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Plans Complete for Lolling Off llio Eagle's '
Patriolio Pressure Today.
tlonil < > lil-
Not n Slnclo Conroiiilt-uit of HIP
Fashioned Inilrpcnili'iU'O llnv '
dif \Vjll llo OiTloolccil
Some of tlte I'luiid.
Every detail looking ton grand rind BUO-
cosiful Fourth or .July nai boon completed
nmi nl 5 o'clock this morning the booming of
c union will announce Unit once QRum the
birthday of American liberty is ut hand.
I'lio ( . olobrnlton will not bo a catch-penny
n'T.ilr , but instctul will bo n monster demon-
btratlon ; ono which will bo worth coming
many miles to witness.
All of thu rallrouJs centering In Omnlm
liavo mailo special r.itos wlilcti insures
thousands of vtilto from the suburban
and outlying towns.
Ttio cninmittcos whlcn have hnd charge of
the affairs have spared no pains in their ef
forts to iDnko the celebration n most nolablo
ono.Tho convention will adjourn at 10:30 : that
vho delegates limy witness tno street parade ,
nnd also thnt they may hear the orations ,
Which will bo delivered from the two plat
forms erected in Jefferson squuro.
The arrunRomonl of the parade has boon
looked nftor by Major Clarttson , wno prom-
ISBS tno pcoplo n surprfso , as ho has Intro
duced several now features unknown In
former efforts of thin lilnd.
All of the avnllable troops nt Fort Omaha
will Join tno parade and will Do headed by
the Second Infantry band.
In addition the members of the Grand
Antvoftho Kopubllu posts , the Sons of
Veterans und the Omaha Uuurds will occupy
conspicuous positions.
Tbo formation of the parade with the line
of march Is as follows :
Onlrr l Column.
Platoon of Mounted Pnllco ,
Uhli'f of I'oliieV. \ . ISutivuy. .
'Ihicc I'liiloons of I'ollcc.
Chief Mttislml T. K. Oiarkson and Staff.
Forms on Sixteenth struct , north of Douglas.
right restlii-f on DmiL'liH.
Assistant Marshal ( ' . U llimnolstor : 1 ! . S.
Wllcox anil It. M. Stone , uldes
Second I'nltod States Infiuitiy Unnil.
Eecouil United btates Infiiiitry , Commanded
by MII tor Worth.
fJr.iml Army Posts.
Sons of Vctorans
Twenty-fifth Avunitu Juvenlla Guards , Cap
tain Ilnhblo , Commanding.
' " ' "
Captain Stephens'
I'Virmson ' Slxtrntli street , south of Douglas ,
right resting on Douglas
Assistant Marsliil , T. .T. l.nwry.
Aides , I' . O.'cl. , . .1.V. . husk , M. U. Klbbey.
Mils cil Union bnml.
Omaha Guards , Captain ll.imfonl , Command
Otmiha Guards , ( latllngPoetltm.
( ovornor.I. I' , lloyil and Stair. J. K. llroolvo and t-tiilV.
MuyoiH of Oiiiiilin and A < l lucent Cities.
City and County Ollleluls.
Omuhn and South Oniiiha I.ulter Carriers.
Traveling ' .Men's Association.
Torins on Klftennlh street , north of Douglas ,
right testing on Hondas.
AHslstant .Marshal , Charles V. Wollor. I ) .
O , Hhoiuls. T. J.ICi stmr , P. S-oronson. Itolen , (3.
] ) . HlriiUMiiiinn.IIIIam Keeker , P. 1Ploil -
timn Albert Sjoberg , James Wiilsh. P. M.
Mullen , Aides. Hand.
Wagon Itepre cntlng Liberty Protecting Sons
and D.iu.'htorsof lloliumla.
Knights of St George.
Gymnastic Sokol.
Ilcnovolent fcokol , "I'yrs No. 1.
r.ilusky l.iHlco No. HI. C. H. P. S.
St. John's Catholic Society.
fit. Wenesclaus'Outhollo Society.
Bt. Cyrlll and Mnthndctis Catholic feoclcty.
Klovnn Am'Tleky .TI50. Knk-htsof Inbnr.
Jodgi > John tins. No. fl. KnlghtH of Pythias.
Court r\ouruska , No. : Jlfi. Indupundunt Order
of Odd yellows.
Ilohoiiiliin Ainerlean CltUons' Club.
Diinlsh Association.
Danish Hrotht'rhood Two Lodge" " ! .
Uilcl KolloHS' Hand.
Coneordla blnzlnu Society.
UinahaTtirnur Vereln.
Arliin Sing n ; Society.
Lin lerKran/ Singing Souluty.
I'lattdoutschur Vcrela.
fruNonlu Veroln.
Krlo'L'r Veioin.
llalorn Voroln.
K'hwubi'ii Veroln.
Bnrdlbh Norden Society.
Wllblllll.'tOII I.OlljH.
Other hwedlfch S-ocletlos.
Ancient Order of Illhurnlans Hand.
Hibernian Ullles.
AnclaiitOnlcrof llllit'rnmns Seven Divisions.
Kmtnott Monnmi'nt Association.
VouiiL' .Men's Institute ) .
Catholic Knights of Aincrlcn.
Oalhollo Mutual llruellt Association Three
Cuthollo Legion of Honor.
Fotms on Kifteenlh street , soutliof , Douglas.
right lusting on Douglas.
Assistant marshal , T. It. Mcl'hcrson ; aides ,
0. P. , Prank llovd.
_ Walnut II ill llnnd.
Vlsltlnc Societies n ml Ultl/ens of South Omaha
und Adjacent Town i.
Forms on Konrleinith street , north of Douglas -
las , rlk'ht resting on Douglas. , Dr. S. K. Stulding ; aide ,
lottlsUHlcII.Hd. .
Suvi-nth Ward Hand.
J , J. Galilean , ( Jlilef and Assistants.
Oin.ih i I'Mru Dep iMinent.
Durum Kiiinim Company.
Klorunou Klro t'omp.iny.
J. M. Thiirston Drum Corps.
Miirehlnu- Clubs of Wiirds und City.
Taborotni t'adutH. .1. I' , llrueo Coniiniindlng.
Harry I/Inn Miireliln. Olub.
Forms on Thirteenth street north of Ding-
las , rliJit testing on Douu'las. Assistant nnir- U. Ovitrall. AlJes , WIHl.uu S. bebrlng ,
1. M. Kunnuily.
Union I'nclilu Itiind and Two Drum Corps.
All Organised lialior Societies und Unions ,
and Uiior iinlvoit Lu1 or.
Forum on Twelfth htrctit north of Douglas.
Assistant marsh tl , Dudley Smith , Aides ,
Hi. hard Smith , John It. H.iwhlll , W. U.
Hirlvor ,
Omaha , TimrlstH and Young Men's Christian
AsssouUitlnn Wheel Clubs ,
1'loats ,
l.liiu nl .Mill cli ,
The routa of march will bo ns follows :
From Sixteenth jitrcot on Duuirlas to
Ninth , Bouth to Howard , west tu Twelfth.
'nbrth to FurnAin , west to Slxteonth , north to
( 'uinlng , countermurch on Sixteenth to liar-
ney , whoru the pnradu will bo dismissed.
All assistant marshals and aides will re
port to thu chluf niauhal , mounted , In front
of tno postofllco building at UiiiO n. in. sharp ,
for instructions.
' 1 ho parade will start from Slxteonth and
pouglas streets nt 1U10 ; ! a. in. sharp ,
1 All divisions must ou formed and In posi
tion by ltr ( ) : > n. m.
All bands and drum corps will report at 10
D. m. In from of the poslofllco Imllding , to
John U , Willis , nldo in charge of bunds.
Those composing the Sixth and Seventh
divisions will take thulr positions from the
right in the order of arriving on the ground.
Only one wagon or to ono tlrm , und
no political banners or emblem * allowed In
the parade.
At ili < nVr uii hijinirc ,
The exorcises of the dny will bo held nt
noon on Jefferson miunru. Two platforms
\vlll be erected at diagonal cornqrs , so that
thn ontlru nudlonco will bo ntilu to hoar the
Thu Declaration of Indopendonca will bo
road by I ) . II. Morcoruml John C. U'narton.
The orators of the day are : T. J , Mahoney ,
O. J. Smythe nnd ProR A. Klupalrlck.
/ . T. Llndsoy and Klnhard omlth will
The celebration will oloso with n grand
display of tlroworks ut the High school
grounds In the evening ,
' All those who liavo volunteered to loin the
run Its of Shnrman's bumniora , and ull desir
ing to join , will plutuo report toV. . K. Hen-
nett' ilvory barn on Cupltol nvonuo , oppo-
lto tbo Exposition buihllnif , ut I ) o'clock
sharp. All young men who , vUh to Join the
column ere luvltod to coinu mounted ,
The I'mtiililco ciom-4.
Tbo Omaha iiostolllco will bo open today
Until 10 o'clock , when It will bo closoJ for
ttio day , Thu curriers will uiako tbo moruun ;
( Ullvury ouly.
Trrd Slj- Comes Homo from Cliorennc Duo
Cclpliriitlun niipc'iulpil.
The police lound Fred Sly , a well known
Omaha crook , in a box car alone with two
other thieves of lesser note , yesterday nftor-
noon , nnd locked the trio up on suspicion.
Sly had n flno , solid pold , Indies' watch chain
on his person , which ho is supposed to have
stolen. The young mail has quite n record
as a thlof , and was only released from the
Cho.venno nrlson the other day after serving
nhundrod-dav sentence for house breaking.
John MeQiilllon loaded on a cargo of
Fourth of July enthusiasm yesterday and
hecamo exceeding disorderly. When Ofllcors
Haves nnd Hudson attcimutcd to arrest him
ho resisted , find the ofllccrs had n hard flcht
to land their man In the dark cell at the Jail.
An InMino patient named James C. Smitu
escaped from the county poor farm yester
day ami was captured by the pollco and
turned over to tno county ofllclaU ,
hlttlo lu-year-old Oeorgo Sounders was
arrested ves'tordny for Jumping on und off
moving motor can. Ho was released by
Judge JJerku last evening.
DoWltt's Sarjnp\rllla donroyi sucti j al
sons an scrofula , sitin disana , czoma , rhju
inatiiiu , lu limolv mos.ivoj mauy lives.
Tlio Cliuuliuupiii roiirtlu
Gcnoral Al or , Clmplnln Cole nntl
othora at the Twin City Chnutuuqtia to
day. Grand barbecue , froo. Camp
11 res , otc. Through trains from Omaha.
Old Thno T
A mooting of prominent telegraphers was
held lu Tim Biu : ofllco yesterday afternoon ,
the object of which was to make preliminary
arrangements for the reunion of Old Tlmo
telegraphers and members of the Society of
ttio United States Military Telegraph Corps ,
which will occur In this city the llrst week
ol September.
Among those nresont were : Superintend
ent J , J. Dickey ntid Assistant Superintend
ent Charles Horton of the Western Union ,
Mr. E. Kosowntor of Tun BEK , Mr. Jen
nings , superintendent of construction of the
Western Union company ; M. L. M. Hheem ,
managcrof the American District Telegraph ;
\ V.V. . Umsted , manueor of the Western
Union olllco ; Manager Dlmmock of the 1'os-
tal telegraph , Messrs. E. L. Armstrong ,
TTrault i ; lOltoy , Frank Lthmer , Superin
tendent HrooUs of Denver , the Messrs.
Lloyd of Chicago , Messrs. Vlgus und Whit-
ford of Chicago nnd others.
Mr. Hosowntor was called to tne chair and
Mr. Ithcem was Hindu scciolury.
Three committees were appointed on
transportation , ways and means und ou ar
rangements for entertain men t. It Is pro
posed to bring the New Vork delegation of
telegrapher * to the reunion by special car ,
the western telegraphers from Chicago and
the southerners from St. Louis in special
cars. There will probably bo nbom. 'MO
members of the two societies present.
After the reunion in this city itis proposed
to take .in excursion from Omaha to Denver ,
u-hero Mr. Brooks promised a handsome
Hon.Y , It , Slir.vnck'8 rtmrrat.
The remains of the late Hon.V. . B. Shry-
OCK , who was found dead in his bed at the
Murray hotel Saturday nlgtit , wore taken to
his homo at Louisville , Nab. , last evening.
The Knights Tnmplar accompanied ttio re
mains to the union depot , and a number of
the friends of the deceased from Louisville
cameup to carry back the body of their fel
low citizen.
The funeral will bo held at Louisville at
11 a. in. Tuesday.
Tun Bnn will begin the publication In July
of a scrips oftravol loiters from Uusslu riy
Mr. Frank O. Carpenter. The e letters will
give the bast view of Hussia and itb institu
tions that have yet boon presented to th
people of the United States. Mr. Carpenter
has carried with him the best of letters of
Introduction from tbo cabinet ministers at
Washington to the noted ofllcials of Hussia
nnd from the heads of the secret service o
the Treasury department to the chiefs
of police , nnd the probability is ttiti
everything in the country will bo
thrown onon to him. Armed with n camera
ho will travel for thousands of miles through
some of the most interesting regions of the
czar , will visit the famlno districts , sail down
the Volo-a and will probably spa nil some time
nt Nilni Novgorod where thu famous Kus-
slan fair is held , and where $100,000,000
change hands every year. St. Petersburg
and Moscow will bo visited and the life of
tlio.pooplo will bo described. After Eome
months in Uussia Mr. C-irpsntor will visl
other parts of tan continent , devoting hlmsalf
to tnu writing up of such subjects and man
as nro especially interacting to Amoncan
readers and sparing nollher time , money ,
labor nor inlluouco to got the best of foreign
information tor us. It is safe to predict that
thU series of loiters will bo Interesting In
the extreme und they will surpass If any
thing the writer's travel matter in ttio past.
It will be remembered that he has traveled
moro widely per Imps and more successfully
than any other correspondent In tno United
States. Four years ago ho made a
year's tour around the world , during
which ho had long interviews
with the Icing of Korea , Li Hung Chang , the
viceroy of China , the king of Greece , the
khcdlvo of Egypt , the sultan of Jahorc , and
other fumed oriental potentates , and last
year ho spent the sprlnc in Mexico and had
n long interview with President Diaz in the
National palace and gave nu entirely IIPW
view of the country and its people. Mr.
Carpenter's letters are nraovical , com
mon souse letters. Ho believes in
describing things as they are and
bo knows just what the pooplH want to read
nnd Is able to toll It In an interesting way.
Ho believes that the letters ho will send ui
from Russia will bo the best ho has over
written und ho suys that ho has no doubt
but that bo will bo able to got throuch seine
of the least known parts of this most Inter
esting land. Ho is at this writing In Hussia
and Is probably mukliiir bis wnv today among
the starving peasants of the Volga.
J. L. Knott of Lincoln is at the Dollono.
II. A. Hooso of Lincoln is nt the Puxton.
W. P. Gordon of Hebron Is at the Murray.
W. H. Jones of Beatrice n at the Dollono.
C. H. Pearson of Grand IsUuJ U at the
T. G. Glvon of Creston , la. , Is at the
A , S. Gustln of Kearney Is a guest at the
1C. P. Campbell of Broken Bow is a guest
at the Dollono.
Ooorgo A. Cassldy of Stielbv. la , Is n
guoit at thu Paxton.
G. W. Wilson of Sioux City was a Sunday
guest at the Arcado.
\V. N. Coopar-omi J. F. Mayno of Shelby ,
la. , uro at the Arcade.
O. E. Green and H , E. Adams of Genoa
nro registered at the Puxton.
J , Henderson and V , H. Judd of Atlantic ,
lu. , nro among the guests at the Dollono.
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. H. Stodman of Shelton ,
la. , are among the guests at the Murray.
Albert HOJS , the Boston novelist , Is In the
city , attending the convention as a member
of the New England delegation.
Peter Forrester , president of the Carson
Hlvor Plume Mining company , am ! William
y. Tltub , attorney , both of Now York city ,
nru in Omaha , on route homo from tbo Puulllu
elope , and lust uvouing called on Tuu BUB.
How the Mngio City Pcoplo Will Celebrate
the Holiday.
Stoclt Yurds Ctnvlmv llrlciulo In Coming In
1'ull I'urcr ( ! ro tli of the School
I'opnliitlnii Pliiiia Torn root-
bridge Heine I > ni\Mi.
South Omnhn people \ \ \ generally cclo-
brato the Fourth. As no celebration has
been arranged for In the Magic City each in
dividual will suit personal Inclinations In the
Nearly nil of the people In the city will at
tend the Omnhn celebration. The famous
cowboy brigade of the Union stock yards
will turn out 200 strong , nnd will ho a promi
nent feature of the hie parado.
A largo number of citizens will po to Co
lumbus on the excursion given by the Ne
braska IndcDendent Hlllcs.
The Union stock yards will bo closed dur
ing the day , nnd only incoming stock will bo
cared for ; The city offices and banks will
bo closed , as will all business houses during
n greater portion of the dayl
Tor n 1'ootbrldKCt
City Engineer King Is ongngcJl In drawing
plans and makine mi estimate of the cost of
constructing a footbrldgo , ten foot in width ,
across the railroad tracks on N street. The
bridge will bo constructed In the main of
Iron and will extend from the corner of the
Dolmonico hotel across the tracks to near the
Exchange building. The engineer will sub
mit his plans nnd estimate to the council at
Tuesday evening's sesuion.
( illn lu School Clillilrrn ,
The enumerators of the school census have
mode their roturna for the First and Second
wards. In the First word the ilcuros show
SST children ot school age , und the Second
ward 1,0'jr. The returns from the Third nnd
Fourth waids will Increase those llguros and
swell the total number of children of school
ago m the city to at least 'J.OuO , a largo In
crease over lust year.
NotuH unit 1'erHuimlH.
Mrs. John McMillan has returned from
Persia , la.
Eugene Roy n olds of Detroit , Mich. , was
the guest yesterday of E. P. Moruu.
Mr. nnd Mri. C. W. Kern of Wcston nro
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Pnelps.
Frank Lee loft yesterday for Afton. In. ,
where ho will join Mrs. Leo and remain
until after the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hartsook of Green
wood and Miss Mortlo Foster of AH'o are tno
guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Mayfiold.
Miss Addle Winston , who nas boon visitIng -
Ing with her sister , Mrs. Georco B. Jonto ,
returned to her homo at SturgU , Ky. , yes
J. P. Maloney , ox-chief of police of South
Omnhn , is reported as bolng confined in n
Chicago hospital. Ho is suffering from a
broken log.
Miss Lydia Karronbock , aged 19 years ,
died Saturday , nt 1010 Twenty-eighth street ,
of consumption. The remains were sent to
Wontzvillo , Mo. , for interment.
The regular monthly meetings of the city
council and Boarc1 of Education will not beheld
hold this ovcnlng , owing to today being a
holiday , but will occur Tuosduv evening.
Saturday Persons & Berry completed a
largo real estate deal by which L. D. Fowler
of the German Savmus bank of Omaha becomes -
comes the owner of lot 'J , block 7J. and the
north forty feet of lot 4 , in the sumo block.
The property is located on Twenty-fourth
street , near L , and Is purchased from C. F.
Fohs for $10,000.
DoWitt'a. Sarsaporllla cleanses the blood.
itotiml Trip Tickets.
The only line running through trains
direct to Denver , Colorado Springs ,
Munltou and Pueblo. Low rates , o Till
points in Colorado , Utah or Pacilii least
points. Fast time on elegant vestibulod
trains , free roc-lining chair cars und the
celebrated "Rock Island dining cars. "
Comfort , safety and speo'l ' secured when
ticketed via the 'Great Rock Island
Routo. " Ticlcot olllco 1002 Farnam street
J. L. DKBCVOISB , G. N. W. P. A.
City Ticket and Pass. Agt.
Eye and oar surgeon , Grant Culli-
moro , room 21M , Bee building.
Visitors 10 Convention.
At the request of the entertainment
committee people's parly Exposition
hall , corner 14th and Capitol avenue ,
has been fitted up with cots for the ac
commodation of visitors. Cots can bo
secured at 75o per night.
Clionp KxriirHlou Kates Rust.
The great Rock Island route will sell
tickets July 4th , 5th and Oth to Now
York and return at loss than half faro
for the round trip with return limit ,
good until September 15th , with other
privileges east of Chicago. For full
particulars call at ticket ofllco , 1002
Farnatn stroot. CIIAS. KINNIDV ,
Gen'l N. W. Passenger Agent.
Via the \V l > , nh l.lne.
July 2d , 3d , and -1th
The Wab.ish will sell tickets at half
faro to all stations on the line good returning -
turning July 5.
Loss than half faro.
For the Younjr People's Society of
Christian Endeavor convention the
Wiibtish will sell round trip tickets at
above rates on Juno 4 , o and 0 with
choice of routes via St. Louis or Chicago.
3d Saratoga and return $ . ' 50.55.
For the N itioual K lucational associa
tion thoWubish will soil round trip
tickets at above rate July I to 10 , with
choice of routes via 'St. LouU or
4th Detroit and return $20.50.
For the iJaptlst Young People's usiioi
the Wabasli will soil round trip tickets
ut above rate , 'uly 12 and 13
For tickets , scoping car accommoda
tion and a ( older giving Hats of routes ,
side trip" , cost , of satna , with other
< 'iiluablo information , call at Wabash
olllco , 1502 Farnam street , or write
N. W. P. and Ticket Agent ,
Omaha , Neb ,
"Twin City Cliiiiitiuuicm. "
Rock Island trains will leave
Omaha for Chatauqua grounds at 8a.m. ,
10 tu m. , 12:30 : noon , 5:20 : p m. , 0:35 : p. m.
Additional trains leave Council BlulTn
0:10 : a. m. , 0:30 : a. m. , 1:50 : p. in. , 7:30 :
p , m. Kolurning luavo Chautauqua for
Omaha via Council HI tills 0:45 : a. in. ,
8:13 : a. in. , 11 a. m.,4:30 : p. m.,5:33-p. : m. ,
10:15 : p. in. Hound trip from Omaha ,
GOc. TickotH on ealo at 1002 Farnam
street or Union depot.
Highest of'all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Thousands who have
suffered , and have
been cured , gratefully
testify to the remark
able success attained
The Specialist
who , for more than 17
years , has devoted his
time to the treatment of
Private Diseases. And
surely no physician
in this broad land is
entitled to so much
praise for the wonder
ful good he has accom
plished. He substan
tiates every statement ;
he fulfills every prom
Reliable , Skillful ,
Reasonable and Fair ,
are the universal en
dorsements given Dr.
J. E. 'McGrew/of this
city. He is oneof the
most successful spe
cialists throughout the
west , in the treatment
of Private Diseases and
all diseases of Youth
and Manhood. Those
who place themselves
in his care can safely
rely upon him , as every
case is regarded in the
strictest confidence
and treated in the most
skillful manner.
Among the most successful inodlcnl exports
und specialists lu the west Is Dr. J. E. MeUrow
ofthlnully. Ho li thorouclily road anu con
scientious. " [ Tlio Omuha IJeo , Jan. 1st. , Ib92.
"Dr. J. K. McGrow has devote J his Ufa to the
B duly und treatment of private diseases. The
Doctor Is painstaking und conscientious. "
[ The World-Herald , Omuha , Sept. 4th , 18UI.
"Dr. McGrow IB n doctor on whom you can
depend , nnd thut la the reason why ho Is so
well known nnd prul cd ttinonx the Swedes of
Omaha and all over the country. " [ The Swed
ish Tribune , Omiilm , Fept. 4th. 1691.
"There Is no specialist \shostumls higher In
the estimation' f the people of Oinnha und
throughout the < isl than Lr. McGiaw , as his
eminent ability add success In the prnctluo
of his profession will testify. Ho Is known
throughout the entire west us u nmstor of his
profession. Ills untiring on'orts In bcliulf
of young men. uro too well known to require
mention. " [ The Omaha Commercial , Octo
ber , 181H
"Wo do not heslt-ito to slngloout Dr. J. H.
McGrow , of Om.ilm , nu a hpoi-lallst worthy of
the highest pralsu. Ho Is a thoroughly
trained physician , a scientist of no uncertain
Btundlng , a deep thlnlier , u keen rout-oner , a
persistent roudur of the llteruturo of his pro
fession und hence a .vide awake and Intelli
gent specialist. During our Jo years us nowu-
paper correspondent we have never had occa
sion to comment on a business conducted
moro In keening with the principles of fair
dealing and honor. " [ Thy C'nlou.'o Trade Hu-
vlow , November , IbQti
'Ihu ( Jotter's snctiai slnco I utlnz in
Omaha hut * been u most nattgrln ? one both
professionally und'lllutinclally , and ho fully
uppioclutes the jiutrouago which hns been
given hlniiln Omuha , nnd throughout thii
mirroundlng states , as well as the uest mid
northwuat. Ono of Ills chief desires N , thut he
may over continue to deserve this recognition
of his professional sUIll us a specialist.
Ifiunsiirpustod fn the trnntmnntof all forms of
PIUVATiS DISEASES , unil ull dlsoploN
and iIulillltloBuf yoattiniiil nmnliool. 17yours'
uxpurlumo. Ills ruMiuriiiM unit f.iullltlui tire
imiutloully iinlliulUJ. . The Doctor U raroii-
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And Christmas , up to ten OP a dozen years ago , were recognized among'
business men , as sort of dividing lines between the dull and busy sea
sons. "After the Fourth" seemed to be the time for the merchant of
that period to get "two kinds of bait" and go "fishin. " Times have
changed. Progressive merchants ( that's us ) , have discovered the fact
that men will buy goo'ds-m July as well as in any other month , if the
inducements held out are strong enough. Our recent great special
sales sales that have crowded our store from basement to roof sales
that have not only been "town talk" in every corner of our city but
which have been heard of in every city and town and hamlet in the
whole west have left our stock of suits in a some what demoralized con
dition. Here we have left half a dozen suits at eighteen dollars--forty at
fourteen dollars twenty at twelve-fifty maybe a dozen lots of from
ten to twenty-five each at fifteen dollars several lots at thirteen-fifty
a few lots at seventeen dollars and so on making in all an aggregate
of several hundred
These suits are in sacks and frocks , they are in all wool and silk
and wool cassimeres and worsteds ; some are bound some are
not bound ; some are dark some are medium some are light ; there
are plain colors , plaids , stripes checks ; in fact , there is a better Jina
of suits to select from than most houses can show you at from twelve
-fifty to twenty dollars. We have sorted all these odd suits into two
grand and distinct lots , placed them on separate tables and from now
until after the fourth , you can choose as you like from the two lots at
The inducements arc stronGf nicht ?
Of the Stock of
At His Store , 1314 Farnam Street
Will commence Thursday , June 30 , at 10:30 : a , m. , and continue
daily until the debts are paid.
Hots , of Sale , 10:30 : a , JL 2:30 : and 1:30 : p. E
This Stock consists of Diamonds , Fine Watches , Jewelry , Solid
Silver and Silver Plated Ware , Clocks , Table Cutlery , Opera Glasses ,
etc. , to be sold "in single lots to suit buyers. Sale absolute to highest
J. H. KR.EXNOH "Will Conduct tHe Sale.
Are Quickly Married. Try it on your next
"NorvoSooda ,
the wonderful ri'mi"lf
In ( old with a Writ *
ten Bimniniro to euro All IHTYOIH < llt u ui. iucb fti Wruk Mwiici
I.o ( > ( llriiln i'owur. Il-iadacho. Wukofuliiem , l o t Muuliooei. Mv'aiir ' J-.iii
NervouiiieM.l.aMlludnullc1raln and lo o ( power of '
Uritani In Nthcr mx cuu ml brorertiiertlon , youthful error. .or riiciiltri
\iteut tol'ftcuj.opUnn or.tlmulaMU wlilcti oori trail lu liirtriulir. Con.unip.
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ticalir I'juiliOfurK. VVIlli ov ryiuri1cr vrn oivt imntttn yuarantit to run
ornjundttornmtvClrculut Ifou. AddrumAcrtoHoeil tu cuicuiiu , 111.
For aalo in Onmlm by Suorumn it McConnell , 1513 Uodgo stroot.
Dr , Bailey , ' $ l
The Loading
Dentist '
Third Floor. Pixton Illoi't. ,
'li'Ioplioiio 1085 , Itilli nml Fufyinm Rt < t. \
A full int of teeth on rubher for 13. I'orfoctn.
Tft'Oli without I'laUx or runiotoublo brlilvu wurtc
jutt tliu tiling fur iliiiivr * ol public tjiuukur , nurur
tlruinJuwii ,
All filling at reasonable ratoi. All worU
rruilol Out tlnn out for u xuldu.
U Freque" want now
Address Huddunly , without notice ,
Oinuliii Atlrti'tlllHfj Itiiritiu , y. Y. lAft