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Business Men Generally Up in Arms
Against the Anti-Option Bill ,
I.licly Ilclmtc In tlio Scmtto on tlio Mcn uro
Ycntcrilitj'a 1'rocpedliiK * In tha House
Judge Shiran' Nomination Other
Wnnhlnilon Hevit ,
D. C. , July 23. A debate ,
Involving the question of specific contracts ,
payable In sold , was prcclpilntod In the
bonato today In nn unexpected manner , and
cnntlnucd until It was crowded out by the
mitt-option bill. It happcnca In this way :
JUHt before the adjournment on Friday
unanimous consent had been given to have a
bouso bill In regard to judgments of United
States court * , taken up and acted on during
the looming hour today. The fact had been
overlooked that on a previous occasion the
bill und been before the senate , and than nn
amendment had boon offered to it by Mr.
Teller and was stilt pending , mnklngsnch
Judgments payable In legal tender tiionoy.
o.'cti although the contract may have stipu
lated for payment In gold. The amendment
wns strenuously opposed by Messrs. Sherman
nnd HlggiiiB , ami stoutly defended t and nd-
vocated by Messrs. Palmer , Morgan und
Turple. When the morning' hour expired
the hill and amendment went over without
action and tbo bill resumed Us pluco on ttie
Jalondnr. ,
If-otcftta AcKlnHt the Antl-Optliin lllll.
The anti-option bill occupied the attention
> f the scnutoduiingthorcstot thoiiftarnoon.
Mr. Hansbroutrh in A do an argument In
favor of It nnd Mr. Hiscock au argument In
Tbo bill is to bo taken up after the reading
of the journal on Monday , when Mr. Ucorgo
is to make an argumunt In Us support.
* Remonstrances ngaltut the pasaatft of the
nntt-optlon bill wcio presented bv Mr. Cul-
lom from Sprlnglluld nnd HOCK Island , III. ,
signed by banlicm , morchantx , business men
mid farmers , and by Mr. Davis from the
bankers und business men "of Minneapolis.
The latter wus signed by ttio presidents of
the National Bank of Commerce , First
National bank , City bank and Irisli-Amnrl-
tan bunk. It. expresses fears of the effects
Of the bill upon the value of the great farm
products of the country und upon the great
business interests of the great northwest.
An accompanying note states that the senti
ment ncmiist the bill is about unanimous.
Mr. Sherman introduced a bill for the
creation of a tribunal on International rela
tions. Referred.
Mr. Morgan Introduced a bill to provide
for government control of the Union and
Central Paclllo Railroad companies until
their debts to the government are fully paid
up or secured. Hoforrcd.
A roBolutlon offered by Mr. Sherman In-
Btiuctlng the committee ' on foreign relations
to continue its Invo'itigallon us to the Nica
ragua Canal company was agreed to.
IlmiHUroUKh Favor * tlio Anti-Option lllll.
Mr. Hnnsbrouch , In addressing the sonata
in favor of the 'anil-option bill , said he bo-
llcvcd Unit ttio inuusuro camu within the
"general welft\ro clause1 , of the constitution ,
nnd Unit if enacted into law it would not
only bo sustained by iho courts , but it would
complete the system which hud grown up in
the country In the last fuw ycats ana undur
Which combinations of men and sometimes
f one man could cll in u single day In fictitious
lots ton times the total annual yield of the
Mr. Hlpcock opposed tbo bill. Who were
Ihn men , ho asked , who were ancthmutized
end characterized us criminals by those ) who
\rcro pressing this bill ) In New York they
Ircra the morcnanls , the capitalists , the men
who bad developed the greatest growing
% oit , which now complnitieJ aeiilnsi their
commercial methods. Their nionoy , their
enterprise , tholr genius , had built up prcit
lines of transportation nnd hud built ( so to
say ) ten now state * . They were the pioneers
of progress in this country , us merchants
wcro in uvory civilized nation , nnd yet these
men were characterized us common gamblers
wno debauched the young and who tempted
tnen to embezzlement.
Mr. Wushburu denied that ho had over in
cluded such men in bis denunciation. Ho
hud referred only to men who had no capital
and who sold whut they had not cot.
Trampled Down the li\v of thu Country.
Mr. HUcock said that tboso men , whom
lie had described , from the state of Now
York and the state of Minnesota , were pro-
losling to congress ugainst the bill , und ho
referred to tlio petition from tbo bankers of
Minneapolis , presentoa today by Mr. Davis ,
expressing fears for the effect of the bill on
the value of tlio groin agricultural products
' 9 nnd gcnciul business interests ot the great
northwest. This bill , ho continued , wus the
\ basis of the most gigantic trust over con
ceived by hiinmii intelligence , und it wo'Hd
Bwrop Into political obll.'Icn every
man who hud promoted it. It tramplcu
down tlio common law of the
country. It struck at Individual liberty ; it ,
Btruelt at Iho right of indivlunaU to
nmku contracts. That was its spirit audits
purpose. Ho boliovcd thai it wus fraught
with the greatest danger , Inasmuch us It
would make n precedent lor allowing con-
prcbs to wield the power of Jove over the
American people. Under tlio taxing poucr
congress could rule ot ruin every Individual
mid community and state in iho union. The
bill would bo Ibo basis of ono of the most
cruel and rapacious trusts nnd oppressions
of the people that over oxUtcu among nuy
Tlio bill wont over until Monday.
Mr. Fryo , from the committee on com
merce , reported u bill appropriating
f JMOdO , for iho construction of a ship canal
to'connoct the waters of Inkes Union nnd
Washington with Pujol sound , nnd $200-
(100 ( for facilitating transportation between
Lnko Washington and Puget sound , nnd It
Was placed on the calendar.
' \ In thu Home.
WASHINGTON , D. O. , July 23. The house
today made substantial progress with Its
business in at least ono particular , and that
was the disposition of the senate amend
ments lo the general dollclenoy bill , which
Wcro , with ono exception , nonconourrod in
fcnd sent to a further conference. Otherwise
Ibo day was without feature.
The senate amendment whlcb was cou-
turrod In was that appropriating $178,000 for
Iho payment of Indian depredation claims.
The senate joint resolution was passed
framing authority for the erection of ovcr-
hoau wires for Illuminating purposes during
Iho Grand AYiuy encampment m Washing-
On motion of Mr. llltt of Illinois n resolu
tion was adopted asking the president for
Information us to the regulations now In
, force concerning the transportation of tin-
ported merchandise In bond from ono port In
the United States over Canadian territory to
mother port In the United Slates , und
whether tlio interests of tbo United States
do not roiiulro that each car containing such
merchundUo whllo In Canadian territory bo
In the custody nnd under the lurvelllanco of
In Inspector of the customs department.
Adjourned ,
AVontorn I'oimoui ,
WASHINGTON. D. 0. , July 23.-bpoclal [
Tologrdm toTiin UIE.J The following Hit
pf ponilnns granted is reported by TUB IIuu
Mill Examiner Iluroau of Clalmi :
Nebraska : Orlclnul Richard S. Cooley ,
Abrum Scott , Ly ander Chnllln , Duvid Llne , ,
Henry P. Mucloon. Jemniiih Shu man ,
Hurvoy A. Brown. Ucorco ColTinan , James
Vi'alkup , Juires lilenn , William L. Hamil
ton. Suinuol ! ' . lieaty , David L. Smith ,
Additional-John L. Abel , Milton Cooper ,
William Melroy , Frederick P. Stono. In-
creuso Marlon J { . Kindred , James M.
uowan , Patrick Ciorman. Reissue William
J. Wyniuid. UOIKUO nnd Incrctttu John S.
Thompson. Original wldawi , ota Fruuccs
L Hunllnu' , Ainorolto < J. llnlier.
Iowa1 Orlelnul Alfred C5. King , Oliver
Li. Wutltln , Thomas W. Luuinlo , John Oar-
rlgan , John A , Uraon , John R BuoJcrass ,
S'imuel ll.vsong. Lawrence lloyle. Kllmon R.
Wright , Uyron Lolghton , Itaau N. Melindu ,
Kdwufd U. Wllliaini , Louis NKucdy , Joseph
A. Puckott , Jauios Carter , J.UIM O. Cooip-
ton , Wllllnm McCoy , Hnnrv Wosion , John
W. nowem , Bdwln L. Uaff. Additional
Ucorgo W. Sharp , Jnmea Conner , William
D , Coin , William R. Gray , Jamc.i Darnhlll.
IncrcMO James M. Argabrlght , Quslavus
Chnrtos w. Alton , deceased. Ortgina
widows , etc. Martha Wyutt , M rgarot A.
Allen , Maria I. Shtiman. minor of Joseph L.
Tanner , Carrie Crnndall.
Colorado ; Original Joseph Lowe , Flnloy
M. Nowlon , Alfv Wells , Francis 15. Wheeler.
Isaac ( Juishall. Kll WatorhoustUavld M.
llocnsholt , William I ) . Uobo. Original
widows , otc. Maria Kncarnncton Vasquoz.
North Dakota : Original Ocorgo Porter
Original widow , oto. Chrlllann II. Hill-
South Dakota ! Gcorgo II. Chapman , John
B. Werner. Jacob Krb , Martin Falvey ,
Kbenczcr Lc.Uro. Additional Frederick
Nelson , Kmll Joenn , Horace G. Wolfe. In
crease William W. Finch.
Montana : Original-Michael McDonough ,
William II. Wright.
Clmncon of .Scciirlnc the Sn,000,000 Appro-
] irlntlnn tUciinpil.
WASUINOTON , D. C. , July 23. Speaker
Crisp said this afternoon thai the World's
fair appropriation would nol come up In the
house until Tuesday. It Is the understand
ing lhat iho conferees of the sundry civil
bill will muko their report to the house on
Monday , but that they will uot call It up
until iho following day , tboreport going
over to enable It lo bo prl-ilod In the Con
gressional Record bcforo Us conslderallou U
begun In iho hoitso. This program will on-
nblo iho majority In the house to devote most
of Monday to the R.iutn pension ofllce re
port. Them are over 'WO amendments to tno
sundry civil bill , and ni they will bo consid
ered In order , It will ho possible for the op
position to ulvo . .considerable trouble aud ,
perhaps , cause a little delay in reaching the
World's fnir amoudmonts.
J\l > cct. tn Win on the "Show Down , "
After a decisive vote bus been obtained in
the house on tbo World's fair bill there will
bo llitlo. trouble over other points In the re
port , aud Iho disposition will bo to finish up
the bill as quickly ns possible , The Worm's
fair managers expect to hiivu a slight major
ity on the "show down" 0:1 : the appropria
tion , und If they have such n majority ulth a
quorum voting It of course settles the mat
ter , nnd U ir. almost equally certain
that if the vote should show a clear and
decisive majority of the house ugainst the
appropriation , the senate would yield
There Is ono thing , however , that is dis
turbing the World's fair managers and mem
bers who are anxious for final adjournment ,
and that Is that u quorum may uot vote on
the World's fair item on Tuesday. A vleor-
ous effort Is being made to recall absentees
and lo hold for iv few days longer the mem
bers now in the city , but chating to got
out of town. Ono active World's ' fair worker
snld this morning that ho was afraid , with
all the members present in the house casting
their votes , a quorum might not bo dis
closed. It is certain some members viould
raise the point of no quorum should such
happen lo bu Iho caso. ' 1 ho World's fair man
added thov baa kept a prortt ninny of their
friends hero on Iho assurance that the matter
would reach a vote tnU week , ana now some
of them , ho Icarod , would leave town on the
afternoon and oveuiug trains. This would
maka necessary a call of the housj and delay -
lay final action.
CliiiuccA for n Quorum.
There are not n great many members in
the house at one lima these hot clays , but on
u vole many new faces appear , und yet a
vote showed -00 members present und vet
ing. This would indicate that , barring Iho
po.ssibility of a filibuster by southern mem
bers , which may or may not occur , and will
continue to bo a mutter of speculation until
the last moment , n quorum will bo bora on
Thursday oven though tome of these now in
the city take their departure. U Is expected
thatBorao additional members will arrive In
the city In time lo vote Tuesday nnd render
possible nn adjournment of congress next
week , and the fact itial the Ruum report is
ready to bo called up will tend to nwull the
congressional attendance , Iho naoptlon of
the resolution urging Commissioner Ranra's
dismissal being in iho line of dumocralio
pariy policy.
Ociicnil Outvs KcHciito the Impudence at a
l.iilxir I. cutler.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , July 23. There was a
lively scene this morning in the house just
before Its assembling , and John Devlin of
Iho executive committee of the Knights of
Labor curno near gelling a good blow from
G. N. Dales , a ono-armed veteran of the con
federate army , and at present chairman of
the special committee- Investigating Iho
Homestead trouble and the Pinkerton sys
tem. The trouble grow out of criticisms
laaJu by Devlin on tha conduct ot yester
day's examination of Ibo Pinkertons and in
sinuating that an adjournment of the com
mittee , tukon lo enable the members lo vote
on Iho dollcicncy appropriation bill , bad
aciu illy been taken to glvo the Pinkcrtoini
time to prlma-lhcin clvos with nnsucrs to
such questions propounded by the Knights
of Labor.
Mr. Devlin snld to Mr. Uatcs that ho
thought this action of the committee yostor-
dny wus most extraordinary. Ho thought it
strungo Hint the Pinkcrtons shoulu bo per
mitted to see the written questions and read
them before Ihoy woio asked by iho chair
man. His manner as well us his wordt of
fended General O.Uc , who told him that the
committee had treated him and bis associ
ates with extraordinary consideration , hav
ing given tholr quo.Ulons precedence over
these of the committee aud that his criticism
now was Improper nnd impertinent. Moro
words followed and General Oatos told Dev
lin thai bo migbt go to h 1. Mr. Devlin
charged that the oommlltco nan laicon UiU
recess at the Inxlanco of the Plnkertons.
JudgoOatoi retorted that this wai false ;
that Devlin was it d d liar. The two man
seemed about to coma to blows when mom-
herd Interposed and doorkeepers hustled
out of the bull.
I'rlcmU of JU < IK Shlrui Conlliloiit Ho Will
Ho ConllrmpiL '
WASHINGTON , D. C. , July 23. The judiciary
committee of the senate- managed to get a
quorum and a meeting this mornln ? . The
same six members who wcro present yester
day again attended Iho scission today. Con
trary to expectation llnnl action was nut
taken on Iho nomination of Mr. Shlras to bo
associate Justice or the supreme court , and
the commltleo , utter dlscuBslng the matter
for half an hour , adjourned to mcot Monday.
The attituao of the democratic members of
iho committee has not yet been fully defined
und 1C is now Impossible to say now they
will vote on iho question of reporting thu
nomination to the senate favorably or
whether they will permit any report to bo
made. It may bo noted In this connection
that the soimto , by u majority vole , may nt
buy time discharge- the committee from
further consideration of tbo 'nomination and
take- the matter In it * own hand ! . Among
the conservative senators , however , there U ,
of course , a strong Indisposition to adopting
this radical course except in an omergouoy ,
and It is not likely to bo done Immediately In
view of the fact that tbo friends of Mr.
Shlrus fool a crowing conlldonco in luoir
ability 10 tocuro favorable uctlon upon the
COLUMIUA is unit KAMI : .
CruUor No. 12 Will Xetur Anlii llo Known
IIK the "rirnte. ' '
WASHINGTON , D. C , , July 23 , Secretary
Tracy today directed that tbo triple screw
cruiser No. 12 , beratofora designated the
"Pirate , " bo named Columbia. Tots Is in
recognition of tbo celebration or the 4 00th
anniversary of the discovery of America , and
of the flout of ourgovaraiqoiit and tbo capital
ot the vtatn of South Carolina. Thu vessel
will bo launched at Philadelphia Tuoiduy
next and will bo christened by Miss Edith
Morton , daughter of iho vice proildeut.
Joseph H. Manly huvlnir accepted a mom-
borahlpon the piulnnut republican executive
committee , hai roslgnud Ills position a po it-
manor at Augui to , Mo. , and Walter U. Stln-
sou itM been uomluatod to tuccood ultu ,
Epworth Lcaguers Declare for Old-Fail-
ionod Methods at Prayer ,
Action of thn Committed Cinurs n ftnit Hot
Dclmtu In the Anntml Stnto Coif
vcnflon lit Huntings
Other State News.
HASTINGS , Neb. , July 23. | Special Tola-
cram to TUB BEE. ] Fully a hundred nnd
IIfly delegates are in attendance nt the second
end annual state convention of the Epwot th
league. All the delegates are quartered
among the families of the city , and appar
ently Hastings Is owned by the Epworth
IcdRuors. At 5:30 : n. in. today-lhoro was a
Wesley early morning mooting with preaching -
ing nnd Druycr service , led by Kov. L. T.
Guild of Crete At 8I3J , uftor breakfast ,
the devotional exercises were led by Rev.
George M. Jones ot Graf ton. Harold Foisht
of Ord rend a paper on "Tho Epworth
League in Country Charges , " in which ho
advocated the establishment of leagues In
country districts. A general discussion fol
lowed , the prevailing sentiment bolnc with
the paper. Miss Laura II. Lcedomo of Col
umbus discussed "Molhodlst Ways for Meth
odist Young People , " the paper Oelntj the
subject of nn extended general debate.
After lha committee on credenllals had re
ported a number who had failed to hand In
thrlr credentials nnd a number of the junior
leacuo delegates wcro admitted to scats. G.
W. Ucrgo of Lincoln wai announced to open
n discussion on the ofllcial paper of iho
leapuc , the Epworth Herald. Miss Baulnh
Llvosay of Hebron read a paper on junior
leagues , after which written reports from
the various chapters were made.
In thu Afternoon.
In the afternoon session , after the devo
tional exercises had been led by Uuv. G. L.
Hulght , the annual o.ocllon of'ofllcors was
hold. For president two ballots were
uoccsiary , but G. W. Borgo of Lincoln was
finally chosen. Between the ballots the
committee on credentials mudo n supplemen
tary report and the two mtnuto chapter re-
porls wcro continued. For first vice presi
dent , J. M , Hazelton , odllor of Iho Young
Men's Journal of Omaha , was chosen.
For second vice , two ballots wcro
needed to elect Miss Lonnulst of
Fremont. Miss Anna Randall of Rod Cloud
was chosen recording , Ilov. McAaam of
Grand Island corresponding sec'-otary , the
lalter Dy unanimous consent. Rev. J. D.
Graves of Uonkelman was named for treas
urer by unanimous consent. For directors ,
Revs. Haywood of Oxford. Bross of Omaha
ana Guild of Crete wore otcctod by acclama
tion .
York , Omaha. Grand Island , Mlndcn and
Kearney nil wished to have the next conven
tion. Omaha llnally secured Iho plum. On
motion iho vote was made unanimous.
The committee on resolutions reported ,
and after thanking the retiring oflicers
treated a lltllo trouble by reporting a resolu
tion favoring kneeling in pntyar and sug
gesting to the board of bishops that they
kneel , according to scriptural advice.
Favor Ivni'rllni- 1'raynr.
A motion was soon mndo to strike out Ibis
reference. Alter u lively nnd at limes boiled
discussion the objectionable resolution was
removed , nnd in its pl.ico a substitute ,
calling upon Motbodlsls everywhere to carrj'
out iho oldfushloned custom "of genuflection
at prayer WHS adopted. Plauke condemning
Sunday breaking und positioning the World's
fair commissioners to close the exposition on
the Subbalh and endorsing Iho Epworlh
Herald wcro adopted.
The treasurer's report was made and de
clared correct and tbo minutes of tbo previ
ous meeting adopted. In the liiororv de
partment a paper prepared by Miss Fannlo
Fry of Beatrice was read. Miss Myrtle
llaro of iho satno nlaco followed with a dis
cussion. ' 'Finance"
was a toplo assigned lo
Rev. J. D. Graves. At Its conclusion the
convention took n recess for supper.
For a while the spectacle ot the Iwo con
ventions moating at the same time in the
same building was presented. The district
convention mot with President Winchott in
the chair. The tnosl woiglily mailer Ihoy
hud lo decide uus tbo question of adjourn
ment. Tha body separated lo meet again on
call of the president and corresponding secre
tary. A commltleo was appointed to har
monize thu coustituiion with the church dis
In Iho evening after a social session Rev.
C. B. Dudley of Wvmoro spoke on iho
-Highest Now Testament Standard of Ex
perience. " At the conclusion of the session ibanklng tbo people of Hastings
for tholr hospitality wcro passed.
I'llsHixl Conntorlrtt Monoy.
SOUTH Sioux Cm" , Neb. . July 3. [ Spe
cial Telegram to Tin : BtK.J A man giving
the name of Tom Joyce and a co.npinion
parsed Ecvoral counterfeit dollars hero loday.
Joyce was captured. His partner got awny.
Ho buvs his parents live mar Omah. Ho has
been working near Rindolpu , Nub. , for some
tune. He declared that bo did not know the
money was counterfoil.
I.iixliiKton'H Water U'orln.
LK.XINOTO.V , Nob. , July 23. fSpocial to
THE Biti : . ] The wutor works , light In ibis
clly has ovldnntly reached an end. The city
council finally secured n quorum and have
advertised for bids , lo bo opened August 15.
The clly has JOOOU , ou baud , crtdlted to the
water works fund.
F. S. Rollins has bcon returned hero to
answer to the char go of forgery. The pre
liminary heating wus bold yesterday und the
prisoner bound. The man is also badly
wanted In Colorado to answer to numerous
criminal charges.
Ilmnlt of I'rovlons Trouble.
BCMIOM , Nob. , July 23. [ Special to TUB
Bun.J A closer inquiry concerning the row
that occurred Thun lay night batwcon iho
tha solalors and citizens discloses the fact
that It was partly Uuo to bud reelings exist-
in i ; loward ono of the citizens on account of
having boon a witness agnin&t two of the
soldiers who were arrested and jailed hera a
few days UKO for disturbing the peace. Ow
ing to the absence of the counly attorney
the hearing has been adjourned until July
'J.ri and Ibo defendant commuted till that
The Injured man Is little , If any , hotter ,
suffering severely from concussion and
severe pains in the neck.
Surpy County' * Cropi.
GIIETNA , Neb. , July 23 , ( Special to THE
Bui : . I Sarpy county luivo the best
corn In the state. Farmers are through
cultivating la all parts uf tbo county and a
majority of the fields are now In taaslo.
Winter wheat Is turning out good , but the
oats is a liltla short.
Inspect to Win Ihn
GUANO tsiAND. Neb , , July 23. [ Special
Telegram to Tim BEE. ] F. Howard and
wife , who are footing it from Souttlo to Chicago -
cage on a wager of $ . > , U'JJ , to roach Chicago
by September 1 , pained through hero this
morning. They are enjoying good health
and expect toln tbo wagor.
CoiUr - ' .
Countj-'n limlliuto.
HAUTINGION , Neb. , July 83. fbpoclal to
TiiEiIlKi ; . ] The Coclar county touchers1 In
stitute will be bold In Hartlngton this year ,
convening August 23 and continuing two
woo Us. S. S. Hnmlll , tbo well known clocu-
lionUt , will bo prckont und Instruct the
teachers ono hour each day , The other In
structors am T , C. Grimes , A , H , Colllnr , A.
E. Wurd , L. J. Townsend , Miss Nelila
Sturks'und Mus Ilattlo Cadwell.
Injured In 11 Kiiimtviiy.
DUNIIUI , Nob. , July 23. [ Special to Tun
BKK.I Whllo Mrs. Vlnulo Miller was ro-
turmng homo Uito , lasi evening with her
Iwo daughters in a cart , the borso became
frightened ar.d throw out the occupants , in
juring nil of them quite severely , Ono of
the little L-lrls hud an ugly cut In the fore
head , Her recovery Is doubtfdl ,
1II Knglno ilrol < Through thu Urlilue.
AUAt'Aiioe , Neb. , July 23. [ Special Telo-
grain to TUB Due. | i-H. L. Miller of Hoi-
drogo , nn export for tb.o Jf. I. Case Thresh-
ins Machine compuny'.jlHd a rib broken by
nn onglno ho ivat milmgla ? , going through.
a bridge , today at Clark's mill.
Hcatrlco 1'onplc Siulilifiity Jo < p Fultli III n
1'rotty YontijJ stranger ,
HEATIHGE , Nob. , Julv 23. [ Special Tele
gram to TIID BEE. ] Eugenia Mctcalf , n
young woman hailing ffdm Denver , who has
for several weeks past-boon plyln ? the voca
tion of nn artist , teaching pupils at their
homos hero , has proved \'o \ bo n kloptomauho
of rare ability. A number of arti
cles , such ns ribbons , laces , shoes
and many other species ot femlno
adorumcnt wcro found In her room that had
evidently bcon stolen from stores nnd pti-
vato residences. Recently she had n quan
tity of broken gold and silver jawolry
molted up at a shop In the city for sorao un
known purpose , and It Is thought It was
done In order to destroy Its Identity. She
made restitution of much of the goods today ,
und was permitted to leave the city without
being prosecuted.
She wont from hero to Atcblson. She !
n young woman of good npucnranco and
easily found entry Into the best families of
the city In her capacity as nn artist. She Is
a grass widow and was vurv much averse to
having the prolix mlsi attached to her uatno.
Xcbrntltii'n Month Jtnll.
Nnnuvsicv CITT , Neb. , July 23. ( Special
Telegram to THE BRE. ] E'.ltot ' Josporson , an
old rest dent of this city , died at his homo
this morning , aged 7J. During the palmy
day * of Mormonlini ho wun a prominent fig
ure nnd has brought over from the old cnun-
try several bhlp loads of converts. Ho had
lalely been idonlltiod with the bailer Day
Saints. Mr. Jaspjrson hud lived In this city
since 1SOS.
Loiiff 1'lno CImutiuiiito | Note's.
LONO PINT , Nob. , July 1)3. ) [ Spsclni Tele
gram to Tun BEL'.l Today has been cloudy
and very favorable for the Cbuuluuqua
This Is the educational day with lectures in
that lino. With but OHO cxcopllon the pro
gram was carried out ns novortlsod. Notwithstanding -
withstanding Iho excellent lectures It is al
most impossible to Itulucomostuf the visitors
to leave the water where they wudo and
swim from morning till night. The blgcost
occasion anticipated Is Grand Army of the
Republic day next Wednesday , when the
railroads will run many dpochils" There will
bo many Grand Army of Iho Republic posls
attending In oodles.
HOT Si'iiiNG ? , S. D. , Julv 2,1. ( Special to
TUB BEE.I Tbo Black Hills Cnuutauqua
osbcmoly vlll convene nt iw grounds near
Ibis cily next , Wednesday , the 'J'tb , and con
tinue In sostion sixteen days. The progrjm
is very line , and a laruo attendance than ever
is expected. The lust two days , August 10
and 12 , have boon sol aside ns political days ,
in which tbo various parties nrc given an
opportunity to OXPOUSO their principles. Each
parly will have three hours. It is Intended
to make these days rousing onoi , in a polit
ical sonsc , as each party will make a great
effort to outdo tbo other , and the best
speakers In the hills will bo hero. No
speakers are admitted from outsldo the hills
without the consent of the other parlies.
Complete List of Chinees In the I'ognlur
WASHINGTON , D. O. , July 23. [ Special
Telegram to TUB BEE , ' ] -Tho following army
orders wore issued yesterday.
Captain Richard E. - Thompson , signal
corps , Is relieved from temporary duty in
this city lo toke effect August 1 , and will
proceed lo nnd take station at Chicago in
connection wilh his duties nsoflicer in clmrco
of thn War department exhibit at Ibo
World's Columbian exposition. First Lieu-
tonanl ! Francis D. Ruckcr , Second cavalry ,
detained as recorder of tbo examining board
st the War department , Vice Second L.IOU-
tenant George 11. Jarvia , Twenty-third In
fantry , is hereby. , rellayod. Captain John
Pilman , ordnance department , will proceed
from Frankfort arsenal , Philadelphia ,
to tbo powder mills of E. I. Du-
nont & Co. , ndar. \ , ilmlngtoa , Del. ,
in connection with thai Inspection of small
arms powder now being manufactured for
the ordnance department. Captain Constantine
stantino Chase , Fourth arlillcry , on being ro
Ilnvcd of bis duties as acting assistant
quartermaster nt Fort MoPhorson , Ga. , will
report In person to the commanding officer ,
Fourth artillery , for duty with his battery.
First Lieutenant William W. Wothersooon ,
Twelfth Infantry , will conduct a detachment
of twouty-cighl enlisted man of company I ,
Twelfth infantry ( transferred to company 1 ,
Eleventh inlnntry ) , from Mount Vernon bar
rack" , Ala. , to Forl Huuchucu , Ariz. Leave
of absence for seven days is granted Colonel
John M. Wilson , corps of engineers , super
intendent United Stales mllllary academy.
The following named ofllcera will report In
person to Colonel Melville A. Cochrnno ,
Sixth Infantry , president of thn examining
board convened at Fort Thomas , Kv. , at such
tlrno as bo may designate for examination as
to their Illness for promotion : First Lieu-
lonanl John H. Pcftblr.o , Thirteenth Infantry ;
First Lieutenant John C. F. Tlllson , Fifth
infantry. Tha travel enjoined Is necessary
for iho public servico.
Dr. Ornvos Cif n Ci-vlvnd.
DENVIMI , Colo. , July 23. Tbo slalo today ,
Ihrough Assistant Attorney General Bnbb ,
filed with tbo supreme court Its brief in
reply to tuo case In error of Dr. Thatcher
Graves , who was convicted of poisoning Mrs.
Josephine Ilurnuby of Providence. R. I. Dr.
( Jraves , among ether things , claimed that
Judge Rising was biased in his Instructions
to the jury and that erroneous rulings were
made against him. Attorney Bubb denies
all these allegations and says that Judge
Rising's rulings , and Instructions nnd iho
records of Iho Irial are free from nrror.
Vanilla Of porfoot purity.
Lemon Of grpit strength.
Almond Eoortdmy In tholr use
Rose ec. I'm
s delicately
and dollclously as.tho fresh fruit.
M " AnESTRlcruf
tbe Largwt. Ftuteat iih.Fliieat In tlio World ,
Pati.cDicer * coni < Mlvlone un * i celled .
Kfery Saturday ,
NEW YOItK , milltAl'TISK nnd NAl'IEH ,
Atrek'ulor Intervala.
rntoa on lowest term , to and from the principle
D53KH , Enauin , man i AU co mn : TAL romic-
Eicunlon tlckeu nvalUble to i turn by either the plo-
tiirtBQue Clyde A No'lli ot Inland or Maploa & OILraltar
iRtfti isl Urciy Grim fr isr Accut at lovnt 2 t .
Apply to any nf our local Arenta or to
Kir * rii > TABULfc'8 rwuifciu
ry the blood.'are ULfe nadcITttctualif
| the bwt lurdlclae keen u f or bilious X
coiutliiatloii , dy | < rpila. JoulJ
. * aaclvLuc&riliurii , lei
l3naod v Mr < > .ultuiifroni *
Impure bloc ' , o ; r. fidlure by tha nuitwh. liter or lu > *
t * tlD04 to perloi m Ibtlr proixtr fuuctlona. I't-rbciu
* Ctr n teen wilnitareU-ixlltedbytalkliuroueafteri
" * ViIGlM,1/iWllUBTSy't"tVPl' ! ! ! l'0
4 , ? . ; , > ,
Z llll'U.3 CIlEM/OAL CO. , JOfprucebt..hew York. !
Minors Mutilated and Burned by a Torrifio
Explosion of Gas.
York Colliery , Near 1'otUvlllc , Tn. , tlio
Scctio of tlio DlstrciftliiR Acrlitcnt I'lvo
Iujtircil , Homo of Tlicm L'titnlly
How It Hiiiipcucd.
POTTSVIM.C , Pn. , July 23. A frightful ex
plosion occurred on the York farm colllory
about 11 o'clock today , by which ntno inon
nrc It n own to titivo bcon killed outright , and
It U bollovod that three iiioro Unvo nlso suf
fered the snino fate ,
Klllnit mill Injured ,
At this wrltluR the Known killed tire a ? fol
lows :
JOHN HAnitlSOMof Wiidcavtllocnro boss ) ,
loaves wlfo nml three or four children.
THOMAS JONR ? , 'MlnoMvtllc , carpenter ,
HAKItY JONHP , son of Thomas , sliiftlo.
WILUAM WKIIMAN , Nowo.istlo street ,
JAMKS llAUTZEkU Llowylyn.
Thcra are believed to bo three more ntnong
tlio killed.
GEOKOfi IIIUOHT , Tromoiit , single , board- )
In 1'ottsvlllo.
HERMAN WRUNntl. bt. OUIr , wife tuid
seven or cUlit clillilrun.
The injured nro as follows :
HUSKY MADUU , Mount Hope , , perhaps
fatally burned.
THOMAS LAN-HITS , Fullback , badly burned.
HOIIIIUT AU.OTT mid SON' of 1'otuvltlo.
tioiioi ! : : STACK , Yorkvlllo , aged 1U1 years ,
married ; leg broken und burned.
BUVVAKD Cumin * , 1'ottsvlllo.
C.uun of the i\ploHlnii.
Tuo explosion. It Is bollovoJ , wus caused
hy a stronff feeder being brolcou Into and Its
force penetrated n safety lamp and Ignited
the cas. Tlio explosion was terrific , and
completely closed the gangway with
cars , which wore on the trade.
York colliery n owned and operated by the
Lclilpb Vulloy company aud the Philadel
phia & H-jading company , lessees.
liodlcK Itooovcrccl.
Of these who were killed outright nud
brought to the surface are :
Wlillum Wo.vmnu und William Jones of
Miuorsvillo , Ueorco Krols of Middle Creek ,
Herman Warner of St. Olalr and Anthony
PultchlnvHge of Pottsvtllo. Besides these ,
three < Iho < ro given up as dead. They are
l < 'lro 1 OES John Harrison of Wadsvillo ,
Thomas Jo. .03 of Mlnersvlllo aud James
Hurtzoll of Llewellyn.
The slopes and gangways In different
directions nra filled with debris and It will
taiio many days to clear them away. Loaded
mltio wagons art ) wedged across In the gang
ways and rocks , timbers aud debris are so
plica upon thorn that thu rescuers have hard
work making their way to the front.
Workmen In the distant parts of the mlno
say tha noise und force of the explosion was
something tcrrlblo. Men 100 yard * away
were thrown to the ground.
Volunteers In 1'lenty.
As noon as an entrance could bo mndo to
the mine , numerous volunteers ofTcraU their
services , but none out tha most tried wcro
selected , aud they at once eot to worK. The
first bt ought to the surface wcro tlio in
Preparations had previously boon made
and tuo requisite materials were on hand for
the relief of the burned men. Physicians at
once took them in chargu and alt that med
ical skill can accomplish was done for them.
The body of Thomas Jones of Mincrsvillc
was recovered in tue tunnel' and brought to
the surface at 5:30 : and It is expected that his
companions , Harrison and llurtzoll , are near
by and will bu reached In n few hours.
Henry Madata , one of the injured , died this
Kxplnslon of n I'oMik-r 3
ACTON , Mass. , July S3. An explosion oc
curred ut tbo American Powder mills at
0:35 : this morning , ulowln ? ono of the mills
into atoms. Benjamin Ingbam. who was
running the mill , was Instantly killed.
Unlike tke Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemicals
are tiaed in tha
preparation of
Iff. Bate & Co.'s '
Breakfast Gocoa ,
which ia absolutely pure
' and soluble ,
It has more than three times the strength
of Cocoa mixed with Starch , Arrowroot
or Sugar , ami Is far more economical ,
tasting less than one cent a tup. It
is delicious , nourishing , anil EASILY
Sold by Oroours ovorywhore.
W. Baker & Go , , Dorchester , Mass.
Cullan , Mandolin * & Zlthen
lu valuing end quality of touc mo
ranted to wear In any climate.
Bold b > all Icsdloedcaleri. llcnu-
tlfully Illuitrated ouveulr catalogue -
aloguo with portralta of fimoui
artuti will be Mulled PHEB ,
mly Girl's ' Higher School
' 4VJund 1 Dearborn ATO. . Cuionu. 1 i.u
Be eiilDcithye rreiiori B ' . . cmr < llni !
Day ( School for Young I.urtk'i und Children.
iJHLli vu uiimu JL uiiiiJL i UJLIU w <
IAT1 i
tlouse in t > lie
Goods utitl prices to plonso ovoryono.
Chamber Suits from $10 to $ 1,000.
Newest Styles , Largest Stock , Lowest Prices , .
Spccltil designs nnd estimates glvon on
Fine Parlor Pieces and Draperies ;
Our stock contains nil the lutost novelties rts well ns the most Rttxplo goods In the
furniture lino. Cull boforc buying.
1115-1117 Farnam Street.
Established ISO I.
Scalp , and hair , nolhinc in the whole world Is so clcr.nsing , so purifying , and so
beautifying as the celebrated CtrricunA SOAP , the most purifying and
beautifying soap in the world , as well as purest and
sweetest fur toilet and nursery. For irritating and scaly
eruptions of the skin and scalp , with dry , thin , and fall
ing hair , red , rough hands , with shapeless nails , and
simple rashes nnd blcmhhcj of infancy and childhood ,
it is absolutely incomparable. Thousands of grateful
mothers pronounce it the only perfect baby soap.
Is the only cure for pimples and blackheads , because
the only preventive of inflammation and clogging of ths
pores , the cause of many minor affections of the skin , scalp , and hair.
T-Trci r "RiK5r > c QllfTrT when their lender skim are litenllr on fire \vilh Itching ,
ITIUW JJclUlLb OlllH-l scaly , alJ blotchy skin and scalp dUeaset , none bill mothers
realiie. A single application of ihe Cur.riiRA UBHKDIBS will afford iinmcdiMe iclief , permit re t ami
lecp , and point lo a speedy and economical cure. Puce : CUTICUBA , the great Skin Cure , soc. .
CUTICURA Smr , i < c. ; CuncuiW RUSOLVBNT , thur r Illood Pimfier , St-ao , PorrnR Ufva AH
CHEMICAL ConrOKATiOH , Boston. "ALL ABOUT Tim SKIN , SCAIT , AND HAIR , " mailed free.
' "THE RIPANS TABULES regulate the stomach , liver and 4
A bowels , purify the blood , are pleasant to take , safe and < P
always eTfectual. A reliable remedy for Biliousness , Blotches ?
on the Face , Bright's Disease , Catarrh , Colic , Constipation , 5
Chronic Diarrhoea , Chronic Liver Trouble , Diabetes , Disordered J >
Stomach , Dizzii ess , Dysentery , Dyspepsia , Eczema , Flatulence , J
Female Complaints , Foul Breath , Headache , Heartburn , Hives ,
Jaundice , Kidney Complaints , Liver Troubles , Loss of Appetite ,
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the Head , Sallow Corn- plexion , Salt Rheum ,
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Diseases , Sour Stom- ach , Tired Feeling ,
Torpid Liver , Ulcers , Water Brash and every
other symptom or dis- ease that results from
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functions by the stomach , liver and intestines. Persons given
to over-eating are benefited by taking one tabule after each
meal. A continued use of the Ilipans Tabules is the surest
cure for obstinate constipation. They contain nothing that can be
injurious to the most delicate. Price : One gross § 2 , sample bottle
15 cents. For sale by Druggists , or sent by mail postage paid.
Whether on the hills gamins ; In
the place of business ; or at home ,
It always fills that niche of com
fort a good smoke. Put up In
handy packages , and recognized
everywhere as a Pure Granulated
Leaf Tobacco of the highest quali
ty ; it recommends Itself to every
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Is always uniform in quality. Pure , sweet and clean.
Cure. ' nil tllsoriler.1 of the Stoiincli , Liver. Ilotroh , Kilonj-t , Itl.nlibr , Norroui
inTH , Loss of ApuolUa. Hoailitdic'oiistlpatl ( n. Costlroiia , IiiJlh'OstI m , Hll-
on : ucts , I'cver , rilesKit1 , , nml rcu .on tlm systoni Ilubln Lo coatr.ict
KADWAY'3 I'lI/I.S uro curu for this cii'iiplnlnt , They touo up the Interim ! nooretlonf ta
bonltliy nrttlnn. restore slreiuth to tin Htoniuuli , itn'l cnalJlo It to perform It * fiuictlom.
I'rlcn'J uu Imx. Sold by all clruKUH , or mulled by ItADWAV & OJ. . as Wnrron Street ,
Now York , on receipt of price.
ten trurnntco to cure all nerroui dliaaiea. aucb m Wtak Memory ,
Ix > of Uruln 1'owcr. Ilnndache. Wakefulneai. Ix > it ManhooJ. Nlibtly Koila
lon . NerTouincn. Lmiltude.alldralni and lost of power of tbo Uoiieratlro
Organs In i'ltliur er causu.l by over vxortlon , youthful < rrn a. or rzccnirr
V uiu of tobncco. vpluni or tlinulant which noon load to Intlrmlty. Conniuno-
Hlonnnrt linBiiltjr. 1'iit up conrenlon. to carry In Teat imckei. Ul Dernnck-
nuot nmij , , ) for fj With every ior.lorw fivtavtriUtn ywiranttt tvcurt
vrrtjundllutnotuv. Clrculurfroo , Addruei AcrvaUaeilUu . C'blcaaii , III.
For sulo In Oinitlui by Shorinun It McCoimoll , 1613 Doilfjo Htrcot.
Uv6iy MAII can bo
BE n MAN OllOUSinall-eiiiecia B'/UOMO and VIO.
Nl'.KVINl , t7iei7reaTt3iauTiili"ltemeily. | VOUNO 'M1JN
OU ORDtuHrrhiK ( loin N1UIVOU8 HB11I&ITY. IOBT or
1 AIItfIKO filANUOODnightlyeiriiifloitaconvulalonv , nervous
. iiroitrationcnuxd by Ilieuie of opium , tobacco or alcohol , wake *
fiilneti , nienial lienretilon , lota ofriower in eitlier ten , aueriuitor.
, vt. rliojacauiedbyaelfabuteand overlnduUenceorany pcrtonal weak *
neitcan be r | ored lo perfect licalih ar.d iho NOHIvK VITAMTY OP STRONG MUM
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