Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 03, 1892, Page 8, Image 8

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N , B , FAl
Will Be Closed All Day on the Fourth , But
Open Again Tuesday
millions Will Ho ICnllpil-l ! ) 1-30 nnil
Itllilinn ( ; ut to fir "Or , ! ii > r nnil Ilfi
million Out l X t-'lc , I'-J 1-Bo
nnil ir c.
Wo have the finest stock of goods wo
have over carried.
This cut on prices is rapidly reducing
Wo want all our friends to take ad
vantage of this salo.
Note carefully the following cuts.
Plain colored China silks and black
and white check grenadine goods that
have been selling at 50c , Tuesday , 2Se. i
10 pieces of assorted silks that have
been soiling up to 81.00 , cut to 18o Tues-
20 pieces Cheney Brothers' celebrated
Indian silks , valued at $1.00 , cut to Too.
Ribbons wo wish to make a special
feature of and will make extraordinary
cuts on them.
500 pieces of assorted ribbon , all
colors , wortli up to 25o , cut to SJe Tues
In this lot will bo found ribbons worth
up to ! < ) < ! .
Now is your time to buy your buggy
robes.Vo have the _ largest assortment
and you will surely find our prices the
Wo start them at It"jc , 50c , 05c , f)5c ) ,
81.25 , $1.50 , SI.75 , $2.00 , $2.2-3 , $2.60.
See our line of Mexican grass nam-
mocksat $1.00 , $1.25 , $1.35 , up to $2.75
Stretchers at 20c pair.
Rones at 20c pair.
Pillows nl 25c each.
] 2Jc India linen cut to 8jc.
15c India linen cut to lOc.
203 India linen cut to 15c.
Big reductions on plaid , and striped
nainsooks , see what wo aio ottering at
10 pieces black silk warp Henrietta ,
warranted for wear , color , otc. This
cloth wo have sold all season for $1.25 ;
will bo cut to C9c.
Black brilllantino , a genuine bargain
at SOc per yard , will bo cut to 3Cc.
All of our $1.25 Priostloys novelties
will bo cul to SSc.
Cream mohair , actual value 75c ; got a
pattern of tills cloth while it lasts at 30c.
12-inch black English honriotta , which
Is excellent value for 60c , will bo cut to
Positively no goods sold to the trade
at these prices.
50 pieces fancy stipe madras at 5o ,
worth lOc.
This style of goods is now in great de
mand for ladies waists and gent's shirts.
25 pieces fancy btripo and figured
French sateen at the extraordinary low
prfeo of 15c ; regular Hoe and 40c. ( See
window. )
50 pieces French batiste at 19c ; regu
lar 30c grade.
HO pieces Pacific lawns at 5c , worth
15 pieces India organdies at lOc ,
worth 15c.
20 pieces India crepe cloth at lOc ,
worth 15e. See windows.
lli'V. I > r. Thomas Today.
At Twin City Chautnuqua Rov. Dr.
Thomas preaches , it 2W : ] > . in. Imperial
quartet sings. Throuirh trains from
Samuel Burns says , in consequence of
the unfavorable poasou ho will close out
his Jewell refrigoralors al 10 per cenl
from faclory prices. Call or send for
price list.
The lllark IIIIU.
Deadwood the mining center.
Hot Springs the famous sanitarium.
Holh reached by iho F. K. & M. V. R.
R. , Iho pioneer railroad lo tlio Hills.
Palace sleepers and chair cars now run
ning on ihrough tn.iiiH , and commenc
ing .Inly 9 Ihn Itirough Omaha-IIol
Springs sleeper will bo pul on and run
daily ihoreafior.
Tickel olllco M01 Farimm street.
Depot 15th and Webster strcols.
.1. R. HUCHANA.V ,
General Pabscngor Agent.
Ladies' ball game al Ilaskoll's park ,
July , y.'IH ) p , m.
Ilayden Uros. 3-strinjr cabinet grand
upright piano , new scale , $187.50.
Hamilton Warren , M. D. , ocloetlo and
magnollc physician and surgeon. Spo-
chilly , diseases of wo'noa ' nnd children ,
ll'JN. lUlhstroat Telephone 143i
A cordial Invitation is extended to all
delegates and visitors by Paxton & Gal
lagher to call and see their tea plant.
This is quite a curiosity , as it Is Iho flrsl
opportunity afforded iho people of iho
United St'ilos lo see lea growing i n
their own country.
W. J. Shrador tolls Union soap , "
Notlci ) Tlu'Ho Castcrn iciuxloimia : "The !
Norlli\n'Hti > m IIIID , "
On July , 5 and ( ! . tourisls lickols will
bo on sale lo Now York City and return
al less than half fare , goo'd reluming
until August 15 , with choice of routes
east of Chicago.
From July 1 to 10 , Inclusive , tlckols on
Mile al half rales lo Saratoga , N. Y. ,
und return with reduced rates from
there to all Now York and Now Eng
land points.
For full Information , through sleeping
car reservations , otc , call at oily ticket
olllco , 1101 Farnam street , Omaha.
G. F. WKST , R. R. RITOIIU ; ,
C. P. & T. A. General Agent
I'lriiHorKa ,
Don't pay throe prices at small stands ,
bul go to headquarters. lUloJ Farnam ,
nnd got a dollar's worlh for 100 cents.
The W. A. Page Soap company are
mibllHhlni : each week a different list of
( en merchants who neil Union Soap
\Valch for your grocer's name.
( 'allloriini i\iiiirHlonii : ,
You have oen California frequently
mentioned in newspapers and magazines
Purhajm a friend has been there anil
Avritod otithuxluBliu loiters baclc home
ikboul Iho climate and the fruits. It
makes you anxious to bee the country
lor yourself.
Tno way to go lu via the Santa Fo
route , on ono of that lino's popular , per-
Kiiiitlly conducted parties , leaving ChU
tiiL'o every Saturday evening , and leav
ing KUMHII'H City every Hun-Jay morning.
Hpcclal iijentH and portent in attend-
mice , Pullman tourist .sloopem are
HMid , fiirnlnhod with bedding , mat-
tn > N > , tollel artloloD , etc. Swond
fla H tlckotM honored. Write to M L.
I'ulmor , piiHMjiiir | { ( ngenl Santa Fo
route , IUHI Farniim utrcul , Omaha , Neb.
Not About Any Firn Sale , Foro3d Sale or
Bankrupt Stock ,
\V Don't liny trcnml Iliinil tlonili OHM
Arc All XPM , I'rixli Oniuli Direct
from till ) rurtorlMi fnini
1'lrnt Iliinil * .
They nro sold as cheap or cheaper
mid give better sntiafuctlun than any
Ire or bankrupt goods can.
Why ilo llrms boi'omo bankrupt ? Nine
times' out of ton because their goods
won't soil. They nro carried ever from
month , to month and become shop worn
and out of date ; wo don't euro to offer
, o the public any such ( roods.
In our furniture department you will
llml now , fresh , llrst hand goods at very
.ow prices. Wo want to reduce this line
some and will nmku outs all along the
Ino. Hods , chamber suits , chairs , center
.ablcs , otc. Wo have a few center tables ,
oft nl Uoo each ; you should have one.
Wo are also prepared to repair furni
ture lu first class mannar and wo do not
illow any of our goods to go out unless
in first class condition. Satisfaction
guaranteed or cash mono ) ' refunded.
In drugs wo are doing the business.
Our system of labels and bottles makes
uistakcs imuoasiblo ; inspect this do-
> : irttnont , in oOe s-.ved on a proscription
s bettor than 50o earned , bee.iuso it Is
easier done.
Dollar articles In patents sold for 75c.
Bennetts' exclusive patents are taking
the load of all , larger bottles and guar-
intocd to do the work and sold at 05c.
We have qtillo a line of patents at just
iinlf price.
In our butter department wo are sup
lying the trade. The market is ad-
r'ancingsomeoururiees ; remain the same.
tfow is the time to lay In a supply.
You will bo sure to get the genuine
article at our counter. Wo don't handle
oleo. Ask your merchant If ho has a
jovornmenl license , you will bo sur
mised at the great number who will an
swer yes.
All our eggs are carefully candled and
guaranteed to please.
In moats wo can do you goou. Wo
won't sell you a shoulder or picnic for a
No. 1 ham. They very much ro-
scinblo ahum but are not.
Wo will cut any kind of meat you
want , also chip beef for you in any quan
tity and give you fuH'weight EV13KY
Wo have a large ami elegant stock in
our exclusive tea , coITeo and spice de
partment. Wo can save you money and
jivoyou better values iintl weights than
any one in the city. "Visit this depart
ment and get a glass of delicious ice
Lea , made to sample our grades.
2ome and see us. wo can benefit you
nero ways than one. Weigh , count
ind measure everything1 you buy. Ex
amine and compare qualities , you will
ilways find our prices as low and In
many cases lower than other dealers.
1502. 1504 , 160(5 ( , 1508 , lolO , 1512 Capitol
Jtcv. Dr. Tlioiiiim Tmliiy.
At Twin City Chautauqua Hov. Dr.
Thomas preaches at 2'iO : p , in. Imperial
quartet sings. Through trains from
Curtice Bros. ' canned fruit and vege
tables are sold by all first class grocers.
Meyer & Raupko , wholos.ilo western
hplnt I.iiki * .
The nearest nice summer resort for
Omaha people. Daily trains with Pull
man sleepers leave Webster street depot
at 5 : 15 p. m , arrive at Spirit Lake at
7 a. in. Returning , leave Spirit Lake at
10UO : p. in. , arrive at Omaha at 9:2-5 : a.
in. Tourist rate tickets on sale at 1 101
ITnrnnm fat reel.
General Passenger Agent.
The Mercer hotel , 12th and Howard.
150 elegant rooms $2 to $5 per a ay.
The Woman's Auxiliary of the Church
of the Good tfhophord will give a lawn
sociable next Wednesday night , the Oth
of July , on the grounds of Mr. .1. G.
Willie , 1017 North Twenty-second
street. The Mandolin club will furnish
music. All are invited.
Samuel Burns says that ft largo per
centage of sickness is caused by drink
ing impure water , and advises the use
of the celebrated Gate City Filter ,
which ho is ottering at 50.00. Call or
send for price list.
7 O'clock In tliu Kvrnlnt ;
IB the time the fast Omaha-Chicago
train via. "tho Northwestern lino' '
loaves the Union Pacific depot. Omaha ,
arriving at Chicago at 9:30 : o'clock next
V < stlbulcd sleepers and free parlor
cars. City ticket office , 1401 Fanwtn.
Try Lyon's creamery butter , Courtney
& Co. Tel. 057. 25th and Davenport.
P. M. Back sells Union soap.
Kiutitrn Cltlrs iiiul rio'ixnro Itcxort
Are best reached by the Burlington
Route and its connections.
Forty hours' ride from Omaha lands
the travelers in Now York or Philadel
phia , within sight and fiound of the
broad Atlantic.
It's getting warm now , and life In Ne
braska IH not so pleasant as in Septem
ber or October.
Take a holiday , buy your ticket at
1223 Fiirnam street , and go east by ono
or the other of the Burlington'ri three
daily express trains. They leave at
9:50 : a. in.1:15 : p. m. and 11:50 : p. m.
N. P. Sabs Bolln Union soap.
Now , and rare drugs. Shormun & Me
Council 15115 Dodge , Ud door west P. O.
on Opportiuiltli1 *
Via the Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul
Hy. , with choice of routes east of Chi
Now York and return , rate $2.00 less
than regular ono way rates , on Halo .July
HhtoOlh , good returning July 10th to
17th , subject to extension for return un
til August 15th.
Saratoga Springs , N. Y. , and return ,
ono fare for the round trip , plus $2.00 ,
on sale July 4th to 10th , good roturninu
July 15th to 20th , subject to extension
for return until Sept. 1st.
Washington , D. C. , and return , ono
faro for the round trip , on mile Sept.
13th to 20th , good returning until Oct.
Cincinnati , O , , and return , ono faro
for the round trip , on sale Juno 27th and
28th , good returning until July ( ith.
Detroit , Mich. , and leturn , ono faro
for the round trip , on sale July 12th and
Kith , good roturnlng until Julv 19th.
To any local point on C. M. & St. P.
Hy. , one and one-third faro , except
North and South Dakota , for round trip ,
on sale July 2d , 3d rtnd 4th , good re
turning until July 5th.
Call at ollleo , 1501 Farnam utroot ,
Omaha , or telephone 2K4 for additional
information ,
C. S.L'Aiiiiir.H , F. A. NASH ,
Ticket uguil. General agent
For the Spsoial Benefit of Delegates , Strang
ers anil Visitors July 4 ,
To Axnll ThnmiolMM of tlin Tromnmloin
nliM In the On-it Miiiiclilll llnnk-
rupt Dry ( liiniU Stuck mill
Omulm Shoo Snlo.
The most conspicuous dry goods store
In Omaha. That you hour so much
about hero , there and everywhere.
On the northwest corner of 10th and
Douglas street.
There are opportunities In life which
must be taken when ottered or are lost
For every stranger In town lomo'Tow '
wo offer an opportunity that Is never
liable to occur again. From 8 in the
morning until noon tomorrow wo place
the whole etiro joint establishments
At their pleasure.
Every wonderful bargain that has
ever boon advertised by us nt the oom-
inoncomcnl of this sale Is repeated and
doubled In value for tomorrow.
Bo prepared for the biggest bargains
you can imagine in silks and dross goods.
Prepare youraclf for greatest bargains
in men's and ladies' underwear and hos
iery. Prepare yourself for the moH tre
mendous bargains in shoos for men ,
ladies or children. Prepare yourself ,
in fact , for the greatest smash in prices
that you can imn.nlno. Prepare your
self for all these , and when you eomo
you will find that you have not prepared
yourself half enough for the big bar
gains that will meet you on every hand.
At llulT.ilo Show , July I.
Wild west ill earnest.
Attempts will bo uiado to rope "Wild
Jehu. " $10.00 to any cowboy who will
accomplish it. OITor open to the world.
All attempts to bo made on horseback.
Buffalo Jones will Attempt to drive to a
cart "Dick" the man-killer ana "Sulli
van' " the lighter.
Nothing like It over seen.
There Is no fake about it. These
attempts will bo made in earnest and
accomplished , if possible , and you may
expect some exciting scenes and a lot of
fun. Performances a.t 2 , 4 and 0 p. m.
See the cowboys try to rope "Wild
Jctiu. "
See Buffalo Jones try to drive the
buffalo bulls.
Girls \ K. lloj'K.
The Ladies' Base Ball ago rogation of
Denver will plav the Mort-es at lias-
kell's park at 3:30 : p. ra. July 4.
Itov. Dr. TlioiiuiH Today.
At Twin City Chautauqua Rev. Dr.
Thomas preaches at 2:30 : p. m. Imperial
quarlot , sings. Through trains from
Great slaughter of millinery goods.
From now on until the rloso of the sea
son we will sell our millinery at what
ever price it will bring. Not at coat or
below cost , but whatever you can pay
for it. Ills not a question of what it is
worth , but what It will bring. Wo keep
no shoddy goods , so don't expect to find
it. The ladies of Omaha know what
class of goods wo keep ; so before buying
elsewhere come to us and see how far
your dollar will go.
Remember the place.
1522 Douglas.
Sight is priceless. Half the fatigue
and headaches occasioned , by the sun
and dust may bo avoided by wearing
London Smoke or Blue Lenses of the
proper tint.
Eye glasses with cork noses and silk
guards , nil shades , only 50c this week.
Ttider Optical Co's. , corner Farnam and
Fourteenth streets.
Eye and oar surgeon , Grant Culli-
inoro , room 221 , Boo building.
Clirnp Kxciirslon Kiitex Kust.
The great Rock Island route will soil
tickets July 4th , 5th and Oth to Now
York and return at loss than half faro
for the round trip with return limit ,
good until September 15th , with other
privileges cast of Chicago. For full
particulars call at ticket office , 1002
Farnam street. ClIAS. KUNNUDY ,
Gen'l N. W. Passenger Agent.
< ilrlH , I'liiy It.ill.
The Morses will play a match game
of ball with the .ladies' base ball ag
gregation of Denver at Ilaskol's park ,
Fifteenth and Vlnton , 3:30 : p. m. , July 4.
A. Weber , jr. , piano tuner , 113 N. 15.
The children ol St. James orphanage
will have their picnic on July 0. Their
many kind friends who have done 40
much to make them happy in the past
are most cordially invited.
Any person desirous of contributing
toward their refreshments will kindly
send them to St. Catherine's academy ,
Cass and 18th streets , Convent of Morey ,
1421 Castellar street , or the Derail
house , 422 South 18th PlreoU
SIBTIHS : or Mnitcv.
Tint Hutu to \i-\r York
For the annual convention , Societies of
Christian Endeavor , will ho only ono
faro for the round trip , and tickets at
that rate may bo obtained on July 4th.
5th and Oth , at the city tlukot olllco of
the Burlington route , 1223 Fnrnnm
Through train , Omaha td New York ,
leaves hero at 11:10 : p. m. Monday , July
No transfer or change of nny kind.
A atop of live hours will be imido at
Niagara Falls. ' '
The 00-cont store open every evening
this week until 8 o'clock. Buy your fire
works now and avoid the rush.
Latent Shoot Mimic.
Received dailyA. jloapo , music rooms.
C'lilna Di'uor.ilivu .M'ltcirluU.
Novelties , groit variety. Hoapo's
The finest fireworks at the only ex
clusive fireworks IIOUBO in the city , 1015 }
J. E. Nelson & Co. boll Union soap.
KxoiiMloii to Jsmv York.
The Christian Endeavor Society of
Nobrabka has arranged with ' 'Tho
lino" solid train
North-WoBlorn to run a
of sleepers and free chair cars from
Omaha to Now York City , leaving
Omaha July 4 at 7 p. in. Ifciilroad rates
for thla occasion will bo one-half faro
for the round trip.
For full Information apply at Y. M. C.
A. rooms or city ticket otllco of "The
North-Western line , " 1401 Farnam St.
C. P. & T. A. General Agent.
roimir.xcLUsioxs HAST.
VinttIIP Wiilmh I.IMP.
July 13d3d , and 4th
The WnlMuih will sell tickets at half
faro to all stations on the line good re
turning July 5.
Loss than half fare.
For the Young People's Society of
Christian Eiidoavor convention the
Wabash wllL-soll round trip tl-skots at
above riitcsion Juno 4 , 5 and 0 with
choice of routes'via St. Louis or Chicago.
3d Saratoga ! and return $30.55.
For the National Eluc.itlonal u oela-
lion thoWubish will sell round trip
tickets at above rate July 4 to 10 , with
choice of routes via St. Louis or
4th Detroit and return $20 50.
For the B iptlst Young People's uiiioi
the Wabash will soil round trip tickets
at above rate , 'iily 12 and 13
For tickets , scoping car accommoda
tion and a loldor giving lists of routes ,
side trip" , coat of same , with other
valuable information , call al Wabash
olllco , 1502 Farnam street , or write
GioniiN' : ( : . CLAYTON ,
N. W. P. and Ticket Agent ,
Omaha , Nob.
Ili'V. Dr. Thulium Toilny.
At Twin City Chautauqua Rev. Dr.
Thomas preaches at 2:30 : p. m. InTpcrial
quartet sings. Through trains from
Our store will bo closed all day Mon
day , July 4.Tin
Tin : Moitsn DUY Goons Co.
Jepson & Lund sail Union soap.
National Illrtlulny.
Reduced Rates.
The Chicago , Rock Island & Pacific
Railway will sell tickets at all points on
their line July 2 , 3 and 4 good to return
to the 6th.
Apply to any ticket agent for full par
JNO. SiniAsriAN , G. T. & P. A.
CIIA& . KKNNHDY , Gcn'l N. W. P. A.
II. W. Spauldlng sells Union soap.
Ladies'ball garao at liaskoll's park ,
July 4 , 3:30 : p. ui.
M. Roth sells Union soap.
"Twin C'lty Cli.uitiiiuiiri. "
Rock Island trains will leave
Omaha for Chatauqua grounds at 8 a. m. ,
10 iu m. , 12:30 : noon , 5:20 : p. in. , 0:35 : p. m.
Additional trains leave Council BlulTs
0:10 : a. m. , 0:30 : a. m. , 1:50 : p. in. , 7:30 :
p. m. Returning leave Chautauqua for
Omaha via Council Blulfs 0:15 : n. in. ,
8:13 : a. m. , 11 a. m.,4:30 : p. m. , 5:33 : p. m. ,
10:15 : p. in. Round trip from Omaha ,
50c. Tickets on sale at 1002 Farnam
street or Union depot.
A. Weber , jr. , formerly at Moinbcrg's ,
has opened a piano repair factory and
deals in line now pianos. 113 N. 15tli st.
Krakauor Dianos ; see them. 113 N. loth.
Visiting Knights.
All visitors and members of the con
vention , who are members of the Order
of Knights of Pythias , are cordially in
vited to drop in at Pythian headquar
ters , Paxton block , 10th a/id Farnam
Sts. , and make themselves at homo at
any timo.
By order of the committee on enter
tainment of visitingJCnights.
i 1 Golontilii'ft Cntil IlutrcatH.
During the "tourist season , " from
Juno until September , the Burlington
route has on sale round trip tickets at
very reduced rates to the principal resorts -
sorts of Colorado.
To Denvor.Colorado SpringsManitou ,
Pueblo and Estes Park ( the most attrac
tive spot in the whole state ) , particu
larly low rates nrc in force.
July and August are the best months
in which to visit Colorado's unrivalled
resorts , to all of which the Burlington ,
with its connections , offers unequalled
The city ticket agent at 1223 Farnam
street will bo glad to give you any desired -
sired information.
Nuiv Friiino Mnnlilln ; ; * .
Late dcsings. A. Hosnc , Douglas st
Hot SprlngR , South Dnkiitil ,
Is a sanitarium of the highest clas , sit
uated in the most picturesque portion of
the Black Hills.
Its climate is delightful , its bath
houses luxurious ana the beneficial ef
fects of its thermal waters truly astound
Tickets good for 90 days from date of
purchase are now on sale at the Bur
lington Route city ticket olllco , 122. ! Far
nam street , at the very low rate of $25 00 ,
Omaha to Hot Springs and return.
The 10:15 : a. m. train for this northern
paradise offers uncqualcd service of
through sleepers , and rcclining-chair
W. T. Seaman , wagons and carriages
Half Fiirti to Nun * Vork.
For the national convention , Y. P. S.
C. E. , the Burlington route will on July
4 , 5 and 0 sell round trip tickets to Now
York at half rates.
The bulk of Christian Endoavorors
live south of the Platte rlvor and will
use the Burlington route to the conven
The benefit of the reduced rates re
ferred to is open to the general public.
Baggage checked direct from resi
dence through to destination.
For information regarding regular
and special trains , through sleepers to
Now York , fares , etc. , apply to W. F.
Valll , city ticket agent , 122.J Farnam
fitreot , Omaha.
Spectacles adjusted for defective
vision. Dr. Cullimoro , R. 221 , Bee bldg.
Hound Trip TlulmtH.
The only linoinuniiing through trains
direct to Denver , Colorado Springs ,
Manitou and Diieblo. Low rates ( o all
points in Colorado , Utah or Paclfii ' .oast
points. FastUlian on elegant vostluulod
trains , free reclining chair cars and the
celebrated "Rock. Island dining cars. "
Comfort , safotv und speed secured when
ticketed via'tho 'Great Rock Island
Route. " TickoVollico 1002 Farnam strcot.
J. L. DI'.BEVOISH , G. N. W. P. A.
CitylL'iolrot and Pass. Agt.
of fl ft. ilJmw < > r / < * wiiler tills /irocl. / flftu
rri ( ; / < n/iHlf/m < il Hue ( cnmit * .
IlOfiK ChiiiTm. buluvnil sun of Mr. unit Mr * .
O , U. lioue , usoJ II yuan. . U mouths anil'Al
iliiyx , July V , lb'12. ' ruiiuralSiuiiliiy iifiuriioon ,
Jufy II , ul 'In'olouk , from family rosldnncu ,
Twcnty-fniirlli mill Ilinnuy Btreuls , to I or-
fst l.iiwn cumetory. Friend * of f.uully.
Modern Wooiln.oii and liuyat Nul hbor.-i are
I'ltATT Ocnren M. , youngest son of AiiKiistn *
and UrncuV. . I'ratt , Hucd b vctars , Hcrvlcus
nta P.III . Knmluy. at rt'bl.lunue. | Su3 I'nrk
nvonno. Jlnrliil private.
SMI HI JnnuL'U at Uncu'n I'nrk fniiltnrliini ,
C'litcntn. III. , Molllu KlUilinlli , liuluvuil wlfo
of II. Adalliort Smllli , UKi-iUI yuim. : I'tinum !
f rein linr lalo liomi' . fciM I'urfc uvuiuio. bun-
ilnv. .Inly : i , at" p in. Intmmunl at 1'orcbl
l.txwn comctory.
UYAN John 1' . , aitcd 21 ycnrs. II months , at
the roslduneuof liUklstcr. Ml * . UlmrluH Mu-
Doimld , 4Ul.Muduu ucut. tn ; I'riduy iiiorn-
Ina July 1. liK. at t.aj : oVInoK. 1'
Korvli-ot St. 1'otor'ii cliurc'li.'TtteiiUi-ewlitli
und Louvoiiniutli snoots. Hiiwliiy. tiU
o'clock. Inturiiiciit Holy Kopulcliur i-emu-
tt'ry. Muiulifri. of Y. M , J. , rulullvon utid
filumla Imllfdf
Tim KriniiiRtnn Typnwrilrr I'ntrnt * .
The nress dispatches have recently re
ferred'to the decision of the United
States circuit court in the suit brought
by the Remington Typewriter company
against the agent of the Franklin Type
writer company. The suit related to
the use , In the tyyowrltor , of more than
ono letter on a lypobar with a vibratory
platen. In his decision Judge Lacombe
said : "Tho validity of the second claim
for the vibrating platen and mechanism
to vibrato U , is not sulllclontly free from
doubt to warrant a preliminary Injunc
tion. Were the manufacturers defend
ants In this ca o , it might be , In view of
the short time that the patent Is to run ,
that a preliminary Injunction should bo
refused upon giving proper security. "
Ono essential fact in the whole con
troversy should not bo overlooked and
that Is that all claims to patents under
this invention expire in November of
the present year , and a representative
of the Franklin company said : "I seems
a little Into in the day for the patentees
to seek the protection of the courts. It
is evidently ono of those cases in which
the public may bo congratulated that
the law refuses to stlllo competition. "
Now York Daily Tribune , Thursday ,
Juno 23 , 181)2. )
Dr. Gilford will Do out of town from
July 8 to July 25.
UprlghCpiano , $170 00 ; organ , $05.00.
113N. Ifilh st ,
National IMnr.itloiml As-uifi.ulon Kxciirilon
July 4-10 , the Burlington route will
sell round trip tickets to Saratoga , N.
Y. , at one fair plus $2.00. Tickets are
good to return until.September 1.
Special Pullman sleepers will leave
Omaha on July 9 and will run througn
to Saratoga without change.
The low rales of faro referred to above ,
the through car facilities at the dis
posal of travelers by the Burlington
route , and the delightful season of the
your combine lo make this an une
qualled opportunity ol visiting the cast.
For furlhor information apply to W.
F. Vaill , city ticket agent , 1223 Farnam
street , Omaha.
B. Rabinswitz sells Union soap.
Now Scnlo Itnnlmll IMiino.
Only at A. Hospo's music rooms.
Visitors to Con\untlon.
At the request of the ontortnlnmcnt
committee people's party Exposition
hall , corner 14th and Capitol avenue ,
has boon fitted up with cots for the ac
commodation of visitors. Cots can be
secured at 75c per night.
The I'ourth lit CIiniitnii < | im.
General R. A. Algor will make an
address at the Chautauqua on the
Fourth. Bands from different towns
will compote for prizes. Grand barbecue
free to all who attend.
TliroiiBli Trains to Xo\v York.
Carrying attendants at the annual
convention , Societies of Christian En
deavor , and their friends , will leave
Omaha via the Burlington Route at
11:10 : p. in. Monday. July 4. an,111 run
through to New York without transfer
or change of any kind. Cars will bo
lighted and ready for the reception of
passengers at 9:30 : p.m.
The rate is only ono faro for the round
trip ; ticket ? may bo purchased at the
city ticket office , 1223 Farnam st.
O. J.'Wilde & Co. sell Union soap.
Summer Tourist Tickets
To 1,000 pleasant places east , north
and west are now on sale at "tho North
western lino" city ticUol ollico. 14th
Farnam street.
Litllo it Williams soil Union soap.
Anti-medical practice removes disease.
The I'onrth at Cliiintnniiiii. |
General R. A. Algor will make an
nsdrcss at the Chiuitai qua on the
Fourlh. Bands from different towns
will compote for prizes. Grand barbecue
free to rtll who attend.
O.H in.i.
Stiirtline Development * In the \Vny City
Ill-ally HUH Uri'll A * t < micili
A mooting of the Honnl ut Trmtovni hold
last cvunlng , ami It proved to bo one of the
most Ititcrc'Uir.K sessions ovo.- hold by Hint
Not IOIIR slnco nt n < ocrot nicotine n com-
mlttoo wus appointed to invostlpmo the
assessment ni ruiurnod for 1M)1 ) by the asses
sors in South O in nlm ro.Uty. Tlio commitlco
miulo Its report , at lust nl lit's Hosilon of the
lionrd nnil It was ot a most sonsallonln
nniuro mul revealed tliu fuel Unit sonio one
tins been ninnlnulutlui ; a'lTulrs to stilt them
selves , and will prollt very Inrgcly In a
pcctmhiryvay by ro.isun ot n Hgtit tux
assessment , wlillo tno small property owner
will bonr the burden.
Tlio commltteo's report showed Hint
assessor Knvon and his assistants Imvo ucn-
lectcd to return assessments on a number of
trnols und In other eases at a rodlciilously
low IIeuro , as compared with tmrroimilliiK
property. Ttio Soutti Omnlm Lnnd company ,
butler known as the Syndicate , U the prlncl- prolltor by reason of the roturas made by
tUo assessor.
Tbo commlttoo'a report shows Hint syndi
cate property lu the vicinity of NlnoloentH
nnd 1 streets Is assessed at $ "i to $100 , and
which cnntiot ue purchased for loss Iban fbUO
to $ ' > HJ. ) Tlio property In Corrlijaii Place , 01111
and ouc-bilf miles west ot tlio postolllco , lins
been r.ilsud In valuation ever 1MU nt least
Ono tract of alxtv ncroi owned by the
synlcato tins not been nisiHsud at nil , wlillo
proncrty In Albright lias boon raised In value
from one-third lo one half over Ib'JI.
A truot of thirty tlireo ncrcs , owned by tlio
Union Stock Vurds comiutiy , Is assessed nt
$115 , nnJ tlio committee estimates that It Is
worth $ IOUJ per acre , and on property la the
riclnlty of Ku Johnston' * homo the valuation
tins been reduced.
[ Sprint ; Lnko park addition of olihty-ono
acres , owned by the syndicate , Is tissosod nt
$1,000 , and another tract of sixty-four acres ,
owned by the same company , Is not assessed
nt ail.
The O'Kcofo & McCvUVOck ndaltion Is
raised in value nearly one-half ever 1VJ1.
The South Omaha Ulectrlc Llcht company
is assessed atS10. . The Union Stock yards ,
21S acres , Jll.'i.OOO . ; Uudnhy Packing company ,
fourteen acres and houses , ! 0,000 ; personal ,
$11,150' total , $11,150. TUo assessment is the
same us Ib'Jl.
bwift & Co. , Ramo as Ihill. Eighteen acres
and houses , $3JHOO ; personal , $12,01)0 , ) ; total ,
M 1,500.
Hammond & .Co. , same as 1S01. Ftvo acres ,
$12,000 ; paroonal , $ ( ! , OiO ; total , $1,020. ,
Omaha Packing company , same as IS'Jl.
Nine ncroa nnd bouses , $1,000 , ; pcriounl ,
$5,7115 : total , $ r'JM.
The report also shows that llvo acres ,
owned by tlio syndicate , on Kntlroiui nvcnno
has not been assessed at all. Also lots 1'J ' , 20 ,
21 In section -1-11-1U ' .
, - - - , were not nsM'.ssod.
The report reveals tbo fact that in most
cases tbo property of small owners has been
raised , and tills iu especially true In tbc First
Messrs. Anderson , Lane , Levy , McMillan
and O'Noil were appointed a committee to
appear before the county commissioners and
protest niir.Inst the assessment as returned
and seek an equalisation of the same.
Tuo question of the school levy of 12' <
mills was also brought up and n committee
consisting of Messrs. Anderson , O'Noil ,
Brccn , Levy and limit was appointed to tip-
pour before tbo county commissioners nnd
protest against the proposed lovy.
lIilslllrsH Tronlili-H.
Yesterday the Richardson Drug company
of Omaha took possession of the stock of
drues owned bv A. W. Saxo upon n chattel
mortgage. Mr. Snxo estimates his llnbilitioa
at $ . ' 1,500 and bis nssots will bo sufllciciit to
pav alt of his indebtedness.
The failure of Mr. Saxo caused consider
able surprise nna is duo to slow collections.
A cenlleman was looking ever the stock yes
terday and will probably purchase It and reopen -
open the drug storo.
Note-land I'oi-HONaN.
Mr. ana Mrs. Alex Schlcgcl went to Plattu-
mouth yesterday.
Kobert Loudon of the Daily Stockman loft
yesterday for Hastings.
Miss Grace Maxwell returned yesterday
from a visit to Lonnke , Ark.
Miss Maud Ash of Detroit , Mich. , Is the
guest of her uncle , J. D. Hobinson.
Mrs. Dr. ICirltnatriclc is enjoying a visit
from Uor brother , Dr. C. D. Caluins of Uhl
Tlio concert nnd ball given last evening by
tbo South Omaha band at Blum's hall was
well , attended.
Thursday evening the ladiqs of the First
Methodist church will give u lawn social at
tto homo of AIo < srs , Hlchnrdson ntul Icia *
nloton , Twouty-lliInl ntul II streets , *
Al. H. Hogarty , n well known commtsitbtr"
mnn , wns Itadly injured Inslovonlni : by bclnp
thrown frcm his bucBJ' .
Ora Fnlsi , omplorod nt Swift .t Co.'s ,
yostordnv l& \ deep cut iiiiulo In hi * henu
by being struc& > y n descending olovnior.
The cnso of tbo Ntnto against Hov. AInrlou
Boles , charged with artmlniil assault upoy
Airs. KtinStowart , was continued In Polk *
court yesterday until Wednesday mortiln JrU
U o'clock. jr
In ticrordnnco with Instructions fnk'i tli <
city council Uluof DecKott yesiordny noil. i
licit ttio Htnulnmotit 1'aving company to \
cease tlio work of repairing Ilio Twenty. . I
fourlh street pavement and ttvo order was I
Imiiioillnloly compiled with. '
'Ilin fourth ut Clmiilatiiim. |
General R A. Algor will make at\
addri" < s at the Chautau < iua on thw
Fourth. Hands from dllloront lowns
will compete for prlxeH. Grand barbecue ,
free lo all who attend.
Tr.i\olliiK Mi-n Iti'liiriulirrcd ,
Ordinarily "tho man with the grip1
ns the traveling man is now do cribotl |
pots the fatted calf and tlio parlor liod-
room in all modern hotels , and ho is en * t
titled to It , for the modern hotel has no *
more faithful nor more easily pleased
patron. Hut there are times \\hon hois
forgotlcn in most houses and must tnKo
his chances with Iho rest fora cot in the
hall. Ono of those times Is a conven
tion week , such as Omaha has no\v ,
when most landlords . say , "llrst como ,
llrsl fcorved. " A marked exception to
this rule in Omaha this week was "Tho
Mercer , " whoso manager , Don Porter ,
remembered the boys and sot aside > i
rooms for their accommodation. They
will remember the favor.
H of tin' Coiiitiny | Illrrtnl lit the \u-
nniil Mri'llott'st < < nlii > .
J. H. Duinont Is now president uf the No *
brnslta Central Kallwny coiupnny nnd hni
iiHcrcstOl ( a number of cnpltnlUts ntul nctlvu
business mo u of Oiunhn la the project iitul la
now rcndy to cointaonco notlvo worlc on Uio
lown part , of the enterprise in otico.
Froil A. Nnsh , K'ucrnl ( nffotit of the C'hi- '
capo , MiUvmikoo \ . St. Paul , hns boon chotun
ns second vlco president nnd gonornl mnn.
ngor of the road , ntid will soon resign from
ttio Milwaukee to devote tits outlro time to < *
tlip Nebrnskn Centrnl.
The annunlinoeiliii ; of Iho slockholdors of
the company wns hold yosterdny anil tti
followlncofllcors anil diructora chosen .1
H. Uumont , prosldent ; O. Al. Cnrier , llrst
vlco president ; F. A. Nnsh , second vic
president nnd general mnnngor ; A U.V > -
ninn , treasurer ; John L. AleCtiKUO , secrc.
lary ; James Vilos , Jr. , John A. Alcbliana
C. S. Moutgomcry ntid A. L. . Itcoil.
These nro nil well known , actlvo Oinnlia
capitalists nnd business men. Mr. Carter is
president of the American Loan nnd Truit
company ; Air. Wymati Is prosldunt of tlio
Omihn : Loan nnd Trust company ; Air Me-
CnRtio Is president of tlio American Na
tional bank ; Air. Vilei Is iiotieral mannger of
the Omnhn I'neltinij company ; Mr Me-
Shnno is n capitalist nnd nn ofllcer of the
Stock nrds compnny ; Air. Mouteonicry IH
vice president of thn Amuricnu Loan , V Trust
company and Air. Hoed Is president of Ilia
Myron Heed company , the oldest real estate
linn in Omaha.
The rtiroclnra oleetod Air. Francis \ \ Kimball -
ball of Austin , Minn , chiut engineer of tha
cotnpnny , nnd dlreclod the president to em
ploy Iho necessary force to survey and loeato h
tlio' Iowa brunch of the road ns rapidly aa
" Air. Kimball Is n railroad eiiKineor of na
tional reputation , having had twenty six
vcar.s' cxpcrienco In railroad nnd li
bulldint' . Ilo built Uio Missouri river I ) ,
for tlio Milwauiseo company nl ICnnsns t'iC > S
and has had much worlc of a similar char
octor. At prdscnt ho tias tlio continci lor
tliu construction of forly llvcintlos of railway
for the UurlliiBton , Coaar Hapids , t North
rrn in Iowa nnd cannot devote his onllro
time to the Nebraska Central until bis Iowa
contract is completed. Ho will give tlio
company nil of the time required In the pre
liminary worlc and full time Inter on.
Tinroiirtli lit Cliiiilniliiiii. ! |
General U A. Alger will make nn
address at the on Hit )
Fourlh. Hands from ditloronl town Grand barbi-t 10 ,
free to all who attend.
Extraordinary Value in Made-to-
Order Clothes.
In order to keep our full force of work people employed we will take n
few thousand extra orders at cost of material and making.
The prices- reductions and values we advcatise may be relied upon.
Summer ,
Open Autumn
Evenings and
During Winter
the Goods
Sale. in this
Our $25 and $28 Suits reduced to $20 ; Pants $5.
Our $30 and $35 Suits reduced to $25 ; Pants $6 and $7.
Our $35 and $40 Suits reduced to $30 ; Pants $8.
Our $ < jo and $45 Suits reduced to $35 ; Pants $9.
The above reductions include every one of the two thousand fabrics in
our store -none reserved -
Still greater reductions arc made on Suit and Pant Lengths ancl rein- ,
* *
We guarantee every garment we make to be eminently \ satisfactory of
we exchange or refund the money.
207 south i5th NI COLL , the Tailor , w south i5ti