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6onrt Asked to Appoint Appraisers to Gon-
j domn Right of Way ,
tlhnt Othrr ItnniU Think of the rrojocl
Fast Trnlin lo llo 1'nl on by the
llnrllngton Other Itnll-
ronil MntlcM.
The oniclals of the Nebraska Central rail-
ffoy company were busy yestrednyln pushing
manors looking toward the construction ot
their lines in this city nnd Douglas county.
At nn early' hour yesterday morning
the vice fprcsldont I of the company ,
J. II. Dumont appeared In the county
court nnd illod the plats of the
road as it is proposed to run in the
city. This plat shows the location of the
proposed stool brldgo across the river at the
foot of Cass street. Double tracks nnd a
n mammoth structure are shown. Upon the
plat double tracks run west on Cass street to
n point near the intersection nt Tenth street.
. There tbo lines branch oft. Onorunning In a
1A southeasterly direction for a short distance
and then nearly duo south along the bottom ;
after which It'turns southwest to the pro
F'k. posed depot near Fifteenth nnd Chicago
The other line after leaving the intersec
tion of Tenth nnd Cass streets boars north
until Iznrd street U reached , after
which it runs northwesterly through
the bluffs west of Twenty-fourth
treet nnd Into the valley through which the
Belt Line railway runs.Vbon once In this
valley the contemplated line Is to the stock
yards ut South Omaha , with the main line
running nearly duo west Into the Interior of
the state. Tha plans and profiles filed in the
county court provldo for a stool viaduct or
olovatcd line , not loss than twenty foot in
bclght , from the west approach ot the
brldgo and over the tracks , the right-of-wuy
and grounds of the Union 1'nolllc , the Omaha
V Bolt Line , the Omaha & Northern Nebraska ,
' * * - thn Missouri Paelllc , the Fremont , Elknorn
& Missouri Volley , the Chicago ft North
western , the Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis
& Omaha and tbo Omaha & Southwestern
Tbo petition further states that the No-
brosita Control Hallway company has staked
out its right-of-way and grounds , and alleges
that , nn agreement cannot bo reached as to
what damages should bu awarded lot owners
nnd railway companies over which the pro
posed lines are to pass. For this roasou the
company nsKs that tbo judge of the
county court direct the sheriff of Doug
las county to summon six disinterested
freeholders to Inspect the real estate thus
damaged , If any damage there bo , and report
tUo sumo to the court. Judge Ellor has
taken the matter under advi&omont and will
name the appraisers within a day or two.
LAID lllU'OltlTill : : COtlNTV.
Vice President Dumont Puts Ills Prop
osition to thu Commissioners.
At an adjourned mooting of the Board of
County Commissioners , to bo hold next
Tuesday afternoon , the members of that
body will decide the question of whether or
not they will submit a proposition to tbo
L. yotors of Douglas county to allow tbam to
Vote upon the Issuance of $500,000 of twenty
year bonds to aid the Nebraska Central Rail
way company in the construction of a double
track stool brldgo over th'o Missouri river at
tha foot of Cass street In this city.
Yesterday afternoon a delegation consistIng -
Ing of J. H. Dumont , vice president of tbo
Nebraska Central company , C. J , Green , E.
Rosowalor , J. A. McSbano and a number of
others appeared before the commissioners.
Mr. Paddock apologized for the remarks that
be amdo last Saturday at tbo commissioners'
mooting. Ho stated that bo did not under
stand the import of the request for the
special , but was glad to learn that it was for
tno purpose of considering a matter tbat was
of considerable Importance to the pcoplo of
Omaha and Douglas county.
After tbo board had boon called to order
the county clerk read the proposition asking
for the culling ot a special election to vote
upon the question of issuing bonds.
Text of the Proposition.
"Tho undersigned , tbo Nebraska Central
Railway company , a corporation duly organ
ized and existing under nnd oy vlrtjo of tuo
laws of the state ot Nebraska , proposes to
build a douole-tnick stool railway brllgo
across tbo Missouri river at the location
shown upon the plans for said bridge , which
Xbavc been approved by the honorable , the
'secretary of war , and also a doublo-tracK
railroad from the west approacn of said
bridge , through the city of Omaha , to a con
nection with the tracks of tbo Union Stock
Yards ana Railway company at South
Omaha , providing the county of Douglas
Will donate to the said Nebraska Railway
company five hundred thousand ( $500,000) )
dollars ot Its twenty-year live (5) ( ) per cent
Bonds , to bo delivered to the com
pany , one-halt upon , the completion of the
said bridge , and the ether half upon the com
pletion of the said railway , ready for opera
tion ; the improvements herein contemplated
to bo begun within ono year from thu first
day of July , 1893 , and pushed to completion
without unnecessary delay , and completed
within , three years from and after said < 1 oto
Tbo cbartor granted by tbo congress of tbo
United States , under which this brldgo will
bo constructed , provides that the bridge and.
H , its approaches shall bo open to the use of all
tsl ! railway companies dosirlug the same , upon
equal terms ; the charges for the use of tue
said bridge aud the rules for the operation of
tbo same , m case said railroad companies
cannot agree , to bo ilxoa by the honorable
the secretary of war.
In consideration ot receiving the proposed
subsidies tbo Nebraska Central Hallway
company agrees to allow nil railway com
panies desiring to use the same tbo right to
VV/"Nv run tbuir passenger and freight trains over
the bald brldgo and said double-track
railway between Omaha aud South Omaha
upon Just and equal terms.
"In casa tbo terms proposed heroin relating
to the beginning , progress and completion of
the said Improvements are not complied
With , und In case work shall cease upon the
proposed improvements for a period exceed
ing ninety days , before a sum exceeding
$3,000,000 has boon expended upon said
project , unless salt ) delay is caused by a
strike or strikes , or by Injunction or other
Judicial proceedings , the said company shall
not bo entitled to receive said bonds , even
though the proposition should bo carried by
vote of thu directors ; and provided , furtnor ,
that said bonds shall bo delivered
to the said Mobrujlta Central Rail
way company , its agents , successors
" ] r assigns only upon the execution
by the aald Nebraska Control Hallway coin-
1 pany , or its successors , aud delivery to the
.sold county of Douglas , of an undertaking In
writing to the effect that the principal depot
of said railway company , Its general ofllcos
and principal machine shops , when built ,
shall bo located and maintained wltnln thu
corporate limits of the city of Omaha , and
E * thut a violation of tao terms of said under-
f\-tniting { by the said Nebraska Control Kail-
' * / way company , or its failure to comply with
the conditions heroin sot forth with respect
to tbo use ot said brldgo and railway by
other railway companies , shall render the
said Nebraska Central hallytay company or
Its successors indebted to tbo said county of
Douglas in the full amount of said bonds und
the interest thereon.
"Should tbo progrojs of the work heroin
contemplated be delayed by strikes or legal
proceedings , the time herein stipulated shall
bo extended , to the extent of such delays.
"Upon the voting of tno subsidies herein
described , the Nebraska Coulrsl Hallway
company will surrender all right to receive
the UDsldy voted by Douglas county on tbo
8d day of December , ISS'J. "
' Colonel Uuuioiit ExuLilnit
Vice President Dumont of the railroad
company was Invited to odd ran the mooting
and In doing no no said tbat It might seem
traugo that his company was before the
MAuukuTstslonors wltu another proix > s-
i vote bonds , when the terms of the
ot under which the 30,000 of bonds
[ .voted two years ago had not boon complied
With. It might also scorn strange that tbi
l ucc of (500,000 WM usUod , when oplj
W.OOO was asked for at & former date
, tbat tluio eastern parties bad been inter
ted in thu bridge aud railroad scbrmo , bu'
ho Iowa roads had boon Kept upou the lowt
toot tha river. Tuev ntd cot buen pur
ftod to cross the Uulon Paciiio " ' '
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Second floor. / -
the work. Of the la t500 proscriptions
ordered W II cox's name was attached to but
twenty-five , which showed that ho was not
earning his monoy.
Mr. Paddook did not think the prescrip
tions were a fair test of the amount of work
Tbo resolution was referred.
Judge Ellor's bill for a carpet in his ofllco
, was rejected , the reason being ttist the judiro
had not bocn given authority to mnko the
Tbo contract'for doing tbo plumbing In the
county jail was awarded to Graham Parlto.
The Junior Bar association of Douglas
county was given permission to hold a moot
ing la court room No. 1 this ovoulng.
Viewed by otnur
Vice President Klrnball of the Union Pa-
clfio iblnln the now hrlJpo proposition a
scheme to gain a franchise which the pro
prietor * will try to soil to ether purtlos.
General Solicitor Thurstou says ho is In
favor of gottinir all the railroads possible
fof Omaha , but bo M not suio the city should
give bonuses to secure them llo thinks tbo
business of Omaha is now larca enough to
attract railroads without subsidies. How
ever , ho will not stand In tbo war of now
lines , and bo sees no objection to holding the
election proposed bv the NoorasUa Central If
that corporation will boar tbo expense of U.
Ho doesn't think It a schema to get and sell
a franchise , because he belicvoj It would bo
impossible to Und anyone to buy it.
Cook'sExtra , Dry champagne Is one of tbo
the most delicious beverages In the market ,
Once tried it will always bo on your table ,
Work of Organization Itniiif ; Carried on
wldiplilly In Out tliu.
Labor organizations arc gaining stroncrtb in
tbo local Hold. Both the Central Labor
j union and the ICnlghU of Labor are doing all
i.thoy can to organize now unions.
Organizer Mu ser U now at work getting
the brewers logotbor to form a union. There
are about SOU working liro.vora in Omulia
and South Omaha. They will got a charter
from the National Brewers union of St.
Louis. Ho has also called a meeting lor to
night of the electricians , who will also form a
union uf 120 members. They nave a national
orKanizatton from which the local electricians
will got a charter.
Mr. Mus cr , the past month , has also or-
ganUoa the waponmakers' union which has
a membership of 200 , and Includes not only
carpenter wapou makers , but the blacksmiths ,
trimmers and painters.
Tbo toamstora' union is another now labor
organization recently formed bv Mr. Mimor.
Those different organizations will bu ro pre
sented by delegates in the Central Laoor
Mrs. L. R. Pulton , KocUford , III. , writot :
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Council Bluffs' Ex-Mayor Wants to Name
a Colored Presidential Ticket.
The 1'lan Rrontot Some Stir Among u Tow
Credulous roajilo TalJc IVltli n
Leading ACra-Atncilcqn on
the Subject.
NEW Yoiiic , March 30. The announcement
recently that ex-Mayor Vaughan of Omaha ,
who caused to be Introduced in congress a
bill for the pensioning of ex-slaves , had in
contemplation a movement to place a colored
presidential ttcUet In the Held next fall with
Mr. Douglass at its bead , boa created consid
erable talk among tno colored people in this
city. In connection with tbo proposition Mr.
Thomas Fortune , one of the loading public
spirits among the colored race , when inter
viewed on the subject today , said :
"As far as Mr. Voughan's proposition is
concerned , tbat Mr. Douclasi should bo
nominated for president , or tbat bUtnamo
should bo bungoatod in connection with the
presidency by a whlto man of , I bollovo ,
southern antecedents , upon a platform In
which tbo fundamonta p.lank should bo tbo
voting of pensions to ex-slaves , it Is remark-
ablotosay tuu least. It contains novelty.not to
say humor , of the broaddst character , I have
received a letter today frpm a whlto friend ,
whoso name Is known throughout the coun
try. In which ( his paragraph occurs ; 'I SUK-
cost and urge thu selection of as many Afro-
American dolOjtutci to tbo national conven
tion us shall proportionately roptesont the
colored population of > all the states north
aud south , and that wUcn"thoso delegates are
chosen , tboy shall , as sBon ' after as possible ,
go unlustructod , aad'jl on they got there
agree to vote in umty.Ufc <
"Suppose all tbo AfroUAmcrlcan delegate ! ,
without threats or bit/star , quietly and with
dlenity vote as n unit .Frederick Douglass
unil John M. Liugston/jaf Virginia , Such
action would negative thai idea tbat the delegates -
gates were there slinaljr , to sell out to tbo
liiKiio&t bidder , as sorao colored delegates
were charged with doiug ut the convention
In Chicago four years aco. You can never
demand reco oillou until you demonstrate
your power to nominate and clod your
friends und dufoit your cnouiloj. Buopoio
thatsuch a ticliot vai placed In the Held , to
\vhat extent would U detract voioi from the
ether tickets ; Though Mr. Douglass l
strong with bu pioplf , I candidly holiovo ,
and I } blntt my brother colored pcoplo be
lieve with mo , that tie would receive mow
votes from iliu Hue of abolitionists In Now
England and the west than ho would receive
"The nomination of Dauqiassor any other
man dimply because ha belongs to tnls or
that race I do not nuliovu in. I do not ho-
llnvo In the color line. I do not boiiovo In
Vuugban's proposition to pension ex slaves
any more than I bcllovo la the propoiltlon to
reimburse slave bo'der * for thu uiiiUiuatloii
of their slave property. I think .Mr. Doug
lass made a mutuke uhcn ho committed tit in-
self In favor of Mr. Vuupban'a proposition ,
oud 1 thiiU | Mr , Vaujbau made a mistake
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E. V. Wood of McKeo's Kocks , Allegheny
county , Pa. , In spoaklni ; to a traveling man
of Chamberlain's modlclnns said : "I recom
mend Uiom above all others. I bavn used
thorn myself and know thorn to bo reliable.
I always guarantee them to my customers
and bavo never had a bottle returned. " Mr.
Wood bad hardly finished spoaklng , when a
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Claim Tlmt the Council Must Siiperlntuml
Kxpeiullturos for tliu Library Itullillng.
Tuesday night the council passed a resolu
tion authorizing the library board to proceed
witn tbo construction of the new library
building and approving tno action of tbo
board In Inviting competitive designs for
the building.
This action was opposed by Councilman
Elsastor. Munro aud Bruner on tbo ground
tbat tbo charter made it clearly tbo duty of
the council to perform the work which it has
by resolution delegated to the library board.
Section Ml of tbo charter reads : ' The mayor
and council shall have power to establish and
maintain public Ubtarioj , reading rooms , art
galleries and museums , and lo provide the
nocestary grounds and buildings therefor" ,
* * * It is bold by the opponents of the
council resolution that this being a charter
provislou , tliu council has no authority to
violatn it cither by ordinancs or resolution ;
that if the library bonrrl astumos the Unties
of tbo council In thU matter It can In no wlso
bo legally bold rciDonslbU- the citv or to
tbo taxpayers for any act done or loft un
It is argued further that every councilman
voting for this resolution will bo hold liable
under his Individual bond for any monies
misappropriated. Section 133 of the charter
plainly provides "that no liability shall bo
Incurred , debt created , or contract involving
tbo expenditure of money appropriated by
tbo council , except by n majority of the entire -
tire counpll upon nil tbo yean and nays nnd
the record of tliu council proreodlngs
hall show how each member voted. " This
section alto makes each councilman liable
under bis baud In cato ho votes away the
city's money la excem of loal limitations ,
' The council was wrong la adopting tbat
resolution , " said Councilman Elsasior. 1
opposed the measure , as I know that
the council could not confer any such
authority on the library board. It la
the business of the council tooxoonil that
$100,0iu anil to superintend ana let tno con-
true * far tliu Construction of the library build-
inp. Whv thn council adopted such a resolu
tion I can't understand. According to the
law Iu the matuir the council cannot give
anybody or uny board the right to construct
the building. How would toe public know
anything about wnat tbo library board
did In connection with letting contracts and
superintending such u structure ! Nobody
ovoratumds the mooting * of the library
board , ana It cannot bo given authority to
expand tliu city's monoy. However , I don't
think tbo resolution will ntund , as It will
bavo to go to the mayor , and when It roachnt
that dignitary U will probibly bo vetoed. I.
would roijuiro u yotoof twelve to pass it over
tha vote , und I ihlnk lout night only eleven
YJtcd for the measure. "
City Attorney Connell sais ; "Tbo coun-
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and shapely Hero , then , are two garments iu one.
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oil undoubtedly has tbo ncht if it wishes to
exercise it of controlling nil tno library work
itself , and certainly can insist upon having
plans and contracts submitted to it , but In
this case , as there is no subsequent levy to
bo based upon theiraction , they have author
ity to delegate this work to the library
ooard. At any rate I believe this is only
preliminary ana the council will have the
llnal word in the matter. "
Dowitt's Sarsapanlla cleanses the blood ,
Now UullilliiK * 1'rojcctccl.
As the season advances building projects
multiply nnd ulrondy enough now buildings
uro assured in South Omaha to iadicata that
the growth of the city will bo fully crjua | to
the development of the industries wmch sup
port it. Walter Brandon expects to begin
tbo erection of bis throo-story brick building
between tbo Eggcra block and the Stockman
oft I co some tlmu next week. The building
will bo of artistic architectural design ,
tlir''Q stories hig'a , and covering an area of
5TxT5 feet. The first floor Is already leased.
Frank Pivonka is preparing lo remove the
wooden building at Twenty-sixth nnd N
streets iii ordnr to erect a iimirmlicout three-
story brick block , 101x80 loot.
C. M. Hunt is considering the project of
erecting a now bloc ! : at Twoiity-liftk and N
street * and Charles Stager will build at
Twenty-fourth and N.
J , D. Thomas has plans drawn for the
erection of two hundsomo brick dwelling
houses at Twenty-fourth and F streets at an
estimated cost of W.UOO each. lie will also
oreot a biiok apartment house at Twenty-
fourth and Q streets , whiuh will bo one of
the llncst buildings In that part of tbo city ;
its cost Is estimated ut $10,000.
Editor Montgomery of the Express will
BOOH begin tuo erection of a residence in the
northern part of the city.
Cotuinunruii Till * .lliirnlng.
The seventh semi-annual convention of the
Women's Foreign MUslouilry society of the
Omaha district will ha hold at the First
Methodist church In this city , beginning at 0
o'clock this morning. Tbo oxurclsus will
continue durlnu tbo afternoon and evening.
Thuro will bo a largo attendance of visitors
and delegates from tliu various uhuruhus iu
the district. The proimtm of the day is as
follows :
Morning Session 1'rnlsu ana promlso ser
vice , cuuuuuto I hy Mrs. jHtu I Iron of Mon-
moiiUi I'urK ubureli ; scripture uml prnyor ,
Alr . Illsliop Newman ; address of welcome ,
Mr * . 1 lorn Uliiiau , hoiitli Umuhii ; reiponso ,
iir * A , Stouooyplier , Wusloy churclii ( ra-
toriiil : greetings , lilsliup Jolin 1' . ( tuwinun ;
vrurdi of chcur , Mimdiiinus ISBWiimn , Clandon-
nlux nmliihanU ; orguulz itlou. mil cull , oto.j
"Our J/Horatiirc. " .Mrs. Idu Moo , I'romont ;
nmp xurcisu , luunliiKH from foreign llulds ;
India , Mr * . I'ortor uml Trinity ladle * ;
Ulilna , Mrs. Htuvum nnd Kliit ehuruh ludlus ;
Japun , Miss E ulyn Urlllllb * and VOUIIJT
Women's I'orelu-ji MUs.unary noijluty o. the
I'lretuhurvh , Uinuhu. r i
Afternoon belotMissionary ! eve foiut ,
conducted by Mr * . KovT , U. Uleudouiihiit ;
coiuucr.itlon ultjr ucrvlcti , lud by ilrs. ] { uv ,
J.V , BluiiiU : repormof CJllIcursunduiutlUrlesi
memorial services , MM. 11. A. l/'rnnu , BowurU
streut church ) poem , "Our llulovud
Iu.ttl , " Mm. Jimlu lloldor ; Howard
tolrc'ot church : bolo , "Whllu KoboV1
jlrs. C'olo. South EUlilduntU struut
uliuroh ; unnuiil election of ollluuni duct ,
MIKSUH Myrtle nnd Jiillhi .SclinoiUer. btur MU-
Bleu Ilanuohldroii'u hour , Mr * . HUliuu Now-
muiii iiiUcetlunuoui exorcism.
Kvunlng ho Ion-Borvlcu of ion/ , Chorister
It. U. Vomit : : oxercino hy Junior Louijuo und
Ulillilien'a MUslon lluiul ; itauonslvo kcrv uo
by coiuro/utlon ; scripture Ivntuu and linyi r.
Mm , llrovru. liuniooin park ; reports of itua *
uilUuug ; duol. Mrs. l/o u und Mis * Kuilth *
South Kltfbtuuuth Htrcet ehuruh , uddrout ,
Ladies' Cotton
Ladies' jersey fitting summer vests ,
low nock , sleeveless , ribbon in nock ,
12jc each.
Ladies' pure white Jersey fitting vesta
low neck , sleeveless , ribbon ut nock , 800
Ladies' Egyptian cotton vests , low
nock , sleeveless , 35c ouch.
Ladies' fine jersey fitting vests , low
neck , sleeveless , ribbon in arras and
nock , 4Co each.
Ladies' white lisle jersey fitting vests ,
low neck , Hloevolos , riobon In nock
and arms , 50c oach.
MORSE DRY GOODS COMPANY , 16th and Farnam Streets I
unless they woujdrconsont to the payment of
excessive tolls. No one company would
undertake tbo construction of the bridge
alone , buta local syndicate had since been
irganizod and It ww proposed to construct
the bridge aud let nil roods cross their trains
on nfalr and equitable basis. Thfl Union
Paclllo company had defeated the project and
had secured contracts with some of the Iowa '
roads. This left matters In a shape where
the local syndlcatq was compelled
lo abandon the scheme , or alone
build the brldgo without anr
assurances that contracts for Its use conld
bo mado. Tbo money market was also in n
bad condition to insure the advancement of
many now enterprises.
As soon as the project of tbo local yndl-
cato was out of the way the Union Paclllo
wont back on nil of its oRrooraonts , botu as
to bridge tolls nnd switching charges , nnd
the city was loft nt the mercy of that com
pany , Tbo brldgo was not built , nnd consequently
quently the subsidy that was voted was
uovcr called for.
What II Will Dn for Onmlm.
In spoaklng of the benefits that Omaha
would derive from tbo construction of tbo
bridge , Mr. Dumont stated that the eastern
roads were anxious to got into Omaha , to
the Union stock yards nnd into the country
In tbo Interior of the state. At- least
$ 1.500,000 would bo expanded In the city
within the next two yeas. This would In
clude money paid out in tno construction of
tbo bridge , sldlngi , buildings and tunnelling
through the bills west of Twenty-fourth
street. Besides this , it would give Omaha
eastern connections with the Delaware.
Lacltawanna & Western , which was now at
Osage , la. ; it would give a route to Chicago
which would bo twonty-slr miles shorter
than the Burlington ; it would place Omaha
In direct communication with the lumber
districts of the north : it would open n mar
ket for Iowa hogs nnd catttoand in nil proba
bilities It would result In bringlug the Balti
more & Ohio railroad inlo the city. With
those roads hero Omnba would bo connected
with tbo great lakns , and wheat could bo
shipped to Chicago or ether lake ports nt u
rate of 7K cents per hundred weight. With
the eastern roads reaching Omaha , those
from the southeast would come and with
them would come the llvo ate < ; K that now
goes to Kansas City.
Willing to I'llIts Share.
Mr. Dumont said that tno achomofor securing -
curing the funds to build tbo brldgo and a
line of road into Iowa was feasible und that
Douglas county was not asiumloir any great
risk. Hli company was willing to spend Its
money in dom * this work for Omaha nnd bo
wanted to see If the voters of Douclas county
would stand by the proposition to beuelit
both city and county.
In reaard to tbo expenses attending the
election Mr. Dumont stated tbat his com
pany would pay oao-tbird and the two-
thirds ho thought should bo berne equally by
the city and the county.
If the brldgo was bulltbe proposed to mauo
a 10 cent passcnqor rate against a 135 ceut
rate charged by the Union Pacitln. A charge
of $2.50 per car would DO made on freight and
whoa the earnings of tbo.brldgo exceeded
7 per cent the excess would bo divided
amouif the roads paying bridge tolls.
Ho was auxious to have the commissioners
take seine action , as It was a matter of im
portance and delays' were dangerous , at
other cities were attempting to secure roads
that would come to Omaha if brldgo ratoj
and depot facilities could bo secured.
Iu regular session the board transacted
but Uttlo business.
Judge Stenberg offered a resolution to dis
pense with the services ot Deputy County
1'hyslclan WIlcox , as bis services were not
neodod. Tbo county could as well save tbo
$5U per month us to nay it out to Wilcnx
whim County Physician Kim ; coulu ao all ol I
Ulshoj ) Nnwnian ; alnslnz , younz ladles' quar
totto. Howard street church : bunodlotloa.
Tbo program will bo Interspersed br sing
ing , under the direction of Mrs. David Cola
of the South Eighteenth street church.
Wan Wanted Here.
F. S. Craftun , who shot his reputed wife
In n DCS Mollies resort Tuesday night , is well
known in this city and bis record Is not an
enviable ono. Last May bo was detected
with two ether men in the act of stealing n
quantity of Jewelry nnd money from the
room of Mrs. Young , tbo wife of ono of the
proprietors of the Dellono hotel on Twenty-
sixth street. Ho was arrested nnd released
on a bondslgr.od by Daniel Corriok of Omabii
and others. His pals were committed to tno
county Jail but subsequently released , as it
appeared that Crafton was' tnc principal
offender. Crafton did not appear for trial
and his bondsmen have novcr bson hold for
the amount of the bond.
Nutns unil I'ursoimlii.
Adam Snyder , ox-county treajuror , was in
the city yosturdoy.
It is expected ttiat the paving of Twenty-
sixth street will ho begun some time uoxt
A number of ladles have registered In
order to vote for members of the Board of
Education next Tuesday.
7. . Cudditib'ton has been given the contract
to furnish D3'J car loads of stone for the now
buildings of the Cudaby Packing company.
The meeting of tbo democratic city central
committee which was to have boon hnhl
Tuesday night will occur tonight at Judge
Lovl's ofllco.
Tbo horse market was very quiet yester
day , only about fifty bead being sold. The
receipts of horse ? were not as largo as usual
owing to tbo inclnmcnt woatber.
Kov. Marlon Boles , who was ao severely
burned at Manning , la , , has nearly recovoioil
and will return to lliU city In time to occupy
his pulpit in the Christian church Sunday.
Chatios Duggun died nt his residence- ,
Twenty-fourth and Q otrecta , ycstorday
morning of pneumonia. Ha leaves n wife
and two chiidicn , The funeral arrange
ments are not yet decided on.
The approach to the east end of the Q
street viaduct has bcon undermined oy thu
recent rains and the embankment has caved ,
away so badly tbat the approach Is impassa
ble for teams. It Is estimated tbut it will re-
oulro several hundred dollars to repair tha
According to newspaper reports , n celebrated -
brated American surgeon reodvutl (3,000
for removing a Uttlo wen from n wealthy
ludy'a palp. The papers fail to gtalo the
exact amount of free advertising the doctor
managed to obtain. National Advertiser ,
\jtVn roauon together.
Hero's a flrm , cno of tko largest ( ho coun
try over , the workl over ; it has grown , stop
by Btop , through many years ( o greatness-
This ( inn pays the uow8pa | > cra good money
( expcoslvo work , ( hia advertising 1) ) ( o tell
the jKsoplo that they bavo faith In wlmt ( her
Bell , no muc/ faith that if thoycnn't benollt
or cure they don't want your monoy.
Dr. rierco'8 fJoklen Modlail Dleravcrr
1s sold on this liberal plan. If it docnrt
benefit or cure , It ca.t.1 notMnfj. It curat
tikln , Scalp nnd Scrofulous iiffoetlons , as
Eczema. Tetter , Bait-rheum. Kover-tores ,
White Swellings , Hip-joint ( li msa nnd kin
dred nllincntK.
H'H the dieniicit bloM.puriflcT sold ,
through druggiata , no matter how ninny
bundrod dose * are offered for ita price
( fl.tX ) u little ) , biiiow you pay only for U *
good you ic.t. ;
/ou ask tnor * r