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Milwaukeu Hns a Scherao on Foot to Dis
rupt the League.
Alter Il I > : iillIlli | ; n Nrw I.Oilcuo AVII1 llo
Itilllt to Suit the lilcn < ) l Siillt ; ) .town
Aliigimti'ft PIsiMvnt-il by Other
MILWUKDI : , WK , July 5 , [ Spoctnl Tclo-
grain to Tin ; JJii.J : : It is loarncd trom rell-
nblosources tonight thnt ttio MlhvaUKoo club
will disband wltliln a few dnys. This
announcement , followed by n report from
Cleveland tliat Frank Deb Houinson , tlio
bnso ball magnate , liud decided to abandon
the Tort.Vnyno club aud turn Us franchise
over to the league , tins cnusod n sensation
ntnong buso ball men in this city , and llio
breakup of the Wustorn lenguo Is looltod for
within it week at loast.
Vice President Unrtiott of the Mtlwriukeo
club Raid tut * ovunlng thnt ho had bean o. < -
pooling the disbnndonmoiit of the league for
the past week , and the news of the with-
druwal of the Fort Way no club from tbo
louguo was not , a surprise to him. Mr.
Uurllott said thnt the Miiwnukco club was
well llxcd Jlnnnciully and would bo in a now
lenguo within a short timo. Tno vice prcsl-
Ocnt louks upon the proposed break-up of
the Western IC RUO with favor und thinks
It will bo the means of a stronger organiza
tion springing into existence In its place.
\Vlmt Tlielr I.Itlli ) tiiuiui In.
Mr. Bartlutt says thut upon onicml nntlco
of Fort Wuyno's dlsbanuonmcnt a meeting
of the longuo will bo l-nllod unit stops tnltun
to form u six-club circuit , to titko in the cities
of Minneapolis , Milwaukee , Omaha , Kansas
City , Toledo und Indlunapolls , or possibly
Columbus In place of Toledo. H.v the forma
tion of a six-club 10,11:110 tbo teams can ba
greatly strengthened by the surplus of play
ers from the two clubs that drop out.
Manager Shursigof tbo Indianapolis club
Bays tbat his loam It in good shnpo and thnt
the llnanuial standing of thu club is all right.
Hosnys the Indianapolis club wilt Join the
now Icugni in case of the present association
going to uiocos.
Never Mount of it Hero.
1'rosident Stout Binilod all ovur when bo
was shown the foregoing last night und then
'Why , " ho snlil"it's funny thatthelcaguo
is going to pieces alt at once and no ono out-
sldo of Milwaukee know It. Mr. liarllott
may know what lie's talking about , but I
don't. In fact this Is the lirst in
timation I have had of the dissolu
tion of the Icaguo other than what
cumos from 1'ltuburg and Loinsvillo. In
these big leuguo titles there is unquestion
ably a desire to break up the Western Icaguo
in order tuat players muy bo secured , but I
do not IhlnU tbat any Western club will bo a
parly to thntsehomo. Omaha is in good con
dition financially and very well satisfied to
go on as she is. "
"Fake1 , " said Gus Schmel ! ! , and his lam
brequin bobbed nervously , "puro fake and
Milwaukee fuke at that. First 1'vo hoard of
it. Columbus is doing right well , and I liopo
to keep nor where she is at the head of the
Western league. "
Might Tiihii Ilernt HIT Word.
It Is quito a reasonable presumption in the
case of Milwaukee , as with I'ittsburg and
Louisville , that the wish is father to the
thought. That ttm team has ahvays been a
disturbing element In tliu Western 'icaguo is
patent to all who havu watcbud the course
of affairs during the past few years.
It has been the ambition of the
magnates of that town to bccomo
members of the National leacuo. This.samo
bco buzzes In tno head of ' 'Huron" Ily Haeh
of Minneapolis. Of course this ib laudable
r aud should bo oucourngeu , but nulortuniitoly
for the aspirations of these cities
they are both so far olT "main
traveled roads" that there isn't tnti remotest -
motost possibility of their over getting
Into the big league. Ai nn outcome of ttio
guerilla warlaro waged against tbo Na
tional and Western last year bv the
American , Mlhvauuco was given a place In
the latter association to the end tbat the
Western might bo wrecked. And howoaeorly
the magnates of Schliutown accepted the
proffer ! It was nothing to thorn that the
interests of savon other cities should bo jeopardized
ardized so long as there was tu.
opportunity to udvanco their own pros-
pi'ctB. Well , according to tholr own
confession , thnt niovo cost them all
of $ I0UUU ! , their bust players ( Schrivor ,
Victory , School : , Alborts , C3rim , Campion )
and when the season was ended und tbo
great mojiuls of the game began to.mukoup
circuits for the new your Milwaukee was
not considered at all. Have the
Milwaukee- bosses forgotten the hours
they spent outside the door at
the Indianapolis mooting waiting to bear from
the liiHlilo concerning their fate ? Have
they forgotten the answer given whou thov
kicked on the Indemnity awarded thorn in
the reorganization Kottlumont.and werotold to
take It or nothing I May bo thov ' have. But
Iho pooplu haven't forgotten tho'tronchorv of
thosn ulcKurH in times gone by , an it it Is easy
to ace the animus of their dusiro to create anew
now six-cluu leugc , without Columbus und
Fort Wnyne. Columbus has the championship -
ship ; Milwaukee wants it sue )
If Fort Wnyiio drops out and Milwaukee
disbands , the six test towns of the circuit to-
main Intai-l , ami the elements of weakness
mid discontent aiv removed. Why not take
Milwaukee at her word I Let her uisband ,
and then lot the six clubs remaining in linish
the schedule. If the other
show H little lirmnoss in this matter
Milwaukee will bo glad enough to gel Dark ,
and without dictating terms.
The Western Icaguo is the strongest bnso
ball organization In the country today , Its
tl nan cos are In good hlmpo , every city'savo
Milwaukee is contor.t , and there is no danger
of ttio loapuo'n disruption.
C ( > l.ll.Mlli ; > T01IAV.
KUWO'H Itnstlors nnd thn Champions Will
( . ' ( Him Tom'ther.
The Columbus team , champions of the
Ilrst series in the Western league , nrrivea
from Kansas City last night aud this after-
noou will do baltlo with your Undo David's
Indians out nt Sportsman's park.
The champions played four romarliablo
games In their aorius in Kansas City , the
scores being 6-4 , 1-0 , a.'j and 5-4 , Columbus
winning throe of the games. It has sot n
lorritlo pacu thus onrly in the second cham
pionship season , but Undo thinks bo will bu
able to BUI them back a notch or two in tbo
Korlo.s which commence * today. Tbo three
unities which Omaha played ut Col
umbus and of which they won
two , were hotly contested and
u renewal of those battles tuny bo looked for
hero. Vickory , who was vury affotivo
against the lluckoyus , will do the twirling
for Omaha aud has expressed a doslro to
pitch nil four games If hols tuccossful toJuv.
Play will ho culled nlI o'clock and us usual
on wcuic duys Iho ladies will b'u admitted
froo. The players will bo In tbo following
positions :
O''iahu. ' . ' 1'osltlon. Columbus-
Vlekory I'ltuhor. O'Dny
lluyus Catcher Morrltt
Kowo. . . . . . I'lrst habo..llreoUenrldco
Hunitlu hueunil Imso MeClolInn
J'ollopy , Tb rd uimu U'Kunrkii Short stop Wiilah
Kelly 1,11ft Hold ( Jutntinu
< Hk Center Uold Abhuy
VUnor Itlk-hl lluld lnlly
Manager Gun Schmolz of Iho Columbus
team tins a good word for Normal , linker of
Omubu , who begun his curuorns a Western
louguo umpire ut Kansas Cltv Saturday. "I
never euw a bettor umpire1 ' Una said last
night , "and ho is just us good n man now as
McQuald over was. He has complete con
trol of the players on the Held , unit 1 feel
aura that ho will niuko u star tiiiipiru. "
First Uasemnn Campion of tbo Tolouos loft
Om ba yusterduy morning with un injury
which will keep him off thu diamond several
inonthi. Ho was out for u lark ou the night
of tbo Fourth , nud ui'urTwelfth nnu Funuun
placed a slant llrocrucker uudorachalr occu.
plod by a stranger. Tbo llrecrnokoroxploded
and the uiau m thu chair jumped ubout three
foot Into the air. Cntnplnn laughed long and
loud , but hU glee otidcd when ho saw tbo
stranger rushlntf at him with n bl ? knlfo.
Campion crabbed the kntfo , but the ulntlo
cut Iho flesh on throe fingers of the richt
hand to tlm bono. A doctor drossud tbo
wound and Campion started for bis homo.
No Wonder Look ill tlin I mplro * .
Mii.WAfKun , WIs. , July 5. Miiwnukco nnd
Indianapolis plnvcd n monstrous exhibition
of baio ball today , Woatnor line ; attcnd-
nnco , 100. Score !
Knrneil runs : Milwaukee , 1 ; lnillnnn | > i > lln , 2
Tno-bnxdlills : liny1'1 , llamharK , Hurl. Tlirco-bnso
lilts : Cnrpenter. llouin runsi O'Hrlpn. Double
iilnjM : Mcllnrr , Knrl , llcreer , O'llrlen. lJi rcncu ,
llorirer , u'llrlpn. llnno on Imlls : lltiimhne. O'llrluii ,
( Jnlnii , l.nwri'ii'-o. btolonlmnus : WiirilS'I'nllcliull ,
l.ntchor , Suory. Unliin. lilt liy pitcher : Murphy.
Struck nut : Ily ( inyle , 3 : liy Wolilnor. I : by Ker.ion ,
1. Wild iiltrhes : l.y linylu. 4. Tlmo of untno : Two
hulHM ninl tun minutes. IJlapliea. I'CIBOU , Sulll-
vim nnd Wulilnur
CliU-iiKO nud Hrooklyii 1'iit I'p Two Woador-
lul ( liiinrs.
CIIIOAOO , 111. , July 5. Urooklyn won both
gamas today after two hard fought battl cs.
Not u run wns scored in the first until the
eleventh inning , a streak of hard htttliut
winning the contest in tlio fourteenth. The
features were the Holding of Cnnavan ,
D.ihlon nnd Corcoran. The second game was
won In the sixth after two outs , on two
liinglos , n double nnd u base on balls. Coo tiny
was taken sick lu the lirst , Uyan lliilshitia ut
short and Htitcblnson going to center.
Wunthor clear and warm. Attendance , -JCUO.
Chk-.igo o oooonoouoiooo i
lilts : Uhlcago , fi : llrooulyn. in. Errors :
Chlciik'o , I ) ; Itrooltlyn , 4. ICaincd runs : Chicago
cage , 1 ; Urooklyn , i Ilatlorlcs : Uumbortuiid
llutchlnson ; 1'oiitz and Dally.
Second game :
nnluii'-'o 100201000-4
Hrooklyii 0 1 2 0 0 U 0 0 * o
Hits : Clili'iiKo , 10 ; Hronklyn , 10. Errors :
CnleiiKo. _ > ; Urooklyn. 1. Ivirned runs : Chi-
ea o , II ; Brooklyn , 4. Itattorles : I.nby , Guin-
bortand Kuhrlvcr ; lladdoci ; . Hart and Dally.
.loinihs XV'lli Onci ) Moro.
PiTTaiiuitn , Pn. , July 5. The Plttsburgs
hit ut proper tlmos and ran bases with vim
and ihcrcuy won the game from thu moro
sluggish Senators. Attendance , 1.5UO. Score :
rittsbiirR. 000210 100 4
Washington 2
Hits : I'ittsbunr. 8 : Washington. 8. Krrors :
I'lttshtir' , ' . I ; Wiishlngton , J. ICnrnod runs :
IMIslinrir , 2 : Washington- ' , liatternss : Ehrut
und Millur ; Abbuy and Mllllgaii.
llcanenti'i-s Still Clinililni : .
ST. Louis Mo. , July 5. The Uostons won
n long dravvii out contest from the St. Louis
Urowns this afternoon by timely hitting and
good bnso running. Attendance * . ! , " 00. Score :
St. Louis 0 0 II o 2 0 1 11 8
Huston 0 ( i 0 1 2 6 0 0 * 11
Hits : St. l.ouKO : Huston , l. " > . Errors ; Pt.
Lou IItoston ; , , r > . Kanied runs : HI. Lonls.2 ;
lloslon. : ' . Ilattcrius : Iliultunslulnuud .Moruu ;
Staluy , Nichols and Kully.
Dudert U TII In Lurk ,
CisxiNXATi , O. , July 5. The Phillies won
the iratno in the Ilrst innhifr , Allen's homo
run and Latham's errors buing responsible
for the live unearned runs nrnuo In the in
ning. Wcatbor warm ; nttondanco , 2,200.
Score :
Cincinnati 0 S
1'hll.idelphln 5 0 0 0 n ( I 0 I 1 7
Hits , : Cincinnati , ft : Philadelphia , 7. Kr-
rors : Cincinnati , 3 ; I'liiliiilululiln , 2. Karnud
runs : NOIIIItatturles : Mulliinu and Vaughn ;
\ieylilim and Uioss.
Ciiiinids .lump on t ho .lolntM.
Louisvii.i.K , Ry. , July fi. Now York's
errors in the uarly part of the game lost thorn
the gnrno to Louisville today. Weather line ;
atiendunco 1,200. Score :
Louisville 7
Now Vork I 5
Illle : r.oiiisvillo , 8 : Now Vork , fl ; Errors ;
Louisville. 1 : New York. 7. Earned runs :
l.oiisvlll : < > . I ! : New Vor : . , t. llatturios : Hom-
mliiK an.I DOVT.SU ; King and lioyle.
Tom- ( Mil Orioles !
Ci.ivii.vNi : > , O. , July " . . Cleveland batted
out the pamo in the second inning and from
that timo'on ' Baltlmoro was playing against
heavy odds. Attendance , l. UO. Weather
clear and warm.
Cleveland 0 0 II 1 0 0 0 0 * 11
Italtlnmro 0 11 I , r >
Ilils : Cleveland. 13 ; Italtlinorn , 10. Errors :
Oluvclnnii. 0 : Hiillimoro. ,1. Earned rons :
( Morulanil , 2 : llaltlnioru. 1. llattorlus : Youns
and X.lininur ; C'fibb and ( Jnnsun.
,101m Hus n * loli.
CuviiiNi : > , O. , .Tulv fi. The Cleveland
club loduv lod.iy signed John Clarkson , the
pitcher. 1'rosldent Robinson behoves that
Clarltson can pitch winning ball , if played
among new surroundings.
STATIC IIA : < ; II ; : .
Itrittricii Decides ti > < Jult and Ulhlmiuls Uur
> ireat dull.
BBATHU-K , Nub. , July n. [ Special Telegram
to Tun HKI : . ] At a meeting of the lio.itrico
Base Halt association held at the Nebraska
National name this uiternoon it wns con
cluded to let the club ctisbana nnd that
Hoatnco would go out of the boio ball busi
ness , at least for this season. The cause
for the dlshandmant of thu club lies in
the fact that the State league ro-
( inirod of Hcatrico that she should put
up n guarantee of S-U ) for each gamu
played hero and would net only S-jfi
when the LJontrlco team wont away from
home. The unfairness of the scheme "was so
pulpablo that IJualrico , rather than submit ,
will ( jult the business altogether. The mum-
bers of the club wore paid off tonlirhl ana
released. Thochibinct and decided to dis
band this ovuning.
' 1'bo is the strongest in thu stnto unu
is ono of the strongest teams in the country
outside of thu National association and
league. Any city thut IB ambitious to secure
a good teiim of ball plnyors can learn some
thing to their advantage by nddrossliic
Harry tlntowood , this clcy.
( irand iHliiuil Will Mold On.
CJin\i > l.-i.Mi , Nob. , July 5. [ Special to
TIIK HII : : . i The directors of the Grand
Island Huso Hall club huvo decided to hold
the club over forthu remainder of thosoason.
Several cillzous have responded and will as
sist in keeping the SuparCltys on tbo track.
Deiiilwouil anil l.viid C'lty VVre llo for u 1'ot
of Sturt-ls .Money.
UKAIIWOOP , S. D. , July fi. | Special Tolo-
grani to Tin : Hti : . | The most inturostliiB
feature of the Fourth of July celebration at
Sturgls yesterday wns tbo ball game between
the Doauwood und Lead City nines the crack
clubs of the Hills , for a purse offJ5U , Tuo
gumo vvn won by Dcadwood , and was vo-
nmrltablo for the tluo playing of Thinl Hnso-
nmn Cottrull , who had thirteen chancos.
uccuptlng twelve , most of them dlfllcutt , and
for the line battery work of Hcymor and
Trallloy. bcoro :
Dundwoml 0-10
laiudClty 0 0 1 0 0 ; i 0 0 U I
lilts : Duudwoocl , 13 : Load City , 3. Krrors :
Duudwood , 1 ; I.oud Clt.v. H. llattorles : DoaU-
wood. lluyinor and Trulllpy ; Iunit Oily ,
llarnes. Strh-klor , 1'iircull and Drovur , Um-
plio : WondiirlaUo. Attendance , , OOU.
K tiled Iho Umpire.
WAM.U-K , Nob. , July D.-Urluh Wolbaob ,
living thirteen miles southeast of bore ,
while umpiring a gamu of basa ball Sunday
afternoon was bit oa tbo breast by the ball ,
killing him Instantly. Ho loaves u wife and
ouu child.
Washington Park Track Finally Oomos Up
Through tha Mud.
Uo Wn n Toplmny I'aviirlte Hut \Viis
liunlly Out lee ledl.uc and Oriler Li-ague.
Alter Moiimoittli I'nrk Other
liucc Meetings.
CHICAGO , 111. , July 5. Typical racing
wcnthcr inaugurated the ninth day of the
Washington I'nrk mooting. The track was
somewhat Improved over yoaturday'a condi
tion. The program presented was hardly up
to Its usual cxccllanco , and to this and the
ftict that the public generally hud hardly re
covered from its Fourth Jof .July tudulgonco
was undoubtedly duo the light attendance ,
only ! ifiOO being present.
The greatest surprise of the day and ot
the entire incotlut ; was tbo overthrow of
Tbo Hero , phenomenal record bud led
tbo majority of the Letting public to bollovo
thnt ho was itivinclblo In bis particular class.
As usual ho was n topheavy favorite nnu
butters backed their confidence with big
wads ot money , but tholr Idol never once
proved n dangerous olmnont in tbo race.
The event that brought about his defeat nlao
turned up the only racing fnature of tbo
day. Top ( Jallant , with the most comfortable
odds of tbo daywont to the front , rounding
the club house turn and retained ills advan
tage clear arouti'J ' to the last furlong post.
At this point Urifllu by masterly riding sue-
ce.euod in reaching the leader with Hart
Wallace , which hud not showed prominently
up to this lime uud the beau to head llnlsh to
tbo wire and unuor the whip was very excit
ing. Top ( iallant Dually won In the last
jump by Uio shortest of nocks. Summaries :
1'lrst race , purse $000 , for mnlilon Il-year-
olds. six fin-lotus : Harry Askuw OJ to 1) ) won ,
Klllsou (1 ( to D second , Claret ( U'/J ' to 1) ) third.
Tlmo : 1:2 : : ) .
Second race , selling , purse JGJO , for 2-year-
old , llvo fnrlonits : Kdlth llulmont ( . " > to I ) won ,
Huutllleo C-'O to 1) ) second , Moose ( li to 1) ) third.
Tine : 1:10.
Third race , ptirso $ TOO , nil nsros , ono mlle :
Top liallaiitd.'i to 1) ) won , Hart Wallace (8 ( to 1) )
.second , Imputation (1 ( to 1) ) third. Tlmu :
1'ourth race , selling , ptirso $700 , for J-voar-
old und upwinds , ono mlle und threu-
ijimrtors : HUKO Hardy ( S to 1) ) won , Itosemont
Ute _ I ) souonJ , Content ( Uo I ) third. Time ,
Fifth race , free handicap , with JSOO add oil ,
sill iiaos , ono mlle : ( . 'overtoil ( evouMvon. Sil
verado ( I to 1) ) second , Good HyoiSto I ) third.
Time. l:53J : .
1'oiu'ii'n Hr ut Meet inn.
PONTA , Nob. , July 5. [ Special Telegram
to TIIK Bin. | The second day of the Pouca
race mooting was oven moro of a success
than the Ilrst , thu weather continuing fair
anil the track being unusually fust ,
ulthoUL'b n brisk wind placou the horses nt
some disadvantage. Thu spectators , though
not so numerous : is yesterday , made a largo
assembly. The program opened with the
unfinished race of yusterdiiy , the S'2 ; $ trot.
Since the closing heat last nieht the race
was conceded to John \V. and Idavan , soil-
inc even inonoy botwoou the two. At 1)0 : ! )
the race was called , and the excitement ran
high as the horses appeared , increasing
tnioughout the slr.clo heat that closed the
race , giving John W. ilrst inonoy , Idavan
second und Moody third. The tlmo sur
passed any ono heat , of yesterday , being
At'tho beginning of t.ho 2IW : trot pools
were holling IU to 7 on Little Alike , the odds
increasing till they stood S tot. Evorvhnat
showed the same "result , LiUlo Mike in the
lead well chased by IJlack Prince. Lady
Dophine third , and King HolMday fourth.
The foals of 18'Jl ' trot , ono milo dash ,
afforded much amusement nud not a little
admiration for the olforts of the yearlings.
It resulted in Lady Kusaoll taking Ilrst
money , Hilly MeKlnloy second , and Saint
John bringing up the rear.
In the 2MO trot Hurnoy sold 5 to 2 ngnmst
tbo Hold , though Dusty IIcoU gave him a
closonu-o , easily taking second monov , leav
ing Dark Night for third.
The y-yeur-old trot was the last event of
the day and was expected to be of unusual
interest. Mary was everybody's favorite
and pools were soiling 10 to 5. In the
opening heat Mary soon had a good
lead , which she hold nobly till reaching
the last quarter post. She became friirhtoned
at its shadow extending across tuo track und
ran into the funco , throwing the driver to
the ground. Ho stnycd with the reins , and
had almost regained his seat when the ani
mal broke loose , nnd dashed down the track.
After running some distance past the wlro
bho oocutno tangled in the harness und fell ,
thereby receiving several light cuts.
She again appeared In the second
boat , but was unable to hold her
bur place , scoring in fourth position. This
closed the race , irivinir Onotn lirst inonoy ,
Supposition second , MeCormae third , nnd
ISdilh Guard dividing fourth money with
Mary. Today's winners ivcro ns follows ;
2trottine ; , Little MIke , time ! 2'ji'f : : ' : 2 : a
trotting. John W , tiuio SUn : | : loals'ot IS'Jl '
trotting , Lady Htissoll , timo.1:01 : ; 2-IO : trot
ting , Harnoy Alien , time 2:2l/ : ! ; foals of 1SUI )
trotting. Onota , time 2 : : ! ( ) , ' .
Clashed with tin ) lu\r.
MONMOCTH P.MJK HACK TiiAcir , N. J. , July
H. The grand stund and bolting ring were
comfortably filled this afternoon , yesterday's
vnst throng having been succeeded by a
crowd well within the -1,000 mane. Each of
the six events were won by the favorite in
commanding stylo. The bookmukors had
u bad day. All of the winners were
heavily backed. About 3 o'clock sovoi-ul
law aud orUor ofllccrs notified President
A. F. Wolcott , Secretary Criulm.oro
mm Stiirter Janios Kowu that they were
under arrest , charged with unlu'wfullv
maintaining n gambling house. The three
prisoners were tuke.ii buforu u Justice of the
peace sitting at Ocean Port , and released nn
ball of 100 each , Hookmuicur Lucius Appluby
becoming their surety. The arrests were
Hindu so quietly that the fact did not leak
out until Into lu the -afternoon. Mono of the
bookmakers were invested.
I'lrsl lace , ono nnlu : Htrathmeath ( oven )
won , Monnri'li i" lo. sucond , St. Aiilhony (3 (
to I ) third. Tlmu. l:4ilj. : :
Second rnee , six furlongs : I'aglo Hood | 5 to
SHvon , Dolury ( U to 5) ) secmiU , Juannutlii (
to II third. Time , Itlli.
Third race , tin liuckonHiicIc handicap , one
mlle ; J.oeohatehoo Kilo I ) won , .Mars ill to 1) )
second , Hamilton ,21 to 1) ) third. Time. 1li ) " , .
Kourtli riii'o , thu Long llr.ineli Imuilli'ini. onu
mlle nnd aijiiartor : Doiutilh ( I to li won , Itaco-
land ( II to to soeoiid , Jiul u .Morrow (7 ( loj )
thlnl. Time. 2sU7.
I'lflh nice , six furlonsa : IVnli'ntt (5 ( to 2) )
won. Vemun (7 ( to - ' ) Heeond. Milt Voting (9 ( to 1) )
third. Time , 1:11.
sixth race , llvo furlniiss : Thistle ( i to J )
won. Muscovite * . ' ) to 1) second , Llndbay UOtoli
third. Time , lsH. (
Tii | lor Today.
Krom now out for thirty days there will bo
racing on Mondays , Wednesdays and Frl-
daj-H at Hrlghton Hcach , and oil Tuosdays.
Thursdays and Saturday * at M uuiouth
Pant. The choice horaus for toaay uro :
I. Mabollu I.lttlo Frud.
' . ' , 1'aUu It 1'rlnue I'eyton.
II. I'rlnco ( Juor o Harvust.
4 , I'otomae lladire.
5. Kliully India Kuhhur.
0. Krontonac My I'ullow.
1. KrnoitUacu I'ninan.
. Pionst-U 11. uilliiuk.
a. .Miss l\lu ) | ICn.'urlta.
4. VoTii.nblen Valu'Ul.
f % Kellpso llelter SUulter.
U. Advorslty 'J'om Muckln.
KISSAS Crrv , Mo. , July fi. Weather pleas-
nut ; track fast ; attendance GUO :
1'lwt race , . | x furlongs : j.uko lluckdon
won , boUhur-tarneuond , I'astlma third. Time :
'fc-oenntl raco. live and onu-half furlop s :
Mumle II. won , I.oocolii. second , Stanley third.
Tlmu : IMS.
'I'lilnl ruco. llvo furloiias : lliippy Hay won.
Junnlo V sucond. Harry U third. Tlmu : IOIH. :
Kourtli race , six furUni ; : UalUtorm won ,
Sufu Homo buconJ , Hello lloyd third , Tlnur.
'l-'lfth ruco , three furlonu1 * : llluu Illrd won ,
Queen becotid , l rlnturTuin third , , ' 1'liuuM. : .
Clu < u ut Jluiuurl Vitllny.
Missouiu VAI.I.KT , In. , July 5. ( Special
Telegram to Tim CUE. ] The mooting hero
closed todnv. KaiuiU ;
2:23 : trot or pace , pnrao $ , ' ; 0 ; QulduuVlni ;
won. Victor WtUies second. Fascination third.
Time : 2:2 : i , I)7.pii : ; : ,
„ mlle nnd repeat , purse
$10' ' : llendnood lllrl won , Ilithnuso second ,
Upntlo Mnry tlflriM Time ! Al.ft.Vf.
The meotlng\VSs ; stiecoisful. Or. B. Nobln
of Hlalr oniciatd-d'-'hs atartlag Jutl'so and gave
oatlro sntlsMcttoiV/
-.1. in
f sroitr.
\ .
( front Spurt nt tlm SI. V. A , tt. A. ' < Srcond
i.linjTUit Dny.
ST. Jn urn , Alo/ / | JulyTlio conilltioim
for the second und last day of the repntta of
the Mississippi Valley Rowing nssociatlon
were perfect , i < r
The senior sltigla was won by James lion-
dnrsou of the CuUins ot Chicago. Time :
10:134' .
Tno senior pair , n row-over , was won bv
tlioCatllns In llilB-if.
The fonlor four was won by tbo Modocs of
St. Louli over the DeKiwara * of Chicago.
Time : UOI'4. :
The senior double was oontostod for by
two Call In crows and wai won by the senior
double of thnt club. Timn : 0:4S , ' .
The barge ruco was botwcou tbo Modocs
nnd U'ostorns of St. Louis. The Modocs
won. Time : 4OSJi : , which breaks the barge
Ofllcors were olcctoJ ns follows : PresIdent -
Ident , Charles Cotlln , Chicago ; vice pres
ident , Fred D. Standl.'h , Detroit ; commo
dore , j. J. Schaab. Si. Louis ; ensign ,
Cinorgo S. Dlxon , Chlcnao ; sccretnrv and
treasurer , D. H. Martin , Pullman , III. ; ex-
Hum Wc'iiiard "o Chicago , mid"E. .
Wheeler of Minneapolis.
\Vlii > i > llili ; A roiin < l till ) AVcirld.
CiticAuo , 111. , July fi. Frank Lenz , who
loft Now York Juno 14 on a bicycle tour
around the world , has arrived hero. It has
taken him twenty days to ivhcol 1IJO : mlles ,
which distance Uo has covered botuci-n Now
York and Chicago. Ho expects to reach Now
York unln Jitnu I , 1SOI. Ills route follows
the Northern Pacillo railroad to San Fran
cisco , nnd ho will wheel from Shanghai ,
China , to Calcutta , ' India , n trip that has
never yet boon made by n wheelman.
Sciircliors Altir.tin ,
111. , July 5. In the soconi
day's races of the Illinois division , League of
American Wheelmen , today , A. K. Lumsdon
of the Chicago Cycling club , won the hal ;
mlle hnud leap race in 1:03 : iJ-5 , lowering the
previous highest record in tbo world of 1 :0r : >
L. D. Muncor of the snmo club won the mlle
handicap in 2:22 : , boating the American coru
petition record of 2'l'it ; 1-5.
1--KT.1. J-J10.11 THE
Itupurt OoliNinllli Tolls of Ills Fright I"
Full In : i Hnrstud Jlnlloon.
BOSTON , Mass. , July G. Deles Goldsmith
the only survivor of the three men who
descended in tlio balloon yesterday , told tbo
story of the trip as ho lay on a cot In the
hospital today. Ho said :
"When the balloon arose In the air wo an
ticipated nn euloynblo trip. At first it
seemed ns If tuo balloon would talto n wes
terly course , but u strong wind from the
west suddenly h'rbso uud swept it toward
South JUoston. ft'was ' soon oviOont tbat wo
were heuJing for'tho ' harbor. It was then
hat Piof. U6'fer ' ; s'aid that ho would
laud on Thoiripson's Island. To fail of
this , wo all know , 'mount to bo carried out to
sea. The professor seemed to reali/o this ,
ns ho became u : trifle nervous. Ho pulled
the escape vnlvo cord , but the cord remised
to work. It was. then a question of life or
death. Again and Wain ho pulled. Fora
moment the buiro rtass shook and quivered.
Soon our position became uncoinlortiiblo
because of the ' odor of the gas. To mlt-
Igato this the hold ou the cord was
relaxed. To our nmnzomont the vnlvo
refused to close. > Prof. Kogers kept his
hnnd ou the rope. , , Suddenly a noise over
head unused us. to look tip. There was a
sir.nll rent In the b'allon , which , as the gas
escaped , increased < 6n yard. At lirst slowly
and then like an1 arrow ; the balloon decended" .
In this awful moment It occurred' to rae that
two carrier pigeons wura in the bot'.om of
the caiv With 0110 wrouch 1 opened the cage
and tnoy were free , A moment later wo
struck the water. It seemed as if 1 wont ton
feet below the surface. I know wo would
have to swim , and so before wo struck the
water I bail thrown my coat away. I haa
not time to remove my shoes , but while in
the water I lay on my back and removed
them. Thun I became tanclod up In the not-
tin ? . When I came up I wriggled free nnd
jumped from the basnet.
' The land soemcd far away , though I am
told It was only 000 yards. AU this time I
heard Prof. Rogers behind mo nnd I sup
posed that ho too was swimming for the
shore , t felt faint while swimming from the
effects of the gas , ami if 1 hail not boon
picked up quickly I would have givou out.
"Whether Prof. Rogers died from the
effects of tbo gas or trom the fall I do not
know. lie was near mo nil the time until bonk
' -nk in the water. "
Goldsmith is lili years old. Ho is fond of
athletics and is nn expert bwimmor. Ho Is
sullcring terribly from the Jnervous shock ,
but was ublo to leave the hospital toaay.
OITICB ot' Wiiirncii BUREAU , i
OMAHA , July 5. (
The prevailing fair weather condition or
high barometer still covers the entire coun
try cast of the Uocky mountains. It is cen
tral in the lovvorlnku region nud cool
prevails on tbo Atlantic slopo.
Temperature has risen decidedly west of
the Roukios and u warm wave is moving
eastward. Very high temperatures uro ro-
poi'tod Irom Montana , where the mercury
this evening ranges well up In tbo nineties.
A low barometer or storm ; is advancing
north of Montana. No rain was reported
from any point.
I.uriil I'ltriM'tiHt For KitMi > rn NithniKlcii ,
Omaha mill Vicinity : Incrriisliivuriiiiiiiu
< 'iiiilliinril fullucallicr , Hoiitlii-rly u'lmU
iliirlniVrilno4iliiy ulth a pnmpiTt ill local
hliotvorr , l > y Tliurnilny ovt'iung.
WASHINGTON. D. C. , July li. Forecast for
Wednesday : Iowa and Nebraska Fair
generally warmer , south wlnus.
For South Dakota Fair Wednesday ,
warmer in east portions , south , shifting to
west winds , cooler Thursday.
North Dakota Fair , probably followed by
light local showers by Tmirsduy morning ,
wnrtnur In southeast , cooler in" northwest
portion , south , shifting 10 west winds.
.tliivniiii'iitH nl Ocean .Slcaiiinr.s.
At Movillo Arrived , Ciroassln from Now
At Cnpo Henry Passed lu , G'arthugonin
from Liverpool. , . ,
At IIrow HuailrrSlgiinlled , City of Paris
from Now York foriLivc.'rpool.
At Lizard Passed , Ijolyonlutid from Now
York for Hamburg ;
At Aiitwerp-UVrrlved , Noordland from
New York. "PJ
At Mow Vork-vArrivod , State of Nebraska
from Glasgow , i- i'
( ihliKtoyii In Si'iilliiiul.
LONDON , July O.-jAlr. CJludstono nddrossud
a large and outiiu'slastlo mooting at Dcl-
keils today. In thu course of his speech ho
said that If ScotjAnd , on mature delibera
tion , wanted hurtm rule for herself , she
would gat It , aw iior right. Hut , ho added ,
the lrli.ii question , p ds Scottish nutionnllsm.
The Scottish na 9iial griovunce was that
whenever llioroviiL u uniHiburul majorltv
in parliament tiiiyVotooi Scotland wns du' .
regnruod , , ' "
1)1.ul on IIU , | > iuiilil < > r'ii ( irnvu.
VI.M-BSXKS , Ind. , July fl. William Tyler ,
prosldnnt of the Vlricennnos National bunk ,
this morning drove to the cnmotorv , seated
jlmsuif on tno grnvoof his daughter and
bhot himself throuKli the heart ,
I'KltbOXAl , I'.Ht.Hllt.ll'llS.
Ora D. Hall of Genoa , Nob. , aim MIsi
Joiinio IJaUloy of Wavhln toti were iniir-
rloil in Omaha on Monday.
Judgu Forsuson lenvus for Now York
today , where ho will upend the vacation
prior to HID opmiiugof ino September term
of court.
Nr.w YCWK. Julyfi.-fSpocIal Telegram to
IHK HEB.I Mr. and Mrs. George Hwobodu
of Omaha luft the Wcstmliibtor to sail for
Buroiw via Uoulogtio on thu Mausdum of the
lioynl Holland llnu. Congroisiuuii W. J ,
Urynn of Nubrasku is at tlin lioffmun , Ji.
iioanudy. jr. . nt thu Westminster and C. L.
Mills ut ihu Hoffman , uro Oaiiihalte * .
Strong IfFort Being Put Forth to Secure
the People's ' Paity Headquarters.
Sharp Coiiipctltlmi for tlin Honor IX-
trcniply Sriioiitlon t Itiiiiuir C'linpcrliliiff
Dr. Mori-or ( luli-kty Dcnlnd liy Tlr t
fiit Asklni ; for Cutli.
The national commlttoo of the people's
party mot nt the Mlluird yostorduy to complete -
ploto Its list of nnino * and po.Unlllco ad
dresses uud discuss matters of concern to the
V. O. Strlckler and Paul Vandorvoort In
formed the commlttoo thnt Omaha would
like to have Its hondiiuartew located lu this
city nnd thnt the oltlzons would make
a liberal contribution to the expenses
of tbo committee , The nnmo of
Dr. S.D. . Murcorvns montioncd as
ono of the oxpactod contributors , nud It was
iutimnted thnt ho would uonnto board nuu
lodging at bis hotel for the chairman and the
bocrctnry nnd perhaps two some money
besides. The doctor's recent experience with
the republican state commlttoo was dwelt
upon nnd the Improssnn win given out that
ho was about to desert the republican party
mid Join the Independents. It was stated
thnt other Omaha citizens would probably
contribute suniolent 'to provide rooms for
headquarters and employ n stenographer.
A motion wns made to appoint n commlttoo
to confer with the citizens Interested mid
ascertain what they would do. Several members
bors , solicitous for llioir dignity , objected to
taking nn uetion would h.ivo the uppoar-
nuco of bogging , pnrticulnrly from the chair
man of the republican state commlttoo , nnd
Messrs. Vuniturvoort and Strlciclur were
giV-'u to understand that they must get a
dPllnito proposition and In writing in order
to have it seriously considered.
AVImt < ] IMMV Out f Tins.
The circumstance gave rise to the rumor
that Ur. Murcfr br.d determined to resign
his chairmanship und join ttio third party ,
nud the recent proceedings of thu republican
committee lent color to the report. . It was
argued that the doctor's ohniicus for the
gubernatorial nomination had been spoiled
by the action of the committee in making Us
apportionment for the coming state conven
tion and that ho hail ir. coiiseciuonco bueomo
so disgruntled bo ttilrstud for revongo. The
know-it-alls went on to explain that the
doctor saw in the third party movement nn
excellent moans ot defeating the republican
ticket in the coming oloution und thereby as
serting his power. The doctor Is ambitious ,
they explained , and sues in the now move
ment nn opportunity to gratify his desires ,
believing that his wealth and apparent power
as demonstrated in the coming campaign
will make him n peculiarly available man for
the people's party.
That was thu gossip last night. A friend
of the doctor , however , offorqd another viovv
rtf I lin * > 'i t.n
I'nroly u ISiislness Jlntter.
"Dr. Mercer , " ho said , "is the owner of a
new hotel nnd lias a pride as wull ns a
pecuniary interest In building upn patronage
tor it as speedily us possible. Ho
evidently looks at this matter from a
business poiut of view without
reference to his political position.
Ho probably reasons that il ho had the
national headquarters nt his hotel the
politicians of that party when in Omaha
would naturally stop n't the same house.
During the next four months the heau-
quurters will probably bo visited bv
hundreds if not thousands and if any ono
hotel cau corral all their patromigo It will
bo worth thousand ! ) of dollars , if the price
is not ton hi , ? ) ! it looks like u very shrewd
business stroijo. "
Mr. S'.ricklor , when interviewed last night ,
said : "Several citizens hu"o oxproisud a
willingness to contribute toward tlio expense
of securing the headquarters of the people's
party , but I do not euro to mention mimes
because there is nothing dellnltu yot. 1 have
not scon Dr. Mercer , out understood Mr.
Vundorvoort had some talk with him about
this matter. Wo could not afford to accept
a contribution from him Individually and di
rectly , but of course if thociti/.ons of Omaha
as a body make up the suggested contribution
it is none of uur concern who the individual
contributors aro. Wo do not want to know
or recognize thorn * as such. It would bo a
great advertisement for Omahu to huvo the
headquarters and I am in hopes wo may so-
cura them. "
The selection of headquarters was referred
to the executive committee. The following
gcutlc-muu were chosen to no such commit-
tuo : H. K. Tuuboncck of Illinois , chairman ;
.1. II. Turner of Georgia and Lawrence i\lc-
Farlmul of Now Vork , becrotiiries ; M. f .
Kanidn of Indiana , treasurer ; Ignatius Don
nelly of Minnesota , ( jeonroF.Vasliburn nt'
Massachusetts , V. O. Striokler of Nobr. ska ,
J. II. Davis of Texas , U. F. Uaithor of Ala
Appeal for C'usli.
The natioual committee spent considerable
time di.icussiuir ways and means und agreed
upon the loliowiiig appeal to the rank und
( lie :
Hosolvod. That the national c"iiwitioo of
Ihu people's party request thu reform press to
ur u with all Its force and Inllnunue that upon
thu tilth d : > y of. July , or 111 innuh earlier an
possible , every paopln's party club and labor
orjani/.athm In thu United Mates meet and
i-ollojt campaign funds for tliu national cam
piilgn ; and thai they thun adjourn to meol
iitt.ilii on tliu .lUh day of Au.tisi , tliu annlvu -
Hary of ihu battle of llenniiulon , thullist
baltluof thu American revolution , ami that
on that day muciingi bu held In evury town
ship to collua funds for thu national cam
paign. SIIIL-U without funds wu cannot , make
thu Hunt for loform with any hupu of siiceus- . .
The pouplo miiiU niistaln ihls campaign with
llieli inu.ins as wu.l as ihini- vote * , or il. iniiy
full , and with II thu hopes of the people for
Jusllcu and prospcilly , in this and ail fntnio
The meullimu In country districts shall liu
hold at IU o'clock a. m. , ana ihu meotiiiKH In thu
villages mid cities at h o'clock p.m. . and all
money collected shall he .it open Ir insmllt'id
to M , C. Uankiii of I'urro Haute , Iml. , ireas-
ilierof Ihu national commit tee of tin ; penpln'.s
p'irty. And we ug osl that on said Itilh dav
of August the penplu duvotu thu day t'o this
great uurkvllh spueuhos and fustlrities.
Ami wefuilher reijuust that at oaoh of Hiieh
meutliip'B a llnancu eonimltteu shall bu ap
pointed , whiisu niity It shall ho to maliu a
thoiotiiili uaiivaKs of thu lonnshlp or preulnet
for eoiitrlPutlons.
And In addition to thu aliovo method of
to bu known us tlio 'Tun Dollar OiunpaU'n
l''iind"lho"Klvo Dollar C'linpnlcn l-'inul.1 the
"Ono Dollar ( > iiiiiiiiin | : I'lind'1 and thu "l-'Ifiy
Cunl Canipiltn : Fund. " ando leqnmt thai
all frlunds of thu i-aiisp , who are alilu to do HO ,
will send tholr names und uoniilbiillons di
rectly to 0111 liuasnirr , to be published in thu
tuforni PI-CM of tlu'irro.-'puullvo siatuui pro
vided Ihut contributors to ihusu funds nhull
bu allowed , If they duslru to do ao , in pay In
monthly Installments.
Wu n11,0 ni-gii that I'vury Hpualior for thu
people's parly shall lali ) iii | collections for
our national uainp.ilun lund wliuruvur they
may address thu pmjp.u.
\\u \ would aiMj ur e that thu ladles who
iiru in sympathv wljh Ihu puonlu's parly In
the roiiieetlvo H ! ileH nhall bu nwd ami i' < < -
niiuntod , by Ihu ruform IJIDSS , to forinulubs
for the eolleutions of funds and the forward-
IIIK of our wor .
Tlio national eniniiilltuu of the pooplu's party
nay to IU friends that there in u reasona-
blu probability that Iho party will HUVUU thu
country and oleet thulr ciindUlatt" . for inesl-
lent anil vice president , If Ihuy are lven
niiians uiioiu'h to put npu.iliurs In the lluid and
Hiipply ihu people with uaiiipal n llturatnru ,
rianninc lor tint I'ray.
The cxocutlvo commltteo mot yesterday
afturnoon nnd last uvuiiing with ( ionorul
Weaver , to c-onsldcir plans for thu eampalgn.
St. Louis nnd Indianapolis weru candi
dates for Iho headquarters and offered Boinu
nducumunlH , hut nothing nearly us generous
us is proposed on behalf of Omithii. A
uijorlty of Iho committed seemed to favor
it. Louis bocuuso of its central location ,
jut they decided to hold Iho matter open
and huvo unoihor session today. Mr.
strlckler felt that the committee could
mrdly tilTord to refuse the Omahu proposi
ng , and Ob soon ns It shall ducidu that It
vlll favorably consider such an offer , ho will
; o out and got the necessary guaraiituu.
Dr. .tlnri-nr'a .Sturdy Denial ,
Lnto last night tt win reported that Dr.
> lorcor hau cone to Lincoln to nmUo ar-
raiigomonts for the removal of a third party
mpor to Omaha , and IlilJ sonmod to lend ad-
illioiml color to the stntomttnt that ho wiu
ibout to UU.HC.TI the ropublicun puny. It was
urlher unorlod that ho was about to cull
| another mooting ot the stnto commlttoo for
next week nnd nl that tlmo would resign
the chairmanship. A still later report inntlo
the explanation thnt the doctor had endorsed
ttio paper of the Lincoln miulUhor and wns
merely taking steps to protect himself. Tin :
UBI ; telecrapnod its Lincoln corroponilont
to see the doctor , nnd in return received the
following :
LINCOLN , Nob. , July 0. fSpoclnl Telegram
to Tnl : Urn. 1 Dr. Mercer , chairman of the
republican stnto central committed , l-i In Iho
city , slopping ut the Hotel Lincoln. Ho was
shown n telegram to the effect n rumor
had been put In circulation by Independent
lenders In Omnhn thnt liu had loft the repub
lican party and Joined the people's party.
' ' 1 can find no words strong ououi'h to nx-
ITM the falsity of the report , " smd Doctor
Mercer. "Thoro Is not n word of truth HI It.
1 hnvi * never even contomplatoii such u poisl-
billty , 1 hnvo held no conferences or conver
sations with nnyouo in regard to the tmiltnr.
1 have never ovun bocm approached on the
suhjoct bv ntiy member of the ludopandoiit
party. If there is such n rumor in circula
tion lu Omnhu II has boon started by man
who have no grounds for limiting so ridicu
lous n report. "
Slinrt Story of ( lenenil AVonvor'n llusy I.I to
nnd I'ulllloiil Career.
"Who can bo found to boat Woavorl"
This was the long standing conundrum for
Iho republicans of the Sixth Iowa district ,
and at the they did not soivo II for
thoinselvas. The damocrnts did tt for them
by nominating another man. A fter this , however -
ever , Cionural Weaver came nguln , nnd ouly
the Hood of 1SSS enabled the republicans to
elect Hon. John P. Lncoy of OMtniootn ,
( Jonurul Weaver's iticcuss is duo to his un-
ttvo abilities , tils brilliant urniy record , thu
popular i-onlldunco in his integrity , to his
winning manners and to a great extent , it
must bo admitted , to the weakness of his
opponents. Ho was born in U.iytou , O. ,
Juiio 1IfelU ) , was graduated nt Iho law
school of the Ohio
university ntCinulti-
nnlt in 1V > I , utillstud
us n private nt the
beginning of the
wur , aud advanced
in rank with u rap
idity equaled in vorv
few cases. Ho was
elected Ilrst lioutcu-
nut of company ( J of
the Second lown In
fantry , attained the
rank of major Octo
ber ; t , 1S02 , and na
both his colonel and
lieutenant were
killed nt tlm battle of Corinth ho was mauo
colonel. Finally ho was brovettod brigadier
general "for gallantry on the Held to date
from March lit , ISIW. "
In isiifi ho wns oleotcd district attorney of
the Second judicial district of Iowa , and In
181 ! " wns appointed assessor of internal
rovontio for the Fifth dlstrletof thu state , un
ofllco ho bold for six years , llo then edited
thu lown Tribune of Dos Moines , nnd was
olectPd on n fusion greenback dom-
ocrntlc ticket to the Fortv-sixth con
gress. Mon of his way ' of think
ing , however , were ovou then organiz
ing a new party , und in IhSO ho became Iho
preen backers' candidate lor president. Ex-
cludint ; doubtful and fusion liclctts , ho re
ceived ; ! U7T-IO votes. Ho then resumed
private lifo and professional duties lor a
tlmo.but in 1SS1-0 was ro-olccted to congress.
No man in the fiftieth congress was bet
tor informnd on parliamentary rufes , as bo
conclusively proved by holding tlio house In
a itcadlocK for several davs on a question re
garding the Oklahoma ro-orvation. liven
then he was recardud as u sort of stormy
patrol in politics , not a straightout democrat ,
and certainly not a republican. In his lirst
campaicn ho scarcely had the backing ot any
party , and his nomination was , in the poli
tician's phrase , 'docldoillv irregular , " yet
ho made n crossroads canvass among the
farmers and defeated 0:10 : of the br.iiiilest re
publicans lu the stato.
In 1SS4 the republican candldatu , Captain
Frank T. Campbell , was a national hnnknr :
so Iho old group backers rallied lo General
Weaver , and in l.v-0 something else handi
capped the republicans. Seeing him ; hus
victorious in u coufoj.tudly ivpublican dis
trict , the country benaii to luok ou General
Weaver as n mascot , but li ISy * the republi
cans succcodod In uniting on a stronir man ,
ami remanded the general to private Ufa and
people's party politico.
Cenenil UVuvcr'i * Cnniiliir ; .tlntc.
General Jauios field , the vice providential
nominee of the people's party , was born in
Culpeppor county , Virginia , in ISM , nnd
spent his onyhood thero. Ho was
educated a lawyer , and Dji-atno a dem
ocrat of "thu old-fasblouud kind"
as ho puts it. In isr > ! > ho was appointed com
monwealth attorney for ( Julpcpppr countv.
At the oponinz of the war , in April of 1SU1 , ho
resigned his position and volunteered with
the Cuipopper minute men. That company
became noted for Having u raUlusiinuo for its
uinblomand "Don'ttreadon "
mo" fonts motto.
The company marched to Ilnrpnr'.s Ferry
and assisted in the capture of the federal
Geiioral Fields was promoted from the
ranks to major in the Virginia forces , and
hiibsoqiiontly was assigned to a position on
the stall of ( , 'otnn-al A. P. Hill. Hu wns iu
the service from April 17 , IbUl. to
the surrumlur at Appomattox , and
won dislinution for his gal
lantry. He wns wounded nt the lirst battle
of Cold Harbor In 1SW ( at.d again at Slaught
er's mountain ( in engagement known m the
north ns the battle of Cedar Croak ) on
August. 9 , 1SW. ( As a result of the latter
he lost his right log below the knee , and
now uses an urtillclal limb nud a crutch. Ho
was outof active service until ivlav , ISIlil.wheu
ho rojolnud the army at Fruclorioksburg. Ho
was with the army la tno Gettysburg cam
paign , returned with it to Virginia and was
continuously in service till tbo close of the
After Loo's surrender General Field
resumed the practice of law. In 1S77
ho was appointed by the governor
of Virginia to ( ill an unuxpirod term as at
torney general of ttio state , and in November
of that year ho was clouted to congress for a
full term of four years boirinnmi : January 1 ,
lh7S. Slnco lbi ! ho has been a practicing
lawyer and a farmer , residing on a considor-
uhlo u.stnto in Alocnmrlo county.
Though never u member of nn alliance , n
grange or any other Industrial oriraniition. .
General Field has since 1.SS.1 proelaimeu
from tuo stump throughout Virginia that
redress for the grievance's of the people ?
c-ould only bu hail through a i-oform organ
ization. Ho helil lliatthoinlltioncnol the party
caucus had grown superior to the wll of
thoeonstitiionts ol tliu parly , and , therefore ,
unwlso legislation could neither bu repealed
nor prevented ; therefore , u now party was
a necessity. General Field Is a Baptist nud
has for some tlmo bueu ut the head of the
state organization of that church In Virginia.
ul l.iibor All'.ilrx.
The Knights of Labor of Nobr.iskn took
udvuiitagu of the presence in Omaha of the
chief olllcera of the order. Mossrs. Powdorly ,
IIayes-Wright and Cavanugh , and hold a
delegate meeting yesterday afternoon at Gale
City hall. There nro nearly 10(1 ( asuumblius
In iho state , und naturally them nro many
questions upon which thn mombursdoslrutho
advice of their chlofn. Among thu matters
brought up wus n sot ol chargosagnini.1 Anton
H. llipelow. On Inquiry it was learned that
the ncciHini : party was not a muinbiir of thu
fraternity , nnd the. assemblage declined to
consider the complaint ,
Last night thn ruprnsontutlvos of the
Omaha nssomjilius hud n confL-runco with the
national ofllcori ) , and tonight a now assembly
will bu Instituted. Mr. Powdurlv nnd his
associates will remain In Omaha for two
days yot.
CiillliiK On ili Women.
A striking evidence of the revolution now
going on Is found In the fact thut a Kentucky
delegate offered the following resolution in
the mcullng of the national committee of thu
people's party yesterday , und It was unani
mously adopted :
itosolvud , That tlm people's party of thn
1'nlltjil States earnt'Stly | the woiicn | of
Ihu country to ork'anl o at once and help un
In this conlcst , licoutuo wu uru llzhllni ; to
Bavo nut only thoia und oursulvos hut the
conilng ioiioralliins ; from plutourallo ttluvury.
Hail it Ililitrlout Tlnip.
MAUTIND rKiutv , O , , July 0. The Hun-
garlnns , Italians and Slavs employed lu thu
mliios at Luurelton celebrated Ilia Fourth ot
July by a big druuk und riot. Forty men
participated nnd twenty wore injured. Ono
man had bis arm badly cut. uuothor bis
shoulder dislocated , another tils tooth nil
knocked out anil another wut hurl Inter-
nnlly , Several arrests have ouun made ,
Moro trouhlu 11 anticipated and thu peoutu
nro turrorUod.
Harvesting Has Oonnnoncoil in Many of the
Uut IVw Itnriirorntitn ItrporH Itrrrlvpil ,
und They Are 1'uri-l.v l.ociil Nolirmlui
Ni'iU Jlitro SniKliliu No | . 'i' r of
Shnrl Crop * Tills Your.
WASIIIXOTOX , D. O. , July 5. The week lilt ; ,
boon cooler than usual throughout the dis-
trlct * cast of thu Hooky mountains. Tha
scnsonnblo conditions of molsturo romnlii
Mlbslnnllnllv the same as reported last week ,
except In Iho lotvur Inlto rogiou nud on the
Atluutlu const , where there lias been u
mnrked lucronio In tbo soAsouablo rainfall.
Texas Moro rain is nceilod for cotton in
the ivostorn portions of the tnto ; worms urn
appearing in some territories und it Is feared
that it damp wcnthor coiillnuus they will
dnmago cotton.
Missouri Whont nnd clever harvests tire
Hearing completion lu southern , progressltii :
in contra ] , uud bagiuuliii ; in the northern
portion. Oats ripening ; coru generally
clean , with much improved color ; disastrous
hailstorms lu wost-uuntrnl portion ; slight I v
cool for'model ; harvest ivcullior ; out
look steadily Improving.
Illinois Harvesting eoinplotud lu southern
portion , progressing rapidly lu central ; some
wheat damaged by high wind nnd r.iln on
ttio 2nd. ninl some complaint of chinch
bugs lu corn.
Ohio Corn nnu potatoes growing well ;
outs In gooil condition ; wheat In SHOOK in
south ami tmrvoslud In iniiUllo nnd rondv to
harvest In northern Rootlou : some datnago
'ram rust , insects ana smut.
Minnesota Crops generally look well , rain
beginning to do good ; some complaints of
rust mid.rotting.
Iowa Haying and winter gr.ilu harvest
begun , corn two weeks Into , but KOnor.xlly
cloau nud needs warmer wjathcr to mature.
North Daitotn-Heavy ralus uamai-cd
wheat In northeast uouiitlos ; riuo and early
sown wheat holding out.
South Dakota Week moro favornblu than
last nnd crop advanced sntisluctorily.
.NolmiHkii'ti lioport.
Nebraska Urain growing well , but i
weather too cool for It to gain much In con- * " * '
ditton and it is .still very backward ; rye and
winter wheat harvest commenced in southern
counties ; oats much injured and thu crop for
the stnto as a whole sure to bo light.
Knusns All ( -011111110115 luroriibio to corn
and harvest. Spring whent Is good ; oats
need ruin ; u splendid wheat harvest in gen
eral prom ess ; corn growing rapidly.
Oklahoma Wheat threshing nnd oats
harvests continue. Corn and all other crops
in moat excellent condition.
Montana Hay crop about nvoraeo ;
weather of thopust week has just boon what
was needed for crops.
Wyoming Good week for crowine crop * .
ColoriUto-Conditiors generally favorable ,
although rain Is much ncedott in sections.
Now Mexico--Past week favor.ibto to all
growing crops.
Arizona Sorghum , Kgyplinn corn utul
other crops doing well iu the southwest ; all
crops uiu'oi- irrigation growing well in cen
tral nnd northern portions.
Utah Crops growing well ; wheat and
barlov nro bonding in the northern counties ;
hay is buing cut everywhere , and in thu
southern portion a good crop U being so
Washington. Western portion hud pno.l
growing woiHhor ; h-avv buy crops ; hup- ,
doing fairly well. In eastern" portion gram
scarcely injured by dry hot winds thu lust
four iiiys , in Juno , notwithatniidini ; the rah.s
Oregon. Wheat In fair condition , ( .pnnir \
wheat needs rain ; liny in full progress ana
good crops ; only fuir prospects tor crops
this year.
California.-cWnrm weather , rapidly rlpon-
iiiL' fruit * ad grain which are being harves
ted ; hops nro improving very much under
the present temperature and abundant sunshine -
shine ; fruit drIn - . ' and canning 'cVmmoncea
In earnest in nil parts of thu i-tate , where
such establishments are situated.
TOO oooi , ron c-
Thu Conillllons In Icnvik I'aviirulihi for
Only n T o-thinls ; rop.
DKS MOINKS , la. , July 5. The weather
during the past week has been too cool tor
the rapid growth of corn , but the conditions
were favorable iron orally for small grain.
The daily avorngo temperature was ii = bi )
low normal. The rainfall was In OXOCM of
the seasonable amount , uspociallv in the central
tral nnd oust central districts. Corn is twi
weeks late and ncods warmer wonlhcr M
nuiiuro. It Is doing fairly well nnd is pnipr
nlly clean where it has not boon too wet u
cultivate. With the most favorable comi.
lions in the future It will ho posibip to inak'i
a iwo-ilurds uvorago crop in tlio state. Hav
ing and tuo harvest of winter grain are in
progoss. The hay crop will bo verv heavy ,
but the quality is not up to I no standard.
Oats will not mnko over (10 ( per cent of un
avcriigo yield.
Hotter In NiiliniHldi.
CIIP.TI : , Nob. , July f > . to Tin :
Uir. : . ] Weather-crop bulletin No. lit , of thu
Nebraska weather service. Issued Irom thu
central ofllco at IIoswcll observatory , Doano
college , Crete , for the weak ouding 'J'uosday ,
July ft. 1S'J2 , says :
"Tho weather the past week has benn cool ,
the temperature averaging from four to su
degrees below the normal , with about an av-
crago umotint of sunshlno.
"Thu raiuliill during uio past wool ; has
been mpru than an inch and exceeded MIU
normal in Ctister , Hamilton , Hutlcr , Otou ,
Knlino , JelTprson and Pawneu cotniUot ; OKO- !
where In thnastern part of thu state ttio
rainfall bus generally oxceoilnd a half an
Inch. In Iho wuslorn part of the stnto litMu
or no rain fell.
"Corn has grown well tbo past week ron-
siilorlng the cool weather , but Is still back
ward and In need of warm wo.uhor. lt\o
and winter ivhcnt hut-vest has begun In the
southern part of the state. "
Mlehlk-an'rt Crop OnlliiiiK ,
DHTIIOIT , Mich. , July fi. The weekly re
port Issued by the Michigan weather service !
bhows that In the northern counties the past
woo It has bunu a jronornliy Invoniblc onti for
all kinds of cropu , except In low places ,
where excessive rains and low loinpornturn
have provontud the oiiltivntlon of con1. Wet
weather has caused cnnslderablo loss In thu
central and southern counties where grains
nro reported lodged and farm work much re
tarded. Fruit , it Is expected , will bo u light ,
crop In nil but the northern part of the itato.
Moro warm and wet weather is expected.
} y. > '
u $ & .
'rf ® ;
. - * /
/ ( $ % ? ' ' * ,
Mra. Mnru Anton
of In\vsburg | , 1'n. , siilfcrcd nntoM ngnnyfrom
broln-n mriroKii win * , with Intcnso Itrll-
Inu and burning. Un the recommendation of a
physician shu took
food's Sarsaparilla
nnd used Hood's Ollvo Ointment. Boon the
ulcers hean ( ; to heal , the liillanmmilonreMril ,
Hhuwns completely cured , and nays , "I enjoy
iicalth as I havu not for many ycnis , "
" Wo nro pcrnonally nciiuaiiitud with Mri.
Altai unit kno\v the nhovu to bu truo. " J , H.
, I'n.
HOOO'O PlLUflcuro H bltual Oanitlpallan l > r
ctturlxi tcrlit jltlc kclk'u of ll : uUmtuUtjr rickU