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    THE Q\rAHA ] \ DAILY pE ; MONDAY , AUGUST 8 , 18 < )2. )
Valiguard of the Triennial Oonolave Ar
rived Last Hight.
All Conctic * Itnnlicil Out < > l thn ( 'lly n
, Itaiildly n tbu rasucngcrH l.
tlio Train I'.niontu I'roin
, Chicago ,
BII , Colo. , Aug. 7 , The first of the
i/poclal trains bearing the ICntghts Templar
'lo the great conclave to ho held hero began
arriving this morning and tonight thoru are
fully 100.001) ) visitors , Including the sir
UnilKhtH.Jn town. Tomorrow will , however ,
jSL'o an inllux of strangers scarcely over before -
fore oqQalod In any city tbo s'zo of Denver.
Tbo hotel commit too has secured accommo
dations for 10,000 moro knights than ut llrst
bxprossod their Intention of comlne hero ,
and Denver will not bo surprised , no matter
J unw-largo tbe nuinbor increases.
The arrangements for rapid nnil careful
handling of Incoming trains uro as perfect ns
ever seen in the history of railroading.
Ofllcluts high in authority state that never
bolero was so largo n crowd of people safely
handled at any gathering in the United
K tales. As the thousands alighted at the
Union depot , tbo past few days , ever the llvo
trunk lines centering hero , no friction was
created. Probably no other city of Denver's '
felzo has hotter trackage facilities , Within
the city limits nro ever 145 n.tles of track.
As incoming trains coma to n stop yard
engines nro coupled on , car cleaners got on
board and nwav Ibo cars go as soon as tbo
passengers tumble off.
llnnilllni ; the
Tbo transportation committee is working
without u hitch and tlio baggage of tbo
knights Is transferred directly from the cars
on to the transfer wagons , by which it is
burned to the different hotels , very fre
quently reaching Its destination In the
citv before the visitors themselves.
The first special train to arrive today was
tbu Now York balallon , consisting of St.
Omars commandory , No , 10 , of Elmlra ;
Malta , No. HI , of Blnghamtou ; St. James ,
No. U4 , of Olcan ; Cvrcno , No. i : ) . nnd Monroe -
roe , No. 10 , of Rochester. Tbo Umpire state
headquarters arc at the Albany hotel. The
next arrival was the Ascslon commandory t > f
Missouri , with Governor D. K. Francis ,
eminent commander , which arrived ever the
Missouri Pacific. TLo party consists of 150
persons nnd tins with it the United States
arsenal bund of twonty-flvo pieces , which
will furnish the musio for u series of prom
enade concerts and muslcalcs when Ascalon
From California. ,
California commaudory No. 1 , of San Fran
cisco , acting as escort to the grand com
mandory , nnd Sacramento commandory N6.
'J , niid Ccuur d'Alono No. 0 arrived nt OiJo a.
m. In their special train of seven conchos.
Tbo party consists of 115 knights nnd nbout
thirty ladles. The Californlans loft San
Francisco Thursday mornlnp last and stops
were mndo nt Cotfax , Salt Lake , Glonwood
Springs , Colo. , and Leadville. where recep
tions wcro given the traveling Knights by
tholr resident brethren.
California cotnmandur.v No. 1 Is tbo oldest
commandcry In that stale mid the members
of it say that of all the conclnvo trips taken
by it none of thorn nnvo had so great n ro-
prosontatlon and furnished so much pleasure
ns the present ono. The California'mon nro
well prepared with fruit , wine , etc. , of their
stato's production , and will keep open house
wbllu hero. Among thorn uro Sir Jacob
Noff , gmnd commander ; Sir William Van-
dor Hurst , deputy crand commander ; Sir
Frank W. Summer , grand generalissimo ;
Sir Edwin S. Llppltt. grand captain general ,
nnd Past Commander Frederick F. Burss ,
William A. DavN , Henry S. Ormo and R.-
Beverly Colo. Eminent Commander G. Wln-
wr is in charge of thooacorting ommandery.
( il-i'ctiul with ClimTH.
The Mlcnlcan commandcrloi , escorting
Deputy Grand Master Hugh McCurlv ' , were
greeted with cheers ns they alight.'d from
the cars and were escorted to their head
quarters by tbo local reception committee.
Kentucky made u line showing when
Do Molay coniiuanilery of Louisville ? , con
sisting of nbout llfty knights , marched up
the atroot ar.d irony llattcrlng remarks were
passed on their marchli g. Boston com-
mandary of Boston , numbering 105 knights ,
with their ladles , also called forth applause
on their line bearing.
The following other comimindcn-les arrived :
Mount Olivet , Erie nnd Philadelphia , Pa. ;
Home , Savannah. Macon and Augusta. On. ;
Ottumwn , la. ; Wheeling , \V. Vu. ; North
Plfltte , Nob. , und the grand commandory of
Texas , numbering iJ.'iO knights.
The Cincinnati commandorlos arrived at a
late hour tonight. Among tbo delegates nro
ex-Governor Fnrakor , ex-Governor Hoadloy ,
ox-Governor Hickunlopor and Governor
McKinloy. They repaired to tboir head
Other coininundorlcs arriving nro from
Pueblo , Colorado Springs , Sullda , Aspen
nnd Glcnwoocl Springs.
Tbo majority of the special Knights Tom-
pbir trains will arrive Monday , beginning ut
on early hour , Tboy will nggregato some
thirty solid trains , bearing 450 Pullmans ,
When nil thnso cars uro unloaded they nro
immediate ! } returned to their various sta
tions , nnd thus n car famine Is prevented.
Rncont advices from nil the thirteen subor
dinate commamlerios of Arkansas say they
will arrive Monday , accompanying the grand
commandoiy. Several of tbo grand com
manders are on the train.
At 0 o'clock no accidents had boon re
ported and the depot officials atato that tbo
enormous business of the day hud boon han
dled with reasonable dispatch , although , of
course , there were some minor , but vox-
Blloiu , delays.
Hmv Tliry Sprnt tliu Day.
Special invitations wcro extended to the
visiting knlghta by ull thn churches In the
city to attend divine worship , mid although
this wna availed of by many the greut ma-
lorltv preferred to spend their time in view
ing Denver und its suburbs. In fact Suuuuy
wus turned Into a lively , bustling day. In
stead of the usual quiet that provulls hero.
During the duy thousands of visitors in
spected the publiu buildings In tbo city mid
tbo Chamber of Commerce received many
aeckors after Information. Mayor Rogers ,
nltired In'a templar uniform , was about tbo
various headquarters and at tbo depot , and
welcomed personally hundreds of tbo sir
Colors of the brightest hue , Hushing the
nunlight from the elaborate decorations on
. tbo business blocks , were almost outrivaled
by ib os n of tbo costumes ol the thousands of
fair visitors who thronged the city and by
tbo waving plumes and ctitturing uccoutor-
niuuts of the marching boats uf sir knlghti
with their military escorts us tbev passed
Irom the station to their snvenil head
quarters. The city's holiday attlro in honor
, uf Ibo knightly visitors from all over the
country Is fall ly on , nnd nothing ri-muluu
but to unveil tbo fair maid of ull her
nplondor nnd Hash the olocirlo light Into her
teussua of festoon trimming.
i lu u lllitKo of ( llory.
Looking up many of the main thoroughfares -
faros , the street seemed u bla o of glory.
ThobuUdlilgi ! and tbulr trimmings of gold
und yellow , red mid purple , black and whlto ,
oemod lltto v < ? ritubla palaces of pleasure ,
unil the girooV decorations und throngs of
holldny dressed people , ever chousing und
rosUoss , adds to the impression of tbo un
real.Tho jicadquartora of tbo Colorado grand
couiinaimcry at tbo toinplo was u busy scene ,
arrivals coming in bv thousands and being
entertained and afforded information. The
headquarter * have Keen superbly decorated
nnd rival in beauty at Interior the oxtorlor
uecoratlons of the temple building. Tbo
ladles wore wall cared for , us well us knights ,
by committees ot thn ladles and nothing was
wanting to tboir welcome ut the tieuu-
Asldo from the KnighU Templar arrivals ,
Ibo regular trams unloaded enormous
crowds of pusBunt'Crs. Seals woru at u
premium In iho union depot waltlug- rooms ,
hundreds uf arrivals uniting , inunv for
novcral bouty , to bo mot by friends , 'while
crowds of anxious rusldonU waited on tbo
ouuldo for ox pooled guests. It having boeu
/ound necojsury to Iroop thorn back from tbu
pajsagos.'spoolal polioo were kept busy ut
thu entrance all day long.
DntuotlvuVuru luv ,
All arrlvftli pimod a cordon of doteotwej
from Chicago. St. Louis , Cincinnati nnd San
Francisco , and m/iny suspicious characters
wcro given private cscorls to jail. But tbo
sleuths were not always correct in their sus
picions , ns ono Incident which occurred
shown. Two country looking passengers
alighted from n train from the west , mean
dered up Sercntcenth street , gazing at the
tall buildings. A .special visiting dotontlvo
thought tboy were his men nnd proceeded to
challenge them , but thov proved to bo what
they looked , it couple of countrymen , with
tickets for nn Interior western town Ir. tholr
pockets , nnd they were Ivlug over to see the
Throughouttho city the temporary Increnao
of population was noticeable on tbo sldo-
walks nnd tbo street car trafllc- which
yeslorday was largo , swelled to crowds on
every car. For the benollt of strangers tbo
cable u < tr companies requested its conductors
to call not only streets , but public bulldlncs
nnd prominent business blocks us thnv woru
passed , nnd this , nndcd to tbo demands of
strangers to stop tn the middle of blocks ,
made life tn them a burden heavier than. IhiMr
many naultlonnl fares.
llrlllliint Decorations.
In the evening the streets of the city pre
sented n picture of bustle and gaiety ns of a
vast fair ; the brilliant decorations ot the big
business houses , inside and out , the glare of
many added electric lights and thu crowds of
sightseers , added to the strains of music
bornu from every direction , making such an
Impression a vivid one.
At midnight the crowds on tco streets were
fast diminishing , the tired visitors seeking
places to talio a much needed rest nnd pre
pare for the morrow , when the real rush
will commence.
Colorado Is bravely kconlng'up Its reputa
tion In the woalhor lino. Today the sun
was part of tbu ttmo hidden by clouds nnd
wus tempered by u cool brcozoi
Olio I'util Accident ,
The only accident which occurred happened -
ponod this evening nt n shooting gallery.
James Nelson , who arrived yesterday from
Chicago , entered tbo gallery , nnd , "poking
up acnllbur ! gun , accidentally touched the
trigger wnllo lifting it. Tbo gun exploded
nnd the ball entered the heart of II. C. Sill-
key , u young man who came from Brooklyn ,
N. Y. , a year or moro ago. Sulkoy dlod In
stantly mid Nelson was almost crazed nl tbo
result of tbo mishno. No blnmo Is attached
to Nelson , as the occurrence was purely acci
Denver-IJoniul Knights JTOIU livery Point
of tlio Compafi.
CIIICAOO , 111. , Aug. 7. Donvor-bound
Knights Templar nnd cut-rate tourists illlod
the dooots today. ' .From every point of the
compass , , except duo xvest , the incoming
trains poured u hurrying mass of transitory
humanity upon the plattorms , and every
train for Denver carried away Its overloaded
cars and .still tbo crowds packed the waltlug
rooms and sidewalks , it scorned as If every
man , woman and child who could raise a
WCCK off aim 31" had a Denver tlckot. From
daylight until late tonight .the sir knights
nnd ladies for tbo fair sox was conspicu
ously numerous passed Denvorward through
Chicaco ,
.Many Vostlhulail Trains.
The great vcstibuled trains rolled into tbo
city bearing eastern cominandcrias and men
in fatigue uniform climbed out to stretch
tboir legs , sniff ozone und then clumber into
tbo vestibules. It is estimated that every
railroad running Into Clucuito landed 'JO per
cent more trains than usual during the last
few days. All the trains buvo extra cars
added and everything on wheels has been
pressed into service. But the immense num
ber of people bound for Denver has taxed
the western roads beyond their capacity.
The rates have augmented the crowd to tin
extent beyond the ability of thu roads to
handle them.
Most of the western travel today was duo
to the out rates. Twelve dollars for a ride to
Denver and back again brought n mob of
people. Tbu Knights Templar , whoso trans
portation had been contracted for some
weeks ngo , were comfortably transported ,
but , the overcrowded caw which held tbo
crowds hero testimony to tbo .discomforts in
storiyfor tnosTe passengers.
, Acco.ii > Miiil ) ; I' } ' Tholr Families.
St. Bornurd commandcry of Chicago loft In
a special train over the Alton road this morn
ing at 10 o'clock ; Nearly 200 wcro in the
party and lifty knights wcro accompanied by
their wives and daughters. Ovei 100 knights
in tboir handsome uniforms boarded the
train , but before leaving the city the com
mandory indulged in a little pyrotecbnical
display us an earnest of what it intended
doing when it reached Denver tomorrow
Chinese bombs , thrown high in the air ,
exploded with a noise that brought hundreds
of people to the river and dnpot , looking for
the victims of a bet holler and low water.
Sixty knights and nearly as many ladies of
tbo Chevalier Buyurd commnndory took u
Chicago & Alton special for Donvor. The
Chicago commandory sent Its \ > knights to
Denver on a well appointed Cnlcago , Bur-
llnfjton & Quincy special.
Tbo tlrst train this .morning was along
ono on the Burlincton bearing the Lanereld
commandcry of Plttsourg. It pulled out of
the station u fuw minutes after midnight.
The baggage smasher has been a hard
worked man tor three days , bub as a rule
ull baggage was promptly handled and SOD t
away on the proper trains
Thousands ol I'lmplo 1'inlllng Through to
tlio ( Jneou City.
Westward the Knights Templar took their
way across the state of Nebraska yesterday.
The various trunk lines of railroad tra
versing the state from east to west carried
something like 10,000 people from tbo MIs-
Bouri river to the Colorado line yostorduy
und last night , ull looking toward Denver as
tbnir objccllvo point.
There wus probably nsvor before such a
general scramble for passenger coaches on
nil western roads loading to Denver. Many
of tno trunk lines wore obliged to borrow
cars from other lines not affected by the
great conclave. All of the trunit lines pass
ing through Omaha have bundled llio busi
ness thus tar In good shape. The Burlington
line sent forty westbound trains through
llio state yesterday mid lust night , aver
aging ever 151) ) people to tbo train. A largo
share of these trains wont viu Vlatlsmouih
nnd Aihlond , but there wore nine special
trains over the Burlington that passed
through Omaha. Tbo Massachusetts grand
commandory , occupying six coaches * mid two
baggugo cars , arrived at noon , and after a
brief slop went whirling nwuy with an extra
push engine on behind. The North Dakota
commandcry wlth'u handsome special train
passed through ever thu Burlington early
yesterday morning.
Tbo Ottawa , III. , conin'andcry No. 10 , In
four palace coaches and n 'uummlhsurv department -
partmont , " passed through via tbu North
western nud Union Pucl'lo. ' A significant
banner on one of the ears said , * 'Wo Only
Suiltod Through Iowa. "
The Union I'.icitlo sent twontv-iivn trains
to Denver yesterday via the Kansas City
line uud beveral vlu Sioux Cljy , Nor
folk und Columbus. There woru nine
pussoniror trains sent out of Omaha by the
Union Puuillu for Denver yesterday.
The Rook Island bundled llvo special pas-
sougur irulus and three regulars yesterday.
Among thu special trains were those bearing
thu Cnmdbn , N J. , commandery , tbo grand
commander.- . ) the stale ot Iowa , the Wis
consin commaudory und tbo commundory of
Crawfordsvlllo , Ind ,
"Donvor U full of people now , " said Air.
Vail of llio Burlington to u Bui : reporter.
"Tho pooplu nix1 rushing to tbe summer re
sorts out from IX'nver , but they uro ull
jammed , too. It is tbu greatest crowd aver
neon In liunvor , "
Most of the pilgrims who were detained In
Omaha by reason of the trains Halting for n
tlmo did not louvo their trains , but some of
them , who bud uu hour or two to wait , took
n whirl about-tbo city , Ticket agents und
passenger niini In general were up to their
oars lu bmlncm all day.
.Munt DUuuntliiiiu tliu Itiilmto. *
PiiiMntiU'iiu. Pa. , Aug. 7. Ibo robuto
system of the sugar trust , whereby ihu com
bination planned souio weeks to secure u
profit to Jobbers , underwent u change yester
day , A robuto from the card prlco wu ? to bo
allowed 10 tboso wholesale grocers who
maintained the prices but ibo courts put a
stop to any discrimination ugnliibt tboso who
cut the prlco mid It ordorud the trust to dis-
contlnuo tbu rebate and substitute a com
DeWltl'a Sarsapurlllu is reliable.
bo , but from what I ito knoxv of It 1 think it
is ttio best nlacod In uoinlnntlon.ln Nebraska
slnco 1 bnvo boon a resident of the Bin to.
Colonel A. U. Jortlnu Tbo Uckot Is tbo
very best that could nuva bson named , I
think It will nUit ever (1,000 ( , votcn to tbo
slrongth of tbo ronubliaan ticKet In Omaba
mill Doaglas county iilono. It ' is n ticket
that will crow In popular ostcaiu , Tlicro U
not a weak nomlnntlon on It from tup to bet
tom. It's n wlnnor ,
M. K. Sbultz A bettor ticket , could not
htvo boon named , mitt Itla oxcollontthrough
out. It will bo elected by a triumphant ma
UuorRn A. Murphy The ticket Is n grand
ono. Tlio noinltmtlon of Judge Crounso
solidifies tbe 'oust mid thht of Ml' . Tuto tbo
western uart of the stato. I do not tblnK
tbcra U any iloubt of thn election of the entire -
tire ticket by n big , uld-ttma ropubllrau ma
jority. Tbo nomination of ,1uUeo Crounso In
sures us DouKhu county and victory.
ItiislnoHH nnil rrotaJHloimf Mnii tlrnrllly
KnilorHO the Tll ! < it. "
L. D. Fowler The nomination of Judge
Crouusovni wlso , and guarantees tbo sue-
cess of the whole lionet. That- convention
did many wlso tilings and arauhuslzcd the
faut that It was composed of thoughtful re
publicans , whoso llrst object and desire was
tbo success of the republican party In No
vember und not to reward solllsh preference *
or satisfy personal nipjratlons. This ticket
Is u winner from start to Jlnlsh. Tlio cun-
dldatos are Individually strong and will grow
In favor on butter acquaintance.
General C. II. Frederick Judge ( Jrounso
U emphatically tbo best man that could Imvo
been nominated. Ho is n strong man in bis
party , and from personal aftquultitntico I
know him to bo un bon'cs't , straightforward
nud capable states num.
\Villiam Lyle Dickie I nm n democrat
myself and not much of u uolittrlnn , but I
think Judge Crounso is by odds tbo best
'candidate tbo republicans could buvo se
lected and bo will come nearer being
elected than any other republican could.
U. II. Fuller Crounso Is the man by a
largo majority. I don't want any hickory
shirt In mine.
Dr. Frederick Ttacon I nm glad to see n
man nominated for ofllco who has such a
record and character as Judge Crounso. It
Rives tbo people a cbanco to vole fur a man
who was nominated not on account ot a polit
ical deal , but lor bis sterling character and
qunllllcutlons for the position.
Richard Smith It is a good nomination.
.luugo Crounso Is a clean man. Kvory ro-
publlcnu In the state can stand by the ticket
and take pride in supporting the nominees.
As inr ns I am concerned 1 want to say that
the whole ticket Is n wlnnor.
Major Clarkson 1 said before tbo conven
tion that I would bo for the nominee. I am
pleased with the ticket. . .luugu Crounso
should have the hearty support of all loyal
OpIllIllllH Of C'OllllClllllDIl ,
President E. P. Davis The ticket suits
mo to a "lion , " Judge Crounso is nn'oxcel-
lent gentleman , nsub r , a Jurist and n inun
of ability and character. - With the nominees
that the republicans bavo put up the ticket
will sweon everything before It this fall.
Ueorgo F. Munro Too best man I know
of and the strongest in the slate , Judge
Crounso has un unblemished reputation. Ho
is capable and stands 'way up. "His adminis
tration will bo equal to that of tbo governor
of any state , and will be ono in xvnich tbe
people of Nebraska will fool u just prido.
John Steel It was the best nomination
thai could have been inauo. Juaga Crounso
is u good man and 1 uo not Know of a repub
lican in tho. state who could poll u Jurcor vote.
Sol. Prince 1 consider the nomination of
Judge Crounso as governor to bo tbo best
and most happy selection the republican
party convention could have made at ibis
time. Honorable as a man mid a politician ,
with n record for standing by the pepplo as
nuiiinst corporations , Judge t'rouuao has tbo
elements which will nut only strengthen nud
solidify the republican party but wil' ' draw
largely from the thinking independent voters
of.lho state. , , ,
John McLoarie Judco Crounso is tlio
strongest man whom w'ff'ltajuld huvo nomi
nated. Ho has got a good record and will
curry tbu state with -no old-time republican
majority. As' fur ns that is concerned the
whole ticket Is as good us could .have been
T. J. Conwny ( dom. ) All I have to say is
that Judge Cronnso is a winnor.
Chris Specht Juilge Crouuso is a great
man , an able lawyer , a gentleman of honor
and ability , and there is DO question but that
wo will elect niui.
P. M. Back Judge Crounso Is undoubtedly
tbo strongest man in iho state. There is no
living man who cat ) say anything against
him und for once the campuign-llur will bo
out ol n job. . ,
[ lalfdun Jacobson The cleanest ; man the
republicans could bavo .selected. The whole
ticket from top to bottom is most excellent
; iud there is no reason why it should not
recelvo the hearty support of every repub
lican in tbo stato.
City unit County < ) lllflil : .
Dr. S. 1C. Spalding : I nm con lid on t that
Judge Crouuso is the strongest candidate
that coula have been named at this juncture.
Hu Is u clean man and his record is unassail
able. Ho ought to satisfy the requirements
of tbo old soidier element and I um conlldont
that ho will obtain their voles. His antimonopoly -
monopoly principles are certainly satisfac
tory , and uro all that even the people's party
themselves could as It.
John Groves The ticket is all right. I
bollovo Judge Crounso will bo elected by a
large majority.
John Butler 1 am porfootly delighted
with the ticket. Crounso is tbo very host
man wo could huvo had as our leader.
Judge Stcuborg The nomination of Judge
Orounbo suits mo. Wo got just what wo
went after , und before the close of tbo cam
paign 1 am salislied that Judge will
prove to bo tbo most popular candidate who
has ever been botoro the people of No-
John J. Jenkins Judge Crounso is tbo
strongest HUM who could have been nomi
nated. With suoh n man at the head of the
ticket nothing but an act ot Providence can
prevent us from winning everything at the
November election. 7 *
O. U. Williams The whole ticket is strong
and is u winner. I um more than pleaded
and regard Judge" Crounso a llrst class man.
As a fanner I have no bositan < ; .vMn tmylui :
that. wo can Uo tu iiim wtu | porfo'ct safoty.
, , ,
CURTIS , Neb , , Aug,7.T&peoml | to Tim
J3n. ( : | The ticket noiulHutett y * tbo republican
couvo'ntlon lias boon" "
lican state "enthusias
tically received by tbo mass Of republicans
bore. What some of thu Inadlni : republicans
suv about the ticket is us follows :
Kx-Uovornor James W. Daweh The ticket
in point of character and ability of tfio can
didates und its distribution us to localities is
tbo strongest ever presented by the pnr'ty in
tbU slate , and will grow stronger day by
day , and I consider the ticket a sura winner.
John Li. Tidball , president of First .Na
tional bank I think it it ) u strong ticket , the
strongest ever put up in this slate , unit think
it will be elected by a laivo majority.
L. 11. OonnUou , cashier of the sumo bank
The ticket is perfectly satisfactory nud
will bo elected without doubt.
J , T. Drake It will bo elected from top to
bottom , and U'ttio uost tlcitot-wo over bud in
Nebraska , and that la u fact.
JmU'QV. . -Morris The ticket as a wbolo
is a good oao.
Mayor Halght I have bad no tlmo to form
ivu opinion , but think there is no doubt oZ tbo
election of tht > on'.lro ticket.
T. li. Miller U U the best ticket wo could
have nominated ; there U not n weak man on
tbo ticket and we will tnivo s'ucuax wlthou t
W. O. Chapman of thu VIdottot-Tho tlckot
niprosonU my uhoioo throughout tixcont on
auditor. I preferred Ileijlund for that place ,
but bo will keep. It Is undoubtedly the
strongest tlckot from top to bottom ever
nominated by tbo party.
John A. Doih It'a a good clear tiuketIt
suits mo to a dot and it is tu it as a winner
by a big majority.
Ormiiuu' * lloniu Comity.
ill. tut , Nob. , Aug. 7. - tepaolal to "TUB
HUE. I The republicans of this ( Wunt.v are
well plcmsod with tbe ieuotlun | of tbo ticket.
Kvorjrono seen expresses himself very em
phatically that It is tbo strongest tlckot that
coul'l bavo ooen put up. Such men as Dr.
S. II. Taylor , I , , . W. Oiboru , I'orry Soldon ,
15. S. Qovlord , W. C. Walton. A. O. Jono > ,
II. M. WilUoy. H. II. Iluoa , W. J. Coolf , J.
VV. UoKifB. F. W. Kmney. A. Ciuiollur , F.
U. L'lurldgo , W. D. Uallor anil oilier * ull
think It Is the strongest lu-Kot In the field.
iVnsbington ( surely will undertake to glvo
Lorenzo Cr0u)3i/ ) ) ( majority.
1'poKiU Uooit Democrat.
Hon. John'M'oan of Sbuth Sioux City ,
member of ho * lower house from Dakota
county , cnmd'ht ' yesterday from Chicago ,
and is stopping at thu Piixton. tie candidly
admitted trmtJthU1 republican state conven
tion had tiommt | ( d a most excellent Uckot ,
but couldn't say. us much for the ono that
was hatched at , .Kearney on the preceding
day. HcgnrditijiliU own ambition to secure
the democratic1 l-Vidoisomonl for liuutonaut
governor , Mr. M\Un haa nothing to say.
MM 2.
I'roin jf.Ufrpnn .MonrtiVllomr.
NOIIFOI.K , Nfibm Aug. -Special ( to TUB
DBB. ] The loading republicans of Norfolk
are all of Ibo oulnlon that tbo convention at
Lincoln nominated the strongest men tn tbu
state. Tboy are very enthusiastic mm pro-
dlut victory in the coming election. Tbo
democrats nro also free to confess the
strength of the ticket. Kugcno Moore will
receive strong support' from the democrats
of this congressional dls.trict.
Mr. ( Iralmm i.lltni It.
Wissnn , Nob. , Aug. 0. To the Kdltor of
Tim Bp.i ; : It Is a grand victory fur tbo best
elements of the republican party. Nomina
tions are well received hero and I fool sura
north Nebraska will show n hearty endorse
ment of the tlckot at the polls.
polls.A. . It , UIIAIUM.
suxn.iv fi
Defeat tln > Illiilm Inn \ \ eI'lnycd
' , ( l.inic ,
Bi.vni , Nob. , Aug. 7. [ Special to Tim
BGB.J The Hnydcns won tlioir ninth con-
siJcutlvo game yoslorJay by defeating the
Blair "Uod Birds" In a one-sided contest.
Unydcr had them complololv nt Ills mercy ,
whlto Brett was batted out of the box ,
Nixon was substituted in the llftb inning
nnd pitched n good gime , but It was too late ,
as tbo Haydons had a load that could not bo
overcome. The feature of the game was n
throwing contest between the players of the
two teams. Bonnie Butler pushed the ball
up against the grand stand from the center
Held fence. Gross and Snvdor were a tie
for second place. Captain Carrlgan man-
ncod to boat Blair's mascot , out for last
place. KlelTnor's batting mid Ben Nelson's
umpiring were nUo noticeable. Score ;
Knrneil runs : HnyclcMis , .1. TwO'bnso liltss
Knbor , KlotTncr. Thrcu base lilts : Cnrrlgnn , ItuthT.
biiy < U > r. liuublu "lays lliitkT to CnrrlKan tu
Klullnur. llnscs on bulln : Ily Hrott. : i : liy SnjikT.
3 Struck out : llr llruot. J ; l > y Nixon , 4 ; by
nyilor. II. Wild pltchf'i : lly Nixon , I. I'UMCM !
bulls. Kaliar. 1 Tlmu uf ( iuiiio Two huura.
Umpire : lieu Nvlaoii' .
NcmjmrellsVon. .
These who "iuls3e.l iho ijamo at Nonpirci
park between' t'lift1 Athletics and tbo South
end pets will ropfrdl It the rost. of the .season ,
ns the Nonpuretls olayed with their old-ltmo
dash and won wjlor u hard struggle. Score :
Totals -Totali 2 22 ; 10 : t
Nonpnri-llar. , . . . . , , . ' , . 0 ' 0 2 0 0 1 1 1ft
Alhlcllca. . 'I' ' . . . . . ' . { . "K . . .2 00 0'1\i"IS \ 000-2
Three bn36 ' hltS:1 'f'lyiin'Iln&o ' "oil balls : Off
. .lullenolT ; McllVnl * ' , 1. "silruck unt : 'lly.lollcn ,
15 , : l'ii9BCd.'ballg : .By I/noy , U : byCak | ( : ' , 2. Uinplto :
I.iiulsvlH'ii Turns bn .St. I.rtiliH unil Win *
n ! ' " - , v ,
ST. LouH/Mo. AiiR. 7. Very poor work
in the third nnd fourth Innlnes by Gloason
RUVO Louisville today's Ramo. Weather hot.
Attendance , 5,003. .Scoro . :
St. hauls . 0 0 1 0 0. 0 0 0 01
Louisville . 0 025 U > 0 0 0 7
Hits : St. Louis. GIoulsvlle. ; ! 0. Errors : St.
Louis , 2j Lotilsvtllo. 2. KtmioJ runs : l.onls-
vlllo , - . llatterlni : Gloason und Iluciiloy :
Chuibun anil Orlui.
Stniiiliu al tlio Tcuins.
I'C.I w r. r.c.
riovclanil . . . .U S -J ? Clnclnnall U IU 47.1
llOMon 1C n Chicago 8 II i\ \
Now Vork 12 f- lrll.7 WashliDCton. . . . 8 12 JU.U
Urooklrn 10 'J 52.U " " ' ' '
Haltlmoiu..lO U l.oulsvlllu" . . . 7 11 3J .
I'liliadulphla. . . ! ! ) V bt.ll nl. l.oula & IJ 25.0
SpurKH ill 8p'irt.
PAitK , N. J. , Aug. 7. ' 'Snapper"
Garrison , tbo welt Jcnown JocUoy , la lying
dangerously ill in B'carborouK'b hotel , Lone
New Yonif , Aup. 7. "John L. Sullivan is
in boiler physical condition tuday than bo
ever was before lu bis life , " said Uhnrloy
Johnson Hullivun's backer "and
, , you can
say for ma that bo will outer the Olympic
club arena In Now Orleans on September 7
bettor titled to lbt ! ( than at any other tlmo
during bis lonpr career as boxer. "
LVF.VYHTTE , Jiid. . Aug. 7. Con Doyle , the
Chicago welterweight , nnd W. 11. Snuw ,
amateur wolterwolRbt of this city , fought a
linlnh glove light In Fountain county this
morning. Sbaw wus in poor condition. lu
the llrst round loyle ) planted his right on
Shaw's breast. Prom this on Shaw was not
in it. Ho was Knocked houseless In the
twenty-ninth rouno ; .
LONDON , Aug. 7. U'ho Meteor , omporor's
yacht , won ilrst pri/.o in the Southampton
club races Saturday , beating bar old rival ,
the Iverua , by six minutes.
Iluuoy ( Jrock l.iiltn'rt .Muddy Iliittiiiu I'rult-
A final effort was raado yoitorday to dis
cover Iho. remains oj Judge Clurlison on tno
muddy bottom of aondy Crook laico. Lllio
all previous efforts il resulted in nothing but
If tbo body ot .lu 1)1:0 ) Clarkson U in the
wuters of'tho lako'lts hiding place is still ns
my.tsrlous us 'during the llrst aays of
.soarching. "
A party of nbout tblrty-llvo men from
Omaha , most W t'whbui .wore lawyers and
absoclalofof thff'dOCeased , wont to Honey
Croolt lake yoitOMaj' . borne of thcin went
oarlv In IHo morhlff and tbe remainder took
the 11 o'clock train. All were prepared to
sp iid thu day iirtintbourcb.
The beat was uTih'bst insupnortnblo during
the afternoon , bur. they worked faithfully
nnd fruitlessly..lie wholu uotlom of the
luke wus druBvod. py r and ever ngnln , but
not a sign wus d caVorpd of the proienco of
a human body. „ , , „
At'J o'clouk abandoned nnd
tbo searculug 'p rty returned lo Omaha
weary and boapwtitArcd with mud.
Suopt Without .
Farnain strooinwas swept last night , and
none who were j /J/o / street at the time will
bavo any doubtp/Jj ( as they were envu'.opod
in a cioud of daucochut. nothing else but n
oyclono could hivtfl.'tlrroa up.
Tbo prollmitihcy sfjrliiidlng was omitted on
pan'or tbo street , uiid ou tbo romaindnr It
was so iuiporfcotly done that little good
reiultod from It , und everybody on the south
aide of tbo street w.U trJntud lo something
n III n to u Snlrura saudstonn when Ibo aweop-
, er assel. * * = '
Shot by III * Hun.
Nicholas IlleUs of UL'J South Fifth strcut
waskseriously wounded > by n shot from a re-
vnlvor In tbe bands of bis son , George
! llck , at half pastO o'clock last night. The
shooting was accidental. Younir Illcks bad
boeli upstairs to change his clothes nnd came
down with tbo wcapoa m his hand. In some
way It wus uUuhurao'd and tbo bullet entered
Inn father'sright alinulrlnr. . 'I'nn wnilnil 14
tiot considered
Every testimonial regarding HooJs Bar"
sapurllla is an honoit , uupurcbuiod state
meat of what this modlcluu baa actualv
Anaual Session of the Iowa Assembly
Olosod Yesterday.
I'roniliirnt Mrinhrrg of the Hlnln Orcunl-
xntlon 1'n-si-nl CrrMonN llpntittfiil
> Itlup ( Irim I'uluco Will Ho
Opened'August ! ii. !
Four DODOR , la. , Aug. 7. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : BII' : . ] The second annual ses
sion of the Iowa Subbath school assembly
closes today at Iowa Falls. For the past ton
days Sunday school workers from all sec
tions of the state have boon listening to the
assembly lectures fand taking lessons in tbo
Sunday school normul. Among the lecturers
were Uov. T. W. Powell of Minnesota , presIdent -
Idont ol tbo assembly ; Dr. H. W. Titdon ,
Dos Molnns ; Uov. F. P. Haggard. Dubuque ;
Dr. Moss of Minneapolis and IlsV. J Ed-
mundson of Storm Lake. Ono of the most
Inspiring features of the assembly hu boon
thu singing , under the leadership of Prof.
Moody. Thu attendance during tbo session
was double that of last your.
.vs m.ui : < iitss PAI.AOI : ,
It Will llo Opcmiil August ! J Jinny
Chungim Since l.ust Vrnr.
CiiifeTox , la. , Aag. 7. [ Special to Tun
BIK. : ] Tbo bluugrass palace mid fair will
bo opened with giand mid Improislvo cere-
munlos August SS. Many Improvements
have boon inado In tha palace this year , and
visitors will hardly recognize In tbo now
building the unluea of 1 < J1. The building
ndw rojomblos un obi , historic , stonewalled
dastlo , mid its massive walls mid extreme
length , with the now decorations , are going
to makoof it a very striking und Impressive
The insldo will rooolvo now nnd elaborate
decorations. The control rotunda of the
palace will this year bo occupied by tbo Industrial
dustrial exhibit. The north win ? , 'us here
tofore , will bo occupied as n grand audito
rium , In which all tbo speeches will bo made.
Uonoral Weaver , tbe people's candidate for
prosldont , and Hon. Adlat Stevenson , demo
cratic candidate for vice president , wilt bo
hero , probably on the opening day. Hon.
"Tom" Ueed of Maine"or Hon. William
McKinley of Ohio , will bo hero ono anv dur
ing the fair. Mr. Lease of Kansas will also
bo hero , but the data has not yet been
Governor Boies and staff nnd Lieutenant
Governor Bestow assisted in tbo opening
last your and every effort will bo made to
have thorn perform the sumo olllces this
The Iowa State band , recently employed
by the World's Columbian commission for u
six months engagement , has been employed
for the fair ground during the day tind'for
ovonlncr concerts In the city.
The feature of the week will bo the mag-
nillcent speed program , the bountiful pur-ios
insurlug u largo entry in each class.
The association Tools assured of the suc
cess ol the coining mooting , because it
believes tbo public like enterprise and
on erg- .
. Ottmiuvii's llif , " I'lro.
OmnnvA , la. , Aug. 7. [ Special to Tim
But. ] The Ivorr ventilated barrel und box
factory burned today. Loss 570,000 ; insur
ance § 35,000. Manager Moss was prostrated
by the heat and is in n critical condition.
Kll.l.Hlt A MtiltUKIlKlt.
.Notorious George IliiiUon shot by ll Colo-
railci Olllcur.
JOIT-IN , Mo. , Aue. 7. George Hudson , the
notorious robber and murderer of Granby ,
Mo. , was shot and killed lust night In h'is
saloon at that place while resisting arrest.
The authorities of Coloiado had obtained a
requisition for Hudson to remove him to that
state for trial on the charge of having mur
dered and robbed nn old man at Granlto
Pass. William Rabolow , n special mes
senger froui Colorado , was sent to arrest
Hudson. He , together with Carl Stout , a
deputy sheriff of this place , wont to Graiiby
last night anil attempted to make the ar
rest. Hudson was unarmed but ho grappled
with Stout in the effort to obtain the Inttor's
revolvor. During the scullle Uabolow shot ,
and killed Hudson.
Hudson was ono of the most noted desperadoes -
adoos of the state. Ho bosan his career of
crime when a moro bov in his native state ,
Mississippi , where ho killed n negro. Ho
came direct to Granby where bo killed a Ger
man shoemaker and then Uod to Granite
Pass , Colo. , whore bo murdered and robbed
an old man of $1.700.
Uoturnlng to Granby ho shot nud Hilled a
deaf mute nnd afterwards killed M. O. Tay
lor and J. F. Goadykounu whllo resisting
arrest. Later ho killed U. G. Howard for
some reason unknown. It has never boon
possible to secure a conviction in any of his
trials , Hudson had so intimidated tbo resi
dents ot Granby and the surrounding coun
Do W ill's Sarsaparllla destroys such pol
sons us scrofula , skin diseases , cczoma , rheu
matism. Its timely use savoi many lives.
IHtll'JXG C.ITTLK fHOM Till ! STHll' .
Order * Ilitvo ISruu Issui'd tn clio
Ciburokou Outlet.
GrTiiniK , Okl. , Aug. 7. Governor Soay
last night received u telegram from C. F.
Davis , inspector of tbo Interior department
ut Arkansas City , say ing that the commander
at Fort Heno bad been ordered by the secre
tary of Wai1 to roniovo all the cattle from the
Cherokee strip and that Governor Humnbrov
of Kansas had oraored the sheriffs of ul |
border counties to keep all the cultlo out of
tbo state.
Governor Scay at once telegraphed In
structions to every sheriff in Oklu'hoinu ns
follows : "I have just boon informed that
cattle nro about to bo removed from the
Cherokee .strip mid it Is povilblo that mi at
tempt may bo mudo to drive a portion of
them throueb your county. This you must
prevent at all hazards as the passage of such
cuttlo through your county will endanger the
stock of rqUdonts Iboruuf. * ou will thcru-
fore tnko such' steps und summon such
nsslslanco us uiuy bo necessary lo enforce tbo
Uw , being careful , however , lo uvold
unnecessary oxpento. "
An armed posse is already on duty on each
county linnpnd.ovory cow that urojaos .into
Oklahoma'will bo killed.
the blojl
at un i > Kit , i.v itvitu n K.
Tragic ItiisnllH ol u .Mglit'N UUftiimtlnii In
Now Vork.
JA.VIJ TOW.V , N. f.t Aug. 7. A terrible
murder und sulcido was enacted this evening
in the hotel ut Fluvanna , throe miles above
hero on the lake. Patsy Dowd of Dunkirk ,
whllo nut ; riding with two women of III
repute , struaic one of them In thu mouth in u
lit of linger. Arriving &t tbo hotel , George
Huusatn took the womnn'n part und in tbo
quarrel that followed Dowd draw u revolver
and shot llussam dead. Seeing what ho had
done , bo turned the weapon upon himself and
committed suicide.
Piui.uiici.niiA , Pn. , Aug. 7.--For the third
time In the past four months a tragedy has
occurred ntthoKastorn ponitontiury. James
K , Uodnu committed suicide yesterday after
noon In ( bo miiit tragic manner. Husut lire
to lii'o mattresses and bedding and silting
down deliberately In the midst of the Jlninos
drew a keen-edged knife across hU throat.
ATi.tKTiC CITV , N. J. , Aug. 7.--Mrs ,
Thomas ICarly , thu wlfo of u prominent coin-
mission merchant engaged In business in
Chicago , but residing ut Duouquo , la. , com
mitted suicldo ut u I a to hour tonight in tbo
rear yard of u Pennsylvania avenue boarding
Stoln u I'liin llnrftn.
FAIIIMOST , Nob. , Aug. 7. | Special to Tun
HKK.J Fairmont was vlsitod by a bor o
thief lait night. ' Un ntolo a line nnlmnl from
O. J. Cox. Tbero U no clew to tbo thtof.
Nuggotl Nugget ! Nuggotl Buy Big
Nugget baking powder , iti oz. iiS cants.
Kunia * Corn NcuiU Hum.
TOI-KKI , ICau. , Aug. 7 , Slnco liauloc bt
regular crop report Secretary Mobler of the
state board of agriculture has rocolvoi ) fid-
rices Hint n largo pnrt of the corn crop in
the control and western parts of lee state Is
In so critical n condition that It will turn
out noarlv n complete failure unless copious
rains fall within forty-eight hours.
Abundant rains fell tbo latter part
of Jnly , which , it was presumed
nt the tlmo , would Insure the crop
against danger Irom drouth. Slnco that
tlmo , however , no rain has fallen nnd the
wcathorlins boon Intensely hot. In addition ,
the Jreuded hot winds have boon blowing
with their usual deadly effect upon corn.
Secretary Mohlcr says the corn shows n
strong vigorous crowth , but ttiut the ears
cannot maluro In thotr present condition. A
rain within the next two days will snro the
crop. Without It , corn in the nnd
western districts will bo lit only for loddor
Mrs Wlnslow's ' Soothing Syrup for chit
( Iran teething rests the child and comforts
the mother. ! > o n bottlo. ,
HIH.r I'HOMISKI ) Till ! STIlTKIlltll.
American 1'oilcriitlon ol I.nlior Will As ls
tlm llomoatcail MUM.
HOMISTIAD : , Pn. , Aug. 7. Samuel Com
pers , president of the American Federation
of Labor , has boon In Homestead on a socro
mission. As a result of his mission the entire
tire strength of the organization will bo util
ized to help win this light. The 700,000 members
bors of tbo federation will bo asked to con
tribute money nnd especially to bo vigilant
In the. boycottlngof Carnegie material nnil
to prevent workmen from going to Home
Mr. Oompors stayed but n few hours in
Homestead. Saturday bo mot the ndvlsorv
committee nnd was shown the mill. Lutor
bo expressed confidence In tbo mou winning
nnd that tbo heartiest co-operation would bo
"Although the stool works nro organized
through the Amalgamated association into
tbu Federation of Labor , yet I rujolco to say
thi.t the cause of the men bus oxultcd tbo
sympathy and result ! , in the financial aid of
tilt * Knights of L'ibor und unions not alllll-
atod with either order , " ho snld. "Wo shall
leave nothing uuanno to bring victory lo
these gallnntworkmen. "
The udUsory comnuttoo tonight gave out
that si roller received a letter from Manager
Potter , informing him that if bo would "re
turn the churco of murder ainilnst him
would bo withdrawn and bo would bo given
bis old position.
Snvuntli Week of thn Strike.
PiTTsnuno , Pa. , Aug. 7. The sovcath
weoit ol the great strike begins tomorrow
wltn no particular change nt Homestead
slnco last Sunday excepting that the com
pany has more man ntwork. Outwardly Ino
strikers are firm ns ever , but many pilvntoly
express n desire to rouirn to work , nnd say
they are only deterred by the Inlluonce of
thu majority.
The company has now fully 1,200 men In
the mill , but many of thesu would bavo to glvo
wuy to tbo oldor'men if they should decide
to go back. The company has promised that
the now men will not bo dlsturbod , but of
course this refer ? only to these whoso work
Is satisfactory. The three regiments of na
tional cuards are still on duty and at least
two regiments will remain ns long as there is
any danger of an outbreak.
An attempt will bo made to start tbo
Duquosno plant lu tbo morning. Muster
Mechanic Miller stated tonight that 00 per
cent of the old men had returned lo work In
tbu mechanical department already , nnd ho
expects at least ; ! 00 men tomorrow. Vice
Prosldont Cnrr.oy of the Amalgamated asso
ciation is not inclined to believeMiller's
statement , and says bo Is conlldont that not
ono man will go back.
All the residents of Duquesno are crcully
excited tonight nnd fear trouble. They ap
prehend that if tbo men attempt to go into
tbo mill an ofTort will bo made by some of
the strikers to prevent them Irom dolug so.
In tbo event of this n collision witli tbo
militia Is probable , as two companies of tbo
Sixteenth regiment nro still on guard. Tbero
Is no change at the Union mills and no at
tempt has been made to resume operations at
the Beavur Falls plant.
Thousands Thrown Out of Work.
AsiiiL.ixi ) , Wis. , Aue. 7. All mines under
tbo control of tbo Wisconsin Central Kuilroad
company on the Gogebeu range save the
Ashland mines closed' down last night and
some 7.000 men uro thrown out of employ
ment. Tbo cause of tbu shutdown Is Indi
rectly attributed to the Homestead .strike.
ISo ore can bo sbippad except from the Ash
land mlno until the Homestead matter is
"Lato to bed nnd early to rise will shorten
the road to your homo In the skies. But
early to bed a d "Little Early Usur."tho (
pill that makes Ufa and baiter and
wiser. , .
iMllllllMM'H .Mill lit 11(1 U.
Like Manawu is tbo lasblonablo fad. It
is also tbo popular 'ail and is getting morose
so every day. During heated term ibis
summer llio crowds of people that buvn gene
there almost surpasses comprehension.
There have been big days that have made
the natives stare und ail ; where tbo people
all came from , but Saturday and j-estonlay
were the two prize days in the history of tbo
resort. From il o'clock Saturday afternoon
until 11 Colonel Rood's motor line was taxed
to the uttermost carrying the people down.
Tbo 8 o'clock down motor was n train of llvo
coaches und the boll punches of the three
conductors showed that thvro were oven ( WO
passengers aboard , making il the heaviest
train that ever passed ever the roiid. After
0 o'clock the crowds that had gene down
during tho' afternoon begun lo return und
from that lime until after midnight
every train was loaded , the midnight
train carrying up 40' } poople. Barring ono
younir underdone conductor who suddenly
became possessed with the ldoi : that ho was
tbo general manager and owner of the road ,
there was not an unpleasant feature und no
delay or friction In handling ibo multitude.
Ono of the attractions , of course , was the
Iowa state bund nnd they rendeied their
uvuuinu program to an audlencu , constantly
coming und going , that kept Ilia lawn over
flowing. Tbnro were several detectives nnd
uniformed ofllcur.s on the grounds nnd they
were active und alert , but they found no oe-
custon to interfere In any way with the
pleasurescdkors. It was an orderly , well-
drosseu crowd , composed of the nest people
of Council lilulff , Omaha mid surrounding
towns. All the numerous special rcsorls on
both nldos of the hike were crowded , Tbo
boats also scored their biggest day. Thn
handsome llltlo propeller , "Liberty , " owned
by Ed. Alnsrow of Omaha , heat
her previous remUrkablo record for speed ,
and carried moro passenger * In the uamo
length of tlmo than over before.
She carried thirty-six passengers from one
wharf to'tbo other , u 'distance of Inoro than
u mile , in four minutes and it half , The big
sldowhoulor. Max Moyur , carried ( ISO p.isnon-
-orj across Iho lake from 5:90 : to 11JO : : , and
the Meet little Hescuo swung backward uhd
forward over Ino moonlit waturs with thn
regularity of u pendulum. Tbo temperature
) f the wutor was just enough bnlow blood
lout to make a plunge in It delightful nnd
nvlgorutlng , nnd .Manhattan beach wan
illve with bathers. There are u string of
jath houses that would reach a distance of
.003 foot if they were stretched out In it
ino , and every house was occupied all the
.lino. The luxury was so fascinailiu ; that
the cry of "last boat" that was rained every
few moments after 11 o'clock could not in
duce the bathers to leave ibo limpid waters ,
ind at midnight tbu rattle of tbo toboggan
slides was as constant as over.
. . . . TAHULt.8 rc u. . ,
ttii * fctuniuoh , r > wrunc wmrli , pun
f y ILw tlcitl. o o wife and CIIM I uul ,
Ituo beat lucdlclnoknowufor billon *
pc n , I'oiuUpittttn. i1) iti > li , fuuU
"i. liea < la < I.e. ueurllmni , ) o of ,
* n , inrotHl ucj nuvijun , | mlnf ill i
_ . . ii. iilmpl-M , wllowim.lri . t
bloc.1,0-0 fafiure l y ( lie Moiuai'li , llri rur In ?
T , i,3 , , , , , . tancifonn Uwlrproprrriin-lluni. l' .r i | .
irlvou tonvi < ! L tntf wplxneiltcd'i ytaUlnvouaafUr ?
J "il'ii'Al i C1il'M'lA1iltV ' ( ? . ' , 'io i'iruceiitl ! , > iN 1'ork. J
rovulatloni. C'liullunuus tlio world. Mm , l > r. M ,
Ix'Kraro , dead traucu ulalrroyunt. ailrologliit ,
palmlit und llfo roadvrl toll ! your llfu Irom tliu
cradle tu Kraroi uuUtin tlio upnralodi cauiti uar *
rjj u will ) Itiu unu you lovti ; tulli irlium you will
uctecd and In wlmt liuelnuo Inni ndaptud fur ; uai
tlio ciil bratixl KxyrU&u breailiUalo for luck and Ui
duitroy bad Iniluumxiii ur < lliii Intoiuporuuca
nnd all private coinplalnli wltlt uiaoitKu , lintlii
iiiiil iilcoliot ireatmuiK , Hcnd liW. lock of liulr ,
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Jlfr. Hubert IK. JJrnvfr
An Exempt Flromnn of Jackson Knglno Co. ,
Long Island City , N. Y. , says IhatntOlnUtnms ,
3800 , be could only take n smell of dinner , a.i
Ito was In n fearful condition from l > ji > pri iu.
Thn next summer hoent lo Kmuius for his
health , but came homo uncurcil , In the fall ha ,
decided upon a tboiouyb trbl of
Hood's Sarsaparilla \
And by Christmas lintl n henrty nmiollto ,
hcallby digestion , and was petfeotly wi-lf. ills
ctirowas duo wholly lo Hood's S.wapurllla ,
HOOD'S PlLLO euro ll\cr Ills ronsllptitlon ,
biliousnessjaunilco.niiiiilckhcadaclio. Trjrtlicra.
For Farmers , Miners and Mechanics ,
Cures Chafing , Chapped Hands , Wounds , Burns ,
Etc. A Delightful Shampoo.
Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Water
Purely Vegetable and Strict ! )
They act DIUKCTLYnnd PrtOMPTL\
on the -Liver nnd Stomach , rcstorinc' thfl
coustijmtod orpins to huultliv notlvitv
and iii-o u , POSITIVE und PKHFECTIA'
ACHE , BILIOUSNESS , und till other
disonses arising' from a disordered con
dition of the Liver and Stomach.
They are tbo Only Kellhlc Ycgntublo Mvoi
I'll I Sold : They are I'orfo-tly II irniimi ; TJio
urol'urnly Vnzotublu ; Tr.v Them.
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Conipliilnt and Dv.inousln Sent Kroo.
J. II. SOI1ENUK &SO.V. I'hlliulolobla
" 14 YEARS
Settle : cf
Snys A. P. Stnrlc
I'unn Yan , N. Y.
" 10 yrs.ofSlolt
Hoaaacho cured
by TWO Ilottlea. "
_ Kinollno Flint ,
Ottawa , Ohio. Nervlno la the milclc rnniody for
BlooplcBsiii-BS , Norvons Prostration , Epllopiy , St.
Vltiis1 Dance , Opium Htttilt. Norvoua DyHpuiala | ,
Hysteria , Convulnlous , Neuralcln , 1'nralysla , etc.
TfioiiBin < l9 tiwtlfy. Trial lloitlo , nlc'gant Book
rooutdrngglaU. illlos ilodlcal Co Jilkhurt.IniL
for ale by ICnbii ft , Co. . 15th &
Weakness ,
Calarrh or
Rlicjnntssni ,
Chronic ,
Nervous or
Diseases ,
Searlos & Searles
Consultation Free ,
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illlioiit .Mercury. All "tnuus for life.
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Merry 1,000,000 dire Monarelis of Minslrclsy
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