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Inmates of Lancaster County's ' Jail Ex
posed to Smallpox.
Ilcnllli O nicer llnrtrnm 1'nlls to Agree
with tlio rityplulnnVlio
tlio Cnso Other Lincoln
News Notes.
LI.VCOI.V , Nob. , Aug. 8. ( Special to T.HR
Bii : : . | The prisoners nt Iho Lancaster
county Jail are somewhat panic stricken ever
the reuort that a well defined case ot small
pox tins broken out in tholr midst , nnd their
npprehenslnn Is shared by Jailor Lnnirdoa
mid his family. Snvornl dnys BRO n prisoner
named Frank Kennedy was committed to
the Jnll for patty larceny. Saturday ho corn-
. plnined of not fooling well nnd yottorday hit
lytuptomB prow alarming. A physician wni
enllcd in nnd ho pronounced it n cnso of small
pox. Kennedy's fnco wns already uroKon
out with what appeared to bo the offccts of
the dUoato nnd the doctor gnvo orders for
the isolation of the patient.
Health Oftlcor Hartrum , however , declines
to believe that It Is n cnso of smallpox and
bis coulldenca has done much to ulluy the
apprehension of the Jailor and the members
of his family. The other nrlsonors are con-
Bldornbly excited ever the prospect of n run
of the dlscnso nnd nro clmnmorhiK for the ro-
inovnl of the tick man. lie will ho removed
to some Isolated plnco ns soon as possible.
Nearly nil of the prisoners as well as the
members of the jailor's ' family have boon ex
posed to the dlsnnso nnd further develop
ments are awaited with no llttlo anxiety.
An Kncnm liuriillinl.
The wrecking force of the Burllnjrton sta
tioned nt this oily wa % called to Grafton
early this morning to clear up n wreck wnich
occurred nuar that place ut utout ! 3 o'clock
this morning. An onglno nnd a dining car
ran off the track n mlle or so this sldu of the
town , and nil trains were delayed for u short
time. Tno damage , however , was slight ,
and Superintendent Dlgnoll states that $20
will cover It. The operating department of
this city was notillod of the accident In tlmo
to send ono or tuo Knight Templar specials
around by way of Aurora , nnd the pilgrims
on their woy to Denver were not delayed by
the Incident. Tbo locomotive nnd car word
brought to Lincoln this forenoon , and all
trams wore running as usunl bcforo noon.
Froni tlio 1'ollcu Com I.
A colored man named Konort listers wns
nrraigncd before Justice Writers this morn
ing , charged with assaulting Itobnrt Mitchell.
Mllchull saw Esters and another colored cneugcd In a lltrht and cssayca the role
of a uoacoinnker with tlio usual result. I s-
tcrs was lined $10.Ii5 and as itooti as ho had
paid it ho was iintncdintolv rearrested ou tbo
charge of assaulting tbo other colored man.
Mnttlo Nuwberry was charged with con
ducting o disorderly house and was lined $20
nnd costs. Josslo Uisbrow was arraigned
upon the same churcre , but as she proposed
to maVo a vigorous defense aho was crantcd
n continuance.
Henry Johnson nnd Frank Prior were lined
fll.'O for drunkenness , and n $3 line wns
issosscd against David Brlggs for disturb
ing the pcnco.
( Jcorgo Clark Is bolng detained nt the po
lice .station pending the arrival of the sheriff
of Custcr county. Clark cnmo nwny from
Broken Bow nnd neglected to rot urn n uni
form coat which ho had quietly Borrowed
from the chief of police. Tbo coat was
iound In his trunk.
HurOonllUoiiro Wns Well Founded
" 1 would rather trust that modlclno than
nny doctor I knotv of , " says Mrs. llattlo
Mason of Chllton. Carlo ? Co. , Mo. , In speak
ing of Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and
Dlnrrbtun Remedy. This modlclno can
nlways bo depended upon , oven in the most
Bovero and dangerous oases , both for children
nnd adults. J > 5 and DO-coiit bottles for sale
by druggists.
- crviTu i'AHrr.
It Ilolil * a Convention \vltli Startling Ito-
Chicago Tribune : The anti-cyclono convention -
vontion j ostordny nt Lcavonwortb , Kan. ,
nominated I ) . G. Scyas of Texas for presi
dent of the Unltca States , nnd O. II. Kodoll
of Arlronn for vice president. Soyas wns
nominated on tbo twenty-ninth ballot. The
upplausn was so great that Chairman Mix
ro fused to entertain a motion to make the
nomination unanimous. The following plat
form was adopted amid the wildest cboor-
The antl-cyclouo party of America In their
first national convention put forth the fol
lowing declaration of principles :
I. The cyclone Is n fee to civilization , the
nrch uiiumy of the people nnd n public mil-
Bunco. Any party that fulls to rocosriilzo the
dominant niituro of this Issue In American
politics I * undeserving iho support of tbo DCO-
Dlo. Wo bolluve Unit If Ilio government would
institute proper holontlllo Inquiry Into the
CUUBO and nutitro of cyclones this crying ovll
might buonlltoratod from tlio land of i'rnnk-
lln , who bottled thn lightning. Wo doinnnd ,
therefore. that the national L-ovornmcnt sup-
proas cyclones In HO fur ns they muy bo 0011-
Htltutloniilly Huppressed h/ federal Interven
tion without Infrln-'omcntot Htato rights.
L . \\o demand that the elrculiitlii ! ! medium
lie speedily increased to meet I he rctiulro-
inenH of pcoplo who , from nny cause , muy
now bo unsuppllcd with money.
II. Wo bolliiyo the tlmo has como whan
the liotelf , will nlthiir own the iiaoplo or the
Dcoulu niiiHt own the hotels. Ilotulu buliiK a
jiubllo necessity , the irovornmunt should own
and opornto them In the Interest of the jioo-
Iilc. niiil liotul moil , from proprietor to porter ,
alum Id hoiliNfr.inchlsed.
I. T.irltr should bo levied only as n defense
niraliiHt forolgii pee try , and uvun this lurllf
should bo removed whenever Amorlujn poets
hlutll concodn tholr Inability to supply tbo de
mand for homo consumption.
R. KorolKMcus she , ihl not be allowed to vote
until they understand the principles or our
party and H.vmpalhlzo with thorn.
0. All men should bo protected by law In
tholr rlttht to rest on Sunday and every nlcht
K in the wcolc , Irroipoutlvo of IIKU or color.
7. Wo abhor tlio cornering of pork or of any
thing or uf anybody without his or her con-
Important Itesolutlon Adopted.
On mellon of 1C. B. Guss ot Arizona the
following resolution was adopted :
tVhoioiiH , Tim antl-oyclono par'y ' Is not a
ftontloiml unrty. but u national p.irl v.
\\lioro.i , Tlio fact that thu slnfulnoss of
liorHunto illni ; is settled and nettled forovor.
therefore , bo It
Uesolvud , That It is the f-enso of this con-
yentlon that MjioiiUers who iiro uucorilod the
honor of addressing the convention bo ro-
questoil lo refuiln from unnecessary reference
or Illustration that could bo construoil ns u
rrlluetlon on imy of the parilclp' ntn in the
| * t < liorsostoalluif In the fur west ,
At thU junuturo Caulrmau Mix road the
following tclogrnm :
OAIIIIKN. N. J. . Auir.5-A oyolono this after
noon Killed thrt'o Inborlng men.
The npplauso wns so great that for ton
minutes no business could bo transacted
At last Hon. Guy Kuttof Indlauii offered thn
followlni : resolution , which wns adopted
amid the greatest npplauso ever hoard In a
ronvcntlon :
Itesolvrd , That wo profoundly sympathize
with tlio tliruu liibprliiB mun klflod In tlio
\ Uanulon oyulono , nnd wo hone tliit nil muy
> now lonrn the lesson Unit the tnrllT la no pro-
It'ctlon to AmorloiiH liiborum Wo Incorolr
regret lliut the lom of life wns not i : router In
order that the leison mlKhl bo more Imprcs-
Hooper of Now Mexico , when
asked If the nntl-oy clones ox poctod to oloot
nuybody , replied : "No. of course not. But
that cuts no ilguro. You see , wo vote for a
principle , and a vote for principle is never
lost. "
DoWltt's Sarsaparllta cicansoi the blood ,
. Increases the appotlto and toiios up the aya-
. > turn. It has benelittod many people woo
' have suffered from blood dljordoni. U will
Uoip.voy .
\V' * iurn I'uiiiioni.
WASUINQTOX , I ) , c. , Aug. 8. [ Special
Telegram to TUB llui : . ] 'I'hu following list
of pcasloni granted U roporloj by TUB 13ua
gnd Kxumluer Bureau of Claim * ;
Nebraska ; Original Charles J , Meyer ,
Frank Allison , Henry Hubbard , Itobort E.
Ilardln , John U. Davis , Charles P. Btopheu.
von , Henry \V. Gilbert , George W. Walden ,
LawU M. Wllcox , bltneou Decker , William
F. PrlnU , Georpo Koodor , Ilensou WUoinin ,
Charles W , Luram , Samuel P. Baker , Bam-
ucl Li. f'uruior , Edward B. Uuut. Addl-
Alex H. McCain , John G. Snook ,
Charles A. Tledcraan , John Haioy , James
McUlano , Charles W. Shorwood. Original
widows , etc. Wo-Hun-Kaw-Yankee , mother.
Increaso-George C. Maxlleld.
Iowa : Original Wllllnm Downey , Ed
ward L. Couch. Ambrose 13. Brolt , Samuel
I. Bnlloy , Edward Ware. Adam Zshning ,
Both Vincent , Ulchnrd D. Bngley , Martin
Dean. Charles Hollwfg , John Crawford , Uob-
ert M. Young , Ccrnollut Conway , Jamei F.
Kirk. James H. Ensloy. Kobort Burnoll ,
Thtfmas S. Croxler , Henry M. Crocker ,
Dunne S. Purdy , Michael Karch , Abram V.
Brewer , Edward Coovnr , Victor B. Croxvell ,
John S. King , Charles B , Stuyt , Samuel A.
Miller , John Lees , Leonard A. Groonllof ,
Hiram Barton. Additional Robert Stuart ,
John Stahl ( deceased ) , Lnwls S. Potter ,
Amo-s Parker. Increase John Archer , Mnr-
tin L. Bishop , Luis A. Jennings , Hugh R
Gllllland , Sampson CnssnOy. Uolssuo Nol-
Bon McCollum , John Frohnor. Original
widows , etc. Sarah O. Anshutz , Minna L.
Colorado : Original Henry S. Howe , Wil
lis R McCownn.
Wyoming ! Original Jacob Davis. Orig
inal widow Anna Howard.
North Dakota : Original Ezra W. Cart-
South Dakota : Original James Doan ,
William Chafoy , Albert B. Wilcox.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for chil
dren teething rests the child and comforts
the mother , 'ijo a bottlo.
Suit Agniimt the C. , II. & 0.Siilnit for Di
vorce Suit Against the Soliitnl Ilouril.
In the district court Mary J. Carson , ad
ministratrix of the citato of Charles H. Car
son , deceased , has brought suit against the
Chicago , Burlington & ' Qulnoy Unllroad
company to recover $5,001) ) . In her petition
the plaintiff ullngos that on May 3 bar bus-
baud , Charles H. Carson , was in the omuloy
of the defendant ns n switchman In tno
Omaha yards ; that while in the discharge
of hU duties ho was run uvcr and ! killed by
ono of defendant's engines.
Sarah Hoblnson , In a petition , has Invoked
the aid of the court to divorce her from her
husband , Daniel , to whom sbo was wedded
In 1S03. Tbo plaintiff alleges that for moro
than llvo years Daniel has boon an habitual
drunkard and that during most of that tlmo
ho bait boon n cruel and wicked husband.
And now the Board of Education has a
law suit on its bands , brought by Boll &
Burllngham , the nrchttools. In their peti
tion the plaintiffs allege that the defendant
owes thorn $1,139 for supervising the con
struction of the Kollom school building and
for drawing additional plans nrovldmg for
tbo Introduction of the Stnoad system of
boating nnd ventilating.
Disoaio novcr successfully attacks the sy
om with pure blooJ. DoWltt's Sarsapnrllla
makes uuro , now blooJ and enriches blood
This evening the famous Prlmroso & I
\Vost minstrels will open their two nights'
engagement at Boyd's Now theater. The
company Includes many of the most famous
minstrels of America and continue to lead in
the art of entertaining in tholr peculiar line ,
nnd have surrounded themselves with the
cleverest company of comedians thov have
had since tholr organization. The bill will
ombruco several now and novel specialty
features. The sale of scats couimoncod thu
Mr. C. H. Bccdo , agent of George
Thatcher's "Tuxedo , " which will appear at
Boyd's ' on the 19th nnd 20tb , Is In the city.
Bcocham's PIHsfor a bad hvor.
The Uncle's Statement.
- DetectvoJ. ! M. Vaughn called at THE BBS
once ! yesterday to give his version of soroo of
the facts connected with the death of Mrs.
Corporal Crosby , neo Gurtlor. Ho stated
that the undo , Charles Sleglo , knew nothing
about the girl's death until ho rend the story
published In Tim BKH. When ho arrived In
this city , Mr. Sioglo first called upon the
chief of police and at 13 o'clock of Saturday ,
August 0 , commenced his Investigation.
Aflei that Mr. Sioglo called upon Coroner
Maul and after talking with that ofllcial and
a number of physicians , lie said that ho was
satistlcd that death resulted from natural
causes and that an Inquest over the remains
was not necessary.
Elected Ollleurs.
At the annual mooting of the Omaha
Schuotzouveroln held on Tuesday the fol
lowing ofllcers were elected for the ensuing
year :
President , William Mack : vlco president ,
William Sogolko ; treasurer , William Krug ;
financial secretary , Charles Horbortz , secre
tary , William Butt ; llrst captain , C. Wuoth-
rlch ; second captain , FR. . Hofb.
Tbo annual tournament will toke place In
this city on September 10 and 11. In con
nection with tbo shootlnir tournament a
grand nlonio will take place In Rusor's park
on September 11.
Attention Danes.
All the Danish residents of Omaha are In
vited to attend the unveiling of the monument
ment erected to tbo memory of Jens
Frodrlkson at Sprlngwell , or the Danish
cemetery , on Sunday , August 14. Carriages
will bo at Washington hall and Cumlng and
Twenty-fourth street nt 1 p m. , sharp , to
toke -ovory ono who has no convovanco of
their owu , free of cost to and from the como-
tery. A. R. GUAM ,
A. Nona tun ,
Itenl Xleo Ventilator * Those.
The dwellers In the city hall are finding
some things In the building that are not as
tboy should bo. In the ofHco vaults there
nro ventilators for the admission of fresh
nlr , but instead of letting in fresh air. about
nil that enters is soot from the chimneys.
Especially true Is this In tbo mayor's odlct ) .
Tboro , wbon tbo ventilators nro open , great
clouds of black soot enter and settle about
the room. The mayor attributes this to
faulty construction , and will call the atten
tion of the council to the dofoot.
New Small Grain.
Inspector Thompson reports tbo first oats
of the now crop received yesterday by the
Omaha Elevator Co. Tbo oats were bright ,
sweet , reasonably clear , wolghod 28 pounds
and graded No. 3 white. Also a car of now
rye , of a very choice quality , weighing 59
pounds sound , plump and reasonably clean ,
which graded No. U.
Mnrrliigo I.lcoiuei.
The following marrlairo licansoj were is-
Auod by Judge Ellor yesterday :
Name and address. Age ,
I Medard Llnowakl , Omnha 'M
1 Alary Oznpsko , Omaha y >
j OoorKU II. Slgler. Omnha. , j 40
I Mary l'shbauKh ! , Omaha. U8
I Wllllnm M. Dodd. Chlo.iKO 27
I Nettle J. KlttRr , Uhloago 25
i J.ime. Co'lllns , Soiith Omaha 10
I llattlo Trolonr , youth Omaha IB
I Kroil Stephens , Council lllulTs IB
I Ida Worloy , Council lIlufTu 21
llulldmg 1'erinlti.
The following permits wore Usuod by tbo
superintendent of oulldlngs yesterday ;
11. M , Mollson , double two-atary brlok
dwelling. Twuuty-thlrd and Chicago
streets ( 5,000
II. M. MulUon , double two-story brlok
dwelling. Twenty-third and OblouKO
streets 5,000
J , U , Johnson , two-story frame divoll-
Inic. Twunty-nlntb. and 1'raakllu
htroets 1,503
Four minor permits 453
Total . .111.050
Result of a Resolution Introduced at tko
Eleventh Hour.
Condition of Cnncrcaslonnl KnncttnontA on
Thli Subject Said to IIo Sufficiently In-
trlcnto to I'uzzlo nit lUport
Washington Gossip. '
WASIIIXOTOX , D. C. , Aug. 8.
Just as Speaker Crisp's gavel was about to
fall the ether nicht to doolaro the final ad
journment of the flwt session ot congress
Hoprosontntivo Pnttlson of Ohio caught the
speaker's eye and secured recognition for
half a mlnuto. Ho presented a resolution
directing the appointment of a special com-
mlttoo during the recess to codify the pen
sion laws. As every ono was anxious to ad
journ co attention was paid to Mr. Pnttlson's
resolution and It went through without dis
sent. Mr. Pattlson has slnco boon appointed
chairman of the committee and ho explains
that the resolution thus hastily passed prom
ises to bo of croat Importance in brlneing
order out ot the chaotlo condition ot ( bo pen
sion laws.
"Tho publio has no Idea what a tangle our
pension laws were in , " said Mr. Paltison
todny. "To a very largo oxlont the pension
system Is not busad on laws at all , but Is
made up of a vast accumulation of decisions
by the pension bureau. Even the lawyer
has great dlfllculty in finding out what n
ponslon claimant Is entitled to. Our com
mittee on Invalid pensions Is made up of
lawyers , butjyhonover a pension bill cnmo
before us there wns not n man on the com
mittee who could toll what the claimant was
entitled to under the regular law.
"Wo would have to rcfor to the clerk who
would co llrst to the low nnd would then
dig through a network of decisions to see
how the law had baon oonstruod. I suppose
nlno-tonths of the socallod pension laws
hnvor boon enacted by pension ofllcluls.
I now intend to carry out u plnn I have long
had , of codifying all these laws and decisions
In such a simple form that any novlco can
understand them. The Ohio code of laws
gives u good model and will probably servo
as a plan nn which this codification will bo
made. According to lhat plan each pension
law would bo given in full , nnd wherever a
sentence or paragraph had boon nfTocted by
the department decision there would ba n
foot note giving the syllabus of the decision.
In thai way the low in nil Its construction
would Of clearly sot forth without having to
dig through department decisions In order to
llnd out how the low has boon construed. "
The committee will assemble fre < ] uontlyjn
Washinuton during the recess nnd the codl-
ilcatlon may bo complete by the time congress -
gross adjourns.
Democrats DlHtorllinr Tacts.
Mr. Holman has given cut tonight a dis
torted and misleading statement about the
appropriations. It Is compiled foe strictly
CartUan purposes but it Is so plain a perversion -
sion of the truth that it will not bo of much
vuluo even as a party argument. Mr.
Ilolman makes his comparison between the
second session of the last concress and the
llrst session of this congress nnd says that
the river nnd harbor bill of this congress
must not bo considered as there was no river
and harbor bill last year.
After subtracting the river and harbor bill
Mr. Holman says that this co'ngross is much
more economical than the last , though not nil
that the democrats could wish. Any one
who knows anything of congress knows
that there Is on unwritten law that a nvor
nnd harbor bill shall bo passed only once In
two years. There was a river nnd harbor
bill passed by the last congress nt Its tim
session. The only honest way to make u
comparison is between the flrct sessions of
the two congresses. Mr. Holman's trick
will deceive no ono with bis cye open.
Ciiiitrulllnir the Itusmus * .
The Department of State has obtained
from Us consulate * abroad n series of reports
on the Importation nnd snlo of patent medi
cines. It Is ono of a sot of reports on trade
Industries of which the department has
Issued quite a largo number in the last few
voars. Tbo subject is of Interest In the
United States for two reasons. A largo
amount of patent medicine is manufactured
In this country that Is ono reason. Then
for another there Is o proposition before
congress to make it obllentory on every
manufacturer of any compounded article to
publish the formula of the compound on the
laoel of the package. This law in nnothor
form It seems exists in SOUIB other countries.
In Italy , for example , the law requires that
no medicines of any kind , either foreign or
domestic , shall be sold in the kingdom unless
a statement of the composition thereof Is
previously given to the Central Board of
Health and its approval obtained. This is
reported by Consul General Bourn of Homo.
In Germany the moit serious restriction ou
tbo patent medicine trade U the old Prussian
law which forbids tho. advertisement In pub
lic Journals of all nostrums or proprietary
medicines which are made by a secret
formula or procois. This law Is enforced
rigorously In Bndon and Prussia. The pro
hibition Is relaxed In some other parts of the
Scheme of n American.
The proprietor of n well known American
remedy for diabetes and Kindred diseases ,
who lias maintained for years a principal
nccnoy at Frankfort , has obtained n conces
sion which enables him to ndvortlso his
goods In Wnrtotnburg , but In other parts of
Germanv ho sends out circulars which nro
folded In With the Issues of newspapers. The
Intention of the law is to dUcourago the uio
of proprietary nrtlclos. Franit Mason , Consul -
sul general of Frankfort , makes this report.
In Hussla great dlftlcultles stand In the
way of the patent raedioino business. No
patent medicine Is allowed In the country
without obtaining ouch tlmo special permis
sion from the medical department of the
ministry of the Interior. The mod leal do-
partmout carefully examines the modlclao.ond
If it appears that elaborate work nnd expen
sive apparatus are needed for the production
of the article and It Is regarded as bonoflclal ,
It Is allowed for Importation. But no exam
ination Is undertaken unless a description ,
Issued by the Inventor , accompanies the ap
plication , giving in ralnuto detail the sub
stances of the composition. Consul General
Crawford of St. Potowburp sends this re
port.Mr. . Now , the consul general at London ,
reports tnat In England every modlclno maybe
bo liable to duty if there is any claim to any
socroi or art In Us preparation or any claim
to a proprietary right in the preparation ; If
the sale , past or present , Is under loiters pat
ent , or If any handbill , label or oi'.vortlso-
incnt is used , holding out the preparation as
a nostrum or speoltlo. P. S. II.
I'urn niiilVliolesciino Oiiullty
Commends to public approval the California
liquid laxative remedy. Syrup of Figs. Hjla
pleasant to the taste and by acting gently ou
the Iddnovs , liver and botvols to cleanse the
ays to in effectually. It promotes the health
and comfort of all who use It , and with mil
lion * It la tbo best and only remedy.
She Would lie IlnmUume , If
Kewt licconl.
It Is laid of Mrs. Lease , tbo alllanoa leader ,
that "aho would bo a very handsome woman
If she did not bavo to wear skirts. Sklrtt
hang on her about as awkwardly as they
would on her husband. "
DoWlU'sSiriaparlllucioaujw tha bloal
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
A Friend
Wishes to speak tlirojiRhJIic Register o\ \
the beneficial results ho 1ms received
from n regular use of Aycr's I'llls ,
Uesnys : "I wns fccl lck nnd tiled
nnd my stomnch sccnltdinll out ot order.
I tried A number of rbiuJdlcs , but iiono
socmoil to glvo mo relief Until Ivni In
duced to try the old ftll.iblo Aycr'a
I'llls. I Imvo taken ouly.tnio . box , lint I
feel llko a now mnn. lithlnk they are
the most pleasant andeasy to take ot
nnythiiiK I ever 11101,1 (11113 so finely
Btignr-coated that cvcp achlklvlll take
them , I urge upon nil \ ljo are
In Need
of n laxntlvo to try Ayor's Pills. "
lloothbay ( Mo. ) , Register.
"Dotwcon tlio nges of flvo nnd fifteen ,
I wns troubled with a kind of wxlt
rheum , or eruption , chiclly confined to
the legs , and especially to the bend ot
the knee nbovo the calf. Hero , running
sores formed which would scab over ,
but would break Imiin-illatoly .on mov
ing tlio log. My mother tried every
thing aho could think of , but all was
without avail. Although n child , I read
in the papers about the beneficial offccts
of Aycr's I'llls , nnd poraundcd my moth
er to lot mo try them , With no great
faith in the result , aho procured
Ayer's Pills
and I began to use them , and soon
noticed an impiovemcnt. Encouraged
by this , I kept on till 1 took two boxes ,
whou the sores disappeared ami Imvo
never troubled mo since. " K. Clilptuan ,
Keal Estate Agent , Honiiokc , Va.
"I suffered for years from stomach
nnd kidney troubles , causing very severe
pains in various parts of the body. None
of the remedies I tried afforded mo nny
relief until I began taking Ayer's I'llls ,
and was cured. " Wni. Goddnul , Notary
Public , Flvo Lakes , Mich.
Prepared by Dr. < T. 0. Aycr & Co. , Lowell , Mags.
Sold by Druggists I'.Mrywlierc.
Every Dose Effective
For Farmers , Miners and Mechanics ,
Cures Chafing , Chapped Hands , Wounds , Burns ,
Etc. A Delightful Shampoo.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Water
A Tonic
A and Pleasure :
That's the happy
combination found in
You drink it for pleasure , and get
physical benefit. A whole
some , refreshing , appetizing ,
thirst quenching drink.
One package makes five gallons.
Don't be deceived If a dealer , for tha iaVe
cf larger profit. telU you tome other kind
Is "just nsgood " ' | U false. No Imitation
ll as good as llie genuine HIKES' .
llt.H.C. Vl'S'S NKIU'U A.VI1
MKNT.nnpoclllo for llystorln. Illzzlnojj , l-'lt ) , Noil-
rnlKln , llouilaclio , Nurvous I'rojtrnton ciusoJ u/
ulcohoior lobtttCD , Wnkuftilnoss , .Montil IJiiuros-
elondottnoasuC tlio llraln.Ciiuiltii ; Infinity , inlajry
decayiluatli , 1'ruiiiitura Ulil Ago , llarroiioii. I.on
of 1'onor In cltliur tax , Imputoncy , Inncorrhii niiil
all KonnloVoilcnoiJ33. . Inroluntmry LOISDI , bpor
niutorrhoa catiaod by ororoxortlon of tti ] brain
bulf-aUunooTur-liHluiiionco. A nionta't troittnjnt
fl.Uforfi , br mall , \VoKii rnntoe lr bores to curi
Knell order ton' boxoi. with $ i will oonil written
Kuarnnteoto rotund If not curJ < 1 Ouanmloo UsuoJ
only by Tliuoiloro , K I.owla drugulat , solo nuaul ,
southeast coruor lotu and Furuaui eU. . Omaha
Anovr nnj Complata Truatmoat. conilstlnz of
Suppoiltorloi. Olntmont la < Uiiuloi | , ulio In Hot
and I'llli : n 1'oslilvo Uuro fur KiU'rntil. Intornnl
bllndor UleadliiKllolilm ; . ( 'bruulo , Itcoontor lloruill-
tarr I'llijj. TnU UuiuoJjr hus uuvor buun known to
fall , tl | ior box. U forMi aunt by mull. Why suUor from
tbls turriulu Uliuato wlion u wrlttun KUaruntua Is
uonltlTOlyKl'un wlthG boxoi or refund the mono ? If
not curud ftouil atamp for free bniuplo. ( luarantoo
Usuod by Kuhu A Co. , DruL'Bl'l' . Solo Acont * . corner
litl1 and DuuKlas ilrootw , Uumln , Nob.
"Ann-ut Invoiitloii lin JictJi inailu liy I > r.
Tntt. Tliut eminent chemist liuu produced
pa BM 11 B %
lull s Hair Dye
wMoU ImltntoK nature to perfections It acts
InstinitiineoiiMly nntl I * jierfretly liiirinles * . "
Trlcv , 81. Ollleo , 3I > & 4t link Place , N. Y.
Totho owners of all lots und uarts of lots
nnd ro it ostuto along aith.stroot from I'ur-
imm struct to DodKoatroutY' *
Vou uru horohy no tilled r1mt the undor-
BlRiiod , thruo dlslnteru tuU fb eUoldorj of the
city of Omulia. have beeiululr uuplontod by
the niayur , with the approVA1 ot "lo olty coun
cil ot said olty , to IIBSOSS uio dIIIIIRO to thu
owner * respeotlvoly of the proj > rty ulfoctod
by Kradliik-yitli slreut from I'urnam ' struct to
Iodio ) mroet declared i > ej ) 8ary byordlnmiua
J.irJ , paused July Slst , 1.9J. upprovod JulySJrd ,
You nro further notillod , that Imvlnz ac-
cpptod Huld appointment , nnd duly nuitllllod
IIH reiUlred | by Utv. wo will , an the Ilth day of
August , A. U. . Mi , iitthohouruf 10 o'clock In
thu forenoon , ut tliu ollluo ot T. 11. Mo'Uillooli ' ,
room HI. ' . New VorU 1-1 fo hulldlnK. within the
corporuto limits of iMd olty , incut for the pur
pose of considering and mukliiK the assess
ment of duinaito to the owner * ruspuotlvoly of
said property , utfoctod by laid craulnir , taUInK
Into uonsldorutloii | > oolul benullts , if uny.
Vou uru notlllud Hi bo present at thu tlmo
and place iiforosuld. nnd milku any objections
to or stutomonu eoneornlii'/ said nHsosniuout
of dumunes us you nyiy eomldor proper.
' '
lt'\V. ( MH80N ,
JOHN I' . 1'1-AOK.
Omaha , July 20th , 1WJ. jaOdlOt
The most decided bargains
that are offered In men's and
boys' clothing arc those at tha
of Hellman's sack , cutaway and
Prince Albert suits , in all colors
and sizes , cut down for this sale to
Special bargains in men's furnish
ing goods , including hot weather
shirts and neckties. We don't want themjyou do.
Successors toM
& CO. ,
Cor. 13th and Farnam
Cor. 13th and Farnam Streets.
t B MMM B '
1316 Douglas Street , Omaha , Neb.
. . - . . . . ' . . - -
fiundan I0a.ui.lo tlin. Sund it mi > tor ruolj.
Council Ohamhor. Omaha. Neb . July 20 , 1802. ,
Ho It resolved by tboolty counull of the city
of Ormilm. the Mayor concurring ; pornrinents'downlks bo constructed in
the city of Omaha us designated below , within
live dnya after tlio publication of thU rosolu-
tlon , or the service thereof , in by or-
dlnanco is nutliorl/od and required ; such
sidewalks to bo laid totho permanent gr.ido
ns established on on the pivod : streets speci
fied heroin and to bo constructed of stone or stonn. accorJInr to spccluoiitlona on
Illo In tl-o ofllco of the board of public works ,
and under Its supervision , to-wlt :
North sldo Oumlns street. Its 6 , 7 , 8 blk 202J ,
Cltv , S font wide. . „ . , ,
North side of Oumlng struct. Its 5 , 8 , 8 blk
2im < city , 10 foot wide. , , „ > , , ,
North sldo of Cumin ? street , It5 , DlkSOJJS
city. 10 feet wluo. .
. , , .
orthsldoof Oumlnffstreot , oV4 Ita 0 and 7. 8
blk 20Bj ! Cltv , 12 feet wide.
North HlclnotCumlnit street. Its 7 and-8 blk
2)7'city. . IS foot wide. , . . , , , „ . , , , ,
South Hldo of OumliiE street. It 1 blk 2.1311
city. 12 foot wide. , , . . , ,
South sldo of Ounilng street , Its 1 , 3 , 4 blk
JIOK city. 12 feet wide.
HoutliHldoof Cumins street , It2 , 4 , bllc2lli. }
city , 13 feet wlilo.
Sum h8ldo of Cumin ; street , Its 1. 4 blk SUM
city. 10 feet wide.
bnuth sldo of Ciimlug strcot. 1132,3. 4 blk
214 ! J city. 10 fret wide. . . , ,
North sldo of C.ipltol avonui' , Us 5 , 0 , 7 , 8 blk
73 city , 'JO feet wide.
South slvio of Onpltol avenue , Its 2 , 3 , 4 blk 90
° ifts't s"doWof l\2th street. It 5 blk 72 city. ID
LWo"tsid of 11th street , Its 1 , 8 blk 72 city ,
Wostsldo'ot 13th strcot , It 1 blk 74 elty , 18
East side of 13th 4 , blic 73 olty. 18
feat wldo.
And. bo It further resolved :
That the board of public works bo , and Is
horobv authorized and directed to oniiso a
copy of this resolution to bo published In the
olllolnl paper of the olty for ono wook. or bo
served on the owners of said lots , and that
unless HuchownnrH shall within flvo dnys utter
the publ cation or sorvlco of suoh copy con
struct such sldnwulk us herein requlrod.
tlio board of public works cause the samn to
bo done , the cost of coiibtructlng Bald sldo-
wiillcsrcsooctlvoly to bo assnssoil against the
real estate , lot or part of lot In front ot and
abutting such sldowallo ) .
I'rnslclont of the Council.
Approved : OKO. I' . 1IE.MIS ,
To the owners of the lots , parts of lots and
real estate described In tbo above rosolu-
You'and oaoh of you are hereby notified to
construct permanent Hldowallcs us required by
a resolution of the city council and mayor of
the elty ot Omaha , of which the above Is a
Chairman Hoard of 1'ubllo Works.
Omaha , Nob. , August 8th , 160. ! . aBd7t
To the owner * of all lots nnd parts ot lota
nnd real ostnto aloi.ff 40th street from lluit to
California street.
Vou are horuby notified that tbo under
signed. throu dl lntere ted freeholders of the
city of Omaha , huvo boon duly appointed by
tbo mayor , with the approval of thu elty
council of laid olty , to utsot * thu damaso to
tboownorsresti'jctlvoly of the property uf-
fvctoil by ohanKlnv the trade of sold mrcut ,
declared iioeoflsurv by ordinance number 1H ,
oMHsoii July 21st. 1HX' , approved July .Mrd. IB ! ) . ' ,
Vou nro further not.flod , that huvliiK no-
copied suld ttpuolntmoiii. and duly ( luallllod
ns reriu I red by law wo will , on the lUth day of
August , A , ! > . , ItiX' , at the hour of 10 o'clock In
the lorenoon , at the olllco of Hhrlvor &
O'Donahoe. 11(13 ( Karnnm Htiuut. within the
corporuto limits of slid city , inuot for the pur
pose of considering and nmkln ? the siu -
mont of damage to the owners respectively of
S'lld proporty. atfuctcd by Raid chuiiKO of
erndn. tuUliiK into consideration upoolal beno-
Utx. if any , . ,
Vou nro notified to bo present at the tlmo
and ulaeo aforesuld and make nny objection !
to or ntutomenU concerning said usiuisment
of dnuiuxos an you may consider proper.
Vi f ] , HIIKIN I. It ,
H. W. 01II80N.
Coinmltteo of Appralsoro.
Omnha. July IWth , law ,
Tlio glorlovs dixy of open doors
till outtjido is Binllllng welcome
hero's honlth and joy nil uncon
fined Tlio cycler SOCB ovorythlng
free ns froodbm from the heights
of oxhilauited haopineaaho cunnot
fall froin-his Columbian Safety.
All HboutColumbln * ttoa on application
to any Columbia niicnt , or aont by mull fur
two two-cent stamps. 1'opa Mfg. Co. , 3l !
Columbua Avo. , Boiton.
RIPANS , TABUL&S rtmiutoj
the HtomuUilriruiiu bowcln , l < urll
ry the lilcoilaiusale uniteticilimlif
thi beat inciilclr.o knim u ( or LUIuuiiJ. J.
ns . coiullimtloii , dy < nfii > u. ( oulj ,
"iraalh , , lienrt wrn , losa of |
/opcUto , tnculnl ile * ) rrwlou , ) > nlnful <
dl. > < tlg.i , jihrpl'B. wlluw P .mplcr-
Thoonly lo illr uriluatal Clitnaia
ItlKlit yo M' study. Toi yoi practical .
oncovrltli nil kuon dho 110.1. Treats siicoisifullf
iiUchronlce-iiujutvon up by ntlior doctor ! Uill
and BOO him or writs for question lilutik. Do not hii | Hoi biiomoj your "lootor DIM
you no , but try tlio Cliluuio ilnotor with lili now nil I
wonrtorf ul ro noilluJ. anil rjoolvu now bouonti nn 1 a
iiorumiiuntcuro wlintotUur doatori mimot iilTJ.
llerb . HooH uml I'lnnli r.nturo's remudlot Idi
medlclnos. The world Ills ifltneii. Ono tlmuiinl
tvittiiionlnli In tlirjo yoari' pr.jctlcs. No liijurlout
decoctluni. no nuraotlci , no iiolnoa. Itatlunil
troatuioiit uml purmununt euro.
Following cases lucconfullr tra&tod anJ curjl.
glTon up by ntlior doctors ;
Tlioi. Couiihlln. 41U llarnojr atroot , ctiroillorbou-
mallnmO yuan , kldnoynnd llvor troubloj ,
Tlioi. Uulvort , 12th nnd Kurnim atroeti , Konornl
diiUllltr. InJIuoitlon , lo * of atren < tb nud vltulltc.
Took mudlclno for yoirs but got no rollot ,
M. U Andenon. Hit Cumlrij atrjet , oiticrli ,
asthma nud broacliltla of flftoen jam stanilln/ .
Ilai foraalo tlio followlnu propirej rooiadlii at
II.UUn bottlo. ill boltlos forfVUU. for ( ho cure of
ABtlima , Catarrh , Hick lluadiclio , liiillxoitlon ,
lllood I'olionlni ; , Uhounnllini , I'nrailo Wo knon.
Ktdnvr uud I.lrur Complaint. Ho nttontf. Hold
only by Uulnuio .Modlclno Co , Capital , I1UJ.WJ.
Office , ICth and Caliloraii Sti. Omiin , Neb
_ URE ,
_ Aik your Druggltt for . a
f hoitle ol lilu . Ihc only 1
/ non-jxjiionum remedy lor all I
/ the unnatural illiclmrcn ana
I private dl e ol men and the
I lUbUitatlns weakntu peculiar
I to vromvu. It cures In u Uw
Idivi without the Aid or
\ iiubllelty ol a doctor.
IY/i / Vniitrtal American Cure.
Manufactured by I
Tbo ETIDJ Chemical 0) . '
U. O ,
Isunsurrmssod : in the troatmontot nil formaol
PRIVATE DISEASES , nnd all disorder !
and debilities of youth and manhood. ITyoarr
experience. Ills resources mid fuollltlos aw
pr.-ictlcnlly unlimited. The Doutor Is rcrom-
mended by the pro-is , und ondoraod In tha
strongest terms by the people for fiilr trout *
mont nnd honest professional ndvlao. Tha
most powerful romodlos known to modern
Bclouro for thu successful treatment of tha
followlir- diseases :
GONORRHOEA linmorth'.to rollof. A com.
pletonuru without the loss ot uu liour'a tlma
frnm business.
GIiEET- of the most complete nn 1 stio-
cpssfiil treatments for sleet and nil nnnoymz
discharges yet known to thu molloal prdfoi-
Blnii. The results nro truly womlurfiil.
HTH.ICTUJIE < Jro itost It noun roinody for
the truitiuent of Htrluturn , without p iln , out-
tliiL' . ord.lnthvr. A iiinslrciiiurk illlo roinoily.
SYPUIliIS-No triMitinont for this torrlDIo
bloo | dlsouso has uvor bean morn siicomful.
norh.ilNtroiioruiidorxoiiioiits ( ) In the light
of miidorn sulonco this dlsoiso Is po.sltlvoly
ctir.iblounil ovurv trace of tlio poison entirely
rrmovo 1 from tliu bloo J.
LOST MANHOOD , nnd ambition , nervous
ness , timidity , dospoudoncy nnd all wo.iUnun
and ( llsonlors ot youth or manhood , Itullof
oUtnliiud nt onca
SKIN DISEASES , and nil diseases of tha
stomarii , blood , liver , tfUnoya und blutldur
are treated HU uuossfully with thu iro.ito
known romodlos for the ( flso isns.
Write forelrculara and quoUlonllst. frjo.
llth J-tli-iliini Mv. .V >
k * . . nlUnki .
Ibo tarBMt , Faitctt and Vlntit in the World.
Krnry Bnturdny , „ _ . . , .
Atrcuulnr IntcrT l . _ . _ _
ratoioiiluwOEttnniislo unrt from llio prlnelplo
osoien , siioLnn , iBisn s ALL csaiinzntiL rowiB'
Eicunilaii tickets nrallalile to iBUirn by I'lther llie nl
turosquo Clyde < lt NorUi of IroUnil or Ni iilo Gibraltar
"i Bl licntT Ordtri tit AM Aissut t lc trt Bttll.
Apply to nny "f our local Apenti or to
JIItOTUHIl'S. G'lUoujjo , IU.
IJOVAf.MAffj 9TEAJIB11II' ; ) .
CAIIIN , SIB to WHO. According tu btuuiuo
und looiitlon of Mtatoroom ,
Intermediate nnd Ktcor.iiro nt. low rittus.
NO UATl'Li : OAH ( IKI ) .
Vlal < ondondorry , every KortnlgUt.
Aug. lltl . HTATK K NEVADA . noon
AtlK.5tti . HTATH K NK11UAHKA . noon
bvpt. Bill. . . .HTATK OK CAMKOIIMA. II A. M
Cabin , HO , Second Cubln tl ) , hl urnxulV.
Apply to ALLAN ACO ,
11. B. M OUIIB , IM'J llownrd Ht. Omalis.