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Omaha Etucaeds in Shutting Oti Columbus
in the Last Game Played.
Jtnnrn Mndn the Only linrncil It" " r ttio
tiiinip , Alilnl by T o I'nllcoMirn To-
luilo Crmvilud Oiniiliu ( 'lino
Onmun , 2 ; Columbus , 0.
Toledo. 2 ; Knnsns City , 1.
Indlnnnpolis , 12 ; Mllwnulcoo , 7.
Fort Wnynu , 12 ; Minneapolis , 5.
COLUMBUS , O. , Jmio lO. [ Spoclnl Toli.Rtv.rn
to TUB HIM : . ] Tlio close of the llrst cham
pionship season In this city wns marked by
two prominent features. The llrst was the
escorting of Cnptaln IJovo Howe from the
prounds In the custody of a pair of pollcomon
nt the order of Umpire Snyder. The second
was the winning ot tlio same by Omaha In
the fourth inulnit without malting a single
base lilt.
The trouble between Kowo nnd Snyder
occurred In the seventh inniiif , ' . O'Kourko '
was the first man at the bat and lie mndo a
slnlo , Catnpau following with a drlvo ovnr
second base. Shelbcck got the ball and
claimed to luivo touched O'ltourko ' out. but
Snyder would not allow the piny. Then
your Undo Uavo said something about Snyder -
dor boitiR a cur and Snydor's response was
n line of Si1 ! .
This Incensed Howe so that ho repeated
the remark , a-ldlng to It other expletives
that would not loolc wull in the religious de
partment of Tin : Bin : .
Snyder then ordered Howe out of the game
nnd asked the ground policeman to take him
off the pro jnds , which was dono. Hob Giiks
then covered first and Darby wont to center
Held for the balance of the eamo.
They Couldn't Touch Tommy ,
Vlckory had his pitching suit on today nnd
the "Champs" could do nothing with him.
Ho struck out ton men. It was the inten
tion to pilch llandlboo , but Howe had to have
today's game In order to hold third place ,
therefore ho gave Vlckory a chance to dls-
tlnimish himself
The work of the entire Omaha team was
'excellent , but to Vickory belongs the palm of
excellence. Stephens , too , "pitched n great
game , but the errors bohiiui him lost thu
battle at a critical Juncture.
In tlio fourth inning Omaha won in a pecu
liar way. Gillis got n bnso on
balls , nnd would have been out
nt second on Kelly's force ) hit ,
but Joe Walsh fallud to hold McClollan's
assist. Visnor sncrlllcoc ! from Stephens to
lireckenrldgo , when Gilks scored on n wild
pitch. Merrill got the ball nnd threw to
O'Hourko to catch Kully , but Tim let the
ball go through him nnd Kelly eutno skat-
f.g In.
These two runs were tlio game , for Colum
bus could not got n man over the plato. The
mighty Dreckcnrldgp , Abbey nnd Model-
Ian had chances to tiu the scorn , but the
base hit tbnt they longed for never came ,
Score :
Columbus. . 00000 I ) 00 0 0
Ornaliu . 00020000 0 2
Earned runs : Howe Double plays : Col-
lopy toHhoilH ek to Howe. HUMUS on balls :
VlcKory , i : Stephens , 1. Stolen UHHUK : Mor-
rltt. Struck out : Vlckory. Ill ; Stephens , U.
1'nssed balls : Murrllt , 1 , Wild uttcn : Steph
en s. Tl'iiu : Uno linur and thlrlv-llvo inln-
ult's. ( Iniplro : Hnydor , Loft on bases :
Omaha , 1 ; Columbus , 5.
Watch Tliuiii Time ,
Ind. , Juno HO. - Indianapolis
outbattod Iho Brewers , louohing Wldnor up
for eighteen hits. Thu game wus an old
fushlonod slugging match , in which ail bands
participated. Attendance , 1,500. Score :
Totnla 4J 18 57 10 4 Totnl . . . . . . . . 41 12'iii 14
> 'oKlo out ( or riiiinliiK out of lluu.
hCtlllK IIV IN.NINris ,
Inillnimpollg . 20001 .1 2 .1 2 1.1
MllwuukfU . ; a U 10000 1 7
Knrni'it rum : Inilhiimiiollit , I ; .Mllmiukno. 1.
Two buno lilts : llornt'i' , J.f.ohur , henry. Tivltclioll.
Knrl 'llirco blunt lilts : Krulic. Twltuhull. Jlomo
run Hfcry liiiHu nn nulls' ( ) lf Maildun , 1 ; Wlil-
ni-r. I , HnorlllTO lilu. l.olubcr , llrriror , Mcliurr.
lilt liyiillolii'r : O'llrlun. Htnirkout : lly Mnililun ,
li Wlilnur , I. 1'iun'il India ; lly Niijjlo : liy ICrolir ,
Mulvii linipf l.i'tchi-r , t ; Hc-rKi'r. Murphy , dir-
iitiulur , Nimlo , Lnwrunro ' . ' : Wnnl , Tivltcliull , Kurl ,
Wlilnur. Time of munu : T\vu \ hours. 1'inntro :
Toti li on tin ; CowlinyH.
TOI.KDO , O. , Juno ! W. Toledo und Kansas
City plnvec. n nuajtlfui gnmu today , it bolug
n pitcher's bnltln from Dfglnning to end. To
ledo mndo Its runs in thu sixth by bmiclunt :
ItH hits , winlu those of Kunsus 'City wore
scattered. Attendance ( > JO.
Till.Kllll. KAXCAS rirv.
All In rn A AII In PO A > :
. I 0 4 'J Mniinlint , ib. . 4 I : i 't u
Mc'hoUon.Vlj .xiiiulnr , If. . . . 4 1 1 u o
Cllllllilun , III. 4 0 14 0 McMnhiin , r. 4 l > U
< k > llliiK r , If 1 1 0 , II ) . .1 4 t H 1 I
Mcliol , m. . . U I'lljrilli. If. . . . : i 1 2 0 0
NiiHoll. 3I > . . I 0 U 0 l.Mnypril ! : . I t 2 4 0
Armour , rf . 4 U 2 I ' AlliurtH , < . 4 0 0 2 1
Dnrlln * . p . . . II I 4. y Amlrim , MI. . . 2 0 U U
' L'lnrku , i > .1 1 o I Iliiuhuy | a II 0 0 0
Tntnlt. . .S3 S JT II il TntnU..aj f , 17 10 1
To'vito ( I 0 U 0 0 t 0 0 0 a
lui.nna Ulty I 00000000 1
Hum oitni'il : .Mnnnliit' , i-unilny. fncrllli'ii liltn :
I'ntllntr ' , Majitr , llunlilo | il y.i : 1'iirnny 10 Mayor.
Armour to Illy. llii u on ImllM ( lit < 'lnrlci. ' , 2 ; nit
llinthuy , t , ftulcn hi t' : .Nlcliulwin. 4 : liutttn.
BPr , I ; Atiuour , li Aiiilnni , I. lilt liy | ilictn < ri lly
Clarkii , 1 Mtnck nut ! lly Cliirku , : i ; hy 11 null i < y.
7 l'a > it luilla. Mr Durllim. I 'I I mo , iif
K.IIIIO : Ono hour nml tnunly inlnnto.Uiiiilr | i
.MIII.TM Illilit't .Mind It.
Four WV.SK. Ind. , Juno : ) , Kort Wuyno
pounded tbu bill all over tbe ground today
and won nu easy victory over the Millers ,
Score :
4 0 3 0 a V 3 0 - ! ?
Ulnmmpoll V 1 0 I 0 0 t 0 06
Kkrned ruin : Fort Wnytin. 81 Mlniivuiiolli. 3.
Two-bum IHU Kranvt' , rlutolliTtt , Hinltli.Si Uolluui ! ,
Cuuiiluiilikiu. Tliroo'liMii lilt ; t'linulimlinin , noiiblu
tiUiil Curroll to Hlilunlolc ll .i > on Imlli ! on
tuiHingh : | ni. l ! on Krnnce. I. Snerlllco hlut
Alroril. bnillh HollaiKl. I niiulniilinm. Htriick out :
.Ur Ounnlniilmra , t : t > r Krancu. I , stu leu tmnem
aaa. AuItU Itoiirluviir. > | UuKitaln. njni-J
* L- - Hutcllrto. li by DU'ou. 3. W1UI pltcho i
Tlmwof unmo ! Ono iiiiir and
\V il urlli ud JJmton ,
u Nuw llox.
ravel-stninod nlave will
orrow at lilfl via thee
o omt ut4 o'clocu
will meet the rejuvcnnlcd Tolcdos nt Sports-
innn'M park. The White Sox have nut up
flno ball during tlio presort trip nnd will be
plvon nn ovation on their return. The Fort
band , with carriages , wlllnwnlt thorn nt the
depot , nnd before reprdrlnp lo iho ground * a
pnrndo will bo made of the principal
ihorouuhtnri-'s. Tlio Tolcdos will come In on
tbo same train nnd tnko part In the pnrndo.
These iwo teams have played n .very oven
came this season , with Unclo's representa
tives hnvliiijn llltle the best of It , Toledo
will try hard In tomorrow's ' tinmo to even up ,
nnd Oinahn Just ns hnrd to Increase tlio cup
bolwcLMi them. The positions In tomorrow's
contest will bo a ; follow ) :
Onmhiis. 1'osltlon. Tolodns.
Sholbcck. . , . . , Short. I'.ly
Howe : 1'lrit rum Dion
llrnzlo Spi-ond NlehnlMin
( 'olloiiy Tli rd Newell
Kelley l.i'ft UfUliiKcr
VUncr Itlelit Armour
tlllks Mliliile Nlehol
Darby I'ltch Ulnrko
llnyoi Oatcl Hurley
Game culled at 4 sharp.
riilliidrlibln | mid Washington Clusu liy Dl-
\ldliii ; ( luinrH.
PIIIIMIIIIA ) : | | , PH. , Juno 30. Philadel
phia and Washington plnyod two Interesting
championship panics hero today. Thomp
son's error In the llrst game pave the Sena
tors three runs and Kobln's fumble in the
second puno pave the Phillies the winning
run. Attendance 1,200. heoro :
1'litindclplila 0 0-2
Washltiittaii U-3
IIILs : I'lilludi-lphla. 0 ; Wnshlnuton , S. Kr-
rors : I'lilliululphlu , 3 ; Wiishlimton , 0. Kunlod
runs : I'lnluilulnliia.Vu ; blnilin , I , llut-
torloH : I'snor , Oiirsoy und Clements ; Abbey
and MllllKiin.
Second puma !
I'bliuiloinliiii o o 2 o o i o o o-i :
Washington 2 0 2
Hits : I'lit'.ule'phln. ' T : Wnshlnijton , fi. Kr-
rors : I'lnlmlolphlii , 2 : Wiislilnaton. 1. Earned
runs : I'lillailolphlu , 2. ItattoHe.i : Ksporund
( -'leinont.s ; Knoll und Mediilre.
.lonillix Dolvni'il thn Spldi'ts.
Ci.iviiAXD , O. , Juno : iO. The ( , 'nmo with
I'ittsbnrir wn.s Init to Iho homo tcnm , in part
nt least , by lucky hitliupcf the visitors. The
Clovoluml club Inihcir dofcnt to n decision
uy Ummro Mitchell at n crltlcnl point ,
bcoro :
Olovoland -4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0ii
I'ltlabnr- 1 u 0 ( i 0 2 0 ! l ( J
Hits : ulovolittiii , 5 ; I'lttsbur * 10. Errors :
I'lttshnrL' , _ ' . Karnod runs : I'llUburir , 4. Itut-
turlos : Davies and O'Connor ; UnMwIn und
Undo mid Coininy 7\lalto \ thn Itocnril.
CISCIXSA'TI , O. . Juno 30. The Cinctnnntls
nnd Chlcncos plnyod a Iwcnlv-innin ? tie
pnino with plenty ol hard hitting and line
Held inf. Attendance , I.IIOO. Score :
Cincinnati. . 04210000000000000000 T
Chicago O.'IIIO 1J)00 : OUOOOOOI ( JOO 7
lilts : CliK'Innutl , 12 ; Ch CURO , 14. Krrors :
Clneinnatl. H : Chluaso. I. Kariuid runs : Chl-
I-UKO , 4. llatlorlos : Mullano und VuiiKhn ;
( Jnniborl and Seliriver.
( : < iliiiulsVDII In it , ! ( > ( , '
Lotisvii.r.n , Ky. , Juno ! IO. The Colonels
had no Iroublo in flefoallnu the Browns
ORnin today. Allondanco , l.litO. ycoro :
Louisville 10030000 * 4
Sit. I.ouls 0 00001010-2
lilts : I.onlsvlllc , fl ; St. Louis. S. Errors :
Louisville , 2 ; St. Louis , 3. Karnuil runs :
Louisville. ' . ' ; St. Louis , 1. italtorles : Vlau
und llowso ; ( iot/.ein und Morun.
( .iriiiul iMtniid's rroiulHlii ) ; 'IVum Turns Up
ItH Llttlo TOPS
Gu.vxi ) ISLAND , NOD. , .lime ! . ' 0. [ Special to
Tin : BHK.J The directors of the Grand Is
land base ball club have thrown up tha
snoneo , and unless some private cui/.cns
coma promptly to their roller the club will
bo disbanded tomorrow. The cause of this
is thai thcro is not a sulllclent patronncc of
the tranios nnd U has all tilonf , ' been a losing
gnino. Urnnd Island has not uscil up ils sub
scription fund ns yet , us only ( H ) per cent of
the amount hns boon collected. The club
owus tha players about $ > 0 nnd has smaller
debts to ihu amount of utiout $ . " > U. An assessment -
ment will bo made on thu subscribers nnd
no ono will lese n cent. The directors wanted
lo quit , witnont indebtedness and that's why
they have done so now.
y Wins from ( iriinil Inland.
Nob. , Juno 89. ( Special Tele
gram to Tut : Biiu.J Tbo hard hitting of Iho
Cotton Pickers ijnvo ihom n victory ot Iho
Beet bugar Giants today. The feature wus
the little imps Pottlford'for the visitors loolc
occasionally in riijbt field. Kearney was re
tired in ono innlnp by the pitcher throwing
only three balls. It wus tbo llrst gnmo out
of eicvon thu home team lias won from Grand
Island. Scora :
IConrnoy 0 , r > 0 0 : t 0 0 0 0 8
Orand Islitnd 2 03000000 5
lluttorlos : Kearney. Hupp nnd Tear ; Oriuid
Inland , HIJIIIOM an I ICuady. Hits : Kearney , 15 : Errors : Kournuy , 4 : Orand
Island , I. Htolon liases : Keurnny , 4. Huns
earned : Kearney , 4. Tlinu ; Ono hour und
forty-live mlnutos. Umpire : llaskell.
lli'Utrlc'D Ciin't lln Itrat.
iJr.ATKirB , Neb. , Juno 30. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin ; BHK.J The second pnmo be-
iwcon Bealrico und Unslings was played
Ibis afternoon , resulting in a victory of U to
1 in favor of Boatrico.
wr.8Tr.iiN I.K.I
\v. i. . p.c. W. L. P.O
Co him Inn II ) 18 r.f.U .MlnniMiixiUn. . . . Ill -a 40.3
Milwaukee 'M lit KiuiKiiH ( ' ! ty. . . . 2i ' . " .I 411.3
Otiinlia i 21 M.O Kort Wnjni1. . . . 18 yj tii.u
Toledo 2322 fil.l liiillinm | > ulls. . . 12 31
W. I. . P.C.I w. I. I'.Ci
lloaton IS 13 Tl.ill'lttKiinrc ! U ) : il 4i.U )
Ilrnoklyu 'f.t ' . ' .I iri.'J Wiisliliinluu , . . . sa 3S l.'i.a
riiiiiuiuiiiiiiii. . . i- : " ' ! BI. Ni'iv York 27 : il 44.3
OlTii-lniiMtl/ : ! . " > 211 A7.4 l.oill vlllo 2d ; < 7 41.3
4M v < > lnnil 3.1 27 M.U St. l.oulH -2-1 : u : ii.i ; ;
Clik-iixo 7 S'.l 48.S llnltlnioro It ! 4ti'i.3
w , i , . I'.c.l w. r. . p.c.
Ilontrluo 2' ' ! 8 7ii.5IliintliiiCH | lu 2U 41.4
( irunil Ulnnil. . . 2J 111 U5.6lvviirnuy ! lli 2U 41.4
it.isi : HALL iiitiirs.
lint .SprliiKK and DfUilu'nnil Aru
III nn Inli'i-t'Htln SorivH.
HOT SrniNti * , S. I ) . , Juno IJU. [ Speclnl
Toloarnm to Tun Buu.J Yesterday afternoon -
noon a line ( janio of base ball was played
lioro between tlifa Dead wood toiitu and thu
Hot yprinns Browns , resulting in a score ol
7 to 0 In favor of Doadwood. Today another
pumo wns plnyod lielwcon thu same Icams ,
rosultltih' In favor of Hoi Springs by n score
of 7 W S. Il was an exciting ; gamo. Anotliei
c.inio will ( irob.ibly ba pluyod hero Sunday.
Both uro uxcollont leamb nud tlio tliiul nme
will uo holly contested.
Niii'uiuii IH l ) < isH'ratc. |
Norman L1 linker , inovotorun pitcher , has
sent In un application for a position on tbo
\Vc.stcrn league's umpire stair , ami the nro I )
abilities n ro good for his suceoss. Ho hns
boon scon hero under the musk on several
occasions , and always gave Ihu bosl of suits-
faction. If appointed iho Uinuha cranUs
will linvo un opportunity tomorrow of soolns
] wliui lie jlooa know nbout. adjudicating
the line points of the prcal
( lirls Won One.
II.8TiXiNob. . , Juno ao. fSpocinl Tele-
pram to Tin : Hun. J The Oonvor apgroa- ( ;
lion ot fiMimlo huso ball pluyors and an amateur - .
tour nlno of Hastings played un interesting
game before a lame crowd today , The
Kumo wns witnessed by u luno number ol
ladies , and the delight of all unbounded
when thu score resulted , tnrce for the mules
und four for the females.
\V. J. Slmidor Bolls Union soap.
.Mnxrini'iiU of Ocean Stcainrrn.
At New York Arrived Horrod , from Rio
Janeiro ,
Al Philadelphia Arrived Missouri , from
London ,
At Southampton Arrived Travo , from
Now York ; Columbia , from Now York.
At LizJi'd Passed Helvetia , from Now
At Hamburg Arrived Uugtu , from Now
II.V. . Simuldiiig sollb Union soup.
I'lve Hurt In u C'ollUlon.
PouoiiKEKi'Hir : , N. Y. , Juno 110 , The Al
bany and Now York local on the Now York
Central railroad ran Into an open switch and
collided with an on pi no yesterday. I-Mvo
persons were injured , none nf them fatally.
D. Kublnswltis soils Union boap.
former , ofllcmt orinn of the state , alliance- .
He was chairman of the llrst people's imrty
convention held In his stnto and is now sec
retary of the stnto executive committuo. Ho
Is crbultcd with being Iho organizer of the
party In Alabama , and Is Itnown nil over the
stnto ns an orator nnd journalist , though ho
looks extremely youthful ,
"I llko your city and must say I nm pleased
with our reception , " ho snld. " 1 huvo no
ticed Tin : HKB , rend It on my way to Omaha ,
nnd was really Kmt I lied to sco the fair and
impartial manner it ? which It speaks ot our
party and iho coming convent ion. Our
delctrrUIon conslsls of foriy-four members ,
twenty-live of which will bo hero. Another
party will arrive tomorrow , among which
will be n brother of Senator Morgan , as
staunch a man us lives. The tnemb rs pres
ent nnd stopping nt the Globe are L. V.
Clorec , J. K , Hnrvoy , ,1.V. . IlunnlcuttV. .
T. Iluuoy , T. W. Powell , H. B. llnnoy. ,1. B.
Ware , U. J. L. . Cunningham ana S. A.
Feller. "
Georso F. Gnllher and wife of Alabama
are at iho Mlilurd. Mr. ( Jalther Is chairman
of iho people's party state executive cotn-
tnlllca nnd n member of Iho national com-
mlltco. Urcshnm Is llrst cholco of the Ala
bama dolcimtlon for tha head of the ticket
nnd Weaver second. Ben Torrull of To.xas
would bo their lint choicn fnr vice , but us ho
has been nominated for congress mill they
wimi him lo represent thorn ihoro , ihoy will
favor MUCUIIO for scconu placo.
' You may say for mo"said Mr. GaUhcr ,
"thai Ihu nomination of Cleveland has busied
Iho solid soulh wide open , I um only ono of
80.000 voters in my slate who stand us 1 do
on tlutt point. "
Coming In Su'lirms with Accoin-
inniliillnim mi Aflcr CniiMilrratlnii.
The members of the imlnnendont party
nro not accustomed to attending national
conventions nnd evidently do not understand
the wisdom of securing rooms In advance.
Up to noon yesterday loss than n dozen dele
gations had engaged quarters , ami If thcro Is
delay and confusion when the rush coino ? It
will not bo the fault nf the local committee ,
which has had nn agout nt room 333 In the
Board of Trade building ready to book nil
apnlicants for accommodations. Fallowing
nro the delegations already assigned to quar
ters : Ohio , ninety-two delegates , nt tlio
Jennings ; Georgia , lifty-two , Arcade ; Colorado
rado , twenty-seven , Windsor ; Arkansas ,
twelve , Dcllono ; Maine , nix , VVJndsor ; Iowa ,
thlrty-llvo to lifty , Esmond ; Massachusetts ,
twenty-two , Windsor ; Wisconsin , ton , Es
California hns wlrad for rooms for thirty
nnd Minnesota for ten , but they have not been
John Soitz , late Independent candidate for
governor of Ohio , has been located nt the
Frenzer. A party of sixty Ivansnns from
Washington county will ilnd resting places
in Kotintzo Place. M. L. Wheat and Charles
McKenzie , doleg.tlos-at-lnrgo from Iowa ,
have engaged rooms nt tlio. Arcade. That
house will also shelter two delegates from
\Vyonilnir. twonty-throo special \Veslorn
Union operators and G'eorgo C. Ward , editor
of the alliance department of the ICullogg
Newspaper union.
K. S. PefTor , son of Senator PefTor , has
arrived. Ho has been connected with the
Cincinnati Herald and at tlio St. L.OUIS con
ference represented tlm Ivollogc Kewspapnr
G. E. Hathaway of Washington , ICan. , Is
hero nnd will represent ttio Atchison Cham-
A telegram from Atlnntn announces thai , the
Georgia doloeation loft that point Wednes
day morning. It Is expected to arrive to
Alexander J. Jon03 of Now VorK , repre
senting the Associated press , arrived yes
terday morning nnd is nt the Miilard.
John W. ICeogh , delegate fioin Now York ,
Is at the Miilard.
Chairman Post of I ho Georgia state com
mittee , says ho was misquoted In the state
ment that his delegation preferred Weaver
for tlio presidential candidate. "This move
ment In tnc south is essentially an alliance
movement , and the candidate , whoever ho
may bo , must bo u man known to bu in ac
cord with tho'plntform on the subtroasury
plank. Unless hu is bo cannot carry a south
ern stnt'j. "
"South Carolina will probably not bo rep
resented , " said Uclocate Irwin of Georgia ,
"but -Independents will carrv thut stuto
by 40,000 majority. "
Tlio Convention Hall ( leudy Tor tlm lllg
M tinting Arrimcimiunts tor Ticlcrtn.
The last of the 8,000 seats ordered for the
independent convention was placed in posi
tion nt the Coliseum this afternoon , nnd it
was fouml that thcro was still room for near
ly 1,000 more. The commlttoo was nt once
notified , nnd arrangements are being inudo
by which the additional chairs may bo se
cured and placed in the convention hall.
This will glvo admission to that many moro
than it has been supuosed could bo accom
The committee on decoration sent out dec
orations yesterday and nearly nil the wood
work of the great platform and the wnll be
hind It is being hidden beneath festoons of
Hags and bunting. The pillars are also being
swathed In draperies of the national colors ,
und voluminous folds of rod , white and blue
a most bide from view tna great arched
trusses that support the acres of roof.
The nppcaranco of thu convention hall m n
surprise to even thoao who llrst contemplated
fixing it up for that purpose. In could not
liavo been batter arranged , had it been unlit
with solo refercnco to this end. Many
of tboso who were ut Minneapolis or
Chicago , or both , say that it is better ar
ranged by far than were the convention halls
nt either nf ttioso cities , und that the interior
nppenrnnco is much more attractive. Stand
ing in any part of the great structure
the scone , even with its empty
chairs , can not fall to uroiiso moro
or less enthusiasm , and with thorn alt lllled
it will , as Superintendent WhttlorK said ,
"bring out nil the oratory there is in ny
nnn who op < jns Ills mouth from the plat
form. "
The tolegrnnh companies have strung
several wires to thu building , mid Miu'swr
Dlinmock of the I'ostul was yesterday ,
superintending the placing of his instru
ments in tlio room nllottoil to him In the
unucx just at the rear or the platform ,
Tlio local committee will Have 1,500 tickets
ana they desire it announced and fully
understood mat the tickets go to thosu who
subscrluo to the expense fund of the con
vention. The commlttoo is still short nbout
$1,500 , nnd ouch ono who contributes $10 will
receive a ticket good for tlio entire conven
It Is hoped time the necessary money will
bo forthcoming at onco. Tickets will not DO
hawked about uy speculators , but will be
controlled by the committee and glvon only
to tlioso who subscribe. All money
should bo sent to 1) . J. O'Don-
nhoo nf . thu llmmco commlttoo ,
who will sco that the subscriber secures his
There Is , of course , n big demand for tick
ets , and thU method hns been adopted not
only to raise the necessary money but to
prevent any hard feelings caused by the dis
tribution of ttokots to the friends of the com *
mittuo to the exclusion of others perhaps
ovou moro deserving.
Kansas Ciniilng In rail I'oroo ,
Mr. G. E. Hatlmwuy of the Atohlson
Champion came in Wednesday and mada It
hla ilrst duty to Ilnd lodgings for sixty of his
neighbors , who u 111 coma to Omaha for the
convention and the celebration.
"Washington county will probably seed
1'5 to IfiO people , " said Mr. Hathaway to a
reporter , "and there are thousands of Kau
nas people who want to come , Thoy'don't
all uxpoct to irot Into the convention , but
many wish to tnko in the Fourth of July col-
ubrutlon. The delegation , forty strong , will
bo in tomorrow morning
"Kansas bus no candidate. At the stale
convention nothing was said about whom
Kansas desired on Ilia ticket , and ( ivory dole ,
gate-comes under his own hat. I think Kan
sas would prefer Groshaui , but If he U out of
the question our people will bo for that man
whom the convention thinks the atrongust.
"While I gold Kansas had no candidate , it
is possible that the conven.tlou muy go to
that atat'o for Its standard bearer. The nume
j John WilllttK. national lecturer of the
farmers alliance , has baen mentioned In thut
connection. Ho ran for governor against
Governor Humphrey und camu within 5,000
ot liuocklug him out. Wo luaupundenU even
think ho was elocTcd and then counted out ,
'or the first tfl/ibln the history of the state
ho returns fro ( A wo certain counties were n
week getting ni &iid when they llnnlly ar
rived It was fnnnd that the vote which wo
expected to poll was returned for the demo
cratic candidate. Of t-ourso , If Mr. Wlllltts
s brought bofdl'o tlio convention ho will hnvo
the lif-nrty supbdrVof his state.
"Tlinro wlllvbo5yno platform except that
uloptod nt St. TioHis. 'llioro may bo resolu
tions , but that 'fllalform formulates the three
great fundamental pr6r4Uans on which this
convention Is called , nt/l il Is not likely nuy-
hlng will bo udded. " '
< tf nr
\VII.I , STItlKi : .
l II. _
Telegraph Conipiinn-H Miiko AriiiiiRomonts
to llniullo thn Convention Itcporln.
Among the men who nro busiest in nropar-
ng for the coming convention nml to whom
the occasion means a vnit amount of work
and responsibility nro the managers of the
ocal ofllcus of the telegraph companies. On
no ono occasion nro the resources of thu
rrcnt telegraph companies so severely tnxed
is whbti n national convention is in progress.
The proceedings of the convention nro not of
merest nlond to these who uro par
ticipants In the dnbatcs and witnesses
of the struggle for party supremacy between
rival factions. The whole country anxiously
watches the contest nnd impatiently awaits
Lho ilrst tidings oftbo Issue. In every city
the bulletin boards nro bcsolgod by excited
crowds and oven In the crossroads towns
the tunic ) population gathers nt the llttlo
tolegrauh o.llco to boar the lirst news of tbo
Upon thu tologrnnh companies devolves
the task of satisfying thu curiosity that Is
ns broad as the nht'on ' and nothing less than
the most inlnuto nnd elaborate reports wilt
answer the purpose. While tlio convention
is in session thu u-lograph is strained to Its
utmost capacity. An tinny of skilled and
diligent oucrators uro hnrd at work night
und dav Hashing the all Important nuws to
ovury corner of the world. It tolls the story
of states battling for ttioir favorites , of
schemes and intricnes nnd of victorlus nnd
defeats. The cheers that rovernoratod
through the convention hall In n moment of
exultation are re-echoed in lightning Hashes
from Maine to California and hardly has the
result of n ballot bcoif ntitiouueod when the
tidings nro ( lashed upon the bulletin boards
In Now York and San Francisco.
The general public hardly realizes the
enormous amount of work reqalrcd to ac
complish this result. But thn telegraph com
panies nro on their mettle. To fall would be
to lese their prestlgound aa executive ability
acquired throngn years' ' of experience , aided
by the oest and most Improved sclentlllo ap
pliances , makes success cartnin.
It is generally believed that this enormous
business must bo usonrco of great revenue ,
hut tbnt is far from boing.tho fact. For so
great an increase oyor'tho usual amount of
business great preparations In the way of
additional facilities nro required. These are
expensive ana in many cases uro utmost n
dead loss nftor ttio convention has adjourned.
It is estimated that tlio telegraph companies
expanded lully $ & ; 000 in additional facil
ities for transmittinir Iho reports of the pro
ceedings of the Minneapolis convention.
The amount expended by tbo Omaha ninn-
aacrs In preparation for the independent
convention will be loss limn half that
amount. There Is no city in
the United Stn\os except Now" York
and Chicago wliefS the regular telegraph ta-
cilitjos are monfndequnte nnd effectual than
in Omaha. Thqroiiro 100 regular sending
wires loading out of Omaha , nnd by the ad
dition of auplexriinl ( quadruples plates these
wires can DO thado moro than sufficient for
" ' J
the purpose.
The preparation's of both companies nro
nnarly complete. The Western Union will
have six wires running direct to the conven
tion nan. ruespyjit DO used lor ounotins ,
private messages , rush messages ana for late
matter in the nftcrjioon. ' The greater part
of their mutter will b'o sent by mounted mes
sengers to tndir , , 'ofllco nt Thirteenth nnd
Douglas 8trcets.'hnd distributed from that
point. There will ho live messengers
on duty ut nil time a when the convention is
in session. Tho.trtp.from the hall jo the
oftico will bo mado'14ullvo , minutes utid the
messenger will'li'd allowed Jltteen minutes to
get back. This"iyjllgivo ajour. ninu'Cn | SQVV-
ice , which will'b ainpl > ; ' " sufticlent for the
purpose. To hanufo thd convention business
the facilities , at th6'central oftico have been
'greatly augmented. The apparntns lias been
Increased by six nddj lonal quadruples pinto
sets and four duplex sets. To'gotnor with
4,000 extra cells of batteries. Over tnirty
skilled operators from Chicago , Den
ver and other points will bo added
to the regular force , which already
consists of over 100 operators. An expert
will bo brougnt from Chicago to write bul
letins nt the convention hall. Assistant
Superintendent Lloydwiio hud charge of tlio
special newspaper matter nt the Chicago and
Minneapolis conventions , will perform the
same olllco hero.
According to the information received by
Superintendent Dickey of the Western
Union the amount of special matter will not
bo as largo as was anticipated. Ttio Buffalo ,
i'ittsbure Baltimore Philadelphia
Indianapolis , , ,
delphia and many other oastoni
papers will rely on the regular
press reports for their convention matter.
Tho'Now Yoilr , Boston , Cincinnati and Chicago
cage papers will nearly all bo represented
by special correspondents during the session.
"Wo will have sixty wires directly available
for the convention , " said Manager Umsted
of the Western Union , "and will bo nblo to
hnndla thu convention with room to spare.
Ono of the wor t things wo have to contend
with is the possibility of our wires being
torn down by storms. A big storm during
the convention would bo n terrible blow to
the telegraph companies. Every pre
caution will bo taken to guard
against any possible break in our
communications. Every division will nnvo a
larcu extra force of linemen on duty night
nnd day to repair any breaks thut may
occur. In addition to this nil tlio section
men on the railroads huvo special instruc
tions to watch the wires on their sections.
The Postal company will send their matter
direct from thu Colls'eum. Tboy have live
wires running to the building direct from
Chicago which are nil equipped with duplex
and quadruples phiti's. Ten of their
fastest benders arrived from Chicago
cage last night and will bo
on duty at the convention hall. They will
also have a special reporter for bulletins ,
which will bo wired without cburco to all
then' customers. Manager Dlmmick savs
that , his'company is amplycquippod to bundle
their business during the convention.
Annu..i K'Mii Convi. . > Ion ol' the A Horliitii > n
In ; it < i.i.iiiii at I'lMiilor ,
Pn.vpRit , Nob. , Juno at ) . [ Special Tele
gram to TUB Br.i.Ji TLo annual convonllon
of Iho Woman's Equal Suffrage Association
of Nebraska convened ut 10 a. in , Thu fore
noon session wns/'b'dcTiipled / by appointing com
mittees unu heaPHu l tlio reports ot the sec-
tetarles nnd IreuviJVM's. tlio district in-evi
dent s , local socioiioaud Ihe credential com
mittee. ' ' '
At the aflernoi . 'siossion a very Interesting
nninial'addross' yYfvi delivered by ihu
president , Clara ' JJonvicU Coloy of
Washington , 'lX ° C. That was followed -
lowed by an iidtffafss on "Hygiene nnd lo-
mosllo Sciences. " iy ) Ur. Maillo L. Arlhur
of OiiUliincl. Nupif- discussion on "Sym
posium" wus ( iptruKU by Mrs , M , C. Hodsell
of I'oru and' 'many inombors panic- !
Dated , The ovwuug session was opened
with pruvor by"lyv. { J. W. Miller of this
place , whlcb \ yayolloweu by addresses of
ivolcomo by Mrs. Stella Freeo nnd T. L.
Sloini In very ncnt , ndddrosos which were
responded to wolMrs. Honrlca Iliohnn
of Norfolk , afla" ihought the cause
was on Ihu avonf1 success nnd declared that
she woum vote for president this lull ovcu if
she had to move to Wyoming. She said tbnt
the proper place for women wus to go to the
polls and not do as CMovolaud did during the
wur send as n substitute u man who was
not capable of representing u woman ut
anything. This address was well received
After fl'fow ' remarks by Mrs. Colby ttio
convention adjourned until i ) a. m. tomorrow ,
when the election of otllcers will take plucu.
All members of tbo stnto and subordinate
associations are entitled to u vote ,
i ; * < * < mtlvtCitiiiliilltvu
The executive committee will meet at 0
o'cloca UliiTOorrlng to wind up Its nffnlrs
nnd prepare a report to ha submitted to the
national commlttoo. The latter will meet In
iho afternoon at Its headquarters in TUB
JEI ) : building to clo.-m up lu buliio , select
temporary ofticors of the convention and
muuo such arrungomcnts as may yet bo
Tbo executive committee will tinvo nearly
And Christmas , up to ten ot' a dozen years ago , were recognized nmon l
business men , as sort of dividing lines between the dull and busy seal
sons. "After the Fourth" seemed to be the time for the merchant o (
that period to get "two kinds of bait" and go "fishin. " Times hav
changed. Progressive merchants ( that's us ) , have discovered the fact
that men will buy goods in July as well as in any other nronth , if the
inducements held out are strong enough. Our recent great special
sales sales that have crowded our store from basement to roof sales
that have not only been "town talk" in every corner of our city--but
which have been heard of in every city and town and hamlet in the
whole west have left our stock of suits in a somewhat demoralized con-
dition. Here we have left half a dozen suits at eighteen dollars forty ate
< o urteen dollars twenty at twelve-fifty maybe a dozen lots of from
ten to twenty-five each at fifteen dollars several lots at thirteen-fifty
a few lots at seventeen dollars and soon making in all an aggregate
of several hundred
These suits are in sacks and frocks , they are in all wool and silk
and wool---cassimeres and worsteds ; some are bound some are
not bound ; some are dark some are medium some are light ; there
are plain colors , plaids , stripes checks ; in fact , there is a better line
of suits to select from than most houses can show you at from twelve
-fifty to twenty dollars. We have sorted all these odd suits into two
grand and distinct lots , placed them on separate tables and from now
until after the fourth , you can choose as you like from the two lots at
The inducements are strong nicht ?
S.OOO tickets , which It proposes shall bo dis
tributed among the members of the party.
They will bo divided among the states on a
basis of the attendance in Omaha , wnich will
give the adjoining .states the larger allow
ances. The tickets will be given to the chair
man of each delegation , nnd ho is ux-
pccted to apportion them among his
colleagues when the stnto delegations meet at
9 o'clock Saturday morning. The delegates
will each huvo a ticket good for the cutiro
convention. The "rickets for spectators are
good for only ono session. The committee
has printed three tickets for three sessions
on Saturday , three for Monday and ono for
Tuesday , Tnls is after the plan adopted at
Ot the executive committee Chairman
Tauboneck of Illinois , M. C. Hankln of Indiana -
diana and George F. Gaither or Georgia
were hero lustniglit. Ignatius Donnelly of
Minnesota , J. II. Davis of Texas and
Hobort'Schtllinc of Wisconsin are oxpectud
tuls morning. George Washbjrn of Massa
chusetts will not arrive till Saturday , being
on the way with the delocatlon of that state.
Chairman Taubonock says ho lias re
ceived letters within tlio past few days
Indicating that evurv state but Delaware
nnd Hhodo Island will bo represented in the
K'.illrnailx I'rt'pin * lorn iluili.
Tne railroads centering in Omaha nro
"humping" tllemselvo ? these beautiful Juno
days in making un-augoraonts for the proper
handling of largely increased business prom
ised to fall to their lot on account of the pee
ple's ' party con vnntlun.
The Union Pncillc will run a special from
Manhattan , Kan , , leaving there nbout 10
o'clock ) * July : ) , arriving hero 0:110 on the
morning of the glorious Fourth. From indi
cations this train will bo heavily loaded ,
touching at nit the principal towns in Kan
sas and Nebraska along the line of the
road.Tho Burlmcton will run three special ? ,
two leaving Chicago tonight and ono leaving
Kansas City. The trains nro scheduled to
arrive tomorrow morning at 10:1)0 : ) , H nnd
11:30 : , und will bring the big guns of thepeo-
plo's party.
In order to accommodate the universal de
mand along Its line thu Fremont , Elicuorn &
Missouri Valley have arranged to put on
extra cquipmonton nil its regular trains com
ing Into Omaha July-I.
The Wabash will have a spocinl from St.
Lauis and points in Missouri Monday morn
ing , its arriving hour not yet having been do-
eiilecl upon.
A Bpeclnl on the Hock Island will leave
Wichita , Kan. , Fridnv morning , nnd will bo
reinforced oy a largo number nf delegates
nnd Kansas' boomers at Topoku enrouto to
tbn people's convention bore. The train is
scheduled to nrrivont II ) 'iO.
'I ho Northwestern will haul the delegates
from the midulo nnd Atlantic mates from
Chicago Saturday morning , the arriving
time being Indcllnito.
TIII : i ii > s A.M > TIII : i-Kuri.iv.
Now i'orkCommorolainnd. ) ! Tlioallianco
Is a force of unknown dimensions. With
such a man us Judge Gresham us Its leader
ltcuuld.rot : bo Ignored.
Chicaco Times ( dom. ) : By Judge
Gicshnm's retirement the people's party ,
which was always destitute of muuo
equally destltiito of a candidate.
St. Louis Globo-Domocrat ( rup. ) : A man
who favors' any of the really distinctive
plank * of the people's party's platform lays
blmsulf decidedly opun to thu charge of po
litical or social insanity. Such u man , If in
any position In whlcn tils cr.uiltury could
"count , " could never hold tnu conlldcnco of
reasonable boinga.
Philadelphia Inquirer ( rop.j : There uro
two men in the United Stales who might
till the bill ( people's ticket ) exactly. Ono is
Mr. Eawnrd Bellamy , whoso visions of nu-
lionul communism uro of ' .bat iridescent sorl
that nppuals to people who boliovn that inun
and things can bu governed by extraordinary
nnd visionary motuodb. The other Is ( Juorgo
Francis Train. If Bellamy Is not cranky
enough Train ought to suit the party ton
Denver News ( Ind. ) . The refusal of
Gresham to run which may now bo no-
cuptod as a tact is a Decided misfortune to
the ( icoplo's party. It bns no other man
available who Is so able , so widely known erse
so thoroughly respected by the musses at tbo
people. Gro'ihuiu could havu carrlou states.
or ntleust rendered the result In thum doubtful -
ful , which no other man cnn do , Bland or
Stowurt would run us well In the silver
states , but they have noi Groihuia'a popu
larity nuionir the labor unions nnd do not
possess in so high u dagroo the oonlldonco of
tbo country at larire. Judge Gresham would
hnvo made nlmost'un Ideal candidate , so well
grounded In his reputation for personal , pub-
Flo nnd Judicial Integrity.
Denver Sun ( rop.j : The prospects of a
wrangle over Its platform uru the greater
because tbo people's party does not yet know
what it believes , and ono purpose of tbn
Omaha convention is to furnish It with a sot
of articles of futth. Itdoes not know whether
It U for protection , or free trade , or ome
modification of ono or both. It is uncertain
whether it is for silver rumonolizuUon , the
single cold standard or something luturmu-
dluto between the two , and Is in distracting
uncertainty us to where the intermediate
point should bo. It is notquito clear wholhor
it would convert the government Into n
pawn-brokering shop or n chattel mortgage
agency. Tlio only thlngrogunling | which it
is absolutely and certainly positive is that it
is mad nt both the parties.
Springfield ( Mass. ) Hepubllcan find. ) :
Tlio situation in tlio silver states still fur
ther encourages the people's party leaders.
Tliero is , of , great dissatisfaction
there over the nominations of the two great
parlies. The sliver league of Colorado has
cngoced headquarters at Omana , wltcra tha
third part3 * convention nssombles next Mon
day , This stnto und Nevada , Wyoming and
Idaho are regarded ns particularly disposed
to boll both the old party tickets. In nn in
terview at Chicago H. H. Wolcott of Denver ,
brother of thu senator , said that If Grcshnm
were nominated on a free silver platform by
Iho people's party. It would carry Mevada
nnd several moro silver stales. We shall
undoubtedly , In any event , seoalargo gather
ing ut Omaha next week , nnd thesu late
developments will give to it unusual interest.
By modifying Its platform and naming sucli
a candidate as Judge Grushnin tlio people's
party would probably cul u big swuth in the
campaign. And it may anyway.
IIHVII ltrpiil > IJruirt : Ili-iioiiilinitit Concrcris-
man ,1 , 1 * . Dulllvoi- > - \rHuiimtlnn.
BOOXK , la. , Juno 30 [ Speclnl "Mi-crnmto.
Tun Bii.J : : Tbo Tontii i. btnct ropu illcin
convention held in tbu opur.i no. so here
today was n love feast. Congressman J. P.
Dolllvcr was renomlnntcd by acclamation.
Tbo convention was called to order by Con
gressional Chairman H. W. Ciawtord of Ft.
Dodge , l ) . W. Noel of Calhoun was named
as temporary chairman nnd W. S. We.'iton of
Hamilton nnd S. S. Sessions of Ko.i-
suth , socrolnrtos. Tlio ofllcers wcra
made permanent. Chairman Noul made
u tolling speech , nnd white waiting for the
credentials committee to report Hon. I ) . C.
Chase of Webster- City nnd ox-Governor
Cnrpenter of Fort Dodge were culled nnd
created trroat enthusiasm by tliolr addresses.
M. D. O'Donnell of Fort Dodge noininiitod J.
P. Dollivor. Ho said that strong men were
needed in congress nnd told of the pride and
honor which every resident of the Tenth dis
trict felt for tin ; present congressman. Hon.
D. C. Chnsu of Hamilton seconded Dollivur'.s
nomination , xnylr.g that lie did su ut tlio ro-
quesl ot Senator Kiinirar , who also wislii-d
Hamilton county to move that thu nomina
tion bo made by acclamation.
The rest of tnu counties In the district also
seconded and Mr. Dollivor wus renomlmued
by n unanimous standing voto. A ommiUeo
was sonl for Iho congressman , who was
brought In ntnld wild enthusiasm. Ho made
u very happy spoicu to the convention ,
thanking tnem for the honor und alluding
gracefully to all the oilier gentlemen who
huvo been mentioned for tlm position. Ho
then went on nnd showed How the party had
met the necessities of the times In thu pn l
four years' by expanding thu currency ,
increasing the homu market , openlnir near
forci'/n markets , otu. , nlludniu especially to
Hie American pig , which ho said went Into
( ivory foreign port , "wilh smiles of poacu on
his face and ttio curl of contentment in hi )
tall. "
It made him mid to see Hint Iowa democrats
wbo went to Chicago wilh car loads of em-
thuslasm and no experience Imd returned
willi car louds of oxporiunco and nn enthu
siasm , Mr. Dollivor declared thai under the
matchless loadursllin of Harrison , Hood. Me-
Klnloy , Bluini ) and olbors thu parly hud
inudo n record during iho pnsi four yours
which would curry U lo certain victory , now
that the democrats for the llrnt tlmn in their
history hiiVOKtntod their real position on tha
tariff. Ho said the intoresl ot the American
fanner lloa In the prosperity of thu Ameri
can workshop.
Senator Knmrar followed In n short speech
In which ho said ho iind all his fnands nro
now for Dolllvcr. Local republicans thin
evening tendered a banquet to the visiting
Tlio following congressional committee was
selected : Boonacounty , T. JluivIIIBIIAjar-
roll. A. N. Quint ; Calboun , D. W. 'ocl ;
CrnA'foril , W. J. McAhcrn : Girono , C. C.
Hlnsha.v ICmmot , M. K. Wtmlon ; Hamil
ton , L. A. MoMurrav ; Hancock. J. E. Wioh-
man : Kossutli , G. W. [ lunnu ; Palo Alto , C.
I. Hbnrd ; Pocationtna , J , It. lighter : Wob-
ctcr , J. O. Durrell ; Wlnuebago , J. W. Mo-
lloliron llniiiopriitH Utility ,
HliiinoN , Neb. , June 80. [ Special Tolo-
gfatn toTiiK BKK.J The democratic ; ratlllca
tlou occurred tonight. The parade was
headed by the Second roelmont band , Jol
lowed by men and boys currying 103 torciius.
They marched to the opera house , which
wao'nicely decorated , where thny were ad-
drossud by Hon. Albert Walking of Lincoln
and Judco Hardy of Beatrice. There were
about ICO voters present.
I'iltrnu Iliinilrcil Dollars' Worth ol I'liui'lnr
Tlio residence of K. Franklin Alexander of
thu New York Lit'o Insurance company , n I ,
tr ! > ; ! ! > Pierce street , was the scene of u > old
daylight robbery yesterday. Shortly after
noon , and during the temporary" nbscn-io of
the family , burglars forced nil onlranco and
wont through the housd from collar lo
garret. f
About ? 1 , 500- worth ot property was stolen
Tbe thieves boldly entered the fronl door
nnd proceeded t " systoiniitlcully search every
room in Iho house. Bureau drawers were
emptied on the floor und tliolr contents
hastily pawed over in the search for valu
Two diamond rings , a valuable broast'pm ,
n couple of gold wutchos/nnd / considerable
silverware were packed 116 nnd safely carried
away. So fur tliero Is no clue to the Ihiovc.s.
Kcinl | > llcin : State Coijvi'ntlon Called lo
AKSI > III | > | I > K.lll.v In AiiKiiHl.
The republican slntul'onvunlion will bn
hold at Lincoln Augusfl , nnd Chuirmun
Mercer of the state c ul tra I committee will
sound the preliminary If of the guvol nt 10
o'clcu It. I
That was the decision arrived al last avail
ing by the slate central committee , which
mot at republican headquarters to consider
the matter.
The committee was unusually well ropro-
A number of nspirinc candidates were on
hand , looking carefully after their boomlots.
Among Ihom were II. C. William of Pawned
City nnd Joseph T. Burtloy of Atlilnson ,
botii of whom aspire to the custodianship of
Ihu stale's cash for the next two yean.
Stala Treasurer Hill was there , bnstow
ing smiles nf approval on each.
Then llioro were Kugono Moore of Norfolu ,
P. O. Ifedluml of lloldrogu and J. A. Clinu
of Mindun , each nnd every ono of Ilium a
ling for iiHslstuiicn in corrallng IhoonWj \ \
lion for Auditor Bunion's Job , nnd Audi mnv
Heiitonvas ( | ulutljf whispering how
Hotter it , would suit Jim to have C
Biiworman , hl.s preiidont deputy , nnnJOd for
iho place , ,
Judge Hays of/Norfolk was n unlnir Ins
coimresslonal biom , nnd Judus ° Kinc.ifd nf
O'Ncil ' wus tticrJ to iillnw lil 'HoniJs to r.oint
out bis line fontiir./ * " ' " ' "frossman fi-OI1I
the "Bit ? Sixth. " L..n . ,
Secrolnrv ofs \ . /\10" ! ' nnd A ( J
Humnhroy , uomii/lssntf / ° .r ° r imbllclunds mui
buildings , lookeii/horotfiy' ° " , nnd thoiigiu
bow mticn botlcf it won it l iolly tuto | „ ro.
noiniimttoii for KHncoiiil lir7ii ! lli-'orJlii to ,
pronedi'iit thuii to gut out tun ! l fii > iUf ! * > Ji-tiio
llrst ono. lOUifor Bushiiell of Ihu Lincoln
Call was lluirc to ur Iho claims of Ihu
Capitol city fdr'iho convention , nnd Church
Howe toyed around tint outskirts , si/iav. Jij |
lliu pulttical 'itimtinn.
ThoexocuMvo committed mot during the
nflurnoon und transacted such business us
tliero wus on hand , in the way of claims thut
demanded aUonllon.
After llxliii ; iho time nnd place of holding
thu convention , Ihu apportionment was llxrd
nt ono dolugulo for ouch county und 5110 for
each 100 votes or major fraction llmrcof cast
for At torn uy General Hasiings In IbU ) ,
C. JO. Puliouk , roiroi [ > ontlnK the young ro-
publlcuns of thu slate university , uddrussed
Ihu commltlei' , nnd n motion in Invite Ihu
roprusbiitntlvus uf the college clubs lo moot
with Iho committee curru'd unanimously.
Tlio cnminlllei ) adjourned tu mciit at Lin
coln ut 7 o'clock on thu overling preceding
thostnte co-j vent Ion.
Bo sure anil use Mn. Wlnslnw's Soothing
syrup fur your children while tuulhlpg , v5
cunts a buttlo.
OMAHA , June iW.f }
Thu urea of lnu'ti barometer which , Aur.
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evonlntr central over Iowa and iRsourl.V !
( iiiiicralli' fair weather prevails nndTT
purnluro Is now ainiii rUlnc. The cociu. . .
iirori Is over the lalto rot-Ions. A low barometer -
oter area appears to bo developing In thu
upper mountain regions.
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ni'il tali wrallmr ilurliiK Friday ,
WAHUiNoro.t , I ) . C , , Juno BO. For No-
bnvsku , lowu and South Dakota Warmer ;
fair ; wiiulH HlilftniK to southerly ; probably
followed by showers Hut tint ay morning.
M. Huth golla Union eonp