il"l5.
Slvih r.ire. hurdles , ono mlle : Julia won.
Hob Thomas second , i/u Illuncho third. Time :
1:54. :
1:54.Garflcld park races :
First r.ioc. six furlongs : Talstaff won , Hay-
dee second , Alderman Morris third , Time :
hei'ond race , ono mile and twenty yards :
Mnrtnosu won , Lady Unilee HCUOIIU , Ulster
third. Time : 1:4.1 : .
Third raee , mlle and a sixteenth : Sorlnx-
nwaycrn. . Toiillant | second , Olonold third.
Time : l:4U : ! ,
Font th nice , ono mlle and a sixteenth : Onrls-
bail won , Hnelolpli second , Hob L. third. Time :
Fifth rnco. six fnrlon < : Kotlnso won. Ijako-
vluw HOCOIKI , Tim Murphr third. Tlino ; lli .
blxth rico. one mlle : Uhlmes won. Ultimo
second , nvi > i'rencu ! thlrJ. Time : lUi. : !
' 1'ipit tor Toilny.
A few good things picked out for fre
quenters os the betting circle :
1. Autocrat Hob Siitnurltind.
2. I'lidlKu lllr.xm.
: L Jhielinto < li Arnica.
4. ( ! ild Dollar Halsyrlan.
fi. Dlukorsiin John Cavnu'igh.
0. Utuiljtpa KlulUu.
1. Hiitnmin Qnenn D'Or.
2. Kobln HopilYlllt .
3. Oim'Wiiy Mountain Door ,
4. Sir Wllllam-UbJqutton.
n. llullytio : ! ' Uartoou.
J'ast Time at ConiHtock Park.
HilMDs , Mich. , Aug. 9. A great
crowd' , line weather and a track In excellent
condition favurcd the opening of the summer
mciHinu of the Grand Haplds Ilorsotpcu's
association today nt Comstock park. The
feature of the day was the work of Merry
Ch'lmos , Who won the 2:40 : pace and rnaao a
record of SUJf : In tbo first heat. Azato had
u walk-over In the trotting class. The great
contest batwoou Direct and Hal Pointer
tabes place tomorrow. Hal Pointer Is thu
Ditv lit Udulieslur.
HocilKSTiiH , N.-Y. , Aug. 0. Tills was the
opening day of the Grand Circuit trotting
Clans 2:21 : , trotting : Jesse Hanson won ,
Hurt bhuldim Hocond , 81 I.OIIK third , Dost
time : " : I7H ,
Class 2:2D : , puling : Vliiutto won , Vltollo
seconii , Cr.iwford third. Uo-a time : 2I4M- :
CiiK | 2vt : > . trotlln ; : lamonu won , Nellie U
second , t'orlnno third Host time : ' 'i J.
Hun Kmnrlifuo lt c < .
SAN Fuvscisco , Cat , , Aug , 0. Truck fast ;
races markoi by Test time.
In thoii'J ) ul.iBi , trottluc , J"uir.'i : won , fihv-
louk aocuml , Uolunol Muy third , llu t tlmoi
2:21 : i-s.
In the 2.M : class , paolnif. Dr. Hwlft won.
I'limkeH kucoud. Hullo third. Uoii tlntut
Si 17 1-5. _ ,
.llumllii I'urkVIiiiuiri. .
ST : PAUMiun. / . , Aug , ( J.t-Tho track was
muddy and blow at Hamlln park today. >
Tbo winners were Maid Marian at 1 to 4 ;
Bolivar Bucknor , a to 1 ; Tllllo S. 13 to 1 ; Kd
Green , ( } to 1 ; Ynlo "Jl , no buttinff ; Coloiml
Wheatloy , tyf to 1 ; POWOM , 0 19 1.
( loot ) Hiitllnc liy the ColU Wins Thorn a
f ! uiio from the Colonul * .
CHICAGO , UU , Aug. 9. The Colt * did all
their bittfnK In the Ur t , half of the game
uud secured a loan that the Colonels could
not overcome. Boors ;
I.nmuvlue . 0 I o 1 o o 0 3 1 0
Olllaizo . , I 3 0 I 0 0 0 I G
Illti : LuuUrlllo , ll > | Ohioim , 10. Krrurit
I.oirsvlllo , .1) ) Chicago , a Ksrnod runs ! Ohl-
cato. 4 ; l.onlsvlllp , ; t , llntttirlost danders
and llrlmt Unmburt and KItttldtio.
PiTTsnuim , PA. , Aug. 0. The Hrsl Inning
settled the game in favor or-Plttsburg.
Attendance , 121K ) . Hcoro :
IMttsbnrft 50000 1 B 0 H
st. i.ouis. . . , oooonooio i
11 ts : 1'lllsburg , 10 : SU Inmt , fi. Tlrrcirs :
ritlshiirg. 1 ; HU Lou U , 2. Earia-d runsi 1'ltts-
buri ; , 4 : St. I.ouis , I , llutcrles : Kliret nnd
Miller ; llawke uud llnckloy. .
CI.RVKIAXU , ( ) . , Auir. 0. Tllnoly and hard
hitting In tha eighth Inning gave the homo
team n victory todav. Attundunco , 'J0l' : ! .
Score :
Cleveland fl
Cincinnati 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 1B
lilts : Cleveland , l'i ; Cincinnati. 10. Errors :
Cleveland , ' . ' ; Cincinnati , : i. . . Karnod runs :
Oluvolnnd , 4 ; Cincinnati,2. Hntlurlos : Young
and /.inimort HIilneHiiml Vnniihn.
Pllli\liiu > nt1'u , Aug. li. The Plilllles
again dofoatcd Now York In n gatno In which
errors mode n largo and important factor.
Attendance , 'J.IOO. Scorn !
Now York 0 0 5
I'hlladolphln o 1 o 3 : i 0 0 2 * 0
Hits : Now York. 7 ; Philadelphia. 0. Kr-
lors : Mow York. 7 : Philadelphia , a 1'arnoJ
THUS : Now York , 2 ( I'lillii'defnhla. 1. Hiittor-
los : King and Urano : McMahon. WuyhltiB
and Cro43.
HM.TIMOUH , Md , , Aug. 9 , Baltimore xvon
today from Brooklyn by good batting. At-
tondanca5ll)7. ) Scuio :
llaltlmoro 0 00210000-3
HrnoKly U OOU03UUO U
lilts ! lliiltlinnrn , 0 : Brooklyn , 7. . terrors :
Ililtlmore , 3 ; Brooklyn , I , Kirnod runs :
llaltlmorc , 2i llrooklyn , 2. llatturlcs : Ma-
Muhon nnd Koblnsun : nml Klnslow.
\VASIII.\OTO.V , U. C. , Aug. 'J. The Wash-
inglons gained strength In the sixth and
ninth innings today. Attendance4,2ir > .
Washington 0 0 0 1 1 o it n : i 8
Hnslon 1 0 U 2 0 0 0 0 0 3
llltsi Washington , 10 ; Boston a ] > rors :
Wiislilimton , 4 ! Boston. 3. 12 irnod inns : Wush-
liiKloni ; : lloslon , 2. Hntlurlusi Abbuy and
: Nichols .uidG.insel. .
ol the Toiiins.
fjei Ire4.
PARIS , AUR. 0. | Now Vorlc Herald Cahlo
Special to Tin : Btn.J Jacob Hohnoffor
sontls" a letter to tha Herald challouglag
Prank ( J. Ivos to play o sorles'of games nt ,
14-inch balk line billiards lasting throe
nlchts , 800 points up oich night , for ar.y
amount of money In roanon from ? 50D up , the
winner to tnko all receipts and tuv all ex
penses. Ho will plav Ivos either at the
Lmlk line cushion caromb cbamnlon's qnmo
or straight rail , a serioi of throe games , for
the sumo amount pf money and the same
conditions. Tha only provision made li that ;
It tnko ; place In Paris in Ioa4 than n WOOK
from the time of acceptance. If Ivos de
clines the challenge Is open to any other
player in the worU. SchaoiTor has deposited
MJ francs as a forfeit.
win wuor lor uyiiii anil imwHuii.
Tommy Uynn received n letter from George
H. Clark , ono of his backers , of Chicago , no
tifying him that tbo Coney Island club , J eng
Island , offers n purse of $5,000 for him anil
Dawson , the Australian , to battle for. Ilvuti ,
however , will enter into no ongagaijomeuts
until nftcr the big event in Now Orleans
next month.
Clilof UalllKitn Aiks lor \Vutor Tower
11 ro Kscapii KiiulpinuntH.
An adjourned meeting of the Fire ana Po-
llco commission was held yesterday after
noon. Chinf Galllgan put lu a formal bid
for n water towor. In his communication
tbo cbiof stated that at the now lira head
quarters tliero was an abundance of room to
house and euro for sucti an apparatus , and
urcod the commission to purchase tbo towor.
Owiup to the many Improvements made in
the service during tha year and the low stuto
of funds for the purchase of lio\y \ apparatus ,
the request of tbo colof was Taid 6vcr fdrono
week for cor.8idera.tion. H . ,
Olllcor Uobuliu was granted thirty days
leave with pay. Sergeant Whulen's leave
was extended ton dnvs. Ofllcor Walker was
granted his annual leave and so was Officer
Bennett. Ofllcor Dooley was allowed llvo
dnys extension on bis thirty days leave.
Plpomnn Taylor of No. . ' ! chemical was
civi'n a ton days vacation. Cogan of sixes
was given the usual annual vacation.
Secretary Baumer of the Douglas rounty
fair association asked for twenty policemen
to do duty at the fair grounds during tbo
fair. The chief was requested to render all
the assistance possible to the association.
Sotno time ngo the atato bureau of'laoor
and industrial statistics requested tbo chief
of the lire department to furnish a report of
all botols and boarding houses , properly
equipped with fire escapes. The n nines of
the hotels so equipped are as follows : 1'ax-
ton , Murray , Qault , Arcade , Millard , Union
Depot , Windsor , Lhulcll , Vienna , Dollono ,
Merchants , BrunswlctU Mercer , Barker ,
Esmond , Grand Central.
Commissioner Coburn put in a bill for
$250 for payment of time lost whllo the
appointment of the new commissioners was
being decided upon by the supreme court.
The ooard allowed tbo bill and thun nJJotiniod
until next Tuesday ovcning.
For years past Primrose & West have boon
at tbo front of the procession with the ban
ner of minstrelsy , and last night's performance -
anco at the Lloyd showed that they were
still loading. The llrst part bad some of the
handsomest staging over soon in a minstrel
performance. The players were all drossocl
In Japanese costume , and all but tbo end
men , who were tbo traditional black face ,
were made up in face and hair for a close re
semblance to Japs. Their costumes were of
satin , elaborately llgurjJ , and with their
rich coloring tboy made a beautiful and
artlstlo effect. Above tbo performers hung
several bilge Japunoso umbrollds Inverted ,
their edges studded witb varicolored incan
descent lumus.
There was rather loss of the Knock down
and drug out than In tbo old fashioned min
strel performance und perba'ns not as many
novelties us In some seasons , but every
"turn" wns wall dononnd the : aiidlonco wa's
enthusiastic In Its demonstrations. Ofcourso
Gcorgo 1'rlmioso and Billy West ate lixocl
favorites and they have u couple of very
clover mlnstrols of the old school In Billy
Van and Larry Dooley , Morris Cronla iavo
an Indian club exhibition that has never boon
surpassed In Omaha , perhaps ncver'cqualod.
The monkey aud furtnor act of Johnston ,
Kiano and ilcntloy is ono of the funniest
novelties sprung on the public , and Abachi
and Masaud show some rqmuritablo now
turns In somorsaultine. Tho'thcater , by the
way , was one of tbo coolest places In town.
City Hull iio\ntors Mi 1'itr I'rnvo to lln
Aliiro Ormimt'iitiil Thun Umilul.
Up to date the elevators In the city Jiall
Imvo boon a dismal failure , so furai running
up and down is conocrnca. For Instance ,
tha cars will start upland upon reaching
the bot-ond floor tboy \ \ \ \ stop and rcfuso to
move cither way. Yesterday afternoon tha
mavor and the city attorney tried to solve
thn problem of what was wrong. They did
not Bucccod.'however , a * It was an ola story
of the shifting responsibility.
A trlp'was paid to the hiiHoniont where tbo
mucblnery U located. There the ocout of
Uolie'r , Smith & Co. , who furnished the
numps and englnot , said tha lault'was \ \ \ the
elevators , aim upstairs the agent of the
Civino company , which put in tlio elevators ,
said that the trouble was with Ibo pumps.
In the moantlmo the people who have busi
ness In the city ball nro couipollud to walk
up anil down the stairs ,
Prohibitionists Meat ,
The Omaha Wendell Phillip * Prohibition
dub mot at Sixteenth and Douglas atroots
last night to cloot dolojatos to the state pro
hibition convolution at Hastings August 17
Itutl IB. There were not over , a oozon
present , The ilelogutus uumod nro Uv.
John Dale , Uoorgo U. Baker , Uav. tioorgo
W. Woodby. Flu Hio. Uharlo * Wfttti ,
'J'uoinm Krlokinn , H.V. . lllchardsuii , An
thony JoUuson , W. Knight , K. O. lirevyawr ,
J. U. Wiluy. Hov. K I ) . ( Irahain , Kov. J. A.
Uultman.V. . H. Hazari ) , W. (1. ( Vnndorcook
and Mcniiame * U. W. Clurif , K. U , Lung try
uud H. M. Covcll.
rj 1p
Farmora Throughout the State Assured of
dooiTOorn drops.
yjfjj _
ill n . _
Lincoln County VjUIU-it br t Severe Slorm
Work of MKlitttltlff nt Dunlinr
- obriisku , No\vs.
tn n _ _
ATKINSON- , Neb , , Aut. ( 0. fSpoolal Tele
gram to Tun HUE. ] The drouth lu wonorn
NourasKa wiw broken today by n general
rain. It oomua ] ust lu tlnio to save thu corn
nnd notato crops , farmers nro well plcuscd
overtUo prospeuts.
PI.VTTI : CINTKII : , Nob. , Atifc. 0. [ Special
Telegram to I'IIK IKI.J This section of
country wns vlsltoil by n line , honvy rain last
night , lasting nlioutlhroo hoUr-i. Tlio otoc-
trie display was'n crand" sight , though somo-
whul dangerous. This rain has ' 'guaranteed
the corn crop for this year ami ovorvono is
UUTTH , Nob. , Aug. 0. fbpoclnl to Tun
Bii : . ] A line ruin- Saturday Insure ? the
corn crop ui this counlv.
I'oTTBii , Nob. , Aug. " 0. ( Special to Till !
BIK.J Farmers nro In the tntddlo ol the
umalf grain harvest. Wheat , oats , rye , bar
ley and Max nro a good crop and there I * n
much larger ncro.tgo than lust yoar. Corn Is
rn.her bacltwnrd and the ncroaeo Is small.
VAMJSTIXB , Nob. , AUK. 0. | StOclal Toto-
cram to Tin : BEB.J Throe-quarters of nn
Inch of rnln foil huro this morning , gioatly
benolltlng the corn crop , wlilch promises u
good yield. Whnut Is'hohiR harvested and Is
of line quality , although not as heavy a ylola
to the nuro as last yoar.
O.imnged l > y wind and Hull ,
NICHOLS , Nob. , Autr. ! ) . [ Special to THE
Unn.J Between 3 and 4 o'clock yesterday
morning one of the most severe wind and
hall storms ever known in this country visIted -
Ited this vicinity. It , came from the north
west and took In n scope of country about n
rnilo nnd a half in width , leveling uoarly
everything within its path. Corn , oats anil
wheat wore all cut to atoms nnd window
glass wns slmttorocl to pieces In many
houses. T. W. Anderson's barn was blown
to pieces nnd his pranarv nonr by wns blown
trnm Its foundation anil turned half way
around. It was a ornlic storm and did
mnnv thousand doll HP ? v/orth uf damage to
Property and growinir crops. Hallstonos as
largo ns walnuts were picked up. It lasted
about thirty minutes.
Hoot-Kit. Nob. , lAutf. 0. [ Special to THE
Bci : . ] The burn of John Corloss , one-half
mile northwest of Hooper , was struck by
lightning about 1'J o'clock last night nnd was
entirely destroyed , Ho had throe horses in
the Darn nt the Mine , out succeeded In get
ting them out. Everything else was destroyed.
It wns hgbtly iisuroJ. ) , ,
DUNIIVI , Nub. . 'Angl O.f Spouial Tcloeram
to TUB Uric.J A heavy iviln hat Deon falling
hero today with indications of continuing nil
nlirht. A strong wind -preceded the rain ,
uprooting and blowing down mucn corn.
During-tho afternoon lightning struck the
Alllunco elevator5. ' tearing u largo holoin thereof
roof and otherwise1 } dama lnir the building.
The workmen inside received light shocks. "
iioiiiiuu-nrs ATII >
Hov. J. Mi Johnson IDUOS Two Ilunilroil
DolliirThriitish Ills Son.
OIIIOWA , Nog * AfTg. 0 ; ISpcclaf Telegram
to Tun BBB. | "i'lief"marshal , of Ohlowu re
ceived a tolegmm jjidnvjiroin the marshal of
Shlckloy ordcrtng tho'nrroit of August
Johnson of Carleton , wuo had stolen i'MO
from hU aged father. August was described
in the telepramjiS O yoari of ngo , live foot
ton inches in hclgth , with rod board and
blue ovos. Ho Jiad. boon , .working on bin
father's farm near Uarloton , Nob. , nnd whllo
the old gBiitlenuuAvhO' l i a ijiluU(6r , was
aGsdnl.h'o tobt lhiTmonoy and hliodj'u ! rig nt
the liypry. ptiibionnd-.wij driven Shickloy.
Hero 'ho om'nioTod another' liveryman to
carry him U > OIilowu , bribing him to report
upon lits return tou'Vh mat ho liad boon
taken only a audri.dbto'nco amih " d-stopped
at u farm house , but the 'story'bolnp ; ' dis
credited , the nan was closely questioned and
finally admitted that Johnson had gene as
far as Otiiowo.
Arriving at this place , ho wont at once tea
a llvory barn and got another team to drlvo
him to Tobias , whore , It'is ' supposed , ho took
the train , for Chicago. Rev. J. M. , Jnbiison.
who was In Ohlowa today , line'-Jiot aban
doned tbo Idea of capturing his son. Descrip
tions have been BOTH to nil the largo cities of
the state. A telegram was also sent to
another son residing nt Pokln , III , , directing
him to co nt once to Chicago , nnd if bo
found his brother there to seoiiro his imme
diate arrest. The old man snys ho needs the
inonoy to pay off some notes that fall duo
this week. *
TWO CIK1.S < IUIIii : > .
F.itill ItcHiilt uf : HII. Accident Js'onr I'nlr-
innnr , Not ) .
GiuvTON' , Nob. , Aug.9. [ SpecialTologrntn
to Tim Due. ] An accident occurred today at
Fairmont , resulting in tbo death of two sisters -
tors , daughters of liartwick Shultz , Llzzio ,
aged " 0 , and Bertha' aged 17. Early this
morning whllo crossing the railroad truck in
a buirgy their horse became frightened , turn
ing the buggy ever and running away. Tbo
cirU each received a llgtit bruise on the fore
head , but wore otherwise sosmlngly unhurt.
They procured a loam at the livery to drlvo
homo , live miles west of Fairmont. Soon
after their arrival the girls wont to the
stable to see If tbo horse was hurl when both
dropped dead within n fovv minutes of each
other. There will bo anlnquost tomorrow.
Fiinunil of I ) . S , Colo.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Aug. 0. [ Special to TUB
BKK.J The funeral of the late D. S. Cole ,
the victim of tbo tragedy of a weak ngo , was
What is said to have Uoeu the largest throng
of people ever gathered In Hastings for many
years was In attendance. Hov. H. G. Adams
of thu Motnodist church read the Ecnpturos
nnd offered prayer , nnd Prof.V. . 12. Andrews
drews made a" short address to tbo family
and relatives of the deceased. The proces
sion of carriages whch followed the remains
to tbo cemetery wai fully a mile in length ,
nearly a hundred b'olng in lino.
Organize ) ) n Urunimo Club.
Moxitoi ! , Neb. , Aug. ! ) . [ Special to Tun
Bui ! . ] 'i'he nooploot ibU vicinity mot Satur
day overling and organized nn enthusiastic
Crouuso club , o fee ting F. II. Ocrrard prosl-
donl and K. 1 > . . Thompson PWU UVUIJT. The
club will li'old .Vouuar | mootligs | nnd do
yeoman sorvlcofp'rilon ; , Loron/.o Crounso ,
and show the btUto'tbiit siliih uien us C. II.
Van Wypk aroUaWnumbfrs ard not wanted
for govorno'r , 7 tils precinct east six votes
inlbUJ ffiKU U.oitrthards and , Will Imvo a
worldngcliib ontrtjr member * forCrounao.
iinrta > .uouii rimiMiiitii.
BUTTB , Nob.iAuir. ; , -Spuoial l [ to TUB
BBB.J A. S. Gafaptson of Sioux City was In
Butte Saturaay. Ho seemed verr anxious to
loam all about Biiuo and surrounding coun
try , but remained very uum on tbo Inten
tions of tbo Short Mna-pooplu.
Worn will commohca' upon the II Uy- barrel
roller mill '
si.vjJbijiKob. , Aug. .9. [ Special
Telegram to TiT Mlt&JiA few iilguts ago
burglars broke , Into the Urund Island Cold
Storage company'i ofllco and stola one suit
of clothes , n now ovorcont , ono Intarnatlonal
typewriter and gold pen nnd holder , all be
longing to the manager , J. 1' . Kurlv. Ho had
kept the matter Boccet , thinking ho had n
clew , but no trace ot the parlirs or missing
articles can bo found.
Fire nt .Miiillnon.
MADISOX , Nob. , Aug.SpecialTelegram [
to TIIK BUB. | At o'clock this morning flro
broke nut In the building occupied by. C. II.
McBrldq's restaurant and J. II. Thomas' gun-
oral merchandise store. The buildup were
badlv dntnagcd. They wcro partially In
sured. Origin of the llro Is n mystery.
llrlmrgi' < l the I'mor.
SvnAcrsK , Nob. , Aug. 0. [ Special to TUB
BRK.At | n special moollt.g of the Congregational -
gational churoh last ovonlnB It was voted to
sever their contract with their pastor , Kov.
Mr. tepansw'ck. No charges woio preferred
nnd the vote > vas taken without debate.
AKHiuilli-d Voiini ; ( lli-l.
Bniti.iN' , Nob. , Aug. ! ) . [ Special Tcloeram
to TUB Bcit.j Myron Hart of Avoou has
boon arrested lor criminal assault on Borthn
School , n 14-year-old girl who worked nt the
hotel. Ho was today bound ever to the next
to nn of the district court.
, A Ml/Til 0.11.1/1,1.
( inmlilnrft In Court Morn Arrr ti Made
City Attnrnny Vim , Dunon SprnliH.
S.'un ' Lawrence , the negro gamblernrrostod
nt the Instance of Uussoll Sarvor , had bis
trial in poltco court yoUord.iy and was lined
$ r > ami costs by Judge Fowler , nod lu de
fault of payment Is conllnod In tlio city jail
* C. Ft Logan , who , Sarvor nllogos , conducts
the gambling house , and George Pcttys , the
proprietor of the saloon , in the sumo build
ing , were arrested yesterday afternoon and
will huvn u hearing butoro Judge Fowler
today. Logan very o'lipbatically protests
against being registered ns a gambler , nnd
profcstos to bo n stockman. His knowledge
of playing cards nnd their vnluo is limited ,
nnd ho snys ho docs not know what a gamb
ling house is like.
The nopular chord was struck bv Tun Ben
yesterday lu urging the oxorclsoof municipal
authority In closing up the gambling houses.
Van Uuson says it U doing him an Injustice
to state that , ho will not prosecute the gam
blers If they nro arrested , ilut thron
camblors have been arrested since ho entered
upon his duties as city attorney , and he has
scoured their conviction. The chief of police
should make a general raid , and then if no
conviction bo secured It will bo time to
center the blatno somowhoro.
Tuckers * Stuck * of ProvMolin.
The following table shows the stocks of
provisions held by the South Omaha packer *
on the Illstdny of Julv and the 30th day of
Juno of tbo present year :
JiilT.II , I .iiino.lll ,
IS'.U 1W
New menu nork. bbli. . . , . -I St
Other pork , mils Bbtil l.IWJ
Miorl cldnrsliloa , IU . \i
l.onut'Icnr nltlcs , Ibti . ' .M.KJI lb.1 UO. !
K. I''M Will llvriirt lo 1C. C.
An effort ts being made to got tin nn ex
cursion from South Omaha to go to Kansas
City to attend the Knights of Pythias on-
campmqnt , which opens there Aucust 2 ] ,
Lily division ot this city will attend and
compete for prizes , one or more of which it
will surely brine ; home.
The Board of Tr.ulo will bo urircd to tnko
tbo lead in tbo matter , and by organized
movement it is expected to cot ur > an excur
sion that will bo n croult to the city. The
packing houses will sue to it that tbo train
is tastefully and appropriately aocoratud. It
Is intended to abandon the annual oxcuislon
to the Crcston Blue Grass palace and substi
tute the ono to Kansas City.
* .
Top 1'rlcu for Ho ; ; * .
The top price for hogs was paid for two
loads yesterday at tbo South Omaha market ,
the 50,00 notch b mp rqacbod. That ffeuro
is the highest reached since Julv , ISSS. The
upward tendency of yesterday's mnr-
kot was ' duo 'to the oxtroniclv light
receipt's of 4 Monday nnd the ub-
souco of buyers. Yesterday's receipts
reached S.OUO head , and numbered some very
Rood , heavy boss , buvars being plenty and
competition lively. The bulk sold foro.73@
D.hO , and but tbo'ono load sold at $11.00.
Today occurs the regular sale at the
horse murkot and It promises to bo ono of tha
best ever hold. The now pavillion and ex
hibition track Is ready and will bo used for
the tlrst time then.
llnrrciiHfi In Coiil.
Coal has been rapidly and mysteriously
disappearing from n car In tbo Union Pnrillu
yards. The coal is tbo property of B. Jotter ,
the browor. Ofllcer Thomas was detailed
to look alter tbo matter and yes
terday afternoon ho swooped down
upon several shmll children who were help
ing themselves to the fuol. The children
took to their heels when they osnlcd the offi
cer and escaped. Ho has n number of small
wacons and sacks which ho will hold until
called for , and 1C they over are explanations
as to what those youngsters wcro doing
around that coul car will DO In order.
Olltsml Ddiith nt Mitnawii.
L. T. Martin came near being a victim of
the waters of Luke Manawa Monday oven-
ing. In company with a number of friends
bo was bathing at Manhattan beach. Martin
wns qulto a distance from shore In deep
water and was noticed to Do floundering.
W. B. Cheek , the B. & M. llvo stock ngonl ,
wciit to bis assistance and got him safely to
shallow water. Mr. Martin Is well known at
the exchange and Is connected with the
packing llrm of Swift & Co.
In mid About tlio .Magic City.
Clarence Buck Is visiting friends In
Wall oo.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J F. Cornish returned last
evening from a trip to Tokamah.
T. J.QiNcIll will ro-ongago In tbo real es
tate business on Twenty-fourth street.
Councilman und MM. W. B. Wyman loft
last evening for mi nxtoudod eastern visit.
The Infant child pf David Uoban , Thirty-
second and Q streets , died last evening from
an uttucli tt diohthoria.
John Owens , private secretary of Manager
Babcock of the Union stock yards , Is just re
covering from D reoont Illness.
Bud Doyle , nn employe of the Union stock
yards , bad the calf of his loft log badly
lacerated last evening by a boar's tuik.
An excursion and plonlc will bo ulvon at
Calbqun. Saturday , AutcuitST , by the local
lodges .of the .Ancient Order -United
\Voiltiiion. ,
"Farmer" Johnson , a well known character -
actor about town , h'ici his forehead deeply
cut at llummoud'd packing house last evenIng -
Ing by a swinging truck.
The ladles of tha First Methodist church
will glvb a lawn social Friday evening at the
homo of Mr. ana Mrs. McAllister , Eight-
couth street uud Missouri u von no.
Valentino O'Neill , ah employe nf the
Uudaby I'nc.kint' company , came near being
scaipjd joalordny. Ho was struck on the
bead by a falling board , und the wounu was
six Inches In length.
The ladles of the First Presbyterian
church Imvo arraucod a novel untortnlnmont
for Friday evening. A tribe of gypsies will
camp upon Terry's lawn nt Twenty-third
und i streets , and fortune-tolling will bo tbo
feature pf ( ho evening's enjoyment.
I'liK'H lor Singh ) lll
Frank Vonasod would dlvorco himself
fiom his wlfo Annie , to whom ho was mar-
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U , S. Gov't Report.
rlod on b'obrunry 11 , 1892. For n cause o
action ha ntloffos that upon sundry nml divers
pccastons the tnitrrlatjo , Annto has dls
roitiirdcd the marrlago vows Antt cotio will
slrnngo men , whltq ho has romulnod nt home
a true nnd unasto husband.
The Second ward domoorati will organize
n club Fridnv nleht nt 8 o'clock ul the souvh
west corner of Sixteenth nnd Dorcaa streets
The democratic state central committee
will mont at the MorchanU hotel todii )
to fix n time for holding the stntoconvention
Fritz Cnsslo was locked up last night for
stealing n watch nnd 11 from n hoiuo n
the corner of Second nnd Populoton nvcnuo
The John M. Tlumton Drum corps lot
last evening for Fremont , wlioro they wil
attend n general opun-atr jolllllcallon of
young people.
The bollor Inspector yesterday took pos
session of his ollleo In the now city hall
whcro ho Is nt homo In rooms on tlio fount
floor , oa'it side.
Thu Young People's Society of Chrlstint
Knddnvor of the Firn Christian church wll
glvo a lawn sociable nt tbo residence of G. S
.Smith ut423 South Twontv-llrst nvonuo ot
Thursday night of this wook.
John Glddlngs , employed In tmlhttn ? the
Douclus strnot bridge , was knookod down in
moving the scaffold yesterday afternoon ntu
severely cut nhout the hoad. Uo was removed
moved to his homo In Council Bluff * .
The third annual policemen's plcnio will
ho hold nt Waterloo today. So far 2,200
tickets have boon sold. Trains will leave
the union depot at 7n. m. nnd 7lft n. m. for
the grounds. Judge Borka will oo master o
curomonlas nud Captain Cormack grand
At n mooting of the directors of the Sara
toca Lyceum company held Moadnv oveninc
the following ollluors wow elected : W. B.
Austin , president ; W. K. Dean , llrat vlco
president ; A. Doanhuo , second vloo presi
dent ; J. C. Page , secretary ; F.V. . Lesson-
ton , treasurer.
The Elchth Ward Republican club holds
nn adjourned ticoting toniglu , nt the
southwest corner of Twenty-fourth anil
Cuimng streets , at SI)0 : ) p. m. Matters of
campaign Importance will come up during
tha ovoning. A largonttomlunco Is solicited.
Admission to the nicotines nro free for
everybody nnd no Initiation fees are charged
those who want to Join the club.
Sergeant Tom Urmsoy mnilo a round
up of the burnt district nun gathered
in forty of tbo frail and faded
hsautlos who had fulled to settle the monthly
fine and costs. Ono of them named Minnie
Anderson , when the olllcors attempted to ar
rest her , sprang through nn open window
nnd escaped Into the back yard. Here she
was cornered by Iotoctlvos Hayes hhtl Hud
son , whom sbe nssnultcd with n razor. She
was disarmed bofaro unv damage wns done.
DoWltt's Sarsapanlla is rellanlo.
F. L. Hall of Burwoll is al the Arcado.
Mrs. George Uuhl has gene to liarrisburg.
W. E. Bemis of Chicago Is at tha'Millard.
F. C. Follottof Hastings is nt the Murray.
Fred Peterson of Long Pine is nt the A'r-
F. W. Jewel of Tokamah Is a guest at the
F. C. Chapman ot Atkinson la at the
W , T. Ulchardson of David City is at tbo
Pii < ctnn.
Gcorgo W. Chorrington of Gibbon Is at tbo
Mr. Cosgrovo of Ponder is a puoat nt the
John Aloran of Calloway Is registered nt
the Paxton.
D , F. Culver ot Dos Molnes , la. , is a guest
at the Murray.
G. W. 13. Derrlnpton of Falls City is n
guest at the Mlllnrd.
E. C. Boyd and J. N. Boyd of Auburn
were at the Dollono yesterday.
C. 13. Parsons of Syracuse , N. Y. . is
among tbo guests nt the Dullone.
Gcorgo I'1. Galas of the Missouri Pac'llc '
city ofllco Is rusticating at Clear Lake , la.
A. Al. Iron , a prominent buslnoss 'man nt
the Sac k Fox agency , Indian territory , Is In
tno city.
Leonard S. Lubort of Counc'l ' Bluffs left
the Savoy vostorday to sail for Europe on
the Macs I am Uoyal , Nethcrland line , via
lur. C. D. Thompson , formerly connected
with thn advertising department of Tun
Bi'.i : , has gone to PI Us burg to do.somo special
work for the Chicago Tribune.
Chailcs A. Dean , now located nt Kansas
LJity as secretary of a leaning company ,
loft for that city tonight alter a short visit
with Christian Ila-tnmn and family.
Mr. A. II. Blomor , who bus for the past
two years boon in charge of the Arcade
liotol , will leave this week for a three weeks'
trip to Colorado points. Ho will bo accom
panied by Mrs. Blomor and Harry Blomur ,
lis son , who has boon night dark nt the Ar-
auo. On hU return from the west Mr.
iilomer will engage in the hotel ousiness on
Us own responsibility.
A. H. Blomor , who has boon head clerk nt
.ho Aruado for the past tbrco years under
both Landlords Casey and Campbell , has resigned -
signed bis position there , together with his
son Harry , who has been night , clerk. They
xvill indulge In n short rest prior to again ori-
taring the hotel buslnoss in this city. The
traveling public will bo gralllk-d to learn
.hat it ts not to bu deprived of their thought
ful attentions.
The following Nobrnskans were registered
ntNuw York hotels yesterday ; J. II. Me-
2onnoll of Omaha Is nt the t'laia , C. 1C. Col
lins of Omalm Is nt the Savoy. E. W. Sov-
mour is at the St. Drnls , H. F. Oxnard Is at
tbo Albemarlc , M. Uoutscho of Beatrice Is at
the St. Nicholas. M. Grcshlom pf Lincoln is
at the Westminister , H. O. Gu'thoof Kear
ney Is at the Westminister.
( lit
Airs. Mary Antcn
of Lnulsburg , I'a. , suffered untold agony from
brolien rnriro n rrliMf with Illtonso Itch-
Ini : and bin ulng. On the rccoiuniencJatlon of n
physician she tool ;
Hood's Sarsaparilla
nnd used Hood's Olive Ointment. Boon the
uli'crs bi'nan to lioal , Iho InlUmmatlonccascil ,
Bhouas completely cured , nml sayi. " 1 enjoy
liiMltliailliutaiiotfnrin.inyycaift. " , .
" Wo are personally acciualnted with Sirs.
Astcn anil know tha above to bo true. " J. B.
ox , Lo hburE , I'a ,
HOOD'O PlLLS euro Habitual Comtljatlon br
roitorlug jiorliUUlc action of tha alimentary canal.
s via the Chicago , Milwaukee
& St. Paul R'y , as represented
onthis map.
Klectric Lighted , Steam Heat
ed Vqstibuled trains leave
Omaha dailv at 7-.05-p. m. , ar
riving at Chicago at 9:30 : a. m.
City Ticket Ofhoe : 1501 Far-
nam St. , Omaha.
F. A. NASH. Gen'l Agent.
A Friend
Wishes to speak through tlio JtegiUcr ot
tlio beneficial results lie lias recolvixl
from n regular use of Aycr'ft Pills.
lie says : "I wns foolliiK sick nnd tlicd
nnd iny.sloinnch seemed nil out of order.
I tried n number of remedies , hut tioiio
seemed toglvo mo relief until I was In *
dneed to try the old ii'llaWe Ajor'i
1M1N. 1 Imvo taken only onn box , lint I
feel like a new man. I think they nro
the most pleasant nnd easy lo tnko of
anything I over used , being so finely
sugar-coated Unit uvcn n child will tnko
them , 1 urge upon nil who nro
of n Inxntlvo to try Ayor's Plls. | ' '
Boothbny ( Mo. ) , Iteglater.
- "Between the ages ot flvo nnd lltto.nn ,
I wns troubled with u kind of snll.
rheiiht , or orttptiiin , chielly nmllncil to
the legs , nnd cspecllilly to thn hontl ot
thd knee nhoVo thocnlf , Her /rnniilng1'
sores formed which would sonb over ,
but would hronk inimcdlntnly 011 mov
ing tlm leiJMy mother tried every
thing slio could think of , hut nil wns
vt Ithout nvnll. Although n clijld , I lend
In'tho pnpors nbont the bunullrlal effects
of Ayor's Pills , nml poranmlril my nioth-
er to lot mo try tliom , With no great
faith lu the result , she procured
nnd I began to lisa them , nnd soon
noticed nn Impiovcmunt. Kncouragod
by this , 1 kept on till I took two boxes ,
when thn sores dtsappunieit nnd Imvo
never troubled mo slncu. " H. Ghlpman ,
Ural Estate Agent , Kounoke , Yn.
"I suffered for years from stomach
nnd kidney troubles , cnnslnp very snvcra
pains In various partsof thu body. None
of the rcnlodlos 1 tried afforded me nny
relief until I began taking Ayer'd 1'llls ,
nnd wns cured. " Win. Goddiud , Notary
Public , Five Lakes , Midi.
Prepared tiyDr.iT.O. Aycr.t Co. , LowellMaes.
Bold by Druggists Kicryn here.
Every Dose Effective
Weakness ,
' Btcamalssra ,
Chronic ,
T Nervous or
Diseases ,
Seairbs S Searl@s
Consultation Free.
AckmmliMlcL'il to l > u Ilic miiHt Kilccoiful KjiuclnlUt In
till I'lllVATl' , 111.001)EllOUS , SKIS AM ) UlU.V-
lionorrlHr i In from 'I to fl < ! ny < d > plillls etiroil
without .Mercury. All ntnsiM for life ' \
bl'ltlt'TUIti : iiorin inuntly ruroil. toniprut eom-
lilcto , wllliont ciUUnu ciiHlloor illliitiittqn . , iuro
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without | i.ilu or ili-tuntlnn friitn tilillnoist
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anil micceaifully curu 1. .Miahml noniiud\ttifulllnt :
( V1TAMTV WKAK ) , Mailosotiy too cloii nppll-
cnllon to liiMlnuai urntiiilr ; niiTOrs montil nlrntn
or urlufi SICXUAT , i\KSSIH : ( In mliMla 11 To , or
Ironi the ulTc-ctM of youthful follloi.
niMTViirr.xu.vUanov , WASTiMVIAKNKMS ! :
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Itnl power. Oill nu nr iidilnMi with utunip for
Irriilurj , froj bijtik niul rucniiits.
lr oirlpcA1mrlc us south nth street ,
- ;
II. OlilllL : ) ( V CiWlILi. OMAHA. Mu.
Nox 1'obtonice.
Extract ofBeef ,
Do you want n copy ol
Hoof Tea ? See Unit It
is mndo trom the Gun
uino Incomparably
the best. I'uro , psilu-
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faohuls clourly-
the I3iron ; I al-
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iibhio on oauh
ubul , thin.
Parched Rolled Oats ,
Unequalled in Flavor.
Corn Gritz ,
Sold only lu 2J pound ptcmrpi ; |
Velvet Meal ,
For iiiutHns mid.
Save Your Eyesig
yestosted free Uynn K.Vt'BltT OPTICIAN
'ui fuel adjustment. Hiiporlorlonsni , NorV- \
onshnadauho cured by nsliiir onr 9i > outnoe |
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Happiness. \
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