Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 30, 1892, Page 4, Image 4

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r IIr nee ( without Eundur ) Ono Yost . 18 00
Ifellj nd femidajr. Ono Year . . . 10 VO
Bit Month ! . . , . . : . j . J
lhre Month * . . . . . . . . . . . . I tu
Bnnday Bee. < ! no Tear . ; J"
Bitlardar IKo , Ono Year . j
Wteklr lleo , Ono Vc r . i . l m
Onmhi.TlielJpBllnllcllnf. (
Booth Omnlin , corner V nnd 2iith StrcoU.
Council Hindu , 12 1'oitrl Htreot.
Chicago onlro. SI7 Chamber of Commoree.
New York , Hiionn IDjll and lit , Tribune Building ; ! Fourteenth Street.
All commnntrnllono rclfttlnu to news nn < l
( rtllorlnt mutter should be addroned to the na
tional IX'jinrlmont.
All business letleri nnrt romltlaticoi ihoalol bo
I'uhllihlnff Cotnpanr. Omnhn.
< 1Jro Bwl to The lloo
Drntti. cheeks and tiontonico ordorj to be made
payable- the order of the company.
County pfllouulai. fBSl
flrorire 11. Trfcliuck. ecrolnrr of The neo Tub-
llihlns company , noc inlcmnly imoar that the act
ual circulation of TUB DAILY MICK for the week
tnillng JuncTTi , IS'J2. wai aa follow * !
Pimday.Jnnc IU . KM
Momlay.Jutifl 20 . . . 2' .1
niiwlny.juno 31 . 23.618
Wt'dnpudar , Jnnn 22 . z < * 55
Ihumdnir.JiinoSI . < >
rlday , Juno 21 . , . 2.I.8M
( Saturday , Juno . . . . . M.5J8
Average . 24,248
Sworn lo licforn moanrtmilwcrlbodlninypreionco
Ilill2.tli day of Juno , A. . , 181P2. N. I' . KKIU
BKAL. Nolnry t'ublle.
Clrciilntlon for Mny , 24,381
UH nnd Vnndorvoort ! " Honvon
aye the party !
TUB question is : Who "paid the
trolpht" on that Detroit furnlturo for the
city hall ? Freight rato3 are high tboso
days. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
IK IT istniothnt thoChlcnpo audlonco
And gallery nominated Lincoln in 1860 ,
it la the only good thing a convention
gallery over did.
A QRKAT many distinguished demo
cratic loaders and papers would lilo to
find something to take that bad taste out
of their mouths.
AT LAST the unexpected has happened
and a conviction under the oil inspection
law has hcon secured. Inspector Hoim-
rod evidently means business.
WITH growing corn needing the plow
just now nnd hogs at 5 cents per pound
ffo are afraid the people's party conven
tion will not bo composed altogether of
SOME people are blind to the dictates
of reason and circumstances. Hero , in
those limes of great rains and floods , the
prohibitionists are advocating a wet
. THE democrats have now for the first
tlmo pronounced plainly for free trade.
JlCihoro are more protectionists than
in the country President
will bo elected.
THE dead , tired fooling which per-
\V/3os the editorial pages of the New
* ork Jlemld and the Sun since the
' "claimant's" nomination demands the
use of some popular soring tonic.
THE olootion of Johnson Brigham , ed
itor of the Codnr Rapids Republican , a *
president of the Iowa League of Repub
lican Clubs was a most happy choico.
ilr. Brigham is a scholar nnd an orator.
WITH reference to the city hall furni
ture job , the council is juat now giving
n object lesson to prospective boodlors.
The effect of tbo council's action is to
demonstrate that honesty is the best
policy. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
IT is very evident indeed that the city
hall furnlturo contractor must abide by
the contract specifications or move his
atuff out of the building. The city offl.
elals do not propose to bo trilled with
in this matter.
IT WILL bo Interesting for Editor
Dana to note that the Atlanta Cotistitu-
Jion , also , la supporting the Chicago
ticket A diet of crow is not very palat >
able , but when the bird is divided around
it is not so bad.
Two farmers alliance congressmen
of Kansas , Otis nnd Clover , were
defeated for renoraination , and hlamo
Jerry Simpson for the result. There
Boom to bo some traces of politics oven
In the alliance.
i'U'ARATIONS for the celebration of
Independence day promise a program at
once unique and attractive. Nobody
can afford to miss it. Rupnrts from
surrounding towns indicate that Omaha
will bo full of strangers.
THIS Chicago papers complain that
gambling is still going on in that city ,
despite till orders to the contrary. It
ivould bo much more interesting if
somebody would natno a city in which
gambling is not going on.
Tuu Shrinors and Knights Templar
will bo hero during the third week of
August. They comprise an intelligent
body of man whose good opinion is worth
having. It. IB important to the fair
fame of Omaha for generous hospitality
that they bo well entertained.
AN KSTIIMII > domooratla contemporary -
rary that is supporting the nominee of
the democratic party because it can't
help iUolf bays that "tho thing tu do is
to accept the situation and inako the
best of it. " Philosophy coined hard
sometimes , but the democrats must have
it this ye . _
Tin : way the domaorntic pm > era are
talking of currying Cleveland without
Now York and with tha aid of Michigan ,
Massachusetts muV Wisconsin , remind )
us of the pitiful spoctuclo of Cal lirlca
on election night in 1888 , giving up Now
York mid plnnlug hit ) faith on Indiana
and Illinoiw.
Tins democrats BOOIU to bo very glad
that Mr. Clarkson has retired from the
chatrmatmhlp of the republican tmtiona
committee. They will probably bo
equally glud when his successor retires
As a mul tor of fact the domocrnts are
always glud when any republican retire
from any position.
The prospect for n moro extensive
uttlration of the sugar boot in No-
irnskn Is good. The development of
his young industry In this state has
won very rapid during the past few
ours and hns attracted wldo attention ,
'wo largo factories are turning out
ugar of the highest quality from the
> oets grown upon Nebraska soil , and the
) OsslI > Hltles of augur ranking being Hin
ted only by the possibilities of boot
growing , it is evident that the business
nay bo extended indefinitely in a re-
; ion so admirably suited to it aa No-
) raskn is admitted to be. It has boon
hewn by reports from tha Agricultural
oparlmcnt tbat among the samples ot
wets received from various states the
lighost coofnciont of purity was found
n those from Nebraska. The proper-
Ion ot sugar in the boots grown in this
la to is ! t per cent greater than in these
f Germany , nnd the natural produc-
.Ivcnuss of our soil is such that it gives
ho boot growers here a great advantage
n the competition with these of the old
world , who are obliged to robert to ar-
Ificial fertilizers to an extent which
olTsots the difference in the cost of labor.
The sugar factories of Nebraska are
urnlng the products of her boot ( Jolds
nto rollnod sugar , and doing the work
veil. This is as it should ho , and the
nnnufacturing facilities should bo ox-
ended with the growth of the boot
jrowing industry , as it doubtless will bo.
touching upon this phase of the subject ,
the Now York Comm'm'ut Jiultctin has
the following :
In commenting upon the question , now
bolng ngltatod by these wlio bavo takoa up
ho culture of sugar boats in Nebraska ,
vhatbor they ougbttooractrollnorics as well
ns fnotorios-for the production ot raw sugar ,
or the latter only , \Vlltott & Gray say , In
holr "Statistical : " "Wo do not lIUo to see
ho onportunity for prolllablo ooot root agri
culture Iti nearly every stftlo In the union
est to our farmers by the present disUiroctod
efforts. Abandon the oftort to build up the
nclustry oy Doot root sugar raflomg nnd
Unit It to boot root sugar agriculture , and It
must succeed. "
If the growers of boot roots and the manu-
ncturcrs of raw boot root sueur In Nebraska
vlll ngrco not to oroot roHncries , Wlllott &
3ray declare that the sugar trust ' 'will con
tract for It" ( raw boot root suuar ) "now at
bo market value of similar sugar at the time
of dollvory In 18U3 , and wlltcommonco work-
np their larea rollnory In St. LouU just as
soon as n six months' supply can bo given
, hem from any or all of tUo boot root produo-
DK states. "
The journal quoted labors under a
slight misapprehension upon ono point ,
it uHsumos that the idea of erecting refineries -
fineries in Nebraska has not yet been
put into actual practice , whereas the
.ruth is In nt all the boots grown in this
stnto arc made into refined sugar horo.
3lBowhoro in the same editorial the
Commercial Jlulletin says :
Wo do not bollove that , the boat root
growers and raw sugar manufacturers of
S'obraaKa will accept this ad vino. In fact ,
, here is no greater monaco to the success of
> DOt root sugar culture in the Umtoa States
than the sugar trust. Unless the raw sugar
manufacturers shall bo able to put their
sugar upon tbo market ready for consump
tion .hoy will bo at the mercy of the sugar
; rust. There Is now but ouo buyer of raw
sugar hi tUa United States , and the farmers
of Nebraska have but to observe the history
of tbo Standard Oil trust to see what their
tuturo will bo if forced to sell their sugar to
the sugar trust only.
This is very good counsel from an able
source. Tbo sugar trust will eagerly
covet the raw product of Nebraska , and
if the present rate of increase in beet
culture here is maintained it will soon
30 a product worth reaching for. But
there are no signs of any tendency on
the part ot the Nebraska farmers to play
into the hands of the sugar trust.
There is no reason why they should do
so. As matters now stand they have
nothing to gain by seeking to place the
roflulng business entirely in the bunds
ot this giant monopoly , Tboro is plenty
of money and enterprise.In this state to
provide as many sugar refineries as the
growth of the beet producing industry
may demand , and the local pride ot our
producers will load , them to encourage
the homo manufacturer rather than to
promote any interest of such an octopus
ns the sugnr trust. The time may not
bo far distant when the sugar refineries
of this state will bo among its greatest
industries. Nebraska for Nebraskans ,
and may the sugar business growl
Two homeseoking excursions will
come to Nebraska this year , ono on
August HO and the ether on September
27. It is a common practice in every
now and fresh settlement to present
highly colored inducements to eastern
people who are seeking to bettor their
condition , and notuafroquantly a severe
penalty is paid for oxcetsivo boonfing
when the deceived homoseokor pulls up
his atnkos and moves awtiy , leaving
these who have oxpoclod to become fiuil-
donly rich by inflated real estate values
to mourn and find fault with the hard
decrees of fate.
Nebraska passed boyoud the experi
mental period many years ago. Among
the states west of the Mississippi it ranks
as an old commonwealth. It is not a
Held that invites the adventurer. It
offers no Inducement to the devotees of
happy chance , There Is no such thing
an gambling upon the future ot thlsstalo.
With this jlnln uUitomont ns an
introduction , THU OKI : ventuioa to
suggest that the thousmids of cltl-
eitl/ona of Nebraska who have friends
in thu east unnnot bettor allow their in
terest in them than by asking them to
join DUO of these homosucking excur
sions uml take a look at this state , in-
vobllg.tting iU vast resources and esti
mating its unHmitod portabilities. It is
n curious fact that millions of oostorn
people whoso material condition could
hardly bo worse than it is are wholly ig-
norantof tlioopportunities here olTorod
them , if they have heard of thoao op
portunities they have imagined that
some uim was trying to practice upon
their urcdu.ity. '
Thorn in a vast amount of room \n No-
brartka. Thufe is ample spuca'for the
farmur , the tradesman and the manu
facturer. It Is not necessary that thu
homcBockcr should bo a moro tlllor oi
the soil. With each year's dovolopmoul
of the rich resources of the state a widet
field la opouod for every form of human
Lot the citizens pt Nebraska Invite
their custom friends to join ono ot these
lomcscoking oxcuralons and pay them
i visit. In any event it can do nu
larra , and perhaps It may effect a great
mprovomont In the condition of some
f ho are now struggling for bxistonco In
ho thickly populated oast. Visitors ace
always welcomed horo.
TIIK XK\1' \ SKritKTAIlV UP ST.t'fK.
General John W. Foster waa yostor-
Iny appointed secretary of atato by
resident Harrison and the appoint
ment was promptly confirmed by the
sunnto. General Foster's diplomatic
experience fits him for the position. Ho
ins boon minister to Russia , Moxlco nnd
Spain and had .a great deal to do with
lufjrotintlng the reciprocity arrangement
vlth the latter country. Ho has also
cprcsomcU the State department in tbo
icgotltitlon of ether reciprocity ugroo-
rents , nnd no ono has a moro thorough
cnowlodgo of that policy. Ho has boon
indor the present administration the
diplomatic attorney of the State dopart-
nunt , nnd in that relation hue proved
ilrasolf a most nblo and useful olllciaU
General Foster is said to bo entirely fa
miliar with every phase of the Boring
sea controversy , and as the arbitration
s near nt hand his counsel will bo Im
portant and valuable. Besides his ox-
ronslvo experience in diplomatic affairs ,
the now secretary of state is a lawyer of
superior attainments. Ho enjoys the
ull confidence ot the president and Is in
complete harmony with his views on all
the subjects with which the State do-
Nirtmont has at present to deal. Ha Is
, o bo credited to Indiana , although for
v number of years a resident of the Dis
trict of Columbia.
The Stnto department under the pres
ent administration hns received a larger
share of the attention of the president
.nan . has boon usiial. During the pro-
ongod illness of Mr. Blaiuo the affairs
of the department wore closely looked
after by President Harrison , and it is a
well known fact that a great donl of the
corrcspondonco in the Boring sea matter
ter- and the Chilian controversy eman
ated directly from the president. It is
altogether probable that the presidant
will continue to devote a great deal of
attention to the department and to per
sonally direct ita utterances upon nil
matters already under consideration or
which may hereafter arise. Himself an
iblo lawyerwell versed in International
aw nnd evidently having n taste for
diplomatic discussion , President Harri-
risen will undoubtedly continue to give
close attention to our international ro-
utions and to give direction to the for
eign policy of the government so far as
lie has authority.
In view of the very successful manage
ment of international affairs , largely
due to the attention and Interest of the
president , the country is warranted in
expecting that the excellent record al
ready made will bo maintained , regard-
ess of who is at the head of the Depart
ment of State , nnd this without disparag
ing in the slightest degree the experi
enced and nblo diplomatist who now oc
cupies that position. General Foster is in
every way qualified for the important
duties of secretary of state. Indeed , there
Is probably no man in the country bettor
equipped for them , and unquestionably
tie will fully maintain the high standard
of the leading cabinet office.
The democratic candidate for vice
president , Adlal E. Stevenson , hns an
issue which 'ho considers to bo moro
momentous than all others. It is the
so-called force bill , the measure intro
duced in the Fifty-first congress provid
ing for frco and fair federal elections in
every state of the union.
Mr. Stevenson has boon interviewed by
a representative of the Now York iS'u/i ,
to whom ho said that while the tarlli
issue is moro important than the silver
issue , moro important than both is tbo
' and force . "
'despicable dangerous .bill.
This , in the opinion of the gentleman
whoso political distinction rests upon the
fact that ho put some 50,000 democrats
in fourth class postolllcos in the place of
republicans , is thu main issue , and ho
romai ked that "it is so far-reaching in
Its consequences that its importance
cannot bo over-estimated to the people
of the southern states and to the people -
plo of the country. " lie declared
that such legislation would destroy the
peace , prosperity ana happiness of the
people of the south , and asserted us a
fact of personal knowledge that the
negroes in the southern states are aa
well treated as the whites on election
day , uud have little if any causa to
The reason for the professed fear on
the part of the democratic candidate for
vice president and BO mo others of hia
party that in the event of republican
success there might bo legislation terse-
euro every where a free ballot and an
honest count is found in the plank of
the republican platform which demands
"that every citi/.cn of the United States
shall bo allowed to cast ono free and un
restricted ballot In all public elections ,
nnd that such ballot shall be counted
and returned as cast , " and which do-
chiros that "tho free and honest popular
ballot , the just and equal representation
of all the people , as well as their just nnd
equal protection tindnr the laws , are the
foundation of our republican institu
tions. ' ? Is there anything alarming in
thia ?
la there anything in the demand and
the declaration that any patriotic ulti-
/on , honestly desiring that ovory'other
citizen , white or blauk , shall bo secure
in the enjoyment of the most essential
and valuable right of citizenship , can
not endorse1 And if it bo a fact , as all
woll-informod men know it to bo , that
1,000,000 of citizens are not permitted to
freely exorcise this right , guaranteed
by the constitutional the country , is it
not the duty of the political party which
has always Insisted upon a free anO
honest ballot to take notice of the "fact
ana to demand that the wrong bo
remedied ? The republican party would
bo faithless to its character and its tra
ditions if it were to ignore the fact of n
largo body of citizens being deprived ol
their sovereign right of sutlrngo at
every federal election , and the party
will forfeit its ohiiin to the coiilldonco
and support of patriotic nnd fuir-mlndec
cltlzunu whenever it shall cease to have
the courage to denounce and protest
against an injustice which iiiontveos Ve-
mUicnn institutions and Is a reproach
o thenation. .
Mr. Stevenson will hardly succeed ,
even with the valuable aa'rtstanco of the
fovt York Siiiiui making Iho so-called
orco bill a leading Isstio In the cam-
talgn. The democratic party vlll not
m allowed toovndotho hsuo it hasmndo
> ffulnst the system ot American proteo-
ion nnd in favor of free trade , or to
lougo the fact that n very largo ma-
ority ot the party are willing to debase
.ho . currency by opening the mints of
ho country to the free and unlimited
coinage ot silver. No subterfuge will
w permitted to Interfere with the full
discussion of these Issues , and it mat
ers not which of thom is regarded as
the more Important. The force bill may
do service for the purpose of keeping
.ho . south solid , but it cannot bo mrulo to
lave any terror tor the people of the
The farmers , the business men and
ho great army of labor , who uro deeply
joncorned in the growth of American
ntlustrlos , the extension- American
commerce , and the maintenance of a
sound and stable ourronoy , will not
uivo their attention drawn away from
ho questions In which thuso conditions
> f national pr.ipross nnd prosperity are
nv.olvod. But it Is interesting to
enow that the democratic candidate
or vice president , who In the event ot
iis election might roach the highest
office in the republic , bollovos that it is
.ho . first and greatest du.y of his party
o antagonize the demand for a free nnd
loncst ballot in every section of the
WHEN Governor McKlnloy said in his
Now York speech tbat tha bilUon-uollaf
congress , which the democrats say so
much about , was really n two billion-
dollar congress , ho opened the eyes ot
its nudionco. It was a two blllion-dol-
ar congress , ho said , because under the
iporatlon of the laws which it passed
our domestic trade increased billion
dollars and our foreign trade amounted
to a billion nnd twenty million dollars ,
the like of which was never known in
American history. The republican party
can very well afford to go before the
country upon such n record as that.
The democrats said that this tariff law
would be prohibitive and that It would
loithor lot us out nor lot ether coun-
-ries in , and yet it is plainly shown that
this country never in its history had
such n trade before. The republican
system of duties upon foreign importa
tions seems to have worked very well
since the McKinley law was put into
effect , and these who have studied its
results without prejudice will veto for a
continuance ot the same policy.
THE thousands of people'who will
como to Omaha tnoxt week , most of
whom will ronlfnift h'oro several days ,
will leave a largo amount of money in
the city. This will not bo expended
wholly for accommodations. Most of
them will lake this opportunity to pro-
viao themselves BW.lh } manyr things not
readily to bo "pHTiinod at their homos
and which tho'trc-'cans < got 'hero moro
cheaply. Hundreds of therm will look
about for the Superior bargains which
Omaha can offer. It fs" presumed that
our wideawake merchants fully appreci
ate this , and that they wifi/mprovo { so
excellent tin opportunity to apprise the
visitors of what they have worthy of
their attention. Next week can hardly
fail to bring largo rewards to these
business men who attract the attention
of the people by liberally advertising
their goods.
Tnu World-IIeralilis frothing at the
mouth because the authorities have , in
response to a public demand , voted in
significant sums of money to help moot
the expense of a befitting celebration of
the Fourth. Hud .not the national con
vention come to Omaha on Independ
ence day there probably would have
been loss of an effort to make the cele
bration a notable one. But nn exigency
has arisen and it is the duty of this city
to make some demonstration in keeping
with the two great events. It is-truo
there is no authority in law for the ap
propriation of these small sums , and it
is no less true that there should bo pro
vision made to cover the necessary ex
pense of public entertainments and cele
TIIK course of true political love deep
not always run smooth in the royal cir
cles of Europe. The betrothal of Crown
Prince Ferdinand of Roumanta to Prin-
cuss Marie of Edinburg is the cause of a
great doul of trouble. Every day or two
Princess Marie receives an old love
letter sent by the crown prince to Mllo.
Helen Norasco , whoso love affair with
him created a sensation and a decided
political disturbance in Roumanian pol
itics some time ugo. American lovora
have a great deal loss trouble than
these connected with the royal families
of Europe. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
AUKANGKMENTS for accommodating
visitors to Omaha during the session of
' 'Convention week
the people's party next
uro about complqte' l , and the committee
has no doubt that everybody will bo
pro'perly taken cnVo of. Private families
desiring guests-can secure thom by ap
plying to the committee , whoso head
quarters is unfitTr the Millard hotel.
The indications urd , that' there will bo
more people In Omaha next week than
have over boon no o before nt ono time ,
nnd they will aUjbq entertained.
THU proofs ofJlHgland's hostility to
the republican lajjjff law multiply day
bv day. This gpt-'H to show that it is a
good law for Ai fcfjca and a bad law for
England. Thiaia tis it should bo. It
moans that tho' murican manufacturer
and laborer uro' protected and that the
English manufaotuYor'and his employes
nro the losora by .thia 'policy. Public
uy.inputhy on this ' Ifhj of the Atlantic
will go out to the 'worlcingtuon of Eng
land. They are not to. blame for the
free trudo system which makes thom
poor. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Tin : full capacity of our hotels and
restaurants will bo taxed Monday. Com
petent judges declare that Omaha has
novcr ooon called upon to ontortuln as
grout a number of people us will cer
tainly visit us next week.
THK democratic platform declares
against Chinese immigration and con
tract laborers from abroad , but with an
nconststoncy , ns manifest as it is vain ,
it declaims for the importation of free
nw material nnJ goods manufactured
jy the cheap labor ot Europe , Every
aborlng man can see that the movement
-hoy favor would do moro damage to the
worklngmon than nil the Chinese or
contract laborers on earth ,
OMAHA has been soloclod ns the
icxt mooting place ot the grand
edge of the C. S. P. S. of No-
brnska , which has just closed its
session at Wejt Point. The ledge does
not moot again for four years , hut none
the loss Omahn appreciates the favor
shown It , and wo can safely give the
assurance that the city will then bo
oven moro attractive than It Is now.
Or u Spirit oil Millrncc.
PhttailtliMnfcord. .
With nidwoll of California for Its stand
ard bearer , prohibition should got a golden
gate on.
The Truth In Three I.lnoi.
Kew I'oi-h Commercial ( rr-d m. )
In u campaign in which the txvo adminis
trations nro compared Mr. Harrison's looms
largo and wise.
AVhiU Struck rnttornnn ?
lVilfirtclj > Mt Tfmes.
Thoreasonfroo silver Colorado doosn't love
either platform it because it nsltod both :
"Will you bo miuol" and neither would.
Provocation turn Uroan.
MiUaiMphla Press.
The spoctaole of the Samuel J. Randall as
sociation glorying In the Chicago free trade
andspotlsman tlckotouahtto mnlco the grand
old protectionist turn In his gravo.
Tito Hotter Jinn.
C/itaiflD / Tribune.
It appears that Henry M. Utanloy rankos
even a worse fniluro as n stump speaker
than ho did ns a locturor. Ho should lot his
wlfo do his political campaigning for him.
The Cnuso of Good Uoiiili.
A'cio I'oi fc Tribune.
The cause of good roads gooa inarching on.
There Is no politics In It , consequently when
people got tired of discussing the presiden
tial ctuiv.-m lu all ot the sharp aisagrco-
monts which that oxorclso Implies the ; can
got together and relieve the strain , ronubh-
cons , democrats and the rnst , oa the good
road Issuo.
It'H u Cumpulen , Not n llaby Snow.
U'lU/idiObin / Post.
The country has bad enough and moro
than enough of Baby McICoo and Baby Uutb
and Baby Dorothy and all the rest of the In
fants belonging to Harrison , Cleveland ,
Whitney ana ether distinguished familloi.
Wo have been surfeited with long nnd maud
lin narratives of Baby MoICeo's now trousers
ana llttlo Uutti Cleveland's precocious tooth.
In the name of decency nna common snnso
lot us have done with this melancholy fool
ishness an < i return to the ways of dignity.
This is a great national campaign , not a baby
Minneapolis Times : Chairman Campbell
should lese no time in searching the repub
lican party for ooncoalod weapons.
Minneapolis Tribune : The choloo of W. J.
Campbell of Illinois is an excellent ono. In
deed it could hurdly bavo boon bottor.
Chicago Journal : The olootion of Hon. W.
J. Campbell of Chicago as chairman of the
republican national committed places the
campaign in ohnrgo of a man superbly
equipped for tbo service that bo will bo re
quired to render. Ho Is a stalwart , physic
ally , Intellectually and politically.
Chicago News : The choice of Mr. Campbell -
boll is most significant , however , as Indicat
ing in some degrao an aoDrchnnslon In the
republican mind as to tbo steadfastness of
Illinois In the republican faith. Mr. Camp
boll as head of'tno national committee- will
not lese sight of Illinois. The disquieting
effect on the democrats of Mr. Stevenson's
nomination will now bo Intensified.
Chicago Inter Ocean : Mr. Campbell Is a
\voll equipped man for the position , and , If
circumstances will permit him to give his
time to the work ot the comuilttoo , wo have
no doubt the result will confirm in all minds
tun good opinion hU western friends have of
him. It certainly was wise on tbo part of
the committee and the president to como
west for the manager of the campaign.
Sittings : ( f a church bo on fire , why has the
organ thu smallest chunuo of osuuue ? Bo-
uaiibo the engine cannot play on It ,
WushliiRton Star : "lluvoyou a parrot that
can swear ? "
' yes , " replied the bird dealer.
"Well , I'll take It. I want to hang It up bo-
sldo the thermometer. "
A high old time the lligii school clock.
New York Tribune : Hangs So old Do Fulo
Is sending message ? from tbo spirit world !
Through whitt medium does ho communicate
with his friends ?
Janzs Well , when lie was on earth ho did
most of his talking through the medium of
his hut.
Puck : Tourist ( lu Kentucky ) Thatgontlo-
in n n sitting over there Is the most tuulturn
person I over encountered. Though I have
tried almost every imaginable subject of con
versation I ittn utterly unable to draw him
out. Landlord That's Colonel Ooro : try a
eorl < sro r , sub.
Clutlilcr and Furntolter ,
Why did the maid refuse tovo < l
The man she said aim would ?
Wan It because lie was not Kind
Or every thing that's 1:001 ! ?
Oh. no. It was because , alas I
This ivotild-bu , e rluv blood
Did tuck Ills niicktlo In nlsbhlrt
To show lilb diamond stud.
Boston Pilot : The Pennsylvania woman
who gave n costly fimontl to berrot miiHlilT
the ether dtiy comes under tlio o.xuot defi
nition of u dog gene Idiot.
Now York Evening Suu : The best nmtut-
Inal uforclsn Is to got un uarly uud start the
kitchen lire for your wife.
VAllltAK'J. ' MUSES.
A Rtroak of rust from day to day ,
A Boctlon Mouse , u right of way ,
A string of box-cars moving HIOW
Across plains where sago bushoi grow.
A few runchoros. uattlc , buoUors ,
A triiln-loatl of Uallnu muckers ,
A trestle spanning canyon gioen
Uonuilole u Texan railroad MCOHO ,
Iffiv Yoih lleralil.
She twines her urms around my nook
And s.iys her bonnet's vllo.
llnr ball dress In a total wreck ,
Her cloai : Is out of Htyle.
"I know It's hard. " I say , "hut , dear ,
Wo c.iu't lly without wings.
And 8i > 1 guess tbat you will bavo
To do without tlu'Bo things. "
Sr.o nhrd9 u tour , once moro she twines
Her arms around my ncclc.
"Au you say. dear. " sfiu aaya , and then
1 write licr out u cliculc.
. * ,
1 took thn Dlodso the other day
"Alus ! 1 Kuut It not.
'Twas thu pawnbroker that kent It ,
And btlll that jiledno lie's KOU
( Tasteless Effectual. )
von ALL
Such as Sick Headache ,
Weak Stomach ,
Impaired Digestion ,
Constipation ,
Liver Complaint ,
and Female Ailments.
CoTtredwlthaTutaleis & Soluble Coating ,
Of all drugglsti. Price S& cents a box ,
New York Depnt. - 6 < Canal St.
Democrats in the South Organized to Dis-
conraga the Movement.
In the North nnil West Iho Vcoplo'n i'nrly
Will lie An.lntr.l mill n View at
Dividing the Iteimlillcnn
518 KouiiTBBsmt STUKRT , >
, WASHINGTON' , D. O. , Juno 29. )
It Is the organized purpose of the aonio-
crts in the south to counteract , the farmers
alliance mul ether Independent movements Iti
thuirsoctlon and koeu tuo bourbout In line
by raUlnu the ory ngaluit the "forco bill. "
The bourbons In congress are already mi-
nounulug that the indopondontmovomonts In
the south will not divert the democrat * In
the south from their usual course , "beoauso
they know tunt the oloctlou of Harrison
means tha success of the ( orco bill. "
The southern domocrnts are arranging
however , to jrlvo all possible. Impe
tus and encouragement to the Inde
pendent movement tu tno north
nnd northwest , notably the nllmnco
cause in Nebraska , Kansas , Iowa , the D.-iko-
tas and Minnesota , hoping thereby to elect
the democratic candidates for the electoral
colloBo In tnoso states. His the intention of
the democratic managers to conduct their
campaign not with a nope of securing a ma
jority of the tricolors tor Cleveland b'ut with
a view to electing enough independent elec
tors and democrats to defeat a majority for
the republicans and thus throw the election
ot president nnd vlco president lute tuo na
tional house of raprosoutntivus , which It
democratic ] by an overwhelming majority.
Ills Allml Wan Uillinlnncuil.
Judge Valentino spent yesterday "at
( Joshon , N. Y. Ho uas called there by the
closing ot the doors ot the Gosh on National
bank , whoso cashier , WUUam.M. Murrv , was
secretary and treasurer of the West Point
Land nnd Improvement company , of which
Mr. Valentino Is vice president. Murry has
loft for parts unknown. The affairs ot the
West Point company wore found In good
cenditlnn. There was no loss by reason of
the absconding of Murry.
At a meeting of the directors of the West
Point company j > lr. Wilcox resigned the
presidency nnd Mr. A. VV. Bly was cuoson
president and James T. Wisner secretary
nnd treasurer , vice Murry. Mr. Valentino
reports that the Uoshon bank will resume
business in a shore time , and is not much
crippled by Murry , who for some months
has sbown an unbalanced mind.
Trouble far Utah Cnmiiilssloiim-s.
The senate today , upon motion of Senator
Sherman amending un amendment to tbo
legislative , cxecutivo and judicial appropria
tion bill submitted by Senator Uaroy of
Wyoming , reduced the compensation of the
Utah commissioners from Ki.OOU tn 3.01)0 ) n
year. The motion of Senator PanlUnor of
West Virginia to abolish thu commission en
tirely was defeated by four votes , Senators
Carov and Warren of Wyoming both voting In
Its favor. As the amondmnnt makes the
commissioners residents of Utah , all of the
present commission will have to resign if tbo
provision becomes a law , and there is little will stand.
Among the commissioners are OS-Governor
Sounders of Nebraska and General Robert
son of Indiana , old pcisonat friends of the
president. ,
Representative Bryan said to THE BUR
correspondent this afternoon that ho would
call up for final consideration in the
out of its order , us soon us bo could get recog
nition from the speaker , the senate bill
extending for a period of tbroo years thu
Nebraska Central railroad bridge charter ,
which has boon reported favorably from tno
house committee on commerce. JVlr. Bryan
anid there had not as yet dovolonod opposi
tion to the bill , and that ho had no reason to
bollovo it would not become law within a
A favorable report has already boon made
upon tno senate bill to pay the city of Lin
coln $11,150 for one-half the expense of side
walk improvements about the government
building at Lincoln.
H. Marsh of DOS Moiaos is at the John
son.Mrs. . Kussoll Harrison is expected at tha
white bouse in tbo course of the next few
days , and after a short stay will go to Capo
May , wnure she will spend the summer at
the president's cottage , in order to bavo
tbings in readiness for him whenever ho can
got away from the city for a little holiday.
Representative Henderson of Iowa todav
introduced a bill to Increase the pension of
Captain Samuel II. Cbapmau.
W. J. Martin was today appointed post
master at Grand Rapld.s , Holt county , and S.
Ecliort at Ickes , Cheyenne.
In the timber culture casoof Vincent Kap
lan , from Valentine , Assistant Secretary
Chandler todav nfllrraed the decision of the
commissioner In favor of Kaplan. Ho also
affirmed the decision of David Strickland
against Willis A. Veroriok , from Bloomington -
ton , against Strickland. In the withdrawal
appeal case of Julius Stroblow against Nich
olas Brahm , from MoCook , thu con test Is dis
missed. P. S. H.
Muy Lay the Alnlna. '
Judge Dundy decided yesterday to author *
ize the receiver for the American water
works plant iu Omaha to proceed with put
ting tn sorrlco plpo connections ns ordered
by the city In accordance with the pinna
prepared by the city engineer. Thl ques-
lion was submitted to Judge Dundy for nil-
Justmont some weeks ngo. The water worki
company wan , of course , opposed to the Idem
of having the receiver Instructed to proceed
with these Improvements , because the amount
Allowed will bo only $13 for each property
owner furnished with sorvloo plpo , whereat
It cost under the old regime about (35.
Cnminlislonor * nnd Architect Clovolnnrt
ArrniiRo n ProRrnni.
The park commission mot yesterday after
noon and laid out business enough to occupy
the tlmo of tha members during the re
mainder ot the wook. H , W. LM Cleveland
uf Minneapolis , the landscnpo gardner who
has chnrgo of the plans for park nnd boule
vard Improvements , was present. Mr.
Cleveland will Inspect the north boulo-
vixrd In company with members of
the commission tonight preparatory
to matting the clans for additional
Improvement * . Friday morning the
board with Mr. Cleveland will drlvo out
to the south boulevard nnd Uomls park. The
nature nnd extent of the Improvements will
then bo decided on nnd the plans will bo
drawn nftor Mr. Cleveland's return to Mm-
The board decided to give their permission
to hold the Fourth of July exorcises In Jeffer
son square.
Notice to members of the various oommlt-
tcoi : Tbcro will bonipcclnl mootliifrof all
committees connected with the Fourth ot
July celebration at the oxahango room of the
Board of Trade at 10 o'clock n. m. today
Juno 110. It is desirable tbnt every member
should bo present.
By order of W. F. Ilaohol , chalrnmn.
W. N. NASO.V , Secretary.
All wheelmen desirous of lakliiR fart ia
the parade on the Fourth of July are nikcd
to moot at the Youtitr Men's Christian asso
ciation hall , Thursday , ntS p. m. Arrange-
menU are butiiK raudo to havaovorlOO wheel
men In line. Members of the Omahn ,
Tourist , Young Men's Christian Association
and Ladles' ' wheel clubs who can participate ,
hand your names to the captain of your oluu.
Wheelmen not members of any club , hand
your nnrno to the physical dirootor of the
YOUHR Men's Christian association or to M.
A. Urant , U18 South Fifteenth street.
_ _ *
A Ilrnimitlu llvoiit.
This evening "Mario Stuart" will bo presented -
sontod nt Boyd's Now theater for the bonaflt
of the Homo for tha Aped. Many of Omnha'i
loading citizens have lent their aid to make
the play a success. The object , as Is wall
known , Is a vary worthy ono mid these tlcslr-
Ing to perform devoted chnritnbla deeds
will bavo an opportunity to do so with plans-
uro and lulvuutuco to themselves. Tickets
nro on sale nt the Boyd box ofllco. Prices
nro 50 , 35 anil 25 cants.
A Friend
Wishes to speak through the Register ot
the beneficial results ho lias received
from a regular use of Ayor's Pills.
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I tried a number of remedies , but none
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duced to try tbo olil reliable Ayer's
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feel lll < o a now man. I think they are
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anything I ever used , belli ; ; so finely
sugar-coated that even a child will taka
thom. I urge upon all who nro
In Need
of a laxative to try Ayor's Pills. "
Bootlibay ( Me. ) , Register.
"Hotween the nges of llvo and fifteen ,
I was troubled with a kind of salt-
rheum , or eruption , chiefly confined to
the legs , nnd especially to the bond of
the knee above the calf. Hurt' , running
sores formed which would scab over ,
but would bieiilc immediately on mov
ing tbo leg. My mother tried every
thing slio could think of , but nil iwas
without avail. Although a child , I road
in the j'apera about the beneficial effects
of Ayer'.s Pills , and persuaded my moth
er to let mo try them. With no great
faith lu the result , she procured
Ayer's ' Pills
and I began to use them , and soon
noticed an improvement. Encouraged
by this , I kept on till I took two boxes ,
when the sorcH disappeared and Imvo
never troubled nio since , " H , Chlpmau ,
Ileal Estate Agent , Roanoke , Va.
"I suffered for years from stomach
and kidney troubles , causing very severe
pains in various parts of thu body. Nona
of the remedies I tried afforded mo iiuy
relief until I began taking Ayer's Pills ,
and was cured. " Win. Goddunl , Notary
Public , JFlvo Lakes , Mich.
Prepared l > y Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co. , Lowell , Masi.
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