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Jlepnblicans and Democrats of Nebraska
Preparing for November ,
Knuco County Followers of the Urn ml Oil
J'nrty Indulge In nn KntliuMnfttlo
Itiitly Orny of Fremont WnntS "
to Go to Couprcm.
FCLLUUTOX , Nob. , July 23. [ Special Tolo
ram to Tim Br.n. ] The republicans of this
city holdti grand rally and open air rallflca
tlon this afternoon nnd evening , Tbo alter
noon bus been very warm , but the occasion
was not forgotten nnd a largo crowd was
out. The ovonlng cxorclsoi were held on
South Main street. Speakers nnd prominent
republicans occupied the Hotel Gay balcony.
"The cntlro east front of tno two-story build
Ing was taitlly decorated with flags and
bunting. Directly lit the roar nnd nbovo tbo
speakers hungtuo largo paintings of Harri
son and MelkToJohn.
During the afternoon n Molklojobn club ,
consisting of over 200 members , was formed ,
nnd headed by iho Fullcrton cornel banil
marched down Main street followed by hun
dreds of citizens on foot and In carriages.
Uniting In front of the speakers' stand tboy
listened to nn eloquent address by Hon. John
U. Hayes of Norfolk , Judge McClellnn nnd
others. Tbo itrcot was ablaze with lire-
Air. Molldpjohn's Iteceptlon.
When Molklojohn appeared a shout went
up from hundreds of people and skyrockets
added to tbo general enthusiasm. Crowds of
admiring citizens In carriages wora at
the depot ot H o'clock tnls after
noon to moot Mr. Molklcjohn
on his arrival homo from the convention held
lu Fremont on Wednesday. Ho said ho was
pleased to sco so many people out ; that the
immense gathering convinced him that Iho
supremacy of republican principles was yet
necessary for builncss interests and tbo
welfare of the country. Ho said hovus al
ways a republican and believed in republican
I Ion. John H. Hayes made nn eloquent ad
dress , fully vindicating the republican party
and showing why it should bo retained In
power. Ho thoroughly explained the mone
tary system and to auy reasonable ) thinker
forever put to sloop the wildcat ideas pf
modern theorists.
Tbu rally bolng advertised since last Tucs-
day to take place at 6 o'clocn p. m. , hun
dreds of farmers availed themselves of the
opportunity to bo In attendance and arrange
their business bv coming to town late in the
afternoon to do their Saturday' * trading.
The copious rains the last two weeks seem
to bavo made hundreds of republicans as
well as millions of bushels of corn.
Hamilton County ItopnlillcitnH.
Aunoiu , Nob. , July 23. [ Special Telegram
to Tin : BKK.J The Hamilton county repub
lican convention held in this city today
nominated W. J. Stevenson for county at
torney , J. A. Cavott for county commissioner
and J. A. Whlttnoro and John Cain for the
legislature. The convention accorded to E.
J. Halnor the privilege of naming the dele
gates to tbo congressional convention. Ho
selected John A. Whltmore , C. O. Westcott ,
0. M. Cox , T. E. William * , M. F. Stanley ,
.Ed Nugent , John G. Nordgron , Thomas
Cavott , J. D. Evans , it. P. Whltacro and H.
Jil. Kellogg. The delegates to the state con
vention are : W. H. Streoter , A. W. Agoe ,
11. K. Hughes , W. W. Foss. B. F. Turner
Dr. Case , E. E. Bird , C. C. Boslaw , S. W.
Powon , Theodore Wldamau and M. F.
Stanley. Senatorial delegation Thomas
McKay. Peter Jacoby , H. H. Hart. J. E.
Kecd , E. E. Mlgholl , j' T. Martlott , Robert
Hall , George Lane , E. D. Snyder , E. E.
Eaton nnd C. 9. Kydsou.
Dr. F , J. Briuknor was elected chairman
of the county committee lu plauo of E. E.
Carr , resigned.
Kvery I'reclnrt Itnprenentcd.
LEXINGTON. Neb. , July 23. [ Special Tele-
Brain to Tin : BRK. ] Tbo Duwson county re
publican convention mot hero today. Kvory
precinct in the county was represented by
enthusiastic delegations. A number of tbo
delegates In attendance- were Identified with
the Independent party last fall. The follow
ing delegates were named : State conven
tion W. H. Hamilton , E. B. Penny , H. H.
Bacon , W. Well , E. G. West , G. b. Hnrd-
ingor , F. Boncison , Lane Kico , S. Draxo.
Congressional A. Cook. C. 1C. Brown , H. C.
Booker. H. C. MoKlbbeu , L. Hudson , H. H.
Bacon , D. A. Crnndnll , U. J. Parish , J. S.
Thomas. Senatorial A. E. Allen , G. W.
Stodman , t ) . Nelson , W. D. Griffon , W. W.
Btookoy. O. B. Uarr , N. B. Sago.
Several line speeches were mado.
UrgnnlzliiR Itvpnhlicun Cluhn.
Coz.u ) , Nob. , July 23. [ Special Telegram
to TUB BKB.J A Harrison and Held club
was organized hero tonight with , E. D.
Owens as president. Flfty-thrco members
tvero enrolled. It is the intention to make it
A republican league club. Much onthuslam
was manifested by those present.
CI.AUKH. Neb. , 'July 23. [ Special to THE
BEE. ] Clarks claims to have iho banner
republican club of the state. It was
organized Monday night and now has on Its
roll the names of 148 voters in the township ,
with nt least thirty well known republicans
who will undoubtedly sign at the earliest
opportunity. Last year this township cast
only ninety-six votes for the republican
regents , but will double tbo vote this fall.
Over forty formerly aillanco men bavo Joined
this club.
County'H Candidates.
PAWNEK , Nob. , July 23. fSpocIal Tele
gram to TUB BEK. | Tbo Pawuoo county re
publican convention today was largely ut-
tended ana ouo of the most harmonious In
the history of the county. J. C. Don was
chairman und J. M. Barcinv and J. T.
Tronory. secretaries. Hons. C. A. Schuppol
and W. M. Glfford were roiiomlnatcd for iho
legislature nnd II. C. Lindsay for county
attorney. Delegates to the congressional
convention nt Nnbrasku City are : C. H.
Barnard , R. Pommcrboldor , C. C. Bird , W.
M. Glfford , M. H. Marble , C. E. Casov. B.
H. Fuller , Silos Huff. D. J. Royuish , A. D.
Strunk , U. O. Brown , J. M. Barclay , J. H.
Morrison. The following preamble and
\ resolution was unanimously adopted :
Whereas , Tlio republicans of Pawnee county
lourn with pleasure ot the uundldituy of lion.
11. U.\\orlliuni for thuolllcoof htuto treasurer ,
and .
WhiTonH , Knowing him to bo u tried and
true rouubllcun , und ruposlnic ospualul confi
dence In Ills Integrity and ability , therefore
bo It
Ite.iolvocl , That ho bo allowed fo soloot the
aolcgutvD und alternates Id the rouubllcun
atuto oonvoiitiun. and that sold delegates bo
Instructed to IIBO nil honorable means to so-
ouru Ins noiiiiniitlon forstiite treasurer.
Hon. F. W. Collins of Lincoln spoke to a
rousing audlonco at the opera bouso tonight ,
1'lllmorn County' * llutllluiition.
CHixr.VA , Nob. . July 23. [ SpeclalTolegratn
toTni : BIK. : I The llrst republican rutllleu-
tlon held lu Fllmoro county took pace ! hero
today , unit to suy that it was u grand success
is putting it mild. This ufiernoon Lansing
ot Lincoln spoke lo a largo
nnd enthusiastic . crowd , aud tonight
Colonel Jones spoku to a larger crowd than
was out In tno ulternoon. Lansing aUo
spoke in tha evening. Both speakers were
listened to with much interest. Tbo moot-
tug but boon iho most enthusiastic of any
ever hold In Flllmoro county ,
The Republican club was out jvltli torches
nnd bauds. All together it tins bcon a republican
lican nay. Tbo democrats and alliance have
not uojoycd themselves very woll. They did
not llkoitho doctrine advocated. Flllmoro
county is gutting in ahupu to buvo some of
tbo old tltno republican rallies.
DodKK County's ritUhful I'liuio K. I'1.
< Jniy In the Uoncruiilonul ( tucr.
FIIKMONT , Neb. , July 23. ( Special Telegram -
gram to Tim BEE.j-Tho Dodge county
aomocratK mot hero today and selected six
teen delORutui to the congressional conven
tion at Norfolk Monday , as follows : John
Porn , Thomas Kllleon. Homy Schwab , E.
\fi Renkln , W. H. Wookes , W. P. Nelson ,
Jomos Murniy , N. Pasooo , 0 , Hoilonbock ,
D , Gannon , K. Hannugan , John E. Shorvln
M. Uowllinr , Frank Burtosch , John Furrell
aud John Thomson. Hloco ull efforts to
bring out W. H. Muugcr of thU city as a
cauoiduto forcoiiHrois have fulled , the dole ,
patoa chosou this ultoruoon held u caucus
luimodlatuly utter tbo conveution nd-
Journcd nnd discussed the iXTnllablllty
ot E. F. Gray of this oily at
D candidate. A committee was sent to con
fer with Mr. Gray and ho agreed that his
name might bo Used at iho convention nnc
that if ho was nominated "ho would stand ( is
the people's candidate. There wore two or
thrco members of the delegation who were
not In favor ot this procedure , but the re
mainder wilt vigorously push Gray's can
didacy between now and Monday evening.
County Treasurer Dern | nnd John Shorvln
two lending democratic war horses of the
district , have charge of the Gray boom.
Democrats bora do not aUculso the tact that
they do not want Kel per ns their candldato
and will only nccopt him under protest.
Codnr County Democrats.
HAKTINOTON . Nob. , July 23. [ Special
Telegram to Tun B BE. ] The democrats of
Cedar county mot In convention hero this
afternoon and nominated John Tlggos for
commissioner and A. M. Gooding for counly
attorney. The following delegates were
chosen to attend the congressional conven
tion at Norfolk : J. Mullen , Joseph Hoch-
sioln , W. Marx , A. M. Goading nnd J. H.
Faber. State A. J. Fnlson , H. E. McKenzIe ,
S. .W. Tlnckeln. A. Lubeloy nnd Thomas H.
Cote. Sonatorlal-E. H. Bladou , H. B. Su
ing , T. Croll , Grimes , Thomas Jones nnd
John Luorng. Representatives J , C. Selpo-
Inr. John Lorgo , W. T. MrGorvoy , John
Poltz aud Theodore. Besto. The convention
was very harmonious.
In Minllnon County.
NOIIFOI.K , Nob. , July 23. [ Special Tolo-
grom to THE Bnn. | The Madlton county
democratic- tralcommittoo mot today. Mr.
E. J , Koomgstoln was chosen chairman.
Delegates were appointed to represent the
county In the congressional convolution ut
Norfolk next Monday and were instructed
for Kolpor. Tbo mooting was very harmon
Opponcil to Fusion.
Nob. , July 23. [ Special Telegram -
gram to Tin : BIK. : | The county democratic
convention was held in this city today and
delegates were elected to the state and con
gressional conventions as follows : State-
It. H. Henry. J. B. Delsman , Jonas Welch ,
D. F. Davis , G. A. Schrocder , Peter Bender ,
Dave Halo , T. 1C. Ottis. H. S. Elliott , H. W.
Gentleman and D. Becbor , The state dele
gates wore Instructed against fusion with
any party on the state ticket. Congressional
David Scnupbaoh , J. Jii. North , 1. Gluck ,
George Willlani , Cornelius HcssacUor.
Charles Brandt , Ferdinand Boring , O. S.
Moran , John Mocllor , H. O. Carrlg nnd S. J.
A boom for Judge W. N. Housloy for con-
pressman was launched by the unanimous
adoption of the following resolution :
Kusolvocl , Hy the ( loinoeniey of I'latto
county m convention iiHsmnblud that In lion.
W. N. llunsley wo ruuognlro n man of superior
n'jlllty. who Is mi exponent or democratic
pilndplL's , und wo thuri'foio usk our dulo-
Cittcs to the Norfolk convention to present his
niitiio for nomination for congressman ,
Ward Tlckctn for thu I'rlmnrlen N'omlimtcd
1-iiHt Night.
Republican caucuses wore hold in the vari
ous wnrds in Omaha and South Omaha last
night to name tickets to be voted upon at the
primaries to bo held on Saturday next. The
meetings were quite well attended and con-
sidorablb interest shown in Iho selection of
Uckots. Indications nrn that the sentiment
of a majority of the candidates named is in
favor of tbo.nornlnation of Judge Crounso for
Following are- the caucus tickets named :
First Ward E. Stuht , A. H. Hansel ,
George Cathrow , K. 1C. Paxson , J. P. Hen
derson , E. J. Hotzlor , H. Peterson , S. A.
Cutler , W. A. Kolley.
Second Ward H. Knodoll , John Tlodo-
inan , F. Dworak , Uus Hatnel , A. C. Dukes ,
W. C. Cloud , Goor6o Uced , William Jake-
Third Word Sol Prince. F. E. Heacock ,
A. D. White , J. C. Hubbard. Nato Brown ,
Fred Wlrtb , Lou Burmuistor , Thomas
Swobo , Thomas McVIttoe.
Fourth Ward G. W. Lmlngor , George H.
Leslie , George S. Bennett , D. H. Wheeler ,
T. W. BlucKburn , B. H. Uobmson , W. J.
Broalch , A. C. Troop , W. F. Bechol.
Fifth Ward P. C. Counsman. Charles S.
Stockbam , Gnorgo S. Hayden , W.T.Grahara ,
E , D. Simpson , A. Varner , C. H. Willurd ,
George Ellotl , H. E. Lodyard.
Sixth Wnrd John McDonald , John Mo-
Leano , M. D. Houck , George Elliott , J. B.
Kuoves , J. F. Burgess , H. M. Waring , W.
H. Stovcnd , Isaac Sylvester.
Seventh Ward E. M. Bartlotl , Clinton
Powell , Charles Thomus , John Wllner , B. S.
Baker , D. J. Collins , J. W. Ellor , J. fl.
Piper , William ICi-cllo.
Eighth Ward George C. Bonuor. F. T.
Sblnrock , James F. Bryant , A. F. Clark ,
Aaron Heel , Edward Loeder , S. 1C. Spauld-
iug , J. C. Pedersen und O. W. Johnson.
Ninth Word Beach Hlgby. M. O. Maul ,
Charles Hunlington. Dr. P. Schwenk ,
Cnarlos Unltl , S. S. Lanyon. Alvln Motzlor ,
Louis Ullckonsdorfer. Philip Winter.
Soutti Omaha J. E. Hart , William Kelly ,
L. Carpenter , J. D. Bennett , N. E. Acker , C.
A. Evans , J. O. Eastman. E. O. May field ,
Paul McAuloy , William Mangan , B. E' . Wll-
cox , H. J. Hoisor , William Bennett , Charles
West Omaha W. J. Fisher , E. L , . John-
sou , Charles Thelman , R. McGlnnis , Charles
A. Potter.
Fifth IVurdurg Orsmilzo.
The Fiflh Ward Republican club was re
organized lost night with nfty-threo mem
bers , wboslgnod ' the roll. The young ropub-
licans'woro In it and hnd everything their
own way. Will A. Saunters was elected
president and returned bis thanks in a neat
little speech.
H. E. Roberts was elected secretary and
John J. Jenkins treasurer. Tbo otllcors
were appointed a committee to draft n con
stitution nnd by-laws , to bo presented at tbo
next meeting of the club , which will bo
culled by tbo president.
Messrs. Holbrcoko , Graham and Redman
were appointed a commltloo to llnd a room
in which to hold tho-club meeting.
It was decided to bavo u flag , a flag polo
nnd Hag raising , the data to be llxcd at some
subsequent mooting ot the club.
O pinloii of a UcK'Kutu to Mndlxon on the
Convention' * Work.
Dr. V.-T. M'Glllycuddy of Rapid City , S.
D. , was in tbo city last nits hi on his way
homo from the republican state convention
at Madison.
"In many roipocts the convention was the
most remarkable ono ever hold in South
Dakota , " said Mr. M'Glllyouddy. "Tho old
line politicians weren't In it at all. The eon
vontlon was made up of representative re
publicans and representative men were
Placed In nomination. Tliero wasn't u
bunker or a corporation man on the ticket ,
and If the farmers cau Hud anything to kick
about I would Ilko to know what it is.
Sheldon , tbo nominee for governor , Bis
a big farmer and an autivo one ,
an old soldier and a mau with a clean record ,
able nud honest. Every district In South
Dakota Is represented on the ticket , so thai
allot tha old factional feeling wus shut out
of the tight , and tbo republican ! will go into
this cumpalgu with iho strongosl ticket over
nuiiiud in u stiito convention In South Da
kota , Congressman Pioulor was renonil-
natod and Captain Lucas , 'Old Shady , ' com
mandant ut iho Soldiers' Homo ut Hot
Springs , named as iho other congressional
ciiudidutn. Tlio republicans will elect the
imtlru ticket without any great effort. "
Wreck on the JlllnoU Central.
PONCIUTOULA , La. , July 23. A collision
occurred hero last night between the south
bound passenger tram on tholllinols Central
railroad and a northbound freight train , A
fruit packer lu tbo oxproin uur and the
porter were seriously hurt. The wreck is a
Uad ono.
Another Taper.
TOLHI > O , O. , July 23. George H. Hadley
and Elmer Wblio , proprietors of the Boo , 'a
democratic evening paper , buvo purchased
tbo Morning Commercial. The fuiuro polit
ical course ot tbo paper bat iiot been deter
They Continue ( in thn Deadlock.
BATKSVILLB , Ark. , July 23. The third
day1 * deadlock In the democratic- convention
for tbo Sixth coiigrossiouul district continues
Without change ,
The postal telegraph system of Great tlrlt-
aln nud Ireland 1s now tbo most gigantlo and
complete organization for tbo traunuilnion f
uiua Ki2 * iu ibo wurlu.
Many Substantial Business Blocks Under
Course of Construction.
I.lst ofllccont Improvements In the Cnpltnl
City llxtendlni ; the Water < ; ystem
1'ootpacls .Again ( letting In
Their Work.
LINCOLN , Nob. . Jnly 23. [ Special to Tns
IJnE.J The activity In oil lines of business in
the Capital city durlnit the llrst half of the
present month has been unusually notice
able. A carefully compiled statement of the
building operations for the past six months ,
prepared by the Lincoln News , was pub
lished this oftornooti. amount expended -
ponded up to July 1 wet $1,056,000. Among
tbo substantial business blocks and other
buildings erected are those of the Llnoolu
Paint ana Color company , four stories in
height ; Pace , Williams & North , throe stor
ies ; Buckstaft Manufacturing company ,
three stories ; the now Conservatory of
Music , flvo s tori os ; the MuMurtry bloc It ,
four stories , and the Lindoll hotel annex ,
four stories. Every part of the city has
been benefited by tbo improvements , 'in ad
dition to the building operations , other Im
provements have been carried along. Sev
eral miles of now pavotnout-ls bolng Inld and
the sewerage and water systems have been
greatly extended.
Lincoln Footpndg nt Work ,
Late last night J , P. Williams , living nt
183.3 1C street , was hold up by two footpads
while on his way homo. Ono shoved a re
volver in his foot whllo the other wont
through his rockets. They took his gold
winch and what change ho had with him
and made their escape. Today a young fel
low named Lowery was arrested on suspicion
of bclug ono of the members of the gang
which at present Is making Lincoln its head
quarters. Five cases of thievery were re
ported to the police last nlcht.
One enterprising sneak Ihlof ransacked
the upper story of J. W. Winger's residence-
whllo the family was at supper , walking
away with n watch and a suit of clothes.
Another stele a cent and vest trom an attor
ney's ufllco In broad daylight. Another at
tempted to steal u horse tied in front of nn
O street storo. Two men wore robbed in
suloonu. As a consequence , every suspicious
character is being subjected to the closest
police survalllanco.
iloiivlctril of Ciimbllng.
After many delays the cnso against G. W.
Braddeon , charged with being the proprietor
of a gambling resort , was called boforaJudco
Waters tills forenoon. The evidence was
conclusive. Tbo police testified that when
they entered Brnddoon's rooms in the Phil
lips block , at 231) North Tenth street , they
found a roulette outllt In operation , with
Bracldeen dlsoonsinir tbo chips. Braddeon
claimed in defense that bo had no connection
with the place , out that ho had merely
dropped In outnf curiosity. Judge Waters
lined him $30 and costs. The case will bn
taken to the district court.
Uosslp lit tlio State Ilouso.
The Alllanco Trust company of Kansas
City today applied to the secretary of state
for a certltluato to enable it to extend its
business in tbo stato.
The cnso of E. W. Jeffries against E. P.
Cosbman and Eugene Cotter was Hind with
the clerk of tno supreme court this forenoon.
It comes from Greoloy county.
A. L. Baker against L. Klostor is the title
of a case wbleh reached the supreme court
today from Dakota county.
Adjutant General Vifquain states that the
Nebraska iSational guards are well equipped
for moetlnc an armed invasion. An inven
tory Just completed shows that the utnto has
on band 80,000 rounds of ball cartridges.
Lincoln In Ilrlof.
George Burns , a voung man living at Kan
sas Citv , is at St. Elizabeth's hospital , , ln this
city , endeavoring to recover from a case of
Another family was found in an almost
starving condition in this city today. A portion
tion of a loaf of dry oread was all the food
found in the house.
VJamos Clark , now serving a thirty-days'
sentence In the county Jail , will bo taken to
St. Louis to answer to the charge- grand
Tbo business place of Young & Elder ,
dealers in musical merchandise , is in the
hands of the sheriff. Liabilities , $10,000 : as
sets , $5.000.
Ono of Louisville's School Directors Olrcs
, the Kxuct Facts In the Cnsu.
LOUISVILLE , Nob. , July 23. To the Editor
of TUB BEE : Relative to a special from this
point in your dally of the 2lst inst. under the
head of "Short in His Accounts , " relating to
the late W. B. Sbryook , tun item does an in
justice to ono who 'was always foremost in
the Interest and welfare of our village. The
committee referred to did not audit Mr.
Sbryock's books at all. The report made by
thorn was taken from the directors' and mod-
orator's records. The directors' records only
go back flvo years , these previous to that
uavlnp-bcon destroyed by tire some two years
ago. The amount shown by Treasurer Shry-
ocu's books duo the school district is $3,040
nud agrees exactly with that shown by the
directors' books. The amount turned over
from J. M. Waterman to William B. Shrv-
ock after bis election and qualification in
1SS5 was $1,2-18.60. This amount ho charged
to himself and accounted for in the regular
manner , as shown by his annual report to
the district In April , 18.SU. Ills records were
well kept , neat and plain.
I wish hero to answer ono Item mentioned
in the World-Herald , to ths effect that Mr.
Shryook was to meet with the board on the
evening of July 1 , the date of bis death , to
raako an accounting and turn over the
money ho hold to bis successor. This Is
wrong , as the now board did not come Into
power until the second Monday in July ,
consequently ho Dud no business with thorn
until that date.
Relative to tbo Lovris estate , the committee -
too appointed at the annual school mooting of
tbo district , June 27 , bad no authority to ex
amine into the affairs of said estate , and I
cannot Imagine- how they could reasonably
render a report In that direction consistent
with the facts. I do not doubt that at the
proper lima the amount duo the school dis
trict will bo turned over , as well as tbarduo
the Lewi * estate. If not , tbon tbo bondsmen
will bo called upon to do so. It does seem to
inn with tbo above facts , which the records
will boar out , it Is u little early to cry de
faulter. J. p. ELLIS.
uv.i r uir
Unfortunate * Who Found Ilfo' Ilnrdoiis
Too llnivy ,
CINCINNATI , O. , July 23. Mr. Louis J ,
Bcstor of the linn of Hester & Bros. , iron
merchants of Iroiiton , O. , died by his own
tiand today at the College Hill sanitarium.
Ho was placed there July 0 , suffering fromu
mild dementia , following au attack of la
{ rlppo. Two days ago by moans of towels
tie succeeded In hanging himself in his room ,
He was dlscovorod and out down alive , but
BO badly injured that death came today. Hit
firm wus ono of the wealthiest In Ironton ,
Cuiiiit Rjmi > H , la. . July 123. [ Special Telegram -
gram to TUB BBK.J Matblas Man ob , aged
70 , or Lisbon , suicided last night by hanging.
Temporary Insanity resulting from sickness
was the cause.
Urfiuuil to Itolensa the Frenchman ,
CHICAGO , III. , July S3. Judga Qrosham do-
cllnod today to release tbo alleged French
Torgor , L'ouls Nupoleton Auzat , on a writ of
labeas corpus , and ho was remanded to Jail
.o await the decision of the oftlcon at Wash-
luuton as to whether extradition papers
should bo Issued. Auzat is charged with
Forging drafts to the amount of SO.tWO francs ,
for which ho wai sentenced to ton year11m.
prlsotiuient , but ho escaped.
Hud for tiiu I'uiinh Crop.
DAYTOX , O. , July 23. By telegraph reports -
ports to the Klofroabur company yesterday
afternoon it is learned that the peanh crop
u southwestern Ohio will not amount to
nuch , and what ttiero is will bo lato. Lake
Clio orchards have none. Sumo parts of
Michigan will huvo good penchoA. Few up.
pies In Michigan : itanb In southwestern
Ohio. Pears good , oyoryMhore. Dayton
commission houses havpshlppad 25,000 bar
rch of cnbbago to Dotrml and Cleveland nl
from 9u cents to f3 per/barrel.
Ceremonies Attending < ; it I.nylng the Cornoi
Stone of rivoikn | > llulldlng.
Last evening at 5 o'clock 3,000 people ns-
BomblodntTwonth'slxih and N streets to
witness the coromomos of the laying of the
corner stone of Franknpivonka's now build
ing. The Bohemian , band furnished the
music nnd the largo crowd was an enthus
iastic ono and every mention of the progress
of the Marie city was greeted with applause
and cheers' .
David Anderson acted In the capacity of
master of ceremonies and called the nssom-
blago to ordor. Ho Introduced as the first
speaker Mayor Miller , The mayor renewed
the history of South Omaha , ' Its present
growth and progress , and complimented Mr.
Plvonka upon his successful business ven
tures and enterprise In erecting so magnlQ-
oent a structure. Ex-Mayor Sloano related
bis experience as a pioneer In South Omaha
and Mr. Pivonka came In for tbo lion's share
of his narrative.
Fred Drexel was next Introduced. Ho Is
the gentleman who acquired the land upon
which the third packing center Is now lo
cated. In 1850 ho purchased the land , con
sisting of X40 acres , from the United States
Bovornraont , paying for the same $1.25 per
aero. In 18S3 ho disposed of the property to
the syndicate and \yas paid for it $140 per
aero. Mr. Drexel made an entertaining talk
mid related what bo know of pioneer days In
Nebraska and South Omaha. Ho was fol
lowed by ex-County Commissioner O'Koofo.
City Attorney Van Duson , E. O. Muytleld
and J. H. Ecgors. The two latter named
gentlemen placed thocornarslono in position
and President Anderson dismissed the
When completed Mr. Plvonka'a building
will bo ono of the ttnostnnd most commodious
structures in the oily. The building will bo
thrco stories high and in slzo 7fixl50 foot.
Architecturally it will bo a handsome struc
ture of pressed briclc and furnished with
steam boat and all the modern conveniences.
Tbo ground door will bo used fur store rooms
and the two upper floors tlnlshod off into
Hats. The bulldlncr will cost $40,000.
Their Annuiil IMcnlc.
The oottlo butchers of the Cudahy PackIng -
Ing company will give their annual plcnlu at
Waterloo toi'ay. ' A special train over the
Union Pacific , consisting of thirteen coacbc.s ,
will leave the union depot at 3:30 this morn
ing and South Omaha at 0:30. :
The annual picnics elvon by these gentle
men in the past have always been very suc
cessful and a source of pleasure to these at
tending. Several contests have boon ar
ranged in beef at.d sheep skinning. Larry
Noonnn , who holds tbo championship as the
swiftest beef killer in the country , will contest -
test with an unknown from Kansas City. A
content in shetip skinning will also take
place , the winner to receive a handsome gold
medal proclaiming htm the champion of
A largo crowd will go 'from both Omaha
and South Omaha , and will iiumoer nt least
1,000 people.
1'racturod u City Ordinance.
John Woodward , a house mover , was ar
rested yesterday upon complaint of Superin
tendent of Buildings Mixylloltl , who charges
him with violating , a city ordinance.
Woodward was cncagod In moving a dwell
ing housein the eastern portion of tbo city
without having taken' out a permit. His
hearing will take plaoo Monday In police
| , t
Notes and 1'orsonuls.
Kay Hunt has roturncd from an extended
visit at New York. *
Mrs. F. S. Leo , formerly of this city , is
visiting Mrs. > W. M. Post/
H. H. Amos was overcome by the boat
yesterday and is in a critical condition.
Mrs. U. C. Young anil Miss Annie Glas
gow are In Hastings attending the state con
vention of the Epworlhileague.
Mrs. E. Cv.Mavdeld- Master Claude
Mnyilold. left yesterday for , Alva , whcro
tnoy will visit for several1 days. ' ' '
S. L. Carson , assistant cashier of the
Union Stock Yards National bank , loft yes
terday for Denver and other Colorado points
on a pleasure trip.
Mrs. M. E. Hudson and daughter Miss
Florence Hudson , who have been visiting in
the city for several days , hove rotu'rned to
.nolr homo at Gothenburg.
W. S. Uabcock , Fred Fay , George Moshor
and William Smith have Just returned from
a fishing trip of several days ut Honey Creek ,
a few miles north of Council Bluffs.
Hon. Goorgu Jenkins of Aberdeen , S. D. ,
is the truest of his sister. Mrs. L. Carpenter
of this city. Mr. Jenkins is the republican
nominee for the ofllco of attorney general of
South Dakota.
Swift & Co. have begun the work of erect
ing a high board fence around their extensive
packing plant. This is done to keep away
trespassers , who are very numerous and
causa the company a great deal of annoyance.
.M. G. Mcl.ood TelU ottthe Hocent Detroit
Mr. M. G. McLeod has returned from the
Baptist young people's convention at
Speaking of the oonvontlon , ho said : "Tho
delegates were treated with the greatest of
kindness and hospitality by the people of
Detroit , and I never mot more gentlemanly
newspaper reporters anywhere. Wo were
considerably surprised , however , to find that
the street car facilities of that beautiful
city consist still of the old ,
slow going horse cars. The citizens took
occasion to throw the blame for this apparent
laclc of enterprise upon the corporation
which controls the franchise.
"Tha convention was a great success. The
actual enrollment of accredited delegates
was over 0,000. Many of our most promising
workers have heretofore considered the
movement a sort of experiment , but
henceforth they will all bollevq iu and
work for assured success. Wo are con
fident that our next convention will
have on attendance of not less than 10,000
delegates. All the loading ministers und
denominational papers have fallen into line
and will aid in making it a great organiza
"Tho plaoa of our next meeting will be
selected by our pxooutlvo committee. The
Nebraska delegation put in an application
Tor Omaha. Chicago , Indianapolis and
Cleveland have also ak d for tno conven
tion. It the citizens of Om hu express a
desire to bavo the convention hero
the Nebraska delegation will press the claims
of Omaha , but if there Is no special interest
manifested tbo commlttpo will take no fur
ther slops to seouro It , Tbo board will moot
In Chicago in Soptorabor to decide upon the
place for tbo next anaiialiconvontlon , Every
ilalo and territory in tboUnited Stulas wns
represented at tbo Detroit convention and
Canada Kent a largo delegation. "
Referring to the position to which ho had
boon elected , tocrotary'Of. the board of man
agers , Mr. McLeod said ! "No , there is no
salary alticbod to the office of secretary to
the boaid of managers. JITbo general secre
tary , Uov. F. L. Wllkjns , receives a salary ,
Tor tbo work ho h * & to perform will toqulro
all of bis time , whoroas'rsball bo obliged to
spend probably not jnoro than HUooti or
twenty days during thq.your In the work
connected with the board of managers. I
lave received a grcatimany congratulatory
otters from friends wliqiavo | evidently mis
taken the olllco to wtiioli 1 was elected for
.hut of general secretary1 , ' 1 appreciate all
those kind congrutuatloas , but I am not the
; onoral secretary und pould not bavo ao-
: opted the ofllco It it had boon tendered mo.
1'bo general secrntury draws a salary of
' V-'W per annum. "
Will Not Dellvur the I'rUouon.
NEW OULEANS , Li . , July 23. The Plcay-
uno's Laredo , Tox. , apodal say * : Therein
a hitch in tbo extradition of tbo two bank
defaulters , Ualo and Turner , who were arrested -
rested at Saltlllo , Mex. , a few duys ago on a
dornana from Naibvlllo , Tenn. It seems
.hat tbo governor of Cohahulla will not do-
Ivor iboui until the reward offered is paid
to the otticom of tbo city.
I'rovud to Ho it I > ruultnrt
MOUNT CLKUKNS , Mich. , July 23. Peter
rioumor , olerk In Ulrloh & Croaker's bank
for several years , has been discovered to bo
a dnfaultor to the amount of I15.00J , luvos-
igatious ute running tbo lixuros etlll
blubor , ana It may reach. $40,000.
Ida Ebright Urged by Her Family to Take
the Slop Which Killed Her ,
Urged lijr Her Sister Not to Vnmo Homo ntul
DUgrnco the I'nmlly Her 1'nthcr' *
Wrltlon Consent to n Crim
inal Operation.
At Beatrice today the cold form Ot poor
Ida Ebright will bo laid In the bosom of
mother oarlh , and deep in the grave will bo
bidden the shame and sorrow of a girl who
suffered , God only knows what , for her love
and for the prldn of the family. Overtaken
by tbo result of her wrong doing and unnblo
to longer conceal from the world tbo fact
that she had been ruined , she sought ndvlco
from thoio whoso duty it was to shield r.nd
protect her.
There was disgrace hanging over the
family. A daughter of the house of Ebright
had done wrong ; but the family name must
not bo coupled with scandal In tbo mouths of
the village gossips. She who had brought
the prldo of the family Into this danger mutt
orlng It up out of barm's way , oven though
she should traverse the dark valley of the
shadow in her effort to escape from nature's
noxorablo laws. Alone she came to Omaha ,
Brmod with a loiter from her father ,
addressed "to whom it may concern , '
consenting that the daughter should
subjected to a dangerous and
criminal operation that the possible
taint of shame might not attach to the family
name. From doctor to doctor sbo went ,
seeking ono who would debase his pro
fessional knowledge and skill , asking boldly
for the help which could only como from ono
acquainted with methods used In such cases.
By nt least ono of these doctors sbo wai
given the advice of an honest man to not
ntorioro wllb naluro. But she was written
jy a sister in reply to an appeal , "do not
como homo and disgrace us , " and goaded by
ler family she persisted until someone was
found who would defy both God and man for
ajialtry foe. Today she \vlll bo burled.
'Will anyone bo punished for encompassing
tier death ]
Soinu Letters from Her 1'olks.
Chlof Detective Hago went to the resi
dence of Peter Morzos , 2104 Elm street ,
where the dead girl had wonted. The ofll-
cors made a thorough search of tbo girl's
room and found several bottles containing
medicine. In the girl's trunk about a dozen
otters were found. Most of these were
from members of the family , who urged Ida
to remain in Omaha and do everything In
tier power to got cut of her trouble In some
way and not to como homo until she had
accomplished the purpose for which sbo
lau came to Omaha.
Promptly nt 2 o'clock yesterday the core
ner's Jury mot at the morgue and continued
the taking of testimony. The llrst witness
was Mrs. Merges , who said she know noth
ing about the dead girl falling down stairs ,
as claimed by the sister ol the deceased , and
she thought that she xvould have beard It if
tboro hnd been any such fall. Nothing bad
teen said around the house that would load
aor to believe that tbo girl bad fallen down
Kxpcrt Mcdlcnl Testimony.
Dr. J. E. Summers testified regarding the
post-mortem. Ho said bo found several little
points in tbo abdominal ravity duo to
tiomorrhago , apparently caused by a Heavy
current of nlectrlclty that had been applied
by an electrode -sponge. Following this he
gave an accurate description of the condition
} f the organs of tbo dead girl , and said death
uad undoubtedly boon caused by a hem
orrhage and an cloctrio shock. Ho had ex
amined the contents of tbo bottles found in
tbo dead girl's trunk and declared that ono
bottle contained ergot , tbo object of which
would be to bring on n miscarriage. Ho said
that it v as a drug that was very generally
used for that purpose.
Dr. C. M. G. Blcrt , who also assisted in
the post mortem , tostitiod that the body had
every appearance of the passage of a heavy
electric current , simllarto a lightning stroke ,
showing that the current must have bcon
from a high current machine. All the or
gans were normal except two. Tbo witness
said bo was a skin disease specialist , and
therefore closely noted the skin changes in
dicating electric shock. Ho thought death
was duo to shock from electricity. Ho ex
amined the bottles and testified to the pres
ence of ergot in largo quantities.
Louis Uojon , a pharmacist at Fuller's
drug store , testified to selling the dead girl
some essential oil * about a week ago. She
said she wanted it for rubbing over woolen
pants. He Identified a small slip calling for
" 25 cents worth of essential oils" as the one
r > resented by the deceased.
Dr. B. F. Crummer stated that ho visited
tbo morgue out of curiosity , and was an in
terested lookcron at the post mortem. Ho
ooked over all the organs removed , except
the heart , and found them in a healthy con
dition. There was. bowover , uvldnnco that
an attempt at criminal oporutlon had bcon
mado. Several marks resembling an electric
application were plainly discornablo. "In
my opinion , " said tbo doctor , "It Is u case
which is surrounded with consldorabln mys
tery. All * tbo organs I examined were
loaltby , and 1 bollovo that death was caused
> y mouns.of an oloctrio oattory. "
She Wns Anxious to Ho Itollovcd.
Dr. Joseph E. Birkhausur said that Ida
bright came to him last May , accompanied
by hur brother-in-law. "Sho stated the
cause of her trouble , " said the doctor , "and
requested that I perform a criminal opera-
ion. I declined and then her brother-in-law
offered to pay all the expunios. At that time
made an examination , and was not posltivo
bat the woman was iu a doltcato condition ,
advlsod her to take a tonic , as she was
ooldng pito and worn out , and prescribed
or her. I told bor that tbo medicine would
lot produce what she desired but would
mild up her health. I then advised bor to
go homo and to notify mo if she did not feel
, uy bettor. Later on a letter came to mo
iloadlng for an oparatlon. In reply 1 advised
ho girl to come to Omaha , promising her a
place to work and advising that sbo lot
nature take Us course. I also requested that
bo bring her father.
"Tho woman appeared at my oflloo on July
. Sbo stayed at my house several days ,
tolplng in the housework. Tbo day she left
or Mri. Merges I gave her some medicine
or general debility , a sample I had received
roui a traveling salesman , and I bad poured
ute another bottle. When she went uway I
mutloned her against attempting any crlm-
nul operation. Within u few days sbo came
o mo und asked for the loan of 625. I was
afraid aha would attempt to huvo an opera-
Ion performed and declined to loan the
money. "
The witness then produced several letters
rom tbo girl's parents. Onu was from the
ather and was addressed to whom It may
oncern. Tbo note stated that Ida's father
vas perfectly willing to have any physician
lorform nil operation in order to save the
amlly from dlsgraoo. Several other lottora
rom relatives were read , all asking the decor -
or to help the girl out ol her trouble.
Mrs. Duke wan recalled and questioned
losoly , but nothing of Importunco was
earned from her testimony , Then letters
rom Mlti Ebrlgbt to Dr. Ulruhnusor were
read , in whicn she sold the Iron pllU had not
one bor any good and a plea for something
vhloh would produce u miscarriage. Iu 10-
ily the doctor gave bor some good advlco
and urged her not to try to interfere with
After reading tbo tetters the Jury ad-
ournod nud in a vary few moments returned
a verdict to tbo effect that the girl's death
was the result of u shock caused by au at-
ompt. to perform a criminal operation , The
ury recommended that County Attornov
klnbonoy Investigate ) tbo caso.
Last night tbo brother und sister of the
dead girl lott for Beatrice , accompanying thu
omains of the dead girl. Tbo funeral will
ccur at noon today.
Nothing t\ow at llmlrlco ,
BKiTiucir , Nob. , Julv 23. [ Special Tele-
grum to TIIU BKB. I Nothing now has been
ovolopod bore tu tbodaUbriibtcasa ) todtiy.
Sale ole
o order
educed ' Spring and
0 Summer goods
nuist go for dost
n account of
0U of cloth and
U making. We have
nusually good
0E hundreds of
S lengths the
eason leaving accumulation of a
E lively season's
nd lengths and trade justj
enough in each
R for one pair , that
sold for $7 , $8 ,
S and $9. Now we
ecure a pair !
make them for
S5S6andS7 ,
and make them just as well as when we got full value foj
33207 * °
South 15th Street
Mail orders solicited. Samples * Free. ,
Relations of the unfortunate girl departed
Tor Omaha today. A complaint was filed
today against Thomas Loary , the alleged se
ducer of Ida. Loary got wind of the
iroposoJ arrest and lied. Ho is employed at
.ho Dempster Mill company and has only re-
oontly taken a courso'of treatment at the
: Coely institute hero.
Now Special Agent * Appointed Other
Washington Gosulp.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , July 23. )
Frank Alexander of Huron , S. D. , was
today appointed a special agent of the gen
eral land ofllco. Ho will tooolvo liU commis
sion and ilnal instructions on Monday and
eave ImraoJlntelyJor his Held of operations.
lo has not received his assignment , but It
will b in the region of bis homo state ,
although not in it , Everybody in South Da
cota knows Frank Alexander. Ho had a
cbiofship in the Indian bureau up to n year
ago and resigned with n promise of n special
ngonoy In the land office , which place has
> een long delayed. Ho will make an cfllclcnt
A new list of special agents of the general
and ofllco has been made up. The reduced
appropriations bv this congress have noccs-
utatcd a reduction of the list. A bout thirty
mvo boon dropped from tno rolls on account
of u lack of funds. The World's fair appro-
iriation in tbo sundry civil appropriation
illl and tbo anti-option bill are the only
tones of contention which are likely to pro-
oug the present session of congress. Were
t not for these propositions congress
vould surely adjourn by iho mid
dle of next week. The trouble over
ho World's fair Hem of * 5,000,000 Is with
democrats in the house , and the delay over
ho adoption of tbo anti-option bill comes
rom democratic opposition lu the senate. As
t id , congress will probably adjourn on next
Saturday or Monday weok. August 1.
Nearly all the general legislation which
an be gotten through at this session has
teen acted upon already and the days spon
vith congress now are only for political ad
Nocotlnttnff for Indian rnml ,
Ono of the last acts ot Land Commissioner
Carter wns to recommend to Secretary Noble
bo creation of a coiimisslon of ihroo men to
icgotlato with tbe Vankton Indian * In South
JaUota for tbo purchase of their surplus
andi , estimated to contain about 2(000 acres ,
'he lands when acquired by the government
will bo thrown open to settlement under the
lomostead laws , U ba been decided ibat
ho commission will consist of J. C. Adams
f Webster , S. D. ; ex-Govotnor Edmunds
nd an ofllcor from the general land ofllco.
. MUoolhuioou * .
Mary A. Porter was today appointed post-
muster at Hartwoll , Kearney county , Nab. ,
ice M. Floro , removed , and Mrs. A. Belli-
eau at Bculuh , Cook county , Wyo. , vice S.
iunkor , resigned.
O. J. Gwynno of Davenport Is at the
\rnerlcan , and Jesse L.OWO . of Omaha Is at
ho Arlington. P. S. H. -
Judge Dnndy Drops thu Honth Omuhu
Anphult CIIHO Out ot Court.
Judge Dundy has decided to dissolve the
omporary Injunction In the case of iho
California Petroleum aud Asphalt company
gainst South Omaha.
This case involved the dispute ever tbo
aving of Twenty-fourth street between A
md Q struoti In tbo city of South Omuhur.
'ho California company put down sovora
ilocks of pavement , on this street last fall ,
nd this spring , when tbe hot sun fell upon
t , the pavement proved to bo too soft. It bo-
amn so spongy that the corks on the hor&o-
boos vvtro cutting it tu piocoi , und then the
company uudertook to repair it. At this
lolnt the city authorities stepped lu
nd roitraliiod the ttspbalt company from
doing any more work on the Hreot , holding
hat thu pavement wan worthless aud that
be asphalt company had no right to export-
neiit Indefinitely with the public streets ,
'ben the asphalt company applied to tbo
Jultod States court for au injunction to pro-
ilbll tbo city of South Omaha from lulcrfur
nir with tbo work on the atrout.j
A temporary injunction was allowed by
Judge Dundy , but after hearing the evidence
he decided lo dtssolvo tbo Injunction and lot
the asphalt company and the people of South
Omaha light the matter out on other lines.
Russia has nt last consented to allow bibles
to bo Imported free of duty in spite of tha
protests of Russian tariff advocates.
Rev. Thomas T. Stone of Bolton , Mass. ,
Is credited with being tbo oldest living
graduate of Bowdoln college. Ho is 01 years
Pooo Lee XIII. owns a pearl loft to him by
his predecessor on tbo throne of St. Peter
which is worth . 20,000 , and the chain of
thirty-two pearls owned by tbo Empress
Frederick is estimated at 35,001) .
Bishop Wayman , the oldest traveling
bishop of the African Methodist church la
this country , and a well known rostdeni of
Baltimorewitnessed In that city a great rati
fication parade In tno "Tlppocauoo1' cam
paign of 18-10. Ho became a preacher In IS 13 ,
nearly half a century ago.
Bishop Fallows of Illinois wont out as
chaplain of too Thirty.second Wisconsin in.
faulry at the outbreak of the war , afterward !
helped to organize tbo "God aud Morality"
( Fortieth Wisconsin ) rogltnent , composed of
students and graduates of Wisconsin Institu
tions , and 11 n ally became colonel of ibo
Forty-ninth Wisconsin.
The oldest woman In America who Is a
preacher. It Is thought , is Rov. Lydiu Sexton
of Seattle , now Uil years of ago. She ha *
been lu service about half u century. For
eight or ton years she was un ox barter be
fore receiving a license to preach lu 1801.
Ohio , Indluna and Illinois were her Hold
prior to 18TO. when , with her husband , she
removed to Kansas. Seattle was adopted as
her homo tbroo years ago.
Louisville has u "girl preacher , " aged 14.
whoso professional card bears Ibo legend :
"Sunday meetings for men only. Weekly
mootlngs open to both sexes. ( Plenty of
fans and Ico-wntor.1 ) This paronihetio bit
of Information loads to the inference Ihatsho
makes It warm for her hearers , and supports
tbo assertion of her' admirers that her ovan-
Holistic power Is truly wonderful. The phe
nomenon's mother travels with her.
The middle wall ot partition between the
Jew and tbo Gentllo , says ibo Now York
Herald , has been broken down by iho action
of ibo central conference of rabbU lu this
city. Heretofore it ban boon necessary for
tbo convert to Judaism 10 enlcr ibo fold by
ono of thrco Initiatory ritesthe sucrlllcial ,
Iho ritual bath or circumcision. It Is now
arranged Ibat ull that Is necessary to raako
ibo change Is to nlgu u declaration of bullet
In Jewish dogmas.
In tlio nrojonco of nn Itiunonso congrega
tion at Christ Church , London , there wus
presented lo Rov. Newman Hall n silver ton
and coffee service , a puivio of 200 guineas and
an Illuminated address on tbo occasion of bis
retirement. The Huv. No win an Hall wan
born nt Maldstono In 181(1 ( , and was ordulnod
pastor of the Albion Congrogatlqnul church ,
Hull , in 1812. In 1U51 ho wus cuoioti minis
ter to Rowland Hill's chapel , Blackfrlar.s
road , London , Ho subsequently removed
with congregation to tbo huudsomo new
church In Woitmlnster Bridge road , llm
lower of which , culled "Lincoln Towo r1 was
erected by English and American subscribers
in memory of Abralmin Lincoln ,
Says a well known architect in the Phila
delphia Press ; "Tho days of towering
steeples on churches nnd publio bulldlugn
will soon bo dropped , and well they should
be. For yours a lull sloeplo on a church wus
only u mark of competition to cuablo thu next
congregation If possible to erect their sloenlo
a peg or two Higher. They uro vgry exiiuu-
BIVO things ut best , nnd In u few vears become -
como very dangerous and are ulwuyn lunroU
for tbo lilt-host winds and the 'lightning
stroke. Many serious accidents jiuva oc
curred in their repairing , mid a 11 rut class
akyhlgh ornamented steeple costs often as
much us one-third of the whole building.
How they originated Is a matter of some
doubt , bjt tbo general belief U ibat lu ibo
earliest days both lu this country and in for
eign lauds , tbo church stcopin wan the look *
out tower 10 watch the enemies of thu tot-
tlers for miles urouiid. "
A Chicago man has recently 'taken out a
patent for on oloctrio pickpocket and ooat
inlet detector , which apparatus iv intended ,
automatically , to sound u ularm boil whim-
ever the wouror'a ' ponouul property is inter