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Ho Will Resign ths Ohairmtnsbip of the
Bopublican National Committee.
Ituslncm KngngoinctitK Will Not Allow Him
to Act Ci'litlrmrllVlio llii\o Hcun
HH HU Pruli.iblo hiic-
ccsiior Washington Not en.
D. C. , July 5. Hon. W. J.
Campbell , chairman of the republican na
tional committee , arrived here this afternoon
nud went to the wblto house at 2:30 : , where
ho wns In consultation until nearly 0 o'clock
f with the president , Secretary Elklns , Com
missioner Carter , Secretary Husk nud ex-
Srnator Spooncr of Wisconsin. At the con
clusion of the conference Chairman Campbell
gave out the following statement for publica
tion , saying that ho had nothing further to'
tav with regard to the question at Isiuo.
This is tlio statement referred to :
"When I was clcctod chairman of the na
tional comtnltteo It wns with the distinct
understanding that ray business eugaBO-
mcnts , then pending , might render It Im
possible for me to act in that capacity. This
contingency was fully understood by the
committee nnd others directly interested.
Since the adjournment of the committee , I
linvo been unable to adjust my affairs so ns
to render it practicable lor me to act as
chairman ; aud 1 , therefore , ns I reserved
the right to do , announce that 1 will not
so act. Under the authority vested In
mo by the national committee , I will proba
bly announce the executive committee within
the next few ( lays , and that commlttco wil
lucet at an early date. At that meeting 1 will
formally tender my resignation and my suc
cessor will bo then elected. My successor
will bo chosen by the executive committee as
uuthorized by a resolution adopted by the
national committee.1'
The resolution alluded to was adopted to
meet Just such a contingency as has arisen.
The names most prominently mentioned to
night in connection with the chairmanship
are Commissioner T. H. Carter , J. H. Manloy
ol Maine , Samuel Fesscndon of Now Hamp
shire und Mr. Hooart of New Jersey.
Chairman Campbell wilt probably appoint
tbo executive committee tomorrow and those
whoso names follow , with perhaps ono or
two exceptions , will It is bellnved , ba found
uoon the list : J. H. Manley , Maine ; Gnrrott
Jlobart , New 'Jersey ; Samuel Fossrnden ,
Connecticut ; J. S. ClurKsou. lown ; W. O.
Bradley , Kentucky ; II. C. Pujro , Wiscon-
fcln : S. C. Kerens , Missouri ; E. Itosewater ,
Nebraska , and J. N. Huston , Indiana.
STII.I , ox TIII : SI > IAKLI : ' > TAIIM : .
J'uturr Action on thu hll or Hill NCU-J ni l
( iosslii.
\V\suixoTov , D. C. , July 5. So far as the
cctlon of the house is concerned , the silver
bill is in ornclly the same position this after
noon ns it was when the speaker laid It bo-
tore the bouso this morning. ' It is still upon
the speaker1 * table , subject to any variety of
motions for ita reference. But It Is in the
power of tbe friends of tbo measure ut any
time when there is u quorum present to
defeat Mr. Tracuy's motion to refer it to the
committee on banking and currency aud to
move Its reference to the comtnittoa on coin
age , weights und measures.
It was said after a IJouramont today that
the llcht over the reference would not bo
renewed tomorrow , and thai the enemies of
the measure will allow It to be referred as Us
fi lends desire , without further obstruction.
It la now admitted by thn anil-silver men
that the bill must ultimately go to the coin
age committee , anil it Is iho purpose to make
a strong light there. For tbe reason that the
bill was hot today ri'fencii to the committee
thcro wi.l be no meeting before iho house ,
and Ihero will bo nothing beloro the com-
n itlco lor Us action. 1'ho bilver men tbiuk
that thcio will bo no loss of L-round bv this
delay us il U extremelv doubiful in view of
thu number of the absentees whether they
could secure the presence of u voting quorum
in the committee. There has been some talk
of postponing from Thursday until Friday
Ihe order for a suspension dav. It Is argued
that the change witl insure the attendance
of n largo number f republicans.
Tbotci-geant-Bt-nrmatoaay sentou'.nliiuty-
f.oven telegrams to absent monibers , urging
tneir wpeedy return to Washington , und u
number of others are believed to be on the
v > uv. With this question tbu committee on
rules , or al least ibi ) democratic contingent ,
\vill probablv deal.
N < ' Nolrs.
Senator Mandcrson today introduced a bill
to create u national highway commission to
consist ol two senators , two representatives ,
the secretaries of war , agriculture nnd inter
ior , tbe postmaster general und the attorney
cencnil und nn associnio member Irani onch
Bluto nnd territory. Meetings are to bo held
in Wuxbinctuii during thu sessions of con
gress , in Chicago during the World's lair , nnd
ut such other places uud tin.u < as the major
ity may olect. Tlio commission is to invcs-
tignlo the needs of the country in tcgurd lo
hmhwava nnd leport to congress.
General Sebolicld this morning received a
telegram from General Whcuioncommanding
the I ii'partmenlof Tcns , saying that ho has
no Information of any resurrection nf the
Garza mo\oment or any political uprising
whatever. He says tbo recent troubles in
that reiuhboi hooj were the itcls of individ-
uui > und bud no political significance.
AfcMatil Secretary Spaulding today re
ceived u telegram from Special Troasurv
Agent \VlHiniin , at Port Townsend conlirm-
li.g the report thut the BritUh steamer
Ccquillunltli nUUU , scul skli.s on board had
been seized ut Port Etcticss , Al.isku , by tbo
revenue uteniner Corwin for violation of tbo
United Status cubtoms regulations , General
Kpauldlng says the scul sums were seized be
cause they formed n portion of tbe vessel's
cargo not shown in her manifest.
HuroUt M. Sewullof Maine , consul gcnoial
nt Samoa , has tci'dcred his resignation , and
It bin been accepted by tbo president In a
letter cxprosslnc the highest appreciation of
bis excellent services.
Continuations -William Kuhus of Orojcm
to bo United .Status consul ut Sidney , N.
S. W.
hll.VlMl Illl.I. STIUKKil.i : O.V.
Tliu llouHtt lt < Ti'Urn the .Mi : lire mill the
'Iroiililit Hi-ulna lit Onco.\ . C. , July 5. Th9 speaker
laid before tbo house the sonata free silver
bill and said ho referred it to iho commlttco
on coinage , ucighu aud measures under tbe
Mr. Bland of Missouri us Iced that the
committee huvo leave to alt d-irlng tbo ses
sions of the houtc.
Mr. Tracy of Kentucky objected nnd
moved that tbo bill bo referred to tbo com-
iiilttco nn banking and currency.
The vote rcbultod In no quorum and a call
of tiu < house wur ordered. One hundred and
tovt'iity incmtien roipondea.
Mr. I'atcblnck of Missouri offered a
10 oluilou tliat all loavoi of absence , except
lor su-knoss , boro\i/Ued , which was currieJ.
Another \oto on Mr. Traov1 * motion to
> ' fcr the bin to tbo uoiniulttoe on banks ana
bunking shawod no quorum voting.
A motion to iidjnurn wa dufputed and a
tall o < the homo was ordered.
Another Iliul Mltfr Itlll Illuiiilcr.
W.ttS'Tis' | | , D. C. , July 5 Represents-
tivo I'ulberton of Texan uxpro < > ov the oplu-
inn tbcl HIP fcenuto mudu a fatul inUtnku In
Ibo piunu-o ol the freecciuago bill Iu that u
lulled lu i'ic ervo Iu the ropcul ol tbo uct of
ISM the legal tender quality of the coin notes
ssuod unocr authority ol the secretary of
the treasury to redeem. The effect of the
senate bill , be savs , will bo to demonetize
moro than ? = < 0roj,000 of com notes and post-
none redemption until congress authorizes It.
The house will bo compelled to amend the
bill and thus thn session may bo prolonged.
Uepre-sentRtlvo Culbcrson's belief is
shared by Mr , Bland of Missouri and n num
ber of otiier silver men , however , are In
clined to tbo opinion that tbo act of IS'.IJ
n contract and cannot be Invalidated. Never
theless. Culbcrson's statement has thrown
tbo silver men Into confusion for the H'uo
being and little cite U being done except to
discuss the new phase of the situation.
Whntcoursothesllvermcn will tauo as a
result ls yet entirely problematical.
pitocii ; iN s ix
Tiiriir Tulkl In the ' cniito Silver In the
WASIMXOTOX , D. C. , July 5. Mr. Berry in
n spaech today on Mr. Hole's resolution re
ferring to the ta.-ift policies of the two par
ties expros cd his conviction that the lorco
bill would bo tbo principal Issue in the presi
dential campaign and warned the people of
thu country Hgnlnst being deluded Into the
hope that It was not the parposo ot the re
publican party , U succaisful , to press that
The only other subject of contest thit oo-
cupled the attention of the senate today was
the disputation In conference ever the item
inserted in the district appropriation bill oy
the senate , appropriating $ UUJJ ) for the en
tertainment of tbo Grand Army of tbo Ke-
public encampment next September. There
wns about an hour's discussion on that
question and finally thcro was a vole on it
which showed n majority of ninu in favor of
Insisting on the item. Thcro was not , how
ever , a quorum voting , but Mr. Allison , tbo
chairman of the senate conlcrces , accepted
the vote ns a sufllclcnt Indication of tbo
sense oJ the senate on the subject. A fur
ther conference was agieed to. Adjourned.
In the llottip ,
WASHINOTOV , D. C. , Jul/5 , The ono ques
tion in the homoitodny WHS , "What shall oo
done with the senate frea silver billf"
Tbe silver men thought that it r.hnuld ,
under tbo rules1 , be referred to the committee
on coinage , weights nnd measure- , bat the
anti-silver democrats , believing that this was
uu unfortunate conference , desired to tend It
to the coinmlttce on banking nd currrncv.
Thu fight being on , the republicans girded ou
tboir swords but took no nctlvn part In the
contest , 'ihey saw tnat there was no quo
rum present , that they could therefore re
frain from acting upon cither sldo nnd nt the
same tlmo escape the charge of dodging. In
the absence of a quorum tbc house adjourned.
roit TIII : AH.MY.
Complete I.Ut of Changcx In the Kegulnr
Sen Ice.
Wuisr.TON' , D. C. , July 5 [ Spsclal
Teletrram to Tin : BEE.J The following army
orders were issued yesterday :
Tbe followine chnuecs In the stations o'
ofllcers of the medical department nro ordered :
First Lieutenant Isaac P. Ware , assistant
surgeon , is relieved from duty nt Ft. Douglas ,
U. P. , und will report in person to the com
manding olllcer for dutv nt that forl , reliev
ing Captain William L. K. Nceller , assistant
Burgeon , and reporting by letter to the com
manding general. Department of the Platte ;
Captain Needier on being relieved will report
to th'j commanding ofllcer at Ft. Mason , Lai. ,
for duty at that fort , relieving Captain
Harrv U. Pcrly , assistant surg.-on , and re
porting bv loiter to the commanding general
ol California ; Captain Porlv on being re
lieved will repair "to this citv and report in
port-on to thn surgeon gonerul for duty in his
Tlie leave of absence pninted First Lieu
tenant William N. Hughes , Tnlrtcentb in-
luntrv. Juno " 2 , Department of .tho Mis
souri. Is extended one month. Tbo leave of
absence granted Captain Thomas Sharp ,
Seventeenth infantry , December 1.1 , 15)91 , is
extended twelve days. Leave of nbsenco for
seventeen days , to take effect from July 31.
Is grained Colonel E. F. i'ownsend , Twelfth
it'funtry. ' Cuptain Abinl Smith. , commis
sary of subsistence , recently appointed , will
report in person to tbe commissary general
of subsistence for duty in his oillco. Cuptaln
Abiol L. Smith , comrnt-sirv of subsistence ,
will proceed to Wulia Walln , Wash. , on of
ficial business nnd upon the completion of
the same will return to his station lu this
city. -
KII.I.JH .1 ror/.v ; .i/ir.
IlUtrfeslni ; Acciilrnt nn the Itork Island
-N < ' ir Iii\cnpjrt , la.
D vcsiMiiT , la. , July 5. [ Special Tele
gram to THE Bui.J Tno Hock Islnnil pas
senger train from tbo southwest struck a
joung woman about twcnt" miles west of
bore ut noon. She was walking on the track
with her back to tbc engine. At the whistle
of Iho engine she stepped on H bridge outside
the tracu. Tbo engine knocked her
Into the creek. Backing up she
wus seen In the water. Sne
was nllvc but sunk baforo uno could be
reached. When icscued she waj dead. Her
body was almost completely denuded bv iho
engine. H was taken to Muscattno for
Klllril Illiiii.cll mill Wife.
DfiifQi-n , In. , July 5. Anthony 1C. Craig
brought his wife homo from tbo Insane
asvlum Saturday night. Nothii'g was seen
of cither until tonight , when the police en
tered tbe house and found both lying on the
bed. Craig hud killed his wife und suicided.
Tb'j cause is unknown.
Thrrti Urowiifil nt llltcniin.
OTTTMW , la. , July 5. At Hiteman , while
Ucbert InnU , wife and child wcra crossing
Cedar creek , Iho horses and bugcy were
swept down tbo stream and tbe entire party
Droppril Drad While Itiiflnc.
DfnrcjfE , la. , July 5. At Farley lust
night , a man named Glow fell dead wbilo
running n foot race. Tonight Frank Keu-
ney dropped dead ufler tluubiug u raie.
u.\iu.\ I'.iviriv iS.V&HJ.Y. .
Tlio Portlunil-I > iii > t Siinnil I.lnn U'lll bu
Completed ( Kiuhl'k llcnlth.
PouTLiMi , Ore. , July fi.-President Clark
of the Union Pacific railroad is bore on his
llrsl tour of Inspontlon since his election lethe
the presidency. Ho suld in an interview
today llint his company would completeihe
purify constructed line from Portland to
Pugct sound , nod iho Great Northern would
probably join In thu construction of the lino.
Spi'akiui ; about the houltti of Jay Gould ,
who Is iu Idutio at present , Mr. Clark sum :
"Mr. Gould Is Improilug sub.nuiitUlly ,
though slowlv , u-id ho will soon be u per-
foctlv sound man. Many exasperated stories
have bean set ull lat consenting bis health ,
but be has never boon so uedly olT iu re
ported. "
Trlfil lo Kill IIU Wlfr.
HiiiON , S. D. , July D N. H. Thompson
wus brought hero today Irom Arlington ,
Kingsbury county , and placed In Jail ,
charged with attempting to kill his wife and
Mrs. Bllghtun , with whom she boarded. His
\\ilo bud loft him several months ago
bccuuiu of cruel treat men t and se
cured a divorce. Yesterday ho went
to the house und endeavored to induce her lo
return to him. Meeting \\lth a refusal bu
drew u butcher knife and struck her u > Ibo
abdoinin , inllicting serloui wounds. Ho then
turned on MrBllfhleu und cut her to
tevcruly thut her intestines protruded. Ha
tttun attempted lu tuko hUounlllo but was
overpowered. Ho now soys the deed wus
committed whllQ ho was under tbo Inliuenco
of opium , tukcu with sulcldil aiu-ni.
O'ltiinn'ft Condition.
Com ; , Ju'y ' 5. Mr William O'Brien , wbo
wus Htrurk un thu hend with a Mono jester-
day as ho wa returning from a political
mcutini : , punsod an unrusy night. Tbo pby-
tli.'luut wno uro in aitundunco approufud
thai tils ( . audition will bn some wone. Hi *
lUkUilunl , a laborer uamud JoLu Sbehuu , ha *
bccu arrested ,
Liberal Gains Recorded in the English
Parliamentary Elections Yesterday ,
The Grand Old .Mini Chilius Ills 1'iirty
ill Hmc n .Miijnrlty of Scxcnty
In tlui Iliiu c Cuiiinicnts
of London I'lini-nt.
LOXDOX , July 5. The Dally News ( liberal ) ,
commenting on the elections , says : "Tbo
question now is not whether wo bhall win ,
but how many seats. "
Tbo Chronicle says : " \Vo nolo a beacon
llgbt in tbo election. The eight-hour ques
tion has claimed its lirst victim In Henry
Broadburst , who owes bis defeat , nut to
home rule , but to the minors' vote , llllng-
wortb almost succumbed to tbo same fate ,
Mr. Tolletto bavin ; reduced his majority to
the vanishing point. One of tbo striking
features is a marked sign of a decisive swing
of tbo pendulum in Scotland and Gladstonlan
borough gums , formerly Mr. Gladstone's
weokeitspot. In conversation recently Mr.
Uladsttnio said ho was of the opinion that
tbo liberals would got a majority of seventy ,
inclusive of these votes. "
The Standard says : "The liberal gains do
not Justify any complacency on tbo part of
the candid homo rulers. "If they do not do
much bettor during the week they will bo in
the minority. Noxvhero has there been as
humiliating reversals. The survival of the
decent liberals in unulminisbcd strength
must , bs mortifying to the people who
trcatcj them as doomed to extinction. "
The Times savs : "Yesterday's palls were
tolerably heavy and the light is gem ? to bo
un unuxuallv hard ono. A cause"of the
disparity of the gains of the two parties yes
terday is found in the fact that u largo pro
portion of the contests were In small
boroughs , where local personal popularity
tends to overbear the larcer motives of pub
lic policy. The swooping of tbo country bv
Mn Gladstone has not manifested Itself. The
main Issues hang upon me exertions of tbe
unionists in the next few days. Evorv
lingering Jealousy between the two wings of
the unionist party must bo quonehod. "
The Star s i.vs : "Ir the average of yester
day's gains is maintained it will give the
liberals a majority of 15'J In Iho next Parlia
ment , while there Is a practical certainty
that the average will bo greater. The defoa't
yesterday of Sir Thomas Sutherland , liberal
unionist , nt Grecr.ock , by John Bruce , liberal ,
Is tbe deathblow to the unionist cause in
Scotland , and Indicate } that tbo number of
English unionists will bn reduced. The radi
cal triumph at Wostham is a prelude to the
roll of London victories for the radicals. "
u or TIII : 11
l-utcst Iteturim frniii the Knyllsh Ocncnil
LONDON- , July 5. Tbo returns In the elec
tions up to 1:39 : a. m. shows that so far the
conservatives have ninety seats , the liberals
sixty.tho liberal unionists eight , and the Mc-
Curtbyitcs one. The returns show tbo fol-
fowmg results :
Dodord S. xVhilbread , liberal , majority
Wnrrington B. Hiorpont , conservative ,
mujority fo i.
Metropolis Westminster division , W.
Burdette-Coutts , conservative , majority
'White Haven Mr. Little'liboralpmajor-
ity 213.
Liverpool. Kirkdalo Division Sir George
Burden Powell , conservative , majority ' .ITT.
Stako-on-Trenl-G. Lovson Gower , liberal ,
majority 1.7&3.
Barrow-ln-Furnoss C. W. Creeper , con-
servalive , majority U'J.
Liverpool , Scoilaud Divi ! on-T. P.O'Con-
ncr. nation ilist. inujorilv 1,103.
Grantham H. Y. Lop -z. cocservative ,
majority y't.
Liverpool , East Toxteth DlvUion Huron
Henry "DoWorms , conservative , majority
Shrewsbury H. D. Green , conservative ,
mujorityluY > .
Scarborouib Sir G. Sitwellconservative ,
majority 171.
Liverpool , Walton Division J. H. Stock ,
conservative , majoiityi 1'JH.
Hanloy W. Wooualo , libural , mnjority
1S' .
Liverpool. West Derby Division Hon. W.
H. Cross , con ervutive"inujontv l.KIJ
Halifax ( Two members ) T. Shaw and
J. Staus , liberals , majority 1,7'JS. '
Metropolis , Haddiugton North Division J.
BtriJ , conservative , majority - .
Liverpool , Kverton Division J. A. Wllcox ,
conservative , mnjority l,7s'J. '
St. Helens H. S. Kurr , conservative
majoritv 5U.
Liverpool. West Tototb Division U. P.
Houston , conservative , nujurily 1.U15.
Liverpool , Bxcbanco Division B. Neville ,
liberal , majority GO.
Wolverhum , Wosl Division Sir A. Hick-
man , conservative , majority 1,11s.
Liverpool , Abercrombo Division W. F.
Lawrence , consorvilivo , mHJonty bil.
Stockton T. Wrightsun , conservative ,
majorilv ail.
Metropolis , Brixton Division Lord Car-
malbun , conservative , majority S'J7.
Yarmouth J. M. Mooroson , liberal , ma-
lorily .tis.
Metropolis , Mary Lobone , West Division
F. S. Hunt , conservative , majority 4J7.
Perth W. W. Hlteiaw , conservative ,
plurality -Ji7.
Motroplis. Lambeth , North Division-
Alderman F. M. Caidwell , liberal , majority
Metropolis , Hammersmith Division Gen
eral Uoldsworthy , conservaiive , majority
Metropolis , Kenniogton Divisioc Mark
Beaufon , libornl. majoritv l.ll/.l.
U. Allen liberal
Newcastle-undor-Lymo , ,
inujorilv l.Ub.
Metropolis , Mary Lebono , Hast Division
K B. Duiuls , conservative , majority WJ.
Darlington Theodore Fry , liberal , major-
ily M.
'MetrnpolU , Islington , North Division G.
C. ilartlev , conservative , mujorlu 010.
Meiropo Ih , Islington , West DivUiou T.
Lough , liberal , mnjority 73'J. '
Mc-tropulis , Iklinxton , South Division Sir
A. Ifollitl. cuisorvative. maj irity Ml.
Metropolis , Iblmgton. East Division B. L.
Coliun , conservative , mujority 4,4S3.
Metropolis , Huggurstown Division W. H.
Cromor , liberal , mujorily 1 > JI.
Metropolis , Hlxon Division J. Stuart ,
liberal , plurality 1.U. '
Oxford General Sir G. Chesney , conser-
vullve , majority I'-'O.
Mutropoli. . Norwood Division C. K. Trit-
lon. couservallvo , mujority 1..VM.
Brls'ol , North Division C. Townsoud , lib
eral , majority S .l.
Metropolis , Woolwich Division Colonel E.
Hughe * , conservative , majority 1,6'Ji.
Dudley B. Robinson , conservative , major
ity I.OW.
Metropolis. Grconwleh Division T. W.
Boord , coiibcrvntiv , mnjonly 'JiJ.
Mulro.oiit ; , Chelsea Division C. A. White-
more , conservative , majority i > 0'J.
Metropolis , St. Pdncras , North Division--
T. H. Bolton , liberal , majority OJ.
Bristol , We l DlvUlon-Colouel Hill , con
servative , mijorlty .US.
Metropolis , St. Puncras , East Division
H. \\eoster. . coiuervatlve. nujority 441.
Punryn and Fulmouth W. Ci. C. 'Cavon-
di > b-Buiitiiick , coiikervativo , mujority ajo.
Motropo.i ! . , St. Piturrus , South Divuion
Sir Goldsmith , unionist , minority , ' . ' - .
MotropolU , St. Puncras West Division
H H. Graham , c ( > nsoivauvu , mujorit ) li.
Uundce ( two mmnbcr j J. T. Leng , lib
eral , und E. UoserUon. liberal , majjritiui
' . ' ,4ai ) .
Chrlut Church A. H. Smith , conservative ,
, majority ; < .
I MelropoiU , Wnndsworth Division H.
Kunbur , contervutlvo , miijority 2 , i.
t'llUUllllTllllll CrltU'Ul'J ( illlllktOIIK.
Lo.Ni > o.s , July I. Mr. Joseph CbamUerlata ,
In n speech ntValsall , snld Mr. Gladstone
never proposed measures for the benefit of
the working people until ho required their
votis . Ho bad sugiroUcd homo rule for Iro-
laud on tbo colonial model , but colonies are
empowered to mike "Drifts snd uulos * Ire
land Is allowed to do the samn , this solution
of the problem will ntiV bo accepted as final ,
and Mr. Gladstone will bo In a dlloramn.
nsnusti nuiOTiosMITHODS. .
Ciinilliliitrs llnro n llnnl Time ltli the
Illecturn A Wniimu'itVurk ,
LOXPOV , July 6. Daniel O'C'oanell , eon of
tbo great Irish liberal , is strongly support
ing tbo candidature of lit. Hon. ,1 nines
Lowther , conservative , In the Isle of Thanet ,
division of Kant. Upon being mkod why be ,
nn Irishman and n Catholic , did not follow in
the footsteps of his father , Mr , O'Cunncll re
plied : "It is ns nil Irliu Cathollo that 1 vote
for n conservative. Mr. Gladstone's homo
rule scheme would bo most disastrous to Ire
land. "
Mrs. Cornwell West , wife of Colonel Corn-
wallis West , the liberal unionist candidate
In the Vnlo of Clyde , division ol Donbitr-
shlrc , Wales , IE canvassing tbo district in
behalf of her burband. Today sno tried
to quell a row among the doctors
wbo refused to bear the colonel
speak. Amid cries of "don't shout
her down , " she obtained a momenturv hear
ing , taut the disorder revived and she became
very nncry. She said : "I am an Irish
woman , but it was not until I came to Wales
that , 1 found men capable of refusing to hear
a woman wbo was pleading a cause. " She
was stopped by n storm of yells and hlsso * .
Then plucklly leaving tbo platform sbo
forcid her way through the mob to tbo plat
form from which tha opposition orator wus
addressing a crowd and tried to argue him
into silence. He shojk his (1st ( in her face
and repelled all her attempts to argue with
Thcro was the greatest sort of excitement
In the crowd nnd finally a inulen occurred
around Mrs. West tbilt forced bar to return
to the unionist platform.
Tbo mcellng brouo up in a general scrim
mage ,
Tearful lt.ivnycs ; nfthi ! DUonic In 1'rontlor
Ituftsl'iii Ton us.
ST. PcTCHsnuito , July 0. The cholera is
advancing toward Moscow. It is privately
reported that the disease has appeared on
the other side of the Volga In Suraurina. Tbo
mortality Is increasing at Bnitu and the
suburbs. Only four doctors bavo volunteered
to attend tbo psticnls in the
cholera hospitals , but others have
been compelled to do so. The hospitals
are totally Inadequate for the care of num
bers of tbo sick. Medicine and disinfect
ants are only obtainable nt exorbitant
prices. Tbo streets are being sprinkled with
petroleum as a disinfectant. Affairs are
badly mismunased. The ctioleru hospital is
located in the most , populous district of the
the Steamers have been with
drawn from the Batoum route
on account of tno epidemic
Temporary hospitals are being erected
along the Transcaucasslan ruiiwuv between
Baku nnd Tiflls. Tbe Ruxs-lan frontier has
been closed against goods and passengers by
way of Ouzamaada , excapt after months o'f
Twenty now cases are reported
at Saratoslc. Tbe disease Is spread
ing at Astrakhan. It is rumored
the disease has appeared at Romanoff and
thcro is disquieting jieivs from Hyblnsk.
I'MHS July fl. Fresh dooms from cholera
have occurred In the suburbs. Tbo barracks
of the city are reported in a scandalously
iiltby condition.
Ho Kijiresiu's the L'lmotU Cnulliltuca In the.
Triumph ol HU Party.
GMSGON , Jjly j. Mr. Gladstone delivered
M- election address at a meeting held in
Stowe , Kdmburghshiro , yesterday. Ho de
clared thai when , In 1S71I. ho anticipated a
vitory in the then coming election , bis
anticipation was more toau realized. Ho be
lieved that the same thing was about to Imp-
pen now. Parliament would never bo able
to atlond to tbo bu mess of the counlrv unlil
the Irish question was settled. The liberals
would have to repair all the present govern
ment's work.
Mr. Gladstone also at'ended D mooting in
Gorebrldge ami again delivered ono of bis
forcible nnd characteristic addresses , em
phasizing the necessity for thorough reform
of the land laws. Ho said the demand for
an eight-hour day was premature , but tko
demand of the miners for an ei ht-hour duy
wa mure hopeful , because thu men worn
practically unanimous on the quiistiou.
U'bcrondintrktwas unanimously in tuvor
of Ibo establishment of , a working day of
eight nours , ho believed local option should
prevail , allhnuch ho was not confident of Ibo
success of the movemont.
Mlil > " ) M.YU iEAISHI , ! ! .
Sutt-rnl Itrclnifiim ill SnlilliTH Xceilril to
Oiii'llrriiiiu ONturluincfM.
Muimii , July 5. A mob tried to release
the convicts in prison at Calaborrn and it re
quired several regiments of soldiers to pre
vent it. Martial law has been declared.
Tbe tr.ob , when it reached the prison , do-
minded the roioise of the men who had been
imprisoned. When their demand was 11-
fusoa some of the rioters besot tbo barrnck >
to prevent the gunra commc oul , while oth
ers Monoa and threatened tn burn the houses
of tbo municipal councillors. Tne troops
that were sent for came from Laprono , thu
cnpUnl of the province , nnd soon quelled tbo
rioting. Heforfl they arrived however , the
houses of three of tbo municipal council
were burned , and also u building devoted to
tbo use of ofllciaU chtirged with the collection
of tuxes. 1 be windows of several house.- .
were smashed. The population of Cr.luborru
are grcally excited and ioars nro entertained
that there wi.l ba further trouble. Some of
the wealth v laniilles bf the plxco ure leaving
until affairs resume their normal aspect.
on * UOIMO ins IIIAIJ.
Miinli-ror Iliulilclt ( itilllnttiu-il far bluylii ) ;
FlItlllT lldlMlMICt' .
PAIIIS July C. Muthius Haddclt wns guil
lotined today nt Valence for the murder of
Father Ildofocco , ( procurator of tba
Trnppist monastery ' at Aquubolle ,
Huddelt , uflcr tba murder , robbed
tbo monus'ory. Tbo next mas to
be executed Is Anarchist Utvucnoi.
Haddelt wus not the true iiamo of the man
executed today. Ho hud bad H varied earner
of crime and had been sentenced undo11 van-
ous names In Switzerland , Italy , Germany
and Bobumla , nil for attumpu at robbing
monasteries. no by entering them ns
a laborer.
HuUnm l'rot - r nKist \
Hio JANEIRO , Julv D. A mooting of Ital
ians was hold In Sao Pablo * yesterday even
ing to protest azalnaj. tbs recent action of the
police of Santos in irml I routing botno Italian
sailors ut that plnce.1 At the conclusion ol
tbc proeeedluss thn ItalUiiB paraded through
the slrc'uts , uttering wlla khouts and cries ,
and loudly dot ) ing Ibo authorities. Tnoy
toro dawn a Brazilian Hug und otherivuo
acted in u riotous manner. Tea police , oven
nith lha aid or ciilzjns , could not ovcrcoma
tbo rioters , wbo fought savagely.
lilt ( I'ltrlrnrltliu .Stii.u1 ,
Com ; , July 5. AVlllUin O'Brien was
returning from a political meeting vtMerday
bo was ( .truck on the hnad by a mono aud
knocked oil tbe Jaunting car in which bo wui
riding. HU uouud bled freely.
Pi < Uitlolll llolu IIU .Iol >
LO.VPO.V , July S. An olllciul telegram from
Hlo Junelro stutos that congrois bus mot and
thut General Pufxotto will continue tn hvld
tbu uRlcu ol president of Brazil till tbo uud
of JVJt.
A'r 'Oil to Unldn
LONDON , July 6. A Purls dupitch says a
secret convention bus boou fcik-n-id b.'twjen
, Spiln and Italy tor tb ) paiutunof
While Insane Tom Haokstt of Riverton
Commits n Elooly Orimo.
When the Snootinj Occurred the Victim
Was Eitiug Dinner.
Several Members of the Family Witnessed
the Trjgedy.
Attribute * the Uccil tn n Dlspasril Mltul
1'luccil In .lull to Ho Tried for In
sanity Testimony of the
KirciiTos' , Nob. , July 5. fSporlal Telo-
grain to Tin : Bi'.u.J At 1 o'clocK today Tom
Hnckclt , m a ill of insanity , .shot and killed
bis father.
As soon as the noxvs was ascertained In
town City Marshal fuller drove out to the
Hackolt farm mid arrested Young Hacuntt
aud tolcgraohed to tbo coroner. At JiilO p.
tn. Coroney Bvorly , accompanied tiv Sheriff
Smith end County Attorney Whltauisre , ar
rived and at once proceeded to this Hackotl
residence , ono milo north of town.
After viewing the body the coroner cm-
paneled a Juiy. The llr-,1 witness was
Andruw Hacltett. He tcatilloa sutntantlally
a * follows : "I was present at the tirao of
the shooting. My father \va-s oatin ? his
dinner. Tom catno in from the Held , washed
himself , \vcnt in the from room and cnino
out with the rlllo ana oxclainud 'I urn crazy'
nnd shot father through Iho head. Father
fell dead. Tom then sat down in tbo front
room crying and snld ho wa ? orazr.
"Thomas is about 27 years old , had never
quarrelled seriously with father , had uevor
made any threats , but lately ho worried a
good deal about a horse of his that got hurt on
a wire fence. Thomas had a few words with
father about a year ago about mother borso
that died , but nothing of importance. '
Mary Il.ickett , daughters of the de
ceased and n sister of Tnomas. was tbo next
witness. She contradicted Andrew. She
uleo ht-ited that the shooting occurred about
12:30p. : in.
I. I' . I'liKxIt'y'K Testimony.
J. F. Pugsloy testified : "I arrived on the
premises n short ilmo after the shooting nnd
found William HacKett lying dead on the
kitchen Jlcor. I found ono empty and one
loaded IW-cutibcr catridne In the magazine of
R \Vlnchester rille. "
Ho Identified tbo rillo and shells.
Dr. Damon testified that ho arrived at
Hnekott' & residence about 1:30 p. in. and
found the of William Hackett lying in
a pool of blood on tbo _ kltchcn floor. Ho
ascertained that death was caused by n rifle
ball cutting the carotid artery. Tno bullet
also broke the Jaw bonu. There was no in
dications of a death struggle. Ho probed
for the call but could not locate it.
Mrs. Haekott , wlfo of the deceased , cor
roborated Andrew's and Mary's statements ,
and beside .said that Poir. had n sere hand
for ten years , nnd that she liud heard him
ay often wtiou ho was suffering , "I wish 1
was dead. "
"After tbo shootine , " said she , "I asked
him what he did that for , and ho answered
that ho was crazy , and ho was polng to
shoot barnev , tbe sick horso. I am satisfied
the boy did no ! know what ho was doing. "
At 7 p. m. the jury rendered n verdict to
the effect that William Hiickott was killed
accidentally by bis son Thomas m a lit of
A complaint was immediately sworn out to
Imve him brought before tbo Hoard of Insan
ity. At 7:110 : THE BEE correspondent bad nn
interview with the prisoner and found bun in
the town jail , crying. Ho stntcd that he aid
not care for anything and did not remember
Tbo Hacketts aru good , resnectabto people.
All Kviilrnro oil llolh bldrn Submitted
Vrntcril.iy Paul un tinstiml. .
H\smn , Neb , , July 5. [ Special Tele
gram to THE BII : : . I Uoday witnessed the
close of the testimony in the Paul oinbe/zlc-
mcul trial. Tbo situation at tunes has verged
upon the dramatic , especially so when ex
Deputy Fiat was upon the stand , and alto-
got tier tbo testimony has boon tbo most in-
terestlngyot taken.
The jury wai somuwhat tardy in arriving
after the separation over Sunday nnd the
Fourth and it was 10 o'clock bofnro the case
was taken up. County Clerk C. B. Hu-clow
brought , up Mr , Paul's sonil-annual stile-
incuts to tbo Hoard of Supervisors , which
were read to tbo Jury at lens'h. Hero tbo
state rested and iho court took u recess for a
couple of houra until 10 o'clocrf.
In the afternoon tbo dnfeiuo called its first
witness , A. F. Powers , wbo was chuln&un of
the Hoard of Supervibors in ISiS , 'S'J und " , J.
Fist , ho said , was hii deputy. BeuJ-iuiin
Urqubart , aepuly cuunty clerk , produced
Fist'b bond and tnc approval by the super
visors of the report of tbo commit-
tbo which examined Paul's sernannual
uutoraeuth uuu fuuua them to be appatcntiy
correct. D. C. Kurr. anoiher of tbu t.upor-
vibnra , and at one Umo and another a mem
ber ol bOttlemorit comm'.Ueos. testified that
when information was duslrou by the axam-
inots Flbt was the ono to give it. W. H.
Wuldrod bad been three times on iho settle
ment committee. , . Ho know thut Paul kept
the county money in various banks. I ) . H.
Halluni substantiated Mr. Wnldrou's testi
mony. On cross-oxuinlnatio" bo aid in
checking up the books the cornmitluo used
tlio receipts bbcmn thorn , no : rcterrlng to tbu
duplicate * on 11 tu in the county clerk's otllce.
1'iuil ou tlio Miiml.
The Cherry receipts of $ . ' 51,000 wen not
shown them. L. H. Purtrldtro , ex county
cluik , identiiled the sonil-annual statements
as beiiiK In Mr. Flit's handwriting except
the signature und tuo voritteation ? . Chailcb
ji. Paul , tbo defendant , was called on
his betialf. His direct examination
was vcrv bbort. Ho Btatfd that ho llrst
karticd that tlio Cherry 'toais were not 01.
the booke In December , Ibyl. Ho further
stilted Hat lie tnid never received any money
for amounls represented by exhibits M
to til. Tlifbo exhibits wtTo of receipts
of tuxoa from Fidi and wife , higued
by ( ' . H. Paul , truaiurer. by K Flat ,
deputy. Ho was crois-oxuinined by Mr.
Hatty , whoso ijuiulions uoro , with few ex-
ujpliun > , oljuutuu touv tbo dofenso. Tbo n It-
ness gnvu thu dotuiU of the conversation
with Flit in which ho clulins to have lr ! l
luaruod nf tbo irregularity in thu Cberry
ituniH. 'J'lio crois-ijuanloner then took Mr.
Paul over tlio receipts wniuu it was clulinwl
bu Had not ruuelvdd. The ( juuttlou wuv nii'd
on ml of tbeio cxhluiu , ' 'will you tats
iviie'in > r IDIS went to yourcrodu as treasurer
or i.oti"
Tao auswer for cacb was , li dou't itnow , "
with tbo assertion that ho personally hail T/
receipted It C. M. Weiss had a conve Z.
lion with Mr. Fist In August , last y ( _
about an enterprise tipan which ho wisbec
c-jbnrk. Fist stated that ho had n Hi - .
money , about flU.OJO , which he could inva * '
In the fall of 1 57 , WOIRS said that Fist fail
in builnois. Here tbc defense rested.
lie Iti'fnu'il to Answer. i
The next sccno was n little tbcntriea
Uinanuel Fist , Paul's deputy , was called 1
rebuttal by the Mate. As ho win sworn
MCMM. M. A. Hartisnn and 15. W. Tibbots ,
his attorneys , loinud intently upon tbo
Judre's desk , prepared to wntrb the best
interests of their client. The question
was rulto.l by the counsel for tbe state
If the money represented in the ohiblt.i
from .VJ to 01 had been paid to lH.Paul. .
Mr. Hartigan , counsel for the witness , ob
jected nnd advised tbo witness that as ho
wuBiindurltidlctmont forau nltnosl similar of
fense not to niuwor , as be tnUhi bo thero'iv
incriiinnatod. The stuto retorted that if the
\vltucs * wished tn have it understood that
tbo nnswor would liH-ri'ninato him
ho need not answer. Mr. Hnrtlca'i re
joined thut it was equivalent to
asking Mr. Fist wholhor ho cull y or
not. The prosecution Interpose 1 thut Hnrti-
inn was not an attorney of record and this
view tbo court wm inclined to accept. Mr.
Fiit snid tint under thoai'vlcoof his counsel
ho refused to answer. The same wai done
with rofurenco to the question a Ued as to
whether bo had heard Paul's testimony as to
tha leaving oft of the Cherry Horns.
This closed the testimony on both sides.
The defense SOCK to thow that FUt had
entire charge of tbo books and that lie never
accounted to bis superior for thn moneys ho
had receipted which Mr. Paul Is lu-euscd of
having ombezzled. Countv Attorney Chris
Hocppnor oponodlho argumor.t for the state ,
spcnking nn hour and n hair. Ho will be
followed tomorrow bv Judge Smith for the
defense , Hatty for the state , McCroary for
dolonso und Uowcn for the Mate.
SlllshlMl TKMl TltllPS.
On\TRICC , Nob. , July 5. [ Spscinl Tele
gram to Tin : BEE. | A rather serious cut-
tiuc affray occurcJ about mlrlniclit last night
at Cortlnnd , tlftoen miles north of here. The
victim was a young man named
Alfred Furns nnd the chap that
wielded the knife was nn attache
of a small show now exhibiting at Corlland
and coos br the nstno of "Scar Facs.t" Bill.
Some boys were trying to sneak into tbo
show nnd Bill was on the watch. Farm
was passing the tent on his way homo when
Bill sprang out on him and procecdol to
slash him with his knife in n wicked manner ,
indicting seven severe wounds bsforo tbe
bov could get away Irom him.
Fariis was taken to a arus store nnd his
wounds bowed up. His injuries are not
.serious. Bill wns arrested later , and wus
given a hearing before the justice of tbo
peace nt Cortland , nnd was promptly san-
tcucud to ninety days In the county Jull nnd
to nay a tine of J100. Hill was brought
down from Corlland and lodged in the
county jail iu this city at noon today.
rirrrr.iclUTCEIIIM * 11 I'utnllty.
STEI.H , Xub. , July 5. At the close of the
celebration here yesterday a messenger ar
rived from neat Votdon Ktatinp that a bov
named Johnson h.iu burned to death in u
barn on the Cooper I arm. Tbo boy sot the
barn ou Jiro with firecrackers.
] .ripril to His Dentil.
MOMNE , 111. , July r . ( Special Telcprnm to
Tin ; BKE.J John L. Krnns , \oung nun of
Monmouth. III. , was found dead on the Rook
Island track hero this morning. Ho had
leaped from u train bo look by mistake Mon
day night.
wiru THK H-AUI :
I'r < < 4cnt Outlook Ainiiiix the rciinxyltiinlii
Iron \VurkerH.
PiTTsnuito , Pa. , July 5. The big labor war
goes merrily on. Tbo trena of events today
shows no inclination of a cessation of hostil
ities. Outside of tlio Homestead feature of
the Immense coullict that is now being vragcd
between capital and labor , the logical inter
eat is centered in tbo adjourned conference
between the imimilnuturera of the I'utsburg
district and the Amalgunalcd association.
Considerable apprehension is felt , among
tli 030 dlrireclly interested that n
will end iu the same fruitless
manner as the previous mcoliuf' .
This fear is based on the tenacity
of the two sides , nulwilliBtandiiu' the in
tense general anxiety for a settlement. The
committee uppointea to represent tbo Amiil-
camated associiition possess only limited
powers. They have received their Until in
structions anil will therefore insist upon the
adoption of the scale a ? originally presented
ov that organ'zition. Vet , If the manufac
turers show a dis | osition to treat with tbuir
workmen , their proposlt'on will receive con
sideration before there is a linul refusal or
acceptance. From tbe stand tnKen by the
ira'iufuctt rers since the lest conlorencc it Is
Lelievcd fai'.v will muko lilllc if any couces-
Eions. Tbo position they teen at "previous
meetings will be allirmcd.
In nn interview with a number of manu
facturers during the lust few duyr > ull seemed
united In n right ngilnst tbo now fcute of the
Ainileuuiiurii ast-ocintlon. They state it Is
impossible to sicn the present wage list be
cause they cannot afford it. Tbev would
toourr allow their mills to remain Idle nnd
pay the taxo . The signatures to the Amal
gamated scale are coming In , but very slowly ,
from all over tuo com try. Two were re
ceived today. Tnoy come from the west und
included the Uetroll Spring company and
Wo-t Duluth Manufacturing company. It is
ustltnatpdj that the shutdown in this city
ulono will CRU < O a loss in tbo earnings o'f
$ .V.)0OUO ) , a week.
All'ilrs t IIcinMtri I ,
PiTTiifiio , Pa , July 5. Affairs nt Home
stead have assumed an uglv phase und
.serious trotiulo is apprehended. Vestenhn
il. C. Frlclc , uhnirtiiHU of the Carnegie Steel
cornpuny , iippealoj to Shoriil McUloary tor
protection and In compliance with the ru
quest tt.p denuties were present on tue
SO3IIO ihia iiftornooti. They were mot at the
station by . ' .dOJ men und Q iluulv escorted to
the river , whiiro they wore placed upon the
s ; o.iin tug Kdaa.und ordered to returu to the
Previous to sending tbo deputies to Home
stead bhunlT ' nnd ex-Hlicrnls
McL'leary - Clu-
ley nnd ( Jray , its chief deputies , paid n visit
to the worKs. Afier a thorcugti inspection
the sheriff called on the advisory committee
of the Amalgamated association ami stated
that wbllo ho did not son any reu&oti to plnco
deputies about tbo works , bo would bo
compound to < lo so. The committee
protested ugalimt the appointment of htran-
gcra nnd oflnred to furnish sutllclenl men to
guurd tbo company's properly , agreeing to
plvo bonds to thr num ol f.rH)0 ( ) or $10,000
each for the faithful performance of their
duties. Tuo ehcriff sutrt he could not acncpt
tbo offer and would dispatch his own iiii-n to
Homestead immediately upon bib arrival In
tuo city.
Turx DIIHII tli ProrliiiniitloM ,
After the dcpurturo of the Bbcriil tbo ad-
vitory couunittoo disbanded in un urgunized
board of contiol , us the members said they
would not bo rcbpontiiblo fur what imgnt
fellow tbo itpp'-'UnuiLO of armed dejiutles
upon the scene.
What followed the arrival of the daputloi
Is told above. U'uen the men bad disposed
of them they toro down Iho bherill'd piocla-
Thu cxcltonipnt In tbo town is intense.
The men uro very bitter , und are In n
threatening mood. U wus reported thut
another po > so had been orUrnU from the
city , but up to midnight I he-/ had notiir-
Tomorrow the men will go Into court and
ukK that Chairman Friik bu res train oil fin.n
tnkiiit ; m"ft3ui-o.i ttnu uul re-ult duastroui > lv
to thojuiel and peace of Homusteail. This
U an entirely now f.'aturo in the lubjr troub
les. uijd the action of iho court will ba nwult-
cd witn anxiety. Tolcgramn wurn ulso sent
to U. o shonll lonlitht begging him nut to bund
any deputies , ut tbuy were not noodud.
Tlir < i MnitluTH D
HfitfN , Cul , July 5.-Jo > oh.iclmrmh |
ana Hu'irv Martin , tbrco l-roihois , were
drouned wuiiu buibiuj ; iu King * rirpr ju -
r\D\r\c1 \ \
Orcspo's Troops Entroacbe ; ! Uiulor tha
Qntcs of Venezuela's Oapital ,
Gin mum-til furrps linnlilp to
thn Dfti-riiitniMl AssuuIN oftlm Itrbrls
C.i n nn t Di'luy l > ocUIItmulti
1 , linger.
n > irt < in Itfnitll. ' ]
CMUCIS , Venezuela ( via ll.ilvoitou , Tex 1 ,
July f > . | Hy Mexican Cable to the New
York Herald Special to Tin : BUB , - A
general oiigagJinont teen place in thli city
on July 1 between the revolutionists nud
government troop * . Both sides fought gal
lantly and the IOHMIJ sustained were heavy ,
but thcro were no decisive result * .
As 1 nm sending this dispatch ,
word reaches mo that the lighting
has boon rotiowo.1. Everything dsponds on
how tbo government forces bobavo. If they
should full to hold their ground against the
ilorco onslaughts of Crcspo's determined
men , the new administration will ba forced
to follow ex-Dictator Palucio in oxlle.
Crsspo's soldiers are entrenched nil around
Caracas. If the government troops retreat
tbo revolutionists , will , In a very short time ,
triumphantly enter the capital. Acting
President Villegus und his advisors seem
prepared for tbo worst ,
J'rrptirctl tn ! > rnpp.
They have been claiming that the revolu
tion was ut an end , but the precaution they
have tnuen to escape from Venezuela nt tha
first word of warning shows they have been
talking for effect and did not believe firmly
In their manifestos.
A strong force of Crospo's soldiers are en
trenched nt lOlguaga , wheio thov were at
tacked by the government nrmv I'nder
lieavj lire , the latter , uftcr a desperate strug
gle , .succ'-H'ded in capturing the entrench
ments. The retreat of tbo revolutionists ,
however , wns only feiinod. They laid H trap
into winch the government troops runuod
As soon ns the enemy had , on tbo night
following the first cngignmont , sufllclontly
fallen into the snare set , Crcspo's men closed
in upon them from all sides. There was a
terrible slaughter of government soldier * .
The \ictory of the revolutionists nt St.
Guayoba has given renewed encouragement
to till followers of C'rospo. It loons vcrv
dark at this u riling lorVillogas and the pro
visional government. Crespo seems certain
of carrying nil beloro him.
I'uiU' llnlti-rxiil i\pnMtloli. :
iropi/rt'j'itn ! 'W.'j ; J nix rirl > \ It'll i' < > \
PAIII , July 5. ( New York Herald C'ablo
Special to THE BEE. ] The proposition to
hi'ld a universal exposition in this city in
HMO was taken Into consideration today by
the committee on piolliiiiiunos. The subject
for discussion was the nomination of a com-
mtttto comprising twenty-two members
v , hose duty it snail ba to examine tbo plan
for tlio " position winch the government
intends to bring forxv.ird.
The cu.stoin house committed adopted today
the proposition to maintain the present duty
on petroleum until March 31 , lb'J3. ' Tbo prop
osition to lower tbe tux on petroleum to 15
and lh francs will bo considered by tbo com
mittee next meeting. JU-QI-ES ST. Cmiis.
Scenes Hiicl Incidents ut tliu Hlg Sleeting nt
Clu-yriiiH ! Ac | nry.
CiicvBXNi : Aacxc-v , S. U. , July n. Very
impre.-bivo were many of tbo scenes of the
big Catholic Indian pou-wow Just closed.
The high iiinKs tcrv'co ' was a sight never to
bo forgotten. A thousand men and n thou
sand women , arrayed in their most beautiful
regalia , tbo men with long scarlet cockades
in their sombreros , waving with the precisiou
of boldicrs iii inarch nnd countermarch , Iho
solemn chant of the prieslh and the attend
ants of VJI ( candidates for confirmation was
gorgeously impressive.
Then un interesting tight wns it when over
iOOJ , warriors , wbo but eighteen months ago
were covered with war paint and thirsting
for blood , sat around the big wigwam nud
listened to talks by their head men about the
benefits ol religion. Battle-scarred chiefs
wbo had fought against tbo while : on many
a liuld , nud some of whom counted their
sculp ? almost , by tbo doieu , arose to testify
to the peace and comfort tp bo fouud in lead
ing Christian lives. Well might Bishop
Marty count hU life's work worthy of com
mendation when he cull hero tee fi.OlA ) con
verts uho have been added to his church
during his ministry of sixteen yours uniong
In the celebration proper Chief L'hnrgor
was president of the day , And presided with
dignllv. Kev. Mr. Ashley interpreted for
the whiles , several bundled of whom were
present. John Grass was chief orator , uud
lie delivered un excellent oration. He WB&
followed by Swift Bird , the S.oux humorist ,
uud Four Hoar. Kach tallied of the benefits
of religion and ravilUation. Charger then
called lor Spjciul Agent Thomp
son , who responded in n rather
tedious spitcch , at the conclusion of which ho
referred to tbo high death rate among the
Sioux and attributed u 10 Ibo prucllco of
eating Ibo "tilth quarter , " ihe entrails of
Old Charter replied with spirit and denied
that this was the caurc , but asserted that
tho'o wno died were students of the govern
ment schools. Indians u ere u guod deal du-
pluascd ut the special ugoni's ' speech , but
Little No-Heart not things rlithfeby mukinjj
nn | , | ) for religion an'I education.
Yesterday ut both camps \\a.3 a continua
tion ot "Heap big talit , " which was nniy in
terrupted iruiu sunrise until nearly midnight
by the necessity for feasting. It was a grand
commingling of religious uud patriotic bentl-
iiicnib , ull tbo bcud men nnd young men of
cducillon vied with ouch c.thor in profession
of tovorunco to Ibo Great Father ubovn and
honor nud obedience to tbo great lather at
Washington. Bishop Marty discreetly ar
ranged early mas uud thoincldont dovotloua
so as to prevent the sculp duncu , and ull day
ul both camps , Just when the young buck ]
were * preparing forsoino boisterous sport , lha
head moi ) catno forward with a now schema
lor a lulK which defeated the lun.
Tno Calboliu educational conference was
addressed by Judge Swan und a larira uum-
bur of educated young men nnd warriors ,
who'tuslllled to theelllclency and Importance
of lb schools nnd urged ull to attend This
resulted in hundreds ot applications being
made to Superintendent McCormicU for ad.
mission to iho governniont neliool.
A feuturo of the celebration was a number
of patriotic songs in Ungltbh by the Indian
hCtlOCl ) gilU.
The time bad now como for the sham bat-
lie in war paint and blanunts , but tbe agent
positively prohibited It , and the young
warrior * were compelled to content thorn-
sehes with pony races. be\cral hundred
ponlo * entered und thu fun was furious ,
Un account of prolonged speeches ui d tbo
rellzious exercises tbe beef Utuouud dancing
weie left over lor today. There has been no
drnnkoniiesD , and the voice of ull the bead
men bud bean for butter morals and civiliza
The Cboycniio court sits today to try oil
the offender who liuvo beou arrested fclnoa
tbe paw-wow begun.
It U Amiiriol NIMT.
V XKTOS D. , July 6. [ .Special Talo-
gram to Tun Hm : . ) The Yunkton & Nor *
lo.k rutlioau Is an absolute cerialnly o far
as its construction It concerned , The cou-
trautc fnr grading thu thirty miles south
iroin Yuuklon have been mgnei. ' , touled aud
delivered , tb lam twelve miles Kolng to
S. 13. O'.Noill of Sioux City todny. Mr ,
O'.N'uill will have hU untlro fnrou on tbe
n rk by Frlduy und Johu Naugbton of
S nix I'ullu , who bus eighteen mlini of the
vi rii , wili uiMin ttio line tlio name day. The
, pi * 'iri uul uu coiupictca oy buptoiubur 1 ,