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"intercrt Centered on the Doming Mining
Congress at Helena.
i > OTrl'iinpnt [ of Mineral lnlcre t In All
Directions Dctnlun of a llctlrod Ie-
trojinc Ancnl Suinmnry of
Northwest Xovr ,
The tcml-nnnual session of the western
mining congress convened tt Helena ,
Mont. , on tbo ISJth lust. A variety of clr-
cumstnncc * tend to muko tbo comlug aaislon
the largest and * moil Influential yet held.
Delegations will bo present ( rain all mlnttic
talcs , and united action will bo bad on ques
tion * bearing on the mining industry. Tbo
lump tn tbo price of silver bullion has de
moralized ninny hitherto urofUablo mining
districts. A great number of mines yielding
low ( , raila ore , which , , with average prices ,
would yield n fnlr return on tbo Investment ,
bavo Been forced to suspend or curtail ox-
pomes to a minimum. Silver clubs arc
multlnlvlng throughout the mining states.
Where formerly political clubs flourished ,
they uio now organized for tbo single pur
pose of looMing silver. Colorado has over
Jllty MioU clubs , Idaho has twenty-four and
.Nevada nn equal nuinbor. Silver clubs
flourish in the mining ciunpa of Utah , Mon
tana , Wyoming and California. Tbo senti
ment In "lavor of free coinage Is so great in
the minlnc district * that parly lines are van
ishing ooforo the one object national legis
lation to uuvatico thu jirico of the while
Tbcsu organizations will invade Hel
ena in great numbers. Preparations
for their retention are going for
ward on a sunlit dint nclcruilc of
Helena hospitality. Ui-duccd railroad rates
buvo been oolalucd. AMtlu from I ho busi
ness of thorongrcss , the delegates \\illboon-
tortalnod with excursions to uolsrt minus in
the vicinity , to various local resorts , con
cluding ultli au excursion lo Vcllowslono
Kntiouul park.
Interest in the congress Is enhanced by
reason of the lart thin It8 deliberations will
have an important bearing ou thu electoral
Votes of the states interested.
Uflinliu of ii Dimity I.cmler.
Information reached Salt Lake last weak
Of the death In Arizona of Bishop Lot Smith ,
one of the Mormon Danltes , or Destroying
Angels , nn organization that flourished in
Utah when Ilrighnm Yonng thought himself
a bigger man than Undo Sam. Smith ac-
coinpnnled the Mormons in tbolr exodus
from Xauvoo , and was always an onlnuslas-
tlo admirer of the prophet , Brigham Young ,
one of wuoso destroying angels ho was re-
puled to be. There \vero four companies of
tbeso destroying aneuls , each of whom
worked tn ignorance of the duties of the
others , and their duties varied with the
character of the men. The loaders of these
four g.ings were Porter Hucuwcll , Bill Hiek-
muu. Lot Hunllngton and Lot Smith. Tbo
wont of the two former was usually from
ambush , but Lot Smith's was done openly
and with a daali that won him au.utrers even
among bis opponent : ) , and bed his efforts
boon directed in a worthy cause might have
tnado him lauious.
Smith's chi ) f notoriety was achieved dur-
Inir Iho Mormon war in ! & . " > " , when the Uni
ted States forces , 3,000 .strong , wore march
ing to Utah. Lot Smith , with his pane , was
detailed lo annoy and rob the army on Its
march. He had a thorough Knowledge of
the Country which gave him a great njrnn-
tago over the troops and with bit handful of
tiien was enabled to harass the soldiers at
every turn. On the 4th of October of the
year mentioned Lot Smith and bis parly sud
denly appeared at Simpson's Hollow , near
Green river , where n government supply
train was corruled , dashed inlo Iho camp ,
teen possession of it , and Hrcd every wagon
before the troops realized his presence.
Aflerwards ho burned two trains ou the
Swcetwator in Iho same trar.nor , destroying
sovoi'ty-tlvo loaded wagons with their loa-is
of provisions , tents , looU and clothing.
Large numbers of horses , mules and cattle
\vero ulso run off by this cang , noricof which
were over recororod nnd most of which be
came church property. Smith's Instructions
were to shed no Wood except in the ex
tremity of self defense , but to waste away
the army by robbery , by cutting on" their
supplies and by tmrning the country around
them , and IDCSO Instructions ho obeyed in a
manner cnaraclerislic of Iho man. Wbolnur
Lo was ever engaged in ' 'privnlo enterprises"
Li not known , lie was nelllcd for many
years n few miles north of Salt Lake Clly ,
wbero he had a large farm , but when Gen
tile domination became too great for his
comfort no removed lo Arizona.
Bi bop Smith died with bis boots on. Ho
got into a diniculty with Navajo Indians re
garding water rights , and pulled his gun on
them , but before be could use It the Indians
filled him with lead.
A CVlrliniU'd Cute.
Tbo Irial of Iho captured cattlemen who
\vcro rescued by the military from the
rustlers of Johnson county will cxclto widespread -
spread Interest not only throughout Wjom-
Ing but the entire west. It is generally be
lieved the trial will take place In Lararoio , a
city which has not been offensively partisan
during the conliovcrsy. The arraignment of
the pribonets will taKu place about themiddlo
Df July and tbo trial will soon follow. Itoth
parlies are anxious for an early trial and
buvo agreed to waive tlmo consuming pre-
Tlin charge < against Iho prisoners now
conlii.ed la the barracks nl Fort McICinuey
are tarciliur to readers of TUB Bun. The
prisoner : , were employed by the Dig stocrf
companies to invade Johnson county and
buninilaio ullegod cattle lustlers. The im
mediate can so of tno invasion ho-called was
tbo refusal of Johnson county lo obey iho
law routing to round-ups. A state statute
confers tbo power of lixing tune and place of
round-ups on Ibo slalo sloclc commission.
Befcro iho lalter designated tlmo and puico ,
John.son county people announced n round-up
without authority. This action was antici
pated by backers of the stock commission
nnd steps were Immediately taken to head
off the Johnson county ruund-up and punish
those participating. A largo number of
armed men were secretly burned into thu
county nnd the war Oogan. For a few days
the invaders swept everything before them.
Ilfo and property were destroyed. Tno
residents rallied in force , surrounded Ibo
Invaders at the T. M. ranch nnd would have
annihilated them had not the federal troops
opportunely interfered. Thu invaders sur
rendered to tba military and were timen to
Cboyenuo. wbcro they have slnco boon hold
in tbo custody of the military authorities.
A Tiiiicli Tim n.
Hallo , Mont. , is overrun with thugs of
every grnuo , and u carnival of crime pre
vails , The murder of Editor I'onrosu a year
ago and the escape of Iho assasulus appears
to have been thu signal for a series of crimes
which culmlmitad in the murder of n police-
inan on thu Wtb ult , A reward of J.'i.OOi ) Is
offer-u by thu city for tno capture of thu
peipoiruiors of a cowardly and unprovoked
crlni'.1. The penitentiary nntl jails nro tilled
with criminals , but bllll tno cllv is In Iho
clutch of an orgamrcd band. During tbo
month uventv-suvcn convicts have boon lib
erated from Ibo julU. ' 1 ho city Is all oxclle-
ment , and citizens have organized vigllanca
committees and Intend to exterminate or
drive cut tbo gang.
Udiuu 11 u in t > in l > li' .
Hed Cloud's son , Big Cloud , a young man
of 31 year.- , recently returned to his homo to
die. Ho became n hopeless consumptive
during his stay at tbo Hampton Indian
lobcol , and as the rules of Hint mitllutiuu
foroldany moribund uludent to rumuln there ,
Iho licit brave was despatched without core-
moiiv i ? Duitota , Curiously enough bis
V rompaiilua * mill attendants on thu trip wuro
njounir uiiUttl couple , Lltllo Bear and Vcl-
low Minnie , who were made one by lLo
chaplain o ( Iho school u few weeks npo. The
party WITH ull in dire llnuncial straim , end
Eympuluotlo passengers on iho iralu raited a
nurse lo lengthen the honeymoon Joys of tbo
lover * and to provide a few Just luxuries for
the d > iup wan.
A Ut'Uil I.obtijlat.
Tba death ot George Taylor la San Fran-
els .u removes * noted CtUlfornU lobbyist
U '
.1 i
I i
* i 1.
V 1L
jel .
.ift rit >
It I
In just thirty days from now Hell man's administrator will be out of a
job , as far as disposing ol the Hellman Clothing stock is concerned , as it is
now definitely settled that the
Columbia Clothing Company ,
Of St. Louis , take possession of the stock , store and fixtures ,
In the meantime greater cuts than ever will be made in all departmens.
The time is limited and time the
now your to secure greatest bargains you
ever heard tell of is now at hand. Suits that were $ S , $9 , $10.50 , $ ii and $13
are now $5. All the $16 , $18 , $20 and $22 suits are now cut toio. Styles are
cacks , frocks , cutaways and prince alberts , in all kinds of fabrics , silk mixed
sassimeres , corkscrews , clay worsteds , cheviots , crepe cloth and the finest im
ported fabrics ; bound and unbound edges ; at any rate you are bound to buy.
They will please you , for we can fit anybody , be they slender and tall , fat and
short , let the weight be TOO or 600 pounds. Sizes range 'from 33 to 50. As
to summer clothes , coats , vests , etc. , in alapacas , lustres , flannels , serges , drap
d'ete , pongee silks , in fact any kind of summer fabiic , in short and extra long
sizes , 32 to 50 : you can have them as long as they last at any price most to
take thqm away. A lot of 35c neckties go at i5c. Those genuine all silk out
ing shirts , fancy colors , with black grounds , plaids , stripes , etc. , now go for $1.50.
Hellman got $4 for them. We did sell them for $2. All sizes. All over the
store everything is cut to the core and your chance of a life time has now come.
who gamed notoriety last year by a suit
which ha brought against certain members or
tbo legislature to recover $0,000 as his share
of plunder. In bis testimony ho declared
that ho had a combination with certain legis
lators to pas * bills that had money In them
for the lobov. Ouo result of this suit was
the impanelling by Judge Wallace of a.grand
lurv which was afterward declared illegal.
During its short life , however , the jury
caused a great sensation oy gathering lean-
rnonv against prominent politicians. But its
sources of information wore bad , nnd itss at
tacks lost their force because tbo wbolo
schorao was thought to be a design of Judge
Wallace to boom himself.
Mineral DeniHojiinmit In IVyomlng.
Cheyenne will todaycelebrato an Important
event In her Industrial career. The Fourth
has boon chosen as a most appropriate day
to lay the coracr-stona of the new smelting
plant. The exercises will bo under the
auspices of the Board of Trade , and will in
clude a procession , speeches and fireworks.
The new smelter will bo a monument to the
enterprise of the city. A bonus of $200,000
m lands and cash was given to secure the
plant. Tbo projectors are under contract to
operate the mill for five years and employ
not loss than 200 workmen
Lander is In the vortex of a mining oxclto-
niont , The richest slnko over known in
Wyoming is reporlcd in thu Lowlston dis
trict. A tenderfoot who had hired two mou
to dig for him his a vein ot ore that runs on
assay from S4U.OOU to $17,000 a ton. There is
great excitement. Men ara hastily leaving
Lander , South 1'ass and Atlantic for Lewiston -
ton . Hlght in the Htreels of Lander gold is
being pounded out of specimens from the now
William Sturgls , jr , has returned to Cheyenne -
onno from Denver , wboro ho has been wit
nessing the assay of ores from Wyoming
mines in which ho is intereslod. Specimens
from Lowlslon gave good rolurns for gold.
The figures wore f30 lo flO a ion on surface
rock. K. C. Barllott has reached the Lewiston -
ton district with a diamond drill and is
nlreadv down eighty feet. None of the core
bus y'ot been tested. The top mluoral U
easy of treatment , but with depth comes a
richer ere that Is refractory. It is believed
that it will bo necessary to concentrate.
Tbo Sturgls-Bartletl property is within a
few feet of the 347,000 slnko roporled In
Landor. Some Silver Crown ores were sub-
mlttnd lo iho sampling works experls by
Mr. Sturgls. Specimens were also shipped
to Deadwood. There is any amount of
mineral In tbo district adjacent , to ,
siya tbo bun , but the best process for Its
reduction has not been determined.
Now 1'liint unit Process.
The Deadwood Pioneer reports that Messri.
Shcpard and Morchouso , who leased the
Bonlou mill some time ago for the purpose of
experimenting on a now process for the re
fractory silver ere * , have mot with such suc
cess that u lease of the plant for a long term
of years has been made. They have do-
tormlccd lo build a now plant on the Buxton
silo , and for that purpose bavo ordered 00-
000 feel ut lum > or. ( Jradlng for tbo plant
has already commenced. Whatever of iho
old machinery In Ibe Buxton mill that can do
made of service will bo used in the new
works. The prnccs * . which is a chemical
one , Is Kept secret , The discoverer of It is
Mr. Baron of the Omaha undUrant Smelting
uorUs , and bo Is authority tor the stateroom
that It is the moat economical yet Intro
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Eleven horses burned to death In Kvoy's
livery slablo ut Kuarnoy.
,1 F. Bixby , formerly of Fullerton , has
started the 1'eoplo's Hovlew at I'uwuou
Hov.V. . O. Work bos assumed the pas
torate of the Congregational cnurch at Har
Saundcrs county will vote. July 20 , on a
proposition to issua bonds for (75,000 lo build
a new court bouso.
The now school building at Paollilon Is to
cost $15,000 Instead of $ 1OM ) a announced la
n special from that place.
Two strangers visited the residence of
Burl Hartnor , eight tullbufrom Syracuse , tbo
ether dav and proceeded to negotiate for his
farm. ' 1 buy claimed to bo residents of
Omaha , thu ODJ a judge , the other n doctor.
The doctor claimed lo want lo buy the farm
lor a wealthy sister , who was a widow.
After some talk they ltftpromUlng to return
Iho next day. Tbo next day ho returnnd ,
Buying that they would dnvo around Ibo
borders of Iho farm. Taking Mr. Harmer In
the buggy he drove partly around tbo farm
uutll they c uio to a ravluo in
a somewhat secluded spot. Hero
they were met by a tough lookIng -
Ing individual carrying'a grip , who erected
them and inquiring after a certain man
whose wife ho said was his sister. Ho
claimed that ho and his sister had fallen
heir to a largo estate in Texas and that ho
had been to Chicago with a train load of
cattlo. Ho then went on to say that ho hod
been relieved of a part of bis wealth while
In a dance house gaming at cards , but that
ho had learned the game , etc. In his grip
was a largo sum of money. After some tali ;
the doctor was induced to bet on a certain
card and of course won. This was repeated
several times and then Mr. Harmer was
asked to Del. Ho firmly refused and de
manded that they proceed to talk buslnsss
or else he would ro'turn to the houso. After
some fruitless coaxing the villains ioft. It
is generally thought that bad it not boon for
the decided course Mr. Harmer took the vil
lains would have forcftl htm to give a checli
for a largo amount.
Douglas has organized a Clevo and Steve
An unknown tramp was dlsseotod by the
cars at Laramie ,
Tramps are making life Interesting for
railroad men all along the line.
Construction work on the Burlington ex
tension Is being pushed with tremendous
Maud , the 10-year-old daughter of Mrs.
William Beaudolu , was drowned in the river
near Laramie
It Is a dull day in Suggs when the number
of impromptu scraps and shooting matches
fall below llvo.
Kango owners with headquarters at Evanston -
ton have posted a reward of,000 for the
conviction of cattle tbiovos.
Laramlo Is immensely tickled over the
arrival in town of a gorgeously fashlonablo
hearso. It is thu finest in the west so In
viting in fact as lo rob grim death of much
of its lerrorj.
An exploring pirty is doing Iho new cave
in Table mountain , twnnty-fivo miles from
Laramlo. The cave is a succession of immense -
monso caverns and curiously 'armed cham
bers , rnngini ; in size from an ordinary room
to a largo amphitheater.
> < intli Dakota.
The semi-monthly clean-up of the Golden
Reword mine amounted to $17,000.
A smooth hurclar picked thu lock on Yank-
ton's u.istllo and bid fare well to tbo town.
Sixty thousand dollars was refused for the
UangorgrouD of mines in the Koystouo dis
The Masonic order of Deadwood contem
plates buildlnca teinplo that will cost them
175,000. It is to bo constructed of slono
and iron and will ho u handsoioo cditlco , un
honor lo Iho great society.
[ Juitod States Commissioner Lyons sug
gests to the council ol Sioux Falls , us a solu
tion of prohibition , that tbo city ongngo In
the saloon business and pocket the proceeds.
Ho thinks tha city would not l5OiX ) a year.
A committee is considering the mailer.
Sales of school lands in Soulh Dauola to
tbo amount of & 50.000 bavo boon madu during
tba past eight months , or rather slnco Iho
dale of assurance of last year's crop in the
stale , which amounted In tbo aggregate to
nearly $125,000,000. If crops of tbo piosont
year should prove to bo cijjal to that of last
year tbo late purchasers of land will nearly
or quite pay for their lauds from the ISW
The stockholder" of tbo Ilarnoy Poult com
pany , consisting of Lord Iburlow , chairman
of the board of directors , London , England ;
J , homas , the largest producer of tin In the
world , Cornwall , England ; Henry Classen
and J. A. Ehret , tnu wealthy brewers of Now
York ; Dn. C. Bruce , Veordln Poadl , M.
Bierruesor. Lewis Clay , M. Wildln and C.
Tburlow , have arrived in the Hills for the
purpose of maulug an examination of the
cotupauy's property.
The Stella inlno at Centorvillols said to bo
yielding 11,000 per day.
Urukoman Brown and fourteen horses
were killed m a wreck on tbo Montana
Union near Butto.
A rich body of ere assaying ICO ounces of
silver to the ton was siruck in iho BImeiaillo
mlno at Pblllipiburff.
John K , Plummor , foreman of the Granite
MouuUln Mining company , secured a verdict
for ? 30UOO against tha company In the
Helena courts.
Tbo placer mlninc districts of Montana ,
ami especially thanof Deer Lodge county ,
buvo not In the ] cit decade been more pro
mising of production than at tba present
tlino , and almost all tbo old diggings that
have bean abandoned for years are again being -
ing operated upon. '
The returns from 'the recent shipment
made by the Benton group , of Neihart for
seventeen tons of first class and twenty and
one-half tons ol socond-class ere reached the
high figures of $24.150.
Tbo committee having in charge tbo
arrangements for the rock-drilling tourna
ment to bo held during the session
of the mining congress at Helena this
month bavo decided to make it a "go as
you please , " and have also done
away with tbo entrance fee for con
testants. Tbo prizes offered are asfolloxvs :
For doublo-handod drilling First prize $700 ,
second prize flOO , third prize WOO. fourth
prize $200. For single-handed drilling-
First prize $350 , second prize $200 , third
prUo $150 , fourth prize flOO.
J. B. Haggin , the head center of the Ana
conda company , states that tbo copper pro
ducers of tbo'Uniled States have ngrced lo
reduce their product , and that the Anacondu
company , on Its part , will lower its product
nearly 50 par cent , beginning with the first
of Julv. After that date the product of the
Anaconda mines will be reduced to bars , or
some other merchantable form. The largo
amount of silver and gold obtained in Ana
conda copper renders it Imperative to refine
tbo latter by electricity , whereby all the sil
ver ana gold is saved and the result Is per
fectly pure copper.
Alone the Const.
Walla Walla bos G.700 inhabitants.
Faith curists precipitated two funerals In
Oakland , Cal.
Boise City Is beginning to take na Interest
in Idaho's World's fair exhibit.
Some genius has invented a successful
process for saving the Snake river flour gold.
Mr. Cassldy , Nevada's silver orator , rup
tured a blood'vessel while addressing a con
vention at Hone , and died in a few minutes.
Colonel Will Vlsscher , the well known
newspaper man , is being boomed for the
congressional nomination by tbo democrats
of Tncomn.
The now Masonic tcmplo of Tacomo. dedi-
calod last woelc , cost JOO.OOO , exclusive of
grounds. Tbo building Is of brick , three
stories high , covering an area 103x110 foot.
A prospector Justin from the Death valley
country reports that a party of nine , includ
ing an analytical chcimit , has located ox-
touslvo beds of nitre in tbo Amargosa valley ,
within six miles of Resting springs ,
The raisin growers und packers of Fresno
county , Cal..will form a combine this ycarto
control prices , Fresno can control half of
all tbo raisins produced in this country , so
that tbo combination will probably mono it-
aclf felt.
Representatives of a Now York electric
company are at Sutro , Nev. , looking over tbo
giouud and estimating tbo coil of conslruct-
ing an electnc plant on the Carson river and
running Ibo mill ut Sutro on era to be con
veyed from tbo Comsidck mines through tbo
Sutro tunnel. ,
Wool to the amount of 2,250,000 pounds
will bo marketed at Heppnor , Oro. , this aoa-
I Bon. Over 2.10,01)1) ) pounds of wool bavo al
ready been marketed at Bauer City. The
wool clip ot onstorii Oregon will bo an 1m-
monse otic thu year.
Tncoma is standing on tintoo on the edge
of the Pacitio watching for the steamship
Phra ZS'ong , tbo lirst of the Northern Pacific's
now trauspacltlc line loaded with Asian silk
&nd lea. There will bo twenty-tivo car loads
of sllK , which is lo ho Immediately forwarded
by special train to New York.
One of the features of San Francisco's
growth is the largo incrcaio in iho number of
big privalo hotels. Suitor and Geary streets
are lined with Ihoni , but as fan us a now ono
is completed ills filled with boarders. Ground
Is now being broken lor u now hotel of this
kind on Sutler street , just cost of Jones. It
will bavo 120 rooms ,
Oakland , Cal. , has formed a chamber of
co mine foe , with tbo special purpose of sav
ing tbo water front of tbo city and of en
couraging computing railroads to enter tbo
city. Oakland U growlna rapidly , and
mnlnlv by reason of now cabla and electric
roads thai bavo brought Its suburbs \\ilhlu
easy roach of San Francisco business men ,
Briefly stated , the grain crop of Whitman
county , Oregon , and all over tbo Palouie re
gion , in tact , extending across tbo border
into Idaho , gives bright promise of a grout
crop. Unless unexpected troubles overtake
tbo oDunlry within the next few weeks ,
such as uxtrnmo hot winds or tbo like , the
country tiuy I'O relied upon to furnish tbo
world' * maruoU her usual enormous sur
A yacht with the appropriate name ot
Hayseed will tall from Sue Francisco In a
few days for Cocos island In search of a
treasure of $00,000,000 said to have been
buried by pirates seventy years ago. The
commander Is Captain August Gisler , who
has already spent four years In the search.
He is accompanied by a German named
Virtonc , who ha > invented an indicator bv
which boclalms ability to discover hidden
WCCPIXO WATEU , Mon. . Oot 23 , ' 00. Dr.
Moore : My Dear Sir I have Just bodght
tha third bottle of your Tree of Lilfo. It is
indeed a "Treo of Life. " Doctor , when you
so kindly gave mo that first bottle my right
side was so lame and sere and my liver en
larged so much that 1 could not Ho upon my
right side at all. There was a soreness over
my kidneys all of the time , but now that
trouble is all over. I sleep just ns well on
ono side as on the other , and my . - > leop rests
and refreshes mo , and I fool the best I've felt
in fifteen yoarsund I know that it is all dus-
to your Tree of Llfo. Yours very truly ,
D. , F.
For sale by all druggists.
SWIFT'S SI'UCiriC is totally unllkn any
other blood medicine. Jtcuresillseasesof
thoblood and skin by remin ing the poison ,
and at the Kaiuu time supplies good blood to ttio
wasled parts. Don't bo imposed on by euhsti-
lutes , ulilch are en id to bu just as good , / / / ' /
not true. No medicine > BI THC l&fnni ? |
has performed us many BIB I lit * WlllnLEJ
nouderful curesor rclio\ed so much tiuUcriiig.
" My blood was badly poisoned last year , which
got inv whole Hystcin out of order dis-cawl and
a constant pourro of sulTcrlng , no appetite and
nn enjoyment of life. T o bottles of t
brought me right out. There Is no I
better remedy for blood diseases.
"JoiiN GAVIN , Dajton , Ohio. "
Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed free.
SWIFT Si IXTiriC CO. , Atlanta , Ga ,
is via the Chicago , Milwaukee
&St Paul R'y , as represented
on this man.
Electric Lighted , Steam Heat
ed Vestibuled trains leave
Omaha daily at 7:05 : p. m. , ar
riving at Chicago at 9:45 : a. m.
City Ticket Office : 1501 Far-
nam St. , Omaha.
F. A. NASH , Gen'l Agent.
MK.vr.kipocllIofor Hyst'jrU. Dlizlnatt , Kilt , N u-
ruUUi HcadacUe Herrout I'roitraton cauteU tif
alcoboiur lotMUOD. Wakutulnuii , Mental Uaur i
luii , auttncti ut the Uruin. cauiltu Iniaiiltr , mlterr
ducirat. 1'ruuiitura Old Aia llarrauuii. 1,011
of I'owiy's elllnir 101 , Iraputuuor ktmcorrhot an 1
nit reuiiileVvaknotte > Involuntirr l < oi ai , Spur
roulorrliHa cautoil ur OTor-oiortlon or tb * lirnln
huir-abu.oovur-tnduU-onca. A montb'f truatsiou
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National Bank.
Capital . $100,000
Surplus ? < ! 5,000
Oltltor * ami Dim ton llenrr W Vntoi , pronldent
U. C. fuihluj , view prt ld nt , C S. MaurlcuV V
Mornu. Jolin H , Collin * , J , N 11. 1'utrlfk , I-owls A
Hood , Cuahlur.
ozs. FOR
Mackintosh Clothing-Wholesale ,
Rubber Clothing-Y/holesaie / ,
Fish and Shield Slickers-Wholesale ,
Grand Rapids Felt Boot Co. ,
Meyer Rubber Shoe Co. ,
New Jersey Rubber Shoe Co.
Owing to greatly increased tusinoss I have boon forced to rent
the pound floor , 44x160 feet , on corner of Howard and Twelfth Btroots , in
addition to the buildmsr I now occupy nt 1111 Ha-noy Btroal , to hold the
stock I am setting for fall and winter.
. Send for 1 bta , discounts etc.
Ull Harney Street , Omaha , Neb.
Seminary for Higher and Liberal Education of Girls
and Young Women. Specialty , Music , Art , Elocution.
University Pliin. 33rd year openi Bert h Apply "irly
Applicant ! rsjeclert taut ( tuilun fur want of room. Addms ,
Be. . T. Peyton Walton , A.D. , Pres'l , Lexington , Missouri.
STEPHENS ul nt.isr for educating
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" " ' oubiluil . and Art departments liiglu.l unier li'iuheri u ( ilio l.mi American
and eultum , large and Ueaiiuful srouud. , new buildlnKn. ro-nin well
Teiitllated , lighted liy can ( in. Se | > tenilr Tth r"or catalogue arl.lren
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