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Third Party Men Gathering ft Omahn for
the Qrent Convcnti6r
Harmony Among the Delegate ! as to Can
didates and Principles.
They Hope Ho May Bo Induced to Lead
the Eoforrfi Hosts.
Tlio tonvnntloii Hull Arriingoit to Scut
Klglit TliiiusitiKl I'coplo Tlio hrrnm-
lilo fur Tickets blnto Contention
uf Iiidi'iiLMHlcnls at Lincoln.
The peoplo's party will moot In national
convention In this city at 10 o'clock on Satur
day morning , The delegates are already be
ginning to arrive and nro Indications
thnt tbo natal day of the republic the
Fourth of July will witness tbo birth of
u great political party which is to Do
a menace to ttio old orgaimtilloiis
which have ao long slrlvon for suprem
acy In the nation. There Is not the
Rllghtcst evidence of discord in any direction ,
nnd there seems n general resolve nil around
to maku this convention a harmonious gath
ering nt which Is to bo firmly cemented into
ono symmetrical whole all the holorogcneoua
elements that go lo make up Ihoso vnrious
political nnd Industrial orders and associa
tions that have heretofore refused to asslm-
milato into any great political organization.
At thu first day's session the only busitiois
to ho transacted will bo thu perfecting of Iho
temporary organization nnd the announce
ment , of the committees on credentials , reso
lutions und permanent organization. There
will bo but few contests , and the commltleo
on credentials will probably complete lls
laborin one brief session. The committee
on permanent organization will have more to
do , but the committee on resolutions. Iho
most Important in the convention , will likely
bo one of Iho most harmonious.
Agreed on u Plutloriu.
These of tbe great rival political organiza
tions who have hoped that the people's party
would divide over questions of principle and
not bo able to agree upon a common platform
of declaration ! , will be surprised to know thai
Iho people's party platform Is already prnctl-
. cully ngicod upon. The loaders have boon
I Won stunt correspondence ] for months past ,
and it's tacitly agreed that Iho St. Louis
platform til February - shall bo taken us a
basis , and that the only extraneous mailer
to receive consideration will bo the denuncia
tion of ihu force bill , Iho demand for .1
broader reciprocity than is offered by tbo
party of lopnbllcanlMn , and the rondcmnu-
lion of ttio recent tao ; batik plank adopted
at tbo national domocru'lu convention.
The platform which Chairman Tauboncck
of tlio national executive Committee has In
his pocket this evonliiL' . and which General
Weaver , Ignatius Donnelly , Congressman
Thomus E. Watson , Jerry S-mpson and ether
lending spirits of the party ugroo shall bo
adopted as Ibo war cry.ot . iho coming cam-
puign , is CB follows :
ri.itloi-m IMaulis.
I. Wo demand n tialionnl currency , safe ,
sound nnd flexible , Issued by Iho general
government only , a full Icgal'tendcr tor all
dobls , public and private ; and that without
the use of banning corporations , n Just ,
equitable nnd cllK'ient means of distribution
direct to the pcopie , at a tux not exceeding 'J
per cent , be provided , as .set forth in the sub-
trcasury plan of | | o farmers allianco.orHOino
bettor s.vbtom ; l o by payments in dis-
charge of its obit llious for public improve-
( n ) Wo domain , Itreo and unlimited coin-
ngo of silver.
( b ) Wo domain Juint the amount of cir
culating medium bo speedily increased lo
not than ? ij < ) per capita.
( c ) Wo demand a graduated income tux.
( d ) Wo bolicvo lhat iho money of Iho
country should bo kept as much ns possible
in the lia'uis of the pcopie , and hcnco wu de
mand that nil state und national revenue
Khali bo limited to the necessary sxponsos of
the government economically nnd honestly
ml ministered.
( o ) We demand that postal savings
blunts bo established by the government for
the snfo deposit of the earnings of the HOO-
plo lo facilitate exchange.
'J. The land , Including all tbo natural re
sources of wealth , is tlio heritage of all the
people , and should not bo monopolized for
speculative purposes , and alien ownership of
" \ , hind should bo prohibited. All land now
\vlield by railroads and othnr corporations In
J.cVcess of tholr aclual needs , and all lands
hoiw owned by nllons should bo reclaimed by
tlioVroveruniont and liud ! for actual settlers
I. TVmisportntlon bclrg n means of ex-
rhangi ] wind a public necessity , ilia govern
ment shouii < j own and opa-ato tha railroads
in the InterestofiUu.uoujU | \
( a ) Tlio telegraph ni-d Vfjlophone , Uko tlw
postonico nybluui , being il nccossitv for trans
mission of news , shouliV-tV ) owned and oper
ated by the govornuuyfit th tuo interest of the
people. , . '
Tl > ,0 fnreii Ulll.
Tn addition/to tbo above ( hero will bo n
| 1miKwilicQ > U expected to ; fruatrato tbo
herculean efforts that are lining exerted by
thu democratic loaders of the bouth lo re
claim tholr following from iho peoplo's party
van ! : * This plunk will ba a denunciation of
tbo republican force bill , andl \ will bo as
ringing and us emphatic- ttio arraignment
by Iho democratic national convention a
week ago. The loaders of iho indopondout
parly nnvo given this subject most cnroful
consideration , | < ave weighed its effect In all
Its details , und they umiounco that
the dlo Is cast , that tlio force bill
of the republican narty will bo denounced as
tin unwarranted , dangerous and unconstitu
tional Interference In state election * , fho
nmiounccmcul of Chairman Tuubuncck of
the national committee that ho favors such a
plank U regarded us practically nettling the
matter , us Tuubcnock ; bnlng a northern man
und of past republican afllllations , would bo
imluiullyexpected to oppojo the declaration ,
If opposition were to bo encountered , Hut
Mr. Taubcnuck Is ono of the wurmust udvo-
cities of the plan I : , ana says II incana the
electoral votes of tlvo southern states for thj
people's party presidential candidate this fall.
The fear of the < orco bill U the las1 , bugbear
_ by mcuns of which the dcmocrus of the
houlh are striving to frlgntcm thfpeople's
tarty man back Into thu dnmocrutlu ranks ,
clfo docs not fear any lui ] > los effect In the
bfvrtb from an arraign mi to Iho force bill ,
> \cause \ , ho says , the \ \ bto n states , whcro
\ peoplo'4 party nro HI 0113 st in the north ,
/ i/uys have been opposed lo iho fotco bill ,
in addition to condoim ng iho force bill ,
/ the plnUorm will ultoc'in ore ( ho Australian
ballot law ns a neededrofjiiu in all tbo
I'reti from llijrtful ( 'oiitiMitlon * ,
In one very slBiiltlcant roipect could tbo
old political parlies olTotd to follow the cx-
ninplu that U bolng set by tbo people's party
leaders In those latter days of practical poli
tic * . Thorn nro no Hills'opciily striving for
the political nomination ; lucre are no Clove-
lauds with tholr Whltnoys on the ground
tklllfully laying wires for later political
triumph ; there are no Harrisons wltb u horde
ofofUcoiCoUcw striving ( runtlculty for the
glorification ot their chief ; nnJ there are
no Utalt.os to receive the hero worship
ot their adherents , but destined to go down
In defeat with their Idolatrous admirers
mourning and refusing to be comforted. The
man who receives from the national people's
party convention the nomination for the
presidency of the United States will receive
it unsought and it inunt come to him mi-
beckoned. The nomination must seek the
man nnd not the man Ibo nomination. Half
a dozen prominent leaders of tha
great Independent movement are
freely discussed , but not ono has
yet arrived upon the ground and noie Is
making the slightest ciTort for that ercat
honor which any ono might covet. There
will be no headquarters opened for the ro-
ceptlon of uncommitted or utiplcdo.l dele
gates , nnd iho oadgos which wcro so conspic
uous nt ttio recent republican and democratic
conventions us expressing loyalty to thn per
sonal candidate of the delegate will bo un
known in this great Independent convention.
The only emblem tUM adorns the breasts of
tbo delegates Is a little metal badge worn in
the buttonhole and bearing tbo inscription ,
"Tho People's 1'arty. "
Will Seuk the 'Man.
The selection ot u candidate la to bo the
last work of Iho convonllon nnd Iho cholco Isle
lo oo made after cala nnd tnaluro meditation.
The magic of but ono name Is sunictont to
tnko Ibis convention by storm and.that name
will never bo mentioned within the precincts
of the Coliseum , If the wisher of this great
popular American nro to be ? respected.
Walter Q. Oresbam of Indiana could have
the nomination by thu merest signal ot as
sent , but ho has forDtduon his friends lo
allow hli name to bo mentioned In this con
nection , and his friends are so loyal that they
are disposed lo accept bis wishes as their
The other gentlemen who are prominently
mentioned in connection with the presiden
tial nomination are General James B.
Weaver , ox-congressman from Io va and for
merly the greenback candidate for tbn prosl
doncv ; Hon. Marlon Cannon , president of the
California farmers alliance nnd a prominent
writer nnd worker In the reform movement ;
Hon. Ignatius Donnelly of Minnesota ; Hon.
John Willlts of Kansas , the farmers
alliance- candidate who was defeated for
governor of that state by but 5,000 ma
jority ; ox-United States Senator Van Wyclt
of Nebraska nnd Congressman John Davis ol
the Fifth district of 'Ibo only can
didate for wnom any delegates have been in
structed is Oenorul'Wcavcr of lown , ana it
is probable that ho has not more than 100 , so
that nine-tenths of tbo delegates will proba
bly coma to Ibo national convention unin-
structcd nnd uncommitted.
Vlco I'ruitlilriitlal Nomination.
Thorn Is a disposition to glvo _ tbo vice
presidency to some live young campaigner of
the party , and the eloquent Tom Watson of
Georgia , leader of the people's party in the
national IIOUBO of representatives , could have
the nomination If ho would accept It. Wat
son's chief ambition just now. however , ap
pears to bo again lo wrest Ills district from
the democratic hosts of Georgia , and ho says
ho would rather defeat General Black , his
chivalrous democratic opponent , than to bo
oleetcd vice president upon me peoplo's party
Hon. J. II. Davis of Texas , who accepts
the soubriquet of "Cyclono Davis , " Is also
mentioned for iho vice presidency , and his
well known formisic abilities tilt all the
qualities required of a candidate.
Temporary Chairman.
The temporary chairman of the convontlon
will bo Hon. C. 11. Islington , n prominent
larmurs ulllanco leader of Georgia. The
first cholco of the national committee fell
upon Congressman Tom Watson of Geor
gia , but Watson has informed Cholrmau
Tuubenoolc that bo cannot leave Washington
at Ihls lime , as ho desires to record himself
on various Important measures now on the
calendar. An it was particularly desired
that the honor should go to the south , Mr.
Watson suggested Mr. Ellington for tbo
temporary cbairn > an&l < ivnnd | -comi.iltloo
has announced that this selection will bo
rallflcd. The committee has not selected n
secretary , but John W. Hays of Philadel
phia , general secretary of the Knights of
Labor , has been mentioned for the place und
will probably bo chosen.
.11 r. Tuulii'livck 'I'MIf * ol C'linillihltvs mul tlio
Prolmlilo riiitlorin.
Mr. II. B. Tauboneck , chairman of tbo
executive commit lee of the iuOcpandont
paity , arrived from St. Louis about 0 o'clock
last evening. When nsl'ed by a reporter what
in his opinion would bo the platform
adopted by the convontlon , he said :
"It will bo the nlatforin adopt Jd at tbo In
dustrial conference at St. Louis. That is ,
the three plank- , referring to money , trans
portation and land may possibly bo revised
somewhat , but 1 do not oolluvo there will bo
any material alteration of Iho principles ns
laid down it St. Louis. In addition to those
three planks we will have a utrong plunk op
posing all federal interferences In elections.
In ether words , wo will oppose what Is now
Know as the force bill. At Iho same time wo
will declare for Iho Australian onllot system
of voting , a Ireo vote nnd a lair count. "
"Will you have a woman suffrage or pro
hibition plunk in tlio platform ) "
"Xo , 1 Ihii'lc not. That question was
dollnitoly settled at the Si. Louis convention.
Wo have nothing In regard to either woman
suffrage or pensions In tlio platform adopted
ut ihu St. Louis conference. My opinion is
ihnt they will ba dropped by the Omaha con
vention. "
"What will you hove to say in regard to
free "ilvori1'
"Wo shall declare for free silver and un
limited coinage of bilvor , Just as the law
stood in IhTI ! before silver was demonet
ised. "
"Do you expect the silver men of tbo west
will become n part of your party and Join in
the coming campaign I"
Mlvrr Suites anil Candidate- ) .
"Yes , l do. 1 have the very best assur
ances mat the silver men not only of iho
silver producing states but aUo of the niUlun
are going to Join hands with us. I have re
ceived a letter Irom General U'arnor , presi
dent of the Dimctalllu league , saying the
executive committee of that society has
passed a resolution stating that neither the
Minneapolis nor Chicago conventions had
given any hope ot free silver , and calling
upon thu silver men ol the nation to send del
egates to Omaha lo confer with the peoples
parly. The western silver clubs und Colorado
rado have already opened headquarters at
tuoMllliird hotel. "
"Who are liitely lo bo the candidates before
the convention ! "
"That I cannot state positive ! " . The tide
has been toward Llrobham , und , In my opin
ion , bo will bo our nominee , provided ho can
bo induced to accept , with a strong
man from Iho south for vlcu president. I
have rccoived lotteri from Arkansas saying
that If Grusham U nominated no will carry
that stain by ! IUOOJ , The same nous coinoi
from Colorado , Montana , Washington and
California. Texas favors Grohlium ; so does
Kentucky , Ohio und Pennsylvania. Ho Is a
perfectly satisfactory man to iho silver men
of the west. From n prlvuto letter I under
stand Weaver Is for him and will make thu
nominating speech. In regard-to second
place on iho tluUut , ttioro has been u number
of mimes mentioned , but BO far , from iho
corrcipoudencu I have received , everything
is at sea.
"Groshum would ccr'uinly bo the strong
est man we could nominate , " said Mr.
Tai'i'onecK , "If bo could bo Induced to accept
thti-.fomlantioii , There uppears to bo much
uncertainty as to tU position , but unless ttio
Judge makes some dolinlto announcement soon
the convontlon may conclude to nominate him.
The truth is , however , tbo ijuobtlon of can
didates lit not being discussed yet. if the
picsidontiul candidate Is a northern man of
courio the vlco presidential candidate will
bo from the south. "
Wurlc of Mio Convention ,
"Who will bo your choice for temporary
chairman of the con\entlon ) "
"Tho temporary chuirm-u , J think , will o >
C , il. Ellington of Georgia. Our llr t clioloj
wus Contrrossumu Tom Wulstn , but ho bus
declined und recommended Uliingion. Tno
present Intention of tbo committee U to
accept Watson's recommendation and uom-
luute Kltlngton , "
" \Vtmt will your platform bol"
"It will bu based upon tie St. Louis plat
form , but will contain several additional
planks , Ono will bo an arraignment of the
force olll nnd another will bo nn endorse
ment of tbo Australian ballot sys
tem. Many delegates nlso favor
the denunciation of the plank m the
democratic plattorm demanding the repeal of
the 10 per cent tax on state bank issue. The
most Important declaration , however , will ho
against the republican force bill. It will
moan five states sure for us In tbo
south nnd I think will bo tlio moans
ot raising the total of people's parly states
this fall to at least o'gbt. ' I have no doubt
wo will carry eight stales and think the
chnncos nro bright for ten or twelve. By ar
raying ourselves against the force bill , wo toke
the last legs from the democratic party fn
the south , as thnt is the only argument they
advance to reclaim their brethren from the
peoolo's party ranks. Wo propose , too. In
In Ibis convention to glvo tha old parlies a
lesson In harmony. There will bo no bicker-
Inrfs , no desecrated loaders , and no regrets
to carry nwny und endanger the success of
the ticket next fall. "
National llrl iRiitos . Srlcctnl nt Lincoln
Amid ( Kiitliiisliism.
LINCOLN , Nol > . , Juno 30. [ Special Tele
gram to Tin : Bii.J : : The state convention of
the people's ' Independent party assembled nt
Bohanan's hall In this city at U o'clocK nnd
was called to order by J. V. Wolfe , chair
man of tbo state central committee. Mr.
Wolfe was made temporary chairman by ac
clamation and his brief address was roundly
J. A. Edgorton of Buffalo county was
made temporary socrotarv bv acclamation
nnd C. H. PIrtle of Lancaster county was
made assistant secretary.
Tbo chair , on motion of a delegate from
Douglas county , appointed a commlttoo on
credentials , composed of ono delegate from
each congressional district. The list is as
follows : First district , Ellas Baker ; Second
end , T. C. Kelsey ; Third , D. Collins ;
fourthE. W. Mentor ; FilthJ. S. Kennedy ;
bixlb , A. E. Sheldon.
A commltleo on permanent organization
wus appointed as follows : W. Stco'o ' , Ham
ilton county ; D. Clem Doavcr , Douglas ; E.
1 . Inuorsoil , Johnson ; J. D. Ilatlleld , Ante
lope ; Daniel Freeman , Gage.
An adjournment was then taken uniil 2
o'clock this afternoon and .Mrj. McCormlcU ,
president of the Kansas Woman's alliance ,
addressed the convention , her remarks being
opoatedly chooroa.
Tlieic W TO No Contest1) .
It wus nearly 3 o'clock when Cbalrman
Wolfe called the convontlon to order nfior
recess and the committee on credentials was
not raidy lo mane lls roport. The Lincoln
Glco club entertained the convention with u
song , after which tbo commlttoo on cre
dentials mode Its report. No contests were
reported and the committee was discharged.
The committee on permanent organization
recommended that the temporary ofllcors bo
made permanent and the suggeslion wus
At this polnl Paul Vandervoort wanted all
the old soldiers in Iho convcnllon lo stand
yp and be counted. They did so , to the
number of li > 5. The ox-confedoralos wore
then called and live stood up , while the con
vention gave three cheers for the blue nnd
tbo gray. Vandorvoort then moved lhat the
convention endorse tbo St. Louis platform
by a rising voto.
Georje Ahbott of Falls City opposed the
motion because ho thought it m'ght ' em
barrass Ibo national convention.
A delegate from Holt county settled the
matter by assuring the convention ; bat the
only platform thnt would bo considered by
the Omaha convontlon would bo the Sf
Louis platform. Vandervoort's motion was
then carried without , a dissenting voto.
The work of selecting oljht delegates to
the nutiounl convention was taken up. William
liam Cruno of Jefferson county mado'a fervid
apucal for the farmers , assorting lhat neither
of tbo old parties had boncrcd the farmers
by sending one to their national conventions
D. Clem Deaver of Omaha mov < ? d that each
congressional district select ono delegate nnd
then the convention select the ether tv/o.
The motion was carried.
Sult'ctliig llin Delegates.
The First district named .I. \r. Wolfe of
Lancaster ; Second , .1. Kelly McComdus of
Uouglas : Third , W. A. I'oyntcr of Boone :
Fourth , I. I ? . Chamberlain of Polk ; Fiftn ,
W. A. McKclirtmn of Webster ; Sixth Wil
liam Neville of Lincoln. Pending Ibo nomi
nation of iho remaining two delegates , n glee
ctub from Custcrcounty made its appearance
and sang several songs to the dellghi of
Ibo audience. They wont wild over It. Tbe
Lincoln Ulco club sang "Got Off the
Earth , " which called out another burst of
enthusiasm. A martial band then tnado Its
appearance nnd after ono or two selections.
in which the bass drummer exerted himself
to the utmost , leaving the convention in n
condition lo llslcn lo .ulnioai nnyihing. It
wa.s probably this fact which onablo'd them
to listen with patience 16 a song enlitled.
"Youcg Eli , " written and composed nud
satiLbv a younu' dclUirato from Valley. At
the conclusion of the tnlrlconth verso a dolo-
gale suggested that. Ihero were htill two
more delegate * to select.
Silt Oinvn on ,1113Itiirroivx. .
Nominations wcro called for , and right
hero Is where ibo convcnllon proceeded lo
sit down upon Jay Burrows. Poyntor nom
inated General C. II. Van \\yok. Vandcrvoort
named J. W. Edgorten , William Crane of
Jefferson county , the same man who made BO
Impassioned nn aprieal for iho selection of
none but farmers , placed the name of .lav
Burrows before iho convention , while B. F.
Pratt of Morrlck county brought out J. It.
Powers. There worn cneors for \ an Wyck ,
Edgorton and Powers , but the nomination
of Burrows was rccoived with eloquent si
With a look of grim determination on its
fiit'o the convontlon settled down to avenue
itself for what It belloved to bo Burrows'
treachery lo iho independent partv. The
roll call was started und a < t county after
county was called , und votes were announced
for Van Wyck , Powers or Edgorton , thu
friends of Burrows , If there weru such in
Iho hull , listened In vain for a vole for him.
The roll call was completed nnd before thu
conclusions could bo footed up tbo nomina
tion of Van WycK nnd Powers wus declared
unanimous \\ltliout a dissenting voto.
HiVu Ui-llliurutoly liimilttnl.
Not a vote tad been cast for Burrows. The
Insult was evidently Uellbarato und premedi
tated , for all forenoon II hud been whispered
about that Burrows would ho given a rebuke
at iho afternoon session. Bufore Uio roll call
was commenced Van Wyclt endeavored lo
withdraw his name , but the con volition would
not have It. Buforo ttio call wus completed
the name of Edgcrion was ulso withdrawn.
Mr. Powurd was called to the platform and
greeted with an ovation of cheers. Ttiero
were loud calls for Van Wyck , but ho had ills-
appeared. A committee was sent In search of
him. Thur found him nt the hotel nud re
turned with him to the convention hull.
Probably no mun in Nebraska has over
boo rhonorod with so greuV an ovation as
thui which was given ox Senator Van Wyck
IhU afternoon. As hn appeared at Ihu ou
tran co of the hull ho was greeted with
cheers which vero redoubled as n half acoro
ot brawny fanners hoisted him upon their
shoulder : ) and advanced with htm triumph
antly down the alslo.
Delegates carried flags before him , while
others waved them w.lldly in the air. The
band started then "Sue , the Conquering
Hero Comes , " but the Identity of the selec
tion was swallowed up by tbe cheers unit
wore bolng so lustily given. When ibo sen
ator had regained his breath ho addressed
Iho convontlon. thanking the members for
ilie unexpected honor they hud conferred
upon him. Ho then pioccodcd totulkiipon
the Nsuoi presented bv tbo people's party ,
not neglecting to allude to thu manner In
which ho hod boon trouted by ibo Indopand-
outs during the past two yonrs.
I'livur * lor thu Vuter.tiu.
Tha business of the convention being priic-
tlcallv over the delegates were ready for ad
ditional onttuiblasm. It canui upon a motion
that ll wus the sense ot the convention that
ull exunion nud ox-con federate acldlon bj
uumlltcd to the Omuua convtiitlon lu fur as
poi&ibln , J M. Suydrr , a gray-beaded dele-
gale from Slicrmun county , looU the plat
form iu bUimort of tlio motion. Ho claimed
that the Independent , Carty WAS the only ono
In which the blue and' gray could bo re
united. An cx-confbdrr\Q In the audience
joined the old man ou the ? tKgo and as they
clasped hands the convention came to Its
teot with n mlghtv1 hurrah.
Snyder then called for all old soldiers to
coma to the platform. Ono hundred and
fifty men nt once mounted the stago. Catch
ing up the big 'silk Hag belonging to the
Custor county delegation , Stiydor waved It
over tbo heads of the soldiers Mid then led a
procession round nnd round the big ball.
The building fairly rocked with enthusiasm
for at least ten minutes. No similar scone
has over been witnessed In n No-
brasHa convention nnd It gave many n
spectator In the gallery something of an Idea ot
the ournostncsi and enthusiasm of the Inde
pendent parly In this campaign. A tow
moro spcccbos followed , but Iho convention
hail exhausted Itself and was ready to go
A long-haired dolognt" from Endlcott
named Urlns Keolo.attempted a speech. In
which ho paid particular attention to Tin :
O.MMti BnK , but ho tins culled to order by
Allen Hoot ot Doueltt * , who assorted that
the discussion of Tin : BitK had no place in an
Independent convontlon.
STII.IJ LOOK t NO TO ciitnsiiAM.
Indiana and Illinois Ilulognten Ilopo tlio
lililgi ) Will Load Their Hosts.
C. A. Pownr , Satnyoi T. Jones and M. C.
Hankln , all of Terre Haute , members ot tbo
Indiana delegation , r.rrivcd yesterday mornIng -
Ing wearing Grostmm badges.
Mr. Power was thp originator of the Cin
cinnati conference held a year ago. It was
he who went to 1'lorlda-and caused thn call
to bo made. Ho Is quite n prominent man In
the independent cause. \ \ hen asked bis
opinion on the silver question ho produced
from his inside pocUetu resolution which ho
said expressed his \taws exactly und which
ho expects tbo convention to adopt. Hero 1
the resolution : "Wo ncmand tbo free and
unlimited coinage oi jsllvor on equal terms
with gold of present weight and fineness
nnd condemn the action of the president in
tittompllng lo barter iway the sovereignly of
Iho American people over their domestic af
fairs , through an International conference
coniDoscd of foreign aristocrats ' , opposed to
frco irovernmont. " x ,
Mr. Power i lor Groshnm with all bis
might and snys his nomination moans noth
ing moro nor less thi'.u his election.
"But it Is understood Judge Grcslmm has
declined to allow his to bo used , " was
"Tnat is not tmo ; Jn the llrst place ho
cannot decline something which has never
been olTorcd him. Ho has been visited by
committees , ills Iruobut _ iney were merely
conferring with him and had no authority to
act. I think I know as'.much about Judge
Greshnm's attitude ou thi question of his
candidacy as any man , as I was the llrst to
approach him , and have , a letter with mo
now Irom him written last February , in an
swer to opo 1 wrote him. Ho has not de
clined and I thliilt hol-wjll bo nomiuutod by
acclamation and olcc'od , "
"What will bj the ftsUltif ho should de-
cllnn or if some other mau should ba the
nominee } "
"The election would go to the house , but
wo lire not figuring on chat. Tlio country is
on the eve of a palltlir.l revolution. Wo are
going to have IbOJ rcusatcd , so far us breakIng -
Ing up and reforming parties are concerned ,
and there U no man 1 < 'Ing today who can so
stir the laboring masses and the poor man in
Grcsham can. Ho is another Lincoln in the
sense that ho is a m > 'it ' tbe people. "
' All Ciill'lii for. t'o.Judge. . ,
A second installu < ; it , of.tho ludlnnit dele
gation. , headed bgaYnuol W. Williams.
dcleg.ito-al-larfiO , : irriv'i. l at. noon. In the
party wcro .himo. M. 'Shooard , a farmer
delegate ; frgm the Kccond congressional
district ; Hov. Their 'Wadwortn of the
same district ; Ed Pierson , delegate from the
Eighth district ; IlcMt' -Roolnsou. . stale
president of the Farmers Mutual Bonotlt
association ; Thomas Force , state president of
tno alliance , nnd S. M Holcolmbof the First
congressional district. Friondsof the latlor
sav ho will bo nominated for congress , with
almost n certniuty of election.
Samuel W. Willtaim was chairman of the
Indiana state convontlon. Ha declined to
nu.ko any statement for publication , but in
spoaklng of Judge Grasnam bo said every
citizen of the Hoosloi state has the highest
regard for and the greatest confidence In Iho
Said no : "I know aim personally nnd I
love him. Weaver nlsoblis a largo following
In ourslulc , is a favnrilo witli iho alliance
and also with 1)13 ) Farmers Mutual
Benefit association. 1 have heard but
little of Vandorvoort , but will
stale ibat ono out of every twenty-six
citizens of Indiana is nn Old soldier , and that
may be considered favorable to Vandervoort.
"I am very favorably impressed with
Oir.uha and Iho hospitable and unselfish man
ner in which thu htrangers nro being re
ceived. Il Is the proper thing , however , ns
the convontlon will Ma more to advertise
Omaha than nnylhlnglt has over had. There
are some remarkable features about this
convention. It Is tho-llrst national convon
tlon of the now part- , and will bo the largest
political convention over held. Il will have
1,7T < ! delegates , and codio uoaror filling every
chair than any ever hold , and there will not
bo a federal tolllcetioldor entitled to u seat.
Omnha Is larger lhan I supposed , nti'l the
buildings are larger and bettor than 1 had
pictured them. "
Illinois WIIIIIK tint Judge.
A. Ashton of Rocltford , 111. , a member of
Iho delegation from that slate , came In this
morning and made hfmsclf nt homo nt the
Arcade. The Illinois delegation will consist
of ninety-two members and Mr. Ashton ex
pects from his fitato in all about : iiJ ) people.
Mr. Ashton is for Gru.shum nnd was ono of a
committee ot iwentv-flvo men who united on
the Judge last week unticlpalion of Iho
"And did ho sav ho would nceepti"
"No ; neither did ho refuse , Of cour'6 wo
had no authority to snsak for the nutty but
wo found iho Judge in perfect accord wiih
us. I consider him nn lioncst-Tnim nnd do not
bcilovc he would Iwvdpqruiittod the CP" " . . -
tee lo leave wlibout . doclii"i" ; . < on his
pirt If ho intended to rfliuou to allow the use
of his name. "
"What is your opinion on iho silver ouos-
lion ? "
"I am In favor of putting coinage back to
where it was in lUT' ' ) . " '
Alter Principle' ; , Not .Men ,
Samuel T. Jones of Toiro Haute , ono of the
delegates from ihu quartered
at the Arcade. In an lutervluw ho said : "It
miilcos but little difterancu who the inau is
it is principlewo me after. Wn have had
too many generals In time * past and now wo
wani Iho common pcvuid to bava a show. I
am an old soldlor , served utidor Joe Hooker ,
and would like In sou a mail who has squinted
over n northern gun uonlliutoJ ) for president
audit confederate kolJIor for second place.
Wo want to bury wai' grievances and that is
tbe way lo do It. " ,
Tlio South U'milK Him.
J. II. McDowell of jjashvlllo , president of
the Tennessee state alliance , Is hero as a
" -Vo are for Groshatu It ho will nccopt ; if
not , Weaver. I nm an old-tlmo democrat
aim only severed mv connection with that
party ten days ago. . Tlioo nro iW.UX ( ) demo
crats in my state who have left
the party and joined us with
in the pasttlilriy \ days. Wo
want a northern mfai for president and n
southern man for /econd placo. C , W.
Macuno of Texas'editor ' ot tbo National
Economist nt Washington , D. C. , would suit
us for vlco president. The pnoplo'b party
ulll carry Tomisiec. iu least wo hnvo a good
llglinsclmucu. "
Amuug the Tennessee delegates are John
Ji'lllcorse , congressional lecturer for the
Fourth district , G. W. ( iroon , delegate from
East Tcuucs eo ; J. O , Roberts , f.tato lec
turer aim doloiatatlarKo ; L. K. Taylor ,
editor of thu Teller , ( ho otllcia ! organ of the
Htuto alliance ul'Nliitivlllu and dele ate-al-
lurgo : John F. Browu of Bedford county ,
T. C. IMnnnr , J. W Jumos , Chattunooirii ,
member of the national cxvcuiivo commit
tee" , D. M. Osbournu and J. P. Prlco.
Alah.umr J'uople. I'lcitttul ,
J. C , Manning , chairman of the Alabama
delegation , U editor of the Alabama Hu-
General Bitlwoll Noniinntod by the Prohibi
tionists for President ,
Exciting Scenes and Animated Discussions
Oil the Floor of the Hall ,
She is Galled to Time for Bringing Up
Issues Long Since Dead.
DntugittrH Dlimgrro on .Many of the 1'lniiks
The DiuMiiiii-ntK IIH finally Air < < cil
On I'roci'tMlliigti of tlio Con.
\oiitlon Tlio Tli'luit.
Cincinnati , ( ) . , .Iniio : ) . Iliillctln Oi'ii-
ornl Illiluvlt ol C.tlllnriini wim luiinlnatcil
lor iifc-Hlilont on the Tlrst Iliillot
i , O. , Juno ! tO. The friends of
cold water got plenty of' it today. There
was a torrlllc downpour of rain and iho delegates -
gates lo iho national prohibition couvonllon
straggled bedraggled into tbo hall this morn
ing. The platform committee was still in
session when the convontlon was called
to order. The subcommittee made a report
to the full committee at ! l n. in. aud a light at
once onsued'ovcr tbo tariff and silver planks
which had also torn up the subcommittee.
The frco coinage men were defeated in the
subcommittee and n plank wus submitted to
tbo full committee antagonistic to absolutely
free coinage. The tariff plnuk reported by
the subcommittee was that of the Ohio pro-
hlblllnn party. It declares for a graduated
Income tax und tariff only where foreign na
tions bar out our products , the revenue to
bo only incidental. Prohibition is
made as strong and eloir-cut ns possible and
a liberal labor plank is inserted. The re
pression of monopolies is demanded nnd ono
term of a longer period for president Is fa
vored , us Is also the arbilrullon of labor dis-
pulos und government control of transporln-
lion. The fusion qunsllon Is Ignored.
The followers of General Bidwoll are
elated over the result of the caucus of the
Now Yorker * opposed to Domorost. They
decided not to present Bascom's name , butte
to vote for Bidwell. It Is claimed Bidwoll
will receive throe-fourlhs of Djmorost's own
.Mrs. ( ioiigitr'ii Tout In It.
The reference to the slave auction bloolt in
the speech of Mrs. Cougar last night led
Delegate Ulbos ot Virginia to offer a re- > elution -
lution soon after the opening this morning
that It was the sense ot the convention that
unnecessary reference ? to the late unpleas
antness should bo avoided by the speakers ,
which was adopted.
There was a sail for Miss WHIard and In
icspoiiBo to iho urgent , demand sue came for
ward. Her first words wcro n denial that
she favored or over had tavored
fusion with the people's party
or any other. She explained her actions
nt the people's party convonllon on the
ground that she was willing tpaccept the aid
possible from /armors / and worlilngmen. She
closed by pledging herself and the Women's
Christian Temperance union to stand by the
prohibition party ,
.SlarlL'il Alter Cninpulcii I'miila.
Dr. J. O. Evans of Abincdon , 111. , pro
scnlod a plea for funds to carry on
the campaign. Subscriptions of * 1.000 each
were mode by the Voice , the prohibition
organ , and W. \Varnwoll of Now Yoi K.
Pennsylvania gave Sl.L'liO , Virginia and Illi
nois ? 1OJU each , California and Wisconsin
SoOJ each. Other subscriptions brought Iho
total up to ? 20,0)0. ( )
The convention then took a recess until 2
Upon reassembling the following reports
wore made by the committee on platform :
aiiijnrlty Report.
The prohibition parly in national convon
tlon assembled , acknowledging Almighty
God as the source of all true govcrnmontniid
His Ituv as , the standard to which all hum in
enactments must conform to secure the bless
ings of peace and prosperity , presents the
follovvlng declaration of principles :
1. The liquor trafllc is a foe to civilization ,
the arch enemy of popular government and
a public nuisance , it Is the citadel of forces
Unit corrupt politics , promote poverty and
crime , degrade the nation's homo life ,
thwart the will of the people and deliver the
country into Die hands of rapacious class in
terests. All laws that under tlio guise of
regulation legalize and protect this trafllc ,
or make the government share In Its ill-
gotten gains , are "vidoiib in principle
und powerless ns a remedy. " Wo declare
anew for the entire suppression of iho manu
facture , Dale , Importation , exportation and
transportation ot alcoholic liquor * us a beverage -
orago by federal und slnto legislation , nna
the full powers of the government should bo
exerted to Bccure tuls result. Any parly
that fails to recognize the dominant nature
of this issue in American politics is undo-
Horylucr nl the support of the people.
. < . No citl/on should bo denied the right to
vote on account of BOX , and equal labor
should receive equal wages without regard to
; , The money of the country should bo Is
sued bv the general government only In suf
ficient quantities to incut the demands of
business and to give full opportunity for the
employment of lubor ; to this end an increafo
In the volume of monov Is demanded and no
Individual or corporation should ho allowed
to inako any profit'throush its issue. U
should bo made a lo al tender for tbo pay
ment of alt debts , publics and privito. Us
volume should ba fixed at a dolinlto BUIII par
capita , and bo made to Increase with our
lucreiso in population.
4.Vo laver the free and unlimited coinage
of silver and cold.
Tin Iff I'litnlc.
.1. The tariff should bo levied only an a de-
foiiho against foreign governments which
levy a tariff upon or bar out our products
from their markets , revenue being Inci
dental. The residue of the means neces
sary to nn economical administration of the
government uiould bo nilsou by lovylnir
u tax on what tno people possess insU'au of
What we consume.
0. Knilroud , telegraph mid other public
corporations should be i'Ontroll J by tlio gov
ernment In tno interest of the people , and no
higher charges allowed than Is nixoHsary to
glvo fair Intwoat on the capital nutuuily In
7. Foreign immigration has become n
burden upon Industry , aud one of
the factors In depressing wngos and
causing discontent , therefore , our im
migration laws bliould uo rovlsea
und sliictly enforced. The tlmo uf rusldonco
for naturalisation tmould bo extended and no
imturaii/.oU p < .T on should bii allowed to vote
until one year after bu uocoinm a cltuen.
Alli'ii OunoivililM < il I.mill ,
8. Nonresidents should not bo allowed to
acquire land in this country , aud wo favor
thu limitation of individual and corporate
ownership of land. All unearned grants of
liir.db to railroad companies or other corpora
tions should lie reclaimed.
U. Years of Inaction and treachery on tbo
part of iho republican and democratic parties
titivo resulted in the present reign of mob luw ,
nnd wo demand that every cliuon bo pro-
tncteu In the right of trial by coiib'.ltuttouul
1' ' . All men should bo protected by law
thir to ' rest In
in rlpht ono uay' seven.
U. Arbitiution U the wisest and most
economical pud humuno method ot Bottling
nuilonnl ditt'i'i'mcc * .
I',1 , .Speculuuous m luurfliia , coruur-
Ing grain , money mid products' the for
mation of trusts and comblnt s.for . tbo
arbitrary advancement ot prU bould bo
suspended , >
111. Wo p'.edgo thnt the Jtbltiltion
party , if elected to power , wllFovcr grant
Just pensions to disabled veterans of tbo
union army and navy , tholr w' lows nnd
11. Wo stand unequivocally for the Amer
ican public school nnd nro opposed to any ap
propriation of public moneys for sectarian
schools. Wo declare that only by united
support ot such common schools , taught In
the English language , can wo bopo to become
and remain u hpiiiuogonous nnd harmonious
15. Wo arraign the republican and demo
cratic parlies us fahotottio standards reared
by their founders , as faithless to the princi
ples of tholr illustrious loaders of tbo past ,
to whom thov do homage with their lips : as
recreant to the "higher law , " which
Is ns Indexible in political affairs as
in personal life , and as no longer
embodying tin aspirations of the American
people or Inviting iho confidence of the en
lightened , progressive patriots. Their pretest -
test against the admission of "moral Issues"
Into politics Is n confession of tholr own
moral deponoracy. The declaration of an
eminent authority , thot municipal mlsrulo
Is "tho ono conspicuous failure of American
politics , " follows ns a natural consoqnenco
such degeneracy , nnd is true allko In cities
under republican and democratic control.
Each accuses the ether of extravagance In
congressional appropriations nud both alike
uro guilty ; each protests when out against
Infractions of thu civil service laws , and
each , when in power , violates these laws Iu
loner and spirit ; each professes fealty
to Iho Interests ot the tolling masses ,
but both covertly irucklo to iho
money power In tholr administration of
public alTalrs. Even the tariff Issue , as repre
sented in the democratic Mills bill nnd Iho
republican McKlnloy bill , is no longer treated
by thorn ns an Issue upon the great ntid di
vergent principles of the government , but U
a moro catering to the different sectional and
class Interests.
The attempt In ninny states to wrest the
Australian ballot system from Its true
purpose nnd so deform It as lo
render it exlromely dilllcull for now
parties to exorcise the right ot
biilTrngo is an outrage upon popular govern
ment. The competition In both parlies for
the vote of the Mums and th assiduous
courting ot the liquor power and subserv
iency to the money power has resulted in
placing these powers in a position of prac
tical arbiters of the destinies of the nation.
Wo renew our prolost ngalnst Ihoso perilous
tendencies and invite all citizens to Join In
the upbuilding of u party that has shown in
live national campaigns Hint it prefers
temporary defeat to the abandonment of
the claim of Justice , sobriety , personal rights
and the protection of American homos ,
Minority Iteuort.
The minority , composed of almost half of
the members of the resolutions committee ,
through Wheeler of Now York , offered the
following us a substitute for ihu financial
and silver and tnrUT plank :
"J'hu Issuing of national currency belongs
10 congress alono. as Hie representative- - > ov-
crolgn power ot Iho nation , nnd should not
bo delegated to private individuals
or corporations. Insufllelcnt production ot
und the variance of the relallvo
values of gold nnd silver makes it impracti
cable to relv upon cither gold or stiver for a
safe , sound und sulllclont currency. Wo
favor , therefore , the Issue of legal tonuor
treasury notes , exchangeable in gold or sil
ver bullion , on a plan similar to that which
now llonts $ : ) ltOUOOi)0 ) greenbacks on th'i
SIUD.UOO.OOO gold reserve and nialtcs Ihom
more accept able and convenient tii'iu either
u-old or silver coin. In the extension of this
plan , rather than in the coinage of gold or
silver , llos the solution of thomouotary prob
lems that are disturbing till nations.1
1'or ttio tariff plank the minority ofored
the following : "Oar taillT should bo so lov-
led as to furnish ruvenuo for tbo nonds of
trovornment ocobuiukally. nUmlnlslcrcd. 10 ,
lloving the nccossiliesof use by u mass of the
people and for Iho benefit of labor , protecting
American productions nnd manufactures
against competition of foreign nations. Tno
details of our tariff laws having occomo iho
fool ball of party politics to the groal dis-
lurbanco and dnniagoof our protected Industries -
trios nnd commcrcu , we bolievu URb details
could bu bettor adjusted by a tariff commis
sion to recommend lo congress iho duties to
meet tbo wnntt. of government , so grad
uated as to protect American skill and labor
against the competition of the woild. "
The following Is offered by tbo minority as
an additional plank to the platform : "itocog-
ni/.lng and declaring that prohibition of the
liquor tralllc has become tbo dominant issue
in national politics , wo invlto to lull party
fellowship all iliose who on tins one domin
ant issue are with us , agreed In full belief
that this party can and will remove sectional
differences , promote national unity and in
sure the bosi welfare of our entire laud. "
All Tangli-il.
The minority report , v/as signed by twelve
The majority report was taken up section
by section and no serious trouble occurred
until the financial and silver planks wcro
reached. An effort was made to substitute
Iho minority plank and caused u parllamcn-
lurv langle , wlilch was further complicated
by an amendment olfored by llaru of Illi
nois , having In view us n substliuto for
both , u doclaraton for the free coinage of iho
A met icnn product , under certain conditions ,
Prof. DlcKlo endeavored to cut off debate ,
but ox-Governor St. John demanded that It
The chairman recocnlzed Dickie , but on
appeal from thu decision of the chulr ll was
roveried by n vote of IS'J toIM. . and there
wus a warm discussion of the silver question.
St. John nnd Ulll of California championing
free coinage nnd Carscndden opposing it.
Finally Ilartz' amendment was beaten and
the minority ronort. was defeated bv a vote
of : tJ7 : to IHi. !
Plunk No. ! ! , relating to finance , was then
adopted without division.
A vote by states was then taken on the
fourth plank , ft being rejected by a vote of
; ) ; jr > to r.y.i .
After tno free colnauo men wcro beaten an
ciforl was made to strike out "unlimited"
and adopt a resolution for "froo coinage , "
but it was ruled out of order.
The tariff light followed , but It took only a
few moments to defeat thu minority plank
nnd adopt the majority.
Other planks wont through without
amendment , though meeting with ouuojl-
lly u Ni > lirii Kii CliirKyiiiiin ,
Hov. Ueorgo Woo J by , n colored delojato
from Nehraikn , offered in , addition to tlio
"mob rulu" plank thu following : "Hollovlni :
in iho purity of iho ballot and freedom of
elections , wo denounce the two old parties
for purchasing voles , fraud 'and Intimida
tion. "
'I ho ninimdinunt was defeated.
The n isHugo of the publlu school plank was
creeled wltn vociferous encoring.
Consideration uf tbo platform having boon
completed a minority resolution , intended us
an addition to the platform , Inviting Into iho
party all persons who consider with the
prohibitionists that the liquor question Is
the dominant issuu , then came up nnd pre
cipitated a light. Mrs. Ciougur , St. John and
Strong , untl-fuslonlbU , opposed It und It was
When Ht. John endeavored to huvo the
plalloim us n whole pui on passage consid
erable confusion arose and ihero wcro cries ,
" ( Jag rule , " raised.
Uodgc of Michigan was recognized and of
fered ait amendment to insert the words
"consist of gold , silver und paper1' between
the words -'should and bo ishuod" In the first
line of the financial plank. It being discov
ered tlmt the words had boon Inadvertently
omitted , they wcro Inserted.
Tno recognition of DoMgo wai a dangerous
precedent , giving nn opportunity to renew
the sliver aqur.bblo , much to the HII-
noynncu of these who wanted to
Mulsh the work , 111 feeling wus
ill so engendered In another direction ,
and thorn was dunger of there being being u
Bpllt , not only In the convention , but In Iho
party , and of a uoit by BOIIIU momliiTs of tlio
Now VorK , Pennsylvania und other dologu-
tions , the financial and other economic plan us
buiug OKtromely distasteful , The defeat ol
the minoilly ickolutlon , making prohibition
thu only teat of party loulty und ilia prin
cipal tie still binding them lo Uici paitv ,
| COS11MUU OX 71111111 I'AQU.J
Thsy Make an "Effort to Solool a State
Ticket , but Do Not Succootl.
Prohibition It Kmlornoil In the rintloriit
Adopted Homo of lit Other I'lnnks
l"i\\orltes fur I ho ( liilierimturml
Nomination Thrlr Strength.
Tort.KV , Kan. , Juno M. The ropubltcnn
state convontmn was cnllua to order nt 10:1)0 : )
by Chairman Uuchannu of the control com-
inlitoo. Tim question which absorbs nil
others Is tbo light ( or the gubernatorial
tiotnlnutlon between Morrlll , Smith mul
Murdoch. The llrst struggle between tlio
factions was on the selection of temporary
ary clmlnuan. F. 11. Duwos was noinluntcil
In bolmlf of the Smith fore on , mul Judge
Frank Mnrtluviu made n cmuiutnlo for the
Morrlll combination. A ballot resulted la
the selection of Martin.
On assuming iho gavel ho made a vlgorout
speech , which wiw well received. Com
mittees were then appointed ,
A resolution of sympathy with Jaijio * G.
Blalna niul fnmlly In their recent nllliotlon
wa passed and F. II. D.iwos. the Smith
cnndUlnto for temporary cbalrman , was
called on niut spoho on the Issues of the day.
After an address by Sumui U. Anthony on
the woman suffraeo question and iho np-
pointmont of thu various committees tbo
convention took n rocosi until ! l o'oloclt.
I'l-rmunmit Organization.
Upon reassembling the commltloa on per-
manmil organization recommended the fol
lowing permanent organization : Chnlrmnn ,
lion. W. 1' . Hackney of Cowloy county ; soo-
rotary , Charles M. Sheldon of Osuga county ;
assistant secretary , C. O. Moore of Morris
The other commlttoo nol being ready the
eon vontlon proceeded to the selection of a stut
contrnl commltlco by legislative districts.
' 1'hu credentials coinmlltoa raportud no con
tests. Whllo waiting for the resolutions
committee to report Hon. Dick liluo moved
thai D. M. Vnlenttno bo rononilnatoJ for associate -
sociato Justice of the supreme court. The re-
numinnlion was tnado by iicclamntlon and the
convontlon then adjourned to S p. in.
At Iho evening session the early hours
were occupied by spRcchmaklng , the plat
form committee itlll being out. Finally at
0:30 : p. in. tbatcomrnilteo reported
Hon. Georjro L. Douglas , lu chalrmnn.
J'hu resolutions endorse the Minneapolis
platform , fuvor legislation to prevent gutnbl-
SIIR In futures ; endorse the recommendation
of the postmaster general for governmental
control of the telegraphs and telephones ;
favor free delivery of malls In the country
districts ; demand a ful ! , vigorous and manly
enforcement of the prohibitory laws ; favor
oqunl taxation and the assessment of all
property at Its actual value ; dymaml a
appropriation by the state lor the exhibition
of Kansas products at the World's fair ; do-
iiumas strict legislation for preserving the
Diirlty of the ballot ; favors an amendment of
of the constitution so as to allow women to
voto. Other planits relate to purely state
affair. ) .
After a long debate the platform was
adopted , and then nt 12:15 a. tri. the conven
tion urocccded to ballot for governor.
The gubernatorial cumllaalas were Smith ,
Morrlll. Murdoclt , Wright and Hiddoll.
After three ballots without a choloo the cou-
vontion adjourned till tomorrow morning.
MutMier.snn OhJuo'tH to'tlio Sotir.lo Cuiinlit.
tiring thi ) Silver Hill Today.
WASHINGTON , D. C. . Juno 80. When the
senate adjourned on Wednesday it was with
the arrangement , fixed up by unanimous
consent that the bill for the frco
coinage of silver would bo voted
on at ! i p. in. on Friday , but
when the sunnto adjourned today that ar
rangement had boon entirely broken up nna
the prospects for linal action on tbo bill ap
Reared to bo as remote as over. It was Mr.
McPhcrson who wrought the change In the
situation. When the bill was laid before
the honuto ho repudiated the unanimous con
sent of the day before because it hud bcou
made in bis noscnco , and in the absence
of every mombnr of ttio tiiianca commlttoo ,
and because it was in practical violation of
the agreement madu before the Minneapolis
convention that no vote woulu bo taken on
the Wl until after both conventions which
meant , no contended , until senators who had
boon attending them had returned to Wa-ili-
Ington , which they had not all yet done.
Mr. Morgan denounced Mci'horson's un
willingness to ahldo by the unanimous con
sent of yesterday a * a violation of good faith ,
and of the tradltionx of the aonate for cen
turies and ho declared that the policy of
delay would not succeed , but that the senalo
would p.iss the bill and send it to the bouso
In time for that oody to pass It also. As to
Its Doing votoocl by the president , Mr. Mor-
pnn expressed his conviction that it would
not bo vetoed , but would bo signed.
A motion to recommit the bill to the
finance committee was pending when Iho
senate adjourned , as was also an amendment
to Mr. Stewart's substitute , which would
seem to confine the free coinage privileges of
the bill to thu products of American in In la
after the ulll becomes n law.
Conluronco reports on the noval , tbo Dis
inct ot Col urn bin anil agricultural appropria
tion hills were agreed to , iho last bolng ono
ot three In which all the DOIIIIB In
dispute were arranged. In view of the fact ,
which in without precedent , that not
a blngla general npproprlatlon bill
lias yet been sent to iho president ,
although the llscal year expires today , a joint
resolution to continue the appropriations for
the expenses of the government for ilftooii
days from the end of the fiscal year wai
passed by both house and sent to the presi
dent. Adjourned.
Jn tlio lloiun.
WABIIIS-OTOX , D. C. , .luno JIO.-Ttio Joint
resolution , extending for ilflcen days the ap
propriation for the expenses of the govern
ment , passed the liouso today. The repub
licans then proceeded to filibuster against
the tin ulatu hill and their efforts were
MicccssCul In preventing Its consid
eration. "The bill will not pass this bouse , "
was thn prophecy of one of the loading mem
bers of tlio ways und means committee , and
"wo will pass it" was the dictum of a prom.
Inont monitor of the democratic sldo.
It being apparent that r.o conclusion could
bo reached today , thu friends of iho mousiiro
yielded to Mr. Doakory of Missouri to call
up the conference report on the District of
Columbia appropriation bill.
A light ciibiioj on the proposition making
nn appropriation for the ontortulnmont of
the Grand Armv of the itupubllo , The re
port was hont back to the conference.
Mr. Hatch of Missouri Huuwlttoci the con-
foronca riinort of the agricultural appropria
tion hill. I'ondini ; action the hotiao ad
'J'llIifi VltKnl'lt n'il.l , It Iff.
I'nlai'lo'rtgimt * nutting Out. or Vuneiuulu
to Atolil till ) ItetoliitlonUtii.
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TniN'iinn ( via Galvoiton , Tax , ) , Juno
30. | By Mexican Unhid to tbo Now Yorlt
iiorald Kpocial to TIIK BKii.J FruooUco
Casanas , who wai Pnlaeio'is representative
In Bollvur , fearing the veiiKounco of thu
CrespUts , with whom his brother is allied ,
has Mod bore for safety. Ho hai no con
fidence In the stability of ihu government of
Ylllogas und feels confident of tbe ultimate
triumph uf ( 'repo. The lutost now * ' ' "
has toadied me from tbo bcuno of I'
lution Is decidedly favorably to '
lm now complof
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