Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 10, 1892, Page 16, Image 16

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Corlinm Solid Silver. Co.
Whitinef Mf ? Co. icymour & Sons ,
Rood & Barton. .vie Mfg Co.
Shiblcr. llacc & Sons ,
Dominiclc & Hoff. rgin & Co.
F. M. Whltin nk W. Smith.
8ol Silverware Solid Silverware
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reorganization of the Western League ami
Dates for the Sanio0
The Ilnrnnnnii'H HiulBi't ChlcUcu Mioot-
liiK Duly' * Diiunliill Hrci'/y
Local MlHculliiiiy ' " " 'I ijiii'S-
tiunit Aiiswi-rcil.
The Western icnRUO lias boon reorganl/od
mid will ilnlsh tlio season with six clubs ,
Minneapolis , Oinnlin nml Kansas City in thu
west utul Columbus , Toledo nnd Indianapolis
in tbo cast. Milwaukco and Fort Wayne
hiivo gene to tlio otornnl bow-wows , and
Ihoro Is tniicti rejoicing tbrouchout the
circuit over this happy riddance. Cusbman
cnn now roturu to his 10-cout barber bliop In
West Philadelphia , iitul Foi-t Wavno wall ,
you will hiivo lo hunt for her on the maps.
An entiio now chainpionshln season will
open up Monday , per the following sched
ule :
July 11 , 12 , 13 , 11 , with Toledo.
July 10 , 17 , 18 , I' ) , with Imllmiapolls.
July 2'-1 , 23 , 21 , 125 , with Columbus.
July 'JT , : i3 , 20 , with Minnnoanolls.
August 1 ! ! , 11 , IS , with Kansas City.
Septembers , with Minneapolis.
September 21 , 25 , with Kansas City.
August t , 0 , 7. at Kansas City.
August 10 , 18 , 10 , at Minneapolis.
Auicust . ' ' 0 , tl ! , ! ! , ' .Ti , nt Toledo.
August 27'S , oU uud September 1 at In
beptcmbor ! l , 4 , 5 , at Columbus.
September 17 at KUIISHS City.
September 2b uud 29 at Minneapolis.
'lliiSililt | I.uKti ItiiKUtlit.
The seventh annual regatta of the Iowa
Amateur Uowlnc : association will bo hold ut
Spirit LaUo next Tuesday and xVcdiiesdny ,
The list of entries has not booh clvon to
the public , but it Is known that Cedar Kupids
will send senior and Junior fours , Junior
doublti and junior Mngle. The last \wll bu
pulled by MuCullouKh , who has boon lu olht (
races and never lost one.
Davenport will bond ,1. P. Donahue , one of
the best known amateur sculler * In America ,
nnd also n senior double. G. It. Turner ot
McUiceor , another seiillei-of national reputa
tion , will tuiU In thafrce-for-allsltitlo , though
over-to joars old.
Sioux City will send a Junior double and n
Junior four. Dubuijuu Is iioolied for a Junior
( our , pnir , double ini'l single , and senior pair
and double. Ottumwn will be loprosunlcd
in Junior four nnd double and senior slnglo
nml double. Among Its representative' will
be 1C. L. Kllljy , another llnu sculler whoso
tame In amateur circles Is national.
Storm Lake will enter several Junior racoi
and send a female baruu crew to row agalnit
a fair cor.ttngtmi from Sioux City. Hurling
ton and Council Ulutls nro also expected to
bo represented ,
This recatta will try an experiment that
may revolutlonl/e amateur bontnig. Instead
of a mile nnd a luilf oouri > o It will huvo
Junior nnd senior races pulled lu heats over
a quarter nulo and return , the winner to
take two out ot three. This will bring the
entire race within view of the spectator and
niuku n hot , exciting contest. Many promt-
nt'iit boating men uuvo endorsed thu Innova
tion as the best possible plan to popularize
thu sport , and the Spirit Lnka cxpcilinent
will be watuhod with lively Interest lu beau
lug circles all over tlio country , Tuoro will
alio bu fveo-for- races ever thu old mlle
and u half course for the houuilt of umaieur
from other state * .
A Trliiiiip for llt'iiiiy U'urk ,
Team work and good taio ninulng Is the
secret nf the Columbiu club's lucres * . In a
majority of the gumos playoJ liuro tba homo
team ontbattvd the Duckoycs ever two to
one , ami still were almost Invariably beaten.
If tuo White Sox scored you could bet your
life it was an earned tally , and was sent
over the plato by hard hlltinc. That is the
only way Omsba could win a giuco from
ScbmeU's crow. On the other hand Colum
bus secured her runs by reckless ch.inco-
taking , peed base running nnd all-round
huiuiv play. In the gumo here last Wednes
day , 'when Undo distinguished himself for
stupidity , Omaha hud three turned tallies to
her credit , while Columbus had none , still
they won the game 4 to a. Fast buso run-
nlni ; nnd headwork will win nine times out
of ten , ucainst heavy ulttluR and woodon-
hendod iieldlnjj. Not a single toara in the
circuit won the series from Columbus In the
tirt division , and it seems that they
do not intend to profit by their
experience. Omaha , Milwaukee , In
dianapolis , Toledo , and even Kan-
sag City , are equal in individual strength to
tha Uuckoyo team , and with a llttlo moro
vim nnd dash in tholr conflicts with her
they will greatly augment the excitement
ever the second series.
Priiipruti , fur Olilckuu Mioatliit ; .
C. P. Hubbard , the well known proprietor
of the Orokcn Bow kouncls , now la Kear
ney , writes the Forest and Stream : A
scarcity of game is reported from the south-
cin and western states' , to the Into
spring and heavy floods. High water along
the Missouri rlvor and us tributary streams
has drowned out the quail aud chicken , and
eastern sportsmun uro beginning to ask
themselves whore they shall get their fall
shooting this year. I uavo a llttlo frame
pocket , perhaps nose good us Mr. Hough's ,
for I can boast of nothing but prairie chicken
ana quail , but such as It Is Us location will
bo made ki.own by mo to any parties inquir
ing ( please inclose stamp for reply ) , the only
requirements being that the inquirers shall
reside vrhero they cannot got shooting on
this kind ot game at home , and that they bo
sportsmen aud not game hogs , I can prob
ably glyo 1UO men locations wbcra they will
llnd the shooting n llttlo ubQva tlio average ,
whore they will Irtid pleasant people , good
accommodations ixifa reasonable prices. The
ruin a and ( loads linvo not ntlllctcd us. Young
chickens are out of the shell and quail are
breaking out this WCOK. The country I have
in miud Is easily accessible and lies by rail
twenty to sixty miles from Kearney , Ar-
raniromonts should be made to arrlvo on the
grounds by .September I for chicken * , The
bust hunting on quail \\ill bo found after November -
vombor 1 , with some cornfield shooting lit
c hlokciiK.
1 will make a-rruigotuents to accompany a
few parties personally ( for sport , not ro *
muuorution ) , and those that go with mo can
bu assured that they will bavo some good
dogs to shoot ovor. This country Is practic
ally unknown to sportsmen , nnd it has been
reached uy railroad only within thu past
two years. U Is nouo too early to lay plans.
I am through this country every wopk and
will try to Iteop vour reader : ) post oil on the
outlook. Mr. llubbnrd is certnlnly a most
magnanimous sportsman. Ho c-an and will
locate 100 chicken shooters , and in tha naino
breath talks about gnmu hogs. U 111 you
also furnish shells and transportation ,
llubl It won't con you moro than several
hundred dollurj. Sport. Kil.
And Il r Name U Hub ,
O , P. Hubbard , proprietor nf the Loup
Kennels , Broken Bow , has tbo Sporting Ed *
Itor's ' acknowledgments for a handsome red
setter puppy. She Is the got of the popular
Alstoud , dam Jotslo Jones , and wai whelped
April 8t. "Thl Is as good Held stock , "
writes Mr. H. , > 4as I can breed. Am not sp
sure she will muko u bench winner , but
whnt a sportsman want ) to put a Hold dog on
the bench for I don't sea. Her mother Is a
half sister to Champion Huby Ulonmoro , the
champion Irish setter bitch of America.
Her DUO Is n grundton of champion Hloho ,
Jr. , Surstlcld aud Nluo. "
C'Imtly Letter from I'.rlio l.iil ' .
ECHO I..VKI : , July 1. Dear M : Have
Jut tlulsboa my dlslmashlnir , a task that
§ 00IBS to fall on the uninitiated tenderfoot.
I am now located at Echo Lake , ulna miles
from Idaho Springs and 11,000 foot above tbo
sea lovol. Left the springs yesterday ut 'J
o'clock In company with Moi&rs. Lout and
Smith , two dlsclplot of Illnckstono , one deal
ing out the law iu Denver and thu other la
Idauo Sprint' . To tug uueophlttlcatcd
horseman like myself , our very start was
fraught 'vith danger. About one mlle from
town found a bridge washed out , necessitat
ing n ford inj water six to eight feet deep ,
running liKe a mlll-rnco. Accepted the serv
ices of ono of tlio natives who guaranteed to
got thn horses over while we crossed on the
lomnins of the wagon bridge. First two
horses mauo it all right , hut the third took it
Into his head to take a swim down toward
Denver and made a dismal failure ot it.horso
and riaer hemp nearly drowned In the
raging flood. However , the aforesaid native
had considerable Yankee pluck in his make
up and finally turned his hoi so back to shore.
Wo theu irot him over on au improvised foot
bridge. It is with a great deal of baciiward-
ness , not duo to my modesty , tnat I recount
the trials and tribulations of thotlrstllvo
mlles of our road to Echo. You know my
extreme fondness for horses atul my great
accomptishmoats In the equestrian line. . I
rode a nag that was un equine tartar. The
saddlebags evidently chafed him a llttlofor _
ho persisted in Kicking and making incipient
"bucks. " In my efforts to oulct him I nearly
rode him off the bank Into the stream , aud I
finally told Smith and Long that I had enough
aud was going to turn bacK. They refused
to part with ray , an action on their
part that highly tickled my self-concolt.
Found out later their willingness to keep mo
company lay in two pints ot old rye reposing
uently lu my sandlo ba s. After changing
to another horse we proceeded up the canon ,
and as I had lost some of my nervousness I
began to enjoy the magnificent scenery. The
road U iiko most mountain highways , follow
ing tlio stream , wnich is bordered by a most
luxuriant growth of wild llowora and ferns.
Columbines , lupines , violets , Sweet William ,
oluobolls aud other beautiful and odoriferous
lluwera were In countless prolusion. On our
light \\oro massive rocks with towering
peaks above , clothed in their mantle * of eter
nal snow. Uut the most stupendously grand
portion of the rlrto did not commence until
wo struck the trail , which winds In and out
tin the flldo of the mountain. You can Jud o
something of the ascent when I toll you wo
raised from 7,500 feet to 11,000 In four miles.
Thu trull looks like a more sheep p.itli , uor-
dorcd on the left bv a most Indescribable con
fusion of rocks. (3n ( the rlgnt considerable
dlstunco below lay the rushing streamwhoro
a misstep of our horses would laud us. The
last two miles of our Journay lay through u
ilonso forest of mammoth plno . Passing
through this the siieuca only b.-okcn by
the tramping and putting of tuo horses and
the occasional cry ot the chlpn.unk. It
scoii.ed as though nature had stilled all of her
voices to prepare us for the magnificent
finale. Wo finally broke through the pines
into the clearing and before us lay Echo
lake , its waves bathed in the rnys of a de
clining sun. To the west lay Mounts Koiallo ,
Edith and Evans ; to the northwest Long's '
and James' peaks , all completely covered
with the everlasting snow , it was u most
magnificently grand sight. Our Hand Long
forgol his accustomed dignity and his forty
odd years and gave vent to his feelings In a
wnoon that would have dorm credit to un
Apache. For mysoif I was astoMidad bv the
grandeur nnd only came to myself when f
found the lilfh altitude hoplnnlne to work on
mo it ) the form of noio bleed. Shall stay
hero two or three days , depopulating the
luico and streams of the wily trout , which
appear to abound hereabouts. Have boon
making Idaho Springs my headquarters , a
beautiful little piaco of 2 000 people , only
thirty-six miles from Denver , 7W ) ( ) foot
above sen lovol. The toivn Is burying lU
light under a bushel. There IB no reason
why U cannot come forward as ouo of the
linest summer resorts In the west. It has
great natural advantages , being located In
tba very midst of one of the beit mineral dis
tricts in the state. The curutivo properties
of Its hot water spring * ire something won *
dcrful , The water ranges frouibft9 toiau = > F. ,
and contains principally oaruouate , soda ,
magnesium , calcium and sulphate of soda
and magnesia. There is everything hero to
suit the most fastidious tourist good hotels ,
rhlof among which ls the Lorulno , presided
ever by the cental Qulgloy , magnificent
scenery , Interesting mines , which ore ulwuys
open to visitor * , and tha Incomparable
springs above mentioned. Besides thin you
have tbn privllou'O of getting the Inside of
tbo stiver question , which Is such a mystery
to us easterners. D. 1) ) . A.
I'roin tlio l/'ourliur'n Il < > * .
Uamo called at 3 o'clock this afternoon ,
Indianapolis has yet her Unit buino to win
from Undo Dave's pots. ,
Summary .roatiacut 1 * what Milwaukee
should have had. She should have been fired
Joe Walsh never clayed the game ho Is put
ting UD for Columbus this season.
It is to bo hoped that bnso ball has had at
la-it mi elegant sufficiency of Uy Hach.
Pich'-r Jack Thornton , once the pride of
Milwaukee. Imi been chased by Syracuse.
"Spud" Farrlsh now bakes his own pea
nuts , but that big chunk of glass he's palm
ing off for ice in his lemonade barrel don't
In Wednesday's game , Just after that
brilliant throw down to second , a bleacher
yelled at Uncle , "Hey , there , Davol What
you doln' ; playin1 for your role.isoi"
Tom Vickery is unquestionably ono of the
best pitchers in the country , end ought not
to lese moro than ono game out of a half
do/.cn against any team in thu Western
Jerry Hurley of the Toledos was soaked
$ . " > 0 last week for overflowing his tutiit , while
Elv received a lllto dose for insubordination.
It was the proper proscription , as both men
are now playing a great game.
Norman linker , it seems , has quickly de
veloped into the star umpire of this associa
tion. "His work at Columbus , " observed
Uus Schinclz the nthor evening , "was the
best sample of work I have soon this season ,
not excepting evnu that of McQuald. "
MUcelliiiiuoiiB I.ocill .Sporttt.
J. U. Jaycox of South Omaha , acted as
starter at the Pouca races , aud gave great
Danny Daly was an easy victim for Solly
Smith at Frisco Friday evening. Ho greatly
disappointed his many friends hero.
Fred Fuller announces that ho is ready at'
any tlmo to test John Potty'a claim tn the
championship of Nebraska with the rlflo.
lilllv Nason's ' { sporting giounds at Ten-
tonlu parIc are the popular race , and big
crowds of sportsmen assemble there ovary
Saturday and Sunday.
The Omaha Gun club will rovlvo Its an
nual club hunt this fall on an elaborate scale.
It is u most unjoyiiblu occasion , but ono that
should be deprecated by all legitimate- sports
All the active gunners are now on the qul
vivo for the arrival of the upland plover
one of tha choicest game birdn that visits
thiR locality. They are already due , and
their cheery whistle as they pass over can
bo axpectod inobt any night.
Bob Gllks Is tlio proprietor of an Imported
Llewellyn puppy that promises to develop
Into ono of the handsomest dogs In the coun
try. By the way. Gllks Is a clover field
shot , and a thoroughorod sportsman. Dur
ing ttie winter nuason his dog and gun are
bis most constant-companions.
It Is already nn.uisurecl fact that the Hyan *
Wllks contest July HO will bo witnessed bv
the largest crowdthat ever assembled at any
similar event In this section of the globe.
Chicago and St. Louis will both send ever
big delegations. II'to Associated Press has
ordered a detailed/report / , of the battle.
Dick Moore snout a day or two In tlin city
lust week , stopping off aiirouto from Denver
to Davenport. On the afternoon of August
G Dick lights P. J. Grlflln the heavyweight
ho knocked out at South Omaha last winter
for fi'JD a side , and ho stopped off here
simply to servo notice that ho will , In case
ho boat' Grlntii , challo'igo the winner of the
Kyan-Wilkui tlghljwhlch comes oil nt South
Omaha July ! IO ,
Tlio Somlnolo lionnols , Chestnut Hill ,
Philadelphia , has purchased of 0. P. Hub-
bard , Broken iiow , his celebrated Irish tot
ters , Jerry Jarvls and Ko o Morton. Jorrv
Jar vis ( Elcbo Jr.-Mald ; Is a solid , deep rod
dog , and a moiry , lively worker in mo Hold.
Ho is a litter brother to Dulio Elcho , pio-
Mounted by an expert handler to bo the lust
Iri-h setter Held dog In America. KOSP Mor
ton ( Elcho Jr.-Flosso ' ) Is a superb brood
\VlilHpt > rii ! ' ; ol IlinVlirol ,
Several of the York wheelman were down
with their duly fnondu ,
Lincoln , Kearney , Howard , Harvard , Fair *
bury and Grand Island sent down qulto a
delegation each ,
Jumos Joyce , Jr. , of Boston , representing
tha Popu Manufacturing company , U In the
city looking after the "Columbia" intcrosu.
Toin Patterson of Plaltimoiith tutored In
several of the races but failed to get u place ,
Ponr training was the cause , at Tom U a
pretty speedy boy when in condition.
Mr , Howard of Chicago la ibo llouteiiaul
colonel at Daxon'a bicycle emporium now.
Mr. Howard is an experienced bicycle man
aud will prove n valuable aid to Mr. Daxou.
N. T. Fisk , local consul of E wood , was nn
entry in the safety events , but did uot show
up as well us wished for.
The Omaha wheel club co to Horseshoe
lake this morning for a day's fishing , start
ing from the club house at 0 o'clock.
Holton , Schiicll and Macntoforlng of tlio
Tourist wheelmen racing team captured
nearly everything in sight at the Hastings
meet. The boys will keep in trim for the
Sioux City meet whom they expect to add more scalps to their belt.
The Tourist wheelmen pcJal over to
Crescent City , la. , to meet the Missouri
Valley wheel club nnd escort them to the
city. "Tho two clubs will spend the greater
portion of the day in visiting each other. A
run to lake Munawa will be ono of the
Holton surprised his friends by the form
bo showed in. Ho failed to uin a slnglo rat-o.
Ho felt rather disappointed himself , but
avows that it won't happen again. Holton
has demonstrated morn than once that lie
was a speedy man , nnd will surprise soma of
them jot.
Chnrlio Nicodemus and his merry band of
cyclists from Fremont were features of the
meet. The Fremont Wheel club in their neat
black caps , with tlio club emblem fastened to
the fore crown , presented a metropolitan ap-
It was noticed that the ladies who cycle
were quita numerous upon the streets
Wednesday evening. Their wheels were
mot at every turn , singly , in pairs ami
squads of four and five. It was a line even
ing for riding and tha fair cyclists took ad
vantage of the fact nnd enjoyed thomsolvos.
Tom Hop of Chicago , who has ridden across
tha continent on u bieyelJ several times , and
who has mmlo himself known in nearly every
cycling town In the Unitoa States , was In at
tendance at the moot anil showou Homo of
the now men how lo rldo a bicycle. Ho won
two prUes and then gonorouslv gave them
away. They consisted principally of cigars.
Omaha sent down a much larger delegation
to Hastings this year than was expected on
account ol the attractions at home. Messrs.
A. H. Porrlgo , E. L. Lytlo , K. It. Smith , II.
Muanteferlng , L. 1C Holton , William Schnoll ,
Low uivosoy , J , H. Kastmau , B , J. bcannell ,
I. L. H. Holton , H. Mullhall nud ( I. 1C.
Smith were the only otioj who went down.
They all report a good tuna In general.
Captains Grant and Potter of tha Young
Man's Christian association cyclists and the
Tourist wheelmen Joined forces on Thursday
avoi Ing and tnadu u Joint run to Prlc * ' lukn.
A score or moro turned out and all report
a splendid rldo , The trip homo was made
by moonlight. These Joint runs of the clubs
are the moans of bringing tlio boys together
and create a friendly feeling toward each
other that would not nocorsarily exist were
It otherwise.
Cycling clulu all over the country com
plain of the noiiattondanco of members at
club runs. Thn fuel Is club runs nro u-iow
ing to bo a llttlo on the chestnut order.
Wheelmen of today pre'or to consult their
own swcot will and go where they cnoo-io
and when they choose. While this Is all
very well for ino cyclists themselves , It is
"lough" on the club runs and proven a great
detriment to the progress of tha club. In
many cases the cause lies with the club it
self. Thu olllcorn are elthor too incompetent
to govern or don't cuio enough about the on
Jovment of thu mem bora on the run to look
after their wants nud requirements. Tto
speedy men don't Ilka to ridu along at a
Miall'H pncu to please the slower men. nud
the slow men can't ' hoop up with the faster
ones , hence a uplit. The ciub run appears to
bo fading Into obscuiity. Something uUa
will have to bo devised. Then , too , a differ-
out class of rldui'H is springing up , the
bicycle is becoming moro a vehicle of usu
than of pleasure and business men are sell
ing their Homes to roplacu them with wheels.
This claw is growing stronger every day
and the youni ; fellows who rode a few years
ago lira 'falling In with thu majority r.ud
leaving thu cluu run to Itself , Hu.lnesi men
who ridu seldom aiuko good oluumcn ; Ihclr
tlmo Is otherwise tnkcu up. 'Tis sud , but
Hl too truo.
htiort Tiilknllh tlio llnrM men ,
William Harrison of Panama , Nob. , Is tbo
owner of a lot of good ones.
William Tiottcr , Klowa , Kai ; , . U handling
a full brother to Doltnurch , :11K :
Tbo Lludou Trco Park association ,
Beatrice , Nub. , will hold Us first meeting
this year August 'J. ! , 'Jt and 25.
Billy Paxtou Is in California. When ho
returns ho will bring a couple of wotld-
beaters with him.
The pool privileges for the Nebraska
Breeders' meeting at Beatrice , Neb. , August
U to 1 ; ! , nro Tor sale.
Five staka rices for the Louisiana , Mo ,
meeting closed with 120 entries and only
eight dropped out on second payment.
W. II. Ewitc Is at , Sedalia , Mo. , , with
Dindy Jim , 2:1/ : ! ) , who is expected to do
some good work in his class this season.
The Missouri stallion Whitofoot. 2 .23' , ' ,
will wear aluminum shoos this year , as those
made of ordmarv metal prove too heavy for
B. F. Swageard , Sweet Springs , Mo . has
oluht cults at He , I. ilia , Mo. , mid bu will send
Andrew Allison , 2:2J'-i'i theio in n short
Lobasco , 2lfi'4. : ' has boon pSaccd In Me-
Henry's hands at Frceport , 111. , and his lirst
race will bo in tha 2:17 : trot ut DCS .Molnoj.
for n purse of fl.fiOO.
L. E. Southwick , secretary of the associa
tion ut brlcnd , this state , writes that the en
tries for their comlni * meet close July 25 , for
all events except miming.
Hoslyn , 2:20'ij : by Kobert McGregor , 2 : \ \ ,
and Ellen McGregor (2) ( ) by Uoslyn , owned
bv W. C Brwvn , St. Joseph , Mo. , were add-
eel to Dobla's string last week.
W. T. Van Brunt , St. Joseph , Mo. , will
move in n short tlmo with his pacing stal
lion Northwest , 2:17I4" : , to Shenandoab , In. ,
where ha will bo located permanently.
Mr. A. Hurlbnt , Lincoln , Nob. , has sold
Us fastroail team to Kobort Grcor , Kearney.
Air. Groitr cm sot the puce for any privutu
team In his nock of the woods price for
team 5500.
At th recent Lvons moating the rumor cot
out that Mr. George Bailey , owner nnd
dilverof Western , was n campaigning
clergy man , and ho was constantly tcfonod
to as the "clerical gentleman from Fair-
uury. "
lh Banks Wilson of Crojton , In. , has pur
chased n section of land near Ollaiva , Kan. ,
and vt III start a branch to his well known
stock farm. Mr. Wilson also owns a section
In tnis statu that IB admirably adapted for
tbo same purpose.
The half milo track at Louisiana , Mo ,
holds thu following Missouri records : Tha
fastest record m.vla ever a Imlf-mlla track ,
tlio fattest three heats paced In a i.teo over
ji half-mllo track and the two-year-old stal
lion record , 2:21) : ) , made over a half-mile track.
Lewis & McF.iyden. Genoa , ' Nob. , have
purchased of B , H. Kooii , Lexington , thu
bay stallion Dictate , Ifi..b.'i. ' by Dictator , lii : ,
flam Saucv. by Triton , 057 ( slro of Mc
Dowell , 2:25) : ) , g. d. . by Helmcnt , III. Triton
is by Prlucops , dam Oulda ( dam of Trlnkgt ,
2:1-1) : ) , by Hamblotonlan 10.
Mlhllis it Howlns , Norfolk , Nob. , have a
l-yoar-old son of Nutmeg in training.
Twelve of this horse's colts have boon foaled
this year and they are all repotted as onlni ; ,
in conformation and action , all that could bo
desired. Thcso gentlemen ulno have a son of
Antar , General Hancock , a giatuhon of Gov
ernor Sm'uguo , and a sou of Uucluon In
Tha meeting at Ponca , Nob. , tn October
should bo n most successful ono If liberal
terms nru what horsemen tire looking for.
Tlio associrtloii at that place offers in purses
would to bo simply
a sum of money that seem
ply enormous to utmost any association In the
lanfl. Thu pacer la not overlooked , as ho
comes in for fU.OOa. Address F. M. Dorsoy ,
secretary , Ponca , NOD.
Frank Allison and Sam \Vnpncr have bojn
working tholr horses at LuBhton , this stnto.
Allison Is driving Scott D. fi-yoar-old , oivned
DV John Doming of Huilon : alno Exo , belong
ing lo Henry Jacobs ol Gr.ifion ; Keoxii ,
the property of John M. Hcllar. Joclioy
bolnncs to AllHon himself. , Allison U now
at Geneva with Id * stable. WtU'iior Is
tracking Colonel Sims r.ud a pair of IniM
colts. _ _ _
iK mill
OMAIM. July 4 Tn the Hpurllru IVIIior of
Tin. HKK : Kindly mmucr thu folluwln. "iiij'i-
lion In next Hundav'n Issue , VIDJ A .nid II
aru playlus a Kaino of llfl un-b.ill jmnl. A
bio.Jus the balls and putslno balln In poohou.
aUohUenu Ijitll. HIMIH ho not OHO 11 .ball . in
well auiHiltliu UP thu t u > lit ) pocketed for bin
cuu ball running In'-iv. f.
Am , Ho docs.
H , A. M. See above.
FOHTN.OJIIUIIA , Neb. , July B.Vrlto Billy
Nnson , this city , with reference to registered
There Is a letter at this ofllco for Mart
Burns , the wrestler.
OMVIM , July 8. C. High five , A with
high rnmovltu. .
NKimritA , Nob. , .Tnlv a To thnportln *
1 illtornf I'm : HICK : I thought I.llolfortwti
nl'ickllsUd lust year. How Is the iiiii * I In *
} ear In ru urd to a hull lighting In Uin
diamond and rolllui : out ? Where Is Ahlmt
e.ilcMrr.'this senon'I'lcusoansucr tiirouxb
ionr M'.siitr llii : Neha.
Ans. (1) ( ) . Whnt made von thinlt so * ( J ) .
It is foul. (3) ( ) . Who is Abbott ?
NKIIUVKA. Nob. , .Inly 7. To tbu Spurting
K.lltoi of I'm : IIii : ; I hot that tliorvasnu
llaiidlboo has not pitched Is Ijoe msu ho
In en drunk. Who n ins ) Answer In M MIAV'H
llu : IUI JuhiiHun.
Ans. The other fellow.
l.isroi .v , Neb. . July ( . . To the Sporting Till-
tor of TIM ; Iti.Ki My u immtlih-cncl la\cnu-l {
puppy Is just roeovuilnt ; fiom iliNtunipi-i , anil
oiio eve has a SCMIIII over 11 , anil It looks as If
llu had lost the H'uht ( if it. Thu other ov < > I *
all I Uht. only It runs In lh morning C.iu
you gt\o mo n ramudyV It 1C ,
Ans. Dissolve three crams of the nitrite
of sllvei in an ounce ol pure walur and paint
the eye daily with a soft camel's hair brush.
PAIIIKIFI K , Nob. , July 7. To the Sportin
r.illiur of'I'm : | ! IK : In u RIIIIIU nt Kulrlli M.
luly 4 , a man ut bat w is hit by n pitched lull.
It wan not u third strike. llu was dccliiroil
out by tin : uiiiiilru. W.IK he out. uvun iliouL'ti
ho InlunUon.tlly nllirvud hlmsolf to bu hit/ -
II.iso Hull 1'luyur ,
UIIIII.KV : : riiNTRli , Nut ) , July ! > To the
Soitlng | ndltorof TIIK HII : : : Does sinilt/ i |
terlorito Uy lielnghulil over. In loudml HIOII ) | ,
1 mean.Vheru can I obtain n ropy i ( thu
American Mioullut ; a-soi'l ttlon'sruvUed trip-
shootliig iii'os ' ) Kurtluy HnUur
Ans. ( I ) For year or inoto after loading
they aio ns good as on the day loaded . J )
IMwnrd Taylor , 8 and 10 West Third street ,
Cincinnati , will supply you with the rules ou
I'l.A-nsMoimi. Noh , Julys. To the ' port-
In. IMItorof Till ! HII. : 1'luiisu unsuui tha
following questions in .Sunday's III i
e.itcher In throwing the bull tohct'oml irn-
li'ssly hits llio htttei on thu liuinl \\liuti
Khoiiiil biiilunu ultli HID cntuher ? What'tun
hust tlmu lu iSulirasli.i fur IUO-ynrd da h , ! 3
clussLew Corholt.
Ans. ( I ) Glvo him thirty days. (4) ( Onn
hundred ynrd dash , 2 : 1) class what's tlmtl
OIIAIM , July 8. I'D the Kportliu Lilltor if
TUB HII : : I'lnuHo In next Siind ty *
lll.r. If Ihu Mliuidiip ills Ij iso ball toimliii
pluvuil ball In Oimilm this Huusoiii If so , wlmk
( lute ) tiibsorlber.
Ans. No. _
A * < toiy About Kx-s < inutor
Kx-Soiwtor IngiillHof Kansas has boon
elected nn honorary member of tlio Mm *
neanolirt Cod Liver Oil club. According
to tlio Minneapolis Tribune , there wiu
no doubt about IIH | eligibility , und Jim
election WIIH uiiaiiiinoiiB. Ingnlla'
meager endowment of tlenli bus been iho
occasion of u good many htorloa , ono of
the bcbtof which was related the other
night by another Ktintma man ut thu
' Vou know how loan IngallH IH , " ho
said. ' 'Well , down lu Atchiaon thuro la
u doctor who in u grout friend of thu
butiiilor. Thin doctor hud been greatly
annoyed by u nownboy who would eomol
Into'his * olllco very unceremoniously
und pubtor him by trying to soil puporH.
"Onu day when Ingiitls WIIH lu thu
olllce tlio boy WIIH heaul coming up thu
Btiiirn , nnd the doctor decided to put up
u job on him. Ho rushed out un urllcu-
luled bkeleton , p'.uccd it in chair by
the dcwk , und then the two men with
drew to the buck room.
"in rushed the hey , and without no
ticing what WIIH at the desk , ciunoy
directly up to the skeleton. Wlion ho
looUfd up und HIIW it grinning ut him ha
IWIH nearly Beared Into coiivulHloiui , anil
bolted for the door , yelling blood } mur
dor. Tlio joke tioklod the doctor , bu
Ingiillii' coiiBcluiiiio prioKod him , and.
got tig to thu window no looked nut lit
the boj , who WUB Htundlng below cr.v Ing.
" ' ( 'OHIO upatnirH , my boy , " ho Haiti ,
'I'll buy ono of your paporfl.1
"Uut the nowHlo begun to yell harder
than ever , and between liU BOJB ! he nian-
aged to blubber out. 'Oh , you can't fool
mo , oven If you huvo put your clothoi
" '