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flepresontativcs of Lancaster and Gaga
Failed to Rcpoit ,
OMB of the Officer * Itefunen to Explain llio
Working * of the Morten no In.
tlobteduois Ilecord Law
In llli District.
LINCOLN , Nob. , Juno 29. ( Special to the
llnr..l The first year's report of the
VrorklngR ot the mortgaged Indebted-
bets record law will bo ready a
eon as the reports from Oago
mnd Lancaster counties shall have boon re
ceived. No reports h vo boon received from
Gage during the entlro yonr , tbo county
cleric ot that county declining to mnko the
reports on the ground that ho simply didn't
have to. Ho was visited by the oblof cleric
.of tbo statistical bureau yesterday and after
> the importance nnd urgency of tbo matter
bad been explained to him bo cheerfully
Krecd to muko up and forward his 'report
within a few days , The work has not boon
dona In Lancaster county on account of lack
of clerical help.
Another Crosilng Complaint.
, The Board of Supervisors of Clay county
bavo fllod a complaint a train 31 the Colorado
& Nebraska branch of tbo B. & M.
railroad to the Stale Hoard of Trans
portation. Tbo complaint specifies that
that on May 12 , 1801 , the county board de
clared that the dofondant.'s crossing on the
' section line between sections 19 and 80 in
Logan township was insuniclont and uusafo.
The rullroad company wa requested to con-
truct a crado crossing nt the point specified ,
not lesj than three rods wide , with a fence
or guard rail * on both sides sufllolcnt to prevent
vent sloclt from running off the grade. Up
to data tbo company has not. scon lit tn com
ply with the request , and the matter has
been laid before the State Board of Trans
portntlon. Secretary 1)11 worth has notified
the company and July 12 has been sot for an
iwor day.
1'nrdoiicil by tlio Giiveruor.
vVbcn Governor Boyd started for Omnha
this afternoon ho had securely buttoned In
bis Inmdo pocket a pardon duly signed and
aonlod for Edward Huddard , the station
agent at Portal. In Sarny county , who was a
short tltno slnco convicted of adultery with
ono Mrs , Peterson and sentenced to eleven
months'Imprisonment In the state penltcn
tiary and to pay a flno of * 200 and costs
Governor Boyd not only pardoned Huddard
but remitted the flno and costs. Huddard I ;
now In the Douglas county jail and was to
bavo been brought to the state penitentiary
Artesian Wells In Nebraska.
A tabulated stntomont has been prepared
* t tbo oftlco ot the bureau of industrial stn-
tUllcs showing the results of the efforts to
promote Irrigation la Nebraska by moans of
artesian wells. There are ninety-one artesian
wells In the state having tin avorngo depth of
247 feet. Tbo average cost of each well was
J1TU and the average discharge per minute is
thirteen gallons. These welU nro con lined
to five counties. Holt county having forty-
two , Cedar thirty-six , Knox eight , Dlxon
four and Mcl'bonon ono. The results ot the
experiments m this state can scarcely bo
called successful , as far a * nccurlng water
( or Irrigation Is concerned. No Honing wells
bavo been found throughout central and
western Nooraskn. At lioatrlco a well bas
been drilled to a depth of nearly 1'JOO feat
Without success. Another deep well at
Hastings bas been abandoned at n depth of
ever 1,100 feet.
Gosilp at the State House.
The case of Nolllo B. Weeks et al. agalnut
tbo Palmer Deposit bank was filed In tbo supreme
premo eourt , today. It comes from Morrlck
B. A. Smith against First National bank
ot Crete is the title of another case filed in
tbo surpromo court today.
Supreme court will meet tomorrow mornIng -
Ing at 0 o'clock for the purpose of banding
down opinions. No now business will betaken
taken up.
Goncral'C. ' J. Dllwortb , department com
mander of the Nebraska Grand Army ot tbo
Ilepublic , was a stuto house visitor today.
The State Board of Transportation today
sent out tlio blanks for the annual reports of
the railroad companies- doing business in
The lists of Indemnity school bonds re
cently selected by Land Commissioner
Humphrey nnd State Draughtsman Schlegcl
In tbo Valentino , Chadron , Broken Bow and
Alliance districts were made out and for
warded to the general land ofllcu at Wash
ington. Tha list comprises about 32,000
State Treasurer O'Connor of Now Hump-
biro wus a caller at tbo state house this
Tbo cna oof the state ex rel Crows against
the county commissioners of Hitchcock
county was tiled In tbo supreme court this
Judge Johnson of Topeka , Kan. , was a
itato house caller today. .
Governor Boyd this afternoon appointed
B. W. West of 'Polk county nn alternate
member of the Nebraska Columbian commis
sion , vice John P. Henderson.
School Ilouril MiuilIV tci.
President Wtckcrsham and ' Secretory
Bowers of the Lincoln Board of Education
Issued nn address to the people of tbo city
lull afternoon , calling attontlou to the fact
that on next Saturday will take < plaoc the
eloutlon on the proposition to vote { 100,000
for the purpose of creating a High school
bulldiilg. I'boy explain that the proposition
Is mndo necessary by tlio largo Increase in
the number of pupils of all grades in that
section of tbo city najucont to nnd surround-
liig tbo present Cent nil school , nnd that by
the time the now building can bo finished
there will to more pupils in that part of the
V t B j city tliun can bo accommodated in both the
- - 7 now building nnd the present one. The
board Is renting from six to eight rooms out-
Ute tno.Central building , beildos using three
rooms in the basement of that school.
filrt. I ) . W. Oniiip unit Daughter Hurt.
Mrs. D. W. Camp and daughter Miriam
were thrown from n buggy this morning , tha
formcrsustaining injuries of a painful thiiugb
iiot serious nature. MM. Camp was driving
on L struct when the horse attached In tha
carriage took friulit and became unmanage
able , The frightened animal Jumped over a
low picket fence in front of N. b. Hurwood'a
residence ana tho.buggr demolished. Mrs.
Camp was thrown violently aeainst a post
and if us plckod up unconscious. She was
oared for at the Harwood residence all day ,
but was this evening removed to her homo.
Her dnuRhter , escaped with u few bruises ,
being thrown ovar tha fence onto the thick
iariu& of the luwu.
CoiMplnul AcaliiDl Ilrr I'ntlior.
A curious case was filed In Judgn Lansing's
court this morning Involving a daughter's ingratitude -
gratitude to nn ugcd father. It wa filed by
Grinilti S. Uonluy against tils daughter ,
Marian Kcofor , and her husband , Wlllard
Kcofer. Coolov alleges that iu 1882 ho deeded
his homo In Cass county 10 his dnuehter.
Four years later iho married Keofor and cle-
cllnea to deed him buck his homo. lie claims
thnt Ins duughtor und her husband buvo en
tered Into u cnntplraay tu dnfrnud him , al
leging that Keofur but sold the land and
with the proceeds nought another piuco ot
land , which ho now holds as his own ,
Lincoln In llrliT ,
F. F. Newton reported to the police this
tnornlng that during ilia absence of his fam
ily from hU homo at 1100 U street ihu house
WUH untored by sneak tulovcu , who got away
vrlih * > and a number or valuable articles.
The re IUenco of U. C. Swan at 1113' ' ! T
treat was &llgbtly damaged by tire this
morning- .
The state convention of tha people's iudo >
pendent party will bo held iu this city to
morrow. The Independent congressional
convontloi. for the Flnt district will alsu beheld
held tomorrow.
Their IMnjr Su.lly Jtonllntlc.
P > ii9in ; , Nob. , Juua 20.Snoclal [ Tcio-
Bi-um to TIIR HUE. ] I-'roU Nawkirk , residing
near this place , ueed 10 , died thU morulnc.
Ho was ahot luu Buuday by Marcoy Mc-
Corroiok , ugod 15 , The ball entered his fore-
bead. TUo boys were playing Indian ,
Holmrotl ttnourei H Victim ,
SIUXET , Noh , . June SO. [ Special Telegram
to TUB DBK.J Complaint was niod yester
day oy Loul * Ilblmrod , suto oil luipeotor ,
7I ?
i ) nib
V flit
Ifcf * O'
" "tl
ril > otlt
t 47
. V" . , ; K X 4- . „ . TH H A ER OF THEM ALL
-.4 Bought to sell to the men and boys in Omaha by a man who spent a hcilf a century in the busi
- ness , the stock of clothing now being closed out by Hellman's administrator stands without a
peer. . He knew the wants of the people out here because he lived among them for years and
years and made their wants his life study. * Is it any wonder , then , that Hellman's administra
tor has no trouble in disposing of the goods to the envy of every clothing house in the west ?
No comparison can be made with" this Hellman's administrator's closing sale and any other sale
that has or may spring into existence. Suits are cut down in price until customers are ashamed
to ask a little more off. Pants from $12 and $15 suits , the coat and vest bei'ng sold , go
at most any price. Hellman's $4 fancy worsted pants in light colors , stripes and plaids , go at
$2.50. Extraordinarily large or small men will get $5 pants for $3. 35c neckties for 15c ; 50c
ones for 25c. Black satin madras and outing flannel shirts 50c , Hellman. sold some of themfor
$1.25. Genuine all silk shirts , $1.50 , for which everybody gets $4. Hellman's 25c half hose 15c ,
in brown , ecru and solid black. All through the stock this same tale might be prolonged , but
come , to the store or send a mail order and if you are not pleased it won't be the fault of
" 6-1& . '
W fr"
it *
against J. U. Young , a dealer In general ]
merchandise at Lodge Pole , for a violation
of the state oil law. Young was arraigned
this morning before Judeo Do Castro and
plead guilty of. . the charge , whereupon the
court Imposed a flue of $100 and costs.
Cn o Acolnut lCTr surer Paul of AdniuS
County Knnldly rroRromiliiR.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Juno ' . -Special Telo-
grntn to Tun Br.E.J At .last , after many
Is trial In the district
delays , Charles II. Paul on
trict court on the charge of embezzling pub
lic money. At 9 o'clock this morning the
task of selecting a Jury was resumed. A host
of talosmon were proaont and the work of ex
amination proceeded busily until 8:30 : "p. m. ,
when the last juror was secured.
The twelve men who will try Mr. Paul
are J. H. Pope , Thomas Houston , S. A.
Nash , Joseph Stanner , Richard Spicnall ,
Jacob Stem , W. J. Clark , J. B. Johnson ,
j. C. Daughorty. J. U. Stoolo. B. F. Evans
nnd H. H. Wilson. The county attorney
maao his opening statement. The defend
ant's theory as propounded by Attorney Mc-
Croory In a Drlef speech is that proof will
mi thnt Paul bas accounted for every
dollar coming Into bis possession , therefor
any embezzlement is denied.
U. B. Blgolow , county clerk , was called nnd
gave testimony which will be used us a foun
dation for tbo entire case. Election book No.
S of 1887 was offered In evidence to show
Paul's onlcial relation as treasurer and tbo
official bond record was submitted. Mr.
Bigelow was excused with tbo nnaorstand-
ing that ho might bo recalled when wished.
The counsel on both sides wished tn adjourn
until ! ) o'clock tomorrow morning as they
claim that the process of the case could bo
expedited by such an adjournment , The
court horrified the attorneys by suggesting
that the adjournment bo made until 8 o'clock
in the moraine ; but after a little persuasion
It was sot for 9. Tbo jury was allowed to
separata after being duly cautioned.
Killtor King Ueolurml Insnne.
LITCIIFIEMI , Nob. , June 29. [ Special to
TUB BKE. ] Fred P. King , ono of the firm of
Bradley & ICIng , editors and publishers of
tbo Lltchticld Monitor , arrived from ( Irand
Island in an insane condition yesterday. Ha
left bora lost Friday apparently fairly
well. Grand Island authorities came
with , him to this place. He was allowed to"
walk the streets and do as bo pleased. Aside
from hallooing and wild gesticulations ho
did nothing to cause the least alarm. About
one hour later bo was placed In a carriage
and tt > kou to Loup City and placed in the
hands of the proper authorities. No direct
cauao for tbo trouble Is known , except on
overtaxed nervous system , Mr. King sev
eral years ago bad 0 similar attaint und was
rosto'rod nt the Lincoln asylum. '
( JltiNO ISLAM ) , Nob. , Juno 21) ) . [ Spoelal
Telegram to Tun BBB. | Editor King of the
LiUcbflotd Monitor was taken to tbo asylum
ot Norfolk today by Sherman county oftlclaU.
ICalu .tinker Mulliourno itt Work.
NiswoN" , Nob. , Juno 29. [ Special to TUB
tli'.K. ] Melbourne , tbo rain maker , is bore
operating on the top of the court house. A
public mooting of citizens wa bold at the
opera house yesterday and ? 1,000 , guaranteed
on condition Melbourne would bring ono-bulf
Inch of rain In three days. Tbo operations
of Sir. Melbourne nro secret. The people
buvo considerable faith In the system.
Melbourne undertook to produce ram ID
three days and in case ho does not bo gcta
no pay. Tbo country about hero needs rain
The Hky was clear this morning. Reports
from Hud Cloud , Hubron and points north
Indicate a clear uky. This afternoon clouds
gathered and a few drops at rain fell.
wind arose about D o'clock und drove the
clouds to the uoutn. There are many Indi
cations of ruin touigbu Heavy clouds hang
off to the south.
Imllim Murktmuii nt llclluvue.
BKLLKVUB , Nob. , Juno 29. [ Special to TUB
BHK.J A company of Indian solatora are at
the rlllo ruogo and are drawing largo crowds
of visitors dully. A dotal ] of men uro now at
work preparing tbo range for the competi
Dr. I. ivli Acquitted.
NKUIUSKA CITT , Nob. , Juno 29 , [ Special
to THE DEC. | The case opalnu Dr. Charles
U. Lewis , a physician of Burr , Oleo oouuty ,
was beard la dutrlo\ court yaitenUy. Tbo
doctor was charged with shooting with
Intent to kill one MoNutt , From too evi
dence It appeared that 'Lewis acted entirely
In self defense , and a verdict of not guilty
was returned. The doctor had boon In Jail
hero slnco March , being unable to furnish
Charles Jones and James Cook , tbo Wyom
ing chicken thlovos , wore found guilty
yesterday and will eo to the pen. Alonzo
Moore , another member of the gang , asked
for a separata trial.
Hustings' Sellout Siipnrlntcniloiit.
HASTINGS , Nob. , Juno 29. [ Spoelal to Tnc
BEE. ] A bard light bas been mndo on tbo
appointment of superintendent of the Hast
ings city schools. Prof. J. B. Monlux , who
has beer superintendent of the city schools
for a number of years , ban been a bono of
contention with a number of the school
board. Last night at a board meeting a
number of applications for the position hold
by Prof. Monlux were presented. After
seven ballots , Prof. Brown ot Michigan was
chosen to fill the place for tbe onsuintr year.
BEU.BVUI : , Nob. , June29. | Special to TUB
BEE.J The annual school mooting last night
passed off Tory smoothly , being the tirst
school meeting hold here for years without a
row of some sort. W. C. Buel was elected
treasurer and A. H. Hood director to fill va
cancy for ono year.
Ktllclont Work Hhotrn.
BBA.TUICB , Nob. , Juno 29. [ Special Tola-
gram to TUB BEE. ] Tbo closing exorcises
of the school department of the institute for
imbecile youths In this city took place today.
A number of loading citizens wore preseut
and tbe exorcises were replete with Interest.
It comprised singing , , drills witb wands ,
dumb bolls and rings and showed ronmrk-
nblo oflliuency on the part of the unfortu
nates. There nro now 1-10 pupils at the insti
tute nnd at least forty of these are suf
ficiently advauuea intellectually to bo per
mitted to visit their homos for tan summer
Kntcrtalmul Tliolr Friends.
LiTCHi'lRU ) , Nob. , Juno 29. [ Special Tolo-
grnra to THE BEB. ] The Ancient Order of
United Workmen ledge of this * place enter
tained a largo number of brethren from
Mason. Ravenna and Loup City and many
invited aueits this evening. They were ad
dressed by Grand Master Workman J. G.
Tuto , after which they banqueted their
brethren and friends at the Hotel Lltohllold.
lleutrico Clmutaiiiim Opening.
UEATIIICK. Neb. , Juno 29. [ Special Tele
gram to TUB BBK.J The Beatrice Choutau-
qua assembly opens hero tomorrow under
tbe most favorable auspices. There is every
promise of a big attendance. Tbo 11 nt big
day will bo educational day , Saturday , July
2. Excursions are promised from all quar
ters of the utnto.
I'npUllaD ,
PATILWONNob. . , Juno 29. ( Special to TUB
BEE. ] Dann Bros.1 general merchandise
tore nt this ptuco was robbed last nlghU
The thieves forced tbo street door and helped
themselves to tbo goods , A few suits of
clothes , some shoes and a lot of jewelry were
carried off. No clew to the thieves.
Apropos tliu I.lvm-ymon'H ri-lit | ,
Tbo license Inspector , W. H , Vaughn , In-
slsts that ho U on tbo rlitbt track In bis ef
forts to colleor.liconso money from the llvory
Btablo men , notwithstanding that some of
ihu councilman declare that be bas gene
beyond his jurisdiction.
Mr. VauKhu Hashes ordinance No. 1908 ,
approved February IS , ISD'J , which provides
that nil carriages , haoits , conobos and other
vehicles kept for hire sball pay a 1190- "
The Inspector says that Lhn ordlf
legal unou h , but thnt " " ' ' " > NBW
forcod. He also < . .
tbe city
NEW YOIIK , Juno jf" an DO Mr *
who has made the Journey " i
clsco hero on foot , arrfvod yesterday at
noon. Ho left San FranoUco February ! 2J
last , intonillnt' to complete bU Journey in
llll days. Ho arrived hero six days ahead of
time , averaging twenty-six wiles a day.
Vonllot an the IlurrUburg Wreck.
Hjkiutisntmo , Pa. , Juno 20. Tbo coroner's
. Jury has found Operator Hayes , the ilaginan
and the engineer ot tbe second section guilty
of neglect , ana has consurea the Pennsyl
vania company us u result of its in
tiou into the cause of the Ute wrack.
City Couuclt Oeoldo * It i Will liovo None of
Whlto for Carbine.
The members of the olty council got to
gether last night and in loss than an hour
they bad straightened out the curbing or
dinance , so that there IB a strong probability
that curbing will begin ore many days.
Tbo ordinance as originally introduced
provided for.whlte Colorado sandstone. Mr.
l owry moved an amendment to substitute
red for white Colorado sandstone.
Mr. Specht said that It the whlto stone
wont red should also go and let the ordinance
provide for simply .Colorado stono. Tbo
matter should bo left to the pronerty owners
alone the streets.
Mr. Lowry replied that the contractors
tiad bid 53 cents on the rod and 63 cents on
the vrblto stone. All ho wnntod was to have
the contract lot to the lowest bidder.
City Attorney Council was called for. Ho
sala , to avoid any legal complications , ho
cousldorod it wise to take the rod stone bids.
The matter was wholly In the hands of tbo
Mr. Lowry said that the Union Paclflo and
the D. & M. railroads were tbo kicker * .
Mr. Spocht clung to the opinion that If the
property owners wanted granite for curbing
they should have It if they were willing to
pay the prices.
The word "whlto , " as applied to Colorado
sandstone , was stricken from the ordinance
and as amended it passed. The Board of
Public Works was than instructed to make a
contract with the lowest bidder at the former
letting. This moans that Hugh Murphy
cets tbo contract , amounting to aoout U3OUO
feet at ! > S cents per lineal foot.
The ordinance providing for tbo appropri
ation of money to purchase the partt lands
was passed.
Tbo ordinance providing for the payment
of tbo expenses of the reoont special election
was' read a third time nnd passed. City
Attorney Conuoll cave as his opinion that
registrars xvoro entitled , to $3 per day , or J9
for tbelr ontno service ; that judgca and
clerks of election , were entitled to $0 each. In
this case , by agreement one-half was paid bv
the county.
Tbo Items of expense In tbo ordinance
were as follows : Special police , 283 ; roRls-
trara , 2,810 ; Judges , 1U17 ; clerks , $528 ;
rent for registrars. $354 ; rent for election ,
* 380 ; total , W.180.
Mr. Munro urged It Judges nnd clerks
were to recolvo such small compensation it
would be Impossible to get meu who would
serve at future elections.
City Atlo'ney Connell replied tbnt it was
something that be could not help , ho being
unable to change tbe staU law.
Tbo monthly appropriation was read a
third tlmo und passed in order to allow the
city employes to secure their Juno wages be
fore the Fourth of July. ,
Thu report of tbo chairman of tbo board of
equalization was duojimt Chairman Munro
said it was not realty. Then Mr. Munro
roasted the members of bis committee for ]
not attending the meetings of the board.
DoVYitt's Sarsaparnta cleanses the blood ,
Increases the appotlt and tones up tbe sys
tern. It bas bbnollttoa many paoplowho
have suffered from blood disorders. . It will
help you.
Ilnllrotiil Notes.
Ooorgo F. McNutt , traveling passenger
agent of the M. Katy road , as it is called In
this section of the country , beamed upon
local ofllclals yesterday.
The Kansas City , Wyandotte & North
western railway is out with circulars an
nouncing the appointment of L. F. Moore to
bo acting auditor of the road and W. F.
Bellalrs to bu commercial agent nt Beatrice ,
Nob. The circular announcing the appoint
ment of Mr. Moore it. dated ahoaa to July
1 , but Is signed as approved by Newman
Erb , receiver , who retired from the office
lost Saturday.
For tbo bucolio thousands who live be
tween Omaha and Manhattan , Kan. , and
who doslro to assist in naming the candidate
of the people's party for pre ldent'tho Union
Pacific will run a train from the latter place ,
leaving there Saturday morning.
Four cars of Anclont Order of United
Worumon delegates returning from the na
tional convention at Helena wont east on
No. 2 yesterday via tbo Burlington. "
A. B. Smith , assistant general passenger
agent of the Burlington , says : "Tho very
best thing that bos boon done to aid emi
gration to Nebraska is to bo found in tha
wrltoups of counties now being published
in Tim BEG. Every editor of every local
paper in this state should urge upon bis sub
scribers tbo Importance of sending two or
throe copies of TUB Brr. containing these ox-
bausiivo rovlows to eastern friends , in that
way creating a personal interest in the state
thnt nothing else could do. TUB Bcii is to
bo complimented on its enterprise , for the
showing ! ) made are truly magnlllcent. "
The river at Sioux City shows a rise of
four-tenths ot a foil In tha last twenty-four
hours. It is stationary at Omaha.
DoWitt's Saniaparllla aoairoyH suoh pal
sons as scrofula , skin dmoaso , czoma , rbou
matism. Its timely usosavos many lives.
lpahltinable Wedding * .
Last night at Trinity oathodral Bliss Opsl
Watte Mouzalln , daughtor'of Mrs. G. E. Tou-
zalm of 2103 Chicago street , was married to
Lieutenant S. E. Sparrow , U. S. A. Doan
Gardner road the sorvioo.
At tbo homo of Mr. and Mrs. William
Stadolman , 14 2 South Twenty-eighth street ,
Miss Lilian Stadolmua and Albert W. Craw
ford of Peorla were married by Uov. John
Williurai of St. Barnabas.
Both affairs were exceedingly fashionable.
Bo sure nnd use Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing
syrup for your children while teething ,
cents a bottlo.
i. .
New York1 Live S
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r has tea u cured of j
tl sof. > i y/
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successful Specialists , tat famous
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cure of casts which others failed to cute.
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by tbelr manelous iklll and modern mottiodi.
Bend 4 cents In > ilan > p for tbelr handsomely
Illustrated new book of 120 pazei , worth Its
weight In cold. .
Consultation free. Call upon or address wltt
stamp ,
DfcS. BETTS fit J3HTTS ,
110 South 14th St. tf. H. Corner I4th
and DouRla ? Sts.
O m alia , Neb.
sk your Druggist for a" ,
. 'bottlo ol Dig U. The only
, ' non-polionout > emedy ( or all
tbe unnatural dli'chargv * and
| private dUeuei o ( men and the
debilitating ueakneu peculiar
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( days without tbo aid or
i publicity of a doctor.
IVhf UnMrial jtmtrtcan Curt.
Manufactured by I
kTbe Evans Chemical O.1
U , 8. A.
Pension Agents in Palaces
That is the sort of thing Th3
. Bee Bureau of Claims was or
ganized to correct. The
Bureau believes in giving
the veterans the benefit of
the laws that were passed
to help them. It wages
war on the sharks consequently
quently the sharks don't like
it. But as long as the sol
diers ate grateful it is satis
fied. If you are a veteran ,
or the widow , child or de
pendant parent of a veteran ,
write to The Bes Bureau of
Claims and find out how
much the government is
willing to do for you.
Bee Bureau of Claims
The blcyolo of tomorrow may bo
better thtin the blcyclo of today
The Columbia of today Is the boat of
the day It cannot bo better until It
is mndo better It cannot bo in ado
better until modern uiochunlcs advance -
vance unto another piano of suc
cessful accomplishment In these
days the Columbia , will load as iu
the days , of now.
All about Columbia ! , 5 ] imKon of poitlvlt y
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